Gina drove the lonely stretch of road, figuring that this way would be faster than her usual way home from work. It turned out, that she was wrong. She had been driving for hours, and she had no idea how to get home from her present location. She sighed. “Serves me right, doesn’t it?” she thought to herself. As she drove, her car began to slow down. “Oh, god, not now!!”, she said, as the car sputtered to a stop. She tried turning the key in the ignition, trying to get it started. “Please, don’t fail me now!”, she pleaded, but the car just wouldn’t start. She stopped trying, and rested her head on the steering wheel. She then reached into her purse for her cell phone. She tried to turn it on, but the battery was dead. “Great”, she said softly. “Just great. A great ending to a great day.” She sat back in her seat. She let her mind wander back to the ‘great’ day she had experienced. She had been sitting at her desk in front of Mr. Sharp’s office, who also happened to be her boss.
“Miss Jenkins, could you come into my office please? I need to speak with you”, he said over the intercom.
“Yes, sir”, she replied, then turned the intercom off. Thinking that he needed her to take down a memo, she grabbed her pad of paper, and pencil, and went into the office.
Mr. Sharp looked at the young woman who had just walked into his office. She was a very beautiful, shapely woman in her early to mid twenties, with her light brown hair that was twisted up in a French twist. She was wearing a light gray business suit, with the skirt coming to her lower mid thigh. He watched, with a grin on his face, as she turned around, and closed the door behind her. He had lusted after this young woman ever since he had hired her about five years ago, and he wasn’t going to wait anymore. He had waited long enough.
Gina turned, and walked over to the chair in front of his desk, and sat down. “What did you want to speak to me about, Mr. Sharp?” she asked.
He then got up, and slowly walked over to her, and stood in front of her. He leaned against his desk, and folded his arms. “How long have you been employed here?” he asked.
“Five years”, she said, getting uneasier by the minute.
He nodded. “In these five years, have I ever given you a raise?” he asked.
“No, sir, you haven’t”, she replied.
He nodded again. “I think, that a raise is in order…on one condition”, he said.
“What’s that, sir?” she asked.
He suddenly grabbed her wrist, and yanked her up, and in one motion, had her pinned against the desk. “If you be a good little girl and spread those pretty little legs of yours for me”, he hissed in her ear.
Gina opened her mouth in an ‘O’ of shock. Before she could respond, his lips pressed forcefully onto hers. It was then she began to struggle. She couldn’t belive that her boss would do something like this. She finally wrenched her lips off his. “What are you doing?!”, she asked, obviously startled, and still struggling.
“What does it look like I’m doing?!” he asked. “I want you, and I intend to have you.”
“Like hell you will!!”, she yelled, still struggling. “Get your hands off me!!”
He held both her wrists in one hand, while using the other to push her backwards, so that she was laying down on his desk. She was still struggling, so he lay down on top of her, and pressed his weight into her, pinning her there. He then began to run kisses down her neck, his hand running up her leg, and under her skirt. “I’ve been watching you for five years”, he said, while wrenching her legs open. “I’ve waited long enough.”
“Please stop”, she begged. “Please don’t do this.”
“Hmm..well, let me put it this way. You either stay still, and just let me fuck your brains out, or you’re fired”, he whispered in her ear, then moving down to suck on her earlobe.
An idea then popped into her head. “Mmm, well, let me think about this for a moment”, she purred seductively into his ear. She the ground her body into his, hearing him groan. She felt the grip on her wrists slacken. She then moved her wrists out of his hand, then moved them down his body, using one of them to stroke his hardened member. Making sure that he was as hard as he could be, she manovered herself to the right position, then kneed him in the balls with all of her stregnth.
He felt the extreme pain in his groin, and got off her, bending over and groaning in pain as he did so.
She took this time to hop off the desk, and stand in front of him. He had fallen to the ground, cupping his genitals. She swung her foot back, and kicked him in the stomach. “PIG!!”, she screamed as she kicked him. “BASTARD!!” She then kicked him again. She stood over him, admiring her handiwork. She knew that she would surely be out of a job for this, but, to her, it was well worth it.
“You…bitch…”, he wheezed. “You’re…fired!!” He was livid. No woman had ever refused Bradford Sharp Jr. before.
“You can’t fire me”, she said coolly. “BECAUSE I QUIT!!” She then walked to the door, and opened it, and once again began yelling, so that everyone outside could hear her. “AND DON’T YOU EVER LAY YOUR FILTHY HANDS ON ME AGAIN, YOU SICK FREAK!!” She then slammed the door forcefully, making everyone stare at her. She then walked to her desk, cleared out everything, and walked out.
