Stay With You



Chapter 1


John Cena couldn’t be any happier to be home…then if he would’ve gone to his own home in LA…He quietly crept into his parents house and walked up the stairs as quietly as the squeaky steps would let him…He pushed his old bedroom door open and saw his little brother Sean sleeping peacefully.


As much as he wanted to screw with him while he was sleeping…He opted not to and fell into his own bed and passed out from sleep exhaustion…Between trying to get bits and pieces of that stupid script read through and trying to decide whether or not to do the movie and fighting in the wrestling ring, he’d not been home to see his parents or to actually get 8 hours of real un-interrupted sleep for the last 3 months.  If he was going to decide on the movie he had about 10 months before he had to make a settling decision…It would start shooting in 12 months.


Around 10:30 the following morning, John woke to people laughing and carrying on outside.  Typical Cena household.  John pulled himself from bed and got dressed, slipping his sneakers on before pulling on a backwards baseball hat and headed down stairs.


While stuffing his hands into his front pockets and yawning the sleep out of his system he ran into his mother at the bottom of the steps as she kissed his cheek and said, “Jonathan, I’m doing laundry tomorrow, make sure your things are in there and you’ll have clean underwear when you leave.”


John smiled as he hugged and kissed his mom and then headed out to the backyard.  John pushed the screen door open and stepped out onto the back porch, he out and seen his brothers Dan and Sean with his cousin Marc and a bunch of their friends and family members rough housing with the Nerf football.


John looked over and saw someone sitting at the table with her leg propped on the table watching every one.  John noticed she had beautifully long tan legs and soft brunette hair that was so long it hit the deck while she was sitting in the plastic deck chair.


John said, “So why aren’t you playing?”  The brunette looked up at him and said, “I would but it’s hard to run on one leg.”  As she pointed.  John followed the direction of her index finger and noticed her right foot was missing its sock and shoe and in its place was an ace bandage from her toes to her ankle. 


Marc timed out the game and walked up on the porch as him and John bumped fists and hugged…The brunette said, “You’re getting your ass handed to you Predka.”  Marc smirked and said, “Yea?  Well if you’re ankle was busted Kyle, you’d help me whip some ass…but for right now…The doctor said to stay off it.”  Kyle crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Marc.


John said, “So do I know her?”  He asked Marc as he pointed to Kyle.  Marc and Kyle cracked up laughing as Marc said, “Dude, Kyle has only been my best friend since Jr. High.”  John’s eyes bout came out of his head as he said, “NO WAY!  She is not little Kyle Cordano.”  Kyle smiled and said, “One in the same Jonathan.”


About that time Dan jogged up on the porch and said, “We’ve all decided to go out by the edge of the property and go swimming in that stream back there…Welcome to join us if you’d like.”  John nodded and Marc looked down at Kyle and said, “Feel like a dip?”  Kyle said, “There’s no way I’d make it that far on those crutches…They kill my arms.”


Marc smiled and said, “C’mon…Why else would I be here, you’re my best friend it’s not like Imma just leave ya here…Stand up.”  Kyle smiled as she stood up.  John noticed she was about 5’9” and probably around 125-130 lbs.  Marc squatted down a little as Kyle wrapped her arms and legs around him and he carried her piggy back down to the edge of the property. 


Dan walked around and took everyone’s cell phones and put them in his shirt so they wouldn’t get wet…And clothes and all everyone slowly got into the stream, swimming dunking…having fun in general.


John watched as Marc carefully walked into the water with Kyle as he took her in and she held onto him.  John pulled his shirt off and jumped in with everyone else and then finally over to Kyle and Marc and said, “So how did you ever so gracefully bust your ankle.”  Marc growled a little as Kyle put both her hands on Marc’s head and shoved him under the water and said, “No comment.  Marc doesn’t wanna hear about it.”


Marc came up sputtering and said, “That’s because Marc doesn’t want to go to jail for killing someone.”  Kyle gave John a look and he knew to drop it…Apparently it was an issue for Marc and he definitely wasn’t happy about it.


John knew there was definitely a story there just waiting to be told.


Chapter 2


A few days later and John was back on the road and he decided to call Marc and find out the whole story on Kyle.


Marc’s phone started vibrating as he looked down and saw the caller ID and answered the phone, “Hey Cuz, What’s up?”  John said, “Nothing man…Same shit just a different night.”  Marc said, “I hear that…I been working on some material for that album you wanna drop.”  John said, “That’s cool man.”


John cleared his throat and said, “So I gotta know man…I ain’t ever seen you get your nose out of joint so bad that you wanna physically hurt someone…So what’s the deal with Kyle?”  Marc said, “Man don’t even ask…Believe me you don’t want to know.”  John said, “Oh yes I do…If you get arrested for something stupid…I’m gonna either to bail your ass out or be sitting in the cell next to you.”


Marc sighed heavily and ran his hand over his bald head and said, “Aight…But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  John said, “Okay…I’ll take your word for it…just explain.”


Marc said, “It started in high school, Kyle was dating this guy named Tommy…Well they ended up staying together, not that I can blame either of them, they were so in love, I barely saw her for my Senior Year and her Junior.”


Marc exhaled to keep himself calm and continued, “Kyle went to Boston University and Tommy went o Harvard.  He got his law degree and became a lawyer and Kyle is a physical therapist for kids at three different local hospitals…They went their own way during college and then after they graduated and started their careers…They ended up meeting up and started dating again.”


