Chapter 1


Her name was Katherine Black. 


She’d just graduated from Antioch University in Seattle Washington…She was on a greyhound bus back to La Push Washington where her family was from and waiting for her.  She was part of the Quileute Indian Tribe…as was her father Billy, her older brother Jacob, and their two older twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca.  Their mother Sarah had died years ago. 


She’d known her mother and grandfather died from cancer and had decided a long time ago she wanted to have an education in the medical field.  She was proud to have the title of nurse…She wasn’t too keen on trying to diagnose people but she loved helping them through their pain.  If she made a difference in one person’s life while they were in a hospital then it made her life complete.


All the happiness in the world didn’t really matter if he hadn’t been in her life for the 6 years she was away for college…She’d met him in anatomy class…appropriate right?  Of course it was appropriate to meet the man of your dreams in anatomy class just not very practical. 


They studied together and listened to each other’s stories of why they each wanted out of their educational lessons.  He’d watched a friend bleed to death when he was 17…A sort of freak accident where the girl fell down 2 flights of stairs and went through a window which severed her femoral artery in her thigh and she bleed to death before she could be least that was the story in the police report...The only people who knew the truth were the ones that had physically been there witnessing it.


His name was Edward…


Edward Cullen.  She couldn’t wait to get home in a couple of days she was going to call Edward and were going to make arrangements to meet each other’s families.  It was an absolute coincidence that he lived in Forks Washington which was about 10 minutes from La Push.


The next couple of days…possibly the next couple of weeks were going to be interesting.


Jacob looked at his father Billy and said, “You know she is going to be home soon.”  Billy looked at his only son and said, “Of course…What’s on your mind?”  Jacob said, “You know we have to tell her the truth…She has to know...She has a right to know pop.”  Billy said, “I know that son…Well tell her when it’s time…We don’t want to rush this and you know that…If we tell her at the wrong time…It could be either disastrous or she’d never forgive us for not telling her sooner.”


It had only been recently when Jacobs father Billy had to tell him the truth about his little sister Katherine...Billy knew the truth had to come about...Him and his wife had kept this secret for years even their children didn't know...That was until Jacob was cleaning out the attic one day for his father and found Katie's birth certificate...He almost couldn't believe his ears as his father was telling him the truth...The whole truth.


A lot of truths were about to be revealed in the Black household…some good…some not so good…and some potentially bad.


Chapter 2


The grey hound bus was pulling out of the La Push bus station.  Katherine stood there with her suitcase on the ground next to her.  As soon as the bus was all the way out of the parking lot a smile played on her lips as she saw her older brother Jacob leaning against the family truck.  Jacob jogged over and said, "Hey stranger need a ride?"  Katherine said, "If it isn't too much of a bother...Oh and by the way...When did you grow up?  You used to be a scrawny looking thing...Now you look as though you're ready to rip someone's head off." 


Jacob scooped his little sister up in a huge hug...As he placed her on her feet he kissed the top of her head and said, "C'mon dad's waiting."  As Jacob tossed her suitcase into the back of the truck Katherine climbed in on the passenger side and Jacob climbed into the driver side and took off for the house.


Once home she was greeted by her two older twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca and their father Billy.  They had dinner and talked about what college life had been like for the youngest member of their family.  She'd been gone for 6 years and had come back for Christmas every year, but other than that holiday she stayed at the college to keep her concentration where it should be on her education. 


Their father Billy finally said, "Why don't you go unpack and relax a little while we clean up the kitchen...I'd like to speak with you later tonight if it's possible."  Kate said, "Can that talk wait until tomorrow...I'm actually supposed to be meeting someone tonight."  Billy looked at his youngest and said, "Meeting someone?  Tonight?"  Kate started glowing from head to toe and said, "Yea...Well...I guess you guys are gonna find out sooner or later...I met someone at college...and he actually just happens to live in Forks...We started out as study partners for Anatomy class and then he asked me out for coffee one night and well after a year of being friends we started dating.  We've been dating for 5 years now and I think we're getting pretty serious." 


Billy was happy his youngest had found someone...He could tell by her sheer glow she was truly in love and he knew the talk could wait until morning.  Billy couldn't make her wait to see someone she clearly loved and sent her on her way. 


While Edward Cullen had been gone to college...His dad Carlisle had a home built for Edward.  He knew he was going to be working at the hospital with him and he would more than likely start dating soon...if he hadn't already and besides he had already had 2 other homes built for Emmet and Rosalie and Jasper and Alice.  Edward marveled at the house...He was within 5 miles of every family member he ever had in the Cullen family.  He couldn't wait to introduce them to Katherine.  Meeting her saved his life.  Loving her made him want to never harm another human as long as he lived.  It had been 6 years since Bella's death.  It still hurt to think of the pain she endured...but Kate had helped him get over that bump in his road.


Edward had called and told Katherine about the house Carlisle had built for him and gave her directions on how to get there.  Kate arrived and knocked on the door.  It was a particularly damp night...It had started raining just after dinner and there seemed to be no end in sight.  A few minutes later and the front door swung open and she was greeted by Edward.  She hadn't seen him in 2 weeks because of finals and plus state licensing getting board certified...Pretty much anything that could get in their way did the last 2 weeks of school.  Edward held out his hand and she took it...He pulled her into the house and closed and locked the door behind her...He smiled and said, "You never know what kind of undesirables are out there lurking."  He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she giggled as she accepted a soft kiss from him. 


