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Interview with Ronin


by Mark "The Shark" Lawler


Hello everyone this is Mark "The Shark" Lawler here with a big interview with a former NGW World Champion Ronin. 

NGW Online: Ronin thanks for giving me this time and may I say that its a pleasure to finally meet you.

Ronin: Hello Mr. Lawler, the pleasure is all yours.

NGWO: Ronin how do you think the dark dynasty is doing as of now?

R: Not as well as Id like. I've been called this generations Ric Flair, the Dark-Nature Boy, if you will (chuckles), and in that "vein" (chuckles again), I have tried to create the modern day Four horsemen, but things have fallen short. I am the only "Goth" in this stable, this company, this business. I am the only one that is able to avoid being stereotyped and clumped into a certain mold, but others are not so lucky. Scorpion, as much as I enjoy having him around, can sometimes come off as a "poser," which really can annoy me. But with the addition of Brian cage, and hopefully Krystil Cyanide, I wont be the only true dark soul in this company.

Q. Do you think you were given a fair shot at the World title at Mutiny 3 and Exile?

R: Mutiny, yes. Despite the fact that one of the participants ran like a bitch, it was still a hell of a fight. Mickey Dragon, honestly, was a greater champion than The Redneck could ever hope to be. he took my title, he got lucky, he best me in the dog collar match, he got really lucky. I at least have the satisfaction of knowing that in his last NGW match, I pinned him, to gain entry into the title match at Mutiny. All that aside, Dragon gave me a run for my money, and he was simply the better man. Exile, if it weren't for the fact that I was bleeding to death and was about to drop right in the middle of the ring, I fought on. That miserable little wigger Regal smashed that chair over my head and ripped my skull open, and when I was in that elevated crab, I had no choice but to give up. I needed to retreat in order to fight again, and I will, one way or the other, by world war, that world title will be back around my waist, where it belongs and should've been in the first place.

Q. How do you think the match at Mutiny 3 would've went if The Redneck had shown up?

R: Whether or not Dragon would've won, even I don't know. H still might've came out on top, but we'll never know that. All I do know is that Mutiny would've been Rednecks last show ever, as I would've finished the job I started and put him out of this business, and into a wheelchair for the rest of his miserable life.

Q. How do you think the match at Exile went? Do you think you could've went on longer then what you did?

R: As I said, if I weren't bleeding to death, I would've gone on to the end, and that belt would've already been back around my waist. As my sire once told me, "Do not continue to fight, if you are not sure if you can win. Its better to back off and survive to battle another night, than to let it all end before you have achieved victory." And he was right. Once that belt is back around my waist, I'll be happy to fight to the death, bleeding all over the ring and dropping dead. I'll at least know that I died fighting, and I died the champion.

Q. We have seen in resent shows your great teamwork with Scorpion. Do you think there could be Tag-Team gold for the two of you in the future?

R: Teamwork, you mean carry work, as in me carrying Scorpion, just like Raven carried Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie. He still has to prove himself, just like Brian Cage, although with Cage as the new Junior Heavyweight champ, he's already started to make an impact. As for tag gold, no. I only accept the best, that's what makes me who I am.
Q. We saw the acceptance of Brian Cage into the Dark Dynasty. What were you thinking of bringing him with you and Scorpion?

A. Why does a Mafioso recruit more soldiers for his family, cause the old ones either die or are not living up to what is expected of them. Scorpion needs someone to work with him, I'm not going to hold his hand forever, and I think that Cage can give Scorpion the kick in the ass he needs to get in gear and start making himself useful.

Q. Finally do you think that you will have the World Title again in the future and have the Dark Dynasty on top once again.......and if so how?

A. What have I been saying? The world title will be in my grasp again, where it should've stayed in the first place, and from that, hopefully my "children" will learn to pick up the pace and learn to keep up or get left behind. They are only part of this group so long as you hold up your end of it. If not, just remember, everyone is expendable in my Family. Come 2006, a black cloud will be cast over the NGW, and things will never be the same again.

NGWO: Thank you for your time.

R: Uh huh, again the pleasure was all yours I'm sure.


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