Whatever You Say


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

“Chase, you’re my best friend in the whole wide world…you can’t miss my wedding.” Heidi whined into the phone…after she had called to check up on her best friend and practically her sister…Chase giggled and said, “Heidi, we’ve been friends for years, you know I would never forget you on your wedding day. You’re my best friend…you’ve been by my side through everything, how on earth you could think I would forget you on your wedding day is beyond my comprehension.” Heidi said, “I know but with you still doing Playboy shoots and looking for a different career…I didn’t want to get lost in the mix.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Heidi…I couldn’t lose you even if my life depended on it…just make sure to be at your own wedding…I’m supposed to be you’re Maid of Honor…I won’t let you down…I’m flying into Knoxville first thing in the morning…I’ll be there by 9 am to do the run through, the dress fitting and the wedding day after tomorrow…” Heidi said, “I know you won’t let me down, I just couldn’t get married without you.”

I said, “Believe me, once you say your I do’s to Glenn, that big hunky man who went from valet to fiancé to your husband…you’ll forget all about me…and start by jumping his ass in the limo on the way to the reception…can’t say as I blame you either. If I had a man who looked that good, I’d fuck him until I couldn’t walk.” Heidi felt the blush creep into her cheeks as she remember their love making the night before…it had been a little on the wild side and the delicious ache that was tingling between her thighs…well a little bit of pain after that was well worth it…she looked over at Glenn who was working out and she said, “I can’t believe you said that…you can be so vulgar sometimes.”

I laughed and said, “I can be vulgar? I seem to remember a certain someone in this 2 person conversation right now, who told me if I didn’t get laid soon, she was going to buy me a dildo so I could fuck myself to oblivion.” Heidi couldn’t help but blush again…Glenn saw her blushing and was wandering what on earth her and Chase were talking about.

I said, “So was that or was that not you?” Heidi was sent into fits of giggles and said, “Yes…alright…I said it…at least I can be an adult and admit I said it too…” Glenn finished up his work out and walked over to her and enveloped his soon to be bride in his arms, and pulled her back tight against his chest as he trailed fire starting kisses down the side of her neck, which was making her squirm against him.

I could hear the smacking of lips against skin over the phone and said, “Could you tell Glenn to nibble a little quieter on you please…we’re trying to have a conversation here.” That threw Heidi into giggles again and relayed the message to Glenn, who started laughing…his deep laughter filled the air waves…I shook my head at the both of them and in my mind said, ‘I give them 3 months before she gets pregnant.’…

I said, “Okay…you two are making me nauseas I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 9 am. I promise.” Heidi said, “Okay, have a good photo shoot and a safe flight.” I said, “You know I hate air planes…but I’ll live.” Heidi said, “I know…I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye sis.” I smiled at her reference to me…the same way we ended conversations since we were 16…I said, “Bye sissy.” We hung up…and I went to work out at the gym.

Then I did my 15 mile run, and took a shower and went to my photo shoot. Which was nothing but a big pain in the ass…As I laid in be that night…I kept thinking about how happy Heidi and Glenn were…When ever I saw them together they were stealing kisses, and touches…Glenn would whisper in her ear and make her giggle until she’d practically wet her pants…

Chapter 2

**Same Warning**

Of course they had been like that since they’d meet 2 years ago…Heidi was assigned to valet for him and he was to valet for her…they hit it off right from the very beginning and quickly fell deeply in love with each other…I had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions…and when Heidi had told him about me posing in Playboy and looking for a different job, Glenn said he wanted to help me.

Anyways, They had only been engaged for 2 months and weren’t going to make it a long engagement, they wanted to get married right away…they would be moving to Texas to be by his best friend…some guy named Mark Callaway…I haven’t met any other wrestlers from the WWE, except for the ones who had worked with my photographer for their Raw Magazine photos…

My photographer had been the chief photographer at WWE Raw Magazine since it started and when I met him at a Playboy shoot one time, I decided no one would ever take my picture as good as he could…During a few different photo shoots in one day, I had meet Trish Stratus, Amy Dumas (Lita), Adam Copeland (Edge), and a few others. Trish, Amy and I had hit it off really fast, and dubbed Adam the biggest pervert in the world.

I also got to meet Brock Lesnar’s wife Jaden Lesnar…she was a spit fire…She was at a photo shoot that Raw Magazine was doing with her and Brock…I meet Brock through her…they are good together…they both have that same kick ass attitude…Jaden was just as intense as her hubby.

By the way my name is Chase Dakota…I’m 22 years old. I have Long brunette hair about 3 inches past my ass, with tons of purple passion streaks in it, and dark gray eyes…I’m 5’10” and 130 lbs. I’m not very big…but I can kick ass like the rest of them…

In the morning, I was on the flight to Knoxville Tennessee…when I got there Adam picked me up, which I died laughing…I didn’t realize Adam and Glenn were such good friends…we talked and laughed on the way to the church, the rehearsal was at 9:30…and I didn’t want to miss a thing…

As Adam was driving he said, “Chase, if I would have known you was friends with Heidi and Glenn I would have rode with you on the plane this morning, instead of last night.” I said, “Believe me Adam you don’t want to be anywhere near me when I’m on a plane…I’m scared to death of flying.” Adam said, “It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know then, cause I was also hitting on this girl who had huge jugs…” Adam had his hands about 6 inches out in front of his pecks…you know the male international sign for woman with big breasts.

I popped Adam in the back of the head and said, “God, you’re such a pervert.” Adam smiled deviously…and said, “Hey, I’ve seen your jugs too…Ms. October…” I blushed a little at Adams Playboy comment and smacked his arm and said, “They are not jugs, they’re boobs…breasts…titties…I don’t care what you call them, but don’t call them jugs around me again…Jugs are ceramic containers with corks plugging the top closed to keep the moonshine in them…”

Adam said, “Yea, but boobs hold Milk in them.” I said, “Only after a woman has had a baby…what do you think we carry Milk around with us our whole life until we pop a kid out.” Adam said, “I don’t know…you might…” I said, “Please, the milk would have soured by then. The milk doesn’t come until after the baby is born you dingus…this is why you’re not married and don’t have kids yet…you wouldn’t make it past the first week.”

Chapter 3

**Same Warning**

Adam pulled up to the church and as I stepped out, I pushed my feet into my blue open toed shoes…I had on a Blue dress that tired around the neck, that came down to just past mid-thigh with light blue and white flowers on it…my hair was pulled to the top with little ringlets left down. Adam and I took off and as we were going down the hallway, we were talking some more…we turned the corner and WHAM! I hit the wall…or at least I thought it was a wall…I flew back and before I knew it my ass was throbbing on the floor…and I also felt pain run up my little toe on my left foot.

I rubbed my booty as I looked up and saw the biggest man I’ve ever seen in my entire life…he was bigger then Glenn. Adam seemed to know who he was and said, “Hey Deadman.” The man’s green orbs looked at Adam and said, “Trying to find a phone in this Damn place…my cell phone went dead and my lawyer was trying to tell me something…I’ve been divorced for 2 years and Sara is still trying to get more money out of me.”

I was livid beyond all comprehension, and through clenched teeth managed to say, “There’s a pay phone in the lobby.” I stood up and Adam said, “You okay Chase?” I said, “I think I’ll live…but I also think that this big gorilla broke my toe.” I had my shoes in my hand and took one and he obviously saw it coming cause he put his arm up and I smacked the big guy in the forearm with it…and limped away.

Adam was laughing and Mark was astonished someone that small could hit that hard. Mark said, “What the hell did I do?” Adam said, “Well…for starters you knocked over a beautiful woman…which pissed her off cause you didn’t apologize for it…and I think you may have broken her toe…she’s Heidi’s best friend…she’s also the Maid of Honor.”

Mark turned and looked and saw the brunettes retreating form…and said, “I have to walk that down the isle? Man she ain’t gonna like that one bit…Maybe I can apologize later…Cause I know once she finds out I’m the Best Man, she will want to either walk alone or walk with someone other then me.” Adam said, “I wouldn’t blame her…oh well…go handle your business and I’ll see ya after the rehearsal…” Mark nodded and walked away as Adam continued into the church. We did the rehearsal and everyone went to Glenn’s house.

When Adam and I pulled up to Glenn’s house, I saw that big guy again and was like, “Oh man…please keep my toes away from him.” Adam said, “He felt really bad about knocking you down…you haven’t figured out who he is yet…have you?” I said, “Look at my face…is there any indication at all that I even give a shit who he is?” Adam said, “You’re awfully pretty when you’re angry.” I said, “Oh can it, Perv.” Adam chuckled and said, “Feisty too…that my beautiful woman, is Mark Callaway, the Grooms Best Man.”

I looked up at the sky and said, “Why are you punishing me God? Did I do something wrong…you can tell me I’m a big girl.” Adam said, “I don’t think God has anything to do with it…C’mon, let’s get you inside and I’ll get you some ice for your toe.” I said, “Yes Master.” We got out of the car, and were walking up to the door, when I saw a flash out the corner of my eye and groaned…

Adam said, “Don’t worry about it Chase…it’s just Raw Magazine…they wanted to cover the wedding for fans…” I said, “And they have permission right?” Adam said, “Yea…they went to Glenn and Heidi before they were even allowed to show up here…and they’ll be at the wedding and reception too.” I said, “Joy. Just what the press needs a field day on why a Playboy Playmate was at a professional wrestlers wedding.” Adam said, “Is the press really bad like that?” I said, “You have no clue…You think we lose our privacy when we lose our clothes? Hell no…the press is always all over what Playmates do out side of the mansion, out side of the business.”

We got to the front door and Adam said, “You ready?” I made a face and said, “Okay.” All of a sudden Adam scoped me up in his arms and carried me in the front door…Announcing, “Look who I found on the front porch?” Heidi ran over and said, “Oh my god girl, where were you?” I smirked and said, “Sitting in the back of the church with Super Edge here. I think I broke my pinky toe on my left foot…” Heidi couldn’t suppress a giggle as Glenn walked up and said, “Adam, I thought I told you to stop bringing home strays.”

I couldn’t help but laugh…I gave Glenn the finger…Glenn said, “Ooh, Pretty, is that for me?” I said, “It’s all yours big guy.” Glenn kissed my forehead and said, “Adam, hand over the playmate.” Adam said, “Why? I found her first.” I said, “Yea…he found me first.” Glenn said, “Well…for starters he’s trying to look down your dress…and second cause I heard you say something about a broken toe. And if he keeps trying to look down your dress, he’s going to eventually drop you on the floor…besides I’ll have Mark look at your toe, he’s had enough injuries to know if something is broken.”

Chapter 4

**S M U T Warning**

Glenn snatched me from Adam as I shoved Adam’s head and said, “You know he’s already seen me naked…” Adam said, “Dude…that’s harsh….I found her first.” I said, “And if this is the same Mark who knocked me down and broke my toe in the first place…I’d rather have my toe turn black and fall off before he touched it.” Heidi was sent into a fit of giggles while walking behind Glenn and said, “Don’t be so stubborn Chase…Just let the man look at your toe.”

Glenn stopped and Mark was standing opposite of Glenn and said, “So we meet again.” I said, “We didn’t meet a first time.” Glenn said, “We’re trading…you’re going with him…and I’m snatching Heidi.” I said, “What is this pass the playmate?” They laughed at me and Mark took me from Glenn’s arms.

