White House


Chapter 1


Neela Townes stared out the window, her 3 broken ribs and broken foot were about to drive her to kill Randy if he didn’t stop singing to the radio. It was some Rock station in Boston, Massachusetts.

The driver of the big black continental Lincoln turned the radio on for them, and Randy hadn’t stopped rocking his roll since they go in the car at the airport. They’d been stuck in traffic for 2 hours only to go 45 minutes from the airport.

She rolled her eyes and cringed when he tried to hit a high note, and failed miserably. Neela was seriously contemplating stuffing a sock in his mouth...

Neela Townes and Randy Orton were professional wrestlers in the WWE on the Raw brand roster...Professional...Sure If Randy knew what that meant at all. They’d both seemingly got serious injuries that sidelined them for several months...Come to find out 3 Smackdown brand roster members were also side lined with injuries.

So Vince figured, what the hell they’d live in one big house and go through the pain of physical therapy together and if they didn’t kill each other, they were definitely troopers that would need raises.

Neela was 24 like Randy, he was in Evolution with the Intercontinental Championship belt...And a cocky little brat. Neela on the other hand had gotten into more back stage brawls with Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly) then she cared to remember. Nora had this super bitch attitude that she really was better then anyone...Neela made the mistake of telling her to get her fat ass off her high horse. It just quickly down spiraled...The only good thing? Nora wasn’t really all that well liked by many of the Raw Divas...The only plus side to the situation.

Neela had been in the company 2 years she came in 3 days before the split, and since then Nora had managed to make her life a living hell, until last week, she got tired of it, Nora rammer her knee into Neela’s chest breaking her 3 ribs...Neela was actually able to stand up and wile Molly was leaning half way out of the ring, Neela walked over and literally kicked her in the ass...thus breaking her own foot. At which point she hit the match and Neela accused her fat ass of breaking her foot...to which Nora stomped on 5 times before the referees could get her out of the ring...

Vince had initially suspended her without pay...but only for a single month...Neela was going to be out a good 5 or 6 months...and with the boy wonder next to her...she’d find herself hanged before she’d listen to anymore of his caterwauling that he called singing.

The car came to a stop in front of a huge white house, as Neela turned to Randy and said, “Randall...If you don’t stop singing...I’m going to hurt you.” Randy smirked and said, “You know something...you are no fun when I’m sober.” Referring to the night before they acquired their injuries, they’d gotten shit faced and danced and had a nice time...

Neela pulled herself out and grabbed her crutches and said, “Yea, well Thank God it’s not that often.”

A loud voice said, “R...K...OOOOOO!” The both looked over and up and hanging out of a second story window was obviously one of Randy’s friends, because his face lit up with a nice smile.

Neela said, “Friend of yours?” The walked together up to the house as Randy said, “You can’t see me! You know that shit is getting old.” The guy from the second story said, “Yea...like I haven’t heard enough about that lazy ass Legend Killer?”

The front door opened and they walked in carefully...Randy’s 2nd floor friend came walking down the stairs as they shook hands with a small tender embrace since they both had their right arms in slings. In the process of hugging they some how managed to bump into Neela...and she hit the floor.

Randy turned to introduce her, but she wasn’t there...She said, “I’m down here genius.” Randy said, “Oh shit Neela I’m so sorry.” Neela said, “Sure you are...Smart ass.” Randy and his friend both gave her their good left arms and helped her up...The guy grabbed her crutches and handed them back to her...

Neela smiled and said, “Thank you.” Randy said, “Neela Townes, I want you to meet one of my closet friends in the biz, John Cena...John this is Neela.” John shook her hand and said, “You’re the one who broke your foot on Nora’s ass.” Neela laughed and said, “Fat ass to be more precise.” John could help but laugh.

The next voice coming through the front door said, “Lucy I’m home.” And a voice next to him said, “Excuse me...I’m Lucy...and don’t even go there.” Neela said, “Oh My God Luc!” Lucy looked over and said, “Holy shit.” The two girls embraced...Randy said, “Wanna introduce me?” Neela smiled and said, “Randy this is Lucy Talbot...and That is her enormous boyfriend Mark Jindrak.” Mark walked over and hugged Neela and said, “I don’t need to meet those two bums I already know them.”

Mark and Lucy were their for lower back therapy, Randy and John obviously being Frik and Frak were there for right arm shoulder separation, and Neela broken foot and ribs.

Everyone got settled as Neela looked at the huge white house and thought...My own private prison.

Chapter 2


The first night...was...well let’s just say interesting. Lucy and Mark decided to go ahead and cook since, Neela, John and Randy couldn’t. Neela stood next to the counter while she and Lucy got to talk.

John walked in and the first thing he stopped to stare at was Neela’s ass. John put his hand out to stop Randy from walking further into the kitchen and said, “Please tell me you got to hit that?” Randy laughed and said, “Neela? No...She’s a sweet girl...she knows a playboy when she sees one...which means she isn’t going to be interested in the Doctor of Thuganomics.”

John was trying to be smooth as he licked his index and pinkie fingers and slicked his eyebrows and said, “Yea, well there’s always room for change.” Randy said, “I’m serious man...She’s a real sweetheart.” John looked at Randy and quirked at eyebrow at his long time friend and said, “You’ve got a thing for her already don’t you?” Randy smirked and said, “Me? Naw...I could never....but...Shit...Not like I wouldn’t if the opportunity was ever presented to me.”

John said, “Well, Aight...I see where were going with this...We’ll make a deal now...if she picks one of us, while were here...the other will leave it alone.” Randy’s tongue came and wet his dry lips and he looked from Neela to John and said, “Alright man...Deal...But we also don’t push her...Like I said, she’s a real sweetheart...I’d hate for her to get hurt by either one of us...especially since I have to work with her.”

