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Interview with Mickey Dragon


by Paul Ridge



    The following is my interview with the wrestler known as Mickey Dragon...


NGW OnlineMickey Dragon how are you today?
Mickey Dragon:  My back's a little messed up and I think I have a stiff neck... aside from that though, I'm good.

NGWO:  How does it feel to be World Champion and the most hated man wrestling for NGW?
MDThe most hated man in NGW?  Wow, I never realized that many people had it out for me.  And why?  What did I ever do to anyone to render myself to be hated? I came here from BYWA in April simply for the opportunity to prove what I could do.  And since I've arrived I've been nothing but shit on by these so-called "fans" for being the most innovative, creative, and dare devilish superstar in NGW.  I've bled buckets here in NGW and finally gained the most prestigious title NGW has to offer... so if I'm hated for showcasing my ability... so be it
NGWO:  Well the fans seem to not like you, as you call them stupid and tell them to shut up.
MDHey, where I come from, anyone who has less teeth than they do fingers is stupid... and should shut their mouths. 

NGWO:  On to wrestlers that are against you, you are now the prime target. How does it feel and who do you watch your back from?
MDYeah, once I won the title at Mutiny, the hunter became the hunted.  It's an interesting feeling to have every punk bitch in NGW trying to take me down.  But I thrive on it.  I know, quite frankly, that there is no one in NGW that's in my league.  No one can keep up with me, no one can stop me.  Who do I fear?  No one.  It doesn't matter if it's that new guy I kicked around, Brian Cage... or whether it's Redneck, Ronin, Evan Blaze, or even that kid Kyle Christopher.  Nobody strikes fear in me... nobody makes me think that I'm going to lose... because quite frankly, no one CAN beat me. 

NGWO:  What about Evan Blaze who has beaten you bloody before, Ronin who came oh so close to winning at Mutiny or a couple guys you haven't faced like "The Don" Mamaluke or Christopher?
MDEvan Blaze doesn't scare me... I simply haven't put him down for the three count.  The epics I've had with him gave me the shit end of the stick each and every time.  It's just a matter of time before the tide turns there.  Ronin?  Ronin only scares himself.  His daddy didn't love him enough and he ended up the way he is.  That's not scary, it's pathetic.  Kyle Christopher I've beaten on two different occasions, and I've beaten The Don once as well.  I'm telling you, no one is in my league and no one is taking this NGW Championship away from me unless they're prying it from my lifeless fingers

NGWOWhat would you say to those who said you might be a one hit wonder?
MDRight Said Fred is a one hit wonder.  Marcy Playground is a one hit wonder.  Mickey Dragon has been a champion long before he entered NGW and will be a champion IN NGW for a long time to come.  Whoever you think can take this title off of me, is going to be sadly mistaken.  I'll bleed, sweat and go through hell for this belt... and when all is said and done, I'll be standing with it... until the day I die.

NGWOWho do you think will be your opponent at Exile?
MDTo be honest, I don't care who it is.  I may even have more than one at this point.  NGW wants me off this belt so badly that they'll throw anyone at me.  Could be Ronin, could be Evan Blaze, could be both of them for all I care.  All that matters is that when Exile is over with, Mickey Dragon will still be your NGW Champion... whether you like it or not

NGWONow what kind of person would you say Mickey Dragon is out of the ring?
MDPretty much the kind of person he is IN the ring.  He really doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks of him... if you like him, you like him.  If you don't, he doesn't care. 

NGWO:  OK now for wrestler association like in every interview. I'm going to give you wrestlers and tell me what you think of them in 3 words or less...
NGWONow retired, Redneck
NGWOEvan Blaze
MDbitch, pussy, faggot
NGWOPaul Regal
MDtakes it in the butt... shit, that's more than three words... 

NGWOWhat is your favorite pro wrestling match of all time?
MDRicky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Wrestlemania III
NGWO:  What is your favorite NGW match?
MDMickey Dragon vs. Evan Blaze... at NGW Adrenaline, I believe.  It was the complete and total emergence of Mickey Dragon as a bleeder.
NGWOWhat was your favorite match in NGW that you were not in?
MDRonin vs. Redneck... the dog collar match.

NGWOIs there a fantasy match you would like to compete in?
MDI'd really like to have a knock-down, drag-out fight with Evan Blaze again to finally prove to him, and the NGW fans, that he's an over-rated sack of shit.  Exile, maybe?  A street fight perhaps?   After that, I'd like to get in the ring with Kyle Christopher a bit... I think that kid's got potential to be great... but only if he can get past me.

NGWOThank You Dragon and congrats on winning the World Championship
MDWe're done?  Good, now get the fuck out of my house.

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What is the most anticipated Exile III match?
Last Man Standing for the World Title: Mickey Dragon (c) V Evan Blaze
Barbed Wire: Ronin V "Nomad" Gia Savitz
United States Championship: Kyle Christopher (c) V The Don Anthony Gioiella
Tag Team Championship: G.E.D. (c) V 3XL
Junior Heavyweight Championship: Brian Cage V Junior
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Who is your favorite heel?
Brian Cage
JC Ice
Kevin Sterling
Mickey Dragon
Paul Regal
"The Don" Anthony Gioiella
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What has been the rivalry of the year so far?
Blaze V Dragon
Blaze V Ronin
CIA V Freaks United
Kyle Christopher V "The Don" Anthony Gioiella
Redneck V Ronin
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