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Chariots of Fire - Tribute to Kevin Von Erich

12-8-2003 -- Added 7 new pics in the Gallery

10-25-2003 -- Added a fan's glance at meeting Kevin on the Appearance page, a new article on the Article page and 11 new pics in the Gallery.

8-13-2003 -- Added a new section that will list the appearances that Kevin does. You can find it HERE as well as below.

7-31-2003 -- Two new pics of Kevin in the Gallery from Laura!

7-14-2003 -- FIVE new pics of Kevin (alive and well!) from this past 4th of July appearance at Wrestlecon in the Contributions section!
Also in the same section a picture that Laura made!
And, three new pics in the Gallery from Matthew and Li!

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Ares. Poseidon. Zeus.
We know all of these as Gods from the Greek times.
The Golden Warrior should be synonymous with the aforementioned. Kevin Von Erich's wrestling skill and prowess outshined his opponents each and every time he stepped into the squared circle. The joy he brought to his fans continues today though the Warrior retired from the squared circle years ago.

Through Chariots of Fire we hope to show just how much Kevin means to all of us.