Truth was, Neela and Randy were already pretty close...but she only saw him as a friend...nothing else...They’d gotten accustomed to traveling together, so they shared rentals, hotel rooms and anything else...They talked about a lot of shit until all hours of the morning...They supported each other as only friends could...But somewhere in the middle of Randy being a playboy...his feelings towards Neela changed...

Too bad hers hadn’t...And Randy knew they hadn’t...She always referred to him as the best friend she ever had.

Lucy had been her friend since they met in college, and found out they both had the same goal to be wrestlers for the WWE. Lucy and Mark had been dating for nearly 4 years now...Ever since they started in WCW together...Lucy started as his valet in WCW, for 2 years, and then WCW fell to it’s demise and they were transferred to WWE, where Lucy was trained as a wrestler/valet.

Randy walked all the way into the kitchen as he put his good arm around Neela’s waist as her head rested against his shoulder and kissed the top of her head and said, “How’s your foot?” Neela said, “Don’t ask...I feel like a small elephant sat on my foot.” Randy said, “A small elephant didn’t sit on your foot, but she did stomp on it...you know...Baby elephant Nora.”

Neela turned into Randy’s chest and was laughing so hard she almost lost her balance...Neela pulled away and said, “I give up...My ribs are killing me and you are no longer allowed to speak to me again.” Randy said, “Ready for some more news?” Neela rolled her eyes and laughed and said, “Sure...Lay it on me.”

Randy said, “The beds for this glorious place won’t be delivered until tomorrow...so tonight we are sleeping in the living room on air mattresses.” Neela said, “That’s fine, as long as you know you’re keeping me warm...I don’t care where I sleep without a bed.” Randy said, “I’ll stick you between John and I...can’t get any warmer then two furnaces.” Neela said, “Well...as long as the furnaces don’t grow arms and hands and try to grope me...I’ll be happy as snug as a bug in a rug.”

Neela leaned up and kissed Randy’s cheek and said, “I’m gonna go sit...My foot is killing me.” Randy nodded and said, “I’ll send John in with some meds and an ice pack.” Neela sighed and said, “Thank you.” As she turned and hobbled into the living room...She managed to make it to one of the air mattresses and sit before she fell and broke anything else.

Thank God.

After dinner, Mark and Lucy decided to go for a walk, as Neela, Randy and John relaxed in the living room on the air beds...They had all showered and were just talking...Randy had his back to Neela as she was massaging the kinks and knots out of his good shoulder, neck and back...making sure not to hit his sore shoulder.

John said, “So Neela where do you know Lucy from?” Neela said, “We met at Boston University...” John said, “Don’t play with me girl...Tell me you’re serious...You was at Boston Uni?” Neela laughed and said, “Yea...Why do you think I’m playing with you?” John said, “Oh My God she doesn’t know. Excuse me Legend killer...You’re supposed to be schooling the girl on her room mates you damn slacker.”

Randy laughed as he enjoyed Neela’s soft hands needing his back...John said, “I’m from Massachusetts. West Newbury.” Neela giggled as she watched John make a big production...The rest of the night was the same...Laughing and getting to know each other.

Later on when the lights were turned out...Neela felt Randy grab her and pull her to him...Neela laughed and said, “Yea...Don’t get comfortable Orton...This is only happening tonight.” Randy laughed as John Mark and Lucy joined in with a round of jokes at Randy’s expense for a woman shooting down his ego.

Their brains rested completely through the night as they just enjoyed sleeping close to one another...and keeping each other warm...It was kind of like a nice little warm bungalow.

A bungalow full of 5 comedians.

Chapter 3


A month later and every one was in the pool together having their warm water therapy...The pool was heated so the physical therapist had them all get in...The only one having a hard time in it was Neela. Neela was between Randy and John and Lucy was between Randy and Mark.

Lucy looked over and said, “If either one of you let my best friend drowned...I’m killing both of you.” John said, “Yea, but what if only one of us let’s her drown?” Lucy said, “I’ll kill the other one for fun.” And smiled.

Neela said, “I think I got it...I hope I got it...trying to swim with a bad foot is not the easiest thing to do...I swear Tina, if you ever want to be a pain therapist, you could work at Helga’s House of Pain Chiropractors...down on 45th.”

Tina the physical therapist said, “I’ll remember that Miss. Townes.” Neela stuck her tongue out at Tina and John said, “Don’t be sticking your tongue out girl...That’s a damn invitation for nothing but trouble.” Neela looked to her side and said, “Oh you’re still here? I figured since you were the heavier gimp you’d sink to the bottom faster.” John grabbed his chest and said, “Ouch...That hurt Neela...And besides everyone knows the heavier gimp isn’t me or Randy...it’s Mark...”

Lucy and Mark without missing a beat both flipped John the bird...laughed at each other kissed and sank under water. John said, “Hey now...No extracurricular activities in the pool...I’m getting out if I see anything floating!”

Neela said, “Then get out dingle berry because you, I and Randy are floating.” Randy said, “I don’t think that’s what he meant by anything floating Neela...” Neela scrunched up her face and said, “Shut up...I know what he was talking about...I don’t need you to inform me.”

John laughed and so did Neela as she started to slip under water, John grabbed her and pulled her back up...She spit the water out and said, “Thanks...Can I get out now...I hate pools.” John could see Neela turning a little green. John said, “What’s wrong Neela?” Neela smiled weakly and said, “I’m not fond of pools, I almost drowned when I was a kid.”

