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In The Cards

Vol. 1 . Iss. 1

by Cichael Mole

Welcome one and all for the first installment of “In the Cards” with me, your host, Jack King. In the weeks to come, I hope to show you exactly what’s “in the cards” for NGW as well as put a new spin on the “insider” columns. So let’s kick things off with:

The Pocket Card:

The breakup of Jack Jester and Kevin Sterling was somewhat of a shock because I felt that these two were just starting to gel as a team. Sterling is now a part of Gangsta’s Every Day, GED. Jester, however, got his revenge and has a date with GED’s United States Champion, Alex Prime who was not at the house show to welcome his new GED member. Who knows what Prime thinks of his new stablemate.

Paul Regal revealed himself as the mystery driver… that sadistic bastard. He fooled everyone into thinking he had conducted an investigation and while everyone was out blaming Mickey Dragon, Regal was soaking in the glory. Regal is now going to be sucking something else at Mutiny when he and Evan Blaze get together in a Total Carnage Match… and the only way to win is pin someone in, on, or under a car. That’s going to be ugly.

Ronin came out and bitched that he didn’t have a match for Mutiny claiming that Mickey Dragon didn’t deserve the title shot since he lost twice to Evan Blaze. Ronin demanded a match with Redneck to prove he was better but when the referee came down, it was the Dragon and we had ourselves one hell of a main event. Ronin ended up winning the match and the Mutiny Main Event is now a triple threat ladder match for the NGW Championship.

With those events and more happening, they’ve shaped Mutiny into what could be the greatest show of NGW’s history. The greatest NGW show is going to be off the chain and let’s run down the show and give my thoughts and predictions on the winners.

The Flop:

Kyle Christopher vs. Michael Jannetty:

I have not seen or heard anything about this Michael Jannetty character but if the debut match that Christopher had with Mickey Dragon is any indication of the talent he has, this should be a cakewalk for Christopher.

Winner: Kyle Christopher.


United States Championship:

Alex Prime © vs. Jack Jester

Jester has a score to settle with the GED and what better way to do it than take the only singles title GED has away from them? This could be Jester’s moment to shine and get the last laugh over GED.

Winner: Jack Jester.


Retirement Match:

Benjamin Dover vs. “The Nomad” Gia Savitz

What a match this is going to be. The Freaks United have parted ways, and now there’s only one thing left to do. NGW is not big enough for the two of them, so one of them has to go. Who will win this one? I think the fans, simply because one of these Freaks is going to have to be gone from NGW forever. My choice? Nomad.

Winner: The Nomad


Vacated Junior Heavyweight Championship

Barbed Wire Match:

Matt Cross vs. JW

Matt Cross has been missing for the past few weeks after the disappearance of Sean Levy. What’s going to happen in his return match against JW? If this match is half of what I’m thinking it’s going to be, the fans will be in for one hell of a bloodbath. Cross could take this one, but with his recent absence, I think ring rust might take over.

Winner: JW


NGW Tag Team Championships:

C.I.A. © vs. G.E.D (Alex Prime/Kevin Sterling)

Danny the Pearl and The Mamaluc were not at the house show when Kevin Sterling became part of the GED. So are they planning to face Regal and Prime? Who knows. CIA has been on a roll -- no -- they’ve been on the whole bakery lately. Undefeated since their creation and taking the NGW Tag Titles from the Freaks United way back on April 9th. Can the GED end the reign of the CIA or will CIA become the longest reigning and most-fighting champions in the history of NGW? I think GED can get it done.

Winners: Prime/Sterling. NEW CHAMPIONS


Total Carnage Match

Paul Regal vs. Evan Blaze

What a personal fight this is going to be. Evan Blaze has to have his blood boiling thinking about this match with Paul Regal. This punk ran him down after given a second opportunity in NGW simply to make an impact upon his return. Well, Regal’s finally going to face the music at Mutiny and I think he’s going to be crawling away like the whiny little bitch he is. Blaze will stomp him through the car and run him down.

Winner: Evan Blaze


NGW World Championship

Ladder Match

Redneck © vs. Mickey Dragon vs. Ronin

If you miss this match you will regret it until the day you die. This is going to be the most epic matchup NGW has ever experienced. The champion, Redneck, bringing the NGW World Championship to the biggest stage NGW has, Mutiny III against two men who are driven to get the title off him. Ronin, a former champion and the man Redneck beat to become champion, will try to avenge his loss at Meltdown. Mickey Dragon, the newest of these three, attempts to make his impact complete and take the NGW World Championship in what he calls his specialty, the ladder match. All three of these guys absolutely hate each other and this is going to be a brutal, bloody battle to the very end. When all is said and done, none of these guys will ever be quite the same, but NGW will have a new champion. The specialist will take his gold and begin his reign over NGW.

Winner: Mickey Dragon

The Turn:

Pattern of Analysis will also be playing NGW’s Mutiny. I don’t know much about them but if they’re half as good as Mutiny’s card is shaping up to be, they’re going to rock your socks off. Don’t miss them!

The River:

This one is over folks. Mutiny is going to be amazing with three title changes if all goes how I’m predicting. Every title is changing hands at Mutiny and if you miss it, you’ll be sorry. Don’t miss Next Generation Wrestling’s biggest show of the year, July 16th, LIVE at the NGW Arena. Until next time, I’m Jack King.

Major Show Poll

What is the most anticipated Exile III match?
Last Man Standing for the World Title: Mickey Dragon (c) V Evan Blaze
Barbed Wire: Ronin V "Nomad" Gia Savitz
United States Championship: Kyle Christopher (c) V The Don Anthony Gioiella
Tag Team Championship: G.E.D. (c) V 3XL
Junior Heavyweight Championship: Brian Cage V Junior
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Who is your favorite heel?
Brian Cage
JC Ice
Kevin Sterling
Mickey Dragon
Paul Regal
"The Don" Anthony Gioiella
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Etc. Poll

What has been the rivalry of the year so far?
Blaze V Dragon
Blaze V Ronin
CIA V Freaks United
Kyle Christopher V "The Don" Anthony Gioiella
Redneck V Ronin
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