Chapter 1


“So how was your day?”

“It was pretty good…I missed you though.”

“I missed you too…I talked with Charly today.”

“Really how are she and Marc doing?”

“Not too bad…Charly’s pregnant…about 3 months…”

“Maybe we should talk about having one of our own…ya know…a rug rat.”

“Oh lord…a little John Cena running around…Are you completely insane?”

“Of course…I’d love to have a little Chase Cena running around also.”

Oooh…A boy and a girl huh…I really wish we could too…I love you Snookie.”

“I love you too, Boo.”

At least that’s how the conversation happens in her mind…Then, of course reality sets in…And she’s back to staring at her husband’s headstone…He was so young to be taken…

No one could’ve predicted that being jackknifed off a 10 foot stage onto some wrestling mats and a table could kill anyone. But it did. Chase remembered it like it was yesterday…almost because it was practically yesterday…It was 6 months ago.

John Cena, her husband being the ambitious one in the relationship was a professional wrestler for the WWE. Chase was a writer for the WWE. Somehow after falling in love in 3 short months and only having been married 2 years…It wasn’t enough time with John…She’d been robbed of everything with him.

Chase could still hear husbands’ laugh in the air. His smooth deep voice, that had just a hint of a Boston accent in it…She was still living in West Newbury, Massachusetts in their two story house down the street from his parents, brothers and other family members…They’d called and checked on her at least twice a day…But every day was the same answer…’I’m getting better’.

And every day is was still a lie…Chase Cena wasn’t getting any better…Her job had given her a 12 month leave of absence…And she knew she was no where near being what and who she was before the accident.

Chase looked at the tombstone that read:

John Felix Anthony Cena
Beloved Husband, Son, Brother and Cousin.

She traced his name on the stone over and over at least 20 times every day…She exhaled shakily as she leaned over and kissed the headstone, stood up and started walking back to the house…her house…Nope.

Their house.


Chapter 2


For the last 6 months, Chase had sat at home…Missing her husband like anyone would miss oxygen in their lungs. Chase sat staring at the phone and finally just leaned over and grabbed it and started dialing a familiar number she knew too well.

The voice on the other end said, “Titan Towers…How may I help you?” Chase said, “Hi Janice…This is Chase Cena…Can I speak with Stephanie please?” Janice said, “Oh, Mrs. Cena…How are you doing?” Chase smiled at the kindness and said, “Taking it one day at a time.” Janice said, “Very good…I’ll get Stephanie for you right away Mrs. Cena…Please hold.”

After a few short minutes on hold…the next voice said, “Chase…What on earth are you doing calling me?” Chase said, “Steph…I got to get out of the house…I need to come back to work before there’s nothing left of my mind. I can’t keep spending every day at the cemetery…It won’t bring John back…And John wouldn’t want me to be acting like I’m dead too.”

Stephanie said, “I dunno honey…Are you really sure this is what you want? I don’t want you to think you have to rush back into this…I mean…I don’t know what I mean…I can’t fathom what I’d do if it happened to me…I’d want to dye my hair black paint my face blue and lock myself in my home for at least 5 years.”

Chase couldn’t help laughing at her friend and said, “Stephanie…I’m okay honestly…I just can’t sit here another six months…I sat here for the first 6 months and went to his grave every day…I have conversations with his headstone…I’m expecting him to just start talking back to me when he’s not going to…ever…Lately I’ve been thinking of a way to pick a fight with him, just to make him sit up and argue back…But I can’t think of a single thing to fight with him about.”

Chase sighed heavily and continued, “Please Stephanie…Please…I loved the time off…I love having his family support me…but I want to be back with my family…I’ve worked for the WWE since I was a 17 year old brat with an attitude and a promising future with a starting career as an intern.”

Stephanie could hear the pleading voice of her friend who’d basically grew up with her on the road. Stephanie said, “Okay Chase…I get it…I’ll tell dad you’re coming back early by reasons of insanity…And I’ll have the travel planner send you a ticket for Monday.” Chase said, “I really appreciate this Steph…I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t get my life back into the swing of things.”

Stephanie said, “No problem…Just promise to relax before you have to leave Monday.” Chase said, “Okay…I promise…Thanks again Steph…See you Monday.” The girls said their goodbyes as they hung up.

3 days later, in a black skirt above the knees, 3 inch heeled black knee high boots and a red tank top and matching cardigan…with her waist length brunette hair in a bun on her head…Chase was standing in front of John’s headstone…

“I know it’s probably too soon to go back to work…but it’s either go to work and not lose my mind…or go crazy and me end up where ever you are…I love you…I always will…but I can’t sit around the house for another 6 months…I’ll go completely insane and take every one with me…and you know I will. See you in a few days.”

The honk of a taxi horn pulled Chase from her thoughts as she leaned over like always and kissed the headstone…then she walked over and climbed in on her way to the airport…Back to work it is.

Staying at home wasn’t the solution…no matter where she was…it would always hurt.

Chapter 3


The taxi pulled up in front of the Hilton hotel…She exited the vehicle as the driver pulled her rolling suit case out of the trunk…It was nice to be working again…well so far…tonight was just barely her first night…She was trying to stay positive about the whole thing.

After she checked in and went upstairs to her room…The front desk called and said her taxi was there to take her to the arena. She always did like Chicago…The people were so nice and prompt…never had anything rude to say. Chase grabbed her backpack with her laptop in it and headed down to the taxi.

Chase looked at the United Center Arena. She knew this wasn’t going to be easy…But it’s not like she expected it to be a snap. She walked through the back door and flashed her WWE writers badge at the security guard. She heard a familiar voice call her name as she turned towards the voice; Stephanie and Paul were walking up to her. Chase smiled as Stephanie and Paul both gave her hugs.

Steph said, “How was your flight?” Chase smiled and said, “It was fine Steph…You know that.” Paul smiled weakly and said, “If you need anything honey…Don’t hesitate to ask someone.” Stephanie said, “Everyone knows you’re coming back tonight…but we told them not to bug you with stupid questions and what not. C’mon you’re office is close to the gorilla pit.”

Chase nodded as she followed the couple down the hallway and into her office…Her desk and chair had been set up like always…There was a single long stem purple rose lying across her desk with a small white envelope under it. Chase walked over and pulled her laptop out, placed it on the desk and tossed her bag into one of the big drawers.

