Nine To Five




Kasandra Mayle sighed as she settled back into her chair.  She laced her fingers together, and pushed them out, wincing at the many snaps, cracks, and pops that her knuckles gave.  She had been typing at her desk for hours, going over files for her boss, Mr. Mark Calloway.  She worked at the company of Calloway Enterprises, which dealt with computers.  She was his secretary of eight years, and hadn’t had a vacation in seven.  He had really put her through the wringer, and was still doing so.  Even if it was after five o’clock, she’d be made to stay afterwards, sometimes until eleven.  And the torture didn’t stop there.  He even called her at all hours of the night, barking for her to go to his house to do something for him.  So, she would be forced to leave her home at all hours, drive all the way to his mansion that was on the outskirts of town, and do what he told her to.  One time, he had called her at two in the morning, yelling something about ‘having a craving for ice cream’.  So, she had to go to the store, get his ice cream, and deliver it to him.  When asked ‘Why can’t you get someone else to do it?’ 
            “Because you’re my secretary, so you do it”, he would say.  “Now get me that damned ice cream and stop asking questions.”

She pursed her lips, glaring at the computer screen in front of her.  She was basically his babysitter.  “He won’t be able to take a fucking crap if I don’t tell him how to do it”, she thought angrily.  “If he asks me to wipe his ass, I swear to God…”  Not only did she do more than she was supposed to, but he would yell at her for no reason.

“These files aren’t supposed to go here!! Do them over!!”

“I want these reports done in fifteen minutes!!”

“You don’t go to the bathroom unless I say so!!”

She shook her head sadly.  “I do NOT get paid enough for this!!” she thought.  But, through all the bullshit, there was one bigger problem.

The man was SEXY AS HELL!!!  He was around seven feet, give or take a few inches, with big, broad shoulders, with huge arms, a flat belly, tapering into lean, hard packed legs.  He also had such beautiful green eyes, a mouth that just begged to be kissed, and a bold nose.  He had short hair, a moustache, and beard, all a flattering shade of auburn.  MAN, did he look good in a suit!!

She had to suppress a grin at the fact that, every time he walked by, she got a great view of his ass as he walked into his office.  It was just the way his pants hugged it…many times her hands would itch just to reach out, grab it, and give it a squeeze.  He was one fine man.  But, sadly, he never thought of her that way.

“Fuck it”, she thought.  She got up, and went to the bathroom.  She had been holding it in for a half an hour, and she couldn’t hold it anymore.  She got to the bathroom, used the toilet, then washed her hands.  As she washed them, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was very pretty, with long brown hair that glinted gold when the light hit it, brown eyes that, when angered, would turn a dangerous looking black.  Right now, her hair was twisted in a French twist.  She stepped back, and got a better look at her body.  She was very curvy, and she was glad for that.  She absolutely HATED the way these women went around these days…bodies like toothpicks, and still insisting that they needed to lose weight.

She finished in the bathroom, and went back to her desk, only to find Calloway standing there, with his arms folded, looking pissed off.

“Where were you?” he barked.

“I was going to the bathroom, sir”, she replied.

“What did I tell you?!” he yelled.  “Don’t go to the bathroom unless I say you can!!  Someone important could have called, and you wouldn’t have been there to answer!!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Calloway”, she said.  “It won’t happen again.”

“It better not”, he snapped.  He then threw a pile of folders on her desk.  “I need these done by tomorrow.”

“But sir”, she protested, “It’s four thirty…and those will take at least four and a half hours to do.”

“That’s not my problem”, he said, coldly.  “Stay here after hours until you get them done.”

“Yes, sir”, she sighed.  It just wasn’t worth arguing anymore.  She then sat at her computer, glaring at his retreating back as he went back into his office.  His ass was very far from her mind right now.  This man was a goddamned slave driver.  “I’ll get him back one day”, she thought.  “I’ll make him beg at my fucking feet for forgiveness.”  She began to finish the files that that had been on her desk before he threw the others at her, then started the ones that he had just given her.  As she was working, a thought hit her.  She stared at the computer, unseeing, as the thought unraveled in her head.  “I’ve got it”, she thought.  “I’VE GOT IT!!!”  Suddenly, she had the perfect plan.  She was DEFINITELY going to get him back, and she knew exactly how she was going to do it.  “Just a few days of planning…and it’ll be perfect!!!”  She turned her attention back to the files, working on them in superhuman speed.  After about two hours, she finished the files, saved her work, and turned off her computer.  She then clocked out, and raced home to carefully formulate her plan.





A few days later, her plan completed, and set into motion.  He was in his office, which was good.  Now, all she needed was some sort of signal from him.  And, to her tremendous luck, she got it.

She heard his voice over the intercom.  Mayle, get in here and take a memo”, he snapped.

Smiling, she got up, gathering her pad and pencil.  “Let the games begin”, she thought evilly.  She went into his office, quickly wiping the smile off her face before she turned back to him.  She sat down in the chair in front of his desk.  “I’m ready, sir”, she said.

He gave her the memo, which she took.  After a few minutes, the memo was taken.  “Now, go type it up, and bring it back here for me to sign”, he said.

She got up, and went to the door.  She went out, quickly typed up the memo, and printed it.  She picked up a bag that was under her desk, along with the printed memo, and went back into his office.  She saw that he had swiveled his chair, so that his back was to her.  Quickly going to the desk, she put the bag somewhere where it was out of his sight.  Once that was done, she cleared her throat.  “The memo is done, sir”, she said.

He turned around, took the memo from her, and signed it.  “Make four hundred copies, to be sent out”, he said, handing it back to her.  He then swiveled his chair back the way it had been when she came in.  Instead of going out, she opened and closed the door, to pretend that she had left, then locked it.  Grinning, she tiptoed back to his desk, and retrieved the bag.  This was going to be SO MUCH FUN.  She went around his desk, so that she was just behind his chair, stopping for a moment to admire his neatly groomed hair.  She then noticed that his hands were resting on the arms of the chair.  Kneeling, she quietly took out a pair of handcuffs from the bag.  In a flash, she took his hands, and cuffed them in back of the chair.

“What the-“ he cried.  He was rewarded by a blow to the back of his head, knocking him out.

When he finally came to, he opened his eyes, and blinked.  He tried to move, but he quickly found that his hands were handcuffed behind the chair, and his body was firmly tied to it.  He tried to speak, but he found that he was gagged, as well.  He tried to struggle out of his bindings, but he was held tight.  It was then that he heard a voice.

“Try as you might, you can’t get out”, the voice said.

He felt the chair being spun around, and he locked eyes with his secretary.  She was sitting on his desk, with her legs crossed, and her long hair down.  Her blazer was off, and the first three buttons of her blouse were undone.  Her skirt was riding up her thigh, showing the tops of her thigh highs underneath.  She was grinning evilly at him.  “What’s wrong?” she asked, mockingly.  “Do you want me to untie you?”

Mark’s eyes darkened dangerously, narrowed at her.  But, due to the gag, he couldn’t order her to let him go.

“No, you’re just fine right there”, she said.  “Besides, I think the bondage look suits you.”

Mark growled in response.  There was going to be HELL to pay when he got out.

“What was that?  I didn’t quite hear you.” she said.  “Here, let me get this for you.”  She reached over, and removed the gag.

“Untie me right now, Mayle”, he growled.  “You may be able to keep your job if you do.”

She laughed.  “I don’t think so”, she said.  “YOU are in no position to give orders.  I’M giving the orders now.”

Something about that laugh chilled him to the bone.  There was a hint of madness in it.  “Look…Kasandra…I don’t know what your problem is, but don’t bring it here.  Untie me.”

“So you can continue to order me around as if I was your fucking slave?  I don’t think so”, she snarled.  “Have you any idea of the bullshit you put me through?  Have you any fucking clue of what I go through to please you?”  She stood, and bent over, so that her hands were braced on the arms of the chair, and her face was mere centimeters from his.  “And, what do I get for it?  Nothing.  No raise.  No words of encouragement. Not a fucking thing.”  Her pretty features screwed up into a look of pure malice.  “Now, I’m going to be the one giving the orders.  Not you.”  She straightened, and walked back to his desk, and sat on it again.  “You know, it didn’t have to be like this”, she said.  “All I’ve ever wanted was some appreciation.  Some kind of sign that I was doing a good job.  But NO.  Instead, I’m overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated.”

“I never said I don’t-“, he began.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” she shrieked.  “I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD TALK!!!”  She got up, and began pacing.  “You would be as successful as you are if it weren’t for me!!”

Mark froze.  “She’s gone crazy”, he thought.  “Holy Jesus, she’s gone crazy…”  He had to try to talk her out of any thoughts of violence that may be, and probably were, running through her head.  Kasandra”, he said, trying to keep calm, “If you want, we can work out any grievances that you have.  Do you want a raise?  You got one.  Vacation time?  Hell, take the whole month off.”

She stalked over to him, grabbed a handful of his hair, and jerked his head back.  “Don’t you dare try to sweet talk me”, she said dangerously, her eyes blazing.  “The time for talking is FAR over.”  She released his hair, and sauntered away.

He would have found her extremely sexy right now, if the situation weren’t so damned serious.  He always HAD found her sexy.  “Damn, this is THE WRONG TIME to get hard”, he thought.  But, the lustful thoughts in his head wouldn’t go away.

She turned around, to see that the look on his face had grown lustful as he looked at her.  “Ooh, this is even better…more to play with”, she thought gleefully.  But, she pretended not to notice.  “Why aren’t you trying to yell for help, if I’m freaking you out THAT much?  Or is your stubborn male pride getting in the way?”

KasandraKacie”, he said, “Untie me, and I swear that I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Bribery will get you nowhere”, she said.  She began to pace back and forth again, muttering incoherently to herself.

Time was running out, and he knew it.  He needed to do something, NOW, before this situation got too out of control.  Kacie”, he said, “You don’t want to do this.  It’s just the stress that’s getting to you.”

“It’s much too late for that, Mark” she replied.  “Do you mind if I call you Mark?”  She then shook her head.  “It doesn’t matter.  What DOES matter, is that when I’m done with you, you will be very…VERY sorry.”  She went to the bag that was on the chair, and pulled out a nine-millimeter pistol.

Mark’s eyes widened at the sight of the pistol.  “W-what are you going to do with that?” he asked, swallowing nervously.

“What does one do with a nine mil pistol?” she replied sweetly.  She rounded the desk, and jumped on it, crossing her legs, all while keeping the pistol pointed at him.  “If you don’t want me to shoot you, you are going to do exactly as I say.”  She then looked around, taking a deep breath.  “It’s a bit…WARM in here, isn’t it?”  She placed the pistol on the desk, grinning at the look of desperation on his face, and fanned herself with her hand.  “Much too warm.  You don’t mind if I get a bit…comfortable, do you?”

Mark didn’t say anything.  He was trying to figure out a way to get the gun away from her.  But, his legs, as well as his arms, were bound to the chair.  His attention was suddenly distracted from the gun when she began to unbutton her blouse.

She unbuttoned her blouse slowly, button by button, watching him as his eyes followed every movement that her fingers made.  She finally got the blouse open, revealing a lacy white bra.  “Ahh, much better”, she said.  She went to her blazer, that was hanging on the same chair that the bag was on, and take a hair clip from out of one of the pockets.  She put her hair up, then sighed contentedly.  “Now I feel more comfortable.”  She then kicked off her black pumps.

“Man, stop it”, Mark thought sharply, thinking of how the bra hugged her abundant cleavage beautifully.  But, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t help but imagine his hands cupping and squeezing the flesh that was on display to him.  “Now is not the time for this!!”  He was distracted from his thoughts when she spoke again.

“Are you thirsty?” she purred.  “Because I sure am.”  She walked slowly to the small refrigerator in the corner of his office, and opened the door.  Bending over, she perused the contents that were inside.

Every man who would ask him would get the same answer… ‘I am a legs and ass man.’  And, he had to say, those were one hell of a pair of legs, and one fine ass.  She would usually kneel down in front of that fridge, but today, she was bending over, so that her ass was now on display for him to stare at.  Her skirt was riding up the backs of her thighs, giving him yet another glimpse of the tops of her thigh highs, and just a peek of the straps of the garter belt that she wore.  He immediately pictured removing that skirt, and giving her ass a firm squeeze…

Dammit man, get a hold of yourself!!”, he thought firmly.  “The woman has a gun, and is threatening to kill you, and you’re admiring her ass!!  What the fuck is wrong with you!!”

