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Credits from the Show

The Production Company and TMC have been paid fees by the following suppliers of prizes for their use and promotion.

Makers of Polident
Ovaltine Hot Cocoa
Marion Laboratories
General Foods Corp.
Campbell Soup
Ralston Purina Company

The following suppliers of prizes have furnished them free or at less than retail.

American Motors
Closet Stars
Thistle Hotels
Service Mechandise

Contestants have been selected in advance and advised of the rules of the game.

Contestants must meet eligibility requirements.

In the event of the unavailability or price increase of any prize, producer reserves the right to substitute cash or prizes equivalent to the announced price of such prize.

Discovery of a contestants ineligibility may result in forfeiture of accrued winnings and the donation by producer of such winnings to a charity.

Tic Tac Dough

Wink Martindale

Executive Producer
Dan Enright

Supervising Producer
Allen Koss

Chris Sohl

Richard S. Kline

Production Coordinator
Jean Kaye

Associate Director
Elissa Lenard

Questions written by
Scott Wyant

Stage Manager
D.A. Diana

Senior Contestant Coordinator
Gregory E. Clark

Deputy Senior Contestant Coordinator
Gail Johnson

Research Staff
Gary Riley

Production Staff
Marc Baldwin
Ron Carpenter jr.
Di Lundquist
Christi Shay

Graphic Designer
David Fuller

Executive Assistant
Kathy Whitehead

Production Executive
Daniel Driscoll

Art Director
John C. Mula

Music by
Hal Hidey

Unit Manager
Chris Cates

Technical Director
David Bachman

Bruce Arledge
Carolyn Bowden
Phil Burghdorf
Scott Holderman

Ross Elliot

Lighting Director
Chris Phenpimon

M.A. Joseph
Jeff Rifkin
Ray Andrews
Lee Rizor

Brian McManus

J. Wersel Hook

Stage Hands
Wayne Anderson
Barry Lyon
Karen Apple Grayson
Frank Farnetti
Richard Jones
Luke Lima

Engineers in Charge
Al Terell
Jay Brouillette

Prize Coordination by
Television Marketing Consultants

Mr. Martindale's Wardrobe Provided by
Botany 500

Facilities Provided by
The Production Group

Distributed by
Colbert Television Sales

Tic Tac Dough
Barry & Enright Productions
All Rights Reserved