Slow Dance



Author: UtsSQ

Rated:  NC-17 graphic sex and language




It was that damn slow song.


That was it.  That’s what I told myself when I woke up this morning in Glen’s bed.   I should amend that.  I woke up this morning NAKED in Glen’s bed.  With a very naked Glen still sleeping beside me.


I can’t even blame it on alcohol.  I wasn’t drinking.  Just a glass of soda.  I am not so caffeine deprived that I would get smashed off of one glass either, so I can’t blame the buzz. 


Ok, so last night a bunch of the guys decided to go out and get trashed.  So like the dumb ass I am, I decided to tag along.  At least I wasn’t the only girl.  Ashley and Michelle were there too.  Unlike them I am not on air talent.  I just cut hair.  Therefore I was not good enough to talk to.  They sat in a corner at the bar with several men surrounding them, acting like they were better than everyone else.   No biggie.  It was just how they were sometimes.


I, on the other hand, was relegated to the role of designated driver.  Lucky me.  I sipped a cola and defended myself against random gropes from inebriated wrestlers.  Three hours in, a few wanted to go to the hotel.  I was relieved to catch a break from the loud rock music and the guys’ alcohol fueled bravery.  The groping thing again, yes.  It might sound great, getting felt up by hot guys, but believe me-if you work with them all the time you get sick of them. 


At any rate, I dropped them off.  And went back to the bar.  One of the guys, Bradshaw, had drawn a short straw.  He wasn’t drinking either-and was relegated to DD hell for the night.  He was rounding up a few of the rowdier guys, meaning to get them out of there before they caused too much trouble.  We shared a knowing, put-upon look as we passed.


I would almost say after that I got lucky.  Most of the rest of the wrestlers had rooms right upstairs.  And these were not the young party-til-you-puke guys…they were the social drinkers who were amazingly well behaved.  I grabbed another soda and staked out a table near the bar.  There was enough light, so I pulled a book out of my purse and started reading.  I had nothing better to do.


I was enjoying the story fully when something bumped the table.  I glanced up and gave Glen a smile.  “Need a ride?”


“Depends.  What kind of ride are you offering?”


Now, this shocked me.  I’d known Glen for a couple of years.  Hell, I was the one who shaved his head every week.  People tended to bond over hair-or in his case, the lack there-of.  In all of that time he had never once made a flirtatious comment.  I usually made the comments.  He’d just heave a sigh and ignore it.  I wouldn’t say we were ‘best’ friends or anything, but we did get along. 


“To your hotel.  Man, how much have you had to drink tonight?” I finally asked with a laugh.


“Couple of shots.  Couple of beers.”  He looked a bit confused at the numbers.  And he looked adorable damn it.  I had a thing for big guys.  It all started when I was a teenager and I got my first look at Mark-or the Undertaker, as was his wrestling name.  He fully caught my attention. I went to beauty school because I was good with hair, and I lucked into this job, working around a guy who I thought of as my inspiration. I often commented that he forced me into puberty with his hotness, which indeed embarrassed him to no end.  He was a nice guy, which totally destroyed any fantasies I had of Mark.  I’m weird.  I know.




Glen sat at the table across from me and smiled shyly.  I sighed and stored my book in the depths of my purse.  “So did you need a ride back to your room?”  I repeated the question and pulled my keys out. 


He shook his head and looked like he regretted it.  Glen was not a big drinker, I could tell just from the way he tried to hide how drunk he was. “I’m upstairs.  I might need you to show me how to get back there in a minute.”


I laughed.  I could believe that.  I finished off my drink and waved a waitress away before she could ask if I wanted a refill.  I would be up all night if I kept on dosing myself out of boredom.


Apparently Glen was not going to entertain me.  He just sat there, sneaking looks at me.  When I looked at him, he would turn his head and pretend he was studying something else.  I managed to hold back the laughter at that.  There is nothing in life so obvious as a drunken guy.  And he appeared to have something on his mind.  He caught me looking at him and blushed.  That was more in line with the Glen I knew.  


“So…” He muttered it.  I barely caught it over the noise of the bar.  “Can I ask you something?”


“Shoot.” I nodded. 