So now here she was, inside her car (which had just broken down), with no job, and a dead cell phone. She then remembered that she had passed a bar about a quarter mile back down the road. “Well”, she thought. “I can just call for a tow truck from there.” With this resolve, she undid her seatbelt, took the keys out of the ignition, and got out of her car. Closing and locking it, she made sure that her wallet was in her pocket, which it was. She closed her blazer tightly around herself, and began to walk, her pumps clicking loudly on the concrete. After about five minutes, she felt a drop fall on her head. “Wonderful”, she thought. “Isn’t this just peachy fucking keen.” A mintue later, the rain fell down in torrents, soaking her to the bone in a matter of seconds. It was like buckets of ice water were being continually poured on her head. She forced herself to walk onward, and not turn back to her nice, warm, and dry car. She walked for about a half an hour, before she came to the bar. She noticed that there were about twenty motorcycles parked out front. It was then that she had second thoughts. She then sighed. “Well, I might as well, since I’m already here”, she thought. She walked up to the door, opened it, and stepped inside. Looking around, she saw that the bar was dark, smoky, and filled with bikers. Keeping a wary eye out, she walked up to the bar, and spoke to the old man that was behind it. Even though the man was old, he was certainly not small. In fact, he was tall, and very well muscled, with short grey hair. “Um…excuse me sir, do you have a phone?” she asked.
The bartender pointed to beside the bar, where a phone booth was. “It’s right there, miss”, he said.
“Thank you”, she replied, then walked to the phone booth, and went inside, closing the door to the sounds of the music that was coming from the jukebox. She looked for the number of a tow trucking agency in the phone book that was resting on the shelf, and dialled.
“Yo”, the man on the other end said.
“Um…yes, I need a tow truck”, Gina replied.
“Yeah, ok, where are you?” the man asked.
“I don’t know exactly”, she replied. “My car broke down about a quarter mile away from this bar, called Jack’s Bar.”
“Is that that place where all the bikers hang out?” the man asked.
“Yes”, she replied. “That’s the place. I’m here now.”
“Geez, ma’am, you ought to be careful. I’ve heard about that place. Real rowdy, men slitting each other’s throats every half hour, and women gettin roughed up regularly”, the man said seriously.
“Really?” she asked, halfheartedly. “I’ll make sure to be careful.”
“We’ll be there as soon as we can, ma’am”, the man said.
“Thank you. Bye”, she said, then hung up. “Great”, she thought. “Not only am I soaking wet, and freezing, I’m in a place where I’m likely to be skinned alive.” She sighed, and walked out of the phone booth, and sat on a stool that was near it. She then looked to see that the bartender was holding out a large towel.
“Here miss, you might need this”, he said.
“Thank you”, she said, gratefully, and took her hair down to dry it. She placed the bobby pins she used to keep her hair up in her pocket, and began to dry her hair. She took off her blazer, and as quickly as she could, wrapped the towel around her shoulders, so that no one would see her bra through her soaking wet white blouse. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough, for she began to hear hoots, whistles, and hollering, all directed at her. As she tried to keep herself warm with the towel, the bartender placed a shot glass filled with Jack Daniels in front of her.
“This might warm you up a bit, miss”, he said.
“Thank you again”, she said, smiling. She then downed her shot, grimacing as the liquid burned a trail down her throat.
“I take it you don’t drink much”, the bartender said.
“No, I don’t”, she replied. She then sighed.
“What’s a pretty lady like yourself doing in a place like this?” he asked, concerned.
“Well, my car broke down, and I’m just waiting for the tow truck”, she replied.
“Oh, all right”, he said. “Just be careful here, miss. Not many dignified types when it comes to a lady like yourself.”
Gina nodded. “I will”, she said.
She sat there, with the towel still around her shoulders, when she looked around, and saw a large group of men walking towards her, a short man with a large beer belly in the lead.
“Hey there, pretty lady”, the man slurred. “What brings you to our fine establishment?”
“Um…”, she began nervously, “…My car broke down, and I’m just waiting for a tow truck.”
“Ain’t that a shame”, the man said, shaking his head. He then turned to his companions. “Hear that, fellas? Her car broke down.”
She then heard a chorus of ‘damn shame’, and ‘ain’t that a bitch?’ “Um…I think I’ll wait outside”, she said nervously, hopping down from the barstool. The last thing that she needed right now was to be attacked for the second time today.
But the man with the beer belly and his friends had other plans. He blocked her way, and his friends surrounded her. “What’s your hurry, little lady?” he asked, smiling, and revealing rotted and missing teeth. “We ain’t gonna bite ya.”
“Um..i just thought I’d wait outside for the tow truck, is all”, she replied. She then tried to walk away, but one of the short man’s companions blocked her way.
“Now, Roy”, the bartender said. “Leave the lady alone.”
