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Welcome to Basshead, everyone. This Site is dedicated to the band members who rarely get the spotlight. The ones standing in back who never get noticed, but if were gone, would be sorely missed. This is for the bassists of the world. What I'm trying to do is bring together all the resources for bass tab, education, and just plain fun. We're now a musician's friend affiliate so check out the link below for more info. If you use anything off this site (tab, lessons etc.) I must ask a favor of you. sign the guestbook for me. I'm really interested to hear some feedback. Also, if anyone wants to contact me there's an e-mail link at the bottom of the page and my ICQ number is 57724992. Feel Free to say hello.
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Hey, everybody, since Basshead is a Musician's Friend affiliate now if you want to help out the site click the link below and do your shopping at Musician's Friend. It doesn't matter what it is. Something as simple as bass strings or even a new rig. If you can wait a couple of days for it buy from here. You'll help me make enough money to keep the site going and you'll get a great deal I promise.
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