The Road


Chapter 1


Daniella Timbers ran down the hallway, she was really, REALLY late.  She had a photo shoot for the Divas, and knew Julian was going to have the biggest hissy fit.  Julian was the WWE’s resident gay hair and make up artist.  Daniella was dressed in her holy jeans, tank top and was running down the hall barefooted, her long chestnut waist length hair was whipping behind her.


Too bad her clear blue eyes weren’t paying attention to what was in front of her, cause as she slid around a bend in the hallway, she collided with a brick wall...and her 5’10” 130 lb frame fell back and she landed on her ass.


Dani shook the cob webs out of her head and looked up as sparkling green eyes were looking down at her.  Dani figured it was her wall.  The guy squatted down in front of her and said, “Hey sweetie, are you ok?”  Daniella exhaled slowly...this man was hot...she said, “You wouldn’t happen to have the time on you?”  Her wall looked at his watch and said, “About a quarter after 11.”  Dani said, “Shit!  As exciting as it was bumping into a Natural Born Thriller, I’m late.”


Her wall took her hands and helped her up to her feet.  He smiled and said, “How do you know who I am?”  Daniella smiled and said, “All I know is you’re the new resident hottie honey...Welcome to Smackdown.”  He said, “I’m Mark Jindrak...and you are?”  She smiled a coy little smile and said, “Daniella Timbers...Most people call me Dani.”


“DANIELLA MARIE TIMBERS!”  A voice screeched.  Dani blushed as Mark smiled and said, “Apparently Julian is looking for you.”  Dani smiled and said, “Yea...I better go.”  Mark said, “I’ll see you at the shoot...they are doing promo shots for magazines in the arena with you guys.”  Daniella said, “Okay...Later.”


Dani took off as she went sliding into Julian’s room he glared at her and said, “Do you think I get paid by the hour?”  Daniella smiled and said, “It depends on which job you’re talking about.”  Julian started her hair and looked at her reflection in the mirror and said, “Bitch.”  Dani smiled big and said, “As always.”


Julian worked his magic fingers on her for 15 minutes, and she had perfect make up and big wavy curly hair...She walked behind the curtain and slipped into the beautiful blue plastic pants that laced down the sides of her legs, and matching tank top that laced down the sides of her mid-drift...Then Julian handed her the matching 3 inch spiked knee high boots. 


Julian said, “So did you see the new dish?”  Daniella said, “Actually I ran into him...which reminds me...My ass collided with the concrete flooring and it’s going to be sore tomorrow.  Julian these boots are fuckin’ bomb...look the heels are clear...I feel like I could be like super dominatrix girl.”  Julian laughed and said, “ start you’re in-ring training next week, tell Mr. M you wanna be Super Girl...and you want the new dish to be your Super Man.”


Daniella laughed as they took off down the hall.  Daniella said, “Okay give me stats on the new far as I can tell...he’s got one hell of a pair of eyes and I strip naked to hear that voice again.” 


Julian said, “You little hussy...Well Smackdown’s, very own Mark Jindrak is from Auburn, New York.  He’s 6’6” and 253 lbs of muscled madness.  He used to be in WCW...and he can ‘Thrill’ me anytime he wants.”  Daniella said, “Julian, somehow I don’t think he bats for the other hands off, I saw him first.”  Julian said, “And from where you were sitting when you first met him, you did notice if he hides his light under a bushel.”


Daniella exhaled again and said, “Those jeans were so tight I could tell what religion he was.  He definitely wasn’t hiding any light.”  Julian was holding his chest as they walked into the arena and saw all the photo equipment set up.  Daniella looked over and saw Mark with his shirt off and only his jeans on...and she grabbed Julian before she tipped over him her spiked heels.


Mark watched Dani, she looked completely hot in her blue plastic outfit...someone turned on some music so the wrestlers and diva’s wouldn’t get bored...and he watched as her and Julian danced like there was no tomorrow...He could watch her forever...her hips moved in ways that got his whole body stirred up.


All Mark could think was ‘Working here is definitely going to be interesting.’


Chapter 2


Once again Daniella was late...It seemed she was constantly running late.  Hell her personal assistant did everything short of living her life for her.  Dani came sliding around the corner with her espresso in her hand, as she ran into yet another brick wall.


This time before she tipped back wards on her ass, huge hands came out and grabbed her upper arms steadying her.  Daniella looked up and those familiar green eyes were looking back down at her...she blushed furiously and said, “Hi Mark.”  Mark had a hold of her left hand that had the extremely hot coffee in it and he said, “I wasn’t about to let you fall and spill 100 degree coffee on yourself.” 


Dani said, “Thanks...You don’t know how much I appreciate it...Besides I would have had to kill you after not having my morning coffee.”  Mark laughed and said, “You’re late for the board room meeting with Mr. McMahon...”  Daniella smiled and said, “Yea, afraid so.  I swear I can’t move any faster, until I get the coffee in me.”


Mark looked down and said, “Every time I’ve ran into in the hallway, you’re always bare foot...why is that?  Are you trying to catch pneumonia?”  Dani smiled and said, “Sure...I can’t catch anything else...Might as well be something that’s easy to get right?”