“Do you…uhm…” The music came to a crashing stop and there was dead silence in the bar for about thirty seconds.  The beat of a slow song started.  Glen looked positively relieved.  “Wanna dance?” 


I was taken by surprise at that but I was bored, so I nodded and rose to my feet.  He reached out and took my hand.  And for the first time since I had known him, I had a sexual thought about him.  And that just from getting a good look and feel of his hand.  He had big hands, of course, damn but he was big all over.  Well, I supposed he was.  For a second there I was more than just about curious about the ‘all-over’ that I hadn’t seen.

I shook the thoughts off and let him lead me to an empty corner of the dance floor.  I guess I was too stunned to do more than step into his arms when he opened them.  My eyes hit him about mid-chest.  I had a brief moment where I thought we might look pretty funny, but it was squashed when I settled myself against him, pressing into him.  His arms were around me and he swayed slowly to the beat of the music.  I snuggled up and laid my cheek against his chest.  He even smelled good.  He didn’t reek of the bar, of alcohol, or of smoke.  Just some clean-smelling cologne that made me feel very warm at the scent.


That damn song seemed to go on for an eternity.  I moved slowly within the protective circle of his arms and let the beat of the music soothe me.  I felt Glen’s hand moving in slow circles on my back, dipping low enough that he caught a bit of skin at my lower back where my shirt ended.  He quickly moved his hand from the spot.  I practically purred and cuddled even closer against him. 


I felt him sigh, his chest rising and falling under my cheek.  His hand moved again, sliding down my back.  I made a low noise in my throat when he made contact with skin.  He didn’t pull away.  Instead he slowly let his fingers slip under my shirt.


A chill from the light tough ran up my spine.  Glen chuckled.  At least, that’s what it felt like.  I risked glancing up at him, and grinned at the amusement in his eyes.  I did notice that he’d turned up so his back was to the general crowd.  Meaning I was pretty much invisible behind his bulk. 


Not that I gave a damn. I let my head rest against him once more, and snuggled closer as his hand slowly traced a pattern on the bare skin of my lower back.  When I didn’t protest, Glen rested his entire hand on my back.  I pulled in a breath at the feel of that big hand covering my skin, warming me.  He moved it a bit, rubbing gently at the smooth skin. I had a sudden and insane urge to reciprocate.  Damn it all, I wanted to know what his skin felt like under that shirt he was wearing.


Maybe he caught the direction of my thoughts.  He grunted wordlessly, and even as I thought about how amazed I was that I had actually heard it, he stepped away me and grabbed my hand.  I didn’t protest that either, just went along behind him, willing enough to see what he was up to.  I think I caught the bartender yelling for the last call on drinks.  For a moment, I wondered if I should wait and take the guys home, just tell Glen ‘sorry, gotta go, duty calls’ but the idea was dead in the water before it was completely formed.


He stopped long enough to punch a button for one of the elevators.  Doors immediately opened to our right.  Glen tugged me inside and pressed the button for the sixth floor.  Someone yelled for us to hold the elevator but Glen ignored them and pressed the button that would close the doors.


 The elevator started to move.  And so did I.  Glen backed me up into the corner and stood over me.  He stared at me with an intensity I had never seen.  And I mean that literally.  My breath caught in my throat at the raw desire that flashed in his hazel eyes. For the first time in my life my knees went weak.  I leaned back against the wall of the elevator and tried to force air into my lungs.


Glen studied me for a few long moments, then reached out and tugged me toward him.  I all but fell against him, my heart thudding in my chest.  He lowered his head and kissed me, hard, his tongue sweeping my mouth.  And I had thought my knees were weak before.  It was all I could do to hold on to him as he ravished my mouth.  One of his hands tangled in my hair, angling my head so his lips slanted across mine.  I gathered enough wits to kiss him back, darting my tongue against his, sighing into his mouth at the taste of him.


There was a soft bell from overhead.  Glen broke the kiss and gave me one more lingering look before he took my hand and led me off the elevator.  I forced my legs to work, lest he would have to carry me.  He came to an abrupt halt and jerked a key card from his pocket.  I stared at his back as he opened the door and led me inside.  I couldn’t say exactly what was on my mind.  Ok, I could.  Hot sweaty lust and nothing else. I hadn’t even known I was this attracted to him.  I felt like my whole body was flushing.  I just wanted to get my clothes off, and get his clothes off, and do naughty things to him for a few hours.


