Silent Secrets


Chapter 1


Neela Callaway walked down the American Airlines jet way off the plane and stepped into the New York JFK Airport.  Her long waist length auburn hair flowing behind her like spun silk.  Her dark green eyes lit up as she came around the corner and came face to face with her father the great Phenome of the WWE - the Undertaker. 


Mark Callaway stood at the American Airlines terminal and watched as the plane carrying his 17 year old daughter.  As soon as he saw her bright smiling face walk around the corner he couldn’t help but realize how much he’d missed her.  As soon as Neela saw her father standing there, she ran over and jumped in his arms as he lifted her off the floor and hugged his oldest baby girl.  He couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up since he’d seen her 6 months ago at Christmas…and now she was 17!  Damn he felt like an old man.


He placed her on her feet and hugged her to him and kissed the top of her head as she hugged him back and tried desperately not to cry.  Ever since her parents divorce she’d not seen a lot of her father.  Her mother was half Irish and half Italian so the combination made for an interesting temper.  And of course her dad was half Irish and Full redneck so that combination was even more interesting.


When her mom found out her dad had cheated on her she was pregnant with Neela.  She’d decided giving him a second chance was worth it if it saved their family.  But by the time Neela turned 3, her father had cheated on her mother several times and the divorce was complete 10 days after Neela’s 3rd birthday.  She was allowed to see her father every 3 months until she turned 12…Her mother made a career change and a choice that would move her and Neela away to California…Which was quite a bit a ways from Houston Texas.


Once her mother had Neela firmly planted in the Sacramento school system in California she was only allowed to see her father every 6 months…which was usually only when the WWE was in town.  Her mother wouldn’t allow her to watch wrestling…she claimed it was too violent for such young eyes and the business had ruined her marriage.  Since Neela had turned 15 her father stated on several occasions the divorce was his fault, because he was a terrible husband…He was too young and basically too stupid to realize what he really had before he fucked it up.


Neela had just graduated high school at 17 and decided before she went to college she was going to spend the summer on the road with her father…She’d not seen much of him in the last 5 years and she just wanted to be around the man she talked with on the phone practically on a daily basis.  God Bless the invention of the cell phone.


Mark stepped back and said, “Damn little girl…you’re even more beautiful then your mother was at this age…I missed ya baby.”  Neela’s smile lit up and she said, “I missed you too dad.”  Mark said, “You ready for the next 3 months?”  Neela said, “Absolutely!  I’ve been ready for the last 5 years of my life.”  After retrieving her luggage and getting in the rental and heading towards the arena Mark and Neela talked about her going to college at UCLA in Los Angeles California on a full scholarship…Mark couldn’t have been more proud of her for working so hard.


Once they got to the arena…The unloaded their things in Mark’s dressing room and headed down to the conference room where the meeting was going to be taking place for the wrestlers.  As they walked in a pair of Hazel eyes watched as Mark and his daughter sat down across from him. 


She was definitely the spitting image of her father.  The red hair and dear God in Heaven she had the most beautiful Dark Green eyes he’d ever seen on a woman before.  For the life of him he couldn’t remember how old Mark had told him that she was…She wouldn’t be any younger then 21…because she was shaped like a 21 year old.  Her hips and long legs she’d definitely inherited those legs from her father…she looked about 5’9” and somewhere around 125-130 lbs.  Her hair was nearly passed her HOT ass and her lips had a natural red looking color to them, like she’d never have to wear lipstick ever again.


The hazel eyed hottie sitting across the table from Neela and her father was giving her the once over...she could see him out of the corner of her eye…and when she saw his tongue come out and wet his lips like he was sizing up a steak and lobster dinner…It was almost her undoing…She had to inhale and exhale deeply to keep herself from losing control.  She looked at the hottie across from her and thought, ‘You’re a handsome devil…What’s your name?’


Ask and ye shall receive!


Mark looked over at Neela and said, “Neela meet some of the guys that will be on the road with us…Across from you is Paul Levesque he wrestles as Triple H.  That over there is Steve Williams he wrestles under Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Those two boys down there are Matt and Jeff Hardy, the two across from them is Marc LaMonica and Devon Hughes.  That little gal right there is Trish Stratus, the one next to her is Amy Dumas she wrestlers under Lita, and then there’s Lisa Marie Varon who wrestles under Victoria.  Everyone else you’ll get to meet in a while.”


Neela smirked at Paul and turned her attention to the front of the room when Mr. McMahon walked in to start the meeting.


Chapter 2


The room at the hotel was 2590…It was nearly 3 o’clock in the morning.  The sounds coming from that particular hotel room were anything but innocent…Infact most of the sins being committed in room 2590 were down right illegal and of course the since that weren’t illegal….Really should have been.  Neela couldn’t believe how great Paul’s cock felt sliding in and out of her body as she rode him like a stock pony…at one point bouncing as hard as she could for maximum pleasure for the both of them.  She could feel the sweat slide between her perky 17 year old breast when the hottie she was sexing it up with sat up and ran his tongue from the bottom of her breast, around each one and between catching the sweat before it went any where else.


Neela looked into Paul’s eyes like she had done so many times before that night in the last 2 weeks and couldn’t believe someone as big as him could be so gentle and yet so ferocious when it came to sex.  Her finger nails dug into his shoulders as he gripped her hips and started slamming her body down onto his.  Paul growled as he flipped her over onto her back and pushed her knees practically into her chest as he started literally fucking the shit out of her…She had no complaints…Who would?


Paul was hammering her pussy so hard he could’ve sworn his dick was going to bust through her uterus and stab her stomach.  But her whispering ‘Fuck me good.’ In his ear was all the encouragement he needed.  If Mark ever caught wind that his 17 year old daughter was having sex with one of his co-workers, let alone a friend...basically a kid he mentored in the business…His head would blow up and not only take out the state the WWE happened to be in but the entire united states.


The whole secret sex sessions started one night when Jeff, Matt, Amy and Trish asked Mark if it was okay to invite Neela to a small get together in Amy’s room…Because she was just 17, but was out of school, technically…Mark didn’t mind and told Neela to have a nice time and didn’t really expect her to be back in her own room at any particular time…Since she was so grown up he couldn’t possibly force his own teenage daughter to share a room with him, so he’d been getting her….her own room either next to his or directly across from his.


Half way through the social get together Neela said she was going for a walk down the hall for some fresh air and disappeared out the door.  Down one of the hallways Neela ran into Paul…She shared a few looks and he asked her a few meaningless questions and then she walked up to him and slowly let her lips brush against his… He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, if that was possible…Neela ran the knuckle of her index finger up Paul’s ever present erection…Paul said, “You do that again and I’m going to make you take care of him…”


Neela grabbed Paul’s hand and led him down the hall and pulled out a card key and opened the door to another hotel room…Paul said, “Yours or Your father’s?”  Neela smiled and said, “Actually yours…I just pulled the key card out of your back pocket…”  Neela showed him the card as he followed her into the room…Paul said, “You’re lucky I’m being nice…You better get back to the party.”


Paul started to walk away when Neela grabbed his hand and pushed him over to sit on the bed…She stood between his legs and said, “No…you’re lucky…because I don’t feel like being nice right now.”  Paul said, “Oh really?”  Neela smiled and slowly let her body slide down his as she went to her knees and pushed Paul back a little as she undid his jeans and freed his painfully growing erection.  Neela took it in her hands and slowly licked around the tip…


Paul let out a little groan…Neela smiled up at him and said, “Feel good big man?”  Paul said, “God yes…You really think you should be doing that though?”  Neela said, “Relax…I ain’t done yet.”  Neela ran her tongue up the length of his erection and slowly slid the head in her mouth…coating it with her warm saliva…She began to slowly slide the rest of him into her mouth…all she could think was… ‘Thank God I don’t have gag reflex.’…otherwise she’d be puking all over Paul’s jeans right about now.


As soon as he was all the way in her mouth she sucked just a little and emitted a deep groan from the back of Paul’s throat.  Neela started picking up the pace while she sucked and slid him in and out of her mouth…Paul said, “Jesus Christ, Neela…It feels so good.”  Neela said, “Good…as long as you’re happy.”  Paul growled a little and said, “I’m not the only one whose gonna be happy tonight.”  Neela smirked as she started pumping and sucking Paul harder…


Paul was writhing…he was trying to hold on to the tingly sensation that was jetting through his body…Neela could feel Paul’s boys tighten…he was so close to release…to top it all off…She slowly ran her teeth up the length of him…and it was pretty much his undoing…Paul said, “Oh God…Neela…you’re gonna make me cum.”  Neela said, “So do it.”  She plunged him all the way back in her mouth and felt his seed explode into her VERY willing mouth…Neela swallowed every drop as Paul fell back against the bed spread out…


Paul sat up, as Neela stood up…he looked over at her and she smirked as she wiped the corners of her mouth…Paul couldn’t say a thing but laughed.  He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him as he laid back against the bed again…He kissed her lips so softly and said, “I think…it’s your turn.”  Paul moved down her body and disposed of her boots, he slid her skirt up…up…up…until it was around her hips.  Then he slid her panties down and threw them over his shoulder…he grabbed her thighs and pulled her down until her ass was on the edge of the bed…and he hung her legs over his huge shoulders…wow haven’t found herself in this predicament since the last time she had a boyfriend…which was about 6 months ago. 


