This Hate; This Love



Chapter 1


::Beep-Beep::  ::Beep-Beep::  ::Beep-Beep::  ::Beep-Beep::


His hand came over and grabbed his cell phone from the night stand shutting off the alarm on it.  He knew if he wasn't up, she would start calling him and wouldn't stop until she'd absolutely annoyed him to death.  His brown eyes looked around the hotel room trying to wake up as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.  He had a slight headache from the drinking the night before, but a hot shower would fix that.  He finally stood from the bed and walked into the bathroom and kicked the shower on.  While he waited for the water to heat up he brushed his teeth...Afterward he stepped into the shower...He leaned against the shower wall letting the hot water coat the back of his neck and go down his back. 


By the time he finished up his shower and got into his jeans and crisp white t-shirt, stepped into his sneakers, got his belt on, Pulled his black leather jacket on and fixed his hair, shoved his cell in his pocket...three seconds later he point to the door and there was a knock.  DAMN he hated how on time his assistant from hell was.  He exhaled heavy as he walked over, slung his back pack over his shoulder and grabbed his rolling suit case.  He opened the door and said, "Morning Genevieve." 


Genevieve Tyler was 21, 5'7" maybe a 115 lbs soaking wet, blue eyed demon with caramel colored hair. Gen said, "Morning Bronson."  As she handed him a cup of coffee. Bronson chuckled as she turned on her heels and lead him to the elevator...Damn it...No matter what he did he couldn't get her to lighten up. She had on a black pinstriped skirt that went to mid thigh, with a white tank top and matching cardigan over it, and her 2 1/2 in high heeled knee high boots...Damn she had great legs...She had the kind of legs you could lay in bed and suck on all day...Her hair was up in a bun held up by two chop sticks at least that's the only name for those damn sticks that Bronson could come up with.  He hadn't the foggiest clue what she looked like with her hair down.  Gen had been his personal assistant for almost a year now...He couldn't crack her code.  The only time he saw her smile is when she was talking to her younger sister Nalani.  For the most part the best he could figure is she had ice running through her veins.


Bronson Pelletier was 23 5'11", brown eyes and black hair and an actor from Vancouver Canada...He'd recently been cast to play Jared a shape shifting wolf in the Twilight Saga film sequels: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  The production company Summit Entertainment had contacted his manager and sent Genevieve over and advised him she would be his personal assistant for the next however many months it took to finish up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


Bronson had to admit she was cute if nothing else...He could probably listen to her talk all day...Well...When she seemed in a good mood...He swore she had him by the balls on a regular basis...She was tough as nails, but then her sister would call and suddenly she was completely the opposite.  When he first met her he thought she had multiple personality disorder because love for the job and love for family were two different attitudes coming from her. Once in the lobby, security escorted them to the SUV that was parked out front...Every since New Moon was released in theaters, his scheduled and the fans got completely out of control.  As it was they were heading to the airport to catch a flight to Vancouver so they could start filming Eclipse.  Bronson was stoked to be going back home since he was a native of Vancouver.  When he boarded the plane, he heard someone call his name and looked over and saw Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Taylor Lautner...They were basically the wolf pack in the Twilight saga sequels.  Bronson walked over and said, "Hey guys, what's up." 


Genevieve watched as he walked over and gave them their one armed hug and rolled her eyes at them...A familiar voice said, "It's sickening right...How much testosterone can they leak on one flight?"  Gen looked down and came face to face with Alex Meraz's wife Kim.  Gen smiled softly and said, "Yea It's disgusting."  Kim giggled and said, "Here take a load off girl...I'm sure you could use it."  Kim and Gen were across the aisle from the 5 guys who suddenly brought the airplane to life inside.  Kim looked at Gen and stuck her finger in her mouth and made a gagging noise, then said, "I don't remember Alex being this animated when he's at home."  Gen said, "Yea well, it is going to get ten times worse before we land."  Gen could already feel a headache coming on...That was pretty normal when she got stuck on a flight with the entire wolf pack.  She popped a couple of Excedrin and drank some water and sat back and tried to relax.  She hated flying so relaxation was so not coming.


Taylor leaned over to Bronson and said, "So how's the terminator?"  Alex said, "Terminator?  I thought she was the barracuda?"  Chaske said, "No, last month she was the barracuda, this month she's the wicked witches sister from Wizard of Oz."  Kiowa said, "Oh no definitely not, Last week she was the Wicked witches sister, yesterday B said she was the devil re-incarnated into a the blue eyed demon we have in the plane today."  Bronson laughed and said, "I really hate to say this fellas, but she's all four wrapped in that tiny ass body."  A loud thunderous OHHH was yelled out between the five guys.  Kiowa said, "She's really hot...I don't see how someone that small is such a hand full."  Bronson said, "You'd be surprised...Man attitude seeping."  Alex said, "Oh she's got attitude seepage huh?" 


Suddenly a voice said, "Excuse me boys."  The guys looked up and Genevieve was standing over them and she leaned over and whispered loud enough for all five to hear, "If you haven't noticed there are people sleeping on the what most passengers do when they are flying."  She paused a minute and then took a dramatically inhaled breath and said, "So...Let's try to act like the professionals I know you can all be and keep it down just a tad so you don't get thrown off the plane...Before it even takes off."  Gen turned around and went back over and sat by Kim who was trying to get her shoulders to stop shaking from laughing so hard.  She was cackling into her pillow and trying to breathe at the same time.  Alex said, "Babe!  It wasn't that funny."  Kim looked over all red faced and said, "Actually it was fuckin hilarious...You all just got schooled by a 21 year old Personal Assistant."  The guys grumbled in a hushed tone for the remainder of the flight.


Chapter 2


Once the flight landed everyone got off the plane and headed down the walkway and into the airport itself.  Bronson saw Gen standing at the luggage claim and said, "Gen, Are you and Nalani going to stay with me and the rest of the guys at my place, like before?"  Gen looked at Bronson and said, "Yes...Thank you."  Bronson said, "No problem...When is Nalani's flight coming in?"  Gen looked at her watch and when they both heard a voice yell, "VEVE!" A smile spread across Gen's face and Bronson felt his chest get tight.  She never smiled that much but when she did she made him weak as hell.  Gen looked up and said, "I'd venture to say right now." 


Gen smirked as she turned around and was tackled by her little sister Nalani. Genevieve laughed hard as she hugged her sister back and said, "Geez, Nali"  Nalani laughed and said, "You should come home more often and I wouldn't have to tackle you like a football player."  Gen stretch her arm and said, "Jesus Nali, Did you suddenly sign with the Chicago Bears as a friggen line backer."  Bronson started laughing as he grabbed his bag and Gen's.  Gen said, "Okay, Let's move out...Jetlag is setting as we speak."  Nalani said, "Oh dear lord...How bad is it right now?"  Gen looked at Nali and said, "Not sure...But I can feel it."


They got to the SUV sitting out front of the airport and Bronson gave directions to his place in Vancouver.  About 30 minutes later, everyone arrived at Bronson's and unloaded the vehicle.  Bronson showed everyone to their rooms.  His house was amazing, it was 2 stories, 10 Bedrooms with bathrooms in them, huge kitchen, den, giant backyard and swimming pool.  Gen and Nalani were unpacking and getting their stuff put away, their rooms had a connecting door to it and they had it open and were laughing back and forth, when Bronson stood in the doorway and listened to them laugh back and forth, it was nice to see how opened up Gen was being. 


Bronson knocked on the door and when Gen looked over she smiled genuinely.  Gen said, "What's up?"  Bronson smiled and said, "You guys doing okay in here?"  Nalani looked through the connecting door and said, "Well Let's see...Gen puked twice already, I stubbed my toe and screamed every cuss word I could and I think I wet my pants from the pain radiating in my toe."  Bronson furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Okay 1st off Genevieve why are you puking and 2nd Nalani is your toe ok?"  Nalani said, "Well I feel better after I cussed, but Gen has jetlag...BADLY.  You've been on a plane with her enough time you should know...She doesn't fly well...My toe will survive."


Bronson looked at Gen and said, "Do you need anything?"  Gen shook her head no and said, "No, I think it's subsiding...Besides if I puke again my head will explode and the mess will be bigger."  Bronson quirked an eyebrow and said, "Did you just make a joke?"  Gen said, "Sorry...Normally I'm only a ball buster when I'm working...I thought I was off today...I can go back to being the terminator if you'd like...Or would you prefer Blue eyed demon?"  BUSTED!  Bronson made a face and said, "You knew about that?"  Gen laughed with Nalani and Nalani said, "She's actually known for a while now...When you talk on the phone, hate to burst your bubble, but she can read your lips."  Bronson said, "Oh that's really not fair."  Gen smirked and said, "And yet I bet you'll bounce back like a champ right?"


Bronson said, "Okay...I'll be around downstairs if you guys need anything."  Nalani said, "Thanks Bronson."  Bronson said, "Yup."  As he walked away.  Nalani said, "So...What's with you and B?"  Gen looked at her sister sideway and said, "B?"  Nali said, "Yea...Bronson...He's adorable, and he can't seem to keep his eyes off you..."  Gen sighed heavily and said, "I don't know what you're talking about Nali."  Nali laughed and said, "I'm not stupid...17 young and dumb, but far from blind or stupid."  Gen said, "You already know it's not going to happen."  Nali said, "Genevieve, he's not Sam...He's nothing like Sam.  He's actually cuter then Sam."  Gen looked at Nalani and said, "Sam...Can go Fuck himself...I'm gonna lay down for  a bit...My head is killing me."


Bronson had heard the whole conversation...He had to wonder who Sam was to hear Gen say the word fuck...She'd never said that word at least not around him, she said other cuss words, but he'd never heard that word come out of her mouth.  She sounded pissed when she said fuck but she sounded hurt when she said his name. Nalani walked out of the bedroom and ran into Bronson.  Bronson said, "She seems upset."  Nalani said, "You don't know the half of it."  Bronson watched as Nalani walked downstairs.  Bronson followed her downstairs and everyone met in the kitchen.  Taylor looked over and said, "Whose the shorty shit?"  Chaske walked over and threw his arm around Nalani and said, "Yea...He's talking about you."  Nalani's eyebrows shot up as she looked at Taylor Lautner and said, "Really?"  Taylor pushed his lips together and said, "Yea."  Nalani gave Taylor the finger and said, "When you can ask me for my name like a gentlemen then you may address me.  Until then...Bye."  Nalani turned on her heels and went back upstairs to check on Genevieve.


