Never Let Me Go



Chapter 1


It was a beautiful day in Mystic Falls, Virginia.  Too bad it was an insanely sad day.  People were dying all over the place and when you’re friends are involved sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to all of it.  Lacey Stockton was seventeen and dealing with her vampire sister Jalesa.  Lacey’s hands twitched in her lap as she was ringing her fingers in the back seat of the black SUV with the darkened windows.


 She could see her sister Jalesa and her vampire boyfriends sitting in the front seat holding hands and exchanging longing looks that had Lacey’s gagging at the mental abuse as she thought of all the dirty and nasty thing they could possibly mind fucking to each other at the time.


Jalesa looked between the seats towards her sister. “You okay back there?”


Lacey’s eyes went from the window back to see her sisters emerald green eyes staring back at her. “Yea I’m fine; just nauseas as always.  I hate going to memorials.”


Jalesa reached back and patted her sister’s knee. “I know sweetie.”  Jalesa turned back around as her eyes locked with Damon.  She watched as Damon pursed his lips and nodded, which meant he knew she was worried about her little sister.


The black SUV pulled into the drive way of the Lockwood estate.  The vehicle was shifted into park as the engine was killed.  Lacey slid from the vehicle as she started walking with Damon and Jalesa; as they walked up the front porch steps of the huge mansion.  Lacey was still ringing her hands as they walked inside.  She broke off from Damon and Jalesa and just decided to walk around quietly and observed everything. 


The memorial was for the Lockwood brothers Richard and Mason; they’d been killed in a hunting accident…supposedly.  Lacey knew otherwise as did everyone else in the town.  They’d tried going on a vampire hunt. But it turned out they were the hunted.  They’d been drained of blood and burned almost unrecognizable. 


Lacey’s sapphire blue eyes landed on Tyler Lockwood; the seventeen year-old that Lacey went to school with.  He was standing next to the bar in his black dress pants and black dress shoes and a black polo shirt.  She watched as he grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the bar and disappeared down the hallway of the house.


“So spying on the crush?”


Lacey’s eyes snapped to the side and saw Elena standing next to her with a smirk on her face.  Lacey’s cheeks heated up as she rolled her eyes. “Shut up El.”


Elena giggled. “Why don’t you go give him condolences?  I’m sure he could use some kind of sympathy.” Elena nudged Lacey’s shoulder as she smiled. “C’mon I’ll go with you.  I need to do the same.”  Elena took Lacey’s hand as she walked towards the hallway that Tyler had taken.


Lacey followed, it wasn’t like she could pull her hand out of Elena’s since she was a vampire as well.  Her boyfriend was Stefan, who just happened to be Damon’s little brother.  The Salvatore brother’s; Damon and Stefan had both offered to change Lacey for their girlfriends, but she’d repeatedly declined. 


Lacey could jerk her arm away and dislocate her shoulder and possible break it, but figured it would just be easier to go with her.  Elena pushed the door open to the office.  Tyler was sitting on the leather couch drinking the whiskey from the bottle.  Lacey stayed in the hallway as Elena walked in and spoke to him for a few minutes; before she turned and gave Lacey a reassuring nod then left.


Lacey walked into the office, the curtains were pulled slightly and barely any sunlight was showing through, Tyler was slouched down on the couch still sipping from the bottle. 


“What are you doing in here Stockton?”  Tyler’s voice sounded bitter as he addressed Lacey by her last name.  They’d actually been friends since Lacey had moved to Mystic Falls.  They were Friday night and weekend drinking buddies.  Somewhere in the middle of being friends Lacey had found she was crushing on him and now suddenly couldn’t stop it.


Lacey shrugged slightly as she smoothed her skirt over her hips. “Just wanted to say I was sorry about your dad and uncle.”


Tyler scowled. “My dad was an asshole and I’m kind of glad he’s dead.  The only person I liked on my dad’s side of the family was my Uncle Mason and he’s dead too.  So I guess it really doesn’t matter.  None of it does.”


Lacey frowned. “It might not matter, but you’ll feel better eventually.”  Lacey walked over and took the bottle of whiskey from him. “But this, it won’t help.  It won’t make you forget the pain; it will only make you feel numb.”


Tyler stood up and tried to retrieve the bottle from the brunette with the blonde highlights but she dodged him. “Just give me back the bottle Lacey and get out of here.”


Lacey shook her head as she kept turning and twisting away from Tyler’s hand as he kept trying to get the alcohol back from him.  “No I won’t give it back to you.  How is getting blind ass drunk going to bring your dad or uncle back?  You want to sit here and be in some alcohol induced pity party.  Well I’m not going to let that happen.  Suck it up Tyler you’re the man of the house now and you need to be here for your mom.”


Tyler didn’t realize her words would piss him off as bad as it did; he grabbed her shoulders and slammed her into the nearest wall. “How the HELL would you know?  You’re life is so fuckin perfect.  You’re a fuckin spoiled little brat, get over yourself Lacey and grow the fuck up.”


He didn’t see it coming but he felt it seconds later when she slapped him across the face.  It was enough that he let go over her shoulders and she dropped the bottle on the rug and walked out of the room. “Lacey…”  Tyler sighed heavily as he bent over and picked up the bottle; thankful it didn’t break.  He walked over and unscrewed the cap and poured the remainder in one of his mother’s stupid house plants.


Jalesa loved her super vampire hearing it gave her the ability to know that Tyler was just being an ass to someone he considered a friend.  It also let her know he’d just hurt her little sister.  Jalesa scowled as she walked into the office and leaned against the door way with her arms crossed over her chest. “Well well, it’s nice to see that Lockwood temper didn’t die with your dad and uncle.”


Tyler looked over and rolled his eyes. “Go away Jalesa.  I feel bad enough I don’t need you to guilt trip me or compel me into feeling guilty.”


Jalesa glared as she flashed over and gripped Tyler by the throat slamming him down on top of the desk in the office. She hissed as her fangs made themselves present.  “I’m not going to compel your retarded ass to make you feel guilty.  You should be FEELING that already.  My sister is way too nice to be a friend to you, but for some incredible reason she is.  She sees past your douche bag side and actually ENJOYS being friends with you.  But for you to be so mean to her is completely unacceptable.  I swear I would drain your ass right now if my sister didn’t see something worthy in you being her friend.”


Jalesa released Tyler as he sat up coughing and rubbing his throat.  “You might be a werewolf Tyler, but I’m still stronger than you, unless it’s a full moon and we were the only two in the woods.”  Jalesa sighed as she calmed herself down. “Did Lacey ever tell you why she moved here?”


Tyler shook his head no as he stood up from the desk and popped his neck. “She never wants to talk about it.  So I just leave her alone.”


Jalesa rolled her eyes. “She’s still dealing with it.  Our dad used to beat the shit out of her and our mother.  Until one night mom had enough and killed him.  She’s doing life in prison; definitely won’t be getting out for good behavior anytime soon.  She knows our father was a bastard, but he was still our father.  It doesn’t stop the fact that she still loved him and still misses his sick sadistic ass.  She knows about loss because she’s been there.  She’s only trying to help you.  And what did you do?”


Tyler’s shoulders slumped. “I shoved her into a wall and berated her.”


Jalesa glared at the young man standing in front of her and watched as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “If I were you I’d go talk to her. You know what I can’t understand?” She waited until he shook his head no. “I don’t understand how she could sit around in a dark as tomb watching as you morph into a foul tempered mongrel once a month. Not when she knows how dangerous you are. If that iron cage gives away for even a second she’d be dead and then I would have to kill you.”

Tyler looked at the ground before he looked back up at Lacey’s older sister. “I don’t know why she does it either. She’s been doing it since I started; she was there the first night and stayed with me as long as she could before I had to make her leave, but it didn’t matter once I was done and changed back she was right back by my side.”

Jalesa smirked. “Doesn’t that tell you something Tyler? If she’s willing to put her life on the line so you don’t have to go through something like that alone; everything single month. You guys have been doing this what? For like three months now? Don’t you think anyone else in their RIGHT mind would be as far away from you as possible?”

Tyler frowned. “I think I should go talk to her.”

“Yea that would be a great idea.” Jalesa was her normal snarky self as she followed Tyler out and into the hallway where Damon was standing with his arms crossed over his chest.

Tyler held up his hands and stopped in his place. “I’m going to go apologize right now.”

Damon shook his head as he pushed off the wall and stood next to Jalesa. “You’re a little late. The spoiled brat went home; Elena and Stef gave her a ride. Thought I can’t say as I blame her. You know something Tyler I don’t get involved in Lacey’s life just because I’m with Jalesa. But this is one time I really feel like knocking the shit out of you.”

Jalesa put her hand on Damon’s chest. “But you won’t…for Lacey right?”

Damon’s eyes traveled down to his better half. She was way too nice when she wanted to be and evil as SIN when provoked. Damn sighed through his nose as his blue eyes went back to Tyler. “No I won’t because Lacey would be upset with me if I did. And she’s one of the few people in my life I can’t stand to have upset at me for doing something stupid.” Damon glared at Tyler. “I’m pretty sure she’ll be home tonight. You should go talk to her.”

Tyler sighed heavily and nodded as he disappeared upstairs to his room; he was in NO mood to talk to or see anyone else. And he seriously needed to think about how to apologize to Lacey. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how he’d made her feel.


Chapter 2


Lacey walked in the door as she put her purse and cell phone down on the table.


“You sure you’re going to be okay by yourself Lace?”  Elena asked bringing her out of her personal thoughts.


Lacey looked over at Elena; she knew her and Stefan were having a date night.  Lacey shook her head. “I’m fine.  I’m just going to just get a shower and make a sandwich.”


Elena frowned as she suddenly jerked Lacey into a tight hug. “You know that’s not really Tyler talking, don’t you?  He could never talk to you like that.  He’s just upset.”


Lacey pulled back as she nodded. “I’ll be fine.  You guys go have some fun.  Don’t worry I love it when you are all gone then I can blast my music to near deafening decibels; without actually annoying you guys and your sensitive hearing and I can jump up and down on the bed.  It’s good exercise.”


Elena’s eyebrows knitter together as she watched Lacey shoving her and Stef out of the house. “Ok; but if you need anything please call or text.”


“Yes mom.  Now get out!”  Lacey ordered.


Stef chuckled when she closed the front door on them. “I think she’ll be fine Elena.  C’mon let’s get going.”  Stef took her hand in his as he gently pulled her along towards his car.


Lacey sighed heavily as she turned and went upstairs to her room.  When Jalesa had asked her to come live with her, Damon, Stef and Elena; she thought they were all nuts for wanting a normal human teenage to live with them.  But Lacey was enjoying the Salvatore home.  She had one of the bedrooms at the end of the hallway because she wasn’t trying to hear either couple while they were getting it on.  Just the thought made her gag.  The nice part was she had her own bathroom in her bedroom which was stellar.


Once Lacey got undressed she stepped into the warm water of the shower as she tried to relax herself.  Tyler grabbing her and slamming her into a wall had thoroughly scared the shit out of her.  He’d never lost control with her like that before.  Lacey could feel tears pricking the back of her eyes as she leaned against the shower wall as the tears finally came.  She couldn’t keep them at bay any longer.  She’d have to get rid of the red eyes before Jalesa came home or she’d hunt Tyler down and strangle him.


Once she calmed herself down and got washed up she stepped out and got herself dried off and dressed in a white form fitting t-shirt and a pair of black cotton shorts.  She combed her hair out and then dried it.  She bounced down the steps, she was feeling exceptionally better as she headed into the kitchen; but stopped in her tracks as she came face to face with Tyler.  Her eyebrows raised as her eyes gave him a once over.  Standing in the Salvatore’s kitchen in his black jeans, sneakers and a red t-shirt which fit him like a second skin.  She continued into the kitchen and turned sideways as to not touch him as she went to the fridge. 


Tyler sighed heavily.  “Lacey, I – I’m…” 


“Save it Tyler.   You know something before today; do you know how many people questioned my friendship with you?  Do you have any idea?  You’ve got everyone stumped at school they are all trying to figure out why you are such good friends with me.  It’s like suddenly because I’m quiet and keep to myself that it’s utterly impossible for you and me to be friends.  Before today I would’ve never thought you were capable of doing what you did to me earlier or the things that came out of your mouth.”  Lacey shook her head negatively as she put the stuff to make a sandwich on the island counter.


Tyler crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the counter next to her and watched as she moved around the kitchen gracefully.  His eyes kept landing on her long tanned legs.  He’d never seen anyone with as natural of a tan as he did her, but of course she was a California girl.  Her legs looked smooth and soft and he wanted to touch them badly.  Actually he wanted to run his tongue up her leg and felt the crotch of his shorts jump towards her.  Ever since the wolf morphing he was constantly horny, but couldn’t bring himself to date anyone around Lacey.  Yea they’d started out friends and moved to drinking buddies, they’d saved each there a few times from getting in trouble being drunk. 


As of late, he’d been seeing her in a whole different light.  Her laugh was infectious and her smile could easily light his pathetic life up.  Jalesa had been right, how many people would put their life in danger for him once a month during full moons?  If anything went wrong for even a second or what if…what if they got preoccupied and didn’t make it to the family tomb in time and he transformed; he’d end up ripping her apart.  Granted she took numerous precautions; there was always a possibility. 


Tyler sighed again through his nose.  “Lacey, scream at me please.  Yell at me; call me an asshole.  At this point I don’t even care if you kick me in the balls.  I’m sorry for what I said earlier.  I was a dick and I know I have a reputation for being a dick.  Just like I know most of the fuckin morons we go to school with came to you because they wanted to warn you about me being a dick.  It’s who I’ve been since I was born practically.  But something changed me.  Someone changed me.”


“Well that’s fabulous Tyler.  Next time I have a séance with Bonnie I’ll be sure to thank your Uncle Mason for teaching you how to be a gentleman and then thank your dad for fucking your head up.”  Lacey snapped.  Her eyes widened as she spun around and looked at Tyler with her hand over her mouth. “I-I…”  Lacey frowned as she clamped her eyes shut.  She couldn’t believe she’d just said that to him.  They weren’t even cold in the ground and here she was making snide comments and being a bitch.


Tyler’s eyebrows shot up. “Ouch.”  Tyler shook his head not believe she just said something mean to him.  That wasn’t Lacey she would sooner die then be a bitch to someone; hell anyone. “I suppose I deserved that.”


Lacey frowned as she blinked and a few stray tears slid out of her blue eyes.  She spun back around trying not to face Tyler.


Tyler didn’t have to see her tears to know she’d started to cry.  His eyebrows furrowed as he took one step and stopped next to Lacey.  “Lacey…Look at me.  Please look at me.”


“I – I can’t believe I said that to you.”  Lacey sniffled as she touched the palm of her hand to her forehead; REALLY trying to avoid looking at him. “I’m so sorry Tyler.  That was like the ultimate mega bitch thing to say to you.  I honestly didn’t mean to disgrace your uncle or your father.  And I certainly didn’t mean to hurt you in the process.”  Lacey turned away from Tyler putting her back to him.


“Lacey please don’t apologize to me.  I’m the one who should be apologizing to you.  But I can’t say it to the back of your head.  Please look at me Lace…” Tyler walked around and she started to turn back the other way.  He reached out and grabbed her shoulders and she winced slightly.  Tyler frowned. “What - What’s wrong with your shoulders?” 


When Lacey shook her head negatively and tried to back away from him.  His hands slid down to her upper arm as he released one of shoulders.  He pushed her hair over her shoulder as he carefully pulled the collar of her t-shirt to one side and exposed her shoulder. There was a hand print bruise on her right shoulder, his eyes nearly blackened with anger, but he kept himself calm as he pulled the collar of the shirt the other way and saw the same hand print bruise on her left shoulder.


“I did this didn’t I?  When I grabbed you earlier?”  He didn’t need her to confirm it, he already knew the answer but she nodded anyway.  “Jesus Christ Lacey.  I didn’t mean to hurt you, you have to know that.  I’d rather cut off my arms than ever harm you physically.”  His breath caught in his throat.  His hand when under her chin and forced her eyes up as his eyes locked with hers.


She’d never noticed until that moment how beautiful his eyes were.  They were the deepest warmest chocolate brown.  She felt his hands come up as his thumbs rubbed under her eyes to rid her of the tear streaks.


Tyler had never noticed how beautiful she truly was as he did staring down at her.  She was about five or six inches shorter than he was and for some reason his brain was telling him to kiss her.  “Please forgive me Lacey.  I know I’m the biggest dick in Mystic Falls, but I swear it will never happen again.  Just the thought of you being hurt by me even the slightest is tearing apart my insides.”


Lacey blinked a couple of times as she nodded slowly before she pushed up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. 


Tyler let out a shaky sigh as he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her hair.  The scent just over took everything inside of him. 


“You want a sandwich?”  Lacey asked before she slowly backed away from him. 


