Leather & Lace



Chapter 1


- -3 A.M.- -


Whoa…I never realized how old that job gets until I get off work at 3 am like every morning…working the same endless, going nowhere job for the last 5 years…getting over paid to keep a bunch of creepy men happy…at least most of my regular weren’t that creepy…I get flowers and money on a regular basis from them, practically nightly…


I wonder what would happen if their wives ever found out they blow their paychecks just to keep me in my apartment and school???


I just walked into the diner down the street and Helen and Albert are arguing again like normal…They are a 50 something couple, who opened the diner 20 some odd years ago…and have been married for nearly 40 years…they were married straight out of high school…


I come to the diner every morning after work, I study and do my homework, get ready for school…sometimes I’ll even fall asleep with my head on the table…but they never say anything…they just let me sleep until 7…and then wake me up so I’m not late for school…I’ve been coming here every morning after work for the last 3 years.


My name is Karen Mitchell, I’m 22 years old…I’m 5’9” and 125lbs.  I have gray eyes and brownish-blonde hair to 3 inches past my waist…I’ve been attending the  University of New York…I’m studying to be an Computer Engineer.  I live on my own in New York City…I live 15 blocks from work…and 20 blocks from the college campus…So I drive an Indigo Blue Toyota RAV4…everywhere I need to go.


I left home when I was 15…My parents were constantly fighting…and they didn’t realize they were pretty much making me crazy…I could of sworn I felt myself going insane…Hearing nothing but them fight every day, practically 24 hours a day…nothing but fighting and arguing…granted it was just all verbal…but half the time I got caught between them, they try to make me choose sides…


My parents married way too young…Mom was 18 and Dad was 20…Mom was pregnant with me 3 seconds later…ever since I was 10…I only saw them fighting…I didn’t have parents…I had drill sergeants…Cause it seems like all they ever did was yell at each other…It was a miracle that I made it through school without their help…it’s probably a good think I’m just naturally smart…I think insanity hit their generation…How could they ever believe they were sane enough to keep a marriage together as long as they had…


You know…if my parents ever grew up…they could have a really great marriage…


I work at Leather & Lace a ½ Strip/ ½ Dance Bar 1 block from the diner…Now when I say strip…means all you see is…almost everything…but still have enough left over to tease the imagination.  So you see naked boobs, half naked asses (usually belonging to the customers who’ve had WAY too much to drink…and have brought it upon themselves to replace the dancing girls, with their wrinkled old butts.)  They usually keep thongs, shorts or panties on…obviously the shorts are short enough where the ass hangs out…and just enough to turn the guys on…and make them come back the next night…


When I’m not being a ½ naked hoochies, I’m behind the bar, playing bartender…so whatever tips I get from dancing and shakin’ my money maker…and the tips from bartending…I get to keep.  As for Lou (Manager of Leather & Lace) and Animal (Rotund Bouncer who keeps the guys in check and also keeps their hands off of me and the other dancers )…They usually sit at the end of the bar, drinking, shooting the shit (talking)…and sometimes quizzing me for my tests and what not….


Chapter 2

**Same Warning**


I was about 6 pages into my chapter when a bunch of huge muscled men walked into the diner and sat at a big table 4 booths back from me.  Helen brought me over another cup of coffee and said, “What do you have today honey?”  I said, “Trigonometry…This course is going to be the death of me yet…I swear if Professor Trion…doesn’t kill me with Computer programming…then Professor Albee will get me with Trig.” 


Helen laughed as she walked away…


I decided I needed a break…I walked over and popped a quarter into the juke box…and pushed F15…My favorite dance, let yourself loose, burn some energy song…Anastacia (I’m Outta Love)…


I walked over and grabbed Albert and got him dancing with me…Helen was laughing cause Albert was trying to keep up with me…and Albert was just laughing cause he was having such a good time.




Yeah – yeah – yeah - yeah
Oh yeah

Now baby come on
Don't claim that love you never let me feel
I should have known
'Cause you've brought nothing real
Come on be a man about it
You won't die
I ain't got no more tears to cry
And I can't take this no more
You know I gotta let it go
And you know

I'm outta love
Set me free
And let me out this misery
Just show me the way to get my life again
'Cause you can't handle me
(I said) I'm outta love
Can't you see
Baby that you gotta set me free
I'm outta love


Said how many times
Have I tried to turn this love around?
But every time
you just let me down
Come on be a man about it
you'll survive
True that you can work it out all right
Tell me, yesterday
Did you know?
I'd be the one to let you go?
And you know

I'm outta love
Set me free
(Set me free, yeah)
And let me out this misery
(Oh let me out this misery)
Just show me the way to get my life again
You can't handle me
(I said) I'm outta love
(I'm outta love)
Can't you see
Baby that you gotta set me free
I'm outta

Let me get over you
The way you've gotten over me too, yeah
Seems like my time has come
And now I'm moving on
I'll be stronger

