The One



Chapter 1


Erin Mallory drove up to the house she’d lived at her whole life growing up and honked the horn. She sat in her red Ford Mustang convertible, waiting for her baby brother to get his laggin ass in the car. She’d left the top to the car down; the sun was warming up the car nicely. She pulled her waist length brunette hair over her shoulder as she lifted her sunglasses and looked in her rearview mirror with her sage/green colored eyes staring back at her.

A large figure walked out the front door in, jeans, an olive green t-shirt that said Army across the front of it, steel toed boots and an olive green Army Baseball cap on, pulled down so you couldn’t see his eyes.

Erin laughed as her brother jumped over the car door and into the front passenger seat and leaned over and kissed her cheek and said, “I so owe you one sis.” Erin patted his knee and said, “You bet your ass you do...But I’ll collect some other time...otherwise you’re never gonna make it to see Vanilla Ice wrestlers...whatever his name is.” Anthony laughed at his older sister...she never did keep up with professional wrestling and said, “John Cena sis...John Cena...Not hard to remember.”

Erin rolled her eyes as she took off onto the road leading from San Francisco to West Los Angeles.

2 hours later, they pulled up by the curb in front of the Game Rush / Blockbuster and both got out of the vehicle, Erin watched as Anthony walked over and got in line...It wasn’t too long, but then again, who would come to WEST LA just for an autograph? No one in their right mind...That’s who.

Erin pulled herself up onto the trunk of her car, sitting with her right leg crossed over her left and her right foot jiggling back and forth...she was in dire need of coffee...but figured once she got back to Frisco she could get coffee before her shift at the hospital. Erin watch as Anthony made his way through the line while she was balancing her checkbook.

John had been sitting outside for the last 3 hours signing autographs, but he didn’t give a shit, he loved his fans...they were always so supportive of him, bringing him stuff and giving him hugs, kisses and shaking hands and giving respect to him for fighting for the under dogs in wrestling. John looked up and saw a big guy standing there and John nodded his head and said, “What’s up Dawg?” As they shook hands.

Anthony smiled and accepted his hand in a hand shake and said, “Nothing man, I figured before I leave for basic training in a week, I’d come meet the man.” John said, “Basic training, let’s see Army paraphernalia, so you gonna be an army brat, how old are you?” Anthony said, “18.” John stood up and suddenly felt small...He said, “Shit you’re a big sucker for 18...Height and Weight?” Anthony beamed and said, “6’5”, 280lbs.”

John walked around the table and took in the kids’ physique and said, “Jesus kid you’ve got a sick physique...How the hell did you get so big?” Anthony said, “When I was 10, I used to get beat up a lot, and my older sister got mad and taught me how to fight and train...Once I started I couldn’t stop.” John said, “You’re older sister? How old is she?” Anthony pointed over to her car.

John followed his pointing finger and gaze and saw a brunette sitting on the trunk of a red mustang...Anthony said, “She’s 24...She’s always protected me.” John said, “Apparently not any more.” Anthony laughed and said, “Naw...I take care of her now.” John said, “I’m impressed...Would you mind if I met her?” Anthony shook his head no and said, “C’mon over.”

Erin looked up for a minute and saw Anthony walking over with some hoodrat lookin’ guy...Erin shook her head...Anthony always did have the knack for picking up friends out of no where. Erin slid off the trunk of her car as the two gentlemen approached her.

Chapter 2


John watched as the brunette slid off the trunk...she looked like she was about 5’9” and around 125 lbs. Her blue eyes were sparkling...and her brunette hair was at least waist length if not longer, was pulled over her right shoulder and hanging in front of her.

Anthony and John walked up to the young woman...and Anthony said, “Erin, I want you to meet the man John Cena...John this is my sister, Erin.” Erin smiled as John stuck his hand out and as she accepted it she said, “Nice to meet you Mr. Cena.” John smiled and said, “The pleasure is mine ma’am.”

Erin laughed and said, “Just Erin...So you’re the man who has inspired my little brother to go into the Army.” John looked at Anthony and said, “Really Dawg?” Anthony said, “I saw what you said last year for the troops in Iraq...And I couldn’t get it out of my head...I want to make a difference.” John said, “That’s cool man.”

Erin smiled as they had a nice manly hand shake and gave each other a one armed hug.

Erin said, “I hate to break up this superstar and fan moment...but Anthony, we have to get going, my shift at the hospital starts in 3 hours, and we need to get back on the road to Frisco.” John said, “Hey...would you mind if he stayed with me all day...I can make sure he gets home tonight...” Anthony looked at Erin with pleading eyes and Erin couldn’t help but laugh.

Erin said, “You got your cell phone and wallet with you?” Anthony said, “Cell yes, wallet no...but I did bring my id.” Erin smiled as she pulled her Black American Express out of her check book and handed it to him and said, “There’s no limit on it and you’ve got to show you’re id.” Anthony’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.

