Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names & Mild Language**


**All Songs featured in this story…are not mine…whoever wrote them…more power to them…I don’t have that much talent**


::::Daddy please … stops … don’t you’re hurting me … stop … Marie run … get out … go … Daddy no … leave Marie alone …she didn’t do anything…NOOOO!::::


I lifted my head off the counter top of the bar…God I hate those dreams…it’s been 3 years…I wish they would stop…“Jerry can I please have some hot tea with lemon and honey?” I said…Jerry walked over as I sat at the bar trying to wake myself up…and he said, “I already made it slave driver…I knew you’d be wanting it since you were singing tonight…Like your cat nap?”  I said, “Thanks Jer…Why’d you let me sleep?”  He said, “Cause I knew you must have been tired…you were only asleep for 30 minutes…I never knew a girl could sleep anywhere…” 


I said, “You’re a life saver…”  Jerry said, “Oh yea…what flavor?”  I giggled and said, “Umm…Strawberry…”  Jerry laughed and went back to stocking the bar…We knew the regulars were started filing in within the next 45 minutes…I sat at the bar writing a new song while sipping on my tea, trying to warm up my vocal cords…


My name is Cassandra Maines.  I’m 18 years old…I’m 5’10” and 125lbs…I have purplish eyes…and Golden brown hair with blonde high lights…my hair is about 3 inches past my waist.  I was born and raised in Houston Texas…but when I turned 15, I left home and went to Calgary, Canada…I started working at this bar/club…it had all the comforts of a bar but plenty of fun music like clubs had so people 21 and over could do some serious dancing……


I started working at the bar/club 2 weeks after moving there…After a couple of months I saw an add in a local paper that said there was a band looking for someone to sing the lead vocals…I figured why not…I had always been told by my friends I had a nice sounding voice…so I auditioned and they hired me…come to find out they were the house band for the bar I worked at…


Since I had been working there I meet a really nice guy names Chris Irvine…but most people recognize him under the professional wrestling name Chris Jericho…I meet him when I was 4 months into work my new job in Canada…he was such a sweet guy…he was a little older then me obviously…but we became friends pretty quickly…when he was in Canada on his down days we did a lot together…and it was just nothing but fun…


So tonight I was expecting Chris and a bunch of his rowdy wrestling buddies…since they were in town for the next Monday Night Raw…which was cool, cause When ever they were in Town I always went to the show…but this time around because I was 18…Chris was able to get me back stage with him for the night…


Tonight I had on a black cotton skirt that was about 2 inches above my knees with 2 pockets, one on each side in the middle of my outer thigh area, with black leather 2½ inch heeled, knee-high boots…and my red tank top and matching cardigan…I had my hair up in a bun so no one could really tell how long it was…well Chris knew…


As soon as I heard Chris’s voice…I knew it was him…I looked over and sure enough…there he was sitting on a table with four huge guys…Chris looked like the baby of the group…There were some pretty big guys…I didn’t really think much about them…Chris walked over to the bar and ordered some beer for the table…I walked up behind him…before the music got going and said, “Oh my God…as I live and breathe…is it really the ever popular Chris Jericho?”  Chris turned around cause he recognized that voice and said, “Holy shit…Sandra…get your skinny ass over here and give me hug.”


I smiled and we hugged for so long…I said, “God…I missed you.”  Chris said, “I know the feeling…tour is so boring…”  I said, “Oh yes…I imagine it is…with the hoards of females screaming your name and running around you topless…I don’t imagine they want you to check to see if their breasts are real or not…You know you can have any woman you want with the snap of your fingers…”  Chris said, “I think I’m losing my touch.”  I laughed and said, “Get real little man…you don’t lose your touch…you are the dating King…I don’t think you’ll ever get serious enough to get married…” 


Chris said, “I will…just not yet…I’m having way to much fun being the date King…”  I laughed at Chris…I noticed out of the corner of my eye…one of the big men from his table was watching me talk with Chris…Chris brought me out of the haze and said, “Aren’t you singing tonight?”  I smiled and said, “Yea…I just haven’t decided which one to do yet.”  Chris said, “How about Witness?  That’s nice and deep…”  I nodded and said, “Okay…sounds good.”


Chapter 2

**Same Warning**


Chris went back over and sat down at the table…the four big men started quizzing the runt of their group as soon as his butt hit the chair…John (Bradshaw) said, “Now who in the world was that brunette hottie you was talking too?”  Ron (Farooq) said, “And why exactly was she talking to your ass?”  Chris smiled and said, “Her name is Cassandra she owns half this place…and she also sings here…I meet her 3 years ago when she first came to Canada…she was only 15 then…she’s 18 now…We’ve been friends for a long time…” 


A deep southern accented voice said, “She’s awful young for you don’t you think?”  Chris said, “It’s not like that Taker…we’re just friends…besides she doesn’t see me like that…and I can’t see her as anything more then a friend or a little sister…”  Mark knew she was young but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her…good thing he could fake hating everyone in his path…she was a young one…damn much younger then he had originally thought….she doesn’t look 18…if she had moved to Canada when she was 15…where were her parents…where had she lived before…


The big man was soon brought out of his thought process when she walked up on the stage and all of the regulars that came to see her on a nightly basis started raising the dead…whoopin’ and hollering….whistling and cat calling…


I said, “My god you people are animals tonight…just keep your panties on…and chill out for a while…Good lord you people act as if you’ve never heard me sing before…”  They got a little louder and I said, “Okay…Okay…calm down…”  They got quiet…and I sat on the stool in front of the mic and the music started up nice and slow…




Make me a witness

Take me out

Out of darkness

Out of doubt


I won’t weigh you down

With good intentions

Won’t make fire out of clay

Or other inventions


Will we burn in heaven

Like we do down here

Will the change come

While were waiting


Everyone is waiting


And when we’re done

Soul searching

As we carried the weight

And died for a cause

Is misery

Made beautiful

Right before our eyes

Will mercy be revealed

Or blind us where we stand


Will we burn in heaven

Like we do down here

Will the change come

While were waiting


Everyone is waiting


(Soft guitar solo)


Will we burn in heaven

Like we do down here

Will the change come

While were waiting


Everyone is waiting



When the music stopped the crowd of regulars went crazy…I said, “Thank you…”  I looked over and Chris was standing on his chair whistling and gave me a thumbs up…I did a few more songs and then took off the stage and they got the DJ to started the club music…not too loud to make people go deaf…but loud enough for the clubbers to dance to and have a great time.


Chapter 3

**Same Warning**


I walked over and went to the table where Chris and the other 4 big men were…I knew I recognized at least 2 of them…and Chris stood up and kissed my cheek…and said, “You sounded beautiful as ever…”  I smiled and said, “Thanks sweetie…”  Mark looked over the rim of his sunglasses at the young girl sitting across from him(I thought wow…what hypnotizing green eyes)…Mark said, “Sweetie?”  And eye balled Chris…Chris smiled and said, “She calls everyone that…don’t go thinking anything…”  Mark nodded…and Chris said, “So Cass I would like you to meet John Leyfield, Ron Simmons, Glenn Jacobs…and the man who seems to think it’s too bright in here is Taker.”


I smiled and said, “Now I recognize these two gentlemen here as the Acolyte duo…but I can’t put the two faces of these two big boys here together…”  Chris said, “Glenn is the one who wears the black and red mask…you know Kane.”  I said, “Oh…That explains that…So what’s Taker?…is that in reference to women like Take her…or what?”  Chris said, “You really need to watch wrestling more often girl…” 


The mysterious man dressed in all black…started with black levis, black Levi sleeveless button down shirt…with just the two last buttons buttoned…Nice chest shot!…I’m pretty sure when he shifted his feet I heard large black leather steel toed boots banging against the hard wood floor…long dark auburn hair to about the middle of his back…but he had it nicely braided…and tight…with a black bandana around his head…


The man was huge…I was guessing to be around 7 foot give or take a few inches…and probably close to 300 – 325 lbs…muscles in all the right places…and tattooed covered arms from shoulder to wrist…with a large one covering his stomach…all that pain just for decorations…of course as big as he was…I’m pretty sure the pain from tattoos were probably not a problem for him.


Glenn was pretty much the mirror image, except he had blue eyes…no tattoos…more muscles…and his hair was full of curls…


I heard Chris last statement and said, “Now…when would I ever find time with that…between singing and being half owner of this place…and also finishing up my college courses…when do you think I have time to watch TV…let alone some wrestling match.”  Chris said, “True…”  I said, “So…back to my earlier question…what’s Taker stand for?”  Mark looked over the rim of his sunglasses again…and said, “Undertaker.”  I said, “Wow…”  Mark thought I was going to turn into some crazed fan…and I continued, “That’s truly gruesome…actually…is there something a little less morbid you go by?”


The big man leaned over and said, “Yea…Mark…Callaway.”   I said, “Well, Mark Callaway…It’s nice to meet you, I’m Cassandra. Most people call me Cassy, or Sandra…you pick what you’d like…either way it doesn’t bother me a bit.”  Mark nodded and said, “Nice to meet you little girl.”  I laughed a little and said, “Christopher he called me little girl.”  Chris was trying not to laugh and was shaking his head while looking at the ground…little things amused me…


I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “Little girl no…Lady…yes.”  I turned around and saw Adam Copland (Edge) and Jason Reso (Christian)…I jumped up and gave them both hugs and said, “You bony ass little shits.”  Adam said, “How you doing Cass?”  I said, “Fine…how long have you guys been here?”  Jason said, “We just got here…and found out we missed you singing…which sucks…”  I said, “Who cares…I sing all the time…nothing new there…but you guys…I don’t see you guys and Chris nearly enough…you guys really need to start coming home more often.”  Adam said, “So did you finish college yet?”  I said, “Yes…I graduated 3 weeks ago…but I’m willing to bet someone forgot to tell you.”  All three of us looked at Chris…he said, “What?  Cassy you know I have a horrible memory when it comes to remembering shit.”


I said, “Yes…well I’m surprised you still have a job with as bad as your memory is…I’m shocked you can remember your scripts.”  Chris blushed a little and said, “Thanks a lot you brat.”  I smiled and said, “No problem.”  Adam and Jason grabbed chairs and sat with us at the table and we talked for a while…and then Adam said, “So when are you ever going to go back to Texas and see Marie?”  I looked down and said, “I’ll never go back to Houston…you know that…”  I looked over at Chris and his eyes were about the size of potatoes…after just remembering something else he was supposed to tell Adam and Jason…


Chapter 4

**Same Warning**


I said, “Chris, you didn’t tell them?”  Chris said, “Oh my God….Cass, I’m so sorry, I was going to and I forgot…Honest Cass…I’m sorry.”  All of the men at the table could tell I was struggling…I looked up from the table with huge tears threatening to fall out of my eyes and I stood up and said, “Please excuse me…I’m gonna go outside for some air…”  I left and as soon as I got out side I cried hard…I couldn’t have stopped the tears from coming even if I wanted too.


I walked over to the side of the building and  slid down the wall, squatting against the building…I tried to get myself under control…there was no way in hell I would ever go back to Houston Texas…I left that hell hole…I just wish I could of brought Marie with me…but she was way to young…and I knew being on my own I would struggle…but as soon as I had enough money I was supposed to go back to rescue her…then 7 months ago I got the phone call that nearly crushed my heart…I almost couldn’t believe my best friend was on the other line…Mindy’s voice started out the same way as always…


“Hey Cassy girl…how you doing?”  I said, “Pretty good…just getting ready to finish up college…what’s up?”  She sounded sad and said, “Well…It’s about Marie…the teachers at her school said she’d missed a bunch of school and couldn’t get a hold of your parents so they sent a cop over there…and it had been one who’d been there before…they could hear Marie screaming at the top of her lungs…and…”  I tuned her out…I knew what had happened…She finished talking and I hung up the phone…and swore I’d never return to Houston Texas.


A deep southern voice said, “You alright little girl?”  I looked up and Mark was standing in front of me with his hands on his hips…as he stood there to his full height…he was very intimidating…and I couldn’t even get any words out…I just shook my head no…He squatted down in front of me and said, “Whose Marie?”  I quietly squeaked out, “My sister.”  I blinked and more tears slid down my cheeks…I pulled myself together and stood up as Mark stood up…he was at least a foot taller then me…maybe more…I whipped my eyes and Mark said, “What about her?”  I said, “She’s 12 years old…and…she’s dead.”  I walked back inside and left the big man speechless.


I went back to the table with Mark following me we sat back down and Mark stay quiet for the remainder of the night.  I talked a little with Adam and Jason they apologized about not knowing about Marie…Chris said, “I have a proposition for you Cass…”  I said, “Oh yea…what’s that?”  Chris said, “You’ve done nothing but this for the last 3 years…why don’t you come on the road with me for a while…if you like it maybe we can get you a job…but if you don’t I’ll bring you back home…I think you deserve a break…you make yourself crazy anyway…you work entirely way to hard…and besides if anything goes wrong…Jerry can call you and you can come back in the blink of an eye.”


I said, “I don’t know Chris…You know how much I love this place…and how much I love singing…”  Chris said, “C’mon…live a little…it will give you some time to write and you can sing in some of the little clubs we go to on the road…please…”  I thought about it for a couple of minutes and then smiled and said, “Okay…I’ll do it.”


So 3 days later…I was all packed up including cell phone and laptop and on my way on the wrestling tour with all these guys…This is going to be something else.


Chapter 5

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

After being on the road with Chris and the guys for about a month…Vince McMahon Chris, Mark, Glenn, Ron and John’s boss…and also the CEO of the WWF…hired me…Since I knew a lot about public relations and was part owner of the bar in Canada he hired me to be Mark and Glenn’s assistant…I would book hotels, reserve rental cars, take care of all there appearances as the ‘Brothers Of Destruction’…they were in high demand together…I also took care of when they were supposed to do their autograph sessions, I was usually up at the butt crack of dawn making sure everything was set up for the next day…or for whatever town we’d be in next.

