Never, Ever



Chapter 1


I walked through the back doors of the arena and was getting ready to go find Vince McMahon’s office when a 5 foot nothing shorthaired red head came over said, “Hey you must be the new girl…I suspect you’ll be wantin’ to go see Vinnie boy.”  In a very cute English accent…Oh yea she was from England…no two ways about it…I smiled and said, “Yea.”  She said, “Follow me, I’ll show you.”  I said, “Thanks.” 


She was looking at me and finally said, “Damn if you’re not a Diva…You’re going to fit right in with the rest of us perfectly…What’s your name honey?”  I said, “Roxanna, but most people call me Roxy or Rox.”  We shook hands…and she said, “Well…my name is Victoria Helms…Just Vicky will do…It’s Lady Vicky in the ring…my husband should be around here somewhere…but you can meet him later, once you’ve settled.”  I said, “Shane Helms…as in Hurricane?  I had no clue you guys were married…I mean, I’ve seen you valet him and wrestle…and seen him valet you and wrestle…but I figured it was just scripts.”


Vicky laughed and said, “Most of the guys are either fighting, dating or married to their valets…for some unseen reason when Vinnie boy and Linda paired them with their prospective wrestlers…they were the perfect counter parts…so Love was in the air.”  I laughed and said, “I guess it comes in handy when all you do is travel…I guess everyone needs someone.” 


We stopped in front of a big door and Vicky said, “Hey, listen…I’ll stick around out here…when you’ve finished I’ll take you to meet everyone.”  I said, “Thanks, I’d like that.”


I knocked on the door and a voice from inside said, “C’mon in.”  I walked in and Vince and Linda were standing in the middle of the office talking…Vince walked over and held out his hand and said, “Ah…You must be Roxanna.”  I shook his hand and Linda’s and said, “Yes sir…but Roxy will do just fine…It’s nice to finally meet you and Mrs. McMahon.”  Vince said, “Please Roxy, drop the sir and Mrs…were just Vince and Linda…nothing formal…Please sit down, let’s talk.”  I sat down and we started talking.  About 10 minutes later, there was a rough knock on the door…Vince chuckled to himself and said, “C’mon in Mark.” 


The door swung wide open and in walked the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life…he was probably around 6’10” closer to 7 feet, anywhere between 300 and 325 pounds, smoldering emerald green eyes, dark auburn hair to the middle of his back but in a nice tight braid…He had a red sleeveless t-shirt on that said ‘Big Evil’, black levis, big black boots…and a black bandana around his head, pulled down to his eye brows…And Oh my God did I mention the tattoos…boy was covered in them…shoulders to his wrists…both arms!!!


Mark walked over and stood behind the 2 chairs in front of Vince’s desk that me and Linda were sitting in…Vince smiled and said, “Mark this is Roxanna Combs, Roxy…Mark Callaway.”  I nodded to him, he took a stance with his feet planted firmly apart, nodded back at me and hooked his thumbs in his belt loops, then in the deepest voice I’d ever heard with the most beautiful Southern accent he said, “What’s going on Vince…I don’t get called to the principals office very often, unless I’m in trouble or getting a new partner…I was called in here 3 years ago when I got Glenn, so why am I meeting Ms. Combs?”


Vince said, “You’re very perceptive…Meet your new Valet.”  Mark groaned, “Ah, Hell Vince, I’ve worked for you for Damn near 10 years, I’ve never had a valet…I’m not about to start now.”  Vince said, “She’s not going to get in your way….we’ve been receiving letters and e-mails saying people want to see a beautiful woman in the corner of the big bad, untouchable Undertaker…and damn if we don’t aim to please…She wrestles better then anyone I’ve seen…as far as ladies go…she could actually work really well with the Divas.”  Mark said, “Then let her be a Diva coach…I don’t want a valet…I don’t need a valet…Damn women just get in the way.”


Chapter 2


I stood up and said, “Look, obviously we’re going to have to work together…so just suck it up and take it like a man.”  I turned to Vince and leaned over and said, “Vince it was nice meeting you…Someone is waiting for me outside…I’ll see you Monday Night.”  Vince shook my hand and I winked at him and he just smiled…he knew I wasn’t about to take any shit from anyone…no matter how big they were.


I turned to Mark and said, “And I’ll see you in the ring…Nice meeting you Mark Callaway.”  I turned and walked out


Vicky stood up when she saw me walk out of the office…she said, “Are they really trying to pair you up with the Deadman himself?”  I said, “Looks that way…he was none too happy about it also.”  She said, “I know I heard…but I’ll hear more later…his dressing room is right across the hall from me and Shane…he gets loud when he’s angry…so what did you say to him…”  I said, “I told him to suck it up and take it like a man.”  Vicky said, “Oh my goodness…he’s gonna be so pissed off…no woman has ever…I mean at least not in this company…the last woman who said something close to that fact is his now Ex-wife/Ex-valet…Sara.”


We started walking and went into the Diva’s dressing room…Everyone was either really short or really tall and had red or black hair…but they all just seemed to fit so well…Vicky said, “Excuse me ladies…I’d like you to meet the newest member of our Diva torture team…This is Roxanna, or Roxy…She’s just been teamed up with the damn Deadman.”  I heard a few giggles and a couple of ouches…


Vicky said, “Introductions right…Roxy that is Jaden, Grace, Bryanna, Brandy, and April…Wait a minute…we’re missing one…you guys where’s Natalie?”  A few giggles emitted from the group of ladies and Vicky put her hands on her hips and said, “Where is Natalie?”  Jaden who had long black hair and knock out green eyes was the first to speak… “She went to go see her husband…”  But she barely got through that statement with out wetting her pants and laughing hard…  Vicky said, “What is that girl up to now?”  No one said, anything…


From out of nowhere a thunderous voice yelled “NATALIE!!!”


All of sudden a tall probably 5’11”…she was about an inch taller then me…with black hair down to her bottom…and mischievous green eyes came bounding into the room…and closed and locked the door…leaning against it breathing heavy…


Vicky said, “Naty, what did you do?”  She smiled big and said, “Dave asked me to come down to his dressing room so we could have our usually daily chat.”  Grace said, “You mean daily sex session.”  Natalie smiled and said, “Exactly…Only by the time I got there he’d fallen asleep…which is the 7th time this week he’s done that to me…I’m bored, horny and want sex from my husband…is that too much to ask?”  Jaden said, “Of course not…”  Natalie continued, “I got tired of the Sleeping Sickness he keeps venturing into…so I sort of borrowed the make-up case from Tammy in the make up room and well…proceeded to paint my husbands face…he looks quite pretty now..”


All of the girls busted up laughing…I couldn’t help myself…I had to laugh too…Suddenly there was a banging on the door…Natalie regained most of her lost composure and straightened her close…then opened the door and said, “Yes Dear…anything I can get for you?”  There stood the huge monster Dave Bautista, shirtless with blue eye shadow, red blush, and bright red lipstick on…I said, “Wow good colorizing…those colors match his tattoos…”  Natalie said, “Thank you…I do try.”  Then all of us started rolling with laughing, Dave just walked away, thoroughly embarrassed.


Chapter 3


Natalie closed the door and said, “Ah…That’s my husband…Hey who’s the new chickie?”  Vicky said, “Naty, this is Roxanna…she’s been signed over to be Mark’s valet.”  Natalie said, “Well…good luck, ever since his divorce came through the man has been a damn bear to be around…he can stand out there and be friends with every one who has a dick…but it seems that if you have tits and ass…you’re wasting his time…To put it in his words…Damn women just get in the way.”


I laughed and said, “Yea, I vaguely remember him saying something to that fact when I met him in Vince’s office.”  Natalie said, “Well…at least you was protected there..”  I said, “What do you mean?”  Jaden said, “If your in Vince’s office, he can yell, cuss, throw shit…or anything like that…but see now that your out of the office and in here with us…he’s got free rein to make you feel 3 inches tall…and embarrass you while he’s doing it.”  April 5'9, 130lbs, long legs, athletic build, short bright red pixie hair, amber/hazel eyes…said, “Yea…the last person he did it to was Brandy…cause she missed a move in the practice ring…Scotty wasn’t all that happy when he came over and started yelling at her and telling her she was good for nothing and useless unless she was giving a blowjob…” 


I said, “Oh really…I think Mr. Callaway needs to be taken down a few notches.”  Brandy a 5'4”  120 lbs with medium length reddish blonde hair and dark green eyes said, “Yea, well good luck…it’s not easy for anyone to get under Mark Callaway’s skin…he’s a stubborn ass.”  Bryanna who was 5'2", 120lbs, with long curly red hair and green eyes was pretty quiet when she finally spoke up and said, “Glenn, tried to keep Mark in check…but nothing seems to work..”  I said, “Is there any female he gets along with?”  Grace had long black hair and gray eyes said, “Yea…me and Bryanna…but it’s only because we’re married to his two friends Glenn and Nathan…well Nathan isn’t really his friend, he’s just helping Nathan train more in the ring…but since they’ve been hanging out Mark seems to be getting calmer…not a lot but at least a little.”  I rolled my eyes…


About that time someone started banging on the door again…Vicky said, “I know that knock…it’s Mark…he’s come for you.”  I said, “Why do I feel like an inmate in Death row, on my way to the gas chamber?”  I walked over and opened the door…He said, “Roxanna…outside right now.”  I said, “You aren’t going to get me out of this dressing room until you learn some manners.”  He had put some shades on…but that didn’t phase me…I just wasn’t afraid of him.


Please…like I hadn’t been through enough in my life to be scared of him…GET REAL…it wasn’t happening.  Mark looked over the rim of his glasses at me and I just smiled and said, “If you could possibly ask nicely…instead of ordering me…like you order a meal…I could be a little more inclined to come out and hear what you’ve got to bitch about.”  I could see the veins on the side of his neck started to bulge out a little.  Mark said, “Can you please step out into the hallway, so that I may have a few words with you.”  I nodded and stepped out closing the door behind me…


Mark said, “Let’s get one thing straight…I don’t need a valet…I fucking hate valets…I think they are worthless and they just get in the fucking way…I’m telling you this…because I’m stuck with you…So I guess we’ll have to make the most of it…But I’m telling you right now…stay out of my way…and don’t give me any more of your shit.”  I laughed a little and he said, “Something funny?”  I said, “Yea…you…you don’t even know me and already you’re trying to bully me around…I hate to burst your bubble…but I’m a wrestler, I may not wrestle guys on a nightly basis…but I’m still a wrestler…and you might be able to put fear into those ladies in there…but your short temper, big bully attitude, and your Undertaker persona…they don’t impress me…and they don’t scare me…”


Mark started to say something when I held my hand up and cut him off, “So take your big bully attitude and hit the bricks…I’m here to wrestle…not lick your boots cause you have more seniority then me…I could give a shit less how long you’ve been working for this company…I do not care…you’re not going to sit back and try and push me around…I refuse to let you or any other male on this tour try to boss me around…I’m assigned to you for one purpose….ride to the ring on your little bike…stand in your corner…cheer you on, interfere when I’m told to and that’s it…I’m not here to pick up your dry cleaning, take phone messages, give you massages, have sex with you, give you blowjobs, or anything else you’d like to use your valet for…my purpose is to wrestle…and I’ll be damn if I’m gonna let you or anything else try and stop me.”


Chapter 4


I looked at Mark and he looked like he was going to explode…and I said, “Obviously you don’t want a valet…and obviously I don’t want to be your valet…but we’re stuck…I’ll stay out of your way and you stay out of mine…”  I walked back into the dressing room…and I saw a whole bunch of open mouths looking back at me.  I said, “Something I can help you ladies with?”


Vicky said, “Long live Roxanna.”  I couldn’t help but giggle…about 2 seconds later we heard the sound of fist going through wall…we waited a few minutes and looked out in the hall…yup sure enough there was a big fist imprint in the wall next to the door.  Jaden said, “Damn, I believe we’ve found Mark’s match…Roxy honey, you just got under Mark’s skin.”  I said, “Oh well…we all have to learn to grow up sooner or later…I just did it a long time ago…obviously Mark is still going through the motions.”  April checked her watch and said, “Oh…the guys are down by the ring…we’re supposed to meet them there…”  We all took off to the ring…


By the way…My name is Roxanna I’m 5’10” and 125lbs.  I have blonde hair with red streaks in it down to my waist…and deep sea blue eyes…


When we were walking down the ramp to the ring…the guys were all standing around and we could hear Mark bitching and moaning about his new valet…namely…me.  We stood there, when Brock Lesner came over and said, “You much be the new headache for Mark…nice to meet you…I’m Brock…”  I smiled and said, “Roxanna…So who are you hitched to?”  Brock said, “The ice queen herself Jaden…we’re actually not hitched…at least not yet anyway…”  Jaden said, “That’s right…and if you don’t get rid of Paul Heyman as your manager….we’ll never get married…we’ll just be engaged until we both die.”


I laughed and said, “So tell me about Jaden…”  Brock said, “What’s to tell…she’s gorgeous, she’s talented, she wrestles with every bit of intensity as me, She’s the self proclaimed Un-Diva and she’s my fiancé…oh yea and she loves to play dirty.”  Shane (Hurricane) was the next to come over and said, “Hi Roxy…I’m Shane…I’m pretty sure Vicky already told you about us.”  I said, “Yup…she did.”  Dave walked over and said, “You remember me…I look different without make up.”  Natalie was standing to my side and she couldn’t help but giggle…Dave grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder…and carried her into the ring…Glenn (Kane) walked over and said, “Glenn Jacobs…Mark’s best friend…Bryanna’s husband…”  He leaned down and whispered, “Keep giving Mark shit…he’ll come around soon enough.”  I smiled and said, “Thanks.”


Nathan came over and in his ever so cute Australian accent said, “Nathan Jones, Ms Roxy…Husband to Gracie…Student of Mark…Please to meet you.”  I said, “Yea…me too.”  Paul (Triple H) walked over and said, “I’m Paul…I’m in the same boat as Mark…I’m stuck with a valet I don’t need…April is my attachment.”  I said, “I think maybe you should go sit with Mark…cause I don’t know if I like either of you yet.”  Scott Steiner walked up and said, “Scott…Brandy is mine…nice to meet you, if Mark gives you too much shit…let me know.”  I winked at him and said, “I think I can handle him…but thanks for the offer just the same.”


Chapter 5


A few weeks later, it was thrown into Boys verses girl, verses we aren’t taking anymore shit from the males…Me and Mark had too many run ins to count on 2 hands and 4 feet…so we stayed out of each others way…I had actually made friends with all the guys, obviously except for Mark, and it was just because he refused to get to know me…Because of me and April being in the same boat we shared our hotel rooms together to cut costs…April was shy but she didn’t take any shit from people…especially when it came to Paul…he was forever getting on her case about the way she dressed to the way she wrestled…and she had just about had enough of it…


One day us girls were in the ring practicing…trying to get some of our stuff down for the following night of Raw…We’d been there for about 2 hours…when the guys came laughing and being loud down to the ramp and decided they wanted to take over the ring…They were trying to let there macho sides show…


Brock said, “Okay ladies…it’s time for the real athletes of this company to practice…”  Paul said, “Yes why don’t you go do something you’re good at like, arrange flowers or I don’t know something.”  The guys were laughing…we were leaning against the ropes…not looking to amused at their comments.  Mark said, “Come on their sweet cheeks…get out…the big boys have some serious work to do.”  Mark ran his index finger up my legs and I kicked his hand away…I said, “Listen here sweet cheeks…touch me again without my permission and the only thing that hand will be able to do for the next few months is jerk you off…”


Paul was standing there laughing at my comment until Mark threw a glare at him…and Paul was standing there with his obnoxious gum chewing self…just chewing his gum like it made him look sex…it actually made him sound like a hillbilly…April said, “Paul, what is it with you and always chewing that damn gum?”  Paul said, “It helps me think, sweetie…”  April said, “Sweetie, you’re wasting your gum.”  The other girls started laughing…They couldn’t believe April had finally had enough of his stupidity.


