Left of Center


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

“Excuse me boys, but Vince asked me to remind you that there was a meeting tonight before Raw to introduce you to the new Public Relations person…” Mark and Glenn looked up from lacing up their boots and both said, “Sure, No problem…Thanks Doc.” Heidi smiled and said, “She’ll be in charge of 4 different wrestlers…but Vince hasn’t said which ones yet. Also, Jaden asked that you guys be ready for hair and make-up when the meeting is over…she doesn’t want you guys being late like last time…Vince chewed her out but good for that.”

Mark said, “Damn Vince…We told him it was our fault not hers…Shit…Remind me when we get to her to apologize…and then remind me to punch Vince in the nose.” Glenn said, “No problem…I might help you…So Heidi…Did you get to meet the new girl yet?” Heidi smiled and said, “I met her yea…she’s a sweet thing…and tall…She’s almost as tall as Stacy…”

Mark said, “Damn…Stacy is what 5’10” 5’11”…” Heidi said, “5’11”…She looks about 5’9” maybe close to 5’10”…She’s got the longest hair I’ve ever seen…it goes all the way down her back to her ass…and then it goes down to about the tops of her thighs…And she’s got purple eyes…I don’t know if they are contacts…but it’s so weird.”

Mark stood up and said, “So she’s cute huh?” Heidi said, “Cute, is not even a word close to her…she’s beyond cute…she’s gorgeous…She could so be the next Diva in this company if she was a wrestler.” Mark nudged her with his elbow and said, “You’re not a piece of liver either you know…you’re pretty cute yourself.”

Heidi blushed furiously…Heidi said, “Nah…I’m too plain to be cute…Besides I put up with you guys day in and day out…so I couldn’t be too cute.” Glenn said, “Shit…You’re more then cute honey…you’re beautiful…” Heidi blushed again and said, “Alright…enough guys…You’re gonna make me blush so much I pass out…I better get going…I’ll make sure you’re flights and rentals are ready when you get to Florida.” The both chimed in and said, “Thanks Heidi…See you at the meeting.”

Heidi giggled and said, “Are you sure you two weren’t separated at birth?…Oh…or you cold be married.” Mark said, “Now why would I marry a freak?…Besides you forget he’s already married…I believe Marissa holds the whip in their family.” Glenn said, “Ha…Ha.” And gave Mark the finger. Heidi giggled as she left the room…

Glenn snapped Mark’s thigh with a towel and said, “Speaking of being married…why haven’t you asked her out yet?” Mark said, “Shit…she’d never want to go out with me…I’m old Glenn.” Glenn laughed and said, “Mark…you’re not even old enough to be her grandfather…Man you don’t even have gray hair and you’re like what 5 year’s older then me and her…stop the insanity and just ask her out…” Mark said, “Hell…I don’t know…I seriously need to think about it.”

Glenn said, “Man…you’ve been thinking about it for the last 2 years…since that time she went in to keep your cry baby ass in check, while she sewed you up…when Paul (Triple H) hit you with that chair shot and you forgot to block it…I’ll tell you one thing…she was scared…You’ve known her since she started working here 5 years ago as the Road Doctor…when you and Sara divorced…you and Heidi immediately had that certain bond between you guys…I just wish both of you would friggin wake up and do something about it…Hell she even went with you to get that stupid Sara tattoo removed.” Mark smiled and said, “Yea…I remember that…we went on the bike…she had her arms wrapped around me so tight and was so close to me…I could smell her perfume…she always smells so good.”

Glenn said, “C’mon and get mushy…she has a smile that lights up the room…and her laugh is intoxication…and her hair…and her eyes…and oh those thighs.” Mark reached over and thumped Glenn’s ear and said, “Hey!…No talking about her thighs…I can…you can’t…” Glenn laughed and said, “Oh yea…you’ve got it bad for shorty.”

Chapter 2

**Same Warning**

On the way down to the conference room…Mark said, “So have you and Marissa been talking anymore about that baby issue?” Glenn grimaced and said, “Marissa said she doesn’t want to have any kids right now…to be honest with you, I don’t think she will ever want to have kids…She’s got her whole modeling career thing going…and I knew that when we decided to get married…I should’ve known someone like her wouldn’t want to have kids…I don’t even know if our marriage is going to make it to the 5 year mark.”

Mark said, “You’ve only got what 10 months until your 5 yr. Anniversary…right? Maybe she’ll change her mind and want to have kids then.” Glenn said, “Yea…sure…if I dream hard enough maybe…but I seriously doubt it…I don’t know why she would want to marry me…she knew I wanted to have kids when were in college…and she would always agree with me on having a house full…but ever since she started modeling 6 years ago…everything is about dieting and making sure her figure looks perfect for a photo shoot…”

Mark said, “Maybe you guys should make more time to spend it with each other…” Glenn scoffed and said, “I barely see her now…with our two schedules…when I’m home…I’m luck if I see her for 5 minutes, before she’s off and on the run again…I mean don’t get me wrong…the sex is always great…we always did have the sexual attraction with each other…even in college we couldn’t keep our hands off each other…but sometimes I think that sex, money, and a great career is the only things we have between the 2 of us.”

As the walked into the conference room, Mark said, “Yea…well at least you guys out lasted me and Sara…I’ll give ya credit on that one.” They took a seat and Glenn said, “Yea…but we might not even make it to 5 years…what makes me think we’ve got a perfect marriage if we can’t even agree on having a baby right now?” Mark said, “Listen…she’ll come around just give her time…it will totally be worth it…” Glenn said, “Yea…I hope you’re right…”

Everyone got quiet as they saw Vince walk into the conference room with a tall girl walking about 5 steps behind him…she had on jeans, a white tank top that looked like it said ‘Naught Angel’ across the front…and let about an inch or so of her mid-drift show with her white navel ring…plus she had on white steel toed boots…her hair was brunette and went really great along side her beige / tan colored skin…she turned around to face every one and her eyes we’re a light violet color…She had on a black WWE base ball hat on that said ‘Get The F Out’…her hair was stuck through the key hole in the back of the hat.

Mark and Glenn both noticed she was as Heidi had explained her…every detail not left untouched. Mark leaned over and said, “I wonder if she’s high maintenance?” Glenn said, “Look at the hair, the make-up and the clothes…of course.” Mark said, “Maybe we should warn the boys now…if they are going to date her…they need to have a great bank account.” They started laughing…

I was standing at the front of the conference room next to Mr. McMahon…and heard some pretty deep laughs…I looked up and cocked my eyebrows up and my head to the side as I looked at the two guys in the back who looked like giants from where I was standing. I knew they were automatically talking about me…it was just one of those 6th senses I had…I always knew when someone was talking about me…be it bad or good. When the two gentlemen saw me look at them as if I was staring holes into them…they quieted up pretty fast.

Chapter 3

**Same Warning**

Mr. McMahon said, “Ladies and Gentlemen…I just wanted to make this a really quick meeting…I wanted to wish every one a good Matches and what not…and then I wanted to introduce you to the beautiful lady standing next to me…Her name is Samantha Kinley…She is the new PR girl…and you are to treat her with nothing but respect. I’ve talked with her and you should know right now…she’s tough…she won’t take any of your guys bullshit…so don’t try anything remotely stupid…and don’t be cheeky.”

I smiled and said, “Hello.”

Mr. McMahon said, “So…I’ve already decided which wrestlers she’s going to be relating for…It’s going to be Mark Callaway (Undertaker), Glenn Jacobs (Kane), Bill Goldberg & Kevin Nash…Now boys don’t think you can run this girl into the ground with your temperamental attitudes…she’s here to help you get your shit together for interviews, autograph sessions, and to make sure your flights have been booked…and that you have rental cars waiting for you from town to town…She already knows what her job is…so try and throw anything extra in there…and you’re liable to lose the privilege of having her…”

A stage crew hand walked in and said, “Sorry to disturb the meeting but we’ve got exactly 3 minutes before Raw is to start and some of the guys still have to go in and get their hair and make up done.” Mr. McMahon said, “Thanks, Tom…Okay, every one is excused except for you four men I mentioned earlier…Come up here and meet Samantha before you boys start running off…” As every one filed out…4 of the largest guys I’d ever seen in my whole life walked up to the front.