She looked through the fridge, and settled on a can of diet soda.  “Is diet soda all right with you?  Wait, what am I saying, of COURSE it is.  I’ve been stocking the damned thing out of money from my own pocket.”  She straightened, and closed the fridge door.  She then turned around, running the cold can over her heated skin.  Mmmmmm, that feels good”, she murmured.  She then walked back to him, exaggeratedly swinging her hips, stopping until she was right in front of him.  Then, she suddenly sat on his lap, straddling it, and making sure that her chest was in his face.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she popped the top of the can.  Grinning seductively, she put the open can to his lips.  “Bottoms up”, she murmured, before pouring the cold drink into his slightly open mouth.

Mark’s mouth opened as she poured the soda down his throat.  His mind was still whirling with the way she had run the cold can down her neck, over her chest, and down her belly.  The fact that her chest was damned near pressed into his face wasn’t helping either.  Shifting his eyes slightly, he noticed that the gun was still perched on the desk.  “Okay…as long as I keep her attention away from it, I should be fine”, he thought.  He looked back at her, only for his eyes to drop to her cleavage again.  “K-Kacie”, he said softly, breathing heavily.  Kacie, think about this…”

She sighed.  “I’m not trying to seduce you, if that’s what your thinking”, she said.  Taking a sip from the can, she got off him.  She set the can on the desk, beside the gun, and turned back to him.  She then bent over, so that her face was very close to his, and bracing her hands on the arms of the chair, as she had done before.  She then spoke again, using her sexiest ‘Mrs. Robinson’ voice.  “Would you LIKE me to seduce you?  Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

“That…that’s not…” he stammered, trying to get his breathing under control.

“I beg to differ”, she breathed.  She removed her hand from one of the arms from the chair, and placed it over the hardened bulge in his pants, beginning to stroke it.  “This tells me an entirely different story.”

Mark gulped.  This woman was going to shoot him…but she was giving him the damnedest hard-on he’d had in years.

“I saw the way you were looking at me before”, she whispered in his ear.  “Don’t think for one second that I didn’t miss it.”  She straddled him again, grinding her body against his.  “Ooh, you’re BEGGING me to seduce you…I can feel it.”  Giggling, she nuzzled his neck, gratified to hear him groan softly.  This was more fun than she could have ever imagined.  Not only was her plan going perfectly, but also she was gettting to cop a much-anticipated feel.  “Mark”, she murmured, “Do you want me to ease that ache for you?  You must be hurting right now.”

Mark growled deeply in his throat.  “N-n…no…” he murmured.  Kacie…don’t…”

“Come on”, she purred.  “Don’t you want me?” She emphasized the question by grinding herself into his lap.

Kacie…be sensible…” he stammered.

Her face changed from a seductive smile, to the look of malice that he saw on her before.  “What’s wrong?!  Am I not good enough for you now?!” she spat.  She got off him, glaring at him.  “Am I too fucking low for your standards?!  High and Mighty Mark Calloway can’t lower himself to be with the likes of the lowly Kasandra Mayle?!”

Kacie…I didn’t mean it like that…” Mark said.

“If you’re trying to insult me, it’s not working”, she growled.  “Besides, you don’t know what a true insult is.”  She sat on the desk once again, her eyes black with anger.  “INSULT is working your fingers to the bone for under $25,000 a year for eight years.  INSULT is doing everything possible to make sure YOUR ass doesn’t go belly up, and getting nothing to show for it but a tiny apartment that I can barely afford.”  She stood, and stalked slowly up to him.  “INSULT is going out of my way to do a good job, but receiving no credit for what I do.”

Mark stiffened when he saw the gun in her hand.  He damned near stopped breathing when she raised it slowly, aiming for his forehead.

“I’m sick of being treated like a fucking dog”, she said through gritted teeth.  Which is why I’m going to make sure that YOU…” She stepped until the barrel of the gun was pressing between his eyes.  “…Won’t treat anyone like that…EVER AGAIN.”

“What do you want from me?” Mark asked, beginning to tremble in fear for the first time in his life.  “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to beg”, she said, grinning maniacally.  “I want you to PLEAD me for mercy.  I want you to grovel for me to spare your life.”

Mark stared at her.  Kacie…”

“I SAID BEG, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!” she shrieked, pressing the gun even more into his  temple.

“I have no choice”, he thought.  “She’ll blow my brains out if I don’t comply.”  “K-Kacie”, he murmured, “Please…don’t do this…”

“That’s right”, she snarled, “Beg.”  She then ran the barrel down his nose, over his lips and chin, and rested it under it.  “Come on, I know you can do it…”

Kacie, PLEASE”, he pleaded.  “You don’t want to go to jail over this, do you?  It’s not worth it.”

Kacie grinned inwardly.  “Just a few more minutes of pleading…” she thought.  “…And I’ll have him right where I want him.”

Kacie”, he begged, “Untie me, and I promise not to press charges.”

“Hmmm…I don’t think I will”, she said matter-of-factly.  She grabbed a handful of his hair, and yanked his head back.  “I think I’ll just leave you here.”

Kacie, I’m begging you, untie me”, he said desperately.  “I’m going to die”, he thought.  “She’s going to kill me.”

She released his head, and stood back, aiming the pistol at his head again from a foot away.

Mark squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the feel of the bullet.

Grinning evilly, she squeezed the trigger.

Mark waited for the gunshot, but all he heard was a >Pop<.  At first, he thought he was dead, but when he felt his heart race, he knew something was amiss.  He inched one eye open, then the other.  His eyes then widened at what he saw.

Kacie was holding the gun, grinning, with a flag that said ‘Bang’ protruding from the barrel of it.  She then doubled over, laughing hysterically.

“What the fuck…” he muttered.  “What the fuck is going on here?!?”

“Let me show you”, she said through her laughter.  She went behind his chair, and twirled him around.  Stopping the chair so that he was facing the corner, she bent down to whisper in his ear.  “Look up”, she said.  “In the corner.”

At first, he saw nothing.  “I don’t see anything”, he growled.

“Look carefully”, she said.

Upon first sight, he didn’t see anything.  But, as he looked carefully, he saw a small camera aimed at them.

“You see”, she said, delightedly, “That camera is hooked up to every computer screen, television, and board room screen in the entire building.  Thanks to a few friends, of course.”

His head turned to her, his eyes wide.  “You mean to tell me that…EVERYONE was watching us?  This entire fucking thing was a goddamned prank?!?”

She nodded her head.  “Yep”, she said cheerfully.  “Oh, come on, do you actually think I’m stupid enough to really shoot someone?  You should know me by now.”  Laughing again, she rounded to his front, and plopped down into his lap.  “I’m going to untie you now”, she said.  “But, before I do, all I ask is that you give me a five minute head start.”  She smiled up at him sweetly.

“Why?” he growled.  “What the fuck was the whole point?”

Her face then turned serious.  “The point WAS…” she said, “…That I wanted to show you what a complete asshole you are.  I wanted to point out to you that you step on the very people who work hardest for you without a second thought.”  She got up, quickly buttoning her shirt, and tucking it back into her skirt.  She went to her blazer, and went into the pocket, taking out a small key.  “I hope this teaches you a lesson.  Maybe now you’ll realize that a person can only be driven so far.”  She went to the back of the chair again, and undid the cuffs, and untied him.  She went, grabbed the bag from the chair, along with her blazer, and put the cuffs, the gun, and the ropes into it.  “I know I may lose my job for this, but, for me, it was well worth it.”  After putting her shoes back on, she went to the door and unlocked it.  She then opened it.  “Oh, and by the way…consider this my two weeks notice.”  With that, she walked out of the office, leaving him to stare, dumbfounded, after her.

Two weeks came, and went, and she was finally free of the tyrant known as Mr. Mark Calloway.  She had gotten a better job, with infinitely better wages, vacation time, and the whole nine.  Days turned to weeks…weeks turned to months, until it was nearly a year after she quit Calloway Enterprises.  Now working for Jericho Computers, Incorporated, she couldn’t have been happier than she was.  The entire incident with Calloway was completely erased from her memory.

Mark, however, did NOT forget.  It took him a year…one long year to get his plan ready, and it was finally done.  “No one crosses me, and gets away with it”, he thought evilly.  “I’ll show HER that, the hard way.”  The humiliation, he could handle.  He was fine with it.  In fact, her plan had been brilliant.  What really pissed him off was the fact that she had made him harder than a fucking steel pipe, then just walked out on him.  That woman had no fucking idea what she could do to a man.  All the preparing, all the planning, all the nights spent working…and his plan was finally set.  “Tomorrow night, I shall begin”, he thought.  Kacie, get ready…you are in for one hell of bumpy ride.”

The next night, Kacie was walking through the parking lot of Jericho Computers, Inc. with her keys out, ready to drive home and take a bubble bath.  This had been one of the rare nights this past year where she worked late.  It was now past seven, and she was ready to unwind.  She finally got to her car, and was about to unlock the door when she was grabbed from behind, and an ether soaked cloth was pressed over her mouth and nose.  She struggled valiantly, but they grew weaker and weaker until she went limp in her attacker’s arms.  She was effortlessly swept up, and carried away to a car, and laid in the backseat.  The attacker then jumped into the driver’s seat, and drove off.

Kacie woke up a little while later, sporting a major headache.  She knew that she was laying down, with something soft under her…perhaps a bed.  Moving her arms, she discovered that her hands were tied above her head.  She felt a draft against her skin and realized, alarmingly, that she had been stripped of all her clothes.  She tried to cry out for help, but she was gagged.  She whimpered, squirming on the soft bed she was lying on.  As she did, she felt the satiny feel of the fabric on her skin.  “What’s going on?” she thought frantically.  Upon hearing a noise, she froze.

Mark walked to his bedroom, and leaned on the doorframe as he watched her slowly regain consciousness.  Grinning, he watched her squirm, whimpering.  He was going to LOVE this.  He slowly walked to the bed, removing his clothes, then stopping and staring down at her.

Kacie kept her body rigid as she heard footsteps approaching the bed.  Her mind began to panic even more when she heard the sound of clothing rustling against skin.  She whimpered again.  “Where am I?” she thought.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the bed dip near her feet, and a hand gently placing itself on her ankle.  A second later, she felt the other hand on her other ankle.  Those hands then slowly began to run up the insides of her legs.  “Dear God, help me!!” she thought desperately.  Her whimpers grew more and more desperate, while she felt tears leaking out of her eyes, and soaking the blindfold.

Mark looked up to her face, and saw wet spots forming on the blindfold where her eyes were.  He crawled up the bed, hovering mere inches over her, and pressed light kisses to her eyes over the blindfold.  He knew exactly what she was expecting.  She was expecting to be brutally raped, and maybe even beaten to near death.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth.  All he was going to do was drive her mad with pleasure…something he had been dying to do for years.   He gently cupped her face, running feather light kisses over her forehead, her blindfolded eyes, her cheeks, her chin, finally pressing kisses to her gagged lips, to show her that no harm would  come to her.  His hands rested on her hips, gently kneading the flesh there.  He removed his hands from her hips, to remove her gag.

“Please, don’t hurt me” she whimpered.  “I won’t tell anyone, I swear…I’ll give you all the money I have…”

He silenced her by slanting his lips over hers, kissing her gently, running his tongue over her lips, coaxing them open.

Kacie froze in shock.  She was expecting this person…whoever he was…to forcibly take what  he wanted, not this sensual, exploratory assault on her senses.  In her shock, her lips opened slightly.  He quickly took advantage of that, and slipped his tongue into her mouth.  She half whimpered, half moaned as his tongue slowly swept over the inner recesses of her mouth, exploring the terrain thoroughly.  Her body involuntarily arched up into him when she felt his hands running over her quickly heating skin.  “NO”, she thought, “I’m not supposed to enjoy this…this man kidnapped me!!!”  But, despite these thoughts, she couldn’t help but moan softly into his mouth, shivering as his skillful tongue branded her mouth in a searing, passionate kiss.

Finally breaking the kiss, he looked down at her face, delighted to see that her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were swollen.  “Let the torture begin”, he thought mischievously.  He started by running his hands over her forehead, and down her face.  When he got to her neck, he felt her stiffen under his fingertips.  He ran his hands over her shoulders, relief flooding him when he felt her relax.  The journey continued until his hands rested on her full breasts.  Her entire body was absolutely beautiful.  He hated these stick figure types with super sized boobs that were just NOT in proper proportion to their bodies.  Now KacieKacie was a full figured woman, wearing that full figure beautifully.  It gave him more flesh for his hands (and mouth) to enjoy.  He began to knead and squeeze her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples and plucking at them.  He grinned when he felt her begin to writhe gently under him.  He kissed her again, then began to run kisses down her neck, and lower, until his lips closed over a hard nipple.  He had to fight down a chuckle when she bucked upwards in surprise.  He swirled his tongue over it, before sucking on it feverishly.  Her whimpers spurred him on as he removed his mouth and kissed a trail to the other breast, giving it the same treatment.