It felt weird to be like that with him…but in the same sense if felt wonderful.  Paul pulled her slit open and saw exactly what kind of effect he was having on her body; he started blowing his warm breath on her throbbing clit…Neela was not above begging…


Neela said, “Paul…please…”  She did a full body shiver as Paul’s finger light brushed against her clit and VERY present wet center.  Paul knew it wouldn’t take him long to get her to cum…and now that he knew that…he couldn’t wait…he dove in tongue first lapping at her sensitive clit…as he thrusted not 1, not 2, but 3…of his huge fingers inside of her…to keep her hips from bucking he held her hips down with his free arm.  Neela had her fist clenched onto the sheets of the bed…and he grabbed her other hand and laced their fingers together…as he picked up the pace…he was coming at her fast and furiously…just like the movie…Neela finally couldn’t hold on anymore…She let her orgasm rip through her body…Paul let his fingers ride her all the way through her orgasm… 


Neela was yanked from the memory of her and Paul’s first whammy orgasm as a Triple Whammy Orgasm ripped through her body as she practically screamed out Paul’s name…Paul growled ferociously as the condom he was wearing suddenly filled with an obscene amount of cum.


Paul collapsed on the bed and they were both trying to catch their breath as Neela slowly started getting dressed so she could make it back to her room before morning.  Paul kissed her lips one more time as she slipped out the door and was back in her room and sleeping soundly in her bed before anyone knew what happened.


Chapter 3


Apparently all good things much some to an end…


Someone forgot to send Neela a bulletin or some type of memo about it! 



If it weren't for your maturity

None of this would have happened
If you weren't so wise beyond your years

I would've been able to control myself
If it weren't for my attention

You wouldn't have been successful and
If it weren't for me

You would never have amounted to very much

Ooh this could be messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime

We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
And I have honored your request for silence
And you've washed your hands clean of this



As she was packing up her belongs her dad came into her room through the adjoining door and said, “Just about read kiddo?”  Neela looked up and nodded sadly…She knew her visits with her father were going to be few and far between now that she was heading to college.  Mark opened his arms and Neela wrapped her arms around his mid section as he leaned down and kissed the top of his eldest daughters head, as she hugged her to death…almost.  Mark kissed the top of her head one more time and said, “Finish up and I’ll meet you in the lobby.”  Neela nodded again and watched as her dad walked out.


Neela finished up packing and rolled her suitcase behind her to the elevator and started for the lobby to meet her father…When the elevator hit the fifth floor, the doors opened and Neela couldn’t help but smile when she saw Paul on the other side of the doors…Paul stepped on the elevator and as soon as the doors closed Paul pulled the stop button so no one could make it move.


Paul said, “I thought I was going to miss you…I wasn’t sure what time you were leaving…”  Neela said, “I’m on my way down to meet my dad in the lobby right now.”  Paul fished in his pocket and pulled out a small silver box and handed it to Neela…She looked down at it and then looked back up at Paul and he smiled a genuine smile and said, “Don’t ask…Just open it.” 



You're essentially an employee

And I like you having to depend on me
You're kind of my protégé

And one day you'll say you learned all you know from me
I know you depend on me

Like a young thing would to a guardian
I know you sexualize me

Like a young thing would and I think I like it

Ooh this could get messy
But you don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime

We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no one knows except the both of us
I've more than honored your request for silence
And you've washed your hands clean of this



Neela smiled as she slowly pulled the lid off and removed one layer of cotton.  The shine caught her eye as the silver Celtic cross sparkled in the light the elevator had above them.  Neela’s eyes sparkled with love for the gift.  Neela’s voice cracked as she said, “It’s so beautiful Paul.”  Paul smiled softly at her as he picked it up by the delicate silver rope chain as he turned her back towards him and slipped it around her neck…he kissed the side of her neck softly and said, “Read the back of it.”  Neela picked it up and read the back which said ‘One Hell of a Summer!’  Neela couldn’t help but laugh.


Paul walked closer to her and softly kissed her lips with his and then reached over and pushed the button for the elevator to move again…Once they reached the lobby everything looked normal between them as the elevator doors opened and her father was standing there waiting for her.


Once all the good-byes had been said at the hotel and airport…Neela was on the plane towards home…Towards college life…Going towards her new future and hopefully it was all going to surpass and be even more exciting then the summer she spent with her father…but then again…in some ways…she hoped not. 



what part of our histories reinvented and under rug swept?
what part of your memory is selective and tends to forget?
what with this distance it seems so obvious?

Just make sure you don't tell on me

Especially to members of your family
We best keep this to ourselves

And not tell any members of our inner posse
I wish I could tell the world cuz you're such a pretty thing

When you're done up properly
I might want to marry you one day

If you watch that weight and keep your firm body

Ooh this could be messy and
Ooh I don't seem to mind
Ooh don't go telling everybody
And overlook this supposed crime


At that point nothing was more amazing then the time she got to spend with her father…and of course with Paul.  They weren’t in love…but they did love each other…And they definitely had a few stories to tell the grandkids when they got MUCH older.  About the one HOT summer they spent with this secret person…and how it would amazingly remain in their memory forever.


Chapter 4


A sleek black Toyota RAV4 pulled into the United Center parking garage in Chicago, Illinois.  A raven haired beauty stepped out of the vehicle…Her long black hair was smoothed down her back and nearly passed her ass…It looked like a yard of spun black silk.  Her long legs were encased in 2 ½in heeled black knee high boots.  She also had on a black skirt with white pin stripes and a white tank top and matching cardigan. 


She went through security and into the building, going through the halls to find the person she was looking for…She stopped at a certain door marked ‘Undertaker’ as she brought her hand up and knocked…A few minutes later a large red-headed man came to the door…he had a little grey in his go-tee and his hair was VERY short…but…he was still her father.  Her dark green eyes which matched his perfectly shined with love and agony for missing him so much for the last 8 years…She smiled and softly said, “Hi daddy.”


Mark could almost feel himself get teary eyes…8 years ago he’d sent his little girl to college and here she was 8 years later a grown woman.  He couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up as he pulled her into a huge hug.  Neela laughed and said, “Dad…You can let go now…I can’t breathe.”  Mark finally let her go and pulled her into the room.


As they took a seat on the couch together Mark said, “How’s my baby girl doing?  How’s Maggie?”  Neela laughed and said, “Growing like a weed.  Missing her papa.  She’s 5 already.”  Neela pulled a picture out and handed it to Mark.  Mark said, “God, I can’t believe how big she’s getting.”  Neela laughed and said, “I swear sometimes she’s 5 going on 30.”  Mark looked at the picture and couldn’t believe how much his granddaughter looked like her momma.


The little girl staring back at him from the picture had auburn hair with streaks of blonde through it and of course the dark green eyes that ran so heavily through the Callaway family bloodline.


Mark said, “So when do I get to see my baby girl so I can spoil her some more?”  Neela said, “In a couple of days…I have a meeting with Vince…He called a few days ago and said he wanted to discuss making the law firm I work for his primary legal representation.”  Mark said, “That’s good.”  Neela said, “Yes it is…Especially when he wants me to be his on call representative legal aid that’s on the tour with him 24/7.”  Mark said, “So apparently well be seeing each other more…I bet your mother just loves the thought of that.”  Neela couldn’t help but laugh.


After four years at UCLA, Neela opted to go to law School at Loyola Law School, in LA…Another 4 years later, she had just taken her BAR exam and was an official member of the American Bar Association.  She was a lawyer.


Mark said, “So how are you and John doing?”  Neela smiled and said, “Pretty good…We’ve been together for 3 years now and nothing is getting old or stale…He treats Maggie like she’s his own child…He spends hours playing with her when he’s not on the road with you guys.”  Mark said, “How did you two meet anyways?”  Neela said, “A baby sitter was watching Maggie and I went to Venice beach for the day with a friend as a day to relax after mid-terms and John was there…He was a body builder and we accidentally ran into each other…We went on one date and when he told me about wanting to become a pro-wrestler…I of course had to tell him about you…And we just sort of hit it off from there.”