I'm outta love
Set me free
(Set me free)
And let me out this misery
(Yeah, yeah)
Show me the way to get my life again
(Show me the way, my life again)
You can't handle me
(No - no, no - no)
(I said) I'm outta love
(I'm outta love)
Set me free
(Set me free)
And let me out this misery
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Show me the way to get my life again
You can't handle me
(I said) I'm outta love
Can't you see
(Can't you see)
Baby that you gotta set me free
I'm outta love
Yeah – yeah – yeah - yeah
I'm outta love
Set me free
(No, no, no, no, no, no)
And let me out this misery
Just show me the way to get my life again
You can't handle me
(No - no nobody)
(I said) I'm outta love
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)
Set me free
And let me out this misery



Chapter 3

**Same Warning**


Glenn Jacobs had been wrestling for the WWE now for the last 5 years…his character Kane was slowly but surely making it’s way to the top of the pile…his best friend Mark Callaway who played his on screen brother The Undertaker had been in the business for nearly 12 years strong…Mark always gave him peep talks, encouragement, advice when he needed it the most…and also said if he kept busting his ass…he’d eventually surpass the Undertaker character…


They had been best friends now for 5 years, each been there for the other one through cheating wives and divorces…Glenn was grateful for his friends in the WWE…but not as much as he was grateful for Mark…who had essentially become more of a brother then a friend.


Glenn looked across the diner and had seen the young girl studying… ‘god she couldn’t be any older then 19’ he thought… ‘what is she doing in a diner at nearly 4 am…where the hell are her parents?’ 


A hand passed in front of his face and a voice said, “Hey Glenn…Ya big red retard…wake up…”  Glenn looked at Mark and gave him the finger…Mark laughed a little and said, “Where the hell were you?”  Glenn said, “I was looking at that girl over there…how old do you think she is?”  Mark followed to where Glenn’s finger was pointing and looked at the girl, dancing with the old guy and said, “I dunno…19 Maybe 20…she’s kind of skinny…she could be older…”


Glenn said, “Why is someone as young as her in this diner at almost 4 am?”  Mark said, “Well…when we walked in she was studying…but all of our loud asses…probably disturbed her...”  Glenn said, “Where in the world are her parents?”  Mark said, “Tahiti?  I dunno man…I’m not her keeper…Don’t go getting any funny ideas…”  Glenn said, “No…I wasn’t…I was just curious I guess…”


Their food arrived and the boys started eating…the young girl had sat back down and had actually fallen asleep with her head on the table…Before Glenn knew it…they had all finished eating…and the lady who’d taken their order walked over to the young girl and said, “Karen…Karen honey wake up…classes started in 45 minutes…you want some coffee to go?”  He watch the young girl jump up and started combing her hair and trying to get woke up and said, “Yes…please Helen…”


Glenn watched as she ran past there table into the ladies room…and then ran back out…shoved a laptop, and 3 thick books into a backpack and slung it over her shoulder…put her sunglasses on, grabbed her car keys…Leaned over the counter and gave the guy and the lady both kisses on the cheek and holding up the coffee cup said, “Helen, Albe…you’re lifesavers…see you at 3 am tomorrow…”  They both said bye and Glenn watched as the petite brunette walked out of the diner and got in the blue RAV4…and took off…


Glenn walked over to the older couple and said, “Where can I find her later?”  Helen looked at the giant man who was asking about Karen and said, “May I ask what you want with her?”  Glenn said, “Yea…I think my friend may have dinged her vehicle when we were parking and I wanna make sure her vehicle is okay.”  Helen crooked her finger at the giant until he bent over to hear was she was whispering…Helen whispered, “I know you didn’t hit her vehicle…but I’ll warn you right now…please don’t hurt her…she’s like a daughter to us…”  Glenn said, “I would never think of hurting her…”


Helen grabbed a napkin and wrote something on it…and handed it to Glenn…he looked at it…It said:


The Leather & Lace Club

Mon, Wed, Thur, & Sun.

6 pm – 3 am.


Helen said, “That’s where you can find her…Any other time she’s at home or school.”  Glenn said, “Thank you…very much.”  Helen nodded to him…she’d always seen Karen studying and keeping up her study’s and grades…but dating was never a subject to her, but Helen had always secretly wanted Karen to fall in love…and hopefully this huge giant would be the one to help in that subject.


Chapter 4…coming soon.


Chapter 4

**Mild Language**


Glenn and Mark found The Leather & Lace Club without any problems…They walked in and the club was fairly big…The first thing that came into view for the guys was the half naked girls on every stage, dancing, wiggling and shaking everything they could to please the gentlemen all seated in front of their stages…


Mark said, “Are you totally sure this is where that young thing we saw last night is going to be?”  Glenn said, “That’s what that lady wrote on the napkin…”  Mark said, “She could have been pullin’ our dicks man…I don’t think that girl is old enough to work here…”  Glenn suddenly stopped and Mark ran into Glenn’s back…and said, “What the…” 


Mark saw what Glenn was staring at…it was the young lady they’d seen the night before…Mark said, “Is it my imagination or is that little girl we saw last night dancing on that stage over there with nothing but a pair of shorts and a smile on?”


