Ready To Rumble



Chapter 1


As I rolled over hearing the alarm clock going off…I pushed it into the drawer of the night stand and closed it…not having enough strength to shut the damn thing off…I rolled over the other way slowly creeping out of bed and practically having to crawl on the floor to get to the bathroom and get the shower started…No more late night dates with losers from hell…Peeling my clothes off I step into the cool water and suddenly felt more awake as the cool water rinsed away last nights bad date experience…I shampooed and conditioned my long brunette hair thinking ‘I’m gonna cut this one day’… ‘No I won’t I never will’…


I get out and dry off as I step into my red lace panties that look like shorts, and matching bra.  Plus I slide into my jeans, while stepping into my black steel shoes boots, and strap my spurs on, then put on my sleeveless t-shirt and tie it off in front and it shows off an inch of my mid-drift…I pull my long hair up into a pony tail…it’ll dry when I take Tammy for her exercise.


My name is Alexandra Mitchell…I’m a veterinarian, more of a horse specialist.  I’m 5’10” 125lbs, Brunette hair to 3 inches past my butt, with haunting gray eyes…


While grabbed a cup of coffee, sunglasses, and house keys, I lock up and head for the barn…I was met by Jack and Harry…I said, “Morning boys.”  Jack said, “Morning Doc…you takin’ Tammy out?”  I said, “Yea…how’d she do last night?”  Harry said, “She did just fine…she seems to be healing up pretty good.”  I said, “Excellent…maybe now she’ll stay away from the highway.”  I pulled the beautiful white and tan Palomino from the huge barn, she had already been saddled…I stepped in the stirrup and pulled my self on the beautiful horse…


I patted her side and said, “Okay Tammy…let’s go.”  I started her off walking…and then galloping and then had her at a full run.  I had her galloping through a field, when I saw a guy about the size of the horse I was riding, was having problems with his horse…I went over and took one look at the horse he was cussing and swearing at…A petite blonde woman stepped out from behind the horse and was cussing worse then the man.


The man was huge…close to 7 feet tall…anywhere between 300-325lbs…Dark auburn mustache and go-tee and long dark auburn hair pulled back in a low pony tail, with a black bandana on around his head to keep his flowing mane out of his face, black jeans, black boots, and a black muscle shirt that did everything but hide his huge tattooed arms…I swear he had tattoos from his wrists to his shoulders on both arms…and dark black sunglasses on.  The blonde was pretty much the same size as me.


I said, “Horses generally don’t like being called Son of a Bitches…”  He said, “Is that right lady?”  The man turned around and looked up at me and looked like he could devour me whole…I smiled and said, “Yea…that’s right…that horse doesn’t like you much…can’t say as I blame it though…I’d throw your ass too if you called me a Son of a Bitch.”  He stood to his full height with his arms across over his huge chest and said, “What makes you so smart girl…you’re don’t look older then a college student.”  The blonde standing next to him with a smug look on her face…I could of socked that look off her face.


I just shook my head at them and hopped off of Tammy and walked over and stood in front of his horse…it nuzzled against me as I ran my hands down his ears, cheeks, snout, under the chin to the bottom lip and pulled a chunk of carrot out of my pocket and held my hand out and he gently took it..


The woman said, “What are you a God Damn horse whisperer?”  I turned to them…as he towered a good foot over me and she was eye to eye with me said, “No, Dr. Alexandra Mitchell, Veterinarian…specifically horse doctor.”  I held my hand out…his huge hand encased mine and his deep southern accented voice said, “Mark Callaway…This is my fiancé Sara.”  I shook her hand as well, but felt like I should bathe immediately after touching her and I said, “Nice to meet you both…if the horse keeps throwing you…chances are you’re doing something that is making him uncomfortable…” 


I looked down on the ground and saw a riding whip, and bent over and retrieved it…and held it up with a disgusted look on my face and said, “We’re you hitting him with this?”  Mark looked at his short bottled blonde fiancé…Sara said, “Fuckin’ animals…never know what do to, you gotta beat some love into them to train ‘em.” 


I cocked one eyebrow up, smirked and said, “Oh really?” 


With a flick of my wrist I snapped Sara in the side of her stomach just below her ribs with the whip…She let out a howl  and I said, “Feel like learning something with that stinging pain in your ribcage?”  Through clenched teeth, Sara said, “Lady…I don’t like hit people…but if you do that again…I’m gonna hit you so hard, you’ll need a plane ticket to get back from where ever you land.”  I said, “Madame…and I use that term loosely…don’t you dare threaten me…I’m a register doctor, and if I see you beat this animal again with this…this…THING…I swear to god I will be you beat you with an inch of your life with it…”


I examined the sides of the horses and there was little welts forming where he’d hit the horse with the whip.  I said, “Good luck getting home…I’m taking your horse for medical treatment…you God damn idiot...Next time you dye your hair, don’t stand in the direct sunlight cause it effects the half of your brain you have left, that gives you good judgment.”  I got back on my horse and whistled…their horse followed me and Tammy back over to the barn and stables…


Mark and Sara stood there and watched as the horse followed obediently…I could hear her high pitched annoying voice…I turned around and she stomped her foot on the ground and said, “Maaarrrrrk….do something.”  Mark knew I was right, he had told Sara repeatedly not to hit the horse with the whip…Sara was such a city girl, he’d fix that once they got married.