Mark said, “So are you ever going to tell me who Maggie’s father is…you know…So I can kill the little bastard?”  Neela laughed and said, “Dad, you maybe be able to pull off that creepy Undertaker bullshit with fans and opponents…But you should know already that it won’t work on me.”  Mark chuckled and said, “You can’t blame me for trying.”


Mark said, “You do know John is here right?”  Mark watched as Neela perked up and said, “Really?”  Mark laughed and said, “Damn…I just lost my father/daughter time…Didn’t I?”  Neela stood up and said, “Only for a little while.”  Mark watched as his daughter waited for him to tell her where her boyfriend John ‘The body builder turned pro-wrestler’ Cena was.  Mark finally relinquished the information and watched as his daughter leaned over and kissed his cheek and was out the door in seconds.


Chapter 5


Neela made her way down the hallway till she reached the gorilla pit and pushed through the curtains and stepped into the entertainment viewing portion of the arena and watched as the 6 men in the ring shoved and pushed each other around with ease.


Neela got closer to the ring and she saw her Uncle Glenn…He really wasn’t her uncle, but he was best friends with her dad and they played brothers on TV in the wrestling world, she’d known him as Uncle Glenn her whole life.  Her uncle looked up and winked at her as he sis, “Did anyone call for a lawyer?”  John stopped pushing Adam Copeland (edge) around the ring and looked up.


When John realized who she was he couldn’t have stopped himself even if he tried…He slipped through the ropes and off the ring as he jogged up the ramp and meet Neela half way…He wrapped his around her as he lifted her off the floor and spun her around in circles…She held on tight and laughed hard against his chest as he stopped and planted her on her feel in front of him…He capture her lips in such an amazing kiss…as I missed you kiss…Missed you more then you could possibly know kiss.


The only thing that put the breaks on the romantic kissing moment was the whistles, hoots and hollers that was coming from behind them and the 5 other men in the ring who were making a fuss over the cute kiss.  Neela and John separated and John rested his forehead against hers and said, “See you later?”  Neela smiled softly and said, “Yea.”  John said, “I love you…”  Neela glowed even more radiant and said, “I love you too.”  As Neela walked back up the ramp she could hear the 5 other guys in the ring heckling John when he got back in.


Neela was headed back to her father’s dressing room, when she rounded the corner and ran into Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon, who’d recently been married.  Stephanie recognized Neela right away because they used to play together when they were little…Stephanie said, “Oh my God Neela Callaway.”  Neela smiled big as Stephanie attacked her with a hug.”  Neela said, “Good lord Steph.”  Steph pulled back and said, “How was college?  Dad said he has a meeting with you later.”


Neela said, “Yea…Your dad decided his legal aids were not doing anything for him except costing him money…so he called the firm I work for and specifically asked for me.”  Paul said, “You are definitely not the same scrawny kid that Callaway sent out of here for a college education 8 years ago…”  Neela smirked and said, “Nice to see you again Mr. Cerebral Assassin.”  Stephanie couldn’t help but laugh as Paul smiled and said, “Same old smart ass I see.”


Neela laughed ad said, “Of course…But I hear you’ve grown up too since your DX days and that congratulations are in order on your marriage to the lovely Ms. McMahon.”  Stephanie smiled as she struck a pose and said, “McMahon-Levesque…Hook, line and sinker.”  Paul said, “Thanks…It took some time convincing the old man…But we eventually broke through that icy exterior.”


Stephanie said, “So how’s Maggie doing?”  Neela cringed on the inside at the mention of her daughter…But with out missing a beat Neela pulled the same photo out she’s shown her father and handed it to Stephanie and said, “She’s great…getting bigger every day…I can hardly believe she just turned 5.”  Paul’s eyes shot open as he saw the picture of the little girl.  He didn’t even know Neela had, had a baby and let alone 5 years ago…which only mean one possible thing…He was the father.


Paul watched as Neela chewed her bottom lip…she did that when she was nervous or scared and he’d venture to guess she was both at that moment…She was getting fidgety and got worse when Stephanie said, “What happened to the loser who helped you create that angel?”


Neela said, “Oh…He just didn’t have time to have a baby…Which is why I decided to raise her on my own…My father still wants to kill ‘the bastard’ as he puts it…But since I won’t divulge who her father is…He just gets to grumble about it…Just kind of saves everyone around…you know…My father a murder charge and a prison term and the guy a very permanent address at some random cemetery and a death certificate.”


The truth was…Paul was Maggie’s father…He didn’t know because Neela was ashamed at first…After they’d parted the first time 8 years prior, after their illicit secret sex sessions…Neela found out she was pregnant than…But she’s just started college and knew she wasn’t ready…so against all her personal morals and against better judgment she had an abortion…She’s hated herself ever since and vowed to NEVER have another…And 5 years ago when she got pregnant with Maggie…Needless to say it was one promise she kept to herself.


The WWE had been in town for some PPV at the LA staples center, Mark had invited Neela to come and of course she accepted…She hadn’t seen any of them for nearly 3 years…she was actually half way through her junior year at UCLA.  She ended up running into Paul and one thing lead to another and one hour of sex at the arena turned into a weekend of love making in her dorm room.  Which was short lived and over too soon…She hadn’t even told him he had a daughter.  Let alone him missing the last 5 years of her life.  Her dad wasn’t pleased and extremely pissed off at how irresponsible his daughter was being…They fought a lot during her pregnancy, but once Maggie was born he couldn’t help but NOT be mad with Neela anymore…He spoiled his daughter and grandbaby as often as possible and as rotten as he wanted.


Neela was snapped out of her thoughts as Stephanie hugged her again and was going on about a board meeting her and Paul had to get to.


Later that night after finalizing the paper work with Vince, Neela was sitting in her hotel room relaxing; when someone knocked on her door…She opened it and came face to face with an extremely serious looking Paul.


Chapter 6


Neela smiled nervously and said, “Hey Paul.”  Paul crossed his huge arms over his chest and said, “You ain’t got anything else to day to me?”  Neela smiled nervously again and said, “Lovely day isn’t it?”  Paul said, “I suggest you invite me in.”  Neela slumped her shoulders as she looked totally defeated and said, “Fine…C’mon in.”  Paul walked past her and into her hotel room as she closed and locked the door.


Paul said, “I know you have some explaining to do so you better get started.”  Neela cleared her throat and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Paul said, “Don’t play with me Neela.  You know exactly why I’m here…Which is why you’re chewing on your bottom lip right now.”  Paul stopped in front of her and his hand touched her cheek as he tugged her bottom lip out from between her teeth with his thumb.


Neela shook her head as she turned away from Paul and walked over to the sliding glass door that went out to the balcony and she said, “I was such a complete mess when I first left 8 years ago…I was nervous about starting college and missing my dad…then of course factor in you and I was really screwed.”  Paul furrowed his brow and said, “Why were you factoring in me?”  Neela said, “Because even though we never really had a relationship…I loved you…I’m not saying I was in love with you…But I did love you…and when I left, I left you behind and was missing you something crazy.”


Paul said, “How do you think I felt…I fell for one of my friend’s 17 year old daughter and had sex for 3 months solid.  Then she just left.”  Neela said, “Well…Now you know how I felt…but what you don’t know is when I left 8 years ago I found out I was pregnant…I was so ashamed, I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t ready for a baby and all the responsibility that came along with it…so I very reluctantly had an abortion.”


Paul’s eyes flew open and all he saw was RED.  Paul wiped around and said, “You did what?!?!?”  Neela turned and faced him and said, “What did you expect me to do?  I was 17…I was stupid and young and so ashamed I never told anyone.  Not friends, not family shit I didn’t even fuckin put it in a journal or diary; I kept it to myself all these years.  How do you think it made me feel?”  Paul said, “Hell if I know…You was the one who got to make the decision.” 




Paul calmed and said, “I didn’t mean to imply anything…I just…I guess it was a shock…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to lose my temper.”  Neela calmed down as well and said, “Well what really fucked me up when seeing you 5 years ago at that stupid PPV…Dad had said you wouldn’t be there because of your injury and whatever and then you fuckin showed up…and you were dating Stephanie at the time…I took one look at you and immediately needed you…I need to feel your lips on my skin and your tongue rubbing against mine just one more time…And everything that came with it…Except it wasn’t just a one time thing…you ended up staying in my dorm the whole weekend.  And yes I got pregnant again…Only this time…I couldn’t bring myself to do it…I made the appointment for the abortion…and I sat in that office and waited for them to call my name…But I couldn’t.”


Paul said, “Why not?”  Neela said, “I was sitting there and this 15 year old girl was wheeled out in a wheelchair…her parents following the nurse who was pushing their daughter…They called my name I went back and was sitting in the office and I spoke with the nurse she said the girls parents had forced her to get the abortion, but something had gone wrong and she started bleeding uncontrollably…she freaked out and they had to sedate her to take her to the emergency room…the nurse said chances are she would never be able to have children.  The doctor wasn’t board certified…he didn’t know what he was doing and really fucked up.  I figured it was a sign from God…He didn’t fuck on me the first time so I shouldn’t give him a second chance to fuck up on me.  I walked out.  I called my father when I got home and cried.  We fought during most of my pregnancy about how irresponsible I was, but in the end…he was really there for me.”