The man with the beer belly then grabbed her by the arm, and pinned her against the wall, holding her wrists tightly above her head with one hand. “Mind your business, old man!!”, he yelled to the bartender. He reached into his pocket, and brandished a knife, flashing it in her face. “I tried to ask you nicely, woman, but you had to push it”, the man growled drunkenly. He then hollered to his companions. “Whaddaya say, fellas? Should I show ya what she’s got under this perty little blouse of hers?!”
A chorus of hoots, whistles, and hollers flooded over her ears. “God, I don’t need this now, I really do NOT need this now…”, she thought as the man used the knife to cut off the buttons of her blouse, revealing her lacy white bra to the patrons of the bar. Even more hoots and whistles. “I’m going to die here, dear god, I’m going to die here…please god make it quick…”, she thought desperately. “Please GOD make it quick…”
“Well, well, well, looky what we got here!!”, the man yelled, pushing the halves of her blouse aside. “It looks like we got ourselves a natural born beauty here!!”
The bartender looked desperately at the man who was sitting at the farthest, darkest corner of the bar.
He was a very large man, with short auburn hair, and peircing green eyes, and was a few inches shy of seven feet. He wasn’t thin either. This man was ENORMOUS. He looked like he could pick up a small car easily.
The bartender sighed in relief as the man stood to his full height, taking one last swig of his beer. He then watched as the man put down the beer bottle, and slowly made his way over to where the incident was taking place.
Gina’s eyes were squeezed shut, tears running down her face. She was trying to struggle, but the man held the knife to her throat.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, he growled. He then dropped her eyes to her exposed chest, clad only in her white bra. “Now, lets see what we got in here”, he murmured, removing the knife from her throat. As he was about to cut open the front of her bra, he felt an enormous hand clamp around his neck, and whirl him around. He looked up, and was looking into a pair of glaring, and very irate green eyes.
“Is there a problem here, Roy?” the man growled, shaking the smaller man.
“D-D-D-Deadman!!”, Roy stuttered. “W-w-w-what a pleasant surprise!!”
The larger man just stared at him like he was the most disgusting thing he had ever laid eyes on.
“W-w-w-we wasn’t gonna hurt her, honest!!”, Roy stammered. “We was just havin’ some fun…”
“I beg to differ”, the man said, his grip on Roy still strong. “It looked to me like you had a goddamned blade to her throat. Looked to me like you were tryin’ to rough the lady up.”
“I swear, Deadman, we wasn’t gonna hurt her”, Roy blubbered. “No need to go apeshit…” He was suddenly cut off when the larger man backhanded him in the face.
“I didn’t give you permission to speak”, he said. “And watch your language, lardass. There’s a lady present.”
“B-b-but…but you…”, Roy began. He was suddenly backhanded again.
“I said shut up, what are ya deaf?” the large man said, shaking the man violently. “Now you leave this little lady alone, if ya know what’s good for ya.” He then turned to Roy’s friends. “That goes for the rest of you, you understand me?”
They all nodded vigorously, one of them pissing his pants as he did so.
“Good. Now get out of my sight, you disgust me”, he said, letting go of Roy’s throat, and watching as they all scampered away.
Gina watched in awe as the men scampered away. She then looked up at her large rescuer, clutching the halves of her shirt, and holding them together tightly.
The large man picked up the towel, which had fallen to the ground during the scuffle, shook it out, and handed it to her, nodding respectfully. “Miss”, he said. “Here’s your towel.”
“Thank you”, she said softly, noticing how…LARGE he was. He was much taller than her, by about a foot and a half, and had the greenest eyes she had ever seen. She took the towel, and once again draped it around her shoulders. She then brushed a strand of stray hair in back of her ear. She also saw that he was…very handsome.
The large man helped her onto a barstool. “What’s a pretty little lady such as yourself doing in a dump like this?” he asked.
“Hey, this ‘dump’ happens to be your supply of beer, Deadman”, the Bartender said, placing another bottle of beer in front of him.
“Shut your hole, Jack”, the large man, known as ‘Deadman’ replied. “This place is a dump and you know it.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever”, Jack the bartender replied.
‘Deadman’ looked over at the little lady that was sitting beside him. He had been watching her very closely ever since she had walked in. Now that he was closer to her, he saw that she was indeed, very beautiful, with light brown hair that hung to the middle of her back, and had bright blue eyes. He also couldn’t help but notice that she had one killer body. He then noticed that she was shivering. “Uh, hey there, Jack, the little lady could use a nice, hot cup of coffee”, he said.
“Sure thing”, Jack replied. “Would she like a burger too? She must be hungry.”
“All right”, she replied softly.
“How do you like your burgers?” Jack asked.
“Medium rare”, she said. “Thank you.”
“No problem. One medium rare burger comin’ up”, Jack said, disappearing through the door, and into the kitchen.