Kacie had no idea who this man was, and, frankly, she didn’t care.  She didn’t care, just as long as he didn’t stop the wonderful things he was doing to her.

After a few minutes of lavishing attention on her breasts, he kissed a trail down her body.  Putting his hands between her thighs, he spread her legs (with, surprisingly, no resistance from her), and moved so that his face was hovering mere inches from her neatly groomed center.  He couldn’t help but notice her wetness pooling on the sheets beneath her.

Kacie felt his warm breath puffing on her most sensitive area, and whimpered again.  Her whimper turned into a cry of surprise as she felt his tongue lap at her delicate folds.  She gasped sharply again when his tongue found her throbbing nub, and began to swipe at it mercilessly.  MMMMmmmmmmmmm”, she moaned, trying to spread her legs even wider for him.  “Please…”

His grin growing pronouncedly wicked, his tongue moved lower to delve inside her, while he held her legs down with his hands.  He then ate her voraciously, constantly bringing her near her peak, but never letting her release.  Her moans and whimpers were turning him on more than ever.

Kacie was out of her mind with pleasure.  She writhed under him, begging him to let her cum.  But, her cries fell on deaf ears.

He removed his mouth from her, and slowly, and sinuously crawled up her body, pressing kisses the entire way.  He sat up, and grabbed her hips.  Moving so that he wouldn’t hurt her arms, he slid his bent knees under her bottom, making her thighs spread even wider.  He took his engorged cock in his hand, and began to tease her opening with the head.

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh”, she moaned, her head tilting back.  She couldn’t take much more torture.  She groaned in gratitude as the head popped inside her.  That groan of gratitude turned into a groan of frustration as he sheathed himself slowly, inch by inch, until he was buried to the hilt.  He remained immobile, throbbing strongly.  “God, he’s so BIG!!!” she thought, as she felt her muscles stretching to accommodate him.  Biting her bottom lip, she whimpered yet again, squirming her hips in the hopes that she could get him moving.  But, he still didn’t move as she felt his hands at her breasts again, then his mouth.  Her breathing turned into pants as she tried desperately to get him moving.

He bit back a growl at the feel of her tightness.  His hands worked on her hips, trying not to lose his control.  If he did, it would be all for naught.  He was going to torture her for as long as humanly possible.  Then, when he was done, he was going to torture her some more.

After his composure was somewhat regained, he proceeded to move in slow, powerful strokes, each one lifting her hips off the bed.  Her whimpers turned to moans, and her moans turned to shrieks as he moved. He kept his jaw clenched, his hips keeping up the slow rhythm.

Her shrieks increased in volume as his thrusts increased in intensity.  She was writhing uncontrollably, as his hands left her hips in order to glide over her heated skin.  His thrusts were coming even faster now, her screams being silenced by his lips.  Just as she felt she was right on the edge, he eased off.  He continued this for what seemed for an eternity, before he withdrew from her completely.  Sobbing in both pleasure and frustration, she begged him to let her cum.  But, once again, her cries fell upon deaf ears.  She screamed again when she felt his tongue on her drenched center once again.

He continued this torture, alternating between his rock hard member, and his sinfully long tongue for four and a half hours(!!).  Each time she would be on the very edge, and each time she would be denied the ultimate pleasure her body craved.

Mark would have kept up the torture for the entire night, but right now, his body was protesting strongly to the lack of gratification.  So, he slid himself inside her once again, and began to thrust almost savagely, gripping her hips until his fingers were biting into the soft flesh there.  He had been trying to keep himself quiet, as not to give himself away, but a growl escaped his lips nonetheless.  She felt so damned good.

Kacie shrieked again as she came hard, her body trembling violently.  She screamed again and again as she came repeatedly, his thrusts never slackening in pace.

Mark continued to thrust savagely as he forced orgasm after orgasm after orgasm on her, relishing the sound of her shrieks.  He had lost count of the amount of times he had made her cum…the last count he had was five.  His orgasm was raging near, feeling her muscles continually contract on him.

She tried to struggle against her bindings, to get her hands free, but to no avail.  She wanted so badly to touch him, to feel his muscles moving sleekly under his skin as he slammed into her.  From what she could feel, this man was so big.  Everything about him was big…his body…his hands…especially his hardened member, which was now pummeling her.  No man had ever given her pleasure like this before.  And, what’s more, she had no idea who this man was!!  This man had kidnapped her, and was likely to kill her, and she just WASN’T CARING.  Just as long as he gave her the pleasure her body wanted first.

Her shrieks grew even louder, as his hips pumped even harder than before.  Grunts and groans pealed from his throat as he rode her.  He felt that her body was ready to cum one last time, so he raised his hands, and removed the blindfold.

She felt the blindfold being removed from her eyes, and the sight before her was her final undoing:  the face of Mark Calloway, his intense green eyes boring holes into hers.  She tilted her head back, and screamed with all her might.  Her throat was raw as hell, and yet she continued screaming.

Mark continued to thrust, his orgasm raging nearer, and nearer, and nearer.  Finally, after an eternity, he was finally flung over the edge, bellowing his lungs out.  Thrusting one last time, he bowed his back, emptying himself into her.  He stayed in that position for a long time, until he sagged, pressing his weight on top of her, breathing hard.

They both lay there, their breathing returning to normal.  Mark reached up, and untied her wrists and brought them down, massaging them.  Upon looking down at her, he suddenly realized that she was already asleep.  He moved to his side, as she turned to hers, facing way from him.  He spooned himself up against her, wrapping his arm around her waist.  She let out a soft ‘mmm’ as she snuggled back into him.  As he watched her, a warm feeling started at the pit of his belly, then spread all over his body.  He raised his hand, and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Sleep now”, he thought.  “Ahh, my sweet little Kasandra…I have yet to play my trump card.  And when I do, this game will be over, and I shall be the victor.”  He buried his nose in her neck, and inhaled her scent.  She smelled really good.  With that last thought, he moved so that he had freed the covers, covered the both of them with it, and fell asleep, holding her tightly against him.






Mark awoke the next morning, turning over onto his back, and stretching.  Last night had been one hell of a night.  His body felt so relaxed…more relaxed than he had felt in a very long time.  Looking to his side, he saw that Kacie was still asleep next to him.  She had turned over onto her back in the night.  As he watched her, a small grin tugged on the corner of his mouth.  She had turned over, moaning softly, and rested her head on his chest, her arm draping loosely around his waist.  Her hair was fanned out behind her head, just tickling his arm as he wrapped it around her waist.  Her face was a picture of contentment, a small smile playing on her lips.

“Today is going to be a good day”, he thought, his grin widening.  He had a few days until he played his trump card…until then, she was staying HERE.  At this very moment, he had people going to her apartment, and getting her things, and bringing them here.  He carefully got out of bed, replacing his large frame with one of the large pillows.  Looking down at her for a moment, he watched her snuggle with the pillow.  As he watched her, he suddenly remembered something.  He went over to his dresser, and pulled out a white satin negligee`.  He had bought it five years ago.  Not out of necessity…more like wishful thinking.  Setting the garment down on the bed, he knelt carefully on the bed, stilling when she shifted slightly.  After settling down next to her, he gently gathered her up into his arms, making sure not to wake her.  Picking up the garment with one hand, while his other arm supported her, he carefully slid the garment over her head, and gently pulled her arms through the armholes.  He then smoothed the satin over her skin, making sure that it wasn’t bunched up.  When he was finished, he froze as her head rested on his shoulder, her mouth emitting a small sigh.  His other arm came around, and held her for a while.  As much as he wanted to stay here, he had to go to work.  So, he laid her back down gently, admiring how nicely her body filled out the satin garment, the fabric hugging her waist snugly, and molding itself to her breasts, making the nipples stand out slightly.  The grin still in place, he shook his head slightly, and ran his hand through his hair.  Getting up off the bed, he strolled, naked, to his private bathroom, where he took a quick shower.  When he got out, he dried himself off, then left the bathroom, to see that his clothes were already put out.  Looking up, he saw the head maid, Rose, standing there.

Rose was a portly elderly woman, in her late fifties, to early sixties.  Her brown hair, mixed with silver, was done up in a neat bun in the back of her neck.  “Master Calloway”, she said, “What shall I do when the young lady wakes up?”

“Inform her that she is to stay in here”, Mark replied, as he got dressed.  Rose was like his mother, so it didn’t bother him that she was there while he dressed.  “Lock the door, just in case she tries to leave.  Make sure that she’s well fed.  She’s going to need her energy for later.”  A pronouncedly wicked grin spread over his face.

“Is all this really necessary?” Rose asked.  “I mean…all this trouble…will it all be worth it?”

“Oh, it’s gonna be worth it, Rose”, he replied.  “Definitely.”

He finally finished dressing, and, with one last look at Kacie, he left the room.






Kacie awoke, groaning and stretching.  “Man, what a NIGHT!!” she thought.  Her body felt battered and sore…but in a good way.  Looking around, she noticed that she was in Calloway’s bedroom.  She sat up, rubbing her eyes.  She winced slightly, squirming when she felt the soreness between her legs.  Oh Lord, that man knew how to please a woman!!  She got up, and walked into the bathroom, taking the liberty of filling up the tub, and setting up a bubble bath.  Looking down at herself, she saw the satin negligee`.  She fingered the garment for a moment, then slipped out of it.  She slid into the hot water, and let it soothe her muscles.  Never, in a million years, would she have expected something like this from him.  He had never really shown any intimate interest in her before.  “Oh well, just be happy with what you got”, she thought.  Settling down in the bubbles, she let the soothing scent of sandalwood relax her.

After about an hour, she got out of the bathroom, to find that a matching white satin floor length robe had been laid out on the bed, and a table filled with breakfast food had been set up.  She slipped on the robe, and went to the table.  She hadn’t had dinner last night (due to circumstances beyond her control), and she was starving.  Looking down, she saw an empty plate, a fork, and a spoon, a small container of syrup, and a napkin were also set up in front of a chair, in which she was expected to sit.  She looked out at the spread before her: a plate piled high with crisp bacon, another of juicy sausages, a large egg and cheese omelet, a plate stacked with pancakes, another with French toast, one with regular toast, a plate of butter, and a pitcher of orange juice, with a large glass next to it.  She sat down and dug in, eating with great relish.  Everything was absolutely delicious.

After breakfast, she went to the door of the bedroom, only to find that it was locked.  She banged on the door.  “Hello?!” she yelled.  “Can anyone hear me?!”

No answer.

“I seem to be stuck in here!!” she yelled.  “Can someone please let me out?!?”

Still no answer.

She kept yelling and banging for about an hour, before she gave up.  Sulking over to the bed, she sank down onto it.  What, am I his fucking prisoner now?  Maybe his sex slave?…Ok, maybe the ‘sex slave’ part doesn’t sound too bad…”  Just as this thought finished, she saw Rose enter the room.

“Oh, hello, Rose”, Kacie said.  “Long time no see.”

“Hello, dear”, Rose replied.  “Master Calloway wanted me to inform you that you are to remain here.”

Kacie raised an eyebrow.  “Is that right?” she asked.  “Well, you can tell your esteemed Master Calloway that he has no right to keep me here.   Where is he, anyway?”

“He’s gone to work, Miss”, Rose replied.

“He’s left me here?!  Does he or does he not know that I also have work today?!”  Kacie asked, suddenly furious.

“He said that he was going to explain it to you when he got back”, Rose replied.

“Great”, Kacie mumbled.  “Just great.  Mr. Jericho is going to have my ass!!”

“He also said that it was taken care of”, Rose said.

“Figures”, Kacie said.  She folded her arms, grumbling to herself, while Rose cleared away the food dishes.  Once, she had tried to dash out of the now open door, only to have two other maids stop her and bring her back.  So, she was forced to stay in the room for the entire day, until he came back (while the maids served her lunch consisting of an enormous spiced ham sandwich with all the trimmings, a pitcher of ice cold soda, and a brownie).  Eating her fill, she sat back on the bed, bored out of her mind.  She wanted something to DO.  It would have been fine if he had left her with SOME sort of entertainment…but, being the asshole he was, he wouldn’t have thought of that.  She lay back, lacing her fingers behind her head, and closed her eyes.  If he thought that he was going to boss her around again, he had another thing coming.

She didn’t know how long she lay there.  All she knew was that one moment, she was laying in the bed, with her eyes closed, and the sunlight streaming in at high noon, and the next, the sun was low in the sky, sending slanted rays of light through the window.  Blinking at the sun, she looked to her side, and jumped when she saw Calloway sitting next to her, grinning.  “What the fuck are you grinning about?” she grumbled.