Chase picked up the rose and held it to her nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. The deep purple petals felt so soft against her lips…She placed it next to her laptop and opened the small envelope and pulled the card out…It said:

Missed you, Welcome back.


Chase smiled at the card…It was from John’s best friend Randy Orton. Randy had been one of the paul bearers at the funeral. Ever since her and John had started dating…she had gotten to be come great friends with all of his friends…Randy was no exception…Even after the funeral, he’d call her once a week to check up on her and make sure she didn’t need anything.

Paul took Stephanie’s hand and said, “Well leave you too it…Remember if you need anything, give someone a cal.” Paul winked at her and Chase said, “Thanks again you guys.” Paul tugged on Stephanie’s hand and she followed him out the door.

Chase sat down as she opened her laptop and immediately got to work…she was in charge of the Diva’s scripts for every Raw. Someone knocked on her office door…and Chase saved her work and said, “C’mon in.”

The office door opened and a instant smile came to Chase’s face at the person standing in her doorway.

Chapter 4


Randy Orton stood in Chase’s office doorway. Chase pushed away from the desk as Randy stepped further into the office and closed the door behind him. His blue eyes watched as Chase walked over and he opened his arms up and she immediately went to him. They stood there holding each other for a good 20 minutes.

Randy said, “How are you holding up?” Chase looked up and said, “So far…ok…First night back and Paul and Stephanie threatened everyone to leave me alone.” Randy chuckled and said, “Yea…I got the same threat.” Chase laughed and said, “And yet…you’re still here?” Randy said, “Paul doesn’t really scare me…He’s the one who threatened me…If it had been Stephanie I don’t think I would’ve even been bold enough to leave the rose and note.”

Chase pulled away and said, “That you for that…It was a nice welcome back.” Randy said, “Any time.” Chase walked over and sat on her desk and said, “So what have you been doing?” Randy said, “Just trying to keep up appearances and signings…They bounced me from Smackdown to Raw, to Smackdown and now back to Raw…I feel like a ball at a basketball game.” Chase couldn’t help but laugh.

Chase said, “How are you and Miss Keibler doing?” Randy said, “We decided to call it quits…She wanted to see other people while with me and you know me…If I’m dating someone I’m with them and no one else.” Chase said, “So I guess its back to being a playboy.” Randy smirked and said, “I don’t see that happening for a while…I think I’m just going to focus on my career for a while.” Chase said, “Yea…just don’t focus too hard…try having a little fun.

Randy pushed off from his spot where he was leaning against the wall and said, “I’m going to get going…If you need anything call.” Chase nodded and said, “By the way Randy…” Randy stopped and looked back at his best friend’s wife and said, “Yea?” Chase said, “I’m ok.”

Randy walked over and hugged her tight to him again and said, “No you’re not…but you will be.” Chase said, “Thanks…I’ll see you later.” Randy nodded as he left the room.

The night went by faster then Chase thought it would…she was putting things away and came across a picture of her, John and Randy…They were sitting on an equipment trunk…Chase was laying down with her head in John’s lap and her legs were across Randy’s lap and all 3 were laughing. Chase tossed the picture back into the desk drawer and left for the hotel.

Chase relaxed in a bathtub full of bubbles and warm water, while she had a glass of wine to relax her insides, while the bath took care of her outside. After her bath she crawled into bed and hugged the second pillow in the bed that would’ve been John’s…somehow she could’ve sworn she smelt his cologne on the pillow as tears slowly slid from her eyes onto the white pillowcase.

I played the fool today
And I just dream
Of vanishing into the crowd
Longing for home again
But home, is a feeling I buried in you

I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe

And I can't ask for things to be still again
No I can't ask if I could walk
Through the world in your eyes
Longing for home again
But home, is a feeling I buried in you

I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe
I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe

My window through
Which nothing hides
And everything sings
I'm counting the signs
And cursing the miles
In between


And home…Is a feeling I buried in you
That I buried in you

I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe
I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe

When I breathe
Yeah it only hurts when I breathe
When I breathe
Oh it only hurts when I breathe

Chapter 5


Everything was finally started to get back on track with Chase…She’d been on the road with the WWE now for almost 3 months, things just seemed to be falling back into place.

Lisa Marie Varon better known as Victoria in the WWE had recently gotten engaged to Tyson Tomko and they were ready to get married and soon. Lisa was from San Bernardino, California and she and Tyson had agreed on getting married on Venice Beach…family and friends for the wedding would all be staying at the Hilton Hotel in Venice Beach.

Chase had come up with the idea of a Golf inspired Bachelorette party…Not to mention Chase went online and found a Golf drinking game for going to a bar…well several bars.

Chase decided it was time for a little bit of fun and decided to orchestrate the whole party two nights before the wedding, so Lisa was at least not hung over for her own wedding. All the girls were dressed head to toe in plaid skirts with matching sweater vests.

Chase stood at the end of the bar they rented out for the first 30 minutes and said, “Okay ladies…Since tonight is a Golf themed Bachelorette party…We have a Golf themed drinking game…It’s very simple, so here are the rules…Downing the shot is a hole in one…every time the glass touches your lips it’s a point against you whether you drink it or not. If you vomit it’s a 4 stroke penalty (Which mean you have to take 4 extra shots) But if you say FOUR before you vomit it’s only a 2 stroke penalty (2 extra shots instead of 4)…9 shots in 9 different bars…Who ever has the lowest score at the end of the night is declared the WINNER!”

After the first shots were poured, Chase held up her shot glass and said, “To Lisa and Tyson…CHEERS! Drink up ladies…we’ve got 8 more shots before we move onto the next 8 bars.”

Sitting in a Hilton hotel bar were pretty much every male from the WWE Company celebrating Tyson’s Bachelor hood coming to an end. The guys were pretty buzzed, but what they saw next would of made anyone piss their pants laughing…They watched as Lisa, Trish, Christy, Maria, Jackie, the newest Diva Ashley, and pretty much every other female in the company come stumbling and screeching through the lobby of the grand hotel…Drunker then a bum on any street…The only sober one…Chase Cena. Only because she had to drive.