“Yo, Jack”, ‘Deadman’ called. “Make that four burgers with cheese.” He then turned to Gina. “You like cheese, don’t ya?” he asked.
“Cheese is fine”, she replied.
“Listen, darlin’, I didn’t catch your name”, he said.
“It’s Gina”, she said, smiling.
“They call me Deadman”, he said, grinning back. He then leaned to whisper in her ear. “My real name is Mark, but don’t tell no one I told ya.”
She nodded. “All right”, she said. She clutched the towel, and held it tighter around her shoulders. She was still shivering. She then felt a large arm wrap around her, and pull her towards the large man who was sitting next to her.
“Here darlin’”, he said. “Let me try to warm you up a bit.”
“Oh, um, all right”, she said. She leaned against him, letting his warmth radiate and soak into her skin. But, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get herself to stop shivering.
“Hmm, let’s try something else”, he murmured in her ear.
Before she could try anything, he hoisted her up from her bar stool, and sat her in his lap, and wrapped his coat around her. “Better?”, he asked.
She looked up to see his green eyes twinkling down at her. “Much”, she said softly. She then laid her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. They sat that way until their food came a little while later.
Jack saw how the two were sitting, and shook his head, while he placed their plates in front of them. “It’s real nice that these two lonely souls found each other”, he thought. He then cleared his throat. “Here’s your food”, he said, grinning.
Gina’s eyes snapped open, and looked down at the two huge plates, both laden with two large cheeseburgers, and a generous abundance of fries. She then felt two large hands on her hips, and was suddenly sitting on her own barstool again.
They ate their food, with Gina watching in wide eyed shock as Mark devoured his food, while she was still eating her first burger slowly.
“You’re not eatin, darlin’”, Mark said, watching her just finish her first burger.
“I don’t usually eat this much”, she said. “But then again, I didn’t eat today, so I guess I can stuff it down my throat.” She then picked up the second burger, and took a large bite.
Mark grinned. “That’s my girl”, he said, chuckling.
She ate the rest of her food, (giving Mark the rest of her fries, because she couldn’t finish them), and just sat there, talking with her tall, dark and gorgeous rescuer. They sat and talked for a long while.
After about an hour and a half, Mark stood up. “Well, darlin, uh, would you like me to give you a ride to your car? The rain must have stopped, and Jack here can just send the tow truck after us.”
She looked to Jack, who nodded. “All right, I guess that’ll be fine”, she said. She then fished into her blazer pocket, and took out her wallet. She was just opening it, when Mark stopped her.
“Nuh-uh”, he said. “This one’s on me.” He then took out his wallet, fished out two twentys, and put them on the bar.
“No way, Deadman, this one is on the house”, Jack said, pushing the twentys back in Mark’s direction.
“Naw, keep it. Maybe you could use it to spruce up this dump of yours”, Mark said, waving his arm around, indicating the bar.
Jack laughed. “Seriously, man, keep it. It’s on the house”, he said.
Mark took the two twentys and stuffed them back into his wallet. “Thanks, man”, he said, nodding to the old man.
“No problem”, Jack replied, smiling. He then turned to Gina. “You’re in good hands, miss.”
Gina smiled. “I have no doubt of that”, she replied, looking at Mark, who grinned.
“Let’s go now, darlin’”, he said, wrapping his arm around her waist after she hopped off the bar stool. He then guided her out the door.
They both looked outside, and saw that it was still raining. “Well, I guess I was wrong, wasn’t I?” he asked, ruefully, and running a hand over his hair.
“Can’t be right all the time, now can we?” Gina asked, still smiling.
He took off his large leather coat, and wrapped it around her.
“Won’t you be cold?”, she asked.
He shrugged. “Nah. The cold don’t bother me none”, he said.
“Are you sure?” she asked in a concerned tone.
“I’m absolutely positive”, he replied.
He guided her to the end of the line of motorcycles, and stopped in front of the last one. Naturally, it was the largest one in the lot.
“Um…isn’t it a bit dangerous to ride a motorcycle in the rain?” she asked, looking none too thrilled that she was going to be riding one in the rain.
“It is dangerous…if you don’t know what you’re doing”, he said. “And, I assure you, I know what I’m doing.” He held out his hand, which she reluctantly took. He helped her mount the bike in back of him and took her hands, guiding them around his waist. “Hold on tight, darlin. Don’t want ya fallin’ off.”
Her arms tighened around his waist, and pressed her cheek onto his back. “OK, I’m ready now”, she said softly.
He then gunned the engine, and they were off.
They rode for about ten minutes until they pulled up a few feet behind her car. Instead of waiting out in the rain, she quickly went to the car, unlocked it, and climbed in, unlocking the passenger door so he could climb in too. They just sat there, enjoying the warmth and dryness of the car.