Apparently his thinking mirrored mine.  He didn’t even bother with lights.  The door shut and I was in his arms again, his mouth once again finding mine.  Glen’s hands were suddenly everywhere, my back, my rear, my breasts.  With a moan he cupped my rear and lifted me, then walked back toward the bed, never breaking contact with my mouth.


Satisfied with his position, he slowly lowered me, finally pulling his mouth from mine.  I noticed that I wasn’t the only one with trouble catching my breath.  His hands were resting on my shoulders, and when nothing happened, it occurred to me that maybe his shyness was about to rear its inhibitive head.


Well, screw that.  With a wordless grunt of my own, I grabbed the hem of my shirt and tugged it over my head.  I was vaguely aware of him following my lead.  I heard soft noises as his clothing hit the floor.  Without thinking about it I tugged and pulled until I was completely nude.  Then I stepped into him, letting him feel my bare breasts across his stomach.


Glen sucked in a sharp breath.  His hands come up and rested under my arms, against my ribs, the palms barely touching the sides of my breasts.  He squeezed slowly, pressing them together.  I moaned softly and arched back to give him better access.  That was all the cueing he needed.  He let his palms slide across my skin until they were fully covering me, my hard nipples rubbing against his hot skin.  I gasped as he caressed me, and moaned his name when his fingers found the tight peaks.


Not able to stand that particular torture for long, I let my own hands do what they wanted.  I felt his smooth skin under my palms, his hard muscles bunching and flexing against me.  I traced the curved of his ass, the hot expanse of his back, his chest.  My hands trailed down his stomach and I had to smile when he gave an involuntary jerk at the light touch. 


I pushed against him, wanting him to sit on the bed.  With a grunt, he sat and reached for me.  I slapped his hands away.  “Just slow down there a second.”  I said, my voice hoarse.  I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed, forcing him to lay back on the bed with his knees bent at the edge.


I spent a few long minutes running my hands over him, touch every part of him I could get to. Low noises issued from him, and soft moans.  He whispered my name when my hands found his rock hard cock.  I traced him with my fingertips, loving the feel of his satiny skin over pulsing flesh.  I leaned down and let my mouth mark a trail down his chest and stomach.


He started to protest, but I ignored him.  Too late anyway.  My mouth found the head of his cock and I slowly pulled him inside and hummed against his hardened shaft.  Glen’s hips came up off the bed.  I pushed him back down and took him in as far as I could, relishing the taste of him.  My tongue traced the length of him, flicking over heated flesh, drawing more moans from him.  I cupped his balls in one hand and gently lifted them, testing their weight. 


“Oh…yeah…” Glen could barely get the words out of his mouth.  I was apparently doing my job right as I sucked on him, tasting pre-cum on my tongue.  I debated on whether I should pull back or just let him finish in my mouth when he took the decision out of my hands.  With a growl, he reached down and grabbed me then pulled until I was lying on top of him. 


Glen grabbed my hand and yanked, sending a shockwave of pleasure/pain through me.  I do not know why, but I love having my hair pulled.  I don’t know how he knew that, but I wasn’t going to complain.  He turned until I was on my back, his body completely covering me, his legs straddling mine.


“My turn to play…” He murmured, leaning down and crushing my mouth with his.  I gripped his biceps in my hands, nails raking him as he cupped my left breast roughly with one hand.


“Oh…God…yes…” I bucked up into him, wanting him to be rough with me.  I am not a freak or anything but at that moment in time all I wanted was a good fucking from Glen.  I didn’t want gentleness.  I wanted that white-hot passion I had seen in his eyes in the elevator. 


Glen slid down my body, stopping to nip the skin of my neck, over my collarbone.  I squirmed under him, wanting him to hurry up.  He ignored my impatience and kept exploring my body with his mouth.  He spent a while lavishing my breasts with attention, sucking at the hard peaks, flicking them with his tongue.  Driving me in-fucking-sane.  One big hand slid down between my legs.  His fingers parted my folds and found my clit. 