I walked over and put my arm around April and said, “Miz April…I do believe I have been a very bad influence on you.”  April said, “Oh well…I’m tired of that pompous ass.”  Mark said, “You’ve got a really smart mouth on you…you know that.”  I said, “Oh…please tell me something I don’t know Deadman…oh but then again dead men can’t talk…now can they.”  Mark got up on the apron outside of the ring and said, “I’m almost tempted to get in here and teach you a lesson.”  I said, “A lesson in what…how to respect my elders.” 


We got out of the ring and were walking up the ramp out of the arena…and Mark said, “Yea…I’ll show you why I’m your elder…you little bitch.”  I said, “Mark, you’re idle threats…they don’t do anything to me…except show me how big of an asshole you really are.”  Mark said, “How am I an asshole?  I’m just trying to wrestle, and keep cheap little whores like you out of the Undertakers bed…”  I didn’t say anything I just looked at Mark and shook my head and tuned around and walked away. 


Mark turned around and said, “I believe I hit the nail on the head boys…she’s not here to wrestle, she’s just here to fuck Undertaker…Hey baby, when you’re ready to become a ring rat…you let me know…you’ll be a perfect addition to my many whore trophy case.”


Now I’m not a sensitive person…but that hurt.  Jaden, Grace, Bryanna, Natalie, Brandy, Vicky gave Brock, Nathan, Glenn, Dave, Paul, Scott, and Mark…the evil eye…they couldn’t believe they had just heard what Mark said…he’s said some low things before to make the girls cry…but that was something he’d never venture to say before…and they couldn’t believe the other guys just stood by and let him talk to Roxy that way…


Chapter 6


Later that night in the hotel room…Me and April were sitting on the beds talking…I said, “You’re in love with Paul aren’t you?”  April nodded and said, “He’s exactly like Mark though…he fights with me, every chance he gets, he criticizes my wrestling…but then there are times when it’s just me and him…ya know…and he’s the sweetest person on the face of the earth…it’s like he doesn’t want anyone to see how nice of a guy he can be when he wants to.”  I said, “Hell, Mark fights with me whether were in front of anyone or not…the only difference is…I cry alone…I can’t stand to let him see that he’s gotten to me.”


April said, “But you are so tough…you stand up to the biggest guy in this business…and never blink…he doesn’t scare you and you’re not afraid of anything…least of all Mark…and you know that man has his temperamental days.”  I said, “Yea…every day of his life..”  A knock came to the door and April got up to see who is was…when she came back into the bedroom…she said, “You’ve got a couple of visitors…”  I said, “Okay.”  I followed her out into the sitting room…and there was Grace, Natalie, Jaden, Brandy, Bryanna, and Vicky…


I said, “What’s up ladies?”  Natalie said, “We came by because we wanted to say we were sorry.”  I said, “For what?”  Jaden said, “For the way Mark spoke to you..”  Vicky said, “None of us said anything and we should have at least said something.”  I said, “Girls it wasn’t your fault.”  Grace said, “Yea…but if we start letting him talk to you that way, then he’s going to think it’s okay to talk like that to the rest of us.”  Bryanna said, “And it’s not okay for him to talk to any of us like that.”  Brandy said, “So…we brought chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a few sad movies so we can eat and have a good cry…we told the guys to get bent tonight.”


I smiled and knew I was standing among friends.  I said, “Thanks you guys…let’s get busy eating…we deserve this.”  Vicky smiled wickedly and said, “I also bought some lemons, salt and Tequila…”  I said, “Ooo…but we deserve that more…but wait…I think I’m getting a plan…”  Jaden said, “Wait a minute…you’ve got this little glow to your eyes…you’re about to play dirty aren’t you?”  I said, “How’d you guess?”  Jaden said, “Please…according to Brock…I’m the Queen of Playing dirty.”  We went in the bed room, popped in a movie and sat on the two beds…Vicky said, “Okay so what’s the plan Roxy?”  I started telling them the big plan to get back at every single male who laughed with Mark when he called me a whore that afternoon.


When I finished, Grace said, “Brilliant…absolutely brilliant.”  Jaden started laughing in an evil sort of tone and said, “That is soooooooooooooo dirty…Roxanna…I think you just became my new ‘how to play dirty’ teacher…”  Bryanna said, “You are a genius.”  I said, “So are we all in…it won’t work if we don’t get all 8 of us into this…we just have to find about 8 very cute, very fine guys tell them the plan…make sure they fully agree…and make sure you know when the guys walk in to retrieve us for their matches they see you with a wrestler who will make them insanely jealous…” 


I went around the room and every single one of them were all up for a little dirty playing pay back during Raw the following night.  We started talking and ended up pushing the beds together and fell asleep on them…When we woke up the following morning…we just went on about our business like nothing was wrong…and like the day before hadn’t happened.


Later that night we met in the Divas dressing room…after we got dressed in our ring attire…which was the usual Plastic or leather shorts, matching 2½ heeled, knee-high boots, with the t-shirt of whatever wrestler we valeted for, usually tied in a knot showing off tons of bare mid-drifts and quite a few pierced navels…and tattoos…My navel was pierced plus I had a silver ring tattooed around my navel.  Then we got our hair all done up and poofed out…


Everyone nearly went into shock, when Bryanna came in the dressing room, dressed in the same outfit we all had on…especially since we were used to seeing her in her baggy pants, and barely there tight t-shirt tank tops…with her long ass coats…she even ditched the shades…and Grace…she usually dressed conservative…kind of like Nicole Kidman…but she walked in dressed like the rest of us…


They both laughed and Grace said, “Well, if we’re going to drive the guys jealous…we’ve got to do it in a way they’ve never seen before…”  I said, “Well…I do believe Glenn and Nathan will be thoroughly jealous…this should work like a charm…if not much better.”


Chapter 7


I looked over at Vicky and Jaden and said, “Did you guys get the other bottles of Tequila…and a few more lemons and a couple more salt shakers?”  They both smiled and gave me a thumbs up.  I said, “Okay good…Natalie I’ll need your help getting the 8 wrestlers we came up with on that list…in here…”  We took off and ran through the halls of the arena…we could hear the fans as they were starting to arrive…


We had to be ready, cause the first match of the night was going to be Brock verses Dave…A few of the guys saw me and Natalie just walking up to random wrestlers, whisper in their ears and squeeze their butts a little…and as the wrestler walked off with a smile…we high fived each other and took off for the next victim..


When we got back to the dressing room all 8 men were sitting there laughing as the girls filled them in on the plan…after they’d heard about the exchange that went down between me and Mark the previous day…they were all willing to do whatever it took to make Mark, Glenn, Brock, Shane, Nathan, Paul, Dave and Scottie beg for jealous mercy…So we set forth with the plan…we turned up some fun music in the dressing room…busted out the tequila, salt and lemons…and started doing body shots, on tons of various body parts….none of us had any shirts on men and women included…women did have their bras on though…we wanted jealousy not murderous intentions.


Well, the first to come by were Dave and Brock…they knocked on the door…when none of us answered, they could hear women giggling and men laughing…they walked in and there was Jaden letting Steve Austin lick a full shot of Tequila off the top of her right boob…when he licked it off, he retrieved the lemon that was in her mouth…and sucked on it and spit it out…Dave looked over and saw Natalie in a corner with Adam (Edge) licking his Tequila trail from her knee to the inside of her thigh…and retrieved the lemon from her hand as he sucked on one of her fingers.


They decided it best not to have the girls go down with them…Next to come to the room was Mark, Glenn, Nathan and Paul…Mark saw the door hanging open and walked in when he heard the commotion…then he walked in there was Marc LaMonica (Bubba Ray Dudley) French kissing my navel for the shot of tequila and then licked up my stomach to get the lemon that was between my boobs, all most inside my bra…Marc grabbed it with his tongue…and I squealed a little.


Nathan saw Grace with Kevin Nash she was sitting on his lap and he was licking his shot off the top of her left boob…and then grabbed the lemon on her shoulder.  Glenn looked over and there was Bryanna with Andrew Martin (Test) and he was licking his shot off the middle of her spine and grabbed the lemon on the back of her neck…Paul saw April and Jeff Hardy…she poured a shot of Tequila in her mouth and Jeff retrieved it…quite nicely too I might add…he didn’t spill a drop.  The guys couldn’t believe their eyes…The beautiful once refined divas, sweet and innocent were turning into party players.


Shane and Scottie were the last victims…Scott Hall had Brandy down and had poured his shot on her neck and was going after it full on tongue gone wild style…then of course, Vicky was laying flat while Shawn Michaels did a full body shot on her, licking up her legs, thighs, stomach, chest, neck…and finally to her mouth…The guys were so jealous…they couldn’t stand it.


They were seething…and…Well, We…We were ecstatic that it had worked.


After they’d taken their showers, all 8 of them came back to the Diva dressing room…and we had all already changed…we were drunk…we hadn’t even taken any shots…all 8 of them stood in the door way and watched as we were combing our hair and re applying makeup, cause we were about to go out for the night…men or no men…preferably no men…we had a country station on and the song Back in the Saddle by Matraca Berg came on…we started singing along with it…and the guys were just stunned to all hell and back.


Matraca Berg

Back In the Saddle

I came down from the Cadillac dude ranch, health spa
Nestled on the edge of town
For fourteen days I've been herbal wrapped, mud packed
Now I'm bustin' out
Well, I thought the wild west wasn't for me
You walked up like a bow-legged dream
When you said yes ma'am I thought I'd scream

Oh, put me in your big ol' pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, and that ain't all

Well, it must've been the burned out new age coffee house
So called sensitive guys
I never thought a leatherneck suckin' on a long neck
Could make my temperature rise
But you're so sweet, baby, you're so fine
You bring the barbecue and I'll bring the wine
We'll dance all night till your belt buckle shines

Oh, put me in your big ol' pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Every time you fall

Well, I might be in a yuppie funk
You might think I'm a little bit drunk
But all I know is a hunk is a hunk

Oh, put me in your big ol' pick up truck
Take me to the rodeo
I don't know a thing about broncin' bucks
And I can't do-si-do
But I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, stand you up tall
I can put you back in the saddle, baby
Yeah, and that ain't all

Needless to say, we walked right past the guys like they weren’t there…and out to a night club…and proceeded to have the best damn time 8 women could have…with 8 men who did body shots off us for an hour to piss off and make our counter parts jealous as hell…


Chapter 8


The next night we were waiting to start taping Smackdown, all the Divas were laying around the dressing room, half alive and barely awake…We had stayed out until 5 am…and only gotten about 4 hours of sleep…but all of us agreed that it was well worth it…About 2 hours before the taping started, Mark went to Natalie and said, “Natalie…Can I talk to you about something?”  Natalie nodded and followed him out side…and they sat on one of the big equipment trucks…


Natalie said, “What’s on your mind Deadman?”  Mark said, “I’m a bastard…right?”  She said, “Yea, I’m afraid so…If you just wouldn’t of said those things to Roxanna…she’s an awfully sweet girl…and if you’d take time out of your growling and bullying you’d know that…”  Mark said, “Man…I don’t know what my problem is…Was I like this when Sara was around?”  She said, “Nope…but then again you was in love with her, love does strange things to people…You know what your problem is?”


Mark said, “No but I’m sure you’re gong to tell me.”  She said, “You better believe it…you’re scared…but you don’t want to admit that the great Mark Callaway could be afraid of something.”  Mark said, “What the hell do I have to be afraid of?”  Natalie smiled and said, “Love…what else is there?…You’ve been fighting having a valet since you and Sara got divorced, but if you remember when you got Sara as a valet…you was all up on the idea…but after everything that happened between you and Sara, you’re scared that what happened with you and Sara, will happen to you and Roxanna…you’ve been fighting with Roxy, since she became your valet…she’s been perfectly fine with it…but you’ve been an asshole about it…and after you sat there and called her a whore…in front of the rest of the guys…you hurt her and pissed us off…”


Mark said, “That’s impossible…I couldn’t have hurt her that bad…she’s got thick skin….we’ve been constantly fighting and she’s never had a problem fighting back.”  Natalie said, “Yea…but Mark c’mon…you’ve never said that to any of us…why would you even think about saying something like that to her…you don’t know anything about her…nothing…if you would stop growling at her for 5 seconds and talk with her…you’d learn she has more feelings then she’s willing to display…”  Mark said, “I don’t get it…”  Natalie said, “She holds everything inside until she’s alone…so whatever front she puts up on the outside…breaks down when she’s alone…she’s not a super sensitive person because of the way her parents raised her…they were huge bible beaters, constantly pushing her into church, and making her pray…and when the found out she had a boyfriend from school…God…they would call her a whore and a slut, and make her spend hours upon hours praying to save her soul.”


Mark ran his hand down his face and sighed heavy…he said, “That’s why she didn’t say anything to me the other day when I said those things to her.”  Natalie nodded and said, “Mark…I’m telling you right now…you need to get to know her…I think her intelligence would interest you…I mean c’mon it’s not every day you get to work with a beautiful, intelligent woman…There’s so much you don’t know about her…if you’d just stop the fighting and arguing with her…and took time out to just ask her some questions and get to know a little bit about her…I think you might be surprised.”  Mark said, “Thanks Naty.”  He got up and walked away.


Mark wasn’t sure what to do…but knew he had to think…what better way to think then…boxing.


Chapter 9


Mark walked down to the gym in the arena and was about to go in when he looked in the window and saw Roxanna stretching out her muscles…she looked kind of cute with her jogging pants, tank top, tenny shoes…and fingerless red gloves on with her long hair pulled into a high pony tail…then she started pounding on the punching bag…he’s never figure her as the boxing type.  He watched her for a long time…until the rest of the girls walked up.


Grace said, “Take a picture Deadman it lasts longer.”  Jaden said, “Please…he’s like every other wrestler…we’ll be lucky if he can read…what makes you think he can operate a camera?”  Natalie said, “Alright ladies…that’s enough…I think Mark has been subjected to enough of our ‘strong but stupid’ jokes.”  Bryanna said, “Why…it’s so much fun…Maybe we should find Glenn next and do him.”  Vicky said, “At least we can’t do it to Shane…he’s not as big as the rest of them…and he’s highly intelligent.”  April said, “Yea…that and he’s a sweet guy…”  Brandy said, “True…Shane is the only sweet guy I know…I mean…hell even my man has a bad streak to him…” 


I walked out of the gym and said, “What’s up ladies?”  Vicky said, “Are you hurting as much as the rest of us are from last night?”  I laughed and said, “Yea…probably more…I feel like I’m going to drop right here.”  April said, “Okay hello…why were you in there working out?”  I said, “How else would I be able to stay in shape to kick all of your asses in the ring…”  They started laughing and I looked up at Mark and said, “What’s up big man?”   Mark said, “Can I talk to you in private please?”  I said, “Yea, sure.”  Jaden said, “We’ll meet you in the sauna…”  I said, “No problem…I’ll be there in a minute.”