Anthony leaned down and kissed Erin’s cheek and said, “Thanks sis.” Erin smiled and said, “No’re not old enough...and if you need anything my pager and cell is on...or you call the hospital...Tamera is answering the phone tonight...She’ll know where I am at all times...If I don’t see you tonight, then tomorrow morning, me and you breakfast.” Anthony saluted his sister and said, “Yes drill sergeant!”

Erin couldn’t help but laugh as she shook John’s hand again and said, “It was nice meeting you Mr. Cena.” John smiled and Erin could feel her breath catch as she noticed he had dimples...they were a weakness for her...she loved guys with dimples. John noticed she was chewing on her bottom lip as she turned and gave her brother a hug...she looked at John one last time and got in her car and took off.

John said, “Okay I have to ask...I think you’re sister tripped...She got quiet there for a minute...what’s the deal?” Anthony couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “My sister has a weakness for guys with dimples...You smiled and you’re made themselves present...She’s had that weakness since Jr. High...Welcome to the club John Cena.” John laughed and said, “That’s a club I don’t mind being in right now.”

Both men laughed it off as they walked back over and Anthony sat beside John and they talked with the fans, while john finished up the autograph signing.

Erin couldn’t help but feel all giddy about John’s dimples...he had been a while since she’d met a man who was hot and had her weakness...dimples...Erin turned her music on full blast trying to get John Cena out of her head, before she had to go to work...she had patients to think about...And thinking about John Cena wasn’t getting it done.

Chapter 3


Erin unlocked the door to her parents house and walked in slowly and quietly...She knew her parents were gone for work, but Anthony would still be sleeping...She noticed a Dark blue SUV sitting in front of the house and figured it was a neighbor.

Well she figured it was a neighbor until two lumps on the two den couches started to move. Blankets were thrown off bodies and there were Anthony and...Oh My God...she forgot the wrestler dudes name...Oh shit, shit, shit...Erin started searching her mind as she thought...Oh Thank God...John Cena.

Then John stood up from the couch and only had on jean shirt...Erin could feel her knees get weak as she watched him stretch his huge muscular arms above his head as his chest and back expanded. Erin looked over and noticed Anthony have an amusing look on his face when he saw her checking John’s body out.

While John had his back to Erin, she glared at Anthony as she flipped him the bird and walked into the kitchen as Anthony said, “I’m telling mom.” Erin laughed and said, “Like she’ll believe you...tattle tail.” Anthony said, “Mom believes everything I tell her.” Erin said, “Yea...until I come around and tell her the truth.” John laughed at their brother and sister antics...and said, “When did you’re sister get here man?” Anthony said, “Who knows...Erin when did you get here?”

Erin walked back into the den and said, “About the time you two sleeping beauties were waking up from your afternoon nap...Check out the clock genius...and then check your voice mail...Lindsey called me worried out of her skull, wondering where you’d seems you forgot about your date last night and she freaked out, because you wasn’t home, you wasn’t at the hospital with me...and you weren’t answering your airhead.”

Anthony looked at the clock that read 2 p.m. and ran his hand over his shave head and flopped back against the back of the couch...John tossed him his cell phone sitting on the coffee table and said, “Call your girl man...two rules of dating...Don’t piss her off...and don’t make her worry.” Anthony smiled and nodded his head as he start dialing Lindsey’s number.

Erin said, “John would you like some breakfast?” John looked at the brunette and said, “For sure...Let lover boy talk to his woman.” John followed Erin and her swaying ass into the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar as he watched her cook.

Erin handed a plate to John as he started eating and Erin said, “So what are you still doing in town...I figured you’d be gone after you dropped Tony off.” John smirked and said, “You don’t know much about me right...Not a big fan?” Erin said, “Don’t take this the wrong way...but I don’t even know you from a hole in the ground...Much less wrestlers or wrestling.” John said, “I live in Santa Monica...I am home...Too bad about you not watching wrestling...I wouldn’t mind having you as a fan cheering in my corner.”

Erin could’ve sworn he was flirting with her...Erin smirked and handed Anthony a plate as he walked in and she said, “Get all your shit settled bird brain?” Anthony smiled as he leaned over and kissed the top of her head and said, “Yea...Thanks Erin...You always save my ass...What am I going to do in basis training with you?” Erin giggled and said, “Flush you’re self to China in the bathroom.”

John couldn’t help but laugh at their interaction...He could stand being friends with these two...He hadn’t laughed so much since they had some of the wrestlers try to battle wrap with him on Smackdown.

Chapter 4


A few couple of days later on a Monday, John was getting ready to leave for his Tuesday Smackdown which was going to be in San Diego...All the house shows had been in California that weekend. Friday Anthony would be leaving for basic training...Today the 3 of them were sitting in Erin’s living room in her condo. John and Anthony were watching as Erin walked up and down the living room while talking on her cell phone about her vacation time.