“Um…I know I have towels in here, just let me look for them”, Gina said after a few moments. She then began to twist her body around to look in back of her seat for the towels.
Mark watched as her body twisted and turned as she looked for the towels. “GOD, I want her so damned bad”, he thought. In truth, he wanted her more than he had wanted any woman in a very long time. He didn’t know what it was about her, but whatever it was, it was attracting him to her like a bee to honey, and, in his opinion, she was definitely sweeter than honey. He couldn’t help but drop his eyes to her chest, which was now exposed because the buttons of her shirt were gone thanks to Roy, and his knife. He also couldn’t help but notice how the Good Lord had blessed her with very bountiful cleavage. His body was screaming for him to take her, and to take her now. He was jolted out of his very…lustful thoughts as she held out a large, dark green towel.
“Here you go”, she said, smiling triumphantly. “I knew I had towels here somewhere, just had to find them.”
“Thank you”, he said, taking the towel. He then removed his leather vest, and then began towelling himself off.
Gina had to turn away, so he wouldn’t catch her staring at his now bared chest. “Jesus, he’s a GOD!!” she thought. She bit her lip, unable to stop the very unsavory thoughts from running through her head. She turned her back to him, so she could open her shirt more, and began to dry herself off.
Mark couldn’t resist looking at her while she dried herself off. Her white shirt was soaked, thus giving him a peek of her white bra underneath. He felt his body respond even more so than it already was. He wanted to take her over and over again until she was screaming his name. But, his good manners stopped him. She was not some whore who would spread her legs for him at his command. She was a lady, and he had to remember that. He turned his head just as she turned back around, the towel around her shoulders, and sufficiently hiding her body from his gaze. He looked out the window, and clenched his jaw. This was NOT going to be easy.
She turned around to see him looking out the window. She was wondering why he wasn’t trying to paw her, like so many other men had done. A lot of men seemed to think that she was just a piece of eye candy, and a magnet for groping hands to boot. She had dealt with this kind of treatment since she was in college, and it had progressively worsened. She felt the chilly air in the car, then turned on the heat, fixing the vents so that one blew warm air on Mark, and another on herself. “Ahh, much better”, she said softly.
Mark looked over at her, and noticed that she was, once again, shivering. Upon instinct, he reached out, and wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling her freeze. He then gently pulled her back, so that she was leaning back onto his chest. “Here, let’s keep each other warm”, he said.
“Mmm, ok”, she mumbled, as she rested back against him. She was wondering why she wasn’t struggling to get away from him. Then she realized…she didn’t WANT to get away. She liked being right where she was. She then felt him bury his nose in her hair.

“So pretty”, he murmured. He then rested his cheek on top of her head. “Darlin’, can I ask you a question?” he asked after a few minutes.
“Sure”, she said, getting lost in the feel of the heat of his body soaking into her.
After a few minutes, he spoke again. “Don’t it get lonely?” he asked.
She then turned turned around and looked at him. “I don’t follow you”, she said.
“Well, when you were on the phone, I didn’t see you rushing to call a boyfriend, and I didn’t notice a ring on your finger”, he said. “So logic dictates that you’re alone, right?”
There was a silence in the car for a few minutes, while Gina pondered the question. “Yes”, she said after a few minutes. “Yes, it does. What about you?” she asked.
He sighed. “Yeah. Yeah it is. I’ve had women look down their noses at me like I was some sort of dog”, he said. “And the ones that don’t, they act as if I’m only some sort of piece of meat. I know, I know, it sounds so…cliché, but it’s true.”
Gina nodded, knowing exactly what the ‘piece of meat’ remark felt like. “Preach on, brother”, she thought.
“It’s not easy for a guy like me”, he continued. “It’s a real rarity that a lady like yourself even gives a guy like me the time of day.”
Gina stayed silent, listening quietly. How could a woman NOT want to talk to him? He was kind, funny, and an overall gentleman. She didn’t understand the logic.
“Listen to me, huh? Layin out all of life’s problems on someone I’ve hardly known for a few hours”, he said ruefully.
“It’s ok”, she said softly. “Sometimes strangers are the best listeners.”
He grinned faintly. “Thank you”, he said. “Thank you for listening.”
“No problem”, she replied, smiling brilliantly.
“I’d be damned if that smile didn’t kill a man”, he thought. Before he knew what he was doing, he had wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her trembling body close. He then captured her lips in a passionate kiss.
Gina was in shock the first moment that his lips touched hers, emitting a startled squeak from her throat. Even if she wanted to get away (which she didn’t), she wouldn’t have been able to. His grip was firm. After a few seconds, and after the initial shock wore off, she began to kiss him back. “MAN, he’s one hell of a kisser”, she thought. That was the last rational thought in her mind, all others leaking out of her ear. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and sighed, not breaking the kiss.