They walked back into the gym and into the sauna…and I leaned against the wall and said, “Okay spill it Mark…What did I do wrong now?”  Mark had his hands on his hips and looked damn sexy just standing there…and said, “I’m not here to yell at you…I just wanted to apologize about the whore comment…I was way out of line and it was unacceptable.”  I said, “Yea, you was out of line for it…but thanks for apologizing…”  Mark said, “As for last night…what was with the body shot party?  You guys look beat…do all of you have hang overs?”  I said, “Nope…we just danced our asses off until 5 am this morning…we had had enough of the guys in the company, present company included…and wanted to blow off steam…so we asked those guys to help us release some energy…they did body shots off us for an hour…we didn’t drink anything except water…then they went out dancing with us…”


I started to walk back into the gym to join the girls…and as Mark started to walk away I said, “Mark…”  He turned around and said, “Yea?”  I said, “If you ever figure it out would you let me know?”  Mark looked at me confused and said, “Figure what out?”  I said, “Why you hate me so much…I mean it’s the only thing I can think of…I imagine it has something to do with Sara…but if you ever want to talk let me know…I’m a good listener.” 


Mark’s heart broke…he couldn’t get over the fact that Roxy had just said that he hated her…when it was the furthest thing from the truth…


I went back into the gym and joined the girls in the sauna…Grace said, “Well…what happened?”  I said, “Nothing we had a rather nice chat…”  April said, “Remember the other night when you hit the nail on the head and told me I was in love with Paul?”  I smiled and said, “Yea.”  April said, “You’re in love with Mark aren’t you?”  All eyes were on me waiting to hear my response…and I nodded and said, “Yea, afraid so…”  Jaden said, “You’ve got to be kidding me…”  I said, “Nope…” 


Chapter 10


Vicky said, “What are you gonna do about it?”  I said, “Do?  What on earth can I do?”  Bryanna said, “HELLO!…you could tell him.”  I said, “Yea sure…and then shortly after die of embarrassment.”  Brandy said, “C’mon maybe that’s why he’s been fight with you…maybe he’s liked you since the first day, but figured if he was an ass…you’d help him forget about you.”  I said, “I don’t think so…I wish it would be that easy to just tell him.”  Natalie said, “Believe me…I’m friends with virtually every guy on this tour…I know all of them like the back of my hand…” 


Natalie looked at the back of her hand and said, “Hey, where did that bite mark come from?”  All of us started laughing and she said, “Oh never mind, Dave gave me that this morning when I snapped his ass with a towel.”  We laughed harder at her…


A few weeks later, and Mark and I were doing a pretty great job of ignoring each other…we just stopped everything…we didn’t even fight anymore…which was obviously so unlike up.  One night before Raw Paul had been in a very bad mood and took it out on April…I walked into the ladies restroom and I could hear someone crying in a stall…I walked over and knocked and by the sound of the sobs and the “Go away.”  I received, I knew it was April…I took a quarter out of my pocket and unlocked the stall from the outside…and sat next to her on the floor.


I pushed her bright red pixie hair out of her face and said, “What did Paul do now?”  April just cried harder…and I pulled her over and she was laying with her head on my lap and was just crying hard…I said, “What happened April…Sweetie I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”  April calmed down enough and said, “Paul said I was a good for nothing bitch, and that I dressed like a whore when I went out to the ring with him…and that I wasn’t a serious wrestler and I just wanted to fuck all the guys in the back…he even went after Jeff…I felt so bad…He busted Jeff’s nose and gave him a concussion…and then he shaved his head…”


I rocked April a little until she was fully calmed…and I said, “Don’t worry about it…I’ll handle it okay…he’s not going to talk to you like that…anymore…and if he does…I’ll remove his penis and balls with a weed whacker…”  April sat up and looked at me and then started busting up laughing and gave me a hug and said, “Thank you Roxy.”  I said, “you’re welcome…C’mon we’ve got a match to get ready for.”  I stood up and pulled April up to her feet and we walked down the hall…I had my arm around her shoulder and she had tears still sliding down her cheeks…We started to walk in when Mark came out and said, “Hey, I was just looking for you.”  I said, “Yea…Gimmie a minute…I’ll be right back..”  I walked April in and asked Jaden to help her get ready for out tag match against Vicky and herself…and told them I’d meet them at the titan tron.


I walked back out and Mark was walking me down the hallway and said, “Is April okay?”  I said, “Yea, she’ll be fine…but if I see Paul…I’m gonna give him a bloody nose.”  Mark said, “Whoa…wait a minute…what happened?”  I said, “Believe me, it’s a long drawn out story that ends with Paul being a dick to her…I’m really tired of him shitting all over her when he feels it necessary…”  Mark said, “Damn girl, calm down…You need to stay focused for your match.”  I said, “I’m focused believe me…I’m always focused when it comes to wrestling…You realize you guys aren’t allowed out there tonight?”  Mark nodded and said, “I was just coming to see if you were okay…I hadn’t seen you all day.”  I said, “Yea…I’m fine…just trying to help April.”


Mark said, “Okay later…”  I said, “Mmmm-hmm.”  Mark walked away as the girls walked up…and we stretched and got ready…


Lillian Garcia announced us…She said, “This next match will determine the contenders for the women’s Tag Team Belts…First to the ring is Flame & Roxy…”  April and I stood on the platform just looking out at everyone and then walked down and got in the ring…Lillian continued, “And the Challenger tonight will be Soulfire & Lady Victoria.”  They walked out and pointed at us…I looked at April and said, “Let the trash talkin’ begin.”  She smiled and said, “Yup.”  I said, “Girl…don’t you let him ruin your night.”  She shook her head no.


The bell rang and we went at it…it was all 4 of us in the ring…we kept exchanging partners to beat the crap out of…We were about 3 minutes from the match ending and Jaden and Vicky were supposed to win the match…


Chapter 11


Well out of no where, Kurt Angle, Benjamin Shelton, and Charlie Hass or better know as Team Angle…came running down to the ring…and they literally threw Jaden and Vicky out of the ring…and then while Benjamin and Charlie held me and April…Kurt came over to me and shoved his tongue down my throat…this was by no means in the script…and when I bit down on his tongue it pissed him off and he back handed me…Charlie dropped me and Kurt actually kicked me several times in the rib cage…and then he picked me up and gave me the jack knife power bomb through a table.  I was out of it completely…not knocked out cause I could hear April talking to Kurt about how this was scripted…


Kurt said, “Yea, well life isn’t scripted and it’s not fair…live with it bitch.”  He did the same exact thing to her that he did to me…except when he power bombed her it was from the top rope through two tables…she was completely knocked out…when the 3 morons left the ring…they cut to a commercial…and I was pretty disoriented and my equilibrium was totally off, so I couldn’t stand up…so I crawled on my hands and knees over to April and touched her hand and I just couldn’t take it anymore…and collapsed next to her…everything hurt from head to toe…I couldn’t imagine how much pain April would be in when she woke up.


Mark and the guys were in the back when they saw went down…they knew that wasn’t scripted…so Mark and Paul both took off towards the ring…When they went to the commercial break they made it a double one to get enough time to get us out of the ring…Mark and Paul immediately ran down and slid into the ring…Paul said, “She’s out cold…”  Mark said, “Roxy, sweetie can you hear me?”  I giggled and said, “Yea I can hear you…”  He said, “Can you open your eyes for me?”  I slowly opened my eyes and automatically shut them and said, “I’m getting a migraine…I can’t open them again…”  Mark said, “Okay…keep them closed if it helps…but talk to me…so I know you’re alright.”


I suddenly felt Mark’s warm hands feeling around on me…he started at my neck and was gentle with the touches…and said, “Does it hurt here?”  I said, “No…only my head hurts.”  He went down my shoulders and the my upper arms, forearms, wrists, hands and then fingers…Mark slipped my shoes and socks off and checks my toes and ankles then went up to my knees and I jumped a little and said, “Does that hurt?”  I said, “No, it tickles."  Mark said, “Sorry…”  He moved up and felt around on my hips and he said, “I don’t think anything is broken…how about your chest…can you breathe okay?”  I said, “No…I feel like you’re is sitting on my chest.”  Mark smirked and said, “Well, it’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor yet.” 


I said, “Paul, how’s April?”  Paul said, “She’s starting to wake up…but the EMT’s are here so they sedated her to keep her from freaking out and hurting herself worse.”


All of a sudden my shirt was pulled up a little and I could feel Mark’s hands slowly run across my stomach and then up to my ribs, by the bottom of my breasts.  When Mark hit the sore part I smacked his hand…and he said, “Tender?”  I said, “No…fucking painful.”  Mark said, “You might have a few bruised or broken ribs…You think you can get out of the ring?”  I said, “Sure.”  I rolled over and Mark slid out and grabbed my foot and pulled me over to the side and stood me up against the ring, while he grabbed my shoes and socks…he didn’t put them back on. I couldn’t stand still because of my equilibrium…I started to slide down to the floor, when Mark said, “Whoa, hold on darlin’…Roxy, honey put your arms around my neck.”  I complied and he lifted me up in his arms…and I said, “My legs aren’t broken I can walk ya know.”  He said, “Honey, you can’t even stand right now…I don’t even think you could find your own ass with both hands, what makes you think you can walk…enjoy the ride.”


They took April to the ER and she was kept over right she had 3 broken ribs, and a severe concussion…I had a mild concussion and 5 broken ribs.  Other then that we were just banged up and bruised…Paul stayed with April that night…and the hospital went ahead and released me…Mark took me back to the hotel…


Chapter 12


A few weeks later, April and I were feeling better…but Team Angle were in some kind of pain in a big way…cause it would be the one time Mark would team up with someone while him and Glenn were still a tag team…Mark, Paul and Glenn…gave Team Angle the beating of their life…even though the fans didn’t realize it was all real…every single jolt of pain felt by the threesome…was real…they suffered severe concussions, tons of blood loss…and plenty of broken bones…it would be a cold day in hell when they would let someone do something like that to two of their valets…


Grace offered to put a curse on them…but Mark, Paul and Glenn, declined…they wanted to admonish an ass whippin’ the old fashioned way…April and I had front row seats…we were sitting in the divas dressing room watching the monitor…we didn’t even have a clue they were going to do it…We couldn’t believe that Vince McMahon had actually allowed them to jump script for the night and actually beat their ass…


Natalie told us later…Mark had insisted on it…apparently he had told Vince he could either beat the little bastards asses in the ring…or he could wait until they stepped out the back doors of the arena…and would have a whole locker room full of men backing him when Paul, Glenn and himself used them to mop up the asphalt in the street…Apparently Vince decided against the asphalt mopping and let them take out their frustrations in the ring…and didn’t even write a script what ever happened, happened…he knew they wanted retribution for what they’d done to us.


After a couple more weeks we weren’t yet fully healed…but at least we were allowed to walk the guys down to the ring again…but it wouldn’t probably another month before the tour doctor would release us to wrestle…just cause he wanted to make sure we were fully healed…Well it seems that even when you think things are going to change…they really just stay the same.  As soon as the tour doctor started letting us walk the guys to the ring again...Paul was back to his mean self again…he was just down right mean to her…I mean she came back crying to the dressing room almost every night and no one saw it but us girls…


One night, I had just walked Mark out for his match and came back…and we parted ways…I had on Black leather pants, matched steel toed boots and a matching tank top, plus my black leather finger less gloves…and I had my hair in a high ponytail…I meet with a few girls in the hallway and we talked a little before they had to walk the other guys out…


Paul asked April to give him a massage, cause his muscles were getting tense before his match…so she started massaging…but he didn’t like the way she was doing it…So he started yelling at her and she said, “You know something Paul…if you’d lay off the steroids…you wouldn’t get tense before match…God you’re such an asshole.”  Paul got royally pissed off and grabbed her by her upper arms and slammed her as hard as he could into the cinder block wall spine first…and then told her she was pathetic…She slid down the wall…When I saw Paul walk out of one of the spare dressing rooms…and a whimper coming from the room…I waited until he was fully out of sight and walked in…I saw April laying in a pile on the floor…and about that time Jaden and Brock were walking by…


I said, “Jaden…Can you come in here please…”  Naturally Brock followed…when they saw April laying on the floor they both rushed over…I said, “Brock, can you carry her down to the medical room?”  Brock said, “Sure…C’mon April Honey…put your arms around my neck…”  April leaned up and wrapped her arms around his neck and he gently picked her up and she whimpered and Brock was just trying to soothe her…he said, “I know it hurts honey…just stay calm.”  As soon as I made sure that April got to the medical room…and I stayed with her until the tour doctor looked her over and told me what was wrong with her…


I walked down the hallway…with Jaden and Brock hot on my heels…I knocked on the men’s dressing room door where I knew Paul would be…Glenn walked over and cracked the door and I smiled and said, “Hi Glenn…is every one clothed?  I need to see Paul for about 5 seconds give or take a second.”  Glenn looked around and said, “Mostly everyone is dressed…there are a few toweled guys in here.”  I said, “Well…it’s nothing I’ve never seen…”  I pushed the door open and walked past him…and scanned the room for Paul….he was standing by the lockers talking with Devon and Shane…


Chapter 13


I walked over turning up the sweet voice that was dripping with sin and said, “Hey Paul…Can I talk to you real fast?”  Paul smiled sweetly like nothing was wrong and said, “Sure Roxanna…”  He walked over and stood in front of me and said, “How can I help you sweetie?”  He stood there with that smug little smirk on his face and I just balled up my fist, pulled back and crack Paul right in the nose, his ass flew back and hit the ground…Devon and Shane looked at each other and said, “DAMN!” 


