Chapter 1



Once upon a time there was a girl
In her early years she had to learn
How to grow up living in a war that she called home
Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm
Hurt me to see the pain across my mother's face
Every time my father's fist would put her in her place
Hearing all the yelling I would cry up in my room
Hoping it would be over soon


Alyssa Cage walked around her bed room, with just the light from her closet on...she grabbed her camera and stuffed it into her back pack with her laptop and her other back pack was full of clothes and shoes...she had snuck into her mothers room earlier during the say and snatched her birth certificate and social security card out of the lock box.


Alyssa refused to stay one more night in that house...her asshole step father had smacked and pushed her around for the last time...he never touched her when her mother was around...but today while her mom was at work he shoved her down the stairs, just to get her to stop taking pictures and do the dishes.



Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday

And I'm OK


Her back was soar and she was sure, she had a broken rib if not two...she had decided earlier while washing dishes and watching her step father guzzle down a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels...


You’d think at 16, she’d be out at the mall with her friends and having a good time during the weekends at parties and meeting boys...not Alyssa Cage...She was never allowed to leave the house to go to a party and most of her time was spent in the back yard or in the house taking pictures of people, places and things she saw from the back yard and windows of the house as the world went blowing by her.


Tony was like her real father considering she never knew him...some guy blew into town one night and her mother had a one night stand with him...but her mother said it was worth it cause she got Alyssa...she got to keep the best part of the man.



I often wonder why I carry all this guilt
When it's you that helped me put up all these walls I've built
Shadows stir at night through a crack in the door
The echo of a broken child screaming "please no more"
Daddy, don't you understand the damage you have done
To you it's just a memory, but for me it still lives on



Tony never used to hit her when she was younger...but he was constantly smacking her mother around...and for some reason, she would make excuses about him...but he would never hit Alyssa in front of her mother...Alyssa cringed every time she thought of her step father hitting her mother...but she wouldn’t leave him...she refused to leave him.  She knew her mother loved her...but didn’t love herself enough to leave an abusive husband.


Alyssa put all her developed pictures into a folder and slipped it into the backpack with the camera and laptop and closed it all up...then closed up the clothing backpack and placed both by the door.  She walked over and pulled on her jeans, and black leather steel toed boots.  Then carefully pulled a black tank top on and then a black hooded sweat shirt...she looked in the mirror, and her black eye was starting to show up...and her lips were still a little puffy, at least her nose had finally stopped bleeding.



Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday


Alyssa gather her long waist length Dark brunette hair and pulled it up into a pony tail, braided it, wrapped a rubber band around the end to keep it in and tucked it into the back of her sweatshirt to keep it out of her face.  She pulled her laptop back pack onto her back and grabbed the other and threw it over her shoulder. 

She quietly and carefully walked out of her room and pulled the door closed...she stopped and peeked into her mother was filled with loud obnoxious snores from her step father’s side of the bed...She cringed at the marks along her mother neck, where he would strangle her until she passed out for the night.



It's not so easy to forget
All the lines you left along her neck
When I was thrown against cold stairs
And every day I'm afraid to come home
In fear of what I might see there


Alyssa quietly moved down the stairs and turned the house alarm off and walked out the door and closed it behind her...she tip toed off the wooden porch and ran over to the tree line where no one would see her...she walked down the semi long drive way and carefully pushed her backpacks through the black rod iron fence that went around the property...and then carefully scaled the rod iron and jumped down to the other freedom.


Alyssa walked for 4 hours in the freezing pouring down had started to rain once she had gotten to the main road into town...she was soaked from head to was a good thing her back packs were both waterproof otherwise everything in them would have been ruined hours ago.  Alyssa walked up to a big building with tons of lights, she thought it looked like Arco Arena where the Sacramento Kings played...but she was so cold and tired from walking against the rain and wind, and not sleeping during the night...that at that point she could have been at the 7-11 for all she cared...


She saw a couple of semi’s with black trailers hooked to them and she didn’t think twice about pulling herself inside she found a bunch of trunks and electrical equipment and She sat on one of the huge trucks and put her clothes backpack under her head and she felt the tiredness slip her into darkness and all she could think was... ‘I’ll be ok.’...


I’m ok.



Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love you gave
Every morning that I wake I look back at yesterday

And I'm OK

I'm OK


Chapter 2


- -10:30 A.M. The Following Morning- -


Mike climbed down from the cab of his semi...another day, another arena with the WWE...he walked around and said hi to the stage hands and crew members who were waiting for him to unlock the trailer, so they could unload the trailer and start setting up all the equipment for the show later that night...He walked around the back and unlocked the doors and pulled them open and walked inside...


Everyone just sort of stopped in their tracks...they saw a young girl laying on one of the trunks and they couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or dead...her lips had turned blue...


Mike said, “Someone call an ambulance and then call Vince.”


A few days later, my eyes fluttered open as I sat up...I felt a pain in my left hand and touched the back of my left hand and a voice said, “No honey don’t touch that.”  I looked up to find the voice and saw a man and a woman standing by the bed...and I said, “Where am I?”  The lady said, “St. Vincent’s hospital in Salt Lake City.”


Linda and Vince watched as the girls head went back and she said, “Oh Thank God I got away.”


I looked at the people and the lady said, “Do you know what you were sleeping in?”  I said, “I walked up and saw this trailer and just needed some place to crash...if it’s yours I’m really sorry...and if anything got damaged because of me...I can pay for it.”  The lady said, “No, no...Nothing was damaged...but honey, how old are you?” 


I bit my lower lip and said, “16...I’ll be 17 in 3 months.”  She looked at me and said, “Are you running away from something?”  I said, “Yea, I guess you could say that.”  She said, “But you’re so young...aren’t you still in school?”  I said, “No, I graduated high school early, by taking my GED...I was gonna start college after my 17th birthday...but things got too complicated...and I had to leave...I had to get away...either way, I wasn’t staying in that house another day.”


The man stepped up and said, “How bad was home life?”  I said, “How bad would you grade it on a day to day basis of being shoved down a thick oak stair case.”  The lady said, “Is that why you had a black eye and a couple of hair line fractured ribs.”  I said, “Wow...Just fractures this time...last time it was 5 broken...I guess I finally learned how to take a shove and fall properly.”


Silence filled the room as the lady looked at the man with sympathetic eyes...and the lady finally spoke up and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, my name is Linda McMahon...this is my husband Vince.  We own the company of the truck you was sleeping in...if you’d like you can stay on the road with us...We employee any where from 250-300 people...and one more added to the mix shouldn’t bother anyone.”


I said, “Are you serious?  Wait...Are you sure?  I mean...because I already caused enough problems...”  Linda said, “I won’t hear another word about’ll come on the road with us...”  I said, “Thank you so much...I really appreciate it...”


The doctor came in and checked Alyssa out a few weeks later, while on the road, Vince found out what a great photographer she was and automatically hired her for calendar, promo and Diva photo shoots...For only being 16...she had an amazing eye for photography.


Chapter 3


- -5 Years Later- -


Alyssa was walking down the hallway of the United Center arena in Chicago...she was on her way to the conference room...she had called a meeting with specific wrestlers and Stephanie and Shane...


I walked over and grabbed a cup of coffee and fixed it up the way I liked it and then turned to go to the conference room and ran into a wall...I looked up and said, “Mark...we really do have to stop meeting like this.”  Mark standing 6’10” and 300 lbs...Had his hands planted on his hips and started laughing.  Mark said, “I come back from injury to be shoved into a meeting which you orchestrated and I don’t even get a hug woman.”


I smiled and we hugged...he kissed the top of my head and I said, “How’s the knee?”  Mark said, “Just another sign I’m getting too old for this shit.”  I said, “Mark, you’re only 37...stop acting like your get some coffee and get your butt into the conference room...I got some great idea’s for some calendars this year.”  Mark said, “I don’t need any coffee...can’t you tell I’m high on life...lead the way Ms. Cage.”


I bowed to him and said, “Yes, Lord of Darkness.”  Mark pinched the bridge of his nose and said, “Oh...ya smart ass.”


Mark watched as Alyssa giggled and walked away into the conference room.  He couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up in the 5 years she’d been with the company...she was barely gonna be 17, and now she’s 22...she was a beautiful woman...and had done some great photo shoots for the company...Vince really hired the right person for the job.  Mark shook the thoughts from his head and headed into the conference room.


I stood at head of the table of about 25 wrestlers including divas.  I watched as Mark walked in and sat down…I said, “Okay is everyone here?”  Stephanie said, “Shane is gonna be late…but then again…what else is new?  The man is gonna be late for his own funeral.”  I laughed and said, “Shane late?  Never.” 


Mark leaned back in his chair and got comfortable…Glenn (Kane) leaned over and said, “Can I ask you a question?”  Mark quirked an eyebrow at his best friend and nodded…Glenn said, “Have you noticed how much Alyssa has grown up?”  Paul (Triple H) leaned over and said, “You’d have to be damn blind not to notice that.”  Mark and Glenn both nodded as they looked up and watch Alyssa look through her notes.


I said, “Okay Ladies and Gentlemen…I have come up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea for calendars this year…the first will be released in February with a Valentine’s theme…the second during the middle of the year with a Bad Asses theme…a third for Halloween…with a scary theme…and then finally a Christmas theme.  I would really like everyone’s cooperation…I don’t care if you have to staple it to the others guys foreheads…please get them to cooperate.”


Paul said, “So are you providing the staplers?”  I smiled and said, “Only if I’m forced to do it.”  Paul said, “You might as well go buy some then , cause you know most of the guys in this company don’t remember anything as long as it isn’t on their schedule.”  I said, “Okay…The meeting is over…come in peace…go in pieces…”


I started to walk back to my office and check things out when a familiar deep southern accented voice said, “So, feel like lunch darlin’?”  I looked up at Mark and said, “Sure…C’mon big guy…Let’s go.”  We walked out of the arena and went to lunch.


