Strong Enough




Chapter 1


“The Women’s International Boxing Association announced today that 3 time heavy weight champion Kira Fox was thrown out and banned from the boxing ring ever again...Apparently the 20 year old boxer was found positive after being tested for enhancement drugs. Miss. Fox claims to have been set up and is fighting the case with a few lawyers, but sources say the outlook on Miss Fox being let back into the organization is pretty far fetched.”

Kira kept running that news piece through her mind for the last 3 years...she was 23 now...and a personal trainer...but she longed to be more...she was engaged to a loser boyfriend, who she knew was cheating on her, but somehow couldn’t prove it.

Kira was never one to take drugs and especially not enhancement drugs...the trainer who had taken her blood was her ex-boyfriend of all of about 3 seconds...he was still pissin’ and moanin’ because she told him she wanted to concentrate on her career now.

He told her soon after she was banned from the sport and boxing ring that now she had time for a which she proceeded to knock him out...

What? Like he didn’t deserve it? Yeah right.

He later served her with a restraining order and a law suit, claiming assault, because she failed her drug test...

Boxing was her whole life, she started at the young age of 13...she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her whole life...she went pro at 17 and won her first heavy weight championship from Laila Ali at 18. Laila and her had actually passed the belt back and forth a couple of times and would even train together...but when the drug charges came up...Laila didn’t believe her about not using drugs and turned her back on her.

Now here she was 3 years later 6 am, on her morning job as always...knowing that when she got to her apartment, she had already packed her bags and was leaving for a state unknown. She just decided she was going to start driving and not look back...and where ever she stopped and felt comfortable...that’s where she’d stay.

Kira walked into the apartment, and threw the keys on the counter. She walked into the bed room and was disgusted when she finally caught her fiancé cheating on her with little Miss Apartment 3A sucking him off in their bed.

He jumped up and they started arguing and yelling. Kira took the last straw when he said she was a dried up boxer who’d lost her stuff the day they kicked her out of the WIBA.

Kira felt the words sting but her creepy boyfriend felt her right fist as she pulled back and hit him so hard she was sure she either left a dent or his mother would get a bruise.

She shrugged as she looked at him laying on the floor...she showered and got dressed and as she was leaving...she laughed to herself when she noticed he was still knocked out.

She started driving, staring at the road...watching the mini u-haul in her review mirror and thinking she couldn’t wait to get out of the state of California. Anything was better then there. Anything.


Chapter 2


4 weeks later Samantha Fox had been signed up and was taking training classes on how to be a wrestler in Houston Texas. The teacher was some huge tattooed guy who preferred his students to refer to him as either Mr. Callaway or Taker. His business partner went by Mr. Michaels or HBK.

Sami wasn’t sure of who they were in the wrestling world...but she’d over heard the other students talking about them...said they were so famous even famous people kissed their ass. Sami being as hard headed as ever...stuck to her training and kept to herself.

Mark walked into his office after dismissing the students for the evening...Shawn walked in and said, “Have you noticed uh...what’s her name...The one every one calls Hollywood.” Mark pinched the bridge of his nose...he could feel the headache starting.

Mark nodded and said, “You mean Samantha Fox. There’s something about that girl...She’s always on the money with her moves, like she’s done it before...she’s to calm in the ring...Most people when they get in the ring with one of us are scared shitless...she acts like it’s no big deal.”

Shawn nodded and said, “Yea...she’s fearless and real comfortable...But she knows her shit. The only other thing that worries me is she stands against her opponent like they are boxing instead of wrestling.” Mark scratched at the go-tee covering his chin and nodded in agreement...Mark said, “Yea, I noticed that...”

A month later, after doing 500 squats, Samantha stood leaning against one of the four ring posts waiting for her other classmates to get past 350 squats. Mark stood in the corner and talked between him and Shawn and he said, “She just did 500 squats in 20 minutes...everyone else is on 350.”

Shawn said, “There’s something about that girl that is definitely weird. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something there about her...that we don’t know...she’s so with drawn, unlike everyone else who’ve formed bonds with their classmates...She acts like a loner. Wonder what she’d be like if we stuck her in tag team training?”

Mark saw the wheels turning and said, “I can’t imagine, but it’s worth a go. If she can’t team play she’s in the wrong sport.”

Sami wasn’t stupid...she could see the two men talking in their corner and knew immediately they were talking about her...She could just imagine what they were trying to decide what to do with her. Unfortunately she’d have to wait to find out.

Her cell phone started they were released for a break. Sami walked out and went into Kira mode as she opened her flip phone and said, “This is Kira.” As her lawyer spoke to her on the phone she had to come up with a plan...

Going from Kira mode back to Sami was a short trip as she walked back through the door of the training facility as training continued.

Sami finished showering after training and went to the trainers office and knocked, Mr. Michaels opened the door and invited her in...she walked in and cleared her throat and said, “Excuse me Mr. Callaway...May I speak with you?”

Mark furrowed his brow at the young lady and motioned for her to sit down and said, “Have a seat Miss Fox.” Sami said, “I’d rather stand...what I have to say won’t take long...and then I need to leave.” Mark nodded and said, “Okay speak.” His gruff voice aggravated her, but his southern accent turned her on.

Sami sat her cell phone down on the edge of the desk and said, “I have to leave for a week...I’ve got some family business to attend to dealing with my mother...I have t go back to California for it...but it shouldn’t take longer then a week.”

Mark scowled and said, “That’s won’t be missing much this week...and I’ll keep you after for a few hours the week you come back to show you what you missed...Miss Fox...don’t make a habit out of missing weeks for family business.”

Sami quirked an eye brow and said, “Yes sir.” As she turned and left.

Mark saw her phone and picked it up and hit the redial on it...then wrote the number down and closed it back up and put it back on the edge as a knock came from the door and Samantha poked her head in and grabbed her cell and left.

Shawn smiled and said, “I didn’t know I was working with a genius.” Mark smirked as Shawn’s wife Kelly walked up and leaned against Shawn and said, “Who’s a genius?” Shawn laughed and said, “Mark.” Mark laughed and picked up the phone dialing the number...when the voice of a chipper young lady said, “Mullin & Morris Law Firm how may I direct your call?” Mark said, “ just called my sister Miss Fox...what was it concerning?”

The lady said, “Her assault case...she’s not likely to make it through without serious consequences.” Mark gruffed out a ‘thank you’ and hung up.

Mark explained it to Shawn and said he’d get to the bottom of it when she got back. Kelly said, “That’s low Mark...Leave her alone...” Mark scoffed and dismissed the conversation...he hated being lied to...he’d been cheated on by his ex-wife and his money stolen by an old accountant now rotting in jail...but the one thing he hated...the one thing he could stand for...that he would never accept was being lied too.


