Nothing Bout Love



Chapter 1


Genevieve had started in OVW and then was called up to WWE but over to the Raw Roster.  To top it all off...A few days ago during the last day of the draft lottery, she was transferred to the Smackdown roster.  Gen was a 24 year old spitfire who stood at 5’9” and weight 125lbs.  Deep Green eyes and dark brown hair with light brown and blonde high lights about an inch from her waist.


Gen was walking down the hallway of the Staples Center Arena in Los Angeles, California.  Gen had on jeans, black steel toed boots, and a red form fitted t-shirt that said ‘I like it ROUGH in the RING.’ In black letters across her chest.  She’d left her hair down and curled in towards her face.


As Gen was walking to the dressing room for the Smackdown Divas and was stopped when she head a high pitched squealed out, “GENEVIEVE!” Gen stopped and turned around as she came face to face with her OVW best friend Amaya Cena.  Amaya the 25 year old bouncy 5’10” 135lb redhead came running over and threw her arms around Gen’s neck and squeezed like she couldn’t believe nearly cutting off her oxygen supply.


Gen laughed as she hugged her missing friend back.  Amaya smiled as she pulled away and said, “I can’t believe you finally got switched to Smackdown!”  Gen laughed as she said, “Yea...Thank God for the draft lottery.”  Amaya said, “ finally get to meet my brother too...You’ve never met John have you?” 


Gen said, “Oh My God...THE John Cena...I could”  Amaya said, “Okay smartass...Enough of the dramatics...Mark is here too by the way.”  Gen said, “Jindrak?  No way not MJ.”  Amaya said, “Oh yea and still lookin hunky as ever.”  Gen nudged Amaya in the ribs as they continued down the hallway and said, “You’ve still got the hots for Mark don’t you?”  Amaya blushed 15 shades of red and said, “Only a little...but John would kill me because you know how good of friends they are...I mean it’s rare to see one anywhere without the other.”


Gen nodded in agreement.  She knew Amaya had been crushing on Mark since he was at OVW with her brother John.  They hadn’t been called to OVW until Mark and John were signed with WWE.  Amaya had been crushing on Mark for nearly 2 years now...and the fact that he was this close to her yet so far away...well it was kind of like putting candy in front of a kid and telling them NOT to touch.


They walked on as someone came out of nowhere and bumped into Gen as she stumbled back and fell on her butt on the concrete floor and Amaya said, “Jesus Christ John...Why don’t you just throw Gen down some stairs...I don’t think she landed hard enough.”


Gen looked up into the amazing blue eyes of John Cena...She’d watched him wrestle for a while...but had never met him...schedules, training, OVW and WWE were different.  John was standing there in jean shorts, pump sneakers and a white and purple River Cats baseball jersey on...completely unbuttoned and his magnificent chest was there for anyone interested in looking.  Plus he had on a black WWE ‘Get the F out’ baseball hate on backwards.  Not to mention the US Championship belt around his waist.


John looked down and saw the girl he’d plowed into and said, “Oh shit...I’m so sorry.”  John squatted down and said, “Are you okay Miss?”  Suddenly a familiar voice said, “Holy Shit Gen!”  Gen looks up from John and saw Mark standing there.  John helped the young lady stand up and was a little weirded out when she jumped in his best friends arms and he lifted her off the floor to thoroughly hug her.


John waited until Mark placed her back on her feet and he said, “I’m really sorry...Gen is it?”  Gen looked at John and said, “Genevieve Basham...but everyone calls me Gen.  It’s nice to finally meet Amaya big brother that I’ve heard so much about.”  John’s eyes narrowed a little as her name worked its way through his mind and he said, “Basham?  As in Doug and Danny Basham?”  Gen laughed a little and said, “The idiot twins...Guilty...they’re my older brothers.”


John and Gen shook hands and John heard his music cue up as he said, “You’ll have to excuse me...I’ve got a match to rehearse before tonight.”  Gen smiled and said, “No problem...See you around.”  Mark followed John as he winked at Amaya and gave Gen one last hug.


Gen nudged Amaya again and said, “I SO saw that!  Amaya blushed and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  Gen laughed as she picked up her bag and said, “Fine...but I want at least one of yawls rug rats named after their Auntie Genevieve.”  The girls laughed as they continued down the hallway giggling and talking to each other.


Chapter 2


Later that night, Gen was walking the halls with Amaya and was suddenly submerged in Gen got her ground she finally noticed the two knuckle heads who were hugging her were Doug and Danny her twin brothers.  Doug said, “It’s about time you got your skinny little ass here...”  Danny said, “But of course we’ve been watching you blow up Raw.”  Doug said, “Very cool little sis...”  Danny said, “Very cool.”  Gen smiled...They were always finishing each others thoughts and she said, “Thanks guys...I’ve missed y’all so much.”  She gave both of them tight hugs as they hugged her back just as tight. 


Danny said, “Have you talked to mom lately?”    Gen nodded and said, “Afraid so...First she threatened...and said you two were going to be the death of her...and that it was you fault for getting me into wrestling...Then she threatened to disown you if you didn’t call her within the next  2 weeks.”  Doug couldn’t help but laugh his ass off...Their mom was always threatening them one way or another...It was just the way she was.  Dad on the other hand was so laid back it pissed their mother off to no end.


Gen said, “Look...I have to go get ready for my match...I’m supposed to whip someone’s talent less ass.  I’ll talk to you guys later.”  She pulled each brother down and kissed the top of their bald heads as her and Amaya took off to the Diva’s locker room.


Gen pulled on black plastic shorts, matching tank top, with knee pads, knee high wrestling boots.  She left her long flowing hair down as she walked back to the gorilla position and started stretching out her body.  Breathing in deeply she heard a voice behind her said, “You ready for your first match on Smackdown?”  Gen turned around and saw John standing there in all his hottie glory and Gen said, “About as ready as I am to get naked for a warm bubble bath and go to bed...”


John could feel his body reacting to hearing her say she wanted to get naked.  John had to shake the mental images out of his brain on that note and said, “Good luck...Michelle is pretty tough for a girl.”  Gen laughed and said, “Tough?”  She started laughing again as she leaned over and picked up a belt and wrapped it around her waist and buckled it in the John finally noticed the title was the Women’s Championship.


Gen said, “She hasn’t seen tough yet honey.  And believe me when I say, if I can bet out Lisa Marie (Victoria), Trish, Gail Kim, and Nora (Molly holly) (Raw Diva’s) to win this title...Then Miss McCool...Well...She’ll be a piece of cake.”  John said, “Weren’t you supposed to lose that?”  Gen said, “Apparently I made a good impression on Vince McMahon with my wrestling skills...So he said I could represent the women’s division on Smackdown and he’d get another title made for the Raw women.”  


John said, “Apparently it was a very good impression.”  Gen smirked and said, “See, I knew you was smarter then you looked...You catch on fast.”  John started to say something but stopped at her last comment and said, “Hold up!  Did you just insult me?”  Gen laughed and said, “Not yet...But you’ll know if I do.”  John said, “You know for someone who is new to this brand you sure do have a chip on your shoulder.”  Gen said, “Get real...I’m not walking into some easy to do career...I’ve been with WWE for 2 years...I worked my ass off for this title...Just like you did yours I’m sure...Unless you used you’re little hoodrat ways to get it...Which I highly doubt”


John said, “You just called me a hoodrat...I’m not sure if I should be offended or not.”  Gen said, “Okay you just lost IQ points with me...I told you, you’d know if I insulted you...Tell me...Mr. Rap artist of WWE...You dress in hoodrat clothes...Talk in hoodrat slang and you just made a 17 track rap album...Please...if anyone is representing the are.  By the way...congratulations on the album...I’m enjoying my copy.”