The man smelled absolutely intoxication…and he was warm to the touch…I could feel his warm hand on my back through my dress…and the arm he had under my knees was even warmer…or maybe it was just my internal thermostat going higher. The expansion of his back was huge, I was completely amazed at the size of the man, he was bigger then Glenn…not by much, but he was pretty damn close. He was 6’10, 300-325 lbs…auburn go-tee and mustache and also long auburn hair to the middle of his back, which he had pulled back into a low pony tail…And those damn green eyes of his, I could almost feel him staring a hole through me…My insides were going crazy from just his touch. I swallowed hard and just decided to keep my face forward…if I didn’t look at him, I wouldn’t let myself be attracted to him.

Mark carried the girl upstairs into the master bedroom and sat her on the sink…it had the best light and also all the first aid supplies if he needed any.

He put my left foot on the top of his thigh and I could feel the heat from his leg through his jeans. He touched my toe and I sucked in a breath…He looked up and said, “Sorry…” I nodded. Mark said, “It ain’t broken, but it will be bruised for a while…I didn’t get a chance to say I was sorry about this morning…I didn’t mean to act like I didn’t care…I was just in a very bad mood…I didn’t realize I had hurt ya…” I said, “I heard why you was in such a bad mood…I don’t blame you…My ex-husband tried to do the same thing to me…and I was livid at the time…So mad in fact the next time I saw him I threw a shoe at him.”

Mark laughed and said, “You mean like you did me?” I said, “Oh…I’m sorry about that…I had a little jet lag…which never has a good effect on me.” Mark said, “What do you say we start over again…wipe the slate clean?” I said, “Sure.” He stood up straight and said, “Mark Callaway, Best Man.” I smiled and said, “Chase Dakota, Maid of Honor.” We shook hands and I immediately felt the electrical shock fly up my arm.

Mark didn’t let go of my hand…In fact with quick as lightning speed, he pulled himself to me and capture my lips…I could barely comprehend what I was doing, much less what his lips on mine were doing to my body…His huge hands encircled my waist and when he heard me moan he deepened the kiss…his tongue caressed every part of the inside of my mouth and he sucked my tongue into his mouth…

His foot went back and closed the bathroom door and his hands slid from my waist to my ass and he lifted me off the counter, and I gasped a little, but instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck…I pulled the rubber band out of his hair and was rubbing my hands through his silky auburn hair…I loved the feel of it between my fingers. Mark slammed my back against the bathroom door…I could feel his hands all over my body…and I loved it. I wanted to know ever inch of this mans body…like no one knew him, ever curl of his hair…every feel of his fingers on my skin.

He ran his fingers down my throat as he kissed down my neck and got to my ear and in his deep southern accented voice whispered, “Do you want me to stop…tell me to stop.” I shook my head no and said, “No…Keep going.” Mark pulled back and said, “You’re sure?” I nodded. Mark braced me against the door with his pelvis and I could feel his erection pressed against the crotch of my panties through his jeans…and knew that my panties were probably in need of being changed, because from the minute his lips touched mine…I knew they were wet…so I knew by now they were soaking…

Mark’s hands slid up under my dress and he grabbed the sides and ripped the sides and then pulled them all the way off…and instead of just tossing them to the side…he put them to his nose and inhaled deeply taking in my scent…and let out a little groan as he pushed them into his pocket…Mark unsnapped his jeans and as I heard the zipper slid down I felt myself get wetter for him…there was always something about the way a mans zipper sounded going down that always made me want to cream myself.

As Mark freed his erection, he grabbed my hips and thrusted into me…I threw my hand over my mouth to stifle a loud scream cause I wasn’t expecting him to do that…Mark put both hands against the wall and started slowly thrusting into me…I grabbed a hold of his forearms for leverage…I was moaning and groaning and couldn’t help but ask, “God, what are you part elephant?” Mark laughed a little and he said, “What a little bigger then you’re used to?” I said, “A little no…A LOT yes…holy fuckin’ shit you’re a big boy.” Mark smirked and said, “I ain’t hurting ya am I?” I said, “Mmm only in a good way.”

Mark started thrusting a little harder, snapping his hips pistoning into my dripping core…My nails were digging into his forearms…Mark said, “Shit, you’re fuckin’ tight woman…but God damn you feel good girl.” I could feel myself breathing harder and faster…and was needing a release in the worst way…Mark started kissing my lips again…and was thrusting into me so hard I was nearly short of breath…he said, “You want me to cum in that pretty little pussy of yours…huh?” “Mmm…God yes.” I managed to moan out…Mark said, “You’re sure, you want my cock to cum in your nice soaking wet pussy?” I nodded.

Mark said, “Well, then I want your beautifully soaked pussy to cum on my cock baby…c’mon cum for me baby girl.” My grip on his forearms tightened and I threw my head back as I practically screamed out my climax…Mark kissed along my jaw line and throat and said, “That’s a good girl…now you get something in return.” He thrusted a few more times before sinking himself all the way inside of me as he literally growled out his release and I felt his seed explode deep inside of me.

Mark sat me on the sink as he pulled out of me and we calmed down. I got off the counter on shaky legs. I went to walk out and Mark grabbed me and pulled me back for a longing kiss…he let me go and I went to the bathroom in the bedroom I’d be staying in until the wedding…and put a clean pair of panties on…I took my hair down and brushed it all out…and pulled it up into a pony tail…and I walked back down stair…I stopped Mark over in the corner…looking like he did before we even went upstairs…he was sucking on a long neck bottle of beer.

We didn’t look like a couple of strangers who just had a fuck session…we looked like we hadn’t done anything but talked…and only me and Mark knew what really went on in that bathroom…I walked over and grabbed a Strawberry Margarita from Heidi…and she said, “There you are Chase…Mark said your toe is just bruised…how’s it feel?” I took a drink of my margarita, smirked and said, “Suddenly painless.”

Chapter 5

** Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

The party got a little too out of hand for me…so I went up to my room, while everyone was still partying their asses off…I ended up falling asleep across the bed while reading a book.

Meanwhile downstairs, Mark walked over by the couch, there was an issue of Playboy inside of a black frame…Mark looked at it…

The girl on the cover was brunette and was in black plastic shorts that had a long black fuzzy tail coming out of the back…her hair was all wild, and she was bare-chested…but was holding the long tail in front of her naked chest…plus she had a pair of black cat ears on her head…

The title said ‘Happy Halloween from Ms. October’…

Mark did a double take…it was Chase…HOLY SHIT!

Glenn just happen to be walking by, when Mark said, “Glenn, are my eyes totally deceiving me or is that Chase?” Glenn looked at the Playboy hanging on the wall and said, “Yup that’s chase…she was so excited about the cover, she sent that to me and Heidi was an engagement gift, when we got engaged in October.”

Mark said, “What do you know about Chase?” Glenn said, “She’s practically Heidi’s little sister…They’ve been best friends since they met in grade school. Why are you thinking about moving on Chase…you know she just got divorced a few months ago.”

Mark said, “Why’s that?”

Glenn said, “8 months after she got married, her husband decided he couldn’t handle her posing naked in one of the world’s largest men’s magazine. But she loves her job…and she wasn’t about to alter her career just to make some happy, who should have been happy about her success. Which her husband didn’t…”

Glenn sighed, and continued, “Paul was just Paul…he the attention wasn’t on him…then he wasn’t happy…See the thing is…Chase started out as a Victoria’s Secret model…and when Hugh Heffner saw her, he had to have her…he made her an offer that she absolutely couldn’t refuse…so she gave up Victoria’s secrets…and went to Playboy and revealed all her secrets.”

Mark said, “Paul…why does that whole attitude sound familiar.” Glenn grinned and said, “Cause it was Paul Levesque (Triple H)…She met him through me and they got married on a whim…well it took 8 months for Paul to realize that people wanted her and not him.”

Mark said, “Okay now, how’s come I didn’t know he got married?” Glenn said, “Cause it was right after the brand split and after you jumped ship to Smackdown…that’s when they had you guys over in Australia for a week or two…Anyways, 8 months later, they divorced and he actually tried to say she blemished his career and tried getting her money which she’d earned from doing Playboy.”

Mark said, “That rotten son of a bitch…sounds like she could use some fun then huh?” Glenn said, “Yea, probably…why don’t you ask her tomorrow if you can escort her to the reception…” Mark said, “I’ll have to do that…” As they walked away to rejoin the party…Mark looked at the picture one more time…God she was gorgeous…and the picture didn’t even do her justice.

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

Heidi’s dress was princess line style in matte satin features an off-the-shoulder neckline. The skirt includes a contrasting wide hem, which leads into a chapel length train. The dress is trimmed with Guipure lace and fabric roses. With white satin gloves that went to her elbows. Her veil was open round crown of silver wire with silver flowers and rhinestone edges…she had her long red hair piled high on top of her head, with ringlets around her face and the sheer veil material was in back.

The bridesmaid dresses were a one-piece ivory matte satin dress with A - line skirt. Bodice features chiffon neckline and ruffled chiffon mini – train and they were a lilac color


The next morning, I was pulled from my delicious thoughts of the fuck session from the previous day with Mark…when Heidi grabbed my hand…she looked absolutely beautiful…Heidi said, “I can’t believe I’m actually getting married today…Do I look okay…I mean I don’t look like a big ass marshmallow or a snowball right?” I took Heidi’s hand and said, “You look absolutely stunning, Glenn is not gonna know what hit him…He’s not seen the dress right?” Heidi nodded yes and said, “I wouldn’t let him…he was with me when I picked it up, and was trying to peek inside the box, but I kept threatening if he saw it before the wedding, I wouldn’t marry his ass.”

I couldn’t help but laugh…Heidi said, “What happened with you and Mark yesterday…you guys went up to the bathroom so he could check out your toe…and you came back down and were quiet as a mouse for the rest of the night…and that just isn’t the Chase Dakota I know.” I said, “Nothing really…we just talked a little…he’s actually a really nice guy.” Heidi teased, “So we hear any wedding bells for you 2 in the near future?” I closed my mouth and laughed through my nose…and Heidi started cracking up…She said, “Will you go check on Glenn…I wanna know if he’s okay?”

I smiled and said, “Sure…” I hugged Heidi as she went and checked on Jaden and Brittany…By the way, Brittany is John Cena’s new model girlfriend…she models for Fredrick’s of Hollywood…she’s such a sweet girl…and with as sweet as she is…you’d never think of her as the type to rough house…but she does…she beats the crap out of John all the time. I actually got to witness it first hand the night before, when John put ice down the back of her shirt and she clobbered him for it.

I walked down the hall and into the room where the guys were. I walked in and most of them already had their jackets on, except Mark and Glenn. I walked in and Adam said, “Holy shit, Chase you look beautiful.” I smiled and said, “Don’t sound so surprised…If you think I looked beautiful you should see Heidi…She’s stunning, a flawless beauty.” Glenn and Mark walked over and Glenn said, “Well…you clean up pretty good you dirty girl. How’s my baby doing?” I said, “She’s nervous…I don’t know whose more nervous her or me…and I’m not even the one getting married.”

Adam slung his arm over my shoulder and said, “You know we could make it a double wedding.” I said, “Yea, well…As wonderful as that offer is…when we got to the honeymoon, you wouldn’t be able to handle me babe.” Adam laughed and said, “Hey, at least I offered…I don’t see any of these other big goofs asking you.” Brock walked over and said, “I would, but I’m already married, and Jaden would kill us both. How ya doin’ sweetie?” He leaned over and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek…I said, “Just fine there pain.” Brock smiled at the nickname I gave him.

I looked at Glenn and said, “How are you feeling, Heidi was worried about you…that’s why she sent me over here…otherwise, I’d be letting you drowned in your own sweat right now.” Glenn smiled gave me a thumbs up and said, “I’m gonna puke…Bride or die man…Bride or die…Tell my woman if she doesn’t meet me down front in 5 minutes…In true caveman style, I shall throw her over my shoulder and haul her off to the alter.” I laughed and said, “Yes…that’s always romantic.” I kissed his cheek and said, “Don’t worry…no caveman here today…maybe later tonight on your honeymoon…but not today during the wedding…please.” I walked away laughing with Glenn grunted and beating his fists on his chest like an ape.