Chapter 2


A couple of days later…Mark was sitting in the drive way, working on a small Harley, Sara would be gone for the next 6 weeks, out in California visiting her family…Mark saw the Red Dodge Dakota driving up the drive way with a horse trailer attached…and knew in the back of his mind it was the doc who had taken Harley (the horse)…


I pulled up to the huge house and got out… I let the back gate down…I could hear Mark trying to start the engine on the Harley and he cussed at it cause it wouldn’t turn over…he got up and walked over and said, “How’s he doin’?”  I looked up at him and rolled my eyes and said, “Just fine…not thanks on your part.”  He scoffed and said, “You know for someone so small you sure do have a big attitude problem.” 


I spun around and said, “Listen…the only reason I’m bringing this poor animal back to you, is because I didn’t have permission to take him in the first place…and I can be arrested for that…I cleaned his wounds, bathed him, fed him and brushed him…Jack and Harry walked him to give him exercise…Now I’m bringing him back…but I’m warning you, if I see that girl…your fiancé hit this animal again I’ll call the SPCA on your asses faster then you can get that Harley started.”


Mark chuckled and said, “What does a veterinarian know about Harley’s?”  I said, “Obviously more then you, because you’re flooding the engine on that female Harley.”  He looked shocked and said, “How did you know it was a female?”  I said, “Well clue number one…it’s smaller then all the other ones you have sitting outside…and 2, because the saddle bags are not removable…saddles bags are only removable if it is a male Harley.  They are kind of like horses…You’re giving that one too much throttle when you’re trying to turn it over and you’re flooding it…you have to empty the valves on the exhaust pipes, cause when it finally does turn over, it will run for 3 seconds and quit.”


Mark said, “I know everything there is to know about Harley’s…I never heard of a Harley having valves..”  I said, “You know on Trombones and Trumpets have spit valves and you have to blow in the mouth piece and open the valve to empty the valve (He nodded)…Female Harley’s are the same way…Gas and oil are building up, because the engine won’t turn over…and the pistons are being flooded with gas and oil…and then gets collected in the curves of the exhaust pipes…so when the engine turns over, while it’s running for that 3 seconds it’s going to sound like it’s gargling…watch…c’mere I’ll show you.”


We walked over and I grabbed a towel cause both pipes were hot for where it was trying to started but wouldn’t…I pushed the spurs down so I would stab myself in the rearend when I squatted down and then I pushed the valves open and drained them in a plastic bucket he handed me…and closed them then stood up and leaned over turning the key and hitting the start button while giving it enough throttle and it started and then purred in the drive way.


Mark looked astonished and reached over and shut the purring bike off and said, “How did you do that?”  I smiled and said, “Pretty easy.”  Mark said, “Yea…but how did you know that?”  I said, “Oh…My husband was a huge Harley lover…I’ve got all his bike’s in storage.” 


Mark cocked one eye brow up and said, “Was?” 


I looked at the ground and said, “Yea well…when you ride drunk only the worse can happen…He was out with some friends a couple of years ago and they all had way to much to drink…next think I knew…he’d smashed his bike into the base of some huge oak tree and broke every bone in his body…he was brain dead, he wasn’t wearing a helmet and the cops said they estimated him going about 90 miles an hour, when he hit the tree.  3 days later, I let him go…I was 20…We had been married since I was 18…”


Mark looked at me and said, “Kind of young weren’t ya?” 


I smiled and said, “Yea well I did everything young…I graduated high school at 16…married at 18, I didn’t love my husband any more or any less, but I did love him, and he loved me…that I will always be sure of...graduated college at 19…buried my husband at 20…and now at 22, I have my own Veterinarian practice…for animals…I’m finally happy…I lost sight of my happiness when my husband died…it took me a full year to crawl out of the depression…but I made it out.  It’s still hard to do all of this without him…but I knew I had to make it on my own, before I fell under to far and couldn’t make it out at all.”


Mark felt for this small lady…his heart ached because of the haunting look in her eyes…she really missed her husband…Mark said, “Would you like to go to dinner sometime?”


I looked up not sure if I heard him right and said, “What about your attachment, where ever she may roam.”  Mark laughed and said, “Sara is going to be in California for the next 6 weeks, she went to see her family…and besides we both gotta eat sometime right?”  I smirked and said, “Sure…I guess so.”  Mark said, “Good, then why don’t you go home and get all dolled up and I’ll take you out for a dinner your stomach can’t refuse.”  I said, “Dressy or casual?”  Mark smiled and said, “Casual, we aren’t dressing to impress anyone.”  I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Okay.”


I went in the trailer and clipped a rope to the beautiful black horse and led him out…Mark looked at him and said, “Harley…you look like you’ve been pampered…you traitor.”  Mark took him and put him in the stables and handed me back the rope and said, “I’ll see you…about 7:30…I’ll pick you up…”  I said, “Do you know how to get there?”  Mark said, “Of course.”