“Glen!” I cried out his name at the first contact of his hand on me.  My hips came up off the bed as I tried to press myself more firmly against his hand.  He chuckled, pulling back a bit.


“Now, now.” He made a low noise and moved even farther down my body.  “Who needs to slow down now?”  The deep timbre of his voice sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine.  I felt his hot breath puffing across my inner thigh.  Then I felt his tongue flick across my clit as his fingers parted me.


“Don’t slow down, damn it!” I managed to say, reaching down and pulling his head tighter against me.  I don’t know exactly what he was doing with his tongue, but damned if it wasn’t making me see stars.  I felt one big finger enter my body and that was enough to send me spiraling over the edge with the biggest orgasm I’d ever had in my life.


Glen pulled back and even in the dark I got the idea he was watching me climax.  When the shockwaves finally slowed down, he moved back up my body, licking his way to my mouth.  I could taste myself on his tongue and moaned with pleasure when he invaded my mouth with it.


“I want you to ride me…” He whispered hoarsely against my mouth.  “I want you to fuck me til I can’t see straight. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this…”


I was more than happy to oblige.  I pushed at him, forcing him to lie on his back.  Then I straddled his legs.  I held myself over him and took his cock in my hand.


“This what you want, baby?”  I asked him, feeling suddenly more playful.  I had vented some pressure. Now it was his turn.


“God yes.  Hurry up and fuck me, damn it!”  His hands grasped my hips, the fingers digging almost painfully into my skin.


“Hmm.”  I made a soft noise and rubbed his cock against me, wetting it with my juices.  I positioned him at my entrance and slowly eased down onto him, inch my inch, until he was fully sheathed.  “Like this?”  I asked, teasing him, and slowly rocked my hips.  Glen hissed in a breath.


“You’d better fuck me before I take it out of your hands…” He sounded amused and almost beyond talking at the same time.  I moved a little faster, raising and lowering myself on him in a steady rhythm.  He was happy with that for a minute, then groaned in frustration.


“You feel too damn good.  So fuckin’ tight…” His voice took on a drawl that wasn’t normally there.  I did feel pretty damn good.  A warm tingle was spreading through me from my clit up until I felt like I was practically glowing.  Glen apparently wasn’t going to take any more teasing.  With another one of those growls he grasped my hips and pushed me off of him.  I was in the process of rolling onto my back when he stopped me.


“No.  Get on your knees, baby…” That urgent whisper.  If he did that enough, I’d probably do just about anything he asked me. 


I positioned myself on all fours, legs spread.  I reached a hand down and played with my clit as he pressed his cock into me from behind.  Slow at first so I could get used to his size from this angle.  Then a little faster.  In a matter of moments we were slamming into each other so hard I’m surprised the bed didn’t go sliding across the floor.  Glen’s hips snapped against me and I met him thrust for thrust, slamming back against him, my fingers still working the overheated flesh of my clit.


“I’m gonna…” That was all he got out before he strained against me in one final deep thrust.  I concentrated on the feel of his pumping cock, and my fingers on my clit, and felt a second orgasm overtake my body.  When the shaking subsided Glen gently pulled back from me and eased me onto my side on the bed.  He curled up behind me and spooned me.  We fell asleep like that without saying another word.


At least for a while.


An unknown amount of time later I was awakened by the feel of a hand on my breast.  And a very hard cock pressed into my ass.  I smiled and reached behind me, feeling Glen in my hand.  I guided him to my opening.  We made love that time, still spooning, our hips moving so slowly it was almost dreamlike.  There were heated moans and soft approving murmurs, but no hardcore talk like earlier in the night.  Glen made sure I finished before he did.  I gave him all kinds of points for that.  Sated again, we settled down to sleep for real that time.


And there I sat.


Embarrassed beyond words and pretty much afraid to move off the bed for fear I’d wake Glen up and that would start an awkward morning after conversation…thing.  I didn’t even know what to call it. I wondered if maybe a hole would open up and I could fall through it.  I would do so willingly.  What the hell had I been thinking?  And then I remembered.


It was that damn slow song.