Safest Place



Chapter 1


Chicago, Illinois - O’Hara Airport.

Randy Orton, John Cena, Mark Jindrak and Mark’s wife Justine…or Tinie as most call her. Just got off the plane after being on it for 8 hours from California to Chicago. It was 6 a.m. to be specific. Randy whipped his cell phone out and John said, “Man, who the hell you callin’ at 6 in the freakin morning?” Randy smirked and said, “Andy.”

John said, “Andy…Damn I haven’t seen her in a couple of years…she wouldn’t be up now…would she?” Randy said, “Yea, she’s been getting up at 5 am since we were kids…”

Andrea Orton was on her morning jog when her pocket started ringing…she thought ‘what a great time to rest’ as she pulled her cell phone out and flipped it open saying, “Morning big brother…To what do I owe this honor?” Randy chuckled and said, “Morning Sis…you on your run?” She said, “Of Course. How’s the wrestling gig? WWE stocks are up 60% this morning.”

Randy laughed and said, “You and the stocks woman I swear.” Andy said, “Randy stop stalling and tell me what ya want honey.” Randy said, “I wasn’t stalling. I was wondering if you’d like to come on the road with us for a couple of weeks.” Drea laughed and said, “Actually I would love to…I need to get to the office first to make sure I got vacation time coming first…I can let ya know in a few hours.”

Randy said, “Excellent. I’ll talk to you in a couple of hours then.” Andrea laughed and said, “No…In a few hours I’ll be talking to your voice mail. Because you’re lazy butt will be in bed.” Randy said, “I will not.” Andy said, “Liar.” Randy busted up and said, “Okay I love ya Andy, bye.” She giggled and said, “Love ya too bro, Later.”

Andrea tucked her phone into her jogging shorts and took off again…once she got back to her condo; she jumped in the shower and then online to check out available flights for the weekend and for Monday and Tuesday. After she got all her information together she decided to get going to work.

On her way she thought about her brother and not having seen him since he started working for the WWE. He’d been there for a year now. And since they were twins, they were both 23. They were obviously not identical twins. Randy was 10 minutes older then her.

Randy worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment as a professional wrestling. He was 6’4” and 245lbs, short brown hair and blue eyes…Andrea was 5’10” 125 lbs, brunette hair to her waist and haunting grey eyes. Andrea was a paralegal for a big law firm in St. Louis and lived down the street from Randy.

After talking with over with her boss, Andrea was given 3 weeks instead of two, because she’d been such a great employee for the last 5 years, she’d been right out of high school when they offered her a job…she rarely took sick days and hardly any vacation time.

She went home that night and booked a flight for the end of the week, deciding she’d surprise Randy when they got to New York City for the next Monday Night Raw.

Chapter 2


Andrea walked down the hallway looking for the door marked Evolution. And when she found it, she knocked...a timid girl about 5’7 or 5’8” opened the door and said, “Can I help you miss?” A huge man walked up behind her and said, “Who is it Samantha?” The tiny creature totally froze up and looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

The guy looked over her head and said, “What can I do for ya ma’am?” Andrea said, “Yea, you can tell me where Randy Orton is?” The guy said, “Who wants to know?” I said, “The United Sisterhood of it’s none of your fuckin’ business.” The she heard Randy’s voice say, “Andrea?” She smiled and said, “The one and only.”

Randy went zooming through the door and to his sister, as they hugged the stuffing’s out of each other. Dave said, “You wanna tell me who this is Junior?” Andy looked at Randy and said, “Who’s the gorilla bro?”

Randy chuckled and said, “Dave this is my twin sister Andrea Orton...or Andy.” Dave said, “You’ve got a twin sister? Damn you guys don’t look a THING alike.”

Another guy walked over with a huge chest, arms and legs and said, “Hey Orton, who’s the hottie?” Randy smacked is own forehead and said, “Don’t say that, she’s my sister.” Andrea leaned against her brother and said, “Bro...who’d the gorilla’s friend?” The guys furrowed his brow and said, “Did she just called me a gorilla’s friend? So who’s the gorilla?”

Dave patted him on the back and said, “Me.” The guy smirked and said, “You got that right honey...he smells like one too.” Randy laughed and said, “Andrea this is Paul Levesque...” Andrea batted her eyes and said, “Oooo...the ring leader.”

Paul smirked again and shook her hand. Dave said, “Randy says, this is his twin sister.” Paul said, “Twins huh...who’s older?” Andrea said, “Randy, by 10 minutes.” Randy nudged her and said, “Guess who’s here.” Andrea said, “I dunno, who?”

Randy smiled and said, “John, MJ and Tinie.” Andy said, “Right on...I wanna see PLEASE!” Randy laughed at his sisters antics and said, “C’mon let’s go.”

They walked down to the ring and watched as MJ and John bounced around the ring. Andrea cupped her hands around her mouth and said, “John Anthony Felix Cena!”

John looked up and missed his que and MJ hit him with a clothesline. Randy and Andrea ran down and jumped in the ring and Andy leaned over John’s head and said, “What’s the matter Cena...can’t take a little hit now...since you’ve become this big too many chains or chairs to the head there rap boy.”

John’s baby blue eyes opened and he looked up...the voice was familiar but the face and body that used to go with it didn’t match. John sat up and shook his senses back into place as he got to his feet...and looked at the knock out brunette in front of him.

John rolled his thick muscled shoulders and moved his head from side to side...The brunette walked over and rubbed the back of his head and neck and said, “You gonna live?” John’s eyes nearly busted out of their sockets as he said, “Andy? Is that really you?” She said, “Well, it isn’t Mother Theresa.”

John grabbed her hand and said, “Damn grew up.” They hugged and John felt a tingly feeling all over his chest and arms, where she’d touched him...They started talking and John suddenly realized the next 3 weeks were going to be quite interesting.

Chapter 3


A couple of days later, Andrea was sound asleep, when she was suddenly awakened by the sound of loud banging on her hotel room door. She rolled over and the bright sun hit her in the eyes. She growled as the banging on the door got louder and louder...she rolled around not realizing she was so close to the edge of the bed and fell the 2 feet to the floor on her ass.

Andrea slowly stood up and stretched her body out as she walked out of the bedroom and over and opened the door.

John Cena was standing there staring at her...she had on shorts and a tank top that both seemed to fit her like a second skin. She leaned against the door lazily and said, “Something I can help you with Cena?” She reached over and put her hand under his chin and said, “By the way, my eyes are up here.” As she gently moved his head up as his eyes finished undressing her and he actually embarrassed laughed and said, “Sorry...I’m just not used to seeing you”

Andrea smiled and said, “Fully developed?” John nervously laughed and said, “Yea, I guess you could say that.” Drea quirked an eye brow at him and said, “So what can I help you with Mr. Cena?” He smiled a cute little smile and said, “I was gonna come see if you wanna join me and your brother for breakfast, with MJ and Tinie.”