Erin growled into the phone and said, “Listen...I put in for this vacation 3 months ago and it was APRROVED...don’t start with me...I’ve been working for you people since I graduated college...I even did my damn internship there...I’ve given up enough hours of my life to that hospital, that I can take a week’s vacation for PERSONAL reasons...I don’t have to tell you shit...If I walked out and got a sex change tomorrow...penis and all I still wouldn’t have to tell you why I was on vacation. I will be back in Saturday so you can just re-schedule my patients today with some other damn PT.”

John quirked an eye brow at Anthony and said, “PT?” Anthony chucked and said, “Erin is a Physical Therapist...Probably one of the best at that hospital and in the medical field...but that hospital has been screwing her around since she started working there.”

Anthony jumped when Erin slapped her flip phone closed and walked over handing it to Anthony and said, “Eat it or sit on it...if it rings and I go to answer it...please shove it down my throat and choke me to death with it.” Anthony couldn’t help but lean against John as they both started laughing at her. Anthony said, “Did I just hear you say sex change penis and all?”

Erin smirked...she was trying to be mad, but with John and Anthony around it wasn’t easy to keep a seriously straight face as she started laughing and plopped down on the couch as her dark gray cat Salem jumped on the back of the chair and wrapped around her neck and purred. Erin groaned as she leaned against her 20 lb she reached behind herself and pulled him over her shoulder and laid him on her chest as he snuggled and she placed kisses on his head and said, “Oh Salem...Work is making mommy crazy.” Salem meowed at her like he really understood.

John watched as she lovingly pet the cat and talked to is saying, “Who’s a pretty baby boy.” And laughed harder when the cat would meow back at her questions. John said, “Okay that’s insane...I’ve never seen a cat react like that.” Anthony said, “She’s had that cat for God what 10 years?” Erin smiled and said, “8...I’ve had him since he was 3 weeks ago...his momma abandon him and I took care of him.”

John said, “I’m glad I got you both together...I was wondering if you’d like to come to Smackdown with me tomorrow...and I realize Erin you’ve never been...but I’d like for you to come so you see what I do for a living.” Erin giggled and said, “I don’t know John...Wrestling never was my thing to watch...Ask Anthony...I tried watching it once and got grossed out when one guy hit the other and he spit a luggie in the air and...That’s just nasty cause that lands on fans...It’s like...I’m a fan...but not such a big fan that I ant you to hack a luggie on me so I can save it for the National Inquirer.”

Anthony said, “C’mon Erin you’ve gotta come...It will be fun.” Erin looked at both guys skeptically and John said, “I swear...You’ll have a great time the whole two hours...and we can share a hotel room with three beds...If you don’t have a good time...I give you permission to whip my ass.”

Erin smiled and said, “Okay...I’m in...but just so you know...I’m only accepting because I love making guys beg for mercy.” John and Anthony busted out laughing again as Erin started the movie they had rented to watch.

Chapter 5


The next morning was met with a drive down to San Diego...Anthony driving while; John sat in the back with all his gear and Erin getting coffeed up in the front passenger seat.

Once they got to the arena, John showed them to his dressing room...and turned the TV on for them...In the mean time; John was shooting promos back stage and doing a Smackdown magazine interview and then a photo shoot.

When it came time for the show to start, John had a security guard walk them down and place them in great seats near the ring...Erin and Anthony both were having an outstanding time at the venue...When John came out...they were both clapping and cheering for him during the match.

As John wrestled, he was watching Anthony and Erin...He couldn’t help but stick by his statement to Erin a few days ago when he said, he’d love having her cheering for him in his corner. John was captivated by her beauty, her smile and most of all the love she had for her little brother...It reminded him about how much he loved his brothers and family.

When John had won his match and almost all the fans had vacated the arena, John had the same security guard come back down and retrieve Erin and Anthony to take them back to John’s dressing room. When they got their John was half dressing in his jean shorts, and shoes...No shirt...Erin nearly had herself a heart attack...His physique was amazing.

Anthony nudged Erin with his elbow when he noticed his big sister checking out the overly muscled under dressed friend. Erin thanked God for small favors as her cell phone started vibrating in her pocket and she pulled it out and walked out of the room and stood in the hall to talk to the person on the other end.

Anthony talked with John as he finished getting dressed. John pulled a navy blue t-shirt on and said, “Hey man I wanted to ask you something important while you’re sister wasn’t in here.” Anthony said, “Lemme guess...You wanna know if she’s interested in her...right?” John smirked and said, “How’d you guess?” Anthony said, “Please...Erin is a hottie...I can say that cause she’s my sis.” John said, “What do you think my chance are?”

Anthony laughed and said, “Man...I’m gonna give it to you straight...If you keep showing those dimples to her...She’s gonna be absolutely putty in your hands...My sister has always had a fetishly scary attraction to guys who have dimples...And right now you’ve got her pretty much at your mercy...I will be honest though...She’s a total metal head...There’s very little about rap that she likes...She’s more into Korn and Metallica.”