Randy walked up to Chase and said, “How was it?” Chase looked up and noticed Randy’s eyes were glossy and she said, “You’re pissed ass drunk aren’t you?” Randy shook his head no and said, “No…But I do have a lovely buzz going on right now though.” Chase laughed as she said, “I’m gonna make sure Maria gets to her room, Go to yours and I’ll come check on you.”

All of a sudden Maria yelled, “FOUR!” And leaned over and puked into the nearest potted plant in the lobby.

Chase laughed as Chase said, “Boy am I glad the plant was there.” Randy looked down at Chase and gave her a one arm hug and said, “Oh the things we do for friends who are getting married.” Chase laughed as she hugged Randy back and then put her foot on his ass and shoved him towards the stairs and said, “Work off the alcohol…I’ll see you in 20.”

Randy nodded as he laughed and started up the stairwell. As Chase helped Maria onto the elevator up to her room…and watched as she stumbled in humming some song and kicked her shoe off and went into the bathroom…She washed the make up off half of her face and was staring at her reflection in the mirror. Suddenly she started crying…Chase followed her into the bathroom and said, “Maria, what’s wrong honey?”

Maria lifted Chases hand up and said, “You still wear your wedding rings…That’s so sweet…And yet so sad…I can’t believe John’s really gone…He was such a great guy…and you…You snagged up one of the best in the company. When I found out John died…I cried and cried…and cried…I couldn’t believe he was really gone…he was so much fun ya know…When we were dating we had a great time…He’s a great kisser…”

Chase wasn’t really paying attention to what Maria was saying she was starting to mumble…until she heard her say her and John had dated…Cause as far as Chase knew John had a policy about not getting involved with the Diva’s…Chase just figured Maria was too drunk to realize she was probably talking about someone else named John that she dated.

Maria stumbled into the bedroom and laid across her bed and passed out. Chase smiled and shook her head at her as she walked over and pulled her other shoe off and tossed it to the floor.

Chase was about to leave the room when she looked down and saw Maria’s purse on the floor where she’d dropped it…She picked it up and something fell out…Chase picked it up and it was a picture…when she looked a little closer it was a picture of Maria sitting naked on a naked guy kissing them…She looked again and it was Maria and John kissing…Both naked…Okay so they did date before Her and John got married.

Then she saw it…The same thing that made her gasp and her heart race…It was the little band of silver…The little band of silver on John’s left ring finger…The same band of silver Chase had given to him on their wedding day when they had exchanged vows. Chase tossed the picture into her own purse and left a snoring Maria.

Chapter 6


Randy was laying across his bed with his clothes still on when he heard someone knock on his door…He figured it was Chase…He got up and opened the door and he saw Chase sitting against the wall across the hallway from his door…She had her knees pulled into her chest and she was sniffling.

Randy went over and squatted down in front of her…she looked up and randy seen the tears sliding down her cheeks like a waterfall as he said, “Chase…What happened honey?” Chase calmed down for a minute…maybe not even that…Then she couldn’t hold it in any longer and started sobbing so bad it sounded like she was in excruciating pain.

Watch the sunrise
Say your goodbyes
Off we go
Some conversation
No contemplation
Hit the road

Car overheats
Jump out of my seat
On the side of the highway baby
Our road is long
Your hold is strong
Please don't ever let go Oh No

Randy moved around as he cradled her against his chest and carefully lifted her off the floor and walked back into his room and closed the door…He sat her on the bed, as he cradled her upper body against his chest…her whole body was shaking from head to toe…She hadn’t cried that hard when he went to her and told her John had died.

Chase had finally got calmed down enough and Randy had handed her some tissue as she wiped her eyes and nose as she pulled the picture out of her purse and handed it to Randy and said, “What do you know about this Randy…and don’t bullshit me…you were his best friend.”

I know I don't know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh no they can't

Randy saw the picture and hoped it wasn’t true…He started pacing in the hotel room and said, “We were all sitting around the guys locker room and we all started joking about the female fans and how they’d been throwing themselves at us on a nightly basis…And some of us were bullshitting…but after it was just me and John in the dressing room alone…John told me a few of the Diva contestants had actually begged to screw him and said if they’d put in a good word with Vince…that he could have sex with them whenever he wanted too.”

Randy ran his hand through his short brown hair and rubbed the back of his neck as he continued, “I badgered him for days about it to not fuck up the great marriage he had going with you…I bugged him for days and even weeks…and he finally said he’d made the right decision that you were always going to come first in his life…that not even his career could compare to what he had with you and that he’d never fuck up just to get from them what he could get from you anytime…Apparently by the looks of this picture we now know how Maria got her job…and that he was lying to me the entire time…”

I'm driving fast now
Don't think I know how
To go slow
Where you at now
I feel around
There you are

Cool these engines
Calm these jets
I ask you how hot can it get
And as you wipe of beads of sweat
Slowly you say "I'm not there yet!"

Randy walked back over to Chase who’d already had fresh tears sliding down her cheeks as he knelt on the floor in front of her and took her hands in his and said, “Chase…I swear on my life…If I would’ve known what he was doing…I would’ve told you…or stopped him…or fuck I don’t know…something…Hell anything…I’m so sorry I couldn’t see it coming.”

Chase sniffled as more tears poured out of her eyes as she said, “It’s not your fault Randy…apparently he only lies to best friends and his wife…I want to hurt her Randy…I want to hurt her so bad…The whole time she was screwing my husband she knew it was wrong…She fuckin knew it and didn’t try to stop him…I can’t get mad at him…He’s already dead…I can’t hit him or tell him how much I hate him right now, because the truth is I loved him so much, I probably would of never caught on to him cheating on me…I thought it could never happen…I thought we were supposed to be the favorite couple of the company.”

I know I don't know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh no they can't

Chase exhaled shaky and said, “I thought he loved me…This whole time I’ve been angry with God for taking him away from me too soon and us not getting to experience more things in married life together…When I should’ve been hating him and being happy he was dead. My life has been deteriorating since he died…For the last 9 months I’ve cried, and cried and cried and cried some more…and just when I thought I was finally done, I’d cry some more. I missed him so much…the first 6 months I sat in the cemetery and talked to his tombstone…and missed him and loved him…I spent sleepless nights walking the floors of our house because I couldn’t sleep without him by my side…”

Chase pulled a hand through her hair and said, “And now all I want to do is forget I ever met or married him…Forget I wasted 2 years of my life on a man who clearly didn’t love me back.”