Chapter 3


It had been a long and grueling week in California...Sami was moving around the ring with ease…but Mark looked at her and could see she was physically tired. Mark had still not yet confronted her about the whole lying thing.

The more Mark watched her the more he noticed little things about her…she had amazing blue eyes and the longest brunette hair with hints of blonde highlights through out it. She’d also been so physically tired that she had deep circles under her eyes.

Mark knew she was nausea from being tired because she popped a couple of chewable Pepto Bismols. Mark was highly impressed cause she didn’t say a word about it…she never bitched about anything like the others would groan about having the run 15 miles…Sami would just start running…

Mark and Shawn had decided to drop a bomb on all of them today…Mark had all of them stand in front of the ring as he leaned against the top rope staring down at them.

Mark said, “Well…Ladies and Gentlemen…Today were having a little competition…those of you who survive will continue training here…those of you who don’t…don’t bother coming back tomorrow.”

A few groans, but he watched as Samantha started stretching out her muscles…somehow she knew what was coming next…Mark leered a little and said, “Well…You guys are going to run 100 miles today…those who can’t make it through the whole 100 miles, back to this facility…don’t bother coming back to train tomorrow.”

All Sami could think was GREAT...Just one more thing to deal with today. Sami walked over and pushed her foam covered ear buds in her ears turned the volume up and hit the button on the little mini radio and switched it to her favorite Texas station.

Mark opened the doors and watched as everyone started the 100 mile run. Mark watched as Sami lead the students through the whole run...about the last 30 miles she really took off...she was close to 40 feet away from them...she was still going at the same pace...the other students were just starting to get tired...Sami didn’t even look like she was breaking a sweat yet.

She was the first to get back to the facility obviously. Mark watched as she walked in and threw a towel over her shoulder and watched as she stretched out her muscles to relax her body and cool down before she went in and took a shower.

Mark walked up and said, “Everything go okay with your mother Miss Fox.”

Sami cringed...she hated being called Miss Fox. She looked up and said, “A little grueling but I survived...Just like always.” Mark said, “Congratulations on sealing your position with the training continuation.” Sami smiled and said, “Thanks...But do you really think I’m that stupid?”

Mark glared at her and said, “Excuse me?”

Sami wiped her forehead and said, “The tag team training...the 100 mile run...the whispering you and Mr. Michaels do? For someone who seems highly sure do like to act like a dumb redneck.” Mark planted his hands on his hips and his rough voice said, “That so?”

Sami took a step closer to Mark and said, “Yea...I know you got the number off my cell phone the night I left it in your office...My lawyers secretary informed me about my brother calling...which would be hard for him to do considering he’s been dead for...oh...10 years.”

Sami squared her shoulders and said, “Look...I came to get trained to wrestle...not have my private life thrown all over the training facility...Keep your nose outta my personal life.”

Mark smirked and said, “Who’d ya a bad temper? Wanna assault me?” Sami said, “You don’t know me...You don’t have a clue what I’ve been through in my life...You want to know something then you ask me now...don’t go behind my back and snoop in my personal life.”

Mark said, “Why did you lie?” Sami said, “That’s it’s none of your business.” Sami flipped the towel over her shoulder again and said, “Oh by the congratulations are necessary...I’ve been running 100 miles a day since I was 15. I could have won this 100 mile bullshit competition backwards... with... my... eyes... closed.”

Sami walked off into the locker room and showered and left, wondering what the next days training would bring.


Chapter 4


Mark sat at his desk thinking to himself...There was something about Miss Cocky Fox that he didn’t like...she was too independent for his likes...and the fact that she tried to play off the hurt in her eyes when she mentioned her dead brother so casually. Maybe she wasn’t as bad a bitch as he was first thinking...but then again she had a point...he didn’t know her.

He’d come to look at her as one of the toughest women he’d ever met...his second wife Sara wasn’t as tough as this little spit fire...there was something different about Samantha she had a lifetime of pain...and only a few moments of joy throughout her whole life.

Mark wet his lips with the tip of his tongue as he thought about Miss Fox in her skin tight shorts and tank top that she wore every day...she had a nice tight ass and great shapely legs that seemed to enforce the fact she was 5’11”...she had absolutely amazing abs on her...she was around 135/140...Her arms and legs were tones with muscles...but she’d kept on a really strict diet.

Every time Mark put her in a full contact hold, having her well shaped breasts and body pressed against his chest or bare arms or when she attached him from always seemed to make him sweat a little more...He couldn’t lie...she was a beautiful woman...some what of a bad attitude...but he’d break her soon...and she’d learn some kind of respect for him and the business.

Sami wasn’t stupid...she knew eventually, with as big and as dominating as Mr. Callaway was, he’d try to tame her California attitude. But it wasn’t a California attitude that she was just a presence about her...

Sami was a take no shit from anyone kind of girl...which would be why she knocked her ex-boyfriend out when he made the test show her positive for drugs, and why she knocked the shit out of her ex-fiancée cause he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

It was true she had a bad temper...but only when she was provoked...even during a fight she never lost her temper...she was boxing for her livelihood. She knew if she didn’t win...she wouldn’t get paid...She had started boxing because when she would watch TV with her brother he would tell her she could whip anyone’s ass...She knew it was not because she was tough, but because mentally she was stable enough to train so hard and be someone, make something of her life.

After her twin brother died from pneumonia when they were just 13...she’d decided then and there she wanted to be a not only win for her family’s name but also win for her beloved brother...she missed him so much...when he was sick her parents being bible beaters, said the lord would heal their son...and denied him medical attention and medicine for the pneumonia...his fever spiked at 110 degrees and basically fried his brain. He slipped into a coma and 3 days later his body gave up and he died 3 days after his 13th birthday.

Sami took it the hardest...she mourned her brother for years...still mourning him now around the time of their birthday. Their parents said ‘God wanted him...God took him.’ Sami rolled her eyes and said, ‘God only took him because her parents were stupid.’

Five years later around Sami’s 18th birthday, her parents got on a plane to vacation and never returned home. The plane crews scoured the mountains, forests and Oceans...but there was never any sign. A year later, the plane washed up to a beach, broken in half...empty. The most authorities could figure out is somehow they crash landed into the ocean and it literally broke in half and the passengers were probably eaten by sharks.

Sami cringed as she took another hard bump from Mr. Redneck himself. Apparently he was taking out his frustrations on her for her smart mouth a few weeks ago.

Mark panted and watched as Sami slowly got to her feet...he was wearing her down. He was gonna make her cry if it was the last thing he did...He wanted to embarrass her and humiliate her.

Sami knew he was trying to prove he was the ‘alpha-male’...She would dare give up or quit...he’d have to kill her first...and all Sami could think was ‘he’s close’.


Chapter 5


Shawn watched as Mark worked over the girl who’d proved to every one she was made for the business...Mark had told him about what she’d said to him after the 100 mile run...and Shawn said he’d have to give her a hand...she was quite intelligent...though he wasn’t too sure how intelligent for pissing off the biggest man in the wrestling business.