Drea said, “Sure...gimmie a few minutes...c’mon in and have a seat.” John walked in behind her as she walked off to get dressed and freshen up a little. John and Andrea made small talk while she got dressed.

When she stepped out in her faded jeans and navy blue t-shirt with just tenny shoes on, he didn’t think she could be more beautiful then what she was at that moment. He felt like the air had been sucked from his lungs. What the hell was he thinking, this was his best friends little sister. John watched as she walked over and pulled her hair up into a pony tail with some random rubber band, and then stuck her key card and American Express card in one back pocket and her cell phone in her other back pocket.

John said, “You shouldn’t do that…someone could take your credit card or phone.” Andrea ushered John out of the room as they let the door close behind them and walked down to the elevator…Andrea said, “Well you’re the only one who knows it’s back there, and if I feel your hands on my ass without my permission…you’ll be sorry...” John watched as she smiled devilishly and then said, “Then again…You might not.”

John didn’t miss the twinkle in her eye when she smiled as he noticed she looked him up and down and then turned her attention to the opening elevator doors.

They got down to the hotel restaurant and Drea sat between Randy and John, as MJ and Tinie sat across from them. There was an obscene amount of food on the table that morning, Andrea was picking at a bagel with cream cheese, and Randy said, “No wonder you’re so damn thin…eat something.” Drea laughed and said, “I don’t eat breakfast you know that.”

Andrea leaned over and laid her head on Randy’s shoulder and said, “So what are you doing today?” Randy said, “I’ve got 2 autograph signings that I’m going to with Lisa Marie…So you get to entertain yourself today.”

Drea said, “You suck…But it’s all good.” John said, “I have nothing to do, did you have somewhere in particular you wanted to go?” Drea looked over and said, “Really…you’ll go with me?” John said, “Where are we going first?” Drea said, “Well, it’s San Diego, Santa Monica pier isn’t far from here.” John said, “Okay, Let’s go.” Drea smiled and said, “Seriously?” John said, “Yea…C’mon.”

Andrea threw her arms around John’s neck and kissed his cheek and said, “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” And took off…John grinned and said, “Guess she likes the pier.” All the time still feeling the kiss she planted on his cheek.

They got to the pier; they were walking along the board walk talking and laughing. John said, “Why on earth do you like it here so much?” Andrea said, “I love the smell of California…and Santa Monica more so. Everything smells like the sun.” Andrea took her sandals off and they walked down 3 steps into the sand…She groaned at the feeling of the sand between her toes.

John laughed at her and said, “Feel good?” She smiled and said, “You don’t even know the half of it.” She talked him into taking his shoes off and walking barefoot with her…She picked up a hand full of sand and said, “See…Smell it.” John leaned over and smelled it…she was right. She smelled her hair and took Johns baseball hat off him and pulled his head down and she smelled his hair…

She placed his hat on her head backwards and said, “I love it here…Every other place in the world has a distinct smell…but California will always smell like the sun. I love it more and more every time I come here.”

John could listen to her talk all day…Her voice was like silk rubbing against the skin…John stopped walking, and when Andrea noticed he wasn’t next to her…she looked back and went back and stood in front of him and said, “Hello…Are you awake in there?”

In a moments notice, John took his hat off her and leaned over and captured her lips with his…Kissing, touching, tasting…At first she didn’t kiss back but then her arms went around his neck and she couldn’t help but kiss back.

When the kiss broke, nothing was said…John put his head back on and walked back to the car with Andrea.

The drive back to San Diego was made in silence also.

Chapter 4


During the drive back to the hotel, silence filled the car. John kept his eyes on the road, as Andrea stared out the window, she kept thinking back to the kiss they shared, it was quite nice...No one had ever kissed her in such a way that she could still feel their lips lingering on hers. She could’ve sworn she still felt John’s lips against hers. She wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure what to say.

John looked over at Andrea and saw her chewing her bottom lip...she always did that when she had something to say, but couldn’t say it...He couldn’t believe he kissed his best friends sister...but then again, she was a gorgeous young lady, who needed to be kissed. Who was he kidding, she was a college graduate, who deserved to have someone as equally as intelligent as her kissing her.

John had met Randy when Randy was 18 and he was 22, now Randy was 23, and John was almost 27. 5 years, that’s a long time to consider someone you’re best friend. The last time John had seen Andrea, she was 18 and a skinny little thing, she had definitely grown up over the last 5 years.

John looked over at Andrea again and seen how her jeans just fit in the right places and curves over her body...John shook his senses clean and went back to staring at the road again.

Andrea finally got restless and smacked John’s arm.

John’s head snapped sideways and he said, “Now what the hell was that all about?” Andrea said, “You’re just sitting there like a damn mute and won’t talk to me.” John said, “What do you want me to say?” Andrea said, “Anything, Hell frogs have more to say right now then you.” John threw his free hand up in the air and said, “Now I’m less then a frog cause I ain’t got nothing to say.”

Andrea leaned over and smacked his arm again. John said, “That’s it...That is it!” John slowed on the free way and pulled off into a wooded rest area...John got out and Andrea stayed in the vehicle...he was yelling and ranting and raving and ended up throwing his hat on the ground. Andrea stared at him wide eyed, but stayed in the vehicle, she couldn’t imagine what monster in John she’d woken up, but knew it would be best to stay in the safest place at the moment.

John walked over and tapped on the window and when Andrea looked up, John’s baby blue eyes were staring back at her...and he said, “Get you’re skinny little ass out here right now.” Andrea shook her head no and John smiled and said, “C’mon you wanted to talk, so let’s talk.” John opened the door and Andrea slowly got out.

John closed the door and leaned against the side of the SUV rental. John crossed his arms over his well muscled chest as Andrea looked around the rest area. She said, “Wow this place is really beautiful.” She walked over and picked John’s hat up off the ground and walked over and held it out to him.

Andrea smiled and said, “If you’re done throwing a temper tantrum, I wanna know why first you kissed me, and then played the mute boy since you did kiss me.” John couldn’t help but laugh as he put his hat back on, he said, “I must’ve looked like a lunatic just now.” Andy laughed and said, “Well, I was close to calling and questioning Randy about your sanity...but figured you had something on your mind to make you do that little ‘throwin’ a fit dance’ was quite cute, but a little scary...So what gives oh Dr. of Thuganomics?”

John smiled and said, “I kissed you because you looked like you needed to be kissed, and I stopped the kiss I initiated because you’re my best friends little sister.” Andrea said, “Hey! Randy is only 10 minutes older then me...Not 10 years.” John nodded and said, “Yes, I know that, but I don’t know...You know Randy would shit purple twinkies if he thought I had the hots for his sister.”

Andrea smiled and stepped closer to John and said, “You got the hots for me?” John looked up and said the smirk playing on her beautiful red lips and said, “Well...Yea...I mean...Well...I guess you could say that.” Andrea said, “I did say that, would you say that? John just nodded, she stood toe to toe with John and said, “Then why worry about Randy...We can always tell him when you’re ready.”