Taylor smirked and said, "Genevieve's little sister right?"  Kiowa said, "Oh yea...She's is definitely the mini terminator."  Taylor chuckled and said, "She's so cute...She definitely takes after her sister."  Bronson said, "And I thought one terminator was bad...two is just downright scary."  The guys all agreed and decided to order take out for dinner and just relax for the first night in.


Chapter 3


Genevieve woke up in a particularly good mood...Probably the fact that she loaded up on vicodin, water and past out.  Her migraine that she would get when she was jetlagged was definitely out of control and the fact that Nalani had brought up Sam.  She took a warm shower and dressed in a grey dress skirt that went to mid-thigh, with a matching button down vest, and a crisp white button up short sleeve dress shirt under the vest...with her 2 1/2 heeled grey leather knee high boots...And of course she didn't leave the room until her hair was pulled into a bun and instead of chop sticked she had a grey band she put around it.


She had already sent alert text messages to wake up everyone in the house so they could get up and get going to a photo shoot they had...they didn't start filming for another couple of days.  She could already fill they were going to be late if everyone didn't get out of bed soon.   Gen finally gave up trying to wake the guys and walked downstairs and over to the front door, where the alarm keypad was...Gen smirked evilly and punched in #1234# and said, "3, 2, 1."  And suddenly the alarm started blaring through the house.  Bedroom doors were flying open and people were stepping out, half awake...half naked. 


Bronson walked down the stairs, rubbing his eyes in nothing but jeans and bare foot and said, "What the hell is wrong with this stupid alarm?"  Gen said, "I set it off, because you guys couldn't get your dead asses out of bed."  Bronson groan and said, "Damn Gen...Why don' you just stick an air horn against my head."  Gen giggled and said, "That can be arranged...Let's just call this a wakeup call from the blue eyed demon...30 minutes people"  She patted his chest and walked into the kitchen.  Which earned a round of loud groans from everyone.  Bronson smirked damn she made another joke...She should watch out or he would think she's almost human...Not to mention the fact she was in the great skirt and vest which if he did think so himself she looked damn good in.  Bronson shook his head as he jogged back upstairs to get in the shower, because he knew if he wasn't ready in 30 minutes or less, she would have his ass in a sling.


Exactly 30 minutes later, they all walked out the door, Bronson stepped up next to Gen and said, "So how'd you know how to set the alarm off?  I have it code protected."  Gen smirked and said, "A few years ago, I worked for an alarm company and when you work for one you never forget little tricks of the trade...such as the default code to set the alarm off that will sound but not alert the police department...And you can't delete the default code...It's in permanently."  Bronson smirked and said, "Wow...I didn't even know that...You surprise me a little more every day."  Gen laughed and said, "Yea...Stick around you'll learn something new every day with me." 


Bronson couldn't help but laugh, Genevieve's playful side was seriously coming out.  Bronson walked over and opened the passenger door and helped Gen get in and then opened the back door and helped Nalani in.  Once on the way to the photo shoot, Taylor leaned forward from the 3rd set of seats in the huge expedition and said, "So beautiful have you decided to give me your name yet?"  Gen turned around and said, "I don't think so Taylor."  Taylor smirked and said, "What did I say Gen?"  Nalani said, "Yea...What did he say Veve?"  Gen socked Bronson in the arm when he said, "Taylor's just trying to be nice."  Gen said, "I'll let you know when I need your input Mr. Pelletier."  Bronson chocked and laughed at the same time as he was driving.  Gen said, "Taylor don't make me come back there, because if I do...You're going to get a flying lesson out the back window."  Nalani said, "Chill sis...damn...He was just..."  She stopped and looked at Taylor and said, "What were you just doing anyway?"  Gen said, "I know what he was JUST doing and the answer is still no."


Once they got to the photo shoot, The guys unloaded the SUV's and went inside.  Bronson tossed his keys to Gen and said, "Here...I don't want to lose them."  Gen nodded as they all ran off to get ready.  Nalani and Gen walked around and talked more.  Nalani said, "Hey...Give Taylor some slack...I'm making him work for it...Chaske told him I was 17 too...He's a really sweet guy."  Gen said, "I know he's a really sweet guy...But he's also an actor, which means he's gonna have a busy schedule...I'm just trying to save you from pining away for a guy who will hardly be there."  Nalani said, "I realize you're playing the big sister role and all Gen...But you need to relax...Taylor is not going to hurt me...and it's not like we're getting married."  Gen said, "Well thank god for that...I don't think me calling and telling mom and dad their 17 year old daughter is getting married before their 21 year old...Yea like that wouldn't send them both to their grave...We'd be orphaned...I open you're happy...And before you say it...I know Taylor is not Sam either...So don't even remind me."  Nalani said, "I wasn't going to say that...Okay maybe I was."  Gen made a face and sat in the SUV, while Nalani went into the photo shoot and watched as the guys paraded around in shorts and no shirts completely being objectified...which Nalani was completely up for.  Male upper body nudity was a beautiful thing.


About 2 hours later, Bronson and the other came out and saw Gen sleeping in a ball in the SUV and Chaske said, "What's with Gen?"  Nalani smiled meekly and said, "I think she might be mad at me...I made the mistake of mentioning the name Sam a couple of times...She may skin me alive next time I say it."  Bronson said, "Who's Sam?"  Nalani said, "I'm not even going to touch that question...Let's just say if there was anything lower then cockroaches in this world...Sam would be one."


Bronson was curious now...Even more than before. Chaske said, "We're going out to a club later for those that are 17 and up clearly...You and Gen are more than welcome to come, Kellan Lutz and a few others that played the vampires are going to come too."  Nalani said, "I haven't hit the club in a while...But I bet Gen would love it."  Bronson said, "We're talking about the same Gen right?  Stuffy, workaholic Gen?"  Nalani laughed and said, "Oh ye of little faith...Don't worry B...Gen will be down to boogie her ass off...I swear."  Bronson said, "Yea...That I have to see." 


Everyone was officially interested.


Chapter 4


Genevieve looked at herself in the full length mirror...Skinny jeans with a mind of their own, a black halter top that wrapped around her torso several times before tying to the side and then, black leather 2 1/2in knee high heeled boots...Her caramel colored hair was finally let down with thick curls that bounced when she walked, her hair ended at the bottom of her ribs.  Nalani walked into the room in a mid-night blue scoop neck tunic dress that went to mid-thigh, it had half sleeves to the forearm with cutouts at the shoulders to the elbows with an open back spaghetti band. Finished with ruched detailing throughout, she had matching 3in knee high boots on.  Her hair was down and she had flat ironed it.


Nalani said, "So B says he's never seen you decked out for clubbing?"  Gen laughed and said, "Uh no!"  Nali laughed and said, "Oh lord why is that?"  Gen said, "It's strictly professional...You know how I am with my career...I'm always serious."  Nalani said, "You can't be serous all the time...otherwise how are you supposed to have any fun in life...
It's too short to not have a least a little."  Gen said, "You know it's funny...I see your mouth moving but all I hear is blah - blah - blah!"  Nalani said, "C'mon time to scare the guys into unconsciousness..."  Gen laughed as Nalani grabbed her hand and said, "Let's blow this pop stand."  As the girls walked down the steps and Chaske looked up and said, "Are you fuckin kidding me?"  Taylor was standing next to Chaske and Kiowa said, "Holy shit!"  Bronson was standing in the kitchen and said, "What the hell is everyone's issue?"  Alex and Kim were following behind the girls and Alex said, "You should see the view from behind."  Chaske said, "I don't know the front view ain't too bad either."  Bronson walked out of the kitchen staring at this cell phone and said, "What the hell are you guys talking about?"  Chaske said, "Look up stupid."


Bronson looked up and nearly passed out when he saw Nalani's dress and then he looked over and saw Genevieve.  Bronson furrowed his brow and said, "Gen?"  Gen said, "Who were you hoping for Santa Claus?"  Everyone was walking out to the SUV and Bronson stayed behind and said, "I was definitely not expecting that...Not by a long shot...Why are you always so proper?"  Gen said, "Bronson...I have a job to do...Every time I make sure you catch the right flight and make it to photo shoots, Even reminding you when you're dentist appointments are...It's what I do for a living...I used to work for a singer and all the traveling makes me crazy...With your schedule there's months off in between where I don't have to basically force myself like a hostage to get on a plane...when we drive or get driven instead of flying and it's nice to not throw up when I get out of a vehicle instead of when I get off a plane."


Bronson said, "Why do it at all...I'm sure you could be a PA for someone who sits behind a desk."  Gen smiled and said, "I love what I do and I do what I love. Along the way I meet some pretty interesting people...Like you and the guys...It's actually nice getting to know people...but I always come off as being this huge mega bitch because I don't let my hair down and I'm always dressed professional...But I dress that way because you're not the only one being criticized I am too...And yea I'm just your PA...but if I was to walk around in jeans with too many holes or a skirt where my ass hangs out then they are gonna nail not only me, but you and whoever else is associated with you...whether I'm a PA for you or something's my yours is has to be done or someone else is going to take it from you."  Bronson opened the passenger door again and said, "Sit up front with me again?"  Gen smiled as she hopped in and said, "Sure...As long as the windows stay up...I'm not trying to ruin my hair."  Bronson said, "Wow...You're so girlie now...What the hell?"  Gen said, "Hey, the bun is less headache for my hair length, when I actually do my hair to go out, I like for it to last more than a minute...but don't get used to it."  Bronson just shook his head and laughed as he closed the door and got in and took off. 