Tyler smirked as he nodded.  “Sure; I’m always hungry.”  His eyes watched as she nodded and turned back to the counter as she continued to make two sandwiches.  He couldn’t help standing close to her.  Her scent was enveloping every sense in his body.  His stood behind her closely as his right hand slid around her side and palmed her flat stomach bringing her back against his chest tightly.  His left hand slid up her arm as he pulled the collar of the t-shirt down again and exposed the bruise he’d given her by accident. 


Lacey was about to say something when Tyler’s soft lips came down and kissed the bare skin where the bruise was.  He placed several opened mouth kisses on the bruised skin.  Her whole body broke out in goose bumps and she shivered from head to toe.  What the hell was he doing to her; and why?  Honestly she really didn’t care; it felt wonderful.  Then she felt him switch over to the other side of her body to her right shoulder and he did the same thing placing kisses on her bare bruised shoulders.  It was starting to affect her body and she was sure it was affecting his too.




Chapter 3


Lacey could feel the butterflies in her stomach floating around.  She wanted to pull away from Tyler, but his lips felt so good against her bare skin that she couldn’t bring herself to move an inch.  Her breathing was shaky and one of her hands went down and covered the hand Tyler had palmed against her stomach.  As soon as she covered his hand he pulled his hand out from underneath hers and covered it with his as his fingers push between hers lacing their hands together over her stomach; which she clenched to try and control the flutters of the butterflies.


Lacey’s breathing got even shakier as Tyler’s lips traveled up her shoulder to her neck.  He wasn’t just kissing the bruises he’d left on her, now he was kissing parts of her she was sure he’d never touch.  Tyler was a football jock.  She’d never dated or even been attracted to one sweaty jock in her entire life.  She couldn’t understand where the attraction was coming from, but she liked it.


Tyler couldn’t help what he was doing and right now he didn’t want to stop.  The taste of her soft flesh was permanent burned against the tip of his tongue and lips.  She’d recently taken a shower and he could smell it on her; the water and body wash she used.  Mangos; never had the scent of mangos ever smelled so wonderful to him before.  He was suddenly aware it was her scent.  She always had a slight fruit scent to her but it wasn’t over powering; most of the girls they went to school with would bathe in their perfume and with his recent transformation into his werewolf status three months ago, the perfume often gave him a raging headache because of his heightened senses.


Now that he thought about it, Lacey knew what perfume did to him and she’d stopped wearing hers, in fact she’d given ever bottle away or thrown it away, but she always had water and Tylenol in her purse for him.  Just like when he would change back after his full moon episodes she’d have Gatorade for him to re-build up his electrolytes, because she knew it took a lot out of him.  They’d been friends for a good six months. 


How did he miss that she was perfect for him? 


How in the HELL did he miss everything?


Tyler’s free hand slid down her arm and across her waist as it gripped her opposite hip and he turned her around.  She had a look of sheer shock on her face.  His eyes went to her lips; her bottom lip was trembling slightly, but he was sure it was because of the things his lips had just done to her.  Her lips were beautiful and had a naturally vibrant red tint to them, normally she only wore clear gloss over them, but tonight there wasn’t anything on them and they looks even more appealing to him.  His eyes went back to her eyes and the shocked look had faded.


“Lacey…” Tyler swallowed hard.  “Tell me I’m not over stepping my boundaries.  Tell me something; talk to me.”


“You’re rambling.”  Lacey pointed out.


“Lacey tell me what to do…”  Tyler begged almost.  He didn’t know what he should be doing and he didn’t want to scare Lacey off.  What if she wasn’t feeling what he was feeling?  What if he was REALLY crossing a line?


“Tyler…Shut up and kiss me.”


Tyler’s eyes widened at Lacey’s bluntness, usually it was him being blunt but it was her.  She was showing a kind of dominance and he was honestly turned on by it.  Tyler couldn’t help the smirk as his hand pressed into her stomach as he backed her up till her back pressed against the fridge.  He pressed his chest against hers as his hands came up and cupped her face. “You’re sure about this?  I don’t know if I can go back to being friends if we do this Lacey; and I don’t want to fuck up our friendship it’s the one thing good I’ve got going in my life right now.”


Yet again, how did he miss that?  He missed all the signs.  Obviously he wasn’t looking because he just wasn’t in the mood for girls.  Or maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for the gaggle of immature girls at their high school.  Tyler watched as she nodded confidently and now there was no stopping him; dipping his head he captured her lips with his and suddenly all of his feelings exploded inside of his body.  When she nodded she was basically telling him she felt the same way he did. 


He couldn’t help pressing her into the fridge more as he pressed his body closer to hers.  Her lips responding to his was the topping off point as he tilted her head back slightly and deepened the kiss.  Her lips felt great against his and they tasted so good.  He honestly couldn’t get enough of her.  He couldn’t remember kissing someone and enjoying it so much as he was right now. 


Lacey felt Tyler’s hands slipped from her face and slide down her body and gripped her hips.  Her hands finally went from his chest to his biceps as she gripped them in her hands and was pulling him as close as he was pushing her against the fridge.


“Oh My God!  Don’t besmirch the kitchen with your horny teenage hormones.”  Jalesa’s snarky voice cut through their kiss and she giggled as she watched the two of them jump apart. “Lacey you have a bedroom here, use it.  You don’t see me and Damon humping all over the house.”


Lacey’s cheeks were a crimson color and Tyler was staring at the floor with a huge smirk.  Lacey reached over and smacked Tyler’s arm as she fixed him with a look, before she glared over at Jalesa who was clearly trying to torment the two of them. “Yea you and Damon don’t hump around with people in the house; I can’t ONLY imagine what you do when everyone is gone.”


Jalesa fixed an evil smirk on her face as she walked over and tapped her sister on the nose. “That my baby sister is for me to know and you to never find out.”  Jalesa opened the fridge and retrieved a bag of blood from the vegetable drawer and as she closed the door she looked at Tyler. “And you…if you hurt my sister I will take great pleasure in both me and Damon torturing you until you die.”  Tyler nodded in agreement and she nodded once for satisfaction that he got the message loud and clear.


Jalesa turned to leave the kitchen but stopped short in the door way as she turned back around and looked at Tyler again. “And I don’t need any nieces or nephews running around just yet so no glove to love.”


Lacey’s mouth fell open as her cheeks reddened up again.


“Yes ma’am.”  Tyler smarted off as he saluted Jalesa.


Jalesa just chuckled at the mortified pair as she disappeared back upstairs.  She was all ready to give Damon the tongue bath of his life.


Once the initial shock and mortification wore off Lacey smiled up at Tyler.  “Still want that sandwich.”


Tyler couldn’t stop the smirk morphing into a smile as he nodded. “Hell yes.  A guy can work up an appetite kissing you.”


Lacey plated the sandwiches; as she handed the plates to Tyler she pushed up and kissed his lips softly.  Tyler was quick to put one plate down and wrap his arm around her waist pulling her closer.  Lacey giggled against his lips as she pulled back. “Easy there wolf boy.” She couldn’t help giggling again when he growled slightly. She walked over and grabbed two bottles of Gatorade from the fridge and then opened the pantry and grabbed a bag of Doritos.  Her blue eyes peered up at Tyler as she socked her head to the side and she walked out of the kitchen being sure to flip the light off.


Tyler’s eyes were glued to her ass.  The way it swayed in her black cotton shorts was almost too much, he was ready to drop the plates and just throw her over his shoulder.  But he figured going all caveman wasn’t really the way to go.  Even though he was definitely down for chasing her around the Salvatore house both in their underwear; hell any house would suffice at this point.  Tyler would follow her anywhere, now he just had to figure out what they were to each other. 


How long exactly had he been attracted to someone he considered a friend?


At this point he really didn’t care, he was just genuinely happy she liked him back.  It had been a long time since he’d met someone he wanted to actually call his girlfriend.  Every time Lacey looked back at him to make sure he was following her it just sealed their fate even more.  He honestly hoped she wanted the same thing he did.


Once they reached Lacey’s room, Tyler placed the plates on her huge desk he knew she did her homework on.  This wasn’t the first time he’d been to the Salvatore’s.  He’d been here a few thousand times in the last six months.  They both sat on Lacey’s bed; their backs against the headboard with their legs stretched out and their plates sitting on their laps.  She’d turned the TV on so they had something to stare at while they ate quietly. 


This was nothing new to them.  They spent a few nights a week together when he was finished with football practice, they would talk or do homework assignments together.  Tease each other, wrestle around, laugh, watch movies or just drown themselves in whatever was on TV at the time.  Sometimes Elena and Stefan joined them, but for the most part they liked it being just the two of them, which is why they drank together so well.  Neither one would stand to be around anyone else when they would drink.


Once they finished eating, Tyler grabbed both plates and put them on her desk as he walked back over and laid back down on the bed. 


“Should we talk about this?” Tyler asked her seriously


Chapter 4


Lacey nodded slowly and then jumped slightly when Tyler hopped off the bed and began to pace her bedroom floor.


“I know this is so off the wall for either of us.  But I can’t help that I like you Lace.” Tyler said as he turned to face Lacey and noticed she’d sat up and was sitting on the edge of her bed; her big blue eyes staring at him intently.  “Say something please.”


“Off the wall; you have no idea Tyler.”  Lacey made a face and knew she’d just given herself away to him.  His deep brown eyes started at her feet and worked up her body and landed on her blue eyes.  His lips were slightly parted as he processed what she’d said.


“Wait, what do you mean I don’t have any idea?  What does that mean exactly Lacey?”  Tyler’s eyebrows furrowed as he watched her slide from the huge wooden four poster queen size bed.


Lacey smiled softly. “I thought you would’ve figured it out before now.  Do you remember the night we met?  I was at someone’s party with Elena, Stef, Jalesa and Damon.  I bumped into you and we were both drunk but we brushed it off because there were A LOT of bodies there.  We sat down outside with our feet in the pool and got drunker and talked and laughed.  It was so freaking nice to meet someone and be able to be friends with them and have them be outside of my four vampire roommates; have an actual conversation where no one could over hear us talking.  We both ended up sliding into the pool and just sitting on the steps in the water.  I was never able to drink and be around people because their voices annoyed me to the point of wanting to stab my eardrums with toothpicks.”


She laughed slightly when Tyler made a face at her stabbing eardrums comment. Lacey nodded. “Yea I know, but for some reason, you’re voice doesn’t annoy me.  It never annoyed me.  For some reason it calms me in a soothing manner and I’m not some clingy drunk bitch like most of your ex-girlfriends are when they were drunk around us.  You have no idea how annoying their whiny little voices could actually piss me off and I was close to begging Damon to drain them a few times.”


Tyler opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. “Damon would’ve done it too.  It doesn’t take much for him to do favors for his friends or his girlfriends little sister.  Why are you telling me all of this?  I have an excellent memory Lacey.”


Lacey sighed heavily. “The point of all of this is because somewhere about three months ago I stopped looking at you as a friend.  I don’t know what happened or what changed but I started crushing on you, which I know is completely ridiculous, the problem with crushes is they don’t stay crushes for long, eventually you start falling for your non-intended crush. And I’m not above anyone else.  I fell for you Tyler.”  Her cheeks pinked up at her confession. “I fell hard; real hard.”  Lacey combed her fingers through her waist length hair as she paced a couple of times. “What I mean is; is if you don’t feel the same way or if you want to just use me for sex I can’t do it anymore.  I won’t be able to be friends with you Tyler, because it gets harder and harder every day trying to just keep it bottled up inside and pretend nothing has changed that you’ve still got your drinking buddy.”


Tyler could tell her rambling was going off its axis and he stepped up and grabbed her arms as he captured her lips to silence her for a minute.  He felt her soft hands come up and cup his cheeks.  Once he pulled away he looked down and his hands moved from her arms, down her curvy body to her hips. “Lacey I told you in the kitchen; once I kissed you I couldn’t go back to being just friends.  I never noticed until tonight that you’re completely perfect for me.  You take care of me once a month on full moons and you always take care of me at school when I get headaches from perfume and you even got rid of your perfume for me.  How many girls are out there, that are willing to put their life on the line once a month for a bad tempered wolf?” 


Tyler pushed some of Lacey’s hair from her eyes as he smiled softly. “You come to every single sporting event and cheer me on.  You do so much for me and I never even noticed it and that’s my fault for being so blind to all of it.  I should’ve noticed sooner.  It took Jalesa threatening me to get my head out of my ass and realize what I was missing out on with you in my corner.  I don’t want you to be my friend anymore Lacey.  I want you to be my girlfriend.”




The evil emerald eyes looked up at him as she was laying between his legs while placing open mouth kisses on his taut six pack abs; to her it was more of a twelve pack.  Blue eyes locked with green as she smirked at him again. 


Damon watched as she popped the plug on the blood bag she had retrieved from the fridge.  Jalesa moved around and sat straddled on his pelvis.  She couldn’t keep the smirk off her beautiful lips as he saw her hold the bag over his chest as she squeezed a line of the thick red liquid from the left side of his chest to the right side.


Damon’s hands went to her hips as he gripped them tightly and he couldn’t stop as his fangs came out and the veins around his eyes at the smell of the blood on his skin.  The erection concealed in his jeans jerked against Jalesa’s soft ass.  He chuckled when her eyes grew lusty.  He almost lost it as he watched her lean over and ever so gently captured his left nipple between her fang and tongue and rolled it.  The things she did to his body were completely a whole new level of insanity for him.  She then proceeded to roll his right nipple between her fang and tongue. 


“I didn’t want that one getting jealous of the other.”  Jalesa’s voice was thick with want and lust.


His eyes clouded over as his eyes continued to watch as she ran her tongue across his chest slowly and methodically as she licked up the line of blood.  Her tongue trailed up to his lips as he pushed his fangs back in and captured her lips, letting the blood on her tongue slid off and onto his own tongue.


Damon couldn’t help groaning.  He’d always been a sexual being, but no one brought out his animalistic side the way Jalesa did.  And he very much enjoyed it.  Fueled by his desire for her within seconds Damon turned them over as he pulled her shirt from her body and ripped her bra from her chest; all the while promising to replace it.  He returned the favor of pouring some of the blood down the center of her chest and let it run down across her naked breast.  His tongue started at the base of her throat as he licked and kissed the blood from her soft supple skin.  Once he was sure all the blood had been licked clean from her perfect body he sat up on his knees and licked the blood from his thumb.


“You’re got a choice…You can either get undressed and then get your cute naked ass back in my bed or I can rip your clothes off and ravage you and then we can go shopping tomorrow, because I’m sure this won’t be the first time I’ll have to pay to replace a garment of yours.”  Damon’s voice was husky as his eyes were locked on Jalesa and the hint of a smirk playing on his lips.


Oh she was in a playfully evil mood as she smirked up at him. “Do what you will.”  She winked at him. “I can take it.”


Damon exhaled as he hovered over her body kissing her lips softly at first.  His hands found their way to the waist line of her jeans and he dug his fingernails into the sides and slowly ran his fingernails down the sides of her jeans shredding them carefully from her body, not wanting to knick her beautiful skin in the process.  Once he was to her ankles he pulled the material effortlessly from her as his eyes devoured her naked body. “Beautiful…” His lips murmured. 


Damon wasted little time ripping the rest of his clothes off and before Jalesa had a chance to say or do anything she found herself completely wrapped around Damon’s naked body pressed against the giant headboard of their bed as he immediately buried his erection all the way into her core.  He wasted even less time as he began rocking long slow strokes in and out of her body.  He could make love to this woman twenty-four-seven and never get out of bed or out of her body for anything.  He could stay inside of her forever; it was home to him.


Jalesa moaned and grunted as she held onto him like her life depended on it.  His lips captured her as he continued to take her to amazingly new heights that only he could.


Chapter 5


Lacey’s stared at Tyler wide eyed.  Not really sure she heard him properly.  She felt him squeeze her hips gently.


Tyler knew he was taking a chance.  He read all the signs earlier in the kitchen.  That first kiss with Lacey had nearly brought him to his knees.  His eyes watched as a light blush crept across her cheeks as her hands came up to rest on his forearms.  He noticed earlier her hands were cold and they were still freezing against his warm skin.  Her eyes met his as she pushed up on her toes and pressed her lips against his.  He was taking this as a good sign and let his eyes close as he wrapped her up in his arms.


Tyler pulled back as he couldn’t stop the smirk. “I’ll take that as a sign that you agree to be my girlfriend.”


Lacey laughed lightly as she nodded. “Most definitely.”


Tyler shook his head. “How’s come we didn’t figure this out before?”


Lacey laughed as she backed up towards her bed pulling Tyler with her. “Because you weren’t looking for me in a girlfriend type of status; you already had me as a friend.”  Lacey smirked as she let her fingertips slide around his chest as she walked around and stood behind him.  “But that’s definitely changed now.” She laughed when Tyler turned and twisted his neck to see where she was. 