Mark said, “We’re definitely gonna have to invest in a pair of tenny shoes for you...besides it’s raining outside...Are you crazy?”  Daniella said, “Don’t ask me that before I’ve had my coffee.” 


Mark leaned down and scoped her up in his arms, Daniella said, “What are you doing?”  Mark said, “Trying to keep your feet from getting ice cold...drink your coffee.”  Daniella laughed as Mark carried her down to the board room...


They walked in and Vince was sitting with Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns.  Vince stood up and said, “Well Mr. Jindrak, Miss Timbers, I’m glad you two could join us...Is there a reason you’re carrying Miss Timbers?” 


Mark nodded and said, “Every time I see Daniella here, she is without foot apparel.  And since’ it’s already cold, I refuse to let her get pneumonia.” 


Vince, Kurt and Luther were laughing and Vince said, “Quick thinking kid.” 


Everyone sat down as Mark placed Daniella on her feet and she sat next to Mark and Kurt...Mark picked up her foot from under the table and said, “Jesus Christ!  You’re foot is like ice woman.”  He picked up the other foot and placed them in his lap as he rubbed the warmth back into her feet.


Vince said, “I’ve come to a decision...After talking with Kurt, Luther and Mark...They have run they click by me...and Daniella you’re going to be their valet while you’re getting your in-ring training.  Also, remember you will have parts that you have to go to the ring and get involved in the matched, like the other valets’s just part of putting over this group as being annoying.”


Daniella smacked her palm down on the hard oak table and raised her fist in the air and exclaimed, “WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!” 


Vince jumped a little and said, “Glad to see you so excited about your new part there Miss Timbers.”  Daniella blushed furiously for the second time that day and said, “Thank you Mr. McMahon...I appreciate it.”  Vince nodded.


After the meeting was over, Kurt and Luther gave Daniella hugs and welcomed her to their ‘happy dysfunctional group’...Mark and Daniella walked out towards the back of the arena...the rest of the day was free until Smackdown later that night...


Mark said, “So what are you going to do?”  Dani shrugged her shoulders.  Mark said, “Feel like a movie?  I mean because I could wait and ask you out tonight when we run into each other again...or see if you feel like hanging now.”  Daniella said, “Please, we have to stop running into each other like that, one of us is going to end up hurt and I have a funny feeling it’s going to be me.  Considering I can’t knock you down.” 


Mark laughed and said, “Agreed, from now on I’ll shout around corners and shit to make sure we don’t run into each other again.”  Dani laughed and said, “Okay...Let’s go see that movie now.”


They left in Mark’s rental and spent the day at the theater down town and watched 3 movies, before they had to go back for Smackdown.


Chapter 3


- -5 Months Later- -


Mark and Daniella had been seeing a lot of each other as of late...They would go to the movies, go out to dinner, dancing, and go to clubs with a bunch of the other wrestlers in their age range.  Mostly with Mark’s two best friends John Cena who was on Smackdown with him and Randy Orton who was on the Raw Brand Roster and John’s girlfriend Anita (Nita for short) and Randy’s girlfriend Lena.


Daniella was walking back from Julian’s office all dolled up...She had on a silver satin dress that went to mid-thigh and hugged all her curves correctly.  It had semi-short sleeves, and matching silver satin materials 2½ inch heeled knee high boots.  She knocked on Kurt’s dressing room door and Luther opened the door and let her in.  Her long hair was straggly and she had on a silver cap pulled to the side. 


Dani flipped her hair over her shoulder, about the same time Mark wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down on his lap and kissed her neck and laughed with Kurt and Luther when she squealed.  John and Nita joined them a few minutes later, and invited them out to a jumpin club in the city, and said Lena and Randy would be joining them. 


Later that night, the 3 couples walked into the club, and the music was bumping the entire was so erotically sexual in there; it was almost too much for every one of them.


Suddenly Ushers new song Yeah came barreling through the speakers as the girls practically dragged the guys onto the floor to get down and do some dirty dancing.


Daniella backed up against Mark’s body as her hands gripped the back of his thighs as they started grinding together...His hands on her hips and front of her thighs steadying her against his pelvis.


Dani could already feel Mark’s body responding to her administrations...and that silver satin dress wasn’t helping it any...all Mark could do was just keep dancing with her...he wasn’t going to push her into a sexual relationship if she wasn’t ready for one...she’d let him he wasn’t sure, but he knew she’d let him know.



Peace up!
A Town Down!

Yeah, Ok! Lil' Jon!

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah

In the club with my homies,

tryin to get a little V-I,

keep it down on the low key,

Cause you know how it feels.
I saw shorty she was checkin' up on me,

From the game she was spittin' in my ear

Think that she knew me
So we decided to chill

Conversation got heavy,

she had me feelin' like she's ready to blow!

