Chapter 1


Dear god…I know it’s been a while since we last spoke…okay so maybe it’s been longer then a while. I think the very last time we spoke I was still in diapers…you know begging you to let me learn how to walk, cause my bottom was beginning to get sore from falling back wards onto it.

I come to you now almost 21 years later, at 22 years old…begging you…no PLEADING to you…for you to let my new job go good…or as good as can be expected…

Every little bit helps.

I got a job at the WWE…which is the abbreviation for World Wrestling Entertainment. I work as an Executive Writer for the wrestlers…I basically make sure the scripts some how make sense enough to be done on TV and within legal limits…Obviously too much cussing is not allowed…but just enough to not piss off the censors.

BTW if you could throw in some hunky man to fall head over heals in love with I’d really appreciate it…I won’t promise to go to church more, cause people who do that never keep their promises…and I know with my new work schedule I won’t be able to keep the promises. And I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

So if you could please God. Let everything go as well as I hope it would…If not better.

Alyssa walked into the arena, wide eyes and scared to death…half the people walking around the hallway were about 90 million times bigger then her…yea that was definitely a slight over statement…but that’s what she felt like. She adjusted her laptop carrying case shoulder strap, and proceeded onward to Vince McMahon’s office.

A few people smiled at her but kept walking. She was making her way around the corner when she looked down at the ground for a split second. The next thing she knew she hit a wall…or what she thought was a wall.

My ass hit the concrete flooring of the arena. I groaned as I leaned over and rubbed my now sore bottom. A southern accented voice brought me out of my pain for a second when I heard it say, “Oh shit…I’m sorry darlin’.” That deep southern accented voice was enough to make my heart flutter.

Ally started at a pair of big black boots...and worked her way up some long legs encased in the tightest jeans she’d ever seen on anyone. She could’ve sworn they had been sown on. They were so tight people could tell what religion he was. Then next came these long tattooed arms from wrist to shoulders, next to a huge expand of a chest, that had on a black sleeveless jean shirt that said ‘Deadman Inc.’.

The giant of a man squats down and said, “Are you okay darlin’?” I shake the cob webs out of my brain as I suddenly find my voice and said, “I think so. My rear-end will be bruised but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” The man said, “C’mon let me help you up.” He takes my hand in his and as he stands up pulls me to my feet.

He says, “Is there somewhere I can show you too?” I said, “Yea, actually I have a meeting with Vince McMahon. My name is Alyssa Prezler.” I shake the giant mans hand as he says, “Mark Callaway...Are you new?”

As we started walking down the hall, I smiled and said, “Kind of...I’m the new Executive Writer.” Mark smirked and I almost past out. Mark said, “My character is the Undertaker.” I smiled and said, “I thought you looked familiar. I went to Boston College with Stephanie...We’ve been friends ever since...we used to watch the matches.” Mark said, “Got any favorites?”

Alyssa blushed and said, “A few.” Mark showed her to Vince’s office in the arena. Mark opened the door and said, “I’ll see you around Alyssa.” She smiled and said, “It was nice meeting you...Thank you.”

Alyssa watched as he walked back down the hall...Damn this job was going to be interesting.


Chapter 2


After meeting with Vince and singing the contract...Stephanie came up for a long hug...We hadn’t seen each other in 2 years since School was out.

We laughed and talked while following Vince to the conference room...There was meetings before Raw, Smackdown and Pay Pre-views. It was a Tuesday night Smackdown night. Stephanie and I sat on the table in front of the long wooden conference table...while Vince checked off which wrestlers were at the meeting and which he was going to bitch at for missing it.

Alyssa looked at the back of the table and saw Mark sitting there with his huge tattooed arms resting on his elbows on the table top. She was waiting for him to move his arms so she could check the table for indents.

Mark looked up towards the front of the table when he heard someone giggling...He looked over and standing next to Stephanie was Alyssa. She had to of been close to 5’10” and easily 125 maybe 130 lbs. With big beautiful blue eyes and waist length Ash brown hair with light sparks of blonde highlights through it.

Stephanie leaned over to Aly and said, “Hey...there’s a certain tattooed hottie in this room staring at you.” Alyssa stifled a laugh and said, “Stop...who’d what to look at me.” Steph smirked and said, “Obviously the big bad Undertaker.” Aly pushed her lightly and laughed.

Vince introduced Alyssa as Stephanie’s long time friend. Then he explained what Aly’s position in the company would be.

After the meeting everyone scattered to finish getting ready for Smackdown...Alyssa and Stephanie were walking down the hall and Mark was leaning against his door way with his arms crossed over his huge chest.

The girls stopped in front of Mark and Stephanie smirked at the look that Mark was giving Alyssa. Steph said, “Mark this is Alyssa Prezler, one of my best friends growing up.” Mark held up his hands and said, “No introduction necessary...I met Alyssa ya doing darlin’?”

Alyssa just about died...she could get used to hearing the man call her darlin’. She smiled and said, “Fine thank you...I’ll be a little sore tomorrow...but I’ll live.” Steph looked between the two of them and said, “What happened?”

I cleared my throat and said, “Well...I sort of ran into a brick wall earlier...or at least I was under the impression it was a wall...Imagine my surprise when I looked up and it was a person...actually it was Mark. To make a long story short...I landed on my ass...and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow...The second day is always the worst.”

Mark said, “I do apologize for not looking where I was going.” Alyssa said, “I think it was more my fault then yours.” Mark said, “Nonsense...I’m talking full blame for it...and to make it up to you...I’m taking you to dinner argument.”

Alyssa smiled and said, “How can I refuse an offer like that?” Stephanie said, “When it’s an offer from Mark, you can’t.” Aly said, “I better get going...I’m meeting with the writing team down the hall.” Mark watched her pull out a 1 X 2 inch card and write something on it...and handed it to Mark and said, “See you both later.”

