Chapter 1


--Madison, New Hampshire- -


Paul moved around in his bed...he kept hearing a banging noise in his dream...he wished it would stop...Then an annoying buzzing was doing off...he was suddenly aware of his ass waking up in his own home...a arm jutted out from under the blankets and a fist smashed down onto the alarm the annoying buzz was coming from.

Paul smirked as he heard the alarm clock die. Then the incessant banging came back and he finally realized it was someone knocking on the doors to his room...

Paul slowly rolled from the bed and not realizing how close to the edge of the bed he was hit the floor like a ton of bricks all 264 lbs of him.

Shawn was standing in the hallway of his best friend’s house outside of Paul’s room when he heard a few unpleasant cuss words being ripped through the air. Shawn laughed and waited for the door to open.

Paul pulled his jeans on and pulled the door open and leaned against the frame and said, “I never agreed to go with you this morning.” Shawn looked at him and said, “True...but you know you want to just cause you wanna see if Lori has grown up any.” Paul smirked and said, “Hey genius I have a girlfriend...There’s nothing about Lori I’m interested in.”

Shawn and Paul pulled themselves together and Shawn drove over to Lori’s work place.

Lori Pagano was Shawn’s niece...she was half his age...only because his sister was so much older then him and had her when she was younger...Shawn was 14 when his sister was 18 and had Lori...unfortunately Lori’s mother died while giving birth to her...so her grand parents raised her with the help of her uncle Shawn.

They arrived at the Madison Memorial Hospital...and Shawn walked up and said, “I’d like to speak with Dr. Pagano please.” Paul said, “Doctor?” Shawn smirked and then heard a squealing voice yell, “UNCLE SHAWN!”

Paul and Shawn looked up and saw a tall, brunette with jeans a black tank top and a white lab coat running towards them...Shawn smiled as she jumped into his arms... Shawn hugged her tight and said, “Hey kiddo.” The brunette pulled away and smiled and said, “I’m not a kid anymore Uncle Shawn...I’m 21.” Shawn said, “Well excuse me...I forget you’re an adult now, which means I’m an old man...” Lori smiled and said, “At 35? Highly unlikely...How’s Aunt Kelly?” Shawn said, “Growing more every day.”

I looked up and said, “No WAY!!! Are you serious?!?” Uncle Shawn smiled and said, “Yup...she’s only 5 months...but she said she feels like she’s 13 months.” I looked over and said, “Hi Paul it’s nice to see you again.” Paul nodded.

Paul suddenly realized just exactly how grown up Lori was...Shawn would bring her on tour and she was a knobby kneed little freckled kid...but standing in front of him was a woman...she had to be around 5’10” and 125lbs...

With her body she should have some kind of sign that said Dangerous Curves ahead. Her deep violet eyes looked like the color from a rainbow and long waist length brunette hair was silky...he wanted to just reach out and touch it.

Maybe there was one or two things about Lori that interest Paul.


Chapter 2

Shawn watch Lori as she talked with the nurses about the patients…it was close to 3 am…he’d set Paul’s alarm and made him come up cause he couldn’t wait until morning to see his niece whom he loved much like a daughter.

Shawn could tell the hard working hours of being a doctor were starting to wear on his niece. But he also knew it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle.

The phone at the nurses station started ringing when Lodi looked around…no nurses were within an ear shot to answer it so she leaned over and answered it.

I picked the phone up and said, “Madison Memorial Hospital how may I direct your call…Sir do you know what time it is?...It’s 3 am…it’s not party time it’s sleepy time…NO that was NOT an invitation…Sir you can’t die from that…no, no, no…take a cold shower and the color should go back to normal by the time you wake up in the morning.”

Shawn and Paul were leaning on each other and laughing so hard…Shawn said, “What was that all about?” I said, “Some party guy having a little too much alone time with his right hand and a playboy magazine.” Shawn said, “Do you get calls like that all the time?” I said, “Of course…this is a hospital…people have a medical problems they either call or come here to have the problem fixed.”

Shawn had told Lori they were going to be in town for a few days. When he had actually lined up a job with the WWE for her. He didn’t want her working at the hospital for too much longer…he knew it was in a really bad neighborhood and people were getting their vehicles broken into and there had been a few nurses who’d been attacked and raped in the parking lot.

Shawn had begged her to pick a different hospital to work at something close to home in San Antonio…but when she graduated from NYC…she had done her internship at Madison Memorial. She was starting to plant roots there and he just couldn’t stand for it. Of course he wasn’t dumb enough to try and throw around his “fatherly” weight…she wouldn’t stand for it...not miss independent.

I watched Uncle Shawn push his hands in his pocket and he let out a heavy sign and said, “Soooo.” I threw my hands on my hips and said, “Oh no buddy…what is this all about?” Uncle Shawn said, “What’s what about?” I said, “You don’t just do some heavy sighing and give me a long so for nothing…what’s going on that you haven’t told me about?”

Shawn cursed himself and knew she’d see right through it. DAMN! Every time. Shawn said, “Well you see…what happened was…well.”


Shawn jumped as his niece yelled his name with a strict undertone. Shawn said, “Okay fine. We kind of had one of the road doctors retire…and I just happened to mention to Vince that my one and only beautiful highly intelligent niece just happened to be an Emergency Room doctor.”

Chapter 3

Shawn watched as Lori made a face…Shawn pointed and said, “You keep making that face and it’s going to freeze that way, young lady.” Lori said, “Uncle Shawn that is scientifically impossible.” Shawn said, “So what’s the face for?” Lori rolled her eyes and said, “Is this something you would like me to do or are you going to make me do it…like when you made me go to that lame icecapades show when I was 10.”

Shawn said, “Don’t roll your eyes the Icecapades were cool back then…And no I’m only going to express my opinion…I would never make you do anything you didn’t want.”

Lori couldn’t help but roll her eyes again and said, “You’re opinion expressing is usually the way you want thing to really go…you are never really interested in what I’ve got to say…And the icecapades were not cool…it was a bunch of grown men and women in stupid too big for anyone with half a brain costumes sliding around the ice to Disney music from Disney movies.”

Paul chimed in with, “She’s got ya there bud.” Shawn looked at Paul and said, “Did I ask you for your 2 cents at all?” Paul said, “Well…Who pissed in your cheerios?” Shawn threw a mad glare at Paul and then turned his attention back to Lori.

Uncle Shawn said, “You’re Aunt Kelly and me…well We’ve been talking…we know what kind of reputation this hospital and neighborhood has…we know there have been numerous car thefts and break-ins and several of the nurses who’ve been attacked and raped in the parking garage of this big diseased building in Madison. It’s not safe for a young lady…I would hate to imagine waking up one morning and turning the TV on and hearing someone had been killed and then a call from the police saying my only beautiful intelligent niece was murdered because she was working for the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Lori giggled and said, “Uncle Shawn, you sure do have a flare for the dramatics…I think you should quit working for the WWE…and pick up a contract to work on one of those day time soap operas. You would always be that one eccentric family member…who takes the mention of murder to a higher level.”

Shawn planted his hands on his hips and said, “Lauren Marie Pagano…What is so funny about me finding out you’d been murdered?!?”

I hid my smirk and walked over and wrapped my arms around my Uncle Shawn neck and laid my head on his shoulder…I kissed his cheek and said, “I’m sorry Uncle Shawn I didn’t mean to upset you…Forgive me…Please…Please…Pretty Please.”

Shawn looked down and there were those puppy dog eyes that virtually got his gorgeous niece anything she wanted. She popped her bottom lip out and he watched it quiver…Shawn’s defense mode slowly came down as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head…

Shawn chuckled and said, “And you said, I had a flare for the dramatics…you’ve been using the same tactic on me since you was 5. Maybe being a doctor wasn’t your calling…you should be some big paid actress up in Hollywood.”

Paul chipped in with, “I think you’re both fuckin’ Nuts.” Lori said, “Yea like they call you the Cerebral Assassin, because you’re a nice guy.” They all started laughing.

Lori straightened up and said, “Uncle Shawn if you really want me out of here…I’ll go. I don’t like trying to sleep when I’m scared to death in my own neighborhood…Besides I’m sure Vince can pay me much better then his place ever could.”

So it was settled. Shawn and Paul help Lori pack up what little she had at her apartment…The clothing went with her…everything else was shipped to San Antonio, Texas.


Chapter 4


So I was on the road with the WWE...Someone please shoot me now for ever making me believe I would want to travel for a living. Jet lag was just starting to wear off as we pulled into the parking lot of Madison Square Garden Arena in New York. Where Smackdown and Raw was to be held for the week.

We walked down the hallway of the back stage arena area and all I heard was ‘Excuse me little girl.’ In a low southern accented voice and I turned around and jumped into the waiting arms of Mark Callaway or better know as The Undertaker.

Mark said, “So I see you’re Uncle talked you into joining us on the road for a while.” Mark put me back on the ground and I scoffed and said, “Talked? More like demanded while acting like a big Drama Queen.” Mark kissed the top of my head and he said, “Well...in any case it’s nice to have you aboard Dr. Pagano.” I kissed his cheek and said, “Thank you Mark...I appreciate it.”

Paul could feel every jealous bone in his body tensing up when he saw her reaction to Callaway...she reacted to him the way she reacted to Shawn like Callaway was family or something. The ay she reacted to him as more of a sexual way then anything else.