I stood over Paul’s moaning and groaning body and said, “You son of a bitch…if you ever put your hands on April again, I’ll break more then your nose next time…and if you think I’m kidding…you’re sadly mistaken…”  Paul started to get up when I shoved him back down and said, “You stay right there…”  I squatted down and put my shin across his throat and leaned hard…there wasn’t any way he was getting away that easily…I said, “You’re such an asshole, did you know that…you’re so blind, as are half the men in the fucking world…April is in love with you…and yet you treat her like a God Damn rag doll…around your friends you have to be Mr. Dickhead…but when you’re alone with her you’re sweet as fucking sugar…I don’t care how much you lose your temper…you never put your hands on a female out of anger…Never…I don’t care what she says or does to you…it doesn’t matter…” 


Mark walked in and saw me practically sitting on Paul’s larynx.  Mark walked over and said, “Jesus Christ Roxanna…have you lost your mind…he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off Paul’s throat…”  Paul stood up, bloody nose and all and said, “That bitch is crazy…I don’t have a clue what the hell she’s talking about.”  Mark made the mistake of letting go of me…and I kicked straight up with my foot and caught him right in the balls (Don’t forget I have steel toed boots on)…as Paul’s eyes crossed from the pain surging through his groin…I said, “How could you not know you asshole…you threw April against the damn concrete wall so hard you sprained her back…she’s going to be sidelined from wrestling for a couple extra months because of your temper…People like April come around once in a blue moon…what ever she said that pissed you off…chances are you deserved every word that came out of her mouth…”


I started to go after Paul again…when Mark grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and carried me down the hallway…walking past the Diva’s dressing room…the girls just stared…it’s not like they really could have stopped Mark…Jaden walked up and Vicky said, “What happened?”  Jaden said, “Paul threw April into the wall and sprained her back…so Roxanna kicked his ass for him…she just belted him and called him everything but a white boy...She broke his nose.”  I heard the girl hooting and hollering…


I pushed myself up and held my right arm in the air like Mark always did before he left the arena after a match and said, “Solidarity sisters…”  Grace, Vicky, Jaden, Natalie, Bryanna, and Brandy ran out into the middle of the hallway facing me and held up their right arms and yelled, “YA-YA!!” (In reference to the movie: Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood.)


When we got outside…Mark placed me on the back of his Harley…and said, “Don’t move.”  I didn’t move a muscle…for probably fear of what would happen if I did…Mark really didn’t scare me…but sometimes his attitude would.  Mark climbed on the bike in front of me and started it up…the rumble of the engine echoed throughout the parking garage…Mark reached behind him and took my hands and wrapped them around his large frame and settled them on his chest…and we took off…


We pulled up to the hotel, and Mark got off snatched my hand and practically drug me into the lobby of the hotel…I started to say something and he said, “Not a word.”  I smacked the side of my leg and rolled my eyes…he drug me into the elevator and we were on our floor…somehow or another, we always ended up with our rooms either across the hall from each other, or next door…this time it was across the hall…I looked across at my door and started to walk over that way when Mark grabbed me and drug me into his room…and slammed the door…making the windows in his room rattle.


Chapter 14


I swallowed hard and kept my back firmly pressed against the door…thinking okay, if anything happens I can make a fast get a way…


I watched as Mark crossed the room, disposed of his black trench coat, sunglasses and keys…he opened the curtains to the sliding glass doors out to the balcony and opened the door, to let the fresh breeze blow through the hotel room.  Mark turned back around to me…and stalked over and stopped about 5 feet from me…and said, “Why did you do that to Paul…you do realize he can get you in a shit load of trouble.”  I said, “Yea I know…but he should have thought about that before he put his hands on April like that…he sprained her back Mark…because she said something smart assed to him…he threw a baby fit…and threw her into the wall and sprained her back.”


Mark said, “I can’t believe you broke his nose.”  I said, “He deserved to have more then that broken on him.”  It was silent between us for a few minutes…and I was looking around the room growing increasingly nervous about exactly why he had me in his room…


Jesus! I shivered. Mark saw the shiver. "I'm sorry! Let me close the door. It is way too cold for you! You will have to excuse me. I like it cold when I sleep." he explained.

"It's ok, don't change your routine for me. I'm not cold.  Just a little nervous, I guess." I said as she played with the hem on her pants.

"Nervous? You?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes! Me!" I said as they both laughed.

His eyes darkened to a smoky green. "I can't imagine you nervous! You haven't been nervous all night, let alone for as long as I’ve known you. Why now?" he asked me softly.  I said, “I don’t know…I am just trying to figure out…if you hate me so much, why bring me to your room?  Why not just leave me at the arena…or let me go to my own room?”  Mark said, “I don’t hate you, I wish you’d stop saying that…it’s actually the furthest thing from the truth…I have actually grown quite attached to you…believe me if I hated you, I wouldn’t have beaten the shit out of Kurt and his boys for hurting you the way they did…”

I felt my spot by the door and walked around the room a little, Mark walked over and grabbed my shoulders…I looked up into his smoldering green eyes and said, “What?”  Mark said, “Do me a favor…stop fighting with me so much, I find it hard to be attracted to you, when I’m trying to be mad at you.”  Mark captured my lips with his as his tongue slipped pasted my lips and into my mouth and was caressing every part of my mouth…I let a small moan escape my mouth into his and he deepened the kiss…


Mark pulled away and I just stared at him as he walked over and sat on the couch…I went to walk past him and out of the room but he grabbed a hold of me and pulled me on to the couch with him…he was laying half on me and half off me…and I could feel his hands roaming all over my body…he slowly ran his hands over my breasts and my nipples became instantly hard…then when he got to the bottom of my shirt, he slid his hands under my shirt, sliding the shirt up as he went and pulled it off…he slowly kissed down my neck…I loved the feeling his go-tee slide across my bare skin…it was pretty erotic…

His mouth met with my nipples and he was just ever so gentle with me…as he finished with my chest, he slid his tongue down my stomach and was sliding my pants off with my panties…but didn’t touch me anywhere else…he moved my legs apart and was kissing the sides of my thighs…and left a hickey on the inside of my right thigh…really high…he kissed his way back up to me and we continued kissing again…then he stopped and got up…I watched him and he said, “Stand up.” So I did…Mark picked me up…and carried me to his room…and closed the door…

I laid on the bed…Mark got rid of his t-shirt…and then his levis…and everything else and was standing there in his total naked glory…wow that boy looks good with or without clothes…ESPECIALLY without…hehehe…

Mark moved down my body after assaulting my again nipples…and as he started licking and massaging my clit with his tongue…he entered me with two fingers and started a huge sexual assault on the lower half of my body…I grabbed Mark’s go-tee and pulled his lips up to mine and we started kissing a little more passionately…and intense…very…VERY intense.


Mark didn’t say anything…he pulled his fingers out of me…licked them clean and moved up my body, he leaned over and kissed me long hard and passionate…I could taste myself on his tongue and lips…and it turned me on even more…Mark slid his body between my thighs and then pushed my thighs apart even further and pushed his erection into my dripping wet center…and started thrusting in and out of me slowly…


Mark said, “Oh my god…Roxy you feel so good baby…I love being inside of you…”  My hips were meeting every one of his thrusts and I said, “I love feeling you inside of me…”  I could feel my orgasm building and building…I had my head thrown back and said, “I’m so close Mark…Make me cum for you.”  Mark said, “I know baby…I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum anymore…”  Mark started thrusting, harder…faster…Mark, moved my thighs a little and went deeper inside of me…and I went over the edge as I felt my orgasm rock through my whole body into Mark as his orgasm hit him just as hard into my body…“Oh God Mark.”  Mark growled a few times and I felt him empty himself into me.


When we caught our breath, Mark laid behind me and pulled me back against him and we were both so spent that sleep over took both our bodies…


Chapter 15


I was completely disoriented in the morning…until I tried to move but couldn’t because the lump laying in the bed behind me had me wrapped up into a couple of tattooed arms…I was trying my best to wiggle my way out of his embrace…when a low groggy southern accented voice said, “Where are you trying to sneak off to?”  I said, “No where yet.”  Mark said, “Were you planning on sneaking later?”  I said, “Yea, afraid so..”  He said, “Why?”  I said, “Cause I want to take a shower…and I’m supposed to meet the girls for lunch…and I generally don’t like stinking like a man’s sweat mixed with mine.” 


Mark buried his nose in my neck and said, “Oh I don’t know I think it makes you smell awful good.”  I giggled a little and smacked his arm.  He continued, “In fact I think you smell sexier when you’ve got my sweat all over you.”  He ran his tongue up my neck to my ear and kissed my ear and said, “Mmm…you taste good too.”  I said, “You stop that…I need to get going…or I’m going to be late..”  Mark turned me over to my back and leaned down and gave me a soft light kiss on the lips.  Then he let me up out of the bed…he watched as I walked into the bathroom and took a shower…


When I emerged from the bathroom, I was re-dressed in what I had on the night before…and my hair was wet…Mark was still laying in bed, his hands thrown behind his head…I don’t know what it is about a naked man in bed…but the minute I saw the light sprinkle of soft red hair on Mark’s chest…I was totally ready to rumble with him again…Mark held out his hand when he saw me walk out…I walked over and put my hand in his…and he pulled me over to him…I threw my leg over him and sat straddled across his lap, while he stayed laying down…he had his hands on my hips and steadied me…


Mark said, “Don’t move…if you move…it will be all over…and you’ll never make it out of this room in time to meet the girls.”  I smiled a little and said, “How can I help you?”  Mark said, “I want to set some ground rules…I want us to be professional in front of people from the company…we can do whatever the hell we want when we’re in a dressing room or hotel room…but anything that happens between us…stays between us…it doesn’t leave those rooms…so don’t go run and tell the girls about last night…it’s no one’s business but ours…understood?”  I nodded.  I leaned down kissed his lips and left.


I went across the hall to my room and change and then as I was walking down to the Hotel restaurant…I couldn’t believe I just agreed to basically be Mark’s sex buddy.  That is not me…but there was something about the hold Mark had over me…hell he could get me to agree to some kind of tragedy that would have mass casualties…God there was something about him.


I met the girls and we all sat down to eat lunch…Jaden leaned across the table and said, “So what happened with you and Mark last night?”  Vicky said, “Yea, anything important we should know about?”  I said, “Nothing actually, he just threw me on his Harley like some damn neanderthal just to get me away from Paul…and then dropped me off at the hotel…I don’t know where he went after that…”  Bryanna said, “He had to of found himself some kind of ring rat cause that man was moaning and groaning all night long…and the girl he was screwing was equally as loud…I thought they would never shut up.”  I said, “I know I heard them…I was almost tempted to bang on his door and tell him no moaning after 2 am…but I knew it wouldn’t have done any good.”  Brandy said, “Why is it when guys hear other guys having sex…they get turned on…As soon as Scotty heard Mark’s loud ass mouth…he was all up on me…It became this competition to see who could get their woman to scream louder.” 


We started laughing and Bryanna said, “Yea…well questions with no answers on my side, cause Glenn was the same way last night…at first moan from Mark…that boy was stiff as a board, trying his damndest to get into my panties…”  Grace said, “It must be a male thing, cause as soon as Nathan heard all of you guys moaning and groaning…he was rubbing himself all over me…well not as to say I wasn’t enjoying it…but I was beat last night…and this morning…I’m still beat…but now I’m sore also.” 


Jaden and Natalie both piped into the sex conversation…Vicky said, “Oh good…I didn’t want to be the only on who got sex last night…but then again…I turned Shane on by myself…I think it was somewhere between him trying to watch the news and me walking in front of the TV naked on my way to take a shower…he was up, out of his clothes, TV off and in the shower naked with me before I could even get my skin wet.”  We were all sitting there laughing our asses off, when we looked over and saw Paul and April walk in…he had his hand in the middle of her back, guiding her to a table.


Chapter 16


I was just about ready to walk over there and punch him out, when Vicky was laughing so hard…she said, “He looks like a God Damn raccoon…”  Because of how hard I hit him, he had two black eyes…and his nose was broken, but he wasn’t wearing anything for it…I looked over and Grace and she was evil eyeing Paul…I thought for sure his head was going to burst into flames or something…she was staring pretty evilly…


A few minutes later, I was tapped on the shoulder…I looked up and it was Paul…He said, “Roxy, Can I speak to you for a minute?”  I nodded and placed my napkin on the table and excused myself…as we were walking out into the lobby Mark, Glenn, Brock, Shane, Nathan and Dave were walking into the restaurant…Mark looked at me with concern cause he could see I was about to have a talk with Paul…I shock my head no slightly…to let him know I was fine and he continued following the others.


I stood with my hands in my pockets face to face with Paul and said, “Spill it, what’s up?”  Paul said, “I wanted to thank you?”  I said, “For what?”  He said, “For kicking my ass last night…I deserved it…I have been in love with April since she became my valet…I just didn’t have the balls to tell her…and last night was a huge wake up call for me…I would see her talking with you guys, and she was friends with all the guys…and I would get so jealous, because they had her attention and I didn’t…but last night, after you told me everything and beat my ass for hurting her…which I’m really glad you did…Vince asked me what happened…I just told him I walked into a fist…and wanted to leave it at that…so he doesn’t know it was you…even though it’s embarrassing cause I know the guys are going to tease me about it…I can’t get over the initial embarrassment, as long as I get to have April…I will make it all up to her…I started last night…and I’ll continue until she agrees to marry me…” 


I was in complete shock needless to say.  I walked back to the table as Paul took his seat with April…I explained to the girls what Paul had said…and we were happy for her…she deserved it.  April walked over and knelt down next to me and said, “Thanks Roxanna…Paul told me what you did…You didn’t have to do it…but thanks just the same…did you know he’s got great taste in roses…Since about 8 last night, he’s been sending me a dozen long stem roses every hour on the hour…in different colors…yellow, purple, white, red, pink, he even found a place that has white with red tips…the roses stopped about 11…when he came by our hotel room to take me to lunch…and had another dozen roses with him.”  I said, “Yea…I noticed all the roses in there…I thought I was in a funeral home when I walked in…but you wasn’t there…and I wasn’t about to be nosey and read the card.”


We all got up ready to leave, and April pulled me into a tight hug…April whispered to me, “He wants me to marry him…but I told him I’m gonna have to think about it…he said, it probably won’t be for another year…cause he wants a long engagement…but he’s definitely sure he wants to marry me…I hope you don’t mind, but he asked me to room with him from now on.”   I said, “No it’s okay…I like the peace and quiet…besides you snore like a lumber jack.”  April said,  “Thanks a lot.” Obviously dripping with sarcasm. 


Chapter 17


Probably about 2 months later…April finally agreed to Paul’s request for getting engaged and received one of the hugest diamond rings…my eyes had ever seen…Also, Brock had finally taken Jaden’s advice and got rid of Paul Heyman…his loud mouth over bearing manager…So when we went through Las Vegas…Brock and Jaden got married…deciding to have a bigger wedding when they had more time off…


In the mean time it was getting harder and harder to keep myself focused around Mark…I looked around and would see the other girls, kiss and touch their boyfriends, husbands and fiancés and yet I didn’t even know if Mark was my boyfriend or not…I mean, when we would get back to the hotel after our night was finished…we’d be in my room and have a few hours of some wonderful sex…and then sleep…I mean he liked to hold me when we slept and that was really nice, cause he was always so warm and comforting…


But waking up the next morning…Mark would already be gone…he didn’t want anyone to see him coming out of my hotel room…and it was so damn un-nerving…I hated feeling used…and that’s exactly how I always felt after our nights together…it was like sex was the only thing he was really looking towards me for…I mean it would have been nice for him to think of me as something other then someone have sex with him all the time.  I knew the only way I could change it…would be to talk to him about it…


Well after him ignoring the subject for a couple of weeks…All hell was about to break loose.


One day us girls were in the ring, cause April and I had finally be released a month back to wrestle again…so we felt like we had ring rust…so the girls said they’d help whip our asses back into shape…well the guys came back down to the ring…I was already suffering from the biggest migraine a person could possibly have…and I hadn’t seen Mark in a week, because he was off doing a bunch of autograph sessions, and doing some magazine interviews…I hated to admit it to myself but I was missing him…while all of us were in the ring…the guys started walking down the ramp like usual…giving us shit like always, about it being time for the real money makers to get their ring time in before we broke a nail or something.