Mr. McMahon said, “Ms. Kinley, this is Mark Callaway, Glenn Jacobs, Bill Goldberg and Kevin Nash. You are in charge of these boys as long as they are in full view of the public.” I shook hands with all of them and nodded and said, “Yea sir…the guys don’t have to refer to me as Ms. Kinley…I don’t like to keep things formal…They can address me as Samantha or Sami…I’m partial to either.” Mr. McMahon said, “Well…you heard her boys…I’ll expect you 4 to cooperate with her as much as possible and don’t give her a hard time cause she’s the new girl.” He turned and left the room…

I turned to the four gentlemen and said, “I will get in touch with you guys and find out all the information that I need on all of you once you’ve had your matches…they are more important then me trying to figure it out, while you’re trying to get into character…I have files on each of you…I know your likes and dislikes…and as soon as I get to know you guys better well develop a pattern…” And I left.

Chapter 4

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

By the way…My name is Samantha Kinley…I’m 22... 5’10” and 135 lbs…I have brunette hair to the tops of my thighs, and Violet purples eyes…

As I walked down the hallway…I started going over the guys’ files in my hand…complete with body pictures…

Mark Callaway…The Undertaker…Former Lord of Darkness, Founder of MOD, currently Deadman, Inc. / American Bad Ass / Phenom / Big Evil…(My first thought: morbid) 6’10” and 315lbs. Emerald green eyes…dark auburn hair to the middle of his back…matching mustache and go-tee…numerous tattoos both arms from shoulder to wrist…plus one grim reaper on the back of his neck…and BSK Pride across his stomach…He was pretty gorgeous…

Glenn Jacobs…Kane…Former member of MOD and ‘Brothers of Destruction’ (Burnt as a child by his big brother Undertaker) (Second thought: Demented family…It just gets better and better.) 6’10” and 300lbs. Deep Sea Blue eyes, and Dark-Dark Auburn hair 4 inches past his shoulders…beautiful curl ringlets. No tattoos…Married to Marissa Jacobs…(Third thought: He’s pretty fine…too bad he’s married.)

Bill Goldberg…Former wrestler for WCW. 6’4” 283lbs. Bald, Dirty blonde mustache and go-tee…one tattoo…left shoulder. Other then that muscles and intenseness…Married to Marie Goldberg. (Fourth thought: Cute…must be the bald head and go-tee.)

Kevin Nash…One of the founding members of the Clique (WWF), The Outsiders (WCW), and New World Order Black & White / WolfPac Black & Red (WCW & WWE)…standing at 6’11” and 325lbs…Brown eyes, brown hair to about 2 inches past his shoulders….2 tattoos One on right bicep and one on the right forearm. Dating: Jaden (Hair and Make-up girl) (Note: www.BigSexyKevinNash.com … Kevin looks great in BVD’s.) (Fifth thought: Really need to check out www.BigSexyKevinNash.com.)

So these were my boys…This should be interesting.

A few weeks later, I had the guys schedules down like the back of my hand…ever Monday, I would meet them for breakfast in the hotel restaurant…While we were waiting for our food, I would whip out my laptop and started going over their complete schedule for the day, plus give them a cope of it also, cause they were likely to forget during the week…as long as they had that piece of paper…they were fine and always on time to where ever they had to be…I never went with them for autograph sessions…but radio and TV interviews were a must.

I also knew their personal schedules…like times they got up, when they went to the gym, when they would set time aside to make phone calls to girlfriends / wives and children…I knew Bills wife Marie would fly out to see him ever 3 weeks, stay for 3 days and then would fly home…So I made a decision to help him be able to spend more time with his wife.

Chapter 5

**Same Warning**

One morning I was having a perfectly divine dream…when I was rudely awakened, with someone pounding on my door. So in my baby blue, tank top and matching shorts…hair a wreck…I said, “Somebody better be dead.” And swung my hotel room door open and was greeted by 4 big ass white toothy smiles. Mark said, “Ya know…that statement would sound more threatening if you wasn’t wearing that outfit at the time.” I looked down and said, “Yea…I guess a baby blue tank top and shorts just don’t have that bad ass image do they?”

Bill laughed and said, “Nope…Honey if you had more clothes on it would be more believable.” I stood to the side and said, “C’mon in gentlemen…Give me 15 minutes please…I would like to shower and get dressed.” Kevin said, “Yea…we would like you to shower too…Geez girl…what the hell did you drink last night.”

I said, “Hey…I wasn’t going to drink anything and then your girlfriend…Miss Jaden…got me started on just doing one shot of Tequila…by the time I got back to this damn room…I’d had 21 shots of Tequila…you’re lucky alcohol doesn’t effect me as bad as it used to…I don’t get hangovers as easily as I used to when I was younger…Otherwise you’d still be standing outside the door…and I’d still be sleeping it off.”

Glenn said, “Nah…we could have gotten you up…” I scoffed and said, “I seriously doubt it…you could have lit my panties on fire and I wouldn’t have budged.” Mark said, “And when do we get to try that?” I rolled my eyes and said, “Oh you’re so funny…you can’t even tell Heidi you like her…but you can be a big ass flirt with me?” Mark looked shocked…he said, “How did you know? Who told?” I said, “No one dork…It’s way to obvious to miss it…okay boys…Get comfortable…I’ll be out in a few.” I turned and retreated to the shower…while the 4-some sat on the couch and turned the TV on…

15 minutes later, I emerged from the bedroom…clean, dressed black jeans, black steel toes, and a red tank top…hair left down…Kevin said, “Wow…you clean up good.” I said, “Yea…it’s called a shower Kev…That’s what happens when your dirty and want to smell good…you get in the wet thing…you the scented bar called soap…and there you have it…cleanliness…”

The guys all laughed about it…and we walked down stairs and went to breakfast…As we were waiting on our food to be brought out…I pulled my laptop out and started doing some work on it…I said, “By the way Bill…I know Marie comes to see you ever 3 weeks for 3 days…From now on I’m going to clear your schedule for those 3 days…because I know you like to have the time to be with her…so you get a full 72 hours to be with her.” Bill smiled and said, “Oh my god Sami you rock girl.”

I laughed and said, “Yea…I just figured that Marie didn’t appreciate coming to see you when you had something stupid to do…So I worker with Vince on it…and I’m still trying to get you cleared from Raw, Smackdown, and PPV’s…unless you don’t mind working them when she’s here.” Bill said, “Hell no, I don’t mind working them when she’s here…she likes to see me wrestling anyways…but this is still awesome man.”

I looked down at Glenn and said, “Do you want to start asking Marissa to come visit cause I can do it when all you guys…Like Kevin…I can actually get time allocated aside for you and Jaden…I just need plenty of time and a warning would be nice…and Mark…Well Mark if you’d ever make your move on Doc…I’m pretty sure I can get time set aside for you guys too.”

Mark said, “Man…As if I wasn’t taking enough shit from these 3 knuckle heads I have to add my PR woman to it too…Man you guys are a bad influence on her…she used to be so nice, quiet and respectful…she told me to get my dead ass out of bed the other day cause I was gonna be late for an autograph session…” I said, “And you expected me to just let you be late? Vince doesn’t pay you to slack off and sleep…he pays you to make the fans happy…so damn it that’s what you’re going to do.” Kevin said, “Man…our own personally little ball breaker…Forget being married…we have a ball buster and she doesn’t even have to have permission to do it.”

Our food finally came and I passed out the guys schedules for the week and we went over them while we ate.

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

Later that night, I was sitting on one of the big equipment trunks and was working on my laptop, with a monitor set in front of me, watching the guys’ matches. Glenn walked up in his Kane gear and sat next to me and said, “What’s up boss lady?” I laughed and said, “You look like a raccoon.” He laughed and said, “Yea…stupid black make up…I don’t mind the mask…if I could just get rid of the black shit.”