Neela was quiet for a few minutes and said, “The end result was a daughter.  Margaret Marie Callaway…or Maggie for short.  Father on the birth certificate…Unknown.  Because if my father ever found out it was you…You would cease to exist.  You would’ve been dead 5 years ago…You wouldn’t of had to worry about making a come back from your quad injury, cause my father would’ve killed you dead…and you and I both know….there ain’t no coming back from that….and we both know….my father wouldn’t have done anything less then that.”


Paul walked over and enveloped Neela into his arms and held her to him…He kissed the top of her head and said, “I wish you would’ve told me.”  Neela said, “I couldn’t…I was protecting you.  I was going to tell you…Maybe not until she graduated college…but I would’ve told you eventually.”  Paul chuckled a little…she could still joke…which meant everything was going to be okay…eventually.


Chapter 7


A few weeks later and the raven haired Neela was heading down the hallway of yet another arena.  The clicking of her heels gave her away before she got to catering where she found her dad and Maggie sitting at a table alone laughing it up.


Neela walked up to the table and said, ‘Gee, if I knew you two were going to have this much fun without me, I would’ve skipped my meeting and stayed with you.”


Maggie stood on her seat as she got excited and said, “Guess what Mommy guess what?”  Neela smiled and said, “What baby?”  Maggie giggled harder and said, “Papa shot milk out of his nose.”  Neela cracked a smirk as she heard her father growl under his breath.  Neela said, “Dad…Something you want to tell me?”


Mark stood up and walked around the table as he grabbed Maggie and turned her upside down and said, “No…Cause it was supposed to be a secret…but it seems someone is a tattle tail.”  As he proceeded to shake and tickle the 5 year old so much that her squeal laugh could be heard down the hall…as well as her begging for her papa to stop.


Neela couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them…Her dad may have been a tough redneck but he turned into a big old softy when it came to Maggie.  Neela stood there and talked with her dad a few minutes as Maggie was hanging upside down under Mark’s left arm.


After a few minutes a pair of arms came around Neela’s waist and a soft pair of lips touched the side of her neck and the squeal of “JOHN!”  From Maggie’s mouth gave John’s presence away.  Neela couldn’t help but laugh as Maggie flipped herself over Mark’s arm and out of his grasp as she ran and jumped in John’s arms.


John lifted the bouncing girl into his arms and she squeezed her arms around his thick neck trying to hug him to her.  John laughed and faked choking as he stumbled around with her in his arms and rolled back onto the floor as she sat on his chest laughing at his antics.  Neela and Mark laughed at the pair as Mark said, “I gotta get going…I’ll see ya’ll later.”  Neela smiled and said, “Later pop.”  Maggie bounced on John’s chest as she said, “Bye Papa.”  Mark winked at the little girl as he walked out of catering.


Neela squatted down next to John and said, “C’mon hoodrat, Lemme help you up.”  John laughed and said, “Oh so that’s how it is now huh?”  Neela laughed as she stood up and watched as John maneuvered the little girl around and stood up with her in his arms.  They walked out of catering and down to John’s locker room.


None of them noticed the intense hazel eyes watching all the fun.


By the time they arrived to the dressing room, Maggie was fast asleep in John’s arms so they laid her on his couch and covered her up and stepped out into the hallway to talk.


Paul walked out of catering and couldn’t believe how good it was to hear his own daughters laugh.  Not knowing she existed for 5 years and now having to pretend she doesn’t belong to him…His heart hurt.  He was supposed to be this big bad wrestler with a bad attitude and a nose for getting into trouble on more then one occasion for things he shouldn’t be doing…He was getting heart broken…that he could never call his daughter his daughter…she would have to be referred to as his friends daughter or his co-workers granddaughter but never HIS daughter.


Paul called Neela’s cell phone and when she didn’t answer he just went ahead and left a message and then walked off to his locker room.


Neela looked down when her phone vibrated 3 times signaling she’d missed a call and the caller left a message.  She hit the button as she watched John getting ready for his match and the voice on her voice mail took her breath away.  “Hey it’s me…I know you know who this is…We really need to talk…As much as I know I’m going to regret the chat we need to have…I’m going to just be straight with you…so please call me back when you get to your hotel room tonight…I need to speak with you as soon as possible.”


Neela couldn’t imagine what Paul needed…but it would have to wait until later.


Chapter 8


Paul had fallen asleep at the hotel waiting for Neela to call him back.


Neela fell asleep in John’s arms with Paul on her mind.


The next couple of days were pretty relaxed as Neela and Maggie joined John in West Newbury his home town for their days off together…While they were there John’s family got together and decided what everyone needed was a big family BBQ.  So Neela watched as John and his brothers played some kid friendly tackle football, which Maggie was more then happy to join, she enjoyed being tossed around like the football.


Neela snuck off to finally make that phone call she was supposed to make a few days prior.  She took a seat on the couch in the living room as she waited for the other person to pick up the phone.  A voice finally answered and said, “It’s about time.”  Neela laughed and said, “Sorry big man, I’ve been a little busy since the night you left that message…As it is, I’m at John’s right now and while the rest of his clan are outside having fun…I’m inside speaking with you.”


Paul said, “Well…I thank you.”  Neela laughed and said, “Sure nuff…Anytime…So what’s up?  You’re voicemail sounded so serious…I thought you was gonna have a break down.”  Paul said, “Nah…I was having a moment and just wanted to talk with you about Maggie.”  Neela said, “Well what would you like to know?”


Paul said, “Anything and every thing…What was she like as a baby?:”  Neela smiled as the memories of Maggie growing up came flooding through her mind and she said, “She was the most perfect baby…She never cried, she would whimper and fuss a little but never cry…She took her first steps at 9 months and once she fully started to walk…she was into every thing.  Talk about baby proofing every thing…I even had to lock my closet, because she would sit in there and play and I’d got out of my mind looking for her…Just knowing someone walked into the apartment and had taken her without me knowing it.”


Paul laughed and said, “Small handful.”  Neela said, “Excuse me?  Small?  Try again…She’s too much like her father…Always up to no good and close to being in deep shit every other day of her life.” 


Paul couldn’t help but laugh some more…Neela had him pegged down perfectly.  Paul said, “I don’t suppose you have any home movies of her growing up do you?”  Neela said, “Are you kidding me?  As soon as she was born my father ran out and bought 3 camcorders and tons of blank tapes.”  Paul said, “Should I even ask why 3?”  Neela laughed hard and said, “That’s easy to answer…One for him when Maggie was at his place, then one for my apartment and one for my mother’s house so he wouldn’t miss a second of her when he wasn’t around…He’s got a few thousand hours of nothing but her sleeping.”


Paul said, “Do you think it would be possible to get some copies?”  Neela said, “Actually yes…would you happen to have an e-mail address?”  Paul smiled and said, “Why yes I do Ms. Callaway.”  Hearing Neela’s laughter was music to his ears…He rattled off his address before they finally hung up.


Paul always did have a thing for the sound of Neela’s laugh…There was something about it…Something that made anyone who heard it want to smile and enjoy their day…


When Paul and Neela were having their little private time together all those years ago…he remembered he would pin her down and tickle her just to hear her laugh…Just the sound of it made him laugh…He could even go as far as saying hearing her laugh made life worth living…


That’s not good!  He was married to Stephanie and she NEVER made him feel half of what Neela did…That’s so not good…


Bad!  Definitely very bad!


Paul was pulled from his thoughts as his desktop computer beeped at him.  HE went over and sat down in front of it and typed his password to retrieve the email…All it said was


E-mail From:

Message: Best Regards! ~N


Paul teared up at the sight of his daughter at 1 day old…he couldn’t help but replay the 10 minute video over and over and over again.  Paul wrote back:


E-mail From:

Message: Can’t hardly wait for more. –P


Chapter 9


As the months progressed it got harder and harder for Paul to not be apart of his daughters life…But he was holding his tongue as best as he could…Neela was trying to help, God love her, she really was…Every week she’d e-mail Paul either a home movie or pictures of Maggie…anything to help show Paul his daughter was loved and well taken care of.


As far as Neela and John, they had recently taken the plunge into adulthood and moved in together…They’d settled on St. Louis.  It was halfway between Texas and Massachusetts, plus John’s best friend Randy Orton lived their also.  Randy was amused with Maggie…She would sit and tell him stories, instead of the other way around.  Randy even volunteered to baby-sit Maggie if Neela and John wanted to get away for a while.