“Oh, what happened to ‘Hello, how was your day’?” he asked, in a tone of mock hurt.

“Since when have I ever given a fuck about how your day went?” Kacie asked in turn.  “Would you care to tell me why I’ve been kept prisoner here?  You know full well that I had to go to work…”

“I’ve already handled that”, Mark said, cutting her off.  “I’ve informed Mr. Jericho that you will not be coming into work…ever again.”

“WHAT?!?!” Kacie yelled, straightening instantly.

“I’ve informed Mr. Jericho that you have acquired a better position”, Mark replied, shrugging.

“Oh, really?” Kacie growled, her brown eyes narrowed to slits.  “And…what position might THAT be?”  When the time was right, she was going to rip his fucking throat out.

“This one”, Mark said, grinning.  He then launched himself on top of her, pinning her to the bed.  He grabbed her legs, and yanked, making it such that her legs were almost wrapped around his waist, while his hands gripped her hips.

She had cried out when he suddenly pinned her to the bed.  She looked up into his grinning face.  “Get the fuck off me!!” she yelled, trying to squirm her way out of his grip.  “I want to go home!!”

He bent down, to whisper in her ear.  “You weren’t saying that last night, now were you?” he murmured.  “You were begging for me to make you cum.”

Kacie growled.  “I don’t give a fuck.  Today is a new day.  Now, get the fuck off me!!”  She bucked her hips, trying to unseat him, but he just held her tightly, grinding his hardened bulge into her soft flesh, growling softly.

He continued to grind himself into her, soon being rewarded with a soft, pleading moan from her lips.  He had been rock hard all day, the memories of her moans and screams from the previous night occupying his mind and carrying him through the day.  He nipped and suckled on her earlobe for a moment, before sealing his lips just below the hinge of her jaw, and sucking on the tender flesh.

“You…you bastard…” she breathed, still trying to struggle.  “S-stop…”  But now, his hands were opening the robe, and delving under the negligee` until they found her breasts, squeezing and reshaping the soft, yielding flesh.  “Oh, geez, who am I kidding?” she thought desperately.  “I can’t compete with this!!”  Whimpering softly, she tilted her head back a bit more, to give him better access.

Mark felt her head tilt back, and took this as a silent submission.  He lifted his lips off her, only to growl in her ear.  “Do you have any idea of what you do to me?” he said, grinding himself into her even more to emphasize his point.  Another soft moan from her.  “As much as I’d love to finish what I’ve started…I really have to change.”  With that, he abruptly got up, and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Kacie propped herself up on her elbows, staring at the door in disbelief.  “That BASTARD!!” she thought.  “If he thinks he’s going to get away with this, he’s sorely mistaken!!”  She looked to the door, and saw that it was wide open.  Looking back to the bathroom door, and seeing that it was still closed, she thought that if there was any time to escape, that time was now.  She quickly got off the bed, and bolted out of the door.

Mark came out of the bathroom a moment later, and saw that she was gone.  He whirled, and ran out of the bedroom, seeing that she was now running down the stairs.  He ran after her, catching up to her quickly with his long legs, and caught her around the waist, hoisting her up over his shoulder.

Kacie screamed and kicked as he brought her back up to his room, and dumped her on his bed.  He closed the door, looking back at her, and folding his arms.  “I suppose that you think that was real clever, don’t you?” he asked.

“I want to go home”, she said.  “You can’t keep me here.  Didn’t you know that kidnapping is illegal?”

“It’s going to be very difficult for you to go home…considering that all of your things are here”, he said, that damnedably sexy grin on his face.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“I’ve had all of your things brought here”, he said.  “Considering that you are going to be starting your new…position…in a few days.”  At the word ‘position’, he had wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“I’m not doing anything that has to do with you”, she spat.

“Oh, yes you will”, Mark said, slowly stalking over to the bed, and sitting down in the corner of it.  “You definitely will…once you figure out what that position is.”

“What position are you talking about, exactly?” she asked.

“You’ll find out in a few days…I expect on Monday, since today is Thursday”, he replied.  “Now, why don’t you lay on that bed, and gimme some of that real sweet sugar that I had last night?”

She raised her chin.  “No”, she said defiantly.  In truth, her body was thrumming inside from what his hands, mouth, and lips were doing to her earlier, but she wasn’t about to reveal that fact.  “If you insist that I stay here, I demand a separate room.”

“Hmm…nah, I don’t like that arrangement”, he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  “I think I’ll just keep you here.”

She stood up off the bed.  “I don’t think so.  I want my own room”, she repeated.

“Too bad.  You’re not GETTING your own room.  You’re staying HERE, and that’s final”, he said, the finality in his voice.

She sighed, knowing that she was not going to win this argument.  “Fine”, she grumbled.

“Good.  I knew you’d see it my way”, he said, smiling.  “Now, why don’t we finish what I started?” With that, he pounced on her, making her fall backwards onto the bed, kissing her breathless.  He couldn’t get enough of her.  She was like an addiction…an addiction that he didn’t want to be cured of.  “This is going to be so very sweet”, he thought.






For the next few days, he had hardly let her leave his room…or his bed.  When Sunday night rolled around, however, he sent her to a different room.

“Why the change of heart, all of a sudden?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t ask questions, you’ll find out tomorrow”, he replied, ushering her to a room on the other end of the long hallway of bedrooms.  “Just go to sleep.  You need to get up early tomorrow.”

“Why?  What am I doing tomorrow that’s so damned important?” she asked.

“I said don’t ask questions”, he said, giving her a swat on the butt.  “Just go get some sleep.”  With that, he left.

“What the hell is his problem?” she thought, as she went to the bed and climbed into it.  “Well…I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…”  With that, she yawned, and fell asleep.






Early the next morning, Kacie woke up to find Rose prodding her awake.

“Miss…it’s time to get up”, she said.

Stretching and groaning, Kacie got up, rubbing her eyes.  “What time is it?” she asked.

It’s seven thirty”, Rose replied.

“Oh…okay”, Kacie replied sleepily.  She blinked for a moment, to try to get the last remnants of sleep out of them.  “Rose…do YOU know what’s going on?” she asked.

“Master Calloway didn’t tell you?” Rose asked, blinking in surprise.

“No, he didn’t”, Kacie replied.

“Well…I’m not supposed to tell you if you don’t know”, Rose said uncomfortably.

Kacie sighed.  “Well, it’s okay…I suppose…”, she said.

A few moments later, the door burst open, and a whole slew of maids entered the room, carrying various things.  A few were carrying trays of make-up, and others were carrying various trays of hair care products.  The maid who came in last was holding a large, black garment bag, that was zippered up.

“What’s that?” Kacie asked.

“It’s…ahem…your uniform”, the maid said.

“Uniform?” Kacie said, raising an eyebrow.  “I have to wear a UNIFORM???”

“Well…Master Calloway said that you only have to wear it today”, the maid replied, shifting from foot to foot.

“Well, let’s see what the oh so gracious Master Calloway has picked for my uniform”, Kacie said.

The maid looked to Rose, who nodded once, with a somber expression on her face.  When she got the ‘OK’, she slowly unzippered the garment bag, and opened it, taking the garment that was hanging inside out of it.  She watched as Kacie’s mouth dropped open in shock at what was inside.

It was a wedding dress.

Kacie stared, wide-eyed and open mouthed, at the dress.  It was really beautiful, with a long, flowing silk skirt, the top made so that it would be off the shoulder, and the sleeves made to be skintight on the arms, each ending in a little ‘v’ that would rest on the back of her hands.  The part that would cover her chest had laces on it, so that it would have to be tied together so that her bosom wouldn’t pop out.  Even then, she had a feeling that it would be a very scant cover.  Just below the chest, there was something that looked like a corset.  Getting up off the bed, she walked slowly closer to the maid who held the dress, looking around at everyone with a look of disbelief on her face.  Upon closer inspection, the dress had floral designs embroidered into it, with strings of pearls attached to it in intricate designs.  Taking the hanger, she turned the gown over, to see that there was a low back, with laces criss-crossing over the wide space.  Turning the gown over again, she looked at the corset, then turned it back.  The front of the gown was a kind of half corset, the laces being made to cross over her bare back.

“Miss, your bath is prepared”, Rose said delicately.

“This is a joke, right?” Kacie said, raising an eyebrow, her eyes still on the dress.

“No, Miss”, Rose replied.  “Everything has been put in place.  It takes place at 3:30.”

“If Calloway thinks I’m going to go through with this, then he’s got another thing coming!!” Kacie yelled, whirling around, and making Rose wince.   “Who the fuck does he think he is?!?”  If he thought she was going to stick around and become his slave again, he was WRONG.  She shoved the dress back into the maid’s hands, and began pacing.  She didn’t understand.  This man had been voted ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ for eight years in a row.  In each article, he had specifically stated that he had no intention of getting married.  So, what the hell was he playing at??  Suddenly, she stopped, a thoughtful look on her face.  “What the hell, why not?” she thought.  “I’ll call his bluff.  Just at the most crucial time, he’ll find that he won’t go through with it.”  She smiled smugly.  “Yes…I’ll call his bluff.”  She then turned back to Rose.  “I think I’ll take that bath now.”  She then waltzed into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her.






The entire house was buzzing with activity a few hours later.  Kacie had been forced to be holed up in her room, while the maids did her hair and make up.  She didn’t know how long she had to sit in that chair…all she knew was that her ass was numb.  When they were finally finished, she was turned towards the mirror, making her gasp at the reflection that looked back at her.

Her make up was done perfectly, dark black eyelining her eyes, a light dusting of bronze coloring her eyelids, cheeks and lips.  Her hair was done up in a crown of curls, a small, glittering tiara fixed among them.  She looked absolutely beautiful.

Time seemed to fly, and soon, she was putting on the dress.  Amazingly, it hugged every single one of her curves.  Looking down at her chest, she chuckled when she realized that she was right…it WAS only a scant covering, her bosom nearly overflowing from the garment.  The laces had to be tied, so that the top could be held together, yet displaying the deep cleavage of her chest.  Turning to the mirror, she saw that she looked stunning.

“Time to call your bluff, Calloway”, she thought smugly.

“Miss…it’s 3:25…you should go downstairs…they’ll be waiting for you”, Rose said.

Grinning, Kacie nodded.  “Sure, Rose”, she said.  She stood there for a few more moments as a veil was draped over her face, then turned, and walked out of the room.






The music had started, and Kacie was just in time.  She stepped out onto the aisle, and slowly walked up, smiling smugly, with her eyes on Calloway, who had a smug smile of his own.  She finally stopped in front of the priest, while Calloway moved to her side, wrapping his arm around her waist.

The priest’s words were a blur as Mark focused on her.  He was really glad that the dress fit her…better than he had anticipated.  He had purposely made it so that there were lots of laces…making sure that it was going to be easy and time saving when he took it off her later.  That thought was suddenly VERY appealing as his eyes wandered over to the laces over her chest.  His hand was suddenly itching to raise itself, and just pluck one of the strings, and pull.  He almost did, too, until the priest spoke again.

“Do you, Miss Kasandra Ann Lynn Mayle, take Marcus Lucas Calloway to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?” the priest asked.

Kacie looked up at Calloway, her smug smile still planted firmly on her face.  “I do”, she said, enunciating so that Calloway couldn’t miss a word.  “I’ve called your bluff, Calloway.  Now you’re trapped.”

“And do you, Marcus Lucas Calloway, take Miss Kasandra Ann Lynn Mayle to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?” the priest asked, turning to Mark.

Mark grinned down at her.  “I do”, he replied, enunciating just like she had done.

Kacie’s grin flickered for a moment, then replaced itself.  She was NOT about to show her surprise.

“If there is anyone who objects to the joining of these two souls, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace”, the priest said.

Mark looked around at the joined congregation, as if DARING someone to speak.  When no one did, he turned back, his self satisfied grin returning to his face.

“Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Lucas Calloway”, the priest said.  He then turned back to Mark.  “You may kiss your bride.”

Mark turned to Kacie, lifted her veil, then wrapped his arm around her waist, nearly crushing her body to his, while forcefully claiming her lips in a heated kiss.  When the kiss finally ended, he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck, while he heard her whisper in his ear.

“You’ve got some major huevos, Calloway”, she muttered in his ear.

Calloway merely whispered back in her ear.  “That I do, my dear.  That I do.”  He then raised his head, and grinned at her.  He turned to the gathered masses, while keeping her tightly held at his side.  He then guided her to another place on the grounds, were a large space was set up for the reception.  He led her to the head table, and sat her down in one of the middle chairs, while he sat next to her.