After being on the tour for 3 months…I had the boy’s routine down perfect…and if they were temperamental I knew to stay out of their way with dumb questions… I had become really close friends with Glenn, we had movie nights and he even went to a few clubs with me and the others…but Mark on the other hand…he could be pretty demanding and drove me crazy sometimes…I think he hated that I was so independent…he liked to try to remind me of things when he really didn’t need to, I had an excellent memory for details, but yet he always tried to aggravate me to insanity by trying to remind me of the stupidest things…but I just blew him off half the time…everyone knew I didn’t need that job…I could leave when ever I wanted…I think Mark didn’t like the fact that I didn’t let people baby me…Just because I was the youngest person on the tour…

Since Chris and I were the closest I usually shared a room with him…He made sure there was two double beds in the room for us…Well one night, after the show…I had gone with Stephanie McMahon (boss’s daughter) who at the time wasn’t much older then me…but was on the tour to be by her parents and brother…We sat in the hotel restaurant and had a small glass of wine as we talked over dinner…We actually just talked about everything…We laughed about everything also…

Steph leaned over the table and said, “Did you see Mark’s face tonight when you had started getting angry about his always reminding you…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone shock him that way before…I walked in their dressing room and you had snapped around and said, ‘Look, I’m not a moron…I don’t need you to remind me of every little damn thing…When and if I ever forget something…I’ll let you know…but until then, just let me do my job.’…I swear…I thought I was going to wet my pants…” By now I was rolling in the chair with laughter and said, “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking…I’m really surprised he didn’t come after me and yell at me about my attitude…he has been known to snap at me if I get to sassy for my own good…and for me to just turn around and mouth off to him like that…I thought I was going to wake up tomorrow morning without a head.”

Steph said, “I don’t know but you whizzed past me and slammed the door behind you and Mark looked at Glenn and said, ‘Now what the hell was that all about?’…Glenn didn’t really have much to say on the matter he just shrugged his shoulders…I’m surprised he didn’t stalk after you.” I said, “You’re surprised…hell I’m damn lucky he didn’t…cause God only knows it would have started with me trying to apologize and end with him choke slamming me until my head popped off.”

From behind us a deep voice said, “I highly doubt that I would of choke slammed you until your head came off little girl…but the thought did cross my mind.” I looked at Stephanie and we had both just froze and couldn’t move…Mark walked over and stood between our seats…and he gripped my arm and said, “Steph…excuse us for a minute.” And he pulled me to my feet and pulled me out into the lobby of the hotel…I just stood there looking at the ground. Mark had his shades on…oh man was I in deep shit…whenever he wore his shades meant he was in a bad mood and someone was getting slapped around for something stupid they did…Any one who did something stupid and deserves to get slapped around for doing so please raise your hand now. :::Raising my hand::: Shameful to admit it.

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

I slowly looked up at the 6’10 monster in front of me…and I started with, “Mark, I’m…” And before I could finish Mark growled out, “Shut up My eyes almost popped out of my head…but I kept quiet. Mark said, “I don’t know who you thought you were talking to tonight little girl…but you will learn to get that bad attitude under control…I don’t care if you learn on your own or if I have to beat it out of you…but you will learn.”

Needless to say I wasn’t too happy with his choice of words ‘beat it out of you’ and I had just about had enough of that conversation…I said, “Is that some kind of threat?” Mark said, “There you go talking again…when I want to hear your voice…I’ll tell you to speak…I don’t want the attitude anymore…just cut it plain and simple…and believe me when I say I will beat that bad attitude right out of you…if I have too.”

I said, “You done?” Mark crossed his arms in front of his chest and nodded…I said, “Good…cause now you’ll listen to me…I am sorry for the way I spoke to you earlier…but let’s get one thing very clear…I don’t work for you…you don’t pay me…I work for Vince and he’s the one who pays me…If you ever tell me to shut up…or throw out that little ‘beat it out of you’ comment at me again…you will unleash something you don’t have the recourses to handle…” I started to walk away when he grabbed my arm again and I snapped around jerking my arm away from him and said, “Take it as you want it…a threat, a promise, whatever I don’t care…but if you ever speak to me like that again…you’ll like me even less then you do now…”

I walked back in and sat down…Mark was really pissed now…but I had my reasons for saying everything I did…and he shouldn’t had said that to me anyways…the shut up comment really didn’t bother me…I just don’t like being told to shut up…the other ‘beat it out of you’ well that’s just something I never could get away from…Stephanie and I finished up around 4 am…and went to our separate rooms…I fell asleep with my head at the foot of my bed, with my blanket completely over my head and body…nothing was sticking out…I had finally let my hair down and all 3 pounds(overly exaggerated) of it was handing off the end of the bed…infact it was the only thing not under the blanket…No one but Chris and Stephanie had seen me with my hair down yet…I always kept it up in a bun in a professional manner. I slept in a red tank top and matching shorts.

In the morning around 10 am…Everyone actually had the day off…and I was trying to stay in bed as long as possible…I was dead asleep when someone started knocking on the door…Chris had been up for hours…the boy never sleep past 7:30…am not pm…

Chris walked over and opened the door and said, “Hey Mark…what brings you to our quiet end of the hotel…” Mark said, “Where’s my mouthy assistant?” Chris said, “Still asleep since she has the day off…” Mark said, “Well…she’s about to get a rude awakening.” He stalked off to the bedroom and threw the door open…I was a heavy sleeper…

Chapter 7

**Same Warning**

Mark threw the curtains open and noticed that the lump in my bed wasn’t moving…Mark came over and pulled my blanket off…but there was another blanket on that one…I usually slept with 7 blankets on my bed. By now I was groggy but not quiet fully awake and said, “Is there some special reason you’re trying to steal my blankets?” Mark said, “Little girl…get your ass up now.” I moved around and got up on my hands and knees…and threw my hair back behind me…Mark said, “Where the hell did you get all that hair?” I said, “It’s usually something people are born with…” Mark said, “See there you go again with that smart ass mouth…you can’t just answer the question?”

I said, “How else should I answer a question like that? I haven’t cut my hair in 7 years…this is what happens…it grows, it gets long…why is that so hard to comprehend.” Mark said, “Don’t start with your sassy…God damn you piss me off when you mouth off…” I stood up on my bed and walked to the headboard and grabbed a bottle and walked back over where Mark was standing at on the side…and said, “Do you see these?” Mark just nodded and said, “What about them?”

I said, “They are sleeping pills…I’ve had insomnia since I was 10…when I was younger it was easier to work around the insomnia by drinking warm milk…but now that I’m older it’s harder to sleep…so now the only problem is my job…between your schedule, Glenn’s schedule and my schedule with the two of you…I don’t get a lot of sleep…so the only time I take these is the night before my days off so I can sleep for the full 12 hours that it knocks me out for…I still have this in my system…which means I should be sleeping for the next 6 hours…but you and your stubbornness to want to wake up your mouthy assistant…now has me grouchy…I don’t do grouchy well if you haven’t already figured it out…”

Mark said, “Sleeping pills great…I have a drugy for an assistant.” I looked at him and said, “Lay off Mark…if you knew how to calculate…I get one full 24 hour day off a week…which means I only take one sleeping pill a week genius….which technically doesn’t make me a drugy…now if I was taking oh say half a bottle a day…then you’d have something to worry about…why the hell are you even here…it’s my day off for Christ sake…” Mark started to talk and I said, “Damn it…now I have to pee…it’s my day off…why do I have to have naggin’ ass visitors on my day off…Never mind…I don’t care…pee first, talk after…pee first, talk after.”

I just left Mark standing there and walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me…Mark walked back out to the sitting area and sat down and started talking with Chris…Chris said, “She’s such a joy in the mornings isn’t she?” Mark said, “Just gracious as can be.” Chris said, “Seriously though…she does have insomnia…she’s been to tons of sleeping therapists…but none of them can help her…I suppose her childhood is what’s keeping her from sleeping…the fear of what will happen if she does go to sleep.” Mark looked over and said, “Come again?” Chris said, “She hasn’t told you has she?”

Mark said, “I doubt it…me and her don’t do much talking unless it’s about the show or work related…or her bad attitude related…do you know she actually told me last night that if I ever throw out the ‘beat it out of you’ comment at her ever again…I’ll unleash something I don’t have the resources to handle.” Chris said, “Oh you didn’t say you was going to beat her bad attitude out of her did you?” Mark said, “Yea…why? I say that to everyone…” Chris said, “Don’t even say that to her…man she had a really lousy childhood growing up…if she ever tells you you’ll understand why. Just don’t ever say that to her again…” Mark nodded.

I walked out of the bed room…hair still wet and fully dressed and said, “You are so lucky…I forgot I had an appointment to go to in 45 minutes.” Chris said, “Another sleep therapist?” I said, “Sure why not…Let’s see if this one can tell me what I already know fast then the last guy…the last guy was about 10 minutes into the session and told me…I’m clocking this guy today.” Mark stood up and said, “Mind if I tag along with you?” I said, “Sure…C’mon maybe you can ask the sleep therapist to fix my attitude while I’m there…” Mark said, “Don’t tempt me.”

Chapter 8

**Same Warning**

I checked my watch and it was just barely 2…Mark and I had actually had a pleasant day…we were sitting in the hotel restaurant having some lunch…I guess you could call it that…I had my laptop on the table going over the schedule with him…I said, “So…Tomorrow you guys have two autograph sessions…one at a record store and the other is going to be before the PPV starts…Then Vince has a get together meeting set for 45 minutes before the show even starts…you know him and his pep talks…” Mark rolled his eyes and said, “Like pep talks really help when we’re going off scripts…like give it your all people…if you’re going to lose…lose big…if you’re going to win…win bigger then if you were going to lose.”

I couldn’t help but laugh…Mark started laughing…when we were quiet…Mark said, “Why don’t you ever talk about your family? I mean hardly any one knows anything about you…well except Chris, Adam and Jason.” I saved my stuff on my laptop and then close it…and said, “It’s just part of my life I don’t like talking about…I left home when I was 15…things had just gotten about as bad as they could get…and I had to get out…” Mark said, “At 15…you’re not supposed to be running away from home…you’re supposed to be having slumber parties, painting your toes and nails…and talking about which is cute…and which one you want to marry…” I said, “Yea…but it wasn’t much of a home…it wasn’t much of anything..”

Mark said, “You do realize were going to Houston in a few days right?” I said, “Yea…I know.” He said, “I was actually going to have Glenn and a few of the other guys stay out at my ranch for the two weeks we have off there…you’re more then welcome to come…” I said, “I’ll have to think about it…I’m not too keen on the idea of being in that state…let alone my own home town…I’m kind of leery about it.” Mark said, “I noticed you got kind of stiff just now.” I said, “Yea…but for good reason…Listen when we get there…I would like to show you something…Maybe it would help you understand why I am the way I am…” Mark said, “The way you are?” I said, “Yea…bad attitude…insomnia…hate Houston and the state it’s in…just the things that make me who I am.” Mark just agreed.

Everything went off without a hitch the next day and a few days later, we got off the plane in Houston, Texas…Mark, Glenn, and Chris saw me freeze at the door to leave the airport…Chris said, “C’mon Cass…It’s only two weeks…I’m not going to let anything happen to you…I promise.” Mark walked up behind me and put his hand on the middle of my back and guided me out and over to where he’d left his truck…it was huge…Glenn pulled up in his SUV rental…and Chris got in with him…Mark threw my things in his truck and lifted me up into it…I scooted over to the passenger side window…

Glenn followed us…and my cell phone rang…I looked at the caller id and answered it, “Yes…Glenn?” He said, “Are you okay…you looked like you got a little pale there for a minute…” I laughed a little and said, “Yes…I’m okay…thanks for asking…” Glenn said, “Now…I’ll warn you now…Mark’s driving can get a little on the crazy side…but don’t let him scare you…if he gets to wild…just smack him around a little and he’ll stop.” I couldn’t help but laugh…as I closed my flip phone and shoved it back in my purse.

Mark said, “What did he say to make you laugh so hard?” I smiled and said, “That you’re driving can get a little crazy and if you get to wild…I have his permission to smack you around a little to stop.” Mark said, “Gee thanks Glenn…Big red Machine indeed…more like big red dork.” I said, “You’re horrible…”


Chapter 9

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


After we had been there for a week, just relaxing and having a good time…Mark would tool around with his Motorcycles most of the day…and if he wasn’t doing whatever to them…then he was off riding them somewhere.  I kept my same routine…and would get up early and work on the schedule that was for the next 3 weeks when we got back on the road…I had a lot of reservations and rentals to get a hold of…plus mapping out Mark and Glenn’s schedules to make sure they didn’t get over loaded with a bunch of shit…and get all temperamental on me…


I was sitting at Mark’s dinning room table with my laptop out and a few other things spread out…Mark had moved his fax/copy/printer machine (all wrapped in one) into the dinning room for me and I hooked it to my laptop…I was going over a bunch of the reservations and setting them in my laptop and eating grapes when Mark came through the back good with all his dogs…His bull mastiff bubba came over and put his paw on my leg…Mark turned around and busted me giving Bubba a grape…Mark said, “Ah-Ha!  Busted little girl…I saw you give him that.”  I said, “Oh stop…don’t be such a stuffed shirt…”  I looked at the dog and said, “Huh Bubba…not like the grape is gonna kill you…poor baby…I can’t imagine what it’s like if he’s in a bad mood and around you guys…”  I cooed at the dog and he turned around and sat down leaning all his weight against my leg…


Mark had his hands on his hips and said, “You spoiled my dog little girl.”  I said, “Damn straight……Bubba…let’s go for a run…I need to burn some energy…”  Mark said, “You’re taking my dog with you?”  I said, “He goes with me ever morning…why not now?”  Mark said, “He runs with you ever morning?!?!  Where the hell am I?”  I said, “Oh that’s right…you’re big lazy butt is still in bed then…You and Glenn need to be put on some kind of training schedule…I realize neither of you want one…cause you get to the gym and work off the calories on your own time…but it needs to be a little more strict.”  Mark said, “Okay…fine little girl…make us a schedule we can agree to and well stick with it.”