I was about to walk out of the room when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into a little closet. I found myself wrapped in Mark’s arms…with his lips attached to mine…already feeling my body respond to him…I pulled away and said, “You keep that up…I’m gonna have to change my panties before the ceremony even starts.” Mark’s chest rumbled with stifled laughter…He smirked and said, “I was just wondering if you would let me escort you to the reception…I figured with you being the Maid of Honor and me being the Best Man…it would be fitting.”

I kissed his lips again and before I walked away…I reached up and wiped my lipstick off his lips and smiled and said, “You got yourself a date.” And winked at him as I walked back down to the bridal room.

Chapter 7

**S M U T Warning**

So the wedding went off without a hitch…Mark and I showed up to the reception hall, my arm wrapped through his…Good thing we were the last to come through the door, everyone had already deposited their coats and were talking, waiting for Glenn and Heidi to get there…we were just about to go in and join everyone, but instead, I got pulled into the coat closet…Mark closed and locked the door and picked me up by my waist, and I pulled my dress up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

Same thing as the night before…his hands slid up and ripped the sides of my panties as he pulled them off and stuffed them in his pocket…his erection was straining against the zipper, and he got his pants undone and pushed down a little and then thrusted up into me…that delicious ache from the night before…was there again…I absolutely couldn’t get enough of this man…

I grabbed a hold of the hanging bar above me as Mark slammed my back into the wall of coats and started thrusting in and out of me…Mark said, “Fuck, I couldn’t wait for my cock to be buried in your sweet pussy again baby…you walked down that isle and looked so beautiful and so sexy…I couldn’t help but want to have you again…” I kissed his lips with a feverish wanting inside of me, needing him deeper and deeper into my core…

Mark sat me down on the little counter, and pushed my thighs apart even further to heighten my pleasure senses by going deeper into me…I had my fingers through his hair again…holding on as this man literally gave me the fucking of my life. There was something about him…something I was so sexually attracted to…something I couldn’t stop myself from wanting over and over and over again. Then there was his pillow talk…it was in his sweet deep southern accented draw and it was dirty talk…I loved dirty talk…something my husband had never heard of…and then never learned that the more you use it on me…the more sexually lit on fire I got…

My senses were reeling as this huge man drove into me over and over…like a piston on a car, it didn’t stop until you pushed the break and that wasn’t happening ever…Mark kissed along my neck and shoulders still thrusting into me like a wild man on the verge of want and need…Mark went to me ear and whispered said, “C’mon baby cum for me…I can feel that beautiful pussy of yours clamping down on my cock…I know you want to cum…” I was moaning and groaning with my hand over my mouth…

Mark’s hand went between us and he started rubbing my clit…it didn’t take long before I felt myself go over the edge…and Mark slammed into me a few more time and then buried himself to the hilt and emptied his seed into me…My breathing was coming in short tiny gasps…Mark kissed and nuzzled my neck, cheeks, nose and lips and in a very husky voice said, “Are you okay darlin’?” I said, “Yes…that was just so intense.” Mark kissed my lips a couple of times…and helped me off the counter…I fixed my dress and Mark fixed himself…we still looked as though we’d done nothing but chat.

As we walked out the door, Glenn and Heidi were walking into the reception hall…The reception was fairly quiet and calming…everyone just seemed to want to relax while they had the chance…cause they were just high strung from the planning of the wedding and what not. Mark and I danced a couple of times…we were fairly comfortable in each other arms…I didn’t know what the future held for us…or if we even had a future…all I knew was I thoroughly enjoyed his company whether is was at the table talking or in the coat closet having sex…which we did 2 more time before the reception was over.

Chapter 8

**Same Warning**

We said our good-byes to Glenn and Heidi as they took off to Hawaii for their 3 week Honeymoon. I watched as the limo whisked them away…Mark walked over and nudged me with his arm and said, “You okay?” I smiled and said, “Yea…it’s funny though…I don’t feel like the little sister to Heidi anymore…I feel like the older sister, watching a man take away my baby sister.” Mark said, “You know Glenn will always take care of her.” I looked at Mark as I took the clip out of my hair and let it flow down and said, “Yea, I know….but she deserves it…she’s a hopeless romantic…she is the type of person who loves to be in love…and doesn’t give up on it no matter what life throws at you.” Mark said, “And you’re not?”

I said, “I’ve already had one failed marriage…I don’t need a million more to prove to me I’m not the marrying kind. When I first started dating my husband, he loved having the bragging rights of dating a Victoria’s Secret model…then we got married and I made the switch from Victoria’s to Playboy…and he liked that even more, the bragging rights were heightened…and now not only was he married to a Playboy playmate, but he was also going to the parties that Hugh threw, and everything…but in August after 8 months of marriage and him finding out what my schedule was going to be like in October, because of the playmate of the month thing, he decided he’d had enough…and filed for divorce…”

I could feel the tears sliding down my cheeks and continued, “Paul didn’t even have the balls to tell me to my face…his slime ball lawyer had the papers delivered to me at my photo shoot. Then he took me to court saying that my naked career choice had blemished his name and career…The judge took one look at us both and laughed in Paul’s face and said if anything my naked ass got him more publicity in one day then his career had gotten him his whole life. He granted the divorce and threw the rest of the case out of court.”

Mark said, “So just like that you’re going to give up on love?” I said, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t?” Mark said, “Well…first of all, I’ve had 2 failed marriages…and I’m not going to stop looking for that special girl, until I find her.” I scoffed and Mark pulled me in his arm and lifted my chin to look in his eyes and he said, “And second…I don’t want you to give up yet, because I want you to give me a shot.” I said, “Mark, that’s a really nice offer, but guys don’t like to compete with my career. Don’t get me wrong…these last 2 days have been more incredible then I could ever imagine…but you’ll get tired of my career and I’ll just be back to being broken hearted again.”

Mark said, “Just give me a chance…please?” I looked at him hesitantly and then found the truth in his eyes and said, “Okay…you got it…I’ll give you a chance.” Mark kissed the end of my nose and said, “You’re not giving me a chance you’re giving us a chance.” I smiled a little and said, “Okay…” Mark swept me off my feet and we went back to Heidi and Glenn’s, Mark was going to close the house up for them in the morning and head back to Houston…then when they got back from their honeymoon, they’d pack to move to Houston…

A few hours later, we were laying in bed, naked and spent after our crazy love making…I was laying on my stomach and Mark was on his side and we were just talking…Mark was rubbing my back…the warm heat from his hand was so soothing against my bare skin. Mark said, “So do you live in the mansion with the other Playmates?” I said, “I used to…but I got tired of it…living in a huge house with 25 other women…so I have an penthouse that is right down the street from the grounds…It’s just easier that way…and I’m more comfortable living alone.”

Mark said, “When are you leaving to go back?” I said, “Tomorrow morning…” Mark ran his fingers through my hair and said, “What’s with the purple streaks?” I laughed and said, “I had to have them for my photo shoot the day before I came out here. I don’t have any problem with colorful streaks in my hair so my photographer is constantly putting them in my hair to accent my eyes and lack of clothing.” Mark said, “You make sure you leave me a number where you can be reached…” I smiled and said, “I’ll leave my home and cell numbers for you before I leave in the morning.” Mark leaned over and kissed my lips and we just couldn’t get enough of each other…we ended up making love all night long…though as rough and as nasty as we were talking to one another I don’t think it can really be considered making love…more like our fuck session continued.

In the morning, I got up and left before Mark woke up, I left him a note…I stopped and looked at Mark’s sleeping form on the bed and went over and softly brushed my lips against his and walked out as the Taxi pulled up…and by the time he got the note I was already at the airport. It said:



Thanks for the most incredible 2 days of my life…I’ll see you when I have a few days off…which won’t be for a month…but I promise as soon as I get the days off…I’ll be by your side. As I promised here’s my numbers…if my answering machine picks up punch in *52 and it will automatically connect you to my Cell phone.

Home: 450-784-0015

Cell: 450-430-0015



I was sitting on the plane as it was taking off…I put my ear phone on and turned the radio from my cell phone on and scanned for a local radio station…when the DJ came on and said, “We just had a request for a young woman…So Chase this song is for you…here’s Our Lady Peace with Somewhere Out There…from Mark.”


Last time I talked to you

You were lonely and out of place

You were looking down on me

Lost out in space


Laid underneath the stars

Strung out and feeling brave

Watch the riddles glow

Watch them float away


Down here in the atmosphere

Garbage and city lights

You gotta save your tired soul

You gotta save our lives


Turn on the radio

To find you on satellite

I'm waiting for the sky to fall

I'm waiting for a sign


All we are

Is all so far


You're falling back to me,

The star that I can't see, yeah

I know you're out there,

Somewhere out there


You're falling out of reach,

Defying gravity, yeah

I know you're out there,

Somewhere out there


Hope you remember me

When you're homesick and need a change.

I miss your purple hair,

I miss the way you taste


I know you'll come back someday

On a bed of nails awake

I'm praying that you don't burn out,

Or fade away.


All we are

Is all so far


You're falling back to me,

The star that I can't see, yeah

I know you're out there,

Somewhere out there.


You're falling out of reach,

Defying gravity, yeah

I know you're out there,

Somewhere out there.


You're falling back to me,

The star that I can't see.

I know you're out there, oh.

You're falling out of reach,

Defying gravity....yeah


I know you're out there,

Somewhere out there


You're falling back to me,

The star that I can't see, yeah

I know you're out there

Somewhere out there.


You're falling out of reach,

Defying gravity, yeah

I know you're out there

Somewhere out there


You're falling back to me


Well I know…I know


You're falling out of reach


I know...


I leaned back in my seat and slept on the way home.

Chapter 9

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

4 weeks later, I was doing a clothed photo layout, because I was doing an interview for the magazine…I’d heard from Heidi and Glenn while they were on their honeymoon…all was ‘very great’ as she put it…They had come back and packed everything up and had already gotten a place built on some land about 15 minutes from Mark’s house.

I had talked to Mark non-stop for the last 4 weeks, since I had left him…he finally got around to tell me, he was a professional wrestler, and that he knew my ex-husband. We spent countless hours on the phone…He told me about him being the Undertaker and being Glenn’s characters older brother.

So I was sitting on the photo set taking a small break…my photographer was on the phone…I was watching Martin talk to his nagging ass girlfriend on the phone…I was giggling at him, he kept making a face and was doing the mute imitation of the way she sounded on the phone. I couldn’t help but laugh at the faces he was making…Martin’s assistant Shelly walked in with a long white box and said, “Chase, there’s just came for you.” I furrowed my brow and said, “Me, what is it?”

Shelly said, “Woman, get off your ass and come look…someone went to a lot of trouble for ya.” I walked over as he sat the box on the table and I lifted the lid, there’s was white tissue paper, I pulled the side back and there was 2 dozen long stem burnt orange roses. I could feel the tears spring to my eyes instantly…Shelly handed me the little white card and said, “Here, this was with them.”

I opened it and it said:



24 hours a day…one rose for every hour I think of you. I’ll see you in a couple of days…Have a safe slight.



I was trying to keep myself from crying, but it wasn’t happening…the tears started flowing freely…Shelly handed me a tissue and my cell phone…she said, “Call him…whoever he is, he seems to have your number down perfect.” I smiled and opened my flip phone and said, “Call Deadman.” MY phone responded with ‘Calling Mark’…

Meanwhile in Michigan, Mark was sitting backstage getting ready to go back to the hotel, he’d just had a really great match with John Cena and his girlfriend Brittany…who’d whacked Mark with a chair, but he turned and gave her a choke slam, then laid out Cena with the Last Ride…and for a comedy edge, pulled Brittany on top of Cena and pinned them both.