Yes, Kate knew Edward and his family were vampires...It's why she laughed at the lurking undesirables statement...because he was one...Only he wasn't so undesirable...She desired to be in his arms all the time.  Just as he desired to be in hers as well.  When Edward first told her she was a little scared...but once she saw him...the real him...She couldn't possibly be afraid anymore.  Edward had shown her when it really meant to be loved.  When they started dating they couldn't say it enough to each other...and 5 years later...The 3 little words were still being uttered between them morning, noon, and night.  And all the times in between then as well.


Edward hung up her rain coat and umbrella and guided her through the giant house on a tour. 


Chapter 3


They un-packed Edward’s suitcases and boxes...afterwards they were staring out at the balcony...You could literally walk out the sliding glass doors onto the balcony and feel the rain air enter your lungs...It felt so refreshing. After they got settled they wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of the bed and just listened to the rain outside.


Kate was sitting between Edward’s legs sideways and he had his arms around her, nuzzling her Kate was kissing his arms, hands...Edward moved his hand down around her waist and clutched her tighter, still kissing and feeling. Kate shuddered when he pulled away. He smiled, looking at her and then ran the tip of his finger along her lips.  They were just enjoying each other as the rain made a soft tapping noise on the skylights in the bedroom.


Looking down, Edward saw her breasts silently rising up and down as she breathed.  Leaning in again, Edward, started to kiss and lick along her jaw, down her neck. So soft and warm was his mouth that she felt the need between her legs grow.  His lips traced a path along her collar bone and then down lower, until he reached the fabric of her shirt. Edward pulled down her neckline and started to softly kiss the tops of her breasts. He felt her fingers softly run through his hair, and heard her soft sigh.


Kate slowly turned in his arms so she could face him.  She felt his lips once more come crashing down on hers, as they roughly explored each other’s mouths. She ran her hands along his back, gripping at his shirt. Edward’s mouth moved and he kissed her once more down her jaw and neck, lowering towards her chest. She leaned back and let him lower her down onto the bed.


Kate felt the hem of her shirt being pulled up, and a soft and powerful hand glide up her inner left thigh.  Gasping, Kate clutched onto Edward’s shoulder harder as his mouth played on her clothed breasts, and also as she felt his hand slide up closer to her wet desire.

Edward moved back up to her mouth as he found what he was seeking. Pulling back the folds of fabric of her jeans and panties, he found the swollen lips of her wet desire. He pulled away from her face and looked into her eyes, as he gently slid one finger in the warmth and wetness.  But not too far he was well aware that he was starting to lust after her and he had no intentions of hurting her.


She gave a small groan and shut her eyes with pleasure as he rubbed softly, teasing her so gently that her breath was just barely above normal.  Edward found that secret spot, and gently played with it, watching her silently groan and gasp as she felt the need in her grow. Giving butterfly kisses across her face he withdrew his fingers and sank her into another deep inviting kiss.

Kate felt herself being pulled up again, her head swimming with desire and lust. She relished being held in Edward’s arms. He pressed against her, and Kate could feel the swelling cock underneath his jeans, begging to be let out. “Turn around,” Edward whispered, and he gently turned her so that she was facing him. Kate felt those strong hands, slowly sliding the shirt up along her body.


After what seemed like an eternity, Edward moved his hands gently over her arm, pushing the fabric off her body. Letting the shirt and bra fall to the hardwood floor.  Giving a smile, Edward rubbed her breast with his hand and kissed her. He felt the hardness of her nipple grow underneath his palm.  Then ran his hands down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled her shorts and panties down her long legs.


Moving back on the bed, he revealed his beautifully sculpted chest and hard nipples, as he discarded his shirt and jeans. Kate reached down and looked up to him as she knelt and he knew what she was about to do. Silently and so gently Kate took the tip of his desire into her mouth, kissing and licking it. Edward put his hands on her head and gave a soft moan as she took in more of his need.  Running her hands up his thighs and massaged them, causing him to moan louder under her torture. Kate took it in more, but then withdrew, licking up a bead of moisture that escaped the tip.

Kate drew up to face Edward, her hard nipples brushing against the now damp flesh of his chest. Drawing him into a hard passionate kiss, she felt his aching cock against her lower stomach. Pulling back, she then sat down on the bed. “Make love to me, Edward?” she said in a whisper.  Edward then leaned down to plant a kiss on her swollen lips, slowly making that now familiar trail of kisses down her neck. Cupping her left breast, he bit and sucked on her nipples, leaving them even harder than before. Edward heard her sigh, and felt her fingers in his silken hair.

Lower he went down her chest and to her stomach, and Kate felt her pulse racing faster as he found another new spot to explore. Shutting her eyes Kate felt those strong fingers part the lips of her swollen desire. He quickly found that spot which made her groan and shudder with just the slightest touches.  Edward’s tongue played with her clit, causing her to cry out louder, and feel things that she could never possibly have imagined before. He teased it so that Kate was near the edge, but not quite. Kate felt a finger enter her tight opening, and, groaning loudly, Kate gripped Edward’s head.

Feeling the familiar sensations, she pulled Edward away from her, and shifted back into the bed.  Seeing Edward kneeling before her made her heart stop. The moonlight gave him a soft glow.  Looking into her eyes, Edward positioned himself just right, and slowly entered her.


A gasp came from her lips as Kate felt his cock filling her, slightly rubbing against her barrier, and giving her ultimate ecstasy. Kate shifted slightly to get the best feel. Leaning down, Edward kissed her and Kate felt him withdraw ever so slightly, and then filled her again.  He was her everything...He had been her everything for the last 5 years...She'd given him her virginity 5 years ago when they first started dating...there was nothing more in the world she wanted to give him.