John said, “That doesn’t sound so bad.”  Marc said, “That’s because that’s the nice first half of the story.”  John said, “So there’s more.”  Marc said, “Pretty much…The first year was perfect as Kyle says…But after that Tommy would show up at their apartment drunk after work and at first Kyle would take care of his dead ass…After a few more months he’s started shoving her around.”


John said, “What?”


Marc said, “Exactly…You already know how I feel about domestic violence plus violence towards women…but when it’s someone I know…I just about came unglued when Kyle told me Tommy was the one who shoved her into the wall and dislocated her shoulder and elbow…and now she’s got a busted ankle.  One guess who gave it to her…She won’t come right out and say it…But I already know.  Any idiot would know.”


John said, “Maybe it’s time to have a talk with Tommy.”  Marc said, “Done it…He’s been in alcoholic’s rehab four times, he’s gone to AA meetings for the past I don’t know how many months and nothing is working…and you know what’s bad about the entire situation now?”


John said, “No what?”


Marc said, “I think he’s getting worse.”


Chapter 3


A few weeks later, Marc and Kyle were sitting around the back yard of the Cena residence waiting for John to get back with food.  He’d gone to get some burgers, fries and sodas.  Marc looked at Kyle…she looked tired…but at least her ankle was heeled finally.  Marc said, “How is everything going?”  Kyle shrugged her shoulders and said, “About as good as can be expected.”  Marc said, “And Tommy’s drinking?”


Kyle looked up and said, “I left.”


Marc looked surprised as he sat up and said, “When?”  Kyle looked down at her hands and said, “About 3 days ago…I couldn’t take it anymore…3 years is 2 ½ years too many for me to put up with it…I didn’t even tell him…I slowly started moving my things into storage…and one night when he came home and past out as usual…I left him a ‘Dear lush in my life’ letter, pulled my suitcases out of my closet and left.”


Marc noticed Kyle was looking at her hands again as he leaned over and took one of her hands and she looked up and tears slid down her cheeks. 


Kyle said, “It feels so weird not being around him anymore…I know it’s only been 3 days…But I still love him…I can’t help but love him…We were together for 3 years, not counting the year or so in high school.  I would’ve thought we’d be married by now.  Kids and what not…The whole thing.  But after these last few years, I knew I could NEVER see myself getting married to someone who couldn’t even take care of themselves, let alone me and kids.”


Marc said, “Well you know I support you in any decision you make…Where are you staying?”  Kyle smiled at Marc’s big heart and said, “I found an apartment about 3 blocks from you.  My cousin Jelissa is going to be moving back to town and was going to share the apartment with me.”


Marc’s mouth went dry.  He suddenly hard a hard time forming words that would come out of his mouth…Jelissa was the most beautiful creature that he’d ever seen…He’d secretly had a MAD-MAD crush on Jelissa when they were all in high school together.  She was the same age as Kyle. A little shorter, but was undoubtedly the only woman alive he’d ever give up any other woman for in his life.


John walked through the back door and stepped out onto the porch and seen Tears sliding down Kyle’s face and Marc with some utterly ridiculous look on his face.  John said, “What the hell is going on out here…I leave you guys alone for 30 minutes to pick up some grub and when I come back you’re crying and he looks like he’s been hit in the head with an idiot stick a few thousand times.”


Marc finally snapped out of his hazy daydream of Jelissa’s legs being wrapped around his neck and said, “Kyle left Tommy.”  John dropped the bag of food suddenly and said, “Whoa.”  As he sat down in the chair across from her. Marc leaned over and picked up the bag as John played 20 questions with Kyle on making sure she was okay and wasn’t being bothered by Tommy.


Kyle smiled softly and said, “It’s sweet of you to ask and be so nice John…But really I’m okay…It was obviously the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my life…Besides…Tommy doesn’t know where I live now…I didn’t tell him…I imagine he’ll find out eventually…but it sure as hell won’t be from me.”


Marc said, “If I ever see that little…” And before he stopped Kyle shoved a fry in Marc’s mouth and said, “You’ll do nothing…Leave it be…Now let’s eat before our food gets cold…I have to pick up Jelissa from the airport in a few hours.”  Marc said, “I’ll come with so you won’t have to go alone.”  John said, “And I’ll come too, cause Marc has no sense of direction and chances are we’ll get lost.”


Marc said, “Please I have great directional skills.”  John said, “Please you couldn’t find your own ass with both hands and a map.”  That earned John a laugh from Kyle and a flipping of the bird from Marc as the threesome ate and talked a little.


Chapter 4


Standing in the airport, Kyle was leaned against Marc’s shoulder waiting for her cousin to come walkin through the terminal gate.  John was leaning against one of the pillars next to them with his hands in his front jean short pockets.  Kyle had to admit he did look pretty cute standing there like a little kid getting ready for a trip.


It was announced that Jelissa’s flight was departing from the pane and Kyle bounced to an upright standing position as she hear someone screech from the door way and she knew immediately it was her cousin…Kyle ran over as they embraced each other in a tight hug…Both girls on the verge of tears.


Marc watched as the two cousins embraced in an emotional hug and never noticed how great Jelissa’s ass looked in jeans before.  Marc and John stood and watched as the two girls walked right past them as if they were there and Marc proceeded to watch Jelissa’s ass as the curves seemed to of mesmerized him.  Marc got close enough to notice her hair…It had been dyed black with ghosted blue streaks in it…Her hair was just to the middle of her back.


