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Disclaimer ~~Terms of Use~~
This website’s existence is to be used for Von Erich and wrestling fans alike to gather and discuss the “old days” of wrestling and relive memories of those times through pictures, articles, interviews, etc.
We agree not to defame the family name intentionally. We are here only to produce a friendly private site that shows our appreciation for the legendary Von Erich family.
You agree not to submit, publish, or display on this site any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material. You also agree to treat others that come to this site with respect, as every fan is welcome here unless they harass others. If you harass, you will be banned, it’s as simple as that.

There is a book out about the Von Erich's written by Ron Mullinax. We did give him permission to use things from this site and at one time we did associate with him. However, due to personal reasons between him and us, we are not associated with him. We do, however, wish him all the luck in the world in his current and future endeavors. We have read but do not endorse anything in the book simply because we don't know fact from fiction (mind you, not calling him a liar, just with noting that Kevin Adkisson has denounced this book himself) and we don't wish to be caught in the middle.

We are not the Von Erich’s. We don’t claim to be. We didn’t marry any of them nor did we date/befriend any of them. We never even saw them live. They – nor the Adkisson’s – not only don’t endorse this site, they don’t even know we exist. So I guess that clears up any confusion as to whether we’re affiliated with them, huh? :-)

We also are not affiliated with or endorsed by the WWF, WWFE, WWE (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week), Titan Sports, the USWA, the WCCW, the NWA, the WCW, the YMCA…wait, we got carried away with the letter thing. (But for the record, the Village People don’t endorse this site either) We also aren’t affiliated with or endorsed by any other Independent Wrestling Organization or wrestler.

This is not affiliated with, endorsed by or a replication of and should not be taken as such.

There are two people affiliated with this site that endorse it. Jenny and Connie (hi, how ya doin’?) hereinafter referred to as the Webmasters.

The views expressed on the message board, the articles, virtual flowers, tributes or the views of any other independent author/person are those of that person and are not necessarily shared by the Webmasters.

Any photos, stories, drawings, etc. that are noted to be someone else’s belong to that person used only for this site and are not to be reproduced in any way shape or form on any other site without their permission.

The articles/interviews contained in this site are NOT our property (nor are the pictures) and are not meant to be construed as ours. Proper credit has been given for each that we have a name for.

This is a NON-PROFIT (that means no money changes hands) FAN SITE. Proper credit is given for the items we use when credit can be found. We DO NOT claim to be the sole proprietor of any picture or article. These are from magazines and the Von Erich Photo Album (unless otherwise stated), which are within our possession. No copyright infringement is intended! If we are infringing on a copyright and you wish to contest it reasonably and can prove that it is your copyright (We do not wish to contest the validity of your statement/complaint/etc. but we cannot rely on emailed threats alone), the item in question will be removed from our site as soon as practically possible with all apologies. Also, if you have something on our site not credited and would like credit listed, by all means email us and we’ll certainly comply. If you are a member of the family who is upset at the representation here, please contact us and we will do our best to work it out with you. We would like to know, though, why you feel you are at a particular disadvantage when this site is meant only to keep the memory of your family alive with pictures and old stories.

~~Outside Websites~~
Our web host occasionally posts pop-up ads on our page. We are not responsible for the content of those sites if you choose to click on the ad. We also are not responsible for the content of the websites we link on our links page and do not necessarily agree with the content.

All flaming emails will be either cheerfully returned or ignored and passed around for our amusement (just thought you’d like to know). Please do not write to ask inappropriate questions. We are not privy to “inside” information and do not wish to discuss rumors. Be advised that if you email us with threats to sue because of copyright infringement, you will be given a snail mail address for the proper paperwork to be sent to. No action will be taken due to an email. We know this can be a pain in the proverbial neck but if you are truly legitimate in your copyright, you won’t mind the extra work. Furthermore, if we do have material that is yours and you do provide the information necessary for removal, it will be with sincerest apologies and can be noted in place of your picture of the copyright if you so desire.

It is not our intent to hurt or defame the Von Erich/Adkisson family or name (that includes all family, not just the wrestlers). We are fans and as such have put up this website to remember the memories of a legendary wrestling family and meet other Von Erich fans. No material provided on this web site should be used in any way to harass, inconvenience or intrude the privacy of the family nor is it our intent to do so.

~~Message Board~~
This site makes a message board available to its users. Please remember that any information disclosed in these areas becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. We are not responsible for any content that is posted on the message board by other users. However, we reserve the right to ban from posting any member who feels they should harass any other poster or damage the reputation, character, or the Von Erich/Adkisson name by slander or libel. That isn’t what we’re about and it won’t be tolerated. There is no reason the posters cannot be adults.

Sorry for all the legal stuff and the sarcasm (that was just a fringe benefit ;-} ) but games are meant for your kitchen table on Friday night with your family and not here.

If you agree to this, go back to the site.