Edward steadied himself inside of her...She felt so good; the exquisite sensations caused by the caresses of her strong lover so incredible as to make her feel that they couldn’t be real.  Edward started slowly, and then started to increase his pace...he pumped harder into her, his cries and groans a mixture with hers. Her tight hot opening giving him so much pleasure, he leaned in and kissed her neck fervently, pumping harder into her, filling her.

With a hoarse cry, the world seemed to stop for her, and the spasms and waves of such pleasure crashed down on her, pushing everything else from existence. Left breathless, Kate felt Edward stiffen and heard him cry out, the last few intense thrusts he felt that blinding, earth shattering bliss of sensations as he emptied his cum into her.

All was still, except for the heavy breathing of the two lovers.


Finally, Edward withdrew and laid himself down beside his beloved, giving her a small kiss.  Looking into his eyes, Kate lightly traced his red lips, and brushed back the mussed hair. Such beauty and power lay there.  Curling his arm around her body, Edward held her close and kissed her one last time, and held her until they fell asleep. 


No words needed to be spoken to say how they felt about each other.


Chapter  4


In the morning, Kate was the first to wake up.  She was still completely naked from the night before...She remembered Edward waking her up at least 2 more times to make love over and over.  She had a delicious ache between her thighs as she slowly moved around and looked at Edward...He had a peaceful look on his face as she leaned down and kissed his lips softly and said, "I know you're awake."  Edward smiled and opened his eyes and said, "Was it that obvious?"  Kate giggled and said, "You're the one who told me you don't sleep ever."  Edward smiled again...He very rarely smiled so it was a treat for her to get him to do it more than once within a 10 minute period.


Edward looked deep into her eyes and read her mind and like always he was not surprised to see the only thing she had on her mind was loving him.  When they first met he couldn't read her at all and as they got to know each other more and more they would sit there and stare at each other for hours on end and she knew he was reading her mind...She always offered her mind to him...She never closed herself off to him.


Edward saw the one question in the back of her mind...she was burning to ask him and he chuckled and said, "So ask me already."  Kate laughed as she placed her chin on his stomach looking up at him and said, "When are we going to tell our families we got married a year ago?"  Edward made a face and said, "I don't know...We just both got back into town...Don't you think a shock like that would do them all in?"  Kate giggled and said, "I don't care...You already know you're it for me...You're all I'll ever need in my life...How are we supposed to be married and not live together...I mean we have to work at the hospital together...It's gonna be hard." 


Edward said, "Of course it's gonna be hard...We had to expect it to be hard Katherine...We didn't tell anyone we got married...Not even our friends at school...We have to be careful...I don't know what Carlisle will say when I tell him...You already know Carlisle and the others are gonna want me to turn you...But I refuse to do it before you're ready."  Kate touched Edwards cold cheek but could feel the warmth of love running through him.  Whenever she touched him she never shivered or gasped at his freezing skin...It was just something she had grown accustom too...That was one of the other reasons Edward had fallen in love with her...He could touch her at any given point and she didn't flinch or turn away...She always welcomed his hands, lips, arms or body...No matter what.


Meanwhile, It was 7:30 AM and Jacob was an early riser.  He pulled his jogging shorts and t-shirt on...Then his socks and sneakers...He looked in the mirror and was satisfied with his hair being a mess this early...He'd recently cut his long hair and was still trying to get used to having it so short...His best friend Jayla had talked him into it...She told him he looked like the shaggy dog.  Jayla had been his best friend all through high school and they had started dating on the down low...They'd been dating now for nearly 2 years.


Even when they were just friends Jayla would meet him at his house and they would go for their morning jog through the woods...The hills gave them good work out for their leg strengthening.  just basically made them better runners.


This morning was no different...Jacob walked out onto the porch and Jayla was sitting on the porch railing in her black SHORT running shorts and a white tank top with her ankle socks and running sneakers...Her long raven hair was pulled into a ponytail and braided down her back.  Her chocolate eyes were bright like the morning sunlight.  She smiled sweetly at Jacob as he walked over and softly kissed her lips and said, "Morning Beautiful."  Jayla smiled and said, "Morning Stud."  Jacob chuckled and said, "You ready?"  Jay smiled wickedly and said, "Aren't I always?"  As she brushed her index finger under his chin lightly teasing him.  Jacob made a biting motion towards her finger and Jayla let out a fake scream as she jumped over the railing of the porch and hit the ground running as Jacob smirked at her and followed in pursuit.


It was more of a competition between the two of them to see which one could reach their resting spot in the middle of the woods...It was a beautiful spot that they stopped for every morning and rested for 10 minutes before finishing their jog.  The sunlight's rays pushed its way through the trees and lit up the heavily wooded area.  And made the grass there appear greener than anywhere else. 


As the two slowed their pace once they reached their spot...they came to rest...heavy breathing...they were both fairly covered in sweat...trying to catch their breath...Jacob said, "I can't believe you beat me."  Jayla giggled and said, "Don't lie...I know you let me win."  Jacob said, "I have to let you win sometimes...Otherwise the chase is no fun."  Jayla said, "The chase huh?  I thought this was a work out."  Jacob smiled and said, "It started out that way but I can't help myself when your scent gets in my nose and then in my lungs..."  She knew her scent made Jake crazy...Their scents were one of the reasons they'd found each other so attractive.  And the scent got stronger when they would run together.


Jayla looked at Jacob and his eyes turned black with desire as he started walking towards her...She slowly started backing up from him and could smell his scent suddenly getting stronger...He watched as her pink tongue came out and wet her lips as her back suddenly went against a tree.  She smiled up at Jake and said, “I thought we were going to jog?”  Jacob smirked at her and she melted and he said, “We got half a work out in, but I decided I needed you more.” Jayla nodded and said, “Fully Agreed...”