What the hell was Paul so concerned about Lori and Mark for...he had his own girlfriend to go find...he hadn’t seen her for a few days and decided it was time to go find her. What was he worried for...Mark was just a father figure to Lori...like he was to all the young girls and ladies who worked for the company.

Yea...Yea...That’s what it was...Mark was the father figure...since Lori didn’t know who folks...and Shawn and practically raised her...she was used to being around the older guys cause they were like fathers to her.

Paul shrugged and walked down the hall in search of his woman. He finally found her primping in front of a full length mirror. Her blonde hair hanging down around her shoulders...her tiny cute waist followed by her tight ass in those leather pants looking like she’d been sewn into them...and her perky breast synched up nearly to the top of her low V cut top...so just enough cleavage showed for him to get wood after just one glance.

He snuck up behind her and said, “You can primp all night you’re still the most beautiful woman on the Raw Roster.” Her head spun around as he slipped his arms around her waist and his hands slid down to her ass as he grabbed and pulled her closer. She said, “Oh Paulie...I missed you so much...And Flattery will get you nowhere...but cheap wine and great sex will get you EVERYWHERE!”

Paul kissed her pouty lips and said, “So what have you been doing my blonde bombshell...You know I missed ya too Trish...I figured if I stayed gone too long, when I came back you would of run off with Matt Hardy.” Trish said, “That backstreet boys look alike...NO WAY...EWWWW! Why would I want some clone when I can have 100% man?”

Trish said, “And believe me big guy...I can tell how much you missed me...it’s pressed to my thigh right now. Maybe we should go put good use to that.” Paul said, “What ever you want baby...I’m all yours.”

Trish took Paul’s hand and led him down the hallway to their private dressing room...They’d been dating now for a couple of years...And she was so hoping he’d eventually ask her to marry him...it was wishful thinking on her part considering she’d hoped he loved her as much as she loved him...every day they spent together was just another day to add to the countless times she could recall feeling totally and helplessly in love with the Cerebral Assassin.

Only time could tell.


Chapter 5

A few minutes after I’d gotten situated in my hotel room…someone knocked on the door…I walked over and opened the door…and was staring at a huge tattooed body…I looked up and said, “Oh hey Mark…what’s up?” Mark was leaning against the door jam and said, “I was getting ready to go down and swim…I thought I’d come and see if you wanted to come and join me.”

I smiled and said, “Sure…C’mon in and wait for me while I change into my suit.” Mark said, “Okay.” And walked in…I said, “Go ahead and have a seat…I’ll only be a few minutes.” Mark said, “Yea…but you’re a woman…so I’ll just allocate about 30 minutes.”

Mark watched Lori disappear into the bedroom as she was laughing…God she had a great laugh…it was intoxicating…but then again so was her perfume, shampoo…everything she had lingering on the surfaces of her body he could smell…and was practically drunk off of her…as promised 5 minutes later, Lori emerged from the bathroom in a crocheted Black shorts bikini with a matching skirt…barefooted…

I said, “So c’mon I love to swim…” Mark chuckled as he followed behind me…We talked all the way down to the bottom floor and realized we had quite a bit in common. We got into the pool room and Mark closed and locked the door, because he was allowed to do that so fans wouldn’t bother him. We got in and after about an hour of swimming… we had been messing around and splashing each other…and dunking each other in the water…

I went over and had my back to the side with my elbows propped up on the side of the pool…and watched as Mark…I would sat swam but considering the water come to just 6 inches below his neck…hw walked over to where I was and said, “Had enough yet?” I smirked and said, “Never…just taking a break before we drowned each other.” I heard laughter rumbling from Mark’s chest.

I lifted my hand and beckoned Mark by crocking my index finger at him…he got closer and stood with one arm on each side of my…boxing me against the pool wall…I reached behind him and pulled the rubber band out of his hair, smoothed the knots out with my fingers and put the rubber band back in, to help keep it out of his face.

All of a sudden Mark’s lips came crashing down on mine…he was kissing me like it was the last kiss for the rest of his life…like he was going to be going to the gas chamber tomorrow…His tongue found mine and caressed it…as he sucked my tongue into the warm recesses of his mouth…I felt my whole body relax into the kiss and moan slipped from my mouth into Marks…Mark wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to his big body…and I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist…

Mark pushed me against the wall and I could feel his erection pressing into the crotch of my swim suit…2 pieces of this material were all that separated us from joining completely. Mark’s hands started slowly making there way down my body as I felt him cup my ass…Mark walked over holding onto me by the steps that lead in and out of the pool and sat down with me straddling his lap…never breaking the kiss.

The next thing I felt was his hand sliding up the leg whole of my swim shorts…as he found my clit and stroked it a few times and I nearly convulsed in his hands…Mark’s husky voice said, “You want me to keep going?” I couldn’t say anything…all I could do was nod…I felt Mark’s hand between us…and he moved my swim shorts to the side…and I felt him push his erection into me…and I let a throaty moan escape my mouth…Mark gripped my hips and slowly started moving me up and down the length of him…

Mark was lost in the feeling of having Lori’s wet center gliding up and down his shaft…it was almost too much…she was so tight and warm and wet…she seemed to fit him like a velvet glove…he could feel Lori’s lips attach to the side of his neck and nearly passed out cause he forgot to breathe…Mark felt Lori pushing him back to lay back on the cool concrete of the walk way next to the pool as she started riding him harder…

Mark slipped his hand between us and started stroking my clit after a few strokes…My whole body shuddered with my climax…as soon as Mark felt my walls clamp down around him…he couldn’t help but let his orgasm rake through his entire body as I felt his seed empty into me…

Paul stood at the 2nd floor window looking down into the indoor pool area...he couldn’t believe he’d just seen Mark and Lori having sex...

Lori giggled as she was still seated on Mark and said, “That felt so good.” Mark nodded and said, “I know we haven’t done that in weeks...God I missed you...You sure you have to stay in your own room?” Lori smiled and said, “I don’t really have a curfew ya know...I can always get back to my room a little late...but that’s only if your boys are up to a longer sweatier work out.”

Mark pushed his pelvic up a couple of times and Lori could already feel him getting hard in her again and he said, “What do you think baby?” Lori gasped a little and said, “I think we better get to a room that the public doesn’t have access to before we get into trouble.” Mark said, “Great idea.” They fixed them selves and took off up to Mark’s room...

Where they stayed until morning. Lori made a clean get away and returned to her own hotel room just in time for her Uncle Shawn to knock on her door and invite her to breakfast with him and Paul.

Chapter 6

Paul cursed all the way to the next arena. After seeing the glow on Lori’s face during breakfast there was no way he could ever not be jealous of the way she was with Mark...how could he be jealous for Christ sake...he had a girlfriend...

If Paul was smart he’d just ask Trish to marry him and get it over with...they’d been together long enough to know it was time to either commit or move on. Paul knew he’d have to commit before he couldn’t go through with it...he knew he didn’t love Trish...he’d actually been in love with that tall gangly teenager Lauren Pagano since the first time she stepped foot into an arena to see her Uncle Shawn.

Paul played it off to be nothing but puppy love...but through the years of seeing her constantly and even visiting her at college with Shawn just didn’t help him stop being attracted to her...while she had gotten serious with med school...Trish had just started working for the WWE and they’d started dating a little here and there...and then suddenly it turned into a 3 year relationship before he could stop it from happening.

Maybe he really wasn’t falling for Lori all over again...maybe it was just pre-engagement jitters...Yea...Yea...That’s what it was...HE was just nervous about asking Trish to marry him.

Yea sure...and if he kept telling himself that...maybe some day he’d believe it.

- -3 Weeks Later- -

Everyone got checked into the hotel in the next town over...Shawn went up to his room and opened the door...And suddenly felt like he was in the WRONG room. The room was dark and only lit by candles.

Shawn set his suitcase and bags down and closed the door...he said, “Hello...Hell-low...” As if sneaking around the room, Shawn tip toed over to the bed room door to the hotel room and peeked in and his eyes scanned the room and landed on the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

She was clad in a nighty...spaghetti straps held up the lace that covered her full voluptuous breasts, with black satin material that came down to just about mid-thigh...The tops of her silky thighs peeked out from under the nighty...and her long legs were bent slightly at the knees.

Shawn’s eyes roamed the beautiful creatures body for several minutes, before his eyes came to rest on her protruding 6 months along belly. There was nothing more beautiful in the world then his wife...and beyond that nothing more beautiful then his wife being pregnant with their first child.

Her sultry voice said, “Excuse me...Mr. Hickenbottom...But my eyes are up here.”

Shawn looked up and smiled at his beautiful wife and walked over...he said, “Kell, what are you doing here...you shouldn’t be traveling...what if you have the Braxton Hicks again?” Kelly smiled sweetly at her husband who worried too much and as she patted the bed for him to join her...she said, “You let me worry about it...Cause as long as I stay active I won’t feel them.”

Shawn watched as a smirk played on his wife’s lips as she said stay active. Shawn chuckled a little and crawled onto the bed...he laid down next to her first stopping to kiss and rub her belly. Shawn crawled up her body and kissed her beautiful lips softly...as her hand came up and caressed his cheek....Shawn broke the kiss and said, “Happy Anniversary Mrs. Hickenbottom.”

Kelly smiled and said, “Happy Anniversary Mr. Hickenbottom.” Shawn leaned down and captured her soft lips once again.