Mark looked at the card. It said ‘Hilton Hotel, room 1023. 7:30.’


Chapter 3


Mark stared after Alyssa...Watching her walk down the hall..

Stephanie nudged Mark with her elbow and said, “See something ya like there, Deadman?”

Mark looked down at Steph and smirked and said, “Was it that obvious?”

Steph laughed and said, “Obvious? Hell Mark you did everything short of throwing the poor girl on the ground and making her yours.”

Mark crossed his arms over his chest and said, “I did not.”

Steph leaned against the wall as a fit of giggles over too her body and said, “Sure...and someday you’re going to run for the Ladies WWE committee.”

Mark said, “Okay...So I was a little obvious. So what’s Alyssa’s story.”

Stephanie said, “She had it rough growing up...her dad is a damn genius, and they traveled around a lot...He’s extremely strict with her...or was...I guess since she’s living on her own now...he’s loosened his insane grip...when she moved into our neighborhood, we became friends really fast...considering our parents were always out of town and our maids practically raised us.”

Steph sighed and said, “The weird thing is her parents don’t have any pictures of her from when she was born until she was 5...anything after that they have loads of...and she can’t find her birth certificate...Her parents claimed that it was all destroyed in a fire...but when she went back to get a new one made for her...The lady at the office said, Alicia and Andy Prezler never had a child...and had died in a fire 5 years earlier.”

Mark quirked an eye brow and Stephanie nodded and said, “I know its super weird...”

Mark said, “Yes.”

Stephanie said, “I don’t know the whole story...I had a private investigator looking into them a while back but he just came back with their bank accounts and what not...nothing super important that would make a difference...All I know is her father makes more money then God for just being a Nike Tenny shoe designer.”

Mark laughed and said, “Look at me...I don’t look like I make all that much money...but it’s only cause the tattoos throw people off.”

Stephanie said, “I don’t know...the man has more money then my father. And the last time I bought a pair of tenny shoes I don’t remember those costing 15 grand a foot.”

Mark said, “Well...obviously he had money before he was married...hell maybe he had some rich relatives who died and left him a bank and a half full of money. Shit there could be any reason.”

Steph said, “Yea...but I wonder which one is really true. I can only pray something doesn’t happen and Aly finds out all this horrible stuff.”

Mark said, “I wouldn’t worry too much...Hey! I’ve got a date I need to go get ready.”

Stephanie held her stomach as she laughed watching Mark take off to get ready.


Chapter 4


Dear God, It’s Aly again.

I know coming to you twice in one week...Crazy ain’t it?

Yea...I knew you’d think so. Well I met someone...I don’t necessarily know if he’s the man of my dreams...but he’s quite nice, charming...and that smirk and southern drawn accent could knock over anyone.

He’s asked me to dinner to make up for knocking me over...literally...well it was an accident. But it’s nice that he wants to make up for it. I don’t know...I feel as though I’ve known him from a different time in my life...

I know I’m not a religious freak or anything...but talking to you...I feel as though you’re the closest thing to a family member I’ve got...I’ve never been close with my parents...through they always express how much they love me and how proud of me they are...I never feel it...I just hear it.

I also met Mark’s best friend. Mark would be the guy taking me out tonight. His best friend is Glenn Jacobs...they’re wrestling characters are brothers. Mark says they’ve been best friends since they were just barely a couple of years apart. Glenn reminds me of someone I used to know.

Some how we’ve got the same colored blue eyes. This is extremely weird, considering no two people have anything the same about them, unless they are twins. But Glenn is a large man...he’s the spitting image of Mark, except Mark has all those tattoos and dark auburn hair to the middle of his back and Glenn is inkless and has chestnut brown ringlets. Both men are 6’10”! And 300lbs. each!

Can you imagine that?

They were definitely eating their wheaties and drinking plenty of milk while growing up. I know I’m only a foot shorter then each but I still can’t help but feel like a midget.

Anyways to cut it short...please let this date later tonight go well...and if he’s going to kiss me...for God sake...or well yours I guess...don’t let him be a big Saint Bernard slobbering machine. A little slobber goes along way...well so does a little tongue too.

Thanks for listening yet again.

Alyssa got ready for Mark to come and get her…she had on a grey pin stripped skirt that reached her mid-thigh, and a pair of 2½ inched heeled grey knee high boots…with a white cotton tank top and matching cardigan…there was a slight chill in the air. She left her long brunette hair down and wavy.

Aly looked at herself in the mirror and thought... ‘Not bad.’

There was a knock on the door and when she opened it, Mark was staring back at her. In black dress pants, black boots, and a navy blue short sleeved button up shirt. His long auburn mane was pulled back into a low tail at the base of his head and he was wearing a silver watch on his wrist.

Mark watched as Alyssa seemed taken back that his rough outer biker layer had been peeled off into a nice looking gentleman there to take out a beautiful looking woman. Mark handed her a single long stem purple rose and she leaned up and kissed his cheek…He was so giddy he could’ve peed his pants.

Mark put himself in check…he felt like a school boy with a huge crush on the class prom queen. Mark offered Aly his arm and she looped her arm through his as they walked down to the elevators talking about nonsense.

Mark had rented a Chevy Silverado, since he owned one at home, he knew they were a smooth ride…Everything was perfect, they had dinner and then went to a movie…and then just went walking around the town.

Mark had told her everything from how he got started in the wrestling business, to even her telling him how she met Stephanie and seemed to have picked up a great friend in the McMahon children.

When they went back to the hotel, Mark walked Aly back up to her room. They stood outside of the door just talking.

