One Heart


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

My name is Lori Mitchell…I’m 21 years old…and 5’10” and 125lbs…with light brown hair to 3 inches past my booty and deep green eyes…I am an ER nurse at the Houston Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas…I’ve worked there since I was 19…with my best friends Brandy 5’6” around 120 lbs.. have medium length reddish blonde hair and dark green eyes and Jaden 5’7” and close to 120lbs long black hair with tints of red in it and green eyes…

Our only down time is Monday and Thursday nights, when we can be found in our apartment watching wrestling…I usually watch the matches…I never really took an interest in the wrestlers…I thought they were talented but c’mon…I’m a nurse for Christ sake…I wasn’t really into all the violence…But not Jaden and Brandy…they were automatically attracted to…oh what were their names again…I can never remember…I think the one Brandy likes is Brock Lesnar…and Jaden likes the other one Steve Williams…but he wrestles under Stone Cold Steve Austin. Those girls and their toys…

Anyways…it was a Thursday night and we were plopped in front of the TV…waiting for Smackdown to come on…I had my little laptop in front of me checking out the latest on…when a promo flashed across the TV for a contest for 1 person and 2 friends to go with the WWE superstars on the road for 3 months…

My first thought was god we really need a vacation…

Jaden jumped up and yelling, “Did you guys see that?” Scaring the crap out of me and Brandy…we just looked at her like she was nuts. Brandy said, “Damn, girl we were both sitting here…I don’t know what the hell you’re yelling for…it’s not like we’re blind or anything.” I said, “Besides I’m already on the site and signing all three of us up for it…so chill out…damn.”

I signed us up…but little did we know that who ever signed up first would be the person to win…we would have to wait for 3 weeks, before they pulled the name on Monday Night Raw…they would have the name and say it on live TV…you know we would be watching…

3 weeks later, we were glued to the television…Vince McMahon came out during Raw stood in the middle of the ring and said Brandy’s name…but we didn’t nearly wet our pants until he said, “From Houston Texas…” We looked at each other and then the 3 of us jumped up and down on the couch screaming and yelling…The poor neighbors below us…probably thought the couch was going to come through their ceiling and land on them…

2 weeks later, we’d given the hospital our vacation time for the 3 months and were off on a flight to meet up with the WWE in New York City…6 hours later…the plane touched down and there was a black stretch limo waiting for us out side with Brandy’s name on the drivers sign. We hopped in as the driver shoved our suitcases in the trunk…and we were off to MSG. We were taken to an office by a few security guys…and we got to meet Vince and Linda…when they found out we were nurses…they asked if we wouldn’t mind helping out with stitching guys up when they bladed…cause their regular road doctor was going to be gone for a few months for some kind of back surgery…we agreed.

Chapter 2

**Same Warning**

We got to meet all the guys on the WWE roster…we had such a great time…Jaden started getting acquainted with Steve Williams…Since his divorce from Debra…he actually seemed to be happier without Debra around…then when he seemed super grouchy on TV…and a few of the guys said that when he was still with Debra…he was constantly jumping down someone’s throat…

Brandy started working out in the mornings with Brock…they seemed like great work out partners…he was pushing her to do her reps…and when he would lag, she’s snap him in the ass with a towel and he’d start pushing himself harder…

As for me…I was just talking with all the guys…They all seemed like they were a really fun bunch of guys to be stuck on the road with for 3 months…A few of the guys were out with injury…

One night 3 weeks into the 3months…I was sitting back stage talking with Trish about working at the hospital…it was during a Monday night Raw…and suddenly this bell tolled and some little girls recite this prayer:

As I lay me down to sleep

I pray my soul is mine to keep

My soul can never step outside this bed

Never into all the evil

Now back from the dead

Then in unison they said, “He’s here.”

Then this guy who I’d never meet came riding out on a Harley…clad in black levis, black boots, stonewashed Levi shirt, black muscle shirt under the Levi shirt, long black trench coat, black bandana, black sunglasses…and a dark auburn low pony tail that went down to the middle of his back…he looked frightfully amazing…

Trish saw the look on my face change…and I said, “Who the hell is that?” She giggled and said, “You’ve never heard of the Undertaker?” I said, “Yes…but I thought he was supposed to be scary looking and out of commission…someone told me he retired.” Trish said, “Almost…he almost retired…he had a couple of serious injuries…went home and his new wife took care of him…” I said, “Wife?”

Trish nodded and said, “Yea, she’s really young, blonde skinny bean pole like…and pretty…but I couldn’t be attracted to her if I was a man…she doesn’t have enough meat on her bones…but he seems to like her…he caught sight of her a few years ago at an autograph signing…she was there with her nephews or bosses kids something like that…anyway…he fell in love with her and they got married about 6 months ago…while he was out with his injuries…”

I said, “Judging from that name plastered on his neck I’m assuming that’s his wife’s name…Sara?” Trish said, “Yea…she has his name tattooed in the same spot but on the back of her neck…You want to meet him? I mean as soon as he gets done smacking around those DX boys…he’ll be coming back this way…he’ll want to know who you are anyway…I don’t think he knows about the contest.” I looked at her and said, “Okay.”

About 5 minutes later, the rumble of the Harley was coming down the hallway…Trish and I were sitting on one of the equipment trunks talking while watching the monitor and checking out the match getting ready to go down…while Trish was also reading her scripts…getting her lines memorized…the Harley stopped dead in front of us as Paul Levesque (Triple H) from DX walked up…he said, “Hey Lori…how you liking the show tonight?” I smiled and said, “Not too bad…but I kinda noticed you got your ass whipped just now.” Trish started laughing and Paul smiled and said, “Yea…I’m afraid so…Lori…have you met our resident Deadman?” I said, “Nope.”