One night while Maggie was in bed John and Neela were trying to finish their unpacking in the spare bedroom…moving boxes of Maggie’s baby clothes and Neela’s maternity clothes…Helping organize John’s endless supply of sports jersey’s.


John came across a box marked ‘Neela Private’…and said, “Hey baby…What’s with the private box?  Does it have private parts in here from all the old flames you’ve had who did you wrong?”  Neela laughed and said, “You never know.”  John couldn’t help but laughed and said, “I guess they are just SOLJWF!”  Neela said, “Excuse me?”  John smiled his innocent smile and said, “Shit out of luck and Jolly well fucked!”


Neela couldn’t help but laugh…She said, “Good lord John…Sometimes I wonder what you sit around thinking about and now I know…Anyway…Those are really my journals from college in it…It chronicles my pregnancy with Maggie…During my pregnancy I fought a lot with my parents, even though they were divorced and living in two different states…I swore some nights I had no one to talk with about it…so I started writing about it…The paper didn’t fight back and the pen wasn’t disgusted with me…It’s just something…”


John said, “Private.”  Neela smiled and softly nodded and said, “Yea…private.”  John leaned over and kissed the top of her head and said, “Okay baby…I get it…No problem.”  And he pushed the small box on the shelf above his now sorted jerseys.  Neela had managed to sort every since one he owned first by sport, then by team, then by color and then last by number.  John shook his head and said, “You know that’s not going to last right?”  Neela giggled and said, “Lord NO!”  John said, “Good as long as you know.”


They had fought a few times about John wanting to know why no one knew who the father of her daughter was and Neela always said because it was no one else’s business but hers…John always left it at that even if it did piss him off more then anything that the man she was living with couldn’t be trusted enough to even know that small of a secret…it was a huge detail in Neela and Maggie’s life…and Neela was NEVER willing to budge on it…Never. 


It was a small insignificant reality in John’s life…of knowing eventually one day he’d like to get married to Neela and know she’d had a baby with some other man.  He kept thinking what if something tragic happened to Neela and Mark or himself had to finish raising Maggie…She should know who her real father was…unless the little bastard was Satan himself.


One night when Smackdown was in St. Louis, Maggie was staying with a friend of Neela’s while Neela went to the arena…she was supposed to go with John, but he had to go to a doctor’s appointment for his yearly physical.  Then he was supposed to join everyone at the arena later.  John was sitting in the living room staring at the TV which was currently muted with flashes of the day’s sports on ESPN his favorite channel.  He could almost here the box calling his name…He wasn’t exactly sure why…but the box with Neela’s private pregnancy journals were calling his name all the way from upstairs.  He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but there was something about that damn box of journals.


Like a thief in the night John actually got up and started slowly moving towards the stairs and creeping up them almost sure that Neela would appear at any second and catch him trying to catch a peek.  By the time he hit the stairs he was suddenly humming the theme to Mission Impossible.  His eyes shifting around like a crack head looking for a score as he scurried up the stairs and to the spare room as he pulled the closet doors open and stared at the box for more then a few seconds before finally pulling it down.


What happened next can only be described as a bomb going off in the arena. 


Chapter 10


For those who witnessed it…they weren’t exactly sure what they saw or heard…For those who missed it, it was labeled the fight to end all fights.  Screaming, cussing, almost fist fights, a marriage was at the end of its rope, a relationship was definitely over and in the end…A bond between a father and daughter would never be the same.


John sat in his dressing room reading and re-reading Neela’s journals from when she was 17 and 20 when she was pregnant both times but had an abortion the first time.  He couldn’t believe the MOST responsible person employed by the WWE was the same EXTREMELY irresponsible person who knocked up Mark Callaway’s daughter not once as if it wasn’t bad enough…but TWICE??? 


Every since John had pulled the box down and started reading those journals…he couldn’t help it…He’d stuffed them into his duffle bag and took them to the arena with him…He couldn’t stop reading…Every time he put it down cause he knew it was an invasion of privacy and he shouldn’t be reading it…He’d pick it back up and continued reading it.


Neela had been looking all over the arena for John; she knew he’d been there for about a half hour almost 45 minutes.  She’d checked his locker room a couple of times and he wasn’t there…She figured he was running around before the show started.  She decided to check his dressing room once more time and then wait till after the show to see him.  She walked down into his room, because the door was open and saw him sitting on the chair reading.


As she got closer she noticed what it was exactly that he was reading and suddenly she felt her heart sink all the way into her shoes.  She could almost feel the tears start to flood her eyes…ALMOST…it was soon replaced with ANGER!  Neela said, “So do they answer all your unanswered questions or do I need to fill in some holes?”  John dropped the notebook as he stood up and looked at his girlfriend.  John said, “Well at least there are no secrets between us anymore.”  Which came out a lot more attitudish then it should have been.  Neela glared at John and said, “Does the phrase ‘Leave well enough alone’ mean anything to you John?  I knew as soon as I told you what was in those damn notebooks, I was gonna be screwed but then I gave you the benefit of the doubt and figured ‘No John’s a responsible adult, he knows private is private and public is public.”


John said, “Judging from the shit I just read, I’m more responsible then some in this world.  Considering I didn’t get knocked up by the same guy by mistake not once but twice.”  Neela said, “Every one makes mistakes, but it doesn’t make you irresponsible you ass!  Living such a perfect life as you have doesn’t make you responsible John…Of course it doesn’t make you an adult either!” 


Neela rolled her eyes and walked out of the room with John hot on her heels.


John said, “Well at least I know why you kept the identity of Maggie’s father a secret…I have a hard time believing the most responsible man who works for this company could be so irresponsible.”  Neela grimaced and said, “John, Everyone has a past.”  John said, “That’s a pathetic excuse…Is that going to be your excuse when Maggie comes to you one day and wants to know who her real father is?”  Neela’s feet came to a stop in the middle of the hallway and said, “You leave my daughter out of this conversation, this have nothing to do with her!”


By now half of the roster had stepped out of their dressing room to watch the fire works…which also included Neela’s father, plus Stephanie and Paul…but the intense arguing couple didn’t notice.  John said, “It has every thing to go with Maggie, especially since she doesn’t know…I mean I think she has a right to know her mother is a fuckin whore!”


A deep voice from behind John said, “Who do you think you’re talkin’ to boy?”


John turned and said, “Oh look Neela it’s your father…Don’t you think its time for you to tell your own FATHER the truth?”  Neela’s eyes widened in fear almost as she said, “No, but I do think its time you shut your fuckin’ mouth about shit you don’t even know anything about.”  Mark looked between John and his daughter and he said, “Neela, just what the hell is going on?  You two come barreling down the damn hallway fighting and cussing up a storm like a couple of five year olds…Now what exactly is this truth that John is so desperate for me to hear?”  Neela said, “Nothing dad…John’s just being over dramatic.”  John scoffed and said, “Coming from a whore’s mouth…”


Before John could finish his thought in two seconds John was thrown into the cinder block wall with Mark’s huge forearm pressing against his wind pipe.  Mark said, “I warned you about that boy…That is my daughter and every bit a lady…you don’t want to piss me off…I guarantee!”  John said, “No offense Mark, but I was taught if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”  Mark started literally shaking the shit out of John, while in the process; John’s head was bouncing off the cinder block wall.


Mark finally growled out, “You better fuckin tell me what the hell your problem is before I bounce your head off this wall so hard you won’t have to work about opening your mouth again, because I’ll fix it so your mouth won’t hold soup!”  John finally held out his hands and said, “PAUL LEVESQUE IS MAGGIE’S FATHER!”  It came out in such a rush, Mark was almost certain he didn’t hear what he thought he’d just heard…He dropped John and as he leaned down sideways said, “Come again?”  John said, “Paul Levesque is Maggie’s father.”  From his back pocket he pulled out one of the notebooks that was folded in half long ways and handed it to Mark.


Neela closed her eyes wish it was all a bad dream…when she opened her eyes again…No such luck…Not even close.  Her father had the notebook open and was reading it…ALL OF IT! 


Chapter 11


About that time, the sound of flesh smacking flesh echoed throughout the hallway…Neela looked over and their stood Paul and Stephanie…well at least Paul was still standing there…Stephanie was storming off down the hallway and a bright red hand print was slowly appearing on Paul’s cheek.  Neela looked at Paul and then down at the floor and then back up to him and mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry.’ 


Neela stood there watching as her father read her personal journal…John had scampered down the hallway as soon as Mark had the notebook in his hand.  Neela watched as her father turned 62 shades of red…The lightest shade being from embarrassment at what he was reading and not thinking his little girl could be THAT sexual active at the tender age of 17…And the darkest shade of red was for anger…when he finally realized that not only had one of his closest friends slept with his daughter multiple times, but had also impregnated her twice and the fact that the whole time his own daughter had been covering for Maggie’s so called ‘dead beat dad’.