“What – What are you doing?”  Tyler asked.  He felt a slight breeze when she lifted his shirt suddenly and kissed the middle of his back, between his shoulder blades.  His whole body felt like a quivering mess.  Did she really just do that?  His sweet one time friend now turned girlfriend?  His shirt dropped back down as he watched her continue walking around him and stop in front of him again. “What the hell was that all about?”


Lacey shook her head. “It was nothing in particular; just a little fun.  Well, unless of course you don’t want me to do that again?”


Tyler shook his head. “Are you crazy?  Of course I want you to do that again.  Jesus next time tell me to lose the shirt.”  He said it way too loud but couldn’t help to chuckle when she laughed at him.


Lacey lifted an eyebrow at his cute outburst. “Lose…the…shirt.”


Tyler scoffed loudly as he began to peel his red t-shirt off and after tossing it at her planted his hands on his hips. “That’s all you had to say.  What next?”


Lacey laughed when she caught his shirt and inhaled his scent.  “Get in bed, all this kissing and talking has worn me out; we both need a good night’s sleep and there’s no reason you should have to drive all the way back home, I know you’re fully awake now, but you could suddenly get tired and fall asleep behind the wheel.”  She touched his cheek. “And - and I just got you I don’t want anything to happen that takes you away from me.”


Tyler nodded as he stepped closer to her and let his lips brush against her ear. “And here I thought I was gonna get lucky.” A smirk playing on his lips.


Lacey busted up laughing as she pushed his head away from her. “No chance wolf boy.  When have you ever known me to be easy with anything?”


Lacey laughed as Tyler jumped on the bed, he’d already kicked his sneakers off, Lacey tossed his t-shirt on the desk as she went and turned the TV and lights off and then walked back over to the bed.  Just as she sat down on the edge of the bed an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her the rest of the way into bed.  Her back was tight against his chest as he spooned his much larger body behind her.  His lips kissed the side of her next several times as his arm tightened around her waist.  His body he was extremely welcome.


“Night Tyler.”


“Night Lacey.”



A few minutes later, Lacey slowly rolled until she was on her back.  The moonlight that was coming through the windows gave just enough light for her to look at Tyler’s handsome face. 


Tyler felt her move and his eyes opened as he stared at her.  His eyebrows furrowed and he pursed his lips. “What?”  He could tell something was on her mind.


Lacey shook her head negatively. “Nothing, I was just thinking.”  She sighed heavily. “I really am sorry about your dad and uncle.  I know today probably wasn’t the easiest for you and I didn’t mean to make you mad.”


Tyler sat up as he pushed himself back against the headboard and patted the spot next to him. “Come here.”  He watched as she sat up and moved back as well and he wrapped his arm around her pulling her closer to him as he softly kissed the crown of her head.  “I wasn’t mad at you I was being a jerk or as Jalesa loves to call me; a douche bag.”  Tyler exhaled. “I was drinking and being a jerk which with me is a dangerous combo and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.  What I said was a complete lie Lacey.  No one’s life is perfect and you’re certainly NOT a spoiled brat.  But I will admit one thing.  You do have one hell of a slap.”


Tyler’s tongue absentmindedly ran across the inside of his left cheek.  “Even for someone who changes into a wolf; that shit hurt.”


Lacey frowned as she reached up and touched his left cheek. “I’m…” 


“NO!” The rest of her apology died on her lips when Tyler yelled. “Do not apologize for that.  I deserved it; especially after what I said to you.  Actually I deserved to get my ass kicked by Jalesa but I don’t think she’d just kick my ass.  I’m pretty sure she’d bite me.”


Lacey giggled as she buried herself deeper into Tyler’s side and nodded. “You’d be dry right now; nothing but skin and bones.”


Tyler looked down at her as she turned her face to peer up at him.  He brushed his nose against her nose and brushed his lips against hers, she completely caught him by surprise as her hand went to the back of his neck to make sure he didn’t pull away.  She wanted to kiss more; he could kiss more.  He could stay up for hours and kiss her if that’s what she wanted.  He would NEVER get tired of kissing her.  He would NEVER get tired of her ever.


It was well into the early hours of morning when they finally stopped kissing and decided sleep was something they both needed.  Tyler wrapped her in his arm; he had every intension of keeping her completely safe from all the things that went bump in the night in Mystic Falls.  He finally found someone who he wanted to call his girlfriend, he wasn’t about to let someone take her away from him.



Jalesa giggled as Damon kissed every single toe on her left foot.  Her feet were super sensitive and ticklish at the same time.  His thumbs were rubbing deep circles on her arch and ball of her foot.  It felt INCREDIBLE.  They were sitting in his tub after their much enjoyed romp in the bedroom and they were surrounded by warm water and thousands of bubbles. “Damon!” Jalesa couldn’t help squealing his name as he sucked her big toe into his mouth. 


Damon chuckled. “I love it when you squeal my name like that.”  Damon grunted as he shifted in the tub as he grabbed her other foot and pulled her closer to him, until he had her sitting straddled on his lap.  Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he kissed her deeply.


Damon knew something was on her mind. “What is it my beautiful blood princess?  Something is weighting on your mind.”


Jalesa smiled softly as she rubbed her nose against his. “I’m worried about Lacey.  Do you think it’s safe for her to be with Tyler?”  She sighed heavily. “He’s a werewolf.  She goes with him on full moon nights.  Even if they are together, he still wouldn’t be able to stop himself from killing her if something goes wrong.”


Damon locked eyes with her. “Well figure it out.  Tyler is stronger on full moon nights.  Maybe we can build a stronger more re-enforced cage to lock herself into since she’s hell bent on helping him on those nights.  And we can always re-enforce the cage that Tyler is behind.”  Damon kissed her lips softly. “I promise we’ll think of something.”


Jalesa smiled. “How’s come you always know what to say to make me feel better?”  She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his arms pulled her even closer to him.


Damon smirked. “It’s my job to know how to make you feel better.  Don’t ever forget that.  Besides I know how important Lacey is to you.  This means she’s important to me too.  You already know if Tyler does anything to hurt her; I’ll rip his furry mongrel head off.”  He kissed her lips again. “I don’t care how much she likes him.  Werewolves are NOT good company to keep.  They have no problem biting a vampire and even less problem tearing apart people when in their wolfie state.  When they are in their werewolf form they have zero control.  Tyler won’t see Lacey as Lacey he’ll only see her as a threat and he’ll kill her.  But I digress.  We’ll figure it all out.  But can we at least do it in the morning or maybe afternoon.  I’d like to finish worshiping you and then get some sleep.”


Jalesa laughed as she nodded.  The whole time Damon had been talking she could already feel his exciting growing.  In one slow movement he lifted her and slowly buried himself inside of her welcoming body.


Once again he was sealing the fact that she could and would spend the rest of her life with this amazing man.


Chapter 6


Blue eyes fluttered open as the alarm was beeping in her ear.


“Oh God shut it off.” A deep voice groaned from behind Lacey. 


She giggled slightly as she reached over and grabbed her cell and turned the alarm off as she looked at the time.  It was six am.  Lacey patted the warm hand on her hip.  She could hear his labored breathing again and knew he was already back asleep.  She carefully pulled himself from the bed and walked into the bathroom as she got into the shower; letting the warm water wake her up better.  Once she cut the water off, she wrapped a towel around her body after ringing the water out of her hair.


Lacey walked from the bathroom back into the bedroom and noticed Tyler had turned onto his back.  Lacey leaned over the bed as she softly kissed his lips.


“Mmm…Morning.”  Tyler’s sleepy voice responded.  He didn’t even bother opening his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back into bed as he rolled over onto his side taking her with him, her legs were draped over his thighs.  His brown eyes opened and were met with the most beautiful blue eyes. “So beautiful…” He leaned down and captured her lips.


Lacey smiled into the kiss as she felt Tyler’s right hand as he cupped her face and then it slid down to her hips, she felt him feel around.


Tyler pulled back and his eyes traveled down her body and he groaned when he saw all she had on was a towel. “What the hell are you wearing Lace?”


Lacey couldn’t help laughing. “Sorry.  I took a shower and came in to give you a wake up kiss and you’re the one who pulled me back into bed.”


Tyler saw her beautiful tanned thighs just below the towel and KNEW it barely covered her cute ass.  His hand started at her bare left knee and slowly slid down the soft flesh of her outer thigh.  He looked back up into the familiar blue eyes and watched as she chewed her bottom lip as her eyes danced between his. “So what are you waking me up for?”


Lacey smiled softly. “You do realize we’ve got school today.  It’s about 6:45.  If you want to shower you can and I’m pretty sure you’ve got clothes in your car if I know you.”


Tyler shook his head.  She really did know him best; he always had two spare sets of clothing in his trunk just for whatever reasons.  He nodded as he kissed her lips again. “Can you run out to my car and just grab one of the bags while I shower?” 


Lacey nodded.  She watched as Tyler rolled over slightly and grabbed his car keys and rolled back towards her and handed them to her.  He kissed her lips once more before he rolled out of bed and then watched as she carefully got up; making sure her towel stayed in place.  She leaned over the bed straightening out the sheet and comforter and then the pillows.  She backed up and felt a warm body pressed against her back.  She smiled. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting in the shower?”


Tyler’s hands slid around her waist pulling her tighter against him as he kissed her neck softly. “I was going to, but maybe you should join me.”


Lacey laughed as she slowly pulled away and turned around. “I would but I’m already clean.”


“I can change that ya know.”  Tyler offered with a smirk.


Lacey pushed up and kissed his lips. “How about a rain check?”


“Ok.  I’ll – uh – be out in a few.” Tyler nodded as he slowly backed away; he was half tempted to just throw her over his shoulder and take her in there anyway, but knew that wouldn’t work in his favor.


Lacey waited until the water kicked on before she walked into her closet and dressed in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, with her socks and sneakers.  She jogged downstairs and her heart skipped a beat as she approached the shiny black classic 1971 Buick GS convertible.  Not many people knew Tyler had actually restored the classic with his Uncle Mason a few years ago.  She did love his car.  She unlocked the truck and grabbed one of the bags.  Jesus what did he have in it; bricks?  She hefted the bag upstairs.


As she walked back into the room she walked by the door to the bathroom and then stopped abruptly as she backed up and looked inside the bathroom.  The glass door to the shower was such a terrible tease. It was frosted from just below the shoulders to just about mid-thigh, but everything was outlined.  EVERYTHING! 


Lacey breathed deeply and exhaled SLOWLY as she walked in and set his bag on the counter with a couple of fresh towels and backed out.  She sought refuge in her closet as she turned on her hair dryer and flipped her hair over and was trying to mind her own business and keep her mind off a –naked and extremely wet- Tyler in the bathroom.  Especially when the water cut off and she heard the shower door open and close.


Lacey flipped her hair back over as she placed the hair dryer on the ground and combed all the knots out and put a little mousse in it to keep it from getting static and sticking to everyone.  She felt like she had eyes on her as she turned and Tyler was stand in the door way between the bathroom and bedroom.  He had on black jeans and a grey cotton shirt that had three buttons down his chest.


“So school huh?  Do we really have to go?”  Tyler questioned.


Lacey looked at him skeptically. “So you’d rather not be a senior next year?  Plus you’ll miss football practice and don’t you guys have a game tonight?”


Tyler smirked as she shook his head negatively. “No game, no practice.  Coach does have a heart and likes to give us some time to recoup.”  Tyler started walking towards Lacey.


Lacey felt like a deer caught in the headlights.  Whatever he was suggesting she was pretty sure she’d go along with it. “So you don’t want to go to school?  See your friends?  Brag about bagging some hot chic last weekend?”


Tyler let out a growl. “You already know I haven’t bagged anyone.  Not for a while and you already know that.  I dated here and there, but nothing ever peaked my interest.  At least not until you came around.”


Lacey looked at Tyler.  Did he just admit something to her without actually saying it? “So school?  You really don’t want to go today do you?  I thought you enjoyed school.  I mean you’re clearly not some idiot jock and you’ve got good grades.  Well not better than me, but they are pretty good.” Lacey stepped closer to Tyler as he reached out and took her hand.


“Any other day I wouldn’t mind going, but for some reason. Last night was just not nearly enough alone time with you.  I want you alone with me; no interruptions, no questions from friends, no one bugging us, and no teachers or pesky classes.”  Tyler gently pulled Lacey closer to him. “Just you and me; that’s what I want, right now.”


Lacey laughed lightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Just the two of us; all alone all day?”  She chewed her bottom lip slightly before a smile spread across her face. “Yea, I think I could handle that for today.”  She couldn’t help letting her eyes drop down and let out a giggle.  When she looked back up at him he had an eyebrow raised at her giggle outburst. She shook her head. “I didn’t realize how cute you were barefoot.”


Tyler chuckled. “So bare feet do it for you?” He pulled her closer as he leaned down and kissed her lips. “C’mon let’s go back to bed.”  He leaned down and lifted her from the floor into his arms and laughed hard when she squealed in surprise and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. “I’m not going to drop you Lace.  I would never drop you.”  Tyler walked over and placed her on the bed and then went down to her feet and pulled her sneakers and socks off.   His eyes looked back up at her. “So you’re sure you don’t mind missing school?”


Lacey smiled as she shook her head. “For you; no.”  She started to say something and watched as he slowly got back into bed with her.  She rolled onto her side facing him and he did the same.  Tyler stretched out his arm and she moved closer to him and laid her head on his arm. “So tell me…What exactly did you mean when you said not until I came around?”


Tyler smirked as his free hand came up and pushed her hair from her face. “Confession time…I’ve sort of liked you since that night at the party.  But I, honesty didn’t think I had a snowballs chance in hell with someone like you.  I’m actually kind of glad we were friends first.  Most of my ex’s all I really wanted was sex.  With you it’s different.  I can’t explain it.”


Lacey shook her head. “You don’t have to explain anything.  I kind of like your answer.”  She inched closer and felt his free hand slide around her waist as they just laid there looking at each other.


A knock on the bedroom door broke them from their trance. Lacey smiled. “C’mon in.”


The door opened and Damon poked his head in. “I don’t care what you two do today, because neither of you are my responsibility.  That’s my parenting 101 course.  Tyler, me and you we need to talk; now.”


Tyler looked from Lacey to Damon and nodded.  He brushed his lips across Lacey’s forehead. “I’ll be right back.”  She nodded in understanding as he slid from the bed and walked out of the room and followed Damon as he closed the bedroom door behind them.


He could only imagine what Damon wanted to talk about.


Chapter 7


Tyler followed Damon downstairs to the parlor where Stefan was waiting.  Tyler sighed heavily as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Okay what’s going on?”


Stefan looked up at the youngster. “Well obviously you and Lacey are now together and even though you’re a wolf, we have no problem with you and Lacey being together.  We want her to be happy.  And if happy is with you then Elena and Jalesa are happy.”


Damon quirked an eyebrow. “But the girls have some concerns and they are completely valid.  Though we all know you’d never hurt her when you are human, the issue is once a month she feels the need to go traipsing with you to the old Lockwood property so you can become all wolfie for a few hours.  I don’t understand it unless she’s got some kind of death wish; either way.  The cage you’ve got set up for her and you is a complete shambles.  There’s no way in hell we will allow her to go with you on Sunday and I’m sure you understand that.”


Tyler frowned. “I was going to talk to her about it.  I honestly don’t want her coming with me anymore.  The iron cages are starting to give from my weight now and some of the bars have broken off.  You two know she is going to put up one hell of a fight with not going right?”


Stefan nodded. “Yea that’s why we started ordering re-enforced thicker iron to re-do the cages. We all already know how Lacey is.  When she cares about someone she doesn’t stop.  We’re going to make sure both cages are re-done but it won’t happen before the full moon on Sunday.”


Tyler leaned against the arm rest of the couch as he sighed heavily. “I don’t think I’ll talk to her about it until Saturday night.  I may even wait until Sunday morning.  I know she’s going to either be upset or pissed off.  I can already feel it.”


Damon crossed his arms over his chest. “She’s going to have to get over it for Sunday.  There’s no way were going to let her go with you and if we do one of us will be with you.”


Tyler nodded. “Fully understood; if you come bring an MP3 player with you, it’s how she gets by my transformations.  She waits until I actually start to transform before she finally turns up the volume and looks the other way.  She doesn’t think I notice, but I do.  It’s hard for her to watch and listen because she knows I’m in excruciating amount of pain and can’t stand it.  She has the music so she can fight the urge to come be next to me.”


Damon nodded. “As long as you understand what’s going on.  I won’t let her get hurt around you.  I realize you guys have been doing this for a few months, but there’s always a chance something can go wrong.  Plus Jalesa would rip my balls off effectively if I allowed Lacey to get hurt.”


Tyler chuckled. “I’m going to get back to Lacey.  I’ll either let you guys know how it goes or…Or you guys will hear it for yourself.”  Tyler shook his head as Stefan and Damon chuckled at it his comment.  Tyler turned and jogged back up the stairs and came to a nearly skidding halt as he was faced with Lacey who was leaning against the banister with her arms crossed over her chest.