Mark had walked down with the boys, so I was assuming he was back and our little sex adventures would be continuing tonight right?  WRONG!


While me and April finished up what we were doing…Mark decided to get in my face…first he said I was going to fast and then he said I was going to slow then he decided to tell me I was being sloppy and that if I wasn’t going to be a serious wrestler that I should get out of the damn ring and let the real wrestlers handle it…in all honesty I figured he was just trying to get a rile out of me…and man was he ever about to get one from me…


I said, “You know something…you need to make up your damn mind, and if you can’t do it for yourself because old age has set in…then please appoint one of the other guys to make all your future decisions for you…because clearly…you don’t know what you want!”  I pulled my black fingerless gloves off and got out of the ring…and Mark stalked after me…everyone just knew to keep quiet, they could tell I was pissed…I wanted to cry so bad…but I wasn’t about to let Mark or anyone else in the arena know he’d gotten to me…


Chapter 18


About middle of the ramp, an hand grabbed my upper arm forcefully and jerked me around to face Mark…and he said, “You are not going to throw a baby fit and walk out of here…you’re gonna stand here and listen to ever damn word I say…you need to have respect for other people…namely me…I know what I’m talking about when I tell you things…Get your butt back into that ring and do it better.”  I said, “You know something…contrary to popular belief…you’re not my boss…there is no part of me that you are in charge of…” 


Mark didn’t miss the sound of my voice cracking…he knew I was about to cry…he’d never seen me cry…and wasn’t sure if he wanted to start…But against his own better judgment, Mark grabbed my arms and pulled me close and said, “What the hell is wrong with you today?”  I pulled away and said, “Believe me…you don’t want to know…Besides I don’t think you could handle it anyway…”  Mark said, “What is wrong Roxanna?” 


I said, “You can’t fix me Mark…you can just make me feel used…I’m sorry…but I can’t do this anymore, I can’t keep doing this to myself…I can’t be your enemy in front of my friends…but be your sex partner at night when no ones watching or judging…I respect myself more then that…I should have never allowed it to continue…especially after the first night…I should have known then…that you didn’t want anyone to know about us…that should have been my red flag…you never intended for anything more then sex to go on between us…and I was so blindly stupid and letting myself fall in love with you…that I couldn’t see what your real motives were…I should have known better…you only care about one person here…and I’m looking at him, so I know it’s not me.”


I turned around and continued walking up the ramp…when I got to the back I disappeared for a while…


A few days later, Me, Mark, Glenn and Bryanna…had a huge autograph session…Mark tried to talk to me a few times…but I just wasn’t having any of it at the moment…I just want to concentrate on the fans…and get the whole thing over with…a little girl walked up with her mother and I said hi to the little girl…but it was pretty silent…her mother walked forward and said, “Her name is Sami, she loves to watch you wrestle.  I adopted her a few months ago…she doesn’t know English yet, but were in the process of trying to teach her…you don’t really have to say anything to her…she’ll be delighted for just getting your autograph…she loves watching wrestle…She only speaks and understands French.”  I said, “How old is she?”  She said, “She’s 7.”


I said, “Would you mind if I walked around to see her?”  The mother said, “No not at all…”  I got up and walked around the table and squatted down in front of me…Mark just watched in fascination as I started speaking to the girl in French…


I said, “Bonjour Sami.”  (Hi Sami)


The little girl said, “Bonjour.”  (Hi)


I said, “Ah, allez-vous être un grand mauvais lutteur comme je quand vous grandissez?”  (Oh, are you going to be a big bad wrestler like me when you grow up?)


She smiled and giddily replied, “L'amour d'Oh oui Roxy?I?d à être des lutteurs vous aiment.”  (Oh yes Roxy…I’d love to be a wrestlers like you…)


I said, “Le séjour de We?ll à l'école et obtiennent de bonnes catégories et forment vraiment le hard?and peut-être un jour, you?ll se posent à moi dans le ring? would que vous aimez cela.”  (We’ll stay in school and get good grades and train really hard…and maybe someday, you’ll face me in the ring…would you like that?)


She nodded and said, “Oui…” (Yes)


I said, “Okay?it était ok gentil de salut de you? you de réunion.”  (Okay…it was nice meeting you…you take care okay)


She nodded again and smiled, “Ok.” (Ok)


As they were walking away Sami stopped and said, “Roxy Secondaire.”  (Bye Roxy).


I smiled and wave and said, “Sami Secondaire” (Bye Sami).


Mark decided he had a few things to think about…first he had to figure out how to tell me he loved me…it had been building…but he didn’t want to say anything…and he knew it would have to tell me soon…or risk losing me to someone else…and he just wasn’t about to let that happen.


Chapter 19


Mark took some time off from wrestling…no one could believe it…Mark Callaway…taking time off?  Everyone seemed to think he was sick or something…but they weren’t quite sure…Natalie called and talked to him a few times and she finally yelled at him to get his ass in gear or else he was going to lose me…and pretty damn fast.


In the mean time…I really missed Mark…I wanted to walk right up to him and tell him what an ass he was being and that he wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit him on the ass…but I couldn’t since he’d taken 2 weeks off and was at his home in Houston, Texas…


After the first week he was gone…we were sitting in the diva dressing room and Jaden said, “So you’re really in love with him aren’t you?”  I looked at her and said, “Who?”  She said, “You know damn well who…Mark you air head…”  I said, “Oh, sorry I didn’t understand the question.”  Bryanna said, “Good lord…she’s got it bad for the man, when she doesn’t even understand easy to answer questions…”  Brandy said, “Well…love is always a good thing.”  April said, “Yea…but what if he doesn’t love her back…that’s the only problem.” 


Grace said, “Yea…that’s the worse things in life, is being in love with someone and knowing they are not in love with you…it hurts and it sucks.”  Jaden said, “I agree…it does…I’m really glad I have Brock…I don’t know what I’d do without him…I mean honestly I could sit here and be the Ice Bitch all day long….but as soon as I hear his voice or feel his arms around me…I totally melt and become the Ice Puddle Bitch…” 


Vicky walked in the diva dressing room and had this look on her face like she’d seen a ghost.  I looked up at her and came out of my daze and said, “Vicky, what’s wrong?”  She said, “I can’t wrestle anymore.”  All of us jumped up and Jaden said, “What the hell is going on…Did Vince fire you or something?”  Grace said, “Yea...cause you know I can always put a curse on him to have loads of gas or something when he’s out in public…nothing more embarrassing when you’re trying to be professional but can’t cause you can’t stop farting.”


All of us looked at Grace and she just smiled and said, “What?  Did I say something wrong?”  We all busted out laughing…and I walked over and stood next to Vicky and said, “Okay…out with it little woman…what’s wrong?”  Vicky was chewing on her bottom lip and said, “I don’t know how to say this…but…I’m pregnant..”  I said, “Is this a good pregnancy or a bad pregnancy?”  Vicky said, “I don’t know I haven’t told Shane yet…I’m scared to tell him.”  I said, “Vicky, he’s your husband…you guys have been married for 3 years…I would of thought by now you could tell each other anything you wanted.”  Vicky said, “Yea…I know…but we never talked about having children…I don’t even know if he wants kids…”


Vicky English accent was slowly breaking…she started to have tears sliding down her cheeks and she said, “What am I supposed to do…what if he doesn’t want to have kids…what if he’s not ready…Should I have an abortion…or do I have it and give it up for adoption…or do I have it, keep it and if Shane doesn’t want it…I leave him…Because if Shane doesn’t want this baby…I know I already do…And I know it would hurt like hell but I’d leave him to raise my baby….with or without him.”


I said, “Whoa Vicky….calm down girl…first tell Shane you’re pregnant…then see what happens…don’t jump the gun and hire a divorce lawyer…cause you never know what that man will say…he loves you so much…hell he’d do anything you asked him…Believe me…just tell him first and then move on from there.”  Vicky nodded and said, “’re right…I did really jump the gun there didn’t I?”  Jaden said, “Hell honey…you jumped something…otherwise you wouldn’t be pregnant.”  We started laughing again…and got Vicky out of her funk.


Chapter 20


Well Mark didn’t come back after his two weeks were up…and no one knew why…the only one he talked with was Vince McMahon…and he wasn’t talking to any of us…I finally decided to call him…I whipped out my cell phone and called his home number…Mark was a grouch when he answered…Mark snatched the cordless phone off the ground and said, “What?”  I said, “Wow…so you really do answer the phone the same way where ever you are..”  Mark said, “Roxy?”  I said, “Ooo…Tell the man what he’s won Herbbie….”  Mark said, “Herbbie?”  I said, “Well…if this was a game show you’d be getting some sort of prize.”


Mark said, “So what’s up?”  I said, “You tell me…you was supposed to be back last week…and yet I’m looking around and you’re no where to be found…but yet I call your house and you answer?”  Mark said, “I’ve just been taking care of some stuff…I figured since I’ve got the vacation time…I might as well use it.”  I said, “But you’re okay right?”  Mark smiled and said, “Yea…I’m fine Roxy…thanks for worrying..”  I said, “Hey, someone’s got to worry about your dead ass…I wouldn’t want to have to be given to someone else as their valet at least not permanently…I mean it’s bad enough I’m now a Dudleyville woman…I’ve been walking Mark and Devon out to the ring, since you took off…I mean…I go from Harley’s to tables…That’s a switch.” 


Mark couldn’t believe that Roxanna had called him to make sure he was okay…all he could do was smile and listen to her voice…she sounded happy to hear his voice…


Mark said, “I’m really glad you called…I wanted to talk to you…but I have the hardest time talking to for some reason…at least face to face…I guess over the phone isn’t so hard…of course the only time were face to face is when we’re arguing or having sex…and one or the other has to stop…Do you have some time right now to listen to me?”  I said, “You know something…I was supposed to go have lunch with Jaden, Brock, Vicky and Shane…but let me call and cancel with them…and I’ll call you back and I’ll be all yours for ever long it takes you to get off your chest what ever it is you want to say to me…”  Mark said, “Okay…I’ll talk to you in a few minutes.” 


I hung up and called Jaden and told her to spread the word…I was canceling lunch to take an important phone call…but decided against tell anyone who I would be having a discussion with.  Then I laid across my bed in the hotel room…and pushed the button to use my speaker phone on my cell…so I wouldn’t have to hold it the whole time…and I called him back…


Meanwhile…Mark was walking around outside…and grabbed the cordless phone and sat on the back porch in the shade, and waited for me to call him back…the phone rang and he answered, “What?”  I said, “Doesn’t anyone know how to say Hello anymore…Jaden just answered her hotel phone with ‘Somebody better be dead’ which just meant she was in the middle of sex with Brock…and decided to answer the phone…”  Mark started laughing, he said, “I don’t need all the sordid details of what you girls do when I’m not around…”  I said, “Most of them have been getting pregnant…See what you miss?” 


Mark said, “Whoa!!!  Getting pregnant…they can’t find another way to entertain themselves?”  I laughed and said, “Obviously not…but hey you have to admit they picked a great entertainment…Sex or TV…gee…decisions, decisions…boy that’s a toughie.”  Mark laughed again…and said, “True…I guess if I had my pick of ESPN Sports Center, or sex with a beautiful woman…guys would have to pick Sex every time…unless it was close to the super bowl…cause men love their football…So whose been getting themselves knocked up?”  I said, “Well…Bryanna found out she’s pregnant, Glenn’s over joyed…Vicky found out she’s pregnant too…but she hasn’t told Shane yet…that’s what the luncheon was for…Plus Brandy and Scotty got engaged.”  Mark said, “Damn I’ve only been gone for 3 weeks…”


I laughed now…I said, “Oh by the way you’re on my cell phone speaker phone…”  Mark said, “That’s fine…I just have a lot to say and I want to make sure your comfortable…”  I said, “Okay…go for it…”


Chapter 21


Mark took a deep breath…it was now or never…he said, “I wanted to start by telling you…you’re the only woman in my life who can piss me off the way you do…and then make me hate myself for being so mean to you…The last couple of months with you have been wonderful…knowing I had someone I could climb into bed with and be totally comfortable with…someone who kept the other side of the bed warm…I don’t think the best part of what we had was the sex…I think the part I liked most was the holding each other all night long…that was the very best.”


Mark sighed heavy and continued, “I hated leaving you in the mornings…but I was being stupid…I knew there were some mornings I should of just swallowed my stupid pride and stayed in bed with you…hell there were a few times I turned around to get back into bed with you, but with as stubborn of an ass as I am…I wouldn’t allow myself to act like I cared…when I really did…I do care about you…I hated the fact that I had built up this wall around myself so people couldn’t get to me…I had allowed my first wife to use me…with Sara…well that was just the biggest mistake I ever made, to fall in love with someone I worked with…every one knows work romances never work out…but apparently most of those boys whose valet’s later became their wives…have to know something about love right…The problem was as soon as I meet you all I saw was Sara all over again…and I was absolutely against the fact that I immediately had feelings for you right off the bat.”


Mark was drinking something…because I could hear the ice in the glass…when he paused to take a sip…and then started again, “The more time I spent around you…the more I tried to deny it…I hate denial…I can deny until the damn sky turns purple and people can’t change my mind about anything…but when I meet you it all went out the window…and you were feisty…you fought me every step of the way too…you didn’t care who I was, or what I was…you didn’t even care that I was a foot taller and 200 pounds heavier then you…you always stood there looking me in the eyes…and stood your ground no matter what…and I admired that the most about you…and that night you beat the tar out of Paul, because if what he’d done to April…That got to me…because you was willing to put your job and career on the line to defend a friend from a guy who was being a dickhead…I think I’d admired you the most for that…because you was the first to prove yourself…when you said you didn’t take shit from guys…you was not joking…and you proved it, just by walking up and belting Paul in the nose and then worst of all…you kicked the boys…I didn’t notice you had steel toed boots on until it was too late….then I felt Paul’s pain…physically it hurt me to see you kick another man in the balls with those boots on…why I took you back to the hotel I don’t know…I guess the violent outburst just turned me on…that and showing your independent side and then also showing your ‘I don’t care who you are you’re not going to treat my friends like that’ side…”


I giggled a little and said, “Yea…that sounds like me…that night is still a complete blank to me.  I in all honesty…don’t even remember what I said to him…I was so pissed off…I just wanted him to hurt as much as he’d hurt April.”


Mark said, “I want to be with you…and I don’t mean just the sex thing, cause that just doesn’t work for me…if you only knew how many times I wanted to through you down in the middle of the ring and screw your brains out…because you had a look in your eyes…I probably would of, except for the fact that no one knew about us…and it was at my stupid request…well I want us to try this…I mean an actually relationship…I want to be your boyfriend…and I want you to be my girl…I don’t want you dancing with anyone else on the nights we all go out to the clubs…and I don’t want you laughing at someone else’s jokes…and I sure as hell don’t want you to share a bed with anyone other then me…Do you think we can try this?” 