Glenn couldn’t even speak…his voice box wouldn’t work…he just nodded yes…Mark said, “I thought so…Wow…she’s not shy at all…”  Glenn still unable to speak just shook his head no.  Mark walked around and propped his elbow on Glenn’s shoulder and said, “So what do you think we outta do?”  Glenn said, “Call Vince and have him come down here immediately…She’s got a flawless body and legs that don’t dare to quit…she could be a fuckin’ diva.”


Mark said, “I don’t know about this…Vince would have a cow if he even knew we were in a place like this…”  Glenn said, “Mark…Stop being a pussy…you’re supposed to be the friggen bad ass man…”  Mark said, “Okay…fine…You dig your own grave…I have one of my own already.” 


Mark pulled his cell phone out as the two watched the girl finish up and then give all the guys hugs, as they tucked money into her shorts, and handed her flowers…


Vince answered, “Is someone dead Mark?”  Mark laughed and said, “No sir…but we found something you might be pretty interested in having in your company.”  Vince said, “Oh really…how much interest?”  Mark said, “Well…I’d say close to 95%…she’s gorgeous, long legs, and she’s intelligent.”  Vince said, “A girl?” 


Mark said, “Yea…Glenn and I spotted her last night…and we asked around about her…she works at a place called The Leather & Lace Club…she’s also attending The University of New York…she’s studying to be a Computer Engineer…from what information we’ve gathered about her…she has nothing but impeccable grades…her intelligent puts Steph and Shane to shame.”


Vince sounding surprised said, “Oh really?  And where did you say this club was?”  Mark proceeded to tall Vince the directions and then hung up…Mark said, “Well…you’ve got it…Vince is on his way down here…You do realize Vince is going to kill both of us for picking up a stripper?”  Glenn said, “Once he sees her…he’s gonna be thanking us…Hell we should get some huge ass bonus for finding her.”  Mark said, “Sure…I’ll stand by and watch you try to collect for that one.”


They watched as the petite brunette emerged from the side stage door clad in jeans, a black tank top and black steel toed boots…and had pulled her long hair up into a pony tail.  She walked over and took her place behind the bar and started helping with the drink orders.


I was sitting on a stool behind the bar, while Animal was quizzing me on my computer knowledge…I felt like someone was looming over me…and when I looked up, two huge guys were standing in front of the bar…I pulled the pencil out from behind my ear and tossed it at Animal and said, “Animal…mark that spot or you’ll lose it…I wanna make sure I’m prepared for my quiz tomorrow.” 


Animal chuckled and said, “Yes ma’am…You know me so well Nerak…”  I laughed at Animals pet name for me…it was just my name spelled backwards…I said, “Yea well working with a person for 5 years will do that to ya.”


I walked over and said, “Can I get you boys a drink?” As I smiled…


Chapter 5

**Same Warning**


They were gigantic…probably both nearing 7 feet tall…and both probably between 300 – 325 lbs…both had long hair pulled back in low pony tails…one had fiery red hair with Emerald green haunting eyes that could stare a hole through someone and also had tons of tattoos all over his arms…and the others hair was dark brown with curly ringlets all over, and Deep sea blue orbs that seemed to stare into my soul…no tattoos…at least none that were visible from where I was standing.


The tattooed one ordered a Jack & Coke and the non-tattooed one ordered a beer…I set the beer on the counter, and poured the Jack Daniels in a glass and set it down and handed him a can of coke…and said, “Here…you get to make it as strong or light as you’d like.”  He nodded at me…and said, “Can I get you guys anything else?”  The one with the curly hair said, “Yea…Are you even old enough to be working here?”  I said, “I hope so…I’ve been here for 5 years…you guys must be new…I’ve never seen neither of you here before.”  They both nodded…


The one said, “My Names Mark Callaway…this is Glenn Jacobs…”  I smiled and shook their hands and said, “Karen Mitchell…”  Animal walked down and said, “Nerak these boys bothering you?”  I patted animals shoulder and said, “Easy boy…the were just introducing themselves.”  Animal sized the two men up and down and said, “Make sure that’s all they do…you know Lou doesn’t like you girls getting friendly with the customers…”  I said, “Animal…Do you see Lou around here anywhere?” 


Animal looked and shook his head no…I said, “Well, then chill out…besides…these guys don’t look like they are in the right place anyways…”  I looked at the guys and they both nodded…Animal went back over and sat at the end of the bar…I said, “I have to apologize for Animal…he’s gets super protective over me and the other girls when the managers not around…So if you guys don’t belong here…what are you doing here?”


The guys named Mark pointed to the man named Glenn…


Glenn said, “Actually, we were just looking for you.”  I said, “Why?  I’ve never seen either of you before…neither of you are a regular of mine, I don’t do personal or private parties…and I don’t have sex for money…”  Glenn said, “Actually you have seen us before…We were at the diner last night…we were the loud guy of guys who disturbed your studying…”  I said, “Oh…the big guys…now I remember you…but you didn’t disturb me…I needed a break…So why were you looking for me…and how did you find me…wait…lemme guess…Helen…she game you the name of this place.”  Glenn said, “I guess that’s her name…all she gave me was this.”  He handed me a napkin and I laughed and said, “Yup, that’s Helen’s handwriting…she’s such a little stinker.”