“So do you feel like letting me know now what you wanted to wait to tell me?”  Lacey asked with a serious look on her face.


Tyler sighed heavily as he nodded before he took her hand and gently pulled her behind him back to her room, he closed the door as he slowly backed Lacey towards the bed.  He gripped her hips and lifted her with ease and sat her on the bed his hands were balled up in fists as he hand one on each side of her thighs and leaned on the edge of the bed hovering close to her as they eyes met.  “I was going to talk to you about it Saturday night or Sunday morning.”


“So tell me now.”  She watched the apprehensive look in his eyes.  He wasn’t sure.  Her hands came up and cupped his face. “Hey, c’mon Tyler out of everything I know about your life and everything we’ve shared for the last six months that we’ve been friends.  I’m pretty sure whatever those two idiots said to you downstairs isn’t nearly half as bad as you’re making it out to be.”


Tyler nodded as he stood to his full height and his hands softly wrapped around her wrists and pulled her hands down from his cheeks and into his own hands.  He sighed. “I don’t want you getting mad or upset, but Sunday is Full Moon for this month and I don’t want you going with me.”  He could see the look that started to cross her face. “But just wait and let me explain.”


“I’m listening.”  Her blue eyes stared at his dark eyes.  Sometimes with just a single darkened look he could make her knees completely weak and she was sure he wasn’t even aware of it.  It was a good thing she was sitting down or she would’ve melted into a giant puddle at his feet.


Tyler backed up putting space between them.  Her scent was overwhelming him and if she made any sort of disagreement or showed any signs she was truly upset he’d change his mind and he couldn’t do that.  “The cages in the cellar are falling apart.  They have been for the last few months.  I’m not sure how they’ve been holding up.  Some of the bars have come loose and fallen off from when I’m a wolf.  It’s getting extremely unsafe for you to be down there and I would NEVER forgive myself if something happened to you. Best friend to girlfriend in a twelve hour span and suddenly I feel more protective over you then I ever have anyone else; even my own mom.  Damon and Stefan have ordered re-enforced iron bars; it will be more like Fort Knox.  Nothing will be able to get in.  They are re-doing everything down there.  But it won’t be ready by Sunday.”


“Which is why you don’t want me going with you?”  Lacey interrupted.  When Tyler nodded Lacey just smiled. “Okay.”  She hopped off the bed.


Tyler looked at her skeptically as she bounced on her heels in front of him. “What do you mean ok?” This had been far too easy.  She was setting him up for something. “How are you this cooperative?”


Lacey laughed as she nodded. “Yea - okay.”  She gripped the sides of his t-shirt. “Hey I get it.  I completely understand.  I don’t want to be wolfie treats just as much as you don’t want to eat me.”


Tyler smirked as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips softy and his lips moved to her check and then her ear. “Well I don’t want to eat you; at least not that way.”  Tyler couldn’t help chuckle as Lacey’s cheeks reddened from his intimately dirty words.


“I can’t believe you said that.”  Her cheeks were still heated as she pushed again his stomach, but his hands came up and gently grabbed her hips pulling her closer to him.


“Sorry, I’m sure that was over the line, but sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain.”  Tyler apologized.  Neither of them were virgins and he knew that but it was cute to watch her blush over what he’d said to her.  “So what are you going to do Sunday night while I’m getting my wolf on?”  He changed the subject for her.  He knew she wasn’t ready for any sort of sex conversation.  He knew with every conversation he’d had with her, he learned she usually waited around until she let a guy even think about getting her in bed.  And he didn’t mind waiting until she felt comfortable enough.


Lacey shrugged. “Maybe go to the grill with Bonnie; I haven’t spent any time with her since she started dating Jeremy.”


Tyler nodded. “Okay, sounds good.  So, nap time?  I know we didn’t get much sleep last night and you look like you’re tired.”  When she nodded, they both crawled back into bed and Tyler pulled her into his arms again.  He did love the way her body felt against his when they were sleeping.  He felt her relax as she lay with her head on his chest and listened as she slowly fell asleep; he allowed sleep to consume him as well.



Sunday came faster than either of them expected, but they’d spent the entire weekend together.  Lacey couldn’t ever remember being so happy and at the same time so completely in tune with another human being in her entire life.  Somehow they had no problems sitting in bed and talking or kissing.  They were social for dinner with the other two couples in the house, but for the most part they kept to Lacey’s room.  Tyler would call and check on his mom and make sure she didn’t need anything. 


Once night time hit Tyler said his goodbye to Lacey and promised to see her early in the morning.  She hated that she could go with him, but she understood why.  Thought the stubborn part of her brain wanted to just show up anyway, she kept herself busy as she at Bonnie sat at the grill and ate burgers and fries and laughed as Matt and Jeremy were closing down the bar and grill had a star wars broom stick light saber fight.  Yea those two really needed to work together more often.  Not.


Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie we’re not surprised one bit to learn Lacey and Tyler had finally decided to go out.  Bonnie knew about the insane crush Lacey had and apparently Matt and Jeremy figured Tyler liked Lacey way before he started admitting it to himself.


Bonnie got a ride home from Jeremy, so Lacey stuck around to talk with Matt as he finished up a few things, as they walked out of the business, Matt locked up the back door and pushed the keys into his pocket as he retrieved his truck keys from his other pocket.  He turned to Lacey and smiled. “You want me to walk you to your car?” 


Lacey laughed. “Wow chivalry isn’t dead.”


Matt chuckled. “Not with me it isn’t.”


Lacey shook her head. “No head home Matt.  I’m not really scared of the things that go bump in the night.  I’m good.  Have a good night Matt.  See you at school tomorrow.”


Matt nodded. “Okay.  Hey, send text me when you get to Tyler, so I know you made it safe.”  He watched as she gave him thumbs up while she walked around the front of the building and out of sight.



Lacey walked through the dimly light alley and just as she walked under the light to round the side of the Mystic Grill she was shoved into the brick siding of the building.  Suddenly a sharp pain screamed through her left hand as she looked over and saw a pocket knife stick out of it.  She squealed slightly loud in her discomfort and tried to move.  A hand clamped down over the knife as it started slowly sliding the dull blade down the middle of the back of her hand as blood poured out.  Lacey couldn’t help but let out an agonizing scream that echoed through the town square.


“LACEY?”  She could hear Matt’s voice yell, but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to yell back.  “LACEY!!”  Matt’s voice yelled once more as she started to hear his footfalls running up the alley towards her.


A hand was pressed to the side of her head pressing her face to the bricks. “We’re going to play a little game.”  A voice whispered.  She didn’t recognize the voice. “It’s called…Lights Out.”


Blackness consumed Lacey abruptly.


Chapter 8


Tyler was lying on the hard concrete covered ground trying to get his bearings back.  He’d finally come out of his wolf transformation and back into his more acquired human form.  He lifted his head and started looking around slightly.  He saw his clothes lying across his gym bag and his phone beeped a couple of times which meant he had voicemail.  He sat up rolling his shoulders and neck.  He was always sore as hell after a full moon transformation.  His neck popped in three different places as did his shoulders and back. 


He slowly got to his feet and walked over and pulled his boxer-briefs on and then his black jeans and fastened his belt.  He pulled his socks on and shoved his feet into his black and red sneakers.  His sneakers SMELLED like Lacey.  She had been running around the house in his too big for her feet sneakers all morning.  He was chuckling at her she had started to jog past him at one point and he wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her from the floor with ease and her knees bent up and he snatched his shoes back finally about an hour before he had to leave. 


He pulled on his red t-shirt as he grabbed his cell phone he had about five texts, ten or eleven missed calls and one frantic voicemail from Matt Donovan.


“Tyler, it’s Matt get to the hospital immediately something happened.  Someone attacked Lacey…”


Tyler felt his stomach drop, he had heard the ambulance in the back ground as he shoved his phone in his pocket and snatched his gym bag and jogged out of the Lockwood estate tomb.  His car was parked close as he threw his bag inside and tore out of the woods as fast as his car could possibly go.


Within fifteen minutes he pulled into the hospital parking lot and took off into the building.  Matt was sitting in the waiting room when Tyler ran up. “Matt what the hell happened?”


Matt shrugged. “I don’t know.  I offered to walk her to her car once Bonnie and Jeremy left.  She declined and when I got to my           truck I heard her scream.  I ran to the front of the building and her left hand was bleeding and a pocket knife was stuck through it and she had been knocked unconscious.  They took her in to sew up her hand and do some x-rays of her hand and head.  I didn’t see anyone around; no one almost as if they’d disappeared.”


Tyler sighed heavily and had to clench his fists to keep himself from losing it.  He could feel his entire frame shaking. “Did you call Jalesa?”


Matt nodded. “Apparently Jalesa, Damon, Elena and Stefan went to some new restaurant in Nashville Tennessee; they probably won’t be back until morning.  Jalesa said as soon as you hear anything to call her.”


Tyler nodded. “Man if you wanna take off you can.  I’m sure you’re beat after work.”


Matt shook his head negative. “No I called Bonnie; she and Jeremy are on their way and so is Caroline.”


Caroline and Tyler had tried dating but just decided it was easier to be friends so Matt had recently confessed to Caroline he was in love with her.  It caught her by surprise, but it was easy to see they belonged together.



“Is anyone here for Lacey Stockton?”  A female voice said from across the room.


Tyler hadn’t realized it had been an hour since he’d been there and about thirty minutes since Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline arrived as well.  Tyler jumped up and jogged over. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend.  What can you tell me Meredith?”


Dr. Meredith Fell sighed heavily. “The pocket knife was purposely pushed between her index and middle knuckles for maximum pain and then dragged down to where the two finger bones connect to the wrist; twenty-five stitches from back to palm, but no muscle was damaged.  She will gain full use of it and I made sure the stitches wouldn’t leave a scar.  She’s got a small bump on the back of her head and a mild concussion from the knock she took.  Other then that I gave her some pain killers so she’s either sleeping or really woozy; if she’s sleeping she’ll more than likely be out until tomorrow morning some time.  But you can go in and see her if you’d like.  I only ask you keep quiet the rest of the patients will be sleeping.”


Tyler frowned. “Her sister is out of town.  I want to make sure I stay with her.  I hope it’s okay.”


Dr. Fell smiled as she rubbed his shoulder slightly. “As long as you’re quiet and let her get sleep I don’t care if you stand on your head all night.  I’d actually like it if you stayed with her, when she first came out of unconsciousness she was terrified.  Sheriff Forbes tried to take her statement but she was shaking and crying; she couldn’t get anything to come out properly.  She’ll probably be shaken up for a few days, this really scared her.  Whoever did this to her really frightened her.”


Tyler nodded. “Thanks Meredith.”  He watched as she nodded and disappeared down the hallway.  Tyler turned and walked back over to the other and explained what was going on.  Everyone declined to go see her; they just wanted to make sure she was going to be okay and said to let her know they would be by tomorrow some time to check in on her.


Tyler walked down to the room after double checking with the nurse.  As soon as he walked in the room his dark eyes fell on Lacey.  She looked small compared to the huge bed they had her in.  He slowly walked over taking in her pale skin color which was normally a nice tan color given her California life style before she moved to Mystic Falls.  Her lips were even a paler shade of red which just wasn’t normal on her.  He really hated seeing her this way.  Her left hand was bandaged up from the wrist to the middle of her fingers and it was lying across her stomach.


Tyler sighed heavily as he reached out and brushed her hair from her face as he leaned over and brushed his lips across her forehead.  He watched as her blue eyes slowly fluttered open and not even two seconds later they flooded with tears that spilled down her cheeks. “Hey calm down it’s okay Lacey.”  He kissed her forehead softly as his hand cupped her cheek and attempted to push the tears away but more followed. Tyler nodded his head and watched as Lacey moved over and he sat down next to her immediately pulling her deep into his side.  He was pissed but all his anger drained as he listened to her crying and felt her shaking like a leaf in his arms.


Lacey couldn’t keep herself from shaking.  She had her left arm tucked between their bodies so her hand didn’t get hit and her right hand was closed around a fist full of Tyler’s t-shirt.  His hand came up and covered hers as his arm wrapped around her waist.  He kissed the top of her head softly murmuring soft words to try and help her calm down.


Tyler kissed her left temple. “What happened? What do you remember Lace?”  He could hear her shaky breathing as she was trying to calm herself by taking deep breaths but he didn’t think it was working.  Her whole body was shaking in his arms; she was literally vibrating next to him.


Lacey swallowed hard as her eyes turned upwards to look up at Tyler.  His dark eyes were full of worry.  She’d never seen him look so worried before.  “All I can remember is someone tossing me face first into the brick wall of the grill and they jammed a knife in my hand and I know I screamed when they forced it down through my skin.  Pocket knives are never very sharp most are dull as hell so it hurt because they were forcing it to cut into me.  Then someone whispered about playing a game called lights out and that was all I remember.”


Tyler closed his eyes; he couldn’t imagine one of his friends going through something like that let alone Lacey.  She was the least harmful person in Mystic Falls.  She was the sweetest person on two feet.  And now that she was his girlfriend he couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to cause her an ounce of pain.  This was Lacey for Christ sake.  All he could think was that maybe some freak just decided to attack her because she was alone.


Tyler lightly combed his fingers through her soft hair he noticed she had calmed down considerably as he looked down she was still looking up at him.  He leaned down and softly kissed her lips. “Everything will be fine, beautiful.  I promise.  Caroline’s mom will find out what’s going on.  They’ll find who did this to you.”  He kissed her forehead and then the end of her nose and then finally her lips again. “Try and get some rest.  Meredith will have my ass if you don’t get at least some sleep.  Jalesa, Damon, Elena and Stefan will be back in the morning.  Clearly were not going to school either.  I won’t be going back until you get released and cleared to come back as well.”


Lacey shook her head. “Tyler you can’t what about football practice you’ll get in trouble with your coach.”


Tyler shook his head. “I like football, but I like you more and you’re safety means more to me.  I’ll call and talk with coach tomorrow and if he doesn’t understand and cuts me from the team then so be it.”  Tyler sighed softly. “Football I can live without…You; I can’t and I wouldn’t even want to try.”  He blinked his dark eyes as he brushed her hair a couple of hairs out of her face. “Sleep beautiful; I’m not going anywhere tonight I’ll protect you all night long.”


Tyler watched as Lacey nodded slowly as she buried herself further into his arms and her head laid on his chest as she quickly fell asleep.  Tyler sat awake watching her sleep.  There was no chance in hell he would allow her to ever get hurt again; never.


Chapter 9


The front door to the Salvatore home swung open.  Damon chuckled. “Jalesa the door opens easy when you turn the knob.  Kicking it off the hinges won’t make it open any faster.”


Jalesa glared at Damon. “Yea well it opened faster for me didn’t it?” She smirked at him.


Damon wrapped his long muscular arm around her waist and kissed her temple softly. “Easy mom; Lacey is going to be fine and I promise I’ll find out who did this and stick my foot up their ass or rip their heart out so you can feast on it.”


Jalesa stopped in her spot and looked back out the door. “Tyler! You can get her in the house any day!”


Damon chuckled again. “Babe calm down, if he goes any faster he’ll run her over.”


Tyler pursed his lips as he tightened his arm around Lacey’s waist.  Jalesa I’m going as fast as she can.  You want me to leave her to fall over in the front yard like a drunk lady?”  Lacey was still having slightly dizzy issues with the concussion and couldn’t walk all that fast.  He offered to carry her, but she declined; she hated it when people fawned all over her.


Lacey groaned. “You guys stop it.  I’m not fragile!  I’m not made of China.  Jalesa take a beat.  You’re mothering is smothering me.”


Jalesa growled. “And until you can walk a straight line without falling over and or passing out then I am in charge of your health and well being.  If I’m not around then whoever the adult is around at the time is in charge.”


Lacey felt herself fall against Tyler’s side and he stopped abruptly and instantly turned to face her gripping both her hips. “Lace…”


Lacey shook her head. “Please don’t lecture Tyler.”


Tyler shook his head. “No Lacey, I’m not going to lecture but I’m also not going to let you hurt yourself either.”  Tyler leaned over and scooped her up into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his.


Lacey frowned. “I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to be snappy.  My head just hurts.”  Her head slid from his and rested on his shoulder as she leaned over slightly and kissed the side of his neck.


Tyler groaned. “Jesus Christ Lacey don’t do that.  I almost dropped you.”


Lacey couldn’t help as she giggled. “Sorry.  I was just saying I was sorry.”


Tyler could feel her starting to shake slightly in his arms as he walked into the house and upstairs, Jalesa was directing traffic in the hallway as she got him into Lacey’s room.  Tyler gently sat her down on the edge of her bed. “What do you need?  What can I get for you?”  He watched as she rubbed her temples and knew her headache was coming back, if she didn’t take something soon it was going to be all bad in thirty minutes.