(Watch Out!, Watch Out!)
She's sayin' come get me
So I got up and followed her to the flo

she said baby lets go,
when I told her, I said

Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down, sayin come and get me
Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up, I forgot she told me
Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl, were the best of homies
Yeah (yeah) Next thing I knew, she was all up on me screamin':

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah

So she's all up in my head now,
Got me thinkin' that it might be a good idea

To take her with me,
She's ready to leave.
But I gotta keep it real now,

‘Cause on a one-to-ten she's a certified twenty,

but that just ain't me.

Cause I don't know if I take that chance

Just where it's gonna lead,
But what I do know is that the way she dance

Makes shorty alright with me.
The way she gettin' low!
I'm like yeah,

Just work that out for me.
She asked for one more dance,
And I'm like yeah!
How the hell am I suppose to leave?
And I said

Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down, sayin come and get me
Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up, I forgot she told me
Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl, were the best of homies
Yeah (yeah) Next thing I knew, she was all up on me screamin':

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah


Watch out!
My outfit's ridiculous,

In the club lookin' so conspicuous.
And WOW! These women all on the prowl,

If ya hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow.
And forget about the game I'm spit the truth,

I won't stop till I get em in their birthday suits.
So gimmie the rhythm and it'll be off with their clothes,

So bend over to the front and touch your toes.
I left the Jag and I took the Rolls,

If they ain't cuttin' then I put em on foot patrol.
How ya like me now,

When my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand,
Lets drank you the one to please,

Ludacris fill cups like double d's.
Me and URsh once more and we leaves em dead,

We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down, sayin come and get me
Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up, I forgot she told me
Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl, were the best of homies
Yeah (yeah) Next thing I knew, she was all up on me screamin':

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaah

Take that, rewind it back, Lil' Jon got the beat to make your booty go (clap)
Take that, rewind it back, Ursher got the voice to make your booty go (clap)
Take that, rewind it back, Ludacris got the flow to make your booty go (clap)
Take that, rewind it back, Lil' Jon got the beat to make your booty go (clap)



The couples continued to dance the floor off the club until some where around 3 am...They drugs their tired bodies back to the hotel and Mark had been sharing a room with Daniella...The climbed into their bed and Mark pulled her back against his chest and kissed her ear softly said whispered good night to her.


Daniella felt his arm around her waist and snuggled back against his chest and soon were both on their way to dream land.


Chapter 4


- -2 Weeks Later- -


Mark was working out in the hotel gym, Daniella came in and started working out beside him...Sexual tensions and frustrations were coming between them faster and faster, kind of like putting cotton in front of a Mack truck and saying c’mon through.


They’d had their little make out sessions, but Mark had always been the one to pull away and stop anything before it had a chance to start...he wanted to make sure Daniella was completely ready...They’d talked a lot of the last 5 ½ months, and knew too much about each other...


Dani had a sketchy past with some shady boyfriends who treated her like such crap, just because she was a WWE Diva, they figured they could abuse their power with her, only she wasn’t having it.  She’d gotten her heart broken a few times.


She was VERY skeptical when it came to dating Mark...


Until last night, Mark was out for his match and Kurt walked over and sat next to her and patted her on the knee and said, “You’re feeling a bit pessimistic about Mark aren’t you?”  Daniella looked at the floor and leaned against Kurt’s shoulder and said, “Yea...I can’t help it...I mean you’ve known me longer then Mark know how shitty my past relationships have been.”


Kurt said, “In some ways I feel like you’re a daughter to me...I know exactly everything you’ve been through...from when you started dating Mark Callaway when he cheated on you for the hell of it, and then had the audacity to invite you to the wedding to the girl he cheated on you with, over to when you dated Chris Irvine and he was a real screwed up creep not telling you he was freakin married.  I have to be honest with you about Mark though.”


Daniella looked up at him and Kurt said, “Mark’s different...I’m telling you this because I know how he personally feels for you...I’ve talked with him about it...I actually threatened him...I told him if he broke your heart I was going to break his neck and let Luther help.” 


Daniella giggled and said, “Ouch.”


Kurt said, “I’ve seen you go through the bad to get to the good...This is definitely the good...Mark has definitely fallen for you...Everything about you...He can’t stop thinking about you...when you left for the Diva shoot for a month...I never saw someone so sick cause they weren’t near the one they loved.” 


Dani’s head popped up and said, “Love?”


Kurt said, “Yea, that boy loves you...God help him, he’s afraid to tell you, but believe me...I’ve been married to Karen long enough to know when he looks at you the way he’s love...all over...He looks at you the way I still look at Karen.  I will never stop loving Karen...and if he ever stops loving you, well have to ice skate to the next town because Hell will have frozen over.”


Dani giggled at the words Kurt had used the night before...


Mark looked over at her and she smiled at him.  Mark smirked at her and said, “Don’t smile at me like that woman...You know what it does to me.”  Daniella laughed hard.  She always loved a challenge.  She looked at Mark and said, “So don’t just sit there working those nice thighs of yours...C’mon and do something about it.”


Chapter 5


Mark sat at the machine with his over worked thighs, as his chest rises and falls fast and hard breathing so hard he can't nearly stand it...He watched as Daniella was sitting on the mat working her beautifully shaped abs into a frenzy.