I waved and left. 


Good Lord…I haven’t been to dinner with someone of the opposite sex in years!


Chapter 3


I drove back to my place and took a shower and got ready…I actually put on a black skirt that came to just about 3 inches above my knees, and had some patterned flowers on it…small not big…and a black short sleeved crocheted shirt that went to the hem of my skirt…and   inch heeled, knee-high boots. And actually curled my hair as much as I could, and then put a little perceive perfume behind my ear and went down stairs…


About the time I hit the bottom step there was a knock on the front door…I walked over and opened it and nearly passed out…there was Mark…in jeans so tight you could tell what religion he was…a jean sleeveless button down shirt, steel toed boots, his long hair in a low pony tail, with a black baseball cap on that said ‘Deadman, Inc.’ okay what was that all about…it was a tad on the morbid side…and I would definitely have to ask him about that later.


Mark half smiled…does that man-know how sexy he is when he smiles?


Mark said, “So are you ready doc?”  His deep voice brought me back to where ever I had gone…La-La Land probably…I smiled and said, “Sure, C’mon in, while I grab my purse and keys…”  Mark stepped into the oak wood and glass foyer and said, “This place is beautiful.”  I was in the kitchen and said, “Thanks…you can come all the way in and look around if you’d like.  I need to make sure my answering machine is turned on.”


Mark walked in a little more and saw the den had pictures of kids and probably family members…a big red L shaped couch, with a coffee table on a beautiful red rug in front of the couch…and a big screen TV…He saw a huge Red pillow on the floor with some chew toys…she obviously had a dog…but where was it? 


I walked back down the hall and went down the three steps into the den and saw Mark looking at the pictures on the mantle of the fireplace.  I said, “This is the red room.”  Mark chuckled a little and said, “Yea…I got that feeling…”  I said, “I love red…it’s my favorite color…I knew moving in here I’d have to have just one red room…why not have it be the only room I’m ever in…”  Mark said, “It’s really nice.  Hard wood floors through the whole place?”  I said, “Everywhere but the kitchen it’s white tile with tints of gray…every room has a different theme…You wanna see the rest before we leave?” 


Mark said, “We better not, I don’t want to miss our reservations.”  I said, “Okay…let’s go then.”  We walked out and I set the alarm and locked the front door…Mark walked over and opened the door to his pick up…it was a huge Chevy Silverado…it was gigantic…Mark took my hand as I stepped up into the truck…and closed the door…I pulled my seat belt on as Mark walked around and got in…


As we drove into town all I could think was Alexandra Marie Mitchell…what have you gotten yourself into now?


Dinner was nice we talked through it the most…I finally said, “So how did you know where I lived?”  Mark smirked and said, “You don’t really think I would have let some lady claiming to be a vet walk off with my horse without checking up on her, do you?”  I giggled and said, “No I guess not.  I really would like to apologize for taking him…I always let me temper get the best of me in situations where animals are being hurt…I realize he wasn’t being abused…but I don’t condone people using whips on any animals…” 


Mark said, “No don’t apologize…if you’re that passionate about your work…then to hell with everyone else…Sara had that little whip sting coming to her…I had told her not to even mess with it…but she is a hard headed California woman…who thinks everything can be fixed fast.  I honestly don’t blame you one bit for taking the horse, but just the same thanks for taking care of him.”


I said, “I grew up around tons of animals my whole life…I did horse races, pageants, rodeos, pretty much anything involving horses since I was 13.  So when the opportunity presented itself…I took it…I’m a vet, I take care of minor problems with all animals…but my specialty is horses…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


We sat talking a little longer and finished our dinner…Mark finally asked, “So did you know how bad your husbands drinking problem was when you married him?”  I said, “Yes I did…And I still put all my faith into him and married him.”  Mark said, “Why?”  I said, “Why not? He put his faith into me and said I could be the best vet if I wanted to…he never hit me, he never abused me, when he was drunk he liked to be a joker…he wasn’t a mad enraged drunk…I loved him…he went through AA about 4 times…but it never failed he’d go out with his friends and as soon as they started drinking…he’s go from Pepsi to Jack Daniels, and his idiot friends would send him home…”


Mark said, “What did they say about the night of the wreck?”  I said, “The usual…they didn’t realize he was THAT drunk, they were sorry for my loss…I was so angry…I mean those guys were my friends too…we’d all gone to high school and college together…but they didn’t have respect for their life or anyone else’s…After I finally had the machines shut off and let him go…I told them I never wanted to see them again…and as far as I was concerned…I’d see myself dead and buried before I’d ever utter another word to any of them.  I haven’t seen any of them since.”


Mark said, “Kind of harsh…but I can understand why…I don’t blame you.”  I said, “I always felt like I should have done more to help him…pushed him harder with AA…but in the end…I knew I was only kidding myself…Daniel was Daniel…and the only way he could’ve changed was if he made himself do it…and he was having way to much fun just being himself to wanna stop and take life a little more serious…which is probably another reason why I married him…I loved him…and he constantly had me laughing…I don’t think there was ever a minute I wasn’t laughing.”