Mark tossed the notebook on the floor and it landed at Neela’s feet…she watched it slide to a stop near her sneakers.  Mark looked at his daughter and said, “Pick up that fifthly trash and walk away from me before I really lose it.”  Neela squatted down and retrieved her notebook and stood back up…she knew there was no way on God’s green earth, she could reason with her father…When he turned that red from anger, it was always best to do as he said and save the civil conversation for later.


Civil?  Yea right!  Whatever that is…


Mark started staring at Paul almost as if he was trying to burn a hole through him…Neela knew her father was waiting for her to leave before the yelling, cussing and ass kicking got under way.  Mark’s line of sight deviated for 3 seconds as he glanced at his daughter and said, “Didn’t I tell you to take a fuckin hike?”  Neela just stared at her father before she did something bold…She moved over and stood in front of Paul…still facing her father and said, “I know what you’re doing and its not going to work…I know you…You’re waiting for my to walk away so you can threaten and possibly beat the shit out of him and I’m not letting you do it.”


Mark said, “I thought I make myself EXTREMELY clear on you getting out of my sight.  You have two choices…you can either walk away on your own two feet or I can beat your ass until you pass out and someone can carry you away!”  Neela said, “Don’t think using that STUPID undertaker voice with me will work into scaring me away and second…I’m a parent now so don’t even THINK of laying a finger on me!”


Mark scoffed and said, “Yea…Well according to your notebook you’re not a parent…You’re a God Damn WHORE!”


That one word…from anyone else in the world was easy to blow off and ignore because no one knew the real you…but to have your own father…the one parent you’re so close too…The one you wish you had a million years left in life…The one person who understood you growing up…Just called you a whore to your face…To Neela…It felt like a million knives being jabbed into her heart over and over and over again.  And NOTHING anyone could do or say at that moment could make her feel any different.


Suddenly, the silence ended when a small hand tugged on Neela’s and a sweet innocent voice said, “Mommy.”


Neela’s eyes snapped open and the look of sheer terror appeared on her face as she was suddenly aware that he daughter was standing there and heard the whole fight…Neela had forgotten her friend was bringing her to the arena later so she could watch Mark wrestle later that night.  Neela squatted down and said, “Yes baby?”  Maggie looked from her mother to her papa and back to her mother and said, “Why is pap yelling at you?”


Mark felt his heart drop into his stomach.


Neela said, “Oh…don’t worry about it baby…Papa is not going to be yelling at me anymore.”  Maggie wrapped her arms around Neela’s neck as Neela enveloped her and stood up with her in her arms and Maggie wrapped her legs around her mother’s waist.  Neela spared on last look to her father as she turned and walked down the hallway followed by Paul.


Paul offered to take Neela home…but she refused to go back to the house as long as her daughter was with her.  She’d leave her at Anita’s (babysitter) in the morning and go back to the house to retrieve her things from John’s house, simply because after that night John would be going overseas for a few shows and it would give Neela enough time to pack all her stuff and get out without having a confrontation with his ass again…cause she knew secretly it she had to see him again in person she’d possibly kill him if not injury him so bad he’d never be able to wrestle again.


Paul took Neela and Maggie to his hotel and Neela put her daughter to bed and pulled the bedroom door closed as she stepped into the living area of the hotel room.  Neela said, “I’m sorry about all of this Paul…I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.  I’m so sorry about Stephanie hearing all of that…It was really bad.”  Paul said, “Did I give off some kind of pissed off vibe towards you?  Because if I did…It wasn’t going to you…It was more at the way your father spoke to you and the way John did you dirty in public just now.”


Neela said, “Um…Yes?”  Paul said, “Not at all…I’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of the Billion Dollar Whore…She’s been screwing everything that isn’t nailed down since we were married…Looks like this is the PERFECT time for me to approach her with a divorce.”  Neela said, “I didn’t know…Why didn’t you tell me?”  Paul said, “Because I wasn’t sure if I was right and then when I spied on her one night and watched her bounce from hotel room to hotel room of half the Smackdown roster.  No one from Raw is stupid enough to touch her…She even hit on your father apparently several times…even after he jumped to Smackdown.”


Neela and Paul finally made it to the huge king sized bed and laid facing their daughter and watched her sleep peacefully.  Paul had Neela laying in front of him and had his arm wrapped around her waist and was hoping he was comforting Neela at a time when she needed it the most.  Neither one knowing what laid ahead for the next day.


Chapter 12


4 Weeks Later


John Cena was driving up to the home that was once shared by him and Neela.  He’d not heard from her or anyone else for the last 4 weeks, while he was overseas for the European tour…Hell even Mark hadn’t said 2 words to him and they had a storyline together…Of course no one could possibly understand how difficult it is to have a storyline with someone who is NOT speaking to you.


When John pull into the driveway he nearly had a heart attack…There was a For Sale sign on the front lawn with a bit white sign on top that said SOLD…and hanging below the for sale sign was an even bigger sign that read ‘PAST HOME OF WWE SUPERSTAR JOHN CENA – CUTE GIRL PLEASE CALL 973-4573 – DESPERATE FOR A DATE!!!’


John cringed when he saw his REAL phone number on the sign!  John was officially PISSED OFF!  He was going to KILL Neela if he ever got a hold of her!  John walked over and pulled off the sign with his number and walked into the house. 


Every thing looked normal…and ONLY looked normal.  Most people weren’t aware of the way Neela’s mind worked as a lawyer…Every one knows the old saying ‘Possession is 9/10ths of the law’.  Well some where in life if and when you were expecting your 9/10ths to come up missing was all up to Neela.


John decided to park his ass on the couch and watch a little ESPN, before calling the realtors number on the for sale sign out front of his house and letting them know the house was definitely NOT for sale.  Every thing sort of went in slow motion as John started his decent onto the couch.  He got sat down and almost as if on cue the entire structure of the couch gave way and fell to pieces right there on the living room rug.  John’s knee jerk reaction make his legs fly up and bump into the wooden coffee table and it fell into pieces in front of John’s eyes.


John said, “What the fuck is going on?”  He pushed himself up from the rubble that use to be his couch and coffee table and stood there dumb-founded…looking around and couldn’t possibly imagine what was happening.  He’d decided maybe he was more tired from all the traveling then he thought so a nap would be much better.  So he headed up stairs to his room.


John walked into the room and noticed Neela’s closet door was open and everything had been removed…Not that he was surprised but he was definitely glad he wasn’t here to have to of dealt with it.  He walked over to the bed and flopped face first onto the bed and not even 2 seconds later the bed went crashing to the floor in pieces.  As John rolled over and stared at the ceiling for a second thinking what else could go wrong next…As he was standing up from the bed he noticed both wooden night stands had also crumbled to pieces with the bed.


John stood there staring at the disaster in front of him like a monkey doing a math problem as he snatched his hat from his head and threw it across the room and in the process hit the wooden cherry oak entertainment center that held all his DVD’s, PS2 games, CD’s, and yes even his 45 inch color TV.  John jumped sky high practically as he watched the beautifully crafted piece of furniture crumbled to the floor and then watched as the glass doors fell off and his TV slid out and crashed to the floor as pieces of the glass screen went sliding across the floor.


John literally couldn’t take it anymore as he walked over and started examining the fallen furniture in the bedroom…It took him a while to finally figure it out…and once he did he knew it was ALL Neela’s doing! It seriously had her fingerprints all over it.  John took off all through the house and noticed all the wooden furniture had fallen to the floor.


Neela had removed every single screw in every piece of furniture throughout the ENTIRE house.


When he reached the spare room where his jerseys were kept he noticed they were all in a pile on the floor.  He slowly started to hang them back up and then suddenly noticed on his Pittsburg Steelers jersey…the P was missing…He looked at it again and was suddenly aware that it wasn’t just missing it had been CUT OUT!  Not only that but the numbers had also been cut out of them…and not just a couple but ALL OF THEM!  Every jersey had holes in them where the numbers had been cut out of the back and front of the jersey. 


John was slowly turning red with anger…And then…There it was…He knew she would leave something behind.  A note, letter a short fuck you some how…someway.  He turned towards the wall and with letters that had been cut out of the jerseys, they were stapled to the wall in a small note that said, ‘Possession is 9/10ths of the law BITCH’.


Meanwhile in Nashua New Hampshire, Neela was sitting in the living room with Paul talking over something’s with his lawyer about his up coming divorce, when Neela’s cell phone started vibrating in her pocket, she looked at the caller id and started laughing…Paul gave her a funny look and when she showed him who was calling her he busted out laughing. 