Mark stood up from the machine as Daniella rolled over back wards and stood up to face him...they both had an even amount of sweat covering their bodies...Mark walked over to her and lifted her into his arms and carried her back to their room...Once inside he placed her on her feet.


Mark was standing in front of her breathing hard trying to catch his breath looking at her like he could devour her whole...his tongue snaked out and wet his lips as he smirked at Dani and she could feel her knees getting weak.


Mark walked over and pushed her into the wall and captured her lips, caressing her face...his hips were steadying her against the wall of the room.  Mark’s head leaned down and moved her tank top a little as he started at the valley of her breasts and worked his tongue and lips up along the base of Dani’s neck to her lips again.  He was holding on to her hips with his big strong hands


Savoring and loving the taste of her skin on his tongue.


It was almost too much for him to bear.


He slowly pulled her tank top up and over her head, as he slid his tongue under the clasp of her front close bra and released it...sliding her bra down her soft arms...All she could think was ‘who needs a bra when you've got this BEAUTIFUL sweaty specimen in front of you begging to love you against the wall’...


Mark slowly encircled one of her nipples in his mouth, savoring the sweaty taste, and loving the feeling of it hardening between his soft red lips.  After administering the same treatment to the other nipple, his hands slide up from her waist just grazing the side of her breasts, enough for him to feel her hardened nipples against his sweat covered chest.


Mark’s erection in his loose fitting shorts pressed against Dani’s inner thigh...She’s nearly ready to lose it just from the way he kisses her lips and touches her bare skin...Mark lifts her in his arms and carried her to the nice sized bathroom and slowly blind folds her, and then slowly slides her shorts and panties down her long tanned legs, stopped to place feather soft kisses on the insides and outsides of her soft thighs.


Daniella is holding on to his muscled shoulders trying not to fall to pieces in his hands...but she’s wanted him to do this to her since she met him, and now that he was, she wasn’t about to miss it for the world by passing out.


Mark finishes undressing himself as he helps her step into the shower, he leads her into the waiting warm streams of the water.  He stands her under the waters stream as he admires the way the water slides down her beautiful body...completely covering her...suddenly trying to figure out why he just didn’t do this before...


She wasn’t ready before...


He knew that...


She was now.


Mark took the wash cloth and poured some of her Strawberry scented body wash on it...he slowly started with her arms...working into a lather, stopped to plant soft kisses on her lips, shoulders, tips of her fingers, and near her ear...


He washed the top half of her body, over her chest and breasts, as he slowly started working the wash cloth over her stomach and abs...down around her sides, the lumbar of her back, and then down her hips as he slowly let his wash cloth covered hand slide across her ass...he felt her shiver a little and asked if she was cold...she softly whimpered a small no.


His big hand slide around front where he washed her hips thighs and carefully parted her thighs, and washed her most sensitive areas, hearing her suck in a breath when he brushed against her clit for a split second. 


After washing each leg and foot thoroughly, he rinsed her nice and clean...he gave his body the once over and then rinsed himself and carefully stepped out and helped her out of the shower. 


Chapter 6


Mark dried her body off and asked that she not remove the blindfold...She couldn’t even lift her arms to remove the blind fold...not after what he’d just given her.  After drying himself he lifted her into his arms again and carried her into the bedroom...He softly placed her in the middle of the bed.


Mark stood back up, leaned over her and kissed her mouth, then trailed warm, wet, soft kisses down her neck, down the valley between her breast…over as he took her nipple into his mouth as he sucked with a fever pitch…and nibbled and then crossed over giving her other nipple the same treatment…The whole time listening to her moaning his name in small gasps and whispers…Blissful music to his ears.

Feeling his lips and tongue against her skin was practically her undoing…

Mark kissed and nibbled lower and tugged on her navel ring with his teeth…he could smell her arousal and it was simply intoxication…he was drunk with arousal himself, he could feel his cock painfully expanding bigger and bigger and pushing against the thigh…as Mark got to his knees, he was eye level with her sweet smelling pussy.

Mark slowly spread Daniella’s legs open and then grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until only her ass was on the bed, he slowly kissed the insides of her thighs and then slowly started to trace her delicate folds with his tongue as his hands slid up her thighs and slowly came to rest on her knees as he pushed them further apart. His tongue snaked out and brushed her clit and she moaned his name a little louder…he slowly started lapping at her clit with his tongue and lips as he slowly slid two fingers into her dripping center…

Mark could hear her fingers digging into the sheets of the bed as he could feel her walls starting to clamp down around his fingers…and she begging him for release…he started working his fingers faster and harder and his tongue was making her absolutely crazy…He finally heard her scream out his name as her orgasm raked through ever nerve end and muscle in her body as he drank up ever ounce of cum her body gave him. After Mark cleaned her up from top to bottom and licked his fingers clean…

Mark slowly got to his feet and captured her lips with his…Dani could taste herself on his tongue and lips…Mark sucked her tongue into his mouth…Daniella reached down and started running her hands all over his back and arms…Mark carefully removed the blindfold and looked into her eyes...She touched his face and he took her hand and kissed the palm of it and slid it down his body and against his erection and said, “You feel that?”