Alyssa said, “I had a really nice time tonight Mark, Thank you.” Mark said, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself darlin’…I hope we can do it again soon.” Aly smiled and said, “I’d like that very much.” Mark nodded and said, “Well…Then it’s settled…The next time we have some free time…we’ll do it again.”

Mark watched as Alyssa’s smile brightened…Mark leaned over and brushed his lips against hers…he was surprised that she put her hands on his chest and pulled him a little closer and kissed him back.

When Aly pulled back she reached up and ran her thumb over his soft red lips and said, “Blush red just isn’t your lipstick color.” Mark kissed her lips softly one last time and said “Night darlin’.”

“Night Mark.”


Chapter 5


--3 Weeks Later- -

Mark and Alyssa had started dating...Not heavy but they were enjoying holding hands, kissing, going to dinner...goofing off with Glenn and his fiancé Raina.

Mark walked into the dressing room and saw his best friend Glenn sitting on a bench looking at something in his hand...Mark knew what it was and walked over and sat next to him.

Mark looked over and looked at the picture of the 3 year old little girl that mirrored his best friend. Mark said, “Geez...How old would she be today?”

Glenn looked at his best friend with sorrowful eyes and said, “She’d be 22...I can’t believe it’s been 19 years already.” Mark said, “Yea...and those Knoxville police are doing a great job of finding her.”

Glenn scoffed and said, “Shit...They gave up after 10 years. I just need to start facing some serious facts...they will never find her...she’s probably dead.”

Mark put his hand on Glenn’s shoulder and said, “Man, don’t think that way...They’ll find her.” Glenn shrugged off Mark’s hand and lost his temper and jumped to his feet and growled out, “NO THEY WON’T! THEY’LL NEVER FIND HER! SHE’S DEAD!”

Mark threw his hands up in defense and backed out of the room, deciding that suddenly he wanted to go see Alyssa...Glenn always got like that around the same time of the minute on the brink of tears and the next stark raving mad.

Ever since Glenn’s little sister Lacey was kidnapped. She was only 3 and she was sitting in the shopping cart, their mom turned away for 3 seconds and when she turned back...she was gone. It was like she disappeared into thin air...they shut down the grocery store, but there was no trace of her or that there was ever a small child in the cart.

They put up a huge reward and a gigantic man search...but all signs led no where. To this day most of Glenn’s down time is spent going over old police reports...he’s sure someone missed or didn’t report enough somewhere.

Alyssa was walking down the hallway and knocked on Mark and Glenn’s dressing room door...she heard someone yell out a growled, “COME IN!”

Aly’s shaky hand went up and turned the door knob and she pushed the door open...Glenn was standing in his Kane get up shaved head and all and looked really pissed...She said, “You’re not in Kane mode are you?”

Glenn’s features softened and his brow dropped as his voice softened and said, “No...I’m sorry I yelled, I didn’t mean to frighten you...If you’re looking for Mark, I already scared him and he left...which do you by any chance have Mark’s new cell phone number...I need to call and apologize.”

Aly smiled and said, “Sure...Lemme dig my phone outta my purse.”

Glenn watched as she dug to the bottom of her purse when something fell out and onto the floor. Glenn bent over and picked it up and it was a picture...

Glenn stared at the picture like he was trying to make the person in the picture move...Glenn noticed the eyes, the hair, the smile...It was Lacey...But why would Alyssa have the picture...Glenn’s temper started rising and he was suddenly seeing red.

A deep unrecognizable voice came from Glenn, “Where did you get this picture?” Alyssa looked up and the look on his face was enough to scare her to death...she started shaking and backing away from Glenn as he stalked at her...

Glenn not being a patient person when it came to finding his sister...finally came unglued as he yelled, “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS PICTURE ALYSSA! TELL ME NOW...NOW GOD DAMN TELL ME NOW!!”

Alyssa had her eyes smashed shut and when she peaked them open she saw a fist coming towards her head and let out a blood curdling scream as she ducked and Glenn’s fist smashed into the metal locker behind her.

She was curled into a ball on the floor as Glenn went completely crazy and started destroying the dressing room and then grabbed her purse and started tearing it apart. Alyssa reached a shakey hand and grabbed her cell phone and car keys.

Mark came barreling through the dressing room door, he’d heard a scream come from the room and when he walked in he saw Alyssa balled up on the floor scared to death watching Glenn destroy the room and her purse. Mark went to stop him...

Aly watched as Mark tried to stop Glenn and Aly saw it as her chance to run. She ran until her legs couldn’t carry her anymore. She got to her rental and drove like a bat out of hell to the hotel and locked herself up in her hotel room...

She sat in the corner in a ball crying...not being able to imagine what the heck was going on...but she wasn’t about to ever go by Glenn again.


Chapter 6


Mark ended up putting Glenn in a full nelson, so the trainer could come in and give him a valium shot. Glenn finally calmed down and Mark set him on the big couch in the dressing room.

Mark stood up trying to catch his breath and noticed his nose was bleeding...he walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel that was sitting on the sink, and then walked back out and said, “Okay man...start talking.”

Glenn couldn’t say anything he just broke down crying so hard his shoulders were shaking...Painful sobs came from him.

Raina walked in and looked around...the room was demolished...She looked over and Mark had a bloody nose and Glenn was crying so hard...she couldn’t imagine what on earth had happened.

Raina walked over to Glenn and sat beside him...she touched his shoulder and he immediately turned and laid his head in her lap...she caressed and cradled his head with her tiny soft hands. She whispered soothing words in his ear.

Mark watched as Glenn’s tiny fiancé calmed him as she worked her magic caressing his head and talking with him...Mark smirked...No one could tame the beast Kane...but there was one person who would tame the temper of Glenn Jacobs...Raina.