I stood up and smiled and said, “Thank you…”  I walked past Mark and out the back door and whistled and Bubba pushed the screen door open and followed behind me…As Mark was tinkering with his bike again I had just finished my run and Bubba walked up to Mark and he looked at the dog and said, “Traitor.”  I laughed and said, “Stop that.”  Mark stood up and said, “You wanna go for a ride?”  I said, “On that thing?”  Mark nodded and I laughed and said, “Are you crazy…I don’t feel like being killed much…thank you.”  Mark said, “I should take an offense to that…but I won’t…I’ve been riding my whole life…I’m to safe and I’ve never been in an accident…you don’t trust me?”  I said, “I didn’t say that…and by the way…just because I am you’re assistant doesn’t mean you automatically win my trust.”


Glenn had walked over and said, “Ouch…man…boss woman is brutal today…I woke her up this morning playing basketball with Chris and she yelled out the window for us to stop bouncing the damn balls or she was going to stuff them down our throats.”  Mark laughed a little and I said, “Actually, Mark I do trust you…but right now…I stink…And I’m not sitting behind you on one of these unless I am clean…”  Glenn said, “Why…you’re just going to get dirty again…why do you think he always stinks when he gets done riding?”  I started laughing…and walked away…Mark said, “Fine…go shower…and be ready in 20 minutes.”  I said, “Okay…” I was extremely hesitant to get on the back of that damn thing…but I knew Mark wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.


Chapter 10

**Same Warning**


So when I came back down…Mark got on and Glenn said, “You’re right…you do smell better…”  I gave Glenn the finger and Mark laughed at me…I pulled my hair up into a pony tail…and Mark grabbed my hand as I stood up and got on behind him.  I grabbed onto his belt loops and could tell he had also taken a shower…he had that manly smell about him…plus his cologne…damn he smelled good…I wanted to drool…but kept myself under control…I felt the bike beneath me start up…and I made a face and Glenn and Chris laughed at me…


I got close to Mark’s ear and said, “Okay…I’m ready.”  Mark took off and I just held on…As soon as he hit the throttle, I wrapped my arms around his chest and held on as tight as I could…We rode all over the place…it was weird how I had remember some of the places in town and through out the country…When we started down one of the streets…I looked over and noticed the cemetery…and said, “Mark, stop right here please.”  Mark nodded and pulled up to the gates…We got off and he said, “What in the world are we doing here?” 


I didn’t say anything…I just looked at him and then as I pushed the gates open, I walked in and then said, “Grab your bike and c’mon.”  I started walking and Mark went and rode the bike in…he looked around for me and then saw me standing in front of a grave, where the head stone had a concrete angel sitting on it looking up at the sky…it was under a huge willow tree…he left the bike and came over to me…I had my arms crossed in front of my chest and Mark did a double take and saw huge tears running down my cheeks…


Mark walked around me to see whose name was on the head stone…but all it said was ‘Beloved Sister’… there was a picture on the head stone…Mark looked closer and noticed the girl had the same eyes as me and the same hair color and the same smile…Mark stayed next to me and said, “That’s Marie isn’t it?”  I looked at Mark and as I blinked more tears slid down my cheeks and I just nodded.  Mark said, “Ready to go back to the house?”  I just nodded…I walked closer to the head stone and kissed my index finger and then touched Marie’s picture with my finger. 


As I walked back to the bike with Mark…I whipped my tears away…we got back to his place…and Mark said, “Why don’t you go lay down for a little while…I’m going to make dinner tonight…so don’t bother with it…”  I said, “Thanks.”  I was on the second step of the stairs when Mark said, “Little girl.”  I stopped and turned around…Mark walked over and he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight…I hugged him back…when he let go of me I just turned and went to my room and fell asleep…


About 45 minutes later…Glenn walked in the room and woke me up…Glenn said, “You’re not fully awake are you?”  I said, “No.”  Glenn said, “Oh good…I’ll use my manly powers on you then..”  He scooped me up and carried me down stairs…I couldn’t help but laugh.  Glenn set me down at the kitchen table and Mark said, “Well…looks like the nap helped…”  I said, “Not, really Glenn just had me in his…how did you say it?  Manly powers…”  Glenn blushed furiously…and said, “Thanks a lot Cass…”  I smiled and said, “Not a problem…just let me know how I can help…”  Glenn smiled and said, “You could always find me a new assistant…”  I said, “What for…she wouldn’t put up with yours and Mark’s shit like I do.”  Chris chimed in and said, “She’s right about that one….”


We ate and then I helped Mark and Glenn with the dishes…Mark washed…I sat on the counter and dried them…and Glenn put them away…Chris sat on the opposite counter and talked with us…Chris said, “Tell me again just exactly why we’re doing this when you have a perfectly good dish washer?”  I said, “You’re absolutely right Chris…Mark is a perfectly good dish washer isn’t he?”  Glenn said, “I fully agree…Mark you should go in to business for your self…”  Mark said, “Great…I have 3 comedians in my kitchen…”  I said, “Oh poor Mark…you know if you can’t take the heat…maybe you should get out of the kitchen.” 


Chapter 11

**Child Abuse Discussed **


Mark said, “This is woman’s work anyway…so tell me little girl…how’s come you’re not barefoot and pregnant and cooking in the kitchen..”  I said, “Well…I’m always barefoot…I’m always in the kitchen cause I love to cook…as for the pregnant part…when it comes time to getting pregnant…I will only have a 15% chance of actually getting pregnant…that was a gift from my parents.”  Chris said, “I forgot about that Cass…”  I said, “Yea…well it’s easy to forget…”  After everything was put away…the four of us all went into the den and the guys were enjoying a beer…and I was sipping on water. Mark said, “So…I still haven’t figured out why you hate Houston and Texas so much…you seemed to have been enjoying yourself pretty good…” 


Chris knew I was ready to talk so he shut the TV off…and I said, “Well…I was born and raised here…and things didn’t really start getting hairy until I turned 7…it started out as my dad just spanking me with his hand…then a year later it was his belt…a year after that it was his fist…the year after that it was his foot and fist…and it was pretty much a nightly thing…he did it for what ever reason…even if I hadn’t done anything…he had a bad day at work he beat the crap out of me…he had a good day at work he beat the crap out of me…he fought with my mother….I got the shit beat out of me…and when I learned how to move faster then him…he started going after Marie…and if she wasn’t home for whatever reason he came after me…if I wasn’t home he went after her…he’d just bounce back and forth between the both of us…so about 2 weeks after my 15th birthday, I just couldn’t handle it anymore…I packed up all my shit and promised Marie I would be back to get her as soon as I got settled and got a job.  Leaving her in that house was the hardest thing I would ever have to do…I know nothing in my life will ever be that hard…”


I looked down at my hands…and I could feel the tears trying to come…but I pushed them back and continued, “I couldn’t ever get enough money together to go and get her…and almost a year ago…my best friend from high school Mindy called me and said Marie had been missing from school for a few days…her teacher called the house but no one answered…so the cops went to the door…when they got to the house one of the officers had recognized the house from a previous call before…they heard someone screaming inside…they went in and Marie had been severely beaten and raped repeatedly…and my parents were no where to be found…when the cop untied her she passed out from the blood loss…she died 2 hours later…I didn’t come home for the funeral…but I saved up the money and had the head stone specially made for her…a local church paid for the funeral…cause they knew I couldn’t…as for me…one night when I was 10…my dad was pissed about something and I tried to hide from him…which pissed him off even more…when he found me…not only did he beat the living piss out of me…but he started kicking me in the stomach which when I crawled up into a ball he kept kicking and ended up smashing my ovaries…they still function the way their supposed to as far as my periods go…but as for getting pregnant…I will have to wait and see on that one…I don’t plan on getting pregnant for a while.”


The guys didn’t say anything I went to bed and then they talked amongst themselves…just pretty much talking with Chris about it….cause Chris knew everything…Chris was the first guy I ever trusted with stuff like that…


Chapter 12

**Same Warning**


The last night we were in Houston…I took the guys to a place where I used to sing when I still lived there…We walked in and I was automatically bombed by my friends…My best friend was there and she ran over and gave me a hug…I introduced Mindy to the guys…By now John, Ron, Adam and Jason had joined us and all of us were going to fly out the next morning to Chicago for Monday Night Raw the following night…Mindy actually exchanged cell numbers and E-mail’s with Glenn…and they did a lot of talking while I walked around a little and talk with the owner and to the house band that was there about performing a song I had recently written..


The house band didn’t mind because I had sang with them before…so they were all up for it…I sat at the table with everyone until the owner got up and introduced me…I walked up there…Mark and Chris were watching me…making sure I was okay…They had noticed I had become increasingly quiet since I had spilled about everything my father had done.


The Music Started…


She walks to school with the lunch she packed
Nobody knows what she's holding' back
Wearing' the same dress she wore yesterday
She hides the bruises with linen and lace

The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm
Sometimes she wishes she was never born

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes it'll be too late

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel girl with an upturned face
A name is written on a polished rock
A broken heart that the world forgot

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel


When the song ended I had tears sliding down my cheeks…and I just whipped them away and walked out…I decided going for a walk was the best thing for me…Chris told Mark I would be okay and to just let me be by myself for a while…


After walking for a while…I found myself standing in front of the cemetery…I climbed over the little 5 foot rod iron gates…and went back to Marie’s grave…I sat on my knees just staring at it…a million thoughts running through my mind…I wanted to scream and yell…I wanted to be really pissed because I wanted to be the one dead and not her…and I wanted my parents to pay for what they had done…but I knew it wasn’t going to happen unless they found them…and that wasn’t likely to happen any time soon….


I didn’t know it but Chris, Mark and Glenn were standing on the trail just watching me…making sure I was okay and didn’t try to do anything…I had my hands buried in the grass and I was crying…then I scooted closer to the head stone and said, “Marie…I’m so sorry…I should have been here for you and I wasn’t…I should be dead not you…you was so small…you had your whole life ahead of you…you’ll never know what it feels like to be in love…and have a first boyfriend…or a husband…or kids…and I just want all my pain to go away…please take me with you…Please Marie…take me with you…I don’t want you to hurt anymore…I wanted your pain to go away…but all that went away was you…I’m so sorry Marie…I’m sorry…”  I laid down on her grave feeling the cool grass on my face…I just rolled myself into a ball and laid there…I felt it was the only way to stay close to her…


Mark walked over with Chris to get me….Glenn went down and got the gates open…Mark picked me up and I didn’t say a word…All of us headed back to the house…


Chapter 12

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


When all of us got back to Mark’s, I sat in a tub full of warm water and bubbles…and cried a little more…Chris sat in there with me…nothing new there…we always talked to each other when either of us would bathe…After my bath I sat in the middle of the guest bed room that I’d been using for the last 2 weeks…I was just about to turn the lights out and go to sleep…but there was a knock on the door…I said, “C’mon in Mark.”  The door opened and Mark walked in and had his hands on his hips and said, “Now just how did you know it was me little girl?” 


I smiled and said, “Because you’re the only one out of all those guys who knock like the door is running away from your fist…”  Mark smiled and said, “Yea, I guess I do knock a little hard don’t I?”  I nodded…Mark came over and sat in front of me…and said, “You feeling any better?”  I said, “Yea…a little…I guess I needed to do what I did tonight to help my sanity…I know I’ll probably never forgive myself for leaving Marie…but I can’t change the past…it happened…and hopefully someday…my parents will get what’s coming to them…”  Mark said, “Why didn’t you’re mother ever stop your father?”  I said, “Get real…mom was weaker in the mind then me and Marie put together…My dad had some kind of hold over her brain that told her it was perfectly fine to do all those things to us…”


Mark said, “I’m sorry you had to go through something like that…but it looks like it’s made you tougher…at least I know now why you can take mine and Glenn’s shit so well…”  I said, “Yea…you guys are a cake walk…even though you have a tendency to remind me of things I never forget and sometimes you and Glenn both get kind of temperamental…I survived worse…I can survive you two…easy.” 


Mark said, “Yea…I guess so…We’ll try not to be such pains in the ass from now on…”  I said, “No…keep to your usually self, cause if you make it easier on me…then I’ll let myself slack off…and I don’t slack with anything.”  Mark said, “Okay…also…Glenn asked me to remind you, that you’re supposed to work up a work out schedule for us…”  I said, “Yea…I know I’ve been working on it, since you gave me the okay to do it…it should be ready by the time we get to Chicago…and you guys can either start on it tomorrow before Raw or the day after…it’s up to you guys.”  Mark nodded and said, “Okay…I’ll let Big Red know.” 


I said, “Alright…I’m going to bed…so get your big ass out of my room so I can sleep…so I won’t be grouchy tomorrow when you come stomping in here at the butt crack of dawn to wake me up…”  Mark laughed and said, “G’night little girl.”  I said, “Good night…little man…”  Mark laughed harder…he leaned over and kissed my forehead softly…


I looked up into Mark’s hypnotizing eyes and Mark looked down at me…and suddenly it went from a goodnight kiss to a GOODNIGHT KISS…Mark leaned down further and captured my lips with his.  Mark wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to intensify the kiss…and I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tighter…Mark ran his tongue across my lips and I let his tongue in…His tongue slid in my mouth and caressed every inch of my mouth including my own tongue.  It had to of been the most amazing kiss in my entire life…I know I’m only 18…how much amazing kisses could I of had before that night…you’d be surprised…Speaking of age…Mark had to of remembered how old I was…cause he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away while he stood up and was at a total loss for words…


Can you believe it…The Undertaker??  Loss for words?  That’s not even in his dictionary…Mark stood there looking at me…we were both breathing kind of heavy from that lip searing kiss…as soon as his lips touched mine…I lost all sanity…but when he pulled away and just stood there…He ran his index finger and thumb across his bottom lip like he couldn’t believe he just kissed an 18 year old girl…Mark looked at me and said, “I’m sorry little girl.”  He turned and walked out…closing the door behind him…


I jumped out of the bed with my tank top and shorts set on again…and my hair flowing loosely and ran over and opened the door and I said, “Mark…”  He stopped and turned around and I said, “What the hell was that all about?”  Mark looked at the ground and said, “A mistake…a really big mistake.”  I said, “Oh don’t hand me that crap…you had to have done it for a reason…and you know as well as I do…it wasn’t a mistake..”  Mark said, “No…no reason…and it was a mistake.”  I said, “Don’t tell me that the big bad Undertaker is getting chicken shitted…” 


Chapter 13

**Same Warning**


Mark said, “Just go back to your room and go to bed little girl…”  I said, “Don’t tell me what to do…”  Mark said, “Get your ass to bed…now.”  I rolled my eyes at him and walked in the room slamming the door behind me.  Mark got mad because of my attitude…and came back in the room and flipped the light on…I sat up and said, “Christ now what?  First you tell me to go to bed…and now you won’t let me sleep.”  Mark said, “Just because I let you stay at my house for 2 weeks…and ride on the back of my bike, and act like your friend…doesn’t mean were actually friends…you’re still just my assistant…and it doesn’t mean you can mouth off to me still…So get rid of the attitude.” 