Mark was just about to walk out of the dressing room when his cell started ringing…Mark looked at the caller ID and smiled…she’d gotten he roses. Mark flipped open his phone and said, “Hello.” I said, “You are the sweetest man I’ve ever known…did you know that?” Mark laughed and said, “I don’t know what on earth you’re talking about.” I said, “Mark Callaway…you know exactly what I’m talking about.” Mark laughed harder from the back of his throat and said, “Okay…okay, So you like ‘em?” I said, “Like them…no…I love them…They are so beautiful…I don’t know what possessed you to do that but…Thank you, No one has ever sent me flowers before.”

Mark smiled and said, “You’re quite welcome…” I said, “I don’t want to keep you…I just wanted to say thank you and I’ll see you in a few days.” Mark said, “Yup, Houston International Airport…I’ll be the big guy by the gates, looking lost with out ya.” I laughed and said, “Okay…Bye Mark.” “Bye Darlin’.” We hung up.

Chapter 10

**Same Warning**

I had on dark blue jeans, white steel toed boots and a white form fitting tube top that laced up the back…and I had left my hair down…

I walked off the plane with my backpack and made my way up the ramp to get to the gate. I could see Mark standing over everyone else. I looked over and Glenn and Heidi were standing next to him…as soon as I got past the gate I walked over and dropped my bag, which Heidi grabbed and I jumped into Mark’s arms securing my legs around his waist…I felt Mark’s hands under my rear so I wouldn’t fall.

I attached my lips to his…and we kissed for a good 5 minutes. Before Heidi said, “Okay you two cut it.” Mark placed me on my feet and said, “Well…hello to you too.” I smiled and said, “Sorry…I figure since I didn’t say good-bye before I left, I should probably give you a really good hello.” Mark said, “Don’t apologize…that’s the best hello I think I’ve ever gotten.” Mark laced his fingers with mine and kissed the back of my hand…and Glenn grabbed my suitcase…we piled into Mark’s Chevy Silverado and Mark drove us to his ranch.

When we got there, Glenn and Heidi cooked dinner, while Mark showed me around…Mark took my bags as I grabbed onto the tail of his shirt and held on as I followed him up the stairs…Mark stopped and said, “No you have a choice…you can either sleep in the spare room or you can sleep in my room with me.” I crocked my finger to beckon Mark to me…he leaned down and I kissed his lips softly and said, “What do you think?” Mark said, “Master bedroom with me it is.” I giggled and grabbed his shirt tail again and followed.

Mark set my stuff down and sat on the bed…he grabbed my waist and pulled my down to the bed, and pushed my hair out of my face…and said, “Don’t you ever leave me again with out saying good-bye…” I said, “I hate saying good-bye, it always sounds so permanent. I was hoping us being away from each other wasn’t going to be too permanent.” Mark said, “And it wasn’t…4 weeks isn’t bad timing.”

Mark ran his rough hand across my stomach softly…I wrapped my arms around his muscled back and was running my finger tips up and down…I could feel his muscles through his shirt contracting every time he’d move.

Mark leaned over and capture my lips…when he pulled back he said, “Tonight, we are going to take it nice and slow…the last couple of times I had you alone we’re animalistic and insane…And tonight I want you to feel everything I do to your body.”

I smiled and said, “What ever you want big guy…I’m in no rush. Tonight you lead.” Mark leaned down again and softly brushed his lips against mine…Mark finally patted my hip and said, “C’mon, Let me show you around a little before dinner is ready.”

We got up and Mark lead me all over the huge ranch…I said, “Mark this please is incredible…I feel like I’m back at the Playboy mansion…Except there are no half naked girls running around 24/7.” Mark said, “Not yet.” And he gave me this evil little grin…I couldn’t help but laugh with him. I said, “I’m not running around this place half naked…you have neighbors.” Mark laughed and said, “The closest neighbor is more then 15 mile up the road on either side…besides I didn’t say you had to be half naked…I was thinking along the lines of full naked.”

I said, “Sometimes I wonder.” Mark said, “Wonder what?” I said, “Who’s more of a pervert you or Adam…and right now…Adam is coming in an a whopping second, while you pull in front for the lead. I didn’t know a Deadman could be a pervert, but boy you’ve managed to prove me wrong.” Mark pulled me close to his warm body and ravaged my lips and said, “You are so mine, when they leave.” I couldn’t help but giggle as we made our way to the house and sat down to eat dinner outside on the back porch.

Chapter 11…coming soon…I promise…I should have 11 and a couple more up tomorrow…sorry about the delay…insomnia reeks havoc with my life and I’ve got for 10 straight days with no sleep…and tonight it’s catching up with me.

Chapter 11

**S M U T W A R N I N G **

We said our good-byes as Glenn and Heidi took off to go home…I went in the kitchen and was helping Mark clean up…Mark came over and wrapped his arms around my waist, his beautifully deep voice in between kisses long the sides of my neck said, “Why don’t…you go…relax…in a tub…full of…warm water and bubbles…and I’ll finished this up…and then join you.” I turned around in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck and said, “Okay, you talked me into it…But don’t keep me waiting too long.”

We kissed a few more times before Mark patted my butt and I ran my thumb over his red lips and walked away.

I walked upstairs and into the bedroom…through to the master bathroom and started the bath water, as I walked back and grabbed a couple of towels from the linen closet, and also grabbed my accessories bag and also grabbed my red silk spaghetti strapped night gown. I pulled my hair up into a clip and stepped into the tub after discarding my clothes…I sank down into the water, letting the scent of the bubbles take me away mentally and physically…

Mark walked into the bathroom and his breath caught in his throat…Chase had her long leg hanging out of the tub and bubbles were sliding down her leg and off the end of her toes and plopped onto the bath towel she had put down on the floor…Mark looked over and noticed she had her eyes closed so he knew she’d fallen asleep…As quiet as he could Mark pulled his shirt off and his boots and socks…and just left his jeans on…

Mark knelt next to the tub and couldn’t help but run his hand up her silk soft leg, up over her knee, to the inside of her thigh then slowly went to what he really wanted…he slowly reached out and stroked her clit softly once. Chase arched a little and whimper/sighed in her sleep…

Mark couldn’t help himself…he slowly pushed her delicate folds open and slid his finger down the length of her slit, brushing against her clit once again, and then resting his finger just outside of her center…this time Chase Moan/sighed…Mark leaned over and captured her lips with his…he ran his tongue across her lips and she opened her mouth granting him access…he slid his tongue into her mouth and kissed her with a fever pitch…

Chase had finally fully come alive as her hands slowly slid up his huge muscled arms, across his shoulders, and her fingers tangled in his mane…Mark pushed his finger into her wet center and she arched her pelvis against his hand as she moaned into his mouth…

Chase started pulling him closer to her…Mark was so lost in the response he was getting from her body that before he knew it…he was half way into the tub still in his jeans…her cold naked breasts and harden nipples pressing into his warm chest…She arched her pelvis against his hand again…and her breathing was become erratic…he started moving his finger faster and faster inside of her core…he wanted her release, he wanted her pleasure to come first.

The pleasure Chase could feel running through her whole body just with his finger and his lips was unbelievable…it was absolutely amazing…he started rubbing her clit with his thumb and she immediately started going over the edge…Mark rode her hard with his finger until her orgasm had stopped…and then he pulled away…

I felt the contact stop and I opened my eyes and Mark grinned at me and I said, “Wow…what a great way to get woken up.” My hand went over my mouth as I looked down…I hadn’t realized in the middle of the passion I pulled him in the tub with me…and he still had his jeans on…Mark said, “What’s wrong?” I said, “I’m so sorry…I didn’t realize you still had your jeans on when I pulled you in.” Mark cupped my face and said, “It was worth it…besides they need to be washed anyway.” He kissed my lips…he pulled away and said, “You ready to get out?” I smiled and said, “Sure.”

Mark pulled himself out and we were laughing the whole time…Mark took my hands and pulled me to my feet and then wrapped a towel around me, and sat me on the counter next to the sink. Mark emptied the tub and started drying my feet and legs off…I took the towel from him and threw it in the hamper and grabbed the waist line of his jeans and pulled him between my legs…Mark wrapped his arms around me, and I ran my fingers up his 6-pak and stomach as we started kissing again…it was like we couldn’t get enough of each other…we wanted to constantly be kissing no matter what or who was around. I pulled away and said, “It’s your turn…go shower, get the wet dirty clothes off…and I’ll meet you in the bedroom…I’ll grab you a towel and lay it in here for you.” Mark said, “Okay, I’ll see you in a few.” I said, “Take your time…relax…whatever.”

We kissed a couple more times, and I disappeared into the bedroom and grabbed another towel from the linen closet and laid it on the sink for him…and then went back into the bedroom and dried off and pulled on my red silk negligee…it only came to mid-thigh.

Chapter 12

**M O R E S M U T**

I was just about to crawl into bed, when Mark walked out of the bathroom, dry and naked…well his hair was still wet. Naked glory…Lord have MERCY, there was never a man who looked as good naked as they did with clothes on as Mark did…I crawled up onto the foot up the bed…

Mark nearly felt himself have a heart attack, Chase’s night gown rode up on her hips and thighs when she crawled onto her hands and knees on the bed and she wasn’t wearing panties…he could see her beautiful pink slit, still wet from his administrations to her in the tub. Mark felt himself get instantly hard, not that he wasn’t before but now his erection was painfully hard…God he wanted that woman…she did amazing things to his body.

Mark’s green orbs watched as Chase rolled over onto her back, knees together and feet in front of her slit so he couldn’t see it…then Chase gave an evil little grin towards him and pushed her night gown down and between her legs so all her delicate parts were covered…

Mark watched as she pushed her feet out spreading her legs open and slowly pulling her knees apart as the night gown slid up her thighs and she boldly showed off exactly what she knew Mark wanted. Mark watched as she slid her hand down neck, chest, and stomach to her slit…she beckoned Mark to her crocking her index finger at him…

Mark slowly and animalistically crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees as he kissed her lips she felt his erection brush against her slit and she moaned into his mouth…Mark knew she wanted him as bad as he wanted her…Mark pulled away from the kiss and said, “Not yet baby…I wanna taste you first…I need to taste you.” He could see the passion and lust that filled her eyes…he knew she’d let him do whatever he wanted to with her.

With a slight nod of her head, Mark kissed down her throat and kissed her hardened nipples through her night gown then he grabbed the hem of the night gown and lifted it up and off of her…then placed some more kisses, licks and nips on her nipples…feeling her body writhe underneath his large frame…Mark nearly lost it a few times…every time she would arch her body against him, her wet slit would rub against his erection…which he would growl about.

Mark finally kissed and nipped his way down and settled his head between her thighs…he kissed and nipped the inside of both her thighs…and then slowly outlined her wet folds with his tongue…pulling back her folds…he found her swollen little clit and began to feast on it…sucking it between his lips and paying close attention to it, running his tongue in circles around the little bud…

Mark pushed her thighs apart even more and slid 2 fingers into her wet center and started thrusting his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could…Listening to her moan and scream out her sexual frustrations with him…Mark’s free hand found hers and they laced their fingers together, Mark felt Chase’s grip tighten as her orgasm ripped through her body and she screamed out his name…

Mark licked his fingers clean as he crawled up my body and captured my lips in a searing kiss…I could taste myself on his tongue and lips it was so erotic…

Chapter 13

**T O N S M O R E S M U T**

Mark positioned the head of his erection at my center and Mark said, “You ready baby?” I said, “Oh god yes.”