John said, “You’ve actually got a copy of my in you bought it and actually listen to it?”  Gen bent over half backwards against a wall to work the kinks out and said, “Shocking isn’t it...I’m going to be exiled from my neighborhood for listening to it so loud in my Rav4...but I don’t mind considering how good it actually is.”  Gen straightened back up and John said, “I’m scared now...Someone as snobby and snooty as you actually owns a copy of my album...What is the world coming to?”  Gen was almost offended by the snobby and snooty comment but said, “Don’t worry...It’s the only rap album I own...Enjoy my 17.95...I’ve got a match to win.”


John had never in his whole life wanted to hit a woman...but Genevieve Basham just made the top list...well actually the only list of women to hit.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to backhand her or just punch her in the mouth.  John watched from the monitor as Gen walked out and stood under the huge Smackdown fist as guitar rips echoed through the arena.



I could be mean
I could be angry
You know I could be just like you

I could be fake
I could be stupid
You know I could be just like you

You thought you were standing beside me
You were only in my way
You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you
You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You're wrong if you think that I'll be
Just like you
You thought you were there to guide me
You were only in my way
You're wrong if you think that I'll be
Just like you



Then John watched in near horror as Gen basically made short change of Michelle McCool in a 3 minute match...Threw the poor blonde across the ring by her hair for Christ T sake...Not to mention she bull dogged the blonde’s face on the mat so hard her nose got busted...thankfully not broken...but was gushing blood.


John watched in shock as Gen got the 3 count and then walked to the back with her belt.  John saw her and said, “What the fuck was that all about?”  Gen stopped and was still breathing heavy as she said, “Let me ask you something MR. US Champion...If someone challenged you to get your belt from you...would you do ANYTHING to keep it?”  John looked down at the belt around his waist and said, “That was a blood bath...” 


Gen said, “You know why Michelle McCool was my debut match on Smackdown? (John shook his head no) I had to wrestle her first because the uppity bitch went to Teddy Long and Vince McMahon and figured since she’d been on Smackdown longer then me...I couldn’t fulfill my duties as a Smackdown Champion...She wanted to make sure I was ‘strong’ enough to be here...Don’t God Damn transfer me here and then question my fuckin ability...If I’m a champion on one show...I can damn sure well be a fuckin Champion on this show.  They let her challenge me because they thought she had a point...The only point they see she had now...was the one on the top of her head...point, blank, period...The End.”


John watched as she walked off to the Divas locker room as he watched the EMT’s help Michelle into the back of an ambulance to get x-rays...They said her nose wasn’t broken...but she might have had a cracked orbital or cheek bone.  All John could think was damn...Someone has to stop Gen before she hurts someone seriously...He might be able to see where she was coming from...but even he wouldn’t hurt someone physically to keep the title...Especially if he was scripted to lose it.


Chapter 3


A couple of weeks later, Genevieve was walking down the hallway at the latest venue when she saw John Cena sitting cozy on an equipment trunk reading through his script.  John didn’t hear Gen coming...but he could feel her.  John looked up and said, “Well, if it isn’t the Ice Bitch herself...Gen, how are you doing?”  Gen walked by and gave John the finger and said, “Fuck you Cena.” 


John jumped down from the trunk and said, “Why you gotta get all homie loc on me?”  Gen said, “Excuse me?  You just called me an Ice Bitch and you want me to roll over and beg for more?  I don’t know what fantasyland you’re the Chief Executive of...but here on earth...that ain’t happenin.” 


Gen started to walk away when John grabbed her arm and said, “Yo wait a minute Gen...Why do you always have to be on the defensive?  I was only kidding around with you...You know...since you been on Smackdown I haven’t seen you smile once...Are you incapable of doing that or are your smile muscles broken?”


Gen said, “You think I have something to smile about?”  John pushed his hands in his front pockets and said, “Sure...I’m here...And I can make anyone smile...I don’t take anything seriously.  I would actually run around the arena naked just too see your teeth and lips in a cute smile.” 


Gen said, “Well...First off...Keep it in your pants you’re not my type...and second...if I had something fun in my work life to smile about I would...Remember the first night I was hear and whipped Michelle’s ass for questioning my ability to be the women’s champ?”


John nodded and said, “Fond memories fade fast...What of it?”  Gen said, “The next week was Jackie Gayda...Last week it was Dawn Marie...Tonight...It’s miss playboy herself Torrie Wilson...I’m getting tired of’s bull shit...the writers can’t put me in a storyline yet, because all those brainless wonders in the back haven’t decided if I’m worthy enough to have this title on their show.”


John said, “But it’s your show now too.”  Gen scoffed and said, “Yea?  Well tell that to the idiot clan.”  John said, “We go clubbing sometimes after a taping...we actually happen to be going tonight...Lemme take you and buy you a drink and I can guarantee I’ll have you relaxed and smiling before we head back to the hotel.”


Gen squinted her eyes at him and John said, “C’mon give me a chance...What’s the worst that would happen?  You have a good time and I get you drunk and take advantage of you.” 


Gen said, “Well...I already told you you’re not my type...But I’ll give you a chance...the worst that could happen is I kick your ass for touching me without my permission.”  John’s eyebrows shot up and said, “Damn girl...I’m gonna have to remember that.”  Gen said, “Yea you do that.”  As she walked away.


Later that night, John stood in front of the monitor as Gen picked apart Torrie Wilson’s weaknesses in her wrestling and pretty much defeated her without breaking a sweat...and a lot of blood shed...but the only one bleeding at the end of the night was Torrie.


Gen walked through the curtain and John said, “Really need that drink now don’t you?”  Gen looked at John and said, “Like you wouldn’t believe.”  John said, “I’ll meet you in the back when the show is over.”  Gen nodded and watched as John started to walk away for his match.


Gen said, “Hey John.”  He stopped and looked back at her and she FINALLY did...She smiled...maybe it was more or a smirk as she said, “Good luck on your match.” 


John stood paralyzed as he watched Gen turn and walk towards the Locker room.  DAMN!  He’d gotten through...Tonight he’d figure out how much.


Chapter 4


Gen showered and finished dressing in the dressing room…She was being simple in her jeans, sneakers and a form fitting red t-shirt.  She dried her hair and left it down forming around her face.


Gen shouldered her bag as she walked down the hallway and out the back door.  John was sitting on another equipment trunk with his bag sitting next to him.  Gen walked up to John and he finally noticed two feet in front of him, as he looked up and smiled and flashed his dimples at Gen.  John jumped off the trunk and grabbed his bag and then also took Gen’s from her as they walked over to his SUV rental and he tossed the bags into the back.


Once they got to the club, they each started with a shot of Tequila and a beer.  Then started to dance around with everyone else.  The club was loud…and John was a good dancer…Gen just figured he’d be nothing but a damn hoodrat most of the time…but she was sadly mistake…the whole time.


Except Gen should’ve known the whole night wasn’t going to go without a problem…it was just the kind of luck Gen had through her whole life.  Gen excused herself from John to go to the restroom and after she had done her business and washed her hands…she was drying them with a paper towel when Michelle McCool, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson all happened to enter the ladies room.  Gen could smell the Estrogen slowly turning violent in their bodies.