Paul said, “Lori Mitchell…Mark Callaway…or better know to the fans…what little he’s got left…The Undertaker…Mark this is Lori…she’s on of the 3 girls who won that contest to travel with us for 3 months…” The man dismounted the huge motorcycle and stood in front of me with his hand out…I slowly slid my small hand into his large one and we shock hands and in a deep southern accent voice he said, “Nice to meet you.”

Chapter 3

**Same Warning**

All I said was, “Damn.” Paul looked at me and said, “What?” I said, “You…he looked much shorter on TV…talk about eating your wheaties…” Mark laughed deep from the back of his throat. Trish said, “Lori…didn’t you know Mark was 6’10” he’s the same height and weight as Glenn…” I said, “Double damn…I didn’t know that…I only watch the matches cause they fascinate me…I don’t get caught up in the character part…” Trish laughed and said, “Yea…Glenn’s persona Kane…plays Mark’s persona Undertaker’s baby brother.” I said, “He’s awfully big for a baby.”

Mark laughed again…

Judging from the looks that Paul and Trish we’re exchanging I came to the conclusion that Mark wasn’t one to laugh too much. Or really be that friendly…they chalked it up to getting a talking to by Vince…So they figured he was putting on a happy face cause the boss told him too.

Anyways, Mark walked away with Paul and left me and Trish talking some more…Later that night, all of us went out to a club to get some dancing going and get a little alcohol in our systems…mostly everyone had beer or Jack Daniels…I grabbed a lemon and lime and a corona beer. Brandy and Jaden both had 6 shots of Tequila sitting in front of them…which they would down a shot…run to the dance floor…dance their asses off…come back and repeat the process…

They actually got Steve and Brock to dance with them…of course they were getting drunk as Brandy and Jaden at the same time. I sat at the table with Mark, Glenn, Paul, Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter & Paul’s girlfriend) and a few of the other guys. I was sitting across from Mark…and was sitting on my feet trying to get comfortable in the chair…I didn’t notice it until I was sitting across the table from him…but Mark had the most unbelievable emerald green eyes I’d ever seen…they were really noticeable the closer you was to him.

Mark leaned over with his elbows resting on the table as I took a drink from my long neck bottle, and he said, “So what do you do for a living…I’ll assume you have a job?” I smiled and said, “Yea, you assume right…I’m a nurse for Houston Memorial Texas.” Mark just looked at me and said, “Really?” I said, “Yea why?” Mark said, “You mean you don’t know?” I said, “Know what?”

Mark said, “I live in Houston Texas…no one told you?” I said, “I didn’t realize it was such a big deal…I’ve lived there my whole life…I told you I just follow the matches I don’t follow the wrestlers.” Mark said, “Then you’d be the first female who didn’t.”

I said, “Well…I’m not like most females…I was in college by the time I was 15…and a nurse when I turned 19…That was 2 years ago…So I’m not the average crazed fan…I don’t sit up at night thinking of ways to meet you, or anyone else in this company…that’s not my style…I think up ways to make my ER run more smoothly…I’m the head nurse from Mid-night to 10 am…and I run a tight 10 hours…anything after that is for some other moron to figure out…”

Mark put his hands up in defeat and said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to offend you…I just…never mind.” I said, “You didn’t offend me…but I will let you know if you ever do.” Mark smirked at me and I just took a drink of me corona and sucked on my lime…Mmm corona and Lime yummy!!!

Chapter 4

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

The next morning, I was standing with Glenn talking…when I heard Jaden and Brandy giggling…My head popped up when I heard Mark laughing…and saw why he was laughing…Steve and Brock had Jaden and Brandy slung over their shoulders carrying them through the airport metal detectors…I looked at Glenn and we both smiled and shook our heads and we turned to get on the plane…

I didn’t notice but when we all got situated…some how I got stuck sitting between Mark and Glenn…

After we were in the air…I looked around and busted out my laptop and connected to the internet...and put my little talking headset on and took an internet phone call…A picture popped up so I could see who was calling me…I said, “What’s up Nina?” She said, “Well…we have a small problem…Mia wants the next two weeks off…she put in for it…”

I said, “Nina…don’t sweat it honey…tell Mia it’s not going to happen…I had that meeting with the whole staff for a reason…you all know me, Jaden and Brandy won’t be back for another 2 months…Tell Mia she’s not getting the 2 weeks off until we return…if she doesn’t like it and would like to address me about it…tell her to lick it, put a stamp on it and mail it to someone who gives a shit!”

Nina started laughing and said, “Have you had you’re morning coffee yet?” I smiled and said, “You little smart ass…yes I’ve had my morning coffee…In fact look…I’m having tons…I’m on a damn plane right now.” I held my coffee mug up to my web cam and she said, “Are you sure there’s coffee in it?” I said, “Yea…I replaced the coffee with Aftershock before we left the ground.”

Nina could see a huge arm on either side of me and said, “So which beefys' are you sitting between?” I moved the laptop so the web cam would pick up on Mark and Glenn…I said, “This on is Glenn…and this one is Mark.” Mark looked over and said, “Who the hell is that?” I said, “My NIC.” Mark said, “NIC?” I said, “Yea…Nurse In Charge…you know while I’m gone…” Mark said, “Oh…okay.”

Mark leaned over and to where the mouth piece of the headset was in front of my lips and said, “Nina…She’s on her 5th cup of coffee…can you get her to stop…she’s going to be so caffeinated when we get to Chicago…she’ll never sleep.” Nina laughed and said, “As good looking as that man is…he was damn close enough to kiss…you should have leaned over and shoved your tongue down his throat.”

I said, “Nina James…It’s a good thing Mr. Callaway can’t hear what you said…he’s a married man.” I panned down his neck and said, “See…he’s been branded.” Nina saw the Sara tattoo and said, “Well…whoever she is…she’s damn lucky you’re letting that tattoo get between you…because you know if I was there…tattoo or not, he’d get re-branded by me!”