John grabbed her with his good arm and pulled her over to the side of the pool and helped her up in a step, thank God without hitting her sore foot and his hurt arm...John touched her knee as he watched her sit down on the step and passed out against the others...Mark and Lucy swam over with Randy as Mark lifted Neela out of the water and carried her inside the house. John, Lucy and Randy walked inside slowly drying themselves off...John said, “Damn...I’ve never seen anyone get like that so fast.”

Lucy said, “Yea...but with victims who had near death and near drowning experiences...anything can really take them back and shock their systems. The first time Neela passed out in front of me...We were both 19 and my dad took us out on his new boat...Neela hadn’t been on the water since she almost drowned when she was 12...So she didn’t realize her form of seas sickness would actually make her faint or pass out...Freaked us out...But the doctor gave her some pills to take before she stepped on a boat or in water...But sometimes the memories are stronger then the pills.”

John said, “Shit...Is she gonna be ok?” Lucy said, “Yea...We just have to wait for her to wake up now...Shouldn’t be anything longer then 15 minutes.” Lucy ran upstairs to shower followed by John and Randy...When they all finished getting cleaned up and dressed; they all walked into Neela’s room. Mark had pulled some track pants and a sweat shirt on her. Suddenly she sat up and took the loudest gasping breath anyone heard...and looked around...She ran her hand through her long brunette hair and looked at Lucy and said, “Lemme guess the pills didn’t work again.” Lucy smirked and said, “Afraid not.”

The four people in her room watched as she slid off her bed and crawled on her hands and knees to the bathroom, careful not to hit her foot on the hard wood floor...The bathroom connected her and John’s rooms and she closed both doors...Lucy said, “Okay...let’s get some lunch...because what she’s doing you may not want lunch if you saw.”

Neela threw up a couple of times and then flushed the toilet...she stood on her knees and brushed her teeth and then sat in the tub side ways with her legs hanging over the side...Someone knocked on the door and Neela said, “Go ahead and come in.”

John peaked in and looked back at the tub and busted out laughing when he seen Neela sitting in it side ways instead of long ways...John said, “Mind if I join you?” Neela smiled cheesy and said, “Shoot nah...Pull up some tub my man.” John chuckled as he carefully leaned back into the tub sitting next to Neela with his legs hanging over the side next to hers.

John said, “You ok?” Neela smiled weakly and said, “As ok as I’ll ever be...I wish I didn’t freak out when I was in water...I think it’s the only flaw I truly despise about myself, well that and how fat my ass is.” John gave her a sideways glance and said, “How fat your ass is?” Neela said, “Yea...That’s that lump that is 3 feet below my head...Like I didn’t notice you staring at it the first day we were here.”

John laughed and said, “My bad.” Neela and John laughed as they got out of the tub and joined the others down stairs.

Chapter 4


Another 2 months later, and it was around 8 pm. Neela’s ribs had finally healed and her foot was not far behind it...she could walk without the crutches, but had to take it slow and walked with a bad limp.

They had pulled out a couple of the blow up mattresses and sat in a circle and talked, played truth or dare and spin the bottle. Neela looked around...All the guys were either blue or green eyed. John spun the bottle and when it stopped on Neela she blushed from head to toe...

John said, “Ahhh yea girl...C’mere and gimmie some.” Neela leaned over as John cupped her face and they captured each others lips...Randy watched as he felt a pang of jealousy...Nope he wasn’t going to do that to himself...Friends until the end...Randy got up and went into the kitchen...

Thank God they were separated when he got back...he wasn’t sure if he could take seeing her enjoy the kiss as much as John had let on that he was. The night ended early around 10...Everyone went to bed.

For some reason, John slipped into Neela’s room and she was still awake painting her toenails...John scrunched his nose and said, “Nasty stuff you women do.” Neela laughed and stopped long enough to let the red paint brush run down John’s thumb nail once and watched him freak out when he couldn’t get it off...

Neela couldn’t help but crack up...John said, “Damn is that shit permanent or something? It ain’t coming off...Hey Neela it ain’t funny no more.” Neela composed herself and said, “You’re right it’s not funny anymore...It’s fuckin hilarious.” John’s eyebrows shot up as he watched her laugh and said, “Oh we’ve got jokes now huh? You think this is a joke?”

Neela couldn’t even talk anymore, she just laughed and nodded...John threw a glare at her the then grabbed her and pulled her onto the floor next to him as he started tickling her...she was squealing high pitched and laughing in between...And John threw his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet...when she licked the palm of his hand she watched in amusement as his brow furrowed...and she couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled his hand away and whipped it on the leg of her jeans as she started laughing again.

Neela calmed down and John was still leaning over her...She reached up and grabbed the nail polish remover and a cotton ball and poured some on the cotton ball and re-capped the remover and tossed it across the room...As she took his hand and gently rubbed the wet cotton ball on his thumb and watched as the polish disappeared.

Neela looked over and tossed the cotton ball across the room and it went right in the can and she threw her hands and arms up in the arm and said, “Score!” John said, “Damn girl...Is there anything you can’t do?” Neela said, “You mean other then swim?” John broke out in a grin and Neela noticed his dimples...They were great...but only came out when he’s smile or smirk.

Neela touched John’s face and studied him for a few minutes, before John leaned down and captured her lips softly, his tongue touched her bottom lip as she opened her mouth and granted him access. He searched her mouth getting to know everything inside of it...He pulled away and they were both left breathless.

