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March 21st- Schedule







Ring Crew Express ROH T-Shirts Now Available!

The heading says it all... Dunn & Marcos have their very own t-shirts!  The "We're Not Gonna Take It Tour 2004" is underway and has no plans on slowing down.  Make sure to purchase a t-shirt of the top tag team in Ring of Honor at either, or at any ROH live event, so you too can rock like a hurricane.  Coming soon will be a merchandise section with t-shirts, buttons, color photos, VHS, DVDs, & CD-R Best Of's.

"We're Not Gonna Take It Tour 2004" Continues in Jersey at the RexPlex

The Ring Crew Express had their hands full on 3/13 in Elizabeth, for Ring of Honor's "Do or Die 2" & "At Our Best" shows.  Do or Die 2 featured talent all throughout the country looking to showcase their talents and earn a spot on the ROH roster.  Dunn & Marcos were a part of the main event scramble match, facing off against The Out Cast Killas, Rainman & Caprice Colemen(NWA Wildside), Fast Eddie & Don Juan.  RCE didn't score the victory, but had a strong showing, also hitting the stage dives prior to the finish.  During "At Our Best" Dunn & Marcos were attempting to tighten the ropes between matches, when The Solution entered the ring with the mic.  After a verbal assault from the Solution, Marcos grabbed the mic and proclaimed that they had busted their butts on ring crew for 2 years, and they weren't gonna take this anymore.  The Solution then attacked RCE, but soon Dunn & Marcos were able to stomp the feet & the music hit the loud speakers.  Twisted Sister played as RCE took out the Solution to the delight of the 1,800 fans in attendence.  Dunn & Marcos would also like to perosonally thank everyone that helped out with the steel cage set up, without a doubt you all rocked like a hurricane.

RCE Return to West Mifflin for another IWC Tag Title Match

Dunn & Marcos made their return to the International Wrestling Cartel at the CCAC in West Mifflin, PA on 3/20.  The RCE returned to face off against M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition, the IWC Tag Team Champions.  Dunn was able to make the tag to Marcos after taking a pounding from the defending champs, with Marcos cleaning house.  Marcos had the match won after RCE exacuted the "Excellent Adventure" senton, but the ref was distracted with action on the floor.  Marcos fell victim to a double underhook piledriver followed up by a shooting star press.  The RCE will return to IWC soon, but no date has been set

Dunn & Marcos Still Undefeated in Rocesther Pro Wrestling

Dunn & Marcos returned to RPW on 3/21 to face off against Spazz & Mike Akita, members of the Osawa Syndicate.  After controlling the majority of the match, RCE actually were on their heels as Akita & Spazz took control and scored a series of near falls.  In the end though it was RCE on top after hitting the "Excellent Adventure" senton on Spazz.  Dunn & Marcos continue their undefeated streak in RPW.  After beating all RPW regular tag teams(Amazing Technicolor Dreamboats, Big N Tasty, Osawa Syndicate), the only ones left for D&M to challenge would be the RPW Tag Team Champions, The Natural Born Blondes.  However the Blondes are scheduled to defend against the Dreamboats at RPWs next event on April 3rd, so the RCE will be competing in singles matches.