“Can you – help me change?  I mean you don’t have to help me change, I can do it myself, but I need my black cotton pants they are hanging on my closet door.”  She really felt weak and hated it, but until her mild concussion cleared up she was going to have to work around it.


Tyler leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Don’t be afraid to ask for something Lacey.  You should know already I have no problem doing anything you ask.”  He thought he was have a heart attack when he walked over to the closet and grabbed the pants, he turned back and Lacey and peeled her jeans off and pulled the t-shirt down over her bottom and lay on her back with her knees in the air. He let out a groan and she laughed heartily.


“Sorry.  As long as I stay like this is takes less effort to get myself dressed.  You’d be surprised how fast pants can come on and off in this position.”  She giggled again.  He tossed her pants on the bed near her as he turned his back to her giving her privacy to get re-dressed.


“You’re killing me Lacey.  I’m trying to be chivalrous here and you’re flashing partially naked flesh at me in really hot looking black lace panties by the way. You should be happy I know you have a concussion because I would’ve lost control three seconds ago and had you naked.”  Tyler couldn’t help but be completely honest with her.  She was a beautiful girl and an even hotter girlfriend.


Lacey giggled as her cheeks flushed red. “You can turn around I got the pants on.”  She watched as he turned around and his dark eyes were clouded. She smiled as she sat up and looked at him. “You think my panties are hot?” 


Tyler groaned loud as he slid his hand down his face. “Are you insane?  Asking me a question like that?  You’re my girlfriend everything about you is hot.  And yes your panties are hot.  They’d be hotter in a pile on the floor with the rest of your clothing, but there’s no way in HELL I’m going there until after you’re not all concussed!”


“YOU BET YOUR ASS TYLER LOCKWOOD!”  Jalesa shouted from down the hallway.


Lacey’s hand went over her mouth to stifle her laughter.  She loved his responses to different questioned she asked him.  Some answers were louder than others and this was one of those times.  And the fact that Jalesa had heard was even better.


Tyler shook his head with another groan as he walked out of the room to get some Tylenol and water.  When he got back he handed it over to Lacey who was lying on top of the covered with a smirk on her face. She sat up and took the pain killers and drank the water. 


Lacey watched as he put the glass on her night stand and started to walk away when she grabbed his hand, he stopped and looked back at her. “You’re not leaving are you?”


Tyler nodded. “I have to go see my mom.  Her request; she hasn’t seen me for seven days I’m sure she’s just wanting to make sure I’m still alive and well.  You need to get some rest anyways.  The dark circles under your eyes shouldn’t be a permanent fixture.  You didn’t sleep very well in the hospital, which is understandable after what you went through.  But you’re completely safe in your bedroom.  Besides the warden out there won’t let anything hurt you.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.  I promise.”  Tyler leaned over and kissed her lips softly a couple of times and he watched as her eyes drifted shut and her even breathing told him; he was right she was beat.


Tyler walked over and turned her light off.  Jalesa had already made appoint to close all her curtains so the room was completely pitch black for her.  He spared one last look as she shut the door knowing she would easily sleep for a few hours. 


Jalesa stood by the front door. “I know your mom didn’t call you.  You’re leaving so she can get some actual sleep.”


Tyler sighed heavily. “Yes.  If I stay she’ll have a reason to force herself to stay awake.  But she needs her sleep.  She didn’t not sleep in the hospital all that much.  Just make sure you listen for her.  She had a couple of nightmares that scared the shit out of her.  I probably won’t be back until tomorrow, unless she calls.  I’ll come back if she wants me too.  I don’t mind.”


Jalesa smiled genuinely. “You really would do anything for her; make sure she feels safe, make sure she gets actual sleep.  You’d stay awake all night long and watch over her to make sure she was ok.”


Tyler nodded as he smiled back. “Well yea.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for someone you care about?”


“Tyler it is kind of hard to just trust someone and put all your faith into someone you barely know.  You two have been friends for a few months, but I barely know you and I know she trusts you, but you’ve got to earn my trust.”  Jalesa sighed heavily. “And I’m sure you’ve just done it.  This whole ordeal has been one roller coaster ride and you just sat there and took it.  You stayed in an uncomfortable hospital bed because your girlfriend needed you.  And you stayed awake so if she started to have a nightmare you could wake her up before it got too bad.  And you never left her side the entire time.  I see the way you look at her.  I know you love her, but the relationship is so new there’s no way you’d tell her a few days into it.  How long have you been in love with my baby sister?”  It was an honest question.


It was a question Tyler was prepared to answer.  He swallowed. “We met six months ago and I started falling for her after twenty days.  It’s gotta be some kind of record.  I have NEVER felt what I feel for Lacey so fast or so deeply for any other girl.  It scared the piss out of me.  But I eventually got over it.  I learned to hide it all until the right moment.  And once I’m ready and I think she’d ready I’ll tell her, but not until then.”


He watched as Jalesa nodded. “I’m going to head home.  If she wakes up and needs me just call; I’ve got my cell on.”  He walked out of the Salvatore house and got in his car driving away quietly, he didn’t want to rev the engine on the off chance it may wake Lacey up.


Jalesa sighed softly.  She smiled as a pair of arms snaked around her waist.


“You’re not getting soft are you babe?”  Damon’s snarky voice whispered in her ear as he kissed the shell of her ear.


Jalesa shook her head negative. “No I just think he earned a little more of my protective sister respect with everything that kid has done for my baby sister in the last few days since this whole pile of shit started.  I’m thoroughly impressed with how he handled it all.”  She sighed as she turned in Damon’s arms and kissed him. “No Mr. Salvatore.  Take me to bed and make a dirty girl out of me.”


Damon chuckled as he lifted her in his arms. “With pleasure; and well yours too.” He stated with a smarmy smirk on his face and an evil glint in his eye.


Chapter 10


It took a few more days then Lacey cared for, but she finally got her concussion healed and she got back into school.  Bonnie, Caroline and Elena made sure to bring her class work to her and Tyler helped her with some of it, but for the most part she got it all done within a few days and was back on track.  Not to mention once her hand was healed she was much happier and easy going.


Lacey groaned as Damon started in on her again about dating Tyler.  They’d had a slip up during the last full moon.  Somehow one of Tyler’s chains got wrapped around the gate to the cubby hole that protected Lacey and the gate that kept Tyler away from her.  She’d had her MP3 player up so loud she didn’t notice what had happened to the gate until it was too late.  Once he’d transformed his wolf bent both gates severely upward and he’d gotten so close to her that he’d actually nipped the palm of her hand before she was able to back up far enough that the chains stopped him.


Lacey was BEYOND annoyed now. “Damon, just leave me alone.  He barely nipped me.  I didn’t get rabies and it’s not like he did it on purpose.  My hand is still attached; Jalesa mixed some of her blood in my orange juice so I’m all healed.  Don’t be a dick about this.”


Damon growled. “Don’t be hard headed and stupid Lacey.  Just get away from him now.  This could’ve been a whole hell of a lot worse than it really was.  He could’ve taken your whole arm off.  Hell he could’ve decapitated you.  You need to either break up with him or stay the fuck away from him on full moons.  Do you not understand how Jalesa would feel if something happened to you because of Tyler’s wolf?”


Lacey slammed her hand down on the kitchen counter. “Shut up Damon.  Just shut up.  You are not my father so stop acting like it.”  Lacey snatched her car keys from the counter, when Damon flashed and stopped her from leaving the kitchen.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Damon asked.


Lacey rolled her eyes and walked around him.  She dodged his hand when he reached out to grab her. “Don’t touch me Damon.  You know something I’ve always like you.  You’ve been nothing but good for Jalesa and I’ve never see her so happy.  Even when she told me what you were and that you changed her.  I’ve always had a high opinion of you.  What happened during Tyler’s transformation was a fluke, it will never happen again.  A mistake was made but it’s been remedied, he got shorter chains doubled them and the gates have been fixed.  What do you want from me?”


Damon scowled. “For you not to have fallen in love with a werewolf; but I guess we can’t have everything now can we?”  He stated bluntly.  Damon shook his head.  He already knew he wasn’t going to win this. “You should be really glad you’re not a vampire, otherwise just one bite and you’d be dead already.  And it would be your own ridiculously stupid fault.”


Lacey frowned. “Damon, I can’t help who I fell in love with.  Besides Tyler already told me he doesn’t want me coming back anymore.  I’m not trying to be hard headed or stubborn, I’m’ just really tired of people telling me what to do when it comes to me and Tyler when the only two people who SHOULD make the decisions is Tyler and I.”  Lacey exhaled heavily. “I have to go.  I need to get out of here.”  She turned and walked out the front door and got in her car and left.



Lacey found herself pulling up in front of Tyler’s house.  She knew he was at football practice and wouldn’t be done for at least a couple of hours.  She got out of her car and walked up to the front door and knocked.  Carol Lockwood, Tyler’s mother and acting interim Mayor since her husband was killed answered the door.  As soon as Carol saw Lacey staring back at her she pulled her into a nice tight hug and into the house.


“Lacey, sweetheart, come in.  You know Tyler’s still at practice.  He should be home in a couple of hours.”  Carol bubbled.


Lacey smiled as she nodded. “I know Mrs. Lockwood.  I just needed to get out of the house.  I got into a fight with Damon.  He’s being a jerk.”


Carol could tell Lacey was struggling with whatever she and Damon had a spat about. “I actually have to get going, if you want you can wait around here for Tyler.”


“Are you sure?  I can just suck it up and leave.”  Lacey asked.


Carol nodded. “Absolutely sweetheart; relax a little.  You’re always welcome in this home.  Everyone needs someplace they can run too when stuff just starts to get too stressful.  You know where Tyler’s room is, go on up and watch some TV.”


Lacey watched as Tyler’s mom took off out the front door making sure to lock it up tight as she went.  Lacey turned on her heels and trudged upstairs to Tyler’s room and shut the door.  Kicked off her sneakers and laid across his bed.  She turned the TV on but kept it down as she tried to think.  She got comfortable and before she knew it she’d fallen asleep.



Tyler unlocked the front door and re-locked it.  He saw Lacey’s car out front and couldn’t imagine what she was doing there.  He hefted his gym bag over his shoulder as he jogged up stairs to his room.  He opened the door and saw Lacey was sleeping across his bed.  He wasn’t about to bother her just yet; especially not smelling of sweat.  She’d kill him for sure.  He went into one of the guest bedroom and showered in the bathroom and then secured a towel around his waist and quietly went back to his room and pulled on some blue basketball shorts and a white beater.


He turned and looked at Lacey sleeping peacefully on his bed and smiled softly.  He couldn’t stop the overwhelming feeling of wanting to touch her.  He leaned down and kissed her forehead softly, then her nose and then he softly kissed her lips and within a few seconds she was awake and responding to him.  Her hands went out and grabbed the beater as she pulled him onto the bed with her; his arms slowly encasing her body and pulling her against him.  One of her jean covered thighs pressed against his and his hands slid down and gripped her thigh.  He thought he was going to pass out when her hands slid down and started pulling his shirt from his body.


Lacey smirked as she pushed Tyler over and rolled with him and sat up straddling his pelvis.  She smiled as she felt Tyler’s fingertips graze the skin around her waist under her t-shirt.  Lacey pulled her hair out of her face as she leaned down and kissed Tyler’s lips softly and then traveled down his jaw to his neck.  When he groaned audibly she giggled against his skin as her lips kissed along his collar bone.


“Oh God Lace…This whole slow torture thing is so not about to work in your favor.”  Tyler groaned out.  She laughed at his confession as she sat back up and smiled.  “Do you want to stop Lacey?”  She smirked as she shook her head at him and his eyes widened as he watched her pull her t-shirt off and her red lace bra was staring at him; taunting him.  Tyler rolled her over as he knelt between her thighs as his lips started kissing around her stomach and then worked his way up her chest as he relished the feeling of her fingers as they weaved into his thick hair as her breathing picked up.  He couldn’t stop the smirk as he reached up and pulled one of her bra cups down and her pink nipple was staring back at him and he took it into his mouth and listened to her mewls.


Lacey’s eyes drifted closed as she fully enjoyed the feeling of Tyler’s lips on naked parts of her body.  She felt his soft hands as they slid around her back and un-snapped her bra and slid it from her body.


Tyler’s dark eyes devoured more of her naked flesh.  They’d been dating for four months and this was the most naked he’d ever seen her and he was thoroughly enjoying it.  His free hand slipped down and flipped the button on her jeans and as he continued to assault her chest with his lips and tongue his hands tugged her jeans off.  He pulled back and stayed on his knees as he pulled her jeans all the way off and threw them in the corner.  His eyes returned and saw the red lace panties that matched her already discarded bra and he felt the crotch of his basketball short jump.  He wanted her in a bad way and could tell the way her eyes clouded over she wanted him just as bad.


Lacey ran her fingertips over Tyler’s bare chest and down his abs as they clenched under her touch and she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth as their eyes locked.  When her fingers reached the waist band of his basketball shorts then hooked inside and she started pushing him back and he moved back and stood up off the bed but watched as she slid forward and his hand buried in her hair as her soft lips started kissing around his abs which she felt clench again under her ministrations. 


Lacey giggled as he groaned again when she swept her tongue over his navel.  Her fingers hooked into his basketball shorts again as she started tugging them down.  Tyler took the initiative and pulled them the rest of the way and then proceeded to gently push Lacey to lie down as he softly pulled her panties down her long legs.


Tyler couldn’t believe he finally had her completely naked and couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked.  His dark eyes scrapped down her naked body as he raked his fingers through his hair. “God you’re beautiful Lacey.”  He watched as she slowly moved back in the bed and patted the spot next to her as she flipped the sheets on the bed.  Tyler couldn’t help as he smirked and retrieved a condom and he looked over and noticed she was watching him intently.  He got into the bed and crawled up her body making himself comfortable between her thighs.  He still couldn’t take his eyes off her.


“Are you really sure about this Lacey?  Once we cross this bridge there’s definitely no chance in hell we can go back.”


Lacey smiled softly as she cupped his cheek. “Tyler…I need to tell you something.”


Tyler started to back away from her but she pulled his face down and captured his lips.  Their tongues brushed against each other and got the message to not pull away from her.  When the kiss broke; they were both breathing heavily. “What do you need to tell me?”


“I love you Tyler. I’ve loved you for a while and the last four months of been nothing but incredible.  I don’t want this feeling between us to ever end.” Lacey confessed.


Tyler almost couldn’t believe he’d heard Lacey correct.  His dark eyes danced between her blue eyes as he leaned down and smashed his mouth against hers, nearly kissing the breath from her lungs. He pulled back as his forehead rested against hers. “Lacey, I love you too.”


Lacey felt like she was going to explode any second. They could see everything on each other. Nothing was left to the blind side. Both of them were equally exposed. The feel of his bare skin against her was addictive and she demanded to feel more of it. She CRAVED to feel it all. Tyler just seemed to fit with her every way possible.


Lacey nodded not really able to say much, she was now extremely nervous and before she knew it he gently pushed into her and the searing heat enveloped her whole body.  Lacey felt Tyler's forehead pressed against hers as he tried to steady himself and let her get accommodated to his size. He was using all his strength to control himself and make the perfect moment all about Lacey and her love for Tyler exploded in her chest and started spreading throughout her whole body.


Tyler's warm lips placed kisses all over her face softly.  Lacey finally nodded as he started to slowly move within her. The feeling in her stomach that seemed to reach a climax with insanely unbearable pleasure. Lacey wrapped her legs around his waist locking him into place on top of her small body. Tyler smirked down at her as he captured her lips with his and increased his pace. Lacey felt him groan into her mouth as they moved as one and she knew she let his name spill from her lips more than once. Tyler pushed into her once again and suddenly sanity left her mind.


Lacey was shoved towards a whole new level of pleasure as Tyler and she became one. When they both climaxed she felt him collapse on top of her, his breath in the crook of her neck. Both of them were completely spent and covered in sweat but honestly couldn't care less. Tyler slid out of her body gently as he gathered her into his arms as they both drifted into a peaceful sleep as they were both thoroughly drained.


Chapter 11


Valentine’s Day.


It was meant for lovers.  No matter how long or short a period of time they’d been together it was always meant for anyone in love.


Tyler and Lacey were no exception to the rule.  They’d officially been together for the last eight months.  And honestly couldn’t have been happier.  Valentine’s Day was just another day for them.  They loved each other enough that they didn’t really care if they celebrated it or not, but Jalesa and Damon had gone out of town.  Elena and Stefan had gone to the Gilbert lake house for the weekend as well.



Sitting in front of the school Tyler smirked when Lacey pulled in the parking lot and parked next to him.  She moved from the front seat of her car to the front seat of his.  She leaned over and kissed his cheek sweetly.


“Morning handsome.”  Lacey smiled softly.