Jacob pushed Jayla’s back into the tree harder but not enough to hurt her, as his mouth descended onto hers. She pulled his t-shirt from his torso and tossed it aside as it landed on the ground...Jacob pulled down the spaghetti straps of her tank top as his mouth latched onto her nipple. Her fingers running through his short dark hair as she moaned out from his administrations.  Jayla felt his hands on her thighs as he lifted her, she wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her against the tree with his pelvis.  Jayla was pushing his jogging shorts down as Jacob was pulling her shorts and panties to the soon as she freed his painful erection, he pushed it into her all the way...She gasped at the fullness she suddenly felt.

Jacob's hands gripped onto the tree, as she gripped his forearms and his pelvis took over for him, thrusting into her core...His lips nipped and kissed along her jaw line and neck as he whispered and grunted dirty thoughts into her ear...Jacob couldn’t handle it anymore he said, “Tell me you wanna cum baby...Tell me now...”  He growled into her ear...His growl could be felt through his whole body when they came together like this.  Jayla held on to him and through gritted teeth, “Please...Now...I need to cum for you...Now...Oh God...Fuck me...Fuck me until I cum hard for you.” Jacob picked up his pace and started thrusting into her as hard as he could and finally with an animalistic growl, they both started cumming harder then they’d ever done before...She could feel him cum splashing against her walls...and he could feel her cum coating his cock.

Jacob could feel his legs getting weak, but he refused to let her go...They stayed pushed against the tree breathing heavy, trying to come down from their sexual high...Jacob slowly let her slide down and onto her feet as he steadied her to lean against the tree...Jacob backed up and pulled his jogging shorts up and then proceeded to sit on the ground with a plop.  Jayla watched his chest go up and down...she fixed her shorts and shirt, when she was steady enough to walk; she leaned over and Jacob grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the grassy spot between his legs.  He caressed her face and she turned her head to the side and kissing the palm of his hand. Jacob leaned down and kissed her lips so softly. She could feel herself floating.

Jacob put his shirt on and Jay helped him stand up, he kissed her lips sweetly one more time and they continued on their morning jog.


Chapter 5


Billy smirked when he watched from the kitchen as Katherine snuck into the house and upstairs.  She must really be in love since he knew she never made it back to the house the night before.  He laughed even more as he heard the water kick on for the shower.  Once out of the shower Kate dressed and combed the snarls out of her long hair.  Edward was supposed to be taking her to meet his whole family tonight.  She couldn't wait...


She bounced down the stairs and came face to face with her whole family sitting at the dining room table.  Kate stopped by her father Billy as he sat just to the side of the head of the table...She was curious why...He always sat at the head of the table spot. Billy was to the right and Jacob was to the left...Rachel was next to Jacob and Rebecca was next to their dad.  Kate smiled and said, "Okay what's going on?"


Billy said, "Sit down my beautiful daughter...It's time for that talk."  Kate sat down quizzically.  Billy placed a book on the table and slid a piece of paper across the table and in front of Kate.  Kate looked down at the paper...It looked old...Kate said, "What is this dad?"  Billy swallowed hard and said, "Open it and read it please."  Kate slowly took the folded up piece of paper and opened it up...she started reading it...'Birth Certificate for: Katherine Marie Russett.'  The woman on the piece of paper had the same date of birth as Kate only she was born in Seattle Washington...Not La Push.


Kate said, "I don't understand...What's this have to do with me?"  Billy swallowed hard again and said, "That is you Kate."  Kate said, "What...What are you talking about?  What do you mean this is me?  I don't know who Alicia and Mike Russett are."  Billy said, "They are your biological parents...They died when you was 6 months old...Me and Sarah were good friends with them and they left it in their will if something happens to them you're to continue being raised by me and Sarah."


Kate could feel the tears slowly sliding down her cheeks as she said, "I don't understand...I thought...I thought I was part of this family...I thought you all were my family."  Jacob touched Kate's hand and said, "We are still your family Kate...Just an extended Family...not immediate."  Kate pulled her hand away from Jacob and said, "How could you keep this from me?  I don't understand..." 


Kate pushed away from the table and walked into the living room.  She ran her hand through her hair...Who was she supposed to talk to now...Her and Edward were close to telling both families only now Kate didn't have a real family to share her happiness with.  Who was she supposed to share her happiness with...Apparently Edward was going to be the only person she could share her happiness and love with..Just as it should be.


She looked back at the people sitting at the table, then picked up her car keys and purse and left the house.  She drove as fast as she possibly could.  When she arrived at Edward's he was standing outside...He'd had a flash of her thoughts as soon as she had started crying and could feel the pain in her heart and knew she was coming to him.  She got out of the vehicle and he immediately went to her and said, "What happened Katherine?  What is it?"  Kate looked up at Edward and said, "My family is not my own anymore."  Tear streamed down her cheeks as Edward led her into the house.


Edward got her up to the second floor of the massive house and sat her on the foot of their bed.  Edward knelt down in front of her and took both of her hands in his and said, "Explain."  Edward listened closely as his bride told him everything she'd learned in the last 15 minutes...Edward could hear the pain in her voice from thinking they were all her family...She'd grown up only knowing her dad, brother and sisters as her own.  The memories she had were of them only...and it pained her to know they weren't really hers.  She hadn't stayed long enough to find out if her parents had any brothers or sisters or anyone else...She had to leave...She couldn't stay there anymore.