Mark buried himself to the hilt inside of her warm wet center, both of them groaning in pleasure…he sat still for barely a minute to make sure she was used to his size and then began snapping his hips, feeling his erection as it made it’s way in and out of her body over and over…he could feel himself going a little deeper every time he plunged forward…

I was moaning when he’d push in from all the pleasure…and groan when he’d pull out, cause I felt empty…

Pretty soon, Mark grabbed my hips and rolled us over to where I was sitting straddled on him and he said, “Ride me baby.” I smiled and that’s exactly what I started doing…Mark had a firm grip on my hips…helping my glide up and down his erection…I leaned down and kissed him and he sat up while still working me up and down him…Mark wrapped his arms around me and said, “Jesus…girl you are tight…” Mark growled a little and said, “Damn, baby, you feel so good on me…it feels like you was made especially for me…” I said, “Well…I’m glad I was made for someone…”

I threw my head back and my long hair trickled over Mark’s arms…as his one hand found my butt and was trying to pull me closer…as if that could happen…you couldn’t have gotten a single strand of hair between us as it was…then he suddenly stood up with me still on him and moved around and laid back down with me under him again…I wasn’t complaining…I liked him being between my thighs…Mark’s thrusts were getting hard, faster and definitely deeper…much, much deeper…I was going crazy out of my mind…

INSANE to be exact.

Mark could feel my walls starting to shutter around him….tightening and releasing…and he knew my obviously building orgasm was approaching fast…he started going deeper…I thought if he goes much deeper…he’d never find his way out with out a wet suit and a mining helmet…I started grinding my hips into his as his thrusts were so wonderful…

Mark said, “That’s it baby…c’mon…just let yourself go…I want you to cum for me…c’mon Chase…I want to hear you cum for me…c’mon baby girl.” “Oh god Mmmmmmmmmmmmark.” As I called his name my climax hit me…which as soon as he felt me release…he soon followed and growled out a furious climax as well…as I felt him explode deep inside of me…

Mark pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me…I said, “Just when I think you’ve done everything…You surprise me and do something different.” Mark said, “I wanted to make sure you felt all the pleasure tonight.” I laughed a little and said, “Oh, I felt it alright.” Mark turned me towards him and saw tears sliding down my cheek and touched my cheek…He said, “Baby, what are the tears for?” I said, “I know this sounds insane Mark…We’ve only known each other for 4 weeks…The things you’ve done, and said to me and everything…it makes me wanna fall in love with you…But I’m so scared to…I don’t want to get in over my head…but the way you make me feel and the flowers and the words you choose when you’re speaking to me…you make me feel like a lady and I haven’t had that in a really long time.

Mark said, “Why’s that? You are a lady…a beautiful, intelligent, head strong lady.” I sat up and pulled the sheet up around my chest and said, “When I was married to Paul…he made me feel like a dirty whore because of my career choices…and I wanna know right now…You’re not doing all these things for me because you think I’m easy right? I mean you wanna spend time with me…Chase Dakota the girl who was born and raised in New Elliot, Indiana…who used to visit her grandparents farm in Kentucky during the summer…Not Chase Dakota the Playboy Playmate…the one who poses naked so she must be easy right?”

Mark sat up and said, “I don’t see a Playboy Playmate when I look at you…I look at you and I see a girl, who had her heart broken by an asshole…and who doesn’t have an ordinary career…she’s doesn’t have a 9-5 job…she’s chosen a career which she wanted not one that was thrown at her. And no…I’m not doing this just so we can have sex and I have the recognition of sleeping with a playmate…I’m just spending time with my beautiful girlfriend.”

Mark caressed my cheek and said, “C’mere…Let’s rest…” I leaned over and kissed his lips softly…as I laid my head on Mark’s chest and could hear the soothing sound of his heart beat…Mark kissed the top of my head as he wrapped his arm around me…and rubbed my back until my breathing calmed…and he knew I was asleep…the sleep soon over took his body as well..

Chapter 14

**As if you people couldn’t get enough….MORE SMUT**

Mark and I spent a lot of alone time together…we talked and went riding on his Harley and had an extremely great time together. Mark and I had made plans, Mark was going to be going back on the road in a couple of days…and I was going to go with him…I couldn’t wait…I wanted to see Mark in action.

Mark was sitting in the den the night before we were leaving, and I walked downstairs after just finishing my re-packing…I was nervous but excited at the same time. I walked into the den and sat down next to a very relaxed looking Mark, he was watched the weather and news…I leaned over and put my head on his chest as his arm automatically went around me…Mark kissed the top of my head and then rested his chin on top of my head…Mark said, “Everything okay?” I smiled, more to myself the anyone else and sighed a contented sigh and said, “Yea…I finally finished…”

Mark said, “You’re sure you’re ready to go with me right?” I looked up at him and said, “Absolutely. I can’t wait, I’m so excited.” Mark said, “Hell, if I would of known you was this ready to go, We would have left a week ago.” I giggled as I buried my face in Mark’s bare chest…he smelled good…I started running my fingertips across his stomach to his tattoo and was tracing it…Mark said, “You better watch it girl…you’re gonna be real sorry in about 5 minutes.”

I said, “5 minutes? Is that when the news is over?” I couldn’t help but laugh…Mark said, “That’s about right yea.” I got up and took the remote from Mark and shut the TV off and said, “Oh wow look…the electricity is slowly going off…” I walked over and turned off the lamp, and then made sure all the other lights were off in the house…when I went back into the den, Mark had a fire going in the fire place…and was sitting on the couch again…I walked over and sat straddled on his lap. I leaned over and we started kissing…Mark’s lips against mine, tasting…feeling.

I pulled away and Mark finally noticed I had on one of his Undertaker T-shirts on…and was ready for bed…Mark slid his hands under the t-shirt and said, “You’re not wearing any panties, you naughty little girl.” I smiled and bit on my bottom lip…Mark said, “I guess that’s your way of telling me that beautiful pussy of yours is needing some attention…huh baby?…Does it?” Mark brushed my clit and I moaned out, “Yesss, please.” Mark kissed my lips again and said, “Oh so polite aren’t you…tell you what since you’ve been such a nice little girl…why don’t you turn around and sit on my lap…”

I stood up and Mark unbuttoned and unzipped his pants…and freed his painful erection…I put my back to him and straddled his lap and as I sat down Mark eased his erection into me…which we both emitted a deep moan from the pure pleasure of it…Mark pulled my back tight against his chest as his big tattooed arms came around and his hands were caressing my body, slowly and softly pinching my nipples, being very gentle, getting them nice and hard. Mark was kissing my neck as his hand slid down my body and was circling my clit as he slowly started moving inside of me…

Mark groaned, “God Damn baby you feel so hot.” I started rocking up and down on Mark’s erection…as he gripped my hips and was helping move a little faster…Mark finally wrapped his arm around my waist and moved up down to the floor, he planted me on my hands and knees and Mark was on his knees behind me…I could feel my feet by his knees and I curved my feet around his knees as he grabbed my hips even tighter and started thrusting in and out of me as hard and deep as he could…

Mark pulled my body up a little and was licking and kissing his way down my spine…Mark growled a little and said, “Does that make your sweet pussy feel better baby…Does it…Does my cock in that beautiful pussy feel good?” As I moaned out my answer…Mark’s hand want around and was circling my clit again, he grabbed it between his index and middle fingers and was rubbing it and pulling on it a little…I bucked my hips backwards into Mark…and he said, “Yea baby, let it out…I wanna feel you cum…c’mon baby…I wanna hear you cum…Cum for me.”

I cried out as my orgasm washed over my entire body from head to toe…as Mark started growling out his release I felt his seed spill inside of me…Mark pulled out and we both collapsed on the floor in each others arms. Through Mark’s heavy breathing he said, “Damn, it’s a good thing you’re coming with me on the road…any more time away from that sweet pussy of yours and I’ll go insane baby.”

I giggled into his chest again…and then we moved ourselves into the bedroom.

Chapter 15

**Same Warning (Minus The SMUT)**

After being on the road with Mark, Glenn and Heidi for a week…It was time for the WWE PPV, naturally Paul was going to be there. I had spent so much time with Mark, I had nearly forgotten all about Paul, until I actually ran into him. I was walking down the hallway of the arena on my way to Mark’s dressing room…I had gone to get us some water…Heidi was walking with me…Paul turned the corner and I just kind of froze up.

Paul’s slimy-slithering venom filed voice said, “Well, well, well…If it isn’t my beautiful ex-wife Chase.” I fake smiled it and said, “Paul…how are you?” Paul smirked and said, “I got no complaints…I’m getting re-married in 4 months.” I was laughing on the inside and said, “I heard…congratulations…I’m sure you and Stephanie (Vince McMahon’s daughter) will be very happy.”

Yea he was marrying the boss’s daughter…Just one more way to get himself pushed to the top of the pile.

Paul smirked again…you know the smirk…the one that makes you want to poke his eyes out with a fork and feed them to some cannibal freak…Paul said, “I heard you was dating someone from the Smackdown brand extension…who is it?” I smiled and said, “Mark Callaway…I met him the day before Glenn and Heidi’s wedding.”

Paul said, “Wow…and he knows all about your fun career.” I said, “Yup, and he doesn’t mind either.” Paul said, “Wow…Mark dating a Playboy Playmate…I didn’t know Mark had it in him to date an expensive looking whore…instead of a ring rat.”

I smiled and said, “Yea, well…At least I don’t have to date the boss’s daughter to get stroke in the company.” Heidi stifled a laugh and we saw Paul’s face turn 4 shades of pissed off red, as we walked around him and continued to Mark’s dressing room.

We walked into the dressing room and Heidi was thrown into a fit of laughter and said, “I can’t believe you said that to him…he was so pissed off.” I said, “I was waiting for him to throw that insult out there…he always said that to me when we would fight.”

Mark walked up and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck and said, “Said what to you?” I said, “That I was an expensive looking whore…” Mark said, “So Paul’s dating the boss’s daughter to get stroke in the company.” Heidi was yet thrown into a fit of laughter right along with me…Mark said, “What?” Heidi said, “You and Chase belong together so much…she said that very same thing to his face…he was turning red with anger.” Mark and Glenn joined us in laughing it off.

A week later, Mark took me to the airport, I had to go back to the real world and get back to work. Mark wrapped his arms around me and said, “Don’t you stay away from me too long please.” I said, “Well, it’s gonna be about 8 to 9 weeks…we’re having several coming out parties for new playmates…so it’s going to be pretty hectic for the next 2 months…but it doesn’t mean I won’t think about you 24/7…every night before bed and every morning when I wake up.” Mark kissed my lips and said, “That sounds good…”

I smiled and said, “Listen I’m going to say something…but I don’t want you to take it as me moving to fast…Mark, I love you…and I now you’re probably not ready to say it back…and I don’t mind, I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.” Mark cupped my face and kissed my lips so softly…and said, “Just give me some time Baby girl…” I nodded my approval and ran my thumb across his red lips and pulled him down and kissed his lips one more time and said, “I’ll call ya and let you know I got home okay.” Mark nodded and squeezed me against his body…then he watched as I walked away and got on the plane.

Chapter 16

**Same Warning**

Mark threatened Paul with an inch of his life to leave Chase alone…Paul said okay…but knew in order to break them up he’d have to put some ideas into Mark’s head…so slowly but surly Paul would put a few ideas into Mark’s head at a time. With them being on separate brand shows…when Paul would see Mark at a PPV without Chase, he’d give him a few tips about her…and could tell he was slowly getting under Mark’s skin…

Paul would tell Mark things like Chase didn’t really stay at her apt, she was really staying at the Playboy mansion with the other girls…and they’d have all night orgies and shit…and finally Paul said something to Mark that made him start thinking that Paul was telling the truth about things he’d told him about Chase.