They’d been dating for 4 months, when Glenn asked her to marry him. No one saw anyone happier then the two of them. So they’d been together now for a year and were getting married in 3 months.

Glenn calmed himself and went to the bathroom. He splashed cold water in his face and stared at himself in the mirror...he was letting his sisters kidnappers effect his life...Hell they’d been effecting his life for 19 years.

Raina waited until Glenn was in the next room and looked at Mark and stood up with her hands on her hips and Mark saw the look and held up his hand and said, “I see that look you’re giving me...don’t ask me, I don’t know.”

Raina walked after Mark and said, “What the hell happened?” This room looks like a tornado stuck it?” Mark pointed towards the bathroom and said, “Tornado Glenn happened. That’s What! I walked in here and he was demolishing the room.”

Raina said, “Well, there had to of been a reason...Glenn wouldn’t have done this for nothing.” Mark said, “Well, I don’t have a clue....I walked in...Alyssa was curled up in a ball on the floor and Glenn was demolishing the room and her purse...and...HOLY SHIT! Where the hell did Aly go?”

Raina said, “The last time I saw her she was hauling ass down the hallway she nearly ran me over.” Mark said, “FUCKIN’A...He must’ve scared the shit out of her...Glenn you big dope get out here right now.”

Glenn walked out of the bathroom composed and stood next to Mark and said, “I didn’t mean to scare her...I saw the picture and I just sort of...went off.” Mark cocked his head to the side and looked at Glenn as if he’d grown 6 heads and said, “Sort of went off? Look around you Glenn...this is not something that happened to this room in 2 achieved this in a matter of minutes...probably seconds.”

Mark said, “Even if...I don’t care about the room...what did you do to Alyssa?” Glenn said, “She had this picture...and I looked at it...and it looked like Lacey...I could’ve sworn it was Lacey. I kept looking at it and I just freaked out...I yelled at her and went totally insane for about 5 minutes.”

Mark pinched the bridge of his nose and said, “Try 10 minutes...I’m going to see if she’s at her hotel room...” Glenn watched as Mark left and him and Raina started picking up the room.

Alyssa couldn’t stand the silence in her room anymore...she just finally threw all her stuff in her suitcase and took off in her rental car...she called Vince’s cell and told him she had a family emergency, he gave her the week off, cause he could hear something in her voice that wasn’t quite right.

Aly boarded a plane and took off...Destination...Unknown.


Chapter 7


Alyssa walked into the familiar apartment she called home in Stamford Connecticut. She hadn’t realized that in the middle of all the commotion and trying to calm her nerves the first place her blurted out to the airline ticket sales lady was Stamford.

Aly sat in the big plush red chair she’d loved so much and suddenly realized she’d forgotten to call and tell Stephanie something came up…She leaned over and grabbed her cell phone and hit the button with Steph’s number in it.

Stephanie was sitting in the Hilton hotel with Mark, Glenn and Raina in Alyssa’s hotel room….trying to figure out where she’d gone…Steph didn’t want to tell her dad she was missing incase she wasn’t…and didn’t want to get her in trouble incase she just up and vanished.

Steph had already read Glenn the riot act and claimed she could’ve killed him a hundred times or more. Steph knew Glenn felt bad and that his reaction was just normal…everyone knew he got this way this time of the year.

Stephanie ran her fingers through her long brunette hair and said, “I can’t believe this is over that picture in her purse…you probably scared the ever loving shit out of her Glenn. You’re fist imprint will forever be in that locker you clocked above Aly’s head. Aly is supper sensitive to people yelling and screaming…her father used to yell at her the same way when she was younger if not worse.”

Glenn said, “I know…I’m sorry…I never meant to do it…I just went crazy.” Steph said, “Don’t tell me you’re sorry…it doesn’t help to tell me…but you REALLY need to talk with Aly now. She’s carried that picture with her forever. It’s the only normal picture she has of herself as a child. Every thing else is glamed up thanks to Alicia Preszler.”

Stephanie sighed and said, “Besides…how could you think it was Lacey? That picture of Aly, she’s got straight blonde hair. Lacey had curly brunette hair like you.” Glenn said, “It was the eyes…the eyes, they look so much like mine.”

Steph started to say something when she looked down and noticed her phone light was blinking…she checked the caller id and nearly broke all her nails trying to open her flip phone before it kicked the call over to voice mail.

Alyssa pulled the phone away from her ear as she heard Steph struggling to open it…Then a very loud, “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” Came through. Aly said, “At home.” Stephanie said, “I’ve been worried about you…so has Mark, Glenn and Raina…Why didn’t you call me…you know I would’ve come and helped.”

Aly laid back against the cushion of the chair and said, “There’s nothing you could or couldn’t have done…I just needed to leave…My nerves were a mess and there wasn’t anyone there that could’ve helped with anything.”

Steph explained everything about the misunderstanding with the picture. Aly understood what happened was just a mistake…and Glenn even got on the phone and apologized profusely.

When Steph hung up, Mark asked for her address, and said he was going to pay her a recuperating visit. And hopefully get her to relax. Stephanie gave him all the information and then drove him to the airport.


Chapter 8


Alyssa sat in a tub full of warm water and lilac smelling bubbles...letting the relaxing scent calm her frayed nerves. She knew her nerves were on edge her whole body was shaking and it was almost as if she couldn’t stop it.

She got out of the tub and rinsed the bubbles off and dried herself from head to toe...then walked into the bedroom and pulled on a purple spaghetti strapped satin nightgown that reached mid-thigh. Then pulled a matching robe around her and tied it around her waist.

She went back into the bathroom and dried her hair and grabbed a glass of wine from the kitchen...she laid across her bed sipping the win and enjoying re-runs of Lavern & Shirley.