John said, “Whoa, Wait a minute...Are we talking about dating secretly? Without telling Randy from the beginning?” Andrea smiled and hooked her thumbs in her front jean pockets and said, “I can keep a secret if you can.” John said, “That is so wrong.” Andrea said, “Yea, so is liking someone and not be willing to do something about it.”

John cupped Andrea’s face and pulled her close, inches from her lips he said, “Kissing you should be a sin.” Andrea said, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” John watched as she smirked, and he captured her lips. John’s lips caressed hers, as she moaned into his mouth, and he deepened the kiss a little more, and slowly slid his tongue into her mouth. They stood there kissing for a good 10 minutes, before they got back in the SUV and went back to the hotel.

When they got back to the hotel, Randy said, “Andy, Alannah has been looking for you.” Andrea’s head snapped up and said, “Where is she?” Randy said, “Her mom said, they had to take her into the hospital in St. Louis...she started coughing up doesn’t look’s pretty bad...I can’t get off to take you, but John can you take her please? I don’t want her to be alone.”

John said, “Yea man...who’s Alannah?” Andrea said, “Let’s get our bags and get on the road, I’ll tell you on the way. We need to hurry please.”

They got on the road, and Andrea prayed, Alannah would be okay until she could be with her side.

Chapter 5


As John pulled the SUV rental onto the highway, he looked over at Andrea and noticed her eyes were getting glossy with tears. John reached over and took her hand in his and said, “Talk to me...who’s Alannah?”

Andrea sniffled a little and turned to face John and said, “My best friend...I’ve known her practically all my life. A year ago she found out she had leukemia. The doctors gave her treatment after treatment of chemotherapy, but nothing seemed to be working...I was really hesitant to come on the road with Randy. But I hadn’t seen him in so long; I knew it would do me good to get away for a while.”

John caressed her hand in his...he’d never see this coming...Maybe starting a relationship with her right now, was the best thing for her or him...No, she wanted to do this, it was her idea, he just happen to agree with her...but he’d decided he was going to tell Randy when hey met up with him again.

When they got to the hospital, John waited in the waiting room, while he watched as Andrea ran down the corridor to her friend’s room.

Andrea walked into Alannah’s room, and saw her friend resting...Alannah’s mother saw Andrea walk in and walked over to her and pulled her aside, Andrea said, “What did the doctors say?” Alannah’s mom said, “It’s not good...the leukemia is taking over her entire body...It’s possible she might not make it through the night. I’m glad you made it, she’s been asking for you.”

Andrea nodded and walked over to the bed, and took Alannah’s hand in hers. Alannah opened her eyes and looked up at Andrea and said, “Hey girl...Where ya been?” Andrea smoothed her hand over Alannah’s bald head where her beautiful golden locks used to be before the chemotherapy took them away...And said, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Alannah sighed heavy and said, “Try me...I might surprise you.” Andrea said, “Maybe I should show you instead of tell you.” Andrea excused herself and walked down to the waiting room. John stood up and said, “You ok?”

Andrea said, “John, I need your help please...I know we’ve just decided to do, whatever it is we decided...I don’t want to scare you but Alannah’s been one of your fans since, Randy started wrestling with you at OVW.” John caressed Andrea’s cheek and said, “I don’t know what I can do...but I can try to help...I can tell by the look in your eyes that Alannah means more to you then just friends.”

Andrea took John’s hand and said, “Don’t expect too much...Her mom told me the doctor said, she might not make it through the night. She’s pretty bubbly...but then again that’s just Alannah.”

John and Andrea walked into Alannah’s room and Alannah looked up and said, “Jesus Mary, and Joseph, you leave for a week and come back with a professional wrestler.” John didn’t miss Alannah’s Irish accent. Andrea busted out laughing and said, “Here I thought you lost your accent because you were sick.” She moved around and said, “Yea, well I’ve noticed it comes and goes.”

Andrea gave her arm to Alannah as she sat up and moved the bed into a sitting up position...Alannah said, “John Cena, It’s nice to finally meet you.” John said, “Same here Alannah.” Alannah said, “Just call me Allie.” Andrea and John sat next to Alannah all night long laughing and shared stories of when Andrea and Alannah were growing up together, and when John and Randy first started training in OVW.

Andrea had never heard Alannah laugh so hard in such a long time.

When the sun, came up, Alannah’s pulse was pretty faint. John stood up and stretched and kissed Andrea’s temple and said, “I’m gonna go get some want?” Andrea smiled and said, “Yea. Thanks.” John left the room.

Andrea stood over Alannah as the heart monitor started beeping slower and slower. Andrea said, “You can’t leave me Allie...Who am I going to call when I have boyfriend’ve been my best friend since we were 5...18 years and you’re already trying to bust up the friendship.”

Allie chuckled a little and said, “Just promise me one thing Andy please.” Andrea said, “Anything.” Allie said, “Any time you feel so exhilaratingly you can’t get any happier...think of me.”

Andrea blinked as the tears finally left her eyes and slid down her cheeks as she nodded and said, “I promise.” Andrea ran her hand over Alannah’s head and kissed it softly and said, “I love you’ll always be in my heart.” Alannah looked up at Andrea and said, “I love ya too Andy...”

The heart monitor stopped beating and the long beep that signified Alannah’s life ended filled the air in the hospital room.

John walked in and went immediately to Andrea, who just turned to him and said, “It’s over...She’s finally resting peacefully.” Andrea buried her head in John’s chest as he rubbed her back and felt her come apart in his arms. He knew the worst wasn’t was going to be a long healing process for Andrea...and he was bound and determined to be there with her the whole time.

Chapter 6


I woke up and called this morning
The tone of your voice was a warning
That you don't care for me anymore

I made up the bed we sleep in
I looked at the clock when you creep in
It's 6 a.m. and I'm alone

Did you know when you go
It's the perfect ending
To the bad day I was just beginning
When you go all I know is
You're my favorite mistake

It’s been 6 months since Alannah died, Andrea was offered a job with WWE as a script censor, and every script that was written passed through her office before it was distributed to the wrestlers.

John had noticed that Andrea’s depression wasn’t getting any better...And she wasn’t trying to even help herself...John hadn’t told Randy about them dating...and things were just getting worse between John and Andrea. John knew Randy felt bad for Andrea, because she literally couldn’t control the depression.

The truth was that everything that John found attractive about Andrea, was all gone...In 6 months he’d seen a bright, beautiful woman go from this vivacious, bubbly and happy young lady, to a lonely depressed shell of her former self, and there wasn’t anything that anyone could do for her. She was the one who had to change her not anyone else.

John knocked on the door to Andrea’s office and a faint voice said, “C’mon in it’s open.” John walked in and she was sitting behind her desk typing some things down on her laptop...she saved where she was; when she looked up she smiled and walked over to John and hugged him.