Shawn cringed visibly as he watched Sami take another harsh bump from Mark...every time her spine him the matt before the rest of her...he could almost feel her pain...ever since he’d broken his own back...he knew what getting your spine jarred felt like.

Then it happened...Mark decided he was going to show every one how to properly clothesline someone...he did it to all the students...but when he got to Sami...something inside snapped...he grabbed her hand and whipped her across the ring...she glided back and bounced from the ropes and was slung into Mark’s forearm...

As Sami’s back hit the matt and as she got her sense back...she was suddenly very aware that oxygen wasn’t coming into her lungs. When she tried to take a gulp of air it didn’t work...she put her hand on her throat and she felt an indent in her esophagus...She tried to swallow but it didn’t work.

Mark stood over Sami and noticed she wasn’t getting up...she started hitting the matt with her hand as she had one hand wrapped around her throat. He suddenly noticed her lips were turning pale blue. She got to her knees and pulled herself up with the ropes as Mark grabbed her around the waist, and Shawn ran to the ring and slid under the bottom ropes yelling for Kelly.

Kelly was in Shawn’s office writing a book about medical studies...when she heard Shawn screaming from was a panicked scream so she took off. When she got to the ring she noticed every one was standing around Shawn and Mark had a hold of Samantha Fox...she was fighting to get them to let go of her...but with as blue as her lips were turning she wasn’t getting anywhere.

Kelly ran back to the office and grabbed her back...5 years of Medical school and the official title of Dr. Kelly Hickenbottom...was going to help as much as possible. She had Shawn lay Sami down as Mark ran to call for an ambulance.

Kelly checked out Sami’s throat and determined her esophagus had collapsed, and a tracheotomy was needed to keep her breathing until they could get her to the hospital. Kelly cleaned the area with alcohol and the cleaned the knife she borrowed from Shawn with alcohol...she grabbed an ink pen and dismantled it taking the tube part and sterilizing it with alcohol also.

Kelly looked at Sami, and saw a few tears slip out of her eyes and said, “Stay calm’ll be fine.” Kelly took the knife and made a small incision two finger width up from Sami’s collar bone. Blood poured out...Shawn had a hold of Sami’s hand and watched in amazement as his beautiful wife worked her magical touch.

Kelly pulled the skin back and then carefully pulled the vocal cords apart and slowly cut a small opening into Sami’s esophagus, and EXTREMELY carefully slowly inserted the ink pen tube between the vocal cords into the opening. Everyone heard as Sami took in a huge gulp of air.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when she started breathing. Her lips were getting color back into them...Kelly packed gauze around her throat and taped it down...the ambulance got there and took her to the hospital.

Mark watched as they took Sami to the hospital...He knew it was his fault...Shawn glared at him...Mark knew he’d be getting an ass chewing from Shawn later, about his irresponsible actions in the ring.


Chapter 6


Well, I couldn't tell you
Why she felt that way
She felt it everyday
And I couldn't help her
I just watched her make
The same mistakes again

What's wrong, What's wrong now?
Too many, too many problems
Don't know where she belongs
Where she belongs

She wants to go home
But nobody's home
That's where she lies
Broken inside
There's no place to go
No place to go
To dry her eyes
Broken inside

A month later and Mark sat in his office watching Sami punch the shit out of the hanging heavy bag…Just by her body movement alone he could tell she knew how to box properly. Maybe that was the key to figuring her out. She was quiet and kept to herself…She didn’t talk to anyone…and when she did it was to put them in their place.

Shawn was right…She did know her stuff…and she was damn good at it…but Mark still couldn’t help shake the fact that he’d seen her before…there was something about her that was so familiar.

Open your eyes
And look outside
Find the reasons why
You've been rejected
And now you can't find
What you've left behind

Be strong, be strong now
Too many, too many problems
Don't know where she belongs
Where she belongs

She wants to go home
But nobody's home
That's where she lies
Broken inside
There's no place to go
No place to go
To dry her eyes
Broken inside

Mark felt horrible about what had happened to Sami…it was his fault…he was being a ogre towards her, and he didn’t even know why.

Mark watched as Sami rolled her shoulders to relax the tense muscles...and then like a robot went back to knocking the shit out of the heavy bag.

Mark stopped watching her as he pulled his laptop up and decided to go surfing on the net...because the class was having a work out day.

Every time I hit the bag, I just couldn’t help but imagine it being Mr. Callaway...I was finally fully healed after the tracheotomy that Dr. Hickenbottom had given me...She was still monitoring my breathing and throat...

Her feelings she hides
Her dreams she can't find
She's losing her mind
She's falling behind
She can't find her place
She's losing her faith
She's falling from grace
She's all over the place, yeah

She wants to go home
But nobody's home
That's where she lies
Broken inside
There's no place to go
No place to go
To dry her eyes
Broken inside

She's lost inside
Lost inside, oh Ohhhh
She's lost inside
Lost inside, oh Ohhhh yeah

POW! To the head Mr. Callaway. BAM! To the gut Mr. Callaway.

One of these days Sami though...she could whip him...a man his size...never stopped her before...EVER.


Chapter 7


The next couple of weeks, Mark strictly taught class and left well enough alone wit Sami. He figured if something was going on he’d either find out or suffer never knowing.

Sami didn’t say anything...but she’d been having a problem with one of the jocks in the wrestling class. Tommy Wiseman, He was a punk kid from Austin Texas, who used to be all state wrestling champ until he decided to stop fucking the chickens and get a real job.

On more then one occasion, Tommy had verbally confront Sami about her “bitch” attitude...there was a couple of times when they were practicing in the ring together and he had been a little too into character and had gotten extremely rough with one else gave her bruises.

Mark was in his office again looking for some boxing matches that were coming to Houston soon...He loved boxing, men and women. Anything went and still goes. He’d loved everything about the sport. The concentration, body toning it did while training. It was one of those sports that as long as you put everything into got a lot from it.

Sami was over in her usual corner after having warmed up her body was getting ready for her exercises. She was about half way through them when a pair of feet were suddenly standing in front of her face. Sami stopped in the middle of a one handed push-up and glared up at Tommy...she knew it was him...he was always giving her shit.

She said, “Something I can help you with Junior?” Sarcasm clearly shinning through. Tommy said, “Yes as a matter of fact there is...I just had a couple of questions for you?” Sami stood up and grabbed her water bottle and took a few sips while blotting a towel around her face to get the sweat off.

Tommy with his cocky smirk that she’d give five dollars to knock off his face. Tommy finally said, “Have you ever had male tendencies before?” Sami unaware of what he was up too, with a load of sarcasm just said, “Not since my final sex change came through.”