Michelle, Dawn and Torrie backed Gen into the last stall and against the wall while they closed the stall door and started talking shit as always.  Michelle said, “You must be extremely satisfied with what you did to me 4 weeks ago, and then what you did to Jackie, Dawn and Torrie the following weeks.”  Gen said, “No…If I had my way…I’d be more satisfied by throwing your broke ass bodies in a dumpster for the trash man to take away.”  Dawn took the time out to back hand Gen.


Gen felt the blood slide out the corner of her mouth as she spit on the floor as it landed on Torrie’s shoe.  Torrie scoffed in disgust and said, “These are Original Gucci suede boots…are you insane they are worth thousands of dollars.”  Gen spit again and when it landed on Torrie’s other shoe, Gen smirked and said, “Now they are worthless…” 


Just for her smart mouth Michelle backhanded her that time.  Gen glared at all three women and said, “You know the more you piss me off…the worse I’m going to take it out of your ass in the ring…Keep that in mind for this little hazing event you’ve got going on.”


Torrie smirked and said, “Actually we could give a shit less about you being in the ring for the next oh…Let’s say 3 maybe 4 months.”  Gen said, “Oh really and why would that be?”  Torrie shoved Gen over to sit on the toilet as Torrie and Dawn sat on her lap to keep her from moving off…as Gen felt Michelle tug off her sneaker…Gen couldn’t see what was going on…and she couldn’t imagine what was about to happen…She held her breath.


Michelle pulled a big thick red brick out of Torrie’s purse…They’d hid it in there so no one would see them with it…Michelle held Gen’s foot down and then took the brick and slammed it down on the first three toes on her right foot. 


Gen didn’t give them the satisfaction of crying out in pain…she whimpered a little…and whimpered even more when Michelle smashed the same 3 toes with the brick again and a third time just in case the first 2 times didn’t break all three.


Gen’s other leg got free as she kicked out and kicked Michelle in the face as she felt back hitting the stall door and it crashed open and she flew into the wall…and then Dawn Marie was tossed head first into the wall above Michelle’s body…and last but not least was Torrie.  The three Diva’s laid unconscious on the bathroom floor of the ladies room at the Vanilla Spice Club.


Gen picked her sneaker up and limped out of the bathroom…John was leaning against the wall waiting for her…when Gen didn’t come back to the table…he got concerned for her.  John pushed off from the wall when he seen Gen limp out of the bathroom with her sneaker in her hand.


John said, “What happened?”  Gen said, “Retaliation…I’m willing to bet if I went to the Emergency room right now…we’d find out my 3 toes on my right foot were broken…I just got them smashed…not once…or twice…but it seems three times is a charm from Michelle, Torrie and Dawn.  Remind me to send them a drop dead hallmark card tomorrow morning.”


John could see the tears glistening in Gen’s eyes…He knew she had to be in some major pain.  John nodded as he gently picked up Gen and started carrying her out of the club and took her to the ER…He knew Vince was going to shit when he found out his Women’s champ was attacked by Diva’s from her own show…


Now John and Gen just had to decide whether or not to tell Vince…Yea…That was going to be a difficult decision.


Chapter 5


Genevieve was right, her big toe and the two beside it were definitely broken.  John unlocked her hotel room and held the door open as she came hobbling in the room on crutches.  Gen plopped down on her hotel bed as John followed her into the bedroom and said, “I wish you’d let me help you more...You’ve got to be in at least some pain.”  Gen said, “Thanks but no thanks John...I appreciate the offer...but I’ve never depended on anyone in my life...Besides with 3 older brothers, in my family you had to learn how to take care of yourself or you got walked all over.”


John said, “3 older brothers?  I’ve got 3 brothers, 1 older, two younger.  But we got along great growing up.”  Gen said, “Right…And if you would’ve had a little sister…she would’ve turned out like me.”  John laughed at Gen and then thought about it for a second and said, “You know something you’re probably right.”  They both started laughing.


John moved Gen’s legs around and propped up her right foot with a couple of extra pillows that he had the hotel housekeeping bring up.  Gen relaxed a little as John ordered room service and they sat and ate while talking about their lives growing up and getting into the wrestling business.


John left around 2 am, Gen had already fallen asleep…He tucked her in and made sure all the lights were off except one in the bathroom, but closed the door a little and also made sure her crutches were directly in reach for her.


A few days later, Gen hobbled into the arena the house show was going to be at for Saturday.  She’d already called Vince and told him she’d been clumsy on her two days off and broke three toes…He said she was working herself too hard and could use the 4 weeks off the doctor had instructed that she take.  She’d still have to travel with the company because she had autograph sessions, appearances and photo sessions to do with the company.


It was the last week of the draft pick and that meant two more people from Raw would be joining…Vince had drawn it out for 2 months.    John’s cocky little arrogant friend Randy Orton had been drafted from Raw to Smackdown…And had already hit on her a few times…She swore if he gave her one more cheesy pick up line, she was going to give the arrogant little bastard an enema with her crutch.


Gen was hobbling around minding her own business when she heard a familiar voice said, “Hey gimp!  What happen did you puss out during on of your oh so difficult matches!”  Gen’s head shot up and standing in front of her were Lisa Marie Varon who was known as Victoria and Jason Reso also known as Christian.


Both Jason and Lisa had shit eating grins on their faces as Gen couldn’t help but be exceedingly happy.  They were both her friends from the Raw brand show.   Jason and Lisa walked up and each gave her a huge hug and some how she knew…things were about to change for her…in a good way of course.


Chapter 6


A couple of weeks later, Gen was sitting in the hotel room with Lisa and Amaya...They were doing Tequila shots with lemon, lime and plenty of salt. 


Lisa said, “Where are the guys tonight?”  Amaya said, “Well...John was supposed to go out with the guys...but opted to stay with them in Mark’s room with Mark and Jason.”  Gen said, “They aren’t drinking are they?  Mark can’t drink good and well Jason...Yea.” 


Lisa started giggling at past memories of when Jason, Gen and she would go drinking...Before her and Jason started dating.  Gen laughed and said, “I know what you’re thinking.”  Lisa smiled and said, “Do you really?”  Gen smiled widely and said, “You’re thinking of the time...Jason got so shit faced...on the way back to the hotel he stripped naked in the taxi and then just walked through the hotel lobby in all his naked glory.”


Lisa nodded and said, “Yup...Definitely not one of his finer moments.”  Gen said, “Maybe not his finest hour...but he got 4 phone numbers and 3 marriage proposals.”  The 3 of them busted out laughing...When Gen looked at Amaya and said, “So when are you going to tell my best friend you got the hots for his green eyed fine ass.”


Amaya nearly spit her shot out across the coffee table and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Gen.”  Gen smiled and said, “Get real baby girl...Any one can tell...Well except for guys...They are practically oblivious to the shit around them.”  Amaya said, “Fine...What about you and Mr. Cena?”  Gen blushed a little and said, “So I like him...big deal.”  Lisa said, “Let me guess you’re NEVER going to tell him are you?”


Amaya looked at Genevieve and said, “Nope...She’ll never tell him.”  Gen stuck her tongue out at them as she down two more quick shots of the golden liquid and said, “I may...You never know...Maybe tomorrow morning while I’m still in my hang over mode, I’ll walk right up to him and jump on his body.  But then again...if I do much jumping I’ll puke over his shoulder...So Maybe I should wait until I get a more sober moment.”


Lisa and Amaya busted out laughing and Lisa said, “I’d go with option 2...puking over the shoulder of a guy you think is hot...won’t get you very far...and in some places is considered a total turn off.”  Gen leaned her head against the table on her cheek and said, “Lord...I haven’t turned on a guy in ages...Haven’t turned one off either...What the hell is wrong with me...Am I really THAT overly grotesque that I can’t get a man?  ANY MAN!!”