Once Kyle and Jelissa retrieved her bags from the baggage claim, Kyle stopped and noticed Marc and John just standing there…Kyle jerked her head to the side for them to get closer…As they walked up Kyle said, “Lissa, You remember Marc don’t you?”  Jelissa turned around and looked at the beautiful creature in front of her with the bald head and gorgeous blue eyes and couldn’t help but think ‘This is NOT the same boy I feel for all those years ago’…


Deep down Jelissa knew it was infact the same person…They were one in the same…The only way she knew was his beautiful red lips…Before she’d left that night a few years ago, she’d kissed his lips and then just left.  She was sure she’d never see him again and figured by the time she did come back he would either be not around or already involved with someone else.


Jelissa said, “Of course I remember Marc Predka…He’s only you’re very best friend in the whole wide world…Well…Next to me.  Of course.”  Kyle smirked and said, “Of course.”  Marc softly shook Jelissa’s hand and said, “Nice to see you again…You’ve really grown up.  Oh...Uh…This is my cousin John Cena.”  Jelissa turned to John and said, “How do I know you John Cena?”


John smiled devilishly and said, “I used to dip your hair in blue ink in art class.  Looks like you never could get it out.”  Jelissa smirked as she said, “Hey what can I say…You started a fashion trend for me.  Of course you know I recognize you from Smackdown.”  John smirked sheepishly and said, “Let’s keep that between the four of us, until the coast is clear and we can get out of here in one piece.”  Jelissa laughed and said, “No problem.”


Suddenly, someone screamed out of no where, “JOHN CENA!  OH MY GOD!!!!”  Marc pulled his baseball cap down further and said, “Too late Cuz.”  John made a cringing face and Marc said, “Lord…What a time for you not to be able to run Kyle.”  Kyle smirked and said, “Lissa can run just as fast as me.”


Marc handed over his keys and said, “It’s the white Navigator on the first floor parking garage, you can’t miss it the license plate says ‘FKNNEWB’.”  Jelissa said, “Do I wanna know what that stands for?”  Kyle laughed and said, “Fuckin’ West Newbury.”  Jelissa couldn’t help but laugh as she took off running through the airport with her laptop bag.  Marc picked up two of Jelissa’s bags as John grabbed Kyle and threw her over his shoulder as she held her crutches behind his back and took off running.


Half way through the airport Kyle looked up and saw a HORD of fans coming straight for them…Surprisingly enough John could run pretty well with extra weight thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  Not that she didn’t enjoy the ride…Because she definitely did…She figured his shoulder would be crammed in her rib cage, but with all the muscle surrounding it, it was pretty comfortable.


Once they reached the parking garage, they found Jelissa sitting in the Navigator with all the passenger doors open and the back hatch for the luggage…The threesome ran up as Mark tossed the luggage in the back and slammed the hatch closed and jumped in the seat next to the drivers, as John stepped into the back seat with Kyle and placed her on the seat as he pulled one door closed and Kyle reached over and pulled the other door closed and Jelissa slammed on the gas and tore ass out of the parking garage.


John and Marc were breathing heavy as Kyle and Jelissa sat and busted out laughing.  John still breathing heavy pointed to Kyle and then to her foot and said, “You good?”  Kyle nodded and said, it was sore from the jiggling but she’d be fine.


Jelissa said, “Really John, you must simply come pick me up from the airport more often.  I get chased more from the guys in college…but DAMN that is nothing compared to what that...”  Kyle said, “Mob!”  Lissa said, “Exactly.”  Once they were far enough away from the airport, Lissa pulled over and let Marc take control of his vehicle again.  As they all laughed about what they’d just witnessed.


Jelissa could already see it was going to be interesting moving back to West Newbury.


Chapter 5


After A few weeks of getting Jelissa all settled into her and Kyle’s apartment, things just seemed to be falling into place for both girls.  Jelissa had decided since she’d written and published children’s books she’d try her hand at adult books.  She started on her novel which she wrote a little at a time…she’d had plenty of money saved up from her children’s books to last her a few years.  Marc had finally gotten up the courage to ask Jelissa out and of course she couldn’t say no to those blue eyes.


For some reason John and Kyle had been spending an obscene amount of time together as well…Every once in a while they’d disappear and no one could fine them for a few hours and out of nowhere they’d re-appear.


The summer days seemed to be flying by as though they never existed.  Marc and John had started recording their album.  In between recording Marc and John would spend all their extra time with Kyle and Jelissa.  This afternoon was one in the same, the guys spent 3 hours in the studio and when they got to the Cena’s residence…Like every day before it for the past 2 months, Jelissa and Kyle were waiting for them on the back porch under the patio umbrella.


Marc sat down and Lissa slid down into his lap, as John looked at Kyle with a smirk and Kyle stood up as John took her hand and they headed off to the pond at the back of the property where they’d spent most of their time to begin with.


John pulled his shirt off, then kicked off his sneakers and ditched his socks as well as his jean shorts, his swimming trunks were under them…He watched as Kyle shimmied out of her cut off jean shorts and tossed her tank top to the side revealing her red bikini.


Kyle watched as John walked into the pond and was chest deep in the water as he turned and watched her walk into the water…Kyle slowly walked in letting her body get acclimated to the temperature of the water.  John watched as she slowly disappeared under the water completely.


Kyle re-appeared in front of John as his hands softly caressed her waist below the water and he pulled her to him…She wrapped her arms around his neck and cherished the feeling of his warm body against her cook skin…thanks to the water.  It was a little chillier then she liked, but knew John’s body heat would fix everything.