On the drive back to my house, we did more talking…Mark finally told me he was a professional wrestler and that the Deadman, Inc logo on the hat was his…His character was the Undertaker…I couldn’t help but said, “Morbid.” Out loud…Mark laughed and said, “Yea…it does sound a little gruesome.”  Mark told me him and Sara were supposed to get married 2 weeks after she returned from California…but he was having his doubts because she was such a city girl…and he was nothing but a good ole country boy.


Mark walked me to my door and made sure I got in the house and then took off.


All I could think was…God he’s beautiful…and if Sara doesn’t straighten her shit out…she’s gonna lose him.


Might not be such a bad thing after all.


Chapter 4


Mark and I started going to dinner or watching movies together on a nightly basis…Mark came over and I gave him a tour of the grounds…he watched me worse on the few animals that were there in my care…One night Mark showed up on my door step and said, “Hey do you like boxing?”  I smiled and said, “How’d you know?”  Mark laughed and said, “Well…I’m meet a few guys down town at the Sidelines Bar, and we were going to watch the UFC championships…wanna come?”  I said, “Sure.”


We drove into town and at the bar, I met a few friends of Mark’s they were rough necks, but they were a nice bunch of boys.  I was sitting next to Mark and he had his arms on the edge of the table and was leaned over…he looked over at me and said, “You okay?”  I smiled and said, “I’m really in my element here…I haven’t had a night out with the guys in a few years…I really miss it…Thanks for asking me to come with.”  Mark smirked and said, “No problem…I just hope you don’t mind being around a bunch of rough necks.”  I smiled and shook my head no…


We sat and watched most of the UFC…and I looked over and couldn’t get over the ink Mark had all over his arms…I got a little closer and was looking at his right arm…


Mark felt a warm tingle slide up his arm and looked down and saw Doc touching his arm, she looked fascinated by his tattoos…Mark said, “See something you like?”  I jumped at the sound of his voice and said, “These are fascinating…so much color, and yet each one tells a different story right?”  Mark nodded and said, “You wanna look closer you can…you’re not going to hurt me ya know.”  I bit my lower lip and got a little closer and ran my finger tips down his right forearm…I could feel the way his skin felt with the ink on it.


I said, “Does it hurt much?  I mean to get one?”  Mark said, “These never did hurt, but of course it always depends on where you get them put...most sensitive areas would be throat, ankles, any place where the skin is close to bone.”  I cringed and said, “So, Can I see the other arm?”  Mark turned to face towards me and laid his left arm on the table…I looked it over also…


I went back to the tattoos on his right shoulder…I started tracing it with my finger tips…looking at the meticulous designs, the curves, colors, everything…they just absolutely fascinated me.


Mark watched as Doc was tracing his tats on his right shoulder…he could have sworn his shoulder was going up in flames.  Her fingers were gentle and soft against his skin…her scent was just floating through the air…even in a bar full of cigar smoking drunks…he could smell her…she smelled like a cross between lilacs and a stormy rain filled night.  If he had to smell her any longer he’d not only would be buzzed from the beer but he’d be intoxicated by her scent…she smelled heavenly…her gorgeous smile lit up the entire sports bar. 


Mark had seen a few of the other guys there watching her, ogling at her…but she kept her eyes either on the TV, or on his arms, studying his tattoos, like she was trying to memorize what they looked like, so she could remember until she saw him again.  It was almost as if she didn’t see the 50 other guys sitting around her, she only saw him.  He never noticed until now, but she had these haunting gray eyes…


Mark was staring at me, and I didn’t notice it, until I looked up from his tattooed shoulder…and said, “What?”  He said, “I never noticed this…but you’ve got the most unbelievable gray eyes I’ve ever seen.”  I smiled and said, “So, is that a compliment or are you totally horrified by them?”  Mark laughed and said, “It’s a compliment, cause you have beautiful eyes.”  I smiled and said, “Thank you.”  Mark said, “You keep smiling like that, I’m bound to tell you anything…as long as that smiles stays put.”  I couldn’t help but smile again.


After the UFC fights were over Mark took me home…he walked me to the front door and waiting until I got the door open and I said, “Thanks again for inviting me…I really needed to get out.”  Mark said, “You’re welcome.”  Not even think about it, Mark put his index finger under my chin and pulled my head up as his lips came down and gently brushed against mine…we separated and Mark said, “G’night doc.”  I was a little hazy but said, “G’night Mr. Callaway.”  Mark smirked as he turned and walked off the porch to his truck and left.  I went in and locked up and went up stairs and passed out as sleep over took my tired and shocked body.


Chapter 5


I walked into the house around 10pm…with Mark following behind me, our feet dragging…he’d come with me on an emergency horse birthing call…we went all the way across the back roads clear on the other side of Houston and had been there since 10am that morning, Mark had come over to see if I wanted to go to breakfast when I got the call, and he got sucked into coming with me.  We walked into the den and plopped down on the couch…I kicked my boots off and said, “You want some coffee?”  Mark said, “Sure…why don’t you go shower and I’ll start the coffee.”  I smiled and said, “That’s the best offer I had all day.”


By the way, just for your information Colt and Mother are doing just fine.