Tommy said, “Have you ever had the urge to pee standing up?” Sami smirked and said, “Every time I get around a public toilet, or a toilet I know you used...yes.” Tommy glared at her and said, “Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a man?” Sami said, “Haven’t you?”

Tommy took a step towards her and said, “So why don’t you offer me some of that sacred coochie in your shorts like the other girls in the class?” Sami said, “That’s an easy was either A) I have more respect and Morals for myself then them or B) I didn’t feel like giving anything to you for your amateur night tryouts. Actually I choose C) which is both a & b.” Tommy was steaming...Sami yawns and looked at her watch and said, “Are we done playing 20 questions Barbara Walters? Cause I got more important shit to do.”

Before Sami knew what was happening Tommy grabbed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth...she was repulsed at it...she could feel the chunks rising in her throat. Tommy pulled away and said, “There you like that you bitch? Tell me you felt something...You know make your thighs wet or anything?”

Sami said, “The only thing you had any effect on was my upchuck reflex.” Tommy, obviously highly offended now, grabbed Sami again and shoved his tongue in her mouth again...this time he was met by a stinging sensation on his tongue and when he pulled back Sami’s teeth her gripping it hard. She let go and spit on Tommy.

His tongue was bleeding he got pissed and back handed her. Figuring he’d gotten the best of the randy little bitch...he was walking back to his group of friends all cocky. He left someone tap him on the shoulder...he turned around and was suddenly met with a fist to his face.

Recovering quickly, He took a swing at her and she ducked and he missed...No in full bitch mode Sami took her boxing stance with his fists up protecting her face...her right eye was throbbing and she knew she was going to have a black eye.

Shawn heard a commotion going on and looked over and saw Sami and Tommy circling each other like vultures after weak pry. Shawn jumped up and yelled for Mark.

Mark had just come across Sami’s picture online...but the name was different...

Who the hell was Kira Fox?

“MARK! MARK!” Mark heard his name being bellowed and he turned the monitor off and took off out the door, only to be shocked by the sight before him.


Chapter 8


Chapter 8

Shocked was definitely an understatement. Mark stood there and watched as Sami went at Tommy like a professional. She was swinging punches and upper cuts right and left and was landing all of them. Mark watched as she bobbed and weaved circles around Tommy, while beating his ass down.

Kelly walked into the training area and looked up and watched as Sami expertly made short work of Tommy in the middle of a ring of students on the wrestling mats on the floor.

Kelly walked over and stood next to Shawn and said, “What the hell is going on...why are they fighting and damn it why aren’t you stopping them??”

Shawn smirked and said, “I guess we should stop her before she kills him.” Shawn looked over at Mark and nodded at him...Mark nodded back as the two men pushed through the huge ring of students...As soon as Tommy hit the mat Sami just stood over him.

Mark spun Sami around and with one arm threw her over his shoulder and carried her off to the ladies locker room. He walked into the shower room and turned the shower on full blast and then dropped her on her ass in the shower.

Sami tried to stand up, but Mark pushed her back down and said, “You stay there until you cool off.” Sami didn’t protest...Mark walked out of the Ladies locker room and back to his office, and turned the monitor back on...he started reading the article about the picture of Sami.

Sami sat in the shower clothed...and slowly started taking her shirt off...and then her shorts...and was left in her bra and panties.

Shawn walked into Mark’s office and said, “Well...the good news is Tommy is not dead...the bad news is she gave him a concussion, a broken nose, he lost a couple of teeth.”

Mark smiled weakly as Shawn sat across from him and said, “What’s up? You look like you lost your dog.” Mark pushed a couple of papers across his desk towards Shawn. Shawn picked up the papers which had been printed off of some sports website. After he read it...he looked over at Mark and said, “Well...No wonder she kicked his ass.”

Mark nodded and said, “I think I’ll go have a talk with Miss. Fox.” Shawn nodded and said, “Good idea.” Mark stood to his full 6’10” and squared his shoulders and walked out of the office and into the Ladies locker room. Class had been cancelled, but Mark knew Sami was still there.

Chapter 9

He walked around the corner and there was Sami she had gotten out of the shower and was standing next to the locker with panties and her bra on. Mark rubbed the back of his neck...when she looked over at him he saw her roll her eyes as she pulled out a red t-shirt and pull it on and then tuck it in.

Mark sat on the4 bench and crossed his arms over his massive chest and said, “So you wanna tell me what is going on Miss Fox.” She cringed at that. Sami said, “I think you’ve figured it out on your I said before, for as intelligent as you are you like to pretend you’re a dumb redneck.”

Mark said, “So Kira, wanna tell me why you picked my wrestling school to come to?” Kira looked at him and said, “Well...have you ever tried running from a past you just can’t seem to escape?” Mark shook his head no and she said, “Yea...well I have been. It’s been almost 4 years since my whole world fell apart. And my life has been nothing but a big fuckin’ mess ever since.”

Mark said, “You wanna tell me about it?” Kira said, “What for? It won’t do any good...It can’t get me back to my professional boxing status. I had won so many matches and then had it all taken away because of a loser boyfriend.”

Kira closed the locker and started to walk away when Mark stood up and said, “It couldn’t be that bad...” Kira spun around and said, “Oh think so?” Mark nodded and said, “Yup.” Kira said, “Then you don’t know shit.” Kira dropped her bag and started pacing the floor...

“I started boxing when I was 13...I knew exactly what I wanted for my life...I hit Pro when I was 17 and one my first heavy weight belt at 18. I messed up though...I got involved with the phlebotomist (someone who is certified to draw blood). We dated for a couple of months...but then I decided I just wanted to concentrate on my boxing career...At least for a few years.”

Kira sighed heavy and continued, “I was 20 and it was my turn to have a go at the championship again...I was amped and ready...I couldn’t wait to get in the ring and cream the girl who was my opponent for the night. My ex-boyfriend came in and drew blood the night before the fight...the next day my tests came back positive for enhancement drugs...”

She stared at the floor and said, “The lab even tested in 5 times. So the Women’s International Boxing Association banned me from ever entering a boxing ring again. A few days later I saw my ex...And he said well at least now you have time for a relationship. So I popped him...he got pissy cause he couldn’t handle his own against a strong woman with he sued me for assault. When I went back for the trial, I was placed on probation”

“After 3 years of non-senesce I just decided it was time for a change. I packed my shit and left...I just started driving...I just happen to stop here and found an in-expensive apartment. And since I wanted to be in a ring so much, I figured I’d be close enough with a wrestling ring. So here I am.”

Mark looked at her and said, “Why didn’t you say anything before?” Kira said, “Sure...walk right in here and tell you I used to be a professional boxer until I was banned from it for being a enhancement drug user. No thanks I’d rather get shot.”

Mark walked up to her and said, “I wish you would of said something...You knew I was being hard on you.” Kira said, “What, Do I look like a pity party type of person? You wanted to know...Now you know.”