I know I don't know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh no they can't…
Oh…Oh-oh…Yea- yea…Yea

Randy sat back down on the bed and pulled Chase into his arms…Listening to her as she cried herself to sleep…It nearly killed him…He couldn’t believe what little respect or love his best friend had for his own wife. Randy pulled himself to lay completely across the bed taking Chase with him.

Randy knew everyone had secrets, some could keep them, some couldn’t…He never thought John would keep a secret so big and turn around and lie to everyone. Randy had his own secret, but he would never tell anyone…not even the angel lying in his arms…No matter how long he’d been in love with her.

He could never tell Chase how he really felt about her.

Chapter 7


It had been a couple of days since Chase had found out about John and his extracurricular activities. Chase stood in the cemetery looking at her husband head stone…All she could do was glare at it…She wanted to just blow it into a million pieces and throw the pieces into the garbage…She couldn’t think straight and the half a bottle of Vodka she had in her system right now was really starting to get to her.

Chase couldn’t help but wonder if John had been screwing anyone else other then Maria. Chase tipped the vodka bottle in her hand up and downed the remainder half of the liquid and threw the bottle at John’s head stone and watched it shatter into pieces.

Chase started walking back to the house and pulled her cell phone out as she got into the house and laid across her bed, she called John’s mom. Catherine answered the phone, “Cena residence.” The only thing Chase could say was, “You know your son John…well…he was a bastard.” Chase started giggling and dropped her phone on the hard wood floor in her bedroom.

Catherine wasn’t sure what to do when she looked at the caller id and saw Chase and John’s house number…Catherine was chewing on her bottom lip when her son Sean walked into the kitchen and kissed his mother’s cheek and said, “What’s up mom…Who was on the phone?” Catherine said, “I think it was Chase…but she didn’t sound like herself…will you do me a favor and go over and check on her please.” Sean nodded as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the door.

Chase in the mean time had crawled out of bed and pulled the shoe box out from under the bed and found the manila envelope that had all of John’s stuff in it…She pulled out his cell phone and the wall charger and plugged everything in and then turned it on as it charged.

Chase stared at in for a minute as she started going through the phone book of the little Nokia phone. She found all the numbers of the Search Diva’s who hadn’t won the contest, but were hired afterwards for a few shows…For someone who claimed to not get involved with the Diva’s of the company…she sure did have all their phone numbers for no reason.

Chase then went through all his in and out going calls…there were maybe 5 to her in each list, but the rest were half the Diva search girls.

Sean got to the house and knocked by the front door pushed open and he saw Chase’s car in the drive way and walked into the house…He started looking all over the house for her worried something might have happened to her…He finally found her sitting on the floor of the bedroom. Sean said, “Chase…The front door was open…Is everything ok?” Chase looked up at him and said, “Sure…What’s ok?”

Sean walked over and squatted down in front of Chase and said, “What’s wrong?” Chase reached up on the night stand and handed Sean the picture of John and Maria. And then handed over the cell phone. Sean saw it all and he was just as shocked about it all as Chase was when she found out. Chase pushed herself up from the floor…her drunk state had passed a long time ago…all she was really feeling was pain.

Chase walked into the bathroom and got into a tub full of warm water and bubbles…as Sean left the house, leaving the cell phone and picture on the bed. Chase got out of the tub an hour later and fell asleep in bed…trying to forget everything she’d learned about her husband in the last few days.

Chapter 8


- -3 Months Later - -

It had been a year since John’s death. Since then the rosters had been shaken up…Maria had been let go from Raw, when Stephanie found out about her and John. Then sending David Bautista and Randy over to Smackdown along with Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme…Chase had even found herself being moved to Smackdown cause the Diva’s needed to be shaken up a bit.

Chase was walking around her office in the arena…Everyone was going out later just to calm down or get really drunk and try to forget why they were so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Chase finally picked up the couple of scripts she had and walked down the hallway. Chase was aware of how close she and Randy were becoming…But they definitely weren’t ready for anyone else in the company to know.

Chase turned the corner and bumped into someone…when she looked up…It was Mark Callaway, also knock as the Undertaker. He had been the one who jackknifed John off the stage to meet his untimely death. Mark looked down and said, “Sorry Chase…I didn’t see you there…I thought you were on Raw.” Chase nodded and said, “Yea, I was…but they decided to move me to Smackdown…So I’ll be here for only God knows how long.”

Mark said, “Look darlin’ I know we haven’t talked about the whole thing with John and I really think we should.” Chase touched Mark’s forearm and said, “Mark…Please don’t…I don’t want to talk about it…I don’t even want to think about it anymore…It was a year ago and as cold as it may sound…I’m over it…and more importantly I’m over him. I don’t blame you Mark…Accidents happen…shit happens…And when you find out your husband of 2 years has been secretly screwing every Diva search contestant, who actually made it on the show…you tend to not really give a shit if he’s dead or not.”

Mark touched Chase’s shoulder and said, “Are you sure about that darlin’?” Chase looked up at the almost 7 foot tall man and said, “I found a picture 6 months ago, then started investigating on my own…His cell phone records…and I even found more pictures…actually there was hundreds of pictures…I was cleaning house one day and went to flip the mattress…and he had been hiding them all between the mattress and box springs. For a long time I didn’t know what to do…But when I found those pictures…it all became so clear to me.”

Mark said, “What did you do?” Chase said, “I burned every picture I found with him and some other woman, and then I burned every picture of me and him in the house…Because everything our relationship was based off was nothing but a lie…I took all of John’s pants, jeans and shorts and gave them to the good will, and took all his jerseys, company t-shirts and company hats and sold them.”

Chase sighed and ran a hand through her hair as she continued, “I only kept one picture…our wedding picture…because I just couldn’t bring myself to burn it…I put it in his baby album his mother had given me and it’s in a box in storage with anything else that had to do with him, that I couldn’t part with. I sold the house we lived in…I still live in West Newbury, because I’m still close to his family…But I wasn’t about to live in a house that I couldn’t stand being in anymore. I love him, I always will…but I’m in hate with him, I would’ve never found out he was screwing around, because he would’ve never told me…I lost all respect for him that is humanly possible…And I will never feel any different about him, even if he were to come back to life tomorrow and say he was sorry and begged for forgiveness…Because there are just some things that someone can do to you in life…that just aren’t forgivable.”