I said, “NINA!…I’m ending this call right now…If anything else comes up…let me know.” Nina smiled and said, “Bye boss.” I closed my laptop and put it back in my backpack.

Mark leaned over and said, “So what did she say that made you turn 15 shades of red just now?” I smiled and said, “Never you mind.” And kicked my seat back to sleep a little.

Chapter 5

**Same Warning**

It was probably a good thing we were all piled onto a private WWE Plane.

Because somewhere in the back…Jaden had Steve in a mean lip lock…I guess that’s what happens when you get two horny girls together with two horny guys and play Truth or Dare.

Brandy thumped Jaden’s ear and said, “Come up for air…come up for air girl!!” Jaden laughed and pulled away from Steve…who looked flushed at the time…It was the look in his eyes that wasn’t ignored by Brandy…

Steve was staring a hole right through Jaden with his Texas blue eyes…Jaden leaned up and planted a kiss on the middle of his bald head…and Steve chuckled…and grabbed a hold of Jaden’s hand and kissed the back of it…Jaden’s heart completely melted…as she got kind of shy and looked down..

Brandy said, “Damn…You tamed the bitch.” Jaden smiled evilly and gave Brandy the finger…Steve grabbed her hand and bit her middle finger between his teeth…Jaden said, “Ow…” Steve then wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it…and slowly ran his tongue around her finger and let it slide from his mouth…Her eyes nearly popped out of her head…

Jaden came out of gutterland and said, “Whose turn is it?” Brandy said, “Duh…yours.”

Jaden smiled and blushed and said, “Okay…Brock truth or dare?” Brock said, “Dare…always dare.” Jaden giggled and said, “Okay…I dare you to leave a fat ass hickey on Brandy’s left boob…well chest, just above her boob.” Brock licked his lips and said, “Dare excepted.” Brandy’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Brock put the arm rests up and started stalking after Brandy and she was slowly laying down, when Brock attacked her neck with kisses…and slowly moved his way down her neck and pulled her shirt down, and moved her bra a little…and started sucking just above Brandy’s left nipple…Brandy was in total ecstasy and wrapped her arms around Brocks neck…trying to get him closer…Brocks hands went from the cushion under Brandy, sliding up her thighs to her butt…and gave her a squeeze.

When Brock got up, he grabbed Brandy’s hand and pulled her back up to a sitting position…Brandy was blushing furiously…Jaden leaned over the seat and said, “Okay…let’s see it..” Brandy pulled her shirt open and Jaden looked down and said, “Wow…damn that is not going to go away for like 4 weeks…it’s purple and huge!…better not wear any low cut shirts…whose turn is it now?”

Brandy smiled and said, “Mine…smart ass…”

Jaden sat there as Brandy thought deeply as to what she wanted to say…and finally said, “Jaden, Truth or dare?” Jaden said, “Dare…In Brocks words…Always dare.” Brandy smiled and said, “Fine…I dare you to let Steve give you a hickey on the inside of your left thigh…If I have to be branded on the left…then so do you.”

Steve rubbed his hands together and said, “Now were talkin’.” Jaden was about to protest when Steve grabbed the back of her knees and pulling them to be propped up, and she was laying down in the seats…Steve slowly pushed Jaden’s Levi skirt up a little and moved her leg around and got down and ran his tongue in circles around the area where he wanted the hickey…then he started nipping at her flesh lightly with his teeth, before he went ahead and started sucking and kissing…making it turn as purple as Brandy’s hickey…gut it was much bigger…about the size of four quarters put into a circle…

Brandy and Brock were just making light conversation, until Jaden sat up and said, “My goodness…I won’t be wearing short shorts for a while…Brandy peaked over and said, “Damn…much worse then mine.” Brock said, “Yea…give me a few hours…” And started laughing at the look on Brandy’s face.

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

A week later at Smackdown, I was sitting in the medical room watching the boys in the ring…and talking with Trish…when we saw Mark and Glenn go out to mess with the Dudley boys, including Spike…Matt, Marc and Devon…Well while Spike had Glenn distracted Marc and Devon were supposed to put Mark through a table…which the did…but none of them realized there was a chair sitting way too close to the table…and when Mark’s giant body went slamming through the table, he hit his head on the chair…it didn’t knock him out but he did start bleeding…

I said, “Is he supposed to be bleeding like that?” Trish looked up and said, “No…that’s not scripted…I don’t think he bladed…” I said, “No I think he hit his head on that chair.” Trish said, “They’ll bring him back and let you check him out…” I got some gauze out and sutures…Glenn and Devon brought Mark back and he looked a little dazed…they sat him on the exam table…and I stood in front of him and shined a light in his eyes and watched for the pupil reaction…

Mark pushed my hand out of his face and said, “Damn it woman…I’m not dying…Get that friggin light out of my face.” I smacked his hand and said, “Shut up…and sit still.” Mark looked at me and said, “Excuse me?” I said, “Shut up and sit still. I’m trying to make sure you don’t have a concussion.” Mark got mad cause I told him to shut up and was going to get up and leave…

I shoved him back down and shoved Glenn and Devon out side and slammed the door and turned on my heels and said, “Look…I don’t know about you…but I take my job seriously…I work in a God damn ER…I’ve taken shit from guys bigger then you…so don’t try my patients…sit there and let me examine you.” Mark huffed and said, “Fine…Damn women.”

I thumped his chest and said, “Lay down…I’m going to put a couple of stitches in that…and don’t give me no macho bullshit.” Mark leaned back and I moved up and washed the blood off him…and said, “The cut isn’t huge but it’s deep…and it’s right at your hair line…no one will see it…” I put the first stitch in it and got no argument from Mark…and I was putting the second in and Mark said, “Hey…I can feel that…it hurts.”