Amaya said, “Okay this conversation is getting too serious...Time for another drink.”  She poured 9 more shots and handed each of them 3 and kept 3 for her self...They counted to 5 and downed them all.   The girls ended up passing out around 3 am some time.


The following day, Gen was supposed to meet John for lunch.  Naturally with the hang over from the drinking the night before she was running late...She had gotten a message on her phone from John saying for her to meet him at his room because he had some business to finish up before they took off.


Gen freshened up in her room and took the elevator up to John’s floor...she was walking down the hallway and turned around the corner...The scene kind of unfolded like a bad car know when you drive by try so hard not to look but in the end can’t help BUT looking.


Leaning against John’s hotel room door was John and in his arms the resident air head of Smackdown Lauren Jones...She’d become on the of Diva’s from the search and apparently she’d hooked John with her witty air headedness...Her blonde had to be natural with as stupid as she was.  There were equipment trunks that had more brains then her...I swear on the day God was handing out brains...He either skipper her, misplaced hers...or she dropped hers.  Only time could truly tell.


Gen stood there and watched them in probably one of the most passionate kisses she’d ever been witness to...Gen couldn’t stand it anymore...She turned and walked away...She didn’t know what else to do.  What could she do...someone who was in her heart that wasn’t leaving...was kissing someone who was probably only using his WWE superstar status to play boyfriend and girlfriend.


Gen felt sick to her stomach...She laid across her bed with the curtains closed and the door locked.  She turned her cell phone off and just laid in bed...she fell asleep but couldn’t get the image out of her head...So she had to finally admit to herself she liked John more then she was ever willing to tell anyone.


Nothing about life made sense anymore.  Yea...So what else is new?


Chapter 7


The next morning, Genevieve woke up to loud knocking on the door.  Gen slowly rolled out of bed and noticed she still had her clothes on the night before...She turned her phone on and had missed 17 calls and had 13 voicemails. 


Jesus...Did someone call in a bomb threat to the hotel and everyone called her cell to warn her instead of coming to her room.


Gen rolled her eyes as the knocking on the door started to annoy her a little more.  Gen pulled herself from the hotel bed as she walked over and didn’t even think of looking through the peep hole as she pulled the door open as John and Lauren, the airhead of America, were staring back at her.


Gen plastered a fake smile on her face and said, “John, Lauren...How are you?”  John said, “I was worried out of my skull about you...Where the hell were you yesterday and last night?  We were supposed to go to lunch and I called at least a million times and you never answered you’re damn phone.” 


Gen said, “Nice to see you too John.”  John said, “C’mon girl...What happened?  You had my ass worried.”  Lauren giggled in and said, “He really was worried...which is cute...Big bad John Cena worried about a friend.”


Gen wanted to choke Lauren if she giggled like a moron one more time.  Gen said, “I just got tired yesterday for some reason and decided to lay down for a while and ended up sleeping all through the day and night until I was rudely awakened by your incessant banging on the door.”  John smiled a little and said, “Sorry...I didn’t mean to yell...I just got worried about you is all.”


Gen nodded and said, “No problem.”  John said, “Were getting ready to get some wanna join us?”  Gen sucked in a breath and said, “No I don’t feel much like eating...” 


John eyed Gen and she knew he could see right through her and that something was definitely wrong.  But John  not being one to push just left it alone and said, “Aight, That’s cool.  We’re gonna head out...We’ll catch you later.”  Gen nodded and watched as John grabbed Lauren’s hand as they disappeared down the hallway. 


Gen closed the door and slid down it bringing her knees up into her chest.  She just sat there and stared into the middle of the hotel room.  She picked up her cell phone and listened to her messages...the majority of them were from John, Lisa and Jason.


Gen pulled herself together, showered and then went down to Jason and Lisa’s room and knocked.  Lisa opened the door and saw it was Gen and said, “Why the hell haven’t you been answering your phone??”  Lisa suddenly noticed the defeated look in Gen’s eyes...A looked Gen never...NEVER showed in any part of her life.  Lisa said, “Something happened didn’t it?” 


Gen nodded as Lisa pulled her into the hotel room and closed the door.


Chapter 8


As if things in life just couldn’t get any worse…Right? WRONG!  Completely…Utterly…Indescribably WRONG!  So wrong…It’s DEAD wrong.


4 Months later John started dating Lauren Jones…He popped out in a big smile around Gen and she looked at him and said, “Lord…What happened?  Wait…Lemme guess…Lauren gave you the absolute BEST blow job before work tonight…Right?” 


John shook his head no as he chuckled a little and Gen said, “She gave you multiple orgasms for the first time in your life…and this is the after effect?”  John laughed a little more and said, “No…give up yet?”  Gen smiled and said, “Sure…Tell me.”  John said, “Lauren’s pregnant!” 


John grabbed up Gen in a big bear hug lifting her off the floor.  Genevieve could feel her heart as it slid down into her stomach and she had a sudden urge to puke everywhere.  Obviously, she decided to wait to do that until after John had let her go.


Gen felt so sick to her stomach…John let her go and said, “I’ve got to go check on Lauren…And tell everyone else about this…This is so awesome.”  Gen smiled weakly as she pulled John into another soft hug…She felt a stray tear start to slid down her cheek as she brushed it away and said, “I’m really happy for you…Get going before Lauren thinks you’ve gotten lost.”


Gen closed her locker room door as she pressed her back to it and slid down to the floor…This wasn’t happened…It really wasn’t happening.  Gen pinched her arm and jumped from the jolt of pain…Nope…It was really happening.


Gen sighed heavily as she had finally stopped crying…Somehow she knew Lauren was either lying or was pregnant by someone else and just didn’t want to say anything.  This could mean she was either dating someone before John or she was cheating on John…Any false scenario sucked ass big time. 


Gen kept getting the feeling that Lauren was a big time faker…Everything about her screamed FAKE!  All the way from her bleach blonde empty head to her silicone fake boobs to her fake Manolo Blahnik heels.  Gen might not be able to be with John…but there was no way in hell she was going to let someone cheat on her friend!  No way in HELL!


Just out of dumb luck later that night while John was shooting his promo and then went to the ring for his match…it left Lauren to sneak off somewhere.  Gen was sitting on an equipment trunk when she saw the blonde sneak out of John’s dressing room as she like moved through shadows and hid in doorways…like she was fuckin’ James Bond or something…More like Jamie Blonde.


Gen rolled her eyes as she watched Lauren duck into a locker room.  Gen’s eyes shifted as she looked around making sure no one else was around.  As she got closer the name on the locker room became clearer and clearer.  ‘Adam Copeland / Edge’


Gen’s hand came up and covered her mouth before the gasp made it between her lips as she looked through the crack of the open door and saw Lauren bent over the couch in the locker room with Adam…basically…well…screwing her brains out…It’s about as nice as anyone could say it.


When Adam groaned loud and they got quiet Gen watched as he leaned over Lauren’s bent over the couch frame and kissed her neck and said, “Does John have any idea that the baby is mine?”  Lauren giggled and said, “Nope…No clue…He’s so stupidly happy about the baby he’s forgotten that every time we’ve screwed he’s worn a condom…He’s such a gullible dickhead.  It’ll teach him to not brush me off again.”