Edward stood from his position on the floor and carefully moved Kate back onto the bed and held her in his arms as she continued to cry...Soon her tears dried and she calmed...Edward could tell by how calm she was she'd fallen asleep.  Edward held her tight...He wished he could heal her hurt heart but he knew he could only protect her from so much in life.


Chapter 6


The following morning, Edward pulled into the drive way where Katherine had directed him and was suddenly aware of where he was exactly.  Edward gripped the steering wheel and said, "I shouldn't have come with you."  Kate said, "What?  Why not?"  Edward said "Because I'm not allowed on Quileute land...It's part of the treaty we set with them years ago."  Kate looked towards the house and noticed her father, brother and sisters had walked out onto the porch and were staring at the silver Volvo with intent.


Kate said, "Edward..."  She touched his hand as it was gripping the steering wheel tighter.  It looked as though he was going to break his fingers off any second.  Edward broke eye contact with Jacob and looked over at his bride and he said, "Why didn't you tell me who your family was."  Kate looked down and said, "I didn't realize it was that big of a deal...besides they aren't my family...not anymore at least...You're my family now Edward."


Edward said, "You can't say that...They raised you...I know it hurts but still."  Kate said, "But still nothing...I was lied to for years...For all I know they could still be lying to me...They could've killed my family and kidnapped me...I'll never know the real story...What if they lied last night and my real family is still out there trying to find me?  What about that?"  Edward said, "Well figure it all out Katherine...I promise...But for right now you need to get your stuff and we have to get out of here...I'll explain everything once we get back to the house...But you have to just trust me right now."


Kate said, "I do trust you...always...I'm gonna go get my things."  Edward nodded as he watched her exit the vehicle.  She walked up the porch steps and Jacob was the first to confront her...Through gritted teeth he said, "What are you doing with that bloodsucker?"  Kate was taken back at first because Jake knew what Edward was...She looked down and then back up and then over at Billy and Billy cocked his head to the side and said, "He's the one...isn't he?"  Kate swallowed hard and nodded yes. Jacob looked between his dad and Kate and said, "He's who?"


Billy looked up at his son and said, "The one that Katherine has been dating for the last 5 years at college."  Jacob grabbed Kate by the upper arm and jerked her around to face him and said, "Tell me that's a joke!"  Kate winced at the pain as she was jerked around by Jake.  Kate couldn't say anything the vice grip Jake had on her upper arm was tight...she could feel her hand tingling...which meant he was holding her arm so tight it was cutting off the circulation.  Kate just shook her head no.


Suddenly a menacing voice behind them said, "Let her go." 


All eyes landed on Edward...He was standing outside of the car and his eyes had blackened even more if that was possible.  He had read Kate's mind and knew Jacob was hurting her.  Kate wrenched her arm out of his hand and went inside and ran to her room and shoved all her clothes into a suitcase.  As she ran back downstairs Jacob closed the door before she could make it outside and said, "I can't let you leave here with him...You know what he is...He won't let you live...You're my sister for God sake."


Kate pushed Jake with her hand and said, "I'm not your sister...I never was...It was only pretend...We were never family."  Jacob felt the sting of her words in his heart and said, "Were the only family you've ever known...How could you say something that heartless?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the crowd you're running with...You do know he will kill you."  Kate said, "He's not going to kill me...He loves me."  Kate waited until Jacob moved from the front door and opened it and walked out.  Kate said, "He's not going to kill me..." 


Jacob was losing his temper fast and yelled, "HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU...HE LOVES THE HUNT!"  Billy said, "Calm down son."  Kate walked down the stairs and stopped when Jacob said that. 


Chapter 7


Kate turned and looked at Jacob and said, "Yes he does love me...Do you know how I know he won't hurt me?  How I know he'll never kill me?  How I know he'll let me live forever?"  Jacob rolled his eyes in disgust and said, "How?"  Kate looked at Edward who had taken his place beside her incase he had to protect her...then she looked back at her so called family and said, "Because...We got married...A year ago...And because I love him...Because I know he'll do everything in his power to protect me from the things that go bump in the night...I know what he is and I'm not afraid of him..."


Kate looked down at her right arm and lifted her shirt sleeve up...Jacob's fingers were already leaving bruises on her arm because of how tight he was holding her arm.  Kate looked at Jacob and said, "Unlike you."  Then looked at Billy and said, "And you...You waited for so long just to tell me you weren't my real family...All those years of lying...Why did you tell me at all?  Were you ashamed of having me as your daughter?" 


Billy said, "No of course not Katherine...I was extremely proud to have you in my family...I just knew you had a right to know...I didn't want you to find out from anyone else but us...The tribal council they were not happy when Sarah and I brought in an outsider and I was afraid someone who wasn't your family would tell you...Not only that but..."  Edward could read his mind...he was going to tell her about them being werewolves.  Billy looked at Edward and knew he was reading him and just nodded.


Edward looked down at his bride and said, "The Quileute tribe are the descendants of werewolves...They are shape shifters, they go from being human one second to a werewolf the next...And they kill vampires."  Kate's eyes near shot out of her head as Edward grabbed her hand cause he knew she was automatically scared for him.  Edward said, "They can't hurt me or the rest of my family...We have a treaty with them."


Jacob said, "This is such crap dad!  We can't just let her leave with that filthy bloodsucker.  He's going to kill her. SCREW THE TREATY!"  Billy tried to grab Jacob's arm before he jumped over the porch railing and phased into a wolf...snarling and growling as he slowly crept closer to the couple...


Edward slowly moved Kate behind him...he wouldn't allow her to get hurt because of him...