I said, “Well…Brittany is actually in the process of trying to come up with a new costume for you…she’s trying to figure out a new mask that will give you more breathing access…She and Terry (Rhyno) just came back from their honey moon so give her a couple more months…You know she’ll come up with something fabulous…I know you’ll love it…”

Glenn said, “Alright…I’ll take your word for it…Hey what are you doing tonight?” I said, “My very favorite movie is coming on TV and I’m going to stay up late and watching it.” Glenn said, “What is it?” I said, “It’s called Child of Glass…it’s an old-old…ghost movie…I grew up watching it…It was made in 1978…it’s one of the first spooky movies that got me hooked to scary movies…” Glenn said, “Is it any good?” I said, “Well…when I was about 10 I thought it was real…but I mean…You’d have to see it to judge for yourself…You wanna meet me in my room and watch it with me?” Glenn said, “Sure…I love old movies…and if it has ghosts in it…then it’s just as good.” I said, “Cool…I’ll meet you back at my room in like a couple of hours…I have to go talk to Mark…” Glenn said, “Okay…See ya then.”

I took off and found Mark getting ready to leave his dressing room and I said, “Good match there hot shot.” Mark smiled and said, “Thanks Wonder Woman.” I laughed and said, “So are you ever going to tell Heidi how you feel?…Wait…How exactly do you feel?” Mark smiled and said, “I think you already know…I just haven’t figured out how to tell her yet.” I said, “Just tell her the truth Mark…I’m pretty sure she can handle anything as long as it’s the truth…Hell…Take her to dinner and a movie and kiss her until her toes pop off…But do something!…Don’t keep trying to avoid the obvious.”

Mark laughed a little and said, “Yea…sure boss lady…I don’t think it would ever happen…but there’s nothing wrong with trying…” I said, “You should have as much confidence in your personal life that you do when you’re in the ring…Don’t be such a pussy…C’mon…suck it up and go stake out ground on your woman.” Mark laughed a little more and said, “Yes ma’am.” I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walked away and watched as Mark took off towards Heidi’s medical office…

I giggled cause I knew he was going to do it…

I went back to my hotel…and took a soothing warm shower and got dressed in my normal bed time clothes…Tonight it was black tank top and shorts but it had 2 pin stripes down the sides of the shorts and the top…I let my hair air dry…About the time I finished piling all the blankets and pillows on the floor, and had the hotel send up a fruit bowl and water…I know not fun movie watching food to most people…but I was just trying to “vege” out…or in this case…Fruit out…

Glenn knocked on the door…I opened it and invited him in…he looked good…levis and a t-shirt…he looked comfy…We sat on the floor and watched the whole movie…and then started talking a little afterwards…He told me about dating his wife all through college…and what their latest obstacle was with him wanting to have kids and her too worried about her figure to want to start a family…I felt bad for him…

I said, “I wish there was something I could say Glenn…I know I can’t tell you anything that you haven’t already heard…My first thought would be to just give Marissa some time…maybe she’ll change her mind…if it helps any I think you’d be a great father…you are so much fun…but yet you know when to be serious…and you are very caring and loving…and I know you love Marissa…so don’t give up on her…you never know…she just might surprise you some time.”

Glenn said, “Thanks Sami…I don’t know if it helps…but thanks for at least giving me a female’s opinion.”

Chapter 7

**Same Warning + Smutty Content**

Of course my first thought was ‘What the hell was this lady thinking…the most beautiful man on the earth has asked to marry and have children with her…how in the hell could she ever say no…especially with those blue eyes…’…Just the first thing I thought…not the first thing I said.

I smiled and said, “No problem…You just have to know she’s a model…models take what their bodies look like very seriously…but of course…It could be in her contract…that she’s not allowed to get pregnant for so many years.” Glenn said, “She’d tell me if it was that…I think she’s just worried about her body.” I said, “Well, even if…just ask her sometime…She might be embarrassed to tell you or forgot to tell you…I’m sure it’s something simple.” Glenn said, “Thanks for the talk…I needed it…something to help reassure me.” I smiled and said, “Anytime.”

I walked Glenn over to the door and shivered cause it was getting colder in the room…Glenn reach over and touched me…and said, “Jesus your freezing Sami…” Subconsciously he started rubbing my arms with his huge warm hands trying to get me warmed up…I laughed and said, “I’m always cold…I think my internal thermostat is broken…My body never kicks on the heat until I take a warm shower or pile on 15 layers of clothes.” We both laughed…

Glenn was about to walked away when he looked down and his Blue eyes totally hypnotized me…Glenn leaned down and brushed his lips across mine…ever so lightly…and pulled back a little…he was waiting for me to protest…and I was waiting to find my voice box again…obviously I was taking to long, cause Glenn leaned down again and captured my lips…I couldn’t help but kiss back…my whole body just sort of melted into his…we slowly wrapped out arms around each other…Glenn hands slowly slid down and he squeezed my butt…

All of a sudden he lifted me up and on instinct I wrapped my legs around his waist. Glenn wondered into the make-shift kitchen and sat me down on the counter…his hand slid up my shirt and he was caressing my breasts and slightly squeezing my nipple…I felt my body responding to Glenn’s gentle touch…and I moaned into his mouth softly. I felt his hand slide between my thighs and his finger tips grazed my panty covered crotch…I sucked in a breath…and almost forgot to let it out.

It was nearly my undoing when I felt his fingers move my panties to the side and he slid two fingers into my wet center…My grip on Glenn’s biceps grew increasingly intense….we never stopped kissing…if his lips left mine it was to kiss along my jaw line and my neck…which got no complaints from me. He was moving his fingers in and out of me slowly…while his thumb started working over my clit…Glenn heard breathing started to get irregular and he started working his fingers faster and faster…until my orgasm ripped through me…

I couldn’t believe what just happened….My mouth opened and closed several times…I wanted to say something…but nothing came out…I fixed myself and jumped off the counter…I touched my lips…they felt swollen from Glenn’s assault on them…I said, “Glenn you’re married…I…I think you should leave.” Glenn was going to say something but he knew it was probably best not to utter a single word…he just walked out and down to his room…

I walked into the bathroom and soaked in a hot tub of water and bubbles for the next 3 hours…every second of what we’d done kept replaying in my mind…

Meanwhile, In the hotel Elevator…Mark was escorting Heidi to her room…and he had finally asked her out on a date…they decided to go the following night after Smackdown taping…Mark walked Heidi to her door and as she let herself in…she stood in the door way and smiled and Mark…it totally melted his heart…Heidi said, “You wanna come in for some coffee or something?” Mark said, “As tempting as that ‘or something’ offer is…I think I better pass…” Heidi stood on her tip toes and brushed her lips against Mark’s and when her heels returned to the floor…she said, “Good…cause I really wasn’t thirsty…”

Mark looked at her a little shocked…the Doc…being forward and flirtatious…damn where had she been his whole life? Heidi hooked her index fingers in his front belt loops and as she started pulling Mark into the hotel room she had a devilish little smirk on her face and said, “C’mon…you can keep me company while I take a bath…and if you’re up for it…you can join me.” Mark chuckled a little and just let her pull him along, Mark said, “I guess this will be our first official date, instead of tomorrow night.” Heidi said, “That works for me.”… Mark stopped long enough to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door knob and closing and locking the door behind them…

Chapter 8

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

In the morning, Heidi woke from a really peaceful nights sleep in the longest time…She could remember last night so vividly in her mind…she had been toying with Mark all the way to the bathroom…which she should have known better then to tease and flirt with a man that big…he made her pay for it as soon as she invited him into the bathtub with her…Heidi nearly choked…but suppressed the urge to jump his bones…deciding slower would be better…

Mark’s body was magnificent…since he started getting into shape from his divorce…and damn was it doing wonders for his body…Muscles in all the right places…his newly acquired 6-pac…his chest and biceps had expanded…his stomach practically disappeared…she’d seen him a few times walking in the back of the arena without his shirt on…and had to go change her panties a few times…cause she was wet just looking at him…not to mention that every time they would talk and he’d gently brush against her hand, arm or face and her body would betray her and it would take all her resolve to not cum on the spot.

Once Mark was seated comfortably as possible behind the 5’6” petite woman…he started washing her back…and she was running the wash cloth up and down his long, long legs…from his inner thighs to his feet…when she had finished his legs…he gripped her shoulders and pulled her back against his chest…his body just radiated heat. He carefully and slowly took the wash cloth and started washing the front of her body…starting with her neck down across her collar bone…then lower across her breasts…which as soon as he touched them, her nipples became instantly hard…

That did not go unnoticed by Mark…then he ran the cloth under her breasts and down her rib cage, then across her flat stomach, stopping for a minute to tug on her navel ring, and then continued to her lower abdomen…and leaned up a little and then down the tops of her thighs, and then outer thighs…then her inner thighs…When Heidi felt the wash cloth brush up against her sex…she nearly lost it in the tub.