Adam said, “He’s such a stupid ass for brushing you off that night…especially for Genevieve…She’s probably slept with half the roster…He should’ve just left her at the club when the girl took out her toes in the bathroom.  Then you wouldn’t have had to wait so long to get that skank away from him.”  Lauren said, “Well…I think she learn her lesson…Of course his lesson is coming up…especially after I pop this kid out and then make him pay child support for the rest of his fuckin life.”  Adam said, “Now that’s hot…Getting another man to pay to put our kid through college…Fuck…Baby…You ready for round 2?”  Lauren said, “With you…I’ll take whatever you want to give me.”


Gen slowly backed away from the wall…She had to tell John…


But how?


Chapter 9


Genevieve knew she had to tell John what was going on and what had happened…But she didn’t know how to tell him.  Gen had told Lisa, Jason and Amaya what she’d seen and over heard…Amaya knew the only person who had to tell John would have to be Gen, considering she was the only one who saw what went down with Lauren and Adam.


Gen was sitting back stage on one of the equipment trunks after her match and had showered.  She was chewing on her bottom lip as a voice said, “Penny for your thoughts?”  Gen looked up and smiled as she saw John standing in front of her with Lauren no where in sight.  Gen said, “Just having a small problem I can’t seem to get rid of right now.”  John smiled and said, “Anything I can help you with?” 


Gen figured it was now or never as she swallowed hard as she said, “Yea…Actually it’s about you.”  John said, “Me?  What did I do?”  Gen said, “It isn’t anything you did.”  John leaned against the wall opposite of the trunk and said, “So what’s up?”  John knew it had to be big if she was chewing on her bottom lip.  Gen took a deep breath and said, “You remember when you came and told me about Lauren being pregnant?”  John’s smile got wider as he nodded and said, “Yea…What about it?”  Gen’s mouth opened and closed several times trying to get something to come out…Hell ANYTHING…but it wasn’t working…She finally sighed heavily and said, “The baby isn’t yours John.”


John started to say something…when Gen jumped off the trunk and grabbed his hands and said, “I’m so sorry John…I don’t mean to break it like this to you…I know how happy you was…but I was walking down the hallway on my way to find Adam for the inter-gender tag match and I heard something weird in the room…It was Adam and Lauren having sex…He’s the one that got her pregnant and it’s all a big fat trap to get you to pay child support when she leaves you…She was super pissed off at you when she hit on you that night at the club when those three assholes attached me in the ladies room and apparently you brushed her off to help me.”


John looked down at his hands and then at Genevieve’s hands and then looked up at Gen…He scoffed and said, “I can’t believe this.”  John pulled away and started to walk down the hallway when Gen said, “Yea…well tell me about it…how do you think I feel about it?”  John said, “How you feel about it…I don’t know…You look like you’re pretty proud of telling me the biggest fuckin lie, I’ve ever heard in my entire life.”


Gen said, “What are you talking about…I’m not lying John.”  John said, “You’re so full of shit Gen…It’s not even funny.  I can’t believe you of all people would make up something that bad…You’re supposed to be one of my closest friends and here you are making up the most absurd lie I’ve ever witnessed before.”  Gen said, “John, I swear on my life…I’m not lying…They were fucking in Adam’s dressing room and talked about how stupid you were for believing that the baby was yours.” 


John had his fist clenched to his side and said, “I’ve never in all my life wanted to hit a woman as bad as I want to hit you right now…”  Gen shoved against his chest and said, “Fine…Then fuckin hit me if you don’t believe me…You’re gonna end up paying support to a kid that’s not even yours!  As if you weren’t stupid enough before for just dating that fuckin airhead, now you’re even stupider for believing her lies.”


Before John knew what he was doing he’d backhanded Genevieve across the face and watched as she fell back against the hallway cinder block wall.


Gen was holding her right cheek as her breathing became erratic…the pain was immense…nothing like she’d ever experienced before…Not even when she had the broken toes…Her eyes felt like it was going to explode, as she could feel the veins throbbing throughout her eye and upper and lower eye lids.  She couldn’t believe John had actually hit her…She was stunned…She watched as John stood there seething in anger as Gen couldn’t feel anything but pain at that moment.


John couldn’t believe he’d just hit a woman…He couldn’t believe out of everyone who’d ever pissed him off he’d just backhanded one of his co-workers and best friends.  What the hell was he going to tell Vince McMahon if Gen reported him?  What was he going to tell anyone if they found out about him hitting Gen?  John cooled down and started to take a step towards her and he touched her arm.


Gen said nothing as she moved away from John, while still holding her right cheek and eye as she made her way down the hall. 


She just walked away.


Chapter 10


Genevieve was laying on Jason and Lisa’s bed with two ice packs, one on her cheek and one on her eye.  Jason said, “What happened anyway…you’ve not said.”  Gen said, “I don’t know…I must’ve taken a stiff shot in the ring or something against Michelle and Adam.”


Jason left the room to get two fresh ice packs from the trainer’s hotel room.  Gen sat up and Lisa sat in front of her and said, “Okay you want to tell me the truth now, because that black eye you’re getting is in the shape of backward knuckles…which mean someone back handed you.”  Gen looked at the bed and said, “I’m not even going to talk about it…I just want to forget anything happened.”


Jason came back and handed the two ice packs over and threw the other ones away…Jason said, “You should tell John so he doesn’t think something bad happened.”  By now Lisa was nearly walking a hole in the carpeting of her and Jason’s hotel room when she heard what Jason said, Lisa spun around and said, “Jason can you go run and grab me a bottle of water please babe?”  Jason smiled and said, “Sure.”  As he kissed her cheek and walked out.


Lisa sat down across from Genevieve and said, “It was John…He hit you…didn’t he?  You told him about the whole sex scene with Lauren and Adam and he didn’t believe a word you said…you guys got into some sort of fight and he hit you.”  Gen said, “Good case solving Sherlock.”  Lisa hit her hands on the bed and said, “I’m right?”  Gen said, “Yes you’re right…Do you want a metal now?” 


Lisa stood up and began pacing again and said, “I can’t believe that son of a bitch…I REALLY can’t believe it!  I’m gonna kill him…and I don’t mean just a little deceased I mean dead as in D-E-A-D…DEAD!”  Gen stood up a little too fast and got a head rush as she sat back down and said, “Lisa…Stop moving for a second please…You’re making me dizzy.”  Lisa looked over at Gen and said, “I’m sorry.”  Lisa sighed heavily as she raked her fingers through her jet black hair and sat back down next to Gen and said, “I just want to punch him and kick him until he hurts as much as you do right now.” 


Gen laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it…It was a punch…I take punches worse then that from my brothers.  Hell I know I hit harder then what he hit me…Besides there was a moment before I walked away when I saw the regret slide across his face…I just couldn’t think of anything to say or do to him…I’m glad I walked away…I could’ve easily hit him back.”


Lisa said, “So are you going to report it to Vince or Stephanie?”  Gen said, “No…It wouldn’t do either of us any good to say anything to them…Besides I’m sure guilt is eating away at him right now.”  Lisa said, “He didn’t believe you did he…Of all the times to start believing in your girlfriend he picked NOW?” 


Gen said, “Yea…Tell me about it.  I hope he knows what he’s doing, cause he’s going to be a father one way or another in a few months…Not to mention putting Lauren and Adam’s kid through college.  He’s going to spend a lot of money making her happy while she’s pregnant and then pay through the nose in child support when she tells him she’s finished with him and walks with a kid whose not even his.”


Lisa shook her head and said, “There has to be some way to tell John and prove it to him so he’ll dump her slutty knocked up ass before she pops the kid out.”  Gen said, “Well then…You figure it out…I’m going back to my hotel room…My head is killing me.”  Lisa hugged Gen and said, “I’ll come back in a while and check on you…Try not to fall asleep.”  Gen nodded as she walked out of Jason and Lisa’s room and went down 15 doors to hers.


