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"Y2J" Chris Jericho
The Ayatollah of Rock N Rollah
Width: 231 pounds
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Finishing Moves: Breakdown, Walls of Jericho
Alignment: Face
Accomplishments: None..yet!

People Mentioned: Anyone I please!
People Used: Read and Find Out
Record: 0-0-0 (Wins-Draws-Losses)
Match: Chris Jericho vs Triple H, standard match
Event: Global Warning

Location: Selland Arena, Fresno, California

They said that he was too small to win "The Big One". They said that he would never hold World Heavyweight gold. But on that fateful night in December two years ago, he proved all the critics wrong, by uniting the World titles from the two biggest wrestling corporations in the industry and beating two of the biggest stars to do it. Chris Jericho has been proving people wrong his entire life, but can he do it once more? The list of people he's beaten over his illustrious WWE career goes on and on. Ric Flair. Kane. Stone Cold Steve Austin. RVD. The Rock. But one man has eluded him, and that is "The Game" Triple H. A man that Y2J has never defeated, and the very man who ended his title reign as World champion. Can he break down the walls one more time and prove his skill to the world one more time by getting the 1..2..3 over "The Game, or will HHH's undefeated streak over Chris Jericho continue on?

Saturday, February 7, 2003
Selland Arena 10:23
Global Warning

::A dark limo pulls into the underground parking garage of the arena where Warning is absolutely sold out and screeches to a halt...The driver soon comes out and opens the far passenger door in the back on the other side from the camera, as a tall figure with a long, blonde ponytail steps out...The figure turns around revealing it to be Chris Jericho! A smirk spread across the blonde haired Canadian's face, as he walks into the arena, carrying his bag and wearing his street clothes, consisting of a sleek leather jacket, jeans, a no-sleeve Fozzy t-shirt, and his black combat boots..It's not very long before he runs into Marc Lloyd, wearing his black GWA polo shirt and khaki slacks and holding his mic::

["Just Another Annoying Interviewer" Marc Lloyd] "Chris Jericho! Can I take a moment of your time to conduct an interview with you?"

["The GWA's Huge Rockstar" Chris Jericho] "Yeah sure, Junior. But make it quick, I'm a busy man..."

["Just Another Annoying Interviewer" Marc Lloyd] "Well, Y2J... Tonight, you will be having your very first match since arriving here in the GWA. And it's none other than Triple H, a five time World champion in the WWE. He's also a person that you've never beaten in singles competition in your career. What do you have to say to that?"

["The GWA's Huge Rockstar" Chris Jericho] "Ah, Triple H. The "Shame"..The Cerebral Ass...The man who claims to be that damn good...At what though? I don't know..I never really understood what Triple H stood for..Was it Huge Horrible Honker? Me and Triple H go back along ways, even going back to when me and Triple H were babies in the very same nursery. And during playtime, Hunter would always come up to me, crying and say [Says in a whiny, crying voice].. "My diaper is THAT DAMN WET!" [The crowd cheers] and then the baby Y2J would reply and say, "Hunter...Would you pah-lease SHUT...THE HELL...UP!!" [The crowd erupts with roars of excitment and laughter]

"Triple H runs his mouth, and he runs his mouth about me. But there's no way in hell that Triple H could ever impress Y2J. He walks around shooting his gutter mouth off, saying how he's going to kick my ass tonight on Warning. Eh, any assclown walking can do that. This guy holding the camera can do that and even all these chicks that gawk at Y2J like Lana Star, they could do that too. Unlike HHH, I'm not going to write checks that my ass can't cash, and say that this will be an easy victory. Because I know it won't. And that's ok with me, I enjoy being pushed to the limit. Because I will do anything to myself, and I'll do anything to you, Triple end this stupid undefeated streak you have over me..."