Tyler smiled back. “Morning beautiful.” He took note of the jean skirt and button down long sleeve cotton shirt she had on.  She looked breath taking. 


They’d been together for eight wonderful months.  Tyler watched as she crawled across the seat and sat on his lap between his chest and the steeling wheel.  Tyler leaned down and captured her lips as her arms went around him pulling him closer to her.  She pulled back from him and smirked. “What?”  He questioned.  She had something devious on her beautiful mind.  He could tell by the glint in her blue eyes.


“How much time do we have before the bell?” Lacey asked in earnest.


Tyler shrugged. “I think about forty-five minutes; why?  What’s on your mind?”  He watched as she moved around carefully and climbed over the front seat and situated herself into the back.


“So are you going to join me back here or am I going to have to work shit out on my own?” 


Tyler groaned audibly and then couldn’t help the chuckle as he snapped around to look at her.  His eyes narrowed. “If you even think of doing something back there without me, I swear you will be sorry!”  He groaned again as he watched her slip her panties off as she leaned over the front seat and hung them from his rear view mirror.  Three seconds later, Tyler joined her in the back as his lips were on her as his hands were sliding up her soft silky thighs, taking her jean skirt with them.  Once he’d gotten the skirt up to her hips he pulled her up and over to straddle his hips.


Lacey’s hands went to Tyler’s t-shirt covered pectorals as she sat up, pushing into his chest muscles; as Tyler’s hands slid down and unbuttoned his jeans as he carefully pushed them down trying to be careful and not let the zipper anywhere near his painfully hard erection.  She pulled his t-shirt over his head and her lips kissed pieces of bare flesh, from his shoulders to his chest and even along his collar bone.


Tyler gripped Lacey’s hips and carefully guided her down as he slipped into his girlfriend’s receptive body.  Both of them let out a deep moan as he filled her body completely the only way he knew how.  Tyler’s grip on her hips tightened and then loosened as he pushed his hands into the cushion of his car’s back seat and pushed himself to sit up a little more without breaking their connection.  Once he was settled, he let his dark eyes scrap down her. “God you’re beautiful.”  Her shirt was unbuttoned and he’d pulled her bra cups down exposing her naked breasts.


“You make me beautiful.”  Lacey smiled softly as she let herself get accommodated to Tyler’s fullness.  She leaned over as she crushed her lips to his as his hands found their way to her hips again as he started to help her glide up and down his length.  Her hands went from his shoulders to wrap around him with her nails digging into his skin.


Their lips disconnected from each other as Tyler’s lips made their way to her neck and as Lacey took over moving her body up and down he leaned her back slightly as he took her breast into his mouth.  One of his hands ran down her body and his thumb began to finger her nub.  It didn’t take long before they both fell over the edge of ecstasy together.



For some reason Tyler and Lacey couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.  During fourth period, Lacey watched as Tyler walked by and winked and jerked his head to the side indicating for her to follow him.  She excused herself from study hall to go to the ‘restroom’ and left.  Tyler grabbed her hand and led her around the school.  They’d gone down a hallway near the gym and Tyler backed her against a wall.


Tyler grasped Lacey's waist with his strong hands bringing her close to him before slamming his lips against hers, his hands slid down gripped the back of her thighs, gentle lifting her. The passion returned in a fully fledged flight and Lacey found herself wrapping her legs around Tyler's waist after he lifted her up, Lacey could feel the wall against her back and was suddenly aware they were in the football coaches office.


Tyler's hands gripping her wrist as he held them against the wall; Lacey shifted her hips, drawing out a ragged moan as his erection rubbed against the most sensitive areas of her aroused body. 


Lacey's lips were kissing his warm skin and at the same time searched for a release the same way her body was.


Then it happened - in a split second. Their eyes met briefly before Lacey could move or say anything to him, she could feel Tyler sliding inside of her. The feeling of her muscles wrapping around him, already trembling and shuddering as she gasped; the same way Tyler did as he rested his forehead against her forehead letting her body get acclimated to his sheer girth. 


Lacey could feel every inch of him, trying to stay in control, trying to fight the urge to let loose immediately.  He'd always found himself more often than not fighting for control.  Even though on more than a few occasions Lacey had begged him to lose control he couldn't bring himself to fulfill her wishes, he refused to hurt her.  He couldn't deny her anything in life.   But staying in control during their love making sessions was an absolute must.


Tyler began to move slowly.  His arms shaking slightly as he pressed his lips against her shoulder, collar bone, across her Adam's apple, up to her ear and then he finally captured her lips.  His hips rocked forward, sliding in deeper and Lacey could feel the wholeness and fullness that she craved to feel from him every single time they made love. 


He never let her down. 


He always made her body feel like it was a temple that only he worshipped with everything he had and was.  He shifted again and Lacey could feel her eyes roll back into her head as she arched her back into him.  Lacey's material covered breasts pressed against his chest, fuelling the passion between them. 


Tyler picked up the pace, feeling her urges to quicken as their bodies moved in a whirlwind. 


Lacey lips moved across his face, his lips, and his neck as their hips collided and her legs tightened around his waist taking him even deeper into her body.


Tyler grasped her hand and entwined their fingers before pushing against her again, Lacey's back slid across the chalkboard as the fire between the two kept growing. Their release was near, Lacey could feel it as her muscles clamped themselves around him even more tightly and she closed her eyes as they clenched around him completely.


It was magical and whimsical and yes even breathtaking.


What Lacey was feeling was incredible; it was more incredible every time they came together in the most intimate ways.  Her legs were around him in a vice grip manner as his body tensed and thrust forward one more time as his release followed quickly after her own.  As the lovers called out each other's names in their times of release.



Lacey had been extremely surprised when she had been sitting in AP Calculus and received a delivery of a dozen red roses.  She didn’t have to read the card she already knew they were from Tyler.  Lacey had already told him he was to come over to the house for dinner.  She was officially cooking a nice dinner for the two of them for the lovers’ holiday.  The teacher had let the students out of class early.  Lacey leaned against the lockers opposite of the classroom she knew Tyler would be coming out of.


The last bell finally rang to end the rest of the day.  Tyler shoved his books into his bag as he pulled himself up and walked out the door and smiled softly as Lacey’s beautiful face came into view.  She was leaning on the lockers with her flowers. “Hey beautiful; Happy Valentine’s Day.”  He smirked as she pushed off the lockers and stepped up to him.  He chuckled when she placed her backpack on the ground with her flowers; he watched as she walked over and jumped into his arms.  He chuckled when her lips captured his.  Tyler kept his arms around her waist.


Lacey pulled back. “Happy Valentine’s Day.  Has anyone ever told you; you’re the sweetest guy in the world?”


Tyler chuckled as he smirked at Lacey. “I don’t believe anyone has ever said that.”  Tyler carefully leaned down and placed her on her feet and watched as she smiled softly up at him. “So am I still coming over?”


Lacey squatted down as she grabbed her backpack and flowers and stood up again. “Of course.  Unless you don’t want me to feed you before I ravage you.  You’ll have to work on an empty stomach.”  A smirk graced her lips and she couldn’t help laughing at the look on Tyler’s face.  It was good she could shock him sometimes with the things that came from her mouth.


Tyler had a smirk of his own as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Oh I think we could have a nice work out then some dinner and then maybe a longer work out.  I do better on a full stomach; remember that.”


Lacey laughed. “I love my flowers by the way; thank you.”


Tyler leaned down and kissed her lips as he walked her out of the school and over to her car.  Once she was in behind the steering wheel, he squatted down in the open doorway. “I’m going to run home and shower and get changed and I’ll be back out at the Salvatore’s as soon as I can.”


Lacey sighed contently as she watched him take off.  She pulled out of the school parking lot and got back home fairly quick.  She was headed into the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  She was surprised to see a delivery guy with another dozen of red roses in a beautiful red glass vase.  As she walked them into the kitchen she dialed Tyler’s number.


“I’m on my way beautiful.”  His voice answered.


“And yet again has anyone ever told you how sweet you were?  If you keep sending flowers I won’t know what do to with all of them.”  Lacey confessed as she inhaled the rose scent deeply.


Tyler furrowed his brow. “Lacey I didn’t send anything to the house.”


Lacey started to inhale again, and suddenly noticed that smell.  It was honeysuckle.  She was deathly allergic to it.  As she started to feel as though her air supply was being cut off. “Ty-ler…”  She was almost choking now.  She dropped her phone as she slid down the side of the counter to her knees; she tried to crawl over to the drawn as the end of the counter.  She could feel the oxygen leaving her lungs and suddenly the blackness took over.


Tyler yelled her name over the phone but he knew something was wrong.  Her heard a popping sound and knew she’d dropped her phone and he smashed on the gas as he dialed 911 hoping he could get to Lacey in time.


Chapter 12


Tyler skidded to a stop in front of the Salvatore house.  He’d barely gotten the car turned off, before he practically kicked his driver side door off its hinges as he ran to the front door and threw it open. “LACEY!”  He’s sneakers screeched to a halt on the kitchen titles.  He saw her lying on the floor as he ran and hit his knees, her pulse was faint and her breathing sounded blocked.


“Tell me what to do Lace.” Tyler begged her.


Lacey opened her eyes and it was blurry but she could tell it was Tyler by the voice.  Her head felt like it was being held under water.  She moved her arm as she tried to move and breathe, but her lungs were closing up fast.  She finally pointed to the drawer directly above her. “EpEpiPen.”


Tyler suddenly realized what she needed as he tore the drawer open and grabbed the pen. He watched as she turned on her side and pulled her skirt up slightly and pointed to her outer thigh and then balled her hands into fists.  Tyler flipped the safety on her pen and popped her thigh with it.  He listened as she took a loud breath and started to cough.  Which meant the EpiPen was opening her lungs for her to breathe.


About that time the Paramedic’s and Sheriff Forbes stormed into the kitchen.  The paramedic’s put an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose until they could get her breathing back to normal; they started monitoring her vitals.


Sheriff Forbes pulled Tyler to the side. “What happened Tyler?”


Tyler shook his head. “She called me and I figured she was wondering where I was because I was on my way here and she was thanking me for the flowers that were delivered, but I told her I didn’t have anything delivered to the house.”  Tyler’s eyes landed on the red vase on the counter. “Those must be them.  I heard her start to choke on the phone.” 


Tyler walked over and smelled them, it was the roses smell but he could smell the sweetness of honey in them as well. Tyler scowled. “They smell like honeysuckle.  She’s deathly allergic to honeysuckle.  When I got here she was in anaphylaxis shock but still breathing.  She keeps an EpiPen in almost every room in the house; I grabbed it and gave her the shot.  You guys walked in after that.”


Sheriff Forbes frowned as she wrote down everything that Tyler relayed to her.  She walked over with an evidence bag and took the flowers out of the water and pushed them into the bag and sealed it and then signed the chain of evidence line.  She dumped the water from the vase and placed it in an evidence bag as well and sealed it and signed it too.  She handed the bags to her evidence to one of her deputy’s.  “I don’t know what the hell is going on Tyler, but I’m going to get down to the bottom of it.  It certainly seems like someone is targeting Lacey.  I’ll go back to the delivery company and see if someone left a paper trail, but chances are they paid with cash anonymously.  Most people aren’t stupid enough to do that.”


Tyler looked up as the paramedic approached him. “She’s going to be shaky for a couple of hours from the epinephrine shot, but her breathing is back to normal and her lungs are completely clear.  The allergic reaction is completely reversed.”  Tyler nodded as he thanked the paramedics and watched as they left.  He’d noticed they’d moved Lacey into the parlor and placed her on a couch. 


He walked in and squatted down next to the couch as he locked his dark eyes on her.  “Some Valentine’s Day huh babe?”


Lacey frowned as tears began to pour from her eyes. “Why is this happening to me?” 


Tyler’s heart broke as he stood and gathered Lacey into his arms as he sat next to her on the couch. He ran his fingers through her soft hair as he placed feather kisses around the crown of her head. “Calm down Lacey.  Please don’t let yourself get worked up.  Caroline’s mother is on it.  She’s going to do everything she can to find out what’s going on.”


Lacey looked up at Tyler. “Well obviously I’m being punished for something I did in a previous life.”


Tyler shook his head no. “That’s impossible Lacey.  You’re perfect.  You are completely perfect in every way.  I don’t even think you’ve ever been rude or said hateful words to people you don’t get mad easily, you’re sweet and kind and you put your friends above everything in your life.  Except me which I will admit I do like.  You are constantly there for someone after one phone call.  You should be sainted.”


Lacey scoffed as she took the tissue that Tyler handed to her.  She wiped her eyes as she tried to get her tears and sniffles under control.  “I cuss too much to be sainted.”


Tyler chuckled as he tightened his arms around her. “I’m sure the sainthood can over look a few four letter words.  You don’t cuss nearly as much as I do.”  Tyler smiled softly down at her as he took her tissue and continued to wipe her eyes for her. “You are so beautiful and I love you.  You’ve had a couple of setbacks. Caroline’s mom is honestly going to do all she can.  She sees it too.”


Tyler sighed heavily. “Someone’s obviously after you and now that they’ve gotten my attention I’m not leaving you alone anymore.  I’ll be glued to your side until whoever is doing this to you can be caught.  I’ll driver you to and from school; I’ll walk you to your classes.  I don’t have football practice anymore so it’s just you and me.  And you’re not going to talk me out of it.  I’ll call my mom and tell her I’m not letting you out of my sight.  So every night you can stay here or at my house I don’t care you choose, but I’m staying with you.  I refuse to let anything else happen to you.  Once is a fluke twice is deliberate and it’s all uncalled for.”


When she started to protest Tyler leaned down and silenced her with his lips as he kissed her softly. “You are too important of a person in my life to lose you.  I waited too long to get you and now that I have you; I will not let some idiot just take you away from me.”  He watched as she blinked a fresh batch of tears.


“How many times have I said you were sweet today?”  She asked softly.


Tyler pursed his lips and made a face. “I think two or three times so far.  Are you adding to it?”  He asked with a teasing chuckle.


Lacey nodded as she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in the side of his neck. “I love you Tyler.  You’re the sweetest guy I swear.”


Tyler wrapped his arms around her as he rubbed his hands up and down her back softly as he attempted to calm her down again. “C’mon let’s go get in a nice warm shower and get all today’s bullshit washed down the drain.”  When she nodded, he carefully stood from the couch as he lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs.


Tyler sat Lacey on the counter of the sink; he walked over and turned the shower on. “So shower single or group effort?”  A smirk was playing on his lips.


Lacey couldn’t help laughing.  Even if they’d had a somewhat terrible end to the good day, Tyler could still make her laugh at simple things he said to her.  “Group effort sounds friendlier.”  She admitted and watched as he pulled his shirt off and then stepped up to her and started with her jean knee high boots, which she’d had wrapped around his waist more than once that day.


Tyler’s dark eyes locked with Lacey’s blue eyes as he stood unbuttoning her shirt.  The same shirt he’d gotten acquainted with all day long.  He found the longer they were together the more he loved undressing her.  She always had frilly or sheer things under her clothes as a surprise for him and he very much enjoyed it.  As he pulled her shirt from her body he leaned down and kissed her bare shoulders as his hands slid around her torso and un-clipped her bra and slowly slid it from her body.  He gripped behind her knees and pulled her gently from the counter so she was standing in front of him.  He sucked in a breath when she rubbed her body against him as she stood from the counter.


“You’re just not going to make this easy for me are you?” Tyler asked with way more huskiness then he intended.


“Why should I make it easy? “ Lacey asked with a smile as she pushed her chest against his and then pushed up on her toes and captured his lips.


Tyler’s hands had gripped her hips and then slid to the front of her jean skirt and unbuttoned and unzipped it and let it fall from her body.  His fingers brushed against her lace panties and he broke the kiss and looked down while breathing heavily. “When did you get these back?  I thought they were still on my mirror.”  He hooked his finger in the side and snapped her hip with them.


Lacey laughed as she started undoing his jeans and simultaneously placing soft kisses along his chest. “You were in too much of a sex coma after our backseat romp to notice I’d stolen them back and put them on. And during our mid-day office shag you didn’t notice they were on then either; all you did was move them to the side.”  As his jeans fell to his ankles she looked up and kissed the end of his nose softly. “You should really learn to pay attention more.”


Tyler nodded. “Clearly; yes I do.”


They stepped into the shower and started to wash each other slowly taking their time and thoroughly enjoying it.  After a couple of love making round in the shower they’d both had their fill of ecstasy induced moments.  As they exited the shower they proceeded to dry each other off and get dressed in clean clothes.  They laid across Lacey’s bed wrapped in each other’s arms and just as they were about to fall into a nice peaceful rest; Lacey’s phone rang.


Tyler watched as she rolled over and answered the unknown caller.  She gave him a weird look and placed the phone on speaker phone as the caller requested.



“I hope you two are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I see the ambulance made a trip out there.  I hope you enjoyed your roses Lacey.  Next time…inhaled DEEPER BITCH!”