I said, “Oh poo…stop that…don’t be such a big baby…I stitch up 5 year olds, who put up less fuss then you. Hell the day before I left for this little vacation…I had to reattach an ear and finger…this is nothing…better then being decapitated.” Mark laughed a little and said, “Yea…I guess you’re right…Sorry about giving you such a hard time…I hate being looked after..” I looked down and his emerald orbs latched onto my eyes almost immediately…I said, “Yea, well…at least I didn’t have to sit on you to get you to let me stitch this…the last big guy I worked on…I had to sit straddled on his chest cause he wouldn’t sit still…”

Mark said, “Hell…You can sit on my chest anytime you want to.” I smirked and said, “I think Sara might have something to say about that.” I ran my hand across the name branded on his throat. And Mark grabbed my hand and said, “Hell…she does it all the time…thinking she can keep me down and she’s skinnier then you…she could probably kick my ass…and I know you could…just because you don’t seem like the type to take shit from people…” I smiled and said, “You can get up now…and you’re right I don’t…but it’s only from working in an ER for the last 2 years.”

Mark got up and I was about to open the door to leave…when Mark’s hand covered mine against the door…I could feel his warm breath against my neck…his other hand pulled my hair out of the way and he placed soft kisses on my neck…he could feel me tensing up…and he whispered in my ear, “Relax…I’m not going to hurt you…Turn around.” I slowly turned around and faced Mark…he traced my eyes, eyebrows, and the outside of my lips with the tip of his index finger…and then lowered his mouth to mine…I couldn’t help but kiss him back…he ran his tongue along my lips and I parted my lips granting his tongue access…he slowly snaked his tongue into my mouth and caressed every space and place in my mouth with his tongue.

WAKE UP LORI…My eyes snapped open…and I pulled away from Mark…and said, “I can’t…I…I…I can’t.” Mark said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said, “You didn’t scare me…I’ve been kissed before…Mark, you’re married…go home to your wife for the weekend and remember why you married her.” I turned and left the room.

Chapter 7

** Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

After 2 weeks of avoiding Mark…Brandy, Jaden and I have 1 months and 3 weeks left…I didn’t tell a soul what happened behind that door in the medical room…I couldn’t…I might have been avoiding Mark like the plague…but we were still exchanging glances and looks…it was funny how no one picked up on it…and if they did they weren’t saying anything…probably thought it wasn’t any of their business…and it really wasn’t this problem was between Mark and I…but we were pretty discrete about it.

I was walking by the hair and make-up room and the girl was trying to wet down Mark’s hair and he was giving her problems…and I walked in and said, “Having problems with Trouble here, Gina?” Gina giggled and Mark looked up and smirked…Gina said, “Of course…the stitches are getting in the way…” I said, “Give me the water…I’ll show you how to do this.” I stood next to Mark’s head by the sink that was in the room…I put my hand up on his head as a barrier so the stitches wouldn’t get wet…and I poured the water over his long Auburn locks…

Mark said, “Uh…Gina I know this is your work space and all but can you take a 15 minute break and let me and Lori talk please…” Gina said, “Sure, honey…I’ll close the door.” Mark said, “Thanks Gina.” Gina left pulling the door closed behind her…

I finished with Mark’s hair and squeezed the excess out…Mark sat up and I combed the knots out and pulled it back then braided it…without being told…Mark said, “So why have you been avoiding me…was it the kiss?” I said, “You could say that.” Mark said, “I did say that…what would you say?” I said, “Yea…it was the kiss.” Mark said, “Why…it was just a kiss…”

I came around and tossed his black bandana at him and said, “Mark…you shouldn’t have even kissed me…you’re married…You have a wife at home thinking you’re at work…working…not kissing other women…” Mark said, “I wasn’t kissing other women…I kissed you…” I said, “And you shouldn’t have.” Mark stood up and said, “Tell me you can’t feel it.”

I said, “Feel what?” (Playing stupid was never my best quality)…

Mark said, “The attraction…there’s something there…I don’t know what it is…but it makes me forget about Sara…and every other woman on the face of this earth except the one I’m looking at right now.”

I sighed heavy and turned my head down and just stared at the ground in total disbelief I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…Mark said, “Just admit it…I know you feel it…it’s that warm feeling that starts here.” He ran his index knuckle across my mid-drift and continued, “And just works it’s way around, until you’re whole body is warm…C’mon…just be truthful with me.” I sighed heavy again and said, “Yes…fine…Yes I feel it…but it doesn’t matter…Me admitting it to you, doesn’t make you any more single then you was 5 minutes ago.”

Mark grabbed his braid and said, “See this?” I said, “What about it?” He said, “It might just be braided hair to you…but it means more to me then you know.” I said, “Why’s that?” He said, “I didn’t tell you to braid it, or leave it alone…in fact I didn’t tell you what to do with it…what made you braid it?” I said, “I don’t know…I just did it…It doesn’t mean anything…” Mark said, “Yes it does…I was sitting there thinking I wanted you to braid it…we’ve got this really weird connection…it starts with that warm feeling…I mean, I can be sitting there thinking I hadn’t seen you all day…and then you show up out of nowhere…” I just shook my head and walked away.

The truth was…Mark was right…I was feeling everything he was feeling…and the same thing would happen to me also…I’d be thinking I hadn’t seen Mark all day…and he’s just appear…out of thin air…But I was scared to admit that much…I wasn’t into all that crap that there is one person out there for you and there are signs everywhere to find them.

Chapter 8

**Same Warning**

All of us made plans to go out to a club later after the show…I went back to the hotel and got ready with Trish…I had on Red Satin pants with a matching top that had spaghetti straps and laces across the back…and let 1 inch of my bare mid-drift show, plus my navel ring…plus my black boots…and I left my hair down and curled the ends inward.