Glenn said, “Listen…we work for a big company…our boss is on his way down here right now…he’s been looking for someone with your look…”  I smirked and said, “Yea…what’s my look?”  Mark said, “Beautiful, gorgeous body, flawless beauty…”  I said, “Nothing for Nothing…but that ain’t me…I might look the picture of perfection…but I have a mouth like a sailor when provoked…and I usually run on pure caffeine…Coffee, Pepsi, Tea…”  The 2 giants laughed.


Mark said, “Can I ask a personal question?”  I said, “Sure.”  Mark said, “Aren’t you kind of skinny?”  I laughed and said, “Well…I have a high metabolism…I’m constantly on the run and on the go…want a break down of one day in my life?”  Glenn said, “Sure.”  I said, “Mon, Wed, Thur, & Sun. I work from 6pm to 3 am…I go to school every day except Saturdays and Sundays, from 3 am to7 am I’m at the diner studying, doing home work or sleeping on the table…School is from 8 am to 12 pm…On the days I work from 12:30 to 4:30 I sleep…then I work out for 30 minutes, shower and back to work and start the process all over again.”


Mark said, “You need to eat more…”  I said, “Eat more? I could eat the both o you under the table and I wouldn’t gain a pound…I out eat Animal have the time…I think I have a animal of a tapeworm in me, eating everything I send down…it comes alive mostly after work and after school…”  They both laughed again when a man who was probably about 6 inches shorter then both men walked up and said, “Okay…I’m here…Let’s get down to business.”


Chapter 6

**Same Warning**


Mark said, “Vince McMahon…Karen Mitchell…Karen…Vince McMahon…”  I shook his hand and almost went into complete shock…I said, “Vince McMahon…WWE…that Vince McMahon?”  Vince smiled and said, “Yes little lady…that’s me.”  I said, “Wow…it’s an honor to meet you…how’s Stephanie and Shane?”  Vince said, “You know my son and daughter?” 


I smiled and said, “Yea slightly…Stephanie did her computer business courses with me at the University before she went to Boston…and I actually dated Shane for about a year and a half…”  Vince said, “I never met you…”  I said, “Nope…every time we’d set up dinner or something…WWE business would break the plans.”  Vince said, “You was the Karen he dated that he wanted us to meet so badly…he told us you was working as a stripper to pay your way through college.”


I said, “I can’t believe he told you that…I told him not to tell you that…I didn’t want you think I was some kind of bad person.”  Vince said, “No of course not…he sat us down and explained it…I’m just sorry we never had a chance to meet before now.”  I smiled and said, “Yea me too.”


Vince said, “So…you’ve met two of my biggest superstars…they found you…and said you should be given a job immediately…Would you like to be a valet for the company…and as soon as you graduate college…I’ll move you into our Engineering department.” 


I said, “You’re serious…I can quit my job here and go on the road…and do my college classes online?”  Vince said, “Absolutely…If you’re as intelligent as these 2 seem to thing you are…then you’ll be running the Head Computer Engineer…in no time…What do you say?”


I smiled and said, “Oh my GOD!…Yes.”  I threw my arms around his neck and said, “Thank you so much..” 


Vince gave me a hug and when I pulled away he saw the tears sliding down my cheeks…Vince said, “Oh goodness…why are you crying honey?”  I said, “No one has ever given me just out of the blue…for no reason…I’ve had to work my ass off for everything…even my acceptance into the University…I even had to prove to the owner I could strip without it bothering me…”


Vince said, “You don’t have to prove yourself…Mark and Glenn said you was beautiful…and they were right…the male fans need some eye candy…and since you’re not shy…you can be their eye candy until you graduate…”  I said, “I won’t let you down Mr. McMahon…I promise.”  Vince said, “Just call me Vince…we aren’t very formal at work…and I don’t you won’t let me down…so you don’t even have to promise…I have complete faith in you…Call my assistant in the morning…she’ll have the contract dawn up…and she’ll tell you where to meet me to sign it…Just so you know…when we leave here in a week…I’ll want you to come with us…” 


I said, “Yes sir.” 


A week later, when the WWE pulled out of town…I was with them, every step…


Chapter 7

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


The first couple of months went really well…I was actually assigned to walk Glenn out…It’s weird to see him as himself and then see him as Kane when he’s in the ring…One night before Monday Night Raw…I was sitting in the Diva’s dressing room getting dressed…Every outfit they had for me was red and black to go with Glenn’s Kane costume…


Tonight it was Red plastic pants with black Flames up the sides of the legs, and Red plastic steel toed boots, plus a Red plastic tank top with black flames all over it…My hair was a complete curly mess…I walked out of the Divas costume room and said, “Heidi…this outfit is dangerous…I’m really glad I haven’t gained any weight.”  Heidi laughed and said, “Why honey?”  I said, “Cause I’m not getting anything extra in these pants tonight…”  We both laughed…


There was a knock at the door…Heidi walked over and opened it…and it was a delivery guy, she signed and took the long white box…she said, “Karen…this package just came for you.”  I said, “Me?  No one knows I’m here.”  Heidi said, “Someone does obviously.”  I walked over and we sat the box down on the table…and I lifted the lid and gasped in shock…I said, “Oh my god…”  There was a dozen long stem Purple colored roses in the box with white tissue paper around them and a card…that said:


Glad you came to the WWE…

~Your Secret Admirer


Heidi said, “Whoa…Karen…A secret Admirer.  How Romantic.” 


