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Volume 2, Issue 8

by Andrew Miller


Dave - Aberdeen, MD

Who has the best records of winning at NGW Major Shows, especially the upcoming Exile?

    Wonderful question! Here's the best records at the NGW major shows. It would take forever to calculate who was the worst at the major shows!

SnoBrawl Chris Frank 2-0
Revolution Chris Mavrick 2-0
Adrenaline Blaze, Boomer, Prime 2-0
Meltdown Mavrick, Prime, Redneck 2-0
Mutiny Redneck 2-0
Slaughter at the Shore AceJack 2-0
Exile Evan Blaze 3-0

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Major Show Poll

What is the most anticipated Exile III match?
Last Man Standing for the World Title: Mickey Dragon (c) V Evan Blaze
Barbed Wire: Ronin V "Nomad" Gia Savitz
United States Championship: Kyle Christopher (c) V The Don Anthony Gioiella
Tag Team Championship: G.E.D. (c) V 3XL
Junior Heavyweight Championship: Brian Cage V Junior
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Wrestler Poll

Who is your favorite heel?
Brian Cage
JC Ice
Kevin Sterling
Mickey Dragon
Paul Regal
"The Don" Anthony Gioiella
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Etc. Poll

What has been the rivalry of the year so far?
Blaze V Dragon
Blaze V Ronin
CIA V Freaks United
Kyle Christopher V "The Don" Anthony Gioiella
Redneck V Ronin
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