Once at the club, Kim and Genevieve stood at the bar and did a couple of shots.  Bronson was completely floored he just couldn't get over the fact that after all the months Gen had been his PA...He didn't realize she could actually get down and relax and have fun.  He was nursing a beer as he watched Kellan Lutz who played Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies walk up to Gen and said, "Hey! Someone told me a stuffy bitch was here and I assumed it was you."  Gen glared at him and said, "Really asshole?  How about I stuff your balls in your throat for you?"  Kellan smirked and said, "When do I start training for that?"  Gen laughed and said, "Right now."  Kellan said, "Holy shit you live...And looking damn hot while doing it...What is up girl?"  Kellan wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the floor in a huge hug, as Gen accepted it, hugging him back.


Taylor finally walked up to Nalani and smiled softly and said, "So I figure I should introduce myself to you properly.  Because one if I don't Gen will beat me down, two I still don't know your name because the guys won't tell me, and three you've got a beautiful voice and I could listen to you talk for hours."  Nalani laughed and said, "Really?  Interesting."  Taylor smirked as he held out his hand and said, "Taylor Lautner."  She took his hand and said, "Nalani Tyler."  Taylor said, "It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.  Would you like to dance?"  Lani smiled and said, "Sure."  Taylor took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.


Bronson looked at Chaske and said, " as long as you've known you ever remember her not being the terminator?"  Chas said, "Not once...It's nice to see she knows how to relax, from what I understand from Nalani, that Sam creep was a real piece of shit.  Lani didn't get into details, but apparently it was pretty bad.  She said to think of the most horrible thing a guy can do to a woman and then multiple it times two."  Bronson said, "I don't think I want to know anymore."  Chaske shook his head no and said, "No definitely not..."  Bronson watched as Kellan led Gen on the floor and they started dancing together.  Chaske said, "I didn't think the human body could move like that."  Bronson said, "Yea...Me neither...Girls got some moves."  Chaske laughed as he patted Bronson on the shoulder and said, "Yea...that clearly no one has seen before...Dude if you like her so much why not just tell her."  Bronson said, "You're crazy, she's my assistant...This is the blue eyed demon were talking about."  Chas said, "Well...If she's such a demon...How's come you haven't been able to take your eyes off her since she walked down stairs?"


Kellan held Gen in his arms as a slow song came on and said, "So rumor has it you're making Bronson's life a living hell."  Gen sighed heavily and said, "Yea...but you know my work ethic...I don't stop I'm always on the go..."  Kellan said, "So how are you doing you know...since..."  Gen smiled weakly and said, "Fine for someone who hasn't been to a club dancing in a couple of years...Last time was when I was you're assistant."  Kellan said, "Yea...Bronson said, tonight was the first time he saw you with your hair down...Look Gen, I know Sam messed you up pretty bad and it took a lot of therapy...but you look great...and from what I can tell Bronson definitely likes you...he's a good guy and a hard worker...relax a little with him...He's not going to hurt you and if he does...I'll bite him for you."  Gen couldn't help but laugh as Kellan dipped her.


Bronson said, "Damn it...What is wrong with me Chas?"  Chaske chuckled and said, "I'd venture to say you're a little jealous right now...Because you can't admit you like Gen.  If you like her...tell her...Remember one thing...The same wrapped up, up tight, proper package that was your assistant is the same lady on the dance floor in the arms of another man."  Bronson chuckled and said, "You're not going to make this easy on me are you?"  Chas said, "Why should I?  My assistant is a man and a terrible assistant at that...You've got a fox for Christ sake."  Bronson said, "She's not a fox...She's just Genevieve."


Kellan twirled Gen out and was about to pull her back when she saw someone familiar standing directly in front of her.  She pulled her hand from Kellan and wrapped her arms around herself.  Gen said, "Sam..."


Chapter 5


Sam said, "Gen..."  Gen said, "What are you doing in Vancouver?"  Sam smirked and said, "Checking out the hot spots...I was told there was great clubs here and easy women."  Gen couldn't help herself as she pulled back and punch Sam in the face. Sam's body fell back and hit the floor like a sack of door knobs...Which Gen currently wished she had so she could beat the hell out of Sam with them.  Bronson and Chaske walked up and said, "Genevieve what the hell is going on?"  Gen looked at them and said, "I'm leaving."  Nalani slide to stop next to her sister and looked down and said, "Holy cow...What is Sam doing here?"  Gen said, "Getting knocked out."


Nalani watched wide eyed as Gen turned and walked out of the club.  Nalani said, "B...Don't let her leave by herself."  Bronson nodded and turned to go after Gen.  Chaske said, "Well...I'm not sure about anyone else but I've definitely had my quota for seeing some weird ass shit by Gen tonight.  First her dressing for a club and then she knocks this guy out with one punch...Yup I'm done."  Taylor offered his arm to Nalani and she gladly accepted it as she stepped on Sam's stomach to walk over him.  They laughed as they all walked outside.  Once outside, Chaske said, "Did you see which way she went B?"  Bronson looked around and said, "No I didn't...Here take my keys and go get my Expedition."  Chaske and Alex went and got the vehicles started and drove them around to the side to get everyone.


Bronson looked over and saw Gen sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette.  He walked over and said, "When did you start smoking?"  Gen looked up and said, "About 5 seconds ago."  As she took a long drag off the end.  Bronson said, "Mind if I sit with you?  Chas went to get the car."  Gen smirked and said, "Sure, pull up a curb." As she finally released the smoke in her lungs into the night air.  Gen laughed and said, "You know...I started smoking when I was 13...There was not much to do in the little town that I grew up in, so stealing packs of cigarettes from the local grocery store was the in thing to do."  Bronson said, "You never smell like smoke though."  Gen said, "That's probably because I quite when I was 18 and haven't needed one for 3 years until I ran into that asshole in there."  Bronson said, "Who was that guy?"  Gen said, "My worst nightmare..." 


Gen took another drag of the cigarette and Bronson scowled and shook his head as he took it from her and stepped on it to put it out and said, "Stop that shit...It's gonna kill you."  Gen said, "Well you know what they say...whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  Bronson said, "And do you really believe that?"  Gen looked at Bronson and said, "I thought I did...Until I...Never mind."  Bronson said, "Until you met Sam?  Who the hell is this guy Sam and what did he do to you?"  Gen said, "Believe me when I say, you don't wanna know and even if you wouldn't be worth the story."  Bronson said, "Well obviously it's worth it if he hurt you that bad."  Gen said, "Hurt?  Pain doesn't even beginning to describe what he did to me. He's a foul cockroach. And he doesn't deserve to be alive right now."


Chaske pulled up in front of Bronson and Genevieve and said, "So are we sleeping here tonight?"  Bronson stood up and said, "C'mon Gen, let's get back to the house...It's starting to get cold out."  Gen said, "Okay."  Bronson held out his hand, as Gen took his hand and stood up and Gen smirked and said, "You sure you're not turning into a wolf...You're hand is really warm."  Bronson laughed as he walked her over and opened the passenger side door and helped Gen in.  And then jumped in the back and let Chaske drive.


By the time they got back to Bronson's home, Gen had already taken her boots off and walked into the house barefoot, Nalani and Gen went upstairs and changed into comfortable jeans and hooded red long sleeve cotton shirt, Nali had on jeans and a sweatshirt...Gen brushed the curls out of her hair and actually left it down.  Gen said, "So did you have a nice time with Taylor tonight?"  Nali smiled and said, "He's a really sweet guy...and he finally introduced himself to me properly...Are you going to tell them about Sam?"  Gen said, "I don' think so."  Nali said, "You should tell them...or at the least tell Bronson so he doesn't think you hit some random loser in a club."  Gen said, "I wouldn't even know what to say."


The scratchy voice from the hallway said, "You could start from the beginning and tell me the truth."  Both girls looked over and saw Bronson had changed into jeans and a t-shirt, he shoved his hands into his front pockets and looked at Gen...She was a little shorter without her heels on, which he'd never seen before and jeans and a long sleeve shirt was cute on her, she pulled her hair over her shoulder and Nali said, "Just tell him...B doesn't look like the type of person to hurt someone."  Bronson smirked and said, "Thank you...I think."  Nali said, "I'm gonna go watch a movie in the den with Taylor."  Bronson said, "The remotes are on the coffee table."  Nali and touched Bronson's shoulder as he looked down at her and she said, "Thanks B...Be gentle with her...She's had a hell of a night."  Nali took off downstairs as Bronson walked in and Gen said, "Shut the door."  Bronson turned and closed the door behind him and walked over slowly.


Gen walked over to the overstuffed chair by the window and sat down, pulled her knees into her chest and looked at Bronson and said, "Have a seat."  He walked over and sat in the other overstuffed chair across from Gen, but not before he handed her a ziploc bag with ice in it.  She looked at him confused and he said, "I noticed your knuckled were swelling outside the club...The ice should help."  Gen smiled and said, "Thanks."  As she took the bag and laid it across the back of her hand.  Bronson said, "Okay...So talk."  Gen said, "3 years ago, I was Kellan's PA for a year, and then I got a call from my company and they said a guy in New York opened this night club and it was ridiculously busy on a nightly basis, he'd heard from Kellan about his PA and knew Kellan was getting ready to start a TV series and wouldn't need I went o New York. and worked for the club owner Sam."


Bronson said, "That's who Sam is?  A random client?"  Gen said, "He was just a random client until one was the 6 month anniversary for the club being open...he'd been doing so well he was giving everyone a huge bonus, when Sam was downstairs at night running the club, I was upstairs in the office doing the books and payroll, I was trying to get payroll finished because by the time he shut the club down, emptied it and cleaned it, he would lock up at 3 am and he wanted to get everyone their money to them.  Sam walked up stairs and asked that I join them at the bar for one drink to celebrate...I went down and had a glass of wine.  Sam had these 6 foot speakers the lined the walls of the club...I walked through the crowd to get back to the stairs to finish payroll...Only I didn't see Sam following me...I started to go into the stairwell and I was grabbed from behind and dragged behind the speakers."


Gen chewed her bottom lip a little and said, "He raped me, while the music blasted in our ears next to the speakers...I yelled but stopped because I know no one heard me...My ears had a ringing in them for a month after that...I think the worst part was afterwards, Sam held onto me and he let his little brother rape me as well."  Bronson's face completely fell and he said, "Him and his brother?"  Gen nodded as she continued to chew her bottom lip...Gen clearly her throat and Bronson looked in her eyes and said, "I'm so sorry Gen."  Gen smiled softly and said, "It wasn't your fault...hell it wasn't even my fault...I just have trust issues with guys...if it seems like I'm being a fuckin bitch and controlling everything it's because I have to.  I can't ever let someone take advantage of me again...It's been a year and a half since it happened...but I'm ok...I'm even better after tonight...The guy I decked on the dance floor...That was Sam."