John grabbed Neela’s hand and pulled her up...John’s arm had been doing 100 percent better, he could lift and carry things now...Neela was a little slow, so he leaned down and she carefully got on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and shoulders and her legs around his waist...John carried her piggy-back down the stairs and out to his rental car...

They slipped in the front seat...and John pulled her over to him and they had a nice long good old fashioned make out session...and talked a little...trying to get to know each other in more depth. John piggy backed her back up stairs to her room and kissed her lips softly one last time as they both got to bed around 3 am.

In the morning Neela said bye to Randy cause he was on his way to St. Louis to visit his parents and Lucy and Mark were spending the night in town at a hotel for their 4 year anniversary...So all it left at the house was John and Neela...

You know the old saying...While the cats are away the mice will play.

Chapter 5


John watched as Neela moved slowly through the house in her navy blue t-shirt and short jean skirt that was about to mid-thigh and watched as her long waist length chestnut hair followed her around...

John watched as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at John and quirked her finger at him.

He walked over with a smirk on his beautiful face and leaned over as she carefully got on his back and he piggy backed her up stairs again and stopped at her room.

She slid down to her feet carefully and then as she started to step into the room and John started to walk away when she grabbed his hand and pulled him in the room.

John pushed the door closed as Neela walked over and laid across her bed and said, “I was going to take a nap...Why don’t you join me.”

John smiled, took his shoes off and carefully hopped over her and laid behind her, while pulling her back against his body. She caressed his forearm and let her hand slid down to his around her waist and John laced his fingers with her. The actually managed to sleep for about 2 hours and woke up around 3 pm.

John woke up first and looked over and saw how cloudy it was outside...It looked like it was going to rain...John leaned over and started to slowly kiss along Neela’s neck as he squeezed her waist a little and he heard a muffled giggle come from her...

She rolled over onto her back and looked at him through squinted eyes...John watched as her hands came up and rubbed the sleep from them. Neela stretched out and her knees bent over John’s leg.

Neela looked at John’s blue eyes and were so mesmerized by them...Neela could stare at his eyes for the rest of her life and be happy as a clam in water...She could feel his hand as it went under her shirt and was running back and forth across the soft skin of her stomach. John could feel how tones her abs were. John leaned over and was placing feather light kisses along her neck and collar bone.

Neela pushed her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of John’s lips on her skin...Her hand was at the back of his head toying with the short brown hair at the nape of his neck...John kissed up and claimed her lips as his hand slid up her rib cage and the tip of one of his fingers slid under her bra and brushed against the under part of her breast. Neela couldn’t help but enjoy the feelings that were running through her over heated body.

Neela’s free hand had gone up under John’s red t-shirt and was slowly tracing a patter with her fingertips on his soft skin. John pulled away from her lips as he pulled his shirt off with her help.

Neela pushed John back to lay down on his back as she pulled her skirt up a little and slowly sat straddled on his pelvis and her hair slid over her shoulders and pooled on his stomach...Neela leaned over and slowly ran her tongue up the middle of John’s chest and followed it with soft kisses. John played with the hem of her T-shirt and enjoyed her assault on his chest, arms and neck.

Neela sat up and John started pushing her shirt up as she started pulling it up and off as it joined John’s T-shirt on the floor. Neela smirked and reached behind her and pulled his socks off and tossed them to the floor also. As she was undoing his black belt from his jean shorts she snapped him with the elastic of his boxers.

Neela pulled the belt from its loops and to the floor with every thing else it went...Neela grabbed the straps of her bra and looked down...John just nodded as Neela smirked at him and took her hands away...John’s hands came up and carefully undid the clasp on the front close bra and slid it down her soft shoulders and arms as he tossed it to the floor...

John sat up in the bed in Indian style with Neela on his lap as she moved her long legs up and around John’s waist...as he started kissing, licking and nipping along her collar bone and down to her breasts...His hands running along her bare back came up and slowly grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from him so he could pay extra attention to each of her breasts. John enjoyed watching her rosy colored nipples harden and enjoyed it even more when he felt them harden against his tongue and lips.

Chapter 6


John pulled her close to his body again feeling her hardened nipples rub against his chest as he kissed her lips and down her neck and over to her ear as he said, “God I want you so bad...I know you can feel it Neela...Tell me you want me as bad as I want you...Tell me.” Neela could feel his jean covered erection pressed against her panty covered crotch...Neela’s tongue came out and wet her lips as she said, “I want you too John...So much it hurt.”

John groaned inwardly as he said, “Hold on to me, I’m going to move us around.” Neela wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and kept her legs locked around his waist as he moved them around to where he was back to the side of her and she was on her back again...her legs draped over his again. John continued his assault on her neck, chest, and anything else he could get his soft beautiful lips on.

John’s hand slowly slid down as he put her in a lip lock and he deepened the kiss...his hand went to her knee as he slowly slid his hand up her thigh and gently pushed her thighs apart as he out lined her core through her panties...he slid the panties to the side as his index finger slowly slid between her labia and brushed against her clit...

Neela gasped out of the kiss and John saw the look in her eyes and said, “Are you okay?” Neela had a worried look on her face and said, “John...I think...Well...I better tell you...I haven’t exactly...I’m not really that...Ummm.” John pressed a finger to her lips to silence her and said, “Calm down...Now tell me what’s wrong.”

Neela said, “I’m still a virgin...I’ve never had sex.” John rested his forehead against her shoulder as his finger brushed her clit again and he said, “Do you want me to stop...because I will if you’re not ready...” John looked in Neela’s eyes and she said, “No...I want to...And I want it to be you...I’m just kind of worried about it hurting.”