I stood up out of bed…if I was going to talk back to him it was going to be on my own two feet…I said, “You know something…you run so God damn hot and cold sometimes I can’t figure you out…one night your jumping down my throat because of my attitude…and then the last two weeks you’ve been nothing but nice…and what now that we’re going back on the road tomorrow it’s back to being the asshole I have to run around for…why can’t you just have one set temper and keep it there…I never see you biting anyone else’s head off when they talk back to you…but every time I try to defend myself against your bullying shit…I get told to get rid of my attitude…well you can get over it cause that’s never gonna happen…”


Mark said, “This is the reason right here…that I stopped that kiss from going into something more…because as long as you have that attitude…you’ll never be anything more then a little girl…”  I said, “Well…you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t faint at your feet from that kiss…you may think that I’m immature and still a little girl and maybe I am…but it’s probably because I grew up way too fast…hell by the time I’m 20…my mental state will be the same as a 40 year old…if you’re done with your lecture I would like to get some sleep…what sleep I can get…my sleeping pill kicked in 2 hours ago…but yet you don’t see me sleeping…”


Mark growled something incoherent and slammed the door closed after smacking the light switch down…


I wanted to laugh cause I had managed to get under his skin yet once again…but at the same time I wanted to cry…cause we just enjoyed a really sweet kiss and he ruined it by saying he was sorry and that it was a mistake…the worst thing a guy can ever say… “I’m sorry…it was a mistake…we should have never done that…or this…or whatever…”  I mumbled while laying in bed staring at the ceiling…I could feel the insomnia creeping into my brain…and knew I wasn’t going to get much if any sleep tonight…Not to my surprise I stayed awake all night…I started the makings of a really good song…and stared out the window mostly watching the night turn into day…I stood up and stretched around at 4:30…and went to take a shower…after which I finished shoving everything into my suitcase…and got dressed…


Chapter 14

**Same Warning**


Around 5….someone lightly knocked on my door…and I said, “Enter at your own risk.”  Glenn peeked his head in and said, “So you are awake….when did you wake up?”  I said, “Oh…7:30…yesterday morning.”  Glenn said, “No sleep last night huh…”  I said, “Not at all…”  Glenn said, “I heard Mark in here last night…Was my hearing going out or did he say something about a kiss?”  I smiled and said, “Oh shut up Glenn…Yes…he kissed me…it was a really great kiss too…shame he had to go and fuck it up…”  Glenn looked at me and said, “Damn…I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say fuck before…”  I said, “I never had a reason to say it until now…”


Glenn said, “Okay…so how did he…how did you put it?  Fuck it up?”  I giggled and said, “Yea…he fucked it up…Not only was the kiss absolutely breath taking…but it was an extremely nice and gentle kiss…something you don’t expect from a man his size…but the topper of it all was when he looked at me like I had just given him a blowjob and asked him for money for it…then said I’m sorry and walked away…then after I confronted him about it he said it was a mistake…a really big mistake…Those two phrases should never be uttered in a sentence together or separate when a guy is talking to a girl…cause they tend to fuck everything up…Most guys don’t realize that though until it’s too late…”


Glenn said, “Did I just hear you say blowjob…do you know what that is?”  I said, “Would you like a demonstration?”  Glenn said, “I better say no…it be kind of like asking my little sister to do that…I would feel incestuous about it…”  I said, “I was only kidding Glenn…I wasn’t really going to demonstrate…maybe draw a picture or write you a song about it…but the demonstration is not going to happen…it goes with that whole big brother scenario…same difference.”


We laughed it off…but never really said anything to anyone else about what we were talking about…We got all our shit together and left for the airport…things were pretty quiet in Mark’s truck between me and Mark on the way there…Glenn kept Text messaging me on my phone…and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the dumb things he was saying…he kept sending dirty jokes…I finally said, “So…are you going to talk to me…or sit there and act as if nothing happened?”  Mark said, “I’m going to stay focused on my driving and leave you to talk with Glenn on your phone…”  I said, “I want to talk with you…not Glenn…I didn’t kiss him…I kissed you….well scratch that…you kissed me…and I just enjoyed it way to much and kissed back…it was either that or lose my lips to you…”


Mark said, “Can we just forget it happened…you only proved to me last night I don’t need to be messing with little girls…and you’re 18 so yes that makes you a little girl still…”  I said, “What’s the harm in you telling me what you really want…instead of sitting there giving me some bullshit story about me only being 18 and a little girl…don’t use my age as a boundary…or a pitiful excuse…just cut it to the chase…be straight with me…I’m a big girl…I can handle it…”


Mark said, “You want the truth…you really want the truth?”  I said, “Hit me with your best shot there Undertaker.”  Mark said, “Okay…you asked for it…That day we took that ride together…you had your arms wrapped around me and I loved it…I couldn’t get enough of the way you felt against my back…and you smelled so God damn good…and last night when I walked into the room…you looked so innocent and virginal…and when you wrapped your arms tight around me when I kissed you…the animalistic side came out in me and I wanted nothing more then to throw you on the floor and fuck you until you begged me to stop…or for you to at least cum until you couldn’t anymore…”


I sat there looking at Mark…he said, “See…that’s not the reaction I wanted from you…”  I said, “Yes…well I don’t believe anyone has ever said that to me before…so this reaction is actually an original to what you would normally receive from me…even if someone else had said that to me…this is the reaction they would have gotten too…So what reaction would you like from me?”  Mark said, “Believe me you don’t want to know…I’m old enough to know better and you’re too young.”


Wasn’t he an aggravating person?  The answer is HELL YES!…we spent the rest of the ride in silence…even the plane ride…we never really did talk about the kiss again…it was just dropped.


Chapter 15

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


- Fast Forward…3 years - -


By now I was 21…and I had taken a lot of shit from Glenn and Mark both…Me and Mark had not spoken about the kiss we had shared 3 years ago…I always looked at him in a different light…and the worst part was I had to bare witness to him strut around with a different ring rat every week…It was so nauseating…I don’t know if he had noticed my reactions to him screwing around with hoochies who could be giving him diseases…but I know Glenn and Mindy did…by then they had been married and Mindy was hired to be his valet to the ring…Glenn had been noticing how much I had grown up in the last 3 years…but Mark was pretty much oblivious to it…especially since in the 3 years I had been the ‘brothers of destructions’ assistant…Mark still hadn’t learned my name and was still going with little girl…


Which I gotta tell you…3 years of a grown man calling you little girl…can get pretty damned annoying…


Glenn knew Mark was skating on thin ice around me…and was just waiting for me to blow up at him…but Glenn wasn’t about to warn Mark…he knew if I was going to blow up, he’d rather it was at Mark then himself…I didn’t lose my temper that easy…not as easy as the two of them on some occasions…I was a lady in every sense of the word…until someone really pissed me off….then it went from lady to Shewolf…in 3 seconds…


After Mark’s last two flunkies…or groupies…or ring rats as known to most wrestlers…I had pretty much had it up to my eyes with cleaning up hoochies to look presentable for Mark to screw ‘em…I had done some pretty low things in life…but cleaning up a girl who couldn’t even clean herself…made me sick to my stomach…and the girls thoroughly enjoyed me waiting hand and foot on them…I had finally had enough of it…Mark knocked on my hotel door one night and I opened it…thinking wow this is a pleasant surprise…our night off and maybe he’d actually like to do something with a girl who could actually wash herself without being helped…


Mark said, “Can you come with me for about 20 minutes?”  I said, “Sure…”  I followed him to his room and we walked in and there was a 30 something woman, smelling like smoke and whiskey…Mark said, “Will you do something with her…I want to have sex with her…but not with the way she smells…”




I said, “You’ve got to be joking right?  It’s my day off…and you want me to scrub up something the trash can puked up…”  Mark said, “That’s not very nice to say in front of my guest…”  Mark looking like he was about to strangle me…I said, “Guest or no guest…you’ve really let yourself go Mark…I don’t know why…and half the time I could really care less…but…hold that thought…” 


I walked into the bathroom…and came back…Took Mark’s wrist and placed a bar of soap and a wash cloth in his hand and said, “If you want her clean so you can fuck her…then you do it…cause I’m your assistant…not a babysitter for over grown women…and if you can’t get her clean…then I would suggest you fuck her in the shower…she smells like she hasn’t had one in years…”  I rolled my eyes and walked out of Mark’s room and was gone to my room with the blink of an eye…


Yup things were slowly starting to go under between me and Mark…I think the worst possible thing he ever asked me to do…other then bathing his ring rats…was actually buy him boxes of condoms…so he would get diseases…I didn’t know if he used them…I didn’t care…but if I’m not buying them for me to use on him or some other guy…then obviously I didn’t want to be buying them…


Chapter 16

**Same Warning + Explicit Language**


The next day it was breezy…but it was beautiful…It was always so great…I went to the arena to check on the guys as they were going over their lines for the show that night…I had on levis, Black steel toed boots, and a black tank top on…and then had a red cotton zip up hooded jack on…but I left it unzipped…I was going for comfort…


When I got to the arena…I heard Mark’s voice bellow through the arena… “LITTLE GIRL!”  I turned around and said, “Can I help you Mark?”  He walked up and grabbed my arm…Glenn and Mindy hot on his trail…he drug me down the hallway and pushed me into their dressing room…Mark said, “I can’t believe you embarrassed me that way last night…what the hell were you thinking exactly?” 


I said, “Time out…if anyone is embarrassing you…it’s you…and it wasn’t just last night it’s been the last 3 damn years Mark…What the hell is your problem?  I don’t get how you could treat me the way you do and think that it’s okay…You treat me as if I’m some over paid friggen babysitter for every whore you bring back stage…For the last 3 years I’ve watched you parade up and down those hallways with different ring rats…only to know they were fucking the Undertaker and not you…why would you let yourself stoop that low?  I’m mean really…tell me how does it feel to be screwing some girl with more make up on the Tammy Faye Baker and have her scream out the Undertakers name and not yours Mark.”


I looked at him and continued, “You’re not the same Mark Callaway I meet 3 years ago…you’ve changed…it’s funny our rolls have reversed…have you noticed??  I grew up and became a woman…but you got younger and became a little boy with an erection ever 5 minutes…I’ve sat and watched 65 ring ratted whores, in the last 3 years walk in and out of your dressing room…hotel room…rental cars…hotel elevators…arena stock rooms…where ever you could get them to fuck ‘em…” 


Mark started to say something and I put my index finger up and said, “No…Don’t stand there and say I embarrassed you, I refuse to believe it’s all my fault…because even if I did…it’s better then having you make me feel physically sick…I am absolutely nauseated with the way you’ve behaved in the last 3 years…Half the time you make me want to puke…the other half…I just go ahead and puke…you make me sick…you’ll never know how sick either…because you’re too busy having me bathe your whores…or buy you condoms…since when did Vince hire you to be a fuck factory?  I could have swore you was hired to be a wrestler…Mark…you could do so much better…”


I started to walk away and Mark chuckled and said, “Yea…with you huh honey…you’re jealous of those girls cause they got what you couldn’t…and didn’t…I let you sample that kiss 3 years ago…and now your wanting to be next in my bed…”




I turned around and said, “Honey…there’s really nothing to be jealous about…and you’re right…I would love to get in bed with you…but not the way you’re thinking…for 3 years…I’ve loved you…and I don’t mean Ooo…I love the Undertaker…I mean I loved Mark Callaway the man I meet 3 years ago…who kissed me so gentle…I thought my life was perfect…The man who was playful and flirtatious…and who had a passion for riding his Harley’s and loving his dogs…I loved the man behind the Undertaker…The man who would stand in the back in shadows and watch the hustle of the back stage area and laugh when things wouldn’t go right and send Vince into a cussing frenzy…The man who was nothing but a big old boy from Texas…who had a light hearted side when it came to the sadness in other peoples lives…but Mark…you’re not him anymore…you haven’t been him in a while…I don’t know where he went…or why he left…but I wish he’d come back…because I know I sure miss him.”


I blinked once and tears slid out of my cheeks…I whipped my tears and walked out of the room…and left Mark there to contemplate the things I’d said…


Chapter 17

**Same Warning**


Needless to say my nerves were pretty frazzled…But the funny thing was…apparently my speech had worked on Mark…cause he cut all the shit…he got rid of the ring rats…and stopped trying to screw everything in sight…he’d gotten a little more temperamental…but it was just because he was trying to change himself too fast.  I’d say within a matter of weeks he was back to his old self…which was more enjoyable to be around…back to joking and having fun with the guys.


I kept to myself, the only time I talked to Mark or Glenn was to hand them their schedules…and inform them of what was on the agenda for the day.  I walked up to Mark one after noon and handed him his daily schedule and said, “You guys have an autograph session at 12…a meeting with Vince at 3…going over your lines and moves in the ring at 4…3 interviews with Coach, Terri, and JR at 4:45, 5:15 and 5:45…and then the show at 6.  Glenn is going to be running late…he has to get his yearly physical today…and yours is tomorrow.”