A deep southern voice from behind us said, “What’s romantic?”  We turned and saw Mark standing in the doorway…Heidi smiled and said, “Karen has a secret admirer look at the flowers they are gorgeous.”  Mark walked over and looked in the box and said, “Nope…You’re gorgeous…they are pretty…”  Heidi patted Mark’s stomach and said, “Charmer…How’s come you don’t do romantic things for me?”  Mark said, “What…I chase you around the hotel naked…”  Heidi laughed and said, “Romantic…not horny…” 


I couldn’t help but laugh…Mark said, “Look you have the new girl laughing at us now…”  Mark picked up Heidi’s left hand and looked at the engagement ring he’d given to her a few weeks back and said, “Yea…it’s still worth it…”  Heidi laughed and said, “You bet your ass it is.”  Mark looked down at her and said, “You getting Sassy with me woman?”  Heidi squinted and said, “And if I am?”  Mark put his hands up in defense…and looked at me and said, “She’s short but feisty…” 


I said, “You don’t have to tell me…You’ve seen the costumes she makes for me…she told me to get my fat ass in the dressing room and change earlier.”  Mark said, “You don’t have a fat ass…”  I said, “Hey…I ain’t arguing with anyone who has a needle and scissors in their hand.”  Mark smirked and said, “Well thought out.”   I said, “Yea.”


Glenn poked his head in the dressing room and said, “Hey Karen you ready to go…go…WHOA…Where did you get that outfit?”  Heidi peeked around Mark and said, “Where do you think dumby?”  Glenn said, “Whoa…I was speaking figuratively…”   I put my arm around Heidi’s shoulders and said, “Chill Girl…good lord…Mark please, sleep with her…she needs to get laid.”  Heidi jaw nearly dropped on the ground, as Glenn grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the dressing room fast, and helping me barely miss Heidi’s foot kicking me in the ass.


Heidi yelled down the hallway… “Don’t be Vulgar Karen Marie…”  I was laughing so hard with Glenn…while making our way down to the titan tron curtain…Glenn said, “So who got the flowers?”  I said, “Me…that’s so wild…I never got flowers before.”  Glenn said, “Why not?”  I said, “I dunno…just never did…Those were actually from a secret admirer…And they are my favorite color purple…I love purple roses…I used to photograph them cause they are so beautiful.”  Glenn said, “Well, I’m glad something made you smile…you haven’t smiled in a week or so…”


I said, “Put your mask on silly.  You look like a raccoon with that make-up on.”  Glenn said, “Gee thanks.”  I smiled and said, “No problem.”


Chapter 8

**Same Warning**


Glenn’s Kane music hit and we walked out onto the platform…


“Oh my God…PUPPIES JR PUPPIES!!!!….”  King practically screamed into the headset mic.  JR looked at King and said, “I wouldn’t say that any louder then you have too…you’re forgetting Nerak is Kane’s girlfriend…”  King said, “I don’t care…look at her…she’s so hot..” 


JR said, “Well…folks…we have a nice match coming up…it’s going to be the monster Kane against his own brother Undertaker.”  King said, “Man, and Undertaker is in some mood tonight…Kane came out here earlier demanding a match with his brother cause he kept trying to go after Nerak…” 


JR said, “Yea…but No one knows why he’s going after her…Whether he’s attracted to her or he wants to hurt her or whatever…Kane doesn’t like it when his older brother The Undertaker stalks after his woman like lunch.”


Then the Undertakers music hit and Mark rode his Harley out…while Nerak and Kane were in the ring…as Taker entered the ring, Kane pulled Nerak behind him in protection mode…


Kane grabbed a mic and got nose to nose with his big brother…and in his deepest Kane voice said, “I don’t know what you’re doing…or what you think you’re doing…but you had better leave Nerak alone…This is you’re only warning…if you go anywhere near her again…me and you will have problems big brother.”


Undertaker swiped the mic from Kane and said, “I don’t know who the hell you think you’re little threat is going to scare…but boy…if you don’t take your head out of your ass…that little girl is gonna get you hurt…she’s no good for you…she’s sneaky…and she’s a damn trouble maker…you keep messing with her…she’s only going to prove to me that she’s full of shit…she doesn’t really want to be with you.”  


Kane looked at Nerak with a questioning gaze and Nerak just shook her head no and touched his arm…Kane could feel the heat rising in his arm from just one touch of her hand.


Kane looked back to Undertaker and said, “Brother you’re wrong…Nerak would never hurt me…not the way you did.”  Undertaker started to make a grab for Nerak, when Kane stood in the way and said, “No…Nerak get out of the ring…”  Nerak squeezed Kane’s hand and then walked over and got out of the ring and stood in Kane’s corner cheering for him, as the match began. Undertaker and Kane went at it for a good 15 minutes, before Kane threw Undertaker out of the ring…and Undertaker started stalking after Nerak again…Undertaker was counted out and Kane was the winner…


Undertaker grabbed her by the throat and pulled her close to his face and said, “You better watch yourself…I know you’re only going to hurt Kane…when you do…I’ll be there to hurt you.”


