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Chapter 6

"Are you okay?" Kevin asked AJ when they had returned to their own house that night. They had lived together for close to four months, so Kevin knew by AJ's mood that something was bothering him.

AJ looked thoughtfully at Kevin as he sat up and leaned forward in his recliner. "You know something?" he said, a smile creeping across his face. "Brian said I would learn to forget her-"

"But it sure ain't happened yet." Kevin finished. "Leave it to Rok to quote a song."

AJ's smile faded. "Yea, I just wish he was right. I can't stop thinking about her! I keep wishing she were here." He shrugged. "And I hardly know her."

"Sorry I can't-" Kevin was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Doorbell!" AJ said.

"I'll get it." Kevin volunteered, slowly glancing at the door. Since fans would sometimes show up at his house, Kevin was sure to check before he opened the door.

"Oh! Geez." Kevin said. "AJ! It's Rachel!"

AJ ran in from the living room, sliding on the rug. "Thank God, are you alright?" he asked, but Rachel didn't answer.

Kevin was leaning over Rachel's limp body, fanning her face, "She's passed out." He said, lifting her and carrying her into the kitchen. AJ grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom and joined Kevin, who had propped Rachel up on the counter and was fanning her face.

"She's lost a lot of blood from this cut here." Kevin said as AJ walked to the sink and wet the washcloth.

"Its no wonder she passed out." AJ said, using the cloth to dab at the dried blood on Rachel's tear-streaked face. He felt outraged and useless at the same time. He couldn't have stopped the pain she was feeling, but he wished he would have prevented it that morning.

"I shoudn't have let her leave." He thought out loud.

Kevin was still trying to wake Rachel, who was moaning audibly now. "Like you would've known. Besides, leaving was her choice. It was brave of you to let her go." Kevin said, taking the cloth from AJ. "This is a nasty cut, but it should heal fine without stitches or anything. I am surprised she didn't black out earlier, having driven like this."

"I'm glad she didn't"

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