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"Stop it Seth! Please!" Rachel cried, sinking to the floor in pain. She knew that arguing wouldn't stop his ranting, but she couldn't stand it any longer.

As she burst into tears, Seth leaned down and grabbed her by the shoulders. He roughly lifted her up and slapped her across the face.

"Let's go!" he commanded.

As Rachel hastally applied her makeup, she was careful to cover all her bruises. The final touch, a pair of sunglasses. As she left the bathroom, Rachel sighed and plastered on the most sincere smile she could muster, and Seth fell hook, line and sinker.

"You look great." He said, putting is arm around her shoulders. In response, Rachel smiled and lightly kissed his cheek, though the pain from her beating was turning her stomach in knots.

"Off to The Club!" she said, desperate to leave the house, and privacy in general. She knew Seth wouldn't hurt her in public, at least she hoped he wouldn't.

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