"I saw the ''bedroom look" Lana had in her eyes, when she forced herself on me. But I'm going to look at the bigger picture here and not get distracted. Why the hell would Shane McMahon even give a common thug like Triple H a job? I would think that Vince would want to get rid of the criminal element, not encourage it. This isn't the WWE, Hunter. You're not going to be able to sleep with the boss's daughter to get your title shots, you're going to work your way up and get past me first. On the other hand, after seeing David Flair and Shane McMahon earlier tonight, Triple H and Shane might have a similar arrangement, I dunno..."

"You're truly pathetic, Hunter and it's going to be an honor, a pleasure and a prestigious victory when I make your speedo-wearing ass tap out in the Walls of Jericho. Why would any of the fans want you as their champion? You gave your best friend, Shawn Michaels, a Pedigree and slammed his head thru a car window. God, no wonder you don't have any friends..But tonight, I'm gonna do humanity and mankind a favor by putting my foot thru your little raisin-sized testicles so you can't contaminate the rest of the world! You bring everything you got, Trip. You bring Stephanie McMahon's dirty panties for all I care. You bring your little sledgehammer. You bring your steel chairs. Because the Cerebral Ass will need all the help you can possible can get, seeing as you only know how to win using foreign objects. I'm going to treat you like a little man, Triple H...because to me, all my Jericholics and the rest of the ARE a little man."

*Suddenly, a high pitched "Mini-Me" like scream echoes thru the hair, and Y2J looks at something off camera and takes a step backward. Suddenly, a little midget with long, wet hair, wearing a pair of black speedos like HHH barrels into the camera's view, and slams into the wall of squeeze mayo boxes, rattling around as "Triple H" falls on his ass, missing Jericho by a long shot as the crowd laughs. Jericho yawns a little and smirks, crossing his arms as the "HHH" gets up again, shaking his head, and then runs at Jericho, screaming. Y2J just holds his hand out, stopping "HHH" a few feet from him, holding his head as he flails his arms wildly, drooling like a slob as he tries to hit Y2J and kick at him. Y2J gives him a light shove away from him and "Triple H" falls on his ass, and starts crying, before running off down in the hall in the opposite direction...After "HHH" is long gone, Y2J smirks and then turns back to Marc Lloyd, who is laughing a bit, to finish the interview*

["The GWA's Huge Rockstar" Chris Jericho] "Anyways...Triple H, since I believe in being fair. I will give the devil his due. You beat me on the biggest stage of them all in the WWE, Wrestlemania for my Undisputed championship and you had your little run for four weeks before losing to Hulk Hogan...But that was then, and this is now, jerky. I'm got nothing to lose. And I've got everything to gain. I'm smarter and stronger, and pulsing with ruthless agression which has been brought out here since coming to GWA. I've never beaten you, Hunter, but you know how the old saying goes...''There's a first time for everything'' and you always remember your first, just like I remember how I locked you into the Walls of Jericho on that announcer's table, and how you screamed and begged for your quad not to be ripped to shreds and for me not to take your career from you and then you slapped your fat filthy little hand up and down on the mat, and the ref raises my hand in victory. Who know more about first times better than your very own wife, Stephanie McMahon? I'm sure her ''first time'' was very memorable with her and the captain of the football team...and the basketball team...and the swimming team...and the volleyball team...and the baseball team...and the French club..and the Latin club..and even Oloff, the foreign exchange student! I feel especially confident tonight because in front of every single Jericholic watching, I'm going to do something to Triple H that Stephanie has no concept of.. I'm gonna leave him FLAT! Just like your song says, Trips...''It's all about the pain and if you can take it''...Well, tonight we will see if you can take the pain that I will give you tonight. Considering what I want to do to you, one match isn't even enough. Be ready for a war, Hunter...Because after tonight, you will never EGGGGGHVVVVERRR be the same A-GAIN!"

::Chris Jericho pauses and smirks as he looks into the camera, and he pushes past Marc Lloyd and down the hall to further prepare for his match::

Some call these men the greatest entertainers on Earth. Flying without wings, defying phisical limitaions. But the risks these men take are great. Bodies have been battered, necks broken, careers ended in an instant. Yes, this is entertainment, but the hazards are real. No matter who you are, please whatever you do, don't try this at home.

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