The reception was an eternity.  Mark and Kacie danced together, while everyone watched.  Kacie didn’t even KNOW these people.  She met Mark’s best friend, Glenn Jacobs for the first time.  Jacobs seemed INFINITELY nicer and much more fun than Mark was.  He had the same build that Mark had, only he was about an inch or two taller, had blue eyes, and long, curly brown hair that was now tied back in a slick ponytail.

“So…you’re the one who finally managed to snag him, eh?” Glenn asked as he danced with her.

“You’d be surprised”, Kacie muttered, while glaring daggers at Calloway, who merely grinned back.

“I’m sensing some dissention in the ranks”, Glenn said, laughing, as he twirled her around.

“You could say that”, she replied.

“So what’s the deal?” Glenn asked.  “You act like he’s keeping you hostage, or something.”

“You have no idea” she thought.  “No, nothing like that”, she replied.  “This is all just a very sudden thing, is all.  I had no idea he had planned all this.”

“So, this was a surprise thing”, Glenn said.

“Yeah, basically”, Kacie said, her thoughts going farther and farther away.  One thought kept surfacing itself in her mind:  What if all of this was a hoax?  What if that priest was fake, and everyone here was in on it?

“Are you okay?” Glenn asked, suddenly concerned that her face had gone so thoughtful.

“I’m fine”, Kacie replied, still wrapped up in her thoughts.  She couldn’t get that thought out of her mind.  “Of COURSE it’s a hoax”, the sensible voice in her head said.  “He wouldn’t have gone through with it if it wasn’t.”

Glenn watched this woman as he danced with her.  Something DEFINITELY wasn’t right here.  A little twinge in his brain was telling him that this woman was NOT happy about the arrangement she now found herself in.  And, her body language seemed to confirm it.  He was going to have a little talk with Mark later, and find out what the hell was going on.  He had known Mark for most of his life, and if it was one thing he knew for damned sure, what that Mark absolutely ADORED his status as ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’.  Mark always felt that it gave him ‘free reign’.  So, if that was true, then why did Mark suddenly decide to get married on a whim?  What changed his mind so suddenly and so completely?  He had to admit, Kacie was really beautiful.  What was it about her that Mark would go through such lengths to marry her?  What was it about this woman that made her so special?  He looked over at Mark, who was sitting at the main table.  He looked to be staring holes into him, as if he felt that he had been dancing with Kacie for a moment too long.  “Well”, he thought, “Might as well put the old man to the test.”  He turned back to Kacie.  “Hey, Kay, this one’s a fast one”, he said as the music changed.  “Would you like to keep dancing?”

“Sure, why not?” Kacie said.

“Are you sure that you can keep up with me?” Glenn asked, grinning smugly at her.

“I think the question is”, Kacie said, “Do YOU think you can keep up with ME?”

“Is that a challenge?” Glenn asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, actually, it is”, Kacie replied.  She then listened for a moment, grinning when she heard the song ‘Bailamos’ by Enrique Iglesias blare through the DJ’s speakers..  “Ooh, I like this song.”  She then began to sway her hips, just letting the music flow through her.

“I think I’m beginning to see what Mark sees in her”, Glenn thought.  She was very vibrant, and full of life.  He was really glad that he had bullied Mark into getting a DJ instead of a stuffy classical band.  But, Mark had insisted that he be able to choose the music.  That was fair enough.

“Why are you just standing there?” Kacie asked.  “I thought I was supposed to be ‘keeping up with you’ instead of dancing by myself.  Or, is this kind of music too much for you old timers?”

“I am not an old timer”, Glenn grumbled.  “If you want ‘old timer’, then look at your husband.”

Kacie laughed.  “Well then, show me what you’ve got, twinkle toes”, she said, making a ‘bring it on’ gesture.  “Impress me.”

Then, Glenn and Kacie danced, while Mark just sat by, staring at them, and seething.  Glenn was spending a BIT too much time with her.  And he wasn’t liking it.  NOT ONE LITTLE BIT.

Everyone who was sitting near him could actually hear an angry growl deep in his throat, and they could see the veins pulsating in his neck.  A few even scooted away from him, afraid to incur his seemingly accumulating wrath.  His jaw was clenched, and he was staring hard at the two dancers.

Glenn and Kacie, meanwhile, seemed not to notice.  They just kept right on dancing until the song ended.  When it did, there was a large round of applause.

“Not bad for a tree”, Kacie said, her face flushed, and breathing hard.  “Not bad at all.”

“How in the WORLD did you learn to dance like that?” Glenn asked.

Kacie shrugged.  “I was a choreographer for my college dance team”, she replied.

“Geez, I should have known I was competing against a professional”, Glenn said.  “That wasn’t fair.  I demand a rematch.”

“Sorry, I’m a bit danced out right now”, Kacie said, laughing.  She then looked over at Mark, who looked like he was going to jump over the table and strangle every breath of air out of Glenn’s body.  “Besides, I think my hubby misses me.”

“Misses you?” Glenn asked, grinning.  “Damn, if I spend one more moment with you on this dance floor, he’s gonna kill me.”

Kacie laughed again.  Glenn was so fun loving and laid back.  She felt so at ease with him.  “I think you’re right.  Let me go stay the executioner’s axe and go back to the table.”  With her piece said, Glenn escorted her back to her seat, while Mark glared daggers at him.  When she sat down, she suddenly felt Mark’s arm wrap around her waist, holding her there very tightly.  She couldn’t move even if she tried.  He was nearly crushing her.  “You’re crushing me”, she muttered.

Mark didn’t reply.  His arm only loosened a little bit in response.

“What the hell is his problem?” she thought.  “He’s acting like we’re really married or something.”  By now, it was resolved…this HAD to be a hoax.  She couldn’t see the man giving up his lifestyle for her.  But, as this thought ran through her mind, she couldn’t help feel a twinge of disappointment.  “Oh well…when this is all over, he’ll go back to his bachelor ways, and I can go back home.”

The reception was finally over, and the ‘newlyweds’ saw their guests off.  Afterwards, he led her to another section of the vast grounds of the Calloway estate, this piece of land consisting of a private jet with a runway.  After quickly ushering her onto the jet after the pilot, the plane took off, to carry them to their honeymoon getaway.

Kacie sat at the window, gazing out of it.  “Where are we going?” she asked.  She then felt warm breath on her neck, then felt him nuzzling her.

“You’ll see”, he murmured, planting light kisses on her neck.

She raised an eyebrow.  “I don’t like being in the dark, Calloway”, she growled.  “I really don’t.”

“Calloway?” Mark said, in mock hurt.  “I would have thought you would have been calling me ‘Sugar Daddy’ by now.”

Kacie gritted her teeth.  If it’s one thing she couldn’t stand, it was being manipulated.  By the way he was treating her, she felt doubly so.  “Let’s get one thing straight right now”, she spat.  “I don’t care what you expect from me from now on.  All I know is that when we get back, I’m going straight back home.”  She was SEETHING.  How DARE this man come into her life, and demand anything from her?!  Where did he get the right to alter her life as he saw fit?  She wasn’t a fucking puppet, and she wasn’t going to let him treat her like one.  And, if he thought he was getting any tonight, he was very sadly mistaken.  If the man was hard, he was going to STAY that way.  Until she got to wherever they were going, she was going to tease the hell out of him.  Then, she was going to barricade herself in a room until they left.  There was no way she was going to surrender control.  Not this time.  “Well…it’s time to put my little scheme to action”, she thought.

Mark watched, slack jawed, as she raised her hands over her head, and stretched, a small sigh escaping her lips.  She then lowered her arms, and rubbed the back of her neck, making sure that her actions looked as enticing as possible, without making it SEEM like she was doing it on purpose.  She then sat back into the seat, fanning herself with her hand.

“It’s too damned warm in here”, she muttered.  Her hands went to the laces of her top, and pulled at them, giving her breasts some measure of freedom.  She grinned mentally when Calloway’s eyes dropped to her chest.

Although her breasts weren’t completely uncovered, they were uncovered just enough.  She merely sat there, staring out the window, completely unaware of how much she was turning him on.  “Wait until tonight”, he thought.  “That pretty little dress she’s got on isn’t going to hide her from me for much longer.”

They sat there through the entire jet ride, with Kacie staring out the window, while Mark was staring at HER (mainly, down her top).

“Next stop, Hawaii”, Mark said, clearing his throat and finally dragging his eyes away from her chest.

Kacie turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow.  “Hawaii?” she asked.

“Yes”, Mark replied, standing up after the jet had landed.  “I figured a vacation was just what you needed.  You’ve been really…tense these last few days.  I thought coming here might relax you.”

She merely stared at him.  Hawaii?

“Don’t worry, you can thank your ‘Sugar Daddy’ later”, he said, grinning mischievously.

Another idea suddenly popped into her head.  She then undid her seatbelt, and stood beside him.  “Ooh, I’m DEFINITELY going to thank my ‘Sugar Daddy’ later”, she purred, making sure that her body ground against his as she passed him by, satisfied to hear him growl.

They got off the jet, the sight before her making her gasp softly.

It was a very large beach house, almost as large as his mansion back home.  There was a large pool with a patio off to one end, and a kind of large hut on the other end.

“That’s my personal spa”, Mark explained.  “Sauna, massage tables…the whole nine.”

Kacie said nothing as he led her to the house.  She honestly didn’t care how loaded he was.  Such things didn’t matter to her.  It was always personality that would attract her and, in her mind, Calloway’s personality left much to be desired.

She was led through the house, until she was brought to the massive bedroom.  Something immediately clicked in her mind.  Turning, she spoke.  “What am I supposed to wear while I’m here?” she asked.  “I didn’t pack any bags.”

Mark grinned at her.  “I took care of it”, he said, while a few maids brought in their bags.  He picked one of them up, and handed it to her, grinning.  “Here.”

She tentatively snatched the bag from his outstretched hand, and opened it, looking inside.  There were some decent clothes in there, like shorts, t-shirts, and other necessities, but, mostly, there were bikinis, and a large abundance of lingerie.  Looking up at him, she gave him a dirty look.  “Real cute”, she muttered.  “Real fucking cute.”  She went over to the bed, and set the bag on it, rooting through it until she came across a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks.  Right now, she wanted to change.  She was tired, and she wanted to get comfortable.  Picking up the clothes she had selected, she went to make her way to the bathroom, when she was grabbed by the arm, and whirled around.  She then was trapped in Mark’s large arms.  She felt his hand bury itself in her hair, and wrench her head back.  His lips pressed down on hers, kissing her passionately.  His lips parted only for him to force her head back a bit more, so he could nip her jaw, and run his tongue over it.  He growled softly once again.

Kacie’s mind whirled when she felt his tongue on her.  Dammit, who was supposed to be in control here??  “I better save this situation, fast”, she thought.  So, in response, she ground her body into his, dropping the clothes that were in her hands, and ran them over his body, focusing mostly on the hardened bulge in his pants.  She was delighted when she heard him groan.  She moaned softly, her hands moving around to grab his butt, and giving it a tight squeeze, hearing him grunt.  “Finally…I finally got the handful I’ve been itching to get!!” she thought.  She squeezed his butt again, grinding herself into him even more.

Mark’s lips descended onto hers again, this time much more passionately than the first time.  His arms removed themselves from around her, and began to frantically undo the laces in the back of her gown.  He needed her naked, like RIGHT NOW.  He wrenched his lips off hers, and buried his face in her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of berries on her skin while he tried quickly to undress her.  He finally got them undone, and slipped the dress down her body, leaving her in only a pair of thigh highs, a thong, and a pair of white dress platforms.  He swept her up, and walked to the bed, dumping her on it.  After that, he launched himself on top of her, kissing her and running his hands over her heated skin. He vaguely felt her removing his clothes.

Kacie whimpered, arching her back into his hands.  Every time she would seem to get some measure of control, it would be snatched away from her.  She forcefully controlled her breathing, so she could try to keep a clear head for the task at hand.  She was successful in removing his vest and shirt, running her hands over the expanse of bare flesh.  With a burst of strength she didn’t knew she had, she had turned him over, so that she was now straddling his waist.  She looked down at him.  “I didn’t know he had tattoos”, she thought, looking over the vast collection over his arms, and across his stomach.  Then again, she had never really noticed before.  She maneuvered so that she was astride his thighs, her hands beginning to undo his belt buckle.

“Damn, this woman is killing me”, he thought through a haze.  He felt her undoing his pants, and hauling his hardness out of its confines.  He groaned loudly when her small, soft hand began stroking him.

“It’s MY turn”, she thought evilly.  “Does this feel good, Mark?” she murmured.