John captured Kyle’s lips in a heated kiss.  Her soft hands came down across his back and down his well muscled arms and chest.  They pulled apart and John turned Kyle around and nuzzled her Kyle was kissing his arms, hands...John moved his hand down around her waist and clutched her tighter, still kissing and feeling.  Kyle shuddered when he pulled away. He smiled, looking at her and then ran the tip of his finger along her lips.


Looking down, John saw her breasts silently rising up and down as she breathed. Leaning in again, John, started to kiss and lick along her jaw, down her neck. So soft and warm was his mouth that she felt the need between her legs grow.  His lips traced a path along her collar bone and then down lower, until he reached the fabric of her t-shirt. John pulled down her neckline and started to softly kiss the tops of her breasts. He felt her fingers softly run through his hair, and heard her soft sigh.


“Tell me if this is what you want?” John asked, before he leaned in and gave her a small warm kiss on her lips.  “With all my heart,” she replied, and felt herself warm with desire and lust.  She felt his lips once more come crashing down on hers, as they roughly explored each other’s mouths. She ran her hands along his back, gripping at his skin in both hands. John’s mouth moved and he kissed her once more down her jaw and neck, lowering towards her chest.  They made their way out of the water and over to a grassy area next to the pond…She leaned back and let him lower her down onto the grass covered ground.


Kyle felt a soft and powerful hand glide up her inner left thigh.  Gasping, Kyle clutched onto John’s shoulder harder as his mouth played on her bikini covered breasts, and also as Kyle felt his hand slide up closer to her wet desire.

John moved back up to her mouth as he found what he was seeking. Pulling back the folds of fabric, he found the swollen lips of her wet desire. He pulled away from her face and looked into her eyes, as he gently slid two fingers in the warmth and wetness.  She gave a small groan and shut her eyes with pleasure as he rubbed softly, teasing her so gently that her breath was just barely above normal.  John found that secret spot and gently played with it, watching her silently groan and gasp as she felt the need in her grow. Giving butterfly kisses across her face he withdrew his fingers and sank her into another deep inviting kiss.

Kyle felt herself being pulled up to John’s face again, her head swimming with desire and lust.  Kyle relished being held in John’s arms. He pressed against her, and she could feel the swelling cock underneath his trunks, begging to be let out. “Turn around,” John whispered, and he gently turned her so that she was facing him.  Kyle felt those strong hands, slowly sliding the bikini top down her shoulders.  After what seemed like an eternity, John moved his hands gently over her arm, pushing the fabric off her body. Letting the top fall to the ground.  Giving a smile, John rubbed her breast with his hand and kissed her. He felt the hardness of her nipple grow underneath his palm.


Moving back, he revealed his beautifully sculpted chest and hard nipples, as he discarded his trunks.  Kyle reached down and looked up to him as she knelt and he knew what she was about to do.  Silently and so gently Kyle took the tip of his desire into her mouth, kissing and licking it.  John put his hands on her head and gave a soft moan as she took in more of his need.  Running her hands up his thigh she cupped his balls and massaged them, causing him to moan louder under her torture.  Kyle took it in more, but then withdrew, licking up a bead of moisture that escaped the tip.

Kyle drew up to face John, her hard nipples brushing against the now damp flesh of his chest. Drawing him into a hard passionate kiss, she felt his aching cock against her lower stomach. Pulling back, she then sat down in the grass. “Make love to me, John?” she said in a whisper.  John then leaned down to plant a kiss on her swollen lips, slowly making that now familiar trail of kisses down her neck. Cupping her left breast, he bit and sucked on her nipples, leaving them even harder than before.  John heard her sigh, and felt her fingers slide through his short brown hair.

Lower he went down her chest and to her stomach, and Kyle felt her pulse racing faster as he found another new spot to explore.  He pulled her bikini bottoms off and tossed them aside.  Shutting her eyes she felt those strong fingers part the lips of her swollen sex. He quickly found that spot which made her groan and shudder with just the slightest touches.  John’s tongue played with her clit, causing her to cry out louder, and feel things that she could never possibly have imagined before. He teased it so that she was near the edge, but not quite.  Kyle felt a finger enter her tight opening, and, groaning loudly, she gripped John’s head.

Feeling the familiar sensations, she pulled John away from her, and shifted back into the grass. Seeing John kneeling before her made her heart stop. The light that came through the forest of trees gave him a soft glow.  Looking into her eyes, John positioned himself just right, and slowly entered her.


A gasp came from Kyle’s lips as she felt his cock filling her, giving her ultimate ecstasy.  Kyle shifted slightly to get the best feel. Leaning down, John kissed her and she felt him withdraw ever so slightly, and then fill her again.  She felt so good; the exquisite sensations caused by the caresses of the bad boy so incredible as to make her feel that they couldn’t be real.  John pumped harder into her, his cries and groans a mixture with hers. Her tight hot opening giving him so much pleasure, he leaned in and kissed her neck fervently, pumping harder into her, filling her.

With a hoarse cry, the world seemed to stop for Kyle, and the spasms and waves of such pleasure crashed down on her, pushing everything else from existence. Left breathless, Kyle felt John stiffen and heard him cry out, the last few intense thrusts he felt that blinding, earth shattering bliss of sensations as he emptied his cum into her.  

All was still, except for the heavy breathing of the two lovers.


Finally, John withdrew and laid himself down beside the beautiful woman, giving her a small kiss.  Looking into his eyes, Kyle lightly traced his red lips, and lightly ran her fingernails through his hair. Such beauty and power lay there.