Chapter 4

**Smut Warning**


A few days later...I was standing back stage talking to every one about their costumes for the 4 calendar photo shoots.


I was walking down the hall way when another hand came out of nowhere and pulled me into a dressing room.  The dressing room was pitch black…as soon as the door closed…I said, “Why can’t people just talk to me face to face…Why am I always the one pulled into dressing rooms.”  I was leaning against the wall…when I felt a hand on the outside of my left thigh…close to my hip. 


Whoever it was touching me had some pretty big hands…Wow his cologne smelled so good…it totally intoxicated me…he smelled so familiar…but as soon as the Mystery man touched my hip I lost every thought in my head.


His other hand cupped my face and his thumb slid across my lips…his fingers were so soft…suddenly his lips brushed against mine.  I moaned a little as a tongue slipped into my mouth and caressed every space and crevice in my mouth…a hand came up and tilted my head up a little as the person deepened the kiss.  My hands were softly caressing a huge muscled up cotton clad chest…


Suddenly a hand slid down my hip to my skirt covered ass and down a little lower to the back of my high as the mystery man lifted my leg, by the bend of my knee and wrapped my leg around his waist.  As his hand slid back down the back of my thigh to my panty covered crotch…I moaned into his mouth as a knuckle brushed against my clit.


Then he stopped and put my leg down and stepped away from me…I was about to protest, but his hands started at my knees and slid his hands up and under my skirt and hooked his fingers into the waistline of my lace panties as they pulled my panties down my long legs.  Then tapped my ass to step out of my panties…where they went after I stepped out of them…I don’t know.


The mystery man stayed on the ground and lifted my leg up, as he pushed my skirt up and draped my leg over his shoulder…as his tongue started lapping at my clit…and his fingers held onto my thigh to keep me still against the wall…I suddenly felt fingers slide into my wet center…as they started to slowly and methodically move in and out of me…he started going fast as I gripped his shoulders and felt myself going over the edge as I felt the orgasm rip through my body…I nearly collapsed on the floor with him.


The mystery man put my leg down and my foot back on the ground as he stood up and pulled me tight against his body and ravaged my lips.  When he pulled away I blinked for a second and was leaning against the wall again…trying to catch my breath.  I walked over to turn the light on and the mystery man was gone…AND SO WERE MY PANTIES! 


I left the room and ran right into Laura…She said, “Have you seen Glenn…He needs to have a spankin’.”  I said, “Why? What didn’t he do now?”  Laura smiled evilly and said, “Well, That’s for me to know and him to find out.”  I said, “God you guys are such the whips and chains couple…I have to tell you what just happened to me.”  And I proceeded to tell her about the run in with the mysterious man.


Laura said, “And you’re sure it was a wrestler and not a crew member huh?”  I said, “Absolutely…he was huge and his fingers were gigantic.”  Laura said, “Well…being finger fucked by a WWE wrestler would be like having sex with one…You ever notice how big Glenn’s hands are?  Anyways…Getting finger fucked by someone that big…it’s actually more then some guys have in their pants.” 


I looked at Laura and we couldn’t help but laugh our asses off…I let Laura continue to hunt down Shane as I went down by the curtain area…and was watching the monitor.


Chapter 5


Laura was Mark’s baby sister, and Glenn’s personal assistant and valet...Laura and Glenn had secretly started seeing each other…and had been for the last 6 months…They decided against telling Mark…since he’s been so strict about Laura dating wrestlers…he didn’t care if she worked with them…but dating them and actually getting into a relationship with them, was definitely a different story.


In all the fun of listening to Alyssa’s mysterious finger man, Laura had forgotten to iron Glenn’s costume…normally she didn’t do things like that but the costume lady had been sick for the last week, so Laura volunteered to do it for Glenn…Glenn being to preoccupied with getting his match over with…never noticed until the match was over he had a huge wrinkle down the middle of his chest.


After he’d finished his shower…he walked out and Laura was sitting waiting for him…He walked out of the locker room with a towel around his waist and his wet ringlets clinging to his chest and back…water droplets were slowly sliding down over muscles and skin…and As soon as Laura saw it…she was instantly ready to take him…Glenn dressed and then they headed for the hotel…Glenn said, “I noticed you didn’t iron my costume tonight.”  Laura said, “I know I know…you can spank me when we get to your hotel room…”


Glenn smirked and never said a word…he just kept on driving…


When they got to the hotel room…Glenn turned all the phones off and then stripped his clothes off…and then stripped all of Laura’s clothes off too and placed her in bed and then laid next to her…he was relishing the glow on her face she always got before they made love…Glenn loved her…he knew eventually he’d have to tell Mark…cause he wanted to ask Laura to marry him…and soon…


Glenn leaned over and captured her lips as he caressed her body…Glenn let out a growl as Laura ran her finger nails up the length of his hard on, Glenn moved around and pushed her knees apart with his knee…and slid his body between her thighs…they were kissing so passionately, her nails were digging into his shoulders and back…and he started trailing kisses down her body stopping to pay some attention to her breasts and nipples, as he played with them in his mouth, his hands slide down to her ass, and pushed her up in the bed and his head was between her thighs, he was blowing his hot breath on her clit…and it was making her go crazy…


Glenn slid his hand up and placed it on Laura’s stomach and kept her still, cause he knew she was going to buck…he slowly slid two fingers into her wetness as he licked her clit like crazy…making her moan out his name in pleasure which just made him grow harder…her hands were clenched to the sheets on the bed, and Glenn’s hand on her stomach left and found hers, and Laura let go of the sheets, and they laced their fingers together and held on tight, cause Laura was slowly going over the edge, and he knew she was enjoying every minute of it. 


Laura hadn’t climaxed yet, and Glenn was doing his damndest to make her cum.  In between licks, Glenn’s deep voice said, “Laura, stop fighting me…let it go girl…you know I love to hear you moan…”  Just hearing his deep voice, in between with what he was doing to her body totally threw her over the edge, I said, “Glenn….I’m….” and before Laura could get it out, Glenn knew exactly what she was doing…Her fingers tightened around his…and he just let her ride it out…so to speak.


Laura had her eyes closed and breathing heavy…Laura felt Glenn crawl up her body, and he said, “Laura…Look at me.”  Laura slowly removed her hands and opened her eyes and he said, “Are you okay?”  Laura looked around and said, “Well, I’m not dead so, I guess so.  Shit Glenn, You make me go completely insane.”  Glenn smiled and kissed her, she could taste her juices on his tongue still…which turned her on even more…They rolled over and Laura was sitting straddled on Glenn, making sure to rub up against his hard on, and he could feel how wet she was which made him harder and managed to turn him on even more…


Laura leaned down and was placing kisses all over his chest…She licked his nipple and then blew air on it and watched it go erect.  Glenn was just about to go crazy, and ran his hand through his hair…Glenn said, “That’s it.  I‘ve had it.”  Laura giggled as he practically threw her over on her back, and started after her…as Laura was crawling backwards up towards the head board.  Glenn stalked after her on his hands and knees…


When Laura bumped into the head board, she stopped moving, and Glenn grabbed her thighs, and pulled her down around him, and he said, “I love you Laura…but you are a terrible tease.”  Laura giggled and said, “I love you too Glenn…but live with it…because giving you something to chase is fun…”  Glenn said, “Oh make no mistake about it, I love chasing you…just watch out when you get caught, because now I’m going to tear your ass up…”  Laura said, “Yea, but I want you too.” 


Laura bit her bottom lip and Glenn kissed her deep and passionately as he slid his huge hard on into her wetness.  And she let out a little gasp, because even with as long as they had been together, Laura still hadn’t gotten used to how big he could get when she turned him on.  After a couple of minutes of him letting her get used to it, he started trusting into her…and she grabbed onto his shoulders. 


Glenn got a sudden surge of energy, and he sat up on his knees, still partially in her, and grabbed her hands and pulled her up and Laura wrapped her legs around him pushing him back all the way into her, he pushed her against the head board, and held on to her with one arm and on the head board with the other hand, and started going crazy thrusting in and out of her like an insane person who hadn’t had sex in 90 years.  Just feeling him inside of her was way to much and was pushing her slowly…Laura put her hand on his cheeks and he had this intense look on his face…and they kissed and they were so close to the edge, with one final thrust of his hips…they both climaxed together…


Glenn laid back with her still in his arms and on his chest and him still inside of her…They were catching our breath and coming down from the clouds…Laura laid on his chest and could feel him going soft inside of her, but twitching from the intense orgasms they both had.  When their breathing finally regulated, Glenn said, “Shit woman, are you trying to kill me?”  Laura looked up into his gorgeous deep blue eyes and said, “If I was, don’t you think I would try a little harder and be more successful at it...and there would definitely be more blood shed.” 


They laughed as they let sleep over come their bodies.


Chapter 6


- -A Month Later- -


I had been regularly getting visits from my mystery man...each time he did the same thing...gave me an amazing orgasm...kissed my breathless and then disappeared with my that rate I was running out of panties...I might as well stop wearing them.  I was sitting in the cafeteria eating with Tessa, Mark, Paul and a few other people...


Mark looked over and noticed Alyssa was picking at her food...and he said, “Penny for your thoughts?”


I looked up and said, “’s nothing...just thinking.” 


Mark said, “What about Photo princess...” 


I smirked at the name Mark had given me a few years ago and said, “Is it possible to fall in love with someone you don’t know?” 


Mark leaned over with his elbows on the table and said, “Yea...I guess it’s possible...why you askin’?” 


I said, “Well...something out of the ordinary has been happening to me lately...and I’m just trying to figure out what it is.” 


Mark said, “Anything I can help you with?”  I said, “I wish...But this is one of those times when I can’t share a subject like this with a guy...”