When she walked into his house 3 weeks ago she’d had the biggest bag of multiple lengthened screws he’d ever seen, he couldn’t imagine why…until she told him why.  Paul died laughing as he was suddenly aware of why exactly John was calling her.  Not to mention what she’d done to his jerseys, which she happened to of slipped into their conversation that first night she’d moved in with him 3 weeks ago.  It was definitely by far one of Neela’s more genius idea’s she’d had in a long, LONG time.


Chapter 13


Everyone on Smackdown knew about the BIG fight between Neela and John and then also about the fight between Neela and her father…Everyone pretty much steered clear of both John and Mark.  More mark than John…For all the obvious reasons!


Mark’s temper had nearly gotten him suspended on more than a few occasions by Vince McMahon himself.  Vince knew what was going on from Stephanie who was stuck in a rut trying to get out of her marriage to Paul before he went completely public about her extracurricular activities.  Public meaning – company wise…Paul wanted to put it in the company mailer that Stephanie had played, screwed and fucked up nearly every wrestler; married, dating or single in the company. 


The only ones who REALLY survived her were the guys who had truly been faithful to their wives or girlfriends…Guys who only had one woman in their lives and not ex-wives or multiple ex-wives from divorces on account of their no good – rotten – cheating ass husbands and of course the Divas.


Mark was walking down the hallway when John walked up to him and said, “Have you seen Neela anywhere?”  Mark glared down at the younger man and said, “Nope.”  John said, “If you do…tell her I’m gonna fuckin KILL her is I ever get a hold of her!”  Mark said, “I ain’t no messenger pigeon boy…give her your damn message yourself.”  John said, “FINE!  Just be expecting to go through the rest of your life without a daughter…After what she fuckin pulled I should sure her fuckin ass.”


Mark couldn’t help but laugh hard and hearty at John and said, “Sue her?  Somehow you got it in your mind you’d win…Don’t ya boy?”  John said, “I know the law and I know my fuckin rights…She destroyed private property…She fuckin destroyed every God Damn sports jersey I ever owned with the exception of the 10 that I took with me on the damn European tour.”


Mark said, “Scuse me?  Is that supposed to make me feel sorry for you?”  John said, “I got thousands of dollars invested in those damn things and she destroyed every single one of them.”  Mark said, “Where do you come off being so cocky?  You think you know everything, but you don’t…My daughter is one of the best God Damn lawyers from here to China and back again…Newsflash boy…You could TRY to sue her, but in the end she’s be prepared with legal documents saying what she did was in her right as a citizen of the United States of America…and you’d be left behind suckin some dick for a quick fix.”


John stood there glaring at Mark as he continued with, “I oughta kick the shit out of you anyway for making my fight with my only daughter you nosey mother fucker…Had you just left well enough along with those notebooks – my daughter would still be speaking to me and you’d still have the best thing that was ever in your life!”


Mark gave John a one handed shove into the nearest wall and stood over him and said, “Here’s something you should know but don’t…You’re still a little boy trying to make it in a mans world and the sooner you learn how to act like an adult…the sooner the world will start treating you as one.”  And with that said, Mark continued down the hallway.


Meanwhile, sitting in a board room at the top of Titan Towers was Stephanie with her lawyer and father with Paul and his lawyer sitting across the table from them.  Paul sat there with his arms crossed over the front of his chest and said, “I did not say I didn’t make a mistake all those years ago – but c’mon Steph, you’re not so innocent yourself.”


Stephanie said, “I didn’t say I was innocent.”


Paul said, “Look…This is why were here, you’re divorcing me because I slept with another woman before we were even dating and had a child with her…Whom I didn’t even know about will at least a year ago and I’m divorcing you, because you haven’t stopped dating since we were married.  Clearly I have a better case and clearly, I’m not giving you shit.  I had that house made for me before I even started dating you…The ONLY things you’ll be leaving the house with is the same things you moved in with or bought that sucked or doesn’t go with MY home.  Which is all packed and sitting in your father’s office right now.”


Stephanie said, “So that’s it?  You don’t even want to try and work it out?”


Paul stood up as he pulled his jacket on and said, “What for?  In a couple of months well be right back here from your screwing every thing with a dick and me wanting to be with Neela…I was just too young, stupid and chicken shit to ever tell her I was in love with her.  You can polish a turd but in the end it’s still a turd…You and I both know that and sadly enough so does your father and both our lawyers.  I can honestly say I was truly in love with you until you started screwing other men behind my back…so really this is no one else’s fault but your own and yet again sadly enough your father knows it and so do both lawyers.”


Paul made his exit and never looked back.


4 weeks later…the divorce was final.


Chapter 14


It had been a year since all the bad shit had gone down between John, Mark and Neela…No one had seen or heard from Neela since she’d left the arena that night a year ago.  The only one she was still talking with was Paul and one of his closest friends David Bautista who just so happened to be married to her best friend Jordyn.


Neela was sitting on the couch watching her daughter bounce around the living room…she’d just recently turned 7, started 1st grade and was still growing like a weed.  Neela smiled and said, “Maggie, did you finish your home work?”  Maggie stopped what she had been doing and said, “Yes mommy.”  Neela said, “Okay…Make sure you clean up your room and pick your book bag up before daddy gets home.”  Maggie nodded as she started putting her books back in her bag and hung it up on the door knob to the front closet, so she’d remember not to forget it for school the following day.  Neela stood from the couch and went into the kitchen and started dinner.


About an hour later, Neela was just putting dinner on the table when she heard the front door open and then the squeal of her daughter yelling ‘daddy’.  Paul walked into the kitchen with Maggie wrapped in his arms as he said, “I thought you was supposed to be relaxing and taking it easy?”  Neela smiled and said, “I am…I love to relax by cooking…you know me.”  Paul leaned over and kissed his wife’s lips softly and said, “Yes I do…I also know I heard the doctor tell you to take it easy for your last trimester.”


Paul set Maggie down on her feet as he stood in front of his beautiful wife and his big hands slowly rubbed Neela’s 6 month pregnant belly sticking out in front of her.  Neela instantly relaxed under his touch.  Maggie touched her mothers belly and said, “So when is it coming out mommy?”  Neela laughed and said, “We still got a couple of month’s honey.”  Maggie said, “Cool.”  Paul looked down at his daughter and said, “Very cool.”



Listen to the ways
Everything communicates
Will it ever be anything more

Than Wishful Thinking…

Oh no

There you go
Looked away

And missed the show
How much wasted time
Will you survive…


2 Months later, Neela was every BIT of 8 months…The night was a little different…Paul had a big PPV he had to attend…A week early Neela had been having Braxton Hicks contractions which were false labor contractions, painful, but non the less false…It was actually the bodies way of saying she’d go into labor at any time.  She really wasn’t supposed to be having them; they shouldn’t have even started until her 9th month.


Paul had insisted that she come to the arena with him, since it was going to be in New York, the travel time was slim to none…but there was no way he was going to leave his wife home by herself.  So they went to Madison Square Garden arena with Maggie in toe.  Neela sat in Paul’s dressing room and talked with Jordyn, which Maggie was sitting on the floor playing with her dolls. 


Jordyn reached over and touched Neela’s stomach and said, “I can’t believe you’re already starting on your second and I haven’t even started on my first yet.”  Neela said, “Speaking of which…When am I gonna get some God children to spoil?”  Jordyn smiled and said, “David said when we head out for our second honeymoon tomorrow that we can start trying…I can’t wait.  My biological clock is ticking so loud, I can’t even hear the voices in my head anymore.”  The girls started laughing as David and Paul walked in from their ring rehearsal.


Paul said, “You need anything before I get ready baby?”  Neela smiled and said, “Yea…Water and the bathroom.”  Paul helped Neela stand up as he took her arm and wrapped it around his and said, “Right this way M’lady.”  Paul lead her down and let her use the restroom first and then down to catering for a bottle of water.  Neela laughed and said, “I don’t know why I’m even going to drink water, It’s just going to come out in 3 minutes anyways.”  Paul chuckled at her as they walked into catering.



Feel the blades of grass
How it brings you back
It will always be
Only as green as you can see

Oh no

There you go
Looked away

And missed the show
How much wasted time
Will you survive…

Oh yeah

Fooled again
Don't know how

And I don't know when
Not much else to blame

But wishful thinking…


Catering was pretty loud…all the wrestlers and divas from both rosters were sitting in there talking, eating and going over their storyline for the evening.  All of a sudden the entire catering room went completely silent.  Neela turned to look at everyone and they were staring at her like they’d never seen her before.  Including her own father and of course the shit starter himself John Cena. 


Mark couldn’t believe what he saw…His daughter was pregnant and if he wasn’t mistaken…she had a wedding ring on her left ring finger…what the hell had he missed in his daughter’s life because he was being such a stubborn ass??