John kissed her lips softly and then kissed her neck near her ear and said, “I promise Neela, I’ll be gentle...If it’s more pain then you can handle just tell me and I’ll stop...I would never want to hurt you.” John slowly moved from the bed and undid her skirt and slowly slid her skirt and panties down her long tanned legs. John admired her body and watched her eye get bigger when He took the rest of his clothes off and saw how big he really was.

John chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, I promised to be gentle and I will.” John got back on the bed and slowly slid himself between her thighs and she could feel his tip at her entrance...John said, “It’s gonna hurt for a few minutes, but I promise it will feel good after that.” Neela nodded as she felt him slowly sliding into her, stretching her to accommodate his size...he was definitely a big boy.

John told her to hold onto him and she did as he gave a small push breaking through her hymen. Neela sucked air through her teeth and John could see the tears leaking out of her closed eyes...He placed soft feather kisses around her face and on her lips...John waited and after a few minutes he said, “Okay?” Neela feeling about as full as someone could nodded.

John started moving inside of her body, making sure to take things nice and slow for her...Her moans were beautiful music to his ears...she was moaning his name and he asked her if she wanted him to go faster...she couldn’t answer all she could do was nod...John increased the pace and John said, “God, you feel so good girl.”

John changed the way he was going into her body and Neela moaned and said, “Oh God...That feels so good...right there.” Her nails were slowly sliding up and down his back, not hurtful, but erotically slow and sexual...John kissed her lips long with need...John kissed her neck and kept her moving and said, “How’d you like to cum for me baby?”

John started taking the pace faster and harder…Neela couldn’t help but reach up and hold on to him…John slid his hand down and started rubbing her clit…She was near insanity…John said, “Tell me you want to cum…tell me…if you just tell me right now I’ll make you cum.”

It felt so good…John kissed her neck and ear and whispered in her ear, “C’mon girl, tell me you want to cum…don’t make me make you insane…just tell me to make you cum and I will.” Neela couldn’t take it anymore and finally said, “John…Please…make me cum.” He said, “That’s all I needed to hear baby.”

His lips ravaged hers…as his cock ravaged her pussy…before long Neela was cumming in waves around John…John rode out her orgasm…as soon as he felt her walls milking him, John thrusted into her a few more time and started emptying himself into her…John laid down in front of her…and kissed her lips so softly…

John said, “Damn girl...I hope you know what you do to me.” Neela laughed and said, “Just as long as you know what you do to me.” He kissed her lips again and pulled her into his body as they fell asleep.

Chapter 7


Mark was showing Lucy around the suit he’d rented for them for 3 days...She couldn’t believe it...it was so beautiful...Blue candles all over lit up and making the whole room glow.

Mark felt the tiny hand on his arm and he looked down into the sea blue pools that held his attention...the next words that come out of Lucy’s mouth were like a semi truck hitting Mark at 50 miles per hour...Her voice was steady and confident and she stood on her tip toes and kissed his lips softly...he couldn’t help but kiss her back...He felt her body melt into his as he pulled her in front of him...

They hadn’t made love since they’d both been injured and had to live with 3 other people.

Lucy pulled back breathlessly her eyes were filled with lust and love as she stood on her tip toes and whispered in Mark’s ear, “Make love to me...Please.” Mark looked at her to make sure she was sure she wanted to, and when she nodded and gave a shy smile...Mark captured her lips again.

Mark set Lucy on the kitchen counter and kissed a little more…

Lucy’s hands started roaming over his well chiseled chest, and slid down to his love handles that were nothing but pure muscle and further to the waist of his black jeans, and she started to untucked his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head, tossing it to the ground…her hands started inspecting his bare chest…her finger tips brushed against his flat nipples as they sprang to life under her soft touches.

Mark reached down and pulled her shirt from her small framed body as well as unclasping her front close bra…Mark reached to slowly brush his index knuckle across her left nipple and watched it harden…as her hands dropped down and caressed his hardening cock in her small hand.

A small moan escaped Mark’s lips as she stroked him through his jeans.

Mark was kissing Lucy’s neck as he was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans…Lucy stopped her administrations long enough to lift her hips so Mark could remove her shoes, jeans and panties. Mark stood back up and kissed her mouth, then trailed warm, wet, soft kisses down her neck, down the valley between her breast…over as he took her nipple into his mouth as he sucked with a fever pitch…and nibbled and then crossed over giving her other nipple the same treatment…The whole time listening to her moaning his name is small gasps and whispers…Blissful music to his ears.

Feeling his lips against her skin was practically her undoing…

Mark kissed and nibbled lower and tugged on her navel ring with his teeth…he could smell her arousal and it was simply intoxication…he was drunk with arousal himself, he could feel his cock painfully expanding bigger and bigger and pushing against the crotch of his jeans…as Mark got to his knees, he was eye level with her sweet smelling pussy.

Mark slowly spread Lucy’s legs open and then grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until only her ass was on the counter, he slowly kissed the insides of her thighs and then slowly started to trace her delicate folds with his tongue as his hands slid up her thighs and slowly came to rest on her knees as he pushed them further apart. His tongue snaked out and brushed her clit and she moaned his name a little louder…he slowly started lapping at her clit with his tongue and lips as he slowly slid two fingers into her dripping center…

Mark could hear her finger nails digging into the counter as he could feel her walls starting to clamp down around his fingers…and she begging him for release…he started working his fingers faster and harder and his tongue was making her absolutely crazy…He finally heard her scream out his name as her orgasm raked through ever nerve end and muscle in her body as he drank up ever ounce of cum her body gave him. After Mark cleaned her up from top to bottom and licked his fingers clean…

Mark slowly got to his feet and captured her lips with his…Lucy could taste herself on his tongue and lips…Mark sucked her tongue into his mouth…Lucy reached down and started unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans and could feel his cock throbbing through his jeans…Mark took her hand and kissed the palm of it and slid it down his body and down inside his jeans.

