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NAWA Results

5-29-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park results- SPRING STAMPEDE 2004

(1)Lamar Phillips def. Mike Cross in 7:15

(2)Skeeter Frost/Nick Halen def. Strick-9 and D.L. Norris in 5:58

(3)Nemesis/Jacey North def. Hardcore Productions in 11:26

(4)Jeremy V def. Salvatore Rinauro, Rainman and Todd Sexton in 13:00

(5)Murder One def. Tank in a Dog Collar Match in 10:00

(6)Pomp and Circumstance def. Jay Fury/Justin Ramey

(7)Steve "The Brawler" Lawler def. Terry Lawler in a Rome Street Fight in 16:15

(8)Andrew Alexander def. Francis in a Ladder Match in 16:42 to become the NAWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion

(9) Jeremy V def. Nick Rampage in 6:15 to become the new NAWA Heavyweight Champion

(10)Jason Valentine def. Air Paris in a Steel Cage Match in 7:00


5-22-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park results

(1)Seth Cruise def. Tank via DQ

(2)Mike Cross def. Lamar Phillips

(3) Terry Lawler def. Strick-9

(4) Hardcore Productions def. PPE/Verge

(5) Jason Valentine and Air Paris wrestled to a no-contest


5-15-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park results

(1)Skeeter Frost def. Zero X

(2) HCP def. Terry Lawler/Lamaer Phillps & Justin Ramey/Mike Cross

(3)Jay Fury/Nick Halen def. Alabama Attitude

(4) Jason Valentine def. Air Paris

(5) Steve Lawler def. Johnny Grunge

(6) NAWA Jr. Championship: Francis drew Andrew Alexander

(7) The Big Boss Man def. Murder One


5-14-04 Canton, GA @ Zoomtown results: Zoomtown Showdown

(1) Lamar Phillips def. Mike Cross w/Coach

(2) Justin Ramey def. D.L. Norris

(3) Hardcore Productions (Billy Love and John Arden) def. Nemesis and Jacey North

(4) Pomp and Circumstance (Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers)w/Aaron Voight def. Tank and The Big Boss Man

(5) NAWA Champion Nick Rampage def. Jeremy V

(6) Brad Armstrong and "The Bullet" def. Blackout (Rainman and Murder One)w/ Jeff G. Bailey

...also NWA-TNA and Wildside offical Andrew Thomas officiated alongside the regular NAWA crew of Spanky Emerson and Richard Wynn.


5-8-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park Results: The Lethal Lottery

(1) Nemesis & Billy Love beat Strick-Nine & Jacey North in 8:18.

(2) John Arden & Rex Grimm beat Andrew Alexander & Crazy Francis 10:45.

(3) Tank & Terry Lawler beat Pomp & Circumstance (Sean Tempers & Ace Rockwell with Aaron Voight) in 11:10.

(4) Murder One & Jerry Grimm beat Lamar Phillips & Rex Chavis in 10:22.

(5) Rainman & Nick Rampage beat Suicidal Tendencies (Air Paris & Adam Jacobs) in 14:30.

(6) Tank and Murder One emerged as the Battlebowl finalists (4:12).


4-17-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park Results:

Non-Title Match:

1) NAWA Champion: Nick Rampage def. Steve Sellars by submission.

2)Justin Ramey returned defeating Lamar Phillips

Non-Title Match:

3)NAWA TAG CHAMPIONS: Brothers Grimm (Rex and Jerry) destroyed Rex Chavis and Jason Christopher

NAWA Jr. Championship Contract Signing:

Andrew Alexander left Champion Francis bloody and laid out after a cheap shot

Battle Of The Nightmares:

4) "Nightmare" Ken Wayne def. "Nightmare" Ted Allen

Main Event

5) "Wildfire" Tommy Rich pinned Seth Cruise after Steve Lawler conned Cruise into subbing for him


4-10-04 Rome, GA @ Dillard's Music Park Results:

1) Steve Sellars def. Strych9

Non-Title Match

2) NAWA Champion: Nick Rampage def. Lamar Phillips by submission.

NWA-Wildside U.S. Title Match:

3)Rick Michaels pinned Seth Cruise w/John Johnson.

NAWA Jr. Heavyweight Title:

4)Andy Alexander vs. Francis went to a no-contest.

Ultimate 8 Contenders Match:

5) "All That" Adam Jacobs def. Rainman, Murder One, Tank, Gabriel, Nemesis, Shaun Tempers and Ace Rockwell to become the undisputed #1 Contender.

NAWA Tag Title No DQ Match:

6) Brothers Grimm def. Hardcore Productions to become NAWA Tag Champions