John laughed and said, “Shit...I can’t handle a metal fan...Especially if she happens to like my dimples...Just remind me to keep her away from my cousin Marc and my brothers.” Anthony and John bumped fists all manly and Anthony said, “You got it man.”

Erin walked in and said, “Awwww...How sweet...Male bonding...Scuse me for a second.” Erin made a gagging noise and face as Anthony and John laughed at her...While the threesome left the arena and we out to dinner and then made it back to the hotel and talked and watched a couple of movies until they went to bed.

Chapter 6


On Friday, John and Erin stood out side of the Army base and Erin had a death grip hug on Anthony. Anthony knew out of every one in the family she’d take it the hardest...Anthony rubbed her back, he’d said bye to their parents earlier, but knew he couldn’t get around Erin driving him to the base...Anything to postpone her having to say goodbye.

Anthony said, “I’ve got to get going sis...I promise I’ll be fine, it’s just basic training.” Erin nodded while pushing away from him and said, “I know...I just can’t believe it’s already time...When did you grow up so fast?” Anthony laughed and said, “When you were in college I guess.” Erin hugged Anthony one more time and said, “If you need anything...PLEASE...don’t hesitate to call me.” Anthony nodded and said, “I will sis I promise...I love ya.”

Erin kissed his forehead and said, “I love you too baby brother.” Erin back away as John shook hands with Anthony and they gave a nice one armed hug to each other and John said, “Take care of yourself man.” Anthony said, “I’ll keep in touch I promise...Well as much as I can when it’s not interfering in my training.” Anthony picked up his bag as he started to walk onto the base.

John looked over at Erin, and she had tears streaming down her face, as she looked at John and said, “Just this once I’m going to trust you to drive my car...But only because I’m in no shape to drive.” John nodded as Erin handed over the keys and John opened her door for her.

On the drive back to Frisco John looked over and said, “You know he’s gonna be fine...He’s a smart kid.” Erin smiled weakly at John and said, “Oh I know that...I just can’t help but worry about him...ya know? He might be 18 but he’s still my baby brother. Nothing is going to change that.” John said, “You know when I first met you guys...Anthony told me when he was little kids used to beat him up a lot until you got pissed off and taught him how to fight and weight train...I think that’s admirable of you. Cause the same thing happened to me when I was about 10 or 11. I was a puny kid and got my ass kicked a lot.”

Erin started laughing and said, “You...A puny kid? I so don’t believe it.” John cracked a smile and said, “Go ahead and laugh it up.” John reached for his wallet in his back pocket and pulled out a picture and handed it to Erin...She looked at the picture of the 5 boys...and John said, “I’m the one in the middle and we age ranged from 8 to 15. I was 11.”

Erin said, “Holy shit you were a skinny little punk...So what changed you?” John said, “My dad bought me my first weight set when I was 12 and I never stopped lifting...Suddenly, when I was 17, I started noticing the same kids who were picking on me didn’t come around anymore.”

Erin looked at the picture again and said, “So you have had those dimples all your life.” More of a statement then a question...John couldn’t help but smile and said, “Yea...I got them from mom. All the Cena and Predka kids have them.” Erin said, “I don’t know what it is about people who have dimples, but they just make you look more adorable then the average person without them.” John said, “So you think I’m adorable.” Erin blushed a little and said, “I think I’ll plead the fifth on that one...I don’t feel like incriminating myself right now.”

John watched as the blushed crept into her cheeks and she bowed her head and John nudge her with his elbow and said, “Aw C’mon girl, don’t get shy on me now.” Erin said, “I’m not getting shy...Just being realistic.” John said, “Realistic about what?”

Erin said, “Flirting with you...I imagine you have some hottie girlfriend in Santa Monica waiting for you to come home.” John said, “You’d think so right? I actually don’t. The last girl I dated, dated me because I’m a WWE wrestler, not because I’m just John Cena from West Newbury, Massachusetts.”

Erin said, “I’m sorry...That must suck, because it’s got to be hard to decipher who wants you for you and who wants you for being a superstar...I’d have to take a vow of chastity until I figured it all out.” John said, “Don’t go all nun on me girl...I was actually thinking about asking you to a movie.” Erin said, “C’mon there have got to be girls who are way hotter then me you can mack on.”

John started laughing and said, “I wouldn’t say that, because so far you’re about as hot as they come in California. I mean this state is the Mecca for hot girls. Don’t sell yourself’re a beautiful woman. Besides I trust you...first of all because you and Anthony welcomed me into your lives no questions asked and second, because you had no clue who I was but trusted me enough to have your bro hang with me all day.”

It was quiet in the car for a while and Erin said, “Okay.” John said, “Okay what?” Erin said, “I’d love to go to the movies with you...You just let me know when.”

John smiled as he kept driving...He couldn’t wait to get to know Erin better...There was definitely something different about her.

Chapter 7


Erin and John’s movie date was tonight. It was a Wednesday night...John had just gotten back into town from taping Tuesday Smackdown even though it wouldn’t air until Thursday and doing his Saturday, Sunday and Monday house shows.