Lucy couldn’t speak…He was HUGE, not that she hadn’t been with him before...but this time...he was gigantic…She was at a loss for words all she could do was nod…Lucy slowly started kissing his lips and ran her thumb over the head of his cock…Mark pulled her hand out of his jeans and then grabbed her ass and carried her into the bedroom…and sat down with her straddling his lap…Lucy pushed him back to lay down on the bed…as she let her body slide down between his legs…as Lucy pulled on the zipper of his jeans freeing his painfully huge erection.

Lucy slowly let her tongue run around the head of his cock…listening to him writhe under her torture, she slowly slid the head into her mouth and let her warm saliva run down his shaft and cover his balls…as she kept sliding more and more of his shaft into her mouth…She let her throat expand to take all of him in…

Mark could feel how her throat was reacting to the size of him…her hand came up and started massaging his balls as she started bobbing her head up and down on his thickness…Mark moaned and groaned in the delightful pleasure she was giving to him.

Lucy watched as he clutched the sheets of the bed underneath his large framed body…She felt his balls tighten and knew he was close…She picked up the pace moving faster sucking harder and Mark grabbed her head and stilled her movements as he growled out as a furious orgasm ripped through his whole body from head to toe and she swallowed every drop of cum he produced for her.

When he finally calmed and his cock had limped she pulled him from her mouth as he pulled her into bed with him and kissed her…it was full of passion and want…and she couldn’t help but love it…

Chapter 8


Lucy kissed around his chest and slowly sat straddled on Mark’s prone body...She leaned over, holding her hair out of the way and kissed his lips...

Mark’s hands were roaming her body as he intensified the kiss…one of his hands made their way down her body and she moved on his lap…which made him intensify the kiss even more…and he started rubbing on her clit…which was now making her insanely crazy…

Lucy felt him slide two fingers into her wetness…and while they were kissing, her grip on his shoulders got a little tighter…as his lips kissed down her neck…Mark started going after her nipples with his tongue and teeth…

Mark noticed her moans were getting a little louder, with each thrust of his hand…while he kissed her neck, Mark whispered in her ear, and said, “What do you want...tell me.” Lucy said, “I want you.”

Mark shook his head no and said, “No, you have to tell me exactly what you want.”

Lucy said, “I want you inside of me…I want to feel all of you inside me right now.” Mark said, “Oh, I believe that can be arranged…” Mark removed his finger and pushed his erection all the way into her…which made her gasp for air; because she just never expected it…

Mark was kissing her ear and said, “Damn, you are so tight…” Lucy said, “If we keep this up, I won’t be.” They started kissing again, and Mark said, “I’m willing to chance it…”

Mark rolled them over so he could lay between her thighs…and have much better leverage…and then just started thrusting in and out like a wild man…Lucy absolutely loved feeling Mark’s huge strong body on top of hers…it always turned her on more to have that much power between her legs…

Mark was thrusting into her so hard…She’d never felt so much pleasure in all her life…She was so caught up into having this man buried deep inside of her…She never noticed that their hips were crashing together as she met him thrust for thrust…Mark grabbed her waist and rolled over with her straddled on top of him and said, “Ride.”

Lucy laced her fingers with his as she started riding him hard…she wanted him to feel as much pleasure as she was feeling when he was on top of her…pretty soon…Mark’s hips were coming up off the bed to crash into hers to make the impact more intense…

They were both out of breath…In short gasps Mark said, “God, you don’t know how long I wanted to feel my cock deep inside of you…makes me insane…thinking about it and then feeling it…”

Lucy kept slamming down on top of him and said, “I know…I was waiting too…too feel you going deep and hard into me…God you feel so good inside of me…” Mark grabbed her hips and flipped them back over and said, “Cum for me baby.”

Lucy whimpered at the dirty talk…his voice was so low and the thoughts that went through her head…especially when he would whisper about his cock being inside of her…he pushed her legs apart and started thrusting harder and deeper…

The last couple of thrusts and Lucy flew over the edge screaming….With a very loud yet deep growl, she felt Mark empty himself into her…Mark didn’t collapse on her like she figured he would…he held himself up and they just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until their breathing regulated…

Mark rested his forehead against Lucy’s and said, “God I love you so much baby.” Lucy smiled and said, “I love you too...Happy Anniversary.” Mark smiled as he moved off her and grabbed something sitting next to the bed...He opened the box and the 3 stoned diamond ring sparkled...Lucy felt herself get teary eyed and Mark said, “Will you marry me?” Lucy smiled so big no one could’ve ruined the moment as she threw her arms around his neck and said yes about 1400 times.

They spent the remainder of the day in bed making love.

Chapter 9


A couple of months later, Neela and John had been pretty secretive about their relationship...Not wanting to tell anyone about it. Everyone knew, no one just said anything...They let them be alone and enjoy their time together...

John wasn’t sure how to approach the subject about her transferring to Smackdown and had been mewling it over in his brain for at least a month. John was totally digging on Neela...she was a sweet girl and a great lover, he could see being in his life forever...

John knew everything was moving way too fast...They’d only known each other 5 months...2 months they had stolen moments together...John knew even though he had fallen for her, he was going to have to drop things with her...She was on Raw, he was on Smackdown. There was no way she’d want to come to Smackdown; the women’s title was at Raw...If she left and went to Smackdown she’d be making career suicide famous.