Trish and I pulled up to the club and when I saw the black Harley with the red flames I knew Mark was there…and when we walked in…I immediately spotted him…boots, levis, sleeveless Levi shirt, with the first 3 buttons open…hair back in a loose low pony tail and black bandana…

Damn as hard as it was to resist him…he looked so friggin good…but that damn Sara tattoo was just a huge flashing married neon sign. The closer we got to the table the more I could smell his leather and cologne…it was the only smell that was emitted from his body at all times…And I knew it was him, he was the only one who smelled like that.

We walked over and the closer we got to the table, Mark looked up and saw me and smiled…I couldn’t help but smile back…I averted my eyes away from him and to the table…noticing quickly that Jaden and Brandy had Brock and Steve on the dance floor dancing…I thought ‘Hmm…must have about 4 shots of Tequila in them right now…not dancing as dirty as they should be yet…it’ll only get better as the night goes on.’…

I sat down and the waitress brought me a corona with a lemon and lime…Mark sat down across from me again…same place he always same so we could talk…we really had gotten to know a lot about each other in the past weeks…and it was really hard to ignore every feeling in my body for him…even sitting 2 feet from him…I just wanted to reach out and touch him…

The weird thing was…that he always knew what I was thinking…cause he slid his hand across the table and touched my hand…his warm hand on mine…I was so ready to melt under the table…I looked up and as soon as he looked in my eyes he knew immediately everything he was feeling towards me was being reciprocated by me…We sat there looking at each other and we heard a slow song coming on over the speakers…Mark looked out towards the dance floor and got up and walked around to me and leaned down and whispered in my ear, “C’mon.” I stood up and followed him…and as we made our way to the middle of the floor…Mark wrapped his right arm around my waist…and took my right hand in his left…my left hand rested on his huge bicep…I could feel his hand in the middle of my back and I kept getting chills up and down my spine.

The song that was leaking through the speakers of the club and dancing between the dancing couple on the floor was beautifully slow and just way to crazy…every word sung in the song pertained to Mark and I…

Artist: Celine Dion

Album: One Heart

Song: In His Touch


Forgive me

Don’t know where to start

I guess we’ve come to

The serious part

I need to find out

If there’s a chance

For us…

Don’t give me that same old look

It won’t win me over

Don’t give me that same old speech

You don’t have to speak at all

You can say

You love me

That I’m your perfect crush

How it hurts

To need someone that much

You can swear you mean it

But that ain’t good enough

Cuz when a man love’s a woman

It is all

In his touch

I wish you could see…yea

Just how simple

It’s supposed to be

‘Cause now that we’ve come this far

We don’t want to lose it

If you want to win my heart

Baby just shut your mouth

You can say

You love me

That I’m your perfect crush

How it hurts

To need someone that much

You can swear you mean it

But that ain’t good enough

Cuz when a man love’s a woman

It is all

In his touch

…Then words don’t mean that much

You can say

You love me

That I’m your perfect crush

How it hurts

To need someone that much

You can swear you mean it

But that ain’t good enough

Cuz when a man love’s a woman

It is all

In his touch


When the song was over, Mark leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You want to go for a ride? Get out of here for a while?” I just nodded…man it was creepy how he knew what I was thinking at all times…We walked over and excused ourselves…saying I wasn’t feeling well and that Mark was going to take me back to the hotel…We walked out…and Mark got on his Harley, and grabbed my hand helping me on behind him…I wrapped my arms around his chest and held on tight as he took off out of the parking lot and down the road…

We rode around for a few hours…just letting the wind whip through our hair and take away everything…every once in a while, Mark would over my hands with his and it would send that warm feeling through me…and I would snuggle closer to Mark’s back…we pulled into the hotel parking lot around mid-night…and Mark walked me to my room. I closed the door…and turned to go change when there was a knock on the door…I opened it. Mark said, “I can’t leave.” I said, “Why not…just walk down the hall and into your own room…not that complicated.” Mark said, “No…when I say I can’t leave…I meant…I can’t leave you here alone.”

Chapter 9

**Same Warning + Sexual Content**

Mark leaned over the doorway and kissed me…I couldn’t help but kiss back…I put my hands on his chest and I swear I was going to push him away…but he deepened the kiss and my senses were reeling…I balled my fists on his chest grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the room…closing the door behind us. I unbuttoned Mark’s shirt and pulled it off…Mark turned me around and while he was kissing my neck he was untying my laces on my shirt…and finally got it pulled off…he turned me around and his mouth automatically went to my breasts and nipples…kissing, sucking, nipping, trying to make my nipples as hard as possibly…it worked…

We went into the bed room and Mark laid me down and pulled my boots and pants of with my panties…he stood back and just looked at my body…I never broke eye contact with him…I sat up and helped him get rid of the rest of his clothing…Mark kissed up one side of my body and down the other…he had me in full on ecstasy…My senses were going absolutely crazy…I couldn’t believe the way he made me feel…

Mark sat on the bed and I got up and sat straddled on his lap…and as I was sitting down, Mark slowly slid his erection into my ever present wet center…and grabbed my hips to guide me all the way down…I was running my fingers through his hair…and he started moving me up and down the length of his erection…with my chest pressed tight against his…my body finally took over for Mark’s hands…and I was moving on my own…

Mark wrapped his arms around me and held me close…as I wrapped my arms around his neck…and I couldn’t help but cry…It was then that I knew I loved Mark…but that I could never have him fully…he belonged to someone else…Mark saw me crying and had a pretty good idea why I was crying…he kissed my tears away and was just working on making me forget everything but what we were feelings for each other…He got up and laid down on top of me and grabbed my thighs, pushing my legs further apart so he could go deeper into me…My body couldn’t help but respond to what he was doing to me…