He hugged her back and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Well, your friends are sorry for me
They watch you pretend to adore me
But I'm no fool to this game

Now here comes your secret lover
She'd be unlike any other
Until your guilt goes up in flames

Did you know when you go
It's the perfect ending
To the bad day...I've gotten used to spending
When you go all I know is
You're my favorite mistake
You're my favorite mistake

John said, “Drea, what happened to us?” Andrea looked at him questioningly and said, “What do you mean?” John took her hand and turned her around to face a mirror that was on the wall next to her desk, he said, “Look at’ve got dark circles under your eyes, you haven’t slept in months, you barely don’t even laugh anymore. I’ve watched you dissipate into this shell of a human in the last 6 months.”

John turned Andrea around to face him and he said, “Alannah died from Leukemia...nothing could be done to stop it, but you know what the sad part is?” Andrea shook her head no and John said, “You might as we of had it too, cause I think in a way you died right long with her...if she was still alive, what do you think she would say if she could see how little life you’ve got in your eyes you’re treating yourself.”

Andrea said, “Don’t talk about her like that John...she’s dead nothing is going to bring her back.” John said, “Exactly...No one was responsible for just need to get some help.” Andrea pulled her hands away from John and said, “No you just need to mind your own business.”

John said, “I hate to say this Drea...”

Andrea held her breath...

John finally said, “I think we should see other’re not healthy right now, and you won’t let me help you...hell you won’t even let Randy help you and he’s your brother...I don’t wanna be in a relationship with you and sit by and not be able to do nothing, but watch you slip further and further into no mans land. By the time you do get help it will probably be too late...I’ve tried to help you and you push me away...well I’m tired of being pushed. So before you push me out of your life anymore...I’m just going to give up and walk away...I’m sure I can date someone who is more then willing to have me in their lives.”

Andrea said, “That’s fine...Just go ahead and give up...I don’t care anymore...Get out of my office.” Andrea blinked as tears slid down her cheeks...she was losing someone else.

John took a step towards her as she pushed the tears from her cheeks and she backed up and said, “Just leave...Everyone else is good at that...why shouldn’t you be.” John said, “It’s not like that Andy and you know it.”

Andrea said, “Sure it is...but you don’t want to admit it...Well I can admit it...I don’t like feeling and being the way I am right now...and you’re right, this is not me...but guess’s the only way I know how to be for right now. Now please...Get out of my office.”

John turned and left.

After Andrea closed the door, she leaned against it and broke down, the tears wouldn’t stop as sobs raked through her body from head to toe.

Well maybe nothin' lasts forever
Even when you stay together
I don't need forever after
It's your laughter won't let me go
So I'm holding on this way...yea

Did you know...could you tell
You were the only one
That I ever...loved
Now everything' wrong

Did you see me walking by?
Did it ever make you cry?

You're my favorite mistake
You're my favorite mistake
You're my favorite mistake

Chapter 7


Andrea drove back to the hotel, she’d stopped at the store and purchased a few necessities that she would need for the night. Andrea got to the hotel and ran her self a bath and sat in the tub while she started drinking glass after glass of wine...she sat in the tub refilling it with warm water, just letting the water soak through her whole body...

After two bottles of wine...She looked at the box on the floor next to the tub. She stepped out and picked it up and opened it...she took out one of the gunmetal colored blades from the box as she stared at her reflection in the mirror...she couldn’t even see herself anymore...all she could see was Alannah.

Andrea mumbled, “I just need to find you Allie...I have to be with’re my best can’t leave me...Please just take over and breathe through me...”

She touched the cold steel blade to the middle of her she slowly started running the blade up the inside of her left arm...the blood was real...she was numb to the pain...apparently the wine did the trick...she couldn’t feel anything...she took the blade in the opposite hand and slowly ran it un the inside of her right arm.

She got back in the tub and laid there...she watched the blood slid from her arms...she touched was so red...she couldn’t have ever imagined blood being that thick or that red before. She looked at the water in the tub and it was turning a deep crimson color. She felt she leaned her head back and let the darkness consume her head slipped under the water.

Randy walked into his hotel room, with John, MJ and Tinie following. Randy found a letter that had been pushed under the door...he opened it and it said:

My dearest brother Randy,

I’m tired of missing Alannah. I would give up everything in my life to have her back...we’ve been best friends for 18 years. I’ve loved her like a sister. Sometimes I wake up at night and feel like I can’t breathe. Has no one told you she’s not breathing? Soon I know I’ll wake from this dream
Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken. I just need to find her.
Love, Andrea

After Randy read it out loud, him and the others tore down to Andrea’s room and busted through the locked hotel door...MJ kept Tinie away from the bathroom while he called 911...

Randy and John went into the bathroom...and Randy was shocked...the tub looked like a sea of blood...and he could see his sisters wet hair hanging over the tub, but he couldn’t even see her body...the blood was so thick...he threw a towel over the water and shoved his hands into the bloody tub and was pulling her up from the water.

Luckily she hadn’t been under too long, cause she couched up water as son as air hit her face...she was pale...and losing an obscene amount of blood...John wrapped her arms in towels with pressure...and Randy ran in and yanked the bed sheet off her bed and wrapped her body in it...Randy sat her on his lap and her teeth started chattering. It was music to his ears...He held her tight against his chest...Tinie was crying...MJ was trying to comfort her.

As the paramedics got there, Andrea passed out. The paramedic’s probably said it was for the better, considering she’d probably try to fight them. They worked on her as they took off for the hospital. All of them just prayed they’d found her in time.

You don't remember me, but I remember you
I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you
But who can decide what they dream, and dream I do

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you
To live, to breathe
You're taking over me

Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had
You saw me mourning my love for you, and touched my hand
I knew you loved me then

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you
To live, to breathe
You're taking over me

I look in the mirror and see your face
If I look deep enough
So many things inside that are
Just like you are taking over

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you
To live, to breathe
You're taking over me

I believe in you
(I believe in you)
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you
To live, to breathe
You're taking over me (taking over me)
You're taking over me (taking over me)
You're taking over me

Chapter 8


It’s been one year since Andrea tried to commit suicide. She spent some time in a mental ward of a hospital that had her go to therapy twice a day for 12 months...She’d gotten letters upon letters from Randy, John, Tinie and MJ, Even her and Randy’s parents had come to see her...they didn’t like writing, said it was too impersonal...but visiting they were determined to do....Out of every one in her life that sent her letters...

She couldn’t read John’s.

There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever

Andrea wasn’t sure why she couldn’t read John’s letters, out of every one he’d sent her the most...but for some reason, she never could bring herself to open one of his letters. She rubber band them all together and kept them, but never opened them.

Now there she was riding in a cab to the airport.

Andrea had survived.

She sat at the terminal, looking around...the scars on her arms were gone, the doctors had given her some cream for them, and you couldn’t see them anymore.

There's no chance for us
It's all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment
Set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever?

Who dares to love forever?

When love must die?