I turned to walk away…when Mark grabbed my hand and stopped me in my tracks…he said, “Can I talk to you please…just for a minute…”  I nodded and he walked over to his dressing room and held the door open for me and said, “C’mon in…please.”  I walked in and sat down on the arm rest to the couch…Mark stood in front of me with his hands on his hips looking down at me.


Mark took a deep breath and said, “A few weeks ago a really good friend of mine…gave me some much needed advice and forced me to take a look at how shitty I had let my life become…going after girls who didn’t mean anything to me…and also having my assistant do some pretty disgusting things…after I sat and thought about my life…I was a completely disgusting pig…I looked like shit and treated everyone like shit…I can’t believe I did those things to anyone and forced you to do those things…Sandra…from the bottom of my heart…I’m really sorry about how I treated you…I should have known better…I just couldn’t see it until you forced me to look at how I’ve been in the last 3 years…I never meant to hurt you…or degrade you…and I’m really glad you told me you loved me…I can’t say I love you….but I know I have some pretty strong feelings when it comes to you…and I need to work through those also…I don’t know what or if anything will come of it…but eventually down the line…I’ll ask you to dinner and I’ll just hope you’ll say yes…The last 3 years have been nothing but a big blur…and you’re right about one thing…somewhere in the middle of those 3 years…without me noticing it…you grew up and became a beautiful woman…you’re gorgeous…a knock out…and I’m definitely one of the many men in your knock out path…”


I smiled and said, “Thanks Mark…I needed that…I appreciate what you’ve said to me…and just let me know when you’re ready to go to dinner…and I’ll check my schedule to make sure my boss the big bad Undertaker, doesn’t have me running all over the place for him.”  Mark said, “Oh, I highly doubt he’ll have you doing anything like that…”  I stood up and crooked my finger for him to lean down towards me…so he leaned over until he was low enough to me…I stood on my tip toes and took his face in my hands and kissed his cheek lightly…and said, “Have a nice day…I’m going to go finish my work.”  Mark was in a state of shock…and said, “Okay…you too little girl..”  And he watched me leave.


Chapter 18

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


Every since Mark had become his old self again…him and Glenn were the big jokers in the group of men on the tour…and half the time I was just trying to ignore them…half the time it didn’t work cause they would just pin me down like a little kid and would tickle me until I gave in to them…Mark and I would still argue about my bad attitude…and Glenn would defend me by saying it was my womanly right to have a bad attitude at my age…


One day, All of us were at the arena getting ready for one of the big PPV’s…and they had approached all the valets, divas and even the assistants to do 2 calendars the first would be called… ‘The Women behind the Wrestlers of the WWE.’  And have who ever was on which ever month…she would posse with the guy or guys she was in charge of…and they were going to feature Glenn twice, once with me and Mark as the ‘brothers of destruction’ and their assistant…and then another with him as Kane and Mindy, his valet and wife…Me and Mindy were excited about it…  The second calendar was called ‘Brainy Babes Behind the Scenes’…and I got to be in that one too…but that one would be by myself


As I was getting ready with Mindy…we were talking back and forth…and noticed our outfits were almost similar…I had on Black leather pants, steel toed boots…and a black ‘Brothers of Destruction’ t-shirt on…that the wardrobe lady tied in the front to show off my navel ring…and they left my hair down and curled the ends inwards a little…not too much…Mindy had Red leather pants and matching red leather steel toed boots…(where can you even find red leather steel toed boots….I have black and white ones…but red??)  plus a red Kane t-shirt…they put a ton of curls into her thick head of hair…she looked all hussied up…


We walked down the hall…and into the photo room in the back of the arena where they were doing all of the pictures…Mindy said, “Girl…I feel like such a hoochies in this…”  I said, “Why…that’s more then what you normally wear when you go to the ring…”  She said, “I know but at least with that my parents don’t see me…I mean c’mon when they heard about the calendars they both want one.”  I couldn’t help but laugh at her…


When we walked into the room we looked over and Mark and Glenn were both standing there…Glenn in his Kane get up…but his mask sitting on top of his head…he turned around and looked like a raccoon….cause of the black make up around his eyes because of the mask…We saw him and immediately started laughing…Glenn walked over and said, “What?”  Mindy said, “Babe…you look like a raccoon…”  Glenn said, “Thanks…that helps…it’s just make up you too…”  We started laughing again and I said, “Yea…well if I survived an old lady ass beating I’d lie and say it was make up too…”


We started laughing again as we walked away…when Mark came into full view…I nearly passed out…he was just starting this bad attitude carrying side of the Undertaker…and was being referred to as Deadman Inc.  Now this new logo was all over everything…I came around the corner and he had on black leather pants, steel toed boots, and a black Deadman Inc t-shirt…tight around the chest and arms area…woo…is it getting hot in here??  Then of course his black bandana and hair in a tight braid…and his signature dark ass sunglasses…oh yea feeling light headed…may have to sit down before I fall down…


Mark saw me and he looked a little shocked also…he walked over and said, “Damn girl…you should let them dress you up for often…”  I smiled and said, “I don’t think so.”  He said, “Why not little girl…you look gorgeous…”  I said, “It’s not me…I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal…you know me…whatever’s comfortable…”  Mark said, “Okay…whatever you want.”  I said, “What ever I want huh?”  Mark nodded and I said, “Hmm……you don’t want to know…”  I winked at him and walked away to rejoin Glenn and Mindy’s conversation…


Chapter 19

**Same Warning**


For our picture…they had me stand between the two guys in a couple of different shots…then they moved me over for the next calendar posse by myself…and the guys watched me…Mark said, “Glenn…when exactly did Sandra grow up?  I missed it big time…didn’t I?”  Glenn said, “She grew up a long time ago…and yea…you missed it…it was fun watching her……when are you ever going to just swallow your dumb pride and ask her to dinner?” 


Mark laughed a little and said, “I don’t know…it will still probably be a little while…I want to make sure it’s the right thing…but then again…what’s the right thing.”  Glenn said, “Mark…you need to just ask her…she is hurting just as bad as you are…you already know how she feels about you…just ask her already…”  Mark said, “Oh hell…I’m almost 35…she’s barely 21…what the hell would she want to do with a damn old fart like me…I don’t really want to feel like I’m a cradle robber…She’s turned into quite a young lady…but I just don’t know man…”  Glenn said, “C’mon…just take a chance already…I don’t care how you do it…just do it…you’ll never regret it for a second.”


So Mark made a decision…and was going to ask me…either after the PPV the next night or after Monday Night Raw the night after that…he’d have to see how much he got to see me and how much work I was doing to get away…but he was going to ask on one of those two nights…


The next night I was in my usually attire…levis, steel toes, and a tank top with a little hooded zip up sweat shirt…and my hair in a pony tail…as soon as I got to the arena…the guys had me running in 60 different directions at once…Mindy was just trying to handle Glenn…but even then she pooped out…and I was back to handling both on my own…I ended up blowing up at both of them, in their dressing room….about 5 seconds before they were to go out and do the PPV’s autograph session with the other wrestlers…


After they went out for their session…I decided it was time for some !!me!! time…much needed, I might add…I walked up to the guy who is usually running security smoothly and said, “Ricky…I’m going to leave for a little while…I need to get away from the Destructo Brothers…”  Ricky looked at me like I had grown 6 new heads and said, “Are you crazy…they will literally kill me if I let you leave!!”  I said, “No…I just want to be alone…They won’t touch you, I promise…I have my rental car…I’ll be back in a few hours” 


Ricky walked me out to the Red Mustang rental I had…and watched me turn my cell phone off…Ricky said, “It couldn’t be that bad.”  I said, “Believe me it could…I just want to be left alone…possibly until my next birthday…which is what 10 months away right?”  Ricky said, “Damn…I guess it could be that bad…” 


Ricky opened the door and I got in…Ricky said, “Maybe I should go with you?”  I said, “Nah…I’m just going to go back to the hotel and sleep for a couple of hours…I just can’t stay here with those two anymore tonight…at least not until I’ve had a nap…The next time you see me I wouldn’t want it to be because I’m on America’s Most Wanted for murder…Please, Ricky if they ask or say anything, you haven’t seen me, heard from me, you don’t know where I am…you didn’t see me leave…nothing.”  Ricky sighed heavy and said, “You’re the boss.”


Chapter 20

**Same Warning**


Glenn and Mark had started noticing I was no where to be found…I usually would come up about every 45 minutes to an hour to check on them and make sure everything was running smoothly while they were signing autographs for 4 hours…then someone said they saw me leave…so they started calling my cell phone and it was kicking the calls over to voice mail…they started getting pissed off…cause they knew I had shut my phone off…


Mark and Glenn had cornered Ricky and started asking him questions…Ricky stuck to his promise and said, he’d not seen a thing…and said he didn’t even see me leave.


I woke up and suddenly realized, I had been gone for 7 hours…and the PPV was almost ready to start and were waiting to do some sound checks…which every one knew I was supposed to be there, to make sure the guys music didn’t sound like shit and only I know all the settings for it…While we were on our way back to the arena…I checked my messages…and there were about 25 from Mark and Glenn put together…


Mark’s to me were… ‘Little girl…I don’t know where you went but you better get your ass back here immediately…little girl…Where are you…autograph session is over…get your ass back here now.’ 


Glenn’s were a little more easy, ‘Sandra, c’mon…Mark and I are worried about you…you aren’t answering your phone…Mark is going to kill you when you return…he won’t show it…but he’s upset that you left…you’ve never missed one of our matches since you’ve worked for us…c’mon Cass…you’re our good luck charm.  Please call me and let me know you’re alright…(Mark swiped Glenn’s phone and said..) Get your ass back here now…you are in a whole mess of trouble with me when you show your face again…you don’t just leave without telling us.’


I shut my phone off again cringing at the messages the Mark left…and was thinking Shit what am I going to do now?’  I jumped up and grabbed a shower and took off back to the arena…When I got there I parked in the back and Ricky came running out to the car and said, “Girl…those two are going crazy looking for you…I just know they are coming after you…”  I got out of the car and set the alarm…we took off through the halls of the arena…


Thank God the guys were shut up in their dressing room…we could hear them cussing, ranting and raving about me being gone…Even Mindy was in on the ranting…she was worried too…Rick and I automatically went to the ring and they played the guys different music…


On the way down to the ring Rick said, “I’ll never forget that time I walked in with Stephanie and you had just told Mark off…and then walked out as if nothing happened…I wanted to laugh so hard…but Mark was in no laughing mood…I thought I was going to have to pry his fist out of the dry wall that he had punched a hole into after you left.”  I said, “That man and his temper get the best of him every time…he is so not a patient person.”


Chapter 21

**Same Warning**


As soon as Mark and Glenn heard their music’s…they turned the monitor on and saw me standing there…Mindy stayed in the dressing room as Mark and Glenn stalked off towards the ring…they came out and were standing on the top of the ramp and Glenn had his arms crossed in front of his chest and Mark had his hands on his hips…which was both of their signature stands as being pissed off…whether in the ring or not.


Ricky moved over and whispered in my ear… “It’s a good thing the fans aren’t in here…I’d hate for them to see a grown man cry…namely me.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I kept my head down…but I laughed hard…


After a couple of minutes Chris walked out and joined them…I leaned over to Ricky and said, “They must of gotten to Chris too…God.”  Ricky looked at me and said, “Miss…Cassandra…I think we in a whole heap a trouble ma’am.”  I looked at Ricky laughing harder now…and said, “Heap?”  Putting emphasis on the H sound…Ricky nodded and said, “Yes ma’am…Heap.”  He put more emphasis on it then me…after I was clearly happy about the sound and setting of their entrance music…we walked u the ramp together…Ricky stayed behind me as I had instructed him earlier.


Mark looked down at me through his sunglasses…never removing them and said, “Little girl…you scared the shit out of us…what were you thinking?  You realize you have to be punished?”  I said, “I was thinking I needed to get away…And don’t even think about touching me.” 


Glenn started to go towards Ricky and I put my hand on Glenn’s chest and said, “No…don’t even think about it Glenn…It’s not Ricky’s fault…I asked him to cover for me…I needed to leave and blow off some steam…he only did what I asked…Ricky…the guys will be wanting you to help bring the fans in…so go head and head up to the front doors.”  Rick said, “For what it’s worth Cass…thanks…”  I smiled and said, “Thanks Rick.” Rick left.


Me on the other hand was hoisted up and over Mark’s shoulder…as he carried me back to their dressing room with Glenn and Chris following…


I said, “You guys this isn’t funny anymore…put me down…you know why I left.”  Glenn said, “Tough shit…you shouldn’t have left without telling us…or at least having your God Damn phone on…you scared the shit out of us…we were both worried about you.”  Chris said, “I was worried to Cass…you shouldn’t have left without telling anyone…” 


I said, “Chris how old am I…I’m god damn 21…and if I want to get away I will…with or without my cell…it doesn’t matter…”  They walked into the dressing room…Glenn and Chris grabbed a hold of me as soon as Mark put me down…


Chris and Glenn held me bent over the back of a chair and Mark actually started spanking me the same way my father would…only it hurt much worse with Mark doing it…I started freaking out…and was screaming… “Stop…you’re hurting me…stop…she didn’t do anything.”  At first Chris and Glenn thought it was funny…and then Chris heard me say, “Daddy please you’re hurting me…no…no…no…NOOOO!!!”  The last no was at the top of my lungs like a blood curdling scream…like someone was trying to literally kill me…everyone in the arena heard me…


Chapter 22

**Same Warning**


Mark stopped after the last scream I let out.  Glenn and Chris let go of me…and I flew backwards onto the floor…and landed on my ass…and hit my head on the floor and my nose started bleeding…maybe from the whole terrifying ordeal…I didn’t see 3 separate guys…


I saw three men who all looked like my father…and I was pushing back with my legs as hard and as fast as I could…then they started coming after me and I was trying to scurry out of there as fast as I could…but I hit the wall next to the door…


They kept coming closer and closer until all three images of my father were squatting down in front of me…one of them touched my leg and I jerked it back…away from them…The 3 men noticed my breathing was getting fast and fast and I could feel my pulse racing…and I knew I had to get out of there or suffer another beating by my father…and I knew I couldn’t take another one…My mind finally went into survival mode…


The first one to feel it was Mark…I threw my foot out as hard as I could and the steel toe of my boot connected with the crotch of his levis…and he was down rolling back and forth on the ground cussing up a storm…then I grabbed the door knob of the door and lifted myself up a little and threw both feet out…catching Chris in the face with my left boot and Glenn in the chest with my right boot…


I threw open the door and ran like my life depended on it…Mark said, “What the fuck was that all about?”  Mindy said, “Oh my god…you guys…Mark when you was spanking her…she called you daddy…she just had a major freak out thinking you was her father coming after her again…you need to stop her before she gets out of the arena…”  Mark stood up with Glenn and they shook off the pain…Chris was literally knocked out…and his nose was bleeding…and he was getting a couple of black eyes…Mark said, “Glenn…go towards the front door…I’ll go to the parking garage.”