John laid in his room staring at the ceiling...He’d gotten to know Neela so much over the last 5 months...She had a great laugh and the most unusual violet eyes he’d ever seen. Her long waist length chestnut hair flowed in waves and followed her like air around the house. She had a beautiful smile, an excellent personality and face it...a great body. She’d given her virginity to John and he felt so honored...He couldn’t believe it...It was something he would cherish always.

Neela was feminine but she was a tom boy at the same time...She could shoot hoops like an athlete and wrestle like there was no tomorrow. She did it with a beauty and grace that most female athletes didn’t have. John could hear her in the next room in the shower...it took all his resolve to not get up rip his clothes off and join her...

John had also managed to gain her trust enough to teach her how to swim and not pass out...when she stopped taking the pills for the sea sickness, she was so excited she threw them in a metal trash can and lit them on fire. John watched her dance around the flaming trash can as it was sitting 10 feet from the pool.

There was no denying it now...John had definitely fallen hard for this girl...He felt as though he barely knew her, when in fact he knew everything...a few weeks ago she’d taken him to meet her mom and dad...He felt like he was at home...

When he’d taken her home to meet his folks and five brothers he’d never seen her more at home then watching her play football with the whole family in the front yard...She scored 5 touch downs...dedicated 3 to him and then one to each of his parents. He laughed to himself about it...It had been the best day with her.

Everyone was leaving the following morning, they’d all been cleared to wrestle again...Most every one was packing...Getting ready to go back to their roster families, a little closer with a few new friends...but finally fully healed.

Neela was standing in the shower...Letting the water coat her skin...Just enjoying the happy memories she’d had since being in the big white house...She’d been thinking about John a lot lately...She’d seen a few episodes of Smackdown since they’d been in the house, it was a past time of theirs to watch Raw on Mondays and then Smackdown on Thursdays...Cheering for the good guys and booing all the bad guys.

Neela could easily see herself on Smackdown...Being able to be by John...She would have wanted nothing more in her life when to wrestle where ever he was...

So would she really give up Raw and the Women’s title?

In a heartbeat...

All John had to do was ask.

The next morning, Neela hadn’t heard from John all night...She stayed in her room packing the rest of her things and someone knocked on her door...She didn’t even turn around she knew it was John by the knock...She said, “C’mon in John.” John shook his head as he walked in and was pushing his hands in his jean shorts...His backwards baseball hat was almost too cute for words...He said, “Hey Neela.” Neela didn’t even turn around she continued packing and said, “John.”

John said, “Can we talk for a minute?” Neela sighed heavy she knew it was coming...it was just a matter of time...Neela ran a hand through her hair as she sat down and said, “Okay talk.” John exhaled hard and said, “You know Neela we’ve had a hell of a time together...But we both know this isn’t going to work...You’re on Raw, I’m on Smackdown. There’s no way I’d ask you to transfer...Committing career suicide should be left to the Hardy boys and the Dudley’s...people who take chances cause they want too...”

Neela said, “So this is it? You don’t want to take a chance on me?” John said, “No...I just...” Randy interrupted and walked in and said, “Cabs here Neela...Are you ready?” Neela could feel the tears stinging her eyes and nodded as Randy grabbed her two suitcases and headed down stairs. Neela grabbed her purse and walked past John and down stairs.

Lucy could tell by the look in Neela’s eyes something was wrong...but Neela said she’d call later in the week and explain. Neela hugged Mark and Lucy good bye and told Lucy as soon as they figured out a wedding date to let her know...she would be right in front...Lucy said she was correct, because she was going to make Neela her Maid of Honor.

Randy took Neela by the hand after giving John and Mark a brief hug and Lucy as well and helped her in the car...They sat in the back seat again and watched as the white house got smaller and smaller...Neela had tears slowly sliding down her cheeks and Randy handed her a tissue and said, “What’s wrong Neela?”


Chapter 10


Crashed on the floor when I moved in
This little bungalow with some strange new friends
Stay up too late, and I'm too thin
We promise each other it's till the end
Now we're spinning empty bottles
It's the five of us
With pretty eyed boys girls die to trust
I can't resist the day
No, I can't resist the day

Neela said, “John wanted to talk...Were definitely not continuing the relationship...I just wish he would’ve asked me if I’d consider transferring to Smackdown.” Randy pulled her over and let her cry as he said, “You would have left wouldn’t you?” Neela couldn’t answer as the tears got worse as she could do was nod.

Randy said, “What happened honey?” Neela looked at Randy and said, “He didn’t want me...He didn’t want me anymore.” Neela broke down crying fully and all Randy could do was try to comfort her and calm her down until they got to the airport. He sat her down and walked away and called John’s cell phone.

John said, “Hey Legend Killer what’s up?”

Randy said, “John what’s the first thing I told you about Neela man?” John said, “Is this a pop quiz? If so I haven’t studied.” Randy said, “I told you she was a sweet girl and to take it easy with her...I don’t know what you said to her at the house you fuck wad, but what ever it was I hope you’re proud of yourself man...You know all she wanted you to do was to ask her if she’d think about transferring to Smackdown.”

John said, “I couldn’t do it though...She’d be committing career suicide...The women’s belt is on Raw.” Randy said, “John you fuckin moron...She has the Women’s belt...She would of given up Raw in 1.5 seconds to be on Smackdown with you...She fuckin cried the whole way to the airport...She doesn’t want to be on Raw...but because you didn’t even ask her...or even mention it...She’ll stay.”