Andrea boarded the plane and was looking out the window...the truth about her not reading John’s letters, was because...through it all, she hadn’t told him, but she’d fallen in love with him. He’d stayed with her through all of it...and when she blew up at him after the fight, when she tried to stop the pain...she hadn’t stopped loving him...but she couldn’t tell him.

Love was a strange thing, you either love being in love, or you hate it because you can’t enjoy it, or can’t talk about it.

The bigger picture was, Andrea was scared that in John’s letters he said he hated her for trying to kill herself. She couldn’t stand him hating her...but she figured if she never opened the letters, which the bad words...the hateful words could never be read from him to her.

Andrea just fell asleep on the flight, wishing there was some way of telling John she loved him, without him telling her how much he hated her.

But touch my tears....with your lips
Touch my world...with your fingertips
And we...can have...forever
And we...can love...forever

Forever is our today
Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever?
Forever is our today

Who waits forever anyway?

Chapter 9


John was sitting in his dressing room flipping through the monitor channels to see what the others were doing, when he came across a face he could’ve sworn he recognized. He goes back...the hair color has changed, but the smile...That smile is still the same. It was Andrea...what the hell was she doing back...and why hadn’t Randy told him about it.

John walked down and banged on the Evolution dressing room door...Randy opened the door and said, “Hey man what’s up?” John said, “Why didn’t you tell me Andrea was back.” Randy said, “You been hit in the head lately? She ain’t back.” John said, “Oh yes she is.” Randy laughed and said, “No she’s not man. If she was coming back I would hope that she would call me first.”

John said, “Yea well you can shit in one had and hope in the other and see which one gets filled first. Cause she’s back.” Randy said, “Where?” John said, “My guess would be in her office...she’s still employed here.” Randy told the guys he’d be back in a little while and then slammed the door shut as he stalked down the hall to find his sister, with John hot on his heels.

Randy saw the door marked ‘Andrea Orton – Script censor’...Randy swung the door open and there she was...She had her heels kicked off and feet in her feet, relaxing while she was reading over a script...she had a pencil tucked in her hair to keep it out of her face.

Randy said, “Andrea Marie Orton.” Andrea looked up and said, “Well, don’t knock or anything, just go head and come right in ya pain in the ass.” Randy said, “Andrea...why didn’t you call me when you go out know.” Andrea laughed and said, “The nut house?” Randy said, “I didn’t say that!” She laughed and said, “You didn’t have to...I did. And I didn’t call you because I didn’t feel like it...I mean look, I made it here all by my self.”

Randy said, “That’s not funny Andrea...what’s gotten into you?” Andrea put the script down and stood up and walked around and leaned against the front of her desk and crossed her arms over her chest and said, “I’ll tell ya what hasn’t gotten into me...I’m not depressed...I still miss Alannah, but I always will...No shocker there...I don’t have suicidal tendencies anymore...While I was in the nut house, I learned life goes on...whether you want it to or not...Just the way it is.”

Randy said, “Great you go from suicidal to cynical.” Andrea smile and said, “Move on Randy...I did. I’m’s probably from all the Prozac that the nut house doctors gave me...but what the hell...if this shit makes me feel this good...imagine what it could do if I wasn’t just released from the nut joint. God made us brother and sister...Prozac made me tolerate you.”

Randy said, “This is not funny Andrea...Is everything going to be a joke to you now?” Andrea could see John standing behind Randy and she said, “What do you want me to say Randy...I was released from a mental ward not more then 12 hours ago...and instead of doing what I really wanted which was crawling into a LARGE gallon jug of Jack Daniels, I decided I wanted to live. Now you can sit here and keep badgering, and really piss me off...and afterwards I can find the JD or you can leave me alone, I can finish this script and go back to my hotel and relax.”

Randy didn’t say anything he just walked out. John smiled at Andrea, but he just looked right through him as she walked over and took her seat back behind her desk again.

John pulled the door closed and Randy pointed to the door and said, “That’s not my sister in there. That’s not even a shell of the vibrant beautiful girl she used to be. I realize she’s been through a shit load of everything...but that’s not her.”

John said, “I know it’s not her...but you can’t force her to be normal...You can’t make her be who she doesn’t want to be. If she’s secure being the hard ass who just ignored me and you...then let her...if it helps her survive...Just let her be for a while...Something’s gotta give eventually right?”

Randy said, “I just hope it’s soon...I want my sister back.”

John and Randy knew it was going to be a long haul...they were prepared for it all.

Chapter 10


Andrea ran into Tinie one night before the show was starting and Tinie asked if Andrea would go to dinner with her, she wanted to talk and see how she was going, and besides MJ was going out with the guys. Andrea said that was fine, but Samantha (Evolutions personal Assistant) was going to be coming with.

The show was crazy, Andrea went down and got a soda, as she turned to go back to her office John walked up and said, “Hey Andy.” Andrea just stared at him, she felt like a deer caught in the head lights...she couldn’t move...she wanted to run, but knew she couldn’t...She whimpered out a “Hi John.”

John touched her arm and she could feel her knees getting weaker by the second...the only better thing he could do now was stick his tongue in her mouth. He said, “How are you feeling?” Andrea squared her shoulders and said, “I’m fine...I need to get back to work. ‘S’cuse me.” She walked around him and went back to her office. Once she was behind closed doors she wiped the stray tears from her cheeks, and went back to work.

Later that night after the show, Tinie, Samantha and Andrea were sitting in the hotel restaurant talking about nothing in particular. Everyone got quiet and Justine finally said, “Andrea, I know you’ve probably been asked this question a million times...but...” Andrea took the pause and said, “You wanna know I tried to commit suicide...right?”

Justine nodded and said, “It’s a stupid question...never mind, it’s none of my business...Don’t answer it.” Andrea smiled and said, “I’ve heard that question every day for the last 12 months...when I was in the mental ward of Bellevue in New York. I could never answer it for the first 5 or 6 months. The longer I was there...The more I came to realize I knew why I’d done it. I missed Alannah more then anything in my life...and God help him, John really tried to help me...the problem was, no one but me could’ve helped.”

Justine saw the look in Andrea’s eyes and said, “There’s more isn’t there?” Andrea blinked and tears slid down her cheeks. Justine moved around the half circle booth and Samantha moved and the sandwiched Andrea between them...

Andrea said, “I’m so stupid...John and I were secretly dating and he broke up with me the night I tried to commit suicide...It wasn’t his fault that I did it...I was just having a pity me party, I lost my best friend and a boyfriend who was a secret from everyone. The problem was as much time as I had spent with him, the more I wanted to be with him. I didn’t realize it until he broke up with me...and then when I was in the ward...but it hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Justine said, “What did?” Andrea said, “I love him...And the worse thing was, while everyone was sending me letters while I was at Bellevue, I got the most from John...but I never opened them...I left them all together and they are in my suit case...but I’m scared to read them, what if he tells me how stupid I was for doing it, or that he hates me. I don’t wanna know that...I figure if I don’t read them, then he can’t really hurt me right?” Justine said, “Yea, absolutely.”