Aly must’ve dosed off, because the next thing she knew, she was being woke up by the sound of someone knocking on her apt. door. She say up groggily and looked at the clock it was 4 am...she couldn’t imagine who it was.

She padded down the hall in her bare feet and stood on tip toe to look through the peep hole...once she saw who it was...she disabled the apt alarm and opened the door. Mark was leaning against the door frame and she immediately went into his arms.

Mark picked her up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he closed the door and she reached over and turned the alarm back on...she navigated to where the bedroom was...

Mark laid on the bed and watched as Alyssa slid onto the bed next to him and rested her head against his chest…He automatically could feel his heart start racing…he’d been with a woman before but this time was different he had so many feelings slowly flowing through his body…He couldn’t stop it.

Having Alyssa’s hair fanned out all over their two bodies…and smelling her shampoo and perfume…Mark’s body started to react to it…

Mark felt Alyssa rubbing his 6-pak stomach and his chest, Alyssa untucked the front of his shirt…and ran her soft touching hand up the front of his shirt…tracing his BSK pride tattoo with her soft finger tips…

Aly could feel his muscles clenching under her touch…She never couldn’t tell if he liked it…until she hear him let out a slight groan…She jumped up and pulled her hand away…and said, “Oh my god, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Mark sat up and cupped her face in his hands and pulled her over to him and kissed her so passionately…She nearly forgot to breathe…She didn’t even realize she was holding her breath until he pulled away and said, “No.”


Chapter 9


Mark grabbed both of Aly’s hands and put them on his stomach under his t-shirt…and cupped her face again and kissed the daylights right out of her…as he laid back down he pulled her half onto his body…She could feel his erection pressing into her thigh…and She nearly creamed her shorts…

Mark turned over onto his side…and pulled Aly up closer to him…as she wrapped her arms around his neck…Mark’s hand slid back and cupped her bottom and then slid down and grabbed her knee and pulled her left leg up and over his…all the while they were still kissing, touching, tasting, feeling…

Mark’s hand slid up the back of her thigh and under her shorts…feeling his warm skin touching her was making her body respond…She felt like her whole body was on fire…Aly was thoroughly enjoying his ministrations…Mark’s lips left hers as he started kissing down her neck…as his hands came up and slowly touched her breasts through her robe…Aly pushed Mark over and he slowly guided her hips up and over him…and watched as she slowly sat straddling his pelvis…

Aly pulled her robe off...then Mark reached up and pulled her top over her head…and Mark just looked at her breasts…like he was scared to touch them…Sly took both of his hands and placed his hands on her bare breasts…Mark started to slowly rub them and then he slightly pinched her nipples he didn’t want to hurt her…

Mark sat up and took one of Alyssa’s nipples in his mouth as he sucked on it with a fevered pitch…he enjoyed listening to the moans that he was making her produce…he kissed across her chest and took her other nipple in his mouth…He let his hands slid down her body as he cupped her bottom again only this time…he rolled over until he was kneeling between her beautiful thighs…and reach up and pulled her panties off…He could smell her arousal and pretty sure she could feel his…Mark rolled back over to have her sitting straddled on him again…Mark slowly slid two fingers into her soaking wet center…and felt her whole body moan against his…She was kissing his neck, when she pulled back and pulled his t-shirt off.

Mark let Alyssa push him back to lay down again…as she started to slowly trail warm moist kisses down his chest…his fingers slowly slipped from her center…Alyssa watched him as he licked her juices from his fingers like he was eating a popsicle. Mark watched as Alyssa continued down his chest flicking both his nipples with her wet tongue…and then kissing down his 6pak stomach…Mark looked down and watched her unbutton his jeans with her teeth and then clamped her teeth around his zipper and pull his zipper down…

Aly crawled backwards to the end of the bed…and discarded his boots, socks and pulled his jeans off…Mark reached down and pulled his boxer-brief off that was practically a second skin to him…She started crawling back up his body…She got to his cock that was standing absolutely straight up…she couldn’t help but since it was in her face…Her tongue reached out and circled the head and then placed a feather soft kiss on the tip…

She automatically felt Mark do a full body shiver…He reached down and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him…and kissed her so deep and passionately. Mark finally released her lips from his, as he lifted her body and slid her down on top of him as his fully erect cock slid into her…Aly let out a ½ moan-½ sigh and slowly started rocking back and forth on him.

Mark laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over her neck, breasts…and running his thumb across her lips…She sucked him thumb into her mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…Aly could feel Mark get instantly harder and larger inside her…She knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Mark groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…”

She had her hands on his 6-pack stomach and she was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…she leaned over and her hair slid over her shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…Aly leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let her tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed her ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of her body to go faster…

Aly sat back up and leaned back putting her hands on his thighs…She could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Mark sat up and was leaning over and kissing her breasts and nipples…as she was still moving on top of him…Aly moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…” Mark grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on her neck.

Mark gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her back and laid on top of her…and really pushed the back of her thighs up to thrust into her as deep as he could…Aly had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel her walls starting to react…and knew her orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Mark leaned down and kissed her lips

He gripped her thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally Aly started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as her orgasm tore through the inside of her body…as soon as Mark felt her go over the edge…and felt her center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind hers…and she felt him explode so deep inside Aly thought he’d never stop cumming…

They laid in bed and were just both so spent…they fell asleep in each others arms…At least Aly thought Mark was asleep...she leaned up and kissed his lips softly and then whispered, “I love you.”

Mark felt his heart leap...he couldn’t believe the little girl had said all he had to do was figure out if he loved her back.


Chapter 10


Mark had made a decision that after a few months of traveling he’d take Alyssa to Houston to his ranch.