For the first time since Genevieve became his assistant, he watched as she blinked and tears slowly slid down her cheeks.  Bronson stood up and went over and stood in front of Gen and held out his hand and she looked up at him quizzically and he said, "Stand up."  Gen did as he told her and he grabbed her hands in both of his and pulled her into his arms and held her against his body.  After a few minutes her hands came up and touched his back as she wrapped her arms around him...Bronson said, "I'm not going to hurt you...I promise."  Gen nodded against him as she buried her face in his neck and held on tighter.  He took his cue and held on tighter to her as well. 


Bronson said, "Here get in bed and lay down...You want some water or anything?"  Gen sat on the bed and pulled herself towards the middle and said, "No I'm ok.  Thanks."  Bronson said, "You want me to stay for a while?"  Gen said, "Please."  Bronson said, "Okay." As he climbed onto the bed too and Gen laid her head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her tight and felt her relax in his arms.  He could only hope this was the beginning of a good friendship...Well maybe not all that good...He was still very much attracted to her...But that would definitely have to wait for a while, which he was good with.  Sleep consumed both of them fast.


Chapter 6


Nalani jogged down the stairs and in to the den, Taylor was already sitting in the corner of the L shaped couch.  She walked over and leaned over the back of the couch and noticed Taylor had changed into jeans a t-shirt.  Taylor looked up and saw Nalani leaning against the back of the couch and said, "Well hey there..."  Nalani bit her bottom lip and said, "Hi"  Taylor said, "Ready to start the movie?"  Lani said, "What did you pick?"  Taylor said, "Transformers 2."  Lani said, "How'd you know?"  Taylor said, "Know what?"  Lani said, "That's my favorite movie, other than the first Transformers movie."  Taylor said, "I'm good at guessing?"  Lani laughed and said, "What a load of crap Mr. Lautner."  Taylor chuckled and said, "I was thinking that too...So you gonna watch from behind the couch or are you gonna come join me?"  Nalani smirked evilly as she said, "Head's up wolf boy...I'm coming over."  Taylor smirked as he reached over and picked her up with one arm and pulled her over the back of the couch and then situated her between his legs as he turned the lamp off next to the couch and push play on the remote as he wrapped her safely in his arms and snuggled down for the evening. 


Once the movie was over, Taylor looked down and said, "Are you tired, or would you like to watch another movie?"  Lani looked up and said, "Whatever you'd like...Do you have to get up early tomorrow?"  Taylor thought about it for a minute and said, "Not really...I know we're going to the gym about 10 or 11 for a good 2 hours...but for the most part we are going to be free all day tomorrow."  Lani said, "Okay...let's watch the first Transformers movie now."  Taylor chuckled and said, "Are you supposed to watch them in order?"  Lani laughed and said, "Nah...What kind of fun would that be?"  Taylor nodded in agreement as he said, "Should we skip credits?"  Lani said, "hmmm...I dunno...Lemme see the remote really fast."  Taylor held it over her head and said, "Forget that...Get your own." 


Nalani said, "Taylor."  She gave him the puppy dog eyes and he knew he was melting from the inside out, he wondered why he never noticed her deep aqua colored eyes before tonight...Maybe he really wasn't seeing her before and maybe now he was.  She was beautiful inside and out...her lips were screaming to be kissed but he was trying to be a gentleman about it.  Nalani tried to grab the remote only to have it lifted above her head...She looked up at Taylor and he smirked at her and said, "Hey...Didn't I tell you to get your own?"  Nalani said, "Maybe I like yours better."  Taylor couldn't keep a straight face as he cracked up laughing from the way she had said that.


Nalani turned around and knelt on the couch facing Taylor and jumped to grab the remote, Taylor had completely lost it laughing but still managed her catch Lani with one arm and pull her against himself.  Nalani finally got the remote from him and was about to push off from Taylor's chest when he wrapped his other arm around her waist and said, "You know you're pretty cute."  Nalani said, "I'd say the same to you, but I don't know if it's politically correct to call a guy pretty cute...or if it just has to be cute...Because on the cuteness level you're off the charts."  Taylor said, "Wow...You're really forward."  Lani giggled and said, "No...I'm just not going to lie to you."  Taylor voice dropped an octave as it started getting husky, he said, "That's...actually...really sexy...the not lying part."  Nalani bit her bottom lip as she let him pull her body to mold against his.  One of Taylor's hands came up and cupped her cheek as he brought her mouth to his as he slowly began a gentle assault on her soft red lips.


Taylor groaned and that in turn made Nalani groan into his mouth and he swept his tongue across her bottom lip, he felt her relax completely in his arms as she opened her mouth granting access, as his tongue slowly snaked it's way into her mouth.  Her hands dropped the remote and came up and around his neck and shoulders as her fingers got lost in his thick black hair.


Chaske walked into the kitchen and Kiowa was drinking a glass of orange juice and said, "How's Gen?  You know how hard she'd have to hit a guy that size to knock his ass out?"  Chaske said, "He's the same size as me and I'm no lightweight.  She knocked his ass flat out."  Kiowa said, "Ya...Bronson came to get ice for her hand because he said her hand was starting to swell at the club...Speaking of which where are they?"  Chaske said, "Last time I heard anything Bronson was up in Gen's room, cause she was needing to talk."  Kiowa said, "It must be a huge talk since B has never been in her room period, hotel on the road or otherwise."  Chas said, "I think he's getting the why I'm such a terminator talk."  Kiowa said, "I have to wonder if it didn't have something to do with that schmuck she flattened at the club."  Chaske said, "I think that could be a possibility, since Nalani said the guy she decked was Sam."  Kiowa said, "Man, the way Nalani talked that guy is a big asshole...Why didn't someone kick his ass for him?"  Chaske said, "Someone did...Gen did...Which is really bad for the male ego...Having a woman sock you once and be knocked the fuck out...Now that is truly embarrassing."  Kiowa said, "So...At least Gen got the last word...So to speak."  Chaske said, "Fully worth swollen knuckles."  Kiowa said, "Hell yea."  The guys bumped fists and then decided to sleep.


Chapter 7


In the morning, Genevieve moved around a little and a hand touched her head, a raspy voice said, "Whatever you do...Don't move your knee."  Gen kept her legs still as she sat up a little and focused as she looked down and stifled a laugh somehow her leg got wrapped around Bronson's and her knee was directly next to his crotch.  Gen looked up and said, "How much is it really worth to you."  Bronson knew she basically had him, he couldn't move until she did. Bronson said, "I will give you whatever you want at this point."  Gen said, "Bribery...Nice!" 


Gen bit her bottom lip while staring at Bronson...His eyes were closed but he said, "What?"  Like he knew she was watching him.  Gen said, "I didn't say anything..."  Bronson said, "Yea, but your quiet and staring...So what?"  Gen went back to chewing her lip and Bronson looked up and said, "Okay...What?"  Gen stifled a laugh again and said, "Did I say anything?"  Bronson said, "You're a woman of few words, but when you do speak you always have something to you laying here and not saying anything is kind of creeping me out."  Gen said, "Okay...I got something to say."  Bronson said, "So go ahead."  Gen smiled weakly and said, "My hand really hurts."  Bronson furrowed his brow and said, "Where is your hand exactly?"  Gen smiled and said, "Apparently under you."  Bronson said, "If you move your knee, I can sit up and you can have your hand back." 


Gen looked down again and she giggled and said, "Screw it...don't move."  Gen laid her head back down on his chest and his arms automatically went around her and he said, "Why aren't we moving again."  Gen said, "Comfortable."  Bronson said, "I would be more comfortable if I could get up for a second to go to...ya know."  Gen laughed again and looked up and said, "Bathroom...right...Okay if I must move."  Gen sat up and careful untwined her leg from his as he sat up and when she moved her arm he grabbed her hand and made a face.  The knuckles on her right hand were purple and blue, the swelling went down a little but definitely not much.  His touch was so gentle as he carefully inspected her hand.  Gen said, "It doesn't hurt much now that I got you off of it."  Bronson looked at her and she smiled a cheesy wide smile, trying to inject some humor into the serious look on his face.


Bronson said, "I'm gonna go get some more ice for it and call a doctor...After I use the restroom."  Gen said, "Bronson, it doesn't hurt that much...I swear."  Bronson shook his head and said, "I'd rather a doctor take a look at it...your middle knuckle is really swollen I think it might be broken...Just don't be stubborn. Stay right there, I'll only be a minute."  Gen got up out of bed after Bronson walked into the bathroom and closed the door.  Gen giggled at the groan that came from the bathroom...apparently he wasn't kidding about using the bathroom.  Gen brushed her hair and headed downstairs into the kitchen. 


Chaske and Kiowa were standing in the kitchen with Kim and Alex.  Chaske said, "Look it's Rocky Marciano...How you holding up champ?"  Gen walked over and rested her elbow on the counter and said, "Well...I got in there and tossed it around a little but definitely pulled it all off at the last minute..."  Alex said, "It was a great fight eh?"  Gen said, "Who said anything about fighting...I slugged him cause he deserved it."  Bronson walked into the kitchen and looked at Gen and said, "Didn't I tell you to stay put?"  Gen said, "Don't scowl at me...I just slept for 10 hours...My ass is a sleep and I needed to move or my legs were gonna be next."  Kim snorted and said, "Amen."  Bronson said, "I'm still calling the doctor."  Gen smiled and said, "That's"  The guys laughed.  Kim walked over and put her arm around Gen's waist and said, "Yea...pops...why you always trying to bring us down."