I went upstairs and was taking a shower when a hand with a coffee cup came into the shower…I jumped a little and could smell the coffee and laughed and said, “You’re such a lifesaver.”  I took the cup and heard Mark laughing on the other side of the shower curtain.  I drank most of the cup and got out…I had put on a tank top and jean shorts and just let my hair hang and air dry.  I walked out and Mark was sitting on the foot of my huge canopy bed and was watching ESPN…


I laughed and said, “Wow…sport center in my bedroom…I never thought I’d see the day.”  Mark laughed and said, “I was just checking to see how Dale Earnhardt, Jr. did in the races today.”  I said, “But in my bedroom?  This is supposed to be my girlie get away…and you’re turning it into ESPN world.”  We laughed and I said, “You wanna take a shower?”  Mark said, “No…I should be getting home anyways I’m pretty sure Sam (Bullmastiff) and Jenny (Rotwieler)…are going crazy cause I haven’t been there all day.” 


I walked over and leaned against one of the wooden columns to the canopy and said, “Yea well, give Sam and Jenny my best…Don’t forget Sara is coming back tomorrow.”  Mark rolled his eyes and said, “Please, don’t remind me…you know my first wife didn’t try to control me as much as Sara does, and we’re not even married yet…sometimes I feel like us getting married is just a big joke…I shouldn’t be getting married to her, she’s way to city to be married to a country boy like me.”


I said, “Well, don’t look at me for the answers…the only one who can help you with that is…you.”  Mark stood up and said, “Yea, well thanks a lot for that big pep-talk.”  I said, “Okay, you’re old enough to make your own decisions.”  Mark said, “Don’t make me feel any older then I do…I’m 37…Lady.”  I said, “Oh that Lady comment didn’t sound very young to me.”  Mark laughed as I followed him out of the bedroom.


We got to the bottom of the stairs and Mark grabbed his truck keys and walked to the front door…he said, “I have to tell you…The last 6 weeks, have been fun…getting to know you.  I’ve enjoyed it…I don’t know what to do about Sara, but I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along.”  I said, “Well, if you need someone to talk to, I’m a good listener.  But don’t expect any questions to get answered…I’m the last person on the face of the earth who needs to be giving anyone any advice.”


Mark caressed my cheek with his warm hand and said, “I’ll have to remember that darlin’.”  I smiled and said, “You do that, Mr. Callaway.”  Mark said, “Oh, don’t call me that…I look for my father with that Mister nonsense.”  I laughed and said, “Okay, okay…no more Mister, anything.”  Mark said, “Yea…you just remember that…”  I saluted Mark and said, “Yes SIR!”  Mark said, “Smart ass.”  I smiled and said, “Always.”  Mark leaned down and brushed his lips against mine and said, “I’ll probably see you tomorrow.” 


I said, “Don’t make me promises you can’t keep.”


Mark didn’t miss the break in my voice and touched my face and kissed my lips again and left.


I stayed up late that night…I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t keep Mark off my mind…probably around 3 am my phone rang, “Jesus, who the hell is calling me at this hour?”  I leaned over from the couch and picked up the cordless and said, “Hello?”  Mark’s voice was on the other end saying, “I didn’t wake you, did I?”  I smiled and said, “No, I haven’t been able to sleep…what are you still doing up, you never stay up this late.”  Mark sighed heavy and said, “I’m trying to figure out how to end things with Sara before I cheat on her.” 


I was taken back by that tiny little statement.


I said, “Really…why exactly would you want to cheat on Sara?”  Mark said, “Honestly?”  I said, “If you want sure.”  Mark said, “Well…Because I don’t love her anymore…I really have to be honest with you Lexy, I don’t know what my feelings are right now towards you…but I spent the last 3 years getting to know Sara…and spent the last 6 weeks getting to know you…and I already feel more for you in those tiny 6 weeks, then I ever did with Sara for the 3 years.” 


Did he just call me Lexy?


Chapter 6


I’ve never been able to get him to call me anything other then Doc…I told him several time he could call me Alex or Lexy, but he always maintained the professional Doc.  I was yet again taken back by his last statement…okay that’s twice in one night.  I said, “So you’re sure, you don’t want to be with Sara…because you guys do have the time together.”  Mark said, “No…I don’t want to be with her…I only knew her for a year before we got engaged…these last 2 years haven’t been all that smooth sailing bullshit that people like to try and brag about.”


I said, “You do still realize I can not give you any advice…I don’t mind listening, well first because I love the sound of your voice…but also because I haven’t dated in a really long time…and I’m not someone who should be giving out advice…”  Mark said, “No, I know, you already told me that…I just had to call you…I don’t know why, but I had to.”  I said, “It’s okay…You know I don’t mind.”  Mark said, “Can I come over…I really feel like I should be talking to you face to face.”  I froze at first but then said, “Sure…I’ll leave the front door open for you, I’m in the den…come watch a movie with me…then we will talk.”  Mark agreed and said he’d be over after he showered. 