Mark felt her stiffen in the tub…but Mark stuck to what he was doing…he tapped her right leg…good thing she was flexible…she bent her knee up…and he grabbed her leg and straightened it above her head…(Mark Mentally Noting: That Flexibility would come in handy later on down the road with them.) Mark ran the wash cloth up the front of her knee, shin, ankle, and foot…then bottom of her foot, back of her calve, knee and thigh…his hand slid down around her waist and he turned her half way and ran the cloth across her right butt cheek…then placed her back down in the water…then went back and repeated the process on the left leg…and turned her the other way and got her left butt cheek.

Then he did the same process with both her arms and hands…being gentle with her fingers and her long beautiful nails. When he finished he said, “Did I miss anything?” Heidi looked back into his beautiful green eyes and said, “Nope…you’re very thorough…” Mark smiled and leaned down and captured her lips…after ravaging them for a few minutes…Heidi turned around in the tub and gave Mark the same treatment he’d given her…washing his whole body…he was huge…in EVERY sense of the word…

He loved feeling her small hands all over his body…she was so gentle with him…she didn’t have to be…she knew how rough around the edges he truly was…but her hands felt like silk against his skin…Mark had laid his head back and was relaxing every second she touched him…Mark said, “I gotta tell you Doc…you picked the wrong profession…you should be a massage therapist or I don’t know one of those little Asian girls in Japan or China who give the men baths over there…I know that sounds sexist…and I’m sorry…I just can’t help loving the feel of your touch on me.”

Heidi laughed a little and said, “It’s okay Mark…at least you’re being honest with me. And actually do have a certificate to do massages professional…I just chose to be a doctor cause I like helping people.” After their bath…Mark picked her up out of the tub and dried her from head to toe and then dried himself…they were both relaxed enough and spent from the nights activities at the arena…they were both read for bed…Mark carried Heidi into the bed room and put her under the covers completely naked…and then Mark shut all the lights off and got into bed spooning behind her, while wrapping his massive arms around her tiny frame…

Mark said, “Hey Heidi.” She said, “What?” He kissed her neck a couple of times and said, “Thanks for the invitation for the bath…it was nice.” Heidi grabbed his hand and held on and said, “You’re welcome…” She turned her face back and kissed Mark’s lips softly…and the snuggled closer to him…he tightened his grip on her as the sleep over took both of their bodies…

Chapter 9

**Same Warning**

As Heidi was pulled from her thoughts, Mark was stirring behind her…she tried to wiggle her way out of his arms…and when they tightened around her…she knew he was awake…a groggy-husky deep southern drawn voice from behind her said, “Where do you think you’re going?” Heidi couldn’t help but laugh and said, “I was gonna go to the restroom…it’s either that or pee on you…I would think you want the lesser of the two…” Mark said, “I’ll let you go on one condition…” She said, “What’s that?”

Mark said, “When you get done…come back in here and go back to sleep with me…we don’t a flight out until noon…we could both use a couple more hours of sleep…” Heidi looked at the clock…he was right it was only 8…she turned around in his arms planted a kiss on his lips and said, “Deal…” Mark reluctantly let her leave…Mark watched her naked form retreat into the bathroom…all the while he thought ‘Wow…this whole time I thought doc was a shy bashful girl…somewhat in a shell…but damn did I have her pegged wrong…she’s brazen…’…

A few minutes later…Heidi emerged from the bathroom…and went back and joined Mark in bed…he had turned over and was laying on his back…she was just about to lay on him…when he said, “I wouldn’t get to comfortable darlin’…I had better go to the bathroom also…” Heidi was thrown in to a fit of giggles as she watch Mark get up…stretch…scratch his balls and then his ass…as he walked into the bathroom…laughter rumbling in his chest.

Mark came back out and laid next to Heidi…she moved around so that her head was on his chest…and her arm was hanging over his stomach…he wrapped his arm around her waist and said, “Now…what was so funny? I heard you giggling like there was no tomorrow…” Heidi said, “I’m just trying to keep that picture memorized in my mind…so I can tell Sami about it later…” Mark looked down at her and said, “What picture?” She said, “The fearless Undertaker, scratching his ass and balls…that was one of those unforgettable moments…you’re such a gentleman in the back towards the girls…and any other females…but I get you sleeping in my bed for one night and all the formalities have escaped.”

Mark laughed and said, “Sorry about that Darlin’…but you are mine now…and I don’t care what I do in front of you…we’re not going to keep secrets from each other…just like if you have anything that needs scratchin’ lemme know…I’d be more then willing to scratch it for ya.” Heidi said, “Yea…just you wait until I tell Sami…she’s always on you four boys about not scratching yourselves out in public or in the ring…she’s gonna get you for doing it in front of a female…she hates that more then anything…she doesn’t care if you spit, belch or fart…but ball scratching is out of the question…she doesn’t even want you guys to do it in front of anyone in the back…”

Mark said, “Yea I know…the first time I did it…she damn near took my hand off…she whacked me with one of those little 12 inch wooden rulers kids have for school…she carries it with her every where…she whacks me on the back of the hand, Bill on the back of his poor bald head, Kevin on the knuckles, and Glenn well…he’s actually gentlemanly enough that he doesn’t do that in front of anyone…”

By now Heidi was rolling with laughter…Mark said, “She said and I quote ‘If the boys need to be moved around, go to the bathroom to readjust or to your own dressing room…Do Not Do it in public, I don’t wanna see it and neither does anyone else…for lack of better judgment people might start to think you don’t bathe…and have come down with some kind of serious case of fungus or rotten crotch…if you need to itch do it on your own time…when you’re not in front of fans, co-workers or on national television.’…I swear…we get cracked but good every time…”

Heidi was just have fits of laughter while laying on Mark’s chest…She said, “You guys always say she’s your personal Ball Buster…” Mark said, “True…and we wouldn’t have our shit together without her.” They fell back asleep for a couple of hours and got up…showered and meet everyone at the terminal gate in the air port.

Chapter 10

**Same Warning**

I was walking around back stage trying to make heads or tails of everything that happened the night before with Glenn… when I ran into Mark…he nearly knocked me on my ass, but grabbed my shoulders to steady me…Mark said, “Sami…why do you look so deep in thought girl?” I said, “Probably because I am.” He said, “Penny for your thoughts?” I said, “Not unless you’ve got about 50 bucks on ya…I’ve got too much on my mind…and not enough time…” Mark said, “Don’t we all?”

I said, “Yea…as if babysitting 4 grown men wasn’t enough…someone had to go and give me a personal life next to it.” Mark said, “Ouch girl…you got what sounds like some deep seated thoughts there.” I said, “Sorry Mark…I had a hard night…followed by an even harder day…I’m just hoping tonight get better as it goes along.” Mark said, “Well if you need someone to talk to…I can be your listener anytime sweetie…” I smiled and said, “Thanks Mark…I appreciate the offer.” Mark said, “No problem…I gotta get…I don’t want you getting bent out of shape cause I missed my match.” I smiled and said, “Get your ass moving boy.” Mark laughed as he walked passed me down the hall for his match…

I was walking along and minding my own business when a couple of hands came out of no where and dragged me into a dark room…a light came on and I was spun around and it was Glenn…I smacked him in the arm several times and said, “You stupid son of a bitch…you almost gave me a fucking heart attack…you asshole.” I calmed and Glenn was laughing while rubbing his arm…he said, “Damn you don’t hit like a female..” I said, “It’s called Self-defense…Glenn…A lot of women know how to do it.” Glenn said, “I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said, “It’s okay…but for God Sake warn someone next time.”

We stood there for a minutes in silence…and Glenn said, “Listen…I’m sorry about last night…I put you in a position that you should have never been in.” I said, “Glenn…let’s get one thing straight…You are an attractive man…I’m deeply attracted to you…and I won’t say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoyed last night, cause I’d be lying if I did…I enjoyed all of it…the movie, the talk…the incredible mind blowing orgasm…but honey you’re married…and I won’t be caught in the position of being the other woman or a home wrecker…if you’re unhappy in your marriage to Marissa…then you need to take it up with her…every time you guys have a problem you can’t automatically run to someone else…thinking it will help.”

