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Musician's Friend Homepage
these are some of the best music oriented sites on the net in my opinion. if you'd like me to link to your site just e-mail me.
BassLobster - Great Bass resources
Harmony Central's Main page - Excellent resource site
Jaco Pastorius - probably the greatest fingerstylist ever
Metal Index - list of metal tabs
Talkbass.com - discussion board for bass
official RHCP site
Bassplayer Online - bass magazine site
The Libster - lots of notation, no tab though
OLGA for bass - more tab than any other single site.
Basssick - excellent bass site
Pedulla Basses - Beautiful...
Carvin - Great basses, great amps, great everything....
Graphic Bass - create your own tab
My bass tab Collection - NOT my bass tab collection
Bass Guitar Scale Page
Bass Tab Archive
Jeff'sRageAgainst the Machine Page - great site.
Dean Markley Strings - my favorite.
Hanging Ten on bass - excellent article.
Bass Lessons - very useful lessons
Dave's six string bass page - just for sixers
Running With the Bass - another excellent article
Interchart - interactive scale and chord generator
Wheat's Bassbook - instruction site, lots of content
Azazel - this is a friends page
Funk Links Central - very cool
Big Ears - Online Ear Trainer
Marco Accattatis - Jazz notation, no tab
Riff Raff - links to lots of tab sites
Gitarre Spielen - for all you guitarists out there
Rap, Hip-hop, and Funk bass tabs
Bass resources - the name says it all
Evil Bob's Page - cool site from a cool guy>
Seattle Music's Bass links -lotsof links
The Bass space -LOTSof tabs
Padrino's Bass Tab Archive - lots of good tab
Basa's Bass tab - pretty good bass tab site
Victor Wooten - official site of one of the best
Ultimate Bass Resources - excellent site
Bass Pro Tips
Bass Links - decent amount of links
Bass PLayer - excellent links
Oddjob's House of Bass tab - excellent tab site
Bass Frontiers Online - great site, check it out
Bass Web Relay Chat - I can never find anyone on here
The Bottom Line - online zine
Alembic Inc. - Beautiful basses
Conklin Guitars - original 7-string makers, awesome
Ernie Ball - makers of the beautiful musicman stingray
SHAFT! - My band's page
East Village Music - new and vintage instruments
Gearsearch.com - find the instrument you want
Ambush Basses - Beautiful custom basses
Fred's Music Shop - Cool online store
Warwick Basses - ohhhhh.....one of my dream basses, these things are amazing
Modulus basses - more beautiful basses, including the awesome Flea bass
Ken Smith Basses - do we see a trend developing here?
Luthier's Access Group - excellent independent luthiers
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