Kitty’s Confession



You wouldn’t believe it by looking at me, but, rest assured, I did it. I did what no one on this planet had ever THOUGHT to do.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘How could such a sweet girl do such a heinous thing?’ Trust me, if you’d have spent the last few years with me, you’d know that I’d done a whole lot worse.

It all started when my grandmother met this man through a pen pal program, or some such thing. I thought it was harmless at first, because, seriously, what could a person that’s so far away say to affect a wise and very smart woman possibly do?

That was my mistake, you see. Thinking that it was harmless.

My grandmother was always a strong willed woman, always doing what she wanted to do, just because she wanted to do it. She was also the kindest woman on this planet. She’d have definitely given the Big Blue Boy Scout a run for his money.

And I’d helped murder her.

When HE came into the picture, he was so charismatic…knew exactly what to do, and what to say. I’d fallen on hard times, and my grandmother had given me a job as one of the maids. I had liked my lot, as I never liked to stand around idle, doing nothing. She’d given me a decent paycheck every week, and every weekend, I’d have off to do my own thing.

He’d convinced me that the old woman took pleasure in seeing me work like a maid, while she enjoyed all the comforts that the rich took for granted. At first, I merely shrugged him off, but he wore me down, and eventually, I started to believe him. I started to believe that she’d loved watching me scrub floors and toilets while she sat in her bed and ate caviar for breakfast every morning.

I’d helped him make sure that her health deteriorated more and more until she finally died. I’d also made sure that he got everything. I had never wanted her riches, anyway. Snort if you wish, but it’s true. Even though I resented her lavish lifestyle, deep down, I knew it wasn’t the lifestyle for me.

I ignored the family that had gathered, blood-sucking leeches that they were, and walked out behind him when he told me ‘We’re done.’ In truth, they were no better than he was.

I’d spent a few years with him. The sex was okay, but nothing earth shattering. It was always in the blackest hours of the night that I’d wonder if there was something better out there for me. Of course, if I’d opened my mouth, I’d get a slap to the face for my trouble.

Which is why I’d stayed silent all that time. Just played the airhead next to his self-proclaimed ‘genius’. If he knew that my IQ was about fifteen points higher than his, he’d have had a coronary. Maybe I should have mentioned it before. It’d have saved me a whole heap of trouble.

Things changed for me the night that I had to ‘pretend’ that my car was out of control. That bastard had cut my brakes, forcing you know who to fly to my rescue. It was those few moments that I flew the sky in his arms that changed me. I knew that I had to do something about my situation before I got in deeper than I already had. Many nights afterward, I’d find myself chuckling at the fact that I’d actually asked him if he wanted some coffee. Lord knows what caffeine would do to that guy, if anything at all. If he flew at THAT speed when he was normal, imagine what caffeine would do to him. He could probably fly to Jupiter and back within an hour.

But, I digress. The events afterward flew by quickly…too quickly for me to really remember. But when He said that billions would die from his plan…I knew that I had to do something…ANYTHING to stop him.

Seeing the Caped Wonder being beaten down was almost more than I could take. He’d been so nice to me that night when he saved me. And then he’d got stabbed…It was just too much.

That’s why I’d gotten rid of the crystals. I already had my grandmother’s death, among a few others, on my head. I couldn’t live with myself if I had, even indirectly, had a hand in it. I just couldn’t let it happen.

We ended up on that island after everything. I couldn’t help but watch with a sense of self satisfaction as the massive island that had been ‘grown’ rise up, higher and higher into the heavens until it was nothing more than a memory. We’d gotten rescued about a half a day later.

Snake as he was, he was able to disappear again. And drag me with him.

For a few months afterward, guilt started to eat me alive. Seeing my grandmother’s face, only to be replaced with scenes of the Caped Wonder laying prostrate in green laced rock…like some sort of sick slide show. So I did what the courts, the inmates, or even Superman could do.

I murdered Lex Luthor.

A pretty anticlimactic end to the lives of the self proclaimed ‘Greatest Criminal Mind Of Our Time’, if you think about it. You’d think that with the amount of enemies he’d made, he’d be a bit more paranoid of what he was eating.

A simple, yet very powerful tranquilizer in his mashed potatoes. And he never suspected a thing.

I made sure he knew what was going to happen to him just before he lost consciousness. I made him understand, in his last waking moments, that because of what he’d done, that he was going to have to pay. And pay dearly.

When he was out, I’d managed to drag him to his bed. I’d even gotten him into his pajamas before tucking him in. Then sliced his throat.

Now, this world won’t have to worry about Lex Luthor ever again.

People thought I was crazy that I had asked Superman himself to interrogate me. Many thought it was a play for sympathy; that I’d manage to get him to tell the courts to be lenient.

Very good guess, but NO.

I needed him to understand WHY I’d done what I’d done. I didn’t care what happened to me after I got arrested…I just needed him to KNOW. He didn’t even have to speak before I told him everything.

“How many more?” I’d asked him after I finished my tale. “How many more needed to die in order for you to realize that Lex Luthor was just TOO DANGEROUS to be left alive??”

He was silent.

“No offense to you”, I continued, “But I did that one thing that even YOU didn’t have the gumption to do: Kill Lex Luthor. Time and again you’d bring him to jail, only for him to get out and plan another scheme to kill even more people. The cycle just kept on going and going. I decided to finally end it.”

Still, he was silent.

“I’m not asking for leniency, because, frankly, I don’t think I deserve it. I wanted you to interrogate me because you are the only person on this planet that can SMELL the barest hint of a lie from across the world. I know that I have to pay for my crimes. And I’m perfectly willing to do so.”

He was silent still for the longest time, before asking one question:

“What do you think that you deserve?” he asked.

“The maximum penalty”, I answered promptly. At his raised eyebrow, I continued. “I know you don’t approve of the death penalty, but rest assured that I feel it’s best. I can’t keep living with seeing my grandmother’s corpse in my dreams anymore.” I became annoyed at myself when tears started to run down my cheeks. I scrubbed them away.

He knew that telling me that I can start over was pointless. I’d chosen my path, and I would not be dissuaded from it.

And now, about eight months later, after I’d been convicted of murder, among other things, I’m walking down that hallway that will take me to my ultimate destiny.

I know that, even after death, that I will never see my Grandmother again. She is in heaven, and has my Grandfather, my parents, the other Angels, and even God to care for her now.

Which is, most assuredly, NOT where I’m going.

I am surprisingly calm as they strap me in to receive my lethal injection. I know that this is the price for my crimes, and, as I said, which I’m fully willing to pay.

They’re sticking the needle in my arm now. The last thoughts in my head as the poison works its magic is this:

I don’t have to live with the pain anymore. I am free.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*Two Weeks Later*~*~*~*~*

The funeral was paid for by an anonymous benefactor. There were barely any people there: only people that had befriended her during her stint in prison.

As the quietly crying people walked away, nobody noticed that anonymous benefactor flying away towards the heavens.

‘Rest in peace, Kitty Kowalski”, Superman thought, as he flew back toward Metropolis. ‘If anybody deserves it, it’s you.”