Glenn said, “No, I fully agree…I don’t know what came over me last night…I just don’t want there to be anything awkward between us now.” I said, “It would be more awkward if we would have had sex…I’m really glad we both stopped when we did…otherwise I know I’d be feeling the guilt right now…” Glenn said, “No…I agree…I’d feel pretty guilty too…I think you’re right…I’m going to go home in 4 weeks and see my wife…can you make sure and get everything taken care of?” I smiled and said, “Sure, consider it done.”

Glenn said, “Thanks.” I smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

I turned to leave…Glenn opened the door and I was just about to leave…when he closed the door…and proceeded to smash me into the door and kiss the holy living daylight out of me…I was breathless…I couldn’t do anything but kiss back…in fact it’s the only thing I wanted to do was kiss him back…I was definitely attracted to this man…and after tonight…it is just a little more clear…

I walked out of the room…fixing my shirt and skirt…Some where along the way, I’d lost my panties…so I’m sitting around the arena bare assed…thank god I didn’t wear my short skirt…I would have been so screwed…well I was screwed…but if the skirt would have been any shorter when I sat down…nothing would be left for the imagination…I cursed myself several times…cause it was just as much my fault for begging Glenn to take me…then it was his for actually listening to me and doing it…

What am I gonna do now?

Chapter 11

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

4 weeks of sneaking off with Glenn…was making me crazy…Glenn went home for 2 weeks, like planned…it gave me ton of time to think…I couldn’t believe I was the other woman…I didn’t like that…I had to come to a final decision…when Glenn came back, I would definitely inform him that we couldn’t continue as we had…what the hell was I thinking…this is like every other funk between a married man and the girl he’s banging…it wasn’t going to end in my favor…his wife would wake up mentally and want to have kids with him…I can’t figure out why she wouldn’t want to in the fist place…anyways…I knew he’s never leave her for me…she was stable to him…I was just convenient.

What am I to do with my life?

After a week…Vince handed me a note saying Glenn had been injured in a gym and would be back for a few months…then a couple of days later Glenn called me…and let me know he was trying to work things over with Marissa…he figured he had her almost talked into having a baby…and he knew once she agreed to…he didn’t want to continue seeing me. Understandable.

Glenn had a torn bicep tendon that occurred while he was lifting weights at a gym. Tendon tears are common in most sports, but the real problem was the fact that it was a distal tear, running down the length of the tendon instead of straight across it. This tear caused the tendon to separate from the ulna, the forearm bone that connects to the elbow. Secretly I was really hoping he was in an immense amount of pain…with zero painkillers…wishful thinking on my part…I know.

A week before Glenn came back on the tour…I had gone to the doctors…I hadn’t been feeling well…and since I was such a ball buster with the guys…Mark, Bill and Kevin all pretty much insisted I go in and get checked up…which is also understandable…cause I can be rather bitchy when I was in the process of getting sick…once I got sick, I was straight Hells’ Angel…So the guys made sure I had a couple of days off during the week, so I wouldn’t get too tired or over worked and cause me to get sick…they didn’t like the sick me…for obvious reasons.

How am I supposed to know what’s right? I can’t help the way I feel…

A baby…what the hell am I gonna do…I can’t have a baby…I swear…this is definitely news I could of done without. Okay so I’m 22…and pregnant from a married man…could my life get anymore fucked up…I was trying to keep my feelings out of this…I didn’t want to fall in love with him…but it happened…I should have known better. Yup…I should have been smarter then that…getting involved with married men, doesn’t do anything but lead to heart ache and pain. Damn it. I turned the radio on and Musiq came on with Half Crazy…yup…that’s me…always half crazy…always fully insane, but only half crazy.


La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la la

Never thought that we would ever be more than friends
Now I'm all confused cause for you I have deeper feelings
We both thought it was cool to cross the line
And I was convinced it would be alright
Now things are strange, nothings the same
And really I just want my friend back

And my mind's gone half crazy
Cause I can't leave you alone
(oh can't get you out of my system)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on
Said my mind's gone half crazy
Cause I can't leave you alone
(can't get you out of my system)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on

I'd hate walk away from you
As if this never existed
Cause when we kissed the moment after
I looked at you different
Lately I gotta watch what I say
Cause you take things personally nowadays
You used to laugh now you get mad
Damn I just want my friend back

And my mind's gone half crazy
Cause I can't leave you alone
(oh can't get you out of my system)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on (holding on)
Said my mind's gone half crazy
Cause I can't leave you alone
(can't get you out of my system)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on

Oh-oh oh…oh-oh yeah

What happened to the one
I used to know (oh yeah-yeah)
The one I used to laugh and joke with
The one I used to tell all my secrets
We used to chill and be down for whatever
Whenever together yeah

And my mind's gone half crazy (oh)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on
Cause I can't leave you alone
And I'm wondering if it's worth me (oh)
Said my mind's gone half crazy (yeah)
Cause I can't leave you alone (and I just don't know)
And I'm wondering if it's worth me holding on
(said I just don't know what to do now)
We used to chill (yeah)
We used to hang
We used to do
We used to do some many things together (yeah)



Chapter 12

**Same Warning**

The end of the song came…as I was turning on a green light…and I didn’t even see the pick up running the red light…I felt every minute of the impact…the seatbelt held me so tight into place that as my body parts were flailing all over, internally I actually heard a few ribs crack and break under the seatbelts pressure…that made me nauseas…hearing your own bones break…OY!

The next thing I remember is being in the hospital…I was laying in the hospital bed in a room and the doctor telling me the damage…5 broken ribs, mild concussion, and 1 miscarriage…I wasn’t happy about the pregnancy…but I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the miscarriage either…I know so picky about my life and body…but what the hell it was my life and my God damn body.

Mark, Kevin, Bill, Heidi, Jaden and of course Vince…came barreling through the Emergency room doors yelling and carrying on like there was no tomorrow…The only thing they had to go on was, I had been in an accident…the problem was…the officer found my cell phone and called the first name on it…which was Mark’s cell phone cause it was all alphabetical by last names…the officer didn’t give him any details…when they all jumped in Vince’s Expedition rental…and were driving to the hospital…they actually passed by the accident scene and saw my rental car demolished…they were terrified…

The doctor finally came out and said, “I’ll assume with as much noise as you all are making…that you’re here for Samantha Kinley?” Vince and Mark both jumped up and said in unison, “What the fuck is going on?” The doctor said, “Okay every body calm down…Ms. Kinley is just fine…her body is banged up, broken and bruised…but otherwise she’s just fine…Does anyone know how far along in her pregnancy she was?”

The waiting room went totally silent…**Cue up: Crickets chirping**

Mark said, “Pregnancy? You’re telling me she’s pregnant…” The doctor said, “No…I’m telling you she was pregnant, but when the car impacted so hard, the seatbelt tightened up and pretty much stressed her enough to make her miscarry.” Heidi said, “Does she know she was pregnant?” The doctor said, “I don’t know…I can’t really get anything out of her…she’s been pretty quiet the whole time she’s been here…even in the ER…she only talked when someone asked her questions…and even then they were pretty short answers.” Vince said, “So how long are you going to keep her?” The doctor said, “Well…she’s got 5 broken ribs, a mild concussion…I think we’ll just keep her over night…I don’t see any reason to keep her here any longer…We’ve taped up her ribs so she’s pretty immobile from the top of her rib cage down to her waist…no heavy lifting…and after the miscarriage…she’ll be a little weak for a few days…just make sure she gets plenty of rest.”

Heidi said, “I’m her doctor…I’ll be taking care of her once she leaves…” The doctor said, “That’s fine…we’ve got her on some pretty strong painkillers, cause 5 broken ribs is way too much to handle on a couple of aspirin…the pain level is off the charts.” Heidi nodded…Mark said, “Can we go down and see her?” The doctor said sure…she’s in room 315.

I had one hell of a headache...understandable…and was laying on my side trying to alleviate some of the pain from my ribs…when the guys actually walked in…Mark, Kevin, and Bill…they all came over and kissed my head…and Bill said, “Sami…how did it happen?” My voice was a little shaky…and I said, “Well…I was turning on a green light…and I didn’t even see the truck run the red light until it was too late…but I’m fine you guys.” Kevin said, “Don’t be a hard ass when you’re hurting…” I said, “So the doctor give you a assessment of the damage? I’m pretty sue his big mouth told you about the miscarriage.”