Chapter 6


It was probably a good idea that everyone left the house, Lissa and Marc went inside and first they sat at the table and then suddenly Marc stood up and leaned down and kissed her lips he leaned down and picked her up...Somehow the kiss got a little reckless and they lost a few articles of clothing on their way up stairs…they ended up on the bed…Jelissa pulled back and noticed Marc’s eyes were a dark sea blue darkened with passion…

Jelissa leaned over and kissed him…and surprisingly enough he kissed her back…his hand went to her hip and then around her waist and pulled her closer…Marc’s hand slid down her thigh to the back of her knee…and he pulled her leg around his thigh…and was rubbing the back of her thigh as the kissing got a little more intense…Marc’s hand traveled up the back of her panties to her booty…his hand was so warm on her skin…Jelissa was running her fingers through his hair…

Marc rolled over until he was situated half on her and half off of her…his free hand slowly crept up her body to the bottom of her bra, undoing the clasp…and he slowly started sliding it off…he looked up at her and just stared at her eyes like he was asking permission to remove her bra…Jelissa smirked a little and then nodded her approval of him removing her bra…so he finished sliding it all the way up and off her arms…he tossed it next to the bed…the first thing her now naked cold breasts came in contact with was his warm chest…her nipples were hard enough to cut out someone’s eye…but soon softened up under his body heat…

Marc started to slowly lick and kiss his way down her neck across her collar bone, and down in the valley between her breast…then soon started a full out assault on her nipples, lick, sucking, nipping between his teeth but not too hard…just enough to get her aroused by it…which she will admit…it was working. Then he kissed and licked down to her navel where he pulled on her navel ring with his teeth for a few minutes…and then went a little lower…he was placing kisses all along her hips, legs, knees, calves, then went back up and grabbed the string of her panties that was across one of her hips with his teeth and started pulling them off with his teeth…and dispose of them and his own exercise pants and boxer/briefs at the same time…

His erection had been present the whole time…Jelissa could feel it being rubbed all over her body any time he moved…Marc crawled back up to face her…and he pushed her knees apart…and he looked at her with smoke filled green eyes and in the sweetest softest voice he said, “Jelissa…Are you sure you want to do this?” Jelissa said, “If I say no…would you be able to stop without getting mad?” Marc said, “No...At least I don’t think so.”  Jelissa said, “Then don’t ask me…I don’t know what I feel for you…I know I like you a lot…and I already know I’m sure about doing this…hell even if I wanted you to stop I still wouldn’t ask you too…I want it too bad.”

Marc positioned his the head of his erection at the opening of her wet center…and he kissed her as he started sliding his erection into her…Jelissa could feel her walls expanding and expanding…Marc took one of her hands and laced their fingers together…as he slowly pushed himself all the way into her...he could tell by how tight she was, she hadn’t had sex in a long time.

Once Marc had sheathed himself all the way in her…he laid there perfectly still for a few minutes, letting her get used to his size…He slowly started moving in and out of her…She was moaning when he’d push in from all the pleasure…and groan when he’d pull out, cause she felt empty…

Pretty soon, Marc grabbed her hips and rolled them over to where Jelissa was sitting straddled on him and he said, “Ride me baby.” Jelissa smiled and that’s exactly what she started doing…Marc had a firm grip on her hips…helping her glide up and down his erection…Jelissa leaned down and kissed him and he sat up while still working her up and down him…Marc wrapped his arms around her and said, “Jesus…girl you are tight…” Marc growled a little and said, “Damn, baby, you feel so good on me…it feels like you were made especially for me…” Jelissa said, “Well…Maybe I was…”

Jelissa threw her head back and her long hair trickled over Marc’s arms…as his one hand found her butt and was trying to pull her closer…as if that could happen…you couldn’t have gotten a single strand of hair between them as it was…then he suddenly stood up with her still on him and moved around and laid back down with her under him again…Jelissa wasn’t complaining…she liked him being between her thighs…Marc’s thrusts were getting hard, faster and definitely deeper…much, much deeper…Jelissa was going crazy out of her mind…

Marc could feel her walls starting to shutter around him….tightening and releasing…and he knew her obviously building orgasm was approaching fast…he started going deeper…Jelissa thought if he went much deeper…he’d never find his way out with out a wet suit and a mining helmet…Jelissa started grinding her hips into his as his thrusts were so wonderful…Marc said, “That’s it…c’mon…just let yourself go…I want you to cum for me…c’mon Jelissa…I want to hear you cum for me…c’mon baby girl.” Jelissa said, “Oh god Mmmmmmmmmmmmarc.” As she called his name her climax hit her…which as soon as he felt her release…he soon followed and growled out a furious climax as well…as she felt him explode deep inside of her…

Marc didn’t collapse on top of her…cause he didn’t want to crush her…he pulled out and laid next to her…pulling her over and Jelissa laid her head on his chest, listening to his breathing and heart beating slow down…as hers slowed down with his…They both ended up falling asleep.


Chapter 7


The months started to fly by without a second thought for either couple.  The days, weeks and months went by so fast, before any of them realized it…It had completely been 2 years since they’d all even thought of the summer they began dating.  Marc and Jelissa had been living together for the last year and had also recently gotten engaged.


John and Kyle were tossing around the thought of moving in.  Kyle figured he was getting cold feet on taking the next step…For some reason every time she’d mention moving in together John would change the subject.  Marc and Jelissa figured it was cold feet as well…Boy were they all wrong…Really wrong.