They kissed for what seemed like forever, the kiss getting more and more passionate. She moved until she was straddling his hips, the towel around her shoulders falling forgotten to the floor.
They finally broke the kiss, staring into each other’s eyes.
“I…I’m sorry, I…I don’t know what came over… me…”, Mark stammered. He then stared into her eyes, now helplessly lost. It just felt so…RIGHT to have her here…in his arms. He then pressed his forehead to hers. He decided to go for broke. The worst that could happen is that she would say ‘no’. “I’m a lonely man, darlin’”, he said quietly. He then buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent. “I’ve been real lonely for a long time.” He then was silent for a minute. “You wouldn’t mind givin’ a lonely man some lovin’, would ya?” he asked, almost hopefully.
She then put his head in her hands, and made him look up at her. She then smiled. “I wouldn’t mind at all”, she said softly.
He kissed her again, this time with much more passion than the last. He separated his lips from hers, only to start running kisses down her neck. “Are ya sure?” he asked, breathing heavily. “’Cause I don’t want ya to think that ya have to…”
“Don’t think about it”, she breathed, angling her neck so he could have better access. “Just…just…” She then let out a loud moan when he reached a spot just under the hinge of the left side of her jaw. “DAMN, not even five minutes, and he ALREADY found a weak spot”, she thought. She threw her head back, moaning in delight.
He stopped, and looked up at her through desire glazed eyes, seeing the same glaze in hers. After about a second, they both managed to scramble into the backseat, with Gina laying on her back, with Mark hovering on top of her. They were both frantic to get each other naked, with him groaning as he felt her small hands undoing his belt, and unzipping his pants, giving his engorged hard-on blessed freedom. She pushed his pants and boxers over his hips, while he stripped her of her blouse and skirt. Once that was done, he looked down at her, being only clad in a white pair of panties, and her white bra. Seeing her in this state only made him harder. Her skin was nicely tanned, her body deliciously curved in all the right places. He then quickly shed her of her bra and panites, and staring down at her now naked form. His hands glided over her, revelling in how soft she was.
Gina moaned loudly, feeling his hands on her. His hands were rough and calloused, and yet, so very gentle. She arched her back into his hands in a silent plea for him to increase the pressure, groaning when he did so. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands on her skin. She then felt him settle himself on top of her, ravaging her lips with his. She opened her legs as far as she could get them.
He felt her legs open, and, without preamble, he slid himself inside her with one smooth thrust, hearing her gasp loudly in response.
Gina felt him slide into her, and gasped loudly. “GODDAMN, he’s ENORMOUS!!”, she thought. She tried to think of when she had been more filled, but then she realized, she COULDN’T. This man had to have the biggest member she had ever felt. She wrapped her legs around his waist.
He stayed still for a moment, letting her adjust to his size. After the moment had passed, he began to thrust in a steady pace. He wasn’t going fast, but he wasn’t going slow either. He groaned, feeling just how tight she was. He kept going, using every ounce of control to keep himself from sinking into her, hard. But, sweet JESUS, she was so goddamned TIGHT.
Gina felt him trembling, and looked up at his face. His eyes were squeezed shut, his teeth bared, and his jaw clenched. He looked like he was trying to keep his control, but he didn’t look like he was going to keep it for long. Beside that fact, her body was beginning to beg for more. “P-p-please”, she breathed. “Faster…harder…”
“I…don’t wanna…hurt ya…darlin’…”, he choked, never pausing in his thrusts.
“I don’t care”, she panted. “Please, I need this so bad…and I KNOW you need this too…”
“But…but…”, he replied. He was then cut off when he heard her whispering in his ear.
“Let go”, she whispered. “Just let go.”
That was it. That little sentence was his sediment. He began to drive into her hard and fast, pounding the hell out of her, feeling her meet every one of his thrusts eagerly. He was extremely gratified to hear her screaming his name, over and over again. He felt her fingernails raking down his back, making him pound harder, growling deep in his throat. It felt so good to finally do what he wanted, which was to royally fuck her brains out. His hands flew to her hips, and grasped them so he could drive deeper. He knew now that it wasn’t going to be very long until he shot his load.
Gina couldn’t belive how good it felt to have him inside her. She had NEVER screamed this much in one night. She felt her orgasm raging near. “Mark…i’m gonna cum…oh GOD I’m gonna cum…” she whimpered.
“I’m right there with ya”, he groaned. “C’mon, darlin, lemme hear ya…”
At that moment, Gina came, screaming his name, and her muscles wrenching down violently on him.