Kelly could feel his hands roaming all over her body…he slowly ran his hands over her breasts and her nipples became instantly hard…then when he got to the bottom of her nighty, he slid his hands under her nighty, sliding it up as he went and pulled it off…he slowly kissed down her neck…she loved the feeling his lips slide across her bare skin…it was pretty erotic…

His mouth met with her nipples and he was just ever so gentle with her…as he finished with her chest, he slid his tongue down her stomach and was sliding her panties…but didn’t touch her anywhere else…he moved her legs apart and was kissing the sides of her thighs…and left a hickey on the inside of her right thigh…really high…he kissed his way back up to her and they continued kissing again…

Shawn pulled her up to her knees…and Kelly stood on the end of the bed on her knees…and was unbuttoning his shirt and kissing down his chest…and she bit down on his nipple…and he said, “Watch it woman…” Kelly couldn’t help but laugh…While she worked on his shirt…He slid his hand down and started rubbing her clit and said, “Oooo…Did I do that do you?” Referring to how wet she was for him…Kelly said, “Who else would have done it to me?”

Shawn said, “True.” He entered her with two fingers and was moving them in and out of her and that emitted a moan from her…Kelly steadied herself by holding on to his arms…cause she almost flew over the edge…Shawn said, “That’s it baby…let me hear how much you love this…You know I love to hear you moan.” Kelly was on shaky ground and said, “Shawn…please.”

Shawn laughed a little and said, “Oh…skipping the fun and going right for the begging…huh baby…You want me inside you bad…don’t you?” Kelly was close to falling and moaned out, “Yes…Shawn…Please.” Shawn said, “You keep moaning like that and you can have whatever you want…How would you like to do this…you’re choice since you woke him up.”

Kelly smiled and leaned up and kissed Shawn…She pulled away and moved around to be on her hands and knees…Shawn looked back and could see just exactly the effect he had on her…

Shawn said, “Good choice baby…” Shawn grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him…and her feet curled around his thighs as he freed his painfully huge erection and slowly slid it in her…which really got her moaning nice and loud for him…he was in total heaven listening to her…moaning out his name about 5 billion times…which he loved more and more and showed he did as he started thrusting in and out of her as fast and as hard as he possibly could…Just feeling him slam into her…was making her insane…

Shawn said, “C’mon baby, I wanna feel you cum…I know you want to cum for me...” Kelly said, “Shawn…you’re making me insane baby.” Shawn said, “I know baby…cum for me…” Shawn leaned over her and had her back against his chest and wrapped one arm around her waist and touched her protruding belly, his other hand snaked down and moved her legs further apart and then his finger started working on her clit…it was dying to make her cum, loud and hard…

Kelly had to admit…it WAS working.

Shawn was kissing her neck and ear and just whispering even dirtier things in her ear, which probably aren’t appropriate to mention…but it certainly turned her on even more, cause she could feel her impending climax building…Shawn thrust a few more time and could feel her insides starting to clamp down on him…which as soon as she flew over the edge moaning his name as loudly as possible…it threw Shawn right over the edge as their orgasms ripped through her body Kelly felt Shawn’s seed explode deep inside of her with a loud growl…As Shawn pulled out he went down and laid on the bed, and pulled her with him…

Soon they both fell into a nice deep restful sleep.

Lori and Mark were next door lying in each others arms and Lori was laughing into Mark’s chest and finally said, “Wow...I didn’t know Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kelly could be so passionate.”

Mark said, “And loud.”

That threw the both of them into a fit of laughter as they fell asleep also.


Chapter 7


The next morning...Mark had gotten dressed and was getting ready to go back to his own hotel room...before anyone was awake enough to realize that most of the moaning and screaming not only came from Shawn’s room...but Lori’s as well.

Lori looked up from her stack of pillows and smiled through her mane of hair. Mark finished tying his boots and said, “I’m going to get going darlin’.” He watched as Lori leaned over and snatched his t-shirt he’d worn the night before and pulled it on...Lori jumped to her feet and walked over to the foot of the bed and jumped into Mark’s arms wrapping her legs around his waist. Mark kissed her lips softly...they had been secretly sleeping together for the last year or so without Shawn or anyone else knowing about it.

Shawn...Well, he would have a fuckin’ heart attack. And Kelly...no one could exactly pin point what Kelly’s reaction would be...considering how far along she was. She would either kill Mark and ground Lori until she was 30...or start crying because she could see what kind of effect they had on each other.

Mark said, “Okay...I better go.” Lori shook her head no. Mark said, “You want us to get caught?” She smiled and Mark said, “Absolutely not little girl...” Lori’s face fell and she said, “When are we going to tell them Mark...You should already know how I feel about you...We’ve been seeing each other for almost a year now.”

Mark placed her on her feet, on the bed and traced her lips with his index finger and said, “It’s just not the right time...you just started working for the company...I want you to work here a little longer...cause I don’t want anyone thinking I helped you get the job You know the whole ‘you got the job cause you’re Mark’s favorite fuck’ wouldn’t go along too well...Not exactly a conversation piece.”

She stepped down from the bed and said, “I can’t believe you just said that. Favorite fuck...what’s that shit?” Mark leaned against the bathroom doorway as he watched her start the shower and comb her hair out a little...He said, “Well, that’s what they would think...And you know it.”

The silence was deafening...Mark realized he probably shouldn’t have used those exact words...they had some what deep feelings for each other and were sleeping together...but she was still a lady in every definition of the word.

Lori went to walk by Mark and he grabbed her waist and pulled her soft body against his hard one and pushed her beautifully long brunette hair out of her face and said, “I’m sorry...Those were definitely the wrong words to use...You know I care about you more then I’m willing to let on to anyone...I’m not a very public man...you know what privacy has always been a big thing in my life...Even though in my line of work privacy is an unwritten and lost word...We’ll tell Shawn and Kelly when the time is right...I promise darlin’.”

Mark leaned over and looked in her eyes and said, “You believe me right?” He squeezed her waist with his huge hands and got a muffled giggle from her...knowing it was her ticklish spot. She finally nodded out a yes. Mark said, “Damn women.” He hoisted her up and over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Lori squealed and then scrambled on his shoulder to pull the t-shirt down...she said, “Mark put me down...I don’t have anything on under this t-shirt...you plan on giving everyone a show?” Mark opened the door and put her down on her feet with her back to the hotel room door...she was standing just outside of it.

Mark put his hand against the door so it wouldn’t close and lock on her. He looked down at her and she smiled...a genuine smile from her always made his heart sore to places he figured it would never go. He leaned down as she stretched on her tip toes to reach him, without him having to bend too much. And he brushed her lips softly a few dozen times.

Then Mark finally smacked her bare ass under his t-shirt and said, “Get your cute little ass back in there and put some close on Miss. Pagano.” She cleared her throat with a loud, “Ahem!” Mark bowed to her and said, “Sorry...Dr. Pagano...Remind me to show you this raging hard on my girlfriend gave me that I can’t seem to get rid of...I think I might need a little medical treatment.” Lori giggled and said, “Fine Mr. Callaway...I’ll be free around 3 at the arena. Be there or live with the rage.”

As Lori walked back into the hotel room to shower...she didn’t notice Paul at one end of the hallway watching her interaction with Mark...and then Aunt Kelly standing outside Uncle Shawn’s hotel room door...lack jawed...watching as her niece kissed and hugged on a man who was old enough to be her father.


Chapter 8

Kelly padded into the hotel room and looked over at Shawn...he was still dead asleep...Kelly couldn’t help but smirk to herself as she remember their many rounds of love making the night before. She rubbed her belly as she sat down on the chair and began to eat some breakfast...

Kelly peaked over at Shawn once more and he was laying spread eagle face down in the middle of the bed. She stifled a giggle as she started thinking of when she just saw her niece and Mr. Callaway kissing in the hallway...like...like...well hell...they looked like they were in love...but then again...anyone who kisses their lover with THAT much passion...has to love them.

Shawn and she had only been married for 3 years...and every time they kissed, it was like they were on their way to the electric chair and were never going to see each other again. Since they first met they knew they would be together for a life time.

Kelly could remember it like it was yesterday...

- -Remembering- -

Shawn was signing autographs at the local Tower Record store...and Kelly was standing in line wide eyed and in a dreamy daze...She couldn’t believe she was actually going to get to meet her VERY favorite wrestler...The Heart Break Kid...Shawn Michaels. She could just imagine how many hearts he really had broken. Definitely millions upon millions...What girl in her right mind didn’t find him just adorably sexy...Just the voice alone could send her into a triple whammy orgasm without any effort.

As she got closer fate must’ve felt it was the right time to intervene...There was a light fixture above her with 4 florescent bulbs in it and it had been flickering on and off the whole time she was in line...Just as the girl in front of her walked away...as Kelly was about to walk up, sparks started to suddenly fly from the fixture...Kelly looked up and put her hand up to shield her eyes from the damaging sparks...and didn’t see the light fixture come swinging down from it’s braces in the ceiling...Kelly felt herself being shoved to the floor and couldn’t stop it...Kelly hit her head on the hard carpeted floor and darkness consumed her.