Mark pulled Chase into his arms and hugged her tightly…She returned the embrace. She pulled away and softly said bye as she walked away to deliver the other scripts.

Last that night…Everyone was at the club…most were shit faced…a few were buzzed…a hand full had already gone back to the hotel and then there was Randy and Chase. They’d been talking the entire time…and a beautiful slow song came on as it slid through the speakers and across the dance floor…As Randy pulled Chase onto the floor and he wrapped her up in his arms, and she buried her face in his neck…holding onto him like she never wanted to let go. They let the music take control of them.

When I look at you
I see the souls
Of our unborn children
If I reach for you
Will you take my hand
Are you willing
You turn more than the music on
But will you be there by my side at the dawn
Then I'll say

All right…I give in
I will dance with you
Just this one time
And all night
We will turn and spin
Then stand eye to eye at the sunrise
And you offer love
And it all begins when I say
All right…I give in

If I sing for you
Would it be the sweetest sound
You've ever heard
And if I pray for you
Will you know that
I believe in every word
You build me a house on stone
Will you promise me
I'm never gonna be alone
Then I'll say...

All right…I give in
I will dance with you
Just this one time
And all night
We will turn and spin
Then stand eye to eye at the sunrise
And you offer love
And it all begins when I say
All right…I give in

You turn more than the music on
But will you be there
By my side at the dawn
Then I say...

All right…I give in
I will dance with you
Just this one time
Oh, and all night
We will turn and spin
Then stand eye to eye at the sunrise
And you offer love
And it all begins when I say
All right…I give in

I give in…Oh I give in

I give in…Oh I give in

When the song was over Randy looked down at Chase…and said, “Ready to get out of here?” Chase looked up and said, “Please.” Randy took her hand in his as he led her off the floor to get her purse and then out the door.

Chapter 9


Once back at the hotel…They laid across the bed for a few minutes…trying to relax…but they both soon realized, relaxation was NOT coming…

Randy pulled them both from the bed, then lifted here into his arms and took them into the bathroom...They got in a tub with as warm water and bubbles filled the huge tub...Chase sat with her back against Randy’s chest as they just sat in each others arms...

Chase had lit several candles in the bathroom. The candlelight off her skin gave her a creamy look. His breathing was hard, his body tingling with anticipation of her small hands being on his hard body. They allowed the hot fragrant water to lap over their bodies. Her fingers making wet trails over his arms, tracing the tattoos covering his biceps. Memorizing the feel of his body, loving the sound of his ragged breathing.

She took his silken finger tips and ran them down her arms. He then took the initiative and ran them over her body, loving the feel of her on his fingertips. He leaned up to kiss her lips, her face, not leaving any area unkissed. Then down to her neck and the sensitive collarbone area. Her senses were filled with him. His soft gentle touch and his heated kisses soon had her whimpering with desire. Randy growled out, “I need you baby.”

"Randy...Make love to me...I need you." Her simple plea broke his resolve. He stood up with her in his embrace. He got out of the bathtub and without taking his eyes from hers, took a large fluffy bath towel and started slowly sensuously rubbing the towel over her body, paying close attention to her breasts, then lower between her legs.

She shivered as he drew the towel around her back, over her bottom to softly dry the damp skin there. Her skin had a soft flushed look to it. Her breathing beginning to be labored as she struggled for some control of the desire that was streaking through her body. Trying to make him want her as much as she wanted him.

Chase took the towel away from him and slowly started a sensual journey over his body, rubbing the towel over him. He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of her small hands and the soft cotton of the towel on his body. Repeatedly running her hands up and down his body, over and over, teasing his senses, but never touching that part of him that really needed touching.

His eyes held her captive as she continued this torture of his body. His eyes were now black with desire, his breathing labored as if he had just finished working out.

She licked her lips to moisten them, her pink tongue barely wetting them. This small gesture was his total undoing. He scooped her up in his arms, her own arms tightening around his neck.

He moaned into her hair, "God help me...I want you." he moaned again as he swiftly carried her to the bed and deposited her softly in the middle of it.

"Please, baby..." he said. He was kissing her mouth, her breasts, loving the way she was pleading with him to end this torture.

He could finally take no more, joining them in a dance as old as time! Randy slowly slid his erection into Chase…and started slowly moving in and out of her…and she couldn’t help but whimper for him to go faster, begging almost pleading for him to just ravage her body…and make her his for the rest of their married lives…The end results were explosive!

His breathing slowly returned to normal, his muscles were still twitching from the after shocks of their powerful joining. He eased out of her slowly and pulled her in to his embrace, her arms and legs locking on to him, as if he might try to get away. They talked about what the hell they were going to do...Get together...Or just ignore what they just did the next morning…They just decided to decide on it in the morning.

As Randy pulled Chase into his arms and he started to fall asleep, she sighed and her even breathing told him she was asleep…As the most peaceful night of his life slipped him into dreamland.

Chapter 10


The following morning, the sun felt warm on Chase’s face…her head was resting on Randy’s chest…She moved around a bit and opened her eyes…She seen Randy’s chest rising and falling with his calm breathing pattern. Chase looked up at his sleeping face…she still felt his hand on her hip.

Chase moved up a little in the bed and placed a small kiss on Randy’s lips…Randy’s blue eyes slowly started opening…his eyes moved all around trying to remember what happened the night before…Until he looked down and saw his best friend’s widow in his arms. Chase smiled up at Randy and Randy couldn’t help but return the smile.

Randy said, “So…What do we do now?” Chase smiled and said, “Up to you.” Randy laughed and said, “Why me?” Chase sat up and reached over pulling Randy’s shirt on and buttoned it up and sat facing Randy…Her cold feet slid under his shoulder as his arm went around her legs and ended up on her thigh. Chase said, “Because I know what I want…I just want to know if what you want is the same thing as me.”

Randy sat up and said, “Why wouldn’t I want the same thing as you? Especially with as cute as you look in my shirt.” Chase laughed and said, “C’mon I’m being serious.” Randy smirked and said, “Me too…Have you seen yourself in my shirt? It’s a good look for you…but only you could pull it off.”

Chase said, “Randal Keith Orton!” Randy fell back on the bed laughing and said, “You did not just rip my full name like my mother does.” Chase smacked Randy in the stomach as she got up and sat straddled across his pelvis. Randy pulled his shirt off her as he stood up with her legs wrapped around his waist and in all their naked glory he walked them into the bathroom…where they had a nice a shower.