Jelissa and Kyle were sitting at the kitchen table as they were going through wedding magazines…Kyle said, “You realize no matter how hard you try…This wedding is so not going to be traditional…It wouldn’t be you.”  Jelissa looked at her cousin and said, “Yea…Tell me about it.  Its bad enough Marc wants to do some kind of pimp hop walk down the isle.  Like people won’t realize it’s a wedding…not a brothel.”


Kyle laughed and said, “Hey…You’re marrying him…You said yes.”  Jelissa hit her forehead and said, “What the hell was I thinking?”  Kyle said, “Hey…Everyone deserves to be happy at some point in their life…Right?  Why not you right now?”  Lissa said, “Ky…That statement goes for you too…You’re included in the every one list.”  Kyle said, “Yea…well I’m in love with the world’s BIGGEST procrastinator.  We are never getting married…Shit I can’t even get him to move into the same house with me.  How the hell am I gonna get him down the fuckin isle, let alone propose.”


Lissa said, “So well trick him…At our wedding…After Marc and I say I Do and Kiss…I’ll have a couple of the boys hold onto John so they can fill his pants with quick dry concrete and then well load him on a dolly and roll his ass to the front of the church.”  Kyle said, “Yea and I’m sure he’d find a way to saw the bottom half of his body off and run down the isle of the church on his knuckles hailing a cab.”


The girls laughed as Marc walked into the kitchen and leaned down kissing Lissa’s lips and said, “Hey baby…What’ca in here laughing about?”  Kyle said, “My procrastinating boyfriend.”  Marc sat at the table with the girls and said, “Ay…I don’t know what the hell has gotten into my cousin lately…He flaked on my at the studio for the last 3 months…He’s supposed to be helping me run Base Camp…But now that he’s the big bad WWE champ he ain’t got no time for the little people.”


Kyle said, “Don’t you mean WWE chump…I still can’t get a CLEAR answer on whether or not he wants to move in together…We looked at apartments, we looked at duplexes, we looked at fuckin houses…everything…nothing makes him happy anymore…I’m shocked that sex between us is still so invigorating for him…cause it sure as hell ain’t doing nothing for me.”


Jelissa’s head popped up and said, “Damn girl.”  Kyle smiled and said, “Don’t get me wrong…The sex is fabulous and always has been since day one…but I feel like there’s something missing…Like he’s not completely there with me when were doing it…Like I have his body but his mind is somewhere else…and at that point I get bored with it…I love that man so much, but half the time I think the only reason were dating is out of convenience…like he ain’t got time to go find a new girlfriend so he’ll just deal with the one he’s got now.”


Marc said, “You know Raw is in Boston on Monday…Why don’t you surprise him and go see him…Talk with him…Maybe ya’ll need a vacation together.”  Lissa said, “Or a vacation away from one another.  Either way after you talk it should be pretty obvious what both of you want.”  Kyle nodded…she knew they were right.


Chapter 8


Kyle looked at herself in the mirror…jeans, red sneakers and a red t-shirt.  She left her hair down.  So this was it…It was either going to work or it wasn’t.  Either way by the end of the night she’d know if she was really what John Cena wanted in his life or if John Cena was what she wanted in her life.  Driving to the arena in Boston she could see the storm clouds moving in.  They said it wasn’t supposed to rain until the following day, but she was pretty sure it was going to start tonight.  She pulled into the parking garage and turned the engine to her convertible Ford Mustang off.  She left the top down cause the air was a nice soft cool, not too chilly…Besides the parking garage had a roof over it, so she wasn’t worried about the rain.



You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh…That's right
I took your words…And I believed
In everything…You said to me
Yeah huh…That's right

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong and
I know better
Cause you said forever…And ever
Who knew



She walked into the arena after showing her pass and ID to the guard in the back…He knew who she was…She’d come to see John frequently when he was in Boston and Neighboring arenas.  Kyle was walking around backstage watching everyone get ready.  She was just about to turn a corner as she over heard a bunch of squealing coming from the Diva’s locker room…“Oh my God Trish…That ring is beautiful.  John finally asked you to marry him.”  Trish Stratus’s voice cut in and said, “Please, We’ve been dating for 4 years…It was about time he asked me.”  Kyle smiled for Trish…She knew she’d been dating a guy for a while…apparently her John was not having cold feet about anything…If only Kyle knew her secret on how to get her own John to get his act together. 


Trish giggled and said, “Speaking of John…I gotta go see him…we’ve got a small make out date planned before my match tonight.”  The girls all gushed as Kyle watched Trish leave the locker room.  Kyle looked down the hallway and figured she’d just keep going until she found someone familiar.  As she rounded the corner, she stopped in her tracks. 


Apparently Kyle’s John had lost his battle with cold feet…because her John…was Trish’s John.  She stood and watched as they kissed in the middle of the hallway.  She couldn’t believe it…She’d been had…literally…by the BIGGEST WWE asshole in the world.  Kyle looked at the floor…and up again hoping it was nothing but a dream or possibly a nightmare…but it wasn’t…It was all real.  Kyle turned on her heels and proceeded to walk back through the arena to go home.



Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no…No no
I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you a friend
I'd give anything

When someone said count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong
They knew better
Still you said forever…And ever
Who knew



About that time, John and Trish parted and she said, “I’m gong go tinkle sweetie…I’ve missed you.”  John said, “Yea, well when your out on injury leave for 2 years, a man tends to miss his girl when she ain’t on the road with him.”  Trish walked away to the rest room, and John could’ve sworn he seen Kyle out of the corner of his eye…but no one was there…He walked over to the bend in the hallway and looked around it and saw Kyle walking out the back doors.