Shawn looked up and saw it in time as he sprang to his feet bounced over the autograph table and grabbed the beautiful blonde and threw her to the floor and he laid on her as the fixture came crashing down in a huge explosion of sparks and gasses that were in the florescent light bulbs. Shawn pushed up and saw the beauties nose and mouth bleeding...and instantly started going into rescue mode and called for his security to come and help him and the young woman to a back office.

When an ambulance showed up...Shawn lifted the girl onto the stretcher and insisted on riding with her to the hospital. They did a cat scan and made sure nothing was broken...and Shawn stayed by her side...he wanted her to wake up before he left...he couldn’t just leave her. Shawn was supposed to be on a plane home for his niece’s birthday...but he called and told her what happened...and she was forgiving and understanding about the whole situation.

Kelly started waking up and had a headache...she hadn’t opened her eyes but a deep raspy voice said, “Don’t move around too much there honey...you’re probably gonna be a little sore for a few days.” Kelly stopped she knew that voice...but who was it. She sat up and slowly opened her eyes and the light nearly blinded her...She flew back onto the bed and threw her arms up and over her eyes. She heard someone walk over and click something...and then that voice again, “Okay honey, I shut the lights off...it shouldn’t be too bad now.” Suddenly she got a felling in the pit of her stop and a wetness in the crotch of her panties...she knew that voice...and now suddenly was aware of who it belonged to.

Kelly flew up and looked at Shawn wide eyed and blurted out, “HOLY SHIT!”

Shawn chuckled and said, “Good first response...But I personally like coming to your rescue...Do you think you could come to all my autograph signings and almost get whacked by a flinging dangerous light fixture...I just love saving a lady in distress, especially a beautiful one at that.”

Shawn stayed with her for the rest of the night...and made sure she got home the following day when the hospital released her...but somehow or another he couldn’t stay away from the blonde with the eyes...eyes so beautiful he could look in them and see himself in them...

Shawn kept coming back...first it was every month...then every 2 weeks...and then finally every week...and suddenly when ever he had a free minute he would call her...Within 6 months of meeting her...He begged her to marry him...and he still claims it was the smartest thing he had ever done in his life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - End

Kelly was brought out of her thoughts as she felt a pair of familiar lips attach to her neck. Kelly giggled and said, “What? You didn’t get enough of me tearin’ your ass up last night?” Shawn kissed her ear and his voice took over as he said, “When do I ever?” For some odd reason, Kelly couldn’t remember what she had to talk to Shawn about as he led her back into the bed room and they slithered back into bed never missing a beat.

Chapter 9

Lori was walking down the hall...she’d decided that since Vince had given every one the week off, but ask they all stay in the hotel they were already in...That she was going to sneak down to Mark’s and see him.

She walked up and slipped her key card into the door and walked in. I heard a muffed low voice and knew it was Mark...I walked around the corner and heard Mark on his phone, “Yes baby...I know...Yea...I know you want to come on the road with me but you really shouldn’t...With you being 7 months pregnant and all you shouldn’t do any traveling. Besides you’re not even living in my house anymore.”

Mark listened to the voice on the other end and said, “Yes Sara...I love you too baby...and I’ll love the baby even more. Honey we’ve been separated for a while now. I just wish you would have told me you were pregnant sooner. I started seeing someone a couple of months ago...and you just told me about the baby 3 weeks ago...I know...I’ll just have to let this girl know what’s going on...I love you too baby bye.”

Lori pushed the door open and Mark looked over at her. He saw her eyes and knew she’d heard the whole conversation. Lori said, “A couple of weeks huh...I could have sworn we’ve been fucking for a year...I guess calling me your favorite fuck this morning was really true. You and Sara aren’t divorced yet are you...and now she’s knocked up. I believed everything you said.”

Mark held his hand up and said, “Wait a minute...I’ve filed for the divorce...were legally separated...you knew I was married when we started fuckin’ around last year...I told you...and you said you didn’t care as long as you got to be with me...then you was overjoyed when I told you I was divorcing her...I have never told you the divorce was final. A couple of weeks ago Sara came to me blown up like a balloon and told me I was going to be a father...I don’t know if the kids really mine or not...but I can’t just walk away from my responsibilities.”

Lori rolled her eyes and said, “Mark...If Sara is 7 months pregnant...and you’ve been seeing me for a year...you’ve been fucking around with both of us...you said your guys marriage was going to the shitter cause you thought she was fucking someone else. And that was even before I fell in love with you...and even before we started sleeping together.”

Mark stopped cold in his pacing tracks around the room and looked at Lori...had she just said she was in love with him...no...He had to be hearing shit. Mark said, “Did I just hear you say you’re in love with me?”

Lori scoffed and said, “Duh Mark...What you think I’d be fucking you if I wasn’t in love with you...what...do you think I’m some kind of whore who has to get off every night...I know you don’t feel the same way for me...I wish you did...but I can tell it, by the way you still wear that stupid Sara tattoo on the bottom of your throat...you’ll never love anyone but her...even if she did screw someone else...cause the whole time you was screwing me and you figured that justified it. If she can fuck someone else then so can you. That’s how I knew when you called me your favorite fuck this morning...that it was true. That’s all I’ll ever be to you.”

Mark said, “That’s not true and you know it...I care about you...Granted I don’t love you...but I’m not even divorced yet...how can I fall in love with someone else if I’m not fully free yet.”

Lori laughed inwardly and said, “Mark...you don’t have to be divorced to be free...besides I think my opinion of you is changing...if you think you have to be divorced from Sara to be free...why would you want me in your life...just so you could feel caged again...forget it...Just go back to Sara have a litter of puppies with her...and live happily ever after. You’re not worth wasting my time over.”

Mark watched as Lori walked out of his hotel room. Mark took off after her...she was to the elevators; Mark grabbed her arm and said, “We’re not done talking yet.” The elevator doors opened and Lori smiled and jerked her arm away from him and said, “Now we are.” She stepped on and hit the close door button before Mark had a chance to stop her.

She was gone.


Chapter 10


I wasn’t really heart broken about Mark…I knew what I was getting into when I started seeing him without anyone else knowing. I never wanted to keep it from Shawn and Kelly…

That was always Mark’s idea…saying Shawn would kill him if he ever found out that his baby niece was sleeping with someone who was old enough to be her father. I wasn’t sad about the situation with Mark…I guess in a way in my mind I was using him to help me get someone else off my mind. And now that the whole thing with Mark had gone straight to the toilet…who the hell was going to help me get Paul out of my mind now.

I’d been hopelessly in love with that man since I’d first met him all those years ago…he’d watched me grow up and came to see me at the college with Shawn during breaks and what not. He’d always given me a nice long strong hug and kiss on the top of my head…but when I saw him at the hospital he’d acted as if I didn’t exist and that hurt more then I could ever imagine.

I bruited in the elevator down to my floor…I stepped out and ran into someone and excused myself around them and cussed a few times...it felt like a brick wall I ran into.

Paul looked down when someone ran into his shoulder and arm and it was Lori…he chuckled a little when she cussed a few times and excused herself. She looked to be in a really bad mood…

Paul couldn’t imagine why she was in a foul mood for…she wasn’t the one laying awake at night having wet dreams about someone she knew she could never have.

It was true…Paul liked her…but now he figured since he’d been mean to her all her life…he might as well not start acting nice just because he felt like he was falling in l…falling in lo…

Damn he couldn’t even say it. But was it true? Did he really feel that strong for someone who he’d watched grow up from a little tom boy to a beautiful young woman?


He kept getting that butterflies in the stomach feeling every time she was close to him…even though he was rude to her and acted like he was better then her. He figured that if he was mean enough to her, that he would start to believe he really didn’t care about her…even thought it was the farthest thing from the truth…

Paul just figured for everyone involved it would be easier if he stayed with and married Trish…and just let Lori live happily ever after with a man who was still married to his wife.

Everyone knew Mark and Sara were only separated and that she’d just recently dropped the bomb that she was pregnant and claiming that it was his. The first reason they got separated was because Mark found out she was cheating on him…but someone had said they were in the works of talking and getting back together that’s why it shocked him so much to see him and Lori having sex.

Somewhere in the back of Paul’s mind he wanted to tell Lori he’d seen them and to stay away from Mark, cause he really wasn’t divorced from Sara yet...but he figured he should just stay out of it…cause the last thing a woman wants is to be told she’s being set up for a heart break.

Paul made a u-turn and walked down to Trish’s hotel room and knocked on the door. Trish opened the door with nothing but a t-shirt on…Paul looked at her and said, “We’ve got to talk…now!” Trish pecked his cheek and said, “C’mon my big handsome man.”

She led him in the room and Paul backed her up and sat her on the couch in the sitting room…He started pacing the hotel room like a caged animal…Trish said, “Paulie…baby…what’s wrong?” Paul said, “I’ve got something to ask you...and if you don’t have the answer I’m looking for I’m afraid I’m going to have to break up with you.”

Trish stood up and said, “Well what ever you want bunny…just ask…I’ll try to answer it right.” Paul stopped pacing in front of Trish and dropped to one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” He popped out a black velvet box and Trish Launched herself into his arms, as they fell back onto the floor. She straddled his hips and said, “That was the question…I thought it was something important…scary important. Don’t ever do that to me again…”

She started kissing all around his face and said, “I love you so much Paulie….I would love to marry you…Is that the answer.” Paul looked up and scratched at his go-tee for a minute and said, “Of course.”