Mark said, “So you knew?” I said, “Yea…for about 3 hours…I found out at my doctors appointment…I wasn’t getting sick…I was pregnant…which would be why I’ve been hell on two feet for the last 7 weeks…sorry guys.” Kevin said, “Don’t be sorry honey…We’re just glad you’re okay…well not okay…but alive…” I said, “Thanks.” Mark said, “So dare I even ask…who is the father?” I said, “It doesn’t matter…I’ll deal with him later.”

They all nodded and let Heidi, Jaden and Vince in to see me…Hugs and crying from Heidi and Jaden…and a hug from Vince…then they left so I could get some rest. In the morning I was discharged and immediately taken to the hotel and thrown into bed my orders of Doctor’s Callaway, Nash and Goldberg…bossy little shits aren’t they?

Chapter 13

**Same Warning**

A few days later, Glenn came back on the tour…he was walking around the hotel conference room before the meeting was to start and was looking for me…he knew I didn’t miss the meetings…when he couldn’t fine me…he found Mark and said, “Hey man…where’s Sami…I wanted to say hi and let her know I was back.” Mark said, “Sami was in a car accident a few days ago…she’s got 5 broken ribs…so we threw her in the hotel room…she’s been doing her work there since…Vince won’t let her at the arena and neither will me, Kevin and Bill…”

Glenn’s felt his stomach practically drop…he said, “Is she okay?” Mark said, “She’s a little worse for wear…and no one knew…but she was pregnant…the impact of the crash, made her miscarry…she’s on some strong painkillers for the ribs…but other then that…she’s okay.” Glenn all of a suddenly felt sick to his stomach…here he was practically begging Marissa to have a baby with him…he just felt nauseas about finding out Sami had a miscarriage…Glenn left the conference room and puked a few times…wasn’t sure if it made him feel better to puke or not…but…letting it out eased his mind a little…The guys sat through the meeting and then Glenn went up stairs to Sami’s room.

I was sitting in front of my laptop, trying to make heads or tails of the guys schedules…I had painkillers in me, cause I swear I could feel my ribs throbbing through my flesh…It felt as though I had a whole in the side of my rib cage…the pain meds were starting to kick in and my laptop screen was blurry…and I was getting tired fast…usual reaction to the painkillers…the doctor wasn’t kidding when he said they were strong. I heard someone knock on my hotel room door…and I went over and answered the door…it was Glenn…

I just looked at him…Glenn said, “Hey Sam.” I said, “Hi…you wanna come in or get comfortable in the hallway?” Glenn walked in and I closed the door behind him…I walked back over and sat in front of my laptop again…still trying to focus…I gave up when Glenn sat on the armrest of the chair…and I turned in the little kitchen chair to face him…I was resting my head on my arm on the back of the chair…and Glenn said, “Sami, why didn’t you tell me you was pregnant?” I said, “I didn’t know…I didn’t find out until the day of the accident…I was coming back from the doctor’s appointment…and a truck ran a red light and demolished my rental car.”

Glenn said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here Sam…I should have been.” I said, “It’s alright…I’m ok…” Glenn talked to me a little more and looked up and noticed I had fallen asleep in the kitchen chair…He walked over and picked me up and carried me into the bedroom…and laid me down…he covered me up and kissed my head…and then left me to sleep.

When I woke up like 3 hours later…there was a little white teddy bear laying next to me with a card…I sat up and opened the card it said:


From: 4 Slackers

To: Our Ball Busting Queen

Get Well Soon…We Miss You.


Bill, Glenn, Mark, & Kevin.


The teddy bear was so cute…I couldn’t help but smile…I knew Mark had an extra key to my hotel room…I got up and washed up a little…I know the guys were at the arena…and I wanted to see them…I called down to the front desk of the hotel and they had one of the WWE company limos waiting for me when I got down there.

Chapter 14

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language & SMUT**

A few weeks later, I was still pretty sore from the broken ribs…and Glenn and I were back to our sneaking off and make out / sex sessions…Depending on how much time we actually had…when we had rooms next to each other at the hotels, we would end up staying in the other for the night…no one knew any different because of the connecting door…Mark and Heidi were going wild with each other…Heidi was such a big flirt with Mark…of course with as serious as he always was…she did love to give him a run for his money…always pushing him to try something different…

A month later, we all had 3 weeks off and Mark invited all of us to go down and stay at his ranch…Since Marissa was going to be in London for a photo shoot, Glenn went…Bill decided he was going to go home…So it was just the 6 of us…Mark, Heidi, Kevin, Jaden, Me and Glenn…This should be very interesting. We got there late the night before it was probably around 3 am…We were all pretty well spent…especially after all the goofing off we did on the plane to Houston.

When we got there…Mark went ahead and shoved Heidi into his bedroom with him…and wouldn’t let her argue her way out of it…then showed Kevin and Jaden to the room that was right across the hall from his. Then I had the room down the hall a little and Glenn was across the hall from me…which was his usual room where he stayed when he’d come with Mark. Everyone went scarce fast…Kevin and Jaden were out pretty fast…Mark gave Heidi a bubble bath and made sure to wash every part of her body while teasing the shit out of her…

Meanwhile, down the hall…I had just gotten out of the shower…and blow dried m hair, and put on my blue silk string bikini panties and my matching silk night gown…it came to just below mid-thigh with spaghetti straps. I was just about to turn my light out when my cell phone beeped…I knew Glenn sending me a text message…It said: You’re room or mine?…

I smiled a little and plugged my phone in so it could charge…and got up and walked over to Glenn’s door and knocked. I heard Glenn say, “Come in.” I slowly opened the door and closed and locked it behind me…I almost passed out…he was sitting on the end of his bed, with nothing but his boxers on…he’d taken a shower, his ringlets were down around his face and hanging off his shoulders…Mmm…those shoulders…I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into those shoulders.

I walked over and stepped out of my panties, then pushed him back slightly, and sat straddled on his lap…We started kissing and I pushed his wet ringlets out of his face so I could look into his gorgeous blue eyes…I looked in his eyes and ran my thumb across his red lips…I leaned over and ran my tongue across his bottom lip, and he opened his mouth…I slowly snaked my tongue into his mouth…and caressed his tongue with mine, and he growled in my mouth…My hands slide down and grazed his flat nipples…and he growled a little more…

Glenn slowly slid his legs apart, which in turn was opening my legs wider…Glenn’s hand slid between us, and he grabbed his already painfully expanded erection and started sliding it in me…after he was fully sheathed in my wet center…he grabbed the straps of my night gown and pulled them down enough to expose my breasts and nipples to him…while he was waiting for my to get fully adjusted to his size, he started an assault on my nipples…sucking, nipping, licking…touching, rolling…but he did it to both nipples, which was just double torture for me. Before Glenn started moving inside me…I said, “Maybe we should be on the floor…I don’t think we want anyone hearing us in this bed.”

Glenn grabbed on to me…and slid to the floor on his knees, and then laid me down still inside of me…I wrapped my legs around his waist…and Glenn started thrusting in and out slow…but he couldn’t stay slow…he was over heated like me…and started thrusting like a wild man…we were both being pretty quiet…I nipped his shoulder and neck and slowly slid my teeth off his ear lobe and that was his undoing…as soon as I felt Glenn’s orgasm rip through him and Empty himself deep inside me…it triggered my orgasm…Glenn kissed me to keep from calling his name…

Chapter 15

**Same Warning ( - Smut)**

Around 5 am, the next morning, I left a peaceful giant sleeping and went across the hall to my room and went to bed. I know I know…it was wrong…all of it…but I couldn’t stop…I just had to do things my way…I can’t help the way I feel…and I know Glenn will never feel the same way for me…So this went on for the whole three weeks…after everyone was in bed…I’d go to Glenn’s room…we’d do our thing, and I’d sneak out at 5, like a thief in the night…

The week we came back to the tour…Glenn and Mark both had interviews with a radio station in Chicago…Mark was in one sound booth and Glenn was in the other…I was standing out in the hallway listening to the answers they were giving to all the radio DJ’s questions. Suddenly the Radio DJ on Glenn’s side said, “Kane, Do you ever watch porno?” Glenn smiled and said, “Do home made ones count…I don’t mind making them as long as they’re with my wife.”