Mark walked in the front door and locked it, and walked into the den, and saw Alex sleeping on the couch…he couldn’t help himself, almost as if he’d been drawn to her, he walked over and knelt down next to the couch and kissed her lips so softly.  She must’ve woken up, because she started returning the kiss.


I actually found out I was more tired then I was admitting to myself and had fallen asleep on the couch.  I could feel his lips on mine and couldn’t help but return the kiss…I put my hands on his arms…and then his shoulders and then wrapped my arms around his neck…Mark slide his arms around me and lifted me off the couch and he sat down and placed me in his lap.  I felt so small compared to him.


Mark felt Alex move around on his lap and sit straddling him…and it turned him on even more…he really wanted his woman…he didn’t know if he loved her, but he already held her on a higher pedestal then he ever did Sara…Mark wanted to be with Alex constantly the last 6 weeks, had really come to mean a lot to him…he was dreading Sara coming home…he could only stand to be around Sara for a few weeks at a time, which was why when he got tired of her, he loved going back on the road so much to get away from her, until he missed her enough to take a few days off.


Lord what about work, how in the world was he going to go on the road and leave Alex behind.  He’d have to ask her to come with him…maybe not every time, but hopefully she’d agree and come with him a few times a month.  Hell, what was he thinking, he hadn’t even broken up with Sara yet, and he was thinking like he couldn’t live with Alex for the rest of his life.  Mark finally came to a conclusion that he’d had it bad for Alex…he’d have to break things off with Sara…he just didn’t care about her pushy, overbearing, controlling attitude anymore.  Alex was so laid back and easy going, nothing like Sara.  Alex took pride in being the best Vet she could, Sara wanted to be lazy and sit in the house all damn day when he was home or away.  Alex had so much energy even if she was dead tired.


I could feel Mark’s hands on my hips as he started sliding them up and when the his the hem of my shirt and started sliding up under it…once they hit my stomach, I  put my hands on his and pulled away, breaking the kiss for the first time, since we started. 


I said, “I don’t think we should do this Mark…If you wanna be with me…you need to tell Sara first…I don’t want to sleep with a man whose already engaged to be married to someone other then me.  For the first time since Daniel died, my insides have been woken up, my heart is awake, and I can feel the blood pumping through my veins when you kiss me like that.  I feel so alive.  I haven’t felt like this in a long time…”  I moved off his lap and sat next to him…his green orbs staring into me with purpose intent.  Mark pulled me close and I laid my head on his chest…


Mark stroked my back and kissed the top of my head and said, “Can I just hold you tonight, please?”  I couldn’t say anything, I just nodded, and Marks arms tightened around me.  I had my hand on his chest and his hand came up and covered mine…and I could feel his heart beating hard, like it was going to come through his chest.  I buried my face in his chest, it was warm and he smelled like cologne and  worn leather…it was an intoxicating smell, which helped me fall asleep. 


Mark had moved us around and laid me on him as he laid long ways on the couch…but still kept me close.  He’d set the alarm on his cell phone and laid it on the coffee table, knowing he’d have to go pick up Sara from the Airport in the morning.


Chapter 7


- -4 Weeks Later- -


Sara started noticing little changes in Mark…she couldn’t put her finger on it…but something about him changed while she was in California…then he started talking about that Veterinarian woman who lived down the street, the one he always referred to her as Doc…but was now calling her Lexy.  Why though?  Why the sudden changes.  It was that girl…that disgusting, horse shit covered Vet.  And God damn it…Mark was constantly going over there to check and make sure she didn’t need anything done at her place.


Sara got an oh so evil look in her eyes and started devising a plan…Mark wanted to spend so much time over there…Sara was going to give him a reason to…she stalked around the house and was looking for one of them… Sara thought, ‘Which one is more precious to him…Sam or Jenny…which one does he love more….let’s see…Sam gets free rein over the entire house, but Jenny is allowed to sleep at the foot of the bed with us…nope Sam was allowed in his most prized possession…his fucking truck, hell if only she could put a bullet through that god damn truck…no one could drive it but him, he never even let her touch it…how could he possible think it was okay to find possessions more important then her?’…


Sara finally found Sam and dragged him into the house…then as carefully as she could set everything up, and then called Mark into the house…Mark walked in and they discussed what they would be having for dinner, after Mark walked out of the house, the big oak door closed behind him as he was getting ready to step off the porch he heard a gun shot go off as he heard Sara scream.


Mark ran back inside and saw Sam laying in a pool of blood on the hard wood floor of the entry way…Mark ran over and said, “Sara what the hell happened?”  Sara was on her knees next to Sam, trying to ‘comfort’ him…she said, “You closed the door too hard, the gun rack fell down and the gun went off…”  Mark said, “We gotta get him up and take him to Alex…she’ll fix him, she has too.”  Mark scoped up the bloody dog in his arms and they took off for Alex’s.


I was seeing some of the near by animals that needed their shots and check ups…When Mark and Sara walked in and Mark was caring Sam his huge Bullmastiff, the tan coat was covered in dark red blood…and I ran over and Harry took him…I said, “What happened?”  Mark was in total shock and just sat down…I looked at Sara and she had tears sliding down her cheeks and she said, “Mark walked out of the house, the door slammed and made the gun rack on the wall fall and it went off.”  I said, “Okay…Listen…Sara, take Mark home, get him cleaned up and calmed down…as soon as I do all that I can I will call.”