Mark kept his frenzied pace, his orgasm raging near. As her muscles wrenched down on him, he growled. “Goddamn”, he said. “…So…so tight…” He then bellowed in triump as he finally came hard, to the point where it was nearly painful. He kept on thrusting, to prolong both their orgasms. Once they ended, he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. He hadn’t felt this good in such a long time. Turning onto his side, is back against the soft plush seat, he made sure that he wasn’t crushing her with his huge frame. Wrapping his arms around her, they dozed off, the both of them drifting back to earth.
About a half an hour passed, and Gina opened her eyes. Carefully pulling herself out from under him, she somehow managed to straddle his waist, and look around. She reached to the window, and wiped at the fog that had developed there. Looking outside, she noticed that the truck still hadn’t arrived. Sighing, she peeked down at Mark, who was in a light doze, snoring softly. His short hair was a little bit dissheveled, but you couldn’t really notice it, because it wasn’t long enough. Her eyes travelled down his body, going over the tattoos on his arms, and on his belly. Her fingers lightly traced the letters that were inked on his stomach. She was so wrapped up in this little exploration, that she didn’t notice that he had awakened. She gasped when he suddenly sat up, wrapping his arms around her.
“What’cha peekin’ at, darlin?” he asked.
“Um…I’m just peeking at you”, she said shyly.
“Really?” he growled, staring straight into her eyes, with a very serious look on his face.
Gina grew nervous. That look was downright unnerving.
His head then suddenly lunged forward, and began to playfully nip at her neck, growling softly, causing her to giggle uncontrollably. Not only was he sweet, kind, thoughtful, PASSIONATE, and an overall gentleman, he was also so playful.
He stopped nipping at her neck, and was now just nuzzling it. “You have a beautiful neck”, he said.
She then began to nuzzle his neck too. “So do you”, she replied. She began to moan softly when she felt his hands running over her. She raised up, and then impaled herself on his still hardened member once again.
“Damn, woman, are you tryin’ to kill me?”, he groaned.
Gina smiled sweetly. “Oh no, Deadman”, she said. “I just wanna make you feel good.” She then began to roll her hips back and forth slowly, grinning when she heard him groan. She threw her head back, moaning. “You feel so good”, she cooed. “I’ve never had anyone as big as you before.”
“I aim to please, darlin”, he said, grinning. He then let out a long, and torturous moan, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. “You ain’t so bad yerself.”
Gina whimpered as she rode him slowly. “Dear GOD…”
“You ain’t ridin God, darlin”, he grunted. “You’re ridin’ ME.”
“Oh, I know that much”, she replied, biting her lip.
“Come on now, I know you can ride better than that”, he taunted. “I know ya got it in ya.”
“I got it in me all right”, she said, grinning savagely, and grinding her crotch against his. It was amazing how this man brought out the animal in her. “Do you want me to ride you good and hard, baby?”
“Oh, yeah”, Mark replied. “Ride me.”
Gina complied with his request, quickening her speed.
“That’s it darlin’, just like that”, Mark said, his hands once again flying to her hips. “That feels damned good.”
“I’m glad you approve”, she purred, riding him harder. She had never been so filled in her entire lifetime. No matter how hard she went, she just couldn’t go hard enough. Her speed quickened until she was riding him with all her strength and speed, moaning loudly as his hands slid up her body and kneaded her breasts urgently. After a few minutes, she felt his hands slide back down to her hips, and hold onto them tightly as he snapped his hips upward repeatedly into her on her downstrokes, going even deeper than he had before. The both of them kept on a frenzied pace, each unable to slow themselves down, even if they wanted to. She was suddenly catapulted over the edge in a blinding orgasm, leaving her unable to hear, think, or even breathe, this one being much more intense than the last one.
Once again, Mark felt her muscles contract around him, making him grunt loudly. “Ugh…I’m cummin…here I come darlin…”, he grunted as he came violently once again, spurting his seed deep inside her with a low growl.
They both stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Then, suddenly, Gina sagged, breathing hard. Unable to utter a word, she fell on top of him, her ear falling just over where his heart was thudding in his chest. She closed her eyes, and immediately dozed off as Mark’s arms wrapped around her.
They woke up about fifteen minutes later, this time Mark waking up first. He looked around, and noticed that there was an orange light flashing. The tow truck had arrived. “Gina, darlin”, he said softly, gently shaking her awake. “The tow truck is here.”
Gina opened her eyes to see the orange light flashing. “Oh, all right”, she said. She sat up, allowing him to sit up too. Sliding off him, she sat on the seat, and bent down, retrieving a plastic bag from under the driver’s seat. Opening it, she took out a sweatshirt, a pair of sweatpants, and a pair of tennis shoes. “So, this is where we part, isn’t it?” she asked, looking very unhappy.
“I guess it is”, Mark said, pulling up his pants. He wasn’t exactly chipper either. He didn’t want to go, just as much as Gina wanted him to stay. He took his vest, and put it back on. “Darlin, I want you to know…”
“Know what?” she asked, putting on her tennis shoes.