Gen looked around and said, "I feel like we're without people...Where is Nali?"  Kiowa said, "Their still asleep in the den...I think they stayed up pretty late watching movies."  Gen said, "No one bug them...Let them sleep...You guys all have the day off anyways."  Chaske said, "I thought we were going to the gym?"  Gen said, "You guys can still go, I'm just gonna go for a run..."  Bronson said, "Not before you see the doctor...If your knuckle is busted I don't want you to jar it while running."  It was Gen's turn to scowl.  The guys laughed...No one had ever told Genevieve what to do, she was usually the one bossing them all around.  Bronson said, "Hey...don't scowl at me...If you think your hand is fine...Make a fist."  Gen smirked as she held up her left hand and made a fist and that earned another round of laughs.


Bronson cracked a half smile, and said, "We got jokes now?"  Gen held up her right hand and said, "Clearly I'm not making a fit with this one and you wasn't specific on which one to make a fist with."  Chaske said, "Holy shit...I don't think I've ever seen that shade of purple before...That's kind of sick."  Kim said, "Ouch girl...I bet it was fully worth the pain."  Gen said, "If I'd a thought about it I would've planted my foot in his ass so far every time he coughed he'd hack up a shoe lace."  The guys laughed and Bronson handed Gen another bag of ice and said, "Go relax...I know it's hard for the terminator, but just trust me will ya." 


Gen could tell by the look on Bronson's face he was generally worried.  She took the ice and said, "Okay...I give in...I'll go back to my dungeon...King Arthur you coming back to keep me company or should I get the dragon to tag along?"  Bronson chuckled and said, "I'll be up after I call the doctor...Are you hungry?"  Gen shook her head no and said, "The pain is making me nausea."  Bronson said, "I knew it was hurting more then you said...Go on I'll be there in a minute."  Gen smirked as she bowed and said, "Yes master...Right away master."  And walked away.


The guys were floored...No one had ever made Gen do anything they said...How the hell had Bronson finally done it?


Chapter 8


Genevieve sat in the middle of the bed, relaxing a little...She knew she was definitely letting her guard down way too much with the guys and with Bronson...But it felt nice...Usually she just ignored them and did her own thing.  It was nice having someone to talk with other then Nalani...Though Nali was her little sister, Gen thought she told her too much personal stuff...Talking with someone older then herself was nice...Signing heavily she leaned over and grabbed her laptop she pulled up Bronson's schedule to see when him and the others were going back on the set...It would hurt to relax for a couple of days...She would just have to g back to being the terminator once they start filming again.


Though being at the club the night before and seeing Kellan was always nice...She knew he still blamed himself for what happened in New York with Sam...Because he'd basically recommended her to Sam.  When he found out what Sam had done he basically threatened him within an inch of his life that if he ever went near Gen again he was going to beat him until he stopped bleeding.  Kellan was still definitely feeling bad about the whole situation...she'd seen his face when he was talking about it, or trying not to talk directly about it.


The doorbell rang and Bronson walked over and opened the door and was surprised to see Kellan staring back at him and said, "Hey bro, what's up?  I thought you was the doctor."  Kellan said, "Hey man...Do I really wanna know who needs a doctor?  Gen didn't knock someone else out did she?"  Bronson said, "Naw man...I think she busted one of her knuckles when she hit that Sam guy last night."  Kellan laughed and said, "She's fighting you the whole way isn't she?"  Bronson nodded and said, "Hell yea man...Maybe you can talk to her, she's a stubborn ass."  Kellan said, "I figured I'd come see how she was doing after last night...I know it was a huge step for her last night."  Bronson said, "Yea...She told me what happened...If I see that guy again I may not be held responsible for what I'll do...Or the other guys...They are really fond of Gen, and would kick anyone's ass for messing with her...But I'm definitely not telling them what he did to her...That's on her."  Kellan said, "Yea...I know she keeps telling me it wasn't my fault but I'm the one who recommended her to him."  Bronson said, "Dude, you couldn't know what that sick ass had planned."  Kellan nodded and said, "Well, let me go see the terminator, see if I can get her to relax a little."


Gen sat in bed thinking about Kellan...She knew him before he really hit it as a big actor and before she became his PA...She was PAing for the heavy metal rocker Rob Zombie when she met Kellan.  There was a knock on the door and Gen said, "Yo."  Kellan laughed and said, "She's working."  Bronson said, "Damn, I told her to relax."  The door swung open and Kellan was standing next to Bronson in a pair of black jeans, sneakers and a black and white vertical striped button down shirt, the sleeves were rolled up to just below his elbows...Gen had to exhale a little as she didn't fail to notice the shirt fit him like a second skin.


Gen smiled as she got up in bed and stood up and waited until Kellan got close to the bed and jumped into his waiting 6'1" frame...He caught her and said, "You haven't greeted me like that in a while."  Gen wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he held onto her tight...Bronson felt a twinge of jealousy watching their interaction.  She said, "I really missed you ya know."  Kellan said, "I second the motion Evy."  She smiled bigger when he used her nick name.  She squeezed him tighter...even though she knew it wouldn't hurt him...He was rather big compared to her.  Gen forgot how good it felt to be in his arms.  Yea they had dated before she was his PA...But refused to date him while he was her client.


Kellan set her down on her feet carefully as he said, "B says he had to call the doctor for your hand...Lemme see it."  Gen lifted her hand and said, "It doesn't hurt that much."  Bronson said, "It obviously does if the pain is making you nausea and she hasn't eaten either."  Gen looked around Kellan and said, "Thanks Bronson...You can run along with the others to the gym."  Completely annoyed with him at that point.  She was already annoyed with the fact that a doctor was called at all.  Bronson scowled and walked away, closing the door behind him.


A few minutes later, another knock came on the door, Gen said, "Yea."  Chaske walked in and said the doctor is here and everyone is leaving to go to the gym...Taylor and Nalani are going too...They finally woke up...Only when Kiowa and Bronson dumped ice on them."  Gen giggled and said, "Okay...I'll be okay...Thanks Chas."  Chas said, "B said if you need anything call our cells."  Gen nodded as they left and the doctor came in and examined her hand.  He said it was broken or fractured, but it would be swollen for a while...the bruising would go away eventually.  The doctor wrapped her hand and left extra bandages there for her but basically said if the pain got any worse to call and he would call in a pain killer for her.  The doctor showed himself out.


Kellan said, "You hungry?"  Gen said, "A little...what did you have in mind."  They looked at each other and laughed and said, "Chinese."  Together and laughed even more, because they knew each other good. Gen sat on the edge of the bed about to get up, when Kellan moved around behind her, his legs on either side of hers so Gen was sitting between his legs.  Being this close to someone in such a long time was making her pulse race.  His hands touch her waist and hips and she sucked in a breath.  Kellan knew she hadn't been with anyone since the whole disaster with Sam.  Kellan put his lips close to Gen's ear and whispered, “When was the last time a man touched you?”  Gen's breath caught in her throat and she finally said, “When we were dating.”  Kellan said, “That is too long for a beautiful woman to wait to not have been touched in so long.” 


Kellan’s lips touched the skin on Gen’s neck and she instantly felt the warmth.  Gen said, “I don’t think you should be doing that Kellan.”  Kellan said, “Close your eyes...and relax to the sound of my voice.”  Kellan kissed Gen’s neck again and her head moved to the side letting him have better access.  Kellan’s hands slowly started to slid along her thighs as he lifted her up and moved her back to lay on the bed beside him...he laid her on her back as he laid on his side, still kissing and licking paths from her shoulder to her ear and neck...he finally kissed up to her his big hands caressed their way down the curves of her body.  His finger slightly brushed her bra and shirt covered nipples and Gen moaned into his mouth.  As their tongue slowly searched each other's mouths.


His hands slowly pushed the bottom of the shirt up as his finger tips traced hot patterns on her his finger unbuttons her jeans and his hand slid down into her jeans and he slowly moved her thighs apart...draping one leg over his and moving the other one over a little...and he slowly and methodically moved his index finger up and down her wet slit.  She was positively he knew she was fully enjoying it.  Plus the deep throaty moans and groans that were coming into his mouth from hers was another give away...Then slowly He pushed his middle and index finger into her aching far in as he could...he could instantly feel more wetness on his thick fingers.  He slowly started to work his fingers in and out of her...he wanted tonight to be all about her...Kellan hadn't realized how much he missed having her in his life until he'd seen her the night before at the club.


He stopped what he was doing and pulled his fingered from her scorching core and he started kissing her neck and kissed her ear and said, “C’mon baby...You know I love it when you moan my name...”  he peeled her jeans off, and top, opened her front close bra and started kissing down to her breasts.  Where he took her left nipple in his mouth first...and he got a small moan from her...slowly arching her back up and pushing her nipple into his mouth more.  He moved over and took her right nipple into his mouth... She got vocal, “Oooh God baby.  That feels so good.”


He kissed down her flat stomach, he removed her panties and moved her knees up as his tongue started to enter her core...she finally moaned out, “Kellan...Mmm.”  He laid and licked at her slit until she’d moaned his name at least a hundred times...and then he slowly crawled up her body and said, “Are you ready for me baby?”  Gen hadn't even noticed that Kellan's clothes had already disappeared.  She nodded staring into his baby blue eyes and he said, “I missed you Evy.”  She felt him slid between her thighs and she said, “I’ve missed you so much...I thought I’d never get you back...I’ve missed having you inside me...loving me the only way that you can.”  She felt him slid himself into her all the way penetrating as deep as he could...and with a slowly steady rocking she felt him sliding in and out of her at a nice slow pace...letting her feel him slid nearly all the way out and then pushing all the way him...feeling herself stretch around him to get all of him in her.


He was going slow and she kissed his ear and said, “Oh God Kellan please go faster...I just want to feel you pushing in me and pulling out of me so fast...Mmm deeper Kellan please...”  He pulled her knees up and held onto the back of her thighs as he started doing what she was begging for him to do...with every stroke he went a little deeper, a little harder...and even a little faster...she wrapped her arms around the span of his back and held onto him as he did what he could to make her feel love...Listening to her moaning his name was making him come undone.


Gen knew deep in her heart that the man making love to her was someone she cared so much about...and she couldn’t help but moan out his name...His strokes got longer, harder and deeper and then as if by a chance he pushed himself all the way inside of her as they both yelled out each other's names as their orgasms swept and took over their bodies...she felt him explode deep inside of her...and her body answered him back.  He laid there on top of her still inside her and planted kisses all over her face as she breathlessly said, “I missed you so much Kellan."  Kellan kissed her lips softly and said, "I know, I missed you too Gen."