Daniella couldn’t speak…He was HUGE…She was at a loss for words all she could do was nod…Mark said, “That’s the second time you made me that hard…the first time was this morning in the gym…and just now listening to you scream while you was cumming in my mouth.”


Dani slowly started kissing his lips and ran her thumb over the head of his cock…Mark pulled her hand away from him and said, “Today is all about you.”  Dani said, “Why did you take the blindfold off?”  Mark said, “Because I want to look into your eyes when I make love to you the first time.”


Mark slowly slipped his body between her thighs as he asked her if she was really ready, Daniella kissed him lips softly and nodded yes.  Mark slowly and careful started sliding himself into her...they both groaned at the contact.  Once he was all the way inside of her, he sat still letting her adjust to his size...Daniella could feel herself stretched completely around him, but loved the feeling of being so full.


Mark slowly started kissing her lips as he started working his hips...Dani wrapped her legs around his waist...Mark laid between her thighs…then just started thrusting in and out…She absolutely loved feeling Mark’s huge strong body on top of hers…


Mark was thrusting into her so hard…She’d never felt so much pleasure in all her life…She was so caught up into having this man buried deep inside of her…She never noticed that their hips were crashing together as She met him thrust for thrust…Mark grabbed her waist and rolled over with her straddled on top of him and said, “Ride.”

Daniella laced her fingers with his as she started riding him hard…She wanted him to feel as much pleasure as she was feeling when he was on top of her…pretty soon…Mark’s hips were coming up off the bed to crash into hers to make the impact more intense…

They were both out of breath…In short gasps Mark said, “God, you don’t know how long I wanted to feel my cock deep inside of you…makes me insane…thinking about it and then feeling it…”

Dani kept slamming down on top of him and said, “I know…I was waiting too…too feel you going deep and hard into me…God you feel so good inside of me…” Mark grabbed her hips and flipped them back over and said, “Cum for me baby.”

Daniella whimpered at the dirty talk…his voice was so low and the thoughts that went through her head…especially when he would whisper about his cock being inside of her…he pushed her legs apart and started thrusting harder and deeper…

The last couple of thrusts and Daniella flew over the edge screaming…With a very loud yet deep growl, She felt Mark empty himself into her…Mark held himself up and they just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until their breathing regulated…


Mark pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her lips softly and said, “I love you.”  Daniella wanted to cry, no one had made her feel so much in such a short period of time and was sincere about it...She kissed his lips with a fevered pitch and said, “I love you too.”


Mark moved to the side of her and pulled her into his arms...they laid in bed lazy for the rest of the day and fell asleep later that night.


Chapter 7


- -2 Months Later- -


Daniella was slowly coming to in the early morning...She could feel the sun warm on her face...and she could feel a strong arm around her waist.  She moved around a bit, and noticed she wasn’t going to be getting far.  She touched Mark’s arm and he never moved...she held the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth as she started to trace the veins in his forearm.


Mark’s chest rumbled a little, as he pulled Daniella back against his body and mumbled something incoherent.  Daniella took his big hand in both of her small ones and lifted it to her lips, and started placing soft kisses on his knuckles.  Mark’s hand never moved, but Mark did...his other hand moved Dani’s hair to the side as he leaned over and started kissing along the side of her neck as he mumbled, “Morning beautiful.”  Against her ear.


Daniella giggled a little and turned around in his arms...They laid there kissing and touching for an hour, before the phone rang.  Daniella looked over and saw it was her cell phone going crazy on the night stand...she reached over and answered it.  It was Mr. McMahon, asking her to meet him in his hotel room at noon.  Daniella agreed and was suddenly aware that it was already 10.


Her and Mark pulled themselves from bed and took a nice long shower together...letting the water wash away all their troubles, and enjoyed the warm water.  They got out, dressed and went and had a quick breakfast.


When noon rolled around, Daniella walked up and knocked on the door, Vince opened it and said, “C’mon in Daniella.”  She nodded and walked in, she followed him over and he told her to have a seat in one of the chairs. 


Vince sipped his coffee and said, “Daniella, I’ve been talking to Fit Finley about your in-ring training, and he said that he’s quite impressed with how far you’ve come in just the few months that he’s been training you...I imagine, Kurt, Mark and Luther had something to do with that.”  Daniella smiled and said, “Yes sir.”  Vince smiled and said, “Good, because I’m giving you a shot as a female wrestler.” 


Dani jumped up and said, “REALLY!  Please tell me you’re not joking Mr. McMahon.”  Vince said, “There’s three things in life I don’t joke about, 1 is money, 2 is firing my employees and 3 is wrestlers that work for me...I’m giving you this shot because from the remarks of Fit and also watching you in the ring myself...I’m convinced you’ve got what it takes to be something huge...”