Chapter 13


Damon watched as Jalesa paced around their room.  His blue eyes were trained on her and knew she was not only upset for her sister, but also raging mad.  Sheriff Forbes had called Jalesa and let her know what had happened both with the tainted flowers and the ominous phone call.  They were both tired, but hadn’t been to sleep yet.  They drove all night and got back to the house around three am.  Damon walked up behind Jalesa when she finally settled at the small balcony off their room.


Jalesa felt Damon wrap his arms around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder. “What am I going to do Damon?  Someone is after my baby sister and they keep attacking her when we’re not here to stop it from happening.  We can’t just stop going places because we have a life too; but we can’t just leave her here to have to fend for herself.”


Damon nodded as he kissed the side of her neck softly. “While you were in here bruiting, Tyler came out of Lacey’s room and talked with me.  He’s decided since he doesn’t have football practice anymore he’s going to be glued to her side twenty-four-seven.  Apparently this flower debacle really got his attention and the phone call pissed him off.  He’s not taking any chances and said the only time he won’t be glued to her is on fully moon nights.  Since she’s stopped going with him, which means we’re on little sister duty once a month for a few hours.”


Jalesa turned around until she was facing Damon.  “He really does love my little sister doesn’t he?”


Their bodies were pressed so close together, she could feel his chest expand and diminish as he was slowing his breathing, his warm breath washed across her face softly. Jalesa watched as Damon's eyes slowly fluttered open.


Damon made a face as he nodded. “It would seem so.  He’s been good for her.  I think once I got over the initial werewolf issue and she stopped going with him on full moon nights, I like the kid a little more.  Not saying he’s my favorite person, but I do like him a little more.”  Damon pulled Jalesa closer as his lips started at her collar bone and kissed and nipped a path up her neck, to the back of her ear. “Now you on the other hand…You are my favorite person.”


In a flash Damon had Jalesa’s back pressed against the doorway of the balcony before she could even say anything to him, his lips captured hers in a furious kiss. It didn't feel forced, to her it felt toe curling and passionate. She'd been kissed before but it was never to this magnitude; only Damon could kiss her like that. Her lips parted and she felt his tongue slide into her mouth. They both groaned at the contact when their tongues first touched together.


Damon's strong hands gripped her waist and lifted her with ease as he sat her on the end table near the balcony doors. Standing between her thighs he continued to kiss her with a fevered pitch. His hands were so tender in the way he was touching her almost as if he were scared to hurt her.


Damon felt Jalesa wrap her long legs around his waist pulling him closer to her body. His fingers played with the hem of her t-shirt before his soft fingertip slid up under the cotton material as her shirt rod up as Damon gently pulled it from her body, his lips going back to hers automatically. Damon leaned down and carefully lifted Jalesa from the table.  Jalesa's world tilted as her bed came in contact with their bed and Damon's weight was accepted onto her. Their lips never stopped moving. As soon as her mouth opened against his lips, his tongue slipped in and caressed her tongue. He smirked when he felt her hands slid around his neck and up into his hair again. He definitely enjoyed her fingers weaving themselves through his hair. His hands slid down her body as his fingertips lightly inspected her body.


Damon's reluctantly pulled his lips from hers as her eyes remained closed and Damon leaned his forehead against her own. His breath washed over her face as he fought to control himself. "Fuck you're killing me Jalesa." Damon relaxed into her body more, being careful not to crush her, her fingertips danced along his skin as they slid down his shoulders and sides, one of her hands slid beneath offending jean material, she wasn't shocked that all he had on were those jeans.


Damon nearly lost it when her small hand gently groped his right butt cheek under his jeans and not over them. Jalesa couldn't help but giggle because she felt him shiver against her. Apparently she had surprised him. Jalesa soft voice whispered in his ear, "Lift up a little." Damon carefully pushed up with his elbows and held himself up with his right hand pushed into the mattress.


Jalesa's small hands explored the expanse of his bare chest and slightly ran slower over his clenched ab muscles. He felt her hands at the waistline of his jeans. She tugged at the material until the button came undone and slowly slid the zipper down with her thumb and index finger.


Damon felt his mouth go dry and he nearly held his breath as he felt her take his erection into her small hand. His breath hitched in his throat as he groaned at the contact. His breathing was labored as he felt her stroke him gently. Jalesa kissed along his strong jaw line as he lowered his head so she could reach him. Damon couldn't even make a sound as she stroked him again.


"Don't you think we have a bit too many clothes on?" He nodded as he un-hooked her bra from the back with his left hand as his right still held him above her; his hands were softly caressing her.  Just the feel of his hands on her was comforting. Damon gently pulled at her cotton shorts, that she loved to sleep in and kissed down her lower abdomen; he slid his tongue over and kissed her left hip and the slide his tongue over and kissed and caressed her right hip.


Jalesa reached up and pulled him down. Damon started kissing her lips again, while caressing her breasts and stomach; Jalesa was running her hands down his chest and gently pushed him over onto his back and slowly kissed down his throat to his chest.  She gave his nipples a little tease when she slowly licked around them and then blew hot air onto them; they perked up and Damon groaned from the back of his throat…Jalesa placed feather light kisses down his sternum…and traced his 6-pak with her tongue and lips.


Damon's erection was strained against the material of his jeans and he pulled his jeans off and the laid her flat on her back and slowly pulled her shorts and panties down her long legs and threw them in the collecting pile of clothes on the floor.  Damon slowly crawled up her body and softly spread her legs with his hands.


Damon looked into her eyes as if asking permission to go further.  Jalesa just nodded her approval and Damon slowly started sliding his erection all the way into her core; Jalesa couldn't help but let out a ferrous moan. They both realized this is exactly where they needed to be at that second.  Once Damon was fully sheathed in her, he kept still letting every part of her body adjust to him.


Damon started slowly moving in and out of her and Jalesa was holding on. She was kissing Damon's neck and ear and finally started begging him to go faster; it was his undoing as he started slamming into her as hard and as fast as he could.  He pulled her knees up and gripped the back of her thighs and pushed them apart further to stroke deeper into her willing body.  Jalesa was almost on the brink of insanity. All Jalesa could do was moan because he started thrusting as hard and as deep into her as he could; her whole body was about to explode. Jalesa clamped her eyes shut tight and Damon leaned down, "Open your eyes Jalesa..."


Jalesa opened her eyes. They kept their eyes locked on each other and finally Jalesa started falling over the edge.  Her orgasm raked through her body and as soon as Damon felt her walls clamping down; milking him as she cam. Damon growled out his release. Damon thrust one last time, and cam loud. Jalesa felt him slam so deep inside of her; feeling him explode so deep into her; only made her cum again. Damon rode her hard through both of her orgasms.


Damon didn't leave her body, she kissed his lips and he instantly felt himself growing hard again while he was still inside of her. Damon rolled onto his back pulling Jalesa on top of him as he gently guided her hips up and down his already recovered erection.


Damon watched the emotions as they crossed Jalesa's face, but she never protested as she laced her fingers with his and continued the sexual escapade the two of them seemed to be riding that night.


Chapter 14


How the hell did Tyler get himself into this damn mess? 


Oh that’s right he fell in love with a normal damn human girl.


The last thing Tyler remembered was doing his full moon transformation and when he woke up someone chloroformed his ass.  His head was pounding and as he opened his dark eyes his vision was insanely blurry.  He knew it was from the chloroform.  He could feel some kind of mask across his nose and mouth; the mask was obviously doused with the colorless anesthetic.


“Well – well – well, it’s nice of you to finally join us Mr. Lockwood.  You know when I proposed you join us months ago before your first transformation.  It wasn’t a question or a request.  It was a demand.  I told you before, you find a pack, you bond with a pack; you stay with the pack.  I don’t know how I could’ve been clearer.  Mason was in our pack and because you’re little girlfriends vampire buddies killed Mason, you owe us a werewolf.  And because you just happen to be one of us, then you will do just fine.”


Tyler knew that voice.  A hand came up and pulled the mask off his face his vision cleared up immediately as his dark eyes narrowed at the scrawny blonde who used to bang his uncle.  “Jules what the hell is going on?  I told you I don’t want to be in a pack.  I just want to be left alone.  I’ve been handing things my way for almost a year now.”


Jules smirked as she planted her hands on her hips and kicked one hip down. “You know she really did make it too easy to get to her.  The first night outside the Mystic Grill, Brady got her good.  I got into the private hospital records and found her allergy to Honeysuckle.  I bet her lungs closed up faster than a bullet through the barrel of a gun.  Not being able to breathe, her whole body going into anaphylaxis shock.  And then here comes super boyfriend Tyler Lockwood to save the day.  I knew you was close to her, we had been watching you two all day long.  Banging her in the back seat of your car and then again in your football coaches office.  Shame – shame, what a bad boy you’ve been.”


Tyler’s yellow eyes both glowed with anger as he jerked forward to lunge at Jules, but were stopped short as his eyes darted to the six places he was tied securely to the wall in his family’s old property cellar, both arms, both legs around the waist and around his neck. “You fuckin bitch!  You leave Lacey out of this!  She’s done nothing to you.”


Jules just laughed at his pathetic attempt to show some dominance. “Hello you’ve already had your transformation, the moon is getting ready to set and the sun will be up in two hours.  You’re strength is back down to zero little boy.  And I’ll do whatever I please to your precious little human girl.  As long as she’s human I’ve always got a way to kill her.  Maybe I’ll let Brady rape and dismember her.  You think her vampire sister would like to have her little sisters body parts sent to her in separate boxes?”


Tyler growled. “Why is it so important that I come to your pack?  I know you don’t need me.  You’ve got tons of people in your pack.”


Jules walked over as she touched his cheek and couldn’t fight back the laugh when he jerked his head away from her touch. “We’ve got a few female younglings in the pack and they haven’t found their mates yet.  Because they are young like you we know they can reproduce stronger versions of werewolves.  Since you like to mate with Lacey so much all you’d have to do is have intercourse with them while they are ovulating and you can be part of the wolfie making process.”


Tyler was completely disgusted.  There was no way he could whole heartedly cheat on Lacey.  He’d never loved anyone like he loved her.  He could never bring himself to not only touch someone who wasn’t her, let alone have sex with someone who wasn’t her.  “I don’t know how you all got the werewolf gene, but mine is a curse.  In order for the gene to become activated you have to kill someone.  I wouldn’t want to wish this on anyone.  If I hadn’t accidentally killed one of my classmates you wouldn’t even know about me.  I don’t even know how you got your hooks into my uncle Mason.  But I am not going to let you do the same to me.”


Jules walked up and grabbed Tyler’s jaw forcefully as she looked directly into his eyes. “Yea well, you’ve got two choices.  You can either join all of us or be in our pack or I can kill your precious human girlfriend and tell Damon and Stefan Salvatore you did it in a fit of rage.”



Tyler exhaled heavily.  There was no way he was going to let Lacey’s life be on the line.  No way in hell. “Alright; I’ll join your pack.  But you have to give me twenty four hours.  I need to get some things in order and I have to tell Lacey it’s over between us.  I won’t just leave like some thief in the night and break her heart.  I refused to be a dick to the one person I love more than my mother or myself.”


Jules stepped up as she busted off the iron clamps. “You’ve got twenty-four hours.  Don’t disappoint me Tyler; disappointment pisses me off and when I’m pissed and disappointed innocent people get hurt.”


Tyler nodded. He took off to his car and headed towards the Salvatore house as he called Bonnie.  Lacey was going to need her protection spell if he was going to pull off the plan rolling around in his head.  Once he got back to the Salvatore’s he was greeted at his car.


Lacey jogged over and threw her arms around his neck. “Oh my God where have you been?  You should’ve been back a couple hours ago.”


Tyler held her body tight against his.  This was going to kill him.  “Let’s go inside, we need to talk and Bonnie should be here in a while.”


Lacey pulled back as she cupped his cheeks. “Tyler what’s going on?”  Tyler shook his head as he reached down and grabbed her hand and gently pulled her behind him back into the Salvatore house.


Tyler didn’t stop until he got to her room and closed the door.  He backed her up until she hit the bed and he gripped her hips and lifted her onto the bed. “I have to leave for a while.”


“What?  What do you mean you have to leave?”  Lacey asked.  Her voice cracking as she hoped this was a really bad joke, but could tell it wasn’t by the look in his eyes.


Tyler frowned as he stepped closer to her. “Do you remember the girl who was screwing around with my uncle Mason; Jules?  From his pack?”  When she nodded he sighed heavily. “She’s the one who has been sabotaging you.  She had her new boyfriend Brady attack you out side of the Grill that night and she broke into the hospitals records and found out your allergies. And she’s the one who sent the flowers.  She’s already made it clear she won’t have any problem letting Brady kill you and send your body back to Jalesa in pieces.”


“What does she want?”  Lacey’s voice was barely above a whisper.


Tyler shook his head. “It doesn’t matter because I’m not doing it.  She wants me to mate with the females in her pack that don’t have mates yet.  She wants me to get them pregnant, there’s no way in HELL I would EVER do that.  But she threatened me…She threatened you.  I won’t be forced into doing something just because that deranged bitch thinks she’s got power over me.  I won’t allow her to control me.  And I’m not about to let her hurt you.”


Lacey frowned. “Hence you’re leaving?”  


Tyler nodded. “I’ll only be gone until I figure out what to do about her pack.  They are fiercely loyal to her and to my uncle Mason.  I’m going to head into the mountains.”


Lacey’s bedroom door flew open and Damon and Stefan stood there looking at the couple.  Damon made a face. “So you’re going to runaway and leave us to face her pack of pooches?” 


Tyler shook his head negatively. “Bonnie’s on her way here; she’s going to do a protection spell on everyone who’s close to me not to mention your property and house.  If one of those mongrels steps foot on the property they will die.  I also figure if I go up into the mountains they will have no choice but to follow me.  They want me so bad they have to fight for me.”


Stefan walked over. “You do realize you can stay and we can help you fight them.”


“No, there are more of them then there are of us.  I won’t be held responsible if one of you gets bitten.  And if we don’t make it through they will come after Lacey.  They already know the way to me is through her and they’ve already put her through quite enough.  Jules is a bitch in heat and right now it’s me she wants.  She threatened she’d have her little bitch boy rape and dismember Lacey.  If I’m not here and there’s a protection spell on all of you then she can’t touch you all.”


Damon raised his eyebrow. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t touch her.”  Damon was livid.  How dare that little half breed wolf bitch threaten Lacey?  There was no keeping this from Jalesa and chances are she’d already heard what Tyler said.  He was just waiting for her to…




Damon cringed at the sound of Jalesa’s pissed off voice.  Three seconds later a flash zoomed by his body and backed Tyler into the wall by the throat.


Lacey jumped off the bed as she ran over and touched Jalesa’s arm. “Lesa, stop it.  Tyler didn’t say anything wrong.  You’re hurting him.”  Lacey frowned when she noticed Tyler’s face was going red.  Jalesa had him dangling from the wall at least 3 feet in the air.


Jalesa jumped back as she let go of Tyler.  “Sorry kid!  Sometimes I forget my own strength.”


Damon walked over as Tyler caught his breath again. “You’re not going anywhere.  We’ll think of something.  I can’t believe that you trekking through the mountains is going to be very beneficial to this very bad situation.  What happens if you leave and her retarded pack gets through the protection spell?  You said it yourself the first person she’d go after would be Lacey to get to you.  And I know you don’t want that to happen.  Once Bonnie gets here well all sit down and figure this out.  She’s got to have something in her big crazy spell book that can help.”



Soon Lacey and Tyler were in the room alone.  Tyler pulled her into his arms. “I really hope they can figure something out.  I hate the thought of leaving you.  I hope you know that Lace.”  Tyler’s forehead was pressed to her left temple.


Lacey nodded slowly as she turned her head so they were forehead to forehead. “I know you wouldn’t deliberately leave me.  I know my safety comes first with you; if we could just get her pack out of Mystic Falls.”  Lacey shook her head. “I’m really scared Tyler.  What are we going to do?”


Tyler tightened his arms around her as he kissed the top of her head. “I don’t know, but I’m not going to let anything else happen to you.  I swear on my life.  And you already know Jalesa, Damon and everyone else will protect you too.”  Tyler looked down and could see the fear in her eyes.  He brushed his lips against hers.


“Make me forget about everything.” 


Her plea did fall on deaf ears as Tyler captured her lips.  He’d help her forget as long as she wanted.  He backed her up as they crawled into the bed; helping her get lost in the ecstasy of it all. 


What a way to forget.


Chapter 15


“TYLER – LACEY GET DOWNSTAIRS NOW!” Elena yelled from the couch next to Stefan.



Tyler smirked as he fastened his belt.  His dark eyes wondered over to Lacey as she was re-hooking her bra with a smile on her face.  This was exactly how he liked to see her; happy and smiling.  He pulled his t-shirt over his head and smoothed it down his chest and watched as Lacey shimmied into her jeans.  Tyler couldn’t help himself as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her; his lips softly kissing her bare shoulder. “Here let me help.”  His hands slid down as they buttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper up.