Mark said, “How much do you miss boxing?” Kira looked up, with tears rolling down her cheeks and said, “It only hurts when I breathe.”


Chapter 10


Without thinking about it, Mark pulled the little girl into his arms...he felt her physically relax in his arms...He rubbed her back and tried to soothe her.

Mark talked her into coming to his house and letting him make dinner for her...she just looked physically drained. Kira went without a fight. Guess there is a first time for everything.

As Mark was making dinner, Kira helped him by making a salad by the sink...washing the vegetables as they kept a small conversation going about little things between their lives. A few minutes had gone by and dinner was in the oven...and Mark was quiet.

Suddenly aware that Mark was standing behind her...Kira wasn’t sure how close until Mark reached around her and took her hands in his as his soft lips caressed her neck. Kira’s pulse started to race...Kira was enjoying the contact too much to move.

Mark’s arms went around her waist as they pulled her back tight against his chest. She could feel his well muscled chest pushing against her back as he was breathing in and out...His go-tee was tickling her neck. Kira looked up when Mark removed his lips from her neck. Mark’s hand pulled Kira’s chin up a little as he softly kissed her lips. She couldn’t help but kiss back.

Mark’s hands massaged her breasts through her t-shirt and slid down and unbuttoned her jeans. One of Mark’s huge hands slid down inside her jeans and slid under the elastic of her panties and his long finger brushed against her clit, she bit her bottom lip to keep her tongue quiet…as a small closed mouthed moan came out.

Mark nudges Kira’s thighs apart and slid a finger deep into her warm core, she couldn’t help it and let out a deep low moan from the back of her throat.

Kira’s hands were now down holding onto the lip of the counter…

Mark added a second finger into her core and was kissing her neck like crazy…he started pumping her with his fingers as his thumb rubbed her clit…Mark said, “Does that make you feel good?” Kira arched her crotch into Mark’s hand and moaned out, “Oh God yes.” Mark’s hand alternated between breasts and nipples…while his fingers worked their magic inside of her…Mark said, “Cum for me Kira…This is all about your pleasure right now…”

Mark said, “Cum for me baby…I would love to hear you moan my name…moan for me.” Kira was doing so much moaning she was shocked she didn’t wake the dead…Mark’s fingers started thrusting her core a little fast…his kisses were moister and his fingers were pinching her nipples a little harder.

Kira finally couldn’t hold back anymore…and she started out with a low moan and it just got louder as her climax hit and her juices flowed all over Mark’s hand…Mark rode out her climax with his fingers…and didn’t stop until Kira did.

As soon as Kira’s breathing was back under control…Mark pulled his fingers from her body and sucked them clean like he was eating a Popsicle. 5 minutes later the buzzer went off for dinner. Mark went over and shut the oven off and then proceeded to pick Kira up in his arms and carry her upstairs.

Mark placed Kira on her feet at the foot of his four poster bed and slide down behind her, as he slide his hands up her thighs and hooked his fingers into her Jeans and pulled them down and off with her panties…he stood back up and pulled her arms up as he pulled Kira’s t-shirt off and unhooked her bra letting it slide down her arms. Mark stood up and Kira heard his zipper go down.

Mark tossed his shirt aside and Kira felt him press his warm chest against her bare back, Mark kissed her neck and felt her bare body with his hands, stopping to massage her bare breasts and roll her nipples then kissed her neck to her ear and said, “Let’s check to make sure that sweet pussy is ready for me.” Kira bit her bottom lip again...

He pushed her forward into a bending position and slid a couple of fingers into her soaking wet core and he said, “Damn baby…You are ready…Now, don’t move.” As Kira grabbed the foot posters on his bed, she felt Mark run his erection up and down her wet slit and then slipped it all the way into her…

Mark gripped her hips as she held onto the bed frame as he started thrusting in and out of her…One of Mark’s hands left her hip and went down and started stroking her clit to his thrusting.

Mark kissed her neck and said, “God baby you feel so good on my cock…cum for me.”

Mark started picking up the pace and going a little faster…and her walls started clamping down on him…and he knew she was close…he thrusted a little harder and stroked her clit a little rougher…and finally with a loud moan Kira fell over the edge and climaxed…as soon as Mark felt her orgasm, his took over and he growled so deep as he exploded inside of her.

They calmed down and Mark rested his forehead on her shoulder…as he slipped himself out of her…Kira turned around and Mark kissed her nearly breathless…as his hands cupped, caressed and grabbed her bottom…

As Mark guided Kira down to the bed, caressed her body all Kira could think was, ‘Tonight is going to be a very interesting night.’


Chapter 11


Shawn looked at the limousine, as the door was opened for him...sliding into the car...he sat back and closed his eyes as he felt the car slide out into traffic. He was tired, he had been on the road doing shows, personal appearances and interviews for almost 2 weeks...he missed his house.....he missed his bed...and smiling...he missed...her.

Shawn knew this would be a rather long limo ride...he flipped on the TV and reached for a water bottle from the car bar. Flipping through the channels, he muted the sound as he grabbed the phone as it started ringing. Taking off his jacket and releasing his hair from the rubber band...he answered, “Hello.”

Kelly had finally crawled into bed...she couldn't sleep in these least not alone. She had managed to remember packing the shirt she had taken from him the morning he’d left 3 weeks ago…Kelly had quickly pulled it on. Smelling the shirt she smiled, for it smelled like him...his cologne...and a scent exclusively his. Wrapping her arms around herself she grabbed her cell and dialed his cell phone number.

Shawn sat back in the limo and smiled as he heard Kelly’s husky voice. "Hi" he said. Shawn said, “Kelly, I haven’t heard from you in a few days…” Kelly said, “I know…I’ve been a trifle busy…but I wanted to touch base with you and see how you were…” Kelly smiled as she heard him.

Kelly said, “Where are you?” “In a limo.” “Must be nice.” Shawn said, “Where are you?” “In bed” “Sounds nicer.” Kelly smiled and said “No...Lonelier.” “Why, where are you?” “Uh…hotel bed.”

Shawn sat up and said “What the hell are you doing there?” “I don't like sleeping in hotel beds alone...I’m in Detroit, Michigan...for a Doctor’s conference...I forgot to tell you, I would be gone.” Kelly said. Shawn said, “How much longer you gonna be there?” She said, “2 more weeks.” Shawn smiled and said, “Here I sat fantasizing about you all naked and sleeping in our bed...I’m in New York City.” Kelly smiled and said, “Sorry...clothed and in a hotel room.”

He shook his head and said, “What are you wearing?” Kelly hesitated...thinking he would laugh... “Oh...a shirt.” He could tell by her hesitancy that it must be more than that. “What kind of shirt?” “One of yours...” He said, “A HBK shirt?” “” He said, “What shirt?” “The one you wore the night before you left...” He said, “You wearing one of my dirty shirts...and how did you get it?” Kelly cringed... “Uh...well, I sorta snatched it when you went to shower.” “Why?”