Gen wasn’t paying attention she was just staring at the floor, while holding the ice pack on her eye.  She pulled her key card out as she was walking up to her door…when she looked up John was sitting on the floor in front of her door.  He looked over and saw her coming to her room.  John groaned inwardly when he saw the ice pack.


John pushed up from the door and floor as he stood up and faced Gen.  She didn’t even say anything to him.  John said, “Can we talk please?”  Gen just unlocked the door and pushed it open as he followed her in.  Gen tossed the ice pack onto the chair as she turned to face John.  He saw his handy work and it nearly made him sick to his stomach.


John walked up and touched Gen’s cheek as he gingerly ran his thumb over her cheek and said, “I’m so sorry Gen…I don’t know what came over me…I’ve never hit a woman in my entire life.”  Gen said, “Is that supposed to make me feel better John?”  John said, “No…I just…I’m sorry Gen…I never meant to hurt you I swear on my life…I’d never hurt you intentionally…I just snapped…I’ve never lost my temper that fast.”


All of a sudden John’s lips came crashing down on Gen’s and before she had time to do anything she was kissing John back.  Gen shoved John away from her as hard as it was for her to do it…she knew she had to.


John ran his hand through his short brown hair as he slid down the wall and sat on the floor and said, “What the hell is wrong with me?”  Gen walked over and squatted down in front of John and said, “You’re obviously going through something right now…I shouldn’t have pushed you…I should’ve just told you and walked away.”  John said, “You still believe Lauren is lying to me about it being my baby?”  Gen stood up as she wrapped her arms around herself and said, “Very strongly.”


John stood up and said, “She’d never…”  Before he could finish what he was going to say Gen just said, “Get out John…Just go.”


Without another word John left.  Gen laid across her bed and cried herself to sleep…knowing that her friendship was possibly over with John for good.


Chapter 11


- -2 Months Later- -


The roster was in New York…Genevieve had agreed to go out dancing with Lisa, Jason, Amaya and Mark.  Mark had FINALLY asked Amaya out…with John’s approval of course…You didn’t seriously think Mark was going to date John’s little sister without his consent?  GET REAL!  Most every one on the Smackdown roster had decided to do dancing.  They figured it would be a nice change from doing nothing…It was a Monday night and Smackdown wasn’t being filmed until the following night.


Gen looked at herself in the mirror her dress was black with triple spaghetti straps over the left shoulder only…adorned by a rhinestone embellished flower….Leaving her right shoulder bare.  Asymmetrical hem angled dress has a dovetail split side seam at the left side and the pointed ended at just above her knee. Gen’s shoes were black satin triple straps around the ankle with a 3" heel salsa latin open toed.


Amaya was standing in front of Gen’s bathroom mirror looking down at her Black sexy dress that tied around the neck and was pulled in the center by an ornate beaded and sequined appliqué…The hem of the dress had an uneven cut and came to just mid-thigh.  Her shoes were black leather double straps around the ankle with a 3" heel salsa latin open toed.


Gen looked in the mirror one last time and said, “Well once again…This is as good as it’s gonna get.  Gen, Amaya and Lisa met Mark and Jason in the lobby.  Since Gen didn’t have a boyfriend…so to speak…Randy Orton had volunteered to be her dancing partner for the night…Gen warned him if he tried getting fresh or touchy feely with her she was going to do unspeakable hennas acts to his body so search crews wouldn’t recognize it when they found it.


The guys all had on nice black dress slacks, but different colored shirts.  Randy was a nice burgundy that contrasted to his blue eyes beautifully, Jason had a black shirt on and Mark went for a nice deep forest green that matched his eyes.  Gen couldn’t believe how much fun she was actually having dancing with Randy.  He was actually an excellent salsa dancer…Gen felt safe in his arms and he held some kind of strength and power over her.  Her favorite song came on and Randy pulled her on the floor before she had to even ask.


When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close…sway me more

Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me…sway with me

Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak
I go so weak

I can hear the sound of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth…sway me now

Sway me…take me
Thrill me…hold me
Bend me…ease me
You have a way with me

Yea-Yea…Sway  me


Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak
I go weak

I can hear the sound of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth…sway me now

Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth…sway me now

Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth…sway me now

Sway me


Sway me

Sway me now


Chapter 12


He stood in the dark corner and watched the brunette with the eyes and body as she rubbed against and danced with the pretty boy in the burgundy shirt all night long.  If they weren’t dating or fucking…they had some serious explaining to do with how close they got when they were dancing.


His intense eyes watched her hips sway back and forth to the music as her oh so long gets followed the long legs of the pretty boy she danced too close with.  And watched as she hugged her friends and walked outside with the pretty boy.


Gen smiled up at Randy as she had just said good-bye to all her friends and big them a good night and a not so hung over morning…Randy smiled at Genevieve and said, “Did you have a nice time?”  Gen’s smile grew as she said, “I had a wonderful time Randy…Thank you so much…I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun…Oh wait…That’s right…It was when I had time for a boyfriend.”  Randy smirked and said, “Yea…I can vaguely remember having fun with a girlfriend once upon a time.”  Gen pushed up on her toes and gave Randy a sweet kiss on the cheek…Randy relished the kiss…Her lips were so soft. 


Randy suddenly realized something was missing and said, “Shoot…I’ll be right back…I left my watch with Lisa…I didn’t want it to catch on your dress so I gave it to her to watch for me.”  Gen laughed and said, “You left your gold Rolex with Lisa?  Are you completely insane?  Her purse is like THE bottomless pit of ALL bottomless pits.  You’ll be lucky if her purse hasn’t gotten hungry and eaten yet…Go get it…I’m gonna walk down the sidewalk a little and call a cab for us…It’s too noisy here.”  Randy nodded as he turned and went back into the club to retrieve his 24 karat Gold Rolex.



Memories are just where you laid them
Drag the waters

Till the depths give up their dead
What did you expect to find?
Was there somethin' you left behind?
Don’t you remember anything I said

When I said


Gen walked down the sidewalk a little and pulled her cell out and called for the cab…She was just about to give the company the address of the club when someone came up behind her and threw his hand over her mouth and arm around her waist…knocking her cell phone out of her hands as it hit the side walk.  Her assailant pulled her down the side alley between the club and another brick building. 


It was so dark Gen couldn’t see anything…The man shoved her back first into the brick wall as he kept his hand over mouth, he pinned her against the wall with his hips, chest and pinned her hands above her head with once of his huge hands.  He was huge compared to her she knew that much…There was no way she could fight back and when she tried too he back handed her and she hit the back of her head against the brick wall.



Don't fall…away

And leave me to myself
Don't fall…away

And leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleedin'



She was incoherent, but could feel him wrapping his belt around her wrists and then felt him pull her dress up around her hips as he savagely ripped her panties from her hips and gripped her hips and forced her legs around his waist as he suddenly thrust into her violently.  She screamed out but no one heard anything between his hand over her mouth and the sound of the music thumping within the four walls of the club.


Tears streamed down Gen’s face as the monster inside of her thrusted and thrashed violently in her body…Pain raked through her very being…All she wanted was for it to be over…she just wanted the pain to stop…He’d not said a word to her…she didn’t want him to either…She wasn’t sure her upchuck reflex would hold if she had to hear his voice…it was bad enough she was gagging on the smell of his alcohol bated breath huffily breathing in her face…She could feel something liquid dripping down her thighs…she could only imagine what it was.