Neela picked up a bottle of water and then turned and left the catering room with Paul.  Half way back to Paul’s dressing room, a hand grabbed Neela by the arm and spun her around and it was none other then John Cena.  Neela glared at him and said, “If you do that again…I don’t care how pregnant I am…I’ll kick the fuckin shit right out of you…And don’t under estimate the power of a pregnant woman.”  John said, “Shut the fuck up…I got something to say to you.”  Paul said, “Talk to my wife like that again and you won’t have any teeth left to talk with.”  John said, “Man fuck you and your wife…I wanna know why you destroyed my fuckin jerseys.”



It'll break now

Coastal towers
They come suddenly
Crashing over you
They come easily
Falling through the sky
Frozen places

Oh no

There you go
Looked away

And missed the show
How much wasted time
Will you survive…

Oh yeah

Fooled again
Don't know how

And I don't know when
Not much else to blame

But wishful thinking…


Neela did a half smiling smirk at John and said, “If you haven’t figure out why now…Then you don’t need to know.  But I’ll explain it for you just this once…It’s called revenge John.  You deliberately fucked up my life because you was so nosey you just HAD to know who Maggie’s father was…You couldn’t just leave it alone…Even though it was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…and it is STILL none of your business…and will ALWAYS be none of your business…You waited until I left the house that night after your pathetic lie of telling me you had a yearly physical…when you’d already had it the week before…but you’d forgotten that you’d mentioned it to me already.  You thought you were being slick.  I had it marked on the calendar and everything.  You thought I was stupid.  You was wrong…DEAD wrong.”


John said, “So you decided to deliberately ruin every jersey I ever owned.”  Neela giggled and said, “Well…Not all of them…But damn near.  I’m warning you John…stay out of my life from now on…Nothing that I do is any of your business…Oh by the way…”  John watched as she dug in the backpack that Paul had hanging over his shoulder and she pulled out 3 hug Ziploc bags fully of screws and handed then to John and said, “I figure you’ve been looking for these…Happy screwing.”


Paul and Neela continued to Paul’s dressing room.  When they turned into Paul’s dressing room, Neela stopped as she grabbed Paul’s arm…Paul said, “What’s wrong baby?”  Neela looked down and her pants were completely soaked and she said, “My water just broke…Paul…It’s too early for the baby to come.”  Paul stayed as calm as he possibly could as he said, “Its okay…don’t worry honey…you’ll be fine.”  David helped Paul get Neela to the car as Jordyn grabbed Maggie and they took off for the hospital.



I try to realize

That I didn't look any further
A whole nother universe plain to see
I tried not to rely on another one for the future
A whole nother universe is a mystery
Gets me over…Gets me over, yeah...
Gets me over…Gets me over, yeah...



Chapter 15


After 15 painful hours of labor and an hour of surgery…Gabriella Abigail Levesque was brought into the world.  Paul sat next to the hospital bed watching his beautiful wife sleep off the exhaustion of her labor which turned into a c-section in the end because her cervix wasn’t dilating.  Paul was just happy they both survived the day and they had a beautiful new daughter out of the whole ordeal…He’d have to remind her next time they’d be working on a boy.



You're not alone
Together we stand
I’ll be by your side
You know I’ll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There’s no place to go

You know I won’t give in

No I won’t give in


'Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through
Cause you know

I’m here for you…I’m here for you
There’s nothing you can say…Nothing you can do
There’s no other way…When it comes to the truth
So keep…holding…on…

Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through



Emerald green eyes scanned the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until they came to rest on a bundle wrapped in a pink blanket with the last name Levesque on the side.  He couldn’t believe it…Not only had she done it once, but twice…She’d brought two children into the world.  He also couldn’t believe that stubbornness and pigheadedness kept him from not only his first, but now his second granddaughter. 


Gabriella looked so perfect just laying there.  She didn’t have a clue about what laid ahead for her future and with as mad as her mommy was at her grandpa, she may never know who he was…Not that anyone could blame her mother.  Mark just stared at the fussing bundle…Eventually Mark knew he was gonna have to talk to his daughter…He wasn’t sure how much she would listen or if she’d even talk back…but he had to try.


A few months later, Paul was in Pennsylvania for Raw and Neela was at home with the girls…She’d already gotten Maggie to bed, but Gabby was fussy.  Neela was walking around the quiet house cooing at the fussy bundle in her arms.  Neela said, “Who is the most beautiful baby in the world…huh…do you know?  I know who it is…It’s Miss Gabriella Abigail Levesque…Yes it is…”  Neela giggled when Gabby smiled up at her.  Neela was startled when she heard a knock on the front door.  As far as she knew Paul had closed the gates to the property…and no one but she, Paul, Jordyn and David had the gate code.  Neela walked over and placed Gabby in her downstairs crib and walked over and slowly opened the front door.  And none other then her own father was staring back at her.


Mark looked down at his daughter…She was even more beautiful the second time around as a new mother…She’d already lost all her baby weight and was glowing from head to toe…Mark saw the grim look on his daughters face and said, “Before you kick your old man off your property…I’d really appreciate you listening to what I gotta say.”  Neela didn’t say a word; she just stepped aside and let him walk into her and Paul’s home. 



So far away

I wish you were here
Before it's too late

This could all disappear
Before the doors close

And it comes to an end
With you by my side

I will fight and defend

I’ll fight and defend yeah-yeah


'Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through
Cause you know

I’m here for you…I’m here for you
There’s nothing you can say…Nothing you can do
There’s no other way…When it comes to the truth
So keep…holding…on…

Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through



Mark sighed heavy as he said, “I know I was an asshole baby girl and I’m sorry…I know I deserve to miss every special moment in your life from now until the day I die because of the way I treated the whole situation between you, John, Paul and I…I agreed with you 100% about it not being any of John’s business who Maggie’s father was.  I now realize you was protecting Paul from a lot of problems he would’ve had with the law had anyone other then the two of you found out what you guys had done when you was 17.  I get that now.  And I’m proud of you for sticking up for someone you care for so much.  You made decisions that were right to make for you at those certain times in your life.  The decisions whether good or bad were still and always will be yours to make.  And I’m ashamed…”


Neela could feel the tears started to fill her eyes as Mark continued, “I’m ashamed of myself and the way I treated you that day…I should’ve never said those things to you…You’re my flesh and blood…You’re my only daughter…you’re my baby girl…and I hope you can forgive me someday…I’m not expecting anything brilliant to happen over night…Not by a long shot…I’m just hoping in the near future you can call me dad again because I haven’t been much of one to you your whole life…especially at a few times in your life when you REALLY needed me to be one.”


Neela couldn’t stand her silence when she said, “Dad…I forgave you a long time ago…I am the one who should be asking your forgiveness, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened if I just would’ve….”  Before she could finish Mark pulled her to him as he hugged her to him as hard as he could.  All was as it should be between a father and daughter…No one would’ve believed the bond that had been broken could’ve been repaired with a couple of words, a few tears and a lot of love.


Mark stuck around the remainder of the evening enough to get to know his new granddaughter, while getting reacquainted with his daughter…looking through photo albums of her and Paul’s small Hawaii beach double wedding with David and Jordyn Bautista.  Not to mention new photos of Gabby and Maggie…He couldn’t believe how much Maggie had grown…she looked more and more like her mother every day.



Hear me when I say…when I say
I believe

Nothings gonna change

Nothings gonna change destiny
What ever is meant to be
Will work out perfectly

Yeah – yeah – yeah - yeah
la da da-da la da da-da la da da-da da-da...

'Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through
Cause you know

I’m here for you…I’m here for you
There’s nothing you can say…Nothing you can do
There’s no other way…When it comes to the truth
So keep…holding…on…

Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through



Later that night, laying in bed with Paul’s arms wrapped around her…she stared at him and said, “I can’t believe anyone could be this happy.”  Paul said, “Well…I’d hope you were…because if not…then I’m not doing my job right.”  Neela giggled as she laid her head on his chest and said, “Nope…You’re doing an excellent job.”  Paul said, “Yea…I’m bad baby…I knew I was good at something.”  In his cocky tone she knew all too well.  Neela laughed and said, “So what’s the moral of our story?”  Paul thinking of that stupid TAG commercial said, “When you mess with the Kings, Queen, you better watch you’re Ace, Jack!”  Neela couldn’t help but bust out laughing with Paul.  Paul said, “Speaking of Jack…When are we going to work on a boy?”  Neela giggled and said, “Listen here Jack…I still got a couple of months before pregnancy can even be a new issue to discuss.  By the way…That wasn’t the moral of our story…It’s…No more secrets.”  Paul nodded and said, “No more secrets.”






There’s nothing you can say…Nothing you can do
There’s no other way…When it comes to the truth
So keep…holding…on…

Cause you know

We'll make it through…We'll make it through



The End