I had calmed down a little and wasn’t running but walking as fast as I could…as soon as I heard Mark’s voice behind me with him saying, “Little girl…”  I bolted again…Mark said, “Shit…Cassy…stop.”  Mark ran after me…I got to the back door and couldn’t get out, it was locked…I braced myself against the wall…and kicked the handle on the door as hard as I could and the door swung open and crashed against the side of the building…and hung off two of the hinges…and I took off…but I had to stop cause a car was driving by…and I didn’t want to get hit…


Mark ran up behind me and threw his arms around me holding my arms to my chest so I couldn’t turn around and swing…he held my back tight against his chest as we stood there in the rain getting soaked…Mark said, “Cassy, it’s okay sweetie…it’s okay…Oh god I’m so sorry…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you or scare you…”  I was struggling to get out of his arms…and finally had enough and my body gave up and I passed out…Mark picked me up and took me back inside…


Chapter 23

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


When I came to I had almost forgotten what Mark, Glenn and Chris had done to me as far as the spanking went…but I did forget the freak out…I was extremely pissed…and left the arena again…and went to the hotel…The boys knew better then to follow me…and also knew they deserved the silent treatment from me…Mindy explained everything later…about the spankings and the freak out…I was going to apologize to Glenn and Chris…but I figured…why should I…they shouldn’t have done that to me anyway. 


A few weeks later…I noticed Mark was getting rougher around the edges…and I thought it was high time I made a move on him…especially since he thought I was still mad at him…So one night before Raw…I went to his hotel room and knocked…he came to the door…and just had on dark blue levis and black Deadman Inc t-shirt…(Mmmm…Ever notice how guys look so much hotter in Dark colored levis…then lighter?)He didn’t have shoes or socks on…his hair was still damp from what looked like an earlier shower and had been braided back…and he had his bandana on…


He looked down at me…and I looked up at him…he knew I was there to talk…he didn’t even say anything…he just opened the door and I walked under his arm…and he closed and locked the door behind me…he said, “So you’ve finally decided to talk to me?”  I looked at him standing there looking like some kind of God…with his general stance of hands on hips…he always looked so good when he stood there like that…I looked up and him and shock my head no…Mark said, “C’mon little girl…You haven’t talked to me in weeks…I have got to be the leader in the silent treatment record…I realize what we did probably wouldn’t have been so bad if we had actually not forgotten about what your dad put you through.”


I cringed when he said that… Mark said, “Little girl…I’m sorry about everything…you just scared the hell out of us…we didn’t know why you left or if you was coming back…you just left and didn’t even say anything…I mean honestly…I was scared…I mean what if something would of happened…I couldn’t have gotten to you…because we didn’t know where you went.”  I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say ‘oh well’.  Mark said, “So are you going to talk to me…or is the silent treatment still on…for good reason…I know.”  I shook my head no again…and beckoned him with my index finger…Mark walked over and stood in front of me…


I took his shoulders and moved him around to where he was standing about a foot from the couch…and then put my hands on his chest and pushed backwards…and he sat down on the couch and then watched me pace back and forth in front of him and said, “Girl…you’re making me crazy…I apologized for doing the stupid shit…and really want you to talk to me…but you’re keeping with the silent treatment.  Will you just stop and talk to me…and cut that God damn pacing.”


I stopped and looked at him…my hair hanging partially in my face…and I moved over and stood in front of Mark…he put his hands up waiting for me to say something…I took his hands and sat straddled on his lap…Mark started with, “Little girl…what are you do…”  And didn’t finish cause I put my index finger on his soft red lips…and then put the same finger on my lips as to shush him…I touched his cheek and ran my thumb across his soft lips…and I just stared into his emerald eyes…I leaned over and kissed his lips…Mark had no choice but to kiss back…not like he wouldn’t have anyways…


Chapter 24

**Same Warning + Sexual Content**


The longer we sat there and kissed the more intense every kiss got…it was almost as if we had been waiting for a lifetime for this…and just couldn’t get enough of each other…Mark’s hands had slowly made there way up my legs to my hips and one the kissing got more intense, his hands journeyed to my ass and pulled me closer to his body…I could feel his growing erection and knew he had the same thing on his mind that I had on mine…


Mark stopped kissing and looked at me and said, “Talk to me please…What do you want from me…”  I smiled and whispered in his ear, “Make love to me…it’s all I want from you right now.”  Mark said, “I don’t know…Are you sure?”  I started running my tongue around the outside of his ear and he said, “Oh yea…you’re sure.” 


Mark stood up as I wrapped my legs around his waist…and he carried me into the bed room…and we laid on the bed for the next 45 minutes…just kissing, feeling, exploring, touching, licking and tasting every inch of each others bodies…by the time we were fully naked…we were both ready to go…but not before we tortured each other a little…Mark kissed all the way down the front of my body paying very close attention to my nipples as he made them hard as needles…and then ventured down into uncharted territory…and went wild on my clit…using his fingers, tongue…teeth…and I believe lips in there some where…


Then it was my turn…I slowly circled Mark’s small nipples with the tip of my tongue…and heard his growl from the back of his throat a few times…then I kissed down to his erection…with I took in both of my hands…and licked the soft head and then blew hair on and around the sensitive areas…and Mark just groaned and moaned…barely containing his animalistic side to take me without warning…but kept himself under control…then I took as much of his erection in my mouth as possible…teasing him with my tongue and then as I pulled out I ever so lightly ran my teeth up the length of him…


With as sensitive as he was at that point…I was lucky he didn’t cum that second…we were both really close to the edge and almost ready to go over…but still kept ourselves contained…


Then Mark pulled me up to him and as he was kissing me, he rolled us over, while he was kneeling between my thighs…he slowly slid his erection inside my soaking wet center…and then sat there for a minute to let me get used to his size…I would of be screaming if my mouth hadn’t been covered with his…damn…I never expected in a million years…he’d be that big…


Mark started to slowly move in and out of me…and we had some lovely pillow talk going on…but with the as horny as we both were…and getting hornier every minute…we started talking dirtier and dirtier…I may have shocked Mark with a few of the things I said out loud about him...nothing too bad…hehehe!!

Mark started thrusting hard and harder…and our hips were meeting with every thrust…Mark moved my legs to get them apart further and also up a little so he could get himself buried fully inside of me…wanting to make sure he went as deep inside of me as he could get…after a few more hard thrusts we were both catapulted over the edge into out impending climaxes…the orgasm raked through our bodies as if we weren’t even there…and I could feel Mark’s seed explode into me…it was so great…


After wards…Mark pulled me over and I fell asleep with my head on his chest.


Chapter 25

**Same Warning - - No Sexual Content**


Mark woke up a few hours later…and I wasn’t there…He got up and took another shower and then got ready to go to the arena with Glenn…As soon as he got there he set out to find me…I was in the telecommunications office…in other words it was a huge office for all the assistants to come in hook up their laptops to internet and to recharge laptop batteries…with 3 fax/copy/printer machines…I was sitting in front of my laptop confirming some reservations for the next town for Glenn and Mark…when I felt like something was looming over me…


I looked up and over my shoulder…it was Mark with his hands on his hips again…DAMN I could have jumped him right there…I swiveled my chair around and said, “Can I help you Mr. Callaway?”  Mark raised his eyes brows and said, “Mr?  Since when do you call me that little girl?”  A few of the assistants saw the exchange but knew better then to say anything to get involved in one of Mark’s conversations…especially when he used his Undertaker voice…


Mark grabbed my hand and stood me up and then bent over and put me over his shoulder…Mark was mumbling…and I heard him say, “I’ve had about all the shit I’m gonna take from you…3 years missy…3…and I’ve just been bidding my time…Can I help you Mr. Callaway she says…”  I said, “Mark…If you’re going to rant at least do it loud enough so every one can hear…not like you can keep a secret in this place…every one knows when we’re fighting…”  Mark was carrying my down the hall…Glenn walked in behind us and said, “What did you do now Cass?”


I said, “Fucked if I know…I was just trying to confirm your reservations for tomorrow night…when Neanderthal man here comes in and disturbs my work to parade me around on his shoulder…”  Mark said, “You know exactly what you did…so don’t act all innocent because believe me…you are so far from it little girl.”  We both walked into the dressing room…and Mark finally put me on my feet…but on a bench so I’d be eye level with him…Glenn went in and was taking a shower…


Now it was my turn to stand there with my hands on my hips…and said, “So please explain yourself sir…and I use that term loosely…”  Mark said, “I’ll tell you what you did…you forced me to make love to you this afternoon…and then slept with me…I think…and then when I woke up ready to talk to you a little more…you had vanished into thin air…I called you’re hotel room…you weren’t there…I called your cell phone…you didn’t answer…wanna tell me why you made me fall in love with you and then left with out a trace or a word?” 


I smiled and said, “I forgot to turn my cell phone on when I left the hotel…I’m sorry…Did you just say I made you fall in love with me?  Mark, you and I both know…even if I tried…I couldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to…i.e. that also goes for forcing you to make love to me…I just stated that’s what I wanted from you when you asked and I quote ‘What do you want from me’…then I answered and I quote again, ‘Make love to me…it’s all I want from you right now.’…so how is that forceful?”


Mark said, “I already told ya…I made love you and you made me fall in love with you…and by the way just for the record…I said it twice now neither time with the response I wanted from you…so I’m going to say it again…and you better say something back…or I’ll be forced to take matters into my own hands…Cassandra…I love you.”  I was shocked as all get out…that’s the first time he used my real name…I was floored…I sighed and said, “Mark…I…”  Before I could finish Mark said, “Chose your words wisely.”  I grabbed the collar of his T-shirt and pulled him over to me…and kissed him…when we separated I said, “I love you too Mark…”  We kissed a little more before, Glenn walked out of the shower and said, “It’s about time you guys got that shit resolved.”  We had to laugh…



Chapter 26

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


After 4 months, my relationship with Mark just continued to build more and more…honestly I assumed nothing could stop us from going forward and having a great relationship…I should know better then to assume anything…right?  RIGHT!!  By now Mindy was 3 months pregnant, with her and Glenn’s first child…they were both extremely excited.


Every one knew about us…and would give us some funky ass looks…but every once in a while Mark would bite someone’s head off for giving him a look and people would just learn to mind their own business.  Mark wasn’t about to have people sit there and tell him he shouldn’t be with me because of me being so much younger then him.  He wouldn’t have it…he loved me and knew I loved him and that was the end of it…or at least it should have been the end of it…


One night Brock Lesner was in the back and had been messing with Mark for the last month or so…and Mark had just about had enough of it…Brock kept trying to piss him off really good…and nothing seem to be working…so he finally touched on something that made Mark sit up and take notice.  I had left the arena early cause I had a headache…and had forgotten my key with Mark at the arena…Mindy, Glenn and Chris left with us…The four of us stayed in Glenn and Mindy’s room…I was laying across the couch and had fallen asleep…Chris, Glenn and Mindy were sitting there talking quietly about everything…


Glenn touched on the fact that Mark was getting tired of people giving him shit about his and my age difference…Chris agreed and they knew it wouldn’t be long before he really blew up on someone…but they couldn’t have begun to know who it was going to be.


Meanwhile back at the arena…Brock started his taunting…and Mark had finally had enough of his shit and threw him against the concrete wall and pushed his forearm into Brocks throat…and said, “Boy, what is your problem with me and Cassy…huh...I don’t get why people just can’t seem to keep their fucking noses out of our business…”  Brock said, “Because Deadman…every one sees the same thing that you don’t…she may sleep in your bed and tell you she loves you and she may also fuck your brains out…but you don’t see the way she acts around Chris and every other guy in the back…we can see she’s sending us some pretty clear signals that she doesn’t want to be with you…she wants someone younger…who can keep her satisfied all night long big man…the older you get…the more you just can’t hang with the younger ones…at least not in the bedroom…” (Low Blow)


Which I don’t know why Mark even believe that man for a second…but he did…when he got back to the dressing room he had found the note I left him…saying I was going back to the hotel with Chris so I could sleep off my headache…he was furious…and just let his anger build and build…cause technically Chris is the one who drove us back to the hotel…and if Mark would of checked his messages he would have known I forgot my key and was in Glenn and Mindy’s hotel room…not Chris’s.  (HELLLLLO!!!  The little blinking / flashing light on your cell phone…means you got Message!!!)


So Mark sat in the dark of his hotel room and proceeded to drink himself into an oblivion…the boy has a high tolerance for Jack Daniels…he can drink 3 bottles and still be able to drive and walk a straight line…with no problems but when he’s mad…he can actually drink more before he starts to really feel it…so mind you by the time I had woken up at was 3 am…and I hadn’t called Mark to let him know I was okay or where I was…which only fueled the fire MORE…and you of course don’t think he’d of actually called Glenn to see if he’d heard anything from me right?  Get real…the boy was shit faced and pissed off…there was nothing to be said…and there was no two more dangerous combinations.