After he dried her body off and himself, he lifted her into his arms again and carried her into the bedroom...He softly placed her in the middle of the bed.

Randy stood back up, leaned over her and kissed her mouth, then trailed warm, wet, soft kisses down her neck, down the valley between her breast…over as he took her nipple into his mouth as he sucked with a fever pitch…and nibbled and then crossed over giving her other nipple the same treatment…The whole time listening to her moaning his name in small gasps and whispers…Blissful music to his ears.

Feeling his lips and tongue against her skin was practically her undoing…

Randy kissed and nibbled lower and tugged on her navel ring with his teeth…he could smell her arousal and it was simply intoxication…he was drunk with arousal himself, he could feel his cock painfully expanding bigger and bigger and pushing against the thigh…as Randy got to his knees, he was eye level with her sweet smelling pussy.

Randy slowly spread Chase’s legs open and then grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until only her ass was on the bed, he slowly kissed the insides of her thighs and then slowly started to trace her delicate folds with his tongue as his hands slid up her thighs and slowly came to rest on her knees as he pushed them further apart. His tongue snaked out and brushed her clit and she moaned his name a little louder…he slowly started lapping at her clit with his tongue and lips as he slowly slid two fingers into her dripping center…

Randy could hear her fingers digging into the sheets of the bed as he could feel her walls starting to clamp down around his fingers…and she begging him for release…he started working his fingers faster and harder and his tongue was making her absolutely crazy…He finally heard her scream out his name as her orgasm raked through ever nerve end and muscle in her body as he drank up ever ounce of cum her body gave him. After Randy cleaned her up from top to bottom and licked his fingers clean…

Chapter 11


Randy slowly got to his feet and captured her lips with his…Chase could taste herself on his tongue and lips…Randy sucked her tongue into his mouth…Chase reached down and started running her hands all over his back and arms…Randy looked into her eyes...She touched his face and he took her hand and kissed the palm of it and slid it down his body and against his erection and said, “You feel that?”

Chase couldn’t speak…He was HUGE…Much bigger then the night before…She was at a loss for words all she could do was nod…Randy said, “That’s the second time you made me that hard…the first time was last night…and just now listening to you scream while you was cumming in my mouth.”

Chase slowly started kissing his lips and ran her thumb over the head of his cock…Randy pulled her hand away from him and said, “Today is all about you.” Chase said, “Why?” Randy said, “Because last night was more about sex, then anything…Right now I want to make love to you for the first time.”

Randy slowly slipped his body between her thighs as he asked her if she was really ready, Chase kissed him lips softly and nodded yes. Randy slowly and careful started sliding himself into her...they both groaned at the contact. Once he was all the way inside of her, he sat still letting her adjust to his size...Chase could feel herself stretched completely around him, but loved the feeling of being so full.

Randy slowly started kissing her lips as he started working his hips...Chase wrapped her legs around his waist...Randy laid between her thighs…then just started thrusting in and out…She absolutely loved feeling Randy’s huge strong body on top of hers…

Randy was thrusting into her so hard…She’d never felt so much pleasure in all her life…She was so caught up into having this man buried deep inside of her…She never noticed that their hips were crashing together as She met him thrust for thrust…Randy grabbed her waist and rolled over with her straddled on top of him and said, “Ride.”

Chase laced her fingers with his as she started riding him hard…She wanted him to feel as much pleasure as she was feeling when he was on top of her…pretty soon…Randy’s hips were coming up off the bed to crash into hers to make the impact more intense…

They were both out of breath…In short gasps Randy said, “God, you don’t know how long I wanted to feel my cock deep inside of you…makes me insane…thinking about it and then feeling it…”

Chase kept slamming down on top of him and said, “I know…I was waiting too…too feel you going deep and hard into me…God you feel so good inside of me…” Randy grabbed her hips and flipped them back over and said, “Cum for me baby.”

Chase whimpered at the dirty talk…his voice was so low and the thoughts that went through her head…especially when he would whisper about his cock being inside of her…he pushed her legs apart and started thrusting harder and deeper…

The last couple of thrusts and Chase flew over the edge screaming…With a very loud yet deep growl, She felt Randy empty himself into her…Randy held himself up and they just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until their breathing regulated…

Randy pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her lips softly and said, “I love you.” Chase wanted to cry, no one had made her feel so much in such a short period of time and was sincere about it...She kissed his lips with a fevered pitch and said, “I love you too.”

Randy moved to the side of her and pulled her into his arms...they laid in bed lazy for the rest of the day and fell asleep later that night.

Chapter 12


Chase moved around in bed as she was slowly waking up from the wicked dream to the phone ringing in her ear…She’d fallen asleep again in the spare room with her cell phone under her pillow. Chase pulled her phone out from underneath the pillow and flipped it open and said, “Morning.” The familiar voice of her husband came over the line and said, “Morning baby.”

Chase sat up and smiled at the thought of her husband. She said, “When are you coming home?” His smiled could be heard over the phone as he said, “2 days…I’ve got a couple of autograph sessions…then I’ll be home and have you in my arms for the remainder of the week.”

Chase laughed and her husband didn’t miss the echo of the room she was in. He said, “You’re in the spare room again aren’t you?” She said, “Okay fine you busted me…I hate trying to sleep in that big bed without you. And since there’s only a single bed in the spare room…I just sleep easier.”

He smiled at his wife’s cuteness…They’d been married two years and nothing ever changed between them...Well except the addition to the family they had 6 months ago. Chase heard the familiar cry of their 6 month old son and said, “You hear that…your son is awake…and it’s your entire fault.” He couldn’t help but laugh and said, “How is it my fault?” Chase laughed and said, “Well…isn’t it obvious? You’re the one who got me pregnant!” He said, “Hey I married you before that…We did it traditionally.”

Chase said, “Randall Keith Orton! I don’t care if we would’ve been married or not when we had Adrian…I love you just the same.” Randy laughed and said, “Well that’s good…I love you too baby…I’ll be home in two days.” Chase said, “Okay…See you then.” They said their good-byes as Chase got up and walked into her son’s room.

