Roller Coaster



Author: UtsSQ




“So you’re saying you’re not going to get on it with me?” I cocked an eyebrow at Glen, who stood in front of me, arms crossed over his wide chest.


“That’s what I’m sayin’. You think I’d actually fit in the damn seat?” He scoffed at the idea.


I had to admit, he might have a point. He was a big guy. “How do you know unless you try?”


Glen rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you find your sister and ride with her?”


“Eh…blah…blah.” I mocked him, trying to keep a straight face while doing it. “She’s ridin’ the damn water rides right now. I want to go upside down.”


Glen shook his head. “Then go on.”


“I don’t wanna go by myself!” I poked his arm. “YOU paid to get into the park. It’s a waste of money if you don’t at least TRY to ride some rides.”


“Yeah, yeah.” Glen sighed and rubbed a hand down his cheek. I smiled sweetly.


“Chicken shit.”


“I am not.”


“You are. Won’t even go stand in line with me.” I was goading him. Sometimes it was the only way to get him to do what I wanted. “Fine. You stand here, get sunburned, feel sorry for yourself. I see Jeff standing over there…” I pointed. “He’ll ride it with me.”


“So go get him.” Glen brought his sunglasses out and covered his eyes. I smiled again.


“Oh, believe me. I will.” I said it in a seductive voice. Like I would really try to seduce Jeff Hardy. He was a few years younger than me, a bit wild. Not that I don’t like to get wild on occasion, I just couldn’t see myself with him.


Glen was smirking. “What do I get?”


“What do you get for what?” I brought my attention back to him. We’d been kind of dating for six months…and by kind of, I mean…RARELY. He was on the road a lot. Every time we got together, it was almost like we had to get to know each other again. He’d stay for a day, then be off. This was the first time we’d be together for an entire weekend. I had dragged him kicking and screaming to King’s Island. A bunch of the other guys were there that day, and it was lucky for them it was late in the season. It wasn’t as crowded as usual. They could ride in semi-peace.


“For waiting in line with you.” Glen said, still smirking. I laughed.


“The pleasure of my company for fifteen minutes. Now if you actually got your ass ON the ride…”


His eyebrow went up. My smile stayed in place. Six months…I could almost hear him thinking about it. Hard to believe we had yet to sleep with each other…hell, we’d barely kissed. Except for one very hot grope session on my couch the month before. I felt a little warm at the memory of it.


“So if I go up there, and I don’t fit in the seat…”


“I’ll consider it you tried your best.” I grinned.


“Hmm…” He pretended to think it over. “If you are offerin’ what I think you are…”


“I am offering, bud. A two minute roller coaster for a couple of hours of some sweet lovin’.” I smirked and laughed when I said it.


“How the hell can I say no to that?” Glen said, licking his lips. I grabbed his hand and dragged him in the direction of the line. It was short, since it was dinnertime for most people at the park. Glen and I chatted amicably while we waited, to each other, then to the other people in line that we knew.


It wasn’t long before it was our turn on the coaster. The guy running the ride took one look at Glen and motioned us toward the seats in the rear. For some reason, they tended to offer a bit more legroom in the back of the trains. I climbed in and watched in amusement as Glen folded his almost seven-foot tall frame into the cramped seat.


“Like a glove.” I said with a laugh. He sneered at me and we both lowered our restraints.


It took a minute to leave the station. Glen looked around, no seeming nervous at all. I tested my restraints with a grin…the Vortex was my ALL-TIME favorite ride in the park. I would stay on it all day if they’d let me.


The lift hill was slow. The first BIG drop had Glen laughing. Some people screamed, some laughed. I tended to be a laugher, because I found the ride to be so damn thrilling.


I pointed out the cameras…they took pictures of the riders after they left an inversion, usually catching screaming faces. “You gotta pose for it!” I yelled over the thundering of the coaster. Glen laughed and craned his neck as we went through the first loop. I let out a Woo that would have made Ric Flair proud as we went into the second one.


The cameras flashed. I did my usual coaster pose, hands up, face plastered in an obvious mock scream. I could not see Glen’s face due to the restraints that held us in check. Too soon we were slowing to a stop, the coaster train bumping a bit over the brakes.


“You loved it.” I said, normal voice.


“You were right.” Glen poked my side and laughed.


“Wanna go again?” I knew I was probably pressing my luck.


“Maybe. When it gets dark.” Glen sighed in relief as the train pulled into the station, the restraints automatically rising. “I don’t care if the car is bigger, that damn thing about broke my shoulders.” He pointed at the yellow restraints before taking my hand and helping me out of the car.


I laughed as we walked down the exit ramp. “What next?”


Glen shot me a look. “I want my reward for riding that damn thing with you.”


I laughed. “I was thinking maybe later on…when we leave.”


“Uh-uh.” Glen shook his head. He was pulling me, leading me down the path. “We’re bunkin’ with a few other people. Or did you forget?”


“I didn’t forget. That’s why God created bathrooms.” I laughed and followed along behind him willingly. Glen looked around and turned, heading down a path next to the Vortex. It ended at a fence, marked ‘Authorized Personnel Only’. Glen smirked.