- -6 Months Later- -

The plan went as great as could be expected. The first couple of days were spent in bed…for all the obvious reasons. Once they got out of bed, Mark started taking her all over the property on the back of the Quad.

Then he took her on the road with one of his motorcycles…they made it a weekend trip. They went up to the cabin and went swimming in a near by lake, and Mark made dinner for her…she always felt like a queen. Mark always seemed to know when to touch her or place little kisses on her.

Mark just loved the way she always smelled so good…sometimes when she would get up in the mornings…he’d flip over and bury his face in her pillow cause it smelled like lilacs. She boy was always soft to the touch and any time he touched her even if it was just a fingertip starting, she’d turn to him and wrap her arms around him.

Oh yea…Mark loved her…there was never any denying that fact. The more they were around each other the more they knew they would just be together forever.

How long is forever?

Alyssa was at a turning point in her life…she had the perfect job, the perfect friends and now more then ever the perfect man in her life…what more could anyone ask for? You know the fairytale…The white picket fence and the knight in shining armor.

One night, they were sitting in front of a fire; Aly was laying against Mark’s chest, seated between his massive thighs. They were having a relaxing moment while nursing a glass of wine. Aly ran her hands up and down Marks’ t-shirt covered chest and said, “Can I just stay here forever?”

Mark chuckled a little and said, “You’d give up everything to stay here forever with me?” Aly said, “I didn’t say anything about you…I said me…You think I’d run away from it all just to bring some stubborn tattooed, redneck male with me?” Mark threw his head back laughing as Aly snuggled against his chest more and said, “Of course with you dopey.”

Mark wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck. He reached over and took his glass and sipped the wine…He looked down and noticed Aly’s eyes were closed. Mark figured it was now or never.

Mark leaned back a little and grabbed the little black velvet box he had hidden earlier when Aly was in taking a shower. He kissed the top of her head softly as he popped the lid on the box and looked at the ring.

Yea it was love. And Yes he was man enough to admit it to anyone…he loved Alyssa. And he already knew she loved him. Mark put his arm around her waist and put his hand in front of her with the box open in the palm of his hand and said, “Alyssa can you take a look at this for me?”

Aly slowly opened her eyes and was floored by what she saw. She spun around and looked at Mark…He couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction. Mark caressed her cheek with his hand and said, “Aly darlin’, you gotta know this was coming eventually…Right?”

Aly said, “Yea…but…I never imagined so soon…Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me Mark Callaway?” Mark laughed again and said, “Yes…Alyssa Prezler, Will you marry me?”

Aly just looked at Mark like he was completely crazy. But after about 3 seconds, threw her arms around Mark’s neck and kissed him with a lighted fury. Mark pulled away and said, “I guess that means yes.” Aly smiled and said, “Just try and stop me!”

Mark laughed as he kissed the ever loving passion right out of her and then proceeded to carry her to bed for the next 2 days.

Chapter 11

After the great weekend up at the cabin…They had decided to fly into Stamford Connecticut and tell her parents…and also so Mark could meet them.

They had dinner at the house and every thing seemed to be going really well. Mark and Aly went up to bed. Mark told her how great her parents were…and that he couldn’t wait to meet the rest of her family.

After they’d made love quietly…sometime around 3 am. Alyssa pulled on some flannel pants and a tank top and walked down the hallway to the rest room…she saw the light on in her fathers study and peaked in…and her parents were in talking. She walked in and her father Andy asked her to close the door…She did as she was told to do.

Her mother Alicia said, “Alyssa what’s gotten into you? I thought you was dating Rich Van Tassel from Harvard…At least you were 10 months ago, before you started working at that disgusting company. Rich was a nice well mannered young man, who always put you in front of anything else.”

Aly said, “Rich Van Tassel? I broke up with him a year ago cause he couldn’t stop staring at his own damn reflection in the mirror…he wasn’t charming to anyone but himself. I would have believed he would of put me in front of anything if he would of just stop screwing everything in a skirt.”

Andy said, “We have hardly heard from you for the 8 months you’ve been working with Vincent McMahon’s company…and now when you finally do decide to come home…you’re engaged…”

Alicia paced around the room and said, “And worst of all you want to marry some tattooed biker red neck guy…He probably doesn’t have a proper education…I sure know he isn’t the type of man that we bred you for.” Aly looked up and said, “Bred me for? What am I a horse or dog? You breed animals…you have children.”

Alyssa’s father got up and stood in front of her and said, “I will not have my only daughter marrying some low life wrestler. You are better then him…your better then anyone…and by god I will see myself dead before I walk you down the isle in wedded redneck bliss. I forbid you to marry Mark Callaway. He’s no good for you. He doesn’t have the money we have…the social setting is nothing but a load of rough necks kicking up a good time at a bar with a pitcher of beer.”

Alyssa felt her eyes starting to swell with tears. Alyssa sighed heavy and said, “I’m sorry, but I love him…I’m not giving him up for anyone…Not even the almighty God, the great and powerful Andy and Alicia Prezler.”

Before Alyssa knew what was happening…her father pulled back and slapped her across the face. Aly could taste the iron from her cheek and lip that were both bleeding.

Aly said, “I don’t care what you do…it’s never going to change the way I feel about that man…I love him too much to ever let anyone around me change my mind. So in 2 months when I get married, you can both be there…or you can both go to Hell with out me, my husband or the children we will be having. You’re choice.”

Aly walked back up stairs and slipped into bed…Mark wrapped his arms around her and pretended to be sleeping still…he heard everything that was said, and even heard her father slap her. Mark nearly came unglued, but when she stood up to them both and walked away…he knew she could handle it herself.