Kellan carefully pulled out of her and laid to the side...he pulled her over onto his chest as they laid there in complete contentment.


Chapter 9


Nalani was in COMPLETE heaven as she watched the wolf pack work out.  It was nice to see all those dark shirtless bodies sweating from head to toe...she was jogging on the treadmill trying to keep her mind focused with the task at hand...if she didn't stop concentrating on the shirtless boys doing sit ups directly in front of her she was going to fall off the treadmill.


Nalani had to laugh out loud her iPod was currently playing Shakira's song She wolf.  If only Taylor knew the half of it...She couldn't help but giggle to herself again.  The guys all looked up at her and she glared at them and said, "What?"  Bronson said, "I think she'd been hanging with her sister too much."  Chaske laughed and said, "Yea...Attitude seepage."  Nalani made a face and gave them all the finger.  Taylor said, "Hey!  I didn't say anything."  Nalani laughed and said, "Just in case you wanted to."


After a few minutes, Nalani turned the treadmill off and stepped off and took a sip of water.  Nalani walked over where the guys were said, "Hey, B I thought you liked my sister?"  Bronson smiled and said, "I do why?"  Nalani said, "I'd say you're extremely brave to leave her at the house by herself with Kellan."  Bronson made a face and said, "Why?  Kellan is a good guy."  Nalani said, "Yea...and the fact that he's her ex-boyfriend doesn't bother you."  Kiowa said, "WHAT?"  Chaske said, "No way...The terminator and Kellan?"  Nalani nodded as she sipped her water again and said, "You guys didn't know that?"  All five shock their heads no.


Nalani said, "Yea...When she was 17 she got a job with Rob Zombie."  Chaske said, "The heavy metal rock guy from White Zombie?"  Nalani nodded and said, "Yea...She was his PA and then he put her in one of his video's, she ran into Kellan he was an extra on the set of the video.  They dated pretty heavy for like a year and a half, and then decided to just be friends when she became his PA, because she doesn't mix business with to speak...That's why I thought it was really weird that she has been opening up with you so much in the last couple of days.  That's not Gen...You already know how she is...she's relentless when it comes to her job...I mean you guys named her the terminator...but that's basically her reputation, because she doesn't take shit from clients...she's there for one purpose."


Bronson said, "So I basically just gave her back to her ex-boyfriend right?"  Nalani said, "Understand something B...When Genevieve got raped by Sam...Kellan was the first person by her side...He went with her to therapy and stayed at her house 24/7...He held her when she'd wake up screaming and crying from the nightmares.  Now...I don't know how he feels about her...But last night he made her laugh harder then she has in a year and a half since the rape.  I didn't notice until last night how much she'd missed him and how happy she truly was with him."  Bronson threw his arms up in the air and said, "So what now."  Nalani smirked and said, "Just sit back and wait...Clearly Gen either doesn't remember why they broke up or she's genuinely giving him a second chance for saving her life...But I remember Kellan's temper...He's got a bad one."


Chaske sat up and said, "Wait a minute did he put his hands on her?"  Nalani said, "Oh God no...He tends to scream and growl now and ask questions later...He's never been abusive, well at least not physically...just verbally.  They went out to a club one night and some guy was flirting with her and she told him to buzz off and he wouldn't leave her alone...Kellan went to the rest room and when he was on his way back he saw Gen looking at the guy batting her eye lashes...but he didn't realize she was shutting down the moron who wouldn't leave her alone.  Kellan got pissed and called her everything in the book, but a white girl...It crushed Gen.  Especially when he called her a whore.  She left the club and the last thing she said to him was they were through...then she got a call to be some upcoming actors PA, she jumped at it...Not realizing it was Kellan...She stuck with it though...I think they were able to mend their friendship...which is why he stuck by her after the disaster in New York with Sam."


Bronson laid back on the matt after doing a few more sit ups and stared at the ceiling.  He didn't want to openly admit it, but he really enjoyed have Gen lay in his arms the night before.  She smelled so good...He could lay in bed all day and night for that matter.  Her scent was intoxicating.  And her smile...He could definitely handle seeing her smile more.  She was almost human when she smiled.  He already had a feeling in the pit of his stomach and the bottom of his heart he'd just lost Gen...Even though he never really had her...It was just nice to see her laid back and kicking it like a normal person.


Everyone got back from the gym and noticed Kellan's car was gone from the driveway.  Bronson exhaled a sigh of relief.  He wasn't sure he could take watching them play kissy face if they had in fact gotten back together.  They all walked into the house and Chaske said, "What are we wanting to do for dinner?"  Bronson said, "I'm gonna go check on Gen and see if she's hungry."  Nalani watched as he went upstairs and opened the door...Gen was tucked in bed.  Bronson walked over and stared at her for a minute and then finally said, "Gen...Genevieve...Are you hungry?"  Gen moved around a little as she opened her eyes trying to focus.  She finally sat up and said, "Yea...Where's Kellan?"  Bronson said, "I don't know...We just got back and his car was gone."  Gen looked down and noticed she was dressed.  She was a little confused...she could've sworn she had been naked.


Bronson said, "Are you ok?"  Gen said, "Yea...I think so..."  Bronson said, "I think the guys are ordering want lemon chicken over steamed rice?"  Gen nodded and watched as he said, "Okay...well get it ordered...c'mon down if you want."  Gen said, "No problem...I need to call Kellan and ask him something...Then I'll right down."  He nodded as he walked out. 


Gen grabbed her phone as she flipped it open and called Kellan.  He answered, "Hey Evy...I see you finally woke up...What's up?"  Gen looked around and said, "What happened after the doctor left?"  Kellan said, "The doctor gave you some muscle relaxers and then took two and was out in no time...It was kind of cute watching you sleep again...You said something about missing me and was out...I left about 30 minutes after that."  Gen said, "Well next time say bye jerk."  Kellan chuckled and said, "You got it.  I'll talk to you later."  Gen said, "Okay...Take care."  As she flipped her phone closed.


Gen pushed up from the bed and laughed hard.  Damn...What a dream!


Chapter 10


A couple of month later, the guys had an autograph signing in the middle of taping Eclipse.  Gen had on a black dress pants that actually hugged her curves perfectly, with a white crisp button down short sleeve shirt on under the blazer that matched the pants and had black open toed 2 inch heels that buckled around her ankles.  She pulled her hair up in the dreaded bun and stabbed it with the chop sticks as Bronson called them.  She had to giggle at that.  Gen walked over and grabbed her phone and walked down stairs and Chaske said, "Terminator's here."  Gen said, "Thanks...I try being nice for a few weeks...but guess what...Today the fun ends...Now listen up."  As a round of groans came from the guys as Nalani giggled from the staircase knowing she couldn't go with because it was work related.


Gen said, "Yea...Throw a fit now, because once we already know everything is done my way...I don't have an emergency room visits scheduled today.  If the fans break out before or after we get there...we will be compelled to STAY in the building."  As she looked at Kiowa, Bronson and Chaske.  She knew as long as Kim was with Alex she'd keep him in line and Taylor was an Angel compared to the other four. 


Kiowa said, "Why you looking at us and not them?"  Gen said, "I've been doing this for almost a year...I would think I have you three down the best since you're my biggest trouble makers."  Chaske said, "Hey! I didn't do anything."  Bronson said, "Yea me neither."  Gen said, "Don't make me get out the photo slides to review the mob in Chicago.   15,000 screaming women broke down the barricade and you three decided to go out into a gaggle of hormonal females, and were practically stripped I will not be having a repeat of I said once before...if the fans break out of the barricade and into the will compelled to STAY PUT...Or I swear I'll lock you all out and they can have everything down to your jock shorts, locks of hair and skin samples for DNA to clone you."


Bronson said, "Ouch...Geez Gen...Why you gotta be so mean?"  Gen rolled her eyes and said, "Move it...I don't want to hear it...What you guys are not getting is when you actually pay attention you stay safe...when not you get yourselves into trouble or worse hurt."  Gen rolled her eyes again as she walked outside and got in the SUV that was there to take them to the signing.  Chaske nudge Bronson and said, "You sure you like her that much B...She's kind of demanding."  Bronson smirked and said, "Yea...But did you see how great her ass looked in those dress pants?"  Kiowa said, "No...I was too busy looking at those heels...You think she'd stand on my chest if I asked her to?"  Bronson said, "I think she'd step on more than that if you asked her that...And I don't think you'd enjoy it."  The guys laughed and followed gen out to the SUV. 


Taylor leaned down and kissed Nalani's lips softly and said, "So...Movie later?"  Nalani smiled and said, "See you when you get back."  Taylor stole one more kiss and then took off.  Nalani couldn't help the butterflies moving around in her chest and stomach.  Taylor had actually asked her to be his girlfriend about 2 months back...He was really proper about it.  She liked that.  He was actually really sweet...If she walked out of the room for even a minute he'd send her a text message that said Love You, or Miss you.  He was just sweet like that. 


When everyone got home, the guys all disbursed throughout the house...Taylor couldn't find Nalani.  Taylor walked upstairs and noticed the sliding door was open to the balcony.  As he walked out onto the balcony and stood next to her…there was a slight breeze…and her hair flew up around them…Taylor laughed and she looked at him and said, “What?”  Taylor said, “It was kind of weird just now…I’ve never been surrounded by so much hair…I keep forgetting you have that long ass hair, and when we walked out here…a breeze kicked it up around both of us…and I was kind of taken back for a minute…until I realized what it was exactly.”  Nalani laughed at him and said, “It smells like it’s going to rain…I love the rain…”  Taylor said, “Yea…me too…"  Nalani looked over her shoulder at him and he smirked at her…She just smiled and shook her head.  Taylor moved closer to her and pulled her to him…kissed her lips so softly.



