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Summerslam 1991 was probably the zenith of Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man's popularity in the WWF. After years of Randy's ill-treatment of Liz, their subsequent breakup, Liz's disappearance and their eventual reunion at Wrestlemania VII, their wedding is considered one of the most popular storylines in wrestling history. 

Going back the March 1991, Macho King was facing The Ultimate Warrior in a career ending match. Sitting in the audience, Elizabeth (Randy's previous manager) could only sit anxiously waiting to see if Macho King's career would end that night. Although Savage didn't know it, Elizabeth's attendance that night would prove invaluable to both him and ultimately their relationship. As the match drew to a close, Sensation Sherri who realised her career too was over decided to vent her frustration at the fallen champion. Kicking and punching Savage, Sherri continued to pummel the Macho King calling him a "loser." Elizabeth, who at this time was standing in the audience, decided that she couldn't take it any more and took matters into her own hands. Jumping over the barricade, she fled to the ring, grabbed Sherri by the hair and threw her out onto the floor. As she stood with her arms out stretched, Randy reciprocated, thus immortalizing the couple in professional wrestling history.

Weeks later, Randy Savage asked Elizabeth for her hand in married, which she promptly replied with a "Oh Yeah!" The date was set for Summerslam 1991 and 20,000 guests were invited.

The main event of the evening was headlining the PPV. The Match Made in Heaven was the eventual joining of wrestling's first lady with her estranged and former partner Macho Man Randy Savage. Randy and Liz both came to the ring, exchanged vows to the applause of the huge crowd on hand. However, it was their reception that turned out to be the most eventful part of the night.

After cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and dancing, it was time for the newly weds to open their presents. Unbeknown to the couple, Jake The Snake Roberts have left a present that certainly wasn't on the list. As Savage opened the other gifts, Liz unwrapped a large a box from an unknown guest. Talking the lid off the box, Liz screamed as a cobra darted for her. Savage was knocked unconscious by the Undertakers urn and was left unable to protect his wife. Jake followed Liz round the room taunting her with the snake. Eventually Sid Justice managed to clear the room, leaving Elizabeth terrified and making her wedding certainly a day she wouldn't forget.

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