I don’t know why…but that one statement…I felt like someone drove a steak knife through my heart…I didn’t say anything…there really wasn’t much to be said. I was pretty quiet on the limo ride back to the arena…it didn’t go unnoticed by the guys. Mark and Glenn were sitting next to each other and I was across from them, staring out the window…I couldn’t get Glenn’s statement out of my mind…As hard as I tried…it just wouldn’t stop repeating itself in my head.

Mark leaned over and touched my knee and said, “Sami, you okay hun?” I looked at Mark…and in like mono tone I said, “Yea.” I looked down at my hands in my lap and then back out the window…They both could tell something was wrong, but Mark knew better then to push the issue…When we got back to the arena…I walked inside and went to my office…The guys were walking to their dressing rooms and Mark said, “Do you buy that?” Glenn said, “Not at all…I’m gonna go talk to her…I’ll see you in a while.”

Someone knocked on my office door and I said, “C’mon in.” Glenn walked in and I was standing in front of my laptop, going through some files…Glenn closed and locked the door behind him…and walked over and stood behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist…and I immediately pulled away from him…Glenn said, “Sami, what is going on with you?” I said, “I’m just going through some shit Glenn…Listen…we can’t keep continuing to be together…you’re married for Christ sake…and you will always be married…you’re one of those guys who wants to be married…but when you can’t be with your wife…you want to have someone waiting for you on the side…I’m tired of being that someone…and I realize you can replace me with the next stupid ass who walks through my door…but no self respecting lady would do it…not if they knew you was married.”

Glenn said, “What the hell is going on…I thought we had an understanding.” I said, “Yea...well that’s the best part of this deal…I’m not married to you, so I don’t have to keep the deal going…I can break it anytime I want…I’m going to continue being your assistant…but this shit that’s going on between us…is finished…I can’t keep putting myself through the heart ache and pain….of feeling myself fall in love with you and knowing you will NEVER return the love…I love you and I’m falling in love with you…but you already have a wife in your life…That little band of gold right there…means you’re a marked man.”

Glenn said, “That’s fine…you’re right about one thing…you can be replaced.” I said, “Yea well…You know something…you’re an asshole for cheating on your wife…and I’m an even bigger asshole for being “the other woman”…when I knew you was married…but you know something…The only difference between us, is I’m not an asshole anymore…but you’ll always be an asshole.”

I walked out of the office and left the arena…I went back to the hotel to do some work and get some rest…one the way back there was a song on the radio…

Artist: Pat Benatar

Song: Heartbreaker


Your love is like a tidal wave

Spinning over my head
Drownin' me in your promises

Better left unsaid
You're the right kind of sinner

To release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner

And you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around - NO NO NO!

Your love has set my soul on fire

Burnin' out of control
You taught me the ways of desire

Now it’s takin' its toll
You're the right kind of sinner

To release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner

And you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around - NO NO NO!

(Guitar solo)

You're the right kind of sinner

To release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner

And you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker

(More Guitar Until End)


Chapter 16

**Same Warning**

A few weeks later, Mark had noticed that Glenn hadn’t quite been himself and decided to sit him down and talk with him…Glenn was lacing up his boots getting ready for his Raw match…and Mark sat down in front of him and said, “Okay Spill it Bro.” Glenn looked at Mark and said, “Spill what?” Mark said, “Why, you’ve not been yourself lately…you’re either looking really depressed or an absolute bear to be around…you’re almost worse then I am when I first wake up in the mornings…now what gives?”

Glenn sighed and said, “I’ve been cheating on Marissa…for the last 6 months…our marriage just isn’t working…we’ve got 4 months until our 5 anniversary is coming up and I just can’t see spending the rest of my life with a woman I don’t love…I went home a few days ago…I was supposed to be gone for 3 weeks…we were going to go to Hawaii and try to get back what we lost…but I walked into the house…and I couldn’t find her anywhere…I heard some noise coming from the back of the house…I walked down the hallway and she was having sex with some guys…”

Mark said, “There was more then 1?”

Glenn said, “More then 1…Hell…there was more then 5…I counted 10 heads…some guys was filming her gangbanging all these guys…seems she’s had a switch in careers and decided against telling me cause she thought I might get upset at her…she’s decided being a porn actress would get her more money then I could ever give her…or that modeling could ever come close to.”

Mark shook his head in disbelief. He finally said, “Man…I’m so sorry…I can’t believe Marissa would put you through that.” Glenn said, “And this whole time I felt guilty cause I was cheating on her…well now to make matters worse…we’re in the middle of a divorce, the girl I was sleeping with, she cut things off cause she fell in love with me…and knew as long as I was married I wouldn’t reciprocate the feelings…but it was the furthest thing from the truth…I fell in love with her the first day I laid eyes on her…I just couldn’t force myself to say anything to her…I was a little nasty to her and now she won’t talk to me…and I really want her in my life.”

Mark said, “Bro, the only thing you can do is tell her the truth…if you love her…then tell her…don’t bullshit your way around it…tell her everything…but make sure it’s the truth.” Glenn said, “Yea…I guess so.” Mark said, “So who is it…I’d venture to guess it’s someone from the company.” Glenn said, “Samantha.”

Mark’s eyes bugged out and he spit his water across the room and said, “Sami?…Our Sami?” Glenn nodded…Mark said, “So you was the one she got pregnant from?”

Glenn cringed a little and said, “Yea…but I didn’t find out about it…until after you did. If I would have known I swear to God Mark, I would have been by her side immediately after the accident…but no one even called and told me…I didn’t find out until you said something.” Mark said, “I know you would have been there if you could have…Listen…you know Sami is a ball buster…she may never speak with you again…but then again…there’s got to be something I can help you with.”

Glenn said, “Thanks Mark…I really appreciate it.” Mark said, “Just don’t hurt her…cause if you break her heart…I’ll break your neck…she’s too much like a little sister to me…I don’t wanna have to kill my best friend.” Glenn said, “I will never break her heart…if she’ll trust me enough to give it to me…it’s not going anywhere but next to mine…” Mark said, “Give me a couple of days to think of something…she’ll come around man…”

So they were off the brain storm.

Chapter 17

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

A few weeks later, I got a visit from Mark…he said, “So…I heard something pretty interesting about you from a friend the other day..” I said, “And?” Mark laughed and said, “I thought you should know…He feels like shit for putting you through all the bullshit…and he’s miserable without you.” I said, “Awww…who cares.” Mark said, “C’mon Lori…the least you could do was give the man a chance…his divorce is final…and he loves you like crazy…he said he hasn’t loved Marissa for a while now…even I know there’s some truth to that…he’s known they wouldn’t last for 5 years.”

I said, “Oh so that’s supposed to make me feel better right?” Mark said, “No…I guess not…but he loves you Lori…I wish you’d give him half a chance…I think you guys could be so happy together…I don’t know why you won’t even give him a chance.” I said, “Mark…I’ve been hurt enough…yea I still love him…more then I know what to do with…but I just can’t do this again…he can decided to go back to his wife anytime he wants.” Mark said, “But he would never do that…you know that.” I said, “Is that a promise…you know for a fact if given half a chance he wouldn’t walk away and try to salvage his marriage to miss perfect.”

Mark said, “I know Glenn…I know he’d never do that to you.” I said, “Mark…sometimes, having some ones word of honor just isn’t enough…I love Glenn…I’ve loved him since I met him…but he is married…or was married…and I don’t care if his divorce is final or not…I deserve to be in love with someone whose going to love me…and not just as a side dish, for when his wife isn’t around.” I got up and left.

After Mark told Glenn what we discussed…Glenn decided he was tired of waiting…he was going to take matters into his own hands. Glenn was always great with sneak attacks…he waited until I was not paying attention and walking down the hall…These two hands came out and grabbed me and smashed me into something hard. Glenn closed and locked the door…

I said, “Glenn…Kidnapping is still illegal…and if you’re going to do it…at least turn the light on…I hate sitting in the dark.” Glenn laughed and turned the light on and said, “How’d you know it was me?” I said, “Probably because this isn’t the first time you’ve done this to me…given to the fact that I also know what your chest feels like against my back…it was like a dead give away…you really do need to take a class on kidnapping…it would probably help on that whole where to put the victim, cause in an empty dark dressing room, with all the comforts of home…is probably a bad idea.”