I slid the truck keys from Mark’s hand and handed then to Sara…Jack helped get Mark out and into the truck as Sara got behind the wheel and took off.  When they got back to the house…Sara pushed Mark into the shower, while she ran downstairs and cleaned up the blood…she couldn’t help but laugh out loud, he’d bought it…hook, line and sinker…that dumb dog was finally out of her hair…she had gotten him pretty good…he was definitely going to die from blood loss if not some kind of internal damage.


 Alex might have been a good Vet, but she wasn’t God.  Sara smirked at her own thoughts…Alex wasn’t God, and that would play in Sara’s favor…BIG TIME!


Mark would be mad because his precious new friend couldn’t save his best friend in the whole wide world…Mark had had that dumb dog since he was 25…The dog was old to begin with…Sara nodded inwardly, deservingly happy with herself and said, “Sam was gonna die eventually from old age…I just helped him…I ended his miserable old asses suffering.  He’ll thank me…eventually.”


Jenny the Rotwieler, walked over and was smelling the blood from Sam, as Sara was trying to clean it up…Sara put her fingers in the blood and wiped it on Jenny’s snout, Jenny kept pawing at her snout trying to get the blood off…Sara laughed and jerks Jenny’s head to her as she wiped the blood off with a towel and said, “You’re next you little bitch…I promise you…Make sure you enjoy sleeping on the bed, cause the next time his back is turned…you’re going to be history as well…I swear it!”


Chapter 8


I spent the next 4 hours in surgery trying to repair the damage done by the bullet.  Though things inside the dog, just didn’t seem right…where there should have been holes weren’t, and where the holes we’re is where they shouldn’t have been…if the gun went off when it hit the floor…and Sam was hit in the side, the entrance and exit holes would be diagonal to each other…the entrance hole would be on the bottom side of Sam’s stomach and the exit hole would either go straight through to the other side or up…


After I re-examined the X-rays and the dog again after surgery the entrance hole was high…nearly on top of his back…and the path to the exit hole was closer to the bottom of his belly…which just didn’t match up with what Sara had said.


Harry walked in and said, “What’ca think boss?”  I said, “It’s weird…I mean look at the x-rays…you see it…the entrance and exit holes are on the wrongs ends of each other…it should be the other way around…it’s almost as if Sam was laying on his stomach…which he doesn’t do around Sara…he doesn’t like her…he doesn’t want her to pet him, let alone scratch his belly…something really weird is going on here…either that dog shot himself, or Sara is full of shit.”


Harry said, “You don’t think Sara could have had something to do with this do you?”  I looked at Harry and said, “Do me a favor…call the AP (Animal Precinct)…if Sara did harm to this dog she’s got to be arrested…”  Harry said, “Are you gonna say it?”  I looked at Sam…he wasn’t doing to good, but it was close…it was up to Sam to fight now.  I looked at Harry and said, “Sara, shot him.  How could she be so cruel?”  Tears slid down my cheeks and I checked Sam’s vitals…they were strong, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.


I sat down next to Sam, and never left him during the night…I fell asleep on  my stool, with my hand on Sam’s side, feeling him breathe…staring into his big brown eyes…Harry left to call the ASPCA…short for America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Yea, it’s a shock…even animals have rights too.


I had fallen asleep next to Sam…in the morning, Harry woke me up…Sam had died in the middle of the night…There was just too much internal damage and way too much blood loss.  I stood up and was removing the tubes and machines from Sam…Jack walked in the room and said, “Mark and Sara are here.”  I said, “Harry finish up…I’m gonna go talk with Mark.” 


Jack said, “The ASPCA is waiting in the back…they’ve already gone over Sam’s x-rays and found you’re readings to be right on the mark…they said someone shot him from up above…not below.”  I nodded and walked out into the lobby of the clinic that was attached to the stables…


Mark and Sara were sitting down waiting for me…Mark stood up when he saw me walk in and said, “How is he doc?”  I said, “Sara, are you coming?”  Sara just shook her head no…and I was thinking of some torturing devices we could put her in…something along the lines of fingers in a vise grip and nails through her eye lids…


Chapter 9


Mark followed me to the back and before even got to the room, tears were sliding down my cheeks…Mark didn’t miss the sniffle that came from me. 


Just as we were about to walk in the room, Mark grabbed my wrist and I didn’t even fight him, he pulled me back and into his chest and held me…I couldn’t help but cry.  Mark said, “He died didn’t he?”  I said, “I’m so sorry Mark, I swear I tried everything I could…I did everything humanly possible…the damage was so bad…and we couldn’t replace the blood he’d lost…his body was rejecting the new blood we were giving him.  I’m sorry Mark…I tried to make him as comfortable as possible before he died…he wasn’t feeling any pain, I promise…”


Mark’s hand was on the back of my head and he kissed the top of my head and said, “Its okay Lexy…I know you tried…Can I see him?”  I nodded against his chest and wiped my eyes…Mark took my hand and kissed the back of it and I led him to the room, and Mark walked in and was looking over Sam…I said, “Mark, you wasn’t in the house at all when the gun went off was you?”  Mark said, “No, I had closed the door and was about to step off the porch, when it went off…I went back inside and Sara was standing just inside the kitchen and ran to his side…the gun was laying behind the door.”