Within the next 3 years, I visited Mark as often as I could whether it was on the road with the Smackdown tour or at his Ranch in Texas…we would spend as much time together as possible…Mark never mentioned anything that Paul had been saying to him…So I assumed everything between us was great…we’d been together for 3 years with no fights…Mark still hadn’t told me he loved me, but I figured since he’d been burned so many times it would take a while to get him to come around to saying it…and we’re going stronger then ever…at least that’s what I assumed…NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING.

Mark had just gotten off the phone with Chase before he stepped into the hotel gym…it was PPV weekend…and Chase had just called to cancel with him cause there was a coming out party for a brand new playmate…he wanted to go pound the shit out of something and figured the heavy bag would work just fine. He walked into the gym and pulled on his gloves and started pounding the stuffing’ out of the heavy bag, when Paul slithered in the gym and over to Mark with a confident smirk across his face.

Mark looked over and Paul and nodded and said, “There something I can help you with?” Paul smirked confidently again and said, “Actually, you can tell me where my ex-wife is…I had something to discuss with her.” Mark cringed and said, “Chase isn’t coming this weekend…They had some big last minute coming out party for a new playmate.” Paul smiled and said, “Yes, she went to a million of those when we were together…and then I found out what she actually does at those parties.”

Mark scoffed and said, “Oh yea…what?”

(Ready??? HUGE Lie coming up!)

Paul said, “Seriously man…Hugh invites a load of his friends over for those coming out parties…then those guys pick out whatever girl they want and take them up stairs…and well you can use your imagination as to what they do once they get upstairs…but I found out she makes about $25 grand at every one of those parties…Just for screwing around with or actually screwing a few of the guests.”

Mark grabbed Paul but the collar of his shirt and pulled him to his face and said, “Listen you little fucker…” Paul threw up his hands in defense and said, “Think about it Mark…You’ve known me longer then her…and you don’t really know that much about her…also, why would she come see you when she could be getting paid an extra 25,000 dollars to just fuck around with a few party guests…I’m telling you…like I’ve been telling everyone else when I divorced her ass…she looks like nothing but an expensive looking whore…when she is nothing but a simple Ring Rat.”

Mark dropped Paul and said, “You know something she just got a huge check from Playboy…but she didn’t tell me why…said something about stocks. Man, she fucked me over.” Paul said, “Yea, you and everyone else.” Mark waked out of the gym and went to a bar down the road…the first girl he saw who recognized him as the Undertaker, he took her back to the hotel and did nothing but fuck her all night long.

Chapter 17

**Same Warning**


It's Independence Day I'm free

And it's a strange place to be

I'm gonna break these chains

Unleash the changes in me


I was pulled out of my thoughts of missing Mark’s arms around me, when I pulled the rental car up to the Chicago Hilton Hotel where the wrestlers were staying for the weekend PPV…I couldn’t wait to see Mark…I was going to surprise him…It was our 3 year anniversary for dating…I had my new Playboy cover for Ms. July in my red white and blue hot pants and red, white and blue feather boa wrapped around my neck covering my naked chest.

Of course I lied the Mark the night before…I wanted to surprise him for our anniversary by being with him when he was challenging Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight Championship belt…plus I was going to surprise him about being Ms. July. And give him my special framed edition. He’d seen me depositing the huge check I’d received and the wheels in his mind were turning…but he didn’t think anything of it…


I see an endless road

I feel the restless wind

I've lost the fear inside

Cause I've got no choice

But to live or die


I hopped out of the rental and grabbed me suitcase and the framed special edition of Playboy for July…it was wrapped with a bow and a tag…I called a head of time and got his room number from Heidi and Glenn…I took the elevator up to Mark’s room…and went down and knocked on the door…I knew it was early in the morning…but I was hoping he wouldn’t be too mad at me for waking him up. I was actually hoping he’d be excited to see me…we hadn’t seen each other in 3 months, because of the big July photo shoot…

Mark was woken up by knocking on the door…he looked over and the slut from the night before was still asleep next to him…she reeked of cigarettes and alcohol…but she was a damn good lay…not as good as Chase…but what the hell…if you can’t get laid by your own girlfriend might as well get it somewhere else…Too bad Paul told him all those things about Chase…he was planning on asking her to marry him soon…guess that was over and done with, all he had to do now was call and tell Chase it was over…god he hoped she wasn’t one of those whiny ass females…The knocking at the door came again, Mark slid out of bed and slid into his jeans, zipping and buttoning them up as he walked to the door.


Suddenly you're in this fight alone

Steppin' out into the great unknown

And the night's the hardest time

When the doubts run through your mind

Cause suddenly you find your self alone

Suddenly you find yourself


Mark pulled the door open and was met face to face by Chase with a big ass smile on her face…

I smiled and said, “Surprise Sleepy head…I hope you don’t mind me coming and surprising you, I’ve had the whole thing planned for the last 3 months now…” I walked in with my suitcase and the package and walked in and set the package against the suitcase. I gave Mark a hug and when he didn’t hug me back…I knew something was wrong…I pulled away and said, “Mark, what’s wrong?” Mark said, “Wanna tell me why you lied to me about not being able to come? And now you show up?” I said, “Yes…It’s called a surprise…you know what those are right…and how they work…”


In an empty room

With a suitcase on the floor

It'll be daylight soon

I'm gonna wage my private war


Mark was acting like a hard ass…and I was about to say something…I opened my mouth, when a tiny voice from behind me said, “Taker…I’m cold are you comin’ back to bed sexy?” Mark didn’t say anything. I turned around and looked behind me and there was this 5 foot nothing blonde with huge boobs, and nothing but a sheet wrapped around her body…I looked back at Mark and handed him the package and said, “Here this is for you…I thought you’d like to be the first to know.” Mark opened it and saw it and I said, “That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 months…And now that I know what you’ve been doing…You won’t need it.”

I jerked it out of his hands and walked to the door with my suitcase…Mark said, “What like you didn’t think I wouldn’t find out you were really being paid to be an expensive looking whore for Hugh?”


Who's watchin' over me

Must be a guardian angel

I just need time to breathe

And give my life

The best of me


I stopped and spun around on my heels and said, “Oh really…and let me just guess who put all those ideas in your head…lemme think…who would have lied to you…let’s see…could it have been Heidi…no…or Glenn...never…How about a 6’4” 264lbs asshole? Huh? Am I close? Hazel eyes, Blonde hair…wrestles under Triple H…my former husband? I mean c’mon…I have to be pretty fuckin’ close…I don’t know what he’s told you…but he’s full of shit…the last three months was spent planning this surprise and doing my Ms. July photo shoot…and missing you.”

I sighed and continued, “But I am glad to see you missed me just as much you son of a bitch…you believed every hand of bullshit he fed to you and didn’t even have the balls to ask me…What the fuck was I think…I should have known better then to let myself fall in love with another asshole wrestler…you guys are like rats, you travel in packs and breed other asshole rats like yourselves…and then you train them how to treat women…”


Suddenly you're in this fight alone

Steppin' out into the great unknown

And the night's the hardest time

When the doubts run through your mind

Cause suddenly you find your self alone

You find yourself alone

Suddenly you find yourself


Mark said, “You was a good fuck babe, but not that good.” I turned to the woman in the sheet and said, “Honey, get out while you can…because I was his little fuck toy for the last 3 years and when he gets tired of you…you’ll be the next to go…” Mark said, “You was never my toy and you know it.”


Suddenly…you're in this fight

Steppin' out…and then


I started to have tears slide down my cheeks and said, “Really? I do? I’ve told you every day for the last 3 years that I love you…that is 1,095 I love you's to your sorry ass…and you could never say it back once…now I know why…because you only love yourself…I was delusional to think you could love another human being…I don’t even know how long you’ve been cheating on me…I have to get tested for AIDS and shit now…I’ve probably got some disgusting disease in me from you…You’re such a bastard…I should have known from the very beginning…you never wanted me…just what I could give you in bed…I couldn’t be with you so you might as well get it from someone else right?”

Mark said, “Chase…” I yelled, “RIGHT? THAT’S IT RIGHT?? FOR ALL THOSE GOD DAMN TIMES I COULDN’T DROP WHAT I WAS DOING WITH MY CAREER AND COME SEE YOU…THIS IS ALL JUST PAYBACK…you are a vindictive, manipulative asshole…and I hope…GOD I hope no other woman on the face of this fuckin’ earth has to go through this with you again…I hope they can see right through all your bullshit lies and stories, and see past the nice guy…the caring guy act…because it’s all a bunch of BULLSHIT!”


Suddenly you're in this fight alone

Steppin' out into the great unknown

And the night's the hardest time

When the doubts run through your mind

Cause suddenly you find your self alone

You find yourself alone

Suddenly you find yourself alone


I walked over to the door and picked up the framed magazine and looked at it…and threw it over into the kitchen area. Mark and the blonde jumped when the glass shattered, the frame busted and the magazine fell out…I walked over and picked up the magazine and tossed it to Mark and said, “Enjoy…it’s the last time you’ll ever see me again for the rest of your life.” I took my suitcase and left.

I got in the rental car and called ahead of time and caught the next flight home.


Steppin' out into the great unknown

And the night's the hardest time

When the doubts run through your mind

Cause suddenly you find your self alone

You find yourself alone

Suddenly I found myself


Chapter 18

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Mark walked into the arena…it had been 10 hours since Chase had left the hotel and state going back home…he’d called her cell phone non-stop and also called and left at least 25 messages on her answering machine…he’d finally stopped calling her cell phone when he left for the arena.

Mark couldn’t believe the way Chase had yelled at him and screaming and he couldn’t believe some of the things that came out of her mouth…he never intended on hurting her…he was going to call her this morning and talk to her about what Paul was saying…but after what Paul said the night before he wanted something numb his whole body…

Mark had every intension of making that girl leave when he was finished with her the night before. He knew better then to get pissed off about anything that Paul said cause genuinely he was always full of shit. Mark walked around the corner and came across Paul who was holding the bridge of his nose for the Medical examiner to look at.

The medical guy stepped back and said, “Nope…it’s broken Paul.”

Paul threw his bag across the space and hit the wall…and erupted with, “That FUCKIN’ BITCH…I’ll kill her if I get my hands on her.” Mark smirked and said, “Paul, what happened? You and Stephanie have a spat?” Paul walked up and got in Mark’s face…well as much as he could…and said, “No…you’re fuckin’ whore girlfriend punched me in the face this morning in the hotel lobby…I haven’t been able to get it to stop bleeding yet. You tell her she’ll be hearing from my lawyer.”

Mark said, “Tell her yourself you asshole…because I listened to you…I hurt her…she left me this morning…especially when she found out I believed everything your fuckin’ ass said to me.”

Paul said, “Oh cry me a fuckin’ river Deadman…Like you was ever going to do anything constructive with her…You did to her what every single guy would do…fuck her for all she’s worth and then break her heart…you just did it before it was really supposed to happen…you’re a damn redneck from Texas…she’s a beautiful Playboy Playmate…when did you ever think you was good enough to be in her league…that woman makes more money then either of us put together. She can have any man she wants…”

Mark grabbed Paul and threw him against the wall and pushed his forearm into Paul’s throat to cut off his air way and Mark said, “There’s just one little difference between me and those other asshole who fucked her and left her…I love her…I’ve loved her since I met her…”

Mark pushed a little harder and continued, “I was just too stupid for my own good…I listened to piece’s of shit around me like you talk her down and put lies into my head about her…when I should have known the whole damn time…it wasn’t true…none of it…and now I’ll never see her again…I wanted to tell her I loved her…she said it to me every day for the last 3 years…that’s 1,095 times she said it to me…but I didn’t have the balls to say it back once…I should fuck you up right now Paul…but I won’t…because this battle that she has against you…she won when she broke your nose for you…if you ask me it was an improvement.”