Tessa jumped up and down in her seat and said, “I know...I know!!!” 


Paul looked at his wife and said, “Calm down babe.” 


Mark looked over and me and said, “You can tell Tessa and not me...I thought we’ve been friends longer then that.” 


I smirked and said, “Yea, yea I know...but this is different.” 


Mark said, “How so?”


I said, “Cause for the last 4 weeks...practically every other day a man, who I don’t know and who’s faceless has been pulling me into a dressing room and giving me the most insanely intense triple whammy orgasms of my life...and then he disappears with my panties.”


Every one was silent at the table and as I pushed away from the table and stood up and said, “See...this is just not lunch table conversation.” 


Paul with a straight face said, “I don’t even think it would be suitable for dinner table conversations.”


Tessa reached over and smacked his arm...Paul laughed while rubbing the spot his wife smacked...she was short and feisty...she if he didn’t want it she would and could knock his block off...which is probably why he married her...other then the fact that he loved her.


I was walking down the hallway and grabbed my camera as every one was getting ready for Raw.


Chapter 7


I finished taking pictures of the guys, and  was standing watching as Raw was just about to finish up, when a huge hand came out of nowhere and covered my eyes…and in a low whisper a deep voice said, “Do you trust me?”  I bit my bottom lip and for a split second thought ‘Please don’t let this be some psychopath.’…I nodded…the voice said, “Close your eyes…please.”  I could smell the cologne again…it was heavenly and I was completely intoxicated by the scent…


He said, “Are you’re eyes closed?”  I nodded and felt him remove his hand…then a satin feeling cloth was placed around my eyes and doubled so I couldn’t see out of it.  Then he took my shoulders and turned me to the side and lifted me in his arms with ease…I still couldn’t tell who it was…but I liked his style…this was getting more mysterious by the minute…I heard us go through a door and heard traffic...assuming we were outside…and then he put me down and opened a door and held onto my waist and said, “Be careful you’re going to slide into the car.”  I felt around and slid into a car with leather seats…it was a limo…the seats were too comfortable not to be a limo.


I felt the seat dip as he slid in next to me and closed the door…he gave the driver directions…but didn’t say where we were going.  As I felt the driver leave…the mystery man leaned over and brushed my thigh with his hand and I jumped a little…I wasn’t expecting the contact…He said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you.”  I said, “It’s…its okay.”  I felt him move my hair as his lips touched my neck and his tongue slowly traced a pattern on my neck…his hand slid up between my legs and I whimpered as his finger touched my panty covered clit…


He whispered in my ear, “Spread your legs a little baby.”  I obeyed and did it.  His fingers traced my soaked panty covered lips and as his lips touched mine and his tongue found mine…two of his very large fingers slid slowly into my soaking wet center…I moaned into his mouth…he started kissing my neck and ear again and said, “Ooh baby you are so wet for me…you’ve been a very good girl, you want me to remove that blind fold?”  I bit my lip and couldn’t decide…his free hand came up to untie it and I grabbed it and said, “No.  Leave it.”  He said, “Oh, up for a little mystery are you?”  I smirked and said, “Yes…Very much so.” 


I felt the limo stop as he removed his fingers from me…I whimpered in the sudden loss of pleasure…he said, “Don’t worry baby…there’s more to come…I promise.”  I swear I could hear the smile in his voice…I just wish I could recognize his voice…


He laid me back in the limo...He unzipped my boots and slowly pulled them from my feet, then had me hold onto the blindfold as he lifted my shirt up and off of me…freeing my breasts…which he kissed and sucked on my nipples…I could feel myself getting wetter with every touch, kiss and lick…He took my shoulders and laid me back and unhooked my jean skirt and slowly slipped it down over my hips and said, “Mmmm, I love those panties…”  I said, “You should you’ve got most of mine.”


He hooked his fingers in the lace panties and pulled them down my long legs…naturally taking them as well…He said, “Now, I want you to slid your body all the way up to the back of the seat.”  I nodded and did as he asked…I felt the seat dip as he knelt next to me…he took one arm pulled it up and I heard him handcuff my left wrist to the handle of the door and then my right wrist…he then moved around and grabbed the back of my knees and pulled me down into a laying down position…and said, “Spread those beautifully long legs for me as wide apart as you can baby.”  I did as he told me.


His tongue started sliding down the inside of my thigh and then down the inside of my other thigh…he said, “God you’re sweet little pussy looks good enough to eat again…huh…You like it when I eat your pussy baby?”  His tongue snaked out and brushed against my clit…I gasped and said, “Yes!”  He licked the length of my slit and said, “You like better when I eat your pussy and finger fuck you at the same time or when I do it separate?” 


I said, “Both at the same time…”  He said, “Mmmm…my what a good girl you are baby…I think you deserve a couple of fingers in that beautifully soaking wet pussy…”  I sucked in air as I thought I felt him slide 3 fingers into me…I was gripping the handcuffs tight…I was so turned on…it was amazing what the sense of touch could do if you couldn’t see anything.


He started moving his fingers in and out of me at a really fast pace as he was feasting on my clit with his mouth…My hips were moving with his fingers and I was moaning…he said, “You want me to go faster baby?”  I was writhing beneath him and said, “Yes please.”  My breathing was getting ragged.  And my body was reeling from the pleasure that this mystery man was giving me.  I finally screamed out my climax as I could hear him drinking the cum my body provided to him…


The man pulled me into his lap and held me against him...His smell was becoming something I was addicted was familiar, yet I couldn’t place it...I ended up falling asleep in his lap.


In the morning...The hand cuffs were gone, I was lying in my hotel bed...and the blind fold was lying folded on the pillow next to mine...and my clothes were lying across the chair.


Mystery Man strikes again!


Chapter 8


The next night before Smackdown started, Mark was walking through the arena and spotted Alyssa sitting on a trunk loading her cameras with film, she looked like she was gonna go insane...her long waist length brunette hair was all up in a clip sticking out every where...and she threw the plastic film holder across the hallway...


Mark walked over and sat next to her and said, “How ya doing kid?”


Alyssa looked up and said, “I’m fine...I’m just frustrated.” 


Mark chuckled a little and walked over and picked up the plastic film holder and said, “You’d never know it with the way you just chucked this at the wall.”  I snatched it out of his hands with a smirk and said, “It’s not funny Mark.”  I laughed a little.


Mark sat down again and I leaned over and put my head on his shoulder...Mark wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head and said, “What’s wrong darlin’?”  I said, “The mystery guy struck again last night...only this time it was different...he didn’t pull me into a dark dressing room or office...last night it was erotic...but kind of romantic at the same time...”


I sat up and Mark said, “So what did he do?” 


I said, “He came up behind me and blindfolded me with a black silk or satin handkerchief and picked me up and carried me outside and helped me into a limo and he kissed me and did a few other things...and then stopped and the erotic part was he handcuffed me and did like a full body assault on was so erotic.”


Mark said, “So why are you frustrated?” 


I sipped my coffee and said, “This has been going on for a month now...full on orgasms...that completely blow my mine...and these are some orgasms that make you wanna say DAMN afterwards...and I still don’t have a clue who it is...I mean, I like the whole mystery man effect to it, because it’s like having a secret admirer...but then again I wish I knew who it was so I could tell him to fuck me already...I mean the man can give me multiple orgasms with his mouth and fingers...can you imagine what it would feel like with his dick...I’d probably pass out.”


Mark and I were looking at each other and couldn’t help but start laughing...Mark said, “And you still can’t figure out who he is?”  I said, “No...he talks so low in a whisper I can barely make out his voice...I hear what he says, but I can’t tell by the tone of it to figure it out...and Last night I was completely paralyzed by what he was doing that I couldn’t make my vocal cord work and just tell him to please fuck me.”


Mark said, “Nothing like getting straight to the beating around the bush for when will he strike again?”  I said, “If I have my calculations down 3 days during a house show.”  Mark said, “So you think you’re in love with him and you don’t even know who it is.” 


I said, “I don’t know if I’d say in love...I know there are a few guys on the roster I love...but not that way...I know you’ve helped me grow up...I love you and Glenn and Paul...and a few other guys...I don’t think of you as brotherly figures...but more as best you...Mark ever since I’ve worked for this company I come to you and talk...and you bought me my first alcoholic drink on my 21st birthday...”


Mark said, “Yes...I remember that night fondly...I got you was fun.”  I laughed and said, “Yes...I remember...and you also gave me my first real kiss...granted it was the same night you got me loaded...but It was worth it...I swear if I find out this guys is married or has a girlfriend...I’ll kill myself...wait...I’ll kill him first...and then myself.”


Mark kissed the top of my head again and said, “Don’t worry Aly...he’ll reveal himself when you least expect it...I’m gonna go get ready for my match...”  I said, “Okay...I’m doing in ring shots tonight...I’ll see you out there.”  I watched as he walked away to his dressing room...


You know for man in his late 30’s he was still a damn fuckin’ gorgeous man.  His long auburn hair that went to the middle of his back and all those tattoos from the wrist to elbow on both arms, plus the skeleton on the back of his neck and the BSK pride tattoo across his stomach...the man had an amazing 6-pak.  Mark also had the most amazing emerald green eyes.


I exhaled and shook my head out of the gutter and continued getting my cameras ready for Smackdown’s ring shots.


After Smackdown...I was sitting back stage in my dark room in the arena with the red light on...I was developing the pictures from the guys in the ring...when someone knocked on the door...I said, “Just a minute...”  I walked through the black curtain and opened the door and there was a stage had standing there with a dozen red roses...


I said, “What’s this?”  He said, “I don’t now someone had them delivered to the back security office for you.”  I took them and said, “Thanks.”  I walked back in and closed the door and pulled the card out...I turned my pin light on and the card said:


Come to my room at the Hilton hotel room 1015

Put the blind fold on and knock 3 times.