In a shaky voice, I said, “Mark…I think you should know something.”  Mark looked up at me and realized something important was about to fly out of my mouth.  Mark said, “What is it Lexy?”  I looked down and said, “There was no way that the gun went off when it hit the floor…”  Mark stood up from the stool and said, “What are you talking about?”  I said, “The entrance hole of the wound…if it was shot from the floor, the entrance wound would be closer to the bottom of his belly right?  (Mark nodded yes)  Well, I’ve examined Sam and went over all of his x-rays about a hundred times, and so did Jack and Harry…the entrance wound is in the middle of his back, about ¾ of an inch from his spine…Now unless Sam was laying on his back…there’s no possible way that could of happened that way…the Law of Physics just won’t allow it.”


Mark said, “Are you trying to tell me Sara shot Sam?”  I couldn’t even answer, I just nodded.  Mark said, “Why on earth would Sara do that, she loves animals.”  I said, “Not as much as you think she might…I’m telling you the Law of Physics doesn’t permit that kind of bullet wound to happen…It’s not like there’s anything metal the bullet could have ricocheted off and then struck Sam in the back…it’s impossible…every thing in your house is concrete, brick or wood…which all let bullet’s settle in them…except metal.  Metal makes bullets ricochet harder and faster.”


Mark said, “So you really think she did?”  I said, “Yea, and so does the ASPCA…They’ve been here since dawn, going over the x-rays…and Sam…they said I’m right…they are going to arrest Sara for Abusive behavior to animals.  She’s gonna get about 5 years, granted because it’s only a dog…I’d be worse if he was a human.”  Mark said, “I think I’m gonna be sick.”  I said, “I don’t blame you…”  I walked over and wrapped my arm around his and leaned my head against his shoulder.  I kissed his bi-cept, and he leaned over and kissed the top of my head a couple of times.


Chapter 10


Harry came in and said, “Doc, Sara took off.”  Mark slammed his fist into the table and said, “Son of a Bitch.”  I put my hand over his fist, as he looked down into my eyes and I said, “Go get her…I’ll stay here…Maybe she’ll come back.”  Mark gave me a quick kiss on the lips and took off with the officers of the ASPCA.


I was cleaning up the room and trying to put Sam away…that way Mark could do with him what he wanted to do.  A cold voice from behind me said, “You just couldn’t keep your nose outta my business…could you?  You just waited for me to leave for California, before you moved in and got your hands on Mark…well you can’t have him…I will not give him up with out a fight you fuckin’ bitch.” 


I went to turn around to ignore her, but she back handed me…I ran my tongue along the inside of my cheek, and I could taste the tang of the copper…the bitch drew blood…I smirked…and he grabbed my arm and pulled out a scalpel and pulled her arm around my neck and said, “Start walkin honey, you’re my ticket outta here.”  I said, “Why did you do it Sara…why did you shoot Sam?”


Sara said, “I fuckin’ hate animals, and I especially hate dogs…they are so much more loyal then their god damn owners…like with you and Mark…I’ve seen the way he’s been looking at you, since I’ve been back…you know he used to give me that look too…that I really wanna fuck your brains out look…I haven’t seen that look in months…and all he talks about is you…like your some god or savior…or something…but you’re not god…I’m gonna show him you bleed just like the rest of them do.”


I was trying to talk Psycho Sara down out of her insanity trip…but nothing was working…we walked outside and the officers of the ASPCA and Mark surrounded us…Sara had this flipped out loop in her eyes…like she was on some kind of drug or something…but she wasn’t…


Mark said, “Why’d ya do it Sara?”  She laughed in almost an evil sort of tone and said, “Shut the FUCK up Mark…I’m gonna prove to you and every one else here…she’s not God…you’ve been walking around the house like a god damn zombie…only talking about how talented and wonderful Lexy is…well she’s not god…she couldn’t even save that fuckin’ mutt of yours.”  Sara slid the scalpel up my right shoulder to my collar bone, and blood slowly surfaced.


Sara ran her hand through the blood and wiped it on my face and then she said, “See…look she bleeds just like everyone else…watch she’ll bleed a little more.”  Sara raised the scalpel up like she was going to stab me with it…and I grabbed her wrist with my left hand and spun around and pulled my right arm back and punched her as hard as I possibly could in the face…I must’ve broken her nose cause blood poured down the front of her face and shirt.


Sara dropped the scalpel, and dropped to the ground, screaming and calling me a ‘fuckin’ bitch’…because I busted her nose.  The ASPCA took her into custody and said they were taking her to the police station, for attempted murder on me…As soon as they pulled out of the drive way…Mark ran over and enveloped me into his arms…and walked me into the clinic, while he cleaned out the cut from the scalpel, and put a bandage on it…


Mark and I just decided we were happy things could be normal now…but of course…what’s normal?


The End.