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Ms. Doris,

I don't think there is a stronger woman I have ever known of. As a child or I should say a teen I worshipped you because you gave birth to the sexiest man ever. As a woman and mother myself my heart reaches out to you. So much strength and belief in God. So much pain but yet you are still holding on strong. I think you are so wonderful and so magnificant so damn special. I wish I had half the courage and will that you have Doris. I don't pity you or think of you and feel badly because the years you did have with those boys must have been wonderful. So many people dwell on what they lost instead of what they had for how ever long it was. Imagine having all that love you held. Doris you are a true hero and an idol to women and mothers. Not only were you the back bone to them all you were a guidance. Doris thank you for bringing them here so I could have them in my life. They all meant so much to me as a kid, a teen and even as a woman. I could never imagine your pain but seeing my three young sons I can imagine your love. You are a great person. I wish I had been able to meet you just to tell you THANK YOU. I wish you love, peace and a life time of perfect health and happiness...