Lacey could hear the smirk in his voice without even seeing his face.  She loved how he could make her forget all the bad shit and just replace it with nothing but his love for her.  Lacey turned around as she kissed his lips softly and she felt his hands go to her ass.  “Don’t start it.  I know you heard Elena just yell for us.  Bonnie must be here.”  Tyler handed her; her shirt back and she pulled it on and ran a brush through her hair.


Tyler Smiled softly as he took her hand and laced their fingers together. “You trust me right?”


Lacey looked up as she nodded. “Of course I trust you.  I trust you with my life…I love you Tyler.”


Tyler nodded. “Good because I’m going to protect you.  I’m going to protect you with everything I have and everything I am.  I would rather die than have anything bad happen to you.”


Lacey smiled as Tyler leaned down and kissed her lips softly once more. “Let’s get down there before they move the meetings of the minds into my room.  I don’t need four vampire’s sniffing out what we just did in here.”


Tyler chuckled as he tugged on her hand and they walked downstairs.  As they rounded the last set of steps they saw everyone in the parlor.


“Well it’s nice that you two could finally decide to join us.”  Damon scoffed out.


Jalesa reached over and pinched Damon’s arm and giggled when he flinched.


“Hey!  No foreplay in front of the kids!”  Damon grunted out.


Jalesa smirked. “You just wait until after I kill that whore-wolf then you’re ass is mine.”


Damon’s smirk matched hers. “Ouch babe, give her hell.”


“Oh I’m going to give her much more than that.”  Jalesa rebutted.


Bonnie stood up. “Okay so why was I brought here?”


Tyler sighed heavily. “Jules has given me twenty-four hours to pack a bag and say my goodbyes.  I was going to have you put a protection spell on the house and on friends and family of mine and then I was going to take off into the mountains in hopes of leading the pack away so I could deal with them my own way.”


“But of course I had to point out that was the dumbest idea his little pea brain has ever come up with.”  Damon stated honestly.


“Honey you’re not a subtle man.”  Jalesa said in a sing song voice.


“Subtle is overrated and so is this bullshit pack who is trying to take someone who doesn’t even BELONG in their pack.  They threatened Lacey’s life more than once.  Not to mention that cocky dick Brady is at the top of my list of people I’d like to de-ball.  He was the one who attacked Lacey outside of Mystic Grill all those months ago.”  Damon bit out getting annoyed.


“Can a dick be cocky?  That sounds like an oxymoron.”  Stefan asked trying to bring some humor into the meeting.  He knew if emotions got too high they wouldn’t be able to focus on the task at hand.


A few chuckles were shared in the circle of friends.


Damon smirked. “The point of this story is Jalesa and I will take down Jules and her bitch sidekick Brady and the rest is up to whoever is out there fighting with us.  Tyler, I think we’ll have you and Lacey get the hell out of here.  Maybe if we can trick them into thinking you’re both here we can draw them in closer and Bonnie can damn-damn shazam the shit out of all of them with her witchy self.”


Jalesa shook her head. “No I don’t want Lacey leaving the house.  What if they get half way to wherever they are going and the pack catches on and goes after them.  A handful of idiot wolves in human bodies on the loose will leave Tyler and Lacey defenseless.” 


Damon nodded she made a valid point.  He knew at this point it was Murphy’s Law; anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.


Bonnie stood with her grimoire. “Okay well if I’m going to do a protection spell we all need to move out to the edge of the property.”  Bonnie headed for the front door and everyone followed her, she stopped at her car and grabbed a canvas bag full of candles. 


Caroline met them all outside and walked with them to the edge of the property. “Sorry guys I had to take a beat.  I was hungry.”


Once everyone was at the edge of the Salvatore property, Bonnie set up the candles in a circle around everyone. “First I’ll do a protection spell on everyone and then one for the property.”


They watched as the candles lit themselves and as she started to chant silently the flames grew to about six inches higher.



Tyler suddenly noticed the candles went out and Lacey was missing from beside him.  His dark eyes grew wide as he saw Brady with Lacey standing in front of Brady; his arm around her waist locking her arms at her side and his other arm around her shoulders and his hand around her throat. “Lacey…”


Suddenly all eyes were on Brady as Jules walked out from behind him with a smirk on her face. “Really?  Did you all really think you could out smart me?”  When she noticed everyone started to move towards them she put her hands out. “Don’t even think about being a bunch of hero’s.  Brady will snap her damn neck, before any of you could blink.”


Jules whistled loudly and ten large guys walked from the woods and made their presence known.  “I made myself very clear Tyler.  You had twenty-four hours to get your little break up fest going and get your ass back to the pack or I was going to let Brady here do as he pleased with your little human girlfriend.  Now I realize were a little early, but I knew as soon as I saw the witch pull up outside the Salvatore’s something else was going on.”



Damon’s icy blues were locked onto Brady.  He wouldn’t be the first to jump; he wasn’t going to be the one responsible for Lacey’s death.  He smelled the air and could tell a few of the bigger guys from the supposed pack were actually vampires.  Probably vampires that Jules had picked up along the way and helped out.  Damon couldn’t decide what he wanted to do first; rip Brady’s spine out or just crush his skull.  He had a hold of Jalesa’s hand and could feel her shaking in anger.  He knew she wanted nothing more than to rip that she wolfs throat out through her ass.  But they both knew Lacey’s safety came first.


Jules looked at Damon as she smirked. “I know you can smell them and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now that; what you smell is victory.  I saved a couple of vampires so they get to pay their debt helping me get what I want.  And I always get what I want.  And right now.  I want Tyler.”  Jules watched as a couple of the pack members and the vampires surrounded Tyler and his idiot friends.


One of the bigger guys got close enough and slammed Bonnie’s head into a tree, her body crumpled to the ground.  The next two to go down were Elena and Caroline.  Two guys grabbed the girls and wrestled around until the girls had flashed moved all over and were lying on their backs.  The guys sitting on their stomachs with wooden stakes pushing into both of their shirt covered chests.


“Tsk - tsk.  The fighting brood is getting smaller Tyler.  I’ve still got a few more than you, plus my one advantage; Lacey.” Jules teased and taunted. “It’s up to you; you decide what my next move is. I told you before you’ve got two options.  You can come with us quietly or I can have Brady to away with your only reason for staying in Mystic Falls.” 


Tyler closed his eyes.  Her voice was REALLY starting to get on his nerves and the fearful look in Lacey’s eyes really said it all.  He could tell when Brady would tighten his hand around her throat.  Her eyes would widen and tears would flood them and slowly leak out.  Tyler shook his head. “Okay.  Fine you win, just don’t hurt her anymore.  Please Jules.  Just let her go.  I’ll come with you.  I’ll do whatever you want me to do.  Just let Lacey go.”  Tyler walked towards Jules and Brady.  He stopped when he was right in front of Brady and locked eyes with Lacey.


Lacey frowned. “What are you doing Tyler?  You don’t have to go with them.”  Her voice cracked.


Tyler could see the tears as they started to slide down her cheeks and his frown matched hers. “It’ll be okay Lace.  I promise.  I’ll do what they want and I’ll find a way to come back to you. I promise.”


Jules smirked. “Maybe next time when I tell you to do something you’ll do it without hesitation.”


Brady looked down at Jules and when she nodded he let go of Lacey.  She started to take a step towards Tyler when Brady yanked her back against him and suddenly snapped her neck.


The deafening cracking sound echoed through the woods.




Revulsion filled eyes watched in absolute horror as Lacey’s lifeless body fell back onto the ground below them with a sickening thud.


Suddenly time stood still.


Chapter 16


Tyler couldn’t move and couldn’t think.  He’d suddenly realized it was him that had screamed out once Brady had snapped Lacey’s neck.  He felt like his heart was being ripped from his chest.  Tyler hit his knees as he crawled over to her lifeless body.  His hand went out and couldn’t her cheek.  It was already growing cold. 


He could feel a sudden rage as it zipped through his body and he blinked a few times and his eyes started glowing yellow.  His head snapped up and he jumped on the first vampire next to him.  He wasn’t as strong because it wasn’t a full moon but he knew how to bite.



Damon smirked as he started smoothly stalking towards Brady. “So Brady I knew you was a cocky douche dick but I didn’t realize you would murder an innocent girl.  This is just not going to be a good day for you.  First you try to help that evil blonde bitch pick a fight against a teen wolf and my girlfriends little sister and then you killed her.  How you EVER thought you was going to make it out of this alive is beyond me.”  Damon’s smirk morphed into a grin as he watched Brady starting to back away from the scene as it unfolded in front of them.  “Don’t run you won’t get far. Besides we haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet.”



Anger and rage; two emotions coursing through Jalesa’s body.  Angry tears slid down her cheeks as she watched her little sister’s body fall to the forest floor in front of them.


In a flash Jalesa grabbed Jules by the throat and squeezed as hard as she could. “You really know how to fuck up good you mangy mutt.  Killing my little sister was only one of your MANY mistakes.  The first was actually thinking you’d make it out of Mystic Falls alive.” 


Jalesa jerked Jules to her face as she ran her fingernail down the side of Jules lily white skin as she applied slight pressure the red liquid keeping the woman alive began to slide down her cheek.  Jalesa’s eyes reddened at the scent of the beautiful liquid.  Jalesa leaned over and ran her tongue up the girls face. Mmmmm that’s the good stuff right there.”  Her fangs slid out as she rubbed the tip of her tongue on the set of fangs on the right side of her mouth as her eyebrow cocked up. “What do you think Blondie?  Should I torture you before I kill you?  Or should I just kill you and get it over with?”


Jules could feel Jalesa’s grip around her neck as it tightened. “Do whatever you want to me bitch I will see you in hell.”


Jalesa smirked. “I’m glad we both agree on something; I will do whatever I want to you, but only one of us is going to hell today.”  Jalesa batted her eye lashes as she wrapped her index finger around one of Jules blonde curls and the yanked as hard as she could until the curl ripped from her head.  Listening to Jules blood curdling scream was a nice satisfaction for Jalesa.


Damon chuckled as he looked over at Jalesa. “Wow brutal babe!  I like.”


Jalesa blew a kiss to Damon. “You ain’t seen nothing yet dear.” 


Jalesa smirked as she wrapped her finger around another of Jules curls and yanked it from the blondes head again.  The smell of blood permeated Jalesa’s senses as it slowly dripped from Jules skull.  Jalesa looked around and noticed that Stefan had gotten the two idiots away from Elena and Caroline and the three were quickly getting rid of the others that were helping Jules.  Jalesa continued to wrap Jules blonde curls around her fingers and rip them from her head as she continued to grip her throat not letting the quickly balding bitch out of her sight for a second.



Suddenly a loud breath was taken into a body.  All eyes were on the once lifeless body of Lacey; they all saw she was sitting up holding her head and breathing rapidly.


They all knew what it meant.  They’d all witnessed Brady snapping her neck and letting go of her body.


Tyler’s dark eyes snapped to the once lifeless body of Lacey and “Lacey?  What the hell is going on?”  Tyler was to her side in seconds; his hand touching her cheek.


Lacey looked down and then up to Tyler’s eyes. “I had to do it.  There was always a chance that the protection spells wouldn’t get done in time and Jules would renege on her giving you twenty-four hours to say bye to everyone.  I had to think of Jalesa and you and our friends and people we consider family.  I couldn’t just let someone hurt me and in turn hurt all of you.  When you went into the bathroom to get cleaned up after we…” Lacey sighed heavily. “After we had sex, Caroline was just getting to the house.  I got her to come in through the balcony and I drank some of her blood and then she took off before you got back out.”


Tyler frowned. “So you’re in transition.  You need human blood to complete it.  And it would work better if it’s fresh and not a blood bag.”



Stefan smirked that was pretty diabolical even for Lacey.  Stefan pointed at a blonde guy standing off to the side with the look of sheer horror on his face. “You; who are you?”


“J-J-Jack, I’m-m-m Jules l-l-l-little b-r-r-rother.” The blond practically stuttered out of fear.


Stefan shrugged. “Ya know normally I wouldn’t suggest this but…”  He grabbed the kid’s shoulders and locked eyes as he compelled him. “Go over and offer your neck to Lacey.  She’s thirsty and needs to finish her transition.  You wouldn’t want her to die would you?”  Stefan leaned over and nicked the kids neck so the smell of blood would entice Lacey to drink.


“Wouldn’t want her to die…”  The blond repeated in a deep trance as he walked over and knelt down besides Lacey.


Jules eyes watched as her little brother walked over and offered himself to Lacey. “NO JACKY!  NO GET AWAY FROM HER!!! SHE’S DANGEROUS!!!”  She watched as Lacey smirked over at her and then attached her mouth to the nick on his neck. “NO!! NOOO!!!”  Tears began to leak from her eyes.


Lacey let the smell of the blood take over her hunger as she began sucking lightly at first on the boys neck and suddenly felt her fangs slide down as she bit down really opening the kids neck up as she began to feed hungrily from Jules brother.



“Drink up little sister.”


Jalesa looked at Jules. “How does it feel to have your family fucked with?  Maybe next time you’ll think before you do something this stupid ever again.”  Jalesa mocked a frowned in Jules face before she smiled. “Of that’s right.  You’ll never be able to do this to someone else’s family again.”  Jalesa’s fangs slid down once again as she reared back and clamped her mouth on Jules neck digging her fangs into her jugular vein. 


Jalesa drank like a woman dying of thirst.  A few seconds later she heard a strained whimper come from Jules as she stepped back and watched her body fall to the ground and smirked as she looked down and had Jules heart in her hand.



Damon loved playing with his food first.  He let go of Brady and allowed him to run a few feet away before he threw him to the ground face first.  Damon stood over him as he grabbed the man’s arms and pulled them back successfully dislocating both shoulders and listed to the man’s howls of pain and agony.  Damon put his foot in the middle of Brady’s back and pulled up more on his arms before he effectively ripped them both from his body.  Blood poured from the open wounds on both shoulders where his arms used to be.  A few minutes later and Brady still wasn’t dead from the loss of blood yet.  Damon made a face as he stood over him. “Oh, Christ die already you dick.”  He reached down and snapped his neck.



Damon and Jalesa walked over to where Lacey was sitting.  They watched as Tyler helped her stand up and walked away to let the sister talk.  Jalesa smiled softly. “I can’t believe you actually – You actually let yourself become a vampire.  I thought you didn’t want to be one?  I thought you were repulsed by us?”


Lacey smiled as a few tears slid down her cheeks. “How could I be repulsed by people I consider family?”  They sisters embraced and cried together.


Damon smirked. “It’s so nice when family can come together and kill people.”


Jalesa fake glared at Damon and playfully punched him in the stomach as the two girls laughed and pulled apart.


Damon looked down at Lacey. “Let’s not do that whole fake dying thing again.  I don’t think your sister could handle it; she does the ugly crying face when she’s upset.  It’s rather scary.”  Damon chuckled as he hugged Lacey.  She was Jalesa’s little sister, but she was like a little sister to him as well and had she really been dead it would’ve killed him just as much as it would of Jalesa.


Lacey got watery hugs from Elena, Bonnie and Caroline and another nice brotherly hug from Stefan.  Lacey noticed Tyler was standing off away from everyone else with his hands in his pockets.  As she started walking towards him she watched as Damon and Stefan started gathering the bodies to burn or bury them.


Lacey stopped in front of Tyler as his dark eyes locked with her blue ones. “Tell me were okay.  Tell me I don’t completely make you want to puke now.  Tell me whatever you want as long as somewhere in there you say you still love me.”


Tyler sighed heavily. “Make me puke?  Why would you make me puke?”


“I drink blood.  I crave blood.  That should make any normal dude sick to his stomach.”  Lacey all but whispered.


Tyler shook his head negatively. “I’m not normal Lacey.  And I guess you’re not either anymore.  You don’t make me sick.  We are okay and I do love you.  So you’re a vampire now.  I’ll just have to be more careful with you so I don’t bite you when we play.  I do love you Lacey and that is never going to change; not now not ever.”


Tyler noticed she was going to say something else but he didn’t give her a chance as he yanked her to his body and captured her lips.  He could still taste the blood she just drank on her lips and tongue, but for some reason it didn’t seem to bother him.  It just sort of fueled a fire that was raging in his body.  He felt her arms go around him as he pulled away slightly and looked in her eyes once again. “Don’t ramble or psycho analyze; just understand that I could never love anyone as much as you.”


Lacey buried her face in the side of his neck as their arms tightened around each other. “Promise me something Tyler.”


“Anything; just name it.”  He rumbled into her hair as he inhaled her scent.


“Never let me go.” 


It wasn’t a question it was a request.  And it was one he could fulfill for a very, VERY long time.


“No; never.”


The End