Kate looked in his Jake's eyes and said, "Look in my eyes...He's never going to hurt me...He wouldn't dare...He loves me with all his heart...And I love him as well...I wouldn't have accepted what he is if I didn't...Please don't."  Jacob could see her pleading eyes and knew it would break her heart if he hurt Edward...Especially if he did it in front of her.  Maybe he should just wait until the filthy bloodsucker was night in the woods he would just lay and wait for him and just be done with him for good.


Jacob wouldn't dream of hurting his sister...He just wanted to rip Edward Cullen's head off...As Jake leapt into the air straight for Edward...Kate pushed in front of Edward as fast as she could and screamed "STOP!"  Jacob's teeth snapped closed inches from Kate's face and she watched as his breathing became heavy.


Kate looked down and then back into Jake's eyes and tears slowly slid down her cheeks said, "You can't hurt him Jake...If you kill him...My baby won't have a father..."


Billy, Rachel, Rebecca all gasped at what they'd heard...Was it true...Was she really...Could she really be...


Edward exhaled while looking down at his bride and said, "What?"  Kate looked at her husband with loving eyes and said, "Surprise."  Edward was just suddenly aware of what he was protecting now...And what was at stake.


Jacob started growling again and Kate turned to him and said, "Or a mother...because I refuse to live without him in my life for even one second."


Edward said, "Are you really sure?"  Kate looked back at Edward as she touched his hand and nodded and said, "Yes...I found out before we left campus...I was going to tell you last night before you took me to meet your family...but we never went...and all this mess."  Edward breathing was ragged he was suddenly aware of what he just could've lost...he cupped Kate's face in his hands and said, "You just jumped in front of a wolf who was going to kill me...Are you insane?"


Kate noticed his eyes had gone from jet black to golden again and said, "Yes...Edward...I married you...I took the same vows you took...You live...I live...You die...I die.  That's just the way it's going to be.  I love you."  Edward said, "I love you too."  As he wrapped his arms around his bride with his face buried in her neck taking in her pregnancy scent...She was hiding it from him with her perfume but when he got close to a spot on her neck without the perfume he could smell her pregnancy hormone.  He couldn't hold her tight enough to his body.


When they parted Billy said, "Where did Jacob go?"  Rachel said, "Off to the woods...I imagine he's upset with himself right now."  Rebecca said, "Or off the plot how to kill Edward."  Billy said, "BECCA!"  Rebecca said, "You never know dad...It's possible."  Billy said, "Edward...Get Katherine home...Kate we'll talk more later."  Kate smiled softly and nodded.


Edward helped Kate into the car as he left for home.  The place he knew he could protect her fully...On the way there he called Carlisle and told him they needed a family meeting...Tonight.


Chapter 8


Kate and Edward arrived at the house 3 minutes before Carlisle and the rest of the Cullen Clan.  Edward had fished Kate's ring out of his pocket and pushed it onto her left ring finger...It was a single blue diamond in the shape of a tear drop on a silver band.  Edward had started a fire because he'd seen Kate shiver and knew she only shivered when she was cold.  They stood in front of the fireplace and Edward took both of her hands in his and said, "Promise me something..."  Kate smiled softly and said, "Anything." 


Edward said, "The stunt you pulled at the Black's today...Jumping in front of me when Jacob came after me...Don't ever do that again...I can protect myself and I have to protect you...Especially now."  As he touched her lower abdomen softly with the palm of his hand.  Kate said, "I know you have to protect me and I also know you have to turn me now...but I want you to know...No matter what I will always protect you Edward...When it comes to Jacob...He would never dream of hurting me...Now you on the other hand...I know he wants to hurt you and I can't allow that to happen.  You are too much of an important part of my life and always will be."


Edward said, "Just the same...Don't be stubborn and don't ever throw yourself in front of me again...Especially when a monster is charging us...Please just promise me that."  Kate could see the look in Edwards eyes...He was extremely scared of losing her...Kate nodded and said, "Okay...I promise."  Edward kissed her lips softly as she door bell rang through the house.  Kate smiled and said, "You better get that...It's gonna be your family."  Edward nodded as he kissed her lips one more time and walked to the front door. 


Kate sat on the fireplace stoop and could already feel herself getting warmer.  A few moments later and she was joined by Edward and six other people as pale white as Edward was...Kate stood up and smiled as Edward was back by her side again.  Carlisle walked up and said, "You must be Katherine...We've heard so much about you from Edward."  Kate shook his hand and he said, "This is my wife Esme. These are my other sons Emmett and that's Jasper...And my daughters are Alice and Rosalie." 


Kate shock hands with all of them but Rosalie.  She wouldn't shake her hand and rolled her eyes.  Rosalie finally spoke up and said, "Why are we doing this again?  Didn't we try this already with..."  Carlisle raised his voice "ROSALIE!  I thought we had an understanding...Anyone who is with Edward is part of this family and you will treat her as such."


Kate said, "You mean with Bella."  Esme said, "You know about...her?"  Kate nodded and said, "Yea...When Edward and I decided to start dating...He explained to me about Bella...We decided to be completely honest with each other...Keeping secrets is not the way to start a lifetime relationship."  Carlisle said, "Lifetime?"  Edward said, "A year ago...We..."  Alice piped in and said, "Married...You guys got married!"  Rosalie said, "WHAT?"  Carlisle said, "Is this true Edward?"


Edward looked at Kate and she said, "Yes...It is...And...Were gonna have a baby."  Edward said, "That's what we wanted to talk with you about..."  As Edward pulled Carlisle aside to speak with him about Jacob Black.  Esme being the mother figure embraced Kate in a huge loving hug, along with Alice, Emmett and Jasper...Rosalie stood there with her arms folded across her chest glaring at the human who had gotten into her brother's heart and mind.  She wanted to be nice...she really did.