Chapter 11


I lay in bed and had heard everything Paul and Trish said…By some freak of nature or streak of luck, Trish’s hotel room was right next to mine. Joy to the world. I could hear her just squealing and then pretty soon it got quiet and the moaning ensued.

I was so tempted, but then just thought screw it and got up and banged on the wall…which was directly next to Trish and Paul’s head…or Maybe just Trish’s depending on where Paul’s head was at the time and then loudly yelled, “NO MOANING UNTIL 2 a.m.”

Trish giggled and then yelled through the wall, “SORRY LORI!.”

I rolled my eyes and took off out of my room…there was no way in hell I was going to just sit around and listen to one of my friends moan and pant through sex with the man I can’t seem to get out of my head.

Uncle Shawn and Kelly stepped out of their room as I was walking by and Uncle Shawn said, “Gooooooood Morning kiddo.”

Shawn was taken back a bit when his niece glared at him and said, “What’s so great about it…I’m going shopping…I’ll be back later.” Shawn looked at Kelly and said, “Now what the hell did I say?”

Kelly giggled and said, “Shawn sometimes things are better left unsaid. Sometimes people aren’t in as chipper a mood as you are…She might just be menstrual.” Shawn made a face and said, “Oh…Ewwww…I don’t wanna think about my niece being menstrual babe…I barely want to know when you are.”

Kelly giggled again and said, “What happens if we have a girl?” Shawn said, “Congratulations…she’s grounded for life and the grounding is only lifted when she’s ready to marry…you know around 30 or so. And YOU my dear lovely can deal with the menstrual problems, questions, comments, and any other needs during that special time every month.”

Kelley couldn’t help but laugh out loud…Shawn said, “That’s why we should have a woman president…everything would be great…just some intense negotiations every 28 days.” Kelly was leaning against Shawn as she laughed her ass off and they continued down the hall way.

I went to a bar on the corner from the hotel and nursed a couple of drinks for a few hours. So that’s not entirely true...I ended up staying there for nearly half the day and night. I walked out of the bar with a nice buzz and it was night time...I checked my watch and it was almost 11 p.m.

Lori adjusted her little black dress and pulled her jacket around her shoulders...Her feet took over in the black knee-high boots with the 2 ½ inch heel, as She don’t remember walking back to the hotel...but got there fast apparently.

Lori was leaning her back against the wall of the elevator as the sudden realizations of her true feelings for Paul were pushed upon her heart. Her mind was going a thousand miles a minute and she couldn’t keep one thought straight from another. She felt something on her cheek and when her hand came up and touched it...it was wet...she looked at her reflection in the metal elevator button wall and realized she was crying.

It was all suddenly becoming real very fast...The man she’d literally been in love with for 10 years, since she was 11...was marrying someone else. She never could bring herself to tell him the truth...it was bad enough he called her kid all the time...it wasn’t like they were THAT far apart in age. Only about 8 years.

The elevator jerked to a stop...and Lori quickly wiped her eyes as she was suddenly aware that Paul had stepped on the same elevator as her and was standing so close she could smell what type of toothpaste he used...and in a pair of jeans so tight you could tell what religion he was.

Paul could’ve sworn he’d seen Lori wiping her eyes when he walked on...and when she sighed heavy he looked over and said, “What’s wrong kid?” She glared at him and then rolled her eyes. Just to egg her on a little more...Paul spouted off with “Must be on your period.” Then something happened he never imagine...she shoved him as hard as she could into the wall. Paul knew he had it coming but got pissed off just the same.

Paul turned to Lori and backed her into a wall and said, “If I were you I’d watch who I was shoving around little girl...don’t even think of messing with the big boys...especially if you don’t wanna get your hair messed up, make up smeared, nails broken, or your pretty face banged up...for those of you who are pretty.”

Lori looked at Paul pushed him back a little and brought her hand up and gave him the finger. Paul wasn’t sure why but he just went off and grabbed her finger and twisted it down...


Lori hit her knees in pain. She had felt and heard her finger break...she felt utterly sick to her stomach...The elevator bell dinged and the doors slid open and Lori crawled on her hand and knees out, while cradling her hurt hand against her chest...

Paul ran to catch up to her and tried to help her stand up...but she rolled over onto her back and planted her foot in Paul’s stomach. When Paul doubled over from the heel of her boot being rooted into his abs...Lori got up and ran to her room...and shoved her key card in the door and slammed it shut...Then called down to the hotels doctor.

Yup. It was broken. The doctor literally couldn’t do anything about it. He put a splint on it and wrapped tape around it and prescribed some pain killers for her...

The next morning, Paul was feeling particularly sick to his stomach...He couldn’t believe he’d done that...he’d only meant to hurt to...not break her finger. Shawn had already called and said he felt bad for Lori because she had accidentally slammed her hand in a car door the night before and broke her finger.

Sure. A 6’4” 264 lb door.


Chapter 12


Paul had an aching in the pit of his belly...Anyone around him couldn’t tell, except one person...Shawn. His best friend since he could remember.

Shawn couldn’t help but notice something wasn’t quite right about Paul since the accident with Lori had happened. Shawn couldn’t put his finger on it but from the way Paul was showing his concern...it was almost as if he liked Lori more then he was letting on...But he and Trish had announced their engagement during breakfast after Shawn told him about Lori’s finger.

Shawn saw Lori sitting on one of the equipment trunks and walked over and said, “Hey Peanut.” And kissed her head. She smiled a weak smile and Shawn said, “What’s wrong?” A couple of stray tears slid down her cheeks and all she could utter was the word pain.

Shawn said, “Sweetie, You’ve got pain pills take one.” Lori shook her head no and said, “I can’t Uncle Shawn...I have a terrible fear of drugs and getting hooked onto them.” Shawn said, “I highly doubt you can become addicted off of one.” Shawn’s heart broke as she refused to take one...Shawn watched as Lori got up and walked away.

Lori rounded the corner only to see Paul with Trish smashed up against her dressing room door and practically eating each others faces off. Lori felt that stab in her heart as she walked by them.

Paul saw her out of the corner of his eye...He couldn’t help it...when he saw her coming...he had to think of something to do to keep his mind off of Lori...he figured sucking his fiancé’s face off would help.

It didn’t.

Trish broke free from him and gave him one last kiss on the end of his nose, Paul said, “I’m going to go get taped up.” Trish disappeared into her dressing room...Paul took off down the hall after Lori. When he found her she was getting ready to round another corner to the medical room. Paul called out, “LORI! Wait up.”

Lori turned around and rolled her eyes at him...Paul didn’t miss it. He ran up and said, “Can we talk...please.” Lori sighed heavy and just nodded...Paul followed her into the medical room and she leaned against the counter, when Paul couldn’t get anything verbal out she shrugged her shoulders and said, “So talk already.”

Paul said, “I really need to tell you something but I don’t want you to freak out.” Lori got annoyed and said, “What ever just speak.” Paul walked up so he was face to face with her...and she was staring at the floor, with her arms crossed over her chest.

Paul said, “I love you.” Lori’s head popped up and a slack-jawed look came over her face as Paul grabbed her upper arms and pulled her against his body as he kissed her lips with nothing but passion. Paul felt Lori melt against his chiseled body...and when she started kissing her back...he loved the feeling more.


Chapter 13


Lori pulled away and raked her hand through her long hair and started pacing the room...Paul pushed his hands in the front pockets of his jeans.

Lori spun around to face him and said, “Are you insane or on drugs? I mean c’mon and tell me what it is...crack, LSD, Cocaine...steroids what? You can’t be the same person who broke my finger 2 weeks ago and then directly after announced your engagement with Trish...Are you insane? Wait I already asked that...Maybe I’m the one whose insane...Can you repeat that again?”

Paul grabbed Lori and pulled her into another passionate filled lip lock. She got into it and wrapped her arms around his neck. Paul wrapped his arms tightly around her waist...Lori felt her knees get weak when his tongue softly brushed against hers.

Lori pushed away finally and said, “Don’t do that again!” Paul said, “Lori...I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before...but I didn’t realize it for a long time and was mostly in denial...and figured I couldn’t fall in love with someone else if I was already dating another woman.”

Lori said, “Stop saying that...You can’t be in love with me...you would have never asked Trish to marry you if you were in love with me. It’s not love...it’s just lust...it’s got to be something.”

Without notice Lori jumped in Paul’s arms and wrapped her legs around his waist as her lips descended onto his. His hands went under her butt so she wouldn’t fall.

Making their way around the room from wall to corner to instrument tray which was knocked over in the process...to when Paul pushed Lori’s back into the “fake” dry wall...it made an imprint.

All of a sudden a knock came on the closed door. And they broke apart...Paul was leaned against the counter and Lori against the exam table both breathing hard as their hearts pounded a million miles a minute. Lori said, “Yes?” Trish’s voice came back with, “Lori, is Paul in there...he was supposed to get taped up.”

Paul’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. I ran over to the counter and shoved Paul to the exam table as he jumped up and started slinging tape around his wrists and hands. I walked over and pulled his black shirt up and wiped my lipstick off his lips and then wiped off my mouth as well. Paul put his hand on the back of my head and gave me one last kiss and said, “We really should talk later.”

Lori looked around the room at the mess and said, “I don’t know...maybe we should get handcuffed to the ring...at least we can destroy it.” Lori opened the door and let Trish in...Trish saw the mess and said, “What happened?”