Oh…hold me now

I feel contagious
Am I the only place

That you've left to go

She cries her life is like
Some movie in black and white
Dead actors fakin' lines
Over and over and over again she cries



The monster finally grunted as she waited to feel him release inside of her…but it never came…Had he actually worn a condom?  She could only hope…He let go of her legs with her still shoved into the wall as he licked up her left cheek her stomach felt squeamish…She didn’t dare wipe the saliva off…if she didn’t have DNA in her…then she’d have it on her cheek…and she’d make sure the bastard rotted in hell for what he’d done to her. 


She felt like a shell of her former self as he let go of her, retrieved his belt from around her wrists and ran off the opposite direction of the club.  She knew no would catch him that night…She could feel more liquid running down her thighs now that they were down and she was leaning against the wall...A shaky hand went between her thighs and she looked down and her hand was covered in blood…she could see blood trailing down her legs into her open toed heels and dripping out onto the ground.  Gen couldn’t feel anything anymore…Her whole body went numb…she dropped down to her knees and crawled up the alley on her hands and knees…She could see her cell phone it was so close but yet so far away.



Don't fall…away

And leave me to myself
Don't fall…away

And leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleedin'



Randy walked out of the club securing his watch around his wrist…He looked left and right down both sides of the sidewalk and didn’t see Genevieve anywhere.  He thought he saw something as he walked over and looked down on the ground and saw Gen’s sleek black cell phone.  Randy bent over to pick up and looked at it…it was scratched…but Gen wasn’t anywhere…



And I wanted
You turned away
You don't remember…but I do



Randy pushed the phone in his pocket and then nearly jumped out of his skin when a hand grabbed the top of his dress shoe covered foot.  Randy looked down and saw Gen on her hands and knees…Randy said, “Oh my god Gen…What happened?”  Gen couldn’t think of what to say to him except…her voice found the strength to squeak out ‘Emergency Room’.


Randy didn’t waste anytime as he carefully lifted her into his arms and as luck would have it a cab had just pulled into the parking lot of the club…as the people vacated the cab Randy stepped in with Gen placed on his lap he yelled at the driver to get to the nearest hospital as fast as he could.



Don't fall…away

And leave me to myself
Don't fall…away

And leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleedin'
In my hands, in my hands again





Chapter 13


A couple hours later, Randy had called Lisa and Jason, along with Amaya and Mark.  All of which were sitting in the waiting room…They hadn’t been told much of anything from Randy…just that Genevieve was taken to the Emergency Room for some unknown reason.


Randy sat watching the brunette sleep peacefully after she’d come out of surgery…Randy wasn’t sure what he wanted to do more…Cry because someone he barely knew had gotten hurt and he couldn’t stop her pain…or be so pissed off as to go looking for the guy who had violated Gen in such a horrible way, it made him want to vomit.  Randy caressed the back of her hand as he suddenly realized all of their friends were sitting in the waiting room and hadn’t been told anything.  Randy looked at Gen one more time and then turned and left the room as he walked down to the waiting room. 


Lisa and Amaya saw Randy walking up first as they jumped to their feet and looked at Randy with pleading eyes to find out what was going on.  Randy sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck.    Amaya touched Randy’s arm and said, “Randy what’s going on?”  Randy’s blue eyes looked at Amaya as he said, “Sit down…”  The two girls sat down as Randy proceeded to explain everything to every one in the waiting room.


Everyone took it pretty hard.  No one really knew what to say or do for Gen now…They all basically knew she was the only one who could REALLY get over the whole ordeal…They knew no help would be asked for from her…she was stubborn, hardheaded and probably one of the strongest people they all knew.


As Randy, Lisa and Jason stayed at the hospital…Mark went ahead and took Amaya back to the hotel…Mark had his fingers laced with Amaya’s.  Amaya said, “Wow…Some date this turned out to be huh?”  Mark said, “Well…I don’t know…The only thing that really sucked was the news about Gen…but I wouldn’t be against going dancing with you again…It was probably one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had in my life.”


Amaya stared at Mark wide eyed and said, “Are you serious?”  Mark pulled Amaya to stand in front of him and said, “I wouldn’t trade any of tonight for anything…with the exception of what happened to Gen…I’d give anything to beat the piss out of the guy who did that to her…But I digress…The rest of the night was awesome.”  A smile played on Amaya’s lips.  Mark couldn’t help himself as he leaned down and captured her lips in a burning kiss.


As the night wore down everyone got sleep and waded through dreams, nightmares and sound sleeping to get to Tuesday when it came time for Smackdown to be taped.


The following Morning, Vince McMahon visited Genevieve in the hospital at her request.  She explained the events from the night before and asked it not get around the company…With her have minor surgery, Vince offered her a desk job as Smackdown’s Travel Agent for as long as she wanted it…Which meant she was responsible for the Superstar’s and Diva’s, hotel room bookings, flight arrangements and car rentals.  Gen thanked Vince profusely and accepted happily.  She didn’t want to go home and get stir crazy from cabin fever.


Randy was in charge of Gen’s safety until she was able to take care of herself.  Randy didn’t mind being the one to help her…he could only hope they could get to know each other better.  The hospital released Gen after she signed all the proper paper work…and they also gave her a wheel chair…She was under strict orders to NOT walked around a lot…a little walking was fine…but for the most part her butt was in a wheel chair for at least 2 weeks.


Once they got to the arena…Naturally Mark and Amaya were waiting in the parking garage for them…Randy helped Gen out of the rental and into the wheel chair…she’d already smacked him in the arm a couple of times for calling it HER wheel chair…he wouldn’t make that mistake anymore…She hit hard for a female.


Mark pushed Gen down the hallway with Amaya and her talking themselves into an oblivion on the way…Randy parked his rental and grabbed Gen’s laptop and back pack and was headed down to Gen’s new office when she saw John.  John said, “What’s up with Gen…Did she break a foot or something?”  Randy said, “Or something alright…You didn’t hear?”  John shook his head no and said, “What’s going on?” 


Randy took a deep breath and said, “She was attacked outside the club last night…Some monster raped her…She had some minor surgery for repairs…and she’s not going to be wrestling for a while…Vince offered her a different position…I gotta get going…I need to get this stuff to her.”


John felt his heart drop into his stomach…He wanted to vomit…He wanted to vomit so badly he’d bring up food from 3 weeks ago.


Chapter 14


A month later and Gen was healed and walking around, but was still doing the travel arrangements for the Smackdown people…John couldn’t understand it…Gen had a real talent in wrestling…She was THE best woman wrestler the sport had seen in years…not counting his little sister Amaya.  Gen had been carrying the women’s title since she’d been on Smackdown.


Gen was sitting in her office when someone knocked on the door and she said, “Come in.”  Gen heard the door open and close and without looking up she recognized the cologne and said, “What do you want Mr. Cena?”


John sighed and said, “Is this how it’s always going to be between us?” 


Gen looked up and said, “That’s up to you Mr. Cena…I gave you some valuable information about the whore you’re dating and you seem to believe I’m the one lying…and I’m just going to sit back and watch the whole damn thing blow up in your face…It might not happen right away…but it will eventually happen.”


John said, “Don’t call Lauren that please…C’mon Gen we’ve been friends since you got to Smackdown…Lauren has no reason to lie to me.”  Gen closed her laptop and stood up and said, “And I do?  Is that what you think? Huh?  Why would I lie to you John?  What on earth could I use as a reason to lie to you?”


John said, “Jealousy?  Maybe it’s you who wants to be Lauren right now.”  Gen said, “Don’t…DO NOT come into my office and begin to tell me I want to be a whore who is dating one man and knocked up by another…I would NEVER not in a million years cheat on a man I loved…and I would NEVER let myself get pregnant from someone who is married.”