Carlisle stood looking at his son...He knew until their changed Kate the whole family would have to rally around her and protect her...Edward could read Jacob's thoughts...And they were bad...Really bad...He wanted to kill Edward with every fiber of his being and cause Kate to have a miscarriage so she couldn't bring another vampire into the world and get her away from the Cullen family once and for all and get her back to Quileute land so her family could keep her safe forever.


Suddenly the house went pitch black.


Chapter 9


Edward yelled out, "Katherine!"  Kate could hear him but she couldn't see him.  Kate said, "Edward I'm in the living room still."  He was by her side within seconds.  Suddenly the windows in the living room, den and foyer shattered...Edward threw his arms around Kate and turned them so Kate was facing the back of the house to protect her from the flying shards of glass.  Edward said, "Esme, Rosalie, Alice I need you." 


Esme, Rosalie and Alice went over to Edward and Kate and Edward said, "Kate you stay with them...They will protect you...I'm gonna go check on the electric while Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper check for anyone in the house."  Edward kissed her lips and grabbed a flashlight and took off outside.  Esme, Rosalie and Alice surrounded Kate making sure she was in the middle of them.  Carlisle started going through the house as Emmett and Jasper started checking the grounds outside.



And I'd give up forever to touch you,
Cause I know that you feel me somehow.
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be,
And I don't want to go home right now.

And all I can taste is this moment,
And all I can breathe is your life,
And sooner or later it's over,
I just don't want to miss you tonight.

And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.



A few minutes later and Edwards body came flying through the living room window.  Edward flipped around and landed on his feet...Kate said, "Edward...No don't!" Edward looked over at Katherine then locked eyes with his mother and said, "Esme you keep her keep her safe."  Esme nodded as she watched as a wolf walked into the house through the living room window.


Edwards eyes had blacked over completely...This was not going to be good.  Within a blink the wolf pounced on Edward knocking him to the ground...Edwards hands went up and around the wolf's giant muzzle to keep him from biting him.  The giant paws came down on Edwards ribs...Edward moved a little and flipped over putting the giant animal into a headlock.  He also grabbed both of the animals ears in one hand pulling them back.  Edward said, "Jacob...I'm not going to hurt her...She is my life...She's the only reason I breathe...She's the oxygen in my lungs.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for her...There is no one I wouldn't kill to protect her...I need you to hear me...Because I know you can hear me...I love her...She's my wife.  She's the closest thing to Angel from Heaven that I'll ever get to see...I love her."



And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming,
Or the moment of the truth in your lies.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive.

And I don't want the world to see me,
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.



Without notice the wolfs back foot came up and swiped Edward in the back of the head violently, making Edward let go...The wolf jumped to all fours and pounced on Edward again this time gripping him around the throat with his vice grip jaws and pinning him down under the weight of the huge monster.  Jacob could feel Edwards breathing slowing down and he continued to tighten his jaws around his throat... 'Just a little more longer.' Jacob thought, 'And he'll be out of my life forever.'  Edwards words started ringing in his ears... 'She's the closest thing to Angel from Heaven that I'll ever get to see...I love her.'  Jacob's breathing started calming down and he let go of Edward's throat and took off out of the house.


Kate pushed her way between Rosalie and Esme and ran to Edwards side.  She touched his face and she couldn't believe it...he actually felt colder than what he normally felt.  She touched his chest and it wasn't moving...He wasn't breathing.  Kate said, "Edward...C'mon talk to me please..."  Alice yelled out, "Carlisle...CARLISLE!"  Carlisle was by their sides within seconds along with Emmett and Jasper.  They just stood in a circle and watched as Carlisle hit his knees and was checking for some kind of breath from his son...He couldn't lose his youngest he just couldn't.



And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.

And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am.
I just want you to know who I am.



Carlisle slowly moved his hand over Edwards eyes closing them as he looked at Kate and said, "I'm sorry Katherine...He's already gone." 


Chapter 10


Carlisle stood staring at his son's body laying on the cold slab in the morgue.  He couldn't believe he was actually gone.  Katherine had been completely beside herself.  Her pain filled sobs echoed in Carlisle's ears...It felt like a bad dream or a random memory from someone else's life...But surely not his.  Carlisle had appointed himself as in charge of Edwards funeral...So to speak...They were going to have to cremate him.  He had taken Edwards body to the Morgue of the hospital without anyone knowing.


Suddenly Carlisle had a thought...He saved Edwards life years ago by biting him...Had it been too long?  Had Edward been gone too long to try it?  Carlisle stared at Edward and figured it was worth a shot...He grabbed Edwards hand and leaned over as he felt his fangs drop...He found the sweet spot on Edwards neck...The same place he'd bitten him all those years ago...He slowly clamped down on Edward and injected the venom...Hoping it would work its magic like last time.  He pulled back and continued to stare at his son.


Within 30 seconds Edward's eyes snapped open as his lungs filled with air and he gasped out loud. 



I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cried
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie
Is made up on your side
When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear

To always get me through the day
And make it ok

I miss you



His eyes went from black to their natural golden color.  As Edward coughed trying to keep the air in his lungs.  He finally calmed his breathing and he looked around the room...looked down and noticed he was laying on a metal table.  Edward looked over and saw Carlisle standing there and said, "Carlisle...Why am I on a metal table in a...Where exactly am I and why?"  Carlisle smiled softly and said, "I can't believe it worked...I just don't believe it."  Carlisle touched the top of Edward's head and Edward gave him a funny look as he sat up.


