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Fans Of The Von Erichs Updates


December 8, 2003
Hi again! A smaller update this time, but still an update. We've got a new Virtual Flower, 7 new Kevin pics, a tribute to Kerry, a new Fritz pic and Laura's been hard at work and has given us SEVEN new wallpapers!

The .com has been quite a success and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it!

Also, we've heeded your survey with an overwhelming amount of you wanting articles regarding their deaths and we will put them up in the new year!

The site won't be updated again until January of the new year! We'll have tons of articles headed your way. Here's wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! :-)

October 25, 2003
Hi everyone! We finally got another update done! We've updated Kevin, Kerry, Dave, Chris and Fritz. We've also updated the Links page, The Virtual Flowers page, the Lyrical Tributes page, The Family Pictures page, the Odds & Ends page AND added a Wallpaper (for your desktop) page which you can find on the Main Page menu. Check it out and enjoy! Happy Halloween to you all!

October 16, 2003
We upgraded "Von Erich Dynasty" to a .com, as well as changed the name (to "Fans Of The Von Erichs"). This should take care of our little bandwidth problem. The next several days will be change-overs and updates. Keep checking back!

August 13, 2003
A small update this time - but rest assured we've got more on the way! We just received TWENTY FIVE magazines from Diane to go through. But here's what's udated:
Kerry, Mike, Kevin, Lyrical Tributes and Links. Enjoy!

July 31, 2003
Hi again! Diane is so graciously sending us 25 magazines to go through so we thought we'd better get an update in now! So, for your viewing pleasures, the following sections are updated: Chris, Kerry, David, Fritz, Kevin, Mike and Jack Jr. So go take a look and as always, enjoy!
Also, we've currently got 23 members in the MSN club so look for the link on the main page and join in!

July 19, 2003
Howdy folks! :-) We’ve changed things around just a bit, as you can tell. All the other pages are still right where they’ve always been. We’ve also finally got the MSN club together – you can find that at the left so please join!

Oh, what’s that? You want updates? We are proud to say that EVERY section has at least one (most of them more than that) update! We’ve even got Von Erich/WCCW Trivia (in the Odds & Ends section)! So tool around and enjoy!