Remember no peeking.

Secret Admirer {Mystery Man}


I smirked and said, “Okay mystery man...this time I come to you.”


Chapter 9


I packed up my stuff for the night and went back to the hotel...he was obviously a wrestler...he was in a room at the same hotel we were all staying in...I guess I could’ve been sneaky and found out who was occupying the room...but it being a mystery to me was half the fun.


I hung the flowers upside down to dry them out...they were too beautiful not to preserve.  I went in and changed after taking a shower...and then walked down to the elevator and went to the 10th floor...most of the main eventers stayed on the higher floors...


I pulled the bandana from my back pocket and tired it around my head and pulled it over my eyes...I couldn’t see anything...I knocked 3 times and waited...The voice said, “You’re right on time.”  I said, “How did you know when you expect me?”  He took my hand and guided me into the room and pulled my back tight against his chest and said, “I just knew.”  As he nuzzled my neck...he had a mustache and go-tee and it would rub me the right way every time he touched or kissed me...


He lead me into another room, that I assumed was the bed room and sat me at the foot of the bed and he knelt down and took my foot in his hand as he pulled my shoes and socks off...and then leaned me back a little and unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled them down my legs, then sat me back up and unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it...I heard it land in the corner...where he’d thrown my shoes and jeans...He moved and sat behind me as he unhooked my bra and kissed my he kissed my neck his HUGE hands came around and caressed my naked breasts.


He ran his hands across Alyssa’s flat stomach...and wished with everything that was inside of him...that he could just tell her how he felt...but he knew she wasn’t any ordinary woman...she needed a little mysterious love in her life...he was just the person to do it...


After stripping her of her panties and as she slowly and blindfolded helped him remove his clothes...he was such a big guy...she couldn’t imagine who he was...if she could just place the voice...


He laid me back on the bed and took my hands and pulled them above my head and handcuffed me to the headboard of the bed and then literally kissed and licked his way from lips to toes and then back up again, making sure to find all my sensitive areas...


Finally he crawled up my body and said, “Ready to lose that blindfold yet?”  I took a couple of breaths and said, “No.”  He kissed along my jaw line and said, “Mmmm…My kind of girl…Mystery is always better when two people are playing.”  I nodded my agreement and I could feel his naked erection brush against my clit and I half moaned and half sighed…


He said, “Oh…did you feel something you wanted?”  I nodded while biting my lips…unable to contain myself anymore.  He said, “Well…you have been a good girl all night long…I think you deserved to have that beautiful pussy of your worked over a little more…a little harder…what do you say?”  I said, “Please.” 


I could almost hear him smile…he slowly spread my legs a little more as I felt his erection at my entrance…and he slowly started sliding it inside me…I moaned from the pure pleasure racing through my body…and groaned as he pulled out and I felt the void of him not being in me anymore…


Only to have him push himself back into me…Moaning at the pleasure again he started to slowly move in and out of me…I was begging for him to go faster…he said, “So that’s how you’d like to play tonight…you want my cock to pound that delicious pussy for yours…Tell me…C’mon baby, tell me now.” 


I said, “Please…Please fuck me.”  He said, “Well…I’m not one to deny a beautiful woman…”  As he started moving furiously in and out of me…I couldn’t help but moan and groan…this man was huge and he was fucking the shit out of me…and I didn’t know who he was…but I loved every second of it…


His voice was deep and he said, “Oh God baby your pussy is so tight on my cock…I can just feel your pussy milking my cock…Mmmm…You wanna cum for me baby?”  I said, “God yes please…Please make me cum on your cock.”  He was relentless…he said, “You want to feel my cum fill up your pussy baby?”  I said, “Yes…please fill up my pussy…please!” 


He grabbed the back of my thighs and pushed them up and further apart and I felt him go deeper into me…which had me practically screaming…he was fucking me harder, deeper and faster…and my orgasm started building in my toes and I was screaming out my release as he thrusted a few more time and planted himself deep inside of me and I felt his seed explode deep…He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me and kissed my neck and lips…


Nothing else was said…


In the morning, The handcuffs had been taken off and the blind fold was laying next to me…My clothes had been folded up and sat on the foot of the bed…I moved around with the delicious ache between my legs and still had that freshly fucked feeling…but the mystery man was gone yet again…and so were my panties…


Chapter 10


A couple of weeks later, I was sitting down by the ring doing in ring shots of all the Diva’s matches Christian (Jason Reso) came out and started messing with the diva’s...I couldn’t help but laugh at him when they started beating the crap out of him together instead of continuing with the match...


Apparently Christian (Jason) saw me laughing at him and chose that moment to throw one of his many on camera baby fits...and it was towards me...I looked back up as Tessa and Laura had continued their match and I was snapping some great action shots...when out of no where I got a thrashing pain in the back of my head and darkness took over my body.


Mark was standing back stage watching the match with Glenn and Paul since Paul’s wife was out there fighting Mark’s baby sister...The guys were watching and were laughing when Tessa and Laura started smacking Jason around...and then all of a sudden watched as Jason picked up a metal chair and slammed it into the back of Alyssa’s head with a disgusting Thud!


The guys watched as Alyssa dropped her camera and hit the matt on the outside of the ring...Christian snaked his way into the ring and started going after the girls...but before they could...Paul, Glenn and Mark appeared on the top of the ramp.  Jason backed out and took off through the crowd as the guys ran down to the ring...


Mark walked over to Alyssa and her body was totally lifeless...his heart fell into his stomach...he almost couldn’t touch her...he squatted down by her and the back of her head was bleeding...Jason had busted her open...he was gonna literally kill Jason if he ever got his hands on the little SOB.


Mark carefully picked Alyssa up and he heard her whimper a little and he kissed her head and said, “I know it hurts darlin’...I’m gonna get ya some help.”  The fans were astonished to see the Undertaker helping a crew member.  Mark carried Alyssa to the back and Stephanie and Shane ran up and Steph said, “Holy is true...what the fuck happened?”


Mark said, “That little mother fucker Jason hit her with a chair...Alyssa is not a wrestler...she doesn’t know how to take chair shots...he fully busted her open...the back of her head is bleeding.”  Shane said, “Where are you going we’ve got people here who can take care of’ve got a match.”  Mark said, “Forget it...I’m taking her to a hospital...”  Steph said, “Okay...well get a different match going.”


Tessa grabbed Paul’s hand and said, “I wanna go with.”  Laura nodded at Paul and Glenn followed Mark to the hospital.  I could feel pain throbbing through my head and I felt like I was being moved around...I let a low groan escape my lips as I started to move around a little.


A familiar voice said, “Darlin’ don’t move around a lot...”  I touched my head and started to open my eyes and suddenly realized that was a bad idea as I felt like 9 inch nails were being hammered into my eyeballs...I said, “Mark what the hell happened?”  He touched my leg and said, “Jason threw a baby fit and hit you in the head with a god damn metal chair...I’m gonna kill the little bastard the next time I fuckin’ see him.”  I finally got my eyes open without it hurting and reached over and touched Mark’s arm...he looked down and I said, “Calm down...I’m not dead...I just obviously need to learn how to take a chair shot better.”


Mark said, “This is not funny young are bleeding all over the seat of the rental’re not a fuckin’ wrestler...I don’t know what the hell possessed him to do that...”  I said, “I’m okay...Mark calm down...getting frustrated and pissed off isn’t doing either of us any good right now.”  Mark kissed my hand and he said, “No it’s not...when did you grow up Ms. Cage?”  I said, “Hell...I grew up before you did.”


Mark said, “Oooh...I wouldn’t push’re injured, I’m being nice...I might decide to drop you on your ass when we get to the hospital.”  I said, “I knew my ass was getting fat...I just didn’t know it was so fat the old men couldn’t lift me now...”  Mark said, “Who are you callin’ an old man?”


I couldn’t help but laugh but then grabbed my head and said, “Don’t make me laugh it hurts.”  Mark said, “Uh huh...see that’s what you get for that old man crack...Old man my ass...I’ll show you what this old man can do.” 


Chapter 11


Once we arrived at the hospital, Mark parked and came around and lifted me out of the car and carried me inside...the smell of Mark’s cologne was very familiar, but at the time I just wasn’t recognizing it...


The doctor in the ER checked me out, nothing was broken, and I had a mild a cut in the back of my head about and inch long and pretty deep...


The doctor gave me a shot for the pain and numbed the back of my head.  Mark helped me roll over onto my stomach...My face was towards Mark, and the back of my head was towards the doctor so he could stitch my head...


I held onto Mark’s hand and said, “Don’t let him cut my hair to sew me up...I don’t wanna have to kill him for having a chunk of my hair missing.”  Mark laughed and said, “You hear that doc?”  The doctor said, “Yes...I fully understand Ms. Cage.”


While the doctor put a couple of stitches into my head, I said, “I was just kidding earlier’re not old...I mean hell...for a man in his late 30’s you still have the ability to make women wanna drop at your feet.  You’re a good looking guy...if I ever meet this mystery man...I hope he’s like one shows me compassion like you’re my best friend...”


Mark felt his chest clench...He wanted to tell her how he really felt about her...but he knew he couldn’t...he thought she’d think of him as some dirty old man...not that he didn’t feel like one already...all the thought’s he’d had about her the last few months should have been illegal...she could be his daughter...or a little sister...she was the same age as Laura...


Mark looked over and Alyssa had tears rolling down her cheeks and he said, “Darlin’ what’s wrong…is he hurting you?” 


I said, “No…I just seem to think what else could go wrong in my life…I have some guy I don’t know who he is…or anything and he’s been having his way with me for the last almost 2 months…I think I’m in love with a damn ghost…”


Mark kissed my hand and said, “Doc…no more pain medication for her…or at least make it something a little less strong.” 


I reached over and smacked Mark’s arm and said, “You’re asking for it.” 