Vince sighed heavy and said, “The only draw back is...I’ve got as many females wrestlers on Smackdown that I need already...I’d have to send you over to Raw...and I know you and Mark have been dating for some time now...I’m willing to give you guys weekends off, to be together, if you two can give me 100% in the ring during the week on two different shows, in different states...Sometimes Raw travels with Smackdown, but half the time they don’t...Can you do this?”


Daniella could feel her insides shaking...her and Mark had been dating for a while now, and were just getting real serious...She loved Mark...but could she work during the week and be able to see him on only the weekends.


Daniella said, “Mr. McMahon, can I ask you a big favor?”  Vince said, “Sure, ask away.”  Daniella’s hands fidgeted in her lap as she said, “I know I can do this for you...I know mine and Mark’s relationship is strong enough to survive this, because I love him so much and I know he loves me just as much...but I know this is going to be difficult like it would be for anyone...If you get an opening on Smackdown for a female wrestling role, will you please, Please, PLEASE transfer me back.”


Vince said, “I’ll put it in your contract...It’s a deal...Only because I know what it’s like when you’re one place and the one you love is somewhere else in the states.”  Daniella smiled and said, “Thank you...I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me.”  They shook hands and Daniella left.


Walking down the hallway, Daniella was trying to figure out how she was going to tell Mark now.


She stopped in front of their hotel room door and figured she might wanna hurry, cause he was about to see her tears.


Chapter 8


Mark looked up as Daniella sat across from him...Her tear streaked face...He was trying to let everything comprehend and process that he’d just heard the love of his life say to him.  It broke his heart that she had cried so hard...He gathered her in his huge arms and sat her on his lap and let her cry some more.


The truth was, he was proud of her...She was getting a REAL shot at being a WWE wrestler...and she was going to knock ‘em dead.  He knew she felt helpless about the whole situation, but Vince had promised her as soon as a slot opened on Smackdown it was guaranteed to be hers.


Mark could handle not seeing her all week and then spending the entire weekend making love to her...They’d been together for 7½ was much longer then any of his other relationships...and he loved her so much, he’d wait until the dead had arisen for her to return to him.  He’d walk through fire, on water, and to the ends of the earth for her.


He couldn’t see continuing his life without her by his side, but knew he had to live with 2 days a week...Vince had even called down and said he’d make sure where ever Smackdown house show was on Friday, that Daniella was there Saturday morning bright and early for their two days together. 


There was no way Mark was going to let Daniella pass up this opportunity...not in a million years.  Mark loved wrestling and he knew how much Daniella loved it too...she loved getting down and dirty in the ring...he knew the only thing that could keep her from the ring once she hit Raw was death...and half the time he figured not even death could keep her from it.


At the end of the week, everyone on Smackdown was standing in the parking lot, Mark had loaded up Daniella’s suit cases into the taxi while, Daniella made her rounds of saying bye to everyone that she’d acquired as friends over the last 3 years of working in the WWE.


Julian was a mess, trying not to cry, but as soon as Daniella hugged him, he turned into a flaming queen and broke out in sobs...He couldn’t believe she was actually leaving...he had been trying to figure out how he was going to get by without their friendship...she told him not to worry about it, because once a slow opened, the bitch would be back...and he could go back to fussing over her hair and make up again as always.


Pretty soon the only two in the parking lot were Mark and Daniella.


Daniella knew this day would eventually arrive but she just didn’t realize it was going to be so hard leaving Mark behind...She had her hands in her back pockets of her jeans and Mark walked up and touched her check with his warm hand…Dani couldn’t help but lean into his hand…Mark said, “I feel like we should be doing something about this…I want to stop you from leaving and make you stay…but I know you wouldn’t allow me too…” 


Dani smiled and said, “Correct...Not like I won’t ever see you again, we’ll just be on different shows...but I’ll get the weekends with you...Which I now can’t wait for.”  Mark said, “I’ll start counting the hours now...ok?”  Daniella giggled and put her head against his chest and listened to his heart beating inside of it.


Mark wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head repeatedly...He leaned down and slowly picked her up to be eye level with him, as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  Mark kissed her lips so softly and said, “Fair warning, I’m gonna be calling you every day and possible every other hour...”  Daniella smiled and kissed the end of his nose and said, “I’d be pissed if you didn’t.”


Mark held her against him and said, “God I love you.”  He rubbed her back...Daniella took a shaky breath and said, “I love you too.”  Mark carefully placed her back on her feet in front of him and pushed a strand of her hair out of her face...he could see the tears brimming on her eyes...she was trying so hard not to cry.  Mark couldn’t help but want to cry also.


Daniella stood on her tip toes and let her lips brush against his and she got in the taxi before he had a chance to stop her again, cause Dani knew if he tried to stop her again…She probably wouldn’t have been strong enough to say goodbye again. 