Erin stepped out of the bathroom she had on black cargo capri’s with white ankle socks, matching black sneakers, and a Shirt form fitting white t-shirt...She looked at herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom and felt butterflies in her stomach as a knock was heard on her door. Erin exhaled as she walked down the hall and opened the door.

There was John smiling back at her with those damn dimples just all in her face. Erin noticed John actually wearing Jeans, sneakers and a Boston Red Sox jersey...and for the first time...No hat.

Erin smiled and said, “Wow...You’re not wearing a hat?” John laughed and said, “I was going to but, if I take it off, I get hat hair...I don’t want to embarrass you in live here not me.” Erin couldn’t help but laugh at his statement.

It was like a symphony to John’s ears to hear Erin laugh...She’d laughed at things he’d said before...but tonight it felt different...They were actually going on an official date...Something he couldn’t fathom ever happening. John figured as soon as Anthony shipped out to basic training, he’d probably never see Erin again.

John said, “Well aight girl...You ready?” Erin shock her bad thoughts from her gutter mapped out brain as she grabbed her purse and locked up her apartment. John extended his hand and before heading down the stairs she smiled at John and took his hand, as he lead her down the stairs and then over to his navy blue SUV that he drove to Frisco, so he wouldn’t have to rent or use her vehicle.

John opened the door and helped her in as he walked around and got in...They belted in and were off for the night. They sat through a good comedy with Vin Diesel called The Pacifier. In the middle of the movie John held out his hand and Erin smiled at him and placed hers in his big hand and he laced their fingers together.

When the movie was over they were back in John’s SUV...when Erin’s work pager went off...she looked down at it and then looked at John with pleading eyes and as if he read her mind he said, “Where do we need to go?” Erin leaned over and kissed Johns cheek and said, “Thank you so much...I owe you big time.” She started giving John directions to the hospital as John took off and got her there as fast as he could.

Once there, John followed Erin into the hospital and into the Emergency Room. One of Erin’s 16 year old patients had been in a car accident with one of their parents that night and had smashed the knee and ACL, which had been torn and repaired a few months ago and was in physical therapy with Erin.

John leaned against the wall and watched as Erin went into professional mode as she walked in and John could see the tears and worry in the 16 year old girls eyes as he watched Erin quickly calm the girl down. Erin said, “C’mon Sami...You know you came to the right place...I wouldn’t steer you wrong would I?” Sami sniffled as she was calming down and said, “No...I was just so scared Erin...I thought for sure after I got my knee caught between the seat and the dash board and couldn’t get out I’d re-injured all the hard work we’ve put into it.”

Erin examined the teenagers knee and looked at the x-rays the nurses had ordered and had developed and waiting for her when she got there. Erin said, “Look Sami...Everything is still intact...All the sutures are holding good...There is no way you did any damage to it...It’s gonna hurt for a few weeks, but it’s to be expected when an already tender injury gets jarred around in a car accident of that magnitude.”

Sami smiled brightly and said, “Thank you so much Erin! I was so worried. I’m sorry you had to come in, in the middle of the night.” Erin smiled as she hugged the small teenager and said, “That’s why you have my pager number honey...I would’ve been pissed if you had waited until your session on Monday to tell me about it...Better to check it now and rule out re-injury.”

Sami nodded and Erin helped her off the exam table and handed the girl her crutches. Erin said, “Besides you promised me when you make the varsity Soccer team this season you was going to dedicate a goal to me...I’m not going to let you back out of that promise now.” Sami smiled widely and said, “I wouldn’t dream of backing out now.” Erin watched as Sami walked out as she joined John in the hallway.

Chapter 8


Erin unlocked the door to her apartment as her and John walked in and John said, “I’ve never seen anyone be that amazing with an upset teenage girl...How do you do that and could you teach me how to handle my female teenage fans?” Erin laughed and said, “I wish it were that easy...I took classes, but the caring part just comes naturally. These kids trust me to make them better...and if there isn’t trust...then there aren’t patients.”

John said, “Good way to look at it.” Erin nodded. It was quiet for a few minutes while Erin kicked off her shoes and said, “Wanna watch a movie?” John said, “Sure.” Erin said, “Okay...But no funny stuff...the DVD player is in my room...besides I want to be comfortable...Sound good to you?” John nodded and said, “Excellent.” They headed to the bedroom after locking up...John looked through her DVD’s while Erin checked her e-mail and then watched as John kicked off his sneakers and laid down on the covers of her huge bed.

Erin bit her bottom lip and turned the lights off...She went and laid next to him on top of the covers both still dressed. Erin’s head was resting on his chest as John was running his fingers through her hair...She looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed her...She could taste the salt from the popcorn on his tongue...but for some reason she couldn’t stop kissing him...She could feel John’s hands all over her body caressing her softly...

