Author: UTsSQ

Rated: NC-17 Smut-o-rama



Part 1



The guy at the bar was definitely staring at her.


KC could actually feel his eyes on her as she sipped her drink.  She allowed herself one glance in his direction but it was enough.  He was perfect.  He was big, strong, and apparently…sending out the right kind of vibe.


Smiling to herself, she slowly rose from her corner table.  She made a slight adjustment to her dress.  She was wearing an ice blue silk slip dress that fell to about mid thigh.  It had tiny clear straps that were studded with crystals that twinkled in the flashing lights of the club.  No undergarments of any kind, of course.  Nothing ruined silk like a visible panty line.


She slowly made her way to the bar, aware the entire time that the big man’s eyes never left her.  She did not acknowledge him as she pushed up to the bar, her shoulders brushing his and the guy on the other side of her.


This close, even in this crowd, she could smell him.  She took a deep breath and her mouth watered.  Oh, he was definitely a good one. Vital.  So very very male.  He had turned to keep track of her progress so that now he sat facing the bar, his drink untouched in front of him as he studied her.


“I am hoping that look means you are…in need of something?” She said softly, turning her head to meet his eyes.  He lifted an eyebrow. She took the opportunity to study his face.  Not bad.  Handsome, lived in features.  Very intense green eyes.  And while she usually didn’t care for facial hair on her men, on this man it suited.  It outlined his perfectly formed lips.  KC licked hers in response to the sight of them.


“What exactly is it that you think I need?” He shot back, his voice as soft as hers.


“Mmm…” She let her hand drop below the bar to the top of one massive jean-covered thigh.  “A dance?”


“I don’t dance.”


“Oh…too bad really.” She smiled seductively.  “I know a nice quiet corner…” she pointed over his shoulder.  “Good for…dancing…and other…things…” with each pause she stroked his thigh.


His eyes locked with hers.  “I could care less about the dancing, but the…other things…” He half-smiled.  KC slid her hand up his leg one last time, then took his hand.


“Come on big man.” She led him across the dance floor.  The crowd moved aside, letting them through easily enough.  KC headed toward one of the huge speakers that were placed in each corner.  The thumping bass made her ears ache, but she didn’t care.  Behind the speaker was a small space, big enough for…what she had in mind.


She went in first, and watched as the big man squeezed through the small opening.  They had to squeeze together to hear each other talk over the pounding rhythm from the speaker.


“About that dance now…” She semi-shouted, reaching out her hand and stroking it down his chest.  The man smirked and pulled her hard against his body.


“Lady…I told you I don’t dance,” His voice was a rumble in her ear.  It sent a shiver of anticipation down her spine.  She licked her lips, eyeing him hungrily.


“The kind of dance I want doesn’t involve music, big man…” she pressed her chest against him, rubbing her breasts across his stomach.  The silk felt wonderful against her nipples, bringing them to hard points.


The man made a low sound in his throat, almost a growl.  KC felt him press her back until she was leaning against the speaker.  She watched as he looked over her, taking in the low neckline of the dress, her bare shoulders, her long legs.  She let him look his fill.  His eyes had darkened with desire…she smiled a bit in anticipation.


He reached out and touched the skin of her neck, his hand sliding down over her chest.  He cupped her breast through the filmy material of her dress, grunting in approval with he felt there was absolutely nothing under it to impede his explorations.  His fingers tweaked her nipple, making her moan and arch into him.  He brought the other hand up to squeeze her breasts together, kneading them, stroking the nipples until they were so hard they were almost painful.  KC was making low mewling noises in her throat.  This was exactly what she wanted…the fever pitch, the release…he would taste so much sweeter then


His hands were dipping low, releasing her breasts.  With no finesse he ducked down and touched her thighs, sliding his hands up under the loose fabric of the dress.  He raised an eyebrow at her when he once again encountered no undergarments in his way.  She smiled and licked her lips, waiting.


He stroked the soft inner skin of her thigh.  KC spread her legs a little to accommodate him, reaching over her head to hold onto the speaker behind her.  His fingers probed into her center, stroking her, feeling how wet she already was.  She bucked her hips when his fingers brushed against her clit, urging him on.