Andrea said, “He was my inspiration for making out of there with my sanity still intact...and I’m not gonna let anyone take that away from me.”

Andrea sucked it up and looked at Samantha and said, “Now young lady, when exactly are you going to stop being so timid around David Bautista?” Sami smiled and said, “When he shrinks.” Andrea said, “C’mon, Dave is nothing but a big ole teddy bear. Believe me he gives the best hugs.” Sami said, “I’m just the guys personal assistant...he’d never; NEVER wanna be around someone like me. I’m just plain me.”

Andrea smiled and said, “Plain or not...I can guarantee, given the right ‘have fun’ outfit, he’d not only wanna be around you...he would see you as more then just the boys PA.” Sami smiled and somehow knew she was in for a long ride...but was willing to go for it...She’d had a crush on David Bautista even before he was in Evolution, and when she was appointed their PA, she couldn’t believe it, except his size scared the living shit out of her.

As the girls were leaving the restaurant, they didn’t notice John sitting in the booth behind them. John watched as Andrea walked out with the girls...he had no idea Andrea felt that strongly about him...He had started dating Trish Stratus a few months back. And the only reason he was dating her was to keep his mind off of Andrea.

What was he going to do now?

Chapter 11


Andrea was looking at herself in the mirror waiting for Sami to emerge from the bathroom...Tinie said, “You think this will work?” Andrea said, “Shit...what’s the fastest way to get a guys attention?” Tinie said, “Cleavage.” And giggled.

Andrea said, “Exactly...” Tinie giggled some more and said, “David Bautisita is not gonna know what hit him tonight.” Andrea screeched, “SAMANTHA, GET OUT HERE NOW!” Sami said, “I don’t think it fits...It’s too tight in the chest.” Tinie laughed and said, “No, Just come out here.”

Sami slowly emerged from the bathroom...holding a towel in front of her. Tinie walked over and yanked the towel away. Andrea’s eyes bugged out...she said, “Girl, you look better in that outfit then I ever did.” Andrea grabbed her shoulders and turned her around...

Sami was in a white crocheted, drawstring top, with a nice jean skirt on that showed off her cute navel ring, her toned abs and her great tanned went to about 3 inches below mid thigh and was frayed at the bottom...and she had on white, 2½ inch heeled knee high boots. Tinie came over and was immediately curling her long waist length honey blonde hair, while Andrea circled her and slapped at her hands to stop trying to pull the shirt down.

Andrea said, “You couldn’t look hotter, unless you were naked...and you keep up this look and David sees you...he ain’t gonna shrink lemme tell you girl.” Andrea laughed as Sami blushed furiously. Tinie said, “Looking that good should be a sin.” Andrea said, “Don’t worry we can do Hale Mary’s later...ya know after the sin’s are done being committed.”

Sami said, “Are you this is going to work?” Andrea said, “If it doesn’t, I’ll throw myself off the club roof.” Tinie looked at Andrea and she said, “Kidding...I’m only kidding.” The girls finished up and took off to the club. When they got there, David was standing at the bar looking around with Paul and Randy.

I walked over and kissed David’s cheek and said, “I was wondering if you could help me out.” David said, “With what?” I leaned against his shoulder and said, “I have this friend, who works in the company...and doesn’t think she’s that I just wanted to get your opinion.” David said, “Sure where is she?”

They turned around and Sami walked up with Tinie...and Andrea said, “I’d like you to meet Samantha.” David looked puzzled...He was tying to remember who she was...For the life of him it wasn’t clicking and then she smiled...David said, “Holy shit, Sam. How the hell could you ever think you’re NOT hot?” Sami shrugged her shoulders and finally spoke up and said, “Never got your attention before tonight.”

David said, “I’m sorry honey, I was lost and blind...but now I’m found and I swear to God I can see perfectly out of both eyes...You wouldn’t by any chance like to dance?” Sami smiled and said, “Sure.” David couldn’t take his eyes off her...Not just her body but her face as well...

Andrea looked at Tinie and Tinie said, “Well our work is done for the night...Let’s go back to the hotel and have a few hundred drinks.” Andrea laughed and said, “What a great idea.” Tinie laughed as she called MJ and told him she was going to stay with Andrea that night, they had some celebrating to do.

About 2 hours later, it was around 2 am...The girls had managed to go through 2 bottles of Jack Daniels with coke, and shared a bottle of Vodka; they were both 16 sheets to the wind.

Tinie was upside down on the couch legs hanging over the back, head hanging off the seat cushions...and Andrea had managed to fall on the floor when she rolled off the couch, and was laying on her back her head just below Tinie’s. They were giggling and laughing over stupid shit

Someone knocked on the door and Andrea got up and said, “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” Tinie said, “Where the fuck am I gonna go...I can’t even walk...I hope these hotels scotch guarded their couches...if I have to pee, I won’t be able to move.” Andrea laughed as she leaned against the wall and slid over to the door, and opened it.

John looked at Andrea and she cracked up laughing and then threw her hand over her mouth and said, “I’m sorry, Are you lost little boy...Do you want me to help you find your mommy and daddy?” John could smell her breath and said, “You’ve been drinking.” Andrea threw her hand over her mouth again and said, “Well...Uh...Just a little...Tinie and I helped David find his cleavage...and we decided to celebrate.” John wasn’t sure what to say.

John did the only thing he could think of...He grabbed her and kissed her. If anything could sober her up....that would. She gripped his bi-cepts...and since she was kissing him because she was definitely sobering up a little. When they parted Andrea said, “JOHN! Oh My God, Why did you do that, you’re dating Trish.” He started to answer her and she passed out in his arms.

He picked her up and said, “Not anymore sweetie.” John called Mark and he came down and say Tinie sitting upside down on the couch...the door closed and she looked over and said, “Hi there Markie baby!” Mark shook his head and watched as she soled back wards and flipped off the couch. He grabbed her and said, “C’mon honey...Time for bed.” He lifted her over his shoulder and she said, “You’ve got a great ass from his angle...You’ve got a great ass from any angle.”

Mark laughed as he carried his wife down to their room.

John laid Andrea in bed and pulled a chair up next to her....he didn’t want to leave her incase she needed something during the night.

Chapter 12


The sun came shinning through the curtains as John was waking up...he heard a groan come from the lump under the blankets...John looked over and saw Andrea’s hair hanging off the bed...he got up and stretched around waking himself up as he walked over and squatted down next to the bed and lifted the blanket and moved the hair out of Andrea’s face.

John smirked and said, “Morning sunshine.” Andrea point to him weakly and in a soft voice said, “I refuse to talk to you, unless you stop yelling at me.” John chuckled a little and said, “I’m not yelling, I promise...You want to take a shower?”