Jenny screams out and it's no pose
'Cause when she dances she goes and goes
Beer through the nose on an inside joke
I'm so excited, I haven't spoken
And she's so pretty, and she's so sure
Maybe I'm more clever than a girl like her
The summer's all in bloom
The summer is ending soon

It's alright and it's nice not to be so alone
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses

John ran his hand through his short brown hair and said, “I really fucked up didn’t I?” Randy said, “More then you’ll ever know...I gotta go man...Our flight is boarding.” Randy hung up as him and Neela boarded the flight and took off back to join the rest of the Raw roster.

A month later, John’s performance in the ring...well it didn’t really suck...but it was definitely lacking...As for Neela...She tried her best to just get on with her life...One night before her match to drop her title to Trish Stratus...Randy went into the women’s dressing room and sat next to her...He said, “You still want him don’t you?” Neela looked at Randy...He’d noticed the light had been drained from her eyes a long time ago.

Her cell phone beeped, she’d missed a call and had a voice mail...She picked it up and listened to her voice mail John’s voice was on the other end

John said, “Neela...I was a complete idiot for just walking away from the best thing I ever had...I realize we only shared 5 months together, but they were the best 5 months of my entire life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything....well...Except one thing...you...in my arms...now...Not tomorrow, not 3 months from tonight...but now. I will give up EVERYTHING in my life right now...if you’ll give me a second chance...I was wrong when I said I didn’t want to take a chance on you...I did...I just didn’t realize you felt the same way...but a little birdie told me otherwise...Probably the same little birdie sitting next to you now...I don’t want you anymore Neela...I need you...and I need you here with me...right now.”

Maybe I'm a little bit over my head
I come undone at the things he said
And he's so funny in his bright red shirt
We were all in love and we all got hurt
I sneak into his car's cracked leather seat
The smell of gasoline in the summer heat
Boy, we're going way too fast
It's all too sweet to last

Neela wiped away the tears and looked at Randy as he smiled his million dollar cocky smile and handed her a plane ticket...He said, “If you leave now...you can get to him while he’s still at the arena for his house show.” Neela breathed deeply as she took the ticket and threw her arms around Randy’s neck and said, “I was right...you are the best friend I ever had. Thank you so much Randy.” Randy hugged her back and said, “Yea yea...Just tell the little punk hi for me and that if he hurts you again, I’m gonna whip his ass for him.”

Neela nodded as she looked over and handed the belt to Trish and said, “Congratulations Trish...it’s a Women’s title...Enjoy.” Trish said, “What’s going on Neela?” Neela smiled and said, “Well...I’d explain but I have a flight to catch if I’m gonna make it to the Smackdown house show.” Trish smiled knowing exactly what she was talking about...threw her a wink and watched as Neela took off.

The flight was fast, and before she knew it she’d hit Boston International Airport. She took off after grabbing her bag and changed out of her wrestling gear which she hadn’t noticed she was STILL wearing until she got in the taxi to the arena. She pulled her black t-shirt on and shimmied into her jeans and tenny shoes...her hair was already down as she unwrapped her wrists and stuffed everything into her bag as the taxi stopped she paid the driver and took off inside.

It's alright
And I put myself in his hands
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses
Love, or something ignites in my veins
And I pray it never fades in white houses

My first time, hard to explain
Rush of blood, oh, and a little bit of pain
On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think
He's my first mistake

Neela stopped Torrie Wilson who was coming at her and said, “Where’s John?” Torrie said, “Hey Neela...Which John honey?” Neela said, “Hi...John Cena?” Torrie said, “He was out in the ring a second ago doing his trash talk before his match later tonight...Should be on his way back to his dressing room.” Neela nodded and took off...She found his dressing room, but no one was there...Neela looked up the hallway and saw him.

John was walking back to his dressing room...He wished he would have heard from Neela...Hell what did he know, she probably deleted it already. “JOHN!”

John’s head snapped up when he heard someone yell his name...A huge smile spread across his face as Neela took off running and he was dumb founded he couldn’t move...She jumped in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. John’s hand slid under her butt so she wouldn’t fall.

Maybe you were all faster than me
We gave each other up so easily
These silly little wounds will never mend
I feel so far from where I've been
So I go, and I will not be back here again
I'm gone as the day is fading on white houses
I lie, put my injuries all in the dust
In my heart is the five of us
In white houses

Neela without missing a beat captured John’s lips in the most passionate kiss they’d ever shared...John pulled away and said, “I thought you deleted the message what are you doing here...you’re supposed to have a title match tonight.” Neela smiled and said, “Randy handed me a ticket and said I could make it here before the show was over...I had to take the option I wanted...I was losing the title tonight anyways...I called Stephanie and she Oked the transfer.”

John planted Neela on the ground in front of him and said, “You tell me right now if you’re sure this is what you want...I can’t tell you what I’m about to say and have you not be extremely sure.” Neela smiled and said, “I’m 150% sure...”

John said, “I’ve never fallen for a girl this hard or fast in my entire life...but if you don’t agree to marry my dumb ass in 3 minutes...I’m going to go crazy and take you with me, because I love you...I know right now...I’m never going to love anyone or feel the same about anyone else in my life...5 months is short...but I know all I need to know.” Neela smiled and threw her arms around his neck and said, “I’d love to marry you...I love you too John.”

And you, maybe you'll remember me
What I gave is yours to keep
In white houses
In white houses
In white houses

The next morning, be it all a Smackdown or not they were married at the Justice of the Peace. With Mark and Lucy as their witnesses...As a wedding present John went back and bought the white house they all stayed in...Neela couldn’t believe it...She’d never been so happy to see that white house in all her life...The place where their life was going to build for the rest of their lives.

The End