John took off running as fast as he could…he got to the parking garage in time to see the red mustang rolling by and he actually took a gamble and ran as fast as he could and jumped on the hood and windshield of Kyle’s mustang…Proceeding to scare the shit out of her as she slammed on the breaks and skidded the vehicle out from under the parking garage and into the raining stadium parking lot. 


The rain proceeded to soak the two of them plus the interior of the car as they both sat there from the shock breathing…Kyle looked at John through the windshield and said, “What the fuck are you doing you asshole?”  As she stood up on her seat she shoved John off the hood of her car.  John stood up from the ground and said, “Where do you think you’re going?  You come to see me and you’re just going to leave?”  Kyle gripped the windshield and stepped on her door and hopped out of her car and said, “No, I came to see my boyfriend…But that couldn’t possibly be you…Because you’re engaged to TRISH STRATUS!”



Yeah yeah
I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we
Until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened



Kyle said, “I knew something was fuckin up when you wouldn’t give me a clear answer on moving in…Or when we were having sex and I felt like you just wasn’t there…It’s because you’re body was there, but mentally you was fuckin Trish…You’re girlfriend of 4 fuckin years…You’re fiancé…The future mother of your children.  You lied to me for 2 years you little bastard…About stupid fuckin shit that no body needs to lie about.  I don’t understand you John…You acted as though I was the only thing you needed in life…but you really didn’t…You were just using me as a fuck buddy until your precious Barbie doll came back.”


Kyle turned to get back in her car, when John grabbed her arm and spun her around and said, “Did I ever say we were going to be together for the rest of our lives?  DID I?”  Kyle said, “No…You just promised forever…And apparently, I wasn’t never good enough for your forever…Just good enough for your fuck sessions.”  John took a step towards Kyle and before he knew what was happening, he felt a sting in his cheek he would definitely never forget.


As Kyle got in her car, the hand print she left on John Cena’s cheek was starting to redden up…Kyle said, “If I ever see you near me again…You’ll get much worse then a little slap…And don’t you think I won’t.”  All John could do was watch as Kyle left the parking lot and his life…for good.



If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong and
That last kiss…I'll cherish
Until we meet again

And time makes…It harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep…Your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling…Who knew
My darling…My darling
Who knew
My darling…I miss you
My darling…Who knew

Who knew?



Kyle pulled into her parking slot at her apartment and went inside…she put dry clothes on and called a cab as she ordered a plane ticket online.  A one way ticket to be exact to an undisclosed location.  She called and left a single message on Jelissa’s voicemail.  An hour later…she was gone without a trace.


Chapter 9


Kyle stood on the beach as the wind slowly moved her hair around her body…Still trying to mentally burn the images from her brain and trying to forget the whole conversations she heard over and over in her head, between John and Trish, and John and herself.  She’d secluded herself to a beach house on the shore front of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


No one knew where she was not even Marc or Jelissa…She couldn’t trust anyone with her location…She just wanted to be left alone and if she had to force everyone out of her life then damn if she wouldn’t do it.  She hated the thought of only leaving a voicemail for Marc and Jelissa…but eventually they would figure out to call John and find out just what the hell he’d done to fuck up things with Kyle.


It was just 6 months ago when everything had gone down between John and Kyle…She smoothed her hand over the bulge of her 7 month pregnant belly…She hadn’t known at the time of the fight, but she was pregnant.  And now she was determined more then ever to make her life work…She stayed in contact with Marc and Jelissa through e-mail on her laptop, but most days she spent it relaxing and trying to get the beach house’s spare room ready for the baby.


Kyle had been transferred to the hospital in South Carolina as a Physical Therapist, but once she hit her third trimester she went on maternity leave.  Learning to just survive on her own, let alone with a baby was going to be a challenge, but it was definitely going to be worth it…She’d have something in her life that was all her own that she loved…and that finally loved her back.


One morning, Kyle had decided to go into town and do some much needed shopping…She still needed a crib and a car seat.  As she was looking around the Babies’ R’ Us store she happened to see someone who looked rather familiar…In fact he looked so familiar he actually noticed her too.  It was none other then Matt Hardy…She’d actually grown to know him when John was still on Smackdown with Matt…His chocolate brown orbs twinkled at her as he walked over and said, “Kyle…It’s nice to see you again.” 


Kyle smiled and said, “Yea…You too Matt.”  He said, “What on earth are you doing in South Carolina?”  Kyle moved around the rack of clothes and showed off her very pregnant belly and said, “Hiding out…Until this critter is born.”  Matt said, “Yea…I heard what happened with you and John…One of the back stage crew guys from Smackdown was at Raw that night and witnessed the whole thing…Needless to say word spread like wild fire over at Smackdown.  I’m really sorry that it had to happen.”


Kyle rubbed her belly and said, “Yea well…No one from Smackdown knew John had been dating Trish and everyone from Raw knew he was with her, It was like the best kept secret around…That’s why you guys and I assumed me and John were perfect for each other…but he had only been at Raw for like a month when Trish came off injury leave…Which was around the time we pasted our 2 year mark and he just started acting funny…I knew something wasn’t right and when I found out everything…The missing pieces sort of just fell into place.  I should’ve known better then to listen to a fast talkin hoodrat.” 


Matt said, “Does he know about the…uh…Um…”  Matt pointed at her stomach and she said, “The baby?  No…And I’d prefer to keep it that way…I know he’s already married Trish…I saw the WWE headline on their website…I ain’t about to screw up his life like he did mine.”  Matt looked around and said, “Feel like some lunch?”  Kyle laughed and said, “Oh yes…Like I ain’t fat enough?”  Matt laughed and said, “C’mon pregnant women gotta eat too…Besides you look like you’re due for a break.”  Kyle smiled softly and said, “Okay.”