Mark said, “I’m gonna let that smack go cause you’re injured and helpless…otherwise I’d throw your spoiled ass across my knee and spank the daylights oughta you.”


The doctor finished and as I sat up and slid off the exam table, I said, “Yea…that’s right I’m spoiled…My step father beat the shit out of me, when my mom wasn’t around…and then would beat the shit out of her…and I ran away to be okay…but I’m spoiled…Mr. I get paid how many millions of dollars a year to read a script and fake a wrestling match, when you already know whose gonna win…and whose gonna get screwed…but I’m spoiled…right.”


I go to take a step and Dizziness hits before I can stop it…and Mark grabs me before I hit the floor.  Mark scoped me up in his arms and I snuggled into his chest as he carried me out to the car…


Mark took me back to the hotel…and gave stick instructions for no visitors…then he put me to bed…I sat up and said, “Mark how long to keep these stupid stitches in?”  Mark said, “I wouldn’t know I’m just a millionaire who reads a script and fakes a wrestling match.”


Being as I was under heavy pain meds…I was not remembering what was said 3 minutes before I asked about my stitches…so my good come back was, “What?”  Mark was pacing around the room and said, “You know something that really pisses me off…you’re not a fuckin’ wrestler…and yet you choose to sit there and act like you know what my life is like on the road…If you think I get paid just because I sit around and read a script…you serious have another thing coming.”


I stand on my knees on the bed and said, “Where the fuck is all the hostility coming from?”  I grabbed the back of my head and Mark said, “Because you totally embarrassed me in front of the people at the hospital by running your mouth.”  I said, “I don’t even remember what the fuck I said…If you’re gonna be a dickhead then take a long walk off a short pier…I have a headache the size of the fuckin’ Grand Canyon…and if I died tonight…I’d be blissfully happy because I wouldn’t have to feel the pain or listen to your shit right now.”


Mark glared at me and threw my bottle of pain pills on the bed and stalked out of the bedroom and slammed the door shut…I got up and got in the shower…as soon as the water hit me…so did the emotions of the biggest and 1st fight I ever had with Mark…I sat in the shower and cried my heart out…then went to bed and cried some more…soon sleep over took my body.


Chapter 12


I woke up the next morning...and stood up out of bed...which I immediately regretted because my ass ended up on the floor as dizziness zinged through my body...and knocked me down...


My equilibrium would not be back to normal for a few days...and my head had a huge knot on it and the minute I opened my eyes I knew I was having vision problems.


Instead of the stubborn assed me...I decided to be the safe me...I crawled on my hands and knees to the bathroom...rather fast cause peeing was the only thing on my mind at the time.  After using the rest room, I looked in the mirror and a few veins were bright red in my eyes...but it wasn’t from crying...that’s what happens when you get hit in the head with a metal chair.


I decided to still be the safe me...and crawled on my hands and knees back to the bed room...I could just see be losing my balance and decapitating myself on the sink or doorway...something.  I was about to crawl back into bed, when someone was pounding on my hotel door.


I’m a little safety girl apparently cause I crawled to the door...I opened it and looked up and saw Paul and Tessa. 


I said, “Morning...welcome to my safety world...please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times...and food or drinks inside the ride.” 


Paul squatted down and said, “How ya feeling?” 


I said, “Oh...How am I feeling?  Let’s just say I’ve had better days.”


Paul helped me to my feet and wrapped his arm around my waist to steady me and walked me into the bedroom and sat me back down as Tessa followed.  Paul said, “So where’s Mark...he said he was staying with you last night incase you needed anything.” 


I said, “No...Mark left last night.”


Paul said, “What?” In his ‘I’m the Game’ voice...


I cringed a little and said, “I don’t remember what happened last night after we got to the hospital...I’m pretty sure I got sewn up, cause I was bleeding...but I don’t remember what happened...I was on such a high dosage of pain medication, I could have been modeling tinker toy porno and wouldn’t have known it...He started getting all shitty with me...and the next thing I know I told him, if he was going to be a dickhead to take a long walk off a short he got pissed and left...I don’t even know what the hell set him off...”


Paul said, “Are you ok?  Mark was supposed to stay with you last night, incase something happened in the middle of the night.  You have a damn concussion...he was supposed to wake you up every 3 hours.”  I said, “I’m fine...nothing I won’t survive...I set my alarm on my cell phone and woke up ever 2 hours...” 


Paul said, “That’s not the point...he should’ve been here for you...Mark has never put some ones health in jeopardy before...people who have concussions, need to be monitored...Mark knows better...if he wasn’t going to be a responsible adult...the least he could have done was call one of us to come sit with you last night.”


I said, “It’s over...what’s done is done...I’m gonna start packing up my things, we’ve got a flight to catch.” 


We got to the airport and I sat in my seat on the plane and just stared out the window...I don’t know why I couldn’t remember what had happened with the fight between Mark and I and it was killing me...he was my best friend and he kept glaring at me...and I just felt like smacking him one and yelling ‘I don’t remember anything you jockstrap.’...but I didn’t feel like doing much of anything...I leaned back in my seat and let the sleep take over my body.


Chapter 13


A few days later...


- -5 Hours before Raw- -


Laura walked into the dressing room and found Glenn getting his stuff set out for Raw later that night…she walked over with an evil little grin on her face and stood behind him…Glenn hadn’t seen Laura yet…and now it was time for the games to begin…Laura blew a steady stream of air around the shell of Glenn’s ear…he scratched his ear…and then Laura placed her hands on Glenn’s waist…she automatically felt him tense up under her hands.


She suppressed the urge to giggle…and slowly started the torture…things were about to go from innocent to bad.


Laura’s hands slowly started working down the front of Glenn’s pants, brushing her hands against Glenn’s jean covered crotch…she felt him get instantly hard under her ministrations…and at this point Glenn was praying to every God he could think of hoping the person who was feeling up his erection through his pants was Laura.  He didn’t have the common sense that God gave him or he would have looked down and tried to locate the ring he’d gotten for her on their 3rd date…


Laura slowly started unbuttoning and unzipping Glenn’s pants and slowly slid her hand into his boxer-briefs letting her thumb rub across the head of his erection…she left his cock twitch at the human contact.  Laura stood on her tip toes and got her mouth close to his ear and in her most seductive voice said, “One of us has been very bad…and is about to get punished.”  Glenn breathed a sigh of relief he could recognize that voice anywhere…but she was definitely in the mood to play.


As Glenn pushed Laura against the wall…Laura looked around him and then moved around him and started backing up…he had this evil ass look on his face…and all Laura could say was, “Oh shit!”  And took off running around and to the other side of the dressing room…Glenn was a slow stalker…Laura decided running wasn’t her thing…she knew whatever he was going to give her…She was going to thoroughly enjoy…Laura kicked off her shoes and laid across the couch with her right foot over her left, laying back on her elbows…


Laura smiled and Glenn leaned down and grabbed her ankles and pulled her body down to the end of the couch…and she sat up on the end of.  Laura’s face was even with his waist and he was standing between her legs…she ran her hands up his outer thighs very slowly…and across his very cute tight ass…Mmmm…very nice!  Laura moved Glenn’s shirt up a little so she could see his navel and slowly started placing little kisses around his tummy and also gave his navel a slow seductive lick…which emitted a growl from Glenn…


Then Laura’s hands started at his knees…and slowly slid up the tops of his thighs…and to the front of his hips and the tips of her fingers light grazed his growing erection…Glenn looked down and watched her grab part of his jeans with her teeth and pull until they unbuttoned…and then slowly grab the zipper with her tongue and top teeth and pull it down…and proceeded to rain more kisses over him…Glenn pushed her back onto the panel by her shoulders…and laid on her, and was kissing a fire lit trail down her neck…


Laura said, “So what did you forget today?”  Glenn said, “I had every intension of meeting you for lunch…but then I remembered what a great punisher you can be …and I lost all track of time…about the same way I’m going to lose track of time right now…”  He lifted her shirt up and off…and attached his lips to her nipples immediately.  While he got her jeans off and panties…Glenn pulled Laura up to her knees…and she stood on the end of the couch on her knees…and was unbuttoning his shirt and kissing down his chest…and Laura bit down on his nipple…and he said, “Watch it…” 


Laura couldn’t help but laugh…While she worked on his shirt…He slid his hand down and started rubbing her clit and said, “Oooo…Did I do that do you?”  Referring to how wet Laura was for him…She said, “Who else would have done it to me?”  Glenn said, “True.”  He entered her with two fingers and was moving them in and out of her and that emitted a moan from her…Laura steadied herself by holding on to his arms…cause she almost flew over the edge…Glenn said, “That’s it baby…let me hear how much you love this…You know I love to hear you moan.”  Laura was on shaky ground and said, “Glenn…Please.”


Glenn laughed a little and said, “Oh…skipping the fun and going right for the begging…huh baby…You want me inside you bad…don’t you?”  Laura was close to falling and moaned out, “Yes…Glenn…Please.”  Glenn said, “You keep moaning like that and you can have whatever you want…How would you like to do this…you’re choice since you woke him up.”  Laura smiled and leaned up and kissed Glenn…She pulled away and moved around to be on her hands and knees…Glenn looked back and could see just exactly the effect he had on her…


Glenn said, “Good choice baby…”  Glenn grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him…and her feet curled around his thighs as he freed his painfully huge erection and slowly slid it in her…which really got her moaning nice and loud for him…he was in total heaven listening to Laura…moaning out his name about 5 billion times…which he loved more and more and showed he did as he started thrusting in and out of her as fast and as hard as he possibly could…Just feeling him slam into her…was making her insane…


Glenn said, “C’mon baby, I wanna feel you cum…I know you want to cum for me.”  Laura said, “Glenn…you’re making me insane baby.”  Glenn said, “I know baby…cum for me…”  Glenn leaned over her and had her back against his chest and wrapped one arm around her waist, his other hand snaked down and moved her legs further apart and then his finger started working on her clit…he was dying to make her cum, loud and hard…


Laura would have to admit…it WAS working.