Mark let go of Paul and then grabbed his nose between his index finger and thumb and squeezed as hard as he could…Paul hit his knees screaming in pain…Violent pains sent through his nose…Mark said, “If you ever talk about Chase that way, or go near her again and I find out about it…I’ll break more then your nose Paul…do we understand each other?” Paul grunted a yes and Mark let him go and went to his dressing room.

Chapter 19

**Same Warning**

When I got back home, I immediately started having all the AIDS tests and STD testing done…honestly…I didn’t know who I didn’t trust more…Mark, because he cheated on me…or myself because I still loved him, and if he called and said he was sorry I’d go back to him in 3 seconds.

All my tests came back negative…and then I went to Hugh and told him what happened…I also made him an offer he couldn’t refuse…I started a career as a recruiting agent for Playboy Industries. It didn’t mean my career as a Playmate was over…I would still appear in the magazines but it was only like once every 3 months…other then that I was recruiting new girls left and right…

The magazine had grown so much within an 8 month span…Hugh approached me with an idea called the Playboy Divas of the WWE. He knew since I was friends with most of the girls from the WWE that I could talk with Vince and run the idea by him. I agreed and booked a flight to New York City a week away.

Heidi stopped talking to Mark, even though Glenn was still speaking to Mark, cause he understood how Mark could get so mixed up in his mind with the things Paul was saying…Glenn had explained everything to Heidi…and she said, “Look…I don’t care if you guys remain friends…but my best friend is heart broken from him…I don’t care what his reason was for sleeping with some bar rat bitch…the thing is he shouldn’t have never let Paul get to him…and he knows it…No body fucked up Mark’s relationship with Chase but…Mark. And though Chase might still love him…she’s not said a word about him since she left his ass…”

Glenn said, “Mark knows he fucked up…he knows…he’s done nothing but leave messages with Chase’s answering machine and voice mail…she refuses to call him back…he wants to apologize the right way…he knows he fucked up…it’s been 8 months Heidi…Chase hasn’t said anything to or about Mark…but yet he talks about her on a daily basis…he drinks himself crazy…Vince is 3 seconds from firing him for him taking shit out on other wrestlers in the ring, because he misses Chase so much. Mark is miserable with Chase in his life.”

Heidi held up her hand to stop Glenn and said, “Then why did it take her leaving him, for him to finally realize he loved her…Glenn, this isn’t your battle…this is Mark’s and if Chase doesn’t wanna have anything to do with him, then that’s her right. I realize Mark has been drinking himself into an oblivion but alcohol is not going to make Chase go back to him any faster. And you should know that…Chase is an intelligent, independent woman…she does not need a man running or ruining her life right now…she just got that huge raise at PB Industries…She’s got her life back on track…it took her 2 months to get out of bed and stop crying after she left Mark…she’s got to decide if she ever wants to go back to him or just move on with her life.”

**Ring-Ring** **Ring-Ring**

Heidi walked over and answered the phone, “Hello?” The squeal on the other end informed Heidi that it was Chase with good news.

Heidi said, “Okay spill it girl.” I said, “I will see you in a week in New York City…Hugh came up with a great idea…it’s called the Playboy Divas of the WWE…I have to come and talk to Vince about the idea…but Hugh wants all of you and he’s willing to pay a HUGE price to have the complete set of Divas from Smackdown and Raw…” Heidi said, “You’re shitting me right?” I said, “Absolutely not…if Vince agrees, all of you will be paid a Playboy Playmates salary for one magazine photo shoot. Then he wants to have a huge WWE / Playboy magazine cover release party at the mansion.”

Heidi couldn’t contain herself anymore she banged the phone on the wall and started screaming at the top of her lungs, “HOLY SHIT!!!!!” She put the phone back up to her ear…and I said, “Don’t get over excited, Vince hasn’t even agreed to it yet. But I will see you in New York City in one week…after my meeting with Vince, me and you are going shopping and then out to lunch.” Heidi said, “I can’t wait…I see ya in a week sis.” I sad, “Bye.” We hung up.

Heidi ran and jumped on Glenn and started explaining everything Chase had just told her to Glenn…he couldn’t wait, he was hoping he could try being the match maker and help Chase and Mark get back together.

Chapter 20

**Same Warning**

I walked into the Hilton Hotel in New York City slightly jet lagged…I smoothed my short polyester mid-thigh gray skirt, and smoothed my cotton white tank top and matching cardigan over my torso…I could hear my 2½ inch heeled, knee high gray boots clicking on the black and white marble floor of the lobby…I ducked into an elevator and hit the penthouse button and turned the special key to unlock the elevator…I checked my hair in the metal panel in the elevator…nope it still looked flawless…I had taken the purple streaks out of my hair a long time ago, now there was bright red ones in it but my hair was on top of my head in a clip with ringlets around my face…and the red streaks were meticulously hidden…

I turned my cell phone on vibrate and clipped it to the waistline of the back of my skirt. I smoothed my skirt one more time as the elevator dinged as a sign I had reached my destination…I walked off and over to the penthouse number 25A…I looked down and checked myself one more time…holding my brief case in one hand I knocked on the door sturdy 3 times…

Not more then 1 minute later the door opened and I flashed a smile to Vince…I said, “Good morning Mr. McMahon.” Vince smiled and said, “Please Call me Vince, otherwise we’ll never get any work done.” We laughed as I stepped into the huge spacious room…Vince showed me to the corner of the room where he had a make-shift office set up and sat down after I took my seat…and he said, “Okay Ms. Dakota…Let’s see what your boss has to offer.”

I smiled and popped open my brief case and handed the huge nearly 100 page contract to Vince as he pulled out his reading glasses and put them on…it took him exactly 45 minutes to read the whole thing front to back…I know this because I couldn’t sit still the entire time…I kept tapping the heel of my boot on the leg of the chair.

Vince didn’t even think about it, he took his pen out and signed away the girls…he’d previously discussed this with them and they had all agreed in wanting to do it for the company. Vince handed me the contract back and said, “Make sure and have all the girls sign it too.” I smiled and said, “Yes sir…Thank you.” Vince stood up and walked me to the door and shook my hand.


You think I'm always makin'

Something out of nothin'

You're sayin' everything's okay

You've always got an answer

Before I ask the question

Whatever you say


I walked over and got on the elevator and pushed the button for the 5th floor…


Now we can change the subject

Pretend I never brought it up

Same old story anyway

Later we can work it out

Right now you're talked out

Yeah, whatever you say


The elevator stopped on the 6th floor and the doors opened and I had my head down…I heard too very large boots walk onto the elevator and didn’t think anything of it…the doors closed and I was still looking down at my boots…the elevator was between the floors when it stopped for no reason…I started to look up when a deep voice said, “So are you ever going to return my phone calls?” I knew that voice…the smooth deep southern accented voice…the only one that plagued my answering machine and voice mail morning, noon and night.


Oh I know you can hear me

But I'm not sure you're listening

I hear what you're sayin'

But still there's something missin'

Whether I go

Whether I stay

Right now depends on

Whatever you say


I looked up and into those familiar emerald green orbs…staring back at me with the same intensity as always…I automatically felt like I had been punched in the gut…Mark said, “Well, girl are you gonna answer me?” I looked down and then back up and said, “Mark…I really didn’t want to talk to you…you have to understand why.” Mark nodded and said, “Yes, I do…I just wish you would have called me back…I had a lot to say to you and a few things I wanted to talk with you about.”


You say yes you need me

And no you wouldn't leave me

And that should be enough to make me stay

And even though I want to

I don't hear I love you

In whatever you say


I took a deep breath and said, “I know Mark…but I wasn’t ready…I’m still not ready…Whatever you say to me at this point really won’t help…just please…let me calm down and be on my own terms when I call you…I want to feel stable on the inside as much as I do on the outside…I might look together right now…but you standing this close to me…is pretty much freaking me out.” Mark said, “Why…you know I’d never hit or anything.” I said, “I know…but your size has always scared me…Listen…I have to meet Heidi…I’ll give you a call in a couple of months probably…I just need some time…”

Mark hit the button and the elevator went to the 5th floor…the doors opened and before I walked off, Mark took my arms and pulled me over and kissed the top of me head and said, “I’m so sorry…I never meant to hurt you.” I smiled and said, “Whatever you say.” I touch Mark’s hand and walked off towards Heidi and Glenn’s room.


Oh I know you can hear me

But I'm not sure you're listening

I hear what you're sayin'

But there's something missin'

Whether I go

Whether I stay

Right now depends on

Whatever you say

Oh whether I go

Whether I stay

Right now depends on


Whatever you say


Whatever you say


Whatever you say


Chapter 21

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

A few more months passed and Playboy did the photo shoot of the WWE Divas. While at the photo shoot…I was there to watch and make sure the girls were okay with posing and what not…

I went to check on Heidi…and she said, “Chase, you really need to go and talk to Mark…Vince suspended him…he’s been getting to rough with the guys in the ring…and he’s been drinking way too much…Vince got fed up and sent him home to fix himself…he gave him 3 months off with pay to do whatever it took to get him out of his foul mood towards everyone.”

I said, “That doesn’t sound like Mark…” Heidi said, “You’d be surprised what love does to people…Mark’s been…well…he just hasn’t been himself since you guys split…Mark’s really miserable with out ya.” I said, “How long has he been at home?” Heidi said, “About 2 days…He got a little rough with Brock and Jaden in the ring at Smackdown…Brock cracked him over the head with a chair, but it wasn’t just for show…he busted Mark open and knocked him out…he got him away from Jaden.”

I stood there for a minute and thought…My head popped up and Heidi said, “Chase, what’s wrong?” I said, “Excuse me.”

I walked away…Heidi started to come after me, but I took off running…I ran through the building and out to my car and took off home…when I got there I threw a bunch of clothes and shoes into a suit case, while I called to book a flight to Texas…and then took off to the airport…and was finally seated on the plane…My cell phone started vibrating…I looked down and it said ‘Heidi’s Cell’…I decided it best to just let the voice mail kick over.

When the plane landed in Houston Texas, I got a rental car and took off to Mark’s as fast as I could. It was rainy…and I didn’t drive to fast, I didn’t want to have an accident…I pulled up to the gates of Mark’s ranch and punched in the code…The gates opened and I took of up the drive to Mark’s house.

I stopped and ran up to the door and knocked but there was no answer…I rang the door bell a few times and still no answer.

I finally figured, fuck it…I’m gonna get wet anyways…I walked around the back of the house…there was beer bottles and Jack Daniels bottles all over the place…the rain had picked up and I was soaked…I looked over and Mark was sprawled out half heartedly on one of the pool chairs, just in his boots, jeans and his black Deadman Inc sweatshirt, with the hood pulled up…all of a sudden his body slid from the pool chair and into the pool…

Without even thinking about it, I kicked my shoes off and pulled my jacket off and jumped into the pool, with my jeans and tank top on…I swam all the way down to the bottom…and grabbed Mark’s hand and started swimming towards the top…it was a good thing we were in water, cause I would have never been able to drag his big ass around on land.

I pulled him above the surface of the water and pushed him against the side of the pool and touched his cheek…I shook his shoulders and said, “Mark…Mark wake up…” I was never any good in situations that required fast thinking…it always made me nervous…I shook Mark some more and tapped his cheek…I even leaned over and kissed his lips, but nothing…

The man could sleep through a damn tornado and monsoon mixed together and never wake once.