“To know that I didn’t feed you a bullshit story just to get laid”, he said. “What I said was the absolute truth, and I wanted you to know that.”
Gina smiled. “I know”, she said. “Thank you for telling me that. And thank you for sharing with me.”
“You’re welcome, darlin”, he said, grinning. He then looked outside. “Look, it stopped raining.”
“So it has”, she replied, looking out the window. She opened the car door, letting the heat inside the car out, and feeling a whoosh of cool air take it’s place. She got out of the car, Mark doing the same on the other side. She grabbed his large, heavy, and waterlogged leather jacket, and closed the door. She followed Mark to his bike, passing by the tow truck, which had the initials A.T.T.A (which stood for Acolyte Tow Truck Agency). They got to his bike, and noticed that it was soaked as well. “Let me get a towel, so you can dry it off”, she said.
Mark waited by the bike, while she got the towel from her car. Two well muscled men, one light skinned with shoulder length black hair, and the other dark skinned with short black hair where hitching the car to the truck. He walked up to them. “Hey”, he said.
The fair skinned guy turned to him. “Yeah”, he drawled.
“I got a favor to ask of the both of ya”, Mark said.
“Shoot”, the dark skinned man said.
Marked looked longingly at Gina, whose legs were protruding out from the side of the car, obviously in search for the promised towel. “Protect her with your lives.”
“No problem, man”, the first guy said.
Gina returned with the towel. “Here you go”, she said, handing it to Mark.
“Thank you”, he said, drying off his bike. After that was done, he held it out to her.
“That’s okay, you can keep it”, she said. “Just in case you need it.”
“Thank you”, he said again, slinging the towel over his shoulder. He looked to her face, and saw that there was a single tear running down her face. “Now, now, darlin, don’t cry”, he said softly, pulling her close for a hug.
Gina snuggled into his embrace. “I don’t want you to go”, she whimpered.
“I know, and I don’t want to leave either”, he said, hooking a finger under her chin and tilting her head upwards.
“Will I ever see you again?” she sniffed, as he wiped her tears away.
“I have no doubt of it”, he said, pressing something into her hand.
Gina looked into her hand, and saw that it was a silver ring. It was the ring that he had been wearing on the pinky of his left hand. “Mark, I…I can’t accept this…”
“Take it”, he said gently. “Hold it for when we meet again.”
Gina didn’t know what to say. She stood there, staring at the ring in her hand. She looked up at him after a few minutes. “Thank you”, she said softly.
“You’re very welcome, darlin”, he replied, pulling her close, and kissing her. He then broke the kiss, and whispered in her ear. “Thank YOU, for givin’ a lonely man some lovin.’”
“You’re very welcome”, she replied, holding him tight.
They held on to each other for a few minutes, then separated. “I have to go now”, Mark said, swallowing a lump in his throat.
Gina nodded wordlessly, as he mounted his bike, and started the engine. She raised her hand and waved. “Bye Mark”, she choked.
Mark took her hand, and kissed it. “I’ll see you around, darlin”, he replied. He then kicked up the kickstand, and, with one last longing look at Gina, he rode away.
Gina watched him go for a few minutes, then looked down at her hands. In one, she was holding the ring, and in the other, she was still holding his jacket. “WAIT, YOU FORGOT YOUR…”, she yelled. But, he was too far away to hear her. “…Jacket”, she finished weakly. She stared after him for a few minutes more, until she heard someone clear their throat. She turned around to see the two tow truck men standing next to the tow truck. She had forgotten they were there.
“We’ve got the truck set up, miss”, the fair skinned one said.
“All right”, she replied. “What are your names, so I don’t have to call you ‘tow truck guys’?”
“Well, I’m Bradshaw, and my buddy here is Farooq”, Bradshaw said.
“How long have you been waiting here?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
“About thirty minutes”, Farooq replied.
“Why is it you two never said anything?” she asked.
“Well, we have this policy: ‘When the car’s a-rockin, don’t come a knockin’”, Bradshaw said, with a knowing grin, making her blush.
“Bradshaw, stop being a jackass”, Farooq said, smacking his friend in the head. “Sorry about him, miss. I try to muzzle him whenever I can, but he seems to know how to get it off.”
Gina laughed. “It’s all right”, she said. She watched Bradshaw open the door of the truck.
“Hop in”, he said.
“Thank you”, she said, climbing into the truck, as Bradshaw followed her, and Farooq getting in on the other side. “I know I’ll see him again”, she thought. “It’s just a question of WHEN.”
Bradshaw sat behind the driver’s seat, and started up the truck. With that, they drove off in the opposite direction that Mark had rode away in, and into the night.

~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~