Chapter 12


Chapter 12

Another dream that will never come true
Just to compliment your sorrow
Another life that I've taken from you
A gift to add on to your pain and suffering
Another truth you can never believe
Has crippled you completely
All the cries you're beginning to hear
Trapped in your mind, and the sound is deafening

Let me enlighten you
This is the way I pray
Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive, inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything away

Dear God…It’s me again…Alyssa Prezler…So I come to you trying to decide what to do…what’s right and what’s wrong…how can I go against my parents whom I love…but then again…How can I pick someone who is clearly the love of my life.

I’ve never been in love before…let alone engaged to someone.

I’ve never had anyone love me enough to buy me a ring as big as the one Mark gave me…I’m very lucky to have met a man whose as nice and as charming…and so faithful and loving.

Okay so I’m rambling…but what am I to do?

Maybe just leaving him would be the answer…he’d be better off without me or my insane family too.

And after everything I’ve found out from my family.

Who would really want someone who didn’t know who they really were?

Another nightmare about to come true
Will manifest tomorrow
Another love that I've taken from you
Lost in time, on the edge of suffering
Another taste of the evil I breed
Will level you completely
Bring to life everything that you fear
Live in the dark, and the world is threatening

Let me enlighten you
This is the way I pray
Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive, inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything away

Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Chapter 13

Dearest Mark,

I knew I would never be able to live without you in my life…I love you more then life itself…I would give up everything just to have you in my life…and to have you as my husband.

My parents said some means things about you…but I’ve recently found out something very interesting…My parents aren’t really my parents…they said they adopted me from a nice couple a couple of years after I was born…

I’m not really sure what that means…but I don’t even know who I really am…

That’s why I can’t marry you…You don’t know the real me…you know as much about me as I do right now…I can’t put you through this…it’s not worth it…and I know I’m not strong enough to go through it alone.

So my decision is mine…and mine only.

Please remember I love you.

With Love,

Turn to me
Return to me
Turn to me
Cast aside

Return to me
Turn to me
Leave me no one

Turn to me
Return to me
You've made me turn away

Living just isn’t hard enough
Burn me alive inside
Living my life's not hard enough
They take everything from you
Living just isn't hard enough
Burn me alive, inside
Living my life's not hard enough
Take everything away

Mark had read the note Alyssa let him at the hotel…there just wasn’t something right about it…when he pulled into the hotel parking lot…an ambulance was pulling out…Mark couldn’t wait for the elevator and took the stairs nearly 3 at a time.

He ran down to Aly’s room but it was all taped off…He walked in and saw Raina standing in the door way of the bathroom…Mark stalked over and looked in and there was a large amount of blood on the floor and in the bathtub.

Mark jerked her around to face him and tears were streaming down her cheeks like a waterfall. Raina was close to hyperventilating crying, and said, “I came by to check on her…and when she didn’t answer, I checked and she left the door unlocked. I walked in and she was laying in the tub full of her own blood…she cut her wrists…and was slowly watching herself bleed to death…She was still alive…so the EMT’s took her to the hospital.”

Mark didn’t let Raina say another word before he was running out the door to go to the hospital…praying the whole way there that she would live cause he wasn’t about to let her go for anything.

Not even death.


Chapter 13 (Part 2)

Play...ground school bell rings...again

Rain clouds come to play...again

Has no one told you she’s not breathing?


I'm your mind giving you

Someone to talk to


Mark sat in the emergency rooms watching the hustle and bustle of the busy nurses and doctors ran from one trauma room to another.

He was sitting there trying to keep himself together. Raina, Glenn, Jade and Mark Jindrak who’d come to be great friends with him and Aly over the last few months, were all sitting around Mark...worried about the look on the big mans face. They knew he’d seen something...but wasn’t speaking to them about it.

If I smile and don’t believe

Soon I know

I’ll wake from this dream

Don’t try to fix me...I’m not broken


I'm the lie

Living for you

So you can hide

Don’t cry

When Mark had first gotten to the hospital he went walking through the hallways until he found Alyssa’s room and walked in...It was a bright, loud trauma room and he was horrified at what he saw. The nurses had an unconscious Alyssa strapped down, and there was blood all over the floor and the hospital bed that his fiancé was laying lifeless on.

The nurses had finally noticed him standing there with a horrified look on his face...and shooed him out.

Mark finally broke the silence and said, “What the hell could’ve happened that would make her do something this awful...I can’t think of anything...” Jade said, “I don’t know Mark...She’s been so happy with you, ever since you guys came back from the cabin...she’s just loved the fact that you guys were getting married. She loves you so much.”

Raina said, “Yea...we’ve all seen how happy you guys are.”

Mark ran his hand through his long auburn hair and just rested his elbows on his knees as he stared at the carpeted waiting room floor and waiting to hear something.

Suddenly I know I’m not sleeping


I’m still here

All that’s left of yesterday

Aly was laying in the dark...she couldn’t imagine what the pain was...she could feel her head pounding like someone was hitting her in the head with a sledge hammer...

She tried to raise her hand to her head and she couldn’t...Suddenly aware that she’s survived trying to take her own life...She opened her eyes and the room was pitch black. She tried to look around a little but her body was tied down.


Chapter 14


A hand touched her forehead and she knew instantly who it was...then voice said, “Alyssa, why did you do it? I thought I’d lost you girl...Don’t you realize I’m crazy about you?” The light over the hospital bed came on and she squinted her eyes. Mark staring back at her with tears in his eyes.

Mark started undoing the restraints on her and said, “They put them on you cause you tried to kill yourself...they didn’t want you waking up and trying it again...I doubt you’ll try anything that stupid with me in the room right?” She just nodded at him. When he finished she sat up and stared at the bandages on her wrists.