“I’m authorizing this one.” He eased the gate open and peeked around. There were a couple of trucks parked by a building, but no people. He took my hand again and pulled me quickly through the opening and to the left. There was a short plank fence there, more for looks than function. We went over it. Into a grove of trees.  Glen pulled his sunglasses off, squinting through the shadows.


From there, I could still hear the sounds of the park around us, but could see nothing of it through the thick branches. Glen was whistling as he walked around, looking for a good spot to sit down. He finally settled under a willow tree. I sat next to him and grinned. The branches hung low, almost touching the ground, and made me think of gauzy curtains.


“All right, now how about my prize?” Glen wasn’t going to be put off. He was very one-track-minded, a trait that sometimes got on my nerves. Not this time. With a smirk, I shifted until I was straddling his legs, my arms around his shoulders.


“I suppose, since you were such a good boy.” I punctuated the words with soft kisses along his jaw line. His hands rose to grip my waist as I kissed and licked my way down his neck.


“I’m a very good boy.” He managed to say without moaning. It was hard not to, I could tell.


I pulled back and looked at him. “This has got to go.” I grabbed a handful of shirt. Glen helped me tug it off. He cast it aside as I watched the play of muscle under smooth skin. I ran my hands lightly over his chest, raking him a little with my nails.


“Doesn’t seem fair.” Glen said with a smirk. He reached for the straps of the tank top I was wearing, tugging them away from my shoulders. He kept pulling until it pooled at my waist. He took in the filmy bra I wore and muttered something unintelligible. I moaned when his hands cupped my breasts, his thumbs finding hard peaks waiting for his touch.


With deft fingers, he tugged the front-clasp of my bra and pushed the material away. I ran my hands down his shoulders, his arms, as his head ducked, his mouth seeking one hardened peak, then the other. I let my head fall back as his tongue toyed with each nipple, going back and forth, and cried out softly when he sucked one into his hot mouth.


I squirmed against him, wanting to feel even more of his body against mine. He pulled away from my breasts reluctantly, then watched with passion-clouded eyes as I made quick work of getting rid of the shorts and panties I was wearing. His eyes raked my body, and I felt myself flush with desire for him. It was suddenly way too hot under the branches of the willow tree as he worked the buttons of his own pants.


He managed to get them to his knees before I climbed back into his lap. He gave me a questioning look. I gave him the most seductive look I could muster up. “I think we probably shoulda done this a long time ago, buddy. I want you know. Besides that, I don’t want some park ranger findin’ us out here.”


He chuckled at that, and it turned into a moan when he felt my hot center pressed tight against his cock. Glen leaned back against the trunk of the tree and watched as I slid back a bit to take him in my hand. I stroked him two times, three, running my fingers up and down the length of his cock.


With a wicked smile, I slid forward and guided his cock, sliding the head through the moistness that had gathered at my center, moaning as I rubbed it against my clit. Glen gripped my hips again, not trying to rush me, just wanting to hold on to me as I very slowly put him against my dripping entrance. I let him go in, just a little, not even the whole head. He groaned in disappointment when I pulled back. I smiled, hazy, but a smile, and slammed myself forward onto him, taking his length in with one stroke.


It was his turn to cry out as I pulled back. I let his cock slide almost all the way out before moving forward again, sheathing him fully. I kept that pace up for a few minutes, long, slow, deep strokes that had both of us panting and moaning.


Glen slid a hand over my hip and used his fingertips to find my clit. I said his name in approval as he stroked me in time with our thrusting. My legs started trembling, either from the effort I was putting out or from the sensations he was causing with his big gentle fingers.


I felt the slow beginning of an orgasm building at the juncture of my thighs. I reached down and shoved his hand away from me, surprising him for a moment before he saw why I had done it.


With a grunt, I pulled him closed to my body. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and met his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. Instead of the long strokes from before, I started bouncing against him, riding him hard and fast, taking his cock in and out of my body so hard I could not catch my breath. My orgasm started to wash over me as I arched into him, crying his name out against his mouth. Glen held my tight, tighter, driving his hips off the ground to keep the momentum going. My orgasm subsided as his started, his fingers digging almost painfully into my ass as he jerked my lower body even closer against him.


With a shuddery breath, we pulled apart and looked at each other. A slow smirk spread across his features. “What do I get if I ride it again?” He asked with a grin.


I laughed and kissed him soundly. “Baby, I just might have to take you home tonight to show you just how much I REALLY love a good ride.”


Glen chuckled and helped me to my feet. We got dressed quickly, wanting to get out of the trees before we got caught. It was just as easy getting out as it had been getting in. We stood near the gate, on the park side this time, kissing slowly.


Someone cleared their throat behind us. Glen and I turned to see Jeff standing there. He was grinning foolishly. “Heya, woman. I need a partner to go on the Vortex with me.”


I laughed. “Sorry, Jeff. I think I’ve already found my ridin’ buddy.” I gave Glen’s ass a squeeze. He grinned down at me.


“And I think I’m just about ready to go again.” He smirked as I laughed. Jeff just looked confused as he walked away. With a grin, I tugged Glen’s hand, leading him toward my now SECOND favorite ride.