The two went to lunch and from then on were pretty inseparable.  Matt actually took it upon himself to be there when Kyle went into labor.  Matt coached and held her hand as he watched her deliver a 7 lb, 5 ounce baby boy that she decided to name Christopher Michael Cordano. 


Matt’s younger brother Jeff came to help him take Kyle and Christopher home.  Jeff was pushing Kyle in the wheelchair making her laugh as Matt carried Christopher.


Jeff said, “Wow…I always figured I’d be visiting the maternity ward simply for the chicks…because at least you know they put out.”  Matt and Kyle both groaned outwardly as they couldn’t help but laugh at Jeff.  Kyle said, “Jeff, I always thought you was a comical relief but never figured you were insane.”  Jeff said, “It comes from years of dying my hair outrageous colors…The dye finally sank thru to my brain.


Matt said, “Yea…Like that is a shocking announcement.”  As he loaded Christopher into the baby car seat and Jeff helped Kyle into the car.  And the foursome went home.


Chapter 10


5 Years Later


Matt was asked to go to WrestleMania where he and Jeff would be honored in the Wrestler Hall Of Fame.  They’d both retired from WWE and Vince had finally decided they put a lot of their lives on hold for his company for their careers. Kyle was walking backstage after the Hall of Fame had finished the night before, they were asked to stay for WrestleMania.  She was hot on the heels of her over active 5 year old…Who was dying to see his Uncle Jeff.  Jeff was down talking with someone of his old co-workers with Matt.



These streets
Turn me inside out
Everything shines
But leaves me empty still
And I'll, burn this lonely house down
If you run with me
If you run with me

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you



Kyle turned into the backstage catering where most of the wrestlers were standing or sitting around talking and bullshitting about the old days.  Kyle heard Christopher find Jeff before her from his squealing coming from catering.  As she walked in Jeff had Christopher sitting on his shoulders bouncing around the room.  Matt smiled as Kyle walked over and he leaned down and kissed his wife’s lips and said, “I see he out ran you again.”  Kyle laughed and said, “I just had to follow the squealing.”  Her and Matt laughed it off.


John Cena was sitting at a table with Trish when he saw her walk into catering.  He almost couldn’t believe his eyes…After the way things had ended between them she was actually in the same place with him.  He was nearly shocked into stunned silence when he seen her kiss Matt Hardy.  They looked way to close to just be friends or even dating…And then he spotted it…The 3 karat blue diamond on her left ring finger…Oh yea…If they were already married they were going to be.


He was also stunned into silence when she yelled at Jeff for kidnapping her son yet again.  Only one thing…Her son looked nothing like Matt…Matt was dark haired and dark eyed…Her song had light hair and incredible blue eyes…And dimples when he smiled…No way…It couldn’t be…She wouldn’t have a baby from someone and not tell them…Would she?



Fooled by my own desires
I twist my fate
Just to feel you
But you, turn me toward the light
And you're one with me
Will you run with me?

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you



John excused himself from the conversation the ladies were having at the table as he watched Kyle excuse herself from the group of guys and asked where the rest room was.  John followed her and waited until she emerged from the bathroom.  “Long time no see.”  A voice from behind Kyle said.  She turned around and rolled her eyes at John Cena and said, “Not really…”  She started to walk away and John jumped in front of her and said, “Care to tell me, whose kid that is that Matt seems to be so fatherly too?”  Kyle smirked…and said, “Mine.”  John said, “Don’t be a smart ass…You know damn well that kid is mine.”  Kyle crossed her arms over her chest and said, “And you’re point Sherlock?”


John said, “You had a fuckin kid from me and didn’t tell me…5 years Kyle…And I’ve heard nothing about you being knocked up by me.”  Kyle said, “I still don’t see what your point is.”  John said, “You’ve denied me the right to see my own son, while some other son of a bitch was raising him.”  Kyle said, “Look John, You chose what you wanted in life…You chose the blonde bombshell Barbie doll in there…I chose a different life.  While I was giving birth to your son and raising him, Matt stood by me the whole time…You were off getting married and doing God knows what with Trish…That’s the life you chose…Not me.”


John said, “But you kept it from me.”  Kyle said, “Big damn deal…You kept the fact that you were dating Trish for 4 years while you fucking used me for the 2 years she was out with an injury…Turn about is fair play John…You should know that…Go back in there…Don’t you ever speak to me again…And move on with your life…Go have a million babies with your wife…She’s the one who loves you not me.”  John scoffed and said, “She doesn’t want to have kids…says it will ruin her perfect figure.”  Kyle said, “Hey…Probably should have thought about that before you got yourself into a marriage with someone you hardly knew.”



Now come in from this storm
I taste you sweet and warm
Take what you need
Take what you need
From me

Wake up this world
Wake up tonight
And run to me
Run to me now

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you



Matt walked out into the hallway and saw John confronting Kyle and he said, “Baby, everything okay?”  Kyle turned and smiled at Matt and said, “Yup…John here was just about to walk away before he got himself into trouble with me.”  John walked away as Matt kissed Kyle and said, “Stay with me forever?”  Kyle said, “Forever huh? Okay…I’ll stay with you.”  Matt and Kyle collected Jeff and Christopher and they left the arena to finish living out their lives as one big happy family.


The End