Daniella looked at Mark through the window of the back seat of the taxi…She put her hand on the window and Mark put his hand over hers and it was then and only then that Mark blinked and Daniella saw the huge tears leave his eyes and roll down his cheeks…as the taxi pulled out of the arena parking lot…Dani just stares at her hands in her lap…



She said life’s a lot to think about sometimes
When you’re living in between the lines
And all the stars are sparkle and shine everyday

He said life’s so hard to move in sometimes
When it feels like I’m towin' the line
And no one even cares to ask me why I feel this way

And I know you feel helpless now

And I know you feel alone
That’s the same road...and the same road

That I’m on, Yeah

He said life’s a lot to think about sometimes
When you keep it ALL between the lines
And everything I want

And I want to find one of these days, yeah

But what you thought was real in life,
Oh, has somehow steered you wrong
And now you just keep drivin' tryin' to find out

Where you belong

And I know you feel helpless now

And I know you feel alone
That’s the same road...and the same road

That I’m on, Yeah, yeah, yeah

What you thought was real in life

Has somehow steered you wrong
And now you just keep drivin' tryin' to find

Where you belong

I know you feel helpless now

I know you feel alone
That’s the same road...and the same road

That I’m on, Yeah, yeah, yeah



Chapter 9


Daniella made the transition from valet to kick ass female wrestler...In fact she’d done so well, Vince had decided to give her a shot at the Women’s World Title.  He knew she could carry it and defend it with pride and tons of attitude...


Weekends were spent in Mark’s loving supportive arms...


He’d watch Raw and call her after he recorded Smackdown on Tuesdays and tell her how wonderful she looked in the ring, how much he missed her and just exactly how much he loved her.


Then it happened, the writers gave her the match to win the title...Mark was so excited for her winning, he called her the night she won it...he couldn’t get over how fast she’d climbed to the top of the women’s chain.  She’d done thousands of autograph signings in 4 months, and tons of promotional photo shoots as the Ladies Champion.


But still weekends were allocated for her and Mark.


Vince was impressed with how much she’d done and how far she’d gone since being on Raw...he knew deep down she was missing Mark something terrible...and pretty soon, the weekends were just not going to be enough for them...hell weekends were never enough for him and Linda, and that’s when he started letting Stephanie and Shane run the company together and he started taking more vacations out of the country with his wife.


Finally low and behold a position opened up on Smackdown, Vince was the only one who noticed it, because he was the one who had fired the female wrestler that was in the slot.  Vince couldn’t have been happier to call Daniella and let her know she was being transferred back to Smackdown...Hell she put the phone down and practically screamed bloody murder when he’d given her the good really touched his heart to be able to re-unite her and Mark to the same show.


Daniella was told to finish out the week with Raw and then join Smackdown the following Monday. 


The messed up thing was, when Daniella called to tell Mark, he said, “I’m so excited about you rejoining Smackdown, I’ve told everyone...they can’t wait for you to get your cute little ass back here...but I actually have some news...I’m going to be in Europe next week...I have to miss our weekend this weekend plus, 2 weeks in Europe and the 2 weekends I’ll be gone.”


Daniella’s heart fell and said, “Why what’s in Europe?”  Mark said, “Vince is sending some of us other there as a small promotional tour for the fans, so when we go there at the beginning of next year they will be ready for us.”  Dani said, “But you’re gonna miss Christmas.” 


Mark said, “I know sweetie, but we can celebrate when I get back...I’ll be back Christmas night...Vince is having a huge Christmas show, Christmas night in New York City at MSG...he said if I got back in time, I’d be able to join the show with every one Christmas night.  So I won’t miss that much of it.”


Daniella said, “Just promise me you’ll make it back in time for the show that night...all I want for Christmas is you.  I don’t need or want anything else...Just you.”  Mark said, “I promise.  I’ll be there with or without the damn bells...but I’ll be there, even if I have to sprout wings and fly myself there.” 


Daniella said, “This really sucks Mr. Jindrak.”  Mark smiled and said, “I know...but hey think of it this way...I got a lot of kissing and love making to catch up on with you once I get back...I’ve got at least 2 weeks of kisses and 3 weekends of love making pent up inside.”


Daniella said, “I love you...and I’ll see you in 2 weeks.”  Mark said, “Deal...I love you too.” 


They hung up and Daniella couldn’t help but cry...he was going to be missing from her life for 2 weeks...and 3 weekends.  She knew she could survive, but really didn’t want to have to try.  They’d officially been dating for 11 months.  Almost a full year...she hated being without him for those 4 months, but knew everything was worth waiting for, if you waited long enough.


Chapter 10


- -Christmas Night- -


So Mark was due back any hour on the plane...Daniella couldn’t wait...she had been fidgety all day...2 weeks, 3 weekends was definitely too long to go without Mark.  But then again, she could wait all night until he got there.  It had been written into the script that Mark and Daniella had been dating since she had been his valet 4 months ago, made the jump to Raw and came back and were still dating...


The fans loved it.  And the writers had a field day with it.


Daniella was sitting in the hair and make up chair, as Julian circled her curling her hair in certain placed and straightening it in others.  She had on a red velvet long sleeved dress that came down to midthigh and poofed out a little and it was trimmed with white fake fur around the neck line, wrists on the sleeves and around the bottom of the dress.  A black velvet belt was secured around her waist, and she had on white panty hose and white 2½ inch heeled knee high boots.  After Julian finished her hair and make up he carefully pinned a red velvet Santa’s hat on her head, complete with the white furry trim around the head and ball at the end.