Chase smiled down at her little boy…She couldn’t believe he was already 6 months old…His blue eyes were staring back at her…She lifted him out of his crib and carried him over to the changing table and changed him then took him down to the kitchen and popped a bottle in the microwave and then rocked him in the chair in the living room and watched his blue eyes focus on her as he ate…and she cuddled him in her arms.

2 days later, it was extremely overcast…it started raining sometime around noon and because it was thundering and lightening out, Chase couldn’t get Adrian to let her put him down…He was fastened to her hip and both of his small fists were gripping her t-shirt. She had on her jeans and a red form fitting long sleeved t-shirt with her hair up in a pony tail and she had Adrian in his navy blue sweats with the matching hooded sweatshirt…

Chase had walked the wooden floors in the St. Louis house trying to calm him…She’d been able to get him to play pee-a-boo with her…Well…Only until a cloud clap of thunder scared him into grabbing on to her and not letting go. She knew Randy would be able to calm him down…but his flight had been delayed for 2 hours because of the rain storms.

Chase had finally gotten one hand loose from her t-shirt and was placing soft kisses on it when he wrapped his tiny fingers around her index finger. She thought she head a noise upstairs…and figured it was the French doors going out to the small balcony off her and Randy’s room, because it always slipped if it wasn’t shut tight…and if the wind was pretty bad she’d usually have to push the chair in the corner in front of it.

Chase walked up stairs and there was enough light in the room as she moved around it…which both were closed, but she didn’t think anything of it…and pushed the chair over to the doors with her legs. While walking back over to the door out of the room, she stepped in something cold as she mentally and internally freaked out because it was water…And the doors had NOT been opened.

Chase stopped near the light switch and clicked it on…She looked down and saw water foot prints near the French doors…She leaned over and placed Adrian on the bed…he’d calmed down enough…as she reached over and picked up the metal baseball bat sitting next to the bed. She walked closer to the French doors where the water footprints were…

She looked down and saw sneakers below the curtains…She didn’t even think for two seconds as she swung the bat…Something stopped the bat. When Chase looked up she paled noticeably…There was a large hand on the end of the bat, which would be what had stopped it from making contact. The figure was so big…she was seriously starting to get worried now…

The figure pushed the curtains out of the way and standing in front of and staring back at her was…


Chapter 13


Chase stood there…She couldn’t help it…Her dead husband was standing there looking at her…her dead husband who had been DEAD for 4 years…and I’m not talking lost at sea dead…I’m talking about body went through a table and bleed out at a hospital and was pronounced dead…dead-dead.

The cries of Chase’s 6 month old son broke her stunned state and thoughts. Chase turned to the 6 month old on the bed and lifted him into her arms. She turned back around when the bat fell into the chair…She did a triple take just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

All of a sudden, Randy appeared at the bedroom door and said, “I thought I’d find you up here.” He walked over and leaned down giving Chase a kiss…When she said nothing he noticed the pale look she had and then he saw something moving around from the corner of his eye as he looked over and was suddenly aware of why his wife was so silent.

Randy said, “Son of a…” But was stopped short when Chase touched his arm…She said, “Take Adrian. Go down stairs and see if you can calm him down…The storm has really been bothering him.” Randy said, “But…” Chase looked up and said, “Please.” Randy was aware of the yelling that was getting ready to take place…Though he could imagine she’d probably get in a good couple of punches also.

Randy carefully took his son from Chase and cradled him against his chest and kissed the top of his head softly…as he turned and left the room…He knew what ever was said had to be said.

Chase watched as Randy left and John stood there…He finally broke the silence after 10 minute and said, “Say something Chase.” Chase could feel the tears welling in her eyes as she said, “You bastard…What…The hell…Is going on?” John said, “Well…Obviously I didn’t die…But maybe I should start from the beginning…or at least from the parts you know.”

Chase nodded furiously and said, “Oh yea…you might wanna start talking right now.” John started to walk closer to Chase, but she put her hands up and said, “No…You’re close enough to me…Just talk.” John said, “I know you know about my cheating…and I know you found the pictures…I watched you burn them that day…along with everything else that you didn’t give away or sell…While I was only screwing Maria…she fell in love with me…and when I told her I wasn’t divorcing you for her…she freaked out…”

Chase said, “Only screwing? It’s like only smoking crack…Only getting your dick cut off…Only fucking up my life…” John said, “Can I just finish please?” Chase said, “Sure…What’s stopping you…Go ahead and finish your story. I ONLY thought you were dead for 4 YEARS!...Dead John…D-e-a-d…Dead…You don’t come back from that kind of shit.”

John said, “I had to fake my death and go under police protection…as I was saying, Maria flipped out…she started threatening me…and she was threatening to kill you. To do anything in her power so she could be with me…I did it for you…I couldn’t bare if something happened to you…I love you so much.”

Chase said, “No…No…Correction…Loved…I think at one point during the marriage you did love me…but the second you couldn’t keep your dick out of those other women…you know the ones who weren’t your wife…which at the time was…oh…umm…ME…You’ll never understand how hurt I was…NEVER…Not in a million fuckin years. I found all those pictures you were hiding in OUR house…and all those numbers on your cell phone…And extra hotel bills and ALL THE FUCKIN SHIT YOU MANAGED TO COVER FROM ME WHEN YOU WERE ALIVE, THAT I HAD TO FUCKIN FIND WHEN YOU WERE DEAD!”

Chase said, “I HATE YOU!”

Chapter 14


Chase blinked and tears streaming down her cheeks like a waterfall. She said, “You will NEVER know what you did to me…I was so depressed and I watched my life go down the shitter every day you were dead…The first 6 months after your death I sat in the fuckin cemetery and stared at your headstone…talking to it…arguing with it…Just wanting some sign that it was all a bad fuckin dream and that you’d come home and wake me up…But you didn’t…and then I found out about the fuck buddies you decided to have...I wasted 2 years on you…2 FUCKIN YEARS!”