Edward said, "Okay...What's going on...And...Where are my clothes?"  Edward was suddenly aware he only had on his boxer briefs.  Carlisle said, "You was dead Edward...You were dead and I bit you and injected the venom into you again and...and...and now you're alive...Well...In a manner of speaking."  Edward was trying to make heads or tails of the gibberish that Carlisle was rambling on about. 


Edward was finally getting Carlisle's gibberish in his head and jumped down from the table in front of his dad and said, "Carlisle...(Carlisle stopped and looked at his son quizzically)...Katherine?"  Carlisle's eyes lit up as he said, "She's fine...Listen you need to get some nourishment in your body now to get your strength back."  Edward nodded as he pulled his pants on and then buttoned up his royal blue shirt and cuffed his sleeves to just below his elbows.



I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do,
Reminds me of you,
And the clothes you left

They lie on the floor
And they smell just like you
I love the things that you do
When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
And When you're gone
The words I need to hear

To always get me through the day
And make it ok

(I miss you )



Katherine looked around their bedroom...she sat in the middle of the bed all night long...Esme had urged her not to stay there because of the windows that had been broken out she didn't want her to freeze to death over night...Katherine re-assured Esme she'd be warm enough...even if she had to set the whole house on fire and burn it to the ground...She'd stay warm.  Edward's t-shirt that he usually slept in so his cold skin wasn't against her all night was sitting at the foot of the bed...She picked it up and held it to her face and inhaled deeply...It still smelled like him...She expected him to walk through the bedroom door and give her a strange look like he always did when she would smell his shirts.


Katherine walked down stairs and started sweeping up the glass in the living room...She looked at all the shiny pieces of glass all over the place.  She noticed one of the big mirrors had shattered as well.  She picked up a piece of the broke mirror and looked at herself in it...Her eyes were blood shot from crying all night and not getting enough sleep the night before.  She could do it...She could cut her wrists and let herself bleed out.  Or shove the piece of glass into the side of her neck.  things between her and Jacob weren't over...Not by a long shot...He killed her husband and she was bound and determined to let the Cullen's turn her and she was going to avenge her husband's death.  Brother or no brother.


Kate was pulled from her thoughts as all the Cullen's except Carlisle suddenly appeared out of nowhere and Alice was the first to speak up as she gently took the piece of glass from Kate's hands and said, "You know Edward wouldn't have wanted that."  Kate smiled weakly and said, "I know...Besides...I want you guys to turn me...Edward was going to do it...but he can't...I want you guys to finish the job."  Esme said, "Katherine...Are you sure about that?"  Kate swallowed hard and said, "Absolutely...You're all my family now...You're all I've got left...Besides this baby."  Esme nodded add said, "I'll run it by Carlisle first but I'm sure given the circumstances he won’t see any problem with it.”



We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were
Yeah, yeah
And all I ever wanted

Was for you to know
Everything I do

I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe

I need to feel you here with me




Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper continued to clean up the house as Esme and Alice walked to the front of the house and Kate said, "I'm gonna go for a walk...I need some fresh air."  Esme and Alice both nodded their understanding and went into to help the rest.  Kate walked around the outside grounds.  Carlisle came into the house and straight to Esme and said, "Where's Katherine?"  Esme said, "I don't know...Did I work?"  Referring to the re-biting idea that Esme had asked Carlisle if it would work on Edward.  Carlisle smiled softly and nodded yes.  The other Cullen children knew exactly what Esme was talking about because she had let them know...Esme said, "Where is he?"  Carlisle said, "Outside hunting and then looking for Katherine."  The Cullen clan started to run outside when Carlisle jumped in front and said, "Let him and Katherine be."


Kate was looking at all the trees in the surrounding woods that surrounded the entire house...  She couldn't believe Edward was really gone.  Kate looked up to the sky...It looked like rain as always...She closed her eyes and felt the cool breeze on her face.  A voice called out, "KATHERINE!"  It echoed through the woods.  Kate's eyes snapped open as she looked around and saw a figure standing on top of the hill above the house.  As the figure walked out of the shadows and into partial light Katherine could see it was Edward.  Kate breath caught in her throat as she hit her knees trying to breathe. 


Edward went to her as fast as his legs would carry him when she fell to her knees...He stood within an inch of her and dropped to his knees in front of her.  He watched as her hands were shaking and her chest was rising and falling so fast she thought her lungs were going to explode...Katherine's shaky hand came out and she flexed her fingers a couple of times scared she was seeing a ghost and feared her hand would go straight through his body...She finally pushed herself to touch his chest.  When her hand touched something solid tears slid down her cheeks in waves.  Edward immediately pulled her into his arms as she cried harder.



When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
And When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
And When you're gone
The words I need to hear

Will always get me through the day
And make it ok

I miss you...



Edward slowly got to his feet while picking up Katherine in his arms...He could read her mind...She had contemplating ending it all without him by her side...He would have to remember to thank Alice later for stopping her.  He carried her into the house and up to the bedroom where he laid her on the bed and said, "I'm gonna go get rid of everyone else...You calm down because it's not good for the baby for you to be so upset...I'll be right back."  Kate nodded and watched as Edward disappeared out of the room.


Emmett and Jasper had gotten the broken windows boarded up with plywood until the windows could be replaced and Edward made sure to hug each and every one of his family members and thanked Rosalie, Alice and Esme personally for protecting the most important person in his life...His wife.  After they left Edward re-joined his wife in bed making sure to hold her as close to his body as he could...Never wanting to leave her side ever again. 


Suddenly Edward realized within a matter of moments his wife could've lost him for good...He also realized he could've just as easily lost her too...And he was never going to put either of them in that kind of situation...ever again...And he never did.


The End