Nerak looked deep into the cold careless green orbs of the Undertaker and boldly stated, “You’re wrong…I would never hurt him.” 


Undertaker didn’t know what to say after that…but Nerak gave Taker a low blow and he let go of her…and Kane grabbed her hand as they walked up the ramp and back to the back.


Chapter 9

**Same Warning**


As we walked behind the curtain a stage hand threw Glenn a towel as he pulled his mask off and was whipping off the make-up and sweat…


Glenn said, “Well, that went really good.”  I smiled and said, “You think so?”  Glenn said, “Absolutely…You’ve been doing really good.”  I smiled and said, “Thanks.”  Glenn said, “You’re welcome…you wanna go have dinner?”  I said, “Actually I can’t…I need to get back to the hotel and started my school work…I have to have it all e-mailed in by tomorrow morning…and I still have to read 3 chapters and write a paragraph on it…” 


Glenn said, “Okay.”  A little on the dismissed side…I said, “I have a great idea though…how about you come to me room and we can order room service and while we’re not eating I can read…and then we can talk while we eat…but you have to promise to leave so I can finish my work..”  Glenn smiled (Ooo I’d walk a mile for one of his smiles…Cheesy I know.)  And he said, “Sure…Sounds like a good idea…I’ll go shower and meet you in the parking garage.”  I said, “Okay.”


I went and showered and changed into jeans, and a t-shirt and tenny shoes and pulled my hair up with a clip.


I was sitting out back on one of the equipment trunks when Mark and Heidi walked out the back door hand in hand…Mark looked over and said, “Karen you need a ride?”  I said, “No sir…but thank you…I’m waiting for Glenn…We’re going to have some dinner while I finish my homework.”  Mark said, “Okay…good match tonight.”  I said, “Thanks…I hope you’re recovering well from the um…low blow..”  Mark said, “Don’t worry about it honey…you stopped when you was supposed to…you didn’t even get close…”  I said, “Okay…I wasn’t sure…cause you kind of growled at me…so I wasn’t fully sure if I stopped in time.”


Heidi said, “Mark growls at everyone…don’t worry about it chickie…Besides…Any damage the boys sustained…I’ll take care of the recovery.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…Mark swatted Heidi on the ass and said, “Sassy little thing isn’t she?”  I said, “Yea…but you know something Mark…she evens you out perfectly.”  Mark started laughing hard from the back of his throat and said, “I guess I never thought of it that way.”  As they walked away.


About that time Glenn came out and said, “Ready?”  I smiled and said, “Yup.”  We went back to the hotel and Glenn followed me to my room.  Glenn ordered the food while I started reading…and I actually got all 3 chapters read by the time the food got there…So we sat down and ate and talked…I had also put my flowers in some water…We had also done some talking while I was working on my paper on my laptop…


Glenn got really quiet and I looked over and he had curled up on the couch and fallen asleep…I smiled and walked into the other room and grabbed a blanket off the bed and covered him up with it…I leaned down and kissed his head and ran my fingers through his hair…and then went back over and continued typing away…


In the morning around 7 am…I had just finished e-mailing all my home work in…and went in and took a shower…when I came back out dressed, Glenn was slowly waking up…I said, “Morning sleepy head.”  Glenn said, “Oh my god…when did I fall asleep?”  I said, “Not to shortly after we finished eating and I started typing my paper…”  He said, “Why didn’t you just kick my ass out to my own room.”  I said, “Well…you looked so cute and peaceful laying there sleeping, I didn’t have the heart to wake you up and throw you out…Besides you didn’t disturb me…I worked completely through the night and got all me stuff sent off this morning.”


Glenn said, “You didn’t sleep at all?”  I smiled and said, “Nope…I’m sickeningly cheerful for someone who hasn’t slept in 24 hours huh?”  Glenn said, “Absolutely.”  I said, “Well you better get a move on ya…we have a flight at 9 and it’s almost 8 now…Mark already called here looking for you and finding out if I was ready to go.”  Glenn jumped up and said, “Thanks for last night it was fun…I’ll see you down in the lobby.”  I laughed and said, “Okay.”  Glenn took off while I finished packing up the rest of my belongings…including my flowers…I couldn’t throw them away…they were too beautiful…and the made my suitcase smell good…


An hour later we were all boarded on the plane to the next town.


Chapter 10

** Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


2 weeks later, I was sitting in Mark’s dressing room with Heidi who was measuring me for another costume the company was having her make for me…I was only in my lace short panties and matching bra…Mark and Glenn walked in and froze in place…I put my hands on my hips and said, “Do you mind…I don’t feel like giving all of WWE a free show.”  They just stood there staring at me…I sighed and shook my head at them…and walked over and closed the door…but I didn’t miss the few whistles and cat calls from some of the guys out in the hallway…


I walked back over as Heidi got up and walked behind Mark and Glenn who both just about shoot through the roof…They were howling and rubbing they backsides…Heidi walked over…putting her straight pin back on the wrist holder and chuckling a little…I couldn’t help but laugh also…I shook my head at them and Mark said, “What the hell was that…Glenn did you feel that?”