Mark gave a long, loud, open mouthed groan.  Dammit, woman, you’re killing me…” he breathed.

She crawled up his body, so her face was hovering inches above his.  “Does my ‘Sugar Daddy’ like what I’m doing?” she purred.

Kacie…please…” he grunted.

“A few more moments…” she thought.  “Mark… ‘Sugar Daddy’”, she said, still stroking him.  She then leaned down to whisper in his ear.  “As much as I’d love to continue what I’ve started, I have to go change.”  With that, she abruptly got up, picked the t-shirt and shorts off the floor, and walked into the bathroom, leaving him to stare disbelievingly after her.

Mark couldn’t BELIEVE she had done that to him.  Here he was, lying on the bed, his member hanging out, hard as anything, and she had just…LEFT!!  Growling angrily, he got up, not bothering to cover himself, and stalked over to the now closed bathroom door.  Trying the doorknob, he found that it was locked.  He balled up his fist, and banged on the door.  Kacie, get out here now!!” he yelled.

Kacie’s voice floated through the door.  “What?  I can’t hear you!!”, she sang mockingly.  “I’m CHANGING.”

Mark growled again.  “Don’t make me come in there, woman”, he said.  “Get out here and finish what you started.”

“I said I’m CHANGING”, she replied.  “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Mark bared his teeth, and pounded on the door again.  He was getting very desperate.  Kacie, please”, he groaned.  His desperation grew when he heard the shower begin to run.

“You know, I’m feeling very funky”, she yelled.  “I’m going to take a shower.”

Mark turned, and leaned back against the door, his eyes pressed closed.  Man, he really needed her.  He then suddenly opened his eyes, grinning evilly.  How could he have forgotten?  He then got up, and walked out of the room.

Kacie stepped under the hot shower, lifting her face into the water.  Man, this was definitely what she needed.  It was really hot outside, so if she took a hot shower, when she came out, the air would cool her sufficiently, even if it was only for a short time.  She really worked up a sweat while she had been dancing with Glenn, and dried while she was on the air conditioned plane.  And, when sweat dried on skin…it was never a good thing.  Also, as beautiful as that dress was, it was really stuffy.  A pair of shorts and a t-shirt was sufficient for her.  Her mind then switched to Calloway.  “Man, this must really be burning his ass right now”, she thought, unable to stop the grin from surfacing on her face.  “Just what he needed…a dose of his own medicine.  She reached for the shampoo, and poured a small amount of it into her palm, then rubbing it into her hair, closing her eyes.  She hated the way her hair felt when it had all sorts of hairsprays and mousses in it.  It felt really grimy.  Massaging the shampoo into her hair for a minute or two, she turned around, and let the massaging spray rinse it out.  Her eyes remained closed until the last of the shampoo was rinsed away.  When she opened them, she let out a startled scream.

Calloway was standing in the shower with her, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“How the fuck did you get in here?!” she demanded.

“This bathroom connects two rooms, Kacie”, he replied, that grin never faltering.  “You overlooked the other door.”

“Well, now that you’ve made yourself known, GET OUT!!” she yelled.  “I would like to finish my shower in peace.”

“Nah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen”, Mark said, smugly.  He then grasped her hips, and lifted her, pressing her back into the cold tiled wall.  He used his body to pin her there, making her legs wrap around his waist.  He then bent his head to whisper in her ear.  “Twice”, he growled.  “That’s twice now that you’ve done that to me.  I refuse to let it happen again.”  With that, he swiftly buried himself to the hilt inside her.  If he were in his right state of mind, he would have tortured her for hours.  But, right now, he wasn’t in his right state of mind.  He was still in a haze after what had transpired just a few short moments earlier.  Without preamble, he began thrusting into her with all the strength his body possessed, grunting with each snap of his hips.

Kacie cried out when she felt him sheathe himself inside her.  The feel of him moving inside her, combined with the way his large, heated body was pressing her into the tiles of the shower wall were both conspiring to drive her mad.  She shrieked over and over as he rode her furiously, while she eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting each one of his thrusts.  All resolution about keeping her distance disappeared, as she clawed at his back, her nails digging into the flesh of his meaty shoulders.  Her orgasm raged closer and closer, until she was finally catapulted over the edge, screaming, and grazing her nails down his back, no doubt leaving long scratches there.

Mark felt her nails into his back, and growled, making him pump even harder.  He felt her tight inner muscles clamp down violently on him, making him cum a moment later, bellowing at the top of his lungs.  He thrusted inside her once more, before sagging against her, trying to catch his breath.

A few moments later, he looked at her.  “I think it’s time we finish this shower”, he said throatily.  Only a few moments had gone by, and he had wanted her again.  But, he wanted to get her back into that bed when he took her a second time.

They had finished the shower (Kacie had no choice…once Calloway had come into the shower, he had refused to leave), and when it was done, Mark guided her out of the shower stall, and grabbed one of the fresh towels that were hanging, and dried her off with it slowly.  He then quickly dried himself off, swept her up, and carried her off to the bedroom.






For the next few days, any and all thoughts, worries, and cares were wiped from her mind, the only things she was capable of thinking of were this place…this bed…and this man.  It got to the point where one light brush of his fingers would reduce her to a trembling, whimpering pile of need at his feet.  He hardly let her leave the bed, much less the house.  On the rare occasion where he DID let her out of bed, he would be showing her the grounds of his Hawaii beach house.  He showed her around his personal spa, where she enjoyed an incredible massage, and sat in a hot tub (of course, making good use of it).  On the even rarer times she would be left by herself, she would just wander on the beach.  A week and a half later found her doing just that, wearing a black string bikini (one of the ones Mark had bought her), a black see through mesh wrap slung around her waist, and a pair of matching flip flops.  She was staring over the sea as the sun set, the warm breeze floating over her hair and face.  Her arms were folded as she stared out at the flaming sun while it disappeared under the horizon, turning the sky beautiful shades of red and orange, with dark blue out in the east.  She could just make out stars beginning to show their bright faces in the sky.  She sighed.  This was one of the rare times she could just be by herself, and relax.  Surprisingly, for the first time in a week and a half, the sensible voice in her head made itself known.

“You know this isn’t going to last”, it said.  “When we get back to the mainland, he’s going to reveal all of this as an elaborate hoax, then he’ll go back to his life, and you’ll go back to yours.”

She sighed again, taking in the beauty of the scene in front of her while the sensible voice went on.

“I can’t believe you’ve actually gone on like this is really true”, the voice said.  “You know very well that Calloway doesn’t give a damn about you.  He only cares about himself.  You’ve spent enough time with him in eight years to know that.  The only thing that interests him is his own personal gains.”

She felt a stab of pain in her heart.  She knew that that voice was right, that this was all a hoax.  But, WHY did it have to hurt so damned much?!?  In her heart, all she really wanted was someone to love her, cherish her as if she were the only woman in the world.  It didn’t really matter if the person was rich or poor.  All the relationships in her life were bitter failures, the last one most, and most painful of all.

She had been dating a man named Louis Stein for three years.  They had even been engaged to be married.  Until, one day, she had found him in bed with a woman she had thought was her best friend.  That had been six years ago.  To this day, she spoke to neither of them, even though they had tried to make contact with her.  She couldn’t understand why they had betrayed her as they had.  Louis had blamed it on Calloway; that he had demanded too much of her, and she thought nothing of his needs.  That had not been the case.  Every time she would be called away, all her mind would think of was getting back home to Louis.  But, it appeared not to be enough for him.  After she had caught them, he had told her that she was selfish, and that she had only thought of herself.  He then left her.  When he did, her life had crumbled around her.  What was worse, a week later, she had gone to the bank to find that all of her funds had been drained out of her account.  Louis had taken all $120,000 of it... her life savings. She had worked so hard to accumulate that money, and he had stolen it from her.  She couldn’t believe, that after all the heartache and the financial struggle he put her through, he had the NERVE to try to weasel his way into her heart again.  Because that was exactly what he was.  A weasel.  The only contact that she had with him was through her lawyer, who had fought to get her money back for her.  Since he had been living in her home, was unemployed, and the account was under her name only, the courts had ordered Stein to give her the money back, plus an extra $25,000 in damages.  She had yet to collect.

A single tear ran down her cheek, and dropped, unnoticed, onto the sand.  Was it too much to ask to find someone who would love her forever, as Louis had ‘promised’?  Didn’t everyone deserve that much, even though they had done some not so perfect things in their lifetime?  She merely stared out, not really seeing the sunset anymore, with these thoughts running through her head.  She didn’t even notice that Mark had come up behind her.

Mark, meanwhile, had been looking for her, finally finding her on the beach.  She was staring out into the sea, rigid as a statue.  When he came up behind her, and took a peek at her face, he saw a tear running down her cheek…and more were coming.  “Why is my Kasandra crying?” he thought.  He stepped up behind her, and gently wrapped his arms around her waist.  “What’s wrong?” he whispered in her ear.

“Nothing”, she said.

He noted the subtle degree of coldness in her reply.  “Are you sure?” he asked.  He then tried to lighten her spirits a little bit by asking, “Do you want to tell your ‘Sugar Daddy’ what’s bothering you?”

“I said nothing”, she snapped.  “I’m fine.  Leave me alone.”  She tried to turn her face away, but he wouldn’t have it.  She was slowly turned so that she was facing him, and her head was tilted up to meet his face.

He stared into her face, actually alarmed by the raw hurt and anguish he saw in her eyes.  Kacie”, he murmured softly, “If something’s bothering you…”

“I said that nothing was bothering me!”, she shouted, making him take a step back in surprise.  “Why can’t you just accept that and leave me the hell alone?!”  She turned, and attempted to walk away.  But, before she got two steps, she was grabbed by her arm, and whirled around, and in the next second, being crushed by a warm, tender, and comforting embrace, with his hand stroking her hair.  Just then, the dam she had been holding in her for so long, finally broke as she burst into tears.

He could tell that his Kasandra had been hurt…and hurt badly.  In fact, he had remembered a time, years ago, when he had overheard her speaking to a co-worker about her ex fiancée`…Louis Stein.  He remembered burning that name in his mind, promising to make that man’s life a living hell.  Which he did.  Then he heard about the money.  THAT was what really pissed him off.  What kind of man would steal a woman’s life savings, for Christ’s sake?!  It was that week that that she had received a little…GIFT…from an unnamed source.  He grinned inwardly.  Imagine her surprise when she had received a $250,000 account, in her name.  The look on her face had said it all.  Looking down at her as she cried, he pressed a kiss to her forehead, then rested his cheek on the top of her head.  He held her there, just letting her cry until she couldn’t cry anymore.  He knew that if he continued to hold her here, she’d fall asleep where she stood.  So, he gently swept her up, and carried her through the house, until he got to the bedroom.  He removed her bikini, and covered her with the sheet, as she quickly fell asleep.  He removed his clothes, and slid in behind her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close.  Kasandra…my sweet”, he thought, “No one shall ever hurt you again…I swear it.”

For the days that followed, he loved her tenderly, which made her all the more melancholy.  Try as he might, he couldn’t bring her out of it.  This mood of hers was worrying him more and more.  He decided, that on the last night of this honeymoon, he was going to do whatever it took to get her to smile.  It took him two days to plan everything.

Kacie woke up on the last day of their ‘honeymoon’ feeling a pair of lips gently kissing hers.  Opening her eyes, she saw Calloway, looking down at her, smiling.

“Good morning, Kacie”, he murmured.  He shifted until he was on top of her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her up to him, making her body hover slightly above the bed.  “Have you slept well?”

“Yeah”, she replied.  “I slept okay.”

“Just ‘okay’?” he asked, dipping his head for another light kiss.  “Not the ‘mind blowing after sex’ slumber?”

Her lips cracked a miniscule smile.  “I slept okay.  Now, let me up.  I need to use the bathroom.”

“A tiny smile”, he thought.  “That’s something…for now.”  He moved to let her up so she could use the bathroom.  He grinned lopsidedly at the gray satin nightgown she wore that came down to her mid thigh.  She looked so good in it.  He watched as she took up the robe that was hanging over the back of a chair, then donned it before going into the bathroom.  He then got up out of bed, and stretched, walking to the now closed bathroom door.  “I’ve arranged for a big breakfast to be brought to us”, he said through the door.  “We have a lot to do today.”

“Do we?” Kacie replied.

“Yes, we do”, Mark said.  Just at that moment, two servants came into the bedroom, both with enormous trays in their hands.  The trays were set up quickly on the balcony, then the servants left.  “The breakfast is here.”