Mark sat on the side of the bed facing Alyssa...He took her small hand in his and said, “Why...Please...Tell me why?” Tears streamed down her cheeks and she quietly said, “Do you have my planner?” Mark knew she carried the damn thing with her every where she went. He leaned over and pulled it out of the bag Raina and Jade had packed for the few days she’d be staying. He watched as Aly flipped through it and came to a white envelope addressed with her name only.

She picked it up and with a shaky hand gave it to Mark. Mark took it from her and kissed her forehead and opened was a letter.

My Darling Alyssa,

I’m writing to you now, not as your mother but as your captor. For so many years I wanted to tell you what your father and I had done. We were so stupid to keep it from you for all these years. For the first few years that Andy and I were married, I conceived and miscarried more then 20 fetuses’...

I wanted baby with the man I love so much it hurt. After 5 years of trying and not succeeding, I was told I’d never have children and that the best thing for me would be to have a hysterectomy...because getting pregnant and losing a baby was emotions, physically and mentally painful.

When Andy started designing shoes, he worked for a small K-mart corporation out of Knoxville Tennessee...This lovely family lived next door to us...who had one son and a few years later a daughter. She had the most beautiful brunette ringlets and big blue eyes we’d ever seen. Looking so much like her older brother.

When Andy was given the opportunity to work for Nike, he jumped at the chance...We’d also come up with a plan to have a baby...but if you put two and two together, you realize now that, since I had a hysterectomy...having a baby was out of the question.

So the day the movers came we packed everything into a semi...and while the mother and daughter went to the grocery store...I followed inconspicuously. And it was only a second...but it was enough...I snatched the little girl and ran as fast as I could to join Andy in the car. After we got to Stamford Connecticut, we changed our names, and changed your name also.

You’re real name is Lacey Jacobs. I know your real parents are dead...they died a few years ago...but your brother Glenn Jacobs is still alive...he still lives in Knoxville. It’s all I know and it’s all I can help you with.

By the time you get this letter, we’ll be gone. I hope we didn’t screw your life up too much. We will always love you like the daughter we never could have. And we hope you’ve been happy...Marry Mark Callaway...he love’s you...true love is hard to find...and once you find it...NEVER let go.

You’re not quite mother,

Mark had tears streaming down his face. Aly leaned over and touched his hand. He didn’t even think about it, he grabbed her and held her on his lap.

She whispered in his ear, “I always knew I didn’t belong. I just didn’t realize how true it was. Mark I’m so sorry...I thought that you wouldn’t want me anymore because I don’t even know who I am.” Mark said, “I don’t care. I fell in love with you...not your name or your parents...but Glenn is going to be ecstatic. Can I go get him...can I tell him?”

Aly nodded. And watched as Mark slipped out of the room.

Mark walked down to the waiting room and walked over to Glenn and nudged him from a peaceful sleep. Glenn looked up at him and said, “What?” Mark shushed him and handed him the letter. Glenn jumped to his feet and said, “Aly is Lacey?” Mark nodded and Glenn took off down the hall.

Glenn shoved the door open and looked at Aly...she looked like a deer caught in the head lights...her big blue eyes, full of unshed tears. Glenn walked over and Aly got on her knees in the bed and threw her arms around his Glenn held her tight.

Aly said, “I knew we had a connection...the blue eyes kept giving me chills...I kept having memories of a brother...but I didn’t realize it...” Glenn said, “It doesn’t matter anymore...I got you back Lacey...that’s all I ever wanted...I just wanted my sister back.”

By the time Raina, Jade and Mark Jindrak walked down to the room; Mark, Glenn and Aly were all crying.

It would take some time to get things healed...but after 19 years the family was back together again.


Chapter 15


- -1 Year Later- -

Mark, Glenn, Raina and Lacey all stood in the cemetery.

Raina rubbing her 6 month protruding belly, and Lacey standing next to her still feeling the morning sickness from being 2 months pregnant.

Mark handed her a packet of crackers and she kissed his lips softly and leaned against him as she munched on the cracker.

Glenn walked up to the double hearted tombstone that said Jacobs across the top and said, “Well...Mom and dad we finally got Lacey back...granted it took 19 years...but what the hell she’s finally back...I married Raina and Mark...well he married Lacey we had a nice sized double wedding.”

Glenn said, “And Lacey well, she’s happier then ever...she’s also pregnant...and it’s all Mark’s fault. This is one time I can blame something on him and know it’s the truth.”

Mark looked down at Lacey and said, “It better be true.” Lacey looked up and said, “Oh don’t even go there Mr. Callaway.” Mark said, “Yes Ma’am Mrs. Callaway...Damn pushy pregnant women.”

Mark, Glenn and Raina walked away...and Lacey looked at the graves and said, “Don’t worry...Mark is taking care of me...and I’m slowly getting memories of you guys back...what few I got. Glenn is helping with pictures and stories...I love you both.”

Mark wrapped his arms around his wife and said, “I’m sure they love you too baby.” She looked up at Mark and said, “I love you to ya know.” Mark kissed her lips softly and said, “I love you too.”

On the way back to the car, Mark said, “Can you hurry up and pop that kid out already...I want to see my son.” Lacey laughed and said, “You just jinxed us...Now were having a girl.” Mark said, “There better be a son in there...don’t mess with me little woman.”

Lacey said, “Or what? You’ll put her back where she came from? I don’t think so little man.” Mark said, “There is nothing little about me woman, I’m almost 7 feet tall.” Lacey smirked and said, “Who said I was talking about your height? I could’ve been referring to one of your appendages.”

Mark glared at her and said, “Oh that’s dirty pool.” Lacey kissed his lips and as she walked off said, “HA! Pray for it to grow over night or live with it.” Mark opened the door to the SUV and said, “I got what I prayed for when I got you...I don’t need anything else.”

All Lacey could think was ‘Yea, me too.’

The End