I laughed as hard as Heidi did…Heidi said, “It was me sticking you in the asses with a straight pin.”  Mark growled a little and said, “Why?”  I said, “Cause you guys act like you’ve never seen a half naked girl before.”  Mark said, “I have, but just not in my dressing room.”  I said, “Sure…and what did you do in here, before you met Heidi…I’m pretty sure you wasn’t planting flowers.”  Glenn said, “I think I’ll go get ready for my match now…Karen I’ll see you down by the curtain.”  I smiled and said, “Okay.”


About 30 minutes later, after I had gotten dressed…There was a knock on the door and Mark went ahead and answered it…and said, “Karen it’s another delivery of flowers for you…”  I was completely shocked and said, “What?”  Mark said, “C’mon and see.”  I walked over and signed for it again…same long white box…I took the top off and they were the same long stem Purple roses…And the card just said:


I saw your other flowers dying…figured you could use new ones.

~Your Secret Admirer.


I said, “I don’t understand…who the heck would want to send me flowers…”  Mark said, “Obviously someone…”  I said, “Yea…but who…it’s got to be someone from the tour…No one else I know off the tour knows I’m here.”  Mark said, “Well…obviously you’ve got someone attracted to you…cause isn’t this the second time you’ve gotten flowers?”  I smiled and said, “Yea…but who wouldn’t want to send me flowers…I don’t get it…I’m no body special.”  


Mark hooked his finger under my chin and raised my head to meet his eyes and said, “You’re special to every one on this tour…and don you forget that girl…and besides obviously someone thinks your special…otherwise they wouldn’t have bought you 2 dozen red roses…within 2 weeks.”  I pushed my hair out of my eyes and said, “Okay Mark…I get it…Thanks.”  Mark said, “Sure…No go on you’re supposed to meet Glenn.”  I smiled and took off out the door to meet Glenn…


Chapter 11

**Same Warning**


For the next 6 months…every two weeks I would get a fresh dozen of Purple roses with a card always signed by my Secret Admirer…I couldn’t imagine who it was…and why they wouldn’t just come to me…


One night after we got done with Monday Night Raw…Me and Glenn were sitting in his room and we were watching a movie and had already had some dinner…Glenn said, “What’s wrong Karen you look frustrated?”  I said, “Oh it’s this whole secret admirer thing…it’s making me insane and probably making the person broke…”  Glenn said, “I think it’s sweet.”  I said, “I think it’s sweet too…I just hate for the person to be spending that much money on just me alone…I would think they would want to spend it on something more important…ya know?”


Glenn said, “Well…obviously they think you’re important…otherwise they wouldn’t be sending you flowers.”  I said, “I know…but goodness…for the last 7 months…every 2 weeks I get a dozen…Roses are not cheap ya know…”  Glenn said, “True…so is it really bothering you who your secret admirer is?”  I said, “Yea…I just wish whoever it is…would tell me…I’d really like to thank them for the flowers…but also tell them not to waste their money anymore…”


Glenn said, “Well…I better get going…I know you’ve got homework to do…so I won’t bother you anymore.”  I stood up with Glenn and walked him to the door.  Glenn said, “Well…I’ll see you in the morning…G’night Karen.”  I smiled and said, “G’night Glenn.”  I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.  And closed the door behind him as he walked out.


I was about to lock it when there was a knock…I opened it and it was Glenn…I smiled and said, “Forgetting something?”  Glenn said, “Yea…you.”  I said, “Me?  Glenn what on earth are you talking about?”  Glenn started pacing the floor in front of me and said, “I have to tell you something.”  I said, “Okay…so stop acting like an insane psycho whose been caged for 30 years and tell me.”  Glenn kept pacing back and forth back and forth. 


I finally stepped in front of him and grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the couch…and sat him down…I sat next to him and pulled my knees into my chest…I said, “You’re not a murderer right?”  Glenn said, “No.”  I said, “A psychotic wrestler no one knows about?”  Glenn said, “Karen don’t be silly.” 


I said, “I’m being realistic…I don’t know everything about you Glenn…I know Mark is your best friend, you’re damn near 7 feet tall…you’re the most agile wrestler in the WWE other then Mark…You used to live in Knoxville, Tennessee…but because you and Mark are such close friends…you guys live in Houston Texas now…You’ve been divorced once…oh lord…are you needing to tell me you’ve gone and gotten married again?”


Glenn said, “No…not exactly…but I have sort of fallen in love with someone who doesn’t know it yet?”  I said, “Glenn…there really is no sort of…It’s kind of like doing half of a circumcision…you either go all the way or fuckin’ forget it…”  Glenn said, “Okay…so I’m in love with someone who doesn’t know it.”  I said, “Ooo…that should be interesting when you tell her…or is it a him?  Lord it isn’t Mark is it?  I mean I could help you tell if it was a girl…but Mark well he’s kind of hard to read on…on…well on things of that nature.”