I looked around we were in the massage therapy room…there were a couple of couches and massage tables…good thing the therapist was on vacation. Glenn said, “Why a bad idea? I’ve been trying to get you to just talk to me…I want you to know how much you mean to me…but you won’t even give me the time of day.” I said, “Glenn…you’re not the only one hurting here…I had a miscarriage…granted I wasn’t thrilled to find out I was pregnant…but I wasn’t exactly excited about losing the baby either…if I’m avoiding you it’s for a good reason.”

I went to walk away when Glenn grabbed my arm and spun me around and said, “You know…you’re not the only one who lost a baby Lori…It was may baby too…I felt like shit…I sat there practically begging my wife to have a baby and I didn’t even know the one person who actually meant more to me then my wife was pregnant…and lost it…I literally threw up when Mark told me what was going on…please Lori, don’t shut me out…I love you.”

I backed up a little and said, “Whoa…time out…you what?” Glenn looked at the floor and said, “I love you.” I said, “Glenn…we shouldn’t even be having this conversation right now…you’re divorce is what a few weeks old…you haven’t even had time to adjust or anything.” Glenn said, “Adjust to what…finally admitting to myself that even when I was married I didn’t want to be…and when we were together…I wanted you to be mine forever.”

Chapter 18

**SMUT Warning**

I said, “Glenn…I really don’t want to talk about this right now…you mean a lot to me…and yes I love you…but this is just scary.” I went to walk away again, and Glenn grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him and wrapped one arm around my waist and touched my cheek with his hand and said, “Please…Lori…Don’t leave me again…I know I fucked things up between us…I should have just filed for a divorce…but I didn’t I was stupid…but I don’t want to be stupid anymore…I have this beautiful girl in front of me…who means more to me then she knows…how can I convince her?”

I said, “I don’t know, Glenn…I just don’t know.”

Glenn lowered his mouth to mine and captured my lips…My hands slowly came up to Glenn’s chest with every intention of pushing him away…but as soon as I opened my mouth and his tongue found mine…he intensified the kiss and went deeper…I pretty much lost every thought of shoving him away.

Glenn’s other hand made it’s way down to my waist…and then both hands went down to my butt…he squeezed a little…I tried to resist him…but it was useless, I let a little moan escape from my mouth into his…He picked me up by my ass…and I wrapped my legs around his waist and the kiss got a little more intense…Glenn walked over and felt for the door and locked it. He had me pushed against the wall…

I whimper and said, “Please Glenn…”

Glenn said, “What baby?” I said, “Please.” Glenn said, “Tell me what you want baby.” I looked in Glenn’s hypnotizing blue eyes again…they got to me every time.

And I said, “Make love to me…please.”

Glenn said, “You don’t have to say please.” He carried me over and sat me on the table…and I reach over and pulled him between my legs and untucked his shirt while we were kissing again and then pulled it off for him…I ran my finger tips over his well muscled chest and down his 6-pac…and went back and teased his nipples with my fingernails…He growled a little…

Glenn pulled my shirt off and with a flick of the wrist he had my bra hanging off the couches arm rest. His finger tips touched and caressed my breasts…he laid me back a little and placed kisses down my breasts stopping he suckled on my nipples, which me gasping and panting…he kissed down to my navel and gave my navel ring a tug with his teeth…and then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off as he was throwing my shoes over his shoulders with my socks…and soon following my jeans and panties…Glenn kicked off his boots, and threw his jeans over with mine…I got off the table and slowly slide his boxers down and his erection was VERY present…I guess you could say I French kiss it…which emitted a low deep growl from Glenn…

Glenn sat on the couch and as he pulled me down…his fingers checked my wet center to make sure I was ready for him…then he gripped his erection firmly and slide me down onto him…I moaned so loud…I said, “Oh my god…it feel so good to have you inside me again.” Glenn said, “Yea…glad to be there…where I belong.” I slowly started sliding up and down on his erection…the room was filled with moans and groans…Glenn said, “Oh my god baby you are so tight around me…we better be careful or this is going to end fast.”

I held on as Glenn stood up and I wrapped my legs around his waist…we went back to the wall…I held on to Glenn’s forearms as he thrusting himself as deep into me as he could over and over again…my senses were spinning in ecstasy. I was about to put up a fight when he withdrew from me…but he placed me on the couch and said, “Turn around.”

I bit my bottom lip and turned around…Glenn came up behind me and leaned over me making sure to rub his erection up against me…he got close to my ear and said, “Spread those beautiful thighs of yours.” I did as I was told and Glenn slowly slid himself back into me…and gripped my hips and started driving in and out of me making me crazy insane…

One of Glenn’s hands left my hip and slid around to the front of my body and slid down and he started massaging circles around my clit and he said, “C’mon baby…I wanna hear you cum.” “Mmm….I wanna cum for you baby.” Glenn said, “Good…I want you to cum for me…does my baby like what I’m doing to her?” I said, “Oh God yes…” I swear I was digging hole in the couch holding on for dear life…Glenn started feeling my walls clamp down around him as my climax rang through my whole body and I practically screamed out his name…Of course my climax, set of Glenn’s…the thrusted a couple more times and finally drove himself into me one last time before he growled out my name as I felt his seed explode into me…

3 minutes later…and I could still feel Glenn spurting and spitting inside me…while he was jerking and twitching inside me. After out breathing regulated…we laid on the couch wrapped in each others arms…and fell asleep.

Chapter 19

**Same Warning**

I woke up when I heard my cell phone ringing…I didn’t even open my eyes…I reached over and grabbed it and said, “Hello?” It was Bill…he said, “I thought I’d call and make sure you guys got to Mark and Heidi alright…was the flight okay?” I said, “What?”

Bill said, “Remember…you, Glenn, Mark, Heidi, Kevin and Jaden went to Mark and Heidi’s for a couple of weeks…you’re supposed to be celebrating Glenn’s divorce being final so you guys can get married…”

I said, “Bill, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about…I think you’ve taken one too many locker shots to the head honey…go lie down…I’ll see you after while.” I hung up…

I felt familiar arms wrap around me and the same familiar lips attach to my neck…I snuggled back into Glenn and he said, “Who was that?” I said, “It was Bill…he was blabbing about being at Mark and Heidi’s celebrating your divorce and us being engaged…I told him he took one too many chair shots to the head.” Glenn said, “Babe…we are engaged…are you not fully awake honey?”

I shot up out of bed and I had on my blue silk night gown and said, “Whoa…wait a minute…we were just making love on a couch and fell asleep…what the hell is going on?” Glenn laughed and said, “Baby…you must’ve been dreaming…we did get a little rough with the love making last night…I didn’t hurt you or anything did I? I know I smashed you into the wall a few times…”

I sat back down next to Glenn and said, “This is so weird…I feel like everything is left of center…like I missed something…” Glenn said, “Well…you are missing your engagement ring…did it fall off in the bed again…I really need to go have that re-sized…or you could gain some weight…”

Glenn looked under the covers and said, “Yep…here it is.” He took my left hand and slipped the ring back on…it was a beautiful 3 stoned diamond ring…he kissed my hand and then kissed my lips…I pulled away and said, “Yuck babe…Let me brush my teeth first…Morning breath when you’re kissing isn’t very romantic.”

Glenn fell back on the pillow and started laughing as I crawled over him and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth…he came in and peed and once he finished he came over and I was brushing my hair and he wrapped his arms around me and said, “Are you okay sweetie? You have me worried a little.” I smiled and said, “Yes…I’m fine honey…I promise…it had to have been a dream…as weird as it was.”

Glenn said, “Oh really? Well…don’t let me keep you from having a dream about us making love…You know I just love to make dream into reality with you baby.” Glenn picked me up and carried me back into the bedroom. After he stripped off my night gown and lost his boxers, he laid next to me touching my face and placing feather light kisses all over me…and said, “So does it feel real…or is it all a dream?” I smiled and said, “I don’t know…but if this is a dream…please don’t wake me up…I love you.” Glenn said, “I love you too baby.”

The End.