He apparently didn’t want to play much, which was a relief.  She was hungry, she was hot and bothered…she wanted him to fuck her until she screamed.  He seemed to sense it.  Rising up to his full height, his hands went to the waistband of his jeans.  He made quick work of the zipper, pushing them down just a little on his hips so that his cock was exposed.


KC moaned at the sight of it.  He was huge.  She wanted to touch him, to take him in her mouth, but she knew it was not the time for such pleasantness.  She wanted him inside her now, wanted to feel him coming inside her as she drank from him.  She trembled at the thought, her eyes moving up his body to lock once again with him.


He said something that was lost in the sound of the bass behind her.  KC squealed as he suddenly stooped, grabbing her legs.  He lifted her smoothly, spreading her open, and pressed the head of his cock against her opening.  KC wrapped her legs around him, grinding her body slowly down onto his cock.  Inch by slow inch he penetrated her, holding her steady with his hands under her ass, spreading her wide so she could take all of him in.


She let go of the speaker and gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh as he filled her.  God it felt so damn good…she let her head fall back as the sensations washed over her, the heat, the fire, the toe-curling ache.  She began to move up and down on his cock, in time with the steady driving beat of the music.  Already she could feel her orgasm building deep inside her, but was he ready?  She clamped her muscles around him, squeezing him, feeling his intake of breath, the harsh pants, the low moans.  She bucked wildly on his cock, sliding him in and out of her body with force, relishing the heated flesh as it entered her again and again.


With a scream, she suddenly tightened painfully around his cock, her legs locking into place, nails cutting into his flesh.  Her head came forward as she held him tight as she came.  She could feel him jerk, once, twice, then the sudden forceful push of his hips.  His cock spasmed inside her, she could actually feel the heat of his release against her inner walls.  With a wordless cry, she darted her head forward, latching onto his neck.  Her fangs elongated, puncturing his flesh.  He jerked under her once and went still as she began to feed.


“Naughty little bloodsucker…” She could hear his voice.  It seemed to be coming from all around her.  But she did not, could not stop drinking.  He tasted too damn good.  “That’s all right...take what you want.  You will pay for it…” He chuckled.  He seemed to be enjoying this immensely.  KC did not care.  He was intoxicating.


Gasping, she finally pulled back.  She’d taken enough blood to kill a lesser man.  She licked at her lips and eyed him.  He was still holding her up as if her weight were nothing, his cock still buried inside her body.  He was eyeing her with humor and…something sly that lurked just under the surface.


He smiled slowly, easing her up and off his body.  When she was standing on her feet, he grabbed her hand.  “Ready to pay the price for your snack, baby?”


“What price would you ask of me?” She asked imperiously.  She shook her hair back over her shoulder, watching as his eyes roamed her body again.


“Oh I ask nothing of you.  I am telling you. Perhaps if you are a very good little…sucker…then we shall let you have another drink.”  As full as she was from the first feeding, the thought of more…more of him…made her mouth water.


“I can suck…many things…” She said, watching as he righted his clothing. She licked her lips, still tasting his very essence on her tongue. “Take me.  I will pay your price. Whatever that price may be.”




Part 2


KC followed the large man through the club, holding onto his hand, staring at him as if dazed.  That was not a good thing. She’d taken too much from him.  It was like getting drunk.  But she hadn’t been able to help herself.  He had just tasted so…damn…good.


The club was on the first floor of a large empty warehouse.  He led her to a set of steep stairs and went down.  KC stopped on the bottom and looked around.  The basement was a warren of small rooms, used mostly for inventory storage and office space for the bar manager.


“What are we doing down here?” She asked as she followed him down a narrow hallway.


“You’ll see soon enough,” Was his answer.  He sounded…amused.  He came to an abrupt halt and chuckled when she ran into him.  KC stumbled a little.  Oh, she had definitely taken too much.  She giggled.


“I want you to wait in here for a minute.  I’ll be back,” He pointed to a non-descript looking door.  KC shrugged and went to it, pushing it open.  Some kind of employee restroom was what it turned out to be.  There were two stalls and a row of sinks.


Wh…” She turned but he was already gone, moving up the hallway.  “Well.  Shit.” Stumbling a little, she went into the bathroom and leaned heavily against the wall.  She felt like taking a little nap now that she was so full.  She knew that feeling would not last long, but it was nice.  Warm.