Lori said, “Oh....Hurricane Dave and Randy...they got to wrestling around and knocked everything over...I guess since I’m the doctor...I’m also must be the appointed babysitter.”

Trish said, “I swear those boys will never grow up.” Paul looked over and said, “You ready babe?” Trish nodded in agreement. And said, “You got this Lori?” I said, “Sure...story of my life.” Paul said, “Don’t worry I’ll yell at them for you.”

They walked out and Lori leaned against the door and giggled...

Yea more like Hurricane Paul and Lori...

Coming to a town near you.


Chapter 14


For the next 3 weeks Lori and Paul met before, Raw and the house shows. Finally it was the night of Bad Blood…Lori was sitting in Her Uncle Shawn’s dressing room…when her cell phone rang once…She looked down at it…it was Paul sending her a text message…about meeting him in the empty dressing room down the hallway.

Lori stood up and looked at herself in the mirror…she had on a red spaghetti strapped tank top and a red cotton cardigan over it, cause she always got cold at the arenas and tonight was no exception it didn’t help that it was raining out. She also had on a black cotton skirt that went to just below mid thigh. And her 2 1/2 inched heeled, knee high boots.

Lori mumbled something to Shawn and Kelly and headed out the door and slipped into the empty dressing room…The lights were off. A huge set of hands caressed her hips…as she gasped…not expecting the physical contact. A soft pair of lips brushed her neck as her arms went around the familiar body.

A deep voice said, “Lori, I want you so bad baby.” Lori being completely honest said, “Paul…You’ve got a fiancée.” Paul kissed up to her ear and in a husky voice said, “I don’t want Trish…I want you.” Lori said, “I want you too…but it’s never gonna happen…And you know it.”

Paul said, “I’m going to break up with Trish…Tell her I made a mistake.” Lori reached over and flipped the switch and said, “And while were off somewhere being happy together Trish wouldn’t be hurting and putting two and two together somewhere else? Paul Blonde she is…but stupid she isn’t.”

Lori said, “Paul…Trish would see right through it…you made a mistake and you’re off running around with Shawn’s niece…oh yea she won’t see through that.” Paul’s arms dropped to his sides and he knew she was right. Paul exhaled heavy and moved a wild piece of hair out of her face.

Lori’s big eyes told Paul everything he needed to know…they’d have to stop…he couldn’t keep doing this to Trish…and he couldn’t keep stringing along Lori. Paul said, “I’ll think of something...I don’t know what or how but I will.” Lori kissed his lips softly and said, “No...Just let it be...Marry Trish...You’re supposed to be with her.”

Paul watched as she slipped out of the door and went back down to Shawn’s dressing room. Paul went down to his room and started getting ready for his match against Shawn for the pay per-view. They’d been leading the storyline up to this night...Paul knew Shawn was probably nervous as he was to make sure everything went smooth.

Most people didn’t realize what was going to happen at the end. It was just for fan reality appeal. Everyone back stage knew that Paul was winning...but didn’t realize all the details of the match and the extent they were both getting ready to throw themselves into the match.

Shawn was stretching and Kelly was sitting in the corner of the couch relaxing and reading a book. Every few minutes Kelly would look up and watch Shawn strut around the room, just like he always did before a match...Stretching his muscles and back...ever since he’d had his back surgery and had the pins put in it...he had to stretch good.

There was no one Shawn trusted more with his back then Paul...Paul was also the one who went to the hospital to sit with Kelly and Lori which Shawn was in having his surgery. They’d been best friends for a long time now...Shawn would trust Paul with his life...with anything.

Shawn kissed Kelly’s head softly and chuckled as she’d fallen asleep...The baby had been active and wasn’t letting her sleep...it would figure the little thing would finally let her get some sleep during his match.


Chapter 15


I watched as Shawn and Paul demolished each other in the ring...I would cringe every time the other would land a punch, kick or a chair shot.

When the match was finally coming to an end, Paul gave my Uncle Shawn his finishing move the Pedigree 3 times. Which really pissed me off...I knew Shawn’s back had been healed for a LONG time...but that was completely ridiculous.

One of the trainers took care of Uncle Shawn and another patched up Paul...Trish had told Paul she would meet him at the hotel...and took off before him. They were going to meet Kelly and Shawn for drinks. Kelly and Shawn left and Paul was walking to his rental when he saw Lori standing out side under the parking garage watching the raining falling hard.

Paul walked up and ran his thumb down Lori’s arm. Lori jumped a little and looked at Paul...She said, “I’m not even going to get into how pissed I am at you and my Uncle.” Paul said, “Why...What did we do?” Lori turned to Paul and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about the Pedigrees tonight? Of all the things dangerous for you two idiots to do...you decide 3 fuckin’ pedigrees is the way to end the fuckin match? Are you two just insane or fuckin’ stupid?”

Paul said, “Whoa! Wait a minute...why are you getting all pissed off...You know Shawn and I write our own matches...What is the big deal?”

Lori shoved Paul and said, “The big deal ass hole...is that my Uncle has two robs holding his spine together. Someone needs to be the fall guy, fine get your face super kicked off...you can live from it...if anything bad happens now it could cause my Uncle his ability to walk. I just want to hit you...I mean I want to hit you so hard you either get a dent in your forehead or your grandma gets a bruise.”

Paul opened his arm and said, “So punch me...Christ...it was Shawn’s idea...Not mine.” Lori said, “You don’t want me to hit you right now...believe me...” Paul said, “Just do it and get it over with.”

Paul blinks and when he opened his eyes he saw a fist coming at him and didn’t have time to move or anything...Suddenly a sharp pain zinged through his eyeball and head as he fell back and hit the concrete. He couldn’t believe it she hit him...Lori actually slugged him.

Lori shook the pain out of her hand and through clenched teeth exclaimed, “OH MY GOD THAT FELT REALLY GOOD!” She looked down at Paul on the concrete sidewalk and rolled her eyes as she walked out into the rain to her rental car. Paul just5 watched her walk away for the second time that night.

Paul got up and followed her back to the hotel...He ran through the ran...To catch up to her...following her through the lobby...He just cause the elevator before the doors closed...He was hoping he wasn’t to wet...but no such luck he was soaked...and it was no use she was soaked also. Paul whacked the stop button in the elevator with his fist as he turned to Lori and said, “You’ve got one hell of a right.”

Lori said, “Guess my temper matches my fists of rage.” Paul smirked and then without thinking about it...leaned over and captured Lori’s lips. What shocked him more was that she was kissing him back...

Suddenly Lori was pushing Paul’s jacket off...Paul’s hands were on Lori’s thighs as he pushed her against the elevator wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As his hands slid up her thighs her skirt went with it...Paul felt Lori tugging his T-shirt off...and threw it off...

Things were moving so fast...Paul kept said, “I want you Lori...I don’t want anyone else...I just want you.” Lori couldn’t hold back any longer and whispered in his ear, “Take anything you want...” Paul’s lips crashed down on Loris as she felt his hand slid between them and felt her panties being ripped from the tender flesh of her hips...Paul freed his growing erection and slowly slid it deep into Lori’s aching hot wet core.

The both moaned their pleasure of first sexual contact. Paul steadied his hands flat against the elevator wall as Lori’s tiny hands gripped his forearms for leverage. She also tightened her legs around his waist almost as if saying she never wanted Paul to leave her body.

Paul started slowly thrusting into Lori, slow short thrusts...and slowly started working his way up to long deep thrusts...Feeling her flesh stretch around his erection that hadn’t seemed to stop growing yet. Lori was kissing on Paul’s ears, neck and part of his chest...Moaning his name and begging him to go faster and deeper...he couldn’t help but do was she was begging for.

They could feel their impending climaxes rising in them both...Lori grabbed onto Paul and pulled him close as she slammed all the way into her as deep as he could as his orgasm ripped through his body into hers...Lori felt like she should have little rays of light shooting out her finger tips and toes.

Paul fixed his jeans and then slowly let Lori slide down his body to plant her feet on the floor...They were both still breathing heavy and their eyes were fixed on each other. Paul pulled his t-shirt back on and as he stared at Lori with his hands still caging her against the wall...he felt her tucking his shirt into his jeans. Paul leaned over and hit the go button on the panel.

Paul cupped her face and kissed her lips softly. Paul said, “I can’t help it Lori...I love you.”

A couple of stray tears ran down Lori’s cheeks as she nodded and said, “I know...Because I love you too...Go to Trish...Right now...Tonight...Tell her you want to run away and elope with her...Cause you know as well as I do...that if you don’t marry her tonight you guys will just be engaged until the day you both die...Just do it...you’re meant to be with her...God wouldn’t have let you ask her to marry you if you wasn’t.”

Lori leaned up and kissed Paul’s lips softly...as the doors opened Lori walked out and smiled weakly at Paul and then turned to go down to her room...where she called Vince McMahon and told him she’d need some time off for personal reasons...

After which she packed her stuff into a cab and left a message at the front desk for Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kelly...and left.

All Lori could think of was, “How am I supposed to help the way I feel?”


Chapter 16


Paul woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror...the black eye that Lori had given him the night before was starting to sting...Paul looked in the mirror at the reflection of Trish’s body covered by the sheet.

With both hands on the porcelain sink he leaned his forehead against the mirror. The longer he stood there...the more he thought about Lori and the moment they shared in the elevator the night before.

