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Chapter 2
"It's just good to get this leg of the tour over with, and have three whole days to ourselves!" Nick said, running a hand through his blonde hair.

Brian smiled at his best friend. "Yea, I hear ya!"

"Ugh, if I had to ride in that smelly-ass tour bus one more day!" AJ said. "Especially with Howie being such a neat freak!"

Howie shrugged.

"Quiet." Kevin said. "I hear someone coming."

"Great." Howie said. "Another pain-in-the-ass fan."

Brian picked up Tyke and shot Howie a surprised glance just as Rachel flew around the corner, and ran smack into AJ.

"Whoa. Excuse me." AJ said, steadying her, his hands on her bruised shoulders.

She pulled away, wincing in pain. "Oh, geez." She said, looking behind her, to make sure she wasn't being followed.

"What happened to your dress?" Brian said, lifting up the broken strap. Rachel burst into tears, trying to forget the horrifying experience.

AJ shot Brian a 'Good job!' look and put his arm around Rachel's shoulders, consoling her.

"Sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is AJ."

Rachel rubbed her eyes and smiled. "My name is Rachel." She said, looking up and into AJ's eyes. She finally noticed how handsome he really was, and his goofy sideways smile made her knees melt.

"Hello Rachel." Kevin said, the nice guy that he is. "What are you running from, anyways?"

"Him." Rachel said, noticing how Brian glanced skywards.

"Who's he?" AJ said, also noticing Brian's religious behavior.

"I have to go." Rachel said nervously, looking at the ground.

Brian lifted her hair out of her face, revealing the large bruise on her left cheek. Rachel pulled back, sheilding the mark from view.

"We can't allow you to roam around Miami at this time of night." Brian said.

"Especially if someone's following you." Nick added.

"He would kill me if-"Rachel said, her voice trailing off.

"If what?" AJ said surprised. Who would try to kill this beautiful girl? Just the sight of her made his knees weak, and her eyes made his head spin.

When she nervously looked at the ground, Kevin stepped in to reassure her. "It's okay, tell us when your ready. We'll help you."

"Yea, we have time now that we have four days off from our American tour and-"

Brian slugged Howie in the arm and said, "We're all going back to Kevin and AJ's place to chill, if you'll come with, we can give you a place to stay!"

"I don't know…" Rachel said doubtingly.

"Come on, we won't accept a no!" AJ said, taking her arm in his and escorting her to the large gray Ford Expedition park across the street. He opened the door for her, as the other four guys headed to the black Dodge Durango parked behind it.

AJ bowed theatrically. "Your chariot, milady."

Rachel smiled.

Aj blinked his eyes as if he were amazed. "You can smile!" he joked.
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