She licked her lips.  KC wondered what the man had in store for her.  She was not too worried about it.  She was not just any normal human woman after all.  Even drunk from the blood she could still handle herself.  With a smile she went to one of the sinks to freshen up a bit before he came back.


It took him long enough.  The buzz from his blood had started to wear off when there was a noise from the hallway.  KC stood against the far wall, waiting, watching the door as it slowly opened.  The huge man walked in and smiled at her.  Her eyes looked over his shoulder and her mouth dropped open.


Another guy, just as large as the first, was behind him. KC looked from one man to the other, as if trying to convince herself they were both really there.  The were obviously related in some way, had to be.


“What do you think, brother?” The first, the older of the two, said.  The second was looking KC over.


“She is a vampire?” At the other man’s nod, he smiled.  “I think she will do nicely.”  He came forward, looking down at her.  “You have already drank of my brother.”




“Would you like to taste…me?” He asked softly.  His hand came up and his fingers trailed over her shoulder.


“Mmm…yes…” She took a deep breath.  Just the scent of the two men was enough to get her hunger rumbling again.  Not as urgent as the first time but still…there.  She looked at the first man, her eyes questioning.


“The price for his blood…and mine…” he smiled slowly.  “You will do with him what you did with me.  And I will watch.”


If he thought that would disturb her, he was wrong.  The sex was just another part of the feeding.  And it helped that she enjoyed it.  She turned to the other man, who was leaning casually against the wall.  With her lips curved into a seductive smile, she walked over to him.


Her hands went to his chest, running lightly down the material of his T-shirt, feeling his hard-packed muscles.  Oh, this would definitely not be any kind of hardship.  She tugged at his shirt, pulling it up.  He helped to take it off then resumed his lazy pose as she traced his skin with her fingers.


“Are you as…well endowed…as your friend?” KC asked curiously, her hands stopping to rest on the waistband of his jeans.  He looked down at her and grinned.


“You will have to find that out for yourself.” He straightened up.  “Take off the dress.  I want to see you.”


KC licked her lips and stepped away from him, then pulled the straps down her shoulders and arms, letting the silk slide from her body and pool around her feet.  The man stared at her, his eyes following a trail down her body.  His fingers went to the snap of his jeans and he slowly eased them from his hips, tossing them indifferently to the floor.


KC’s eyes were glued to his body.  He was slightly more defined than his friend, and just as well…blessed.  If she could die she might wonder if this was heaven.


“Come to me…” He said softly.  She moved forward, stopping before their bodies could come into contact.  “Touch me.”  He took her hand and guided it to his hardening cock.


KC sighed and wrapped her fingers around him, feeling the heated flesh swell at the contact.  She slowly began to slide him back and forth in her hand, stopping to circle the head with a finger, to stroke his balls.  His eyes were closed, head back against the wall, breathing getting heavy.


“Your mouth…” he ground out as she squeezed him in her fist.


“Mm…do you want me to suck you? Want to fuck my mouth?” She said hoarsely.  The urgency she’d gotten from the first time had faded. Now she was ready to play.


“Yeah,” His eyes opened and he looked at her.  “Go on…do it…take me in your mouth.”


KC grinned and lowered herself to her knees.  She stroked him one last time, then glanced over her shoulder.  The other man was leaning against the bathroom sink, eyes intense, watching her every move.  Good.  She looked back up, meeting the eyes of the second man.  She licked her lips, wetting them, then opened up and flicked her tongue across the head of his cock.


He made a low noise in his throat.  KC moved forward slowly, taking in just the head, her lips closing around him in a tight ring.  She sucked him, swirling her tongue over the sensitive ridge, then pulled back and puffed a breath over the wetness she’d left there.


“More…” His hands came up to tangle in her hair, guiding her mouth back to his throbbing cock.  KC took him inside again and began to work him over with her mouth, her teeth, her tongue.  He held her head, angling her a little so his cock would go in deeper as he slowly pumped his hips back and forth.  “Mm…yeah…just like that…”


KC took him in as far as she could, humming so that he would vibrate as he fucked her mouth.  A drop of pre-cum formed.  She lapped it up eagerly and sucked harder, wanting more.  With a groan he suddenly pushed her head away.


