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Musician's Friend Homepage
Hello, everyone. I'd like to cordially welcome you to my page. My name is Joshua or simply Josh and I am (you guessed it) a bass player. I am currently in a funk/hard rock band. We've also got alot of jazz and blues influences. The name is SHAFT and if you live in the beckley, WV area be sure to watch for us soon. Yeah, that's where I live. West Virginia. I don't like it because it's basically redneck country, but it's got some nice vistas and a low crime rate so over-all it's not that bad. I am eighteen years old and I've been playing bass for a few years now. I'm not Jaco, but I am good. Let's see....what else can I say about myself? I write poetry and I draw. I don't know...if you want to know more e-mail me using the link below or my ICQ number is 57724992. Talk to me, I'm interesting! Anyway, for those of you who want to know, my equipment is listed below.
My Equipment
  • My bass
    Right now I'm playing a 5-string Cort Bass. It's black and has two soapbar pickups. I don't know what make or model it is. I just got a good deal on it. But it sounds decent and plays pretty well. That's all that really matters to me.
  • My Rig
    My amp is a Carvin Cyclops. It's six hundred watts running through one fifteen inches woofer, two eight inch midrange, and a four inch horn. It's a great amp and it's loud as hell. I'd recommend that anyone who needs a new amp go check out Carvin.
  • Effects
    The only effects pedal I use is a Zoom BFX-708. It's a multi effects processor. I gotta say that I've heard alot of people trash Zoom and maybe their other pedals suck but I love mine. 48 programmable effects. and you can combine up to nine at a time. I think it's great.
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