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All Of my Pictures from PWG's & etc. — Profile

Name:  Rick Coronel

Location:  Los Angeles, Cailfornia
Birthday:  29 May, 1985
Bio:  Well, my name is Rick A. Coronel. I'm 20. I was born in Los Angeles. I'm the oldest of two kids. I have a sister. I want to move out of state when I'm 22 or 23. I'm in school. I want to become a wrestler when I finally move out and live on my own. That or do something in the Wrestling Business.
Interests:  I like going to movies, hanging out with friends, going to parties with friends, going places with my family or friends. I love going to Wrestling Events, ex. PWG events, WWE events, and going to any indy events in L.A. that I can go to, watching wrestling : PWG, WWE/WWF, ECW, WCW, NWA-TNA, ROH, AWA, NWA, NJPW, FMW, PWW, FIP, AJPW. I mostly listen to Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Hard Rock, Rock,etc. I love Horror movies. I like comedy, action, drama, suspense.
Blog Created:  Saturday, July 23, 2005
Last Updated:  Sunday, November 20, 2005 - 8:01 PM PST
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