Kacie emerged from the bathroom, and went to the balcony, looking at the spread that was before her:  large plates of bacon, eggs (in every type), sausages, pancakes, French toast, and hash browns, two containers of maple syrup, a plate of butter, a large pitcher of orange juice, pots of coffee and tea, a small container of sugar, a medium sized pitcher of milk, a bowl of fruit, another bowl filled with bagels, a container of cream cheese, and a plate of regular toast.  ***Author’s note:  Can you tell that I’m HUNGRY????***  Some spread”, she said softly as she sat down opposite him at the table.  A plate, fork, knife, spoon, and a spread knife were in front of her.  She didn’t feel very hungry, so she only took a bagel and the container of cream cheese.

“Oh, no you don’t”, Mark said, grabbing her plate, and beginning to load it up with food.  “You haven’t eaten much these past few days, so I expect you to fill that pretty little belly of yours.”  He held it out, expecting her to take it.

“I’m not that hungry”, she replied, trying to shove the plate back into his direction.

“I don’t want to hear it”, he said, stubbornly setting the plate in front of her.  “You will EAT, and that’s final.”  With that, he settled back into his chair, folding his arms, and looking at her expectantly.

Grumbling, she began to eat.  She had to admit, these people knew how to cook.  She looked up at him.  “Why aren’t YOU eating?”

“I’m making sure that you eat first”, he said.  “I don’t want to bend over my food, and look up to find you only nibbling on a bagel.”  In truth, he had only ever seen her take one bite of a bagel each morning, and not to eat any of her lunch or dinner.  “I’m going to stuff you like a turkey today, so be prepared for big meals.”

“What is it you have planned that’s so important?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ll see”, he replied, his face breaking out into a grin.  “You’ll like it, trust me.”  Finally satisfied that she was eating, he began to eat his own breakfast.






Their breakfast finished, and their (shared) shower taken, he took her for a walk along the beach, insisting that she wear a string bikini that he had especially made for her.  It was made of shiny silver spandex, with black trimming, with a matching wrap that he had lovingly tied around her waist.  He guided her all around the property, stopping at a small field behind the house, where a large picnic was set up, with everything from the food and drink down to the red and white checkered blanket.

Sweeping her up into his strong arms, he settled her down on a clear space on the blanket, then settled down next to her.

They had a very filling lunch (an enormous bowl of fettuccine alfredo, with garlic breadsticks, a bottle of fine red wine, with a strawberry-filled dark chocolate cake frosted with white chocolate frosting afterwards), then just lay next to each other, talking, while Mark took a bunch of grapes from a separate bowl, and held the bunch just over her, feeding them to her as a slave would feed his mistress.

“Are you deliberately trying to pamper me?” she asked, raising an eyebrow, and grinning slightly.

“Yes, actually I am”, he replied.  He leaned down, and whispered in her ear, his lips brushing over her earlobe.  “Am I doing a good job, my mistress?” he breathed.

Kacie shuddered.  “Yes”, she said, taking a trembling breath.  She gasped softly when she felt his hand on her hip, his fingers slowly tugging at the string that held the bottom of her bikini together.

His lips slanted over hers in a heated and passionate kiss.  He stripped her of her bikini, his hands journeying all over her body.  He positioned her body so that his knees slid under her bottom, making her thighs spread wide as he ground his hardness into her.  Looking down at her beautifully nude (and, thanks to the rays of the Hawaiian sun, tanned) body, he growled, and took his member out of the constricting packaging of his pants, and guided himself into her.  He bent so that his face was hovering over hers, and began kissing his way down her neck, and latching his lips around a pert nipple, suckling avidly.

Kacie’s back arched into him, whimpering as he began to move, her hands tunneling through his hair.  She let out a long, open mouth moan as he loved her, right here, out in the open under the hot Hawaiian sun.  His thrusts came faster and harder, making her writhe and cry out desperately for release.  All of the worries that had been plaguing her mind for the past few days were wiped from her head.  All that mattered just at this moment was the fact that he was inside her.  She threw her head back and shrieked as she came, her legs wrapped around him.

Mark growled loudly as his orgasm happened a moment later, continuing to thrust his hips as he rode out the waves of pleasure that washed over his body.  When the last spasm ceased, he moved so that he was lying down, drawing her into his arms.

They lay that way for a while, just cloud-gazing, and talking, their conversation littered with many passionate kisses.  After about two hours, he glanced at his watch.

“Damn, that’s the time?!” he said incredulously.  He then turned his head to her.  Kacie, we still have a lot to do.”  He got up, fixing himself, and fixing her bikini as she stood, stretching.

“What else do you have planned?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ll see”, he said.  With that, he led her away from the picnic.

They did many things that day, from swimming in the pool, to throwing wet sand at each other, and chasing each other around on the beach.  They played for most of the day, when Mark finally ushered her back into the house, the both of them covered in sand and waterlogged.

“You go get cleaned up, Kay”, he said softly.  “I got a great evening planned.”  He turned her in the direction of the bedroom, and gave her behind a swat.  He then went off to the opposite direction.

A bit dazed, Kacie went to the bedroom, and took a hot shower, to wash off all the sea salt that accumulated on her skin, along with all the sand.   She continued to wonder what he had planned as she finished her shower and stepped out of the bathroom, seeing that a few maids were standing there, waiting for her to emerge.  They swiftly sat her down and proceeded to do her hair and make up.  Another maid came into the room, this one holding a gray garment bag, much like the one that held her wedding dress.

When her hair and face were done, she turned to the maid with the garment bag.  She took out the garment that was inside.

It was a strapless, floor length gown which glittered purple, with a matching scarf that wrapped around the neck.  It came with matching shoes.

She fingered the hem of the dress, saddened by the notion that this was not going to last for much longer.  Sighing, she put on a pair of stockings, a thong and garter belt, and a strapless bra, all black, before donning the gown and shoes.  Just when she wrapped the scarf around her neck, another maid rushed in.

“Master Calloway is waiting for you, Mistress”, the maid said.

She nodded.  “Okay”, Kacie replied.  She then looked at herself in the mirror one last time before leaving.  “Well, might as well enjoy it”, she thought.  She then left the room.

She walked through the house, being led by one of the maids, until she was brought to the dining room.  On the table were two lit candles, with two plates on either side of a small table that had been set up.  The room was dimly lit, the candles providing most of the light.  And, standing in front of a window with his back to her, and his hands clasped behind his back, was Mark, dressed very handsomely in what looked like a tuxedo.

The maid cleared her throat.  “Mistress Calloway is here”, the maid said.

Mark turned around, his heart leaping into his throat at the sight before him.  That dress fitted her perfectly, her hair swept up and away from her face, accentuating her neck, which was adorned with a delicate looking diamond and amethyst necklace, her ears decorated with the matching earrings.  The soft light of the room made her look absolutely beautiful.

Taking a steadying breath, he spoke.  “Please”, he said, moving behind one of the chairs.  “Sit.”  He then pulled it out.

She went to the chair he had pulled out for her, and sat in it, while he pushed her chair in.  “Does he always treat hisconquests’…like this?” she thought.  That thought saddened her…as well as made her jealous.  The mere thought of him with someone else secretly infuriated her.

Mark sat down in the opposite chair, and looked at her.  The dark lining of her eyes enhanced them, making her eyes seem darker, and her lashes seem fuller.  But, he couldn’t help but notice that her eyes had that saddened look once again…along with something else.  Was that…anger?  Kacie”, he murmured softly.  “What’s wrong?”

She looked up, jolted out of her previous thoughts.  “What?…Oh, nothing”, she replied.

Mark’s eyebrows furrowed.  Kacie”, he admonished gently.  “You’ve got that look in your eyes.”

“What look?” she asked, defensively.

“The look that you’ve had for the past few days”, Mark replied softly.  “Something is bothering you…and you won’t tell me what that is.”

“I’m perfectly fine”, she said.  “Don’t worry about it.”

“But I DO worry about it”, he replied.  “I can’t HELP but worry about it.”

She sighed.  “Like I said…don’t worry about it”, she said.  “This is the last day of our honeymoon, so let’s not quibble over little things.”  She then snorted inwardly.  “ ‘Honeymoon’…right”, she thought.  “He probably can’t wait to be rid of me.”

Mark sighed.  He was going to find out what was wrong…even if it took the entire night…or longer.  He then turned his head, and yelled out.  “We’re ready now”, he called.

A moment later, his butler came out, with a large domed tray in his hands.  He went up to the table, and set the tray down carefully, and removed the dome.  Inside, there was a plate that held two large lobsters, along with shell crackers.

“Thank you, Carlson”, Mark said, as the butler gently placed one lobster on Kacie’s plate, then one on Mark’s.  He then put one pair of shell crackers next to Mark, and the other near Kacie.

“You’re welcome, sir”, Carlson replied.  “Do you or Mistress Calloway require anything else?”

“No, thank you”, Kacie replied.  “Man, he’s got everyone in on it”, she thought, as Carlson turned to Mark.

“No, not at the moment”, Mark said.

“All right”, Carlson said.  “Call if you need anything.”  He then bowed to Kacie.  “Mistress Calloway”, he said.  With his piece said, he walked out.

They had dinner by candlelight in front of the large dining room windows, the night sky littered with stars and a full moon.  After dinner, they had a very rich dessert of orange cake served with orange sherbet, with mocha cappuccinos to polish it off.

“Everything was delicious”, Kacie said, patting her filled tummy.  “Thank you, Carlson.  My compliments to the chef.”

“You’re very welcome, Mistress Calloway”, Carlson replied, as he took their plates away.

Mark looked at her, and stood.  He walked slowly until he was beside her, then held out his hand.  “My lady”, he murmured softly.

She looked up at him, unable to tear her eyes away from his.  Without realizing that she was doing so, she raised her hand and slipped it into his, while he pulled out her chair, and gently tugged her into a standing position.  “Mark…what…” But, before she could finish her question, she heard soft music begin to play.  She then found herself pressed against him, with his arms wrapped around her.

“Dance with me”, he whispered in her ear.  “Please…dance with me.”

She was only able to manage a slight nod, because the feeling of his body pressed against hers was making her weak.

He nodded to someone far off, the music getting just a little bit louder a moment later.  He then began twirlling her around the room in an expertly performed waltz.

Kacie couldn’t help but feel as if she were a princess.  A princess dancing with her Prince Charming.  The way he was looking at her…like she was the only one in the world…was making her giddy.  She never wanted this moment to end.  But, to her ultimate dismay, the sensible voice made itself annoyingly known.

“I can’t BELIEVE you”, the voice said.  “What is WRONG with you??  You know what the deal is here, and you STILL think that this is going to last forever???”

Sudden tears sprang to her eyes.  She knew that the voice was right…but she wished to GOD that it would go away, never to bother her again.  But, no matter how much she tried to ignore it, it kept on pressing insistently.

“You have GOT to be kidding!!” the voice taunted.  “You actually expect this to be real??  Come on, you should know the man better than that!!”

The tears began running down her face.  She had to get out of there, before she made a fool of herself.

“You’ve already done THAT”, the sensible voice said.  “You played right into his hands, and he’s laughing his ass off at you as a result of it.”

Mark suddenly felt her stiffen, and stopped.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.  He was startled at the tears in her eyes.  Kacie…what’s wrong?”

Kacie slowly stepped out of his crushing embrace, and took a few steps backward, her tear filled eyes never leaving his confused face.  Then, all at once, she turned and fled the room, sobbing as she went.

Mark merely stood there, confused as to what had just come over her.  But, he didn’t stay idle for long.  A moment later, he went sprinting after her, trying to call her back.  She was crying…and he had no idea why.  Suddenly, this look of immense sadness had clouded her eyes, then she fled.

He ran outside, following the sound of her shoes clicking loudly on the floor as she ran.  When he got there, he looked around, only to find her on the outermost balcony, sobbing in her hands.  He walked up to her, and went to wrap his arms around her, only for her to push him away.

“Leave me alone”, she moaned desperately.  “Please, just leave me alone.”  She turned her back to him, sobbing even more.

Kacie, please tell me what’s wrong” he pleaded, trying to reach for her again.

“Just go away!!” she yelled, whirling on him.  “You’ve gotten what you wanted…now just leave me alone!!”

Woah, woah, whoa, wait a minute”, Mark said.  “Can you please explain to me what you’re talking about?”

“You know perfectly well what I’m talking about” she replied.  “You know for a fact that all of this…”  She gestured around her, “…Is a hoax!!  Everything…the gowns, the jewels, the fanfare…everything is…is just a joke!!  You did this just to get back at me for what I did to you a year ago.  Well, congratulations, you made a fool of me, just like I did to you.  Now, we can go home, where I can go back to my life, and you can go back to yours.”

Mark blinked in surprise.  So THAT’S what this was all about?  The sadness, the withdrawn attitude…was all because of the fact that she knew of his ‘plan’?  Kacie”, he began.