The muscles in his bi-cepts twitched at the thought of laying her in bed and peeling her clothes from her beautiful body and making love to her slowly was the only image in his mind...and the words ‘I love you’ Spoken so many times They couldn’t possibly get tired of saying it or hearing it.

Paul had suggested to Trish the night before that after Raw they run to Vegas and elope...screw a big wedding he just wanted to get it over with...Trish being the ding bat she was didn’t see his motives for the sudden change of plans and screwing the big wedding.

Later that night as Paul was explaining everything to Shawn and Kelly who’d agreed to go with Paul and Trish to Vegas...Paul couldn’t shake the feeling that he was making the biggest mistake of his life. He didn’t want to be with Trish...He wanted to be with Lori...Shawn had told him she’d decided to take some personal time off...but didn’t mention where she was headed too.

Shawn kept getting the feeling that Paul wasn’t really in the most sincerest of moods to wanna get married. In fact he kept getting a vibe from Paul that said he didn’t even love Trish...that he was just marrying her out of convenience.

Paul and Shawn did their piece during Raw and Shawn had faked a big injury scene with Glenn Jacobs / Kane...Which was starting his vacation time to spend the next couple of months with Kelly as they got ready for the baby to come...they were both excited. Shawn had already made a baby’s room with a beautiful violet or lilac color...him and Kelly decided on no boy-girl colors...keeping it neutral was a great idea.

As the foursome was on a plan to Vegas...Trish Kelly and Shawn had all fallen asleep...Paul slipped on his head phones and clicked on the radio button of his walk-man. He leaned over and was looking out the window as a song came on the radio and suddenly felt like it was just something similar to him and Lori...and couldn’t imagine what the hell he was doing on a plane to Vegas to marry someone he didn’t love.

I'm tired of spinning my wheels
I need to find a place
Where my heart can go to heal
I need to get there pretty quick
Hey, mister, what you got out on that lot
You can sell me in a pinch

Maybe one of them supped-up muscle cars
The kind that makes you think
You're stronger than you are
Color don't matter
No, I don't need leather seats
All that really concerns me is

How fast will it go
Can it get me over her quickly, zero to sixty
Can it outrun her memory
Yeah, what I really need is an open road
And a whole lot of speed

I'd like to trade in this old truck
Cuz it makes me think of her
And then just slows me up
See, it's the first place we made love
Where we used to sit and talk
On the tailgate all night long
But now she's gone
And I need to move on
So give me

How fast will it go
Can it get me over her quickly, zero to sixty
Can it outrun her memory
Yeah, what I really need is an open road
And a whole lot of speed

Throw me them keys
So I can put some miles between us
Tear off that rearview mirror
There's nothing left to see
Let me lean on that gas
Cuz she catches up fast
So give me

How fast will it go
Can it get me over her quickly, zero to sixty
Can it outrun her memory
Yeah, what I really need is an open road
And a whole lot of speed
That's what I need

I'm tired of spinnin’ my wheels
I'm tired of spinnin’ my wheels


Chapter 17


--1 Month Later- -

Paul was sitting in the living room of Kelly and Shawn’s home in San Antonio Texas. He’d decided to take some vacation time to help Shawn and Kelly get ready for the arrival of their baby...Kelly was due in a month and VERY uncomfortable.

Shawn had made Kelly stop doing a lot of stuff around the house and made her take naps regularly...It was the afternoon...Paul was sitting on the porch with Shawn sipping on some ice tea talking and laughing while Kelly was up stairs laying across the bed napping.

It got quiet and the silence was suddenly a scary thing to be sitting in the middle of. Shawn sipped his tea and put it on the table and said, “Paul...Can I be honest with you?” Paul said, “Sure man...you’re my best friend you know you can tell me anything.”

Shawn said, “Well...No shit now...you’re starting to scare me...I know some things wrong but you won’t say anything. I mean first it was the urgency for you and Trish to get married so we all flew to Vegas...and then 5 seconds before you get married you bale on her and tell her you can’t marry her cause you’re in love with someone else...And then you come out here for vacation while Trish transfers to Smackdown. What gives man...And who gave you the shiner before Raw that night...I know it wasn’t me.”

Paul sighed heavy and ran his hand through his hair. He stood up and said, “Truth.” Shawn nodded.

Paul said, “I really am in love with someone else...but the problem was I didn’t realize it until it was way to late...Now how could I put Trish through something like that...I think at one point I loved her...but I know I was never in love with her...and loving someone and being in love with them is two different things.”

Shawn said, “So who was the other woman?” Paul said, “Well...It’s hard to explain.” Shawn crocked his eyes brow at Paul and said, “Dude...you’re not just realizing your gay or anything are you? You’re not in love with me right?” Paul couldn’t help but laugh at Shawn’s blunt questions.

Paul said, “Man...Will you knock it off...it’s a woman...besides you’re not my type...you’re voice is a little deeper then I like.”

Shawn leaned his head on Paul’s shoulder and fluttered his eyes lashes at Paul and in his deepest voice and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about baby. You mean you don’t like that 95 year old smoker’s voice I got in me?”

Paul put his arm around Shawn and said, “Sorry sweetie...You just don’t do it for me any more. We’re gonna have to break up.” Shawn wiped fake tears away and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now...I may have to go to the bathroom and flush myself to China.”

Shawn ran off the porch all girlie and Paul was leaning on the wooden railing of the porch laughing so hard he almost fell over.

Shawn walked back up laughing with Paul and said, “Now really man...tell me the truth.” Paul straightened up and looked Shawn in the eye and said, “I’m in love with Lori.”

Shawn completely missing it said, “Well hell...I thought it was something important. We’ll have to hook you guys up. I’m gonna go re-fill my tea.” Shawn walked into the house...As soon as the screen door closed the sound of a glass shattering followed it.


Chapter 18


The screen door flew off the hinges when Shawn kicked it open and stalking towards Paul. Shawn said, “EXCUSE ME!”

Paul zipped around and put his hands up in front of him and said, “Shawn...I know it sounds bad.” Shawn said, “Bad? BAD? Do you think it would ever sound good? You’re in love with my baby niece!”

Paul said, “She’s not a baby any more Shawn. And she loves me just as much as I love her.” Through clenched teeth Shawn said, “DON’T SAY THAT ANYMORE! Laura isn’t old enough to know what love is. And you’re old enough to be...to be her...I don’t know...But I know you’re too old for her, I’ll tell ya that much.”

Paul said, “Shawn...Lori is 22...and I’m 30...were only 8 years apart.” Shawn said, “Yea...and when you turn 31 next week you’ll be 9 years apart...To close to ten years.” Paul said, “Hello...She was dating Mark Callaway for the longest time...and he’s old enough to be her father. I want to marry her and have hundreds of babies with her.”

Shawn pointed at Paul crotch and said, “Hey man...I don’t care what you do with that thing...but it better never be near my niece...Don’t make me cut your thing off...And...Did you just say she was seeing Mark Callaway...Son of a Bitch...he’s old enough to be her father.” Paul put his hands on his hips and said, “I said that already.”

Shawn stood there bruiting about Lori dating Mark and how he was almost 20 years older then her. When he turned around and Paul was walking over to his Red Hummer. Shawn ran to catch up with him and said, “And just where do you think you’re going buddy...We’re no where near finished talking yet.”

Paul said, “I’m going to go find Lori...I don’t care how long it takes me...or how far I have to go to find her...but when I do I’m going to beg and plead with her to marry me...and if she doesn’t agree I’ll fuckin’ kidnap her to Reno and were getting married even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming all the way down the fuckin Isle.”

Paul and Shawn spun around when Kelly’s voice said, “Michael Shawn Hickenbottom!”

Shawn said, “Oops.” To no one in particular...and then answered Kelly with, “Yes dear?”

Kelly said, “I don’t know who broke one of my good glasses on the hard wood floor and then left ice on the wood to melt into one big puddle and warp the wood...but whoever did it better get their ass in here and clean it up before it ruins the God Damn floor. And whoever broke my screen door better come and fix it also!”

Paul stifled a laugh when Kelly threw a glare at him...Paul shrugged it off and turned around and climbed in his Hummer...Shawn leaned into the window and said, “San Antonio Hospital...She’s been working there for a while now...If you love her as much as you say you do...then go get her.”

They manly bumped fists in a sign of brotherly respect and Paul took off to town.

Kelly stood on the porch as Shawn walked up and stood at the bottom of the steps. Kelly said, “Where is he going?” Shawn scoffed and said, “To sweep Lori off her feet into marriage.”

Kelly smirked and said, “It’s about time.” Shawn said, “You knew and didn’t tell me?” Kelly said, “Hello...I know you’re not the same intelligent man I married...You’re niece walked around with glossy eyes for a few weeks and then she suddenly wanted time alone...hello duh.”

Shawn bowed to Kelly and said, “I bow to the master.” Kelly pushed Shawn with her bare foot and said, “And don’t you forget it buster!”

Shawn got an evil look in his eyes as he stalked up the steps and towards Kelly and said, “You know how sexy you look right now...all bare foot and pregnant.” Shawn wrapped his arms around Kelly and kissed on her neck.

Kelly laughed and whacked Shawn’s arm and said, “Fix the door and clean up the mess and then we’ll discuss your punishment, for breaking the screen door and one of the good glasses.”