John pulled back and pulled her shirt from her body as well as removing her bra, as she unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off...John started trailing warm wet kisses down her neck and throat to her breasts and nipples...His lips circled around her right rosy nipple and Erin moaned out, “John.” John’s hands came up and unbuttoned her capri’s and he pulled them down with her panties...he could already smell her arousal...He discarded her capri’s and he discarded his jeans and boxers.

Erin scooted towards the foot of the bed and took John’s massive erection into her tiny hands and stroked him slowly and methodically slid her tongue up his shaft. John groaned he wrapped his hands in her waist length chestnut hair. She took his shaft into her warm wet mouth...he was in total heaven...but he was trying to keep himself from exploding in her mouth...he eased himself out of her mouth and laid her back onto the bed and crawled up her soft small framed body, careful not to crush her...

She wrapped her legs around his waist again and his erection brushed against her soaking wet center. Making both of them groan at the friction...John slid two fingers into her to make sure she was ready enough for him...he didn’t want to hurt her...He looked up and she bit her bottom lip as her back arched and her center was pushed into his hand...oh yea...she was ready.

John moved around and slowly slid his painfully aching erection into her warm wet center...he could feel her stretching and accommodating his shaft...all of his shaft...once fully sheathed John sat there for a minute make sure she was fully used to his size...and then slowly started working his hips back and forth and working his erection in and out of her.

Every time he would push into her she would arch her back as though she wanted him deeper. John grabbed her knees and pushed them up and apart and placed his hands on the back of her thighs and as he pushed into her...he felt himself go deeper...she must’ve felt it cause she moaned low and hard.

John lifted her up and pushed her against the wall...and thrusting up...holding onto the wall...She gripped his forearms for John kissed and licked down her neck and throat...nipping at her flesh with his teeth and then soothing it with hot kisses...

John pulled out of her and she went to the bed and beckoned him with her index finger...she laid on her back and beckoned John to her and John crawled between her beautiful thighs and slid his erection onto her...this he could handle...he gripped the bed sheets, while holding himself over her and started thrusting into her...

Her hands touched his as she leaned up and traced his lips with her tongue and he pulled her tongue into his mouth with his lips...and she could instantly feel his erection swell to a larger size inside of must’ve turned him on a little more...actually A LOT more...

John’s hands went to her breast rolling her nipples and watching them harden...his hand slid along her flat stomach, across her navel...and down to her mound...where he found her clit waiting for contact from him....he started rubbing circles around her clit with one hand as he kept his pace...Erin’s hands trailing up and down his arms, back and running her hands through his hair starting at the back of his neck and up as she pulled him to her...

When her hands clutched the bed...John could feel her inner walls starting to clamp down around his shaft...John leaned over her, pulling her body tight against his and kissed along her ear and in a low deep voice said, “You gonna cum for my cock that sweet little pussy of yours gonna cum for me.”

Erin started pushing up against him...the hot air of his breath brushed against her ear and him pumping into her relentlessly, was her undoing as she started cumming instantly...she started off moaning and ended up screaming, “JOOOOHHHHHNNNNN!!!!!”

John felt her cum cover his shaft and as her warm juices coated his erection...he thrusted into her a few more times finally pushing himself all the way into her and throwing his head back with a loud growl he exploded deep inside of her. For several minutes they could both feel him spurting inside of her still.

They collapsed on the bed trying to regulate their breathing.

Erin got her breathing under control and looked into John’s blue eyes and said, “Well there’s a first...I’ve never done that with a guy on the first date.” John said, “You regret it?” Erin smiled and said, “Absolutely not...I’m glad you made the first move...if you would’ve smiled at me one more time with those dimples...I was gonna have to rape you...If that would’ve been possible.”

John couldn’t help but smile and said, “I’m glad you don’t regret it...At least now I won’t feel like I took advantage of you.” Erin leaned up and kissed John’s lips softly and said, “Oh...I don’t think you did that...I enjoyed it too much...I’m pretty sure you did too.” John nodded and said, “Oh yea...Enjoyment was at its peak.” They kissed a little more as John pulled the covers over them and they fell asleep in each others arm.

Who knew a date could end so great?

Chapter 9


- -2 Years Later- -

John and Erin were engaged to be married and Erin had taken some time off to plan the wedding while she went on the road with John. Over the two year’s they’d dated, Erin had gone on the road with him so many times, you couldn’t count it on one hand...Hell you couldn’t even count it on both hands and both feet. Erin had gotten to meet all of John’s friends in the company from Raw and Smackdown rosters. So far Randy seemed to be his best friend out of all of them...Erin knew if she couldn’t get a hold of John while on the road...There was a good chance he was with Randy and could get a hold of him that way.

John was walking down the hallway carrying Erin piggyback, with her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders, without choking him. It was a PPV night Royal Rumble...Which meant both rosters would be there. They were stopped in the hallway by none other then Randy Orton...John’s best friends from the Raw roster. Randy shook hands with John and then Erin leaned over and hugged Randy from the middle of John’s back as he kissed her cheek and said, “Erin what are you still doing with this hoodrat wannabe?” Erin smiled and said, “Can’t help myself...he’d just too cute to walk away from.”