Chapter 27

**Rape Subject**


I said my good-byes to Glenn, Chris and Mindy…and walked down to Mine and Mark’s hotel room…I knew he’d be there…and hoped he wasn’t sleeping…I knocked on the door…and Mark threw the door open scaring the shit out of me…he said, “Where the fuck have you been?”  I said, “Geez, drink much…I was down with Glenn and Mindy, I forgot my room key in your wallet…I fell asleep on the couch…”  I walked in and past Mark…He stalked after me and as I was putting a silk night gown on to sleep in…


Mark said, “Why are you lying to me…just be straight just tell me you was down fucking Chris…I know you don’t want to be with me, cause I’m not as young as all the other guys…and I’ve seen the way you act around him…flirting and flaunting your ass…pushing your tits in his face…finding some way to have to touch him…how long have you been fucking him while fucking me?”  I said, “You’re drunk…and before you say another word to get yourself into trouble…I suggest you go sleep off the booze…”  I tried to walk past him and he said, “Don’t tell me what the fuck to do little girl…I know you was just down fucking Chris…you had the tight little pussy of yours wrapped around his cock and you know you were loving every minute of having those skinny little legs around his waist, screaming out his name…”


I said, “No Mark…I would never do that to you.  I would never do that with him…he’s my best friend.”  Mark said, “Please…I never had a female friend that I wasn’t fucking.”  His breath was getting nasty from the booze…and I was trying not to breathe around him…I finally walked past him and he got pissed and grabbed my arm…very hard…and jerked me back to him…and shoved his tongue into my mouth…and I couldn’t breathe…so I bit down on his tongue…I knew all of this was coming from him because of the alcohol…He got pissed when he saw I drew blood from his tongue and he back handed me…and I fell on the bed…I grabbed my eye and I swore I felt my eye explode…


I was pushing away trying to get to the phone to call Glenn’s hotel…this was just getting worse by the second…Mark grabbed my ankles and pulled me back down to him…Mark said, “No ma’am…no calling your boyfriend…Chris can’t save your ass now.”  Mark reach down and literally ripped my panties off…and within a matter of seconds had his erection inside of me…and was thrusting in and out of me as hard as he possibly could…I thought my insides were going to ripe in half…I was trying to talk to Mark and push him away from me…but that man was totally immobile…


I was crying cause I just didn’t want this happening between us…with as drunk as he was he had a permanent erection and wasn’t letting himself cum…but he kept making me cum over and over and over…(I know it should have been enjoyed…but not that way).  When I couldn’t stop crying…Mark put his hand over my mouth and started thrusting harder and it was almost a scream cry that was coming out of me, cause it hurt so bad…I just wanted a hole to open up in the middle of the bed and swallow me whole…I just let my body go lifeless as I cried…I knew if I fought with him, he’d make it harder on me…of course screwing me like that wasn’t really enough…


Mark started belittling me…and saying, “C’mon Cassy…I want you to cum for me until you can’t cum any more…I’m not fully satisfied…that’ll teach Brock to say I can’t satisfy you all night long…we’re just going to keep fucking until you cum all over me…you don’t need anyone younger…not when I can get the job done…huh baby…god…even with everyone that you’ve been fucking…that sweet little pussy of yours is still nice and tight for me…”  The orgasms were just raking through my body…I hated the fact that my body kept betraying me and responding to him…I had no control over my body and it was a horrible feeling…


I knew none of this was Mark…it was whoever had gotten into his head…well that and an awful lot of booze…Around 5 am…and after about 40 orgasms…Mark finally let himself cum…of course I was half dead to the world cause I was physically and emotionally exhausted…from crying and all the orgasms…I was beat…Mark pulled out and went in and passed out in the bathtub…


Chapter 28

**Same Warning…(Regular warning)**


I didn’t even fall asleep…I got dressed and pulled myself together…and went to rent a separate room…I wasn’t about to let anyone see me like that…When I got to the other room…I stood in the shower letting all the funk and nasty wash off me…and cried a lot too…I was so tired…I wanted to sleep…but knew that I wouldn’t have enough time…by the time I got out of the shower it was 7…and time to meet Chris in the lobby…all of us were going to be driving together to the next town…Mark, Chris and I were supposed to be in Chris’s rental car…


I called Chris earlier and said, Mark would be going with Glenn and Mindy…then called Glenn and told him he’d have to go wake up the town drunk…Glenn thought I was kidding…but when I wouldn’t elaborate on it…he knew something bad had to of happened.  I meet Chris in the lobby and when he saw my left eye, black and blood shot from a few busted vessels…he started with the questions and I said, “Chris…if you’re my best friend…don’t ask me anything right now…I just want to get on the road so I can sleep the way there…I’m tired…I’ve been up since 3 am.”  Chris saw the look on my face and handed me his sunglasses to cover the black eye…We left and I immediately was knocked out…


Glenn got Mark up out of the tub…and Mark showered and as Glenn and Mindy waited in the lobby…Mark was getting his stuff together and remembered everything he’d done early that morning to me…he tried calling my cell and it was off…he didn’t bother leaving a message…cause he knew I wouldn’t call him back.  He looked down and by his boot were the 8 empty bottles of Jack Daniels and the pair of black silk panties ripped to shreds…Mark was literally sick to his stomach that he could of done what he did to me…he ran in the bathroom and threw up so much, that there was nothing left to throw up.  He sat there thinking he was no better then my father and the way he used to beat me…It just made Mark nausea to think he had that in him…


Mark left with Glenn and Mindy and fell asleep immediately in the backseat of the rental car…Glenn’s cell phone vibrating in his pocket brought him out of wonderland…he said, “Yea…Chris what’s up?”  Chris said, “Do you get the feeling something really bad went down between Cassy and Mark last night?”  Glenn said, “Yea…but the lump in the back seat didn’t say much…just wake me when we get there…what would make you ask that anyway?”  Chris said, “Oh for the fact that Cass is sporting a really ugly black eye…and she’s knocked out like she hasn’t slept in months…”  Glenn said, “As soon as we get to the arena…we need to get together and see what’s going on with them…Take Cass to my dressing room and then me and you are going to make rounds and see what the hell happened last night…”  The two agreed..


When we got to the arena…Chris told me that Mindy wanted to see me…so I walked down to Glenn’s dressing room, which was directly next to it…and about 3 feet from Glenn’s dressing room, I stopped to see big black boots in front of my feet…I looked up and it was Mark…with the sunglasses sitting on top of my head…Mark got a great look at the black eye he’d given me.  Mark started to touch it with his soft fingers…but I pushed his hand away…and said, “Don’t touch it…it still hurts.”  Mark winced…he remembered that he had done it to me…he said, “We really need to talk Sandra…”  I said, “You’re right…we probably do…but I’m not really in a talkative mood right now…”  I walked past him and into Glenn’s dressing room…


Chapter 29

**Same Warning**


As I closed the door behind myself…I turned to be faced with Glenn, Chris and Mindy all looking at my eye…Glenn walked over and handed me an ice pack as he looked over my eye…he pulled me over and sat me down on the couch and said, “Okay…what the hell happened last night…”  I said, “Glenn…don’t start acting like my father cause you’re not…I don’t have to tell you anything…what happened last night is between me and Mark…so just leave it be.”  Glenn said, “Cassy, he fucking hit you.”  I said, “I bit him…”  Chris said, “Why are you hiding what happened?  Just tell us.”  I said, “Look…I just saw Mark in the hallway…and from the look on his face he’s pretty embarrassed with himself right now…and believe me I know how he feels…okay…what ever happened was left in the town behind us…it’s no ones business but ours…if he wants to tell you…then so be it…but I will never tell anyone…”


I got up and left…after a week of me and Mark playing the silent game…Mark left the wrestling tour…Vince said Mark wanted to take sometime off for a while, but he didn’t know when Mark was going to be back…Glenn had called and talked to Mark a few times, but Mark had never asked about me…or gave any indication about what had happened…and I was still tight lipped about what had happened.  After a month had gone by I finally did tell someone…and knew Mindy would keep it to herself…cause she knew it wasn’t her place to tell anyone else…


Another month later and I found out I was pregnant…and decided I had enough of Mark not being back or returning my phone calls…and took a couple of days off and flew out to Houston Texas…I took a cab out to Mark’s place…and when the cab went inside the gate I saw the garage open…which meant Mark was inside messing with his bikes as always…When Mark saw the cab pull into the locked gate…he knew whoever was visiting had the gate code…Mark whipped his hands off and walked out of the garage…God he looked really good…as soon as he saw me get out of the cab, he walked over and asked the cab driver how much I owed…and then gave the drive 500 dollars. 


I went to go talk to Mark and he stopped me…I said, “Mark we really need to talk…”  Mark said, “I don’t feel like talking much…I just want to enjoy my time off…Little girl…just get back in that car and get out of here…”  I said, “Mark…I’m serious…I need to talk to you.”  Mark said, “Not right now you don’t…I really want to just be left alone…we can talk when I get back on the tour…but I just don’t want to talk to anyone most of all you…”  Mark took my arm and put me back in the cab and as we left Mark could see me crying in the back…he was almost tempted to stop him and pull me out…but knew he couldn’t let himself do that…He hated to see me cry and it was his only weakness…anytime he saw me cry it broke his heart…even if I was just crying about a sad part in a movie…he never could stand it very well.


When I got back with the tour I decided taking time off until after I had the baby would be good…I would still book Glenn’s reservations and stuff…but I’d do it from home and then e-mail or call him and give him the information…he called and would talk to me about how Mindy and their son Jonathan Michael was doing…I hadn’t told anyone about me trying to go out and talk to Mark…it still wasn’t anyone’s business.


Chapter 30

**Same Warning**


So after 8 months I gave birth to a little girl names AnneMarie coming in at 24 inches long and 6 lbs and 4 ounces…tall by skinny…tallness from her father obviously…and skinny from me…she had Mark’s emerald green eyes…and my dark brown curly hair.  And she was the joy of my life…I kept trying to get a hold of Mark if for nothing more then to at least tell him he had a daughter…And every time Glenn tried to talk about me…Mark wouldn’t hear anything about it…So after 7 months, I had just turned 23 and had a 7 month old baby.


Mark returned to the ring after a year and a half…when he came back and I wasn’t there he asked Glenn where I was…Glenn said, “You’ve got to be kidding me right?”  Mark said, “No…where is she?”  Glenn was about to tell him when his cell phone rang and he looked down and saw it was me…he said, “Hey Cass…”  I said, “Hey sweetie…how’s that little mini me of yours?”  Glenn said, “Great…but uh…you’ll never guess whose asking about you..”  I said, “Who?”  Glenn laughed a little and said, “Mark…he’s back on the tour…and just asked me where you were…I was about to tell him…should I let you do the honors?”  I said, “NO!…Glenn don’t tell him…Just leave it be…it’s not worth it anymore…I don’t want him knowing anything…I’ve tried to get a hold of him and if he can’t even call me back…then forget it…” 


Glenn had a puzzled look on his face and said, “Cassy are you sure about this?”  I said, “Believe me Glenn I couldn’t be more sure…I just don’t want to have anything to do with him right now…I just want to be left alone to raise my daughter…and be blissfully happy for the rest of my life with her…I don’t need any other complications in my life…”  Glenn said, “Okay…but you know where to come when you change your mind.”  We said our good bye’s and hung up.


Mark said, “So what was that all about?”  Glenn said, “She doesn’t want you knowing where she is…she just wants to be left alone for a while…”  Mark said, “I knew it…I should of never let her leave 8 months ago…”  Glenn said, “You mean she came out to see you 8 months ago…and you made her leave?…Did she tell you anything.”  Mark said, “Just that she wanted to talk to me about something serious…I blew her off…cause I just wasn’t ready face her yet…and put her back in the cab and as they were leaving I saw her crying…and I had an overwhelming urge to stop the cab and get her out…but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”


Glenn said, “You’re a stubborn ass you know that…she went there to tell you something important…but you just acted like she didn’t matter…”  Mark said, “Man, after what I had done to her a month earlier…I couldn’t face her…Hell I didn’t even know what the hell to say to her…I couldn’t even tell her how sorry I was…”  Glenn said, “Okay…enough of the bull shit…sit your ass down right now and tell me, what the fuck went on that night…you both avoided it long enough.”  They both sat down and Mark told Glenn everything he’d done…even down to every word he’d uttered to me.


Glenn wasn’t sure if he was pissed, sad or sick to his stomach.  Glenn said, “God damn…How the hell did all that come about?”  Mark told him how he’d been feeling leading up to it, because of the way people were treating us…and what Brock had said to him.


Mark said, “After 8 bottles of Jack Daniels…you’ll believe anyone’s bullshit.  I should have known better then to believe that little piss ant…I deserved her leaving my sorry ass…but after all that I knew I would have to come back after her with more then just an apology…that’s why I left…there wasn’t a night or day that, while I was gone…I didn’t think about Cassy and what I could say to make things better between us…hell I wanted to marry her after we’d been together for a month…but how the hell do you tell someone that…besides with our history of fighting and getting on each others nerves…I knew if I decided to ask her to marry me…it couldn’t be the ordinary proposal…it would have to be something loving and memorable…something she’d never forget.”


Glenn said, “I’m telling you right now…get your shit together, get your fucking head on straight…and if you still love her…when she joins the tour again…you go after her like you still love her…and I think she’d welcome you back in her life…”  Mark said, “I don’t know…I just don’t know man.”