Glenn was kissing her neck and ear and just whispering even dirtier things in her ear and it certainly turned her on even more, cause Laura could feel her impending climax building…Glenn thrust a few more time and could feel her insides starting to clamp down on him…which as soon as Laura flew over the edge moaning his name as loudly as possible…it threw Glenn right over the edge as their orgasms ripped through her body Laura felt Glenn’s seed explode deep inside of her with a loud growl…As Glenn pulled out he went down and sat on the couch, and as soon as Laura recovered a little she rolled over and on top of Glenn’s body…sitting straddled on his lap...


They laid in each others arms kissing and holding each other…Glenn grabbed his shirt and pulled it over her head...he didn’t want her getting cold...


Suddenly the dressing room door was swung open (The couple could have sworn that door had been locked) and Mark was standing in the door way completely mortified…

(Okay Oops…maybe the door hadn’t been locked)…seeing his little sister sitting on his best friend in nothing but a t-shirt and panties…

Waiting for the blow up yet??


Chapter 14




Boomed through the hallways of the arena in …I was standing next to Tessa…and she said, “Who the hell was that?”  I said, “That sounded like Mark…”  I thought for a minute and said, “Oh SHIT!…Laura and Glenn.”  Tessa’s hand was thrown over her mouth and we took off running down the hallway.


We got to Glenn’s dressing room and Laura was sitting on the couch with her knee’s tucked into her chest…she had one of Glenn’s t-shirts on…they were definitely trying to take one of their before Monday Night Raw naps, and ended up having sex like so many times before…and Mark had to of just walked in on them.


Tessa jumped over the back of the couch and gathered Laura in her arms as she cried…I looked over and Mark had Glenn thrown up against the wall, with his jeans and nothing else…I ran over and pushed my way between the two of them…my back against Glenn and practically shoving Mark backwards with my legs…


Paul ran into the room when he heard the commotion…My head felt like it was on fire and tears were sliding down my cheeks…but I was bound and determined to get the two monsters apart…Paul said, “Alyssa, have you completely lost your mind…you are hurt you don’t need to be sticking yourself between these two…” 


Paul grabbed Mark and was trying to pry him off of me and Glenn…Paul finally said, “MARK…Look down and see who your smashing you idiot.”  Mark finally looked down and saw me…and backed away from me and Glenn…But the damage had been done…I went to relax and passed out…


Mark caught Alyssa before she landed on the floor…he picked her up gently in his arms and he looked between Glenn and Laura and said, “I’m taking Aly down to the trainers…when I get back someone had better be doing some kind of talking.”  Paul said, “Mark its okay…Let me have Alyssa…I’ll take her…you stay and work this out…cause when she wakes up she’s gonna be pissed at someone.”


Mark nodded and handed off Alyssa to Paul and he cradled her against his big body and took her down to the trainer…he checked her out and said, “Well…nothing been broken, and her stitches didn’t rip…but she’s tough she took a lot of pain from those two and then passed out after words…Take her back to her hotel room and tell her if she gets out of bed before next Monday…I’m gonna kick her ass.”  Paul laughed and gathered Alyssa in his arms again…


Stephanie walked in and handed Alyssa’s purse and hotel key card to Paul and said, “Just stay with her until she wakes up please…and if you need anything call Shane or my cell phones…”  Paul nodded and took off…


Meanwhile, Mark was stalking around the dressing room…Laura had gotten dressed…and Mark had her sitting on the couch and Glenn in a chair across the room from her.  Mark was silent for the longest time…Glenn was sitting with his elbows propped on his knees staring at his bare feet…


Mark said, “Okay…I’ve calmed…now would someone care to tell me what in the hell is going on with my best friend and my little sister?”


Chapter 15


Glenn stood up and said, “FINE…I’m in love with Laura…she’s in love with me…we’ve been seeing each other for 6 months now…we just didn’t want to tell you.” 


Mark’s head snapped around and said, “6 MONTHS…AND NEITHER ONE OF YOU COULD  FIND THE RIGHT TIME TO TELL ME?” 


Laura stood up and placed her hands on her hips and said, “Mark…STOP YELLING!…I’m a grown woman…I don’t have to tell you jack shit!  I love Glenn…can you comprehend that enough so I can have an actual open relationship with him…or do I have to smack you in the head with a 2x4 to help speed up the processing units in that big thick skull of yours.”


Mark put his hands on his hips looking at his little sister and trying to compute the things she’d just said to him…


Mark shook his head and said, “I just can’t figure out why you couldn’t tell me…did you really think I would of have that big of a problem with you guys wanting to be together?” 


Laura said, “Mark…the only people who know are Alyssa, Tessa and Paul…They’ve been encouraging us to be happy with our lives and we are…I never know how you’re going to react with things…that’s why I waited.”


Mark said, “Oh yea…I forgot it’s so much better to let your big brother walk in on his best friend screwing his little sister…I’m telling you I could go another decade without seeing that again.”


Laura said, “Marcus Callaway…I’m asking you one more time and if you don’t answer me so help me God…you will be REALLY sorry…Do you have a problem with me and Glenn wanting to be together?” 


Mark looked between the two of them and thought for about 5 minutes and then said, “Nope I don’t…what happens to my friendship with him and my brother / sister relationship with you if shit doesn’t work out between you too…like cheating and fighting…you know stupid shit in general.”


Laura said, “Nothing happens…we stop dating…things return to normal like before we were dating and that’s it…no one chooses sides or forces people to stay away from anyone…that’s it cut and dry.”


Mark said, “I really don’t have a say so in this do I…Neither one of you really care what the fuck I have to say… (They both shook their head no)…That’s fine…I’m telling you right now…no more sex where people can hear or see you, and certainly no more hiding shit…just tell me next time…I seriously never wanna walk in on you two having sex…ever again!!!”


They both nodded in agreement, as Mark turned and left the room…


2 seconds later came back and said, “Oh yea Glenn…You break her heart…I’ll break your neck.”  Then proceeded out the room again, closing the door behind himself.


Chapter 16


A few weeks later, Mark and Alyssa still hadn’t spoke to one another...


Paul had finally told Mark he was behaving like an enormous jackass...He explained what had happened to Alyssa with the pain meds...and her not remembering what the hell was going on...Mark felt like a complete ass...he’s not spoke to her in almost a month...he knew he needed to go see her...and as soon as possible.  Mark got the spare key to Alyssa’s room from the front desk...saying he was her husband and wanted to surprise her.


I had decided to watch Raw from my hotel room...I had been walking around my hotel room listening to Raw...I stopped to look out the sliding glass doors that went out to the balcony...I heard the door open...The low hidden voice that said, “Don’t be’s just me.”  Let me know it was my mystery man...


Mark saw Alyssa over looking out the sliding glass door and walked up behind Alyssa and put the black satin blindfold over her eyes again and Alyssa decided she’d had enough of the secret mystery man shit...and turned around and said, “Take it off.”  He said, “Are you sure?”  Alyssa chewed on her bottom lip for a minute and then said, “Yes.”  Mark reached up and untied the blindfold, but when he lowered it, her eyes were clamped shut tight...


Mark leaned over and brushed against her ear with his words, “Open your eyes.”  Alyssa put her hand out and put at least an arm length between herself and the guy....then put her head down and opened her eyes...looking at his boots, up his long jean covered legs, she exhaled as her eyes traveled up and saw the Deadman Inc t-shirt that covered his muscled chest...and the long tattooed arms and big hands that were planted on his hips.


Alyssa was completely floored…Mark pulled her close to his body and leaned down and said, “So what does it take to get you naked baby?”  She couldn’t believe he was just coming right out and saying that…Alyssa started with, “It was you…”  And ended with his index finger on her lips to hush her…


Mark brushed her cheek with his soft hand and leaned over and took her lips with his…Alyssa couldn’t help but kiss him back…it felt so good to be kissed by him…His tongue brushed against her lips and her lips parted granting him access to the inside of her mouth…his tongue was soft and gentle and he caressed every spot in her mouth with his tongue including caressing her tongue…Alyssa actually let a small moan escape her mouth into his…Which automatically let him know she was thoroughly enjoying the kiss…


Mark moved closer to her and stood between her legs…and was running his hands up and down her back slowly…making her spine tingle with wanting him badly…Mark pulled her top off…and she pulled his shirt off…Mark slid his hands under her ass and lift her off the ground and held her close to his body as Alyssa wrapped her legs around his waist…he walked about 20 feet and the next thing she noticed she was laying back on the bed…Mark threw her shoes over his shoulder…and then got her pants and pulled them off…and noticed her panties matched her bra…both red…


Mark kissed by her ear and said, “God…I want you Alyssa…Tell me right now…do you want this as much as I do…if you don’t and tell me to stop right now, I will…Tell me.” 


Alyssa could feel his very hard erection pressing through his levis into the crotch of her panties…Things were way out of control and she opened her mouth to object…but her brain had other plans…and her breathing was getting crazy and she said, “No…I want this Mark…I want you right now…I don’t want you to stop.”  Within a matter of seconds he pulled the rest of her clothing off and his and freed his cock and slid his shaft into her so slowly she almost lost it all…Alyssa let a slow low moan out from between her lips…


Yup that was it as ecstasy was over taking her body…Mark was huge…Mark was hung like an elephant…damn…she knew she was gonna be sore…Mark let her body get used to his size and then he slowly started thrusting in and out of her, pretty gently…that is until her big fat mouth opened up and said, “Mmmm God Mark….faster…”  Mark said, “God….you’re so tight…I don’t want to hurt you.”  I said, “Believe me…it doesn’t hurt…”  


Mark said, “Are you sure?”  Alyssa took his face in her hands and said, “I’ll be fine…but I won’t if you don’t keep going…if you don’t keep going…we’re gonna have a problem..”  Mark smiled and said, “Well…what ever the woman wants…the woman gets.”