Randy said, “Alright, I can accept that as an answer...for now...Lemme see that ring girl.” Erin held out her left hand as she showed off the 4 karat tear drop shaped diamond on the platinum band. Randy said, “Damn...Now nothing says she’s mine like a fat ass ring...You done good Doc.” John said, “Yea...She was worth it...” Randy said, “True...Besides who else would be dumb enough to marry you.” Erin said, “I sincerely hope you’re not calling me dumb.” Randy said, “Nah...Just hope he learns something from you.”

John slowly let Erin slide down off of him and onto her feet as he turned and said, “I’m gonna go check my schedule for the night...I’ll meet you in my locker room.” Erin nodded as John kissed her lips softly and watched as he walked away. Erin and Randy sat on an equipment trunk and stuck up a conversation about John, the wedding and Randy latest conquest in trying to date a normal girl and not be a playboy...Mentally he was winning...Physically he was losing BAD.

Erin said, “You just have to get with someone who you fall in love with unconditionally...And it will happen when you east expect it. And you’ll never want to look at another hoochie ring rat again. It’s all about love honey.” Randy said, “To tell you the truth...I think I may have already fallen in love...and no it’s not with Raquel...she’s far from being someone I could see myself truly with.” Erin said, “Oh Randy...I’ll be happy for you on the inside...until you really figure out if it’s love or not...then I’ll be in your corner the rest of the way.” Randy hugged Erin again as she excused herself to go to John’s room.

Randy was having such a hard time denying he as falling for his best friend’s fiancé...It was just wrong...Randy knew it was wrong...but who the hell would tell them anyways...He’d continue to be happy his best friend found someone to be with forever...and just keep his mouth shut.

The night was winding down and Erin had been searching the arena for John...but he was no where to be found. Erin stopped when she heard John’s voice and started to turn the corner she’d come to when she heard him say ‘C’mere baby’...Erin looked around the corner and was suddenly aware of John kissing Michelle McCool...One of the WWE’s newest Divas.

Michelle pulled away and giggled and said, “I can’t believe you brought your fiancé with you...You don’t know how much I want you buried inside of me right now.” She licked his lips and John said, “Tell me about it...I’ve been wanting to bone you since we had that match together tonight. Look I’ll meet you in your room after mid-night...I wanna make sure the ball and chain is sleeping before I leave...then it’s on girl.”

One more kiss could be the best thing
One more lie could be the worst
All these thoughts are never resting
And you're not something I deserve

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
This seems real to me

You love me but you dont know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you dont know who I am
So let me go
Let me go

Erin could feel the chunks in her stomach churning as she watched their little screwfest display. The wedding was set in stone for 1 week. Erin could feel the tears slipping out of her eyes and sliding down her cheeks as she turned and walked back towards the dressing room. Erin didn’t even pay attention when Randy said something to her...She was brought out of her fog when Randy grabbed her arm.

Erin looked up and Randy saw the tears and pulled her into his dressing room and said, “What happened?” Erin said, “John’s been cheating on me. With the new Diva on Smackdown Michelle McCool. I just heard them and saw them in the hallway...He’s meeting her tonight after mid-night to have a nice little fuck session.” Randy ran his hand through his hair and said, “That stupid son of a bitch...I’m gonna kill him for fuckin this up.”

I dream ahead to what I hope for
And I turn my back on loving you
How can this love be a good thing
When I know what I'm goin through

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
This seems real to me

You love me but you dont know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
You love me but you dont know who I am
So let me go
Just Let me go...
Let me go

Erin said, “No...Just leave it alone...I’ll go through with marrying his ass...Then when I bust is ass for fuckin that talent less hoe...I’m gonna divorce him and take his sorry cheating ass to the fuckin cleaners.” Randy wrote something down and handed the paper to Erin and said, “This is my cell number...if you need anything...Let me know.” Erin smiled weakly and said, “Thanks Randy.” Randy hugged her close as he thought ‘Christ John you’re so stupid for going this to the best woman in the world.’.

Erin collected herself and left the room to find John already in his dressing room waiting for her. True to his words John left at mid-night. Erin laid in bed and cried for a good 2 hours...Finally crying herself to sleep.

And no matter how hard I try
I can't escape these things inside I know
I know...
When all the pieces fall apart
You will be the only one who knows
Who knows

You love me but you don’t know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you don’t know Who I am
So let me go
Just let me go

you love me but you don’t
you love me but you don’t
you love me but you don’t know who I am
you love me but you don’t
you love me but you don’t
you love me but you don’t know me

Chapter 10


Erin found herself standing at the alter with a beautiful church in Frisco...Half the WWE family and the rest was John and Erin’s family. Randy was supposed to be John’s best man...but ended up dropping out of it, said he had a family emergency or something, but would still try to make it in time for the reception.