Mark said, “Lori…relax honey…just let it come…let yourself go baby…cum for me…” I shut my eyes tight…and just relished the feeling of Mark inside of me…and he said, “Open your eyes…and look at me…” I did as I was told…and touched his face…he moved his face to the side and kissed the palm of my hand…Mark started thrusting deeper and harder…and was getting me to emit some pretty throaty moans…Mark said, “Do you want to cum baby?” I felt myself nod yes…as I was biting on my bottom lip…Mark pushed my legs even further apart and thrusted deeper, harder and faster…

My breathing started to pick up…I knew I was close…and so did Mark…He leaned down and said, “C’mon honey…cum for me…you’ll feel so much better just let go baby.” I screamed Mark’s name as I started cumming in waves…and I clutched onto him…as soon as he felt my walls tighten around him and falling over the edge his impending orgasm also hit as well…he growled several times before I felt his seed explode deep inside of me. Mark pulled out after he stopped…and laid down next to me…pulling me over to rest on his chest and I cried even harder…he knew how hard it was for me to make love to him knowing he was married…Mark rubbed my back and kissed the top of my head and he said, “I’m so sorry baby…I didn’t realize how hard this would be for you…” Soon I cried myself to sleep on Mark’s chest…he held onto me through the night…not letting go of me once…

Chapter 10

** Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

In the morning…I woke up and rolled out of bed…I felt as if my whole body had been beaten up…I didn’t even noticed that the tattooed arms that enveloped me the night before, were still there…I got in the shower and turned it on as hot as I could stand it…I just let all the worry and emotion wash off of me…I couldn’t believe I’d let myself fall in love with a married man…much less make love to him…and I couldn’t imagine what lied in my last 4 weeks with the WWE tour…

Don’t get me wrong making love to Mark was so beautiful…and it had been building since we meet…sexual tension was so thick we had to cut through it with a sword…but the fact remained he was still married…and when I left in 4 weeks…he’s still be married…just cause we made love, doesn’t make him any more single…but God I love him. I’ll never tell him I love him…If I tell him I love him…I’ll just get more attached to him then what I really need to be…even though I already am…I hate admitting anything.

I stepped out of the shower and got dried off and then dressed…I was combing my hair as I stepped out of the bathroom…I noticed the lump was missing from the bed…and I looked down…I guess I was disappointed that he left…all of a sudden a pair of tattooed arms, jetted around my waist and lifted me off the ground and I let out a yelp…Mark kissed my neck and said, “You didn’t really think I was just going to leave and not say anything did you?” I touched his hands and said, “You scared me…I thought you left.” Mark placed me back on my feet and said, “Not likely.”

Mark turned me around and planted a kiss on my lips…and said, “Don’t move…I’m going to shower and change down in my room…and then we’re going to breakfast.” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay.” Mark took me over and sat me on the foot of the bed, and then squatted down between my legs and took my hands in his.

Mark said, “Listen, I know how hard last night was for you…I didn’t think it was going to be as hard as I thought it was…It wasn’t exactly easy for me to do it either…I never cheat on my first wife, we just sort of fell out of love with each other, and I’ve never cheated on Sara…but something has been growing inside of me…and when I look at you…and see you smile and hear you laugh…it’s just indescribable…the things I feel towards you I never felt for my first wife…and I certainly never felt them for Sara…I don’t think I’ve ever felt these feelings for another woman that I feel when I look at you…there’s just something special about you…and I don’t know how you feel when you look at me…I could be just some dirty old man to you…I mean c’mon you’re 21 and I’m 36…all I know is I’ve never felt like this for anyone in my life as fast as I did with you…I don’t know if we’re meant to be together, if we’re soul mates…hell I don’t even know what’s going to happen when you’re supposed to leave here 4 weeks…I may fold you up and stick you in my suitcase and never let you leave me.”

I touched his face and said, “I don’t know what to feel right now…This all just happened so fast…I guess in some ways it scares me…I’ve never felt this much all at one time…I don’t know if we’re soul mates…and I sure don’t know what the next step is…but I guess what ever it is…I’ll be here…at least for the next 4 weeks…anything after that and I couldn’t tell you.”

Mark patted my leg and said, “Okay deal…I’m gonna go shower and change…I’ll meet you in the lobby in like 15 minutes.” I nodded and said, “Okay.” He stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips…and was gone. We went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant, while we were eating we were just talking and laughing, enjoying each others company.

Chapter 11

**Same Warning**

I had my feet propped up in Mark’s lap…and I accidentally brushed my foot across the crotch of his levis…Mark’s head snapped up from the paper he was reading and I was just relaxing…and I saw the look on his face and said, “What?” Mark said, “Watch where you’re feet go…or we won’t be making our flight later.” I couldn’t help but giggle…

A couple of minutes later, Glenn, Brock, Brandy, Steve and Jaden all walked up to our table and noticed we were just a little to comfortable with each other…I leaned over and whispered in his ear…and Mark started laughing…Mark looked up and noticed we weren’t alone anymore…and said, “Ladies…Gentlemen…have a seat.”

They sat down around the table with us…and Brandy said, “Lori can I speak with you please…privately?” I smiled and said, “Sure.” I pulled my feet off of Mark’s lap and slid my shoes back on and followed Brandy into the lobby with Jaden following in toe…

I stood there as Jaden and Brandy were staring at me…I said, “What’s up ladies?” Brandy said, “You and Mark look a little chummy…don’t you think?” I said, “What, we’re just friends…Are we supposed to ignore each other?”

Jaden said, “Stop right there…You already know better then to try and talk your way out of this one…you’re in love with him.” Brandy turned my face to look in my eyes and said, “Yup…you’re in love with him.”

I jerked my face away from then and said, “Knock it off you two…we’re just friends…point, blank, period.”

Brandy said, “Lori, that man is married…you’re not going to get anything but heart ache from him…” I said, “Don’t you think I know that B?…I can’t help the way I feel about him…I’d never tell him…but he already knows…he’s not stupid.” Jaden said, “Lori, Snap out of it…that man is 3 second away from cheating on his wife with you…”

I cringed at that statement. I sighed heavy and said, “Look…it’s my life…and this is just as much a vacation for me as it is for the two of you…Just let me enjoy the time I have left…4 weeks…that’s all I want…Mark and I are just friends…don’t push the issue.”