Blushing to the roots of her hair, Kelly whispered, “Because it smelled like you.” He heard the whisper and smiled. “Really miss me huh?” Kelly said, “No...Just the way you smell.” Shawn laughed and said, “You like the sweaty smell of me...?” Kelly chuckled and he felt his body tightening...

“Oh yeah...when you were laying on top of me...the way you smelt oh baby...its better than cotton candy…” Shawn shifted to ease the ache he was now feeling. Looking down he said, “Okay I got a problem...” Kelly sat up and said, “What...” “A certain part of my anatomy has made itself...known...”

Kelly smiled and said, “ favorite part?” He said, “ a matter of is.” Kelly sat up and said, “Awwww...I'm sorry...” He said, “I find you insincere...” She said, “That was totally sincere...” “I don’t hear from you for a few days…then when I do…you get my anatomy all excited and in an uproar…Prove it.” “What? How?” “How do you think?”

Shawn asked with a grin., knowing she would never go along with this…he knew her body intimately...every inch of it.


Chapter 12


“I could send you a…card?” Kelly said. Knowing where this might be heading. “Or you could do something else.” “How long until you'll be your destination?” “Too long baby...too long.” Shawn said. “I think you better make it up to me now.” Kelly smiled and said, “How would you like me to make this up to you?”

Shawn laughed; surprised this little flirtation had gone on as long as it had. “Oh I think you know baby…” “Well if I was there…I would…tend to your problem…personally...but being all the way in where ever you are…there is not a lot I can do about it.” “What would you do if you were here?” Shawn asked. Kelly paused, wondering how far this game was going to go. “I would…uh…”

“Would you touch me?” Shawn asked. “Yes…” She said softly. “Would you kiss me?” “I would kiss you...allover.” “Then what?” he asked. “I…I'd….pull your shirt off and run my hands down your chest.” Shawn smiled and thought ‘This could be fun.’ “And then I'd undo your belt…and slowly unzip your jeans.” He looked down at his jeans and his growing arousal, his hand moves down to undo his belt and ease the zipper down.... “Then what baby?” Kelly paused again…unsure what to say…

Kelly leaned back on the bed and shut her eyes…trying to imagine him...there....closing her eyes...concentrating on his scent on the shirt... “I wish I was there.” Shawn said softly. “Because if I was…” Kelly smiled and said, “This is supposed to be about you.” Shawn grinned and said, “Who am I to argue…”

“Where was I? Oh the pants…” She said. “I would lean down and place a little kiss just below your navel…and then I'd slowly pull your jeans down…slowly exposing me.....So I would toss the pants down and sit back on my heels and just look at you...Oh God baby...your body is incredible....” In her eyes she could see him... “I would lean over you and run my hands down you…my nails just barely grazing you.”

Shawn felt himself harden even more…that was just one of the things that drove him insane.

“And then I would slowly take you in my mouth.” Kelly said with a smile.

Shawn shut his eyes imagining her sweet lips closing around him, her tongue swirling against him…he slowly brought his hand down to his arousal and began to gently stroke it. “Ummm.” he whispered huskily. “Then what?” he asked. Kelly paused trying to think…this had gone farther than she thought it would and she was unsure how far she was willing to go.

Shawn's voice brought her back to reality. “Baby?” Kelly licked her lips…and closed her eyes…Kelly pictured him back in her mind...and prayed she could do this. “Shawn...” she whispered. His hand slowly stroking his hardening arousal...

“Yes baby.” “What do you want me to you...” He said, “Anything you want to do...” Kelly said, “You know...what I like the best about your body?” His eyes closed as the stroking became...faster. “What...?” he asked.

“The way you taste...” He groaned and cursed fate that she would say that 4000 miles away from him. Trying to get back into the zone...he asked, “How do I taste?” “Ummm, baby its hard to explain...but when I run my tongue down your body...I taste heaven...” He groaned as his hand began to stroke faster.

Kelly could hear his breathing and smiled. “Baby, I am sliding my lips around you...moving back and slowly...I want you to feel my teeth...gently tracing you...all of you....I'm swirling my tongue around you....just the tip of you...heaven taste like heaven...then I close my mouth around you...sucking you deep inside my deep baby...back and forth...slowly...and then...a little faster...umm tongue teasing hands are cupping you...gently stroking your sac...the skin their is so soft...Oh baby...I want you to wanna feel you...taste you...God I want you...inside me...”

Shawn felt his body drifting into the fantasy seeing her on her knees...doing these things to him...he could almost feel her mouth on him...her soft fingers tracing his sac...he felt his breathing his hand began to stroke harder and faster...his body arching up as he closed his hand around the tip and jerking...he felt himself jerk and then explode...everywhere...he came hard and fast....His breathing hard and labored until the last drop was spent. Looking at the mess he made and at the phone ...he said, “Baby....?” “Yes....?” “I gotta come see you....even if it is just a layover...” Kelly snickered at the word....lay...over...” “Well baby come on...and you can lay me over anything you want...”

With that Kelly said g’night and said, she’d talk to him soon and gently hung up the phone and sex was okay...But now she wanted the real thing…


Chapter 13


Kelly had decided to pay Shawn a surprise visit...she snuck into his room in New York, and looked over at his sleeping form on the bed...she smiled and turned to go shower from the trip.

Kelly was walking by the bed, when Shawn grabbed her and pulled her into bed with him…Shawn proceeded to push Kelly all the way over and he crawled up her body on his hands and knees…and grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up and over his one leg and then did the same with her other leg so he was kneeling between her thighs…

Kelly said, “Mr. Michaels just what you think you’re doing?” Shawn said, “Well…Mrs. Michaels, first I’m going to kiss you.” Shawn leaned over and kissed her, and he took her arms and wrapped them around his neck…still kissing. Then he slowly lowered his body to hers…and it felt so good to have him between her thighs…lots of power.

Shawn said, “I love you Kelly.” She smiled and touched his face and said, “I love you too Shawn.” Shawn smiled and said, “Yea…That’s my girl…Now you know what I’m going to do to you?” Kelly shock her head and said, “No, what? Shawn automatically moved his pelvis and she could feel his erection through his boxer/briefs and through the crotch of her jeans…Shawn said, “You feel that?” Kelly giggled and said, “Yea…it would be hard not to.”

Shawn said, “You do that to me…every time I see you…it doesn’t matter what your wearing or what your doing…but you are beautiful…you always look beautiful…but now I know there is no one in the world more beautiful then you…makes me remember why I fell in love with you…every morning when I wake up and you’re next to me…I remember why I love you and why I asked you to marry me…sometimes I just find it hard to figure out why you married my ass.”