As Alyssa felt him push into her again and she moaned and she believed that was the point where she turned him on even more…he picked her up and pushed her against the wall and continued to thrust in and out of her like a caged animal who hadn’t had sex in months…


With a few finally thrusts, they both climaxed…and flew over the edge…and as Mark growled…which was pretty damn sexy…Alyssa felt his seed explode inside of her…They kissed to calm themselves…and get their breathing back to normal…


They both collapsed back onto the bed…Mark said, “You were amazing…”  Alyssa blushed a little and said, “Not so bad your self big man…”  He said, “So do you always scream like that?”  She said, “Only when I’ve been thoroughly fucked…like that…do you always have that much energy?”  Mark smiled and said, “Only when I get to fuck my girlfriend 4 times in a row…” 


Alyssa started to get up out of bed when she said, “Well…you must be thinking of your other girlfriend…because it doesn’t include us…”  Mark wrapped his huge arms around her and kissed her neck and said, “Alyssa…the night is not over yet baby.”  As he pulled her back in bed…his lips on her neck making her squeal…


Chapter 17


A few weeks later...Glenn and Laura decided to elope...and went on their honeymoon to Hawaii...


- -Glenn & Laura’s last night on their Honeymoon- -


Glenn laid Laura down after stripping us both of our clothing…Glenn got on his knees in front of her…and said, “You took the initiative last time…so this time…I know it’s my turn baby.”


Glenn moved her butt to the edge of the bed…and put her feet on his shoulders as he spread her legs…he could smell her arousal…the tip of his tongue reached out and stroked her clit slowly and it was almost her undoing…Laura let out a deep moan from inside…Glenn could hear her breathing get all erratic…he caressed her thighs and as he dove into licking circles around her clit…he slowly slid two fingers deep inside of her…he could absolutely feel her walls tighten and release around his fingers…


Glenn started to slowly suck on her clit as he added a 3rd finger inside of her and then his fingers worked in and out of her dripping wet center faster and faster and then harder and harder…Glenn could hear her whimpering and moaning and going absolutely insane…he reached up and grabbed her hand as they laced our fingers together…and Laura gripped the bed as she practically yelled out Glenn’s name as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes…


Glenn stood up and was licking his fingers clean with a smirk on his face…Laura couldn’t help but laugh…he looked like a little kid who’d gotten into the cookie jar without permission…She guess in a sense he had.  As Laura moved back on the bed and laid her head down…Glenn crawled up her body on his hands and knees…and stopped to lick at her navel and then at her nipples…giving them both the same treatment to get them hard enough to cut glass…which…worked.


Then he came to her and captured her lips in the most soul burning kiss Laura could have felt…she thought her whole body was on fire…


When they separated from the kiss she looked in those blue eyes and said, “Welcome to married life baby…I love you.”  Glenn ran his hands all over her body and said, “I love you too…Can we make a promise to each other?”  She said, “Sure…what?”  He said, “That starting right now…we never fight and we start having a shit load of babies…Nothing would make me happier then having you be the mother of our children…” 


Laura smiled and said, “Deal…”  Glenn said, “Good…now…when’s the last time you took your birth control?”  She smiled and said, “Oh…about 4 minutes after I agreed to marry your ass.”  Glenn said, “Oh…this is gonna be more fun then I thought…actually being allowed to knock up my wife.”  She said, “Wow…baby that is so romantic…never use that word again…” 


Glenn said, “Hmmm…yea not very romantic…a little on the dirty side huh?…Maybe I’ll use it while I’m fucking your brains out in about…”  Glenn pushed her legs apart with one of his and got himself between her thighs and then slid his erection onto her…which automatically gave her chills…and he continued, “3 seconds.”


Laura bit her bottom lip…he knew just having his erection sitting in her not doing anything was making her incredible insane and She said, “Yes…okay…fine…you win…Knock me up…”  Glenn smiled and said, “I knew you’d see it my way…I love you baby.”  She said, “I love you too.”


Glenn started slowly stroking in and out of her…he knew Laura was going under…She hated it when he went slow…She started kissing along his jaw line and around his neck and just relishing in feeling of Glenn giving her a slow fuck…He wanted it to last forever…she could feel him kissing her neck and her chest and then her breasts…rolling her nipples…and then sliding his hands down and grabbing the back of her thighs and pushing them up a little and start thrusting deeper inside of her…


Laura was moaning and groaning…she just wanted him to fuck the shit out of her…but then she was also like him…she wanted it to last forever…Then on a shot of energy and impulse…he grabbed her hips and rolled over pulling her on top of him and her body automatically started where he left off…Glenn groaned, “Oh yea….that’s it baby…ride me.”


Glenn laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over her neck, breasts…and running his thumb across her lips…she sucked him thumb into her mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…she could feel Glenn get instantly harder and larger inside her…she knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Glenn groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…”  Glenn knew she loved the dirty talk…


Laura had her hands on his 6-pack stomach and was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…she leaned over and her hair slid over her shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…It’s then she knew he was probably hornier then he’d ever been…she leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let her tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed her ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of her body to go faster…


Laura sat back up and leaned back putting her hands on his thighs…she could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Glenn sat up and was leaning over and kissing her breasts and nipples…as she was still moving on top of him…she moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…”  Glenn grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on her neck.


Glenn got a little animal running through him…and grabbed her ass and stood up with him still inside of her…and pushed her into the wall…she wrapped her legs around his waist and as he took a stance with his feet slightly apart and his hands on the wall…she gripped his forearms for leverage and he just started thrusting into her…they never broke eye contact…she believed they actually kissed a few times…but he was thrusting into her so hard he was actually taking her breath away from her…His stamina was excellent…as always…


Finally tired of the wall…they…actually He…moved back over to the bed and laid on top of her…and really pushed the back of her thighs up to thrust into her as deep as he could…she had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel her walls starting to react…and knew her orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Glenn leaned down and kissed her lips and said, “Tell me Laura…C’mon tell me…you want to get pregnant tonight?”  Her breathing was irregular and coming in short gasps…and she managed to say, “Yes…...Yes.”


Glenn said, “C’mon…I wanna hear you say it…you know I love the dirty shit…I wanna hear you talk dirty to me baby…and I want you to cum for me…”  She said, “I want you to knock me up…please…I want you to cum inside of me…”  Glenn said, “That’s all I needed to hear baby...”  He relished in the fact that he’d gotten her to finally talk dirty to him…not as dirty as he would of liked…but there was always next time…He gripped her thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally she started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as her orgasm tore up one side of her body and down the other…as soon as Glenn felt her go over the edge…his orgasm was right behind mine…and She felt him explode so deep inside she thought he’d never stop cumming…


They laid in bed and both so spent…they fell asleep in each others arms…


Chapter 18


4 weeks later, much too every ones surprise and shock…Mark and I eloped…We were down in Nevada…so we took off one night to Vegas…


One night, I was talking to Paul back stage while Tessa stretched and got ready, she had a match against the resident psycho Victoria for the Women’s Championship Belt.  We watched as Victoria and her psychotic boyfriend Steven Richards crawled in the ring like animals waiting for their prey. 


Paul looked at me and said, “You know if they do anything at all to hurt Tessa…I will beat the ever lovin’ shit out of both of those little assholes.”


I looked and Paul and smiled and said, “I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you Paul.”  Paul squeezed my shoulders and said, “Just as long as we’re on the same page girl.” 


I smiled and said, “Yea…well I didn’t see anything.  That might have happened…and oops…neither did Vince.”  Paul chuckled.


Mark walked up with Glenn and Laura behind us…I said, “Hey so how was the honeymoon?” 


Laura smiled big and said, “Nothing will ever top it that’s for sure.  But I heard from Tessa that you had an interesting night as well...In Vegas that is.” 


I said, “Interesting doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface…”  Mark leaned over and said, “Excuse me…Mrs. Callaway…can I speak with you in your office?” 


I said, “Mr. Callaway…You can but it will have to wait for about 15 minutes…I wanna watch as Tessa demolishes Victoria.”  Mark rested his chin on top of my head and all of us watched the monitor waiting for Tessa’s loud ass music to blare…All of a sudden the lights dropped to a hazy blue and through the speaker came a loud voice…



You say, I should do it differently.
I don't, necessarily agree.
Stand up!
Sit down!
Be nice!
Did ya hear me ask for your advice?

Don't bother, trying to tell me your beliefs.
Your point of View is pretty screwed to me
Do this!
Do that!
On track!
Do me a favor and don't talk back!

Round and round,
In the conversation
Always ends where it began.
Round and round,
And I need a vacation.
I've got a headache from you!

Shut up!
Don't want to hear your voice.
Shut up!
I'm sick of all the noise.
There's nothing you can say to me,
So get away from me.
Shut up!

Blah - Blah, Blah - Blah, Blah - Blah, Blah - Blah.

That's what,
It sounds like you said to me.
You nag and you brag and I gag,
There's so much beauty in what we have.

You must have better things that you can do.
Or just love all around me too
What you want
What I need
Oh please
I think you get off
On hearing yourself speak

Round and round,
In the conversation
Always ends where it began.
Round and round,
And I need a vacation.
I've got a headache from you!

Shut up!
Don't want to hear your voice.
Shut up!
I'm sick of all the noise.
There's nothing you can say to me,
So get away from me.
Shut up!


Tessa bounced out in her Blue leather shorts, drawstring halter top and matching knee-high wrestling boots.  Her long black hair in a high pony tail with tons of spiral curls through it.