I walked away and went back over to Mark and said, “You ready?” Mark said, “Sure…Let’s get going.” Mark stood up and let money on the table and we walked away talking…everyone just stared at us as we walked out side…then they watch through the windows as we got on his Harley and took off…

We rode through out the back road of the city and just enjoyed the beautiful day together…It was like I just couldn’t get close enough to him…my arms wrapped around his chest…I could feel his heart beating in his chest…and it just made my heart beat faster…most of the time he had his hand covering both of mine…I leaned up a few times and kissed the back of his neck and at the stop lights I usually kissed the side of his neck…We got back to the hotel in time to leave for the airport with everyone else.

Chapter 12

**Same Warning**

4 weeks later, Brandy, Jaden and I were standing in the parking lot getting ready to say goodbye to everyone on the WWE roster…It was taking all the resolve I had to not cry…I wanted to cry so bad…

I knew this day would eventually arrive but I just didn’t realize it was going to be so hard leaving Mark behind…The taxi pulled up and threw my bags in the trunk and as I turned to face Jaden and Brandy, I said, “Why aren’t they putting your bags in?”

Jaden said, “We’re not going back with you…Steve and Brock asked us to stay on the tour and Vince offered us jobs…” Brandy said, “And we took him up on it…did he offer it to you too?” I said, “Yea…but I turned him down…I knew you guys wouldn’t though.” Jaden said, “Why did you turn him down…we’re supposed to be best friends…you know this won’t be much of a job…without you…”

It finally hit me…and tears were sliding down my cheeks and through sniffles, I said, “Without me? What? Bitching, gripping, screaming at you guys to move your fat asses all the time…get real…you guys have the potential to be perfect like me…” Brandy and Jaden saw me crying and started crying too…Brandy scuffed and said, “Oh you bitch.” Jaden said, “Just when we think she’s going to give us a compliment for all our hard work in the last 2 years…she takes another jab.”

I laughed through my tears and said, “Listen…this is one job you guys will both be great at…you have the potential to just be yourselves…I’ve known you guys my whole life…ever since we met in kindergarten at the tender ages of 7…We have 14 years between the 3 of us…not to mention thousands of pizza’s, millions and millions of empty ice cream cartons for every time one of us got dumped by our loser boyfriends…plus the last two years working in the ER together…that was the most fun…just being able to be with you guys…and besides it’s not like I won’t ever see you again…I’m a phone call, an airline ticket and a taxi ride away…And you know if either of you ever need me…I’ll be there in a second, never any questions asked…”

Jaden said, “Why didn’t you take the job?” I said, “I wanted to take the position, I really did…but I’m having a hard enough time living in the realization that Mark is not mine to keep…and he’s not mine to have ever…and if I continued to stay and work here…He’s the only thing I would want…and I can’t do that…he has a wife already…he doesn’t need someone else slowing him down. So I’ll just love him through the power of television…like always I’ll be in front of the TV on Monday and Thursday Nights…but this time…I’ll pay a little more attention to the character the Undertaker…then I did before.”

Everyone in the parking lot was too busy talking amongst themselves to hear what I was discussing with Jaden and Brandy, but Mark was standing next to Glenn and he heard everything I said…his eyes got misty but he wasn’t about to show weakness in front of all the morons he had to work with…

I hugged Brandy and Jaden tight…and all 3 of us cried a little more…and I went around and hugged everyone…slowly they all started going back inside…

My live Raw and Smackdown watching buddy from the back Trish was crying too…Mark LaMonica (Bub-Buh Dudley) walked Trish back inside the arena…

Pretty soon the only ones left in the parking lot was me and Mark…

Chapter 13

**Same Warning**

I had my hands in my back pockets of my jeans and Mark walked up and touched my check with his warm hand…I couldn’t help but lean into his hand…Mark said, “I feel like we should be doing something about this…I want to stop you from leaving and make you stay…but I know you wouldn’t allow me too…”

I smiled and said, “Correct…I have to go back to my life…the real one…not the fantasy one I’ve been living in for the last 3 months…and you’ve got to go back to your life…and that’s including Sara…I just have to remember that for 4 weeks I was special to someone…and someone was special to me.” Mark said, “I’m gonna miss you.” I said, “I know…I’m gonna miss you too..”

I touched Mark’s cheek and said, “But I’ll never forget you…how could I since we both live in the same damn state and city.” Mark said, “Maybe I’ll stop by the ER sometime and take you to lunch.” I said, “I’d like that.” I put my head against his chest and Mark leaned down and kissed the top of my head.

I gave him one final hug and kissed his lips soft and tenderly…and went to get in the cab, when he grabbed my arm and said, “Wait…Damn it Lori…Just tell me you need me…tell me you love me…say anything that would make me want to kidnap you and take you away from here forever.” I turned around and had huge tears sliding down my face…

I said, “Mark you already know I need you…and you knew I loved you when I let you make love to me that first time…when I cried cause I knew it was wrong…but I also knew I could never have you…and kidnapping is still illegal…and you have someone else who needs you now…and you know it…Sara owns you…you belong to her…she loves you…and she needs you…”

I ran my fingers across his Sara tattoo and said, “And this is how I knew I would never be able to keep you…I knew that I’d have to leave eventually…as much as I want to stay I can’t…and you know it…” I stood on my tip toes and let my lips brush against this and I got in the taxi before he had a chance to stop me again, cause I knew if he tried to stop me again…I’d probably wouldn’t have been strong enough to say goodbye again.