Paul pulled up to the hospital and couldn’t believe he was really going to be able to see Lori again after a month. 4 weeks was definitely too long for him to not get to see her. Paul swallowed hard and walked into the hospital.

Paul heard them call Lori’s name over the PA system…He went directly to the nurses station…and waited as she rounded the corner. Paul leaned against the nurses station as he watched her walk over…she looked up and came face to face with him. Paul watched as a small smile played on her lips as she walked over and leaned against the counter in front of him.


Chapter 19


Paul said, “Hello Dr. Pagano.” Her smile lit up the dark waiting room...as she leaned up and kissed his cheek and said, “Mr. Levesque...what would Mrs. Levesque say if she knew you was here to see me?” Paul held up his left hand and said, “Whose Mrs. Levesque?”

Lori’s smile broadened as she said, “So it was true...You really didn’t go through with it...Aunt Kelly said you’d changed your mind cause you was in love with someone else...She was just wondering how long it would take for you to come to me.” Paul said, “Shit Kelly knew? But how...You’re Uncle just tried to fist fight me.”

Lori laughed out loud and said, “Aunt Kelly just knows...She said, she knew even when I was with Mark, that I wasn’t in love with him.” Paul pulled Lori to him and kissed her lips softly...a few of the nurses standing around the station started doing cat calls and whistling.

Paul said, “So when are you off?” Lori said, “Just about right now.” Paul said, “Good let’s go to your place...we’ve got a few things to discuss.” Lori sighed contently and said, “Whatever you want.”

Lori gave Paul directions to her apartment. As they walked in and Paul immediately lead her to the bedroom...where he laid her on the bed.

Paul leaned over and kissed her lips softly…Lori kissed him back…His tongue slowly slid into her mouth and caressed every inch of her mouth including her tongue. His huge strong hands slid all over her body…giving her chills up and down her spine…Paul started kissing down her neck and sucked on her ear lobes making her crazy with desire…He pulled her shirt off with her bra…and was slowly Undoing her jeans…Lori pulled his shirt off…and could feel him pull her closer and her cold breast pressed against his warm chest…as their kissing got more intense…

Paul moved them around to where she was laying on the bed under him…After Paul got her jeans off…he slid her panties off…and tossed them in to the floor and said, “Hope you don’t need those.” Lori couldn’t help but giggle a little…Paul leaned back on her…but not putting all of his weight on her…he didn’t want to crush her…

Paul started a sexual assault on her poor nipples…he was licking and sucking and biting and would go between both of them…while his free hand slid down between them…and he thumb started to massage her clit…Lori was so close to insane ecstasy she wouldn’t of heard a bombing going off…even if it was in the room with them.

Paul moved down her body after assaulting her nipples…and as he started licking and massaging her clit with his tongue…he entered her with two fingers and started a huge sexual assault on the lower half of her body…not that she was complaining or anything. Lori was so close to going over the edge…and Paul knew it…Paul said, “Lori…cum for me baby…C’mon Lori…I want you to cum for me…I know you need the release…cum for me baby…” Lori started to buck her hips and Paul held them down…

Lori found Paul’s hand and they laced their fingers together…while Lori could still feel his two fingers working in and out of her fast…Lori was so ready to go…but she looked down at Paul and said, “Do you really want me to cum?” Paul said, “So, Bad…we can both taste it…” Lori said, “Then fuck me…”

Paul wasn’t sure if he should be shocked or not…He didn’t realize the hornier Lori was getting the dirtier her language got when it was directed towards him. Cause she was saying a few other choice things to him at the time…and he was a little bit of a WOW to him…he always seemed to think she was so innocent…he didn’t realize that he couldn’t tease her while playing…it brought something different out of her.

Paul didn’t say anything…he pulled his fingers out of her…licked them clean and moved up her body, he leaned over and kissed her long hard and passionate…Lori could taste herself on his tongue and lips…and it turned her on even more….

Lori didn’t know what it is about the sound of a man’s zipper….but when you’re in the moment…horny and really ready for the romp of your life…Lori heard Paul’s zipper go down and it…drove her absolutely insane…Paul pushed her thighs apart even further and pushed his erection into her dripping wet center…and started thrusting in and out of her…

Paul said, “Oh my god…Lori you feel so good baby…I love being inside of you…” Her hips were meeting every one of his thrusts and Lori said, “I love feeling you inside of me…” Lori could feel her orgasm building and building…She had her head thrown back and said, “I’m so close Paul…Make me cum for you.” Paul said, “I know baby…I’m going to make you cum this time…” Paul started thrusting, harder…faster…

Paul moved her thighs a little and went deeper inside of her…and she went over the edge as she felt her orgasm rock through her whole body into Paul as his orgasm hit him just as hard into her body… “Oh God Paul I love you…” Paul growled a few times and as Lori felt him empty himself into her he said, “I love you too…Lori…I love you too.”

Sleep over took their bodies as they were wrapped in each others arms.

Around 3 A.M. Lori’s cell phone started ringing. Lori reached over and picked it up...and saw the caller id on it and flipped it open and said, “What’s up Uncle Shawn?” Shawn said, “Lori...Some things wrong with Kelly...She started bleeding...We’re at the hospital and they were paging some guy...but...but...”

Lori jumped up...she could hear the fear in her Uncle’s voice as he talked about Aunt Kelly.


Chapter 20


Lori started throwing clothes on and had to practically shove Paul out of the bed to wake him up.

Lori said, “Let me talk to the nurse.” Shawn gave the phone to a nurse and Lori said, “This is Dr. Laura Pagano...what the hell is going on with Kelly Hickenbottom? She’s not due for another month.” The nurse said, “Dr. Pagano...She’s lost a lot of blood...They don’t know what’s wrong yet.” Lori said, “I’ll be right in...Don’t you let them do anything until I get there.”

They drove as fast as they possibly could to get to the hospital. They ran in and Shawn met them at the door. Lori said, “Paul try to keep Uncle Shawn calm...please.” She stopped to kiss Shawn cheek and tell him to not worry...and then took off following the nurse.

Paul sat down and watched as Shawn walked a trench into the carpeted waiting room. Shawn walked back and forth, back and forth...every time someone walked out of room he’d stop in hopes that it would be Lori coming with good news bad news...shit any news at this point would be nice.

Finally Lori walked out of the exam room and down to the waiting room...She had on blue hospital scrubs and it had blood all over it...she walked into the waiting room and said, “Uncle Shawn, I’m sorry about the appearance but I’ve only got 5 minutes to come tell you what’s going on.”

Shawn swallowed hard and could feel the tears brimming on his eyes as he could only nod for his niece to continue.

Lori felt her heart being tugged...seeing the pain in her uncle’s eyes and not being able to take it away yet. Lori inhaled and said, “Aunt Kelly is suffering from a Placenta Abruption. It’s premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. Placental abruption affects 1 out of every 200 pregnancies. Harm to the baby is based on the severity of the abruption and whether or not the baby is delivered prematurely. Uncle Shawn they are going to have to delivery the baby now if you want them both alive.”

Shawn felt the tears slid down his cheeks and he said, “You do what you have too to save my family...If you can’t save the baby then you save Kelly...We can always adopt or have more children...But I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.”

Lori said, “I’d let you see her, but she’s in pre-op right now...They will take the baby by c-section and do what they can to get the bleeding under control...I’ll either send a nurse out with an update or come let you know myself.” Shawn nodded and watched as his niece walked back through double doors.

Shawn finally sat down and started praying...how could he live without Kelly...She’d been the love of his life for so long...how would he continue to live if she didn’t? Now sitting here waiting was the worst thing he’d ever had to feel in his life...Just waiting to see if he still had his wife and baby...or just his wife...or maybe neither.

Waiting for the surgery results was the longest hour of Shawn’s life.

Lori finally walked out...looking tired and absolutely beat up. It was the longest hour in surgery for her...it got intense a few times...a lot of blood was pumped in and a had dripped out...the operating room looked like a lake or ocean of blood...in the end every one was just glad it was finally over.

Shawn saw Lori walk up and he stood up and Lori smiled and said, “Kelly is going to need a lot of help recovering...she can still have children...Of course after today I’m not sure that she’ll ever want any more with your ass.”

Shawn didn’t want to ask but he needed to know...His voice got raspy as he forced out the words, “What about the baby?” Tears poured out of Lori’s eyes as she went to her Uncle and wrapped her arms around him as he hugged her back and said, “No. Please God no.”

Lori said, “Congratulations papa...You have the most beautiful son in the nursery...There’s a few other new parents tonight that are asking for refunds cause they saw how beautiful your son was and he doesn’t even compare to the others...Uncle Shawn he’s a perfect Angel.”

Shawn hugged Lori tighter and then said, “Thank you for giving me my family.” Lori said, “Well I had help...but other then that you’re welcome...Give my 15 minutes and I’ll take you into the NIC-Unit to see your son...and then over to see Kelly in ICU.” Shawn said, “I can’t see the baby with out her...We have to see him together.”

Yes...it was true that Michael Anthony Hickenbottom Jr. Came into the world 4 weeks early and scared the shit out of every one including his mama and daddy...he’s definitely healthy and ready to take the world by storm.

As for Lori and Paul...Time was of the essence cause come to fine out, Lori was almost 6 weeks pregnant...from the romp that she and Paul had in the elevator...So they broke the speed limits getting to Reno to elope. And are quite happy as they are waiting for the arrival of their first child.

The End.