Glenn said, “Oh Jesus, Mary & Joseph…Karen it’s you!” 


Chapter 12

**Same Warning**


I threw my head back into the cushions of the couch and groaned, “Oh!” and I swore I heard him say it was Mark…Then it hit me…he said it was me…I picked my head up and said, “Oh.” A little calmer…


I turned and looked at Glenn and I said, “Excuse the witty come back but HUH?”


Glenn laughed at me and said, “It’s you.  I can’t explain it…but it’s you…I’m the one whose has been sending you the flowers…I sent them once cause I wanted to welcome you to the company…but then I heard you say no one has ever given you flowers before…and I couldn’t help but wanna keep sending them to you.” 


I said, “You’re insane…Are you out of what ever is left of your mind?  Don’t get me wrong…I loved the flowers, but…I…I…I’m just in shock now.”  Glenn said, “You want me to leave?” 


I was too shocked to answer…Glenn started to get up to leave, when I grabbed his arm and said, “No!  Don’t go…I’m just shocked…I never imagined it would be you…Why me?  There are at least 30 women who work here, how did I get the attention?”  Glenn said, “Have you seen yourself?  HELLO!…You’re gorgeous and beautiful, you have smile that lights up any dull room and my heart…” 


I said, “Yea, but why me…I’m so average…I’m by no means anyone special…I mean c’mon I used to be a stripper for God’s sake…and you’re such a great guy…you’re charming and funny…you can have any girl and you picked me?  I’m so honored…”


The realization finally hit me and I gasped, “Oh my GOD…Do you know how much money you spent on roses…a dozen every 2 weeks for the last 7 months….Are you crazy?  I mean, they were so beautiful and I’d never gotten flowers ever in my life…”  I had a couple of tears sliding down my cheeks…


Glenn said, “I never meant to make you cry…I’m sorry Karen.” 


I said, “Glenn…I’m not sad or mad cause it was you…Just shocked that a guy…any guy would be interested in me enough to go to all the trouble of doing the whole secret admirer thing…”


Glenn said, “Why, you’re a great person.”  I said, “You’re such a sweet heart.”  I moved around and touched Glenn’s cheek and pulled him to me…and kissed hip lips very softly…he started kissing me back…Glenn grabbed my hips and lifted me off the couch and sat me on his lap…we wrapped our arms around each other and sat there kissing for a good 30 minutes…when we stopped we really didn’t have to decide on being a couple…we just were.


Glenn ended up staying the night with me…and we slept on the couch together…he kept me in his arms all night long…it felt wonderful.


Chapter 13

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**


2 Years Later…


“Glenn if you don’t move your ass, I’m going to pop this kid out on your leather interior.” I said, as another contraction ripped through my abdomen.  Glenn said, “Hold on baby, we’re almost there…I promise.”  I said, “Next time I get married…I’m sewing my legs closed…nobody really gets pregnant on their honeymoon wedding night do they?”


Glenn leaned over and said, “Elvis Presley got his wife pregnant on their wedding night.”  I said, “Babe…you’re not Elvis, I’m not Priscilla, and I’m not carrying Lisa Marie…Move your ass.”  Glenn pounced on the gas pedal and we were finally at the hospital after 15 minutes…and 20 contractions…


After 39 hours of labor, I finally gave birth to a little boy…Patrick Michael Jacobs, all 26 inches was his father…I knew it…Blue eyes and brown hair…yup I had a little mini Glenn to take care of…but it was worth everything.  Glenn was holding the baby, and came over so I could see him…I planted a kiss on his head and a kiss on Glenn’s lips and said, “He’s so beautiful.”  My eyes closed and the darkness surrounded me.


Glenn watched as the tried to resuscitate Karen…but nothing worked…She died the same day Patrick was born…Glenn cried and cried…he knew he’d have to be strong he’d have to raise Patrick…when Karen died…half of his heart died with her…


6 years down the road…


Glenn walked over to the tombstone holding the hand of a 6 year old brunette with big blue eyes…


Karen Jacobs

Beloved Wife & Mother.


Patrick said, “Daddy, why do we come here every year on my birthday?”  Glenn looked down and saw Karen’s face looking back at him in the little boy…He ruffed his hair and squatted down and pulled the little boy in front of him and said, “Listen big man, I know you don’t understand right now…but someday you will…All you have to remember is your mother loved you more then anything in this world…she’s an angel now…and she’ll always be watching over us…she’s taking care of us…”


The little boy said, “You think so?”  Glenn said, “Yea…I know so…you ready to go?”  “Yea…let’s go, we’re supposed to be Auntie Heidi’s and Uncle Mark’s…They said I could baby sit the new baby.” 


Glenn stood up and leaned over and kissed the head stone and said, “I love you baby.”  Patrick leaned over and kissed the headstone too and said, “I love you too mommy…See ya next year.”


As the 2 some walked away, they didn’t see the lady in white standing near the trees crying…she uttered the words ‘ I love you too guys.’ And Vanished as quickly as she had showed up.


Having the baby put to much strain on Karen’s heart…no one even knew Karen had a bad heart…Because underneath all the Leather and Lace laid a remarkable lady who had the power to love everyone in her path.