Kelly smiled and said, “Because I love you…I could never imagine being at any stage in my life right now…without you…you mean more to me then anything…” Shawn’s hands roamed her body as his lips relentlessly ravaged hers. His hands went to the zipper of her jeans. He could feel her nipples hardening through her tank top and lacy bra. He finally got her jeans unzipped and pulled them off with her panties.
"OH God! Baby. Remember the last time we were at home in the dinning room on table. I can't wait anymore. I want you now!" he whispered. Kelly was biting her bottom lip and nodded…Her hands were roaming his muscled body and Kelly placed soft kisses where her hands had been, knowing this combined with the knowledge that he was going to make her scream was driving him totally over the edge. He lifted her bottom up, urging her to wrap her legs around him, this bringing her wet center in direct contact with the straining bulge in his jeans.

Kelly tried to get her hand between them as he laid there kissing her neck and pulling at her bra and tank top. “Shawn! You have entirely too many clothes on…" she whispered urgently as he laid her back against the bed. “Not for long, sweetie" he said and smiled devilishly as he stood up, ripping his shoes and socks off, then quickly he discarded his shirt only having on the jeans. Kelly was breathing hard as she watched his hands move slowly, to the button of his jeans.

Kelly parted her legs wider in anticipation of their coming together. His hand reached for his painfully aching erection, the boxers sliding down his beautifully sculpted legs. He kicked them into a pile over by her clothes. Shawn watched her laying there, her hair spread out around her and her legs parted just waiting for him to come inside her.

He eased his hardness into her slick opening, but didn't move any farther. He grinned as he looked down into her eyes. Kelly’s eyes pleaded with Shawn to continue and end her torment…Shawn groaned as the tip of his magnificent erection eased a little deeper into her heat. Kelly knew then that she had him, and quickly slid her hands down his back. Kelly moaned as she pulled him closer and slid him into herself completely.

Shawn could no longer stand the tightness and surged deep within her. Their movements fast and hard as they fell together…Finally he was fully inside of her hot wetness, but stopped all movement from his side. Kelly tried to lay still until he regained control, but the exquisite pressure and his laying very still was just too much!

Shawn wrapped his arms around Kelly and said, “Hold on tight, I've got you.” Kelly wrapped her around him, and did as she was told. The sound of his sexy vice and the gentle rocking motion of his body was more than they could both take! That and the fact that Kelly was so warm, and wet, and so damn tight, and so completely wanting this too, was overpowering for him. Shawn moved slowly at first to let her adjust to him and his rhythm, but soon slow wasn't enough for either of them and Kelly was urging him to go harder and faster. He could feel her beginning to explode all around him and moved deeper still.

"That's it! Cum for me! I can feel you are almost there, let it go! I will hold you." he whispered against her lips. Kelly shrieked as she climbed over the top then released into pleasure. Kelly’s orgasm hit and all she could do was hold on. So beautiful, he thought as he speeded his motions up. He could still feel her tight muscles contracting around him when he reached his own edge and flew over. A few more hard thrusts and he was right behind her, filling her willing body with his exploding seed.

They laid in each others arms recovering...and soon drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 14


A few days later and it was Monday morning...Kira was changing in the locker room. She had on her shorts and tank top and had just pulled her long waist length hair up into a pony tail...she wrapped her wrists and hands with the white medical tape. Kira noticed the bounce in her step and suddenly realized she’d spent all weekend with Mark.

Mark sauntered into the ladies locker room and saw Kira standing next to her locker. Mark backed her into the locker, after he reached over her and closed it. She looked up at him with those eyes and he leaned down and ran his fingertips across the soft flesh on her shoulder. She felt tingles in her spine.

Mark leaned down and captured her lips and then said, “I really enjoyed this weekend.” Kira smiled and nodded and said, “I agree.”

Mark took her shoulders and pushed them against the locker as if pinning her in place...he leaned down and she thought he was going to kiss her again...but Mark whispered, “I’m sorry we have to do this.”

You'll never see the courage I know
Its colors' richness won't appear within your view
I'll never glow - the way that you glow
Your presence dominates the judgments made on you

But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights
The shades and shadows undulate in my perception
My feelings swell and stretch; I see from greater heights
I understand what I am still too proud to mention - to you

You'll say you understand, but You don't understand
You'll say you'd never give up seeing eye to eye
But never is a promise, and you can't afford to lie

Mark stepped away and Shawn walked up and grabbed one of her arms and Mark had a firm hold on her other arm, Kelly walked up with a needle and stuck it in her arm...Kira just stared at the needle sticking in her arm as blood filled up the vile.

Mark watched and Kira looked up with a fire raging in her eyes. Mark suddenly very aware of what they were doing...Shawn touched Kira’s cheek and she jerked her face from him and Shawn said, “We have to know...You nearly beat a kid unconscious Friday.”

Kira could feel her anger rising inside and said, “What the fuck did you expect me to do...He invaded my mouth with his tongue and without my permission then he back handed me...I don’t have a purple cheek because Mark was too rough in bed.”

Shawn’s head popped up and stared at Mark...He’d broken their first rule in they partnership...he got involved with a student. Shawn said, “Fuck Mark...what the hell were you thinking.” Kira scoffed and said, “I can tell you what he was thinking with...what he was thinking you probably already know.”

You'll never touch - these things that I hold
The skin of my emotions lies beneath my own
You'll never feel the heat of this soul
My fever burns me deeper than I've ever shown - to you

You'll say, Don't fear your dreams, it's easier than it seems
You'll say you'd never let me fall from hopes so high
But never is a promise and you can't afford to lie

Kelly popped the vile off the needle and left the needle in my arm...and attached another vile to it. Kelly tried to comfort the girl but soon noticed she was about as angry or if not anger then she’d ever seen anyone, even Mark and Shawn. Kelly backed away a little being smarter then the guys...she could see it...Kira was staying calm on the outside but her eyes were giving her away.

Kira stood watching the second vile fill up with her blood. She started clenching and unclenching her right hand into a fist.

Kira looked up at Mark and said, “3 Years. It took me 3 years to trust someone and within a matter of 2 days you fucked it up...I trusted you and told you everything...and you didn’t believe me. And worse you’ve got your little friends here thinking I’m some kind of drug enhanced crack whore...There isn’t anything I didn’t give Tommy that he didn’t deserve. 3 months, he’s been fuckin with me and every other female in this training facility and when one of them finally fights back and kicks his ass for him...her past is automatically brought back into play...”

Mark looked disappointed. He knew he was in the wrong...She did trust him...and he shouldn’t have gotten involved with her...but there was something about her...he really liked her...he kept getting butterflies and felt like a kid in 5th grade again. It was stupid, but it was how he really felt. And she was right...he was the one who fucked it up.