John stood up and said, “It is jealousy isn’t it?  You really do want to be with me don’t you…I can see it in your eyes…The sound of your voice…And the way you kissed me back a couple of months ago…That kiss meant something didn’t it?” 


Gen said, “Yea…It meant if I didn’t watch what I was doing…I’d end up a trash bag whore like Lauren.”  John said, “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me…Tell me that kiss meant nothing to you.” 


Gen squared her shoulders and looked John right in the eyes and said, “John 4 weeks ago, I was savagely raped by a stranger in a fuckin alley…I don’t want anyone or anything right now…I would love to get my sanity back and eventually be able to sleep through a night without my mind being plagued with nightmares…But in between working my ass off…worrying about my friend being screwed over in life by a whore and trying to just survive another 24 hour day…This is as good as my life is gonna get right now.”


John left the office…He couldn’t decided who to believe right now…in the back of his mind…he was going over it in his head…nothing seemed to be piecing together…It was like a big puzzle with 3000 pieces and 1000 pieces were missing.


Lisa and Dawn Marie watched as John walked by and shook their heads…They’d seen him leave Gen’s office and had heard everything that was said.  Lisa looked at Dawn knowingly…and said, “So he wants proof huh?”


Dawn said, “I’ll get him so much proof it will be leaking out his ears until Lauren goes into labor…What a fat cow!”  Lisa smirked and said, “Correction…Fat whore cow.”


The dark haired Divas laughed as they parted ways.


Chapter 15


A few weeks later and Gen wasn’t doing any better and she knew it…She felt it deep in her heart and soul…She had to get out of the company…She needed help and she knew she definitely couldn’t get it still in the company.  She’d given her two weeks notice exactly two weeks ago…Tonight was her last night at Smackdown.


Dawn Marie and Lisa were standing outside of John’s dressing room as Dawn nodded to Lisa as Lisa winked back and knocked on the door.  John came to the door and said, “Dawn and Lisa…To what do I owe this honor?”  Dawn said, “We brought you something…but we need to come in and explain it.”  John looked at the dark haired Diva’s quizzically and finally moved to the side and invited them into the room.


Dawn and Lisa sat on the couch as they had John sit between them as Dawn handed John a manila envelope.  John looked at it and said, “What’s this?”  Lisa said, “Well…We noticed you and Gen have been fighting like cats and dogs as of late…And when we found out why you two were fighting so much…We figured it was time someone took control of the situation.”  John scoffed and said, “There is no situation to take control of ladies.” 


Dawn said, “Really?  Did you know tonight is Gen’s last night on Smackdown…She’s leaving…For good.”  John said, “I wasn’t aware of that no…So what does that have to do with the envelope?”  Lisa said, “You guys have been fighting about the same subject for the last few months…and Dawn and I decided it was time to get you the proof you really needed.  These are pictures of Lauren and Adam…Adam was stupid enough to have a camcorder set up and videoed his little screw sessions with the whore…So…Dawn stole the tapes…found what we needed and made pictures.”


John’s heart fell into his stomach…as he slowly opened the envelope and dumped the contents onto the table…John sifted through the pictures and every single one of them made him more sick…Dawn took John’s hands and placed something in his hand…John looked down and saw it was a small camcorder as he pushed play…The whole conversation and video of Adam having sex with Lauren and then talking about her being pregnant from Adam and the plan.


John swallowed hard.  Dawn and Lisa got up and left the room so John could process everything…As they went down to say their good-byes to Gen, who left directly after Smackdown.  John was too late to stop her…He’d gone to the airport to beg her to stay…he even tried calling her cell but she never answered.



Like a cloud full of rain

Shouldn't hang in the sky
Ice shouldn't burn

Or a bumblebee fly
If you feel so happy

Then why do you cry
Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense


- -Fast Forward One Year Later- -


“Oh my Gosh I can’t believe I’m actually getting married.”



Like an ocean liner

Shouldn't float on the sea
A pearl in an oyster

Or a circus of fleas
Someone so perfect

Can't be fallin' for me
Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense


Nothin' 'bout love

Is less than confusing
You can win when you're losing
Stand when you're fallin'

I can't figure it out
Nothin' 'bout love

Can make an equation

Nothin' short of amazin'
Wish I could explain it

But I don't know how



Genevieve looked at Amaya and said, “Get real girl…I saw it coming a mile away…That man was so in love with you…there was no way in hell he was going to let you slip through his fingers.  Not even if hell froze over.”  Amaya smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror again and said, “It’s so weird…getting married to my brother’s best friend.”  Gen rolled her eyes and then busted out laughing with Amaya as she said, “Yea…who would a thunk it.”


Amaya walked over and said, “Yea…well look at you Miss I’m only 6 months pregnant and barely look 4.”  Gen smiled as she looked down and ran the palm of her hand across her tummy and said, “Good genes.”  Amaya touched Gen’s tummy and said, “Gotta rub the belly for good luck ya know.”  Gen said, “You won’t need the luck honey…Besides if you rub me for good luck…then I’m gonna have to rub you when you start showing.”  Amaya looked down…she was barely 3 months along…but didn’t even look pregnant.  Her first trimester was being good to her.  About that time Lisa and Dawn walked in and said, “C’mon let’s get this damn wedding started or well never get to the reception for the fun part.”


The wedding went off perfect as the happy couple entered the reception hall…The DJ announced, “Everyone welcome as their first appearance as Husband and Wife…Brock and Amaya Lesnar.”  Gen’s smile grew as she watched her two best friends enter the hall hand in hand with nothing but big cheesy smiles.  As it would seem…Mark and Amaya weren’t quite made for each other…but when Brock re-signed with the company…He couldn’t help but fall in love with Amaya.



The way that we dance

The reason we dream
That big Italian tower

Well how does it lean
Somethin' so strong

Shouldn't make me this weak
Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense


Nothin' 'bout love

Is less than confusing
You can win when you're losing
Stand when you're fallin'

I can't figure it out
Nothin' 'bout love

Can make an equation

Nothin' short of amazin'
Wish I could explain it

But I don't know how



Gen watched as Amaya and Brock danced their first dance together as a married couple…as she smiled feeling a pair of arms try to circle her waist and her husbands voice whispered in her ear, “How are you feeling?”  Gen laced her fingers with her husbands as he softly rubbed her belly and said, “Okay…A little tired.”  He took one of her hands and turned her around in his arms and softly kissed her lips and said, “You wanna go?  I’m sure Amaya and Brock wouldn’t mind…given the situation.”


Gen thought about it for a second and said, “First I want a dance…Then we can leave.”  John looked at his wife and said, “Okay deal.”  John led Gen onto the floor as he wrapped her in his arms and they swayed to the music…Gen said, “So what have you learned about love?”  John laughed and said, “That no matter what happens…It doesn’t make sense…No matter how much you want it too…it just doesn’t.”


Gen laughed as John dipped her and said, “Good answer.”  John brought Gen back up and said, “I love you Gen…”  Gen smiled and said, “I love you too John…Let’s get out of here…I’m beat.”  John nodded as they said their good-byes to Amaya and Brock and headed home…They knew nothing about love made sense but…when you love someone…you do anything to be with them forever.



Like the lights of Las Vegas

Glowin' out of the sand
A jumbo shrimp

Or a baby grand
How you touched my heart

While you're holdin' my hand
Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense

Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense

Oh nothin' 'bout love makes sense

Ooooooo no – no – no

Oh, it don't make sense



The End