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Chapter 8

An hour later, Kevin answered the door and followed Brian into the den.

"How is she?" Brian asked, taking a spot on the couch. "I came as soon as I heard!"

"Well, she go here this morning," Kevin began, sitting across from Brian, in AJ's recliner. "I answered the door, and she fainted into my arms. AJ helped me clean her up, and then he took her upstairs. I haven't heard anything since, well, I started cleaning the kitchen, and I couldn't stop!"

Brian laughed. "Your strange!"

Kevin leaned back on the couch and sighed. "Is something bothering you?" Brian asked his cousin.

"I think AJ's getting too attached to Rachel." He said.

"Oh." Brian said, standing up and walking into the kitchen. "Should we check on them?"

"Sure." Kevin said, following Brian up the stairs to AJ's room. He pushed open the door and walked in.

AJ was lying on the bed, his hat pulled over his face. Rachel lay next to him, her head resting on his shoulder.

"Ah." Brian said. "How cute."

Kevin shot him a glance that told him to shut up. The doorbell rang. Brian ran down to answer it, it was Nick.

"What's up?" Nick asked. "The house is so quiet."

"Rachel came back." Brian said.

"No way!" Nick exclaimed loudly.

"Shut it stupid!" Kevin said, walking into the hallway. Brian and Nick joined Kevin in AJ's room.

Rachel woke quietly, but she didn't move, no one noticed.

Kevin entered the room and walked over to AJ's closet to shut off the light. "Let's leave them be."

Nick followed Brian into the room, upon seeing AJ and Rachel, his stopped, his jaw dropped open. "Dude. Brian." He said.

"What?" Brian whispered.

"What would AJ's girlfriend think?" he said, giggling.

Rachel sat up. "Girlfriend?"

AJ woke up. "Hey, what's with the house meetin'?" he said, putting his hat back on his head. Kevin, Brian and Nick moved out of the path of Rachel, who painfully stormed out of the room.

AJ shot a questioning glance at Kevin and followed Rachel into the hallway. "What?" he asked.

Rachel turned around, tears welling in her eyes. "When were you planning on mentioning your girlfriend?" she asked.

AJ rolled his eyes. "Rachel, that's all your upset about?" he said, relieved.

"All?" Rachel said. "AJ, you just confessed your love to me. How can I believe that if you suddenly have a girlfriend?" She stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door.

AJ looked at the floor. "Because I broke up with her yesterday." He said quietly.

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