Got a date a week from Friday
With a preacher's son
Everybody says he's crazy
I'll have to see

I finally moved to Jackson when the summer came
I won't have to pay that boy to rake my leaves
I'm probably going on and on
It seems I'm doing more of that these days

I probably wouldn't be this way
I probably wouldn't hurt so bad
I never pictured every minute without you in it
Oh you left so fast
Sometimes I see you standing there
Sometimes it's like I'm losing touch
Sometimes I feel that I'm so lucky
To have had the chance to love this much
God gave me a moment's grace
Cause if I'd never seen your face
I probably wouldn't be this way

Chase was trying to calm down but the longer John stood in front of her…the madder and sadder she got at the same time…and the more tears came…Chase said, “In one week…you managed to fuck up everything in my life…Everything thought I believed in love, the sanctity of marriage…all my hopes and dreams of being in love with my husband…the love of my life…the man I wanted to have a million babies with and grow old with and DIE WITH! Everything I believed in was crushed in 1 week…I found the pictures first…couple of days later I found the cell phone…Last I found the separate hotel bills.”

John said, “I wish I could take it all back but I can’t.” Chase said, “You know what the bad part is…Even if you hadn’t faked your death and we’d still be married and you’d still be with those fuckin whores. I don’t get it John…What the fuck was so wrong with being married to me? I loved you more then anything else in my life…You didn’t love anyone but yourself…And you know the absolute worst part?”

John shook his head no and Chase said, “You made me hate God…I sat there for 6 months in that cemetery and hated him for taking you away from me…I hated him so much that I was waiting for Hell to swallow me whole for being such a blasphemer. I thought God really must hate me because he took the one thing in my life I couldn’t live without and wouldn’t give it back…Out of everything in my life John…when I married you…you were the most important thing to me…You were my soul mate…my other half…You were my everything…”

Mama says that I just shouldn't speak to you
Susan says that I should just move on
You oughta see the way these people look at me
When they see me round here talking to this stone
Everybody thinks I've lost my mind
But I just take it day by day

I probably wouldn't be this way
I probably wouldn't hurt so bad
I never pictured every minute without you in it
Oh you left so fast
Sometimes I see you standing there
Sometimes I feel an angel's touch
Sometimes I feel that I'm so lucky
To have had the chance to love this much
God gave me a moment's grace
Cause if I'd never seen your face
I probably wouldn't be this way

I probably wouldn't be this way

Chase sighed as more tears slid down…She continued, “You didn’t want to divorce me for her…but yet, you didn’t love me enough to stop fucking her to be with me. How fucked up is that John?
What the fuck do you want? Why are you even here? I moved on…I buried you 4 years ago…Got married 2 years ago…and had Randy and mine son 6 months ago…And you’re out of what ever is left of your fuckin mind if you think I’m gonna give up everything for something that was never there…I did that once already with you…I won’t do it again.”

John said, “You gave up everything? I gave up my life to save yours.” Chase said, “Yea? Big fuckin deal…I wasted two years on a husband I loved so much I would’ve DIED for…who never loved me back. Get out.” John said, “What?”

Chase said, “Get out of my life, my sight…EVERYTHING! I don’t want to see you ever again…If you come near me again…That coffin in West Newbury Cemetery will finally get the real body of John Felix Anthony Cena…And don’t think for one second I wouldn’t…Because I would do everything in my power to protect my husband and my son…you know…the people who at the end of the day don’t care what I look like, smell like...whatever…they just love me for me…and not for what I can or can’t give them.”

John didn’t know what to say…he walked out and down the stairs and Randy watched as he walked out the front door without even looking at him.

Got a date a week from Friday
With a preacher's son

Everybody says I'm crazy

Guess I'll have to see

Randy and actually gotten their son to sleep and placed him in the crib and went to check on Chase. Randy walked in the bedroom and the French doors were open and Chase was standing on the balcony in the rain…Her face pointed to the sky letting the rain wash away everything…Randy walked out and touched her hand…she spun around…and saw Randy as she went to his arms immediately…he held her as she cried. ..She really needed it…

Chapter 15


It was official, John, the writers and the McMahon family with the exception of Stephanie and Shane knew about John’s secret fake death. They pushed John onto Raw, because Randy specifically asked for it, so when Chase was on the road with him, she wouldn’t have to see him.

Vince understood the deeper meaning once Chase went to him and told him all of her reasons with Stephanie by her side. After listening to Chase he knew the best thing for everyone involved was to put John on Raw.

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

Chase sat on the leather couch in Randy’s dressing room…Adrian was sitting on her lap and was officially a year old. Randy was getting ready for his match and watching as Adrian laughed at Chase when she would make faces at him. He would giggle so hard his whole body shook.

Adrian’s deep laugh echoed in the room as Stephanie and Paul walked in…Paul couldn’t help it, but every time he came around, Adrian wanted to go to him, and Paul had no problem taking the little guy from Chase. Stephanie sat next to Chase and said, “So are you guys finally getting your life back on track?”

Randy leaned over the back up the couch as Chase looked up and kissed her husband’s lips softly and Randy said, “Slowly…it’s all starting to fall back into place.” Stephanie said, “So what did you call us in here for?”

And I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where
The yellow grass grows knee-high
So won't you try to come

Chase smiled and said, “I’ve decided I’m not coming back to work.” Paul looked up and said, “And deny us the pleasure of seeing you and Adrian?” Chase said, “No, no…I’ve just decided I really like being a mother and a wife more then writing scripts for over paid, princess Diva’s…Not to mention the fact that I’m pregnant again…So you’ll see us for a couple more months…”

Stephanie hugged Chase and said, “That’s so great…If I could just talk that one into kids.” Paul looked up from Adrian and said, “If you can promise they turn out like him…You can have as many as you want.” Stephanie said, “I promise.” Before Paul could get another word out.

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop lovin' you

Later that night, while Randy and Chase were facing each other while laying in bed…they had Adrian between them and he was a little fussy and staring at the ceiling…Randy leaned down and placed the softest of kisses on his sons head…and then leaned over and kissed his wife’s lips just as softly.

Chase smiled and said, “So you ready for another one of these?” Randy said, “Probably…You?” Chase said, “I’ll be ready for as many of these as you want to give me.” Randy chuckled and said, “I’m with Paul…You can have as many as you want…as long as they make you smile and glow like right now…I couldn’t ask for anything more in my life.”

Chase put Adrian in his crib and got back in bed as Randy wrapped his arms around her…Chase smiled softly and said, “I love you.” Randy said, “I love you too.”

I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

As they fell into a deep sleep in the night…all they could think about was the new baby and what else would be brought their way in life…Nothing could possibly make them as happy as their both were.

Probably nothing.

The End.