Time is gonna take my mind
and carry it far away where I can fly
The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you
If I were to be alone silence would rock my tears
'cause it's all about love and I know better
How life is a waving feather


So I put my arms around you around you
And I know that I believe and soon
My eyes are on you they're on you
And you see that I can't stop shaking



Now…the rain drops just started small, but the more intense their kiss got…the bigger the rain drops got…Taylor broke the kiss and was looking in the sky and said, “You picked now to rain on our parade?”  Lani laughed and Taylor grabbed her hand and was going to go back inside the building so they didn’t get soaked…Lani kept a hold of his hand and planted her feet…Taylor looked back at her and said, “What?  You want to sit out here and freeze and get soaking wet.”  Nalani didn’t say a word…she walked over and was standing in front of the table…and smiled…Taylor walked over and stood in front of her…and she reached over and untucked his shirt from his jeans…and he lifted his arms and she pulled his shirt off and it plopped on the ground…by now they were both soaking wet…the rain was going down in 600 gallon buckets…The rain drops were sliding down his bare chest…Taylor said, “I think if I have to have my shirt off…you should too…” 


Nalani smiled and lifted her arms above her head…He ran his hands down her sides and when he got to the hem of her tank top…he slowly peeled the soaking wet shirt off of her and left it with his…Then while he was at it, he unbuttoned her jeans and slowly peeled them off her legs with her panties…and put them with their shirts…Nalani stood there with her hands on her hips…and Taylor looked down and said, “Okay…They are leaving my body right now.”  Nalani grabbed his hands and knelt down on the pile of our clothes and kissed down Taylor’s stomach…Oooh wash board…made her feel like doing some dirty laundry…Nalani unbuttoned his jeans with her teeth, then gripped the zipper with her tongue and top lip and pulled it down…Lani stood up with a big smile on her face…



No, I won't step back

But I'll look down to hide from your eyes
'Cause what I feel is so sweet

And I'm scared that even my own breath
Oh could burst it if it were a bubble
And I'd better dream if I have to struggle

So I put my arms around you around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they're on you
And I hope that you won't hurt me



Taylor said, “What the hell was that all about?”  Nalani giggled and said, “You have no clue how long I’ve been dying to do that.”  Taylor laughed and said, “Hell, all you would have had to do was tell me…I would let you do that when ever your little heart desires.”  Lani couldn’t help but laugh…Taylor disposed of his jeans and everything else that was under them…well except for the important parts…He stood so close to her, she could feel the heat rising off his chest…their breathing was very irregular…they started kissing…and Taylor picked her up and  walked her back into the room and sat her on the bed as she laid back...Taylor crawled up the length of her body stopping to place soft kisses on each side of the inside of her thighs…and Lani felt him move closer and closer...


Taylor slithered between her thighs and kissed her lips and said, “This is going to hurt for a few minutes baby...but I will feel better.”  Nalani bit her bottom lip and just nodded...Taylor kissed her lips again and slowly started sliding his shaft into he broke her barrier...She yelped in pain as tears slid down her face with the rain drops...Taylor held onto her and whispered apologizes in her ear.  Nalani said, “Taylor it's okay...I understand...I’d rather it been you then somebody else.”  Taylor said, “I love you Nalani.”  She said, “I love you too..” Taylor waited for her body to get acclimated to his size...and then he started rocking them together to become one, as he pushed himself into her…They held onto each other…never thought they’d be making love.



I'm dancing in the room

As if I was in the woods with you
No need for anything but music
Music's the reason why I know time still exists
Time still exists
Time still exists
Time still exists

So I just put my arms around you around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they're on you
And I hope that you won't hurt me
my arms around you they're around you
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you they're on you
they're on you

My eyes



Taylor slowly rocked back and forth listening to Lani’s moans of pleasure...he couldn’t help but feel honored that she wanted it to be him that took her virginity.  It would be something he could never forget.  Feeling Lani’s lips on his neck and ear as they made love...Her long legs wrapped around his waist...her hands sliding up and down his bare back feeling his muscles and tone...the glowing look of pleasure on her face...Lani leaned up and said, “Please Taylor...Faster...”  Taylor started pumping in and out of her at a fast pace...her hips were meeting him thrust for thrust...Taylor kissed her, as she started falling over the edge.  As soon as Taylor felt Lani going he thrusted one last time deep inside of her and let himself go while groaning out Lani’s name. 


They laid there for a few minutes and calmed down and Taylor stood up, picked her up and took them both into the bathroom, where they took a warm shower and made love again and then went to the bedroom and laid in bed in each other's arms and fell asleep.


Chapter 11


Chaske, Kiowa, Alex and Kim all decided to hit a club.  Bronson was sitting in the den on the couch thoroughly annoyed with Genevieve.  He had a loud music video on the TV...Gen thought she was going to go deaf.  Gen walked into the den and tapped Bronson on the shoulder as he looked up and saw her standing there...He muted the TV for a second and said, "What?"  Gen said, "Was just curious if you was going deaf and if you are should I scheduled a doctor's appointment?"  Bronson said, "I don't need your help."  He hit the button and the sound was suddenly blasting through the speakers again.  Gen made a face and walked around the couch and grabbed the remote and hit the mute button again.


Bronson jumped up and said, "What the hell Genevieve?"  Gen said, "What is your major malfunction?"  Bronson said, "I can't figure you out."  Gen said, "What's there to figure out?"  Bronson said, "I don't get that one minute you're completely easy to talk to and be friends with and then next you're literally the assistant bitch from hell."  Gen said, "I thought we had this talk once before?  I explained everything clearly to you."  Bronson said, "I'm trying to figure out why everything has to be so black and white with you...Gen you're a great assistant but you can still be a great one without being a fuckin bitch 24/7...and you using what Sam did to you is a cover up for not having a life outside of work."  Gen could physically feel the scowl cross her face.


Gen said, "What the hell do you know...Oh that's right I forgot you was a fuckin psychic, so you know exactly how I feel right?  I already told you...If I'm acting like a fuckin bitch, it's because I'm here to do a job not make friends...I have to separate friends and clients just like every other professional person in the world...Life is not all fun and games on a damn movie set...Some people have to actually work for a living...No matter what they do as a job...Some people don't have the luxury of fucking around."  Bronson said, "Look if you're not happy because you have a normal job then do something else...Change what you do...For God's sake do something that makes you happy...But get off my fuckin nut sack."


Gen said, "You're the one who picked the damn fight...I already told you I do what I love and I love what I do.  And just so you know...I was actually starting to forget Sam existed until you said something..You know something I might use Sam as an excuse to not get to close to clients or not have fun...But can't you honestly blame me?"  Bronson said, "Sometimes I feel like you're such a fuckin hypocrite...You was in a damn Rob Zombie video and dated have one bad experience and suddenly you're supposed to die inside and never come out and fun again...Let yourself be free...I don't blame you for feeling the way you do...I really don't...But at some point you're gonna have to trust that there is someone out there who is willing to help you have fun and forget the bad shit...If you would let them inside...but you refuse to do it."


Gen said, "That's really easy for you to say Bronson...If a guy gets raped he more than likely didn't give a shit and enjoyed it the whole time...but once a woman does, she feels used, disgusting, dirty, like every man she sees is staring at her like she's a piece of meat and the boyfriends or husbands you do tell about your past treat you like your some kind of porcelain doll, like you're suddenly broken and no one wants to touch you or hold you because they are scared they are going to get the big rape disease...Like it's something you're stuck with for life.  I guess I can see why, because it's something you never try to move on with boyfriends and it doesn't work because when they touch you and you scream bloody murder for your life...they never want to see you again."


Bronson said, "God damn it Gen, Not all guys are like that...There's actually a few out there who still respect women...I mean how can you try to fight for women's rights if you didn't even turn your rapist in."  Gen blinked and tears suddenly started sliding down her cheeks...Bronson started to take a step towards Gen when she shoved him as hard as she could and yelled, "FUCK YOU!"  Bronson got his balance and watched as she backed away from him and said, "I'm so glad you think you know everything."  Bronson watched as she walked over and stepped inside her sneakers and pulled her sweatshirt on and walked out the front slamming the door behind her.


Nalani walked downstairs in jeans and a t-shirt and said, "What is all the yelling about?"  Bronson said, "I sort of got into a fight with your sister.  She just left."  Nalani said, " are you supposed to win her over if you guys can't stop fighting...that's all you've done for the last 2 weeks.  What the hell is going on with you guys?"  Bronson said, "Nali...Did Gen turn in Sam for raping her?"  Nalani walked the rest of the way downstairs and said, "Of course...they did two rape kits on her and put them in the police freezer once they were processed.  Sam found out about it...He paid off the cops to lose both tests so him and his brother would go free.  Just a case of her not liking her employer and trying to get something for nothing...Once the case was thrown out of the court for no evidence...Sam hunted her down and...cornered her in a women's public bathroom while he held a knife to her throat...Told her if she tried turning him in again, he would find her and finish the job."


Bronson felt sick like he was going to throw up.  Bronson said, "I've gotta go find her...I really need to apologize to her."  Nalani said, "Do I really want o know why you need to apologize o her?"  Bronson shook his head no and said, "Probably not...I was a complete asshole...I'll be lucky if she ever says another word to me...Hell I'd be lucky if she doesn't ask to go be a PA to someone else...I'm gonna go look for her."  Nalani said, "Don't bother...If she left that means you'll never be able to find her until she comes back...If she doesn't want to be found then you won't find her...You're just going to have to wait."


Chapter 12


::Ring Ring::  ::Ring Ring::


A groggy deep voice said, "Hello"  A sob escaped the person on the other line as a shaky voice said, "Kellan..."  Kellan's baby blue eyes snapped open as he practically jumped out of bed.  He looked over at the clock and it was around midnight, he'd been asleep for about an hour.  He looked at the phone to see who was calling and he said, "Evy?  Are you okay?  What's wrong?  Where are you?"  Gen said, "I'm in a park down the street from Bronson's."  Kellan said, "I'll be there in 5 minutes...Don't you move...I swear Gen...Don't go anywhere."  Gen said, "Okay...I won't"  Gen flipped her phone closed and let it slide into the pocket of her sweatshirt.


Kellan jumped from bed pulling his jeans on, and slipped a t-shirt over his head and jumped in his sneakers and yanked on a hooded sweatshirt, while grabbing his rental keys, shoved his wallet in his back pocket and grabbed his cell as he took off to the car.  Kellan could only hope Evy was okay...The last time she called him crying Sam and his damn brother had raped her.  He could automatically feel his blood boiling...Especially since he knew Sam was in Vancouver...after they ran into him, Sam definitely knew Gen was in the same place as him...which was not a good thing.