Erin’s dear sweet deluded brother Anthony was there for the wedding and John made him his best man. Anthony had been stationed in Hawaii and came home for the wedding...looking bigger then ever...and clueless...he didn’t know what Erin had found out about John otherwise he would’ve already been thrown in the Brigg (Military Prison) for murdering his sister cheating fiancé.

Erin had been talking to Randy over the last 7 days. They’d talked so much that t became a routine. Erin was suddenly aware of how much she trusted Randy...He’d been helping her with the toughest thing in her life right now. Erin finally asked Randy about the girl he thought he was falling for...when he finally opened Pandora’s box and told Erin it was her...Erin cried over the phone and hearing her it broke his heart.

They’d been good friends since John had introduced them...but she never thought for a million years she’d find out he was falling for her...and the scary thing was...That since she’d found out about John’s extra curricular activities...she’d been drawn to Randy for some unknown reason.

Something moved out of the corner of Erin’s eye as she looked over and could NOT believe Michelle McCool was sitting in the church at HER wedding...staring down her soon to be husband in front of GOD and everyone literally. Finally Erin couldn’t take it anymore...

Erin pulled her hands from John’s soft grip and said, “You know something...Hold on a minute pastor.” John suddenly looked worried... ‘NOW he looked worried? What a dick!’ Was all Erin could think. John said, “What’s wrong baby?” Erin touched her forehead as she looked up at John’s lying, cheating blue eyes and pulled her veil off and said, “I can’t marry you.” John said, “What’s going on? What do you mean you can’t marry me?”

Erin said, “Well...I have to tell you...I had this REALLY horrible plan plotted against you for the last 7 know...the same time I found you in a scary massive lip lock with that no talent having whore Michelle McCool...And then heard you slip out at Mid-night just to slip into that nasty chocha of hers. I was so mad and upset about finding out that I wasted 2 good years on a cheating lying loser that I was going to go ahead and marry you then divorce you and take you for everything you had...”

Erin sighed heavy and said, “But that’s not me...I’ve never had a mean, rude, unfaithful, cheating lying bone in my body since I was born...Too bad I can’t say the same for your sorry ass...” Anthony through gritted teeth and said, “WHAT?” John’s eyes slowly closed as he suddenly remembered the very LARGE gentleman who was his best man was also his fiancé’s brother who could break him in half with two fingers.

Erin looked at Anthony and said, “I’ve got this covered...” Anthony smirked as he pulled his tie off and pulled the rose out of his lapel and tossed it over his shoulder...grabbed his now fiancé Lindsey and left the church.

John said, “I can explain.” Erin said, “I bet you can...But guess what...I don’t care to hear the truth...EVER. I don’t want to ever see you again...I don’t want to hear you either...This is no ones fault but your own. The sad thing is...I actually found someone who really loved me...someone who wanted me, because they didn’t want anyone else, but me. You’re pathetic John Cena. You are truly pathetic.”

Erin pulled her engagement ring off and walked over to the second pew and handed the ring and bouquet to Michelle McCool...and said, “Since you couldn’t keep your dick out of her...Marry her ass...Maybe she can help you get over that Impotence problem you’ve been telling me about...but of course...with as big a whore as she is...she probably gave you the STD that caused the impotence problem in the first place....Yea...I’d get that checked if I was you. When your dick turns green...that means that there’s something moldy in the nasty bitches coochie.”

Erin lifted up the front of her dress as she walked and laughed as she left the church...Erin started to open the door to leave, when it opened and Randy was standing there in black dress pants, dress shoes and a burgundy button down shirt, his soft blue eyes lit up as he came face to face with Erin. Erin grabbed Randy’s face and pulled him to her as she captured his lips in the softest of kisses he’d ever had...John witnessed the whole thing. Randy pulled back and said, “Wedding over already?” Erin smirked as she picked up her back from the back pew and said, “I couldn’t do it...Get me out of here please.”

Randy smirked as he held out his hand and she took it and he lead her over to his SUV rental. They drove all the way to the airport and flew back to Randy’s house in St. Louis. Erin was happy she found out John really wasn’t the one for her...But apparently when you least expect it and not looking for any one in particular...THE ONE finds you. At least that’s what she could tell her and Randy’s children and grandchildren as they had decided that growing old together with one person...wasn’t so bad after all.

I'm not always strong
And sometimes I'm even wrong
But I win when I choose
And I can't stand to lose

But I can't always be
The rock that you see
When the nights get too long
And I just can't go on

The woman in me
Needs you to be
The man in my arms
To hold tenderly
Cause I'm a woman in love
And it's you I run to
Yeah the woman in me
Needs the man in you

When the world wants too much
And it feels cold and out of touch
It's a beautiful place
When you kiss my face

The woman in me
Needs you to be
The man in my arms
To hold tenderly
Cause I'm a woman in love
And it's you I run to
Yeah the woman in me
Needs the man in you

Yeah the woman in me
Needs the man in you

I need you baby
Yeah yeah
Oh baby...

The End