Chapter 22


I smiled and said, “Yea…I think it’s something we can accomplish…I know I would like it…I’m supposing I have to wait to start this until you get your dead ass back on the tour?”  Mark said, “Yea…well…give me another week…and I should be back…”  I said, “Okay…I guess I’ll see you when you get back…”  Mark said, “I wish I was there right now with you…I want to kiss you so bad.”  I said, “Well…you go first…”  Marks said, “Okay deal.”  We talked a little more…and then hung up…We talked a few more times during the week…


After Smackdown one night, all of us decided to go to a club…and everyone was dancing and have the time of their lives.  I was enjoying my Strawberry margarita…when I looked over and noticed Mark standing next to Glenn talking…DAMN he looked good enough to eat…he had on levis, black steel toed boots, and a black sleeveless button up shirt, with only the 3 bottom buttons done up…the rest of it was open and I could see the sprinkle of his soft red hair on his chest…just enough to make me insane…yup my sanity was going quickly…plus his black bandana and he had his hair in a tight braid.


Before Mark could see me I ran over to the DJ and asked him to play a particular song…and the DJ said, “Okay ya’ll lets get ready to boogie…this song is for a gentle man in here by the name of Mark…the young lady that requested it, said you’d know who it was from…”



You're kicking tires, I'm sitting on the fence
Love's falling all around us, and it don't make sense
How long can the two of us beat around the bush
We're right out on the edge but we need a little push

Dancing on the tightrope, wearing it thin
Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in

Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss, hey yea
Do you want to kiss
You go first

You're dodging the moon and I'm playing it safe
Look what we're not doing, oh boy, what a waste
And what could be worse than never saying it at all
Is never knowing the feeling, never feeling the fall

What's it gonna take to get us both there
Can't you see what I'm suggesting, it's a double dare

Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss, hey yea
Do you want to kiss
You go first…yea…

You start if you have the nerve
I'll trust my heart, but you go first

Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss
Do you want to kiss, yea
Do you want to kiss
You go first…yea…

You go first…Oh-yea…You go first…Oh-Oh…



I walked over and stood by the table…As soon as Mark heard the song and the words to it…he immediately started looking for me…when it was over he walked up to me…grabbed me in front of everyone and planted the most intense kiss on my lips…we stood there kissing for a good 20 minutes…we heard a lot of cat calls…from the other guys…Jaden screaming, “GO GET HIM ROXANNA!!!”  Vicky, “WOOOOOOOO!!!!”


Chapter 23

Brock had injured his bi-cept muscles in his left arm…so he’d been staying at the hotel during Raw and Smackdown…and then Jaden would just go back to the hotel and they’d go out to dinner or something…they were really enjoying being together and being married…they spent every waking moment together as a newly wed couple.  She had told him no sex until he was feeling better from his injury…she didn’t want to risk re-injurying it…

One night in particular, while Brock was still out injured…The show had been over for about 2 hours now. Jaden walked quietly into the hotel room they were in. Brock was not in bed or the shower. Maybe he had gone out for awhile. Jaden went around the room gathering her things for a hot bath. With her back to the patio doors, she didn't see him standing there in just his sweats. He looked tired and in pain.

"Did you see Tony today? What did he tell you? How much more time will you be out?" Jaden asked. She had just kinda gone into her routine and was doing her thing and  had not realized that he had walked up behind her. Jaden smelled the liquor faintly on his breath as he was standing now directly behind her.

"Brock, have you been drinking?” Jaden asked him, already knowing his answer. "Yeah, a little." he said. “Have you taken your pain medication yet?" I asked him. "No, not yet." he answered.

Jaden could feel his erection through her clothes, and feel his breath in her hair. He put his hands on her shoulders and breathed these words, "How much longer are you going to torment me? I want you! Can you feel it? Please tell me you want this as much as I do!"

He had lifted her hair from her neck and was placing warm, wet kisses to her neck then moving her sweater to kiss her shoulders. "God, I can't wait much longer, you are driving me insane!" he moaned.

Jaden turned in his arms and looked into his beautiful eyes! Jaden put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly. Jaden felt his hands snake up her skin to the clasps of her bra.

"I'm takin that kiss as a yes." he said and the bra was unhooked and her sweater coming off over her head. Very large warm hands caressed her breasts, thumbs and fingers gently kneading her nipples until they were hard and swollen. Her hands roamed down his back and down further to his hips to inch his swollen erection closer to her heat. Her hand came around to caress him through his sweats, this almost sent him careening over the edge.

“Too much, too many! You have too many clothes on! Gotta have them off, now, can't wait!" he was chanting in his need. He unzipped her pants and reached down to remove her shoes then her stockings. All other articles of clothing had already been scattered. He was whispering in her ear telling her he was sorry, he couldn't wait. Her passion filled senses couldn't make heads or tails of his words. Then Jaden understood perfectly as he reached around her legs bringing her to sit on the very edge of the dresser. She wrapped her legs around him.

"Hang on, baby." he said as he sheathed his erection into her dripping wet center. Jaden guessed it was a good thing those hotel dressers are attached to walls or they would have been in a world of hurt! As it was now, they were in danger of getting thrown out for being loud! The first few strokes brought whimpers of pleasure from her, but as his strokes deepened those whimpers turned to shrieks as Jaden came closer and closer to her orgasm! "Oh my God, baby, cum for me! I can't wait! I don't want to leave you!" Brock was panting! Then Jaden felt her muscles contract and her orgasm hit her strong. So did Brock's, and Jaden could feel him spurting deep inside her! He just hung on there for a few minutes trying to calm down. Jaden still had her legs wrapped around him tightly.

After a few minutes they heard a knock on the door. "Brock, you ok?" the voice said.  SHIT!  It was Mark!  Jaden pushed Brock out of her and ran for the bathroom. Brock grabbed his sweats and opened the door. Mark stood there with the biggest shit eatin’ grin on his face.

"Dude! I wanna know if there is any more of that left!" Mark said as he walked in the room. "I know that had to be one hell of a screw session! I heard you cummin 2 doors down! You lucky son of a bitch!"

"Hey man, I was trying to have a moment with my wife." Brock thought that was the answer Mark was lookin for. Mark turned to leave and just before he got totally out of the door, he turned back to Brock and said, "You know, I'd never thought Jaden was a screamer!" He flashed Brock another shit eatin grin and walked out of the door.  Brock just grinned too!


Chapter 24


Mark came back to the dressing room, after hearing Jaden and Brock going at it…I said, “I can’t believe you went over there and was bugging them…Mark, sweetie…they are newly weds…that’s what they are supposed to be doing…having sex.”  Mark said, “Not only newly weds have sex…ya know…”  Mark had his arms around my waist and was kissing my neck…

Mark had ordered Chinese food to be delivered after taping Smackdown. I loved to watch him wrestle. He possessed such power and confidence, not just the character, but the man.  In his match earlier in the evening on Smackdown, he went up against RVD and unfortunately, got the 5 star frog splash!  We were talking about his match from earlier…"Damn! That hurts me all over again!" he said rubbing his chest and belly. "That little bastard can hurt you!"

"OOOHHHHH! The idea of RVD hurtin my big ol' Taker! What a horrible thought!" Now I was rubbin his chest and belly.  "Ok, darlin! You are gonna get more than a frog splash!" he moaned.

"Yeah, maybe the last ride?" I asked playfully.  "Oh hell yeah, darlin!" he moaned as I slipped my warm hand down in his sweats.  "But, it won't be a last ride!" he had pulled my sleeping shirt and shorts off and had his sweats off before I could get a thought process going! He had me straddle him on the couch, his erection buried deep within me.

"Ride me, baby!" he whispered as he guided me up and down his shaft, moaning loudly as my muscles gripped him.   "Oh yeah, just like that!" he moaned.

I was whimpering as he slipped his fingers between our bodies to hurry me along. He didn't want to leave me. I quickened my pace as he brought me closer and closer, my whimpering turned into moans!

"Easy, baby. Not yet! Don't let it go yet! Hold on just a few more minutes, make it last!" he whispered to me.

I had wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing his mouth close to my breasts. I could feel his breath on them, making the nipples harder.

"Easy, baby! Easy!" he moaned as he bent his head to take a hardened bud in his mouth. With his first gentle suck he felt my walls tighten around him, milking his aching hard on! He couldn't take anymore and released his hot seed into my willing body, our bodies shaking in the intensity!

"Jesus, Mark! What a ride!" I said shakily.

"That is one of my best finishes, darlin!" he whispered, grinning.

"No doubt, one of your better moves!" I said as I relaxed in his arms.

Chapter 25

Down the hall a little ways, Grace and Nathan had returned to their room after they had dinner with a few of the others after the Smackdown taping…Once in their room, she asked Nathan if he would share her bath with her. He just couldn't refuse her request.

She ran the tub full of hot water and lit several candles in the bathroom. The candlelight off her skin gave her a creamy look. His breathing was hard, his body tingling with anticipation of her small hands being on his hard body.

They stepped into the tub and allowed the hot fragrant water to lap over their bodies. Her fingers making wet trails over his arms. Memorizing the feel of his body, loving the sound of his ragged breathing. She knew he was looking forward to his special session, but she needed her own special session!

She took his silken finger tips and ran them down her arms. He then took the initiative and ran them over her body, loving the feel of her on his fingertips. He leaned up to kiss her lips, her face, not leaving any area unkissed. Then down to her neck and the sensitive collarbone area. Her senses were filled with him. His soft gentle touch and his heated kisses, soon had her whimpering with desire.   Nathan growled out, “I need you baby.”

"Please Nathan! Make love to me! I need you too!" Her simple plea broke his resolve. He stood up with her in his embrace. He got out of the bathtub and without taking his eyes from hers, took a large fluffy bath towel and started slowly sensuously rubbing the towel over her body, paying close attention to her breasts, then lower between her legs.

She shivered as he drew the towel around her back, over her bottom to softly dry the damp skin there. Her skin had a soft flushed look to it. Her breathing beginning to be labored as she struggled for some control of the desire that was streaking through her body. Trying to make him want her as much as she wanted him.

Grace took the towel away from him and slowly started a sensual journey over his body, rubbing the towel over him. He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of her small hands and the soft cotton of the towel on his body. Repeatedly running her hands up and down his body, over and over, teasing his senses, but never touching that part of him that really needed touching.

His eyes held her captive as she continued this torture of his body. His eyes were now black with desire, his breathing labored as if he had just finished a match with Kane.

She licked her lips to moisten them, her pink tongue barely wetting them. This small gesture was his total undoing. He scooped her up in his arms, her own arms tightening around his neck.

He moaned into her hair, "God help me!  I want you!" he moaned again as he swiftly carried her to the bed and deposited her softly in the middle of it.

"Please, baby!" he said. He was kissing her mouth, her breasts, loving the way she was pleading with him to end this torture.

He could finally take no more, joining them in a dance as old as time!  Nathan slowly slid his erection into Grace…and started slowly moving in and out of her…and she couldn’t help but whimper for him to go faster, begging almost pleading for him to just ravage her body…and make her his for the rest of their married lives…The end results were explosive!

His breathing slowly returned to normal, his muscles were still twitching from the after shocks of their powerful joining. He eased out of her slowly and pulled her in to his embrace, her arms and legs locking on to him, as if he might try to get away. She sighed and her even breathing told him she was asleep…


Chapter 26


Scott was getting ready for his match and Brandy was brushing her hair…all of a sudden, Scott walked over just as Brandy had put her brush down…and without saying a word, he turned her around to face him, he lifted her head with his fingers under her chin and brought his lips down on hers…


Brandy thought she was going to wet her pants…


Scott’s hand slid to her cheek and pretty soon his other hand joined on her other cheek…her hands were on his forearms…Scott slid his tongue into her mouth and pretty much inspected every curve and space in her mouth…but never heard any complaints from her…


They got into the kiss…Brandy reached up and pulled his metal mesh hair net thing and tossed it then slid her arms around Scott’s neck, Scott slid his hands down the side of her body to her ass, and picked her up by her ass, and Brandy wrapped her legs around his waist…he walked with her over to the door…still kissing, they never broke from it…


Scott locked the door, so no one could walk in on them…then pushed her against the wall, and pulled her top down…and ran his soft hands across her breasts, which her nipples became so hard, Brandy swore they could of cut glass…


Brandy could feel Scott’s hard on rubbing against the crotch of her shorts…Scott knew if he pulled those shorts off of her, she’d have a hell of a time getting them back on…so he moved everything to the side, and pushed his erection into her…and started thrusting into her…


Nothing was really said…


Brandy just held on to Scott the whole time…all that could be heard between them was…








You know all the noises that could be heard with two people have some very enjoyable sex.


They both climaxed together, and Brandy could feel him emptying himself in her…really good thing she remembered to take her birth control in after she showered that morning…


Brandy had tears sliding down her cheeks…she wasn’t really sure why she was crying…probably cause she wasn’t expecting it and it did kind of hurt…okay maybe kind of is a mild term…more like damn that freakin’ hurt…that boy was huge…yea future note to herself…next time you have sex with Scott, if or when, let yourself get used to the mans size before they move an inch in any direction…


Scott kissed away her tears…and she fixed herself and then walked him out to his match…making a mental note to remind Scott that they should do the whole spontaneous sex thing before matches more often…damn she needed a shower now…she had that freshly screwed feeling…oh that was a good feeling…


Chapter 27


Natalie and Dave had been fighting for the last month…they were just going through a fighting phase…she had actually started rooming by herself on the road…but Natalie decided she was tired of sleeping in a cold bed without her husband…so she marched right down to his room after Raw one night…as soon as she walked in she saw the look on Dave’s face and decided it wasn’t the right night…


Natalie started to open the door to leave, when Dave’s hand covered hers and closed the door again…She all of a sudden got chills down her spine…She could feel Dave’s warm breath on the side of her neck, and whispered in her ear, “Don’t go...please.”  Natalie turned around and leaned against the door and said, “Okay.”  Dave touched her cheek so softly with his warm hand, and they were in a dead eye lock stare…she couldn’t seem to break eye contact away from those chocolate brown eyes…like they were putting a spell on her…Dave lowered his lips to hers…and it was so beautiful…he was being so gentle like he didn’t want to break her or hurt her…the moment Natalie parted her lips and let his tongue slide in, he deepened the kiss and was putting twists of passion in it…Just as they were starting to pull away he gently sucked on her lower lip a little…which almost sent her hurdling to the floor…but Natalie braced myself against the door…


All she could do was exhale…Natalie said, “Dave…What was that all about?”  Dave said, “I’m actually not sure…I just couldn’t help myself…”  He got frustrated and walked over and sat back down on the edge of the couch again.  She walked over stood in front of him and touched his cheek and said, “Dave…I didn’t mind…”  Dave said, “Come again?”  Natalie smiled and said, “Dave, I don’t mind that you kissed me…I’m actually glad you did…You know I hate it when we fight…”  Dave said, “So is that good or bad?” 


Natalie stood there for a minute and then she leaned down and said, “You tell me.”  And this time Natalie kissed him…which he was totally not expecting it.  Dave’s hands found her hips and moved down to her thighs, and pulled her closer to him…Natalie braced herself by holding onto his shoulders…she pushed him back a little and then slowly sat straddled on his lap…his hands slowly made their way up her hips, waist and then to her breasts…he gently squeezed, which actually made her let out a little moan into his mouth…which just made the kiss get a tad more intense.