Kira said, “Are you finished yet?” Kelly nodded...and right after Kira felt Mark and Shawn relax...the plan of attack was thrown into gear. Her right elbow came up and popped Shawn in the nose breaking it and blood poured down his the right fist swung around and caught Mark right in the nose also busting his nose.

Kira backed away after she grabbed her bag and car keys...She looked down and noticed the needle and vile were still in her arm. Kira grabbed it and yanked it out and tossed it to the floor...the glass vile busted into a million piece while spattering blood onto the tiled floor. Blood was trickling down Kira’s arm and she said, “By the way...effective today, I quit. I’m not going to train and work for a company with people who I can’t trust.”

Mark wiped the blood from his nose and face and said, “I never meant to hurt you Kira.” Kira scoffed and said, “Yea, but you did...didn’t you? Besides, never is a promise.”

You'll never live this life that I live
I'll never live the life that wakes me in the night
You'll never hear the message I give
You'll say it looks as though I might give up this fight

But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights
The shades and shadows undulate in my perception
My feelings swell and stretch, I see from greater heights
I realize what I am now too smart to mention - to you

You'll say you understand, you'll never understand
I'll say I'll never wake up knowing how or why
I don't know what to believe in, you don't know who I am
You'll say I need appeasing when I start to cry
But never is a promise and I'll never need a lie


Chapter 15


Mark just sat there in his office bleeding from the nose...he knew he deserved it. Hell if it was the other way around he knew for damn sure he would of done the same damn thing. He was probably lucky in a way...she didn’t really kick his ass...but she had managed to break his and Shawn’s noses. Not that he could really blame her.

Mark just packed his shit in his gear bag and decided to go home to sleep...even though he knew he wouldn’t sleep. He’d worry about her...He watched her walk out of the building...and she didn’t even turn around to look back once...she just held her head up high and walked out without a word to anyone. Mark walked around his house at 3 am...he’d fallen asleep on the couch watching old reruns of Welcome Back Kotter. He’d been awake since the phone rang and Shawn yelled, screamed and cussed at him.

The thunder storm blowing through Texas that night was incredibly insane. Loud thunder claps and streaks of purple lighting painted the sky every 3 minutes.

The window to the small training facility in Texas, was carefully busted in, as the soaking wet figure slid into the window and flipped the light switch...smirking that she had been right about which wire to cut on the alarm box outside...She walked around water dripped off her hair and clothes as she made her way around and to Mark’s office...where she elbowed the window on the office door and it shattered to the ground.

Walking into the office she kicked the small pad lock off the filing cabinet and pulled her file and stuffed it into the metal trash can and lit it on fire...she squirt a little liquid white off in the basket to help the flame build. As the papers burnt, she got into Mark’s computer and was sure to leave him a note. After while she set the timer up and hooked it to the stereo system. She popped in the CD she’d burnt on her laptop. Yea. He’d get her message loud and clear.

As she made her way back through the bathroom, she looked up and almost screamed but contained herself as she laughed...the peroxide she’d used to bleach her hair blonde had worked beautifully...someone day she’d have to remember to put out a Thelma and Louise like book...or something close to it...Call it something along the lines of... ‘How to be Strong Enough to Runaway’...Yea...that was a great title.

A leggy blonde dripping wet walked into a 24 hour Ford Dealer...and asked to buy the first convertible mustang they could find. When the dealer quoted her a price he figured she couldn’t pay...She smirked and handed him the amount in cash and took the keys from the man who was left with a hand full of cash and his mouth gaping open watching her drive off the lot.

Kira pulled into a self pay/self pump gas station and filled the tank...then while the attendant was busy watching his little non-colored TV, she popped the trunk and soaked the trunk and also the upholstery in the car, all except the drivers seat. Kira drove off and ended up busting through a barricade on the side of the road...and slowly and carefully drove the car down the steep, STEEP canyon.

Once to the bottom, she pulled out a couple of gallon bottles of jack Daniels and soaked the driver’s seat and threw the bottles in the back seat. Kira pulled the sledge hammer out and started welding it at the car breaking and bending ever angle of the car. The rain had let up enough to light the front seat on fire first. It spread fast and quick. Kira pulled the trade mark training facility’s sweat shirt off her and threw it next to the car and pulled one from the back pack on her Kawasaki Ninja and pulled it on and put the sledge hammer in the one would see it. She pulled her helmet on and jumped on riding away as fast as she could.

The fire alarm at the training facility was what brought Mark into work so early. The fire Chief had called and said someone broke in the facility and left a couple of messages plus a fire blazing in the office trash can. Mark looked at the wall and in red paint it said:

I don’t want to be the one
The battles always choose
Cuz inside I realize
That I'm the one confused
I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright
So, I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit, tonight

Mark then heard a timer go off and the stereo came on and started playing a song. He’d seen the note on his computer from Kira...And when the song, came on he suddenly realized she was going to do something really wrong. Possibly suicide...and he had no one to blame but himself. God he was such an asshole.

Kelly walked over and handed Mark the blood test results...

Negative. Like always...He should’ve known better.

A few minutes later, the police chief came in and told Mark one of his students had possibly been killed in a car accident...and asked him to come to the crime scene. Mark nodded and grabbed the CD out of the player. He followed the cop to the bottom of the canyon...and saw that all was left of the car was the doors, roof, glass was shattered on the ground from the heat of the fire...the police chief said, the fire had been blazing for so long that there were no bones left...every thing disintegrated.

Next to it all was a sweat shirt that said, ‘Redneck Wrestling Training Facility’ Mark picked it up and the name tag on the inside said ‘Samantha Fox’.

Mark told them the girl’s name that’d been in the car and was dead. After signing off the coroner’s death certificate and report...Mark drove back to the training facility...he could feel tears stinging his eyes...Kira had committed suicide...she drove herself right off a cliff...the car exploded and she burned to death.

Mark pushed in the CD she left at the facility and the song came on.

Memories consume
Like opening the wound
I'm picking me apart again
You all assume
I'm safe here in my room
Unless I try to start again

I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
Cuz inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I know it's not alright
So I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit, tonight

Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again,
I hurt much more
Than anytime before
I had no options left again

I don’t want to be the one
The battles always choose
Cuz inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright
So, I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit, tonight

I'll paint it on the walls
Cuz I'm the one at fault
I'll never fight again
And this is how it ends

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
But now I have some clarity
To show you what I mean
I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright
So, I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit
I’m breaking the habit, tonight...

Mark stopped at a red light and a blonde on a Kawasaki Ninja pulled up next to him...she looked over at him for as long as the light was red...and as soon as it turned green she gunned it straight through and left him looking after her blonde waist length pony tail sticking out the bottom of her helmet.

Kira laughed to herself. She’d seen the tears running down Mark’s cheeks...she now knew that he felt all of the pain she’d felt all her life. And she was finally aware that she was strong enough to start over.

The End