Tessa made short work order of Victoria and the minute Steven Richards stepped foot in the ring…Tessa whipped his ass down and threw him into a sharp shooter and pulled up on his leg…Paul looked at me…and I said, “Go on…I would if I was you.”  Paul smiled evilly and took off…


When Paul got to the ring…Victoria was about to hit Tessa with a chair…when Paul grabbed the chair and then gave her the pedigree…and then Tessa let go of Steven Richards and snatched the belt…Steven Richards started to get up but Paul stopped him pedigree…


Paul raised Tessa hand in victory and then the couple left the ring together…as Victoria and Steven Richards just laid in the ring…both out like a light.


Tessa walked through the curtain and was greeted by a load of congratulations and well wishes.  Tessa smiled and said thank you to every one…They walked down the hallway.


Chapter 19


Paul had a chance to go anywhere…she grabbed him and yanked him into an empty dressing room…and shoved him up against the white cinder block wall…and smashed her lips against his…Paul barely had a second to think…


Tessa pulled away and Paul said, “What winning makes you hot?”  Tessa shock her head no and said, “Nope…you pedigreeing people makes me want to have you fuck my brains out.”  Paul chuckled a little and said, “See I knew there was a reason I married you baby.”  Tessa smiled and said, “So…Let the games begin.” 


She chucked the belt across the room…as she grabbed Paul’s t-shirt with both hands and ripped it open exposing his well muscled chest to her mouth, fingers, lips and tongue.


As Tessa’s tongue made it’s way around Paul’s chest to his flat little nipples, Paul groaned out, “Oh god baby…you don’t know how bad I want to make you cum right now.” 


Tessa smiled while she continued her assault on his body with her tongue and lips and said, “So if you wanna make me cum…then fuck me.”


Paul made a small turn around and took Tessa back to the locker room where the showers and bathrooms were…and he locked the door behind them…good thing no one was there…Paul set Tessa on her feet and turned her around to face the sink…He took her hands and placed them on the sink and as he kissed her neck he said, “Don’t move.”  Tessa smirked said, “I wouldn’t dream of it…”


Paul moved around and pulled her shorts over her hips and off…as Tessa was bent over with her butt in the air…while he was looking…She shook her ass for him…he said, “Do that again and we’re both going to be in trouble.” 


You know Tessa couldn’t resist it…shook her ass again…and Paul said, “Okay…time for trouble baby…”  Paul pulled her panties off and stuffed them in his pocket then moved up behind her…and spread her legs apart with his knee…Tessa was pretty calm and then she heard it ladies…that sound that just makes you want to go completely insane…


Paul unbuttoned his pants and down that zipper came…and Tessa also cam right along with it…Paul rubbed his erection again her ass…and then against her dripping wet center…Paul said, “What did you say to me earlier about cumming?”  Tessa smiled coyly into the mirror at his reflection…and said, “I believe it was…if you want to make me cum…then fuck me…” 


Paul got his evil little look on his face and said, “Hold on to that sink baby…I think it’s time for a ride…”  Paul slowly slid his erection into her…and grabbed her hips and then like a wild man started thrusting in and out of her…he was pulling her back against him and slamming into her so hard…Tessa didn’t have time to think straight…She started pushing back hard every time he would thrust forward into her…


Paul waited on making her cum…he didn’t like the idea of her facing away from him…so he pulled out…much to her disappointment…Paul laughed and said, “Just hold on there girl…I’m not finished with you yet.” 


Tessa smiled as he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and his erection slid right into place and Paul smashed her against the wall and they started going at it like crazy…Tessa was holding on to his forearms for leverage…and thought she was going to explode…which after a couple more powerful thrusts…She totally fell over the edge with Paul…Tessa felt him explode into her…and it was amazing as they both started coming down from their orgasm…


Tessa’s senses were totally off…Paul placed her on her feet against him and she rested against the wall…and almost fell over…Paul grabbed her hips and steadied her so she wouldn’t fall…After they both calmed down and fixed themselves…Paul helped her put her panties and shorts back on and she just laughed at him…


Chapter 20


When I turned around to walk to my office, Mark was leaning against the door frame like he always was…I smiled as I walked over and said, “How can I help you?”  Mark stood to his full 6’10” and crossed his arms over his chest and said, “It seems someone was missing from my bed this morning…and I just want to find out why…” 


I knew no one was around and I leaned my head down and kissed his forearm and said, “Sorry about that…I had a company meeting this morning…and I didn’t want to wake you up…you was a bad boy last night…keeping me up all night long.”  Mark uncrossed his arms and took my hand in his and pulled me into the office and closed and locked the door behind us…Mark said, “Shame on me…I think I should make it up to you…while you make it up to me.”  


I bit my bottom lip and said, “Well…if you think it will make us feel better, then by all means necessary.”  Mark pulled me close as his hand wondered down my back to my ass as he squeezed a little and said, “Oh I know it will make you feel better…and it will definitely make me feel better.”  I said, “Hmmm…what did you have in mind big man?” 



Say it's true
There's nothing like me and you
I'm not alone
Tell me you feel it too

And I would run away
I would run away, yeah...yeah
I would run away
I would run away with you


Because I...have falling in love with you
No...Never I'm never gonna stop
Falling in love with you


Mark sat on the couch in my office and I walked over and hiked my skirt up as sat straddling his lap…I leaned over and kissed his lips softly…Mark kissed me back…His tongue slowly slid into my mouth and caressed every inch of my mouth including my tongue.  His huge strong hands slid all over my body…giving me chills up and down my spine…Mark started kissing down my neck and sucked on my ear lobes making me crazy with desire…He pulled my sweater with my bra off…and was slowly inching my skirt up…I pulled his shirt off…and could feel him pull me closer and my cold breast pressed against his warm chest…as our kissing got more intense…


Mark moved us around to where I was laying on the floor under him…good thing the floor was comfortable…After Mark got my skirt pushed up where he wanted it…he slid my panties off…Mark leaned back on me…but not putting all of his weight on me…he didn’t want to crush me…Mark started a sexual assault on my poor nipples…he was licking and sucking and biting and would go between both of them…while his free hand slid down between us…and he thumb started to massage my clit…I was so close to insane ecstasy I wouldn’t of heard a bomb going off…even if it was in the room with us.


Mark moved down my body after assaulting my nipples…and as he started licking and massaging my clit with his tongue…he entered me with two fingers and started a huge sexual assault on the lower half of my body…not that I was complaining or anything.  I was so close to going over the edge…and Mark knew it…Mark said, “Alyssa…cum for me baby…”  I said, “No.”  Mark said, “Are you challenging me?”  I said, “Yes.”  Mark said, “C’mon Aly…I want you to cum for me…I know you need the release…cum for me baby…”  I started to buck my hips and Mark held them down…



Close the door
Lay down upon the floor
And by candlelight
Make love to me
Through the night

Cause I have run away, yeah
I’ve run away, yeah...yeah
I have run away, run away
I have run away...with you


I found Mark’s hand and we laced our fingers together…while I could still feel his two fingers working in and out of me fast…I was so ready to go…but I looked down at Mark and said, “Do you really want me to cum?”  Mark said, “So, Bad…we can both taste it…”  I said, “Fuck me…”  Mark wasn’t sure if he should be shocked or not…He didn’t realize the hornier I was getting the dirtier my language got when it was directed towards him.  Cause I was saying a few other choice things to him at the time…and he was a little bit of a WOW to him…he always seemed to think I was so innocent…he didn’t realize that he couldn’t tease me while playing…it brought something different out of me.


Mark didn’t say anything…he pulled his fingers out of me…licked them clean and moved up my body, he leaned over and kissed me long hard and passionate…I could taste myself on his tongue and lips…and it turned me on even more….I was so horny and really ready for the romp of my life…I heard Mark’s zipper go down and it…drove me absolutely insane…Mark pushed my thighs apart even further and pushed his erection into my dripping wet center…and started thrusting in and out of me…


Mark said, “Oh my god…Alyssa you feel so good baby…I love being inside of you…”  My hips were meeting every one of his thrusts and I said, “I love feeling you inside of me…”  I could feel my orgasm building and building…I had my head thrown back and said, “I’m so close Mark…Make me cum for you.”  Mark said, “I know baby…I’m going to make you cum this time…”  Mark started thrusting, harder…faster…Mark moved my thighs a little and went deeper inside of me…and I went over the edge as I felt my orgasm rock through my whole body into Mark as his orgasm hit him just as hard into my body… “Oh God Mark I love you…”  Mark growled a few times and as I felt him empty himself into me he said, “I love you too…Alyssa…I love you too.”



Because I have falling in love...with you
No...Never I'm...I’m never gonna stop
Falling in love with you...

With you...

And I would runaway
I would runaway, yeah..., yeah
I would runaway...runaway...runaway
With you

Because I have falling in love...with you
No...Never I'm...I’m never gonna stop
Falling in love with you...


As we calmed down...and down re situated in our clothes...Mark sat on the couch next to me...and I got up and straddled his lap again...I kissed his lips and said, “Oh yea...I forgot to tell you something...”  Mark said, “What’s that baby?”  I said, “Funny you should say baby...”  I chewed on my lower lip and Mark bolted up into a standing position with me in his arms and said, “Are you sure?”  I nodded and smiled.  Mark squeezed me to his body and said, “God I love you.”  I said, “I love you too...” 


Mark said, “I have a good idea...Let’s runaway?”  I said, “With each other.”  Mark said, “I’m ready to retire....”  I leaned up and kissed his lips and said, “Let’s runaway.” 


And that’s exactly what we did to start our new life together with every thing we and our new family.



I’ve fallen in love...with you

No never I'm...I’m never gonna stop
Falling in love with you

La di da La di da di da

With You...


Runaway yeah, runaway yea

Runaway, runaway, runaway, runaway

Runaway yeah, runaway yea

Runaway, runaway, runaway





The End