Natalie stood up off of Dave’s lap, and grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet and ended up leading him into his bedroom and closing the door behind him…Dave sat on the bed and pulled her closer, and while they were kissing, he was undoing the laces on her top…and pulled it off and is mouth started placing light kisses all over her chest and breasts…he took her nipples into his mouth and teased a little…he turned her around, and got the laces on her pants undone…and slowly slid them down, looking at her panties that were nothing but lace…he tossed her pants like he did the top…and Natalie slowly crept onto the bed, and Dave followed and was laying half on her body and half off…they started kissing again and Natalie could feel his hands all over her body…it sent her senses reeling… 


Natalie’s body was going crazy…like she had been set on fire…Dave got up and discarded his pants, boxers and her panties…Dave came back and they were moving rather slow…just kissing and feeling each others bodies against each other…it felt really good…she could feel his growing erection against her leg, and could absolutely feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every touch, lick and kiss…Dave had finally slithered his way between her thighs…Dave was about to enter her wetness with his erection, when he whispered in her ear… “Are you sure, you want to do this…we don’t have to have sex everything we make up.”  Natalie said, “Yes, we do…the best part of fighting…is all the making up we get to do…I want to feel you inside of me for the rest of my life.” 


Dave leaned down and kissed her deeply…and then slowly slid himself into her, Natalie was definitely caught off guard by how big Dave was, they hadn’t had sex in a month…and she just forgot how big he could get when she made him horny…she did a cross between a gasp and a moan…Natalie thought her eyes were going to roll up into the back of her head…Dave started thrusting in and out of her…and her sense went even more wild…they climaxed together, and Natalie swore she could feel the intensity shoot out her toes and finger tips…


Oh yea…making up was always the best part of their fighting…


Chapter 28


When Raw was over Paul and April went back to the hotel, they closed and locked the door…and Paul took his shirt off and sat on the couch and was watching a little TV, trying to unwind from the nights earlier emotions…April went in and took a shower…April walked into the living room area of the hotel room in panties and a Triple H shirt she had gotten several years prior to coming to the WWF…Paul looked up and said, “Good Lord, that’s one of my old…old Triple H shirts…”  April said, “I bought this shirt like 2 weeks before I was hired to the WWF…I loved the picture of you on the front, just cause you look so intense…like you was ready to rip someone’s head off and shit down their neck…so when I saw it, I couldn’t resist buying it…It’s a little big, so I always use it as a sleep shirt…so see even when I didn’t know you, you always went to bed with me…And…well…now, I get the real thing.”  April straddled Paul’s lap and eased down, making sure to rub her body up against his…obviously a seduction was coming, whether coming from me or him, it didn’t matter, but it was coming….


April reached over and took the TV remote from Paul, shut the TV off and threw the remote across the room…and heard it land in the corner of the room…Paul said, “I was trying to find the basketball scores you know…the cable in these hotels have 116 channels and not one of them can tell me the damn basketball scores..”  April said, “You were, the operative word being were…you were trying…but you’re not now right?”  Paul looked down and was watching her hands on his chest as she ran her finger tips across his chest and was out lining his muscle tones with them.  Paul said, “No, I guess not…”  April said, “Well, they won.”  Paul said, “Who won?”  April said, “All of them.”  He said, “Every single team that played tonight won?”  She nodded and said, “Yup…isn’t that nice, that they let all those teams win?”  Paul said, “Yea, I guess it was a good night to be playing in the NBA.”


April couldn’t help but giggle…and said, “You are too adorable…”  She leaned over and started kissing along Paul’s jaw line…Paul said, “What are you doing?”  April said, “Nothing…”  He said, “You know, it sure doesn’t feel like nothing.”  She said, “Good, it wasn’t supposed to…”  Paul said, “Oh, good…that means I haven’t lost any nerve feelings from wrestling…”  April sat up and felt Paul’s erection growing harder and harder as she moved around a little on his lap…moving her hips just enough to brush against him every once in a while, making him insanely crazy with passion.  Also managing to make his hormones run wild…


April looked in Paul’s eyes and said, “Paul..”  He said, “Yes?”  She said, “Shut up and kiss me.”  Paul smiled and said, “My pleasure.”  They started kissing, and Paul was feeling her breast on the outside of the t-shirt…they stopped kissing and he had a puzzled look on his face…and April said, “What?”  Paul said, “Well, I have a bit of a dilemma…”  She said, “Oh really what’s that?”  As she shifted on his lap, rubbing against his hard on again…and could feel him breath in pretty deep…Paul said, “Well, I want to rip that t-shirt off of your body and ravage you while I make love to you, but you look so good in my shirt, I don’t really wanna get rid of it…besides…you fill it out so nicely, much better then I ever could.”  Paul hooked his index finger in the collar of the t-shirt, pulled it away from her body and looked down the front of her shirt…


April had her hands on her hips and said, “Enjoying the view?”  Paul said, “Well, I like what I see if that’s what you’re wondering…”  April tapped him on the chest and said, “By the way my eyes, are up here…”  As she pointed to them…Paul said, “Believe me, when I say I know where every part of your body is…I just so happen to be a bit pre-occupied with two parts in particular at the moment…”  April said, “Oh really..” and she shifted on his lap again on purpose…Paul really drew in a deep breath, and said, “Okay, that’s it, I’ve really got to stop you from doing that…cause I know, that you know, you’re making me insane every time you brush up against me…” 


April said, “I am?”  With an innocent look on her face.  Paul said, “You are not that innocent baby, I know you way to well…”  April smiled and leaned over and slowly outlined Paul’s bottom lip with her tongue…making him crazy and wanting to kiss me, as she pulled away…Paul said, “And you sure don’t act innocent either…”  April smiled and said, “I never claimed to be innocent…I can only try and look the part.”  She leaned over and kissed…Paul’s hands were roaming her body as he intensified the kiss…one of his hands made their way down her body and she moved on his lap again…which made him intensify the kiss even more…and he started messing with her panties…and finally got them moved out of the way, and started rubbing on her clit…which was not making her insanely crazy…she felt him slide two fingers into her wetness…and while they were kissing, her grip on his shoulders got a little tighter…as his lips kissed down her neck…April finally pulled the shirt up and over her head…Paul started going after her nipples with his tongue and teeth…


Paul noticed her moans were getting a little louder, with each thrust of his hand…while he kissed her neck, Paul whispered in her ear, and said, “What do you want baby…you gotta tell me what you want…”  April said, “I want you.”  Paul shook his head no and said, “No, you have to tell me exactly what you want.”  April said, “I want you inside of me…I want to feel all of you inside me right now.”  Paul said, “Oh, I believe that can be arranged…”  Paul undid his pants which was a good thing cause April thought his hard on was about to bust through the zipper of his levis.


Paul removed his finger and pushed his erection all the way into her…which made her gasp for air, cause she just never expected it…Paul was kissing her ear and said, “Damn baby, you are always so tight…”  April said, “If they keep this up, I won’t be.”  They started kissing again, and Paul said, “That’s a chance I’m willing to take…”  Paul moved them, onto the floor, so he could lay between her thighs…and have much better leverage…and then just started thrusting in and out like a wild man who hadn’t had sex in 190 years…April absolutely loved feeling Paul’s huge strong body on top of her…it always turned her on more to have that much power between her legs…They both yelled out each others names as they climaxed together, and April felt Paul empty himself into her…Paul didn’t collapse on her like she figured he would…he held himself up and they just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until their breathing regulated…They started kissing again, but Paul got up and picked her up and carried her into the bed room, turning off the lights along the way…they made love 4 more times that night, not to mention the 2 times in the shower the next morning…


Chapter 29


Glenn walked into the hotel room behind Bryanna and said, “So what does it take to get you naked baby?”  Bryanna was completely floored…she couldn’t believe he was just coming right out and saying that…all she wanted to do was get into a warm bath and then sleep…being pregnant was taking it’s toll on her…Bryanna started with, “Glenn…I can’t…”  And ended with his index finger on her lips to hush her…Glenn brushed her cheek with his soft hand and leaned over and took her lips with his…Bryanna couldn’t help but kiss him back…it felt so good to be kissed by him…His tongue brushed against her lips and her lips parted granting him access to the inside of her mouth…his tongue was soft and gentle and he caressed every spot in her mouth with his tongue including caressing her tongue…Bryanna actually let a small moan escape her mouth into his…


Which automatically let him know she was thoroughly enjoying the kiss…Glenn moved closer to her and stood between her legs…and was running his hands up and down her back slowly…making her spine tingle with wanting him badly…Glenn pulled her top off…and she pulled his shirt off…Glenn slid his hands under her ass and lift her off the ground and held her close to his body as Bryanna wrapped her legs around his waist…he walked about 20 feet and the next thing she noticed she was laying back on the dinning room table of the hotel room…Glenn threw her shoes over his shoulder…and then got her pants and pulled them off…and noticed her panties matched her bra…both red…which he laid partially on her but kept his feet planted firmly on the floor…


Glenn kissed by her ear and said, “God…I want you Bryanna…Tell me right now…do you want this as much as I do…if you don’t and tell me to stop right now, I will…Tell me.”  Bryanna could feel his very hard erection pressing through his levis into the crotch of her panties…Things were way out of control and she opened her mouth to object…but her brain had other plans…and her breathing was getting crazy and she said, “No…I want this Glenn…I want you right now…I don’t want you to stop.”  Within a matter of seconds he freed his hard on and moved her panties to the side and slid his erection into her so slowly she almost lost it all…Bryanna let a slow loan moan out from between her lips…


Yup that was it as ecstasy was over taking her body…Glenn was huge…Glenn was hung like an elephant …damn…she knew she was gonna be sore…Glenn let her body get used to his size and then he slowly started thrusting in and out of her, pretty gently…that is until her big fat mouth opened up and said, “Mmmm God Glenn….faster…”  Glenn said, “God….you’re so tight…I don’t want to hurt you.”  I said, “Believe me…it doesn’t hurt…”   Glenn said, “What about the baby?”  Bryanna took his face in her hands and said, “It’s okay…the baby will be fine…but I won’t if you don’t keep going…pregnant women go through a horny stage…this is mine…if you don’t keep going…we’re gonna have a problem..”  Glenn smiled and said, “Well…what ever the wife wants…the wife gets.”


As Bryanna felt him push into her again and she moaned and she believed that was the point where she turned him on even more…he picked her up and pushed her against the wall and continued to thrust in and out of her like a caged animal who hadn’t had sex in months…


With a few finally thrusts, they both climaxed…and flew over the edge…and as Glenn growled…which was pretty damn sexy…Bryanna felt his seed explode inside of her…


They kissed to calm themselves…and get their breathing back to normal…Glenn lowered her to the floor…Glenn fixed himself…and then leaned over and straightened out her tank top and panties which she still had on…Glenn said, “You was amazing…But of course you always are…”  Bryanna blushed a little and said, “Not so back your self big man…”  He said, “So do you always scream like that?”  She said, “Only when I’ve been thoroughly fucked…like that…do you always have that much energy?”  Glenn smiled and said, “Only when I get to fuck my wife 4 times in a row…” 


Bryanna started to walk away when she said, “Well…you must be thinking of your other wife…cause it doesn’t include us…”  Glenn wrapped his huge arms around her and kissed her neck and said, “Bryanna Jacobs…the night is not over yet baby.”


Meanwhile down the hall, as soon as Shane and Vicky got into their hotel room Shane started stocking Victoria around the hotel room…he finally got her into the bed room…and slowly pushed her to sit down and back on the bed…


Chapter 30


Shane proceeded to push Vicky all the way over and he crawled up her body on his hands and knees…and grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up and over his one leg and then did the same with her other leg so he was kneeling between her thighs…Vicky said, “Mr. Helms just what do you think you’re doing?”  Shane said, “Well…Mrs. Helms, first I’m going to kiss you.”  Shane leaned over and kissed her, and he took her arms and wrapped them around his neck…still kissing.  Then he slowly lowered his body to hers…and it felt so good to have him between her thighs…lots of power. 


Shane said, “I love you Victoria.”  She smiled and touched his face and said, “I love you too Shane.”  Shane smiled and said, “Yea…That’s my girl…No you know what I’m going to do to you?”  Vicky shock her head and said, “No, what?  Shane automatically moved his pelvis and she could feel his erection through his levis and through the crotch of her levis…Shane said, “You feel that?”  Vicky giggled and said, “Yea…it would be hard not to.” 


Shane said, “You do that to me…every time I see you…it doesn’t matter what your wearing or what your doing…but lately since you’ve been pregnant…you look beautiful…you always look beautiful…but now I know there is no one in the world more beautiful then a pregnant woman…I saw you earlier looking at your stomach in the mirror at the arena…I know you’re only 8 weeks…but just the thought of how big it will be because of something we made together…turns me on…makes me remember why I fell in love with you…every morning when I wake up and you’re next to me…I remember why I love you and why I asked you to marry me…sometimes I just find it hard to figure out why you married my ass.”

Vicky smiled and said, “Because I love you…I could never imagine being at any stage in my life right now…without you…you mean more to me then anything…” Shane’s hands roamed her body as his lips relentlessly ravaged hers. His hands went to the zipper of her levis.   He could feel her nipples hardening through her tank top and lacy bra. He finally got her levis unzipped and pulled them off with her panties.

"OH God! Baby. Remember the last time we were at home in the dinning room  on table.  I can't wait anymore. I want you now!" he whispered. Vicky was biting her bottom lip and nodded…Her hands were roaming his muscled body and Vicky placed soft kisses where her hands had been, knowing this combined with the knowledge that he was going to make her scream was driving him totally over the edge.   He lifted her bottom up, urging her to wrap her legs around him, this bringing her wet center in direct contact with the straining bulge in his jeans.

Vicky tried to get her hand between them as he laid there kissing her neck and pulling at her bra and tank top.  “Shane! You have entirely too many clothes on…" she whispered urgently as he laid her back against the bed.  “Not for long, sweetie" he said and smiled devilishly as he stood up, ripping his shoes and socks off, then quickly he discarded his shirt only having on the jeans. Vicky was breathing hard as she watched his hands move slowly, to the button of his jeans. Vicky parted her legs wider in anticipation of their coming together. He unzipped his jeans and drew them slowly down his legs and his hand reached for his painfully aching erection, the jeans sliding down his beautifully sculpted legs. He kicked them into a pile over by his shoes and her clothes.  Shane watched her laying there, her hair spread out around her and her legs parted just waiting for him to come inside her.

He eased his hardness into her slick opening, but didn't move any farther. He grinned as he looked down into her eyes. Vicky’s eyes pleaded with Shane to continue and end her torment…Shane groaned as the tip of his magnificent erection eased a little deeper into her heat.  Vicky knew then that she had him, and quickly slid her hands down his back.  Vicky moaned as she pulled him closer and slid him into herself completely.  Shane could no longer stand the tightness and surged deep within her. Their movements fast and hard as they fell together…Finally he was fully inside of her hot wetness, but stopped all movement from his side.   Vicky tried to lay still until he regained control, but the exquisite pressure and his laying very still was just too much!