Smiling she began to rise but he held her down.  He came to her instead.  “I’m going to let you fuck me.  I want you to ride me.  And I want to see you suck my friend’s cock while you do it.”


KC nodded in agreement.  The first guy was already coming forward, tugging his clothes off.  The second stretched out on the cold tile floor and waited, watching her through half-closed eyes.  She waited on her knees for a moment, thinking, then moved toward the man lying prone on the floor.


“This side.  It would be easier…” She gestured.  The first man nodded in understanding.  Without the shirt he was covered with tattoos.  His cock was already hard.  She smiled a bit.  She slowly straddled the man on the floor, facing away from him.  The other stood between his legs, directly in front of her.


She felt hands on her hips, guiding her.  She reached down, taking his cock, holding him steady as she pressed herself down, taking him in. Just the head.  She held herself that way for a moment, then suddenly dropped down, taking him in all at once.  He voiced a low grunt of pleasure at that, making her smile.


KC began to move herself up and down on his hard shaft.  She reached for the other man, pulling him closer.  Taking his cock in her hand, she closed her mouth over him.  She began sucking him in time with her movements, sliding him in and out of her lips.  His hand rested on top of her head, not trying to guide her at all, just for…balance.  His hips worked against her.


The man on the floor was thrusting upward into her, sending shockwave after shockwave of heat through her body .  His hands slid from her hips to squeeze her ass, then up to caress her back.  With her free hand, KC reached down between her legs and stroked his balls, making him call out hoarsely.


The man in her mouth was rocking his hips back and forth faster now.  KC did all she could just to keep up, then held still and just let him fuck her mouth.  She could feel her orgasm building already, the mingled sensations and the anticipation of what was to come too much for her to hold it back.


“That’s it baby…come for me…” The man on the floor was panting harshly.  KC groaned around the cock in her mouth, and let the sensations take her, jerking her body as the power of her climax ripped through her body.  She felt the cock in her mouth plunge deeper and surge, spilling into her.  She whimpered and drank his seed eagerly, relishing that taste that was just…him…on her tongue.


The man inside her body gave one last upward thrust and roared as his climax overtook him.  KC pulled her mouth from the cock in front of her and nuzzled the man’s thighs, her fangs dropping as she felt the throbbing inside her.  She bit down on his inner thigh, hearing his gasp of mixed pleasure/pain at the sensation.  She only drank a little, a sip…she wanted more but…


She pulled back and without unsheathing him, turned around so she faced the man on the floor.  He looked at her through cloudy eyes and nodded.  She leaned forward, squeezing his cock inside her as she descended on his neck.  His blood filled her mouth, and she moaned in ecstasy.  The two of them mixed…headier than either one alone could have ever been.


She did not take as much this time, not after gorging herself on the first man.  But it was enough.  She licked the puncture marks, closing them, then slowly raised so she could look down at him.  Then she glanced at the other.  She could still feel the hard cock throbbing inside her.  The other man had retreated back to the sink, but he was still as hard as when they had started.


He smiled lazily at her and rubbed a hand absently over the spot on his thigh where she had bitten him.  “That’s another one you owe me, babe.”




“You did it on purpose.”  It was not a question.  She smiled.




The man chuckled and shared a glance with his friend. “Do you know what an incubus is baby?” He asked, meeting her eyes again.


She stared at him blankly.  “I…yes…”


He smiled and came forward.  “An incubus will never stop fucking until he is completely…totally…satisfied…” With every word he came a step closer.


Her eyes widened.  “Wait a second…” the blood.  Damn it. She had known it had tasted too good to be just human blood.  And she was craving it again…already.


“Oh no, babe.  You just agreed you owe.  And you’ll pay.  Oh…you will definitely pay…” the man under her laughed, moving his hips. KC gasped and clutched his chest.  Oh she was definitely going to pay.  Over and over again.  Because she would not be able to resist that damn blood, would have to take more of it every time.  Because she was hooked.


Would it be so bad? The blood…she craved it, she needed it.  And the sex…if she had the blood she could fuck them as much as they wanted.  It was nuts, it was stupid to even think about it…it was perfect in every way.


She smiled and rotated her hips.  She watched as the men realized she was fully accepting this…deal.  They smiled slowly.  “I’m ready to pay,” She murmured, leaning forward to have another taste of sweet blood.