Andrea nodded and said, “That would be a great idea.” John walked into the bathroom and started the shower and went back to find that Andrea’s torso had slid off the bed and her legs and feet were still on the bed...John pulled the blanket off her and she was facing the ceiling and said, “Man, I swear as God as my witness, I’m never drinking again.”

John said, “Yea, you’re only saying that because he’s punishing you now.” Andrea said, “I asked you not to yell.” John laughed as he squatted down and gathered Andrea in his arms and slowly stood up with her...She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed the top of her head. John walked into the bathroom, and sat her on the sink counter top...Andrea leaned back against the mirror.

John pulled her socks off and got her untangled from the blanket and put it back on the bed...He checked the water and then turned around and looked at Andrea and said, “Andy, you ok?” She pushed her hair behind her ears and said, “Was it my imagination or did you kiss me last night?” John smiled and said, “No I kissed you.” Andrea exhaled and said, “Can I have some water please?” John chuckled and went to grab a bottle of water and poured some in a cup.

John walked back into the bathroom and handed Andrea the cup and watched as she drank some of it, and he handed her a couple of Excedrin’s, she slowly put them on her tongue and swallowed them down with more water. She handed the cup back to John and he threw it away, and John watched as she put her hand over her mouth and sat up away from the mirror.

Andrea reached over and grabbed his t-shirt in her hand and said, “Why, I thought you was with Trish...Everything is just easier if you’re with her.” John ran his thumb along Andrea’s bright red bottom lip and said, “Easier for whom? The girl I can’t stop thinking about no matter who I’m dating or the girl who means more to me then anything? Which if you’re paying attention is the same girl...You.”

Andrea shook her head no...She blinked once and tears slid down her cheeks...Andrea said, “Are you out of what’s left of your mind?” John said, “Actually, I couldn’t be thinking more clearly right now.” John untangled Andrea’s hand from his t-shirt and took it in his and placed a soft kiss on it.

John touched her cheek and rubbed the tears away...He said, “I was stupid for giving up on you like that...I should have been more aware...but I wasn’t and I almost lost you.” Andrea started to say something, when his index finger touched her soft red lips to quiet her, John said, “Don’t say anything anymore...I want a second chance...For us...We deserve one...but this time, I’m going to pay more attention to what’s going on and not just pretend to know what is happening around us.”

John grabbed Andrea’s knees and pulled her to the edge of the counter, as he stood between her legs, he then took her hands and placed one on each side of his waist, as he took her face in his hands and leaned over and captured her lips...She completely melted into him. John felt her whole body come alive...her hands gripped his love handles lightly and then slid up to his arms. She was kissing him back and that’s what he wanted. He wanted to make sure she really felt the same way, that he had never stopped feeling for her.

John kissed her lips softly one last time and pulled away. Andrea steadied herself on the counter...John said, “Take a shower...Meet me downstairs for breakfast...We’ll talk more.”

Andrea just nodded as she watched John leave the room...She peeled her clothes off and got in the shower...trying to think ‘what the hell is gonna happen next?’...

Chapter 13


Andrea showered up and walked into the bedroom and pulled her jeans on, a tank top and tenny shoes...She dried her hair and straightened it out, she put her key card, License and credit card in her front pocket and her phone slide in the other pocket. She walked down and rode the elevator to the main floor.

When the doors opened John was leaning against the wall, his right foot kicked over his left and his baseball hat pulled low on his brow. Andrea walked up and he stood up straight and readjusted his hat. Andrea said, “What now Creskin?”

John reached over and took her hand and laced his fingers with hers...and gave her arm a tug and said, “Food first...Then we’ll figure it out.” Andrea made a face and John said, “You’re eating.” Andrea nodded and let John lead her into the hotel restaurant.

John spotted Randy, Tinie and Mark sitting at a table and walked over to them...Randy saw John holding Andrea’s hand and was wandering what was going on. Randy stood up and kissed his sisters temple and hugged her. Randy looked at John and said, “What’s going on?” John said, “I asked Andrea to give me a second chance.”

Randy said, “And when exactly did you have a first chance?” John started to say something when Andrea touched his forearm and looked at Randy and said, “6 months before I tried to commit suicide.” Randy looked at John and said, “Please tell me you had NOTHING to do with that?” John shook his head no and said, “No, But I should of seen the warning signs.”

Randy stood chest to chest with John and said, “Are you telling me you could have seen it coming and STOPPED IT...and you weren’t paying attention! Fuckin A John...You’re supposed to be my best friend not humping my sister. I damn near lost my sister because of fuck wad.”

Andrea said, “Randy, John and I never had sex...I was too depressed about Alannah dying to notice John was trying to help me...God help him, he tried...John had nothing to do with my decision. Be it stupid...I’m the one who decided it and not even a guy who had perfect vision could’ve seen it coming.”

Randy said, “I don’t give a shit, he was the closest to you, he should have paid more attention...FUCK! I watched as you nearly died 3 times that night, then you lost a year of your life at Bellevue...and you come back and now John wants a second chance...Fuck that!”

Andrea said, “Randy, Please don’t be mad...It was my idea to keep our relationship a secret the first 6 months...We were testing the waters, and realize we were ready at the time...but were ready now. And were definitely going to be taking things slower.”

Randy said, “Don’t be mad? This is some fucked up shit Andy and you know it.” Andrea said, “No...You have no idea what have no idea how I felt or feel right now...and until you do...You don’t know shit. You might be my twin brother, but you have NO clue.”

Randy threw his napkin down on the table and stalked out of the restaurant.

John touched Andrea’s arm and said, “C’mon, let him be angry...He’ll get over it eventually.” Andrea nodded as they sat back down and started to eat breakfast with Mark and Tinie.

After breakfast John took her for a nice long drive...they spent most of the time talking and laughing about when him and Randy first started at OVW, John had never seen Andrea laugh so much...he was truly happy that she was back to her old self again. Now if he could only make Randy understand.

Chapter 14


The next day was spent driving to the next town...They had just checked into the hotel and went up to their room, and Andrea went over and was looking out the sliding glass doors.

Andrea heard John come up behind her and pulled the chopsticks out and her hair came cascading down her back…he couldn’t believe how long her hair was…it was beautiful…and it smelled like strawberries…he ran his fingers through her hair and it was so silky soft like satin on his fingertips. John had to pull himself from her.

John said, “I’m gonna go run and take a shower…make yourself comfortable…I shouldn’t be too long...Well run and get some dinner then.” Andrea said, “Okay…”

Andrea heard as he walked away…she turned around and he had pulled his shirt off…she nearly fell over…damn that man had muscles every where…beautiful chest, the span of his back was enormous…and his 6-pac stomach. She’d almost forgotten how good he looked without a shirt on.

Andrea couldn’t help but watch as he walked into the bathroom in nothing but his jeans…which were open and she could see his navy blue boxer/briefs…

Oh the bad thoughts that were running through her brain as her mind slowly slipped into the gutter.