Kellan pulled up to the park, it was about 6 blocks from Bronson's house, slamming on the brakes he threw the car into park as he shut it off and jumped out.  His eyes were searching for her...He had to find her...She said she wouldn't move from that spot...Suddenly he found her and took off.  When he got to her she was sitting on the bench her elbows resting on her knees looking at the ground.  Kellan walked up and squatted down in front of her, his hands went out and touched her knees.  She looked up at him and her eyes were red from crying.  She leaned over and wrapped her arms around his neck, as he moved around and sat on the bench holding onto her tight.  He kissed her forehead as he smoothed a hand down her hair.


Kellan said, "What the hell happened Evy?"  Gen shook her head no and said, "Bronson and I got into a fight and he just...I don't know...It just hurt what he said."  Kellan was slowly getting pissed off at Bronson.  Kellan and everyone on the Eclipse shoot knew Bronson had a thing for Evy, Kellan had noticed they had been fighting more...If Bronson would just get his head out of his ass and tell her he liked her, they could get past the whole terminator/client bullshit.  Hell, at this point Kellan was even thinking about asking her out again.  He knew when she broke up with him 4 years ago, he'd really fucked up.  He let his temper get the best of him, but what he never told her is he went to anger management classes and had completely changed the way he lost his cool.  He was more laid back then before, he wasn't as uptight.  He didn't let anything get him mad, at least not when it came to stupid shit.  Kellan looked down and noticed Evy had fallen asleep on his chest.  She had to of been exhausted.  Kellan carefully moved around and lifted her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. and got her in the car and took her back to Bronson's.


The door bell rang and Nalani walked over and opened the door, Kellan was standing there with Gen draped in his arms...Nalani said, "What the hell?"  Kellan said, "She's fine...She fell asleep...Figure I'd bring her here so you wouldn't worry Lani."  Nalani said, "Thanks Kel...You know where her room is."  Kellan nodded and walked upstairs and laid her in bed and pulled the covers over her.  He softly kissed her forehead and left the room, pulling the door closed behind him.


Kellan jogged down the stairs and saw Bronson walking out of the kitchen and pointed at him and said, "You...Get your ass outside right now...It's time for a talk."  Bronson scowled and said, "Whatever."  And followed Kellan outside.  As soon as the front door closed, Kellan grabbed Bronson by the collar of his shirt and threw him up against the brick siding of the house and said, "What the fuck is your problem Bronson?"  Bronson said, "Me?  You just shoved me...What the fuck is your problem?"  Kellan said, "I'll tell you what my problem is you little mother fucker!  It's you being an absolute dick to my best friend upstairs...Now I don't know what the fuck you've been fighting about with her...Or why I answered the phone only to hear my best friend crying on the other line...And I don't even want to fuckin know what you said to her tonight...But this shit is done...If I hear about your bullshit again...The next visit we have won't be pretty."


Bronson said, "What is it you want from me?"  Kellan said, "I want you to get your head out of your ass and tell Genevieve how you feel about her...Everyone and when I say everyone I really mean everyone knows you like her...I think she's the only one who hasn't caught on to how you feel...Everyone on the set, everyone behind the cameras...EVERYONE Bronson...So stop being such a fuckin chicken shit lame ass and tell her already...If you don't you're going to lose your chance to be with her.  Then you'll be in the same boat as me...I fucked up once with her...She's never going to think about giving me a second chance...Never...But don't think for a second if she gave me even half a chance to make it all up to her...that I wouldn't...Because she loved me before I was Emmett Cullen...and I know she'll love me long after I am."


Bronson said, "If you want her back so much then why don't you tell her."  Kellan said, "Because...She only has eyes for you...only you can't see it and she can't see it either...Remember what I said...Because I would do anything to keep her from being hurt ever again."  Bronson swallowed hard as he watched Kellan get back in his rental and take off.  Bronson exhaled heavy as he rubbed his hand over the back of his neck...He hadn't intentionally wanted to start a fight with Gen earlier...It just sort of happened.  He really was crazy about Genevieve...He had been for a while now...He just didn't know how to tell her.  Bronson knew he had to first apologize for the terrible things he'd said to her and then needed to let her know exactly how he felt...There was no way to skate around his feelings anymore.


Chapter 13


-2 Years Later-


It had been the longest 2 years for everyone involved in making The Twilight Saga's Last sequel installment Breaking Dawn.  The finished film was masterfully done.  At first Summit Entertainment was going to make Breaking Dawn two movies, but then at the last minute they decided against it literally took a full year to get it all taped, edited and CGIed to death.  The premier was huge...It actually was bigger than New Moon or Eclipse.  And grossed more than all of the first three movies together on opening night.  Breaking Dawn was the last installment for the Twilight Saga.  Fans were a little disappointed about that, but Stephanie Meyer also did tease the fans that they never knew what she was up to.  And she might actually shock everyone by releasing a couple more books in the future.


Genevieve was sitting at the table, watching as the happy couple danced on the floor for their first dance as a married couple...She couldn't believe Nalani and Taylor had gotten married.  Her baby sister was all grown up and completely in love and now married...Nalani Lautner...It definitely had a cute ring to it.  They'd put off getting married until Breaking Dawn had finished filming.  Gen watched as they glided along the dance floor together...They looked so happy and so in love.  Once Nalani had turned 18, Gen trained her on how to be a personal assistant...Yea...How many people can say their girlfriend is their PA and take her everywhere they go.



That's how much I love you
That's how much I need you
And I can't stand you
Must everything you do make me wanna smile
Can I not like you for awhile? (No....)
But you won't let me
You upset me girl
And then you kiss my lips
All of a sudden I forget (that I was upset)
Can't remember what you did

But I hate it...
You know exactly what to do
So that I can't stay mad at you
For too long that's wrong
But I hate it...
You know exactly how to touch
So that I don't want to fuss.. and fight no more
Said I despise that I adore you

And I hate how much I love you boy (yeah...)
I can't stand how much I need you (I need you...)
And I hate how much I love you boy (oh whoa..)
But I just can't let you go
And I hate that I love you so (oh..)



"Excuse me."  A smooth deep voice cut through the music and brought Genevieve out of her own thoughts as she looked up and smiled.  It was her husband voice that brought her out o her thoughts from the last 2 years.  She watched as her husband sat down in the chair next to her and said, "Penny for your thoughts?" 


Gen giggled and said, "I want payment upfront." 


He laughed hard at her as he took her hand and pulled her from her chair and guided her by her hips to sit on his lap.  Gen wrapped an arm around his shoulders as she softly kissed his lips. 


Gen said, "I look at them and sometimes think we got married too soon." 


He looked into her eyes and said, "Really?  Why?" 


Gen said, "Sometimes I think I took your apology to fast...Should've made you grovel a little...You know...Really work for it."



You completely know the power that you have
The only one makes me laugh

Said it's not fair
How you take advantage of the fact
That I... love you beyond the reason why
And it just ain't right

And I hate how much I love you girl
I can't stand how much I need you (yeah..)
And I hate how much I love you girl
But I just can't let you go
But I hate that I love you so



Kellan couldn't help but laugh harder and said, "Suffer in other words."  Gen laughed and said, "Yea...Tell me you didn't deserve to after that night at the club when you called me a..."  Kellan's finger over her soft lips hushed her.  Kellan said, "I don't want to remember that night...It was my stupid moment in life...The stupidest thing I ever did in life."  Gen smiled and said, "And the smartest?"  Kellan smiled and Gen said, "C'mon you can say it."  Kellan laughed and said, "The smartest thing I ever did was marry you Evy."  Her free hand touched his cheek as she leaned down and kissed his lips softly. 


Kellan felt something bump against his stomach and he pulled away from his wife's lips and looked down and said, "What the hell was that?"  Gen started laughing hard as she took his hand and placed it on her 6 month pregnant belly and said, "You're son agreed that marrying me was the smartest thing you ever did."  When Gen finished saying that the baby kicked against Kellan's hand.  Kellan said, "I knew we would not only make beautiful babies together but smart ones."  Gen giggled as Kellan's face lit up again when the baby kicked.  Kellan said, "I love you."  Gen smiled and said, "I love you too."  Kellan helped her up as they went on the dance floor and moved nice and slow in each others arms.



One of these days maybe your magic won't affect me
And your kiss won't make me weak
But no one in this world knows me the way you know me
So you'll probably always have a spell on me...
Yeah... Oh...

That's how much I love you (as much as I need you)
That's how much I need you (oh..)
That's how much I love you (oh..)
As much as I need you

And I hate that I love you so
And I hate how much I love you boy
I can't stand how much I need you

Can't stand how much I need you
And I hate how much I love you boy
But I just can't let you go

But I just can't let you go no..
And I hate that I love you so

And I hate that I love you so.. so...



Taylor dipped Nalani and then pulled her back up and against his body as he wrapped his arms around her waist and spun her in circles, Nalani squealed when her feet came off the ground.  Taylor chuckled as he leaned down and kissed her lips.  She held onto him tight as he kissed her practically breathless.  He pulled back and said, "I love you Mrs. Lautner."  Nalani said, "Who?  Oh yea...That's right...I married your hyper ass today didn't I?"  Taylor chuckled and said, "I really hope so...otherwise my wife is really gonna be mad for dancing and kissing the wrong woman in our wedding day."  Nalani said, "You bet your ass I would!"  Taylor looked over and saw Gen and Kellan and said, "You think they got married because of the baby or the love, hate thing they had going?" 


Nalani said, "For a while I thought Bronson had a real shot...Who knew the one man who hurt her so much in the beginning was going to win her heart over in the end...At one point she hated loving him so much, that she finally had to tell him the truth...which was, yea she liked Bronson, but she couldn't stop loving Kellan...even when they weren't dating...he was basically her knight in shining armor. No matter who she dated or he dated they were destined to be together."  Taylor said, "What about us?"  Nalani said, "Our story is more romantic...Who knew love at first sight existed?"  No one really did...Well at least not until Taylor and Nalani got married.


The End