I looked at Mark through the window of the back seat of the taxi…I put my hand on the window and Mark put his hand over mine and it was then and only then that Mark blinked and I saw the huge tears leave his eyes and roll down his cheeks…as the taxi pulled out of the arena parking lot…I just stare at my hands in my lap…

Chapter 14

**Same Warning**

- -4 Months Later- -

I was standing at the ER desk looking through the patients charts and what medications they were on…I looked at the clock… 9:15 …Thank god, I’ve only got 45 minutes left…but on the plus side I didn’t have to work tonight…Raw was going to be on…and they were in Chicago…Mark had some match scheduled to face Paul for the Heavy Weight title…I couldn’t wait to seem him in action…he always did fascinate me when he wrestled…

I stretched my arms out a little and did some rounds checking on the patients, making sure they were all comfortable…I checked on my two new interns Amelia and Samantha…they had been brought in to replace Jaden and Brandy…who I knew at this very minute were still sleeping their lazy butts off…

Traveling life agreed with them…Brandy and Brock had gotten engaged about 3 weeks after I left as well as Steve and Jaden…but they were really happy…I still get e-mail from them daily…and when we’re all online together we gossip about everything…

I heard them call my name over the PA system…I checked on one last patient and walked up to the nurses station and said, “Yes Ladies how can I help you?” Samantha giggled and pointed towards the ER exit and entrance doors…I gave her a funny look

I looked over and there was the most beautiful site I’d ever seen…clad in what else? Black jeans, boots, black Deadman Inc t-shirt, black bandana and hair in a tight braid…and his sunglasses…Thank god the T-shirt was covering up the Sara tattoo, cause if I could have seen it…I probably would have walked away…

I sighed heavy and walked towards him and stopped about 3 feet from him and said, “Aren’t you supposed to be in Chicago?” Mark said, “Yes…I was there, for about an hour…and then I couldn’t take it anymore and flew back here…I had to see you…we really need to talk.”

I said, “Okay…Sami, Mia I’ll be in Trauma room 1 if ya’ll need me.” Sami said, “Okay Lori.” I showed Mark into the room…Mark sat on the exam table and I stood there…Jesus, his arms had gotten bigger…and his chest was expanded a little more…his hair was a little longer…he looked so good…ton of resolve to not pounce on him.

Mark said, “Here read this.” He handed me a folded up piece of paper…I opened it and read it…it was some sort of love letter from a guy named Mike to Sara…talking about how great it was her husband was always gone…and so on and so forth…I said, “Oh Mark…What happened did she find out about us?” Mark said, “Nope…look at the date on it…” I looked and it was March 29…

I looked at Mark confused and he said, “March…Lori we didn’t even know each other then…I didn’t meet you until June and we didn’t make love until the end of July…she cheated on me…and that letter indicates she’s been doing since we got married…I found another letter that stated she was going to set me up to look like I’ve been cheating on her and then she was going to take me to the cleaners…she never loved me…she just loved the money…just what I could give her…” I said, “What are you going to do?”

Chapter 15

**Same Warning**

Mark handed me a big thick manila envelope, and said, “Open it.” I opened it and pulled it out…I started reading and it was divorce papers…signed by him and Sara…and then On the last page the word FINALIZED stamped in red letters… and the date below it said December 10th …Today’s date.

Mark said, “My lawyer sent that to me…I got it this morning when I went to the arena…and immediately left…I didn’t want to come see you before that…cause if Sara would have even heard I was seen with someone else…I would have been screwed.”

I started to have tears slide down my cheeks and said, “Please tell me you’re not shitting me…that this isn’t one big joke at my expense.” Mark pulled me over to him and said, “Do you honestly think I would ever do something like that to you?” I shook my head no…and said, “But where does that leave us?” Mark said, “Check the envelope again…” I looked in the envelope again and there was a single piece of paper in it…I bit my bottom lip and slowly pulled the paper out…it was a marriage license…it had both our names printed on it…and Mark said, “If you still love me…we can do it today…but only if you love me enough to marry my dead ass…” I said, “Mr. Callaway are you asking me to marry you?”

Mark stood up off the exam table and got down on one knee and pulled out a box, opened it and I nearly fainted…it was a 3 stone diamond ring, it was our birthstones…mine being diamond for April…and his being Aquamarine for March….the diamond was in the middle and the two sides stones were Aquamarine…

Mark said, “I had it made special for you…cause you mean so much to me…Lori, Will you marry me?” I had more tears sliding down my cheeks and all I could do was nod…Mark slipped the ring on my finger and stood up gathering me in his arms and kissing me, like I’ve never been kissed before. When we parted I pulled his sunglasses off and he had a black eye…I said, “Oh my god, what happened?” Mark said, “Oh…I stopped by Sara’s house…and dropped off her copy of the papers…and she noticed I had taken something off that belonged to her and she got pissed and socked me.” I said, “Damn…it couldn’t have been that bad.”

Mark said, “Well…you tell me.” Mark put his hand on the collar of the T-shirt and pulled it down and the name was missing…I ran my fingers over where the Sara tattoo used to be and the skin was so soft…like the ink had never been in the bottom of his throat…I said, “But why…” Mark said, “Because, I love you…and the day you left, you said as long as I had that you’d know you couldn’t keep me…I figured if I was going to come over here and ask you to marry me…the least I could do was show you that this time around…you get to keep me for as long as you want.”

I just pulled him over and we started kissing…and I was crying again…but this time it was because I was so happy…we parted and Mark said, “C’mon Brandy, Brock, Jaden and Steve are waiting for us at the court house…” I said, “You was so sure I would say yes…” He said, “No just confidant you wouldn’t say no…besides…this is going to be a triple wedding…” I laughed and said, “Sounds good to me…” Mark grabbed my hand and after I clocked out we left…we jumped on his Harley and were gone…feeling the wind whip through my hair my arms wrapped tight around Mark…our two souls were finally pushed into one heart.

The End.