Chapter 31

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


- - Fast Forward 3 more years - -


AnneMarie was just 3 years old…and I was getting close to turning 25.  AnneMarie was still the blissful part of my life…I had not yet decided on returning to the WWE…I was still doing all the reservations by laptop and phone for Mark and Glenn…but I hadn’t talked to Mark in 3 ½ years since the day I had gone to see him in Houston…I knew it would just be better that way…I had…however moved all my stuff from Canada back to Texas…but it wasn’t in Houston where I wanted to be where my sister was buried…


I stayed in nice 2 bedroom house in Austin and kept pretty much to myself…Glenn and Mindy had moved to Houston to be in the same town with Mark…but they lived between town and country and Mark was just fully out 20 miles into the country…Glenn came over with Mindy and Jonathan (who was 4 now) often to check on me and AnneMarie and he was pretty careful not to slip in front of Mark and tell him where I was…I had started singing again in a little bar in town…After I had sold my half of the one I owned in Canada…I missed singing…and decided it was time to do something fun…other then raising my daughter…so every Friday, Saturday and Sunday…I would go to the bar with AnneMarie


Glenn, Mindy and Jonathan would usually come in town on Saturday night, because the other people there weren’t as rowdy when there were small kids in the audience…So one Saturday night while I was sitting on a stool in front of the little house band…AnneMarie and Jonathan were coloring together…Jonathan had been protective over AnneMarie, since the first time he’d meet her…and it was good to watch them growing up together the last 3 years…


I had on levis, steel toed boots and a tank top…it wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cool…it was just medium and comfortable…My hair had been cut to just even with the bottom of my breasts…I had gotten tired of it being in my face and being too long…


I looked over, before the music started and saw a very familiar figure walk into the bar and stood leaning against one of the posts on the floor holding up the roof and structure of the building…I could of sworn it was Mark…but I wasn’t really sure…


The guy didn’t have long hair, it had been cut into a short style, but no bandana and a levi sleeveless button shirt on…the first 3 buttons open…and dark levis and boots…he had on a burgundy/red baseball cap that a picture of a long horned steer embroidered on the front…and of course the sunglasses…as soon as I saw the arms I knew it was him…tattoos, short hair and all…I was floored that he had cut his hair.


Mark nudged Glenn’s shoulder and they shook hands and he leaned over and kissed the top of Mindy’s head…I could see the puzzled look on his face trying to figure out who the little girl coloring with his Godson was…but the music started so he didn’t want to talk while I was singing…



Here we are 
What is left of a husband and a wife, four good kids 
Who have a way of getting on with their lives 
I'm not old but I'm getting a whole lot older every day 
It's too late to keep from goin' crazy 
I got to get away 
The reasons that I can't stay 
Don't have a thing to do with being in love 
And I understand that loving a man 
Shouldn't have to be this rough 
You ain't the only one 
Who feels like this world left you far behind 
I don't know why you gotta be 
Angry All The Time 
Our boys are strong the spitting image of you when you were young 
I hope someday they can see past what you have become
I remember every time I said I'd never leave 
What I can't live with is memories of the way you used to be 
The reasons that I can't stay 
Don't have a thing to do with being in love 
And I understand that loving a man 
Shouldn't have to be this rough 
You ain't the only one 
Who feels like this world left you far behind 
I don't know why you gotta be 
Angry All The Time 
Twenty years have come and gone since I walked out of your door 
I never quite made it back to the one I was before 
And God it hurts me to think of you 
For the light in your eyes was gone sometimes 
I don't know why this old world can't leave well enough alone
The reasons that I can't stay 
Don't have a thing to do with being in love 
And I understand that loving a man 
Shouldn't have to be this rough 
You ain't the only one 
Who feels like this world left you far behind 
I don't know why you gotta be 
Angry All The Time 
I don't know why you gotta be 
Angry All The Time 


Chapter 32

**Same Warning**


When the music stopped it was time for a small break so the guys could plug the juke box in and put dancing music on…AnneMarie looked at me as I stood up and she squealed out a, “Mommy.”  That was the best music to my ears…The older AnneMarie had gotten the more she looked like me…long legs…long brown hair…but she still had her fathers emerald green eyes…I smiled at her squealing…and squatted down as she walked up the steps to the stage and Jonathan said, “Be careful AnneMarie…”  He went over and took her hand…making sure she wouldn’t fall… 


I couldn’t help but laugh…AnneMarie in her cute southern draw said, “Jonathan Michael…I can get up these steps on my own…”  I picked AnneMarie up and kissed Jonathan’s cheek…and said, “Don’t worry buddy, she’ll want your help someday…just keep waiting for her.”  He said, “I plan to Aunt Cassy.”  I walked over and Glenn said, “I swear they are 3 and 4 going on 30…they act more grown up then I did when I was their age.”  I said, “Please…they act more grown up right now then I do at my age.”  Mindy said, “Yea…that’s true…me too though…”  We laughed a little more and Mark walked over…and Glenn said, “I think I’ll take AnneMarie and Jonathan to get a soda…”  I said, “What a fabulous idea.”  AnneMarie squealed as Glenn snatched her and took off with Mindy and Jonathan…


Mark said, “Hi.”  I said, “Hi yourself.”  He said, “You sounded really good.”  I smiled and said, “Thanks…you look really good…I can’t believe you cut your hair.”  Mark said, “Yea…well I just got tired of dealing with it…besides I thought I found a couple of gray hairs…and didn’t need any long ones reminding me of my age.”  I couldn’t help but laugh… He said, “So are you ever planning on coming back on the tour?”  I said, “I don’t know Mark…My life is different now…I have a daughter to think about…I realize single moms do that sort of stuff on a daily basis…but I kind of like being a stay at home mom…working out of my bed room…or even out of my bed…especially if I don’t feel like getting out of bed…My daughter sleeping next to me…I make your guys reservations and then e-mail it to you…just in time to finish up to watch morning cartoons with her…It’s wonderful.”


Mark said, “You said, single mom…so you’re not married…I would of thought you’d be married by now.”  I said, “Wishful thinking on my part.”  Mark said, “Why’s that?  Didn’t feel like getting married to her father?”  I said, “I don’t know…I think if marrying her father had been an option…I might have taken it…but then again…we just went off in our own directions…”  About that time…AnneMarie ran over and grabbed my leg…and said, “Mommy…that big guy there isn’t bothering you is he?”  I smiled and looked down at her and said, “No sweetie…he’s not.”  Mark squatted down and said, “Me and your mom are just old friends…so you’re AnneMarie…”  AnneMarie moved her hair out of her face and looked at Mark and said, “Gosh you’re huge…”


Mark immediately saw her eyes…and stood up straight and said, “You have something to tell me little girl?”  I said, “Mark…I have a little girl…I’m not a little girl anymore…and yea sure…if you want to ask the question I’ll answer it for you…”  Mark said, “Just exactly who is her father?”  I said, “You are.”  Mark was starting to get a little red in the eyes…and his hands immediately went to his hips and he said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”  I said, “Remember 3 ½ years ago…I came out to your house and you made me leave…(Mark nodded) I was 4 weeks pregnant…and was trying to tell you…but you made me leave…and I wanted to just scream at you, but I started crying and couldn’t…so yes AnneMarie is your daughter…I called and left tons of messages on your answering machine and voice mail…but you never bothered calling back…If you would have only called back once…you would have known you have a daughter…as it is…you missed 3 years of her life you can never get back…just go get back on your motorcycle…and drive out of my life…cause I can raise her by myself…I have done it for the first 3 years alone….the next 30 should be a breeze.”


I took AnneMarie’s hand and walked away…Mark just left…he walked outside and left…I gathered Glenn, Mindy and Jonathan and we walked out into the parking lot…and were walking to the cars when I could hear the faint rumble of a Harley Davidson…like you could really ever not know the sound of one of those…Just then a bike pulled into the parking lot…and it was Mark…I stood there and watched him…he put the kick stand down and shut the rumbling machine off…and as he was getting up and coming towards me…


Mark said, “I made this same mistake 3 ½ years ago…I just walked out because of a bad memory…and wasn’t willing to talk…I missed 3 years of my daughters life because I was a stubborn ass…and 3 years that I could have been married to you…because I was a pigheaded stubborn ass…and I’m not about to just make the same mistake twice…once was pretty much enough for me…and all my heart can handle…Hell…I wanted to marry you after we had only dated for a month…I just didn’t know how to tell you then…well I’m telling you right now, I’m not going anywhere without you and her by my side.” 


I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks…Mark whipped my tears away and said, “Stop crying…you’re killing me here…I love you Cassandra…I want you to marry me…and say you will right now before I throw myself off a bridge…”  I smiled and said, “I love you too Mark…there is nothing that will keep me from marrying you…”  Mark pulled me tight against his body and captured my lips with his in the most explosive lip burning kiss of my life time…


Chapter 33

**Same Warning**


As I checked myself in the mirror…I was trying to make sure ever piece of ribbon, lace, sheer and what ever was in the right place…I moved from side to side…checking everything…Mindy said, “Oh c’mon you look beautiful…only truly happy brides should look this beautiful on their wedding day…girl don’t get all nervous…it’s just a ceremony with a bunch of people you know…”


I said, “I’m am quite nervous…have you noticed that…”  Mindy said, “Yea…girl don’t make me bonk you on the head with some thing to calm you down…”  I said, “Hell…I should drink a shot of JD…that would calm me…but Mark would taste it on my mouth when he goes to kiss me…”  Mindy said, “What the hell…JD is what got you AnneMarie…”  I said, “Yes…and AnneMarie’s brother or sister…”  Mindy said, “Are you guys going to find out what it is?”  I said, “Hell no…I’ve got 7 months left to this pregnancy…I’m making Mark wait…though deep down inside I know he really wants a son…I just hope I give him one…cause he really seems like the type to keep trying until he gets it right.”


I squatted down to make sure AnneMarie’s dress was fitting her okay…and she said, “You look really pretty mommy…you think daddy will like your big white dress?”  I smiled and said, “I don’t know sweetie…I hope so…”  I kissed her cheek and hugged her and said, “Go ahead and go down front where daddy is…he’s put you in your seat.”  She smiled and nodded…


We laughed a little and said, “God…8 weeks pregnant I’m already feeling the bloat…but I’d rather feel the bloat then the morning sickness…”  Mindy said, “Girl, please…don’t remind me…I’m feeling it very step of the way with this one…”  Mindy turned to the side and had a nice round belly at just barely 6 months…I said, “So…when did you start smuggling footballs under your bridesmaid dress?”  Mindy said, “Ha…ha…Don’t make me tell Glenn on you.”  I said, “Oh pulling out the old…my husband can beat up your husband threat huh…”  Mindy said, “Hell no…I’ll just make Glenn feel bad for him not being able to carry his demon children in his body and then he’ll pamper me for the rest of the week…”  I giggled and said, “Fully worth it then.”  Mindy nodded as someone knocked on the door…


Mindy walked over and it was Glenn he walked in and said, “Oh my god Cass…you look so beautiful.”  I smiled and said, “Thanks Glenn…”  He said, “Everything is ready, their just waiting on you…Mark is getting kind of antsy and said if you don’t bring your skinny little ass down there within the next 5 minutes…he’s coming back here to personally haul you over his shoulder and down to the alter himself.”  I said, “You tell him to just go ahead and try to set foot back here before the ceremony starts and I will whip his ass…”  Glenn left the room laughing hard and went back to take his position next to Mark and leaned over and told him what I said…I could hear Mark laughing as I left the room and was in the hallway waiting for the organ lady to started the wedding march…


I strolled down to the alter…and Mark lifted my veil and said, “You look beautiful little girl.”  I said, “I love you Mark.”  He said, “I love you too Cass.” 


Chapter 34

**Same Warning**


“I know I could never live my life without you…”  She cleared her throat and continued, “Jonathan you are everything to me…you’re my world, my sun and my moon…and you’ve had my heart since I was 3…it was always meant to be with you…I will love you until the day we both die…” 


I was staring down at my wedding rings, remembering all the things that had led me up to this point…


Jonathan cleared his mind and said, “AnneMarie…I’ve been in love with you since the first day I laid eyes on you when I was 2…and granted you wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a boy liking you…but I remember your mom telling me one night when you was 3 and I was 4…she said, ‘Don’t worry buddy, she’ll want your help someday…just keep waiting for her’ And I told her I planned on it…well I kept waiting and here we are…about to share our lives together forever…and it was worth every second…I wouldn’t change a thing…I love you AnneMarie.”


The priest went into a bunch of his nonsense words and I looked at Mark…and he leaned over and said, “They remind you of someone little girl?”  I leaned over and said, “You know something even after all these years…you still call me that…but it’s okay…I never did mind much…”  Mark leaned over and kissed my lips softly…like he had that day 20 years earlier on our wedding day…Our attention was brought back to the alter watching AnneMarie and Jonathan get married with Glenn and Mindy…


The priest said, “May I present Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Michael Jacobs…” 


We watched as they left the church in the limo…I stood there wrapped in Mark’s arms…Mark said, “So…little girl, you want to skip the reception and get down to the fun stuff…or would you like to at least go for a spin on the dance floor…”  I smiled up at Mark and said, “You’re terrible…but yes…you do owe me a dance…then well go have some fun.”  Mark said, “Not a bad idea”


We went to the reception and Mark pushed me around the dance floor a few times before we settled into a good song…



Martina McBride



I get kissed by the sun each morning
Put my feet on a hardwood floor
I get to hear my children laughing
Down the hall through the bedroom door
Sometimes I sit on my front porch swing
Just soaking up the day
I think to myself, I think to myself
This world is a beautiful place

I have been blessed
And I feel like I've found my way
I thank God for all I've been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed

Across a crowded room
I know you know what I'm thinking
By the way I look at you
And when we're lying in the quiet
And no words have to be said
I think to myself, I think to myself
This love is a beautiful gift

I have been blessed
And I feel like I've found my way
I thank God for all I've been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed

When I'm singing my kids to sleep
When I feel you holding me
I know

I have been blessed
And I feel like I've found my way
I thank God for all I've been given
At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed



Mark looked down at me and said, “I love you Cassandra…”  I said, “I love you too Mark.” 


I felt so blessed being able to witness Mark’s love first hand…cause if I would have had to watch him with someone other then me…I know I would never have been as happy at this moment as I am right now…


The End.