I tapped his cheek again and Mark grumbled a little and started slipping back under water…and I grabbed the collar of his jean shirt and pulled him back up and splashed him in the face…he roared awake with a loud, “WHAT THE FUCK?” as his eyes flew open and focused on me.

Mark half lidded his eyes and said, “Chase, what are you doing here.” He looked around and said, “Better question…why are we in the pool with our clothes on?” I said, “How much have you had to drink?” Mark smirked a little and said, “Just enough to numb the fuckin’ pain in my head.” Laughter rumbled from his chest…

Chapter 22

**Same Warning**

I said, “Oh so you think drinking so much you can’t feel yourself drowning is funny shit huh?” Mark said, “Well…I need some kind of comedy in my life.” I pushed away from Mark and said, “Fine…kill yourself I don’t care…I quit…you dumb jack ass.” I swam over to the side of the pool and pulled myself out…Mark came after me…I was half way around the house to my rental car carrying my shoes and jacket…a hand grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him…

Mark growled out, “What are you doing here Chase?” I jerked my arm away and said, “I came to see you. I got here and this place is an unholy mess…bums who live in a garbage dumpster have cleaner homes then this place…and you was passed out from so much alcohol you didn’t even feel yourself fall into the pool…I hate to think of what might have happened if I wouldn’t have shown up when I did. 15 minutes Mark…15…If I would have shown up 15 minutes later, you’d be dead.”

I started to have tears slide down my cheeks…Mark touched my cheek and said, “What are the tears for…I thought you hated me?”

I said, “I never hated you Mark…I was mad and hurt…but I never hated you…Not for one second…I realize the things that Paul said to you…made you think they were true…Paul can be a very persuasive person when he wants to be…he can make you think anything he wants…That’s why I didn’t cherish my marriage to him…he was always making me think I was some whore because of the career path I chose…So what if some guy gets his jollies off on seeing me naked in some magazine…I’m proud of my body…I don’t have implants, my thighs, ass and stomach has never been lipo sucked…My body is natural…I go to the gym to keep my muscle tone, I run every morning to keep my metabolism up…”

Mark said, “So what are you doing here?” I said, “I talked to Heidi…she told me about Vince suspending you…I came to give you a reality check…Mark you’re an excellent wrestler…your fans adore everything about you…but the ass I have been seeing in the ring every Thursday night on Smackdown whose supposed to be the Undertaker…that’s not him…and that sure as hell isn’t you…You’re a hard ass but your not a monster Mark…” Mark said, “I have something I want to say to you.” I said, “Okay go ahead.”

Mark said, “I’ll give you everything I have, plus whatever I don’t have, including the world…” I stood there for a minute and said, “I just came to a decision.” Mark said, “What’s that?” I slowly walked over to him and said, “I don’t want everything you have, or anything that you don’t…I just want one thing.” Mark said, “What?”

I stopped in front of Mark and said, “You. Just you…”

Mark wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up and I threw my legs around his waist, and we looked into each others eyes and kissed…My hands pulled his hood down…and let his hair go out of the braid…I could feel his running his fingers through my hair…We were both completely soaking wet.

We walked up into the house through the back door…and Mark closed and locked the door grabbed me and walked me upstairs into the bathroom fast as to not get the hard wood floors wet…

He turned the shower on and then clothes and all pulled me into the warm shower…We continued to kiss, as Mark pulled the wet clothes off my cold, body, and then I started pulling clothes off him, we left them in soggy piles in the shower, after we were both warm…Mark wrapped a towel around both of us, and carried me into the bed room and placed me under the sheets…to keep me warm.

Chapter 23

**S M U T Warning**

Mark shut the curtains, leaving the light by the bed on, just enough to light the room…and he climbed into bed next to me, discarding the towel around me and then the towel around him…he slowly slid his warm body to me and I slid my hands up his arms and to his face and we started kissing again…His touch made me feel beautiful…There was so much passion between us, we nearly lost our heads…

Mark’s hands were sliding down my breasts brushing against my nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…I slowly ran my tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…Mark started trailing fire ridden kisses down my neck to my chest, and slowly circled my left nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made me slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to my other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first nipple to the second…

Mark said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment..” I giggled a little…Mark ran his tongue down the middle of my stomach…till he had his head between my thighs…and slid two fingers into my wetness, and I gasped air…trying to keep my composure, which wasn’t happening…

Mark kissed around my clit and my labia’s, and the insides of my thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of me, working me into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on my stomach holding me down, so even if I wanted to escape I couldn’t…but believe me, I didn’t want to…

In between kisses Mark said, “C’mon Chase…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Chase I want you to cum for me…” Mark looked up and I was moaning and biting on my bottom lip trying to totally resist him, Mark just worked his fingers faster and harder…and I totally went over the edge head first…

Mark climbed up my body and we continued kissing again…and he slowly parted my knees with his, and slithered his body between my thighs…and the slowly while we were still kissing he pushed his erection into me…he let my body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of me…

I was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of Mark being inside of me…My hips were meeting Mark thrust for thrust…I think both of us were so wrapped up in each other our eyes rolled in the back of our heads as we both climaxed together and I could feel his warm seed flowing into me…

We laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of our hearts catch up with the rest of our bodies…we laid there kissing, and Mark pulled out of me…and we really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…Mark was running his fingers through my hair and I loved the way his hands felt against my skin…his hands were so soft…I couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth in his bedroom…it wouldn’t be the same…

We were laying in bed and Mark wrapped me in his arms and said, “Chase?” I lazily said, “Hmmm?” Mark said, “Marry me.” I looked up into those familiar emerald green orbs and said, “What?” Mark brushed a kiss to my forehead and said, “Marry me…please.”

Chapter 24

**Same Warning (minus smut)**

“Hey, Chase…Earth to Chase…Come in Chase.” I finally snapped out of my daze of looking at the ring that was basically a diamond band…diamonds all the way around…and of course my silver wedding band…both planted on my left hand, ring finger…I looked over at Sami and suddenly remembered I was on an airplane…

I said, “Huh what?”

Sami giggled a little and said, “Damn girl…that husband of yours must be something, you haven’t been able to take your eyes off that ring since we left Scotland. And that was 3 hours ago. You’re gonna make yourself go blind, if you keep staring at it.” It was my turn to giggle and said, “Sami, I miss my husband…I haven’t seen him in 7 months…girl…And I left for this stupid photo shoot 4 months after we were married…A girl has certain needs…desires…that need to be fulfilled…”

Sami said, “Yea…Where I come from its just called sex honey…” I said, “Thanks a lot…Make it sound all barbaric.” Sami said, “My boyfriend tears my ass up, every night…something that physical could never even be considered making love in our apt.” I laughed again

I kept thinking of Mark, It’s been 3 years since we got together, well it will be 4 on our 1 year anniversary, which is in a month…what am I gonna get that boy for our anniversary?…I still had 14 hours left on this flight, before I’d be in Chicago, meeting up with the WWE wrestling tour…The last 11 months has been the craziness known as my life…from the big wedding with every single person from the WWE at the wedding, to moving all my shit to Houston…

Then having to break the news to Mark about having to go to this stupid Special Playboy photo shoot for 7 months in Scotland…granted Scotland was beautiful…but I miss my husband…we’ve been married for 11 months…and we were only able to be together for 4 months, then I was gone with the blink of an eye. Mark called as much as he could and so did I…we spent a lot of long nights talking over the phone…I remember every conversation like it was yesterday…

Sami said, “What are you going to get for him anyway, you’re guys 1 year anniversary is coming up?” I said, “Beats me…obviously I have a lot of thinking to do when I get to Chicago.” Sami said, “I thought you guys lived in Houston…” I said, “We do, but Mark’s on the road with the WWE tour…It’s a nice advantage to being on the road with my husband…” Sami said, “Wasn’t he married before?” I said, “Yea, she wasn’t very happy that he was on the road all the time…so they split.”

When the plane landed in Chicago…Sami was still knocked out…I left a note in the pocket of her jacket with my cell phone number and my e-mail address…I picked up my backpack…and walked down the hallway…and soon came face to face with the most gorgeous man that God put on this earth…I smiled and he smiled…and he was holding a long stem red rose…I dropped my backpack at our feet and he handed me the rose and he wrapped his arms around me lifting me to be eye level with him…I wrapped my legs around his waist and we kissed for about 15 minutes…

When we separated from the kiss, I touched his cheek and couldn’t help but stare at his eyes and said, “I missed you so much” Mark smiled and said, “Yea, I believe the feeling is mutual…I love you.” I said, “I love you too…That shoot was 6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days…too long…” Mark said, “Agreed…Next time you leave for 7 months, I’m coming with you…” I smiled and said, “Agreed.” Mark said, “How was the flight?” I said, “It was okay…I guess.”

Mark looked deep in my eyes and said, “You’ve got jet lag…I know how much you hate airplanes…C’mon let’s go back to the arena and you can relax with me.” I said, “Okay…what a great idea.” Mark placed me back on my feet, but not before he kissed me again…We grabbed my stuff and took off for the arena…On the way to the arena…I fell asleep with my head in Mark’s lap and he was running his fingers through my hair.

Chapter 25

**Same Warning**

I could hear voices when I started waking up…I felt like my head was clouded and I couldn’t think straight…My head was pounding from the worse headache I had felt in years. A familiar voice said, “Hey I think she’s waking up.”

Then I felt a cold hand touch mine…I knew it was Heidi…She said, “Chase, Can you hear me? Girl wake up…you better not be faking…I swear to god…you better be okay, you can’t miss my wedding.” I mumbled and said, “What are you talking about…you got married 4 years ago.”

Heidi said, “Lord, she’s got amnesia or something…Glenn did you call the EMT’s?” Glenn said, “Yes. They are on their way.” Heidi said, “I’m glad she’s not bleeding…she’d be dead before they got here.” I slowly opened my eyes and said, “Hey gruesome much sis?”

Heidi turned back to me as I struggled to sit up. Glenn said, “Chase stay laying down…you could have some injuries.” I said, “I’m fine Glenn, I just have a headache…” I sat up and my eyes shot open and I was wearing the same dress I had on for Heidi’s wedding rehearsal…

I said, “What the hell happened?” Glenn said, “You met the Best Man the hard way…You came around the corner and Mark knocked you down…but not on purpose…you hit your head on the floor and you’ve been out for a while now…Heidi was ready to call out the national guard.”

I smirked a little and Heidi sat next to me and said, “Tell me you’re okay Chase…” I smiled and said, “I’m fine I promise…I have a headache the size of Playboy Industries…but other then that…I’m peachy keen jelly bean.” Heidi swatted my shoulder and said, “This is no time for jokes you smart ass…I was worried…I wanted to make sure you didn’t crack your skull open.” I said, “No…My head and my little toe hurt though…I think it’s bruised.” I pulled my shoes off and Glenn and Heidi helped me stand up…

Mark walked up and said, “Chase I’m awful sorry about knockin’ ya down darlin’…I was on my cell phone and didn’t hear ya comin’…Do you feel okay?” I stood up straight and felt light headed and started to fall back down, when Mark scoped me up into his arms and said, “Hold on, I got ya darlin’…you probably have a concussion…you feel dizzy or nauseas?” I said, “Yea both.” Mark said, “It will probably pass in a day or two…” I said, “Okay.”

Heidi and Glenn stared after us, watching as Mark carried me out of the church and over to his rental truck…Heidi said, “What the hell has gotten into those two? I thought Mark didn’t want to date anyone anymore because of Sara?” Glenn shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know…I don’t have a clue…

Mark said, “Let’s go get you something for that headache and I’ll take you back to your hotel.” I smiled and said, “Whatever you say big guy.”

The End.