“Don’t you even start!!” she yelled.  “I didn’t expect for…for…”

“For what, Kacie?” he murmured, stepping towards her.  “Tell me…for what?”  He had stopped right in front of her, and was wrapping his arms around her, pulling her to him.

“I didn’t expect…to feel anything for you”, she whimpered, burying her face in his chest.  “All the time we’ve been here, you’ve treated me like a queen.  You’ve shown me more tenderness than any man ever had…but I just can’t help but be reminded that this is all set up…that it’s all fake.  I know that you love your bachelor lifestyle, and you defend it fervently.  The only reason that you’ve done this at all was to enforce discipline on a wayward employee.  Make that ex-employee.”

Mark held her tightly, stroking her hair with a broad smile on his face.  “My sweet Kasandra…you are in for a surprise”, he thought triumphantly.  This victory was even sweeter than he could ever imagine.  He hadn’t expected for her to fall for him, but it made his heart sing to know that she had.  Over the year he had been planning, he had thought long and hard about his decision…and now he knew that he had made the right one.  Kacie”, he murmured, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face.  Kacie, please don’t cry.  I can’t stand it when you cry.”  He dipped his head, and softly began kissing away her tears.  He then moved to her lips, where he dropped a passionate, demanding kiss.

Kacie whimpered softly as his mouth plundered hers, struggling weakly against his strong arms.  Her eyes closed, tears still squeezing through the closed lids.  She wanted desperately to get away from him, but her body was not obeying her mind’s commands.  Instead, her arms linked around his neck, kissing him back hungrily.  She’d hate herself for this, but damned if he didn’t feel so good.  She tried to struggle again, only for him to tighten his hold.

Mark’s mind began to whirl as she kissed him back, his arms holding her even tighter against his body.  His lips only left her long enough to start raining kisses down her neck, and to flick his tongue over her collar bone.  “Don’t fight me”, he choked.  “Please don’t fight me.”

“Damn you”, she whimpered.  “Damn you to hell.”

“You can damn me later”, he breathed, burying his face in her neck and inhaling the subtle scent of her perfume.  “Right now, I can’t think straight, I need you so bad.”

She whimpered again, as she felt his lips seal themselves on a spot at the base of her neck, and begin to suckle.

Before his lust hazed mind lost control completely, he swept her up into his arms, and stalked through the house, and into the bedroom.  He stood her on her own feet, then began to slowly undress her, kissing every exposed inch of flesh as it was bared to him.  When she was finally naked, he scooped her up and laid her on the bed, his hands moving over her in agonizing slowness.  He kneaded and squeezed her breasts, rolling the nipples until they were sufficiently hardened, before taking one of them in his mouth, and sucking strongly.  He vaguely felt her tugging at his clothes, while one of his hands slipped between legs, searching her wetness for that little nub hidden in her velvety folds.  He grunted when he found it, her hips bucking up into him, and began to stroke his thumb firmly over it, while he enjoyed her moans and whimpers of pleasure as her body writhed under him.  He inserted two fingers into her, moving furiously in and out while his thumb continued to massage the hardened bud.  His lips left her breast and moved to the other, feasting on her like a baby hungering for his mother’s milk.

Kacie writhed furiously under him, desperate for the release that only he could give her.  Louis had left much to be desired when it came to the bedroom.  He could barely keep it up for more than thirty seconds.  Mark, however, could barely keep it DOWN for more than thirty seconds.  She arched her back up into him, moaning loudly.

Mark suddenly stood (much to her mewling protests), and shucked off his clothes, rejoining her on the bed a few minutes later.  He plunged his fingers into her again, gratified to hear her cry out in gratitude.

“Mark…” she panted, “Please…please baby…”

Growling, Mark’s fingers drove her directly over the edge, feeling himself harden even more while she shrieked, her essence flowing over his hand.  When the last tremor halted, he raised his hand and licked her essence off his fingers.  “You taste so good”, he groaned.  Looking down at her, he saw that her body was spread eagled on the bed, while she tried to catch her breath.  Unable to hold back anymore, he swiftly rolled on top of her, and buried himself inside her.

Kacie cried out loudly when he sheathed himself inside her, his impressive length pulsating inside her for a moment before he began to move in hard and powerful strokes.  Her hips eagerly meeting each and every one.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, her nails digging into his shoulders.

His hips pumped hard, unable to get enough of her.  He couldn’t drive hard enough…deep enough…fast enough.  He rode her right over the edge, making her shriek as she came, her muscles clamping down hard on him.  He braced his hands on either side of her so they could support his weight, and continued to drive into her.  His orgasm roared near, his grunts and pants growing louder and more intense, until he finally bellowed in triumph as he spurted his seed deep inside her.  He continued to thrust savagely into her until he felt that his body could give no more.  When the waves of pleasure subsided, he sagged, his weight pressing her into the mattress.  Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and her legs wrapped around his waist.  He lay there trying to get his breathing under control.  When he did, he heard that she was crying softly.  He raised himself a bit, so he could look down at her, his hand brushing stray strands of hair from her face.

“You bastard”, she sobbed quietly.  “Why do you torture me like this?  Do you really wish to see me suffer?”  With a burst of strength, she disentangled her arms from around him, and began to beat at his chest with her fists.

He was forced to hold her wrists on either side of her head, while she struggled under him. 
                                                         “Let me go!!” she cried, trying to wriggle out from under him.

Kacie, you need to rest”, he replied, effectively stilling her efforts to escape.  “I promise we’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Her struggles grew weaker and weaker until they ceased.  He had rolled over onto his back, and drew her into his arms while she sobbed, his hand stroking her hair, until her sobs dwindled to sniffles, and her breathing deepened, signifying sleep.

He watched her sleep for a while, until his eyes began to droop.  He was going to tell her everything in the morning…thus making her see the brilliance of his plan.  Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he settled in and fell asleep.






The next morning, Mark woke to find her still asleep in his arms.  Since they weren’t leaving until the evening, he was going to let her sleep.  Gently unwrapping his arms from around her, he lay her head on a pillow, and got up.  He quickly went into the bathroom, snagged a five minute shower, and got dressed, then left the bathroom to pack their things.  He had promised that they’d talk this morning, but he didn’t want to wake her up if she was tired.  “Besides”, he thought, grinning wickedly, “She’d had a strenuous night.”

He had gotten all of their things packed rather quickly, and, since he had nothing else to do, he lay beside her, and watched her as she slept, her chest gently rising and falling with each breath she took.  She looked at peace right now; no frown, no lines of worry etched into her face.  Just smooth, unblemished skin.

He didn’t know how long he lay there, but he just watched her until her eyes opened, her mouth emitting a tired sigh.  “Sleep well?” he asked.

“Fine”, she mumbled sleepily.

“I’ll leave you so you can get yourself going, then we’ll talk”, he murmured softly, bending to press a kiss to her lips.  “I’ll be in the living room if you need me.”  He then got up and, with one last longing look at her, he left the room.

Kacie sat up, stretching, a groan coming from her.  She then got up, and went to use the bathroom, take her shower, get dressed and brush her teeth.  She was so sad that this wonderful fairy tale she had been living in for the past two weeks was ending…and that she was going back to her cold, lonely life in her cold, lonely apartment…most of all, her cold, lonely bed.  She tried to keep her tears inside as she brushed her hair, but they refused to be denied, for they slid soundlessly down her cheeks.

“Stop it”, she thought firmly.  “Get a hold of yourself.  You don’t need more embarrassment by letting him see you cry.  You let him see enough last night, and he’s probably so damned smug about it.”  With this thought in mind, she angrily brushed her tears away, and finished getting ready.  After she did, she took a deep breath, and walked out into the living room.

Mark was sitting on the sofa, waiting patiently for her.  “Are you ready?” he asked softly.

“Yeah”, she muttered.  She then sank down on the loveseat opposite him.

Mark took a deep breath.  “Okay”, he said.  But, before he could talk, she raised a hand.

“What I want to know is…”, she said, a cold, hard edge to her voice, “…What gives you the right to waltz into my life, destroy everything I worked so hard for, and then just walk away to leave me to clean up the mess?”

Kacie-“, he began.

“No, let me finish”, she said, standing up and beginning to pace.  “You play with people’s emotions, and expect not to leave hurt feelings in your wake.  You so arrogantly think that since you’ve got money up the wazoo, you can do whatever the fuck you want to people.  Well, guess what asshole?  You can’t.”

Mark decided to try again.  Kacie-“

But, she only cut him off again.  “If you keep doing this to people, you’re going to be the one who ends up hurt.  In the end, you’re going to die…hurt and alone.”

She continued her rant for another fifteen minutes, until Mark had had enough.  “KACIE!!” he yelled.

Kacie stopped in her tracks, and looked at him.  “What?!” she snarled.

“Are you finished?” he asked, leaning forward, with his elbows on his knees.

She took a deep breath.  “Yeah, I’m finished…for now”, she said.  She then sat back down.

“Good”, he said softly.  “Now, you’re going to hear me out.”  He suddenly picked up a manila envelope that was on the coffee table.  An envelope that Kacie hadn’t noticed was there.  He stood up, and slowly walked to her, until he was right in front of her.  He held out the envelope to her.  “This has everything you need to know”, he said.  He then sat down next to her on the loveseat, looking at her expectantly.

Confused, Kacie opened the envelope, and took out the contents.  Inside, there was a whole mass of official looking documents.  Casting her eyes to Mark, she saw that he was still watching her.

“Go on…read them”, he said softly.  His hand came up to inscribe little circles in the back of her neck.

“I hate it when he does that…I can’t THINK when he does that”, she thought.  She then cast her eyes back to the papers in her hands.  The first page blared out at her…clear as day.  She stared at it for what seemed like forever, blinking in shock.  No…it couldn’t be…it just couldn’t…

She looked up at Mark again, only to find that his face had a very broad grin on it.  Looking back down at the paper, she saw the words ‘Marriage License’.  His signature was there…but on the spot where hers would be was blank.  She jumped when she heard him murmur right in her ear.

“All it needs is your signature, beautiful”, he said.

She looked back at him, still blinking in shock, then back to the documents.  She looked them over, her mind numb.  She combed through them carefully, and quickly found out that everything was…well…LEGAL.  “B-but”, she stammered, “I-I don’t understand…”

Mark gently took the papers from her, and dragged her into his lap.  “I gave it a hell of a lot of thought”, he said quietly.  “I know I haven’t been all that respectable towards you in the past, and I thought this was the only solution.  I have eight years to make up for.”

She just peered up at him as he spoke.

“When you told me that you had to struggle to keep your small apartment, that really set something off in my head.  I decided that I wanted to take care of you”, he said.  “You were right…I was a total asshole.”  He sighed, the arms that were wrapped around her waist tightening.  “I remember hearing something about that loser boyfriend of yours…now THAT had pissed me off.  All I could think of was ‘No one does that to my Kasandra’.”  He then grinned ruefully.  “I’m really glad that you put the money I sent you to good use, in getting a new apartment.”

Kacie’s eyes widened.  “It was YOU”, she breathed.

“Yeah, it was me”, he murmured.  Kacie, believe me when I say that I never meant to cause you any grief.  All those times I would call you to my house…it had been the only thing I could think of as means to get near you.  I never gave you the vacation you pleaded for because I didn’t think I could bear going to the office, only to find your desk empty.” He  raised his hand to run through her hair.  “I’m so sorry, Kacie…please forgive me.”

Kacie looked up at him, seeing the desperation, and the sorrow in his eyes.  How could she refuse him?  “I forgive you”, she breathed.

With a groan of relief, his head bent to swiftly ravage her lips with his.  When he finally wrenched his lips off hers, he pressed their foreheads together.  “I love you”, he whispered.

“I love you, too”, she breathed.  “I…I’m sorry for being so hard on you…”

“No…you had every right to blow up at me”, he replied.  He kissed her again, more passionate than the last.  He then raised his head, his eyes flickering back to the documents.  “Uh…beautiful…are you doing to sign that?”  He looked down at her, unable to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat.

Her eyes went to the marriage license, then looked back up at him, with tears shining in her eyes.  “Do you have a pen?” she choked.

He let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, then took a pen out of his shirt pocket, handing it to her.  He then watched as she signed the document, his heart swelling ten times its size.  Yes, he was DEFINITELY the victor here.  When all was finished, he stuffed the documents back into the folder, and enfolded her into his arms again, kissing her with all the love that was in his body.  He then abruptly stood, and carried her back into the bedroom.

They loved each other over and over again until they got the jet back to the states…and their ‘Happily Ever After’.



*~*~*The End*~*~*