Shane wrapped his arms around Vicky and said, “Hold on tight, I've got you.”  Vicky wrapped her around him, and did as she was told.  The sound of his sexy vice and the gentle rocking motion of his body was more than they could both take!  That and the fact that Vicky was so warm, and wet, and so damn tight, and so completely wanting this too, was overpowering for him. Shane moved slowly at first to let her adjust to him and his rhythm, but soon slow wasn't enough for either of them and Vicky was urging him to go harder and faster. He could feel her beginning to explode all around him and moved deeper still.


"That's it! Cum for me! I can feel you are almost there, let it go! I will hold you." he whispered against her lips. Vicky shrieked as she climbed over the top then released into pleasure.  Vicky’s orgasm hit and all she could do was shiver and shake! Shane had almost stopped all movement just watching her come apart in his arms. Beautiful, so beautiful, he thought as he speeded his motions up. He could still feel her tight muscles contracting around him when he reached his own peak!  A few more hard thrusts and he was right behind her, filling her willing body with his exploding seed.


Chapter 31


As Vicky and Bryanna started showing more…Vince gave them their maternity leave, Shane and Glenn went with them…they wanted to be there for the girls the last 2 months of their pregnancy so nothing could go wrong…no matter what.  While we had a few days off…everyone stayed in the city…but all of us Diva decided we were going to spend the night in the arena…we wanted to be away from the guys for a while…


So it was me, Jaden, Natalie, Grace, Brandy and April…we had about 16 sleeping bags…that we snatched from the wrestlers…and piled them all in the middle of the ring…and as we were laying on them…we had stopped by the store and decided we wanted to get extremely shit faced…we deserved it and since we weren’t working the next day…it would be the perfect time to do it…we got Tequila, Vodka, and also got stuff to make mud slides…


Natalie decided she was going to be the bartender for the evening…we had a few tables set up around the ring to keep our drinks on cause we didn’t want to spill it on the ring…the crew had taken the ropes down for us…I started out with a huge double Mudslide and worked my way up…we had enough alcohol to kill a small village in Hawaii…but we really did enjoy ourselves.


I’m not sure what it is about alcohol and females…but never give females too much alcohol…it gives them gas…of course the gas wasn’t apparent until we were laying in the dark arena trying to sleep…but we were laying on each other and had the giggles really bad…all of a sudden from out of the darkness…someone farted so loud you would of thought it was Mark, Nathan, Brock or Scott…(Paul and Dave swore up and down they never had gas)…cause they can get pretty scary…we were sent into a fit of giggles…April turned on her flashlight and said, “Okay…who was that?” 


I said, “From the low pitch, If Mark was here…I’d blame him…but since he’s not here…let’s see who cops to it.”  We looked over and Brandy had her face buried in a pillow and her whole body was shaking…I didn’t miss how bright red her ears were…Brandy raised her hand…and then lifted her face off the pillow and said, “Me…okay…alcohol has a bad effect on my tummy.”  After seeing how bright red she’d turned it sent us into giggles again…Jaden said, “What if the guys sneak attack us tonight while we’re trying to sleep?”


I moved around and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll just have Brandy gas them out.”  Laughter erupted from us again…Brandy sat up with her hands on her hips and said, “HEY!…I only farted once.”  April said, “Yea…but it was enough to know we can use you as a weapon.”  Brandy laid down and April shut the flash light off…about 10 minutes later…we were still giggling…but not as loud…and pretty soon someone else let a fart go…we couldn’t help but laugh even harder now…


Natalie said, “BRANDY!  God Woman!”  Brandy said, “It wasn’t me this time…I swear.”  April turned the flash light on again and shined it on off of us and said, “Okay…now who did it?”  Grace said, “I’ll admit it…it was me…”  Natalie sat up and said, “Damn…you know you remind me so much of Nicole Kidman…and then you go and do something like that…”  Brandy said, “Does Nicole Kidman even fart?”  April said, “She has to…otherwise she’d have a shit load of stomach problems…”  Natalie said, “Dave swears up and down he doesn’t fart…but the other night…he was standing by the back curtain with Paul getting ready to go out for their tag match…and he didn’t see me…all of a sudden Ric Flair walked up and they talked a little…then almost as if on cue…all 3 of them lifted their right legs like dogs…and farted all together…”


If nothing sounded funnier…that was it…knowing that Dave Bautista, Paul Levesque and Ric Flair…all farted in harmony at the same time…sent us over the edge…we were rolling with laughter…we were laughing so hard and loud that it echoed through the whole arena.  When we all finally quieted down…Jaden was laying next to me…with her hand on her stomach and said, “I can’t laugh anymore my stomach hurts…I think I drank too much…and then on top of those chillie dogs that Brock fed me…I hate to warn you all, but I have to fart.”  I said, “OH GOD!!! SHE’S GONNA BLOW…”  April said, “EVERYONE TAKE COVER!!” 


Chapter 32


Yup Jaden was the next one to blow…but she vibrated the whole ring mat…I jumped up and said, “WHOA…What the hell was that a mini earth quake?”  Jaden was bright red and said, “No…I gassed myself.”  I fell back on the ring mat dying laughing…It got quiet again….when I finally broke the silence.


I said, “Have you guys ever seen that movie Roxanne?  With Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah…”  I got a few yes and a few no’s so I explained, “Steve plays this fire chief whose got a nose bigger then the Brooklyn Bridge and he started bagging on himself…and he was like Laugh and the world laughs with you, sneeze and it’s Good-bye Seattle…That would be our case if Mark and Scott ever got a hold of the chillie dogs that Jaden ate…Laugh and the world laughs with you, fart and it’s good-bye Titan Towers!”  We were sent into a fit of giggles again…


April said, “I swear I think I’m with Paul I don’t fart.”  Brandy said, “Hurry someone get a pin and pop her.”  April said, “I swear…well okay I don’t fart very much…”  I said, “C’mon ladies…the only way you don’t fart is if you have a perfect diet going with nothing that causes gas…and since our men are usually the gas causers…hell!!!  Why don’t we all just start a farting choir…”  April said, “Now that’s classy…”  Natalie said, “I think we should try that whole lifting our right legs to fart…maybe it comes out easier.”  Brandy said, “Oh, getting some leverage on the sucker…huh.”  Grace said, “Roxy, do you fart?”  I said, “Please…I almost killed myself the other day…just from trying to hold a fart in.”


Jaden was laughing and said, “How did that happen?”  I said, “I was sitting on Mark’s lap…and at the same precise moment I had to fart, he chose to be all lovey dovey with me…he wrapped his arms around me, just as I was about to get up and go to the bathroom to fart…and I was trying to tell him I had to pee…but he told me to hold it…I almost couldn’t…I finally slipped out of his grip, ran down the hallway and just barely made it in the door…as I let it rip…”


April said, “It couldn’t be as bad as me though…Paul left his dressing room one night to go to the ring…and no sooner had he left and I farted…it smelled really bad…I opened a few windows…but to no avail…the smell lingered…like 5 seconds later, Paul walked in cause he for got his knee pads…I thought I was going to die of embarrassment…he had this look on his face…like what the hell crawled up inside of you and died?”  Jaden said, “I got you beat by a long shot…When Brock and I first started dating…I was sitting in his dressing room…all dressed ready to walk him to the ring…and I had to fart so I kept it as silent as possible…but being silent can only mean it’s going to be deadly…the smell wafted in the room…and traveled over to where Brock was sitting…he looked over at me and I smiled and pointed to Paul Heyman…to this day he still thinks it was Heyman who farted.”


Just the thought was hilarious…I said, “I wish I worked back then…I wanted to see Brocks face on that one.”  Jaden said, “He smiled at me and crossed his eyes…like he was going to pass out…I have to admit even for me it was a little rank.”  Natalie said, “Nope…I’ve got everyone beat…I was sitting on Dave lap one day last week…and I had had gas all day, so I was constantly excusing myself to fart in another room…well I fell sleep on Dave’s lap like I love to do…and I was half asleep and half awake…and farted on his lap…I vibrated his legs…he was laughing so hard about it…it woke me up.”


I said, “Damn that’d pretty bad…you’re right…you get the fart award.”  Within the next 3 hours…we laughed and farted a million times and then laughed some more about it…


Chapter 33

**Same Warning**


Dave looked at Paul and the other guys and said, “I thought I heard someone giggling behind the curtain…”  Paul said, “Damn…our clean non-farting rep is gone.”  Mark said, “Please…you never had a non-farting rep to begin with…You forget we’ve worked with your stinkin’ ass longer then any of those girls have…it was a nice try though…”


Brock said, “I swear I have never heard a girl break wind…oh my god…”  Mark said, “Get used to it…it gets worse if they are pregnant.”  Nathan said, “I didn’t even know Grace could fart…she’s been my wife for 3 years…I’ve never heard her fart in all the time we’ve known each other and been married.”  Scott said, “Well…whatever that was the came out of her…it certainly wasn’t a song…That girl farted as sure as were standing here eavesdropping.” Mark said, “Should we go over and surprise the girls?” 


Paul said, “Maybe we should let it air out first.”  Scott said, “Man…this is so weird…hearing a room full of girls get drunk and fart…and then tell stories about farting…so far I like Jaden’s passing the fart…Brock didn’t you know?”  Brock said, “I didn’t have a clue…I thought it was really Heyman who farted…my god for someone as small as Jaden is…she always smells so good…but that night…god I thought I was going down…I thought maybe Heyman was trying to gas me out of my own dressing room…”


Mark said, “Hell boys, welcome to the real world…Roxanna farts all the time…she knows that I know…but she doesn’t like to do it in front of me…I knew that’s why she was trying to get away from me…she was trying to excuse herself to much…she never wants to leave my lap to pee…hell she doesn’t even like to leave the bed to pee in the mornings…that is unless she has to fart.” 


Paul said, “Well…at least we never have to wonder what the hell they talk about when were not around.”  Mark said, “I could have done without it…even though it was damn entertaining.”  Scott said, “Too bad we didn’t have a tape recorder…Do you know what kind of blackmail we could get over on all of them.”  Brock said, “The beautiful WWE Divas and all their gas problems.”  Nathan said, “No matter how small…or BIG they truly are.”  Dave said, “On the next Jerry Springer…” 


Mark said, “Nah…they all watch Oprah…Well boys…let’s walk over and surprise our ladies…”  Nathan said, “You realize that they will be pissed if they ever find out that we heard the whole fart conversation.”  Brock said, “That’s why I’m going to lie my tities off and say I never heard a thing…Though I don’t know if I can ever look at Jaden the same way again.”  Mark said, “I’ll spare Roxy the embarrassment…”


They all walked over to us…and we freaked out big time…all of us, buried ourselves under all the blankets and pillows…and huddled together.  We knew they had heard us…they had to of…cause a few of us were still farting.  Mark lifted a corned of the blanket and saw my foot…he knew it was my foot cause I had blue toe nails…and he had been the one who helped paint them…plus I had a silver toe ring on that had an M on it for Mark’s name.  He grabbed my ankle and pulled me over to the edge…and was standing between my legs…Mark put his hands under my butt and scooted me off the ring…I wrapped my legs around his waist…and held on…


I said, “What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be at the hotel sleeping?”  Mark said, “Damn girl what have you been drinking?”  I said, “Mudslides and Vodka…”  Mark said, “Well…all of us missed you gals…so we brought you some dinner…”  He grabbed a blanket and my pillow…then walked away with a bag…Mark unrolled the mats that go around the outside of the ring…and sat us down on it…Brock and Jaden came over with us…we had chicken sandwiches…I was sitting between Mark’s long legs and was leaning back against him and said, “Thanks Mark.”  He said, “For what?”  I said, “For missing me.”


Around 3 am…all of us finally laid down and fell asleep…


Chapter 34


Well we finally got notice of Bryanna and Glenn having their baby…or should I say babies?…Yup as you guessed it…The poor girl went into labor and stayed there for 35 hours…trying to push out two kids who were trying to get out at the same time…they finally took her into surgery and gave her a c-section…she had a beautiful baby girl names Desiree Dawn and a gorgeous little boy named what else Glenn jr.  Mother and babies are doing great and are also almost a year old now…Glenn did okay until he saw that she had two of them…neither of them knew they were having twins and well as you guessed it…Glenn passed out…right there in the delivery room…Father is now doing fine also…


Then of course there was the Triple wedding that took place backstage of Raw one night…Don’t ask me why but all three men had to of been out of their minds…Mark especially…I don’t know why…we had only been dating a year when he came up with this crazy notion that I wanted to marry him…truth was I was just excited as were the other girls when they found out…Hmmm…Roxanna Callaway…it does have a perfectly good ring to it doesn’t it?  I know I’m thoroughly enjoying it…it just so happens we got married the same night that Bryanna went into labor…talk about your perfect timing…


Oh…the other two couples getting married that night were you guessed it…Brandy and Scottie and of course April and Paul…who are expecting their first baby in like one month…and Brandy and Scott are working on their first still…


As for Vicky and Shane…She gave birth to a tiny mini me hurricane…that little boy is the spitting image of his father…Shane swears up and down as soon as he’s old enough he’s dying the hair green…Of course Vicky threatened him and said if he goes anywhere near the baby with the hair dye, she’s going to shave his head…it stopped the hair dye talk but only for a few weeks…


Then of course there was Grace and Nathan, the posh and the monster…they were hilarious…not enough hours in the day when they were together…anytime anyone ever saw them they are always half naked and Grace was forever trying to help Nathan get her pregnant…hmmm…what ever they used as the method to their madness…she’s expecting a bundle of half Australian and half posh joy…in about 7 months…


Along the lines of baby making Dave and Natalie were in the running…they are expecting one child…but are soon to find out that when you take fertility drugs…you usually get more then you bargain for…they don’t know it yet…but they will be getting 5 bundles of joy…talk about diaper duty…good GOD…


And of course Jaden and Brock…the young newly weds with their passion for screaming while making love and tearin’ up a hotel room…Brock and Jaden had discussed it…once they had so much money in the bank…Brock retired after only 5 years in the wrestling business…and took Jaden with him…they moved to Hawaii and I still get e-mail from her…they are enjoying their lives as parents of a couple of  twin mini Brocks…and soon one Mini Jaden in about 3 months…


As for me…I just found out I was pregnant…now all I have to do is tell Mark…I just watching him and Nathan beat some Big Show and Albert ass for Mark’s new Wrestle Mania 11-0 record…Mark’s never lost at a wrestle mania… he said as soon as he loses one he’s going to retire…I hope he never does…I love watching him in the ring…he’s beautiful…and he’s made our marriage even more beautiful…I couldn’t believe we started out as bitter enemies forced to work with one another…Anyways…here goes nothing…


I knock on the door and Mark said, “Yea…c’mon in.”  I cracked the door and said, “Are you guys dressed?”  Mark said, “Sure…”  I walked in and leaned over planting a kiss on Mark’s lips…and said, “You we’re great out there baby…I guess you won’t be retiring this year…huh?”  Mark said, “Nope…maybe next year…”  I said, “I think we need to talk…I have something to tell you.”  Mark said, “What is it darlin’?”  I said, “I love you.”  He said, “I love you too…What’s going on?”  I said, “Well…………..”


As the door closes to the end of the story…you can make your own assumptions about what I said and things that happened afterwards…I would have never, ever thought in a million years I could be this happy…


And they lived Happily Ever After….


The End