Daniella stood up and looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I don’t feel very jolly...and I sure as hell don’t feel like acting like Mrs. Clause tonight.”  Julian stood behind her tweaked her cheeks to give a little blush and said, “C’mon, Mark will be here before you know it.”  Daniella made a face and said, “I’m getting a draft with this dress.”


Julian said, “ look’re damn sure a lot hotter then those mall Mrs. Clauses....they are old, wrinkled, and smell like formaldehyde.”  Daniella couldn’t help but giggle and said, “Well that’s what keeps those old betties so well preserved...I guess I can do this.  I just wish Mark was here already.”


Julian said, “Well, Santa Luther Claus is waiting down by the Titan Tron for you.”  Daniella laughed as she waved and took off for the Tron.  When she got there, Luther was already in his Santa Claus outfit and she walked over and kissed his cheek and said, “Merry Christmas Luther...maybe you should keep the suit’re too adorable with it.”  He grunted as the music was cued up.


She looped her arm through his as they walked down to the ring.  He held the ropes open for her as she stepped through and Daniella was just about to say something, when Kurt’s music blasted through the speakers of the arena.  Kurt walked down to the ring in a nice dark grey business suit with a red Santa tie on...Daniella looked at him funny cause he wasn’t supposed to be in the ring...


Kurt stepped in and grabbed a microphone and said, “Daniella, I know you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing out here...but we just got a call from Mark...he’s stuck in London, and he wanted to give you a message, and Mr. McMahon said it was okay to interrupt the show.  So ladies and gentlemen joining us via satellite Mark Jindrak.”


The fans went crazy and Daniella walked over and propped her arms up on the top rope and watched as he appeared on the Titan Tron.  Mark had on black jeans, boots, a red hooded sweatshirt and a long black coat that went to his knees...She could see the hood sticking up in the back and snow was falling down all around him.


She could feel the tears stinging her eyes.


Mark smiled and said, “I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to tell you Merry Christmas Daniella...I know I broke my promise of not being able to be there...but we got snowed in literally...there not letting anyone fly back to the states...Hopefully I’ll be home in time to celebrate the new year with you.  I sent Santa Claus there your Christmas gift.”


Daniella turned around and Luther handed her a red bag that was decorated...She took it and put her hand in side...and found a black velvet box...she could feel her knees getting stray tears slid down her cheeks...she opened the box and it was a beautiful heart shaped diamond on a silver band, with her birth stone on one side and his birthday on the other...


Mark said, “I love you Daniella.”  Daniella looked back up at the Titan Tron...and they had lost the signal...all she saw was the switch static.  Kurt said, “That’s all folks...The signal was lost.”


Kurt tapped Daniella on the shoulder and said, “Um, Dani...Do you know where Luther went?”  Daniella turned around and Luther was standing there in the Santa suit still...Daniella pointed and said, “What are you talking about...he’s right there.”


Hands came up and removed the Santa hat and beard and there was the Santa suit...he’d taken Luther’s place secretly...Mark walked over and in front of millions of people he got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”  Daniella covered her face as she cried harder.  She finally said yes as Mark stood up and slipped the ring on her finger.  The fans were going completely insane.


Mark scoped Daniella up and swung her around in circles as she hung on to him...He stopped and gave her the most passion filled kiss in the middle of the ring...Daniella said, “I thought you couldn’t make it.”  Mark smiled and said, “I lied.”  She sniffled and said, “That better be the only lie you ever tell me again.”  Mark smiled and said, “I promise.”


They went to the back and couldn’t stop touching and kissing and finally Vince McMahon came up and said, “You two are getting the next 2 weeks off...paid in full by me...Mark take your fiancée to Vegas, and make her marry you right now, before she comes to her senses and changes her mind.”


Mark said, “Yes sir.” 


After they’d changed into their street clothes, Mark looked over and Daniella had put any shoes on again...The more things change the more they stay the same.


Mark scoped her up in his arms and carried her out to the car and said, “Boy this is De Ja Vue...All I ever see is you with no shoes and me having to carry you around because I don’t want you catching pneumonia...I’m telling you right now, during the winter months, this has to stop...especially when we’re on the road.”


Daniella laughed and said, “The road...where we met, fell in love, got engaged and now getting married.  What more could anyone ask for?”  Mark said, “How about a son and a daughter?”  Daniella said, “Well...there’s always room for negotiations.”



I can't imagine, any greater fear
Then waking up, without you here,
And though the sun, would still shine on,
My whole world, would all be gone,
But not for long,

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers,

Just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way

To get to where you are,
There's no place that far

It wouldn't matter why we're apart,
Lonely miles or two stubborn hearts
Nothing short of God above
Could turn me away from your love
I need you that much

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers,

Just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way

To get to where you are,
There's no place that far

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers,

Just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way

To get to where you are,
There's no place that far

Baby there's no place that far



The End