Andrea thought for a couple of minutes and said, “Ah…fuck it.” She pulled her tank top off and then jeans and panties and slowly walked into the bathroom and slipped into the shower behind John…

She ran her hands from the top of his expansive back, down his lumbar and cupped his beautifully sculpted bottom…

John’s husky voice said, “See anything you like?” Andrea said, “There’s potential there for all of it.” He chuckled a little…She stepped up closer and pushed her breasts into his back as she slid her hands around to the front of his body…and started with his well muscled chest and ran her fingers and hands down his chest, letting his pebble nipples slide between her fingers…to his 6-pak…

Andrea felt him suck in a breath as her hands started at the front of his hips and ran down his beautiful thighs…while her thumbs slid down his now huge erection…his cock was twitching and pulsating…

John finally had to brace himself against the shower wall in front of him…with her ear against his back she could hear how erratic his breathing was getting.

John grabbed Andrea and switched positions, putting her under the water, facing away from him…He watched as the water slid and splashed all down her body…

As his hands followed the same pattern as hers did on his body…From the top of her back, down her lumbar…as he cupped her sweet ass...Then he pulled her back away from the water, as his arms wrapped around her and his hands followed the same pattern as hers again…he cupped her breasts letting her nipples slide between his fingers and watched as they hardened even more then they were before…then his hands went down across her very tight stomach and then down to the front of her hips, to the insides of her thighs as he let his hand cover her hairless mound.

John got closer to her ear and in a low voice said, “Spread your legs for me a little baby.”

Andrea complied and John slid one long finger into her slit and then inside of her…she whimpered a little…as John pulled his finger from her body and sucked it into his mouth.

John said, “Damn…don’t think I’ve ever made a woman that wet before.”

Andrea said, “So what are you gonna do about it?”

Chapter 15


John reached over and shut the water off…pulled the curtain back and picked her up and carried her into the bed room soaking wet with himself…he pulled the comforter and top sheet from the bed and laid her down…

John slowly slid his warm body to her and Andrea slid her hands up his arms and to his face and they started kissing…His touch made her feel beautiful…There was so much passion between them, they nearly lost their heads…

John’s hands were sliding down her breasts brushing against her nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…Andrea slowly ran her tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…John started trailing fire ridden kisses down her neck to her chest, and slowly circled her left nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made her slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to her other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first nipple to the second…

John said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment...” Andrea giggled a little…John ran his tongue down the middle of her stomach…till he had his head between her thighs…and slid two fingers into her wetness, and Andrea gasped for air…trying to keep her composure, which wasn’t happening…

John kissed around her clit and her labia’s, and the insides of her thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of her, working her into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on her stomach holding her down, so even if she wanted to escape she couldn’t…

Honestly, Andrea didn’t want to…

In between kisses John said, “C’mon Andrea…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Andrea I want you to cum for me…” John looked up and Andrea was moaning and biting on her bottom lip trying to totally resist him, John just worked his fingers faster and harder…and she totally went over the edge head first…

John climbed up her body and they continued kissing again…and he slowly parted her knees with his, and slithered his body between her thighs…and the slowly while they were still kissing he pushed his erection into her…he let her body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of her…

John said, “God Damn you are so tight girl…but you feel so good.” Andrea was holding on for dear life…as he was moving inside of her…John looked down between them and said, “That is a beautiful sight…my cock disappearing into your beautiful pussy baby…look down there and watch as my cock fucks you.” Andrea looked down and just watching his cock disappear into herself…made her insanely horny…She pulled his head down to her mouth and got to his head and said, “Harder.” As Andrea licked his ear…

Andrea felt John’s cock twitch inside of her at her words and ministrations…and he started pounding into her harder at ramming force…Andrea was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of John being inside of her…Her hips were meeting John thrust for thrust…Andrea thought the both of them were so wrapped up in each other her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she screamed out his name as the most intense orgasm ripped through her entire body…

His thrusts became harder and after a few more he ripped out the deepest growl as his orgasm was just as intense as hers and Andrea could feel his warm seed explode into her…

They laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of their hearts catch up with the rest of their bodies…they laid there kissing, and John pulled out of her…and they really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…John was running his fingers through her hair and she loved the way his hands felt against her skin…his hands were so soft…Andrea couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth.

John lays looking at Andrea...and says, “Thank you for the second chance...But I really need to tell you something.” Andrea propped her head up and said, “You’re in love with my brother?” John laughed hard and then pulled her close to him and said, “No...I’m in love with you, Andrea.”

Andrea could feel the tears, but decided to not let them fall as she kissed his lips softly and said, “I love you too John.”

They made love about 3 more times before morning ever came…

Chapter 16


- -4 Months Later - -

The wind was blowing through Andrea’s hair as her hand was floating out the window, enjoying the sun on her face and the small breeze...

She looked over at John and he said, “You ok?” She smiled and nodded. John took her hand and said, “I have to tell you, you really scared the shit out of me last night, when you had that nightmare...When you started screaming, I thought you were dying.” Andrea said, “I’m sorry...I never meant to scare you...I imagine I’ll have dreams like that every year on Alannah death anniversary. But since you seem to be my hero, you handled it like a real pro.”

John pulled off the side of the road and grabbed Andrea’s waist and lifted her across to sit on his lap. He pushed her hair out of her face and said, “I can handle anything...You remember that...I love you no matter what.” Andrea smiled and said, “I know that...I wouldn’t have married you, if I wasn’t absolutely sure about your love for me, and my love for you.”

John said, “Well...At least we finally got Randy to wake up...It was nice to have him at the wedding...As short as it was.” Andrea said, “True...We better get back on the road...I don’t want you to be late getting to the arena.” John turned the SUV off and said, “Well...first I’m gonna make out with my wife for a few minutes...the WWE can just wait.”

Andrea started laughing, as John wrapped his arms around her and was kissing on her neck...John kissed up her to lips and said, “I love you.” She giggled and said, “I love you too.” John captured her lips and Andrea knew she was finally in the safest place...John’s arms.

Thank God that you were by my side...

Oh no-no
Oh no-no
Oh no-no

Daytime...I'm fine
Everything is back normal
Last night I thought that I would die
I had nightmares...I was so scared
Thank god that you were by my side

To hold me when I cried

I wanna be strong
But I don't wanna be alone tonight
I wanna believe that I can save the world
And make it right
But I believe that...that you've got a hero's face
Right here in your arms is the safest place
The safest place

It real
You showed me I could trust you
With emotions I had locked away
It was your touch...your words
They hear the deepest part of me

That only you can see

I wanna be strong
But I don't wanna be alone tonight
I wanna believe that I can save the world
And make it right
But I believe that...that you've got a hero's face
Right here in your arms is the safest place

Oh no-no
Oh no-no

As long as I'm with you
As long as I feel you
That's all I need to keep me going
On and on and on and on...

I wanna believe that I can save the world
And make it right
But I believe that...that you've got a hero's face
Right here in your arms is the safest place

Right here in your arms is the safest place....

The safest place...

The End