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Turbulence 8/28/05

Egg Harbor Township, NJ



Battle Royal to determine who will face Mickey Dragon for the title later tonight

Winner: Brian Cage after he eliminates Ronin

Scorpion V Dru Blood V R.I.P.

Winner: R.I.P.

Promo: Johnny Bling seems overjoyed at his opportunity versus Blaze tonight and says he thinks he can be the next World Champion. Bling tells all the NGW superstars to watch out!

Junior V JC Ice

Winner: Junior by DQ after JC Ice hit him with a piece of wood

Promo: "The Don" bitches about how he hates Christopher and the fans. Out comes Christopher.

NGW United States Championship: "The Don" Mamaluke V Kyle Christopher

Winner and New United States Champion: Kyle Christopher

Aftermath: Mamaluke stares down the title and Kyle Christopher as Kyle celebrates.

Promo: Scorpion starts to preach on how he will start to weed through the NGW superstars and in walks Evan Blaze who makes fun of Scorpions mask and his short stature. Says he will butter the roll that he's been on lately.

Evan Blaze V Johnny Bling

Winner: Evan Blaze due to Brian Cage interference

Ronin V Nomad

Winner: Nomad by DQ after Scorpion hit Nomad with a Kendo Stick

Aftermath: Scorpion proceeded to hit the referee with the kendo stick and Ronin and Nomad battled to the back.

Promo: Nomad speaks to his fans and says his return was meant to punish Ronin for what he did to Freaks United. He said Dover and Thor are gone but he will stay here until Ronin is dealt with.

Promo: Brian Cage says he thinks its great to get the opportunity he is and he deserves it since he beat everyone in the Battle Royal and then stopped Bling from winning with one kick.

NGW World Championship: Mickey Dragon V Brian Cage

Winner: Mickey Dragon

Major Show Poll

What is the most anticipated Exile III match?
Last Man Standing for the World Title: Mickey Dragon (c) V Evan Blaze
Barbed Wire: Ronin V "Nomad" Gia Savitz
United States Championship: Kyle Christopher (c) V The Don Anthony Gioiella
Tag Team Championship: G.E.D. (c) V 3XL
Junior Heavyweight Championship: Brian Cage V Junior
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Wrestler Poll

Who is your favorite heel?
Brian Cage
JC Ice
Kevin Sterling
Mickey Dragon
Paul Regal
"The Don" Anthony Gioiella
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Etc. Poll

What has been the rivalry of the year so far?
Blaze V Dragon
Blaze V Ronin
CIA V Freaks